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The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 11:44pm On May 07
Story so far

So,after days and weeks of trying to kill each other, Lance has finally given in. He has finally fallen into Trevor's trap and it was done with the help of Trevor's friends. Lance now stands the risk of getting humiliated infront of the entire school come Prom night. But hey, Trevor may have won his trust, but he hasn't gotten to the heart yet, has he?

..and again, Lance isn't the only person that is going to be devastated by this bet. Come Prom night, all hell will break loose and the truth will be exposed.

Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 11:45pm On May 07
Chapter 1

Trevor got his Algebra books from his locker, slammed it shut and looked into his wristwatch.


He dropped his shoulders at the thought of spending his entire free hour in the library with that Asshole. A part of him told him not to bother showing because Lance was most likely not going to show up also. This is someone who had promised to help him with his test and assignment a few weeks ago, but here he was receiving tutorials from the same jackass...... because he had failed the course thanks to him.

Trevor turned right and stopped infront of the large door the had the sign on top it that said, "SILENCE." He took a deep breath while praying to God that Lance wouldn't show up, before he reached over and twisted the door knob and then he pushed the door open.

Trevor walked into the enormous hall and couldn't help himself from whispering an astounding "Wow". What appeared to be up to a hundred, or close, numbers of tables and seats before him, with shelves that seemed touch the ceiling far behind, towering over the students in thier seats. Trevor suddenly felt out of place as he slowly closed the door and walked in. The last time he had ever entered the library was ninth grade. Of course, then, he was ecstatic to be a high school freshman, so he wanted to see what the whole school looked like. After the day he wandered in with Bruce, Caleb and Aaron as they got random books and acted like they were reading, they never saw the need to go in again.

As Trevor walked down one of the aisles of the large hall, he felt his stomach flip as some students looked up from their books and faced him with confusion taking over thier features. The possible questions rang through Trevor's mind.

"What is he doing here?"

"Is that Trevor Bowman?......in the Library?"

Trevor even remembered looking over at a table where a group of girls were gathered. Three of them were eyeing him seductively with one of them even biting the side of her lower lip. Another one just giggled and waved alittle and Trevor gave a kind smile in response.

He turned his attention away from the girls and kept moving as he moved his eyes from one corner of the hall to the other.

"Where are you? you son'ava bitch." Trevor hissed to himself and hope no one heard him.

He catches the eye of Lenny and that strange red haired girl again looking up at him from the far corner. He feels a little relieved to at least see someone he knew. Trevor quickened his pace as he started to head for Lenny's sit to ask if he knew where Lance was, but then he stopped when he saw a familiar face with pitch black hair smirking at him and shaking his head.

"What a jackass," Trevor muttered to himself before he changed his direction and moved to Lance instead.

"You know," Trevor started as he settled down beside his tutor. "...you could have just called my attention or something."

Lance picked his phone and looked into it before turning to Trevor. "You're fifteen minutes late."

"Because I was looking for your sorry ass." Trevor retorted.

"You walked in here at exactly Eleven-ten." Lance corked his head at Trevor.

Trevor raised his brows. "..Odd that you saw me walk in and didn't bother to tell me where you were."

Lance rolled his eyes and shook his head as he turned away from Trevor and began searching for something in his folder. "What am I even doing?" Lance mumbled. "I should expect you to be this silly anyway."

Trevor turned to him with a scowl and snarled. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"Let's start with our tutorial timetable," Lance completely ignored his question and pulled out a piece of paper and placed it on the table before he looked up at Trevor again. "What days are you free, and what time?"

Trevor looked up at the ceiling as he tried to recall something, before he looked back to Lance and shrugged.

Lance held back a laugh as he shook his head and began to scribble something on the paper.
"You're such a dumbass."

Trevor's eyes widened in shock. He didn't believe what Lance just called him. He was about to open his mouth and reply when Lance suddenly cut him off.

"Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays."

"Wait," Trevor froze. "Saturdays?"


"No way man," Trevor hissed."I can't do Saturdays."

"Why not?"

"Cuz it's a weekend, bro."


"So?..." Trevor hissed. "Weekends are for fun."

"You failed Algebra, Trevor," Lance smirked at him.

Trevor suddenly dropped his shoulders and sighed when he saw Lance's point. "Fine," he gave in."..But we are meeting at your place then. Since school will be closed."

Lance turned to Trevor with his wide eyes. "Woah...woah.. No way bro."


"There is no way you are coming to my house for tutorials," Lance docked his head and hissed.

"My house then?" Trevor suggested.

"Why the Bleep would I want to go to your house?" Lance frowned at him.

Trevor smirked and relaxed back on his seat before he folded his hands on his chest. "Then I guess Saturday classes are cancelled."

Lance shook his head again and wrote something else on the paper. Then he stood up and handed the paper Trevor as he swung his backpack over his shoulder.

"Saturday tutorials will hold at the town library," Lance instructed. "All tutorials are to begin by 11AM sharp."

Trevor slowly took the paper from him and studied it.

"Now if you don't mind, I'll be leaving now. My head hurts. Later dude." Lance was walking away now.

By the time Trevor looked up, Lance was heading out the entrance. "Dude, " Trevor called as he darted out of his seat. "Wait a minute."

Trevor chased after Lance until he got outside the Library. "Lance!" Trevor called.

Lance stopped walking, threw his head back in frustration before he spun and faced Trevor in the hall way. "What?"

"Are-are we done already?" Trevor asked as he darted his eyes from Lance to the paper in his hands and then back to Lance again.

"Tutorial starts this weekend,Trevor," Lance starts to turn away.

"...and you're not going to give me your number because..?" Trevor sounded frustrated now at how flippant Lance appears to be taking this. The bastard.

Lance turned again and gave Trevor a deadpan stare. "Look at the bottom of the paper,Trevor." Lance hissed through his teeth.

Trevor pulled the paper to his view and felt a bit stupid when he eventually saw Lance's number and bottom of the paper.

"Oh. "

"Dumbass." Trevor hears Lance utter and laugh, before he looked up from the paper and saw him walking away.

"Hey!" Trevor snarled loudly. "Stop calling me that!"

Lance Tiffin just ignored him and kept walking away.
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 11:48pm On May 07
Chapter 2

"Jesus Christ, Stephanie." Lenny groaned.

"What?" Stephanie raised her shoulder.

"Don't you get it?" Lenny went on. "The dude is gay. He's never going to be interested in you."

Stephanie rolled her eyes. "I know that you jackass. I know what gay means."

"Then why the hell are you still on his case?"

"Because something is not right about this, Lenny." She fires back before she looked to where Lance and Trevor were seated a few minutes ago. "I can feel it."

"Oh. What? You've got a sixth sense now?" Lenny scoffed.

She turned and gave Lenny a glare that made his smirk disappear immediately.

"Lenny," she began. "You said it yourself. Trevor and his friends were making fun of Lance a few weeks ago after Lance found out he had gotten him as a tutor."

"Okay?" Lenny mumbled.

"..and all of a sudden, Trevor Bowman is being isolated from his friends for what reason exactly?" Stephanie's question was rhetorical.

"He had gotten a fa....i mean..gay guy to be his tutor, Stephanie." Lenny hissed. "That's enough to freak anyone's friends out. There are so many straight A students in class, but Trevor picked Lance."

"Exactly," Stephanie docked her head at her best friend. "Why? Why Lance?"

"Oh my god, woman," Lenny rolled his eyes, massaged his temple and shook his head. "You are impossible."

"What happened at the last soccer practice you guys had?" Stephanie looked curious now. "Did they fight again."

"Yeah...well...no." Lenny stuttered. "Bruce and Trevor were the ones who fought actually."

"Wait," Stephanie gripped her table tight in shock with widened eyes. "What? Bruce and Trevor?"

"Yes Stephanie," Lenny was getting tired now. "I just said that, didn't I?"

"Why did they fight?"

"Stephanie, come on....I -"

"Talk!" Stephanie's bark startled Lenny stiff and echoed round the Library. A few heads turned in thier direction, but Stephanie did not care. He eyes were still fixed on Lenny, waiting for an answer.

"I don't know...I mean..i really can't remember," Lenny said. "..but it was the fact that Trevor was defending Lance when Bruce was calling him names. That's what got me thinking."

Lenny watched as Stephanie's eyes narrowed slowly. "Trevor was defending...Lance? from...Bruce?"

Lenny shrugged.

Stephanie looked away from him and then stared into space. Trevor Bowman was standing up for Lance Tiffin.....against Bruce.

It was clear to Stephanie now that something was up. Stephanie Morris' instincts were never wrong when it came to things like this.

She could feel it. She could feel Lance was in danger.

"Can we go now?" Lenny's voice yanked her from her thoughts. "It's almost time for Physics."

Stephanie turned and looked at her friend as if she had just discovered he was in the seat beside her.

"Yeah.." She said. "Yeah sure."

The both of them started to gather thier books in their bags and folders, before they got up and made thier way to the door.

Stephanie couldn't just shake the feeling. She had watched Trevor ask Lance if he could sit with him in the cafeteria some time ago. Trevor had chosen Lance of all people to be his tutor and she had watched them both sit together in the library a few minutes ago. Now, Lenny had just told her that Bruce and Trevor fought after practise a few days ago, .......and Trevor was defending Lance against Bruce.

Stephanie shook her head as she followed close behind Lenny while they made thier way out of the Library and into the hall way. She couldn't shake the feeling off her. It was tearing her apart.

Something was definitely wrong.

Stephanie Morris wasn't going to rest until she found out what was going on.
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 11:50pm On May 07
Chapter 3


It was a beautiful saturday morning, and Trevor felt a little relieved about the fact that he wasn't going to school today. Then he remembered he had to meet Lance today at the library down town. He looked at his alarm clock.


"Bleep" he cussed, before he fell back on the bed. He had less than thirty minutes.

He eventually got up, brushed his teeth, took his bath, got dressed and headed downstairs to get something to eat. He got into the kitchen and saw his mother on the island table taking a sip of her coffee while concentrating on the newspaper before her. The early morning sun filtering through the kitchen window made her look like an angel. Her blond tied in a ponytail tail as usual. She was in her scrubs, which meant she was probably heading out to work after her coffee. Trevor couldn't help but smile Everytime he saw her. She was just amazing.

"Morning mum," Trevor kissed his mother's cheek before he moved to the fridge and pulled it open.

"Hey honey," she he replied with her eyes still on the paper. "Where you off to?"

Trevor dropped the box of cereal and the small box of milk on the table as he gave his mother a confused look. "I never said I was going anywhere." He said.

"You're wearing sneakers, Trevor Bowman." Mrs Tiffin's eyes were still on the paper.

Trevor looked down at his white and blue all star sneakers and wondered when she had observed him with her concentration on the paper the whole time. This woman was truly something.

"Well?" She turned to him finally.

Trevor had not told his mum about him failing Algebra yet, so he figured he had to tell her any other thing apart from the fact that he had tutorial classes with a demon named Lance Tiffin.

"Just going to hang with the guys," he lied.

"I see." Mrs Tiffin looked back to the paper. "No tests on Monday, or Assignments?"

Trevor felt his stomach flip as he almost spilled the entire milk while pouring into his cereal. "Nope."

"Okay then."

There was silence for a while as Mrs Tiffin kept going through the magazine and Trevor kept crunching on his milk and cereal. He looked at the time and gasped quietly.


"poo." He hissed.

Mrs Tiffin glared at him immediately.

"Sorry." Trevor smiled shyly as he hurried over to the sink dropped his bowl.

"Later mum," Trevor said as he hurried passed his mother.

"Kim is coming over next weekend," Mrs Tiffin said.

Trevor froze and turned back to his mum with wide eyes. "Really?" He said as he moved back to her. "That's awesome."

"Spoke to her last night on my way back from the hospital," She beamed at her son. "She should be here by this time next week. Excited, huh?"

As much as Trevor enjoyed the solitude in the house, he couldn't wait to see his big sister again. The last time she came to visit, he was just twelve years old. That was five to six years ago, and even since then, he remembered asking her when next she would visit and she would say he would just wake up one morning and see her on the couch in the living room. Kim was one of the reasons why Trevor was saddened by the divorce of his parents. The fact that he couldn't see his big sister very often really made him sick.

The beeping sound of Trevor's watch pulled him out of his thoughts before he looked down at it.


"Bye mum!" Trevor uttered as he turned and headed out the kitchen.

"Hey," Mrs Tiffin uttered.

Trevor stopped and spun in impatience. "What?"

He then saw his mother tap her right cheek with a smile on her face. Trevor rolled his eyes and moved over to her quickly. He wrapped his hands around her neck and kissed her cheek so hard, his entire face was buried in the side of her face.

"Oh my god!" She yelled in hysterical laughter as her son held her so tight. "Okay that's enough Trevor! please!"

Trevor the left tinny kisses as he let her go and then spun and headed for the door. "Love you mum!" He called out.

"Love you too honey." Mrs Tiffin yelled a reply. "Say Hi to Caleb's mum for me."

Kentworth Town Library.

Like the school Library, Trevor had never been to this place either. He pulled over in the parking lot, got out of the car and stared up at the eight story building.

"This is a library?"

Trevor made his way into the building and jotted there seemed to be a lot of eateries at the ground floor. He looked round at the amount of people and knew it was going to take him a year to find Lance in this place, so he pulled out his phone.

"You're late," was the first thing Lance said to Trevor the moment he picked up Trevor's call.

Trevor rolled his eyes. "Where the hell are you?"

"Third floor. Science. "

The line went dead.

Trevor shook his head as he pushed his phone back into his pocket. He could swear Lance was some kind of robot of something. Trevor shook his head in amusement at the fact that he felt as if he had just been talking to a spy.

He asked for directions to the third floor and was told to take the elevator.

"There was an elevator here?"

Trevor did as he was told and made his way up to the Third floor. He got there and felt his stomach flip at the site before him. There had to be almost a thousand booths in this place. It was enormous. The bookshelves were entirely different from those back at his school. The ones here were gigantic. They stood in the midst of the tables and chairs like towers of knowledge.

Trevor looked round and strained to see if he could make out the black hair and almost pale white face of Lance. He caught two girls staring at him with flirty smiles on thier faces and then smiled back at them. They didn't look like high school girls though, so Trevor figured they were probably college girls. Trevor took one look at them and suddenly couldn't wait to graduate high school and burst into college. They were obviously two hot girls looking for a good time. The thought of walking over to them and saying 'hello' then crossed Trevor's mind, but then the unexpected ringing of his phone almost made him jump.

He pulled the phone out of his pocket and saw that it was Lance.

"Where are -?"

"Are you done staring at the sluts?" Lance cut him off.

Trevor then raised his eyes and began to dart them from one corner of the hall to the other. Lance was here, and the bastard had been watching him.

"Where are you?" Trevor hissed as he moved further into the hall and away from the door. "You prick."

The line went dead again. Trevor pulled the phone down from his ear and stared into it with rage. He held himself from screaming out loud in the hall.

Suddenly, something hit him in the face. Startled, Trevor looked down as a crumpled piece of paper fell to the floor before him. Trevor raised his head and moved his eyes in the direction which the paper had come from.

He involuntarily clenched his jaw when he saw Lance giving him a mischievous smirk just four booths away from him.
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 11:54pm On May 07
Chapter 4


Lance kept his eye on Trevor as he approached his table. The confidence with which he strutted was somewhat annoying, but Lance liked it, and that seemed to surprise him. It also surprised him that he found Trevor's outfit to be quite...nice. It was a far cry from the annoying blue and white KHS jackets that he and his friends always wore. Lance seemed to like the weekend version of Trevor better. In his white t-shirt and blue cargo pants that stopped just above his knee, Lance couldn't deny Bowman was looking good, but there was no way in hell he was going to tell the slowpoke that, was he?

When Trevor was close enough,he darted his eyes to Lance and Lance quickly looked away and hoped Trevor didn't catch him staring.

"What's up?" Trevor uttered as he dropped to the seat beside Lance.

Lance ignored his greeting as usual. He just reached into his bag and pulled out an Algebra textbook and a notebook and carefully placed them on the table.

"First lesson...," Lance began, before he raised his serious eyes to meet Trevor's blue eyes. "...Quadratic Equations."

Lance started the lesson by explaining the concept of the topic to Trevor. Then he went on to solve some problems for Trevor, before giving him a few to solve by himself.

Lance concentrated on his Geography book while Trevor was solving the equations he had given him. After a few minutes of silence with Trevor whispering and mumbling Xs, Ys and numbers in concentration, Lance fought the urge to turn and tell him to keep quiet. He then saw Trevor look up at him from the side of his eye. Lance kept his eyes on his book but he wasn't reading anymore, he just kept wondering why Trevor was staring at him. Did Trevor know that he could see him from the side of his eye?

Lance quickly turned and faced Trevor without even thinking and he was slightly shocked at the fact the Trevor was still staring at him. He did not even flinch, neither did he look nervous. He just kept his curious blue eyes on Lance.

"What?" Lance scowled at him.

"Are you really gay?"

Lance raised his brows. "Excuse me?"

"Are you really gay?" Trevor repeated slowly this time.

Lance gave him a deadpan stare. "What the hell does that have to do with Quadratic equations?"

Trevor held himself from rolling his eyes before he looked over his shoulder and round the hall, then kept his blue eyes on Lance again. "Come on dude," Trevor whispered and smirked. "It's a simple question. Are you really gay or not?"

Lance kept staring into Trevor's eyes for three seconds, before he shook his head in amusement and faced his book. This dude was truly a slowpoke.

"So is that a 'Yes' or a 'No'?" Lance heard Trevor ask. At that moment, Lance wanted to turn and face the idiot and scream at him to shut the Bleep up. He felt his grip tighten on his pen as he seethed. This was why he always liked being on his own. This is why he hated associating with people; especially people within his age group like Trevor.

When Lance ignored him, Trevor finally gave up and took his concentration back to his work.

About an hour and twenty three minutes went buy, before Trevor uttered, "I'm done."

Lance turned to him and sighed. "Finally."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Trevor asked in apprehension.

"I gave you four of the simplest problems for beginners and it took you almost two hours to finish...." Lance mumbled as he picked up Trevor's notebook and studied it, before he looked up at him with one brow raised. "...that's really disappointing."

Trevor flashed him a glare just before Lance turned to his table and pulled out a red marker from the pocket of his shorts. Lance was about to go through Trevor's work when Trevor spoke again.

"Do you find me attractive?"

Lance froze. He looked up and stared into the space before him, thinking he had lost his mind and started hearing Voices at that second. He turned his wide eyes to Trevor who was smirking at him mischievously.


"Do you think i'm hot?" Trevor wiggled his brows at Lance.

Lance looked back at the space before him. He couldn't explain it, but for some reason, he was deprived of his senses. He couldn't laugh, he couldn't speak and he sure as hell couldn't answer Trevor's question. Lance had not been this confused about anything in a long time. If anyone else had asked him this question, the response would have been easy; either he punched the hell out of them, he told them to Bleep off or he would probably laugh his ass off. But not in this case, not for Trevor. Why?

Lance looked at Trevor again and saw him observing him with curiosity and a dirty smile on his face. His eyes a piercing blue, his full brows furrowed, his pink lips drawn and a strand of his blond hair hanging over his forehead.

"Well?" Trevor uttered again.

Lance suddenly felt a knot tighten in his stomach. He held the edge of his table when he felt his heart beginning to race and his breathing begin to quicken.

Oh Bleep.

It was happening again.

Lance pulled his bag and started to search for his pills, but they weren't in there. Lance swallowed, raised his face up from his bag and slowly closed his eyes as he tried to calm himself.

"Wow," Lance heard Trevor chuckle. "Someone is uncomfortable."

He opened his eyes and turned to Trevor with a hard glare, but Trevor didn't seem to care; or rather, he did not even know what was happening.

"I have to go." Lance spat as he started to stuff his bag with his books.

"Oh thank God," Trevor sighed in relief before he glanced at Lance and saw how

"Hey..." Trevor's features turned serious as he observed Lance. "Dude, you okay?"

"I-I'm fine." Lance stuttered as he got up and slammed a piece of paper right infront of Trevor. "Solve exercises one, three and five. Pages one-one -two till one-one -four. See you on Monday."

"Hey, wait a second." Trevor called out in a somewhat heavy whisper as he darted his eyes from the paper before him up to Lance. "What about the work I did today, how do I know the-."

"We'll do the corrections on Monday," Lance said to him, before he quickly hurried away from the booth he and Trevor shared.

As Lance hurried towards the entrance, he felt his heart still racing and his breath still quick, but he knew it would get better the further he got from that Asshole.

Lance could feel Trevor's eyes on his back as he kept walking away, but he did not care. For some reason, Trevor had caused him a panic attack. No human being had ever asked Lance a question that made him panic before.

Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 9:07am On May 08
Chapter 5


Monday. Right after English, it was time for P.E and everyone was at the school stadium now. Some students were climbing the thick ropes, some engaged in field events like short put and gymnastics, while some just at the bleachers watching. P.E was practically the only class where students got to do whatever they wanted. Lance was on the track anyway. He figured he would jog round the stadium a few times until the class was over. The school soccer team was practising on the main field, but Lance had refused to join them today for obvious reasons. As he jogged past, he stole quick glances at Trevor in the field.

Lance was still reeling from what had happened last weekend. Trevor has somehow made him nervous. Nervous to the point that he had a panic attack. Nobody had ever done that to him. He was Lance Tiffin, he was always in control for christ sake. As Lance kept his eyes on Trevor playing soccer, he felt the urge to just go out there and hit him for no reason.

He hated the control Trevor had on him. Yes, control. He had looked like a wimp after he asked a simple question and he could not answer, now here he was, stealing glances at him during P.E.

Even when he looked up at the library entrance and found Trevor coming in on that faithful Saturday, he saw him flirting with those two bitches and suddenly felt the need to call his attention.

"Hey, Lance!" Someone yelled.

Lance looked forward and saw Stephanie jogging towards him while waving. He rolled his eyes and uttered an exhausting, "Oh God," before he suddenly spun around and began to jog in the opposite direction; away from an approaching Stephanie.

"Hey Lance!" Stephanie kept yelling. "Wait up!"

Lance just ignored her. He kept moving and suddenly wished he had brought his earphones with him. Well, he was certainly not going to make that mistake again.

"Lance come on!" Stephanie's voice was laced with heavy breaths now. She was becoming tired.

Lance looked back at her and couldn't help but smile. She looked like she was about to pass out. He could just ignore her and keep running,but something told him someone would die if he did that.

Lance then slowed down until he finally stopped and turned to an approaching Stephanie with his hands on his hips.

"O-Oh-Oh-," Stephanie was panting heavily when she finally reached Lance. She placed her hand on his shoulders for support and Lance held himself from shrugging her off. "Thank- thank God."

"There is no God." Lance spat indifferently.

Stephanie looked up at him and adjusted her glasses as she struggled to catch her breath. "I-I thought you-you weren't go-going to-to stop!"

"What do you want, Stephanie?" Lance asked as he looked away, not showing any concern for her current state. He felt he had helped her enough by allowing her put her hand on his shoulder.

Stephanie raised her for finger at him in a gesture that seemed to say, 'give me a minute' while she tried to catch her breath. She then looked up at Lance, put her hands on her hips and went straight to the point.

"What's the deal with you and Trevor?"

Lance turned to her with an incredulous look on his face. "What's the deal with me and Trevor?" He asked.

"Just want to know." Stephanie shrugged.

Lance gave her a look of disbelief with a smile tugging on his lips. He couldn't believe it. Although he knew Stephanie had always had the hots for him but couldn't say so, he just couldn't believe that she was curious and possibly jealous about he and Trevor always being together. He had told her he was gay after all.

Lance gave her an evil grin. He was going to rub this in her face so hard. "We're boyfriends." Lance said.

"What?" Stephanie raised her brows.

"We're bleeping,"Lance's grin grew wider. "Trevor and me."

Stephanie rolled her eyes. "Cut it out Lance," she sighed in exasperation. "I know you are tutoring him in Algebra because he flunked."

"And yet you ask what the deal is between us," Lance crossed his hands on his chest with grin leaving his face.

"I'm asking because it looks suspicious."

Lance's brows furrowed with his hands still crossed on his chest. "What looks suspicious?"

Stephanie looked round, moved close to Lance and steadied herself. "Trevor hates you so much, half of the school knows that. Then he fails Algebra and is told to pick a tutor," Stephanie then came closer and looked right into Lance's confused green eyes. "..And he picks you?"

Lance did not want to admit it, but there was some truth to what Stephanie was saying. He had been asking himself the same question since the day Mr Decker had informed him about the tutorial.

Why him?

"And to think that he was always making fun of you and you guys were always fighting," Stephanie went on. "Now he is defending you?"

Lance darted his eyes to Stephanie. He had thought about every single thing she was pointing out, but he hadn't thought about it this way. Then the question asked him in the town library hit his head like a ball.

"Do you find me attractive?"

Lance's stomach flipped when heard Trevor's voice in his head again. His heart suddenly skipped a beat and his hands began to tremble. He looked up at Stephanie with his green eyes filled with uncertainty.

"Bye, Stephanie," Lance said as he turned away from the ref haired girl.

"Lance wait!" She reached out and grabbed his arm. "Where are you going?"

"Away from you." He kept moving with even glancing at her.

"Are you even listening to me?" Stephanie bleated.

"No," Lance turned to her and snarled at her; a gesture that made her move back in shock. "Now leave me the Bleep alone."

They stood there for a few seconds; Lance glaring at her and Stephanie's eyes filled with frustration and hurt.

"Just be careful..," Stephanie spoke the words as if it was hard for her to speak. She spoke as if she was holding down something. "....That's all I'm saying."

Without saying a word, Lance turned away and jogged off.

She watched him move farther away from her and something inside her wished he would just turn and look back at her. Something in her hoped he would glance back at her.

He didn't.

Stephanie turned her eyes to the floor and clenched her fists. She couldn't tell whether she was angry, disappointed or just plane stupid for thinking Lance Tiffin would ever like her. He had told her he was gay, so what the hell was she doing anyway.

Stephanie spun to walk away quickly, but suddenly ran into someone who was obviously stronger and way larger than she was. Someone so strong, she found herself falling to the floor with a yelp.

"Ouch!" She yelled as she hit the ground hard.

"Holy poo! Are - are you okay?" Stephanie heard a guys voice over her before she felt two strong hands pull her up.

Stephanie got herself up and suddenly found herself looking into Caleb's concerned green eyes as he observed her. "I-I'm so sorry. I didn't see you coming." Caleb stuttered.

Stephanie was about to reply, but then she stopped and narrowed her eyes at the brown haired boy before her.

Caleb Dickson.

It wasn't really who he was that bothered her, but who he was associated with. He was Trevor's friend and he was part of the so called 'Princes of Kentworth'. The Bloody Hunky four.

"Are you okay?" Caleb asked in concern.

Stephanie could not deny, he was handsome though,just like the rest of the blood sucking, proud and arrogant, philandering jerks he moved with. Jerks that thought they were better than everybody else. The jerks that Stephanie felt were about to do something horrible to Lance.

Stephanie yanked her arm away from Caleb's grip. "I'm fine."

She started walking away from him when she heard his voice yell. "Hey," Caleb called. "You're Stephanie Morris, right?"

Stephanie spun. "Go to hell." She spat.

"Waoh," Caleb laughed. "Chill okay? I'm not hitting on you, I just asked your name."

"And I said go to hell!" She yelled without looking as she kept walking.

"Jeez. You're rude."

"..And you're a womanising prick."

"Whatever!" was the last word Stephanie heard from Caleb's mouth before she stormed out of the stadium.
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Chapter 6


That same day,Trevor sat there in the school Library, observing pretty girls that walked in and even flirting with some of them while he waited for Lance. He lifted his wristwatch to his view.

"11:14 am."

He dropped his hand, sighed in frustration and looked to Library entrance . "Where the hell is he?"

Then suddenly, as if a divine being had answered his question, Trevor saw the Library door swing open and Lance walking in.

"Twerp," Trevor hissed under his breath as he eyed Lance.

Black t-shirt, black skinny jeans and black sneakers, as usual. Trevor was beginning to think this guy actually did worship the devil or something. Even on that faithful Saturday, he wasn't wearing a black t-shirt, but he had a black tank top on with blue shorts below. Trevor remembered how Lance looked that Saturday; like a freaking rock star. The way his tattoo of pink roses on thorned vines seemed to flow down his arm and stop at his wrist where he had a leather hand band on. A hand band Lance had been wearing ever since Trevor had laid eyes on him. A band Lance never seemed to take off, not even during soccer practice.

"Okay," Lance sighed and yanked Trevor back to the present as he dropped to the empty seat beside him. "..Let's begin."

Trevor gave a smug before crossing his hands over his chest. "You're late."

Without even turning to look at him, Lance raised his middle finger at him and Trevor suddenly burst into laughter. He laughed for about three seconds and then stopped as if he just did something strange. He raised his confused eyes to Lance and saw that Lance was giving him an equally slightly astonished look. It was indeed an awkward moment for some reason.

Trevor looked away and cleared his throat before he turned back to Lance. "So," Trevor raised his hand to rub the back of his neck. "What are we doing today?"

Lance away from and towards the books he had spread out on the table. "Well, "We'll start with the exercises you failed..." He said, before he turned to Trevor again. "...Woefully."

"What?" Trevor's eyes narrowed at Lance.

Lance rolled his eyes and turned to him again. "You didn't get one question right, Trevor," he said. "Not one."

"That's bullshit," Trevor hissed. "I was sure of everything in wrote."

"Yeah," Lance smirked and uttered in clear sarcasm. "Sure."

"I'm serious Lance. I did them all like you taught me."

"But you failed them."

"I didn't - I.." Trevor stuttered as he felt angry at Lance for some reason. By the way Lance's smirk grew into a smile as he folded his arms on his chest, Trevor could tell that he really enjoy this. Bloody jackass.

"Okay," Trevor raised his hands in surrender. "Fine. Let's just get through the bleeping corrections and get the hell out of here."

Lance furrowed his brows and feigned confusion and pity as he tilted his head at Trevor. "Aww," Lance cooed as if he was talking to a baby. "Someone is mad because he actually found out he's a dumb ass."

Trevor flashed Lance a glare and held himself from knocking all of Lance's teeth into his mouth.

The lesson went on as Lance went through the corrections with him and also corrected the Homework he gave him that Saturday. Yes, Trevor failed those ones too. Lance then gave Trevor a few exercises to try right there in the library while he went on studying his biology.

Trevor was bent over in concentration for a few minutes before he raised his head to think for a while. He moved his eyes to Lance and noticed the crease on his feature as hour concentrated. The way his black curls hung. The way the whiteness of the paper reflected on his face and somehow enhanced the green in his eyes. Even though Trevor hated the dick-head more than anything, he had to admit, Lance was very good looking. He felt it was a shame he wasn't into girls; that's if he is being honest about his sexual orientation anyway.

Trevor thought back to the Saturday at the library when he asked Lance if he found him attractive. He could swear Lance had freaked out and darted out of the Library at once. Why he freaked out was something Trevor didn't know......or care, but he sure knew he enjoyed seeing Lance that way. It made him feel like he had conquered him; put him in his place. But it shocked Trevor that a part of him felt a little concerned.

"Why are you staring at me?" Lance's voice startled Trevor a little before Trevor noticed Lance's confused eyes on him.

"Nothing," Trevor waved away before facing his work again.

Few minutes passed before Trevor was finally done and then he gave Lance his work to look over and possibly correct. As Lance concentrated, still the crease on his face, Trevor kept watching him. The manner in which he didn't have to think before he made a correction on Trevor's work. A correction that even if Trevor was given a decade, he may probably not see.

Lance shook his head with a sigh and Trevor sensed disappointment. "My God," Lance sighed.

"What now?" Trevor exhaled.

"You really are a dumb ass..," Lance looked up at him and smirked. "Aren't you?"

Trevor clenched his jaw and narrowed his eyes at Lance. It perplexed him the way Lance riled him easily. He watched as Lance chuckled and went back to giving corrections and suddenly, Trevor realised he would not be satisfied if he didn't hit back. The idea struck him immediately.

"So..," Trevor's angry had faded too quickly and there was an evil smile on his face now. "Have you ever done it..... you know, with a guy before?"

Lance's entire body became rigid instantly as he shot his head up and stared into space. He turned his eyes to a smiling Trevor. "What?" He scowled.

"Have you bleeped or been bleeped by a guy before?" Trevor repeated with a shrug.

Lance dropped his pen and suddenly began to massage his temple as if he had suddenly gotten a bad headache. "Oh my god," Lance closed his eyes and hissed with frustration.

Trevor was driving him crazy, and he liked it. It was sort of a win-win for them both. Lance would piss him off and he would make Lance uncomfortable in return. Trevor held back a laugh when he saw Lance already starting to tremble. Trevor was enjoying this.

Lance finally opened his eyes and glared at Trevor for a few seconds from lowered lids. He then turned away and began packing his books off the table and stuffing them into his bag vehemently and that was when Trevor started laughing.

"Aww," Trevor cooed. "Did I hurt you feelings."

Lance stood to his feet and turned to Trevor. "Bleep you." He spat.

Trevor held his belly kept laughing as quietly as he could even after he saw Lance disappear out the library door.

Trevor had to admit, he was starting to like this guy.
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Chapter 7


The next day, Trevor and Caleb were the only ones at the thier table during lunch. Bruce and Aaron had to go somewhere outside school while Lisa and the girls had cheerleading practice.

Trevor was chatting with his big sister on Facebook. He was so excited about her visit this coming weekend. He missed her so much and just couldn't wait.

Kim Bowman : So excited. I could scream right now!

Trev Bowman : Me too. Can't wait to see U.

Trevor looked up at Caleb who was also going through his phone while sucking on his bottle of Pepsi with a straw.

"Kim is coming over this weekend," Trevor smiles at Caleb. "Did I tell you?"

Caleb rolled his eyes away from his phone and gave Trevor a deadpan stare. "Yes Trevor," Caleb whined. "You told me an hour ago, and two hours before that, and another one hour before."

Trevor's smile dissolved slowly as he suddenly started glaring at Caleb. Caleb tilted his head back in laughter and raised his hands in surrender to his friend.

"No offence man," Caleb chuckled. "...But you've been sounding like a broken record all morning about Kim's visit. I'm pretty sure the guys knew you were going to talk about it through out lunch and that's why they're not here."

"Shut up you twerp," Trevor snarled at him before facing his phone again. Trevor could hear Caleb laughing hysterically and suddenly felt amused himself. Caleb had an undeniably contagious laughter.

Suddenly, Caleb was quiet. He had stopped laughing. He stopped to quickly.

"You've got to be kidding me," Trevor heard Caleb hiss before he raised his eyes to his friend and saw him glaring at something behind Trevor.

"What's up?" Trevor asked, but Caleb said nothing. With his eyes narrowed in what looked like fury, Caleb nodded at something behind Trevor and Trevor turned quickly.

Stephanie was matching towards thier table while glaring at them through hooded eyes behind her glasses. Her red hair swaying along with her blue pleated skirt that she wore below a white blouse.

Trevor knew he had seen her around before, more than once even, but he didn't really know who she was. He then turned to Caleb who was still glaring at the approaching girl for some reason and suddenly felt he knew her.

"Who is she?" Trevor asked.

"Oh, no one exactly," Caleb hissed. "Just an annoying, rude and arro-."

"What do try want with Lance?" Stephanie startle Trevor and cut Caleb off. Trevor had not even realised that she had gotten to thier table.

"Excuse me?" Trevor's brows furrowed in confusion.

"You've suddenly taken a liking to Lance Tiffin," Stephanie steadied herself, adjusted her glasses. and leaned in closer to Trevor's face. "I want to know why."

Trevor moved his eyes to Caleb who was still glaring at her and back to Stephanie who was towering over him. "I-I don't-."

She rolled her eyes and gave a sigh of frustration. "Do not play dumb with me, Bowman."

Trevor looked up at Stephanie's freckled face behind her large glasses. He was confused, but for some reason, also amused. Was she Lance's girlfriend or what? "Look, " Trevor raised his hand in surrender. "Lance is my tutor, that's all."

"Really," she narrowed her eyes at Trevor.

"Yes," Caleb suddenly cut in with a low growl. "Really."

Stephanie looked in Caleb's direction for the first time since she came to the table. "Oh sorry," she gave Caleb a fake smile. "I didn't see you there. It must suck being irrelevant and invisible."

Trevor turned to Caleb and immediately saw him raise his eye brows and force a smirk. "Is that the best you've got?" Caleb asked.

Trevor turned to Stephanie.

"I don't see how my conversation with your friend is any of your business," she docked her head and hissed at Caleb.

Trevor turned to face Caleb.

Caleb tilted his head to the side and gave her a fake smile. "And I don't see how his friendship with Lance is any of your business."

Trevor turned to Stephanie and saw her bite her lower lip while narrowing her eyes at Caleb in rage.
She turned away from Trevor and faced Caleb fully now.

"Listen to me you...you...Boor," she spat and Caleb threw his head back in laughter. "I know how boys like you work. You think you are so perfect; you think you can have any girl you want, well sorry to disappoint you, but some of us are immune to your Bullshit charms."

Trevor turned to Caleb.

"It's okay if you are a Lesbian," Caleb shrugged with a smirk. "I mean, i'm cool with girls that like girls."

Trevor raised his brows and turned to Stephanie with his mouth in the shape of an 'O'.

Stephanie's eyes narrowed at Caleb as she tilted her head said ways as if trying to hear with one ear. "What did you call me?" She asked.

"What did you hear?" Caleb was grinning now.

Stephanie glared at Caleb for a while. The fact that he just sat there smirking at her made he even more furious. She knew he was a guy, but something in her wanted to reach across the table and pull at his hair, until he was screaming like a bitch. She then raised herself and stood up straight.

She looked at Trevor and narrowed her eyes at him again. "I'm watching you, Bowman,"she his through he teeth.

"Oh my god," she heard Caleb petrified voice before she glanced at him and saw him placing his hands on his chest with his feature pretending to be scared. "We're so scared. What are we going to do?"

"Go to hell," Stephanie spat at Caleb.

"After you," Caleb fired back.

Stephanie narrowed her eyes again. Trevor looked down and saw he clench her fists beside her and at the point, he realised the hatred Stephanie had for Caleb. He face was beet red.

"Scumbag," she growled before she finally turned away and headed for the cafeteria entrance.

"Freckled chihuahua," Caleb yelled at after her and Trevor immediately started laughing.

Trevor kept watching his buddy all the while he kept his eyes trained of Stephanie, right until she disappeared behind the door, with a smirk on his face.

When Caleb turned away and glanced at Trevor, he noticed Trevor's eyes on him with a mischievous smile tugging on his lips. Caleb's smile faded immediately.

"What?" Caleb frowned at him.

With the smile still on his face, Trevor shrugged.
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Chapter 8

Trevor had come home with Lisa, Nadia and Caleb about an hour and a half ago. They had met Trevor's mum at home before she had left for work that evening. The four teens hung out for a little while as they watched episodes of '13 reasons why'. Trevor's mum had invited them all for dinner this weekend because of Kim's visit, but Caleb and Nadia sadly declined. Caleb was going to see his grandpa this weekend and Nadia and Aaron had made plans for thier Saturday evening. After a while, Nadia and Caleb left and Trevor was then left alone with his girlfriend.

The both of them went to the Kitchen where Trevor fixed up one of the most amazing Creole dishes Lisa had ever tasted. They both sat opposite each other on the island table and Lisa looked up at Trevor.

"My boyfriend..," Lisa smiled proudly at Trevor as she chewed away. "...is he world's sexiest chef."

Trevor looked up at her through hooded eyes and smiled. Then, they both went upstairs and had sweaty sex in Trevor's bed. They both laid there afterwards; entangled in each other with Lisa's head on Trevor's hard chest and Trevor's chin on Lisa's head.

"Not really sure i'll be able to show up on Saturday to meet your sister," Lisa broke the few minutes silence.

"Why?" Trevor looked down at her.

"My dad and mum were saying something about going to see my Aunt and her kids," Lisa went on. "..But i'm not really sure if i'm going with them through."

"Tell them you're not going." Trevor barely waited for her to finish before he spoke.

Lisa chuckled.

"I'm serious Babe, tell them your busy this weekend," Trevor said as he used his finger to comb Lisa's black strands back.

"Oh come on Trev, It my mum and Dad. Family comes first, remember?" Lisa said.

Lisa felt Trevor's entire torso move up and down with a heavy sigh before she looked up at him with a mischievous grin. "...and besides, you've got Lance. You can invite him."

Trevor glared down at his girl friend before she dropped her head back on his chest and started laughing. "That's not funny," he hissed through his teeth.

"Whatever," Lisa said with her laughter fading as she stood up from him. "I need a bath."

Trevor stretched and held her arm before she could move away from the bed. Lisa turned and saw Trevor smirking up at her.

"What?" She asked.

"Round two?" Trevor raised a brow, still smirking.

Lisa threw her head back in laughter before she yanked her hand from his grip. "You need to be tamed, Trev," she said as she moved to the bathroom. "You're an animal."

Trevor suddenly leaped from the bed and charged for Lisa while roaring playfully like a lion. Lisa yelled in delight and darted for the bathroom door, pulled it open and shut it before Trevor could get in. Trevor laughed as he hit the door.

"Come on Lisa," he groaned. "Please open up."

"No." He heard her giggling from the other side before he heard the hissing of the shower and then turned away.

Trevor dropped to his bed and picked up his phone. He went straight to his Facebook app and smiled when he saw a message from Kim again.

Kim Bowman: Two more days little brother! :*

With a smile on his face, Trevor typed in a response.

Trev Bowman: wink

He then looked from the phone and thought maybe he should tell Kim that he was going to introduce his girl friend to her. Trevor and Lisa had met in the ninth grade, so there was no way Kim could have met her before. Kim left before he had entered the ninth grade.

In grade nine, Trevor had just joined the soccer team and Lisa had just joined the cheerleading squad. There was something about the way she waved those pum-pum's, something about the was she threw her legs in the air and there was definitely something about her smile.

Trevor had been scared to talk to her, but Aaron and Caleb had been telling him to try and Bruce, for some reason, thought she wasn't right for Trevor.

On one faithful day after practice, Trevor had taken off his shirt and was heading for the changing room when all the female cheerleaders started hooting and howling.

"Hey cutey!"

"Hola Sexy Papi!"

"I need your number!"

Trevor shook his head and chuckled when he heard them shout. He also remembered looking up and seeing Lisa eyeing him silently from among the girls.

Then during lunch the next day, Aaron introduced one of the cheerleaders, Nadia, as his 'New friend' and then Nadia introduced her friends, Megan and Lisa to the boys. Lisa already had her eyes on Trevor ever since she sat at the table and when Trevor finally said hello, Lisa's replied with a smile, "Ugh...you're so hot, it's disgusting and annoying at the same time." After Trevor heard that reply, he was hooked.

"Trev! What's time is it?" Lisa's voice yanked Trevor out of his the thought as she yelled from the bathroom.

He checked his phone. "Nine-Thirty!"

Then he went back to browsing through Facebook. and at that point, for some reason, the suggestion Lisa had made about inviting Lance hit Trevor on the head. Why the hell would he invite that slime-ball into his home? It's not like he would come if he was invited anyway. The dude is an antisocial freak.

As the thoughts went through Trevor's head, he found himself typing something on the Facebook search; wondering why he was typing it at the same time.

"Lance Tiffin."

A number of profiles with that same name came down. Trevor searched all of them to see if Lance actually did have a Facebook account.

The first one had a profile picture of a smiling bald man with a little girl over his shoulder.


The second was a fat man with a hard hat on his head and a uncompleted building in the background.


Trevor kept scrolling through them all. The picture of a man Kissing his bride, two little girls smiling, a selfie of a boy in a car with his seat belt drawn across his torso..."

"Not very wise, dude."

.....and then Trevor saw a picture of a skull covered in blood with a black crow on top of it.

"Yep," Trevor nodded. "That's definitely him."

Trevor tapped the profile and was surprised when he saw that Lance had just two friends; A Jessica Hale and..... Mr Decker?

"How old is this guy?" Trevor said to himself. He was probably in his late teens and he had just two friends on Facebook; one of them being his Algebra teacher. Trevor was sure the 'Jessica' was another teacher at school.

"What a loser." Trevor chuckled to himself and then suddenly found himself feeling sorry for the wimp.

With the smile still on his face, Trevor went ahead and did something. Something he wasn't sure of and didn't know why he was doing it, but he did it anyway.

He sent Lance a friends request.
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Chapter 9

It was Saturday. Finally, it was Saturday and Trevor has been excited ever since he left the house for his tutorial with Lance at the town library.

"Text me when she gets here, Okay?" Trevor had told his mum before he left. He had been calling Kim since yesterday, but she wasn't picking. She was probably busy with travel issues.

"Could you please concentrate?" Lance's growl pulled Trevor back to the present and Trevor almost jumped.

"I am," Trevor whispered. "I am concentrating, Jeez."

"Oh really," Lance relaxed back in his seat and crossed his arms on his chest. "So what did I just say?"

Trevor opened his mouth, but nothing came out. He furrowed his brows and stared into space as if he trying to recall something. He then turned to face Lance.

"I'm so sorry," Trevor shrugged. "I-I just...I don't know."

Lance rolled his eyes and shook his head. "You're unbelievable."

Trevor flashed him a wry smile.

"Dumb ass," Lance hissed before he turned back to his table.

Trevor frowned at Lance. "I've told you to stop calling me that."

Ignoring him, Lance pulls up his notebook and text book and places it between the both of them. "Let's go over these corrections together," Lance said.

The both of them concentrated on the sums before them as Lance thoroughly explained the concepts that Trevor may have failed to understand.

"When X stands alone, it doesn't mean zero, Trevor," Lance said. "It means one X."


"Meaning of I say three X minus X, the answer isn't three X," Lance sighed. "The answer is two X."

"Oh," Trevor nodded slowly in realisation as he moved his eyes from Lance's face, to the books before them. "I get it."

"And one more thing," Lance raised his pen to Trevor as if he had gotten an idea. "There are always two solutions to a quad-."

"Hey, look who it is," A husky male voice made Trevor and Lance look up. "Trev my man, what's up bro?"

Trevor turned and saw an African American boy and a another guy who was obviously latino. Dante and Peter; they went to the same school and were also on the school football team.

"Hey guys," Trevor glanced at Lance who was glaring at him before he turned fully to face his team-mates. "What are you guys doing here?"

"poo," Dante sighed. "We've got this crazy financial accounting test coming up on Monday, dawg."

"Yeah," Peter chimed in as he shook his head. "That poo is hard."

"Accounting is hard?" Trevor scoffed. "You should try Algebra."

Then the conversation between the boys moves from difficult courses to the large boobs of a random girl in school named Erica.

"Dude I swear her boobs got bigger," Dante said while darting his eyes from Trevor to Peter.

"Implants?" Trevor tilted his head to side.

Dante shrugged while Peter shook his head.

"Nah, no way man," Peter said. "Hundred percent real."

Dante turned to Peter by his side and smirked. "How do you know that?"

"Yeah. Have you touched them before?" Trevor coughed out a laugh.

"Uhm -Trevor?" Trevor could hear Lance's voice calling him in a low tone from behind, but he ignored.

"Well, no," Peter shrugged, before a mischievous grin appeared on his face. "Not yet."

The three boys laughed and then reduced thier laughter to giggles when they remembered they were in a library.

"Trevor?" Lance gave a low warning, but Trevor still ignored.

"Hey," Dante suddenly remembered something. "I even heard Michael Case tapped that ass of hers last weekend..... in his car."

"What?" Trevor gaped.

"No way," Peter gasped, equally surprised.

"I swear," Dante said before he turned and looked over his shoulder to make sure he wasn't too loud, then he turned back to his friends and lowered his voice. "Michael told me she was deep as Bleep."

"poo!" Trevor and Peter suddenly fist bumped as they snickered and laughed hard while covering thier mouth.

"Michael said he didn't even have-"

Lance cut Dante off as he cleared his throat and raised a finger. "Uhm, excuse me...Guys?"

The three boys turned thier attention to Lance and he noticed the smiles on the face of Dante and Peter had immediately disappeared and was replaced with a look of disgust.

"Uhm...I'm sorry to interrupt you very interesting conversation...," Lance said with a fake smile on his face, before he pointed the books on the table. ".....but we are in the middle of something here."

"No one was talking to you, you miserable Homo," Peter spat.

Lance's face contorted in rage as he narrowed his eyes at Peter and stood up. "The Bleep did you just call me?"

"He called you exactly what you are," Dante hissed through his teeth as he glared at Lance and moved close to him. "A bleeping gay."

Trevor turned to Lance and saw him glaring hard at Dante with his fists clenched and his face turning red.

"What do you want to do?" Peter cooed. "Beat us up?"

Dante turned and snickered in response to Peter. "Nah. He can't do poo like that, remember?" Dante then turned back to Lance with steely eyes. "He's not man enough."

Lance suddenly leaped off his cheer and charged for them, but Trevor blocked him and pressed his palms against him. "No...No," Trevor hissed. "Stop!"

He looked round and saw a few of the people in the hall turning in thier direction. They were beginning to attract attention.

"Awww," Dante cooed. "SHE is mad at us."

Peter started laughing in response to Dante and Trevor kept pushing against a furious Lance.

"Dude," Trevor hissed. "Cool it, okay?"

"Tell them to leave," Lance growled menacingly with his eyes still on them.

Trevor turned to his teams mates who were still laughing. "Look, guys," he said. "You're gonna have to go now."

"Sure," Dante raised his hands in surrender as he backed away. "No problem."

"Yeah," Peter said as he followed Dante away from them. "It's because of you, Trev."

"Thanks guys," Trevor sighed. "I'll see you in practise on Monday."

"No P hommie!" Dante hollered. "Hey, let us know when the queer hits on you."

"Yeah,"Peter added. "So we'll break his legs."

Someone from the crowd of people in the hall made a loud "Shhhhh!" and Trevor looked to the ground and chuckled. These guys were nuts.

Trevor turned and felt the smile drop from his face when he saw Lance stuffing his books in his bag. "You're - you're leaving?" Trevor himself was surprised by the words that came out of his mouth.

Lance finished packing up, zipped his bag, hug it over his shoulder and turned to Trevor with cold eyes. "Yes I am," he said, before he started to walk away. "See you on Monday."

"Wa-wait!" Another surprising word falls out of Trevor's mouth. Did he just tell Lance to wait? Wait for what? what is going on?

Lance turned and faced Trevor with an exasperated sighed. "What?" He hissed in frustration.

Trevor raised his hand and dropped it down again before look to the ground. His mouth opened, but nothing came out. He looked up at Lance and noticed his anger was laced with confusion now as his eye brows furrowed. Trevor knew he just had to say something if he wasn't going to make this awkward.

"My-Uhm-," he began. "My sister is coming over from New York today and..uhm..my mum was planning a dinner or something."

"And, how does that concern me?" Lance raised his brow.

Trevor glared at him, obviously irritated by his reply. He opened his mouth to tell him to just forget about it and Bleep off, but something else fell out his mouth. "If you want to hang, you know...., dinner is by seven."

Trevor felt a bit disoriented after he had spoken. He looked up and saw Lance trying to hide his astonishment and Trevor held himself from reaching up and squeezing his mouth shut. What the hell did he just say?

Lance said nothing in return. He just rolled his eyes and shook his head before he turned away from Trevor and left the library.
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 11:01pm On May 08
Chapter 10


Immediately Trevor got to his drive way, he turned and darted for the front door, pushed it open and yelled. "Mum! Is she here? Is she here?"

He turned away and shot the door before he heard a familiar voice behind him reply, "Yes she is!"

Trevor spun swiftly and smiled when he saw a beautiful brunette hurrying towards him with a smile on her face and her arms stretched out for a hug. "Hey lil bro!" Kim cheered.

"Kim!" Trevor yelled as he darted towards her.

The siblings wrapped thier arms around each other in what was possibly the tightest hug each of them had ever felt. Kim yelled with laughter when Trevor lifted her off the ground and spun her round.

Trevor saw his Mum come out from the kitchen and lean on the door with a smile on her face and her arms crossed on her chest as she watched he two children reunite after six years. He dropped his big sister, but they were still in the warm embrace. When they finally parted, Kim cupped her baby brother face in her hands and kissed his forehead, before she moved her hands from his face to his shoulders and arms and her eyes gliding down his body.

"Woah!" Kim gushed with her eyes travelling up and down Trevor's body. "Someone has definitely been working out."

Trevor gave out a smug before turning to his mom in time to see her roll her her eye.

"I bet the girls in Kentworth are going crazy," Kim wiggled her brows as Trevor gave a shy chuckle in response.

"Is he home?" A man's voice boomed from the sitting room and made Trevor freeze.

It can't be.

Trevor turned to Kim and saw that her smile was now laced with anxiety. She had a nervous smile on her face now. Trevor looked over at his mum and watched her disappear back into the kitchen.

"Trevor?" The voice called again and Trevor turned to face it's source.

Right there, infront of him stood a man Trevor had vaguely remembered. His black hair with a streak of grey at the side. His hairy arms and broad shoulders that made Trevor realise he still liked to keep fit. Not an ounce of fat on his belly as his Blue t-shirt sunk smoothly into his jeans he wore above white sneakers.

The man smiled at him and Trevor could immediately see Kim's smile on the man's face with perfectly white teeth.

"Aren't you going to say hello?" The man chuckled.

Trevor swallowed hard and tried to steady his voice as he replied. "Hey, dad."


That same evening, Lance got home from his session with Trevor a few hours ago, he had ignored his father's "Hey son" and headed upstairs to his room, took of his shirt and walked into the bathroom for a shower.

He placed his hands on the pure white tiles and on the wall and looked down to the flow as the water jet-streamed and drummed on his Unclad body before flowing over his skin and down to his legs. Lance felt the water wash away the sweat and stress of the day, but it didn't seem to wash away the bitterness in his gut. The rage still lingered in his chest Everytime those words those assholes used rang through his ears.



Lance clenched his fist and held himself from punching the wall. He had thought after being called such things all his life, he would be use to it by now. The funniest thing was, he wasn't just mad at the two idiots at the library, he was also mad at himself. He was mad at his parents. Hell, he was mad at the entire universe.

He finally stopped out if the shower with his towel wrapped around him before he heard a knock at the door.

"What!" He growled.

The door opened slightly and Lance saw his mother peeping in with a smile on her face. "Hey honey."

"What do you want mum?" Trevor hissed as he opened his closet to search for something to wear.

"We're all going to see a Movie," Mrs Tiffin's voice was a bit shaky. "Are you com-"

"No." Lance cut his mother off.

Lance heard his mother's voice come out louder as she moved close to him. "Oh come on now honey," Mrs Tiffin said as she placed he gentle hands on her son's shoulder. "It's The Lion King remake. You've always loved disney mo-."

"I said No,Mum! No!" Lance spun and shouted and watched his mother recoil in shock.

Quick footsteps were heard coming towards Lance's room door before his dad appeared. Mr. Tiffin rushed over and held his wife. "Come on Martha," he said as he kept his eyes on his son while gently pulling his wife away. "It's okay. Let's go. Let the boy be."

Lance saw tears well in his mother's eyes as she turned away from him and walked out the door in the arms of his father. He just stood there breathing heavily. Seconds later, he heard the engine of the car roar to life as the doors began to jam shut. He hurried over to the window just in time to watch them drive off the drive way. A part of him wanted to run down there and apologise to his Mum, but he shook it off.

"bleeping pretenders."

Lance put on his pyjama trousers and matched downstairs. He always loved it when he was the only one at home. He ordered pizza and watched an episode of Game of Thrones while he waited. It was an episode he had seen, but he was seeing it again anyway. He loves the show that much. Since there were no new episodes till later this year, he had to recap. The pizza arrived and he pushed it into the microwave immediately. He figure it would have been cold by now since the closest pizza Hut was at least a mile away.

While his pizza was heating up, Lance picked up his phone and started to brows through. He checked his Instagram page and silently stared at black and white photo shoots of Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, and Alex Pettyfer. It was funny though, he knew many People like him would probably gush at such beautiful men, but not him. He was never the one to swoon. His eyes landed on Kellan Lutz's abs and he suddenly scoffed.

Lance then moved his attention to his Facebook app and the first thing he saw was the notification at the top. His eyes widened when he saw who had sent it.

"Trev Bowman."

Lance looked up into the space before him with furrowed brows and exhaled, he was wondering why Trevor had sent him a friends request. He looked back down to his phone and stared at the profile picture of Trevor's perfect smile in a selfie he had taken with Lisa. Out of curiosity, Lance clicked on his profile, hoping that it would be public, .......and bingo, it was. Lance scrolled down every picture on Trevor's profile. Pictures of shirtless Trevor with an equally shirtless Bruce, Aaron and Caleb after soccer practice. Trevor with Lisa on his shoulder at a pool party, Trevor with a certain blonde woman smiling brightly some miles away from the Eiffel tower. Lance could tell that was his mum because the resemblance was striking.

Then Lance saw a certain picture that made his heart skip a beat. A black and white picture of Trevor caught in laughter; it was just that simple. A picture of Trevor laughing. Lance sat up straight and observed the picture thoroughly. He had seen countless photo shoot of many gorgeous male celebrities, but this one seemed to have touched something in him. Lance felt something in him come alive the longer he stared at that picture.

Lance couldn't see the Trevor that he hated anymore. He could swear he was looking at an entirely different person. This wasn't the Trevor he had fought in school nor was it the Trevor that pissed him off very often, No. This was a different Trevor. This Trevor looked more, .....human. He looked more natural. He didn't look proud or arrogant, he was the Trevor that had been trying to befriend him all this while. The Trevor that stopped him from fighting in the library today. The Trevor that had invited him to his house for dinner .

His mouth drawn into a gorgeous smile that seemed to show his perfect teeth and reduced his eyes to black slits.


Lance dropped his phone beside him, stared into space and was lost in thought. He didn't like what he was feeling. He raked his fingers through his hair as he ignored the ringing of the microwave.

He grabbed his phone up again, looked at the picture and suddenly became scared.

He had not felt like this in a long time.

The picture below is the picture of Trevor that Lance saw

Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 11:11pm On May 08
Chapter 11


"Is there a reason you didn't tell me he was coming?" Trevor glared at his mother as she brought the dishes down from the cupboards above.

Mrs Bowman rolled her eyes. "Oh for God Sake Trevor," she bleated. "He's your father."

"Yeah. Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker's father too, Mum." Trevor retorted.

Kim laughed as she cleaned the wine glasses and Mrs Bowman turned and gave her son a stern look. "Trevor Bowman, stop comparing your father to a movie villain," she warned.

"Oh come on Mum," Trevor groaned as he stumped his feet like a five year old. "You know dad is going to make me feel uncomfortable at that table. He's going to embarrass me."

"What are you worried about, honey," Mrs Bowman groaned in exhausting as she turned to him. "Lisa isn't coming, is she?"

Kim raised he head up and looked at her mum in confusion. "Who's Lisa?"

"Trevor's girlfriend," Mrs Bowman replied with a smile as she stared at Trevor.

Kim spun and gaped at Trevor. "What?"

"We'll talk about that later," Trevor smirked at his sister before turning back to his mum. "...and i'm not sure she's even coming."

"Well that's good then," Trevor's mum smiled at him as she lifted the plates and walked past him and headed for the dinning room. "At least she wouldn't be around when your dad is humiliating you."

Trevor drops his shoulders and exhales. "Come on mum," he bleated. "I'm serious."

"So,..." Kim started and Trevor turned to face her. "When were you going to tell me about your girlfriend?" She was holding up a picture of a selfie he and Lisa took recently. She had already gone through his Facebook page? Kim was vicious.

"The same time you were going to tell me that dad was on the plane with you," Trevor gritted his teeth.

Kim dropped the phone and rolled her eyes at her little brother. "Would you relax?" She said as she picked up the tray of wine glasses and walked passed him. "I didn't tell because you I didn't want you to freak out."

"Well, I'm freaking out right now, so what's the difference," Trevor hissed as he followed his sister to the dinning area.

Kim dropped the tray and looked at Trevor. "Dude, Chill," she said and then shrugged. " He's living tomorrow anyway."

"It doesn't really matter," Trevor shrugged. "After the damage is done, that is."

Kim giggled as she stretched and ruffled he brothers hair.

"Hurry up you too," Mrs Bowman ordered as she moved away from them. "I'll go get your father."

Suddenly, the door bell rang through the house and caused Kim and Trevor to freeze. Thier Mum hurried back with a confused look on her face.

"Are you guys expecting anyone?" Mrs Bowman asked as she darted her eyes between he kids.

Kim smiled mischievously and turned to her brother. "Oh I wasn't expecting anyone."

Trevor rolled his eyes and walked away from the dinning table. "I'll get it," he uttered lazily.

As he walked to the door, he couldn't think this night could get any worse. He knew his father was going to embarrass his ass at dinner and now his girl friend was going to be around to see it. poo. If he knew his father was going to be here, he wouldn't have invited her. He was kind of disappointed when she said she may not be able to make it, but here he was, feeling sick that she actually showed up. Either way, Lisa's presence would do him good against his father, even if she heard the poo his dad was going to say. She loved him and that was what mattered.

Trevor pulled the front door open and wore a charming smile. "He ba-."

Then Trevor froze when he saw someone in a leather jacket turn around quickly and stare back at him with nervous piercing green eyes and his hands dug deep in the pocket of his skinny jeans with the cold evening breeze tugging at his black hair.

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Chapter 12

"Are you going to let him in?" Mrs Bowman's voice yanked Trevor out of his trance. He spun and saw his Mum and his sister staring at him; the both of them perplexed. He turned back to Lance's face that looked like he was holding down a laugh.

"Yeah-Uhm-sure," Trevor gave a confused reply. "Co-come in."

"Thank you." Lance smiled, walking in with his smile getting wider as he passed Trevor who kept his narrowed eyes on him.

"Hello," Mrs Bowman's voice was kind as she stretched and shook Lance's hands with her eyes filled with curiosity while she watched him. "And you are?"

"Lance," Lance replied with a politeness that made Trevor's mouth fall open slightly. "Lance Tiffin."

Mrs Bowman's brows then rose with realisation as she seemed to immediately remember something. "Oh, Tiffin. You're - ehm- Martha's son?" She asked.

Lance nodded.

"Wow,I never knew Martha had a son," she turned and looked at Kim standing beside her before she turned back to Lance and eyed him. "I only know little Molly because she's been bringing her over for checkups at the hospital. It's so nice to meet you."

"Likewise Mrs. Bowman," Lance gave a curt nod and then remembered he had seen her in a photo with Trevor in Paris. "..And my I say you are even more stunning in person."

Trevor's eyes widened at Lance before he turned and saw his mother gushing with her face turning red. "Oh stop," Mrs Bowman giggled.

Lance moved his green eyes to Kim. "...And you must be Kim."

"Yep," Kim stretched and shook him as he eyed her. "It's nice to meet you."

Lance turned to Trevor. "Your family has the most beautiful women I've ever seen," Lance made sure the ladies could hear him. "Like..seriously."

Mrs Bowman and Kim threw their heads back in laughter as the basked in Lance's flattery.

"Come on, to the table everyone," Mrs Bowman turned and waved them over. "Dinner is getting cold."

Trevor waited till everyone was moving. He caught Kim winking over and uttering a silent, "I like him" as she jutted her thumb towards Lance, before she moved away. Lance was about to follow when Trevor held his arm and drew him back.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Trevor hissed through his teeth as he kept glancing between Lance and the dinning area.

Lance feigned confusion. "I came to have dinner," he replied before a malicious grin slowly appeared on his face. "You invited me, remember?"

Trevor opened his mouth to respond, but he had nothing. Damn, he was right. He had invited him.

"Trevor. Lance. Come on," Mrs Bowman called.

Trevor looked over at the dinning area and the looked back at Lance. Lance still had the smile on his face as he started to move away.

"Dinner is getting cold," Lance said with a mischievous smirk, before he walked off and left a seething Trevor standing at the door.


After Trevor had introduced Lance to his dad as his friend, they all started with dinner. Trevor sat beside Kim, while Lance sat beside Trevor's Mum.

"So Lance," Mr Bowman said after he forked up a piece of steak into his mouth."You're in the same school with Trevor?"

Lance rolled his eyes. "Unfortunately."

Kim looked up at Lance and giggled, before turning to Trevor. "I really like him." She whispered to her brother.

"Shut up Kim," Trevor gave a low growl through his teeth without even looking at her.

"Wow," Lance began. "Mrs Bowman, this food. It's exceptional."

Trevor rolled his eyes when he heard his mum giggle delightfully. "You won't believe it," she said. "..but Trevor here actually helped."

Lance immediately darted his confused eyes to Trevor, while Kim and Trevor raised thier heads to thier mother with wide eyes that seemed to tell her to shut up.

Mrs Bowman saw the faces of her kids and suddenly understood. She had made a mistake.

"So Trevor helped with the cooking, huh?" Mr Bowman began with a smile as he glanced from his ex-wife to his son. .

Lance suddenly noticed how quiet the table had become. Everyone was looking down at thier meal and no one wanted to look at Mr. Bowman, neither did they want to answer his question. Lance looked to Trevor and wanted to ask if he really helped his Mum prepare this, but he thought otherwise when he noticed Trevor with his fork just staring at his food.

"Lance," Mr Bowman's voice after the awkward silence almost made Lance jump. "What do you want to study in college?"

"Oh God Gerald," Mrs Bowman groaned. "Not now. ple-"

"Cheryl?" Mr Bowman's tone was that of warning as he turned to his ex-wife.

Lance turned to Trevor and found him still staring at his plate. Even Kim was calm and quiet now.

"Uhm - Mechanical Engineering?" Lance replied Mr Bowman and almost jumped when he heard the sound of everyone's sighs along with thier cutlery dropping to thier plates.

Lance turned his confused eyes to Trevor and saw Trevor glaring at him.

"That's Awesome kid," Mr Bowman said before he shifted his eyes from Lance to Trevor. "Your dad must be really proud of you."

"Gerald please stop," Trevor's mother hissed.

"You know what your friend wants to be,Lance?" Mr Bowman asked as he faced Trevor. "He wants become a Chef."

Lance darted his eyes to Trevor who still had his eyes on his plate as if he was addressing his it. A part of him wanted to smirk at Trevor, but he just couldn't; not in this situation.

"Dad," Kim cut in. "Just stop, Okay? You promised you wouldn't do this."

Mr Bowman ignored her and faced Lance one more time. "You're a straight A student, right?" He asked with that vile smile still on his face.

Lance shot Trevor another nervous glance as if Trevor's life depended on what he would say next. "Ye-Yes sir."

"Well you'd have to be," Mr Bowman said as he forked up a broccoli into his mouth and began to chew. "....since you are Trevor's tutor."

Lance looked over and saw Trevor suddenly shoot his head up at his father with his eyes so wide. The shock on his face was unmistakable.

"Trevor's tutor?" Mrs Bowman said as she darted her eyes from Lance to Trevor in confusion, before looking at her ex husband again. "Wha- what are you talking about?"

Mr Bowman smiled at his son, as if he was enjoying the pain in his eyes. "I take it your Mum doesn't know that you failed Algebra."

Mrs Bowman turned her wide eyes from her ex husband to her son. "You what?"

Lance watched as Trevor slowly turned his eyes to his mum and then back to his plate. He also joined that Trevor had tightened his grip on his fork.

"I called Mr Decker a couple of days ago. About a week before I hopped into that plane with your sister and he told me everything," Mr Bowman smiled at Trevor as he lifted his glass of wine to his lips.

"Trevor," Mrs Bowman said. " Why didn't you tell me?"

"I know you didn't want him to tell me," Mr Bowman went on. "..But it would be good for you to remember how persuasive I can be."

"Jesus dad," Kim hissed. "That's enough!"

Trevor's mother kept her confused eyes on her son.

The smile on Mr Bowman's face disappeared immediately and he became serious as he glared at his son. "Now listen young man, I'm paying for your tuition in college for you to become a Civil Engineer like your great grand father, your grand father and I. If you want to go turn yourself into a sissy and cook in restaurants all you damned life, that's your business, but just know that anything other than Civil engineering, you're on your own, you hear me?"

"Oh my god." Mrs Bowman buried her face in her hands while Kim kept glaring at her father.

Mr Bowman faced his food. "Cooking is for women. Pick a career for real men,"he said. "You are a Bowman, so act like one."

Trevor said nothing. He just looked over at Lance and then back to his plate again, before he stood up from the table. "Excuse me."

"Trevor," Kim grabbed his arm and begged . "Sit down. Please. "

Trevor yanked his arms away from her grip and turned away.

"Trevor?" His mother called. "Get back here!" But Trevor ignored her and disappeared around the corner.

Lance glanced at Mr Bowman who didn't even look bothered at all as he sipped on his red wine and continued to eat while Mrs Bowman was massaging her temple as if she had gotten a head ache all of a sudden. He had just watched Trevor Bowman get humiliated by his father and he was wondering why he wasn't enjoying it. Trevor might be a jackass, but Lance was more than convinced now that Trevor's father was the king of Jack asses.

Kim threw he had back, and dropped her shoulders. "This is the worst dinner ever,"she groaned.
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 1:20am On May 12
Chapter 13


Monday, during lunch break, Trevor and Lisa drove thier way out of school and met with the others at Blinley's.

"Trev my man," Bruce hailed with a smile as Trevor walked over to their booth. "How's it hanging?"

Trevor smirked at Bruce as he dropped to the seat on the opposite side. "l invited him over to my house for dinner on Saturday," Trevor replied.

Nadia rolled her eyes and sighed. "Let me guess, he told you to Bleep off?"

Megan looked up from her phone. "...or he just ignored you?"

"Nope," Trevor grinned. "He came."

Everyone on the table froze with thier wide eyes fixed on Trevor. "He-he what?" Lisa asked in disbelief.

Trevor turned to her and grinned. "He came over and had dinner with my mum, my dad, Kim and I."

"Oh my god," Megan raised her had to her mouth.

"Wait,...are you serious?" Nadia docked her head.

Trevor exhaled in exhaustion. "Yes."

"How the hell did that happen?" Caleb asked in confusion.

Trevor shrugged before he looked over at Aaron and saw him giving Bruce an astonished look. Aaron was looking at Bruce as if he was Lance or something. But Bruce just kept his eyes on Trevor with a smirk on his face.

"Oh my - wait a minute," Megan was freaking out now. "You invited Lance Tiffin to your house for dinner.......and he actually came?"

Nadia began to squeal in delight before she pointed at Trevor. "I told y'all," she said. "Just irresistible."

Trevor chuckled when he saw Caleb rolled his eyes. He turned to Aaron again and saw he and Bruce glance at each other with mischievous smirks on thier faces.

"I can't believe that was actually my idea," Lisa groaned as she hit Trevor's shoulder with a frown.

Trevor turned to her and smiled before throwing his hands over her shoulder. "It sure was."

"Okay..this is good. This is really good," Nadia went on as she nodded. "But it's not over though. You still need to hang in there till Prom night."

"Yeah," Megan said as she playfully placed her hands on her chest and batted her eye lashes. "The epic finale."

Trevor smiled at them, but at the same time, he felt uneasy at the fact that Aaron and Bruce had not said anything. He thought they were probably speechless at what he had achieved so far. After all, they didn't think he could do it in the first place.

"Ooh," Megan clapped and squeezed her palms together in excitement as she looked at everyone. "This is going to be fun."

"Yeah..," Bruce finally uttered. He smiled at Trevor, before his eyes landed on Lisa. "....its going to be a blast."


Lance kept darting his eyes from his book to his wristwatch while he was in the library waiting for Trevor. The session was supposed to start at eleven as usual, but by ten-thirty, Lance was all ready here. He also remembered sitting through the entire period of technical drawing class with his eyes constantly glancing at the wall clock.

He inhaled deeply and relaxed on his chair. He just couldn't lie to himself anymore. He could fool anyone else, but not himself. The fact that he wanted to see Trevor so bad seemed to piss him off. Lance picked up his phone from the table, moved to his picture gallery and tapped it again. His eyes then settle on the black and white picture of a smiling Trevor that he had pulled into his phone from Facebook in the day of the dinner. Lance kept his eyes on the picture, holding himself from reaching up and placing a finger on the screen of his phone as if trying not to touch Trevor's cheeks. Lance felt his features soften into a one sided smile as a warm feeling coursed through him. This picture had become something of a drug to him. He always felt vulnerable whenever he saw it. He always felt weakened. It lowered his defences. With his eyes still on the picture, Lance remembered the dinner on Saturday night. As confusing as it was to see Trevor get taunted by his gargoyle of a father, he felt sorry for him. He saw a different side of Trevor that night. A side he knew most people in school didn't.

"So what are we doing to day?" Trevor's voice startled Lance to the point where he felt his phone slip to the floor.

"poo!" Lance cussed.

"You okay?" Trevor asked as he observed Lance with furrowed brows as he dropped to his seat.

"Bleep," Lance cussed again as he picked his phone from the floor and looked at the cracked screen with his jaws clenched. "Perfect, just perfect."

He then looked up at Trevor who was eyeing him in confusion. He dropped the phone back in his pocket and sighed. "Simultaneous Equations," Lance said. "Today we are doing Simultaneous Equations."

Lance took Trevor through the basic concepts of Simultaneous Equations. Then he went on and solved some problems before Trevor after which, he gave him four problems to solve on his own.

Lance kept shooting glances at Trevor as he concentrated on the work he had been given. He didn't look as energetic as usual. He was in no mood for making fun of anyone right now, that was for sure and Lance knew it Trevor's father's fault. Lance stretched out and yawned; feigning the fact that he was tired. He fell back and relaxed on his seat so he could get to watch Trevor with Trevor knowing. Lance saw the way a few strands of Trevor's blonde hair hung from his face, the crease on his feature as he concentrated on his work. The way he licked his lips when he was trying to figure out something. At that point, Lance suddenly hated Trevor's father so much. He didn't know him well, but God, he hated him. The realisation that Trevor could also cook seemed to slapped Lance on the face. He thought of reaching over and holding Trevor's shoulder to tell him it was all going to be okay because, Lance knew, more than many others, what it actually felt like to hide what and who you really are just to prevent being judged or ridiculed. Here was Trevor, someone who obviously had a passion and a side to him many people didn't know, but his father was trying to bury it for his own selfish interest.

"You're a Bowman, so act like one." Lance recalled Trevor's dad's words and suddenly wanted to hit something. "Selfish bastard," Lance hissed quietly.

Trevor turned to face him with raised brows. "Huh?"

Lance cleared his throat. "Nothing...Uhm.. just....Nothing." He waved Trevor off before sitting up to face his books again.

After Trevor was done, Lance went through his work. He reached up and placed the notebook right infront of Trevor when he was done. "You got three out of four," Lance said as he nodded with a smile on his face. "Nice work."

Trevor grabbed the book and stuffed it into his backpack without even looking into it or looking at Lance. "Thanks," he said and then he looked in to face Lance and raised his brows. "Are we done for today?"

Lance appeared to be caught off guard. "Uhm-ye-yeah...sure." He stuttered.

Trevor barely allowed Lance to finish his response before he stood up, hung his backpack over his shoulder and headed for the door.

Lance kept his eyes on the blond haired boy as hour walked away, trying very hard not to call him back.
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Chapter 14

Lenny and Stephanie were having lunch the next day and so, they sat together at thier table as usual.

"Seen Lance anywhere?" Stephanie asked as her eyes moved from one corner of the cafeteria to the other in search of Lance.

Lenny exhaled and gave her a look that seemed to say 'Pleased don't start this poo again'.

"What?" She shrugged. "I'm just asking."

"Because you are paranoid and think he is going to get killed or something," Lenny sipped on his milk.

Stephanie rolled her eyes and bit into her apple. "I'm not paranoid," she sighed before she looked into Lenny's eyes. "I know something is up and i'm joy going to rest until I find out what."

Lenny forked up bunch of fries in his mouth and began chewing before he looked at her and shook his head in confusion. "I don't get it," he said. "I mean, I know you really like him, but the dude has told you times without number that he's gay. What more do you want?"

Stephanie opened her mouth to reply, but said nothing. She shook her head and looked back down at her food. "Forget it, you wouldn't understand anyway." She said.

"Make me understand, " Lenny said, looking almost amused. "seriously."

Stephanie looked up at him with a deadpan stare. "It's not about him being gay or not, Lenny. It's just...I don't know. I don't even care if he likes me or not. I just feel drawn to him."

Lenny stopped chewing and then tilted his head to the side and looked at her.

She rolled her eyes again. "Oh forget it." She waved him off.

Lenny dropped his fork and raised his hands in surrender. "Okay okay okay," he chuckled. "I'm Sorry, alright. It's just...I don't get why you would be doing this for someone you wouldn't care if he liked you back."

Stephanie sucked up her coke with a straw and looked up at a smirking Lenny, keeping herself from emptying the whole bottle on him. He was her best friend, hell, he was her only friend, but even she had to admit, he could be a pain in the ass sometimes. She didn't know how else to explain it to the jackass. She felt drawn to Lance, and it wasn't about being his girlfriend or whatever. She just liked Lance. She wanted to be there for him. Yes, at the beginning, she thought she and Lance would be something, but he has had made it clear that he wasn't interested. It sounded crazy, but she even felt the need to be closer to him the more after he had repeatedly told her that he was gay.

"I think we both know why you are doing this, Steph." Lenny said. She looked up at her friend and saw his blues eye boring into her.

She shook her head. "Quiet Lenny," she waved him off. "You don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh come on Steph," Lenny threw his head back, coughed out a half laugh and then looked back down at her again. "You've got to let go of the past."

Stephanie stiffens and stops chewing before she looked up at him with cold eyes.

Lenny reached for her hand on the table and looked at her with sympathetic eyes. "What happened to Alex was not your -."

"Shut the Bleep up Lenny!" Stephanie's scream echoed round the entire hall. The whole place went quiet and everyone turned to Lenny and Stephanie's table.

Stephanie held herself from walking away as she felt the eyes of students in the cafeteria tear through her. She looked up at a startled Lenny and suddenly felt sick.

"I-I'm so sorry Lenny," she stuttered as she adjusted her glasses with her finger and was the one reaching for his hand now. "I just....i'm sorry."

Lenny's features softened into a smile as he squeezed her hand in response . "It's okay." He said in a calm tone.

Stephanie smiled at her friend and suddenly remembered why they had been best friends since they were ten.

Suddenly, a loud crash startled the both of them and like every other person in the cafeteria, they spun in the direction of the sound.

"Watch where you're going punk!" Bruce sneered at a junior whom he had knocked his tray of food out of his hands. He used his hands and pushed the boy out of the way as he confidently walked through with his friends following close behind.

Stephanie narrowed her eyes in rage and turned to Lenny.

"I know," He said as a matter-of-factly while chewing on his food. "Some people have just refused to evolve. Some people are still Apes. There's nothing you can do."

Stephanie looked back again and saw Bruce and his friends getting to their table and not giving a damn about the boy they had deprived of a decent afternoon lunch. She spun to Lenny again. "Sometimes I just want to walk in where with a gun and just keep shooting at all of them till there nothing left for the paramedics to see," she hissed. "God, they're assholes."

"Uh-huh," was all Lenny uttered and that triggered Stephanie's curiosity. She looked up at him and saw him staring at something behind her.

"What are you looking at?" She asked as she glanced behind her and back to him.

"Huh-Oh...Um...Nothing," he blinked rapidly.

Stephanie glared at him.


She exhaled and turned again and this time, she made sure she followed Lenny's line of sight to know what he was looking at and her eyes landed on Bruce's group and particular landed on......Lisa?

Stephanie turned to Lenny with wide eyes.

"What?" He shrugged.

"Are you crazy?" She hissed with her eyes still wide.

Lenny shot a glance at Lisa again before looking down at his food. "I don't know what you're talking about," he said.

Stephanie crossed her arms on her chest and glared at her childhood friend. "Um..apart from the fact that she's Trevor Bowman's girlfriend, " she stated. "She is way out of your league."

Lenny shut his head up to her and Stephanie saw his blue eyes harden like she had never seen it before. He glared at her for a while before his eyes moved to Lisa's table again then faced stephanie again with a smile slowly growing on his face. "Well, Caleb doesn't seem to think he's out of your league," he said.

Stephanie frowned. "What are your taking about?" She asked, before she turned and looked to Bruce's group. Caleb immediately turned away when she caught his eyes.

She then turned back to Lenny "Ugh purleeeeese," Stephanie uttered. "I could never ever date that jackass. He's rude and arrogant. A dick-head just like his peers."

Lenny smirked. "You sure?" He said as he dropped his fork to his plate and picked up his box of milk. "He's a Kentworth prince you know, and you could be Prom Queen this year."

She rolled her eyes. "Thanks," she scoffed. "But No thanks."

Lenny chuckled and sipped on his milk.

Stephanie chewed on her last piece of apple and stared at the remainder she held in her hand, and then she froze. She looked up at Lenny.

"What?" He asked with perplexity.

She then slowly turned to Bruce's group and caught Caleb giving her occasional glances as he was indulged in a discussion with Aaron. Stephanie then turned back to Lenny with a smile. A mischievous and evil smile that made Lenny drop his shoulders and exhales because he knew his friend had gotten an idea; an idea he knew already and it made him sick.

"Jesus Christ, Stephanie Morris," Lenny shook his head in despair at his friend who was smirking at him. "You're Impossible."
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Slymer don come again ooh e don come again ohh with this obogae book Kings Of Kentworth book 2 Kings Of Kentworth book 2 Grab your copy NOW!!!!

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Slymer don come again ooh e don come again ohh with this obogae book Kings Of Kentworth book 2 Kings Of Kentworth book 2 Grab your copy NOW!!!!

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Okay, the book is obviously going to end in this second, or maybe a third book, Who knows, but it certainly won't exceed a third. My Question is, HOW DO YOU GUYS THINK THE KING OF KENTWORTH SERIES WILL END?

I'd like to know your thoughts on how it could end.
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lisa falls in love with lenny, steph with caleb and bowman with tiffin.

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Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by jbtobsyn(m): 1:32pm On May 12
Slymer,Lisa must not get hurt. I want Caleb and Steph to hook up.

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Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by DivineSpecial(f): 2:13pm On May 12
Oh Father... Slymer don't do this to Lance he has suffered enough let that thing he is feeling be infatuation not Love purleeees

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Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 5:32pm On May 13
My people..... what's up? wink Make Una no vex abeg. Today was really busy so I didn't have a chance to write anything. So, I decided to do something I should have done at the beginning of the story. I'm going to put faces to the names and characters you already know, okay? These are pictures of my characters.

The Kentworth Princes

Three of these guys (Trevor, Caleb and Bruce) ha been friends since they were seven years old. Then when they got to the age of eleven, Aaron joined thier brotherhood. They are regarded as four of the Most attractive guys in school and are adored by female students. Thier title as the Princes of Kentworth came as a result of them being obvious Nominees from which one of them will win Prom king that year at thier end of year Prom before they graduate. Yes, they are high school seniors.

1. Trevor Bowman
2. Bruce Hanson
3. Caleb Dickson
4. Aaron Lamar

Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 5:41pm On May 13
The Kentworth Princesses

Now, over the years, Kentworth High school has seen itself as a sort of medieval Kingdom were Kings, Queens, princesses and Princes exist. Lol, I know, kids right..SMH. Anyway, these girls are probably the most envied by thier peers in school because they are all dating the Princes, they are automatically princesses and like thier male counterparts, one of them will be crowned Prom queen come Prom night. Girls who hate them call them the three witches.

1.Lisa Watson (Trevor's Gf)
2. Nadia Johnson (Aaron's Gf)
3. Megan Summers (Bruce's Gf)

Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 5:56pm On May 13
The Others

"The Kentworth kingdom" is made up of so many cliques. We've seen the Princes and princesses who are the seen as the most attractive clique in school. but we also have the Wizards and warlocks; these are the nerds, the science geeks, the brains and the straight A students. But still, compared to the royal class of Kentworth, they are regarded as nobodies.

Lance Tiffin...

....on the other hand, is one person that defies the norms and the cliques, that's why he is my favourite character so far. In Kentworth, those who categorised are seen as the freaks. The homosexuals, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Antisocials, Goths and weirdos are seen as the Demons and Monsters of Kentworth, and nobody likes Demons or Monsters, right?

1.Lance Tiffin
2. Stephanie Morris
3. Lenny Foster

Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Ayanfe29(f): 7:03pm On May 13
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by DivineSpecial(f): 1:14pm On May 14
Damn It Lance is hot

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