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Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Ann2012(f): 9:55pm On Mar 14
Thanks for the update
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 11:38pm On Mar 14
Episode 7

Daniel is one of those people who had natural, curly hair. He’s had it since he was a child and his unique hairstyle had become a major part of his identity. Which is why, his manager always reaffirms the fact that he shouldn’t experiment with his hair more than necessary and should just stick to the haircut that he’s already known for by his fans and business associates.

Now Felix can’t believe his eyes when he saw what Daniel has done with his hair. His head was now as smooth as the skin on his beardless chin. They already had flyers, T-shirts and magazine covers that had pictures of, Danny with his curly hair but now that he has decided to go bald……why did he even decide to go bald? Felix has made it clear to him in the past that he shouldn’t make any decision that involves changing his looks without informing him first. “Why did you do this?” Felix asked as he stared at the bald head with a horrified look on his face.

“I thought I’d try something new with my hair. How do you like it?” Danny asked with a playful smile on his face.

“Where is the hair?” Felix asked.

Danny chuckled. “Sounds like the title of a horror movie. Where is the hair? Premiering this Sunday at cinemas, watch as the ghost detective embarks on a dangerous journey to try and solve the mystery of the missing hair. It’s going to be bloody and brutal. Catch it live at cinemas around you.” He said, trying on a movie production ascent.

“This is not funny, Daniel. What- did -you -do -with- your -hair?” Felix pronounced each sentence like a baby just learning to speak. He was so annoyed that he was struggling to speak clearly.

“Calm down, Felix. The hair ought to have grown back by the time I return from vacation.”

“What vacation?” Felix asked, his annoyance now replaced with confusion.

“The one we’ve discussed severally over the past couple of weeks.” Danny pointed out but, Felix still seemed a bit confused. So he continued. “We both agreed that once we’re through with the tour and we’ve hosted the return concert then I can get a two months break.”

“I---I didn’t know you were serious about that.” Felix said with a shocked expression on his face.

Danny did discuss the issue with him but he thought the singer was only pulling his legs. It had to be a joke because the stipulations for the vacation are outrageous. No interviews, no shows, no concerts, no adverts, no sponsorship, and no screen time. All these for two whole months!!

Even if Felix would have agreed to such an agreement, it wouldn’t be at a time like this when they’re still riding the waves of their amazing World Tour. He had hoped that the idea was just one of Daniel’s wild thoughts that never get to see the light of the day.

One time, he had raised the thought of buying a whole Island that he can name after himself and live alone in a serene environment but he eventually dropped the idea……what a relief… This must be just another one of his jokes.

“I’m not kidding.” Danny said as if he had read his manager’s mind. “We’ve been working tirelessly for almost two years now. Traveling around the world was a lot of fun, don’t get me wrong but I think it’s time for a break, and not just for me but for you and the rest of the crew as well. We all deserve a well earned rest.”

“I understand what you’re saying but I don’t think this is the right time for us to take a break. We just had a terrific World Tour and you have a bigger fan base than ever before. I mean you’re the hottest prospect right now. We already have companies waiting in line to get you to sign up as their ambassador.” Although, Daniel didn’t seem to be paying much attention to what he was saying, Felix still went on. “Tonight’s concert is going to be all over the news by tomorrow. Reporters and TV show hosts are going to be itching for an interview. The internet is already buzzing as we speak. We have to make the most of these hypes and publicity. Now is not the time for us to relent. We need to keep pushing and start working harder than before.”

“Come on, Felix, you and I both know that your major concern is the fact that I won’t be making you any money for the next two months. I’m sure you’re already calculating how much money we are going to make if I choose to stay but let me remind you that it’s only going to be for two short months. Two months will pass before you know it.”

“I’m sorry but I can't allow it. ” Felix said with a stern look on his face.

“What did you say?” Daniel asked with a stern look of his own.

“I said, I won’t allow it.” Felix repeated himself.

“No, I heard what you said. I just wanted to make sure that you can hear yourself.” Daniel said. “Allow me to make something clear to you, Felix.” Daniel is the only person who still refers to his manager by his first name as everyone else either call him, Mr. Douglas or Mr. Dough. “You are my manager, not my boss. So, you don’t get to tell me what I can or cannot do. You work for me, not the other way around.” Daniel doesn’t enjoy talking to his manager like this but he felt he had to set the record straight.

“But----” Felix was saying but Daniel cuts him off.

“No buts. I have already made up my mind and you know what happens once my mind is set. There is something very important that I need to find, that’s why I need to take sometime off.” Daniel explained.

“What is it? How much is it? I can have it shipped in by tomorrow.” Felix offered.

Daniel looked directly at his manager’s eyes and said calmly. “It is something that money cannot buy.”

“There’s not a thing that money can not buy just tell me what it is.”

Daniel smiled slightly and shook his head sideways. “Good night, Felix.” He said as he steps back into the room and shut the door behind him.

“Think about what I said. I’ll see you tomorrow morning, don’t do anything silly.” Felix said from outside before taking his leave.


When morning came, Felix went back to Danny’s room to check on him but the pop star was nowhere to be found….

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Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 11:41pm On Mar 14
What is that thing that money can't buy
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 11:43pm On Mar 14
This has just turned into a horror story titled, "Where is the Danny."

Watch out for part 2!! cheesy
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by moseph(f): 11:45pm On Mar 14
What is that thing that money can't buy
happiness and love
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 11:46pm On Mar 14
Laugh wan kill me die o... That Samuel bamiduro is one funny guy. He no dey dull at all cheesy

As for bimpe, i think she needs a medical attention smiley

Keep it coming Lesky3
The sky is your starting point bro

And i greet the boss of this section, divepen. Rispeck boss smiley

Boss!! It's always a pleasure to have you onboard. wink Let me grab a chair for you.

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Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by bizza45: 11:49pm On Mar 14
i dont really comment in d lit. section but damn u really got nice story going on .... kip it up bro
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 11:50pm On Mar 14
happiness and love
Money can make you very happy though grin
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 11:51pm On Mar 14
i dont really comment in d lit. section but damn u really got nice story going on .... kip it up bro
Thanks for reading and dropping a comment, it means a lot to me wink
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 11:57pm On Mar 14
Danny should be 26.He won the award at 14 and this is happening after 12 years.
Sorry that I'm just addressing this.

He's 27 because he was going to turn 15 the year he won the award(august). This is happening a month after he turned 27(september). 12 years later.

I hope I haven't confused you more grin

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Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by moseph(f): 11:59pm On Mar 14
Money can make you very happy though grin
I doubt that.
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 12:00am On Mar 15
Thank you Lesky. Celebrity has its own down turn.
Love becomes money oriented.
Thanks for reading, smiley

Make sure you verify your British passport to avoid trouble with the bouncers
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Hadampson(m): 12:48am On Mar 15

Boss!! It's always a pleasure to have you onboard. wink Let me grab a chair for you.

I'm honoured. Lemme order for popcorn and alomo bitters.. Run like usain bolt

Be right back. Thank God my seat is booked already smiley
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Silensa(m): 6:19am On Mar 15

Thanks for reading, smiley

Make sure you verify your British passport to avoid trouble with the bouncers

Sorry sir, I only have a Canadian and Japanese passport. I wanted to pave way for you to have Swiss visa, guess I have to drop it.
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Ann2012(f): 7:34am On Mar 15
Well done OP
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by skubido(m): 9:58am On Mar 15
Daniel don go look for true love ooo, na im make ham go bab im hair. Ma thought.

OP tanks for the update
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Evold: 3:04pm On Mar 15
From the look of things this princess whatever has no chance of being with Danny
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 1:03am On Mar 16
Episode 8

“Oh My God! Where could he be?” Felix wondered as he tried Danny’s number for the umpteenth time without getting any luck. It’s just seven in the morning, where could he have gone off to this early in the morning? “Maybe he went back to the mansion?” Felix thought to himself. “Let me call his mom, she’ll know where her son is.”

“Hello.” Felix greeted as soon as Danny’s mom picked up the call.

“Hello, Mr. Douglas. How are you?” The woman greeted in her usual cheerful tone.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just wanted to ask if Danny has been home today by any chance.”

“Not at all. I haven’t seen him today. He did call to inform me last night that he’s going on a vacation though.”

“Did he mention where he was going?” Felix asked as he slowly bit his lower lip out of frustration.

“No. I hope there’s no problem? You sound a bit worried.” She asked with deep concern.

“No problem at all, there’s nothing to worry about.” Felix said; although, he was starting to burn up inside. “I’ll call you later, ma.” He added before dropping the call.

“Damn!” Felix yelled before rushing out of the room. He was getting really worked up now.

One of the securities or member of staffs ought to have seen him leave. Danny doesn’t have a lot of friends in his circle but if there’s one person that he always opens up to, it’s his driver, Akpan.

“Akpan!” Felix yelled as he walked outside to meet the young man washing a car in the compound.

“Mr. Douglas. Good morning, I didn’t see you come in.” Akpan greeted politely.

Akpan is a 25 year old lad, who was lucky enough to have secured employment with Danny, few years after dropping out of secondary school. Danny had grown fond of him over the years and he was one of the few people that, the singer often discuss his private affairs with, since he had proven himself to be loyal and trustworthy.

“You didn’t see me because I’m too small, right? I’m like a rat that just crawls in without anyone noticing, is that what you’re trying to say?” Felix asked in annoyance as he pours his frustration out on the innocent chap. Although, Felix does come off a little short in terms of height since the man is only 5ft”4inches tall.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that.” Akpan sincerely apologized.

“Listen carefully to what I’m about to ask and I want an honest and direct answer.” Felix said, struggling to keep his voice calm. “Where is Danny?” He asked with a stern look on his face.

“I don’t know sir.” Akpan said apologetically as if he was truly sorry that he’s not aware of Danny’s whereabouts but Felix wasn’t buying it as his stern gaze intensifies.

“I’m sure you know that I’m the only reason why you have a job here don’t you?” Felix asked and Akpan slowly nodded. “If it weren’t for me you’ll still be pushing wheelbarrow somewhere in Onitsha, now unless you want to lose your job this very instant and get sent back to your home town, you will tell me where Danny is.”

“Sir, I swear I don’t know.” Akpan pleaded with a sad look on his face. “He came out early this morning and told me that he’ll be gone for a while….” Akpan paused as if trying to revall something. “Oh! And he also asked me to give this to you.” He said as he reached into his back pocket and withdrew a neatly folded, white note.

“Let me see.” Felix said and snatched the note from Akpan’s hand. He immediately unwraps the note and his anxiety grew as soon as he saw Daniel’s handwritten on the paper.

The letter reads:
“Dear, Felix.

If you’re reading this then it means you woke up late as usual and I’m already gone……not dead…….just gone for vacation.

I know you must be feeling a bit angry right now so I already ordered for a full crate of your favorite wine and an exotic dish to help calm your nerves. The order should arrive at your room in a few minutes ……or maybe it already has(depending on when you’re reading this; Akpan is a bit forgetful sometime.)

In case you’re wondering where I am or what I am getting up to? I’m sorry but I can not reveal that to you but I can assure you that it’s nothing dangerous or crazy……maybe a little crazy but….we do crazy things for love don’t we?

Anyways, I’m sure you may have already noticed that my number is not going through that’s because I flushed my SIM down the toilet…..LOL.

Just kidding…..I’ll call you if I need any help, although I highly doubt you’ll be hearing from me for the next two months.

I’d really love to see the look on your face right now. Can you take a photo and post it on your page? LOL

Footnote 2:
Do send my pleasantry to 2faze, today’s his birthday. I’d love to do it myself but I can’t risk logging into my account. Tell him I really wish I could be there but since he Amaka’d me on my own birthday, I’m returning the favor. And tell Don Zazzy to stop tagging me on his posts until he agrees to get married this year.

Footnote 3:
This note contains my signature at the bottom. So, it ought to be worth a few dollars. (Don’t say I didn’t make you any money before leaving….)

Footnote 4:
I really don’t have anything else to add, I’m just really excited and a bit anxious. I’m going to be meeting someone that I haven’t seen in years.
Anyways, see you in two months…..and I know it’s hard but…..wish me luck!!

Yours truly,
Yours truly*winks*

Felix looked up from the note with an even meaner look on his face than before. “How long has it been since he dropped this with you?” He asked Akpan.

“I--It’s b--been about 2 hours sir.” Akpan stammered, the stern look on Felix’s face was sending shivers down his spine and his bladder was getting full all of a sudden.

“2 hours!!?” Felix exclaimed in anger. “And you didn’t inform me until now?”

“H—e asked me n—not to t—tell you…..y—y--et” Akpan said with a trembling voice.

“Damn!” Felix yelled as he squeezed the paper in his palm.

This sent jolts through Akpan’s body and the bucket slipped out of his shaky hands, causing some of the water to spill on Felix’s shoes. “I’m sorry sir.” Akpan apologized as he proceeds to start wiping Felix’s shoes with the towel in his hand.

“GET UP.” Felix ordered and, Akpan stood upright on his wobbly legs. “Fifty minus thirty five?” Felix asked.

Akpan stared at him in a confused state as he tries to calculate the numbers. It was hard for him to think as his heartbeat was still racing from the shock he just received.

“Fifty minus Thirty five?” Felix repeated in anger.

“Fifteen.” Akpan finally said.

“Good,” Felix said with a frown on his face. “Fifteen million naira. That is how much I’m going to lose just this week alone due to Danny’s absence and you know whose fault that is?” Felix asked. “Yours.” He answered before Akpan could speak up. “That money makes up for your 8 years salary. So, for the next eight years there’s no salary for you.”

“Ah!!” Akpan exclaimed in shock.

“What is ah? In fact go and call all the security and member of staffs for me. Go and get the whole crew here. Unless one of you can provide a logical explanation on how Danny was able to leave this premises without your awareness then you’re all fired. Mark my words.” Felix said as he storms off angrily.

(Writer’s footnote:
“*Clears throat* I may have forgotten to mention that Danny owns this hotel. The hotel is one out of the three he has in the country. One in Abuja, one in Lagos and one in Port Harcourt.”

End footnote.


Story continues…….

(Later that day)
(Somewhere in Lagos)

A man wearing a baggy shirt and khaki pants was strolling across the streets with a delightful smile on his face. The man had two glaring features in his appearance other than his casual clothing. The man had a clean shaved head that looked like he had a glass hat on his head when viewed from afar. His chin is covered with well groomed, full grown beards that almost look ‘unreal’…..‘almost’

The man was walking across the street like he had just won a visa lottery. He gets increasingly excited as more and more people walked past him without giving him much attention. The man seemed to be fascinated by this. One could really say that he was enjoying it because the more he tried to catch people’s attention and they keep ignoring him, the happier he gets.

He stood at a stall to buy some corn while engaging almost everyone he met there in a conversation. He almost got ran over by a tricycle while he was gallivanting across the road like a mad man that had just broken loose. The driver hurled some abusive words at him as he sped by and the strange man didn’t even lose his smile.

After walking for what seemed like an hour or two, from Ajah to Ado market, the man finally decided to get a ride and ease his legs a bit. He hailed an incoming tricycle and the vehicle pulled over in front of him.

After informing the driver of his destination and settling on a price, he hopped into the back seat and settled down next to a well dressed, young lady who appears to be on her way to work. The lady was busy on her phone and the man could not help but notice that she had a picture of, Danny Prince as her wallpaper.

The lady looked up and noticed that the man was gazing at her phone. “Hello? Is there any problem?” She asked.

The man sat back on his seat and looked at her. “No problem at all.” He said as he shook his head sideways and then he smiled. “You smell nice.” He added.


Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 1:07am On Mar 16
Story hasn't been properly edited so pardon me if it had more errors than usual.

Have a good night/day....(depending on when you're reading this.) smiley
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by skubido(m): 3:48pm On Mar 16
Dan don turn imself to another tin fa

Tanks for the update
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by BIGGIE121: 4:23pm On Mar 16
Bros u too much i dey feel your story .100000000000 gbosa for you,, ride on boss we dey your back
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 4:41pm On Mar 16
Dan don turn imself to another tin fa

Tanks for the update

That wasn't Danny grin

Plot twist
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by skubido(m): 6:56pm On Mar 16

That wasn't Danny grin

Plot twist

Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by BIGGIE121: 8:33pm On Mar 16

That wasn't Danny grin
Plot twist
lol. Plot twist indeed
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Silensa(m): 12:26pm On Mar 17
*whispering in a low tune*

I love this twist,

I want to shout ooo, Lesky unban my shouting power
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Yemike(m): 3:09pm On Mar 17
Bimpe is the IYA Ibadan of this story.

Thanks for the mention boss.
Following bumper to bumper.
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by bizza45: 10:43pm On Mar 18
op abeg do update oo... loving this tori
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 12:44pm On Mar 19
Episode 9

James was sitting down on the couch in his living room, surfing on his laptop, when his door flew open. A few moments ago and James could have sworn he had it locked when he came in.

Even more shocking is the fact that when he looked over to see who it was that opened his door, it turned out to be a strange looking fellow who appears to be in his mid forties.

This man has a bald head and full grown beard that covered most parts of his face. And speaking of his face, there was something oddly familiar about him but James couldn’t quite place it.

“Who are you?” James asked, wondering how this stranger got the keys to his front door. Unless….

James suspicion would be validated when his friend, Alex walks in with a mini camera in his hand, that was when James realized who the stranger is. “Peter? What the hell? Nigga you scared me.” James exclaimed.

“Ah, ah.” Peter laughed and pulled the fake beard off his face to reveal a little goatee almost hidden under his enormous chin. “Alex, you should have seen the look on his face, he was so scared.” Peter said to his accomplice and they both laughed.

Full Name: Peter Jacob
Nickname: P.J
Occupation: Comedian/Skit maker(Instagram comedian)
Age: 28
Instagram: 800K
Twitter: 75K
Pros: Funny, Clever, Modest, Daring
Cons: Troublesome, Daring…..sometimes annoying.

“Not cool guys, you almost gave me a shock.” James said as he turns his attention back to his computer.

Full Name: James Jacob
Nickname: J.J
Occupation: D.J
Age: 32

“But it was still funny.” Peter said as he joins his brother on the couch and Alex settled down on a sofa.

“I’m sure you had some hair on your head the last time I saw you, and that was just yesterday.” James pointed out.

“You know the thing come be like miracle. I just woke up this morning and voila! All my hair was gone.” Peter laughed.

“That one na spiritual barbing.” James said sarcastically, trying not to laugh. “And why do you guys look like you’ve been walking in the sun for hours.” He asked, slowly eyeing his sweaty guests.

“2 hours actually.” Peter said.

“Oh boy, my leg is aching.” Alex complained as he stretched his legs out on the sofa.

“I’m hoping you didn’t go through all this trouble just to scare me.” James said, knowing his brother was crazy enough to try anything just for laughs.

“Don’t flatter yourself, James. You think say na so we take jobless? You no see camera? We were shooting a social experiment.” Alex said.

“No mind am.” Peter said.

“Which kind social experiment were you shooting that made you dress like someone who fled from mad house?” James asked, directing his question at Peter.

“You know how the other day I asked my followers if they’ll recognize me if we meet in person and they all said they would?” James nodded and Peter continued. “Well, Alex came up with the idea that I should change my appearance and walk through the streets of Lagos and see how many people can recognize me and guess what? Not a single person was able to recognize me. I even buy corn for street and chatted with people and none of them knew.”

“I got it all on camera.” Alex said with a smug smile on his face. He was pleased with how good he was at concealing the camera from view.

“You guys are funny o.” James laughed. “You think say na your papa’s village una dey? Even if you like wear wig and put on high heels, this is Lagos, nobody go send you. Everyone is too busy with their own problem to be spotting one comedian in baggy shirt. Even if na Wizzkidd or Danny Prince wey dress like that nobody go still send them.”

“I don’t agree with that.” Alex said, shaking his tiny head in disapproval. “Someone like Wizzkidd no fit try this kind thing o, boys go gather am, not to now talk of Danny, who no go recognize those ones.”

“You know I was wondering the same thing while I was sitting next to this woman inside marwa that what if someone like Danny just pull this kind stunt? I think e get a certain level wey you go reach in life and you won’t be able to try such things.” Peter said.

“I’m telling you guys that, for this Lagos, nobody get time to dey look face. Cause nobody will expect a celebrity to pull that kind stunt. If Ronaldo could have pulled if off that year then why can’t Wizzkidd or Danny Prince, I’m sure with some few adjustments you sef won’t recognize either of them.” James argued.

“I still don’t agree with you but I’m too tired to argue, let me go and freshen up and start editing the video.” Alex said, he got off the chair and started walking upstairs.

“Make sure you edit out the one where I was chased by a dog.” Peter reminded him before he left.

“Dog chase you?” James asked with a wide grin on his face.

“Like mad!” Peter exclaimed. “I had to jump over somebody’s fence.” He added.

James laughed. “Let him include it in the video now, I’m sure your fans would love to see it.”

“No, thanks. There’s no need for them to see me crying for help.” Peter said.

“Which kind dog was it that made you cry?” James asked amusingly.

“Na one of those police dogs wey don gym tire.”

“Ah, and those ones go sabi run well.” James chuckled.

“I’m telling you. The thing get six packs. Come see legs like, Usain Bolt. I run for my life.” Peter said.

“You know that just gave me an idea for your next skit.” James said, trying to conceal his smile.

“Does it involve a dog chasing me?” Peter asked, eyeing his brother quizzically.

“Actually, I was thinking we should try something bigger like, Tiger or maybe hyena.” James said.

“Those ones aren’t big enough, why not use Elephant or Alligator.” Peter said in a sarcastic voice. “You’re a bastard brother, I swear.” He added.


Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 12:46pm On Mar 19
Bros u too much i dey feel your story .100000000000 gbosa for you,, ride on boss we dey your back
Thanks for reading
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Lesky3(m): 12:50pm On Mar 19
*whispering in a low tune*

I love this twist,

I want to shout ooo, Lesky unban my shouting power
Where your British passport?

I don report ya comment angry You go soon chop real ban grin


Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by Evold: 1:27pm On Mar 19
This was a great twist. I could bet my kidney that the clean shaven man was Danny himself
Re: Flawless (romantic And Funny Story) by skubido(m): 2:30pm On Mar 19
Tanks for the update

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