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Loose Guard - (Abandoned project) by xxix: 6:07pm On May 09
Due to the inability to hold the interest of the viewers, I have decided to abandon this story. I will start a new one soon.

Thanks to everyone who read, I look forward to writing a better story.
Re: Loose Guard - (Abandoned project) by xxix: 9:04pm On May 09

Chapter one

Victor sat at the floor of the corridor pertaining to the self contain he shared with his friend Vincent along with Vincent's other two friends. The room was situated at the ground floor of a two story building student lodge. He felt he has over stayed his welcome, the recent attitude from Vincent showed he no longer valued his presence. He has been squatting here for about three months now, but he felt it was time to leave.

He lit a cigarette. The third one since he sat there half an hour ago; usually he should be smoking his sixth by now but his recent financial woes have left him toning down on his daily nicotine intake. He drags the cigarettes slow and exhales even slower, making every intake count.

Until this very moment Victor has been living in the moment, not caring what may happen next. He always believed fate has big plans for him, for why else would a man be alive if not to fulfill one big purpose or the other. He has done many things in his life but never has he felt that any of them fulfilled a purpose or had any impact on the world. He believes in destiny and has lived his life with a carefree nature bearing in mind that someday something would happen in his life that would set him on the path to the fulfillment of his destiny. He never attempted to go out and achieve a goal, he trusts that when the time is right fate would set him on his path to greatness. But the recent happenings in his life had put a hole in his logic and reasoning and left him doubting his philosophy.

Five months ago he had about half a million naira in his account, along the way he had squandered everything; now he has to put up with being homeless and having to live from hand to mouth. He sat down on the cold tiled floor analysing every decision he had made up till this very moment, trying to salvage any good from each of them and up until this very moment he never realized that they were all stupid mistakes. He wished he could get the same opportunities as he got then, he convinced himself he would do things differently and definitely better.

He thought himself an arrogant fool who refuse to learn any lesson from his experiences but instead choose to justify his action. All his mistakes appeared to be literally mocking him, every one of them. As he smoked he would occasionally place his palm on his forehead, shake his head and think, I am such an idiot. Why didn't I think things through? Why is faith delaying my destiny?
He couldn't answer his own questions but he did agree with his assessment of himself. He dropped the exhausted cigarette and made to light a new one which would be his last then he heard sudden commotion around him. He listened carefully and he could hear heavy footsteps as if dozens of people were running from something, running into the premesis; he could hear room doors being banged shut. Whenever something like this was happening, it's either the police had come to make a mass arrest or someone had been shot close by.

He stood up to go make sure the door to the room entrance was locked when someone ran by the corridor, he caught the male figure from the Conner of his eye and wondered who it was or what could be chasing him. He turned to head for the door when the figure appeared in front of the corridor holding a small red bag. He wasn't sure he had seen this person before but before he could make any reaction the person hastily threw the red bag at him, "guy hide this thing for me. Opo dey come!" He said and hurried off.

Victor has never found himself in such a situation before but he understood what was at stake here. Quickly he left the corridor and went to the room's entrance door and made sure it was locked, everywhere was quiet now. He opened the bag to see it's contents because he had heard of cases where someone would hand a person a bag to keep for them, when they came to collect it they would insist that something was missing from the bag.

He opened the bag and peeked inside, his breath seized at what lay inside. Inside the bag shining in all it's glory was a metal. Not any ordinary metal, but the kind of metal men could use to bend their fellow men to their will. A metal capable of snuffing the life out of a human being. A gun. Victor's mouth was wide open now, he took a second look inside the bag; that was when he saw the little bags of weed surrounding the gun. It dawned on him that his strange acquaintance was a knosh dealer running from the police. He stood agitated not knowing what to do next, but the sudden banging on the door made him jump out of his skin.

He became petrified, knowing it could only be the police knocking that way. "Who is here?!" A deep hoarse voice asked from behind the door.

Victor stood stiff, his whole body was trembling; he knew he needed to act fast. He thought of where to hide the bag, if the police were to come in and search the room; if they were to find the bag, then he was finished.

"I said who is here?! Open this door!" The banging grew louder. Victor thought of all the possible places inside the room he could hide the bag so the police men won't find it. All the options that came to his head weren't good enough. He thought of just going to the corridor and tossing the bag to the farthest corner his hand could allow but then the police could be surrounding the compounding at that moment. The banging on the door was becoming persistent now and the voice was equally growing impatient and angrier. He thought for a moment, then an idea came to him. He hurried into the bathroom, bag in hand.

Victor emptied the contents of the bag on the bathroom floor, close to the water closet. He had decided he would get rid of the gun and the weed by flushing them down the toilet. Whoever that bastard was, if he wanted his stuff back he would have to open up the suck away and dig for them. He was about to toss a bag of weed into the bowl when he stopped to think it through. Whoever this person was, he must be someone dangerous, someone to be worried about. If he got rid of these stuffs, there might be dire consequences. But then if the police caught him with them, the consequences would be even more disastrous. He concluded that he had to hide them.

Looking around the toilet for inspiration, he put back the contents of the bag and zipped it. He was about to head into the room when an idea crossed his mind. He turned around, went straight to the water closet but this time he opened the tank and slowly placed the cover on the floor. He was about to place the bag inside when he thought maybe water could find it's way inside the bag and damage the contents. He damned that thought, after all the bag was leather.

He hid the bag in the tank and rushed out into the room, the banging on the door was now overly loud; the voice has stopped but the banging was persistent. He summoned courage and made for the door.

Mustering every courage he could he asked, "who is there?"

The banging stopped, replaced by the voice, "so it's now that you heared my knocking?" The voice was filled with rage, Victor sensed that whoever was behind the door would assault him the moment he opened the door.

"I'm sorry oga, but I was afraid." Victor tried to pacify whoever it was, "I don't know who you are."

"It's the police and if you don't open this now and we break in, consider yourself dead!"

Victor raised his trembling hand to unlock the door, but he tried to guarantee his safety one more time, "officer please I did not do anything, I will open the door but please don't assault me." He didn't get any response.

He unlocked the door and immediately stepped back. The minute the police entered, about three of them. Two were already on Victor, one of them gave him a resounding slap and kicked him along his feet. Victor tumbled and landed on his head, begging for his life. After a while of battering, one of the police men asked his colleagues to stop, he had not partaken in the brutal session and Victor figured he might be their superior.

He looked down at Victor, making a face to show pity. He gestured to the two other men to help Victor on his feet.

The two police men jerked Victor to his feet but he was already feeling numb and wasn't able to stand erect. He hunched against the wall, his arms around his stomach as if still trying to protect himself against assault. The pain he felt was excruciating. He failed to look at the men who had just done that to him.

The officer spoke now, his voice strong and hoarse. "Why did you waste time opening the door?"

Victor muttered his answer and the man ordered him to speak up!

"I was afraid." He managed to say loud enough for thean to hear.

"What were you doing?" The man was scanning the room now, his colleagues were already searching the room.

"I was just smoking."


Victor's eyes widened, "no officer, just cigarette."

"But I smell weed." The officer said with a smug look on his face.

"I wasn't smoking weed." Victor said, "the cigarette is at the corridor. Let me show you." He started for the exit door that led to the corridor, the officer followed him. At the corridor he reached down and picked the cigarette filters on the floor along with the one he was about to smoke and showed it to the officer.

The officer didn't look convinced, "you want to cover up with cigarette abi? By the time we take you to the station you will remember the truth." On saying that he walked back into the room. A few seconds later the other two police men walked in and grabbed Victor by the waist, dragging him back into the room. He saw the room was scattered now. They dragged him in front of the first officer, it was only now that Victor was noticing the guns these men held; Ak-47 rifles, Hoisted on their shoulders.
The officer now had both his hands on his waist, "look young man you are under arrest for possession of marijuana and obstruction of justice and resisting arrest and so forth, I advice you to remain silent; because if you don't, my two friends here will make sure the rest of your day becomes hell."

At that point Victor lost all hope, he thought he shouldn't have opened the door. He should have left them to knock until they developed blisters on their hands and left, the door after all was iron. There was no way they could have broken in. The three men led him outside, asked him to lock his door and they all exited the main building. Outside the main building, in the compound of the lodge, Victor could see about six other policemen surrounding a dozen young boys. They were each held together by a rope, two persons a piece. On sighting him one of the police men picked a rope lying on the floor, he walked over to Victor, turned him around and brought his two hands behind his back. He proceeded to tie both his hands so tight that Victor winced in pain. After he was done, all police men drove the boys outside, they all started to panic each of them proclaiming their innocence; the police men didn't seem to pay them any attention. They were all put in a bus along with some of the policemen, the others entered a police hilux. Inside the bus Victor was trying to flex his muscles, the officer had tied the rope too strong it made it impossible to move his hand. As the engine roared to life and the bus was set in motion, Victor hoped they would reach the station soon so he would be put out of his misery.
Re: Loose Guard - (Abandoned project) by moseph(f): 11:16pm On May 09

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Re: Loose Guard - (Abandoned project) by xxix: 7:23am On May 10
welcome aboard cool you can read the chapter again now. It's been updated.
Re: Loose Guard - (Abandoned project) by xxix: 9:28pm On May 11

Chapter two

All his adult life Vincent has had only only one goal, to become filthy rich.

Right from the first time he knew and handled money, he has sought to accomplish the task of making it. At the age of 7 he started Hawking sachet water in the streets of Aba; he saved up the capital he needed to begin such venture from the pocket money his parents occasionally gave him. At first both his parents were against their child engaging in such an activity as petty trading, according to his father who was a well respected business man in their neighborhood, as far as petty trading was concerned, Hawking was the lowest form and no child of his will be seen engaging in such.

He tried albeit unsuccessfully to persuade Vincent from undertaking this path, he went as far as promising to place Vincent on a weekly salary for doing absolutely nothing on the condition he would remove such notions from his mind. But the young Vincent was determined, he wanted to be in charge of his own finances. When that failed his father sought to convince him to undertake other form of business that wasn't so demeaning, when that failed as well the poor man resorted to threats, he swore he would kill Vincent if he ever defiled him and went ahead to become a hawker.

Initially young Vincent was terrified of his father's words, but even fear wasn't enough to deter him. To rebell against their decision he stopped eating. His father didn't seem disturbed by this development, "when hunger deals with him he would come to his senses. Let him starve!"

This went on for only two days before the mother took great pity on her child, she couldn't bear to leave her boy like this so when night came, and it was time for man and wife to fulfill some of their marital obligations, she pleaded with her husband to let Vincent be; reasoning to him that he would probably come to distaste the activity after a few days when he comes to learn of the challenges involved. The poor man had to cave in, after all women were notorious for using that which is between to twist and bend men to their wills sometime.

So young Vincent was let loose, after he got his approval that same day he went to work, acquired the needed material for the business and went about hawking. As he did this his father keenly observed him, waiting for the day the boy would succumb to the hardship of the trade and come running home swearing to never try such nonsense again. But that day never came, instead as the days went by his determination grew and before long when his father saw how happy his son was and how resourceful he had become at such a young age, he gave him his full support. He would brag about Vincent whenever the opportunity presented itself and occasionally admonished his other children for being too lazy.

Vincent gave most of the money he made to his mother to save for him and kept the rest to himself. His older brother and younger sister would occasionally ask him for money, he never refused them, he felt since he was earning money it was his responsibility to look after his siblings.

Years passed, he moved from Hawking sachet water to distributing sachet water wholesale, and by the time Vincent was about to finish secondary school he was already a made guy.

Everything was working fine, he had a happy family, a big brother who loved and respected him, his junior sister was a beautiful young girl, his mother was a proud and content house wife, he was prospering, his father was prospering and they were both planning on going into business together soon. Until one night his father went to bed and didn't wake up the next morning.
Re: Loose Guard - (Abandoned project) by xxix: 11:41pm On May 11

Chapter three

Victoria struggled a bit to zip her dress, it was the sixth one she had tried on. She hated that she had gained a little weight and now almost all her clothes had become too tight for her. But tight clothes were the selling point of her business, tight clothes help reveal the shape and curves of a woman, these are what a client would base their assessment on. Those and some cleavage display.

She always made sure her gowns were high up above knee level to the extent that it would take about three inches left to reveal what panties she was wearing and the push up bra always did a good job at raising her breasts above sea level. This way she attracted more clients. She wasn't classically beautiful, sure her fair complexion might fool some men but it never fools her when she looks at the mirror. The shape of her face was almost square and not oval like a woman's face should be, she had an almost big lips, her eyes were wide not squinty like the ones pretty girls had. She has a curved nose and would have preferred it to be pointed and their was no single gap on her teeth.

Many men have tried to flatter her by calling her beautiful, she knew it was her complexion that fooled them all or perhaps they were only mocking her. She knew she was just an average looking girl with a good skin and big body attributes to complement her.

She sat down in front of the mirror to apply her make up, she hurried as she was almost running late and she could here the wind howling. If she doesn't get to the spot before ten o'clock she would miss the best clients. She checked her watch, the time was tem minutes after nine. She rushed the make up at the same time trying to get it right. She had to took good tonight, so she could land a well paying client. Some bills had come up in school and at home she was practically racing against time to meet deadline.

She rounded up her make-up, checked her self out on the mirror grabbed her handbag and left her room. As she locked the room she reminisced on the the hard work she put in to be able to afford it. Nights after nights of different men swimming in her love ocean, the things she did for the life she is living now.

She had stopped feeling ashamed of what she does, if anything she is proud of herself and wouldn't give it up for a chance to make heaven.

She strode slowly along the hallway, passing the rooms of other occupants of the lodge. Her shoe resonating and she walked like a cat towards the exit only to be met by a sudden down pour.

She knew it was going to rain, but she had hoped it would have waited for her to at least get to the junction where she could get transportation. This rain was going to cancel her movement and the money she could have made tonight was seeming to be lost. She stood at the door way perplexed, she almost wanted to pray so the rain would go away but she stopped believing in prayer a long time ago. It was as if the rain could hear her wish but instead of stopping or reducing to a tolerable minimum it grew heavier accompanied by thunderstorms.

She was at the door way for a while when a voice spoke from behind, "bad night for business eh?" She instantly recognized the voice. It was Richard. Tall handsome dark Richard as the other girls in the lodge would call him. She smiled at him, folded her arms and made a sad face.

He was smiling now, his eyes smiled better than his lips. "I wish I was a magician, I would make this rain stop so you can go for one of your friends dad's wake keeping." His beautiful smile was replaced with a grin.

She laughed a little and then gave him the eye. It was their joke.

When she first moved into the lodge, she unintentionally made friends with some of the guys. Every night she went out they would ask her where she was going, she would occasionally tell them it was night class or wake keeping, but the wake keeping part took off and the guys started using it to talk behind her back. They figured what she into and started seeing her as some cheap LovePeddler they could score some cheap sex with. This led to many confrontation between herself and some of the guys. They wanted to get laid, but they weren't being matured about it; some of them even boldly came forward to price. She would have loved to make all the extra money she could make but these boys were children, getting down with them would be a huge disrespect to herself and other girls of similar trade who learnt the lesson the hard way.

Amidst all these commotions, Richard was one guy that stood out from the other guys. He showed maturity and tried to maintain friendship with her. He would occasionally ask her about her business, and would throw in a few advice when he could. One time they were alone smoking pot and he joked that he felt like excommunicating her because he felt like everyone she is close to winds up mourning their dads. Maybe it was the weed in control, but she thought it was a great joke.

Now the two of them stood at the doorway, experiencing heavy rain fall and he was telling jokes again. She felt his arm on her waist, it didn't bother her, it wasn't the first time and it had never gone beyond that.

"What are you going to do now?" He seemed really concerned for her.

"I will wait, maybe the rain would slow down"

"I don't think this rain plans on stopping anytime soon" he was holding her waist firmly now, "do you have to go out tonight?"

She nodded.

"To solve those problems you told me about?"

She looked at him surprisingly then remembered she had blabbed about her problems during one of their sessions. The rain was growing heavier, lightening kept on decorating the skies and thunder was keeping a steady rythmn.

He was behind her now, his arms around her. "I can't make this rain go away, but maybe I could help you." His rich baritone voice had become a whisper. She sensed were this was headed and thought of the most pleasant rejection to give.

She twisted her body a little bit and managed to say, "Richard" slowly, it sounded like a whisper.

He pressed on, she was beginning to feel his bulge on her buttocks. "Common it's raining, you can't go out tonight. It's will be just for tonight." He kissed the top of her head.

"Richard I can't, I don't want to ruin our friendship." She was gently scrubbing her buttocks in his appendage. It was her tactics. Give a little then refuse altogether.

He gently spun her around, "don't worry about our friendship, I know friends who do this and still maintain their friendship." He was holding her face and looking into her eyes now. His beautiful eyes almost made her succumb.

"I don't want to risk it-" their lips were already locked now, she let him kiss her for a while then she pulled out. "Richard, please stop." She said meeekly. She could sense he thought he had her weakened.

She anticipated his next move but what he said threw her off guard.

"I will pay you for it." He was dead serious.

Her mouth dropped open and her eyes became wiser than usual.

He resumed talking, "take me for a client, I will pay your normal charge. You don't have to worry about it. We would just be doing each other a favour."

"Richard..." She was beginning to consider it. She needed the money and the guy was a decent guy. She didn't think it would be wise to throw away fifteen thousand naira especially when the rain was threatening to take over the night. She waited for him to ask her one more time but rather than do that, he kissed her deeply for about thirty seconds this time she reciprocated. When he broke off he guided her to her room, she unlocked the door and the entered.


The moment they entered her room and locked the door Richard was all over her, he was kissing her lips, her neck even her shoulders. He grabbed her buttocks and squeezed them hard, seconds later he was fidgeting with her breasts. A few more seconds later they were both Unclad. He wanted to dive in raw but she insisted he used a condom, when he complained about not having one she directed him to her bag.

All the while Richard hurriedly searched through her bag, pulled out a condom, tried to wear it only to have it tear and having to reach for another one; taking care in wearing it. She started to think things through.

Dozens of thoughts raced through her mind, she was about to break an established rule. If word got out that she laid with Richard then every respect she had in the lodge would be lost. Boys would make a come back feeling she is now broken and if she were to refuse them? Insults would follow. It would be established that she was a cheap LovePeddler, the one that would sell love even to her friend.

Richard was on top her now, he kissed her a little then concentrated on what's down below. At the moment he was about to enter her she held his waist and pushed him upward. He looked at her puzzled, "what's the matter?"

"I can't," she was almost sobbing now.

"What do you mean you can't? I will pay you remember?"

Oh she wished he would understand, "it's not about the money Richard. I don't want to do this."

"Why are you like this? I promise I will take care of you."

"Just leave." It felt awkward with him on top of her.

He tried to kiss her but she turned her face. He still was persistent, trying to kiss her as she kept moving her face around. After a while he gave up the kiss but proceeded to enter her. She reacted quickly and held him out, just the tip of his joystick was brushing against her labia.

He was trying to use force now, "it's almost inside, just let me do a few strokes."

She shook her head, begging him to stop. He was stronger than her. His tip of his joystick had already found it's way inside her and he was going strong, any second she would cave in. She thought of calling out for help but felt it would be useless. So she mustered all the strength she could and said, "please don't force me Richard, if you do this all will not be well between us."

That seemed to have gotten to him. He quickly stood up, wore his clothes and stormed out of the room after muttering, "this is not fair."

She lay down there and sobbed for a while. Minutes later the door flew open, it was Richard again. He stood in the door way fully dressed, staring down on her Unclad body. "It has stopped raining, you are free to go sell your body to strangers." His voice was a seething rage.

He stormed out again.

Victoria broke down again, but she managed to get to the door and lock it. She sat close to the door and buried her head between her knees as she wept.

After what had just happened, she couldn't bring herself to go out that night.
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Re: Loose Guard - (Abandoned project) by xxix: 7:16am On May 12
guy forget typos this is going hot please continue
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Re: Loose Guard - (Abandoned project) by xxix: 4:43pm On May 12

Chapter four

The death of his father saw things take a drastic turn for the worse for his family. His mother became depressed and came up with the notion that her husband was killed by people envying their family using superstition. She employed the services of ministerial clergies and members of white garment churches. Occasionally she would go to visit witch doctors seeking protection for her children.

The clergies told her what she wanted to hear, they told her it was indeed her husband's pairs who out of envy had taking his life and they now plan to attack her sons. The white garment priestesses same the same, so did the witch doctors. All these helped confirm her suspicions and nearly drove crazy. She spent all the money she could lay her hands on waging spiritual warfare on her presumed enemies, buying protection for herself and children.

Vincent's elder brother reacted to their father's death differently. Instead of becoming a man and taking over the mantle of leadership in the family, he resorted to substance abuse and when their father's lawyer came and enlightened them on their father's will; everything was put in Vincent's care. This infuriated his brother. But for peace to reign Vincent conceded everything to his brother. He felt his father had disrespected his first son by willing his property to him. It was untraditional.

Soon Vincent would come to see what grave mistake he had made and come to understand why his father did what he did. His father, a man of enormous for sight had sensed that Vincent was more prudent and more enterprising that his eldest. Vincent would have managed his assets better than his older brother.

It didn't take long for his brother to squander the money, when the money was finished he sold the two properties owned by their father and squandered some more. Soon he had a fall out with Vincent that almost led to the two brothers killing each other. Soon after that he left their home.

These occasions heightened Vincent's mother's paranoia. She was told by her spiritual consultants that their enemies having failed to kill the boys had resorted to planting enmity in their midst. So she continued to give them money. Before long she too squandered her money. Within a year, his elder brother was recognized among criminals, he had become a notorious armed robber and had joined a terrifying gang. This broke their mother's heart and drove her into a deeper state of despair. Waging spiritual warfare to safe her son became the only concern she had in life.

One day they got a news that his brother's gang had gone for a heist and every member had been killed. When they waited for a month to see if he or any member of the gang would show up but none did, they feared the news to be true and this shattered their mother. A month later she too died.

Vincent was left with his young sister, he sent her to go live with their aunt; to contain his grievances he took to the streets, that's where he threaded the part of destruction for a while before common sense rescued him.

After a while on the streets gambling, chasing girls and getting regularly high, an incident caused him to re-evaluation his life. And when he got lucky and won half a million naira from sports betting, he decided to abandoned the street life and pursue higher education. He sought admission into the federal polytechnic of nekede and got it.

On his second year there his friend Victor came to stay with him, he met Victor during his dark times in the street and they bonded over mutual interests, so when Victor called and needed a place to stay for a while he was okay with it tho his roommates protested at first but he was able to convince them to let him stay. They both lived modest lives and was happy for a while until things stopped working out well. Money ran dry and it was only a matter of time before he had to kick Victor out as he wasn't contributing to anything.

He was planning to tell him today, he has been working towards it for a while now. He gave Victor attitude which would be an indication to him that his presence was no longer valued. That morning he had gone to lectures albeit reluctantly because they might take a test but the test didn't happen. While still in school, one of his roommates called him and told him to hurry back to the lodge. When he asked what happened, he was told that their was a police raid and Victor had been arrested. When he got back and got the different versions of what happened, everyone expected him to go and bail his friend from prison but he was broke and couldn't afford to do such so he resolved to leave Victor to his fate. The two other boys from their lodge that were arrested along with Victor managed to return the next day.
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Thank you honey
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Chapter five

The ride to the station was the most unpleasant thing he had ever been through. Through out the ride he never complained, he was the kind of person that kept most things to himself and moreover the stupid officer must have tied him this way on purpose.

When they got the station and one of the officers came over and untied him, the relief made him want to hug the man. He wasn't the kind to pay much attention to his surrounding, he only noticed the multitude of cars scattered around the premesis of the station.

The all stood outside the main building, some of the boys were looking around, few others gathered around a police man trying to plead with him while he seemed to be assuring them of something. Victor stood separated from the group, stretching his muscle to continue blood flow in his body.

"Oya! Make una enter station!" A loud voice said, Victor looked at the man; he was dark in complexion and had three parallel tribal marks across his cheek. All the boys jolted but still remained rooted.

The man looked surprised, "una no wan move abi?!" He removed hid ak from his shoulder and waved the gun at the boys, "I say make una enter station!" As if on cue another officer started slapping the boys on their necks one after the other, he only got three before everyone got the message and ran inside the station.

Inside the station, just after the entrance was the famous police counter of the Nigeria Police Force. Victor has been told by people who have been to a station before that this place was the worst place in the station after the cells themselves. The people behind the desk are usually foul mouthed and notorious for acting as judge, jury and executioner whenever someone was brought to them.

On duty behind the counter we're two middle aged women, both of them overweight. They had opposite complexion and didn't look attractive. They were talking to each other when Victor and the others approached the desk. Victor has been told that the women stationed behind the desk we're often nicer than their male counterparts unless they were having a bad. As he approached, he wondered how their day went so far and hoped it went good.

The fair one among the two women noticed them first, she and Victor shared a few seconds of eye contact and read the disgusted expression on her face. bad day. he thought.

When they all reached the counter, the dark one noticed them as well and her expression was as impressive as the fair one's. The fair one spoke first, "wetin this one them do?" She asked no one in particular but when nobody answered her she slammed her baton on the desk!

"I be like nobody for ena eye abi?! I dey ask question, ena no wan answer!" Her voice was almost hitting the roof.

"They be criminals!" One of the officers that arrested them was saying, "all of them na bad boys."

"Ma we no do anything o!" One of the boys tried to defend them.

"Thunder fire you! Shey na now you get mouth to talk?" The woman proceeded to raining abuses on them while the her colleagues just gathered around and laughed wholeheartedly.

Victor grimaced at the abhorrent attitude of these people, it's like the NPF only recruited touts and psychopathic people.

After she was done, the policemen left one after the other, until their were only two of them standing with them. One was the bastard that tied him up, he was short, fair and had confused eyes with a mouth that twisted for no reason. And the other one he was just noticing his presence, that one was fair too but taller and much better looking than the first one, but he still had that distinct pompous look most policemen had.

The dark woman gave them a book and pen to write down their statement. When they were done, she ordered the first policeman to take them to their cell. They all started pleading, one of the boys started crying, he cried so loud that it amused everyone except Victor.

An old policeman approached them now, and asked them what happened. They all started explaining to the understanding of nobody. The man calmed them down, started giving them advice on how crime is not good and so forth. Victor could barely hold his disgust, he knew perfectly where this was headed; all the stories were becoming true right in front of him.

When the old man was done, the other boys were thanking him, begging him to help them avoid jail.

He turned to the dark woman behind the counter and begged her to release the boys, she acted provoked at first but after some back and forth behind the two she agreed to let them go. And the boys rejoiced. The one crying earlier was still crying, but now it was tears of joy. He thanked the man and woman as if they just gave him everlasting life.

"Oya make ena bring ena bail money," the fair woman said. "No bail no release."

Some of the boys protested at first but complied when they were threatened with jail terms. They reached into their pockets, emptied it and handed over their money to the woman who counted them. If your money was up to five thousand naira she asked you to sign out and leave, if not; you will be called an idiot and your money thrown at your face.

Some of the boys who didn't have enough money or any money at all agreed to go to the ATM to withdraw to bail themselves. They were all asked to give out their cards and pin to one of the boys who followed the other two policemen to the ATM. Moments later they were back and everyone who posted bail was allowed to leave.

Now there were only four of them left, Victor and two other boys from the lodge and the cry baby whom he didn't know where he came from. The cry baby kept weeping and begging but the policemen payed no heed. The old man was aggressive now, cursing them and promising them that they would suffer inside the cell.

They stripped them off their belongings, made them wear their clothes inappropriately.

The cry baby's wailing was becoming more amusing to Victor now, he had started calling on God. "My God shall vindicate me!" He was saying. "He shall punishment my enemies. I didn't do anything, there is God in heaven!"

The policemen oddly found this amusing, they laughed sadistically as they led the four of them up through a stairway, when they reached the top Victor could see the cell to his right. In front of the cell was another overweight woman sitting on a plastic chair behind a plastic table. As they approached she smiled at them.

"These ones no gree cooperate?" She asked her colleagues.

"Yes o," the bastard policeman answered her.

She proceeded to taking down their names. All the while the people inside the cell had gathered behind the bars, singing a song that sounded like a welcome anthem. Smiling at them, urging them on. When the lady opened the cell and let them in. She ordered the inmates to deal with them.

It was almost evening now, Victor and the other boys entered the cell frightened, the cry baby was till tearing up. When the cell door closed behind him Victor felt a rush of dread through his body.
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moseph I see you viewing cool I hope you are a fan wink

I have updated the story.
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moseph I see you viewing cool I hope you are a fan wink

I have updated the story.
I am your number 1fan.
Thanks for the update

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Re: Loose Guard - (Abandoned project) by xxix: 3:25pm On May 16

Chapter six

Sergeant Prince loved being a policeman, He couldn't envision himself at any other job. Everything about the profession mad him happy. The nonchalant way they behaved, the adrenaline rush he gets from shootouts with armed robbers, the side money he made from taking bribes and all the women he gets to sleep with just by being a police sergeant and doing them little favours.

After graduating from the academy, he diligently worked his way to his current position and if he worked even harder before long he would become DSP then SP and climb all the way to DPO and then he would work hard some more to become commissioner.

He always silently mocked his colleagues who were content at whatever post the held and didn't mind holding it for ever. He new people who had become officers before him only to remain there when he arrived and still there after his promotion and will still be there when he became DPO.

It was night, his favorite time of the day. It was when him and his colleagues set out to carry out most of his favorite operations, attack on cultists, shootouts with armed robbers, escort for prominent people in the state, and his most favorite, raid on prostitutes.

Tonight they were on their way to raid a prominent prostitution location. World bank.

World bank was the heart of the city of Owerri for working class ladies. If you needed to make extra cash on the side, just look your best and be there when night falls and if you were lucky to avoid police invasion you would get picked up by a Hot male willing to exchange money for sex.

Thrice every month Prince and his unit would raid the area, pick up some of the girls there. Harass them a little, threaten them with jail term, extort money from them and would occasionally cajole the girls into having raunchy sexual encounters with them. The girls who cooperated by their own will were subject to less extortion but became booty call girls for the men in blacks. The once who resisted were subjected to more harassment and higher extortion fees and would sometimes be thrown into jail.

But recently the girls were becoming harder to capture, it was as if they knew of their arrival before hand as the place was usually deserted when they arrived. At a point they went on three streaks without apprehending anyone. This made them to take a break while, staying out of their business for three months.

But the spies they planted have been feeding them valuablr information that the population of the place has grown tremendously. The ladies now seem to operate by certain guidance and regulations. He bet they must have forgotten about them, which makes tonight's operation all the more satisfying even before it happens. Nothing beats the element if surprise when hunting.

Prince liked the money they made from these operations but he liked the encounters more. These girls would do anything to please them, they could perform all kinds of sexual fantasies on them without having to pay a dime, heck they even collected money from the girls on few occasions. As far as he was concerned they were doing the girls a favour, and every favour is done in hope that it will be returned. After all they are all prostitutes and prostitution is illegal.

For this operation they were making use of two buses, each bus contained four men excluding the driver, all of them wore casual black clothes; from top to bottom even their shoes were black. They all carried ak-47 rifles, fully loaded but it was only for intimidation. They hoped to fill the two buses tonight.

Prince sat in the front seat of his own bus which was ahead while the other bus followed closely behind. They were approaching the place now, he could see the dozens of girls lined up along the road all of them of different varieties. He thought tonight was going to be a good night.

The bus kept closing in onbthe girls, none of them even suspecting a thing. His bus passed the girls and parked at the end while the other bus parked at the opposite end.

They took a second to gather their breaths, because even an operation like this required precession. Anything could go wrong.

When the doors to the buses opened and the men in Black poured out onto the road, the girls realized what was going on and took to their heals, some of them managed to escape but the sight of gun killed the courage of the rest.

Prince and his men had them surrounded now, they were all commanded to get on their kneels which they promptly obeyed. Everything was going well, they had more than enough girls to fill the bus. Prince was satisfied with the result so far, he had already spotted his kind of mark, a beautiful fair skinned girl with moderate breasts, a slim waist and curved hips; he had never seen her before. She must be new. He hoped she was tight and that she would be willing to cooperate.

Prince was about to approach the girls and give a rehearsed talk to ignite fear in them so their cooperation would be smooth when he heard commotion close by. He looked around searching for the cause, that's when he saw one of his men in a tussle with one of the girls. They were across the road and the man was dragging the girl by the waist with girl aggressively refusing. This infuriated Prince, he wasn't mad at the girl but at his own colleague who had chased the girl all the way across the road.

We have more than enough girls here!

The man was struggling to drag the girl over and the girl was putting up a staunch fight, Prince contemplated sending one of the officers over to help the fool but decided to let him struggle as punishment for getting out of line. The plan was to surround the girls, he had repeatedly told them not to go after any specific girls that they would succumb to the sight of their guns. But this fool, he wondered who it was obviously didn't get the message.

Prince was about to face the girls when he saw the girl hitting his colleague, she had taken of her shoes and was hitting him with her bag! This angered the officer who in retaliation aimed his gun at the girl threatening to shoot her, still she kept on hitting him and was now raining abuses on him. Prince decided it was time to intervene, he signaled to the closest officer to him to follow him.

On their way to the other side they heard gun fire. Next thing the girl was on the floor. All the other policemen crossed the road now, one of them reached down to check on the girl. When he stood up he let them know she was dead. It was a fatal shot to the head, her brains were all over the place.

As if on cue all of them rushed back to the other side, all the girls were gone. But they didn't care, they entered their buses and hurried out of there.


One hour later Prince and his crew raided an uncompleted building known to be a haven for cultists in the hopes they would catch some. They caught three, took them inside a bush, labeled them criminals and shot them to death; taking pictures of their dead bodies. This was done so that when the news of what happened breaks the next day, the police would say it was perpetrated by kidnappers and that they got Intel on their hideout, tracked them down and when the kidnappers opened fire on them they killed these three and the rest got away.

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