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Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 10:18pm On Mar 05
Hold up, I know you opened this thread to read a story but first, you have to listen. There are some few things I need to get out of the way first.


First and foremost I'll like to give all thanks, praises, and gratitude, and adulation, and commendation, and admiration, and of course glorification, not to forget appreciation and also salutations but most importantly magnification to the God almighty because he is the one who makes all things possible. Now that, that is out of the way, I will like to dedicate this story to myself cool grin


Buhari won the presidential election and I know most of you must be having mixed feelings right now (some are happy, some are angry and some are just undecided) whichever one you are please and please I take god and beg you don't come and pour your emotion on my humble thread, I wee just curse you ni angry.

Also, take note that this story is a work of fiction and any character's name that coincide with that of someone you know(dead or alive) is merely a coincidence and not intentional. So, if you see your grandpa's name for here don't come and press charges o. (I just clocked 18 last year so I'm still a minor anyways cheesy )


This story wouldn't be complete if I don't acknowledge some wonderful people on this forum and so without further ado, I shall proceed to copy and paste their monikers below.
alamiendagash , hadampson , souloho19 ,
dasilver20 , lankyannie ,
sammyfreshsmooth , kimbra , hollysaint , albacete ,
gabbyraze , hawlahsco , kajsa08 ,
nastynic ,
holluwaphlexy , bestie93 , yawngdee , skubido , sliss , pweetygiftofgod , evold , olaiyadoam , asek1 , boffinjay , braineya , kakakoshina ,

You guys are all wonderful people and feel free to read this story so long as you meet all the requirements below.


This story is free to read but there are some requirements that are very crucial for you to meet.

Allowed devices: Brand new iPhone X Max, Brand new iPad, Brand new Hp Laptop or any other window device as long as it's brand new. Don't come and be using old and faulty device to read my story.
Bank Balance: Six digits.... (If you know your account is not smiling right now, don't come and read my story because a hungry reader is an angry reader and both the reader and writer cannot be angry at the same time.)
Age: This story is suitable for all age brackets, just make sure you meet the other requirements.
Also, you must have read my first story. The Killer's Guild https://www.nairaland.com/3611487/killers-guild-sin-city

You must have a British passport.
The bouncers are in place to kick anyone who misbehaves.


I know I wrote Romantic in the story's title but I merely used that to bait you in. I'm sorry to inform you that there will be no overly sexual acts in this story. There may be a few sexual innuendos but nothing obscene, let's keep it holy, please wink.
And also, I know that I wrote Funny story in the title as well but given the fact that I don't have a single funny bone in my body, you are in for some disappointment if that's what you came here for.
I like trying my hand in things I'm not so good at and that is why I came up with this story concept.
Most importantly, don't expect to find any moral lesson from this story, don't say I did not warn you lipsrsealed.
I will be posting one Episode per day.........probably lipsrsealed.


This story is due to be made into a Nollywood movie(*coughs*) so if you notice any grammatical errors that may have been caused due to autocorrect(*coughs*)do let me know.

Have fun reading................
wink cheesy grin grin grin kiss undecided lipsrsealed cry wink smiley tongue tongue tongue


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Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 10:26pm On Mar 05
I think I omitted some monikers: Danavast , Yemike , Deskido , devilmaycry1 (The devil must cry), Stormisova
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 10:28pm On Mar 05
Episode 1
“What’s up folks this is Flip TV and it’s your boy, Johnny Badmus AKA J.B here tonight and I’m thrilled to inform you that you’re receiving this broadcast live from the just concluded special edition of Nigeria’s Got Talent here at the Landmark event center. Whooo!!” J.B screamed. “Sorry about that, I’m just super excited right now and I’m very sure that you are just as hyped as I am right now if you have been keeping up with all the latest updates on this show from the beginning to the very end. For those of you who’ve missed out on all the action, trust me when I tell you that the show was amazing and truly epic and we even got an amazing surprise in the end cause no one could have predicted from the onset that the winner would turn out to be a 14 year old boy……can you believe that? A fourteen freaking year old boy picked up the trophy here tonight.….what the heck?"

The camera rolls away to give the viewers a quick view of the backstage area and the ongoing activities before cutting back to Johnny Badmus.

“As you can see I’m at the backstage area right now and that’s because we’re going to be interviewing some amazing newly discovered talents, precisely the winner, and both the first and second runner-ups but as you can see this whole place is a bit rowdy due to the ongoing renovations, so we’ve arranged for a room right here in the backstage area where we are going to be interviewing each one of our top three participants one after another so stay tuned and don’t you dare touch the dial cause we’ll be right back.”

A short commercial from, Glo network one of the sponsors of the got talent show ensued before the camera rolled back to Johnny Badmus who was now sitting inside a room and a man wearing a white suit was sitting on the chair in front of him.

Johnny smiled at the camera as soon as he realized that they were rolling. “Welcome back folks, I’m here with our first runner up of the competition, the man who came so close to winning it and what an amazing talent he is. Mike, introduce yourself to the audience.”

“The name’s Mikel Samson Chibuike AKA Chi-funny, I’m a 28 years old boy from Anambra state. I’m an accountant by profession but I’m also a comedian by obsession.”

“We don’t have much time on our hand so, here’s how we’re going to do it Mikel. I’m going to ask you three questions that I’m sure your fans and audience at home will like to hear you answer.”

“Go ahead.”

“My first question for you is that how are you feeling right now after coming so close to grabbing the trophy?”

“I’ve got to tell you J.B, I feel blessed, I feel grateful, I’m thankful to God for everything because I never envisioned myself to make it this far and that’s a huge grace on its own because I feel like I have already won just by being able to secure a second place in such a tough and competitive show. Nigeria has a lot of unique and amazing talents just waiting to be discovered and I am very proud that tonight, my talent has been recognized and happy is how I feel right now.” Mikel said with a bright smile.

“Well, that’s amazing to hear. We’ll move right on to the next question. After coming out in second place you were gifted with a huge amount of money in the sum of 3 million naira. The question I want to ask you now is that what do you intend to do with that money?”

Mikel shrugged and said. “I’m going to invest the money into my business, that’s what I’m going to do with it.”

“Straight to the point, I like that.” J.B said. “Finally, what’s next for you after this show, are you going to continue chasing your dream as a comedian and should we be expecting anything else from you soon?” He added.

“You know, being on this show has given me a lot of confidence to keep pushing on and to continue chasing my dreams so I can assure you that you have not heard the last of Chi-funny.”

“Alright thank you Mikel Samson Chibuike, and congratulations on your victory tonight that will be all for now.” J.B said and he shook hands with Mikel Samson before turning his face back to the camera. “I sure hope that you aren’t getting sleepy folks because we are moving right on to our next participant immediately after this short commercial.”

Another Glo commercial ensued before the camera finally switched back to the room where J.B now had another man sitting in front of him. This one was wearing a striped, v-necked shirt and a black trouser coupled with palm slippers. The man had black hair that he had styled into a buzz cut and his short goatee was dyed in white. He had a stern look on his face as his hands were folded over his chest.

“Welcome back folks, I’m here right now with our second runner up.” J.B announced.

“Na me be the third position don’t call me second runner up.” The man angrily chips in.

“Sir, second runner up is the same thing as third position na.” J.B explained jokingly.

“Let’s just call the thing as e be, third position na third position. Don’t come and be forming oyinbo here. Which one be second runner up? Na relay racing we dey do?”

“Alright as you please sir, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself?” J.B said.

“Well,” The man began, adjusting in his seat. “My names are Babatunde Sodeeq Adisa, AKA Hot-Sod. I’m from bodija in Ibadan state. I’m the number one rapper in Ibadan and it’s environ, you can ask anybody, nobody drops bars like I do.”

“Alright Hot-Sod, I’ll be asking you three rapid questions due to the fact that time is not on our side. So, my first question is how are you feeling right now?”

No response….

“Sodeeq, how are you feeling?” J.B repeated.

“Shebi you said you have three questions?” Hot-Sod asked.

“Yes.” J.B answered.

“Then ask everything at once na? No be you talk say there’s no time?”

“Okay, what are you going to do with your prize money? That’s number two. And finally, what should we expect from you going forward?”

“Well, before I answer your question.” Hot-Sod began, clearing his throat and then he paused…. “Wait, what was the first question again?”

“How are you feeling right now after coming in third place?” J.B repeated the question.

“Eh, ehn, before I answer that question I just want to make one thing clear to you and everybody at home and that is the fact that I’m not happy with the show and all of the organizers, because it’s like you people did not even have common sense. I’m serious oh. In a show where we have thirty, forty and even fifty year old men and women, how can you now insult our collection of intelligence by giving the trophy to a fourteen year old boy? Because I don’t just understand. So, you’re now asking me how I’m feeling right now. I’m feeling very angry if you must know.”

J.B opened his mouth to speak up but Hot-Sod continued. “And for question number two that what will I do with the money, that one’s easy na, no be Friday be today again? I must to enter club tomorrow, me and my padis. We go turn up and shayo till the money collapse.”

“Uhm, actually, normally when we ask people what they are going to do with the money they either say they’ll use it to start up a business or perhaps further their education, have you considered any of this?” J.B asked.

“Which business? Shey you dey whine me ni? Which business am I going to set up? How much did they gave me that I’m setting up a business from? 500 thousand. Ordinary 500 thousand. That’s another thing wey dey vex me for una, because even when we were in primary school, I remember back then, if first position get 5 exercise books, second position go get like 3 exercise books then third position go come get 1 exercise book. You see the ratio wey dem take divide am? Meanwhile, for your own show now, una gave first position, that pinishin child, five milla, second position, that comedian wey no sabi crack joke, 3 milla. Now, me, third position, a whole local rapper, 500 thousand. Who does that? Is like you’re giving me half an exercise book abi you did not know? I’ve been on this show for three months now and you guys are giving me 500 thousand. You know how much I dey make if I perform for club in one night? Nothing less than 20K per show and I get to attend at least ten shows every month. You sef do the maths na. You guys are mad, I swear, or is it because the two other guys are from Anambra and one is from Abuja? Ehn, ehn, you guys are racist towards Ibadan people, abi?”

“Did you just say racist?” J.B asked, a bit baffled.

“Uhn uhn. I said rapist, e be like say cotton board dey your mama’s ear. You guys are not only racist sef, you are also sexist because out of all the top three finalist, they are all boys and no girls. So, what you guys are saying now is that Nigeria women gat no talent abi?”

“Uhm? I’m not one of the show’s organizers. You do realize that I’m just the interviewer?” J.B pointed out calmly.

“Sorry, I actually thought you were the vulcanizer. No be all of una dey host the show?” Hot-Sod was raising his voice now.

“Please tune your voice down sir.” J.B pleaded.

“You no get remote to come and tune it down for me? Johnny Bastard abi wetin dem dey call you?”

“It’s Badmus.” J.B corrected.

“If I woss you ehn, I go slap your destiny into reverse. Ma gba eti e iya e ma gbo nle(I’ll slap you and it will affect your mom). Both you the interviewer and the organizers all of you are mad. You think say it’s easy to be an Ibadan rapper? Sporadic Idiots.” Hot-Sod hissed before storming out of the room.

J.B turned to face the camera and he seems to have forgotten that his mouth was wide open from shock or he has simply forgotten how to shut his mouth. Finally, he cleared his throat and announced that he will be interviewing the winner after the next commercial.

The next commercial took a bit longer than the previous ones but finally the camera switched back to the room where J.B was now sitting down next to a young teenage boy.

“Welcome back folks, this is still interview session with Flip TV and I’m here with our last guest of the night, the super talented young boy who stole his way into everyone’s heart with his beautiful and extraordinary voice ladies and gentlemen I present to you, Adedamola Daniel AKA Danny Prince. Alright Prince, introduce yourself to the fans at home.”

“My name is Adedamola Daniel Olatunji, I’m fourteen years old….”

“Did you just clock fourteen this year?” J.B asked.

“No, that was last year. This year’s August 18 is when I’ll be 15.”

“Wow!” J.B exclaimed. “Carry on.”

“I’m from the federal capital territory Abuja but my mom and I reside in Lagos right now,”

“So, you’re still in secondary school, right?” J.B asked.

“Yeah.” Daniel nodded.

“Wow, you know some of us finished secondary school many years ago and we still haven’t made the amount of money that you just made in one night, tell me do you feel blessed?”

“Yes, I feel blessed.”

“You know I listened to your performance during the audition and that was when I knew you were going places. You have such a unique and amazing voice. Even I voted for you.”

“Thank you,”

“You’re welcome, so when exactly did you discover your singing talent?”

“Since I was ten.”

“Ten? Wow! Some of us were still rolling tires at that age. Anyways, how did you come up with the name Danny Prince?”

“You know my name is Daniel so my friends often call me Danny. My middle name is Adedamola, and Ade means crown in Yoruba so I just sort of combined the two and that was how I came up with Danny Prince.”

“Do you have any of your family members here with you tonight?”

“Yes, my mom is waiting outside.”

“I’m sure she must be very proud of you. Now let me go straight to the main questions, you’ve already answered my first question when you admitted that you feel blessed so my next question is this; five million naira, what are you going to do with it?”

“My mom is going to invest the money into her cloth business and finally get her own store, and if things turn out the way they should she’ll be able to afford my university studies.’

“I’m glad education is still a big priority for you, but tell me something; are you going to keep pursuing your career as a singer or was this just a onetime thing for you?”

“I’m actually very passionate about singing so I’m going to keep at it.” Daniel answered.

“Well, that’s good to hear and I’m sure that you are going to become one of the best music artists that’s ever come out of Nigeria and I’m sure a lot of record labels already have their eyes set on you so your rise to the top begins today.”

“Thank you.” The boy said.

J.B turned to face the camera and said. “Alright, that’s it for today guys and be sure to keep an eye out for this amazing young talent, Adedamola Daniel AKA Danny Prince. This has been interview session with Flip TV, my name is still Johnny Badmus and I’ll see you soon, bye for now.”

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Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Streetmade(m): 11:26pm On Mar 05
wetin be dis one again na ehn,Mr man u better go continue killers guide or make u tell us if u no go continue am
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 11:31pm On Mar 05
wetin be dis one again na ehn,Mr man u better go continue killers guide or make u tell us if u no go continue am
I'll continue it boss, no worry wink
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by arrestdarrester: 1:12am On Mar 06
Last time I checked I didn't have a Union Jack's passport. cool

I'll fall in once I have one.

Thanks for sharing with me anyway. grin
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Streetmade(m): 7:54am On Mar 06
I'll continue it boss, no worry wink
oya na make i enjoy dis one
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by BrainEya(m): 10:54am On Mar 06
Oga Lesky3, as you divert to another stuff entirely; I'm not pleased if any one do. Let's round up with A before stating B..
I'll be super excited if you continue with the formal story although I have no idea what is in package this one will bring forth..

Las las na your story, only you can decide..
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Evold: 11:20am On Mar 06
I'm the Lord of the underground. I'm reading with unapproved device but I'm not easy to be booted out as I have invisibility cloak. I won't talk about the passport issue for now, thanks for the mention. cool
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by skubido(m): 11:21am On Mar 06
Hahahaha. Lesky3 wetin happen

This ya requirements na d.i.e oooo.

Thanks for the Acknowledge tinz. U too much baba.

Ride on
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Silensa(m): 2:07pm On Mar 06
Ride on boss but I am waiting eagerly for "sin city"
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 6:51pm On Mar 06
Oga Lesky3, as you divert to another stuff entirely; I'm not pleased if any one do. Let's round up with A before stating B..
I'll be super excited if you continue with the formal story although I have no idea what is in package this one will bring forth..

Las las na your story, only you can decide..

You know what? You're right, it is my story.....but none of this would make any sense if I didn't have people like you who are willing to read it.

So, here's what I'm going to do...... I'll start updating the second season of sin city alongside this story.

It won't be easy but I'll try. smiley
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 9:16pm On Mar 06
Episode 2

-------12 years later-------

(Somewhere In Ikeja, Lagos city)

(Inside an unknown beauty salon)

“Oh my God princess you’re looking so gorgeous right now.” The cosmetologist complimented.

“Are you done?” Princess asked. Her eyes were still closed from when the stylist was fixing her eye lashes.

“Yes, you can see for yourself.” The cosmetologist confirmed and Princess opened her eyes to look at herself in the mirror.
Pleased with what she saw, Princess smiled and said. “Flawless as always.”
Full name: Jessica Johnson
Nickname: Princess.
Occupation: Model
Age: 26 years old
Marital Status: Single
(Level of attractiveness
Without make up: 70%
With make up: 85%)
Instagram: 1.2M
Twitter: 200k
Pros: Beautiful and highly attractive. She is the type of lady that every man dreams of…….in terms of beauty that is.
Cons: She has an obsession with fame and money. She thinks too highly of herself sometimes, while underestimating others. She is both saucy and arrogant and her whole world revolves around one thing and one thing only; ‘looking good.’

“Ah madam in fact you so much look like a sex doyll.” The third party with them said.

“Wait, Bimpe are you sure you’re okay? Who are you calling sex doll?” Princess asked in annoyance.

“Sorry madam, I was just complimenting you ni.” Bimpe apologized.

“Don’t compliment me. I don’t need your compliment, you hear?” Princess said to her.

“Sorry madam.” Bimpe apologized.

Full name: Bimpe Ashimolowo
Nickname: null
Occupation: Housemaid
Age: 29 years old
Marital Status: Single
(Level of attractiveness
Without make up: 30%
With make up: 27%)
FB: 732
2GO: 450
Pros: Kind hearted, generous.
Cons: Garrulous, outspoken(not in a good way) and sometimes she can be dumb…very very dumb.


“So, princess I heard you’re travelling to Ondo state.” The cosmetologist said as she proceeds to blow dry Jennifer’s hair.

“Yes, Akure to be precise.” Princess said. “I just got this modeling contract and I’ll be working shoots over there for like two months.”

“Wow, two months? That’s quite long.” The cosmetologist said, careful not to reveal the disappointment in her voice, Princess had become her most valuable customer as of recent and she was a bit worried about losing her to someone else.

“Yes, that’s why madam go leave me in charge of the house till she gets back.” Bimpe said with a childish smile on her face.

“Haha.” Princess laughed. “I’d rather leave both my gate and front door open then mount a huge sign in front of the gate informing all the thieves and hoodlums to come in and go as they please rather than leaving you in charge of the house and come back to meet no house.”

“But why not? I’m sure Bimpe is responsible.” The cosmetologist said although she doesn’t believe in her own words.

“Responsible is not a word in her dictionary. You can see that she didn’t even bother to respond.” Princess said.

The stylist laughed before asking. “By the way Princess what happened between you and your boyfriend, Jonas? I heard you guys are no longer together.”

“The slowpoke could no longer afford the relationship, imagine the average car he bought for me when other men are buying their girlfriends Benz or Range Rover and you know me, I can never settle for less that’s why I showed the loser out the door.” Princess explained.

“But madam kanipe(if) it was me that a man bought a car for ni? Even if na tortoise car me I will gladly accept it o.” Bimpe said.

“That’s because you don’t have any value,” Princess insulted. “A car that’s nowhere near my second car, I can’t date any man that doesn’t add any value to me mbok.” She added.

“I trust you.” The stylist hailed. “So, who is the next man on the line?” She asked.

“You will find out soon enough,” Princess said, smiling sheepishly. But it seems the truth was just about to be revealed as a news broadcast came up on the flat screen TV that was hanging on the wall of the salon and the main highlight of the news caught Princess’ attention. “A huge shockwave takes over the country as the global hip hop artist popularly known as Danny Prince returns to Nigeria after two years.” Princess reads and then she gasps loudly. “Oh my God.”

“Oh my gosh.” The stylist gasped as well.

“Ta lo ku? Who is died?” Bimpe asked as she struggles to read what was written on the screen.

“Shhh.” Princess shushed her as she tries to pick up on what the news reporter was saying.

News Reporter: “Most of you are probably unaware of this but after almost a year and a half since the commencement of his ‘ATW- Around The World’ tour Nigeria’s very own musical sensation, Danny Prince, has finally returned to the country today and not only that but guess who our special guest on the show tonight is. It’s none other than the Icon himself, Danny Prince!”

Princess took a deep breath in as the camera slowly rolled away from the female reporter to reveal a dazzling young man clad in a white sweatshirt and black jean pants sitting right next to her.

Daniel flashed a smart smile at the camera and Princess almost slumped from her chair just staring at him as she remembered how much trouble she had gone through just to get in touch with him before he left all to no avail.

“It’s nice to have you on the show, Danny.” The news reporter said.

“It’s my pleasure to be here.” He said with a voice full of confidence and positivity.

Full name: Adedamola Daniel Olatunji
Brand Name: Danny Prince
Age: 28 years old
Marital Status: Single
Instagram: 30.7M
Twitter: 17M
Pros: Handsome, Rich, Famous and super talented.
Cons: Like every famous person his fame sometimes gets into his head and his egoistical side comes out…..which is actually normal considering he has a net worth of over 100 million dollars. (You can’t have that much money and not have an ego trip every now and then.)


“So, tell me something Danny, how long has it been since you arrived back in the country?” The interviewer asked.

“It’s been approximately, seven hours and forty five minutes.” Danny said, his body was calm and relax in such a way that it seemed like he has done this a million time before.

“And how long have you been away?”

“Like you said earlier it’s been almost a year and half since we started the world tour.” Danny said.

“Speaking of the tour, what motivated you to embark on a world tour, Prince?”

“Well I’ve always wanted to try something different, you know I’m all about breaking records and setting new standards. I wanted to bring the Nigeria music outside the shores of the nation and spread it around the world and that’s exactly what we were able to accomplish.”

“He’s so hot.” The stylist pronounced.

“I know right?” Princess said. ‘He’s my ideal type of man, handsome, famous and most importantly, very rich. Princess and Prince what a perfect combo that would be.’ She thought to herself.

“Me I don’t like him jarey, my friend, Shukurah talk say he is very arrogant, that he is used to snubbed people during his shows.” Bimpe said.

“Will you just shut up?” Princess shushed her as the interview was ongoing.

“Is it true that you’re hosting a return concert scheduled for tomorrow?” The interviewer asked.

“Yes, there’s going to be a concert at the Merry Makers event centre in Abuja by 9pm tomorrow.” Danny said.

“Tomorrow?” Princess gasped sadly. “I’ll be in Akure by that time.” She had managed to reach out to Danny’s manager before he embarked on his world tour that year after spending a lot of time and money and the man had assured her that she’ll get to finally meet him once he returns from his tour. Now the concert was clashing with her other engagements.

“But how can you just be announce the concert when it’s just only a day to go. I’m sure not too much people will come.” Bimpe said.

“See this one o,” The stylist mocked. “No be Danny Prince again? Trust me the concert go full, even me sef go find my way there. Moreover,
Bimpe it’s not by force to speak English just stick to Yoruba or speak Pidgin, don’t come and use your grammar to demolish my salon.”

“I still dey try to adjust, you no say English no easy to spoke.” Bimpe said.

“Madam Adjuster, stick to Pidgin you hear?” The stylist said.

Princess’ eyes were still focused on the TV screen as the interview was still ongoing.

“As a special treat for our audience at home,” The interviewer began, staring right at the camera. “We have decided to give one special someone a chance to ask Danny Prince a question live on this show. Just dial the number that is been displayed on the TV screen and hope you get lucky.”

Princess’ heart raced immediately she heard this. She immediately grabbed her phone as the number was been displayed on the screen and ordered Bimpe to do the same in order to double her chances. The stylist also had her phone out and each one of them started typing away as fast as they could.

Princess held the phone to her ear after dialing the number and after a short while the phone gave a beep that the line was busy, same thing happened with the stylist. Princess was feeling dejected but Bimpe smiled and announced. “It’s ringing.”

“You don’t mean it?” Princess gasped excitedly and quickly snatched the Nokia phone from Bimpe’s hand. “Hello, Danny Prince?” She spoke into the receiver end.

“Saanu.” A man’s voice said.

“Please I’ll like to speak with Danny Prince.” Princess said unconvincingly as she was starting to doubt if this was really the TV station.

“Who be Danny Prince? This is Alhaji Musa Danladi.”

Princess ends the call as she realized what just happened and looked up at Bimpe with a grim look on her face. “You dialed a wrong number.”

“Ah, sorry ma. I did not know it will be a wrong number.” Bimpe said apologetically.

It took all of her strength and will power but Princess managed to hand the phone back to Bimpe and not hurl it out the window.

“Hello, who is the lucky caller?” The interviewer asked.

“Na me o,” The caller said excitedly.

“What’s your name and where are you calling us from?” The interviewer asked.

“My name is Bamiduro Samuel.”

“Alright Mr. Samuel, where are you calling from?”

“Abeg let’s leave the long story, Danny baba na you I wan talk to o. God don catch you today.” Samuel said in an hysterical tone.

“I’m all ears. What’s your question?” Danny asked.

“Mehn I can’t believe I’m really talking to you boss.” Samuel exclaimed before he continued. “Baba I just need you to help my life ni o, the kind hunger wey don dey knack me these days in fact I don dey get headache for my spinal cord. You fit help me transfer small something make I no go meet my ancestors like this.”

“Uhm…sure.” Danny said with a weird smile as he wasn’t expecting something like this. “What is the last three digit of your phone number?”

“666 ni o baba mi.(It’s 666, boss.) No be today my village people don dey follow me, e even show for my phone number.” Samuel said.

“No worries, send your account number to this line immediately after the show.” Danny said.

“Thanks boss.” Samuel said.

“Do you have any question that you would like to ask Danny though?” The interviewer asked, trying to maintain the actual purpose of the phone call.

“Yes.” Samuel replied.

“Well what is your question?” The interviewer asked with a straight look on her face.

“Ehn,” Samuel began. “My question is that, should I be expecting the alert today or tomorrow?” Samuel asked.

“Just make sure you send your account number after the show, you’ll receive the money right after.” Danny promised.

“Alright, thanks boss.” Samuel said before dropping the call.

The interviewer’s face looked a bit flushed and after inquiring from Danny if it was okay with him, she decides to give another person a chance to ask a question.

Princess was infuriated and annoyed that she lost her chance to speak with Danny Prince to that “beggar” and so she was more than glad when the interviewer decided to take another call and she was confident that this was her chance. All three women grabbed their phones once again and dialed the number but neither one of their calls went through.

“Hello, who is calling?” The interviewer asked.

“Na me again o.” The caller answered in a familiar voice.

“Who?” The interviewer asked in shock.

“Samuel.” The man answered.

The interviewer was at a loss of word and didn’t quite know what to say and could only mutter. “Why?”

“I just wanted to remind Danny not to forget what he promised o, because as I dey like this I dey mama Nkechi’s shop and I don buy stuff full ground. So, boss please don’t Amaka me o, ogun will not kill us o. You no say na for live television we dey.”

“Guy just send your account number after the show now.” Danny said getting a bit frustrated.

Although it was against their policy the interviewer had to break protocol and end the call as it seems Samuel still had something to say. She then instructs someone at the back to block his number before heaving a big sigh and then she decides to give someone else a try.

By now Princess was starting to lose hope and since she knew this was going to be her last chance she even said a little prayer in her mind before dialing the number this time but she didn’t get lucky this time either and neither did the stylist but surprisingly Bimpe’s call went through.

“Hello, the caller.” The interviewer said.
“No oh this is not Kola is Bimpe, ah wrong number again.” Bimpe said and drops the call.


Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 7:10am On Mar 07
I'm the Lord of the underground. I'm reading with unapproved device but I'm not easy to be booted out as I have invisibility cloak. I won't talk about the passport issue for now, thanks for the mention. cool
grin na too much Harry Potter dey worry you,
Bouncers do your job angry

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Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Evold: 2:49pm On Mar 07
Danny should be 26.He won the award at 14 and this is happening after 12 years.
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by BrainEya(m): 3:42pm On Mar 07
Oga Lesky3.
This one just dey crack ma ribs any how.

That Samuel of a guy I believe he hold nokia 3310 for the call to went through the second dail...

''I don catch you today''
First thought na that ibadan local rapper...
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by ladidacanon(m): 9:28pm On Mar 07
i lyk d way ya story is going man...dat samuel ehnn na sharpman e b
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 12:12am On Mar 08
Episode 3

“Bimpe, hurry up now.” Princess called as she was walking to the front door, her high heels making loud noises on the tiled floor. She had an handbag in her right hand and a car key dangling on her left hand.

“Madam, I dey come.” Bimpe replied from inside.

“What’s taking so long?” Princess asked.

“Why are you even taking her along? Why not leave her here to look after the house?” Blessing who was waiting by the door asked.

“You’re asking as if you don’t know that Bimpe is not well. So you want me to leave her alone in the house so that she can ruin everything I worked hard for.” Princess said to her friend.

Blessing was just about to speak when Bimpe walked into the living room, dragging two luggage with her, one in each hand. She had another bag hung on her back but instead of wearing the bag on her shoulder, she had the handles hanging by her neck in such a way that the bag’s weight was choking her and her eyes looked like they were going to pop out of their sockets.

“Madam, help me.” She said in a weak voice.

Princess and her friend rushed over to her and managed to get the bag off her neck.

“Are you trying to get yourself killed? You want to die so that your people will come and hold me for killing their daughter. That’s what you want right?” Princess asked in annoyance.

“No, ma. I didn’t know how the bag is just shifted oninown.” Bimpe said.

“Princess was right about you, you no well at all.” Blessing said and then she turned to face Princess. “Moreover, why do you need so many stuff?” She asked, gesturing at the loads on the ground.

“I’m going to be there for two months now, I’ll need all the basic items that I can carry.” Princess said.

“Yes, I know but isn’t this a little too much?” Blessing asked. “I’m sure, Abigail will already have most of these at home.”

“It can’t be the same,” Princess explained. “You know some of us only go for the best products.”

“Na you sabi. Just hurry up, you know you’re already running late.” Blessing said.

Princess turned to face Bimpe and handed her the car key. “Go and put those luggage in the trunk.” She said.

Bimpe bent down to pick the bag back up but Princess told her to leave it there and drop the luggage off first.

Bimpe did as she was told and dragged both luggage out of the house towards one of the two cars that were sitting in the compound.

“By the way, Princess, have you heard that your man crush is back in the country?” Blessing asked her friend once they were alone.

“Is there anyone in this country who hasn’t heard? The news is all over the internet and even radio stations.” Princess said, clearly astonished by how much recognition, Danny has.

“Then you must have heard that he’s hosting a return concert this evening.” Blessing said.

“Don’t even remind me of that concert, you have no idea how angry I am that I am unable to attend the show.” Princess said, clearly displeased about the issue.

“Have you at least spoken with his manager? Didn’t he promise that you’ll get to meet him when he gets back?” Blessing asked.

“Yes, I was actually able to get through to him yesterday.” Princess said.

“So, what’d he say?” Blessing asked curiously.

“He said that they have a lot of engagements on their hands and I may not even get a chance to speak with Danny even if I come to the show cause he’ll be too tired to meet with anyone but he promised that he’ll manage to help me set up an appointment with him very soon.”

“He better o, cause after all the money you’ve spent, it won’t be nice if you don’t eventually get to meet him.”

“It’s not a matter of if I’ll meet him because I’m sure I’ll definitely meet him someday, the real question is when that day will be. All I know is that it’s going to be a very special moment when we finally get to make each others acquaintance cause you can tell that we’re a match made in heaven.” Princess said with glee.

“Just make sure you guys invite me to the wedding.” Blessing teased.

“Hold on oh,” Princess suddenly realized something. “Bimpe has been gone for some time now.” She said.

“Yeah, maybe she went outside to buy something.” Blessing said wondering why Princess looked so worried.

But Princess was unconvinced as she proceeds to walk outside while calling, Bimpe’s name with no response from her. Blessing followed after her and they both walked over to the car but Bimpe was no where in sight.

Where could she be? Princess wondered. She noticed that the key was still in the trunk’s keyhole so she decided to check if Bimpe had at least placed the luggage in there before she left. She opened up the trunk and lo and behold, there she was, lying down in the trunk, trapped under a luggage and struggling to get herself back up.

Both Princess and Blessing were baffled and they didn’t know when their mouths fell open.

“How did this happen?” Princess had to ask.

“I trip,” Bimpe said.

“You what?” It was Blessing’s turn to ask.

“I trip.” Bimpe repeated right away, as if those two words perfectly explain the scenario.

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Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Oroolorun(m): 9:26am On Mar 08
O'boy, you sure say you no need deliverance so? If the Samuel and Bimpe of this world, plus national association of ibadan rapers, catch you, you go hear wen.
Ride on Boss. You are doing a great job.
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Ann2012(f): 10:44am On Mar 08
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by skubido(m): 2:00pm On Mar 08
Omo Samuel no wan gri oo

Trip ke, wahala wa ooo

Tanks for the update
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 11:08pm On Mar 09
Episode 4

It’s 10 PM in the evening and the sun has long gone into hiding, the shiny crystal ball, otherwise known as the moon is now out in all its glory to take its spot and dozens of tiny little stars shimmer around it to add to its glow. Yes, it was truly a remarkable sight to behold but stars and the moon are something we see every night, something not so peculiar though is the event that was taking place at The Merry Makers Event Center.

The Event Center in Abuja truly witnessed a groundbreaking event like never before on this faithful night. The venue was filled to the brim with almost as much people outside as there was inside. It is quite hard to believe that an event which was announced merely 24 hours to its commencement could have such a massive turnout of crowds. The huge number of people that were in attendance made it appear, as though the event had been building up for over a year ago, or maybe it has? After all, each and every single person among the crowd in attendance have been itching and anxiously waiting for his return and after almost a year and half he’s finally back and they just can’t wait to catch a glimpse of the man who has set a new standard in Africa’s entertainment industry.

A lot of people could not contain their joy when he finally stepped up on the stage for his performance, and talk about delivering a show like no one else can! Danny brought the same amazing energy that he was widely known for into the show, and to say that the audience was thrilled with his performance would be a gross understatement.

Both men and women, the young and the elderly, slay queens and slay kings were freaking out and screaming their hearts out the second Danny came up on stage.

A few people were passing out and slumping to the floor here and there, no one knew exactly why these people were fainting, if it’s due to the fact that they were simply star struck by Danny’s presence or maybe they were suffocating due to the mammoth crowd that was trying to push their way to the front…..(let’s just assume that they were star struck)

The fact of the matter is that no one cared to know the reason why this people were passing out and they just stepped over or even stamped on their bodies to get forward.

If you’re someone who enjoys fainting a lot, then this might be a bad day for you to do so because once your body hits the floor, you’re bound to get trampled by at least two people.

It won’t be too much of an exaggeration to say that some destinies were crushed in this stampede. (This is what you call hyperbole)

The scene was wild and chaotic; it looked like an entire battalion of military forces were trying to force their way across the enemy’s border.

The bouncers and security staffs were getting more than their money’s worth of hard work just trying to maintain decorum……

At the end of the day, it was an epic and amazing show that witnessed a lot of joy and excitement. Lots of emotions were running wild, tears were shed, pulses were raised, and bones were broken…….lots and lots of bones were broken……

After the show was well over and the clouds were settled, just when you’d think that the rowdiness would have died down. A huge crowd of people were still waiting outside the event center. Some were waiting to get an autograph, some were waiting with the hope of being among the lucky few that would get a photo with Danny and others were just waiting to catch a glimpse of the super star once he exits the building but they were in for a long and anxious wait as Danny did not appear to be coming out any time soon.

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Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by skubido(m): 8:33am On Mar 10
Tanks for the update.

Happy Sunday to you all. Shalom
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Hadampson(m): 8:52am On Mar 10
Park yellow Bugatti veyron smiley
Walk in majestically... Arrange a table.

Hey lesky3 i see you. Thanks for the mention. Help me get a bottle of vodka wink

I missed you so much hormobolanle. Come and join me. Hadampson is here now smiley
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Hadampson(m): 9:29am On Mar 10
Laugh wan kill me die o... That Samuel bamiduro is one funny guy. He no dey dull at all cheesy

As for bimpe, i think she needs a medical attention smiley

Keep it coming Lesky3
The sky is your starting point bro

And i greet the boss of this section, divepen. Rispeck boss smiley
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Ann2012(f): 3:55pm On Mar 10
Thanks for the update
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 12:23am On Mar 13
Episode 5

A man wearing a white suit coupled with black pant and a shiny pair of black leather shoes was hastily walking through a hotel’s hallway while conversing with someone on the phone.

“Please, just calm down. I’m on my way to his room; I’ll get back to you later.” The man said, his eyes nervously twitching underneath the glasses he had on.

After dropping the call, the man walked up to one of the rooms and knocked on the door. At first, gently but his knocking grew louder and became more aggressive the longer he had to wait. Soon enough the door opened up…..

“Hey, Felix.” Danny Prince greeted as he gingerly steps out of the room to join the man outside. For some reason, he was careful not to let the door open wide enough for the other man to get a good view of what was going on inside the room.

“What’s going on here? You had me worried.” Felix said with a straight look on his face. “And who’s in there with you?” Felix asked, sensing there is someone else inside the room.

Name: Felix Douglas
Nickname: Mr. Dough
Instagram: 2M
Twitter: 600K
Occupation: Danny Prince’s Manager.
Marital Status: Divorced.
Age: 42
Pros: Rich, Smart, Good managing skill and Business savvy.
Cons: (………………)

“There’s nothing wrong, it’s just my stylist helping me get change.” Danny plainly said, he had switched out of his costume and was now wearing a white, plain, shirt and black shorts. He also had a black face cap resting on his head.

“Why did you just leave like that without informing me? You just went AWOL immediately after the concert. There are fans and most importantly, news reporters waiting to get an interview.” Felix said, clearly annoyed.

“Yeah, uhm….” Danny began, gently stroking his beardless chin. “I wasn’t really in the mood for any interview. My brain just zoned out for a few minutes after the show. So, I just met with some fans, signed a few autographs and then I decided to crash back here.” Danny explained.

His manager stared at him quizzically for a while before saying. “You know, I don’t understand what’s going through your mind lately.”

“To be fair, you don’t always have to know what’s going through my mind.” Danny said.

“Actually, I do. Because I’m you manager and I’m the one who’s going to get the blame for all the bad choices that you make. Now, while I may agree that you have earned a well deserved rest for tonight, I still think that you should have informed me before making your decision to leave.” Felix said, his voice sounded like a father scolding his child. “And speaking of bad choices….” Felix said as if having an afterthought. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you but I decided to let it wait until after the concert.”

“What is that?” Danny asked.

“What transpired between you and Clara?”

“What?” Danny asked with an innocent look on his face.

“Now don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. The poor girl called to inform me that you left her stranded at a shopping mall in Dubai with loads of bills to pay. She said she’s been calling your number but you’ve blocked her. I had to settle that bill after she pleaded with me that she’s low on cash.”

Danny chuckled out loud on hearing this, as he couldn’t hold it in.

“What? You think that’s funny? Why do you like being a jerk sometimes?” Felix asked.

Danny stopped smiling when Felix said this and for the first time that night, Danny had a frown on his face. “You didn’t even bother to wait for an explanation before jumping to conclusion. You’re already picking sides without hearing my side of the story.” Danny said.

“That’s because I know what you’re capable of,” Felix retorted.

“And you think I’m capable of leaving a broke woman stranded in a shopping mall?” Danny asked in disbelief. “I wouldn’t even do that to a complete stranger not to talk of someone I know and you know that.”

“Fine, tell me what happened.”

“I didn’t leave her stranded in the mall. I left because she told me to.”

“And you expect me to believe that?”

“Believe it or not, that’s what happened.” Danny said.


(One week earlier)

(Inside a shopping mall in Dubai)

After buying a bunch of stuff that they don’t even need, Danny was starting to doubt if the items would fit in the Porsche or they’ll need to get a trailer to offload it. Meanwhile, Clara had also decided that they should renovate their rented apartment. She wanted to change the furniture and redesign the whole place to suit her taste.

“We’re only going to be there for two more days, Clara. That’s completely unnecessary.” Danny tried to reason with her but she was adamant and insisted that the room need to be just perfect throughout their stay and Danny had no choice but to give in to her demand but then a thought crossed his mind and he asked in a light tone. “So, let’s just assume that I can’t afford all this stuff that you are craving for……can we still be together?”

“What do you mean?” Clara asked as if she misinterpreted the question.

“I mean….. what if I’m not, Danny Prince and I’m just an average guy trying to make ends meet….will it make any difference to you?” Danny explained, wondering why he was asking the question anyway.

“Of course it will make all the difference,” Clara said almost immediately. “I mean just look at me, do I look like someone who can settle for an average guy? You won’t even have my attention if you’re not a millionaire….” She said with a full voice. Then she noticed a change in Danny’s reaction and asked. “What’s wrong? Why do you look so gloomy all of a sudden?”

“Well, pardon me if I’m not leaping for joy after you just told me that you only love me cause I’m rich,” Danny said.

“It’s not just because you’re rich dear but you’re also famous, now that’s the full package right there,” Clara said sweetly but then she continued. “I don’t know why you chose to ask this silly question but don’t let my compliments get into your head because there are a lot of men who are way richer than you are, that are already hitting on me, and I’m talking men with private jets and oil companies. So, you should consider yourself lucky that I choose to spend my time with you.” She boasted.

“You really don’t have to say such things right to my face, you know?” Danny said calmly. Clara was fond of raising the subject of her numerous admirers in most of their discussions.

Clara lets out a short laugh and said. “And why can’t I?” She asked. “You were the one who raised the question. Don’t think just because you’re taking me out and buying stuff for me will stop me from saying the truth and I’ll start sugar coating words just to please you. I have men at my beck and call who would be more than eager to come down here and settle all the bills. I still stand by what I said, I can never settle for an average guy and if you’re not comfortable with the truth then that’s your problem. I don’t even know what you’re getting so worked up about, it’s not like you’re one of those low life guys I’m referring to.” She said as she points at one of the gold chains on display. “This one looks great, what do you think?” She asked.

“Why don’t you ask one of your rich admirers, I’m out of here.” Danny who has had enough of her utterances said.

“Fine then, leave,” Clara said without bashing an eye as she continues to examine the chain.

And without saying another word, Danny turned his back and walked away as Clara now stared on with a shocked expression on her face.

(-_End Flashback_-)

(-_End Episode_-)

(-_-) Have a good night(_-_)


Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by skubido(m): 8:17pm On Mar 13
Episode 5

(-_End Flashback_-)

(-_End Episode_-)

(-_-) Have a good night(_-_)


tanks for the update.

Have a pleasing night ahead too
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 11:50pm On Mar 13
Episode 6

“That’s what happened?” Felix asked.

“Yeah, that’s what happened.” Danny replied. “You know I’m just sick and tired of all this fake loves man. All I ever wanted is someone that will love me for who I am and not just because of my wealth and status.”

“Alright, I understand how you feel and I know she may have sounded a bit insensitive.” Felix began calmly. “But nonetheless there’s no denying the fact that she was telling the truth. You need to understand that as a celebrity, especially one of your status, your wealth and status is what’s going to attract people to you and that’s just the cross you’ll have to live with. The fact that, Clara was willing to open up to you shows that she’s a honest person and I suggest you should consider talking to her and patch things up between you two.”

“I already crossed that bridge, Felix. I’m done with her.” Danny said. “If I can’t find true love, maybe I’ll just stay single forever; I think that’s better than being in a relationship with someone who only sees an ATM every time she looks at you.”

“Alright then,” Felix finally gave in when he noticed that Danny had already made up his mind but he wasn’t quite okay with the idea of, Danny giving up on love. He was sure that it will definitely have an effect on his mood and music. “Let’s just agree that you have closed the chapter with, Clara. Why don’t you consider this other girl that has been pestering me for a chance to finally meet you? What was her name again? Princess.”

“Which Princess?” Danny asked with genuine curiosity. “You’re going to have to be more specific. You have no idea how many Princesses I have on my page. One actually named herself, Daniella Princess.” Danny chuckled. “I had to hit like on her post.”

“No, I’m talking about…..wait, what did I tell you about liking random comments on your page?” Felix asked with a frank look on his face.

“I just thought I’d put a smile on her face for going through the trouble.” Danny said wondering why Felix was making such a big deal out of it.

“Listen, Daniel. You’re a mega superstar right now and it’s about time you start behaving like one. You need to be very careful with whatever you do. You never know when all this news hungry bloggers are going to cook something up from whatever little mistake you make and before you know it, all sort of news will start spreading about you. Imagine seeing this headline on one of the popular blog sites. ‘Danny Prince likes the comment of a fan who said that Wizzkidd is a whack artist.’”

“Why would I like such a comment?” Danny asked amusingly. “Wizzkidd is an amazing artist, I’ll never approve of such a derogatory comment about him.”

“That’s not the point, okay? This bloggers are hungry for news and won’t shy away from making things up and if you’re not careful you’ll only be making their job easier for them. Fake news are all over the internet you need to be extra careful.” Felix instructed.

“Alright, I hear you.” Danny said as he starts moving back inside. “If you don’t mind I’ll like to get some rest now.” He said to Felix.

“Yeah you should rest up, we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow.” The manager said.

“No, we don’t.” Danny said as he steps out again.

“Yeah, we do. We have a lot of interviews and sponsored events to attend.” The manager reinstated.

“Have you forgotten that we had an agreement?” Danny asked his eyes staring intently at his middle aged manager.

“What agreement?” Mr. Douglas asked.

“Oh My God!” Danny exclaimed. “Don’t tell me you have forgotten.” He said as he lifts the face cap off his head to reveal a clean shaved head.

Felix gasped for breath as soon as he saw this and now it was his turn to exclaim. “Oh My God, Danny what did you do?”

(G.Night folks.)


Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 11:52pm On Mar 13
Lest I forget, Wizzkidd, very different from Wizkid...take note

Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Silensa(m): 7:06am On Mar 14
Thank you Lesky. Celebrity has its own down turn.
Love becomes money oriented.
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by skubido(m): 8:39am On Mar 14
Tanks for the update

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