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Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by becca2017(f): 7:35pm On May 14
Whoa! those guys are cute mehn.. but pls, for the love of indomie and egg, dont hurt my Lance oh, especially on Prom Night


Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by DivineSpecial(f): 8:57pm On May 14
becca2017 help me beg Slymer ooh Lance should not get hurt please

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Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 9:54pm On May 14
Hehehe.... Let's see what happens wink
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 9:58pm On May 14
Whoa! those guys are cute mehn.. but pls, for the love of indomie and egg, dont hurt my Lance oh, especially on Prom Night

Lol... Just saw your picture on your profile, you are the African version of Stephanie Morris for sure.
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 10:00pm On May 14
becca2017 help me beg Slymer ooh Lance should not get hurt please

And you in your purple dress, you are Nadia, hands down. grin grin grin

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Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by DivineSpecial(f): 11:29pm On May 14
Slymer thanks am blushing
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by becca2017(f): 7:01am On May 15
becca2017 help me beg Slymer ooh Lance should not get hurt please

Urrrgh dont stress yourself jawe, have begged him "in private".. lol
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by becca2017(f): 7:05am On May 15

Lol... Just saw your picture on your profile, you are the African version of Stephanie Morris for sure.

Awwwwn really?? am blushing oh! thank ya.. i love her glasses though.. btw when are you updating?
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by jbtobsyn(m): 7:56am On May 15
becca2017 help me beg Slymer ooh Lance should not get hurt please
I want Lance to get so hurt.
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by DivineSpecial(f): 4:58pm On May 15

I want Lance to get so hurt.

You ah evil that why!!!
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by DivineSpecial(f): 5:01pm On May 15

Urrrgh dont stress yourself jawe, have begged him "in private".. lol

Hmmmm Oh kay ohh I trust girl power
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by becca2017(f): 5:38pm On May 15

Hmmmm Oh kay ohh I trust girl power

Hahahaha!! i laugh in Portugese oh..
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by DivineSpecial(f): 8:42pm On May 15

Hahahaha!! i laugh in Portugese oh..

Laugh well oh but tell Slymer to come and post before I vex
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 12:10am On May 17
Okay, breaks over. Let's get back to the story and see how th guys are doing.

Chapter 15



That same day at soccer practice, the boys were in the locker room getting ready and Trevor could see Lance stealing glances at him as he laced his boots. Trevor was somewhat overwhelmed by the attention he seemed to be getting from Lance recently. Ever since his father scolded him about failing Algebra right infront of Lance of all people, he has not felt the same.

He even thought of calling Lance up that Saturday night to end thier study sessions; saying that he didn't need it anymore, but he wouldn't pass Algebra that way now, would he?

Trevor looked over at Lance just as Lance looked away and started to walk towards the entrance. Since that Saturday, he felt stripped right infront of Lance. He felt completely Unclad now that Lance knew everything about him, well, almost everything. It felt weird to think that Lance would never see him as the same again. There were things that Lance could use against him now if they ever got into a fight and yes, Lance was the type of person that could do that poo because he lived to cause people like Trevor pain. Trevor hated the entire situation so much. He didn't want to go for thier next session after that Saturday and even when he did, he had made up his mind that he wasn't going to suck up to Lance in anyway. If the dude said poo, he would punch him straight in the face without caring how far he had gone in this bet. Even during the session that day, Trevor could feel Lance's eyes on him through out. He thought of confronting him, but he thought he would let Lance make the first move, but he did not.

He finished his work and submitted it and when he saw the smile on Lance's face when he told him that he had gotten three out of the four questions correct, and he suddenly knew that what Lance felt for him was pure pity.


Lance Tiffin, feeling sorry for him, Trevor Bowman. Trevor felt his stomach turn when he remembered he had another session with him later today. He didn't know how, but somehow, his father had made it a little bit more difficult for him to win this bleeping bet.

"Hey, Trev. You okay man?" Caleb's voice pulled Trevor back to reality.

Trevor looked in Caleb's questioning green eyes and blinked rapidly . "Huh?...Uhm yeah," he stuttered. "Yeah..i-i'm fine."

"Come man,Coach is waiting for us on the field," Caleb said as he tapped his shoulder. "Let's go."


Trevor wanted to moves, but Caleb stopped him again and darted his eyes to the entrance and back to Trevor. "Say eh...can I ask you something real quick?" Caleb asked.

Trevor's brows furrows before he raised his hands to his hips. "Sure," he said. "What's up?"

Caleb glanced at the entrance again and then looked at the floor below him. "That...ehm....that Stephanie girl..." Caleb said.

Trevor tilted his head to the side as confusion filled his features. "Stephanie?" He asked. "Who's Stephanie?"

Caleb looked up at him. "You know," He said, looking a bit exhausted at the fact that he had to describe her to him. "Red hair, large glasses,.....big mouth."

After Trevor thought for a while, he turned to Caleb. "Oooh," he said with realisation as he smiled at his buddy and wiggled his brows. "You mean Stephanie."

"Stop it," Caleb rolled his eyes. "Please."

"What do you want to know?"

"You take many classes with her since you are in science and all," Caleb said as he looked at the entrance and looked back at him. "What's she like?"

Trevor smiled and shrugged at his friend. "I honestly don't know Bro," he said. "Most of the girls in science are kind of lame."

Caleb frowned. "Nadia isn't that lame."

Trevor chuckled. "Yeah right whatever," he said as he began to move towards the entrance while pulling Caleb with him. "Come on let's go before coach kicks our asses."


Coach had divided them into teams of five a usual and once again, Trevor and Lance were on the same team. Bruce was the captain of his team and Bruce was the leader of his.

"Your defence Trevor! check your defence!" Coach kept yelling. "Dante! what the hell are you doing out there? stop kicking like a girl and play ball, come on!"

Trevor passed the ball to another teammate before running up to the penalty box. "I'm Open! I'm open! Trevor yelled.

The other player was about to take a shot in Trevor's direction, but he was suddenly tackled by one of Bruce's team-mates. Although he couldn't pass the ball to Trevor anymore, he was still in possession.

"Here!" Lance's voice called from behind the boy and he quickly spun and saw Lance waving his hands as he was running towards the post. "Over here!"

The boy took the shot before the ball was finally trapped by Lance. As Lance raced towards the penalty box, he saw Trevor drop his shoulders and he knew why. Lance made it to the box and immediately saw Dante waiting to tackle him with a smirk on his face.

"Where do you think you're going,queer?" Dante snickered. "You know you can't score."

Lance paused and glared at Dante, trying very hard not to take a heavy shot at his crouch. Lance then looks to Trevor and notices that he is open and also the closest to the post. He looked back at Peter and smiled before he blew him a kiss just to rile him.

Dante's face hardened in response to Lance's gesture and then he charged for Lance, but Lance is way ahead of him.

"Trevor! Your goal!" Lance yelled before giving a powerful shot in Trevor's direction.

Trevor trapped the ball and aimed for the post. The keeper hurried towards him, but wasn't fast enough. Trevor gave out a powerful shot towards the net before any of his opponents could reach him.

"Goal!" all the boys roared and yelled as they all hurried and ruffled Trevor's hair. Lance saw Trevor jog back into the field and for two seconds, he glanced of at him. Lance didn't know how to respond, but before he could think of anything, Trevor mind was back on the game.

The game ended Three goals to two with Trevor's team in the lead. "Nice game boys!" the coach clapped as he gathered everyone at the end of the practice. He had said he had an announcement.

"We've got a major match coming up," he announced then paused and looked at them individually before he went on. "...against Westley High."

"What?" Peter and Dante exclaimed before the looked at each other. Bruce just threw his head backwards with a laughter that seemed to say 'This can not be happening'.

"Aw hell nah," Aaron groaned.

Lance said nothing. He just turned and looked at everyone around him groaning and swearing before he turned towards the coach with a smirk on his face. Kentworth had not beaten Westley for five in any football match. The Westley players were so brutal, they even came close to winning the state championship last year. Kentworth had not even made it out of the qualifying stage.

Coach then went on to assure the boys that our set and team was going to be the one that was going to break the jinx. He told us that we were going to make training more rigorous and more intense.

"We're gonna beat this clowns!" Coached cheered and the boys all roared in response; punching thier fists in the air.

After a while, the gathering dispersed. Everyone was heading for the locker room now and Lance followed.

Lance suddenly felt some grab his shoulder before he spun around and felt his heart skip when he saw Trevor smiling at him.

"Nice game, Lance," Trevor patted Lance's shoulder with a smile on his face before he hurried past him with Caleb right beside him.

Lance slowed down his pace as he kept his eyes on Trevor. He felt fulfilled for some reason, and happy that Trevor had acknowledged his contribution.

He was so lost in the thought of Trevor's compliment, that he didn't notice the smile that slowly appeared on his face as he kept his eyes on Trevor.
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 12:12am On May 17
Chapter 16

Lance and Trevor met at the library as usual and Lance still perplexed to see Trevor feeling uneasy around him. All the while the session had started; Trevor hardly looked up at Lance. He finished the work he was given and quickly stuffed his ears with his earphones. It made Lance kind of mad that Trevor was refusing to have any conversation with him, but then Lance could understand why. No one would feel comfortable with someone who had just watched their dad humiliate them, right?

“You got three out of five,” Lance looked up to an oblivious Trevor with a proud smile on his face.

When he realised Trevor had not heard him, he reached over and gave the blond boy a slight nudge that seemed to startle him.

“What?” Trevor looked up at Lance with raised brows as he pulled his ear phones from his ear.

“Three out of five,” Lance repeated. “That’s impressive.”

Trevor gave a weak and nervous smile in response. It was as though Lance was suddenly a stranger.

“Oh, thanks.”

Lance stared at Trevor for a while, maybe expecting him to say more, but Trevor said nothing. He just stuffed his earphones back in his ears and turned away. Lance’s sigh of what seemed like frustration, surprised him. Why was he frustrated? Why did he even care that Trevor didn’t want to talk?

“Okay then,” Lance exhaled, before he turned away and wrote down a few exercises for Trevor to try on his own when he gets home.

When he was done, he handed it over to Trevor who seemed startled once again after Lance had called his attention. Why was he so jittery all of a sudden? “Here,” Lance said. “Try these when you get home.”

Trevor looked up at lance and back to the book being handed to him. “Oh, Okay,” he replied. “Thanks.”

Lance was a little surprised when he saw Trevor stand to his feet immediately after he had stuffed the book into his bag. Lance kept his eyes on him as he swung his bag over his shoulders and turned to leave. He kept his eyes on him until he was inches away from the library door.

“Tre-Trevor wait,” the words fell right of Lance’s mouth.

Trevor froze and spun back to face an approaching Lance with raised brows. Lance ignored the fact that even with his earphones to his ears, he still heard him calling. Weird, right?

“What’s up?” Trevor asked as he pulled his earphones down again.

Lance stared into Trevor’s blue eyes and realised he didn’t have anything to say. He just realised he didn’t have any reason for calling Trevor at all.

Dammit, what was wrong with him? He just had to think of something.

Lance immediately turned his eyes to the ground below him. He was the uneasy one now. “I was-eh-I was going out for coffee,” Lance mumbled. When he didn’t hear a response, he looked up at Trevor and met him with his eye brows raised higher, as if asking Lance what that had to do with him, or Algebra.

Lance rolled his eyes and dropped his shoulders. “And I was wondering if you wanted to come.”

Trevor’s mouth fell open slightly as if he wanted to say something, but nothing came out. It was clear to lance that his request had taken Trevor unawares.

“Sorry,” Trevor’s voice was low and uncertain. “I-I can’t.”

A hint of disappointment flashed in Lance’s eyes but he did well to hide it quickly. “Oh,” Lance said as he began to back away. “No–ehm-no problem.”
Without hesitation, Trevor plugged back his earphones, turned away and walked out the door without even telling Lance goodbye.

Lance just stood there and stared at the door for a few seconds, before he turned back and walked back to his seat. He dropped to his chair, pulled out his phone and opened up the black and white picture of a smiling Trevor that seemed to have stolen his heart. Lance stared at the picture and felt his breathing quicken. He was getting angry, but he didn’t know why. He stared at the picture for a couple of seconds; his grip tightened on the phone, before he dropped it to the table and drove his fingers through his dark hair as he exhaled in frustration.

Bleep, what was Trevor Bowman doing to him?
“Hey, Lance?” A male voice made Lance shoot his head up quickly. He suddenly felt the blood in his veins boil when he looked up and saw his sitting partner; Chris, looking down at him with a nervous smile on his face and a notebook opened up in his hands.

“Uhm-sorry to bother you man,” Chris uttered in a slightly trembling voice as he leaned in closer to Lance. “…But I was wondering if you could help me with the solution to this-“

Lance didn’t even wait for Chris to finish his sentence before he reached up and yanked the notebook from Chris and flung it across the library hall with his eyes still on the frightened boy.

“Hey,” Chris cried in protest.

Lance’s lips then tugged into a fake but wicked smile with rage in his eyes. “That’s your solution.”
“What the hell is your problem man?” Chris scowled at him.

Lance’s features hardened. The smile on his lips disappeared and his face contorted to that of rage as he stood to his feet and moved close to face a terrified Chris who seemed to be moving away.

“Get the Bleep out of my face,” Lance snarled with eyes blazing.

Chris was wise enough to know that if he had said anything to annoy Lance any further at that point, Lance would definitely beat the poo out of him for sure. “Okay,” Chris stuttered a reply as he raised his hands in surrender and began to back away.
Lance watched Chris walk away before he dropped down to his seat and stared into space for a few seconds. He picked up his phone and looked at Trevor’s picture one more time.

Lance slammed the phone on the table in rage. “Bleep!” He shouted in rage, causing everyone in the library to jump in shock.
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 12:13am On May 17
Chapter 17

Caleb and Trevor had just finished Chemistry, and Caleb and Nadia had noticed how he had been avoiding Lance throughout the class and didn’t even want to sit near him when the teacher had told him to because Lance was the only one on his table.

“Hey dude,” Caleb tapped his hands on Trevor’s shoulder as the three of them made their way out of the lab after ditching their lab coats in the lockers. “You okay?”

Trevor looked up at him with a weak smile and sighed with a nod. “Kinda.”

Nadia rolled her eyes and sighed. “It’s the bet, isn’t it?”

Trevor looked up and gave her a wry smile.
Nadia reached out and gave him a side hug. “Awww, just hang in there okay,” she cooed playfully. “Prom is just a month away.”

“Or,” Caleb began with a voice laced with frustration. “You could just tell Bruce you’re done with the bet and return the bloody money.”

“Oh I’m sorry, are you going to give him three thousand dollars?” Nadia replied with a feigned politeness.

Trevor looked away from her and faced Caleb. “That’s a good question actually,” Trevor said.

Caleb said nothing. He just looked away from the both of them and sighed.

“But I don’t still get why you’re avoiding him though,” Nadia went on as they turned the corner and walked into the gymnasium. “I mean, aren’t you supposed to make him like you?”

Trevor dropped his shoulders. “That’s the thing,” Trevor groaned. “I think he already does.”

“See?” Nadia widened her eyes and tapped Trevor’s belly. “That’s a good thing, right?”

“No, Nadia, It’s not,” Caleb hissed from the other side of Trevor. “Trevor doesn’t like him,remember?”

“That’s the whole point, jackass,” Nadia fired back. “It’s called a bet for a reason.”

“The other, after our tutorials, he invited me over for coffee,” Trevor said with his eyes on the floor as they kept walking towards the bleachers.

“…And?” Nadia placed her hands on Trevor’s shoulders to stop him from walking, before he turned and looked into her expectant brown eyes.

“I said no,” Trevor raised his shoulder. “What did you want me to say?”

Nadia looked away and slapped her palm across her forehead. “O Jesus, Trevor,” she grunted.

“Okay,” Caleb stepped in. “Now, I know I’m against this bet and all, but it’s kind of bad idea when you decline an invitation made by someone whom you are trying to get to like you.”

“Thank you,” Nadia uttered as she gestured to Caleb.

Trevor exhaled and threw his head backwards. “Declining a coffee break won’t change anything, guys, come on.”

“Fine whatever,” Nadia raised her shoulder and looked away flippantly. “All I’m saying is that you’ve gotten the opportunity now. Use it.”

“Dickson!” Someone yells from behind them. They all spun and saw Stephanie walking quickly to catch up with them. Caleb instinctively looked away from an approaching Stephanie and turned to see Trevor smirking at him mischievously.

“Who is she?” Nadia observed Stephanie with a sneer as she approached.

“A very, very, very close friend of a friend,” Trevor uttered with his eyes still on Caleb and his mischievous smirk now a full smile.

Caleb glared at Trevor, before he raised his middle finger at him; a gesture that made Trevor tilt his head back in laughter.

“Come on Nadia,” Trevor said as he reached out and pulled Nadia away with his eyes still on his friend. “Let’s give these two some privacy, shall we?”

Caleb rolled his eyes away from them and faced forward in time to see Stephanie coming to a halt right in front of him.

“Hey,” Stephanie uttered with a smile but Caleb said nothing. He just smiled down at her with his eyes searching hers. Stephanie looked to the ground and swallowed before she looked up again.

“I just wanted to-"

“It’s Caleb.” He interrupted with a smile still on his face.

Stephanie paused. “What?”

Caleb leaned in a little closer for her to hear him better. “My name is Caleb.”

“Oh,” Stephanie suddenly felt uneasy as she adjusted her glasses at the sight of his green eyes boring into her. “Alright then, Caleb.”

Caleb’s smile slowly grew wider as his eyes seemed to travel to every feature on her face.

“I just wanted to apo-“ Stephanie stopped again when Caleb just started to chuckle over nothing.

“What’s so funny?” She frowned.

Caleb looked up at her with a smile that now exposed his pearly white teeth. “Why are you so short?”

Stephanie’s frown disappeared and her eyes narrowed at Caleb with rage. “Excuse me?”

“You’re very close to being a midget, you know,” Caleb said.

Stephanie inhaled deeply and closed her eyes. It took everything in her not to scream at Caleb, and besides, she had a motive. She had a goal, and she wasn’t going to let Caleb’s condescending behaviour get in her way, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to let him have it. She finally opened her eyes and gave him a fake smile.

“You know, I was about to apologise for my rude behaviour the other day, hoping you would do the same and we could be friends at least,” she said.

Caleb said nothing. He just kept his eyes on hers and his hands in the pockets of his jeans. His smile seemed to be permanent as he observed her.

“..But I guess that wouldn’t be necessary,”
Stephanie said before she turned and started to walk away.

Caleb stood there, watching her move away. Deep down, it took everything in him to stop himself from running after her. Even the way she matched away in anger seemed to make him smile.

“Stephanie Morris,” Caleb whispered to himself as he watched the red haired girl walk out of the gymnasium door.
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by Slymer: 12:14am On May 17
Chapter 18

Saturday morning, the one day Trevor could ignore his annoying alarm clock and sleep in as long as he wanted. He was also happy because Saturday also meant no school drama today, but he deflated when he remembered he had to meet Lance at the town library today though. He looked over at the time on his clock.


“poo.” he hissed as he pulled himself from bed.
He did a few press-ups and sit-ups, before he walked out of his room and headed downstairs. He heard the sweet sound of his mum humming to herself while she prepared breakfast. She must have come back quite early last night for her to be awake and already fixing breakfast.

“Morning,” Trevor sang as he kissed mother on the cheek and headed for the fridge.

“Hey honey,” she replied with her attention still in the carrots she was chopping.

“How was work?” Trevor pulled out a box of milk.

“Oh you know, same as always,” Mrs. Bowman replied with her eyes still on the carrots. “Blocking bleeding arteries, delivering babies, fixing urinary catheters…”

“Wow,” Trevor replied, even though he didn’t really care. He screwed the cap of the milk open and was and took a gulp.

“Trevor Bowman,” his mother’s suddenly stern voice made him freeze. “How many times do I have to tell you to stop drinking the milk from the carton?”

He brought the milk down and met her stern eyes on him before he flashed her silly smile. “Sorry.”

“Use a cup for Christ sake, that’s what they are there for,” she said before her eyes travelled down his body. “..And for the love of God, stop walking around the house in your boxers. Someone could walk in at any minute.”

Trevor smiled and patted his abs playfully. “Oh come on Mum,” he said. “What’s the point working out when nobody can see my body?”

“Oh please,” his mother rolled her eyes and flipped him off. “Save it for Lisa.”

Trevor laughed and kissed his mother on the cheek again as he hurried out the kitchen. “Fine, I’ll go put on a sweater.”

Trevor went upstairs, pulled on a grey NYU sweater that Kim had given him as a gift, before he headed back downstairs. He was going straight for the living room when he heard the crackling sound of the heated oil on the gas stove and then he froze. He walked over to the kitchen door and stood there watching his mother slice a few onions. He knew she was about to fry them all together with the carrots and he was going to watch her do it. She scrapped the onions into the pan and began to stair them with a wooden spoon.

“Be sure not to leave them on for too long,” Trevor couldn’t hold himself any longer. “or-or else they’ll burn.”

Mrs. Bowman looked up at her son as he stood there at the door, watching her as if he was scared of walking in. “Yes sir,” she said playfully.

“Uhm-we’re eating it with bacon, right?” Trevor asked.

“Yes,” Mrs. Bowman replied before she looked up at him again. “Why?”

Trevor opened his mouth to say something, but he then closed it again and shook his head. “Ne-Never mind.”

Mrs. Bowman dropped the wooden spoon in the pan, raised her hands to her hips and gave her son a stern look. “Trevor,” she warned. She always hated when he did that.

“Well,” Trevor looked nervous as he kept his eyes on the pan on the stove. “I just thought if were using bacon with the eggs, a few curry leaves would be awesome with it.”

Mrs. Bowman kept her eyes on Trevor until a smile slowly appeared on her pretty face. A proud smile.
“What?” Trevor asked as he stared at her with suspicion.

Mrs. Bowman stretched her hands towards him for a hug. “Come here."

“Oh come on mum,” Trevor groaned. “I’m not a kid anymore.”

Her smile suddenly disappeared and her face turned serious as her hands were still held out. “Trevor Bowman, you come to your mother right now,” she commanded.

Trevor rolled his eyes and dragged himself into the warm embrace of his mother. She held him so tight, sighed and kissed his cheek before pulling away slightly to get a good look at his face. It sometimes scared how much of him he saw in her.

“You know I love you, right honey,” her voice was calm and kind.

“Yeah,” he replied as he looked to the floor and back up to his mother. “I do.”

“Then you know I would support you in any decision you make with your life.”

Trevor dropped his shoulders and exhaled before he looked away. He knew this was where the entire conversation was going; his interest in the culinary arts, his duty to his father to become a civil engineer …….and algebra.

“Now, I’m not mad at you for failing Algebra. I just don’t understand why you hadn’t told me,” Mrs. Bowman said as she used her finger to pull back a strand of Trevor’s blond hair to the back of his ear. Trevor was still quiet. He just looked at his mother, wishing he had something to say.

She ran her hands from his shoulders down his arm and held his hands. “I’m not going to stop you from being happy. I could never stop you from being happy, and if that means going against your father’s dream for your-“

“It’s okay mum, “Trevor cut her off quietly as he looked away and faced the island table beside them.

Mrs. Bowman reached out and gently moved his face to face hers. “Honey, listen you don’t have to-"

“Mum, I said its fine,” he cut her off again, before he looked up at her. “I’ll be a Bowman. I’ll put Civil engineering on my college application.”

His mother looked into his eyes for a few seconds before she looked away, let go of his hands and rubbed her palms oh her apron. “Okay then,” she sighed.

Trevor stared at her as she switched the stove back on and went on with the cooking. She avoided his eyes and he knew why. He had just told her he was going to respect his father’s wishes and study Civil engineering and she was smart enough to know that wasn’t what he wanted. Trevor was sure this was why his mother left his father. He remembered her telling him about the days she would come back late from work and he would fuss over where she had been. He would always lose whenever she called in and told him that she wouldn’t be coming home that day.

“What the hell do you want from me?” he remembered his mother yelling from their bedroom a long time ago. “To stay at home all day and cook and clean for you?”

“That wouldn’t be a bad idea, you know,” he remembered his father firing back.

“I’m a doctor, Gerald,” she growled back. “Like it or not, I have a career!”

Few months later, Trevor remembered his parents sitting he and his big sister for a family meeting in the living room; giving them ‘the mummy and daddy have to stay apart for a while and figure things out talk.’ It was surprising that neither Kim nor her little brother missed their dad, but they felt sorry for their mum because they thought she was lonely. Another sad change was the fact that his dad had won custody of Kim, and so, she had to stay with him in New York.

Suddenly, the loud ringing of the doorbell startled Trevor out of his thoughts. He looked up in time to see his mother cleaning her hands with a napkin.

“Who is it?” she yelled.

Trevor placed his hands on her shoulder and stopped her from moving past him. “I’ll get it,” he said.

He then turned away and walked out of the kitchen. He hurried into the dinning area and glanced up at the wall clock on the wall.


poo, he had just thirty minutes to make it to his tutorial.

Trevor got to the door and pulled it open. “Morning, can we-“

Lance smirked mischievously at a dumbfounded Trevor standing at the door. “What’s up dumbass?”
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by becca2017(f): 7:14am On May 17
Hmmmmmm this is serious oh.. Lance is already falling for "dumbass" sha.. anyway, thanks a lot for the update
Re: The Kings Of Kentworth (book Two) by DivineSpecial(f): 3:43pm On May 17
Oh Lance is getting on my nerve he was better off with nobody he should live with that instead of falling for dumbass Bowman

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