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A Village Love Affair Complete By Fr / Family Affair (A Romantic Story Written By EVANS UHUNOMA) / Family Affair - Episode 1 (2) (3) (4)

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Family Affair by Emperor380(m): 3:41pm On May 26, 2019
I dedicate this book to my girlfriend Augustina for all the inspirational talks on developing my creativity. To all the writers and readers in NL community. I heart u all.
Re: Family Affair by Emperor380(m): 3:45pm On May 26, 2019
Family Affair

Jeremy looked through the window of his car and was surprised they had already arrived at Kanem. He has just been away for five Years but everything has changed. The town has further developed into a city. Companies and factories have been built all over the lands and it seemed Kanem has succeeded in becoming a force to be reckoned in Gurara State.

"You mean all of this happened just within five years ?" He asked the driver bug eyed.

"Oga, na so oo, we thank God for our governor, the man dey try well well" The driver replied with his hands on the wheel and eyes focused on the road.

The two kept talking about the things that have been happening in the town till they reached to a diversion from the main road and went straight toward a street that went through alot of fine structures with beautiful colours on the walls. 

"This place na GRA we dey call am" Said the driver.

Jeremy shook his head and set his eyes back on the structures.

They drove directly to The Raymond's Compound and parked. Jeremy came out of the car, removed the dark glasses from his eyes and looked around the compound, not much has changed in the house though. He saw a lot of cars parked outside and couldn't wait to join the rest of the family inside the house."Home sweet home!" he exclaimed as he move towards the main entrance of the house.

He went straight to the living room because he knew they would be there. Knocking on the door, footsteps were heard approaching and in a blink, the door was opened.

"Big bro!" James jump and grab him in enthusiasm.After hugging for some moments, they released each other.

"James! Is this you ? " Jeremy asked rhetorically  .

"You've fully grown into an adult" He complimented.

"Come on bro! Its just five years you didn't see me but you sound like its been fifty years".

"I know, but seriously you've grown into a fine young man"

"Thank you bro, so you better watch how you talk to me now ".James boast.

"Uhmmm! I sure will" replied Jeremy with humour.

All this while, the other members of the family where looking at the two brothers exchanging greetings and couldn't wait to welcome Jeremy back. Their mother who is the very outspoken one couldn't endure anymore so she had to cut the two brothers halfway.

"Will you come over here and give mama a hug and stop your boyish attitude with James ?"

Jeremy ran to his mother like he just saw her in hundred years.

"Mum"he called as he held her tight to himself.

"I miss you my little boy" the mum said excitedly.

"Come on mum! You still call me boy? Am a grown up man now" Jeremy said.

"Grown up man indeed! it doesn't matter how old and mature you get, you will always be my little boy. Both you and your younger ones..."

"And the only fully grown man in this house is me" There father cut in.

"Daaaad!" Jeremy call facing his father that was making his way down the stairs.

"Look at you dad! Don't you ever grow old ?" 

"And why should I ? When your mum is always around to make sure I have everything" Raymond said shoulders high.

"Dad! You have started this your mum talk. Can't I have a warm hug at least before telling me what mum has been to you ?" Jeremy attack his father forming anger.

"Looks like someone is jealous Here. But come I can't forget to hug my son, my first son. The future of the Raymond's family"  Mr Raymond hugged Jeremy tight and let go.

The family continued their celebration of reunion. Jeremy met with other members of the family and joined them to have fun. They sat in the living room talking about themselves and how their lives have been. Jeremy being the eldest son Started the narration while Derrick the second son followed, then James. Everyone was silent when it was Jasmine's turn to narrate. That was the moment everyone noticed she has not been with them.

"Jasmine! How could I have forgotten my little girl" Said Jeremy.

"Where is she ? I need to see her."

They stared at each other wondering where she was.

"I think.. She is upstairs with..." 

Derrick stopped. "I think she is upstairs" he said reluctantly.

"With who ?. Don't tell me she has started bringing men to this house. Mum ? Dad?  Why aren't you saying anything" Jeremy screamed.

"Why don't you calm down son! Your sister is not with a man. You can go check on her upstairs".

He whisked out of the living room and headed straight toward the stairs.

The other members of the family look at each other and stood quietly.Jasmine is the last child and the only daughter in the family.
For some reason Jeremy loves her very much and adores her.He would do anything to save her from the parent's troubles whenever she offends them.

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Re: Family Affair by Emperor380(m): 4:04pm On May 26, 2019

In not more than two minutes Jeremy was seen rushing down full of fire in his eyes. He was glaring and scary, he was carrying a killer expression and everyone became scared.
"Mum...?"He screamed before getting down to the parlour.

"Mum what is the meaning of this ?,How could you let her come into the house..."

"Son calm do..."

"Don't tell me to calm down mum" He shut his mum before she could talk.
"For goodness sake she has nothing to do with this family again. All acquaintances broke the day she betrayed me"
"Brother please listen to mum's explanation" Derrick interfered.

"What kind of explanation those she have that will justify this ? I can't believe you supported them too Derrick ,I am disappointed in all of you".

"Benny didn't come here for you, she didn't come for anyone but me. She only heed to my invitation" Mr Raymond finally spoke.

"Dad how could you?" Jeremy asked astonished.

"Listen she was once a part of this family and its so unfortunate that you people couldn't iron out your differences but that's it. I personally don't have any problems with her neither does your mother or siblings"Mr Raymond clarified.

"So that's it ?, you people want me to be the black sheep in everybody's eyes right ?"

"Jeremy your getting it all wrong here, Listen I want you to see Benny as your..."

"No no no mum there is nothing to see here I've understand everything but your plans won't work. You know what, am out of this house till the day Benny gets out. I can't live in the same roof as Benny". Jeremy declared and stormed out of the room. He headed straight to the garage and off he went.

"What is wrong with this boy?" I can't believe that after five years he hasn't change" Said Raymond hopelessly.
"Darling! Maybe you shouldn't have spoken to him like that" Mrs Raymond.

"Like how do you mean ? I only told him the truth. You know how I suffered before convincing Benny to come here and now she gets this kind of treatment!"

Derrick shook his head and went straight to Where Jasmine and Benny are, left in the parlour was Mr and Mrs Raymond and James standing still.
" Mum I will go after him, he won't know his way around. You don't know what could happen to him especially with the reports about kidnaps and robbery recently"James volunteered worriedly.

"I think you have a point James but please be very careful OK" Said Mr Raymond.

James left and Mrs Johnson went to her husband and lay her head on his chest to release the pressure from her mind.

Derrick knocked the door and after some hesitation, Jasmine opened and sigh heavily.
"Oh its you!" She said.
"Where is Benny ?" ask Derrick.

"Over there",She said pointing at Benny.

"Benny don't tell me your living!" She was already putting her things together and looked determined to Leave

"I heard the argument between Jeremy and your parents, he clearly stated that he can't stay in the same roof with me, so am living him with his roof" Cried Benny.

"Benny is it all about him ? How about the rest of us, come on we have lived together in this house for a year and some months, we are family"

"Derrick, I miss this home a lot. Your parent's love towards me is second to none. But the reason for which I came to this home does not need me again, its only fair that I respect that." Benny said in tears.

"Okay I understand you but please pass the night here and tomorrow I will personally drive you to your place" Derrick insisted.

After some moments of arguments, she finally gave in to his request by agreeing to pass the night there.
Jasmine was surprised how Derrick did it. She had try all her best to convince Benny but all efforts where in vain, now Derrick just came and did it.

"Big brother! You and magic. What have you told her that made her change her mind?"
"Come on shut up, silly girl. Just make sure she is ok".

Derrick is the second son after Jeremy, he is by far the most handsome of the Raymonds, his brothers are also fine looking men but Derrick stands out as the finest.
He is not only handsome but unique too. He has a good heart and is free with all the members of the family. His opinion matters a lot in issues of prominence. He also has the ability to persuade people into seeing things from his point of view. Whoever that is facing any problem or difficulty in the family and needs advice knows exactly who to go to(Derrick). To say it all he is everybody's favourite.
He is twenty five years old and a vibrant intelligent young man. He graduated from University of Jos where he read Business Administration. He is now working with their father Mr Raymond in the company and has been a good example to the other employees. Irrespective of the fact that its his father's company, he acts very professional abiding by all the ethics of the job.
"OK goodnight I've got a lot of preparations for the party".Derrick said.
"Sweet dreams my magical brother" Jasmine teased.

He left and went straight to his room

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Re: Family Affair by Emperor380(m): 4:13pm On May 26, 2019
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Re: Family Affair by temitope23(m): 5:56pm On May 26, 2019
Nice one Bro.
Re: Family Affair by mekussa(m): 10:48pm On May 26, 2019
Nice story bro... Eagerly waiting for updates
Re: Family Affair by BankyGee(m): 11:04pm On May 26, 2019
Nice one bro...
Re: Family Affair by Emperor380(m): 10:48am On May 29, 2019
The following morning, Mr Raymond woke up very early and went straight to the men's flat where his sons are. He knocked on Jeremy's door. The door was open after some seconds.

"Dad! What are you doing here this morning?" James asked with surprise. There father hardly visits there flat except he has something important to discuss with them.

"Where is your brother?" Asked Mr Raymond.

"Dad! He is still sleeping. He had a very rough night" 

"Rough night indeed. And where did you found him ?" Asked Mr Raymond.

"I ransacked almost all the bars around town and was tired. Then I remembered one of his favourite places before, I was surprised he still knew his way. I got him drunk to stupor I had to rush him home and give him a bath before laying him in bed".James narrated

" Its alright James, you did a lot of good job with your brother. You should inform your brothers that I will love to have lunch with the whole family at noon please" Mr Ramond announced and left.

James pushed the door close and was on his way back to his room when Derick's voice brought him back.

"Who was at the door ?" 

"Its father, he wants us to meet at noon for lunch!" Replied James.

"Have you told Jerry ? "

"He is still asleep, probably still recovering from yesterday's drama" 

Derick  stood quietly like he was thinking about something before he finally asked James.

"Do you think the meeting will have something to do with that incident?" 

"I don't really know,  but I think its a very important think he wants to address" james replied.


The two brothers left and each went his way. They were filled with fear and tension, its been a while they had such a meeting. Meetings like that are only held when their is an issue that needs to be sorted or if any of the children has faulted, disciplinary measures are usually announced there. 

Derick went straight to his room still contemplating what their father wants to talk about. He took the box guitar that lay beside the bed and began to pull its strings. He is a very good guitarist and he does that whenever he is alone and needs to clear his mind,  playing the guitar was a good therapy for him.

"Who brought me home yesterday?" A voice startled him and he dropped the instrument he was holding.

He raised his eyes and saw Jeremy standing in the room.

"Hey, big brother. When did u got in here ?'' 

Jeremy stood still not saying anything.

" OK can you please have a seat ?" Derrick pleaded.

"What do you want to say that can't be said when an standing?" 

Derrick understood from his brother's countenance that he was still upset with them.

"Jerry am sorry for what happened, I know you don't want to see her ever and I completely understand your reasons for being like that. But you need to know that it was dad who brought her himself. We were shock ourselves when we saw her. "

"You were shock ? No I don't think so. If you were you wouldn't have let her sleep in this house. You are my brother Derrick and my happiness should be your concern but you didn't consider that. I don't know why everyone is acting like nothing ever happened,  Derrick your cool with her aren't you?" 

"Listen brother, we are cool with her simply because we have not seen her for a very long time. I was excited when I saw her and that doesn't mean anything"

Jeremy was enraged and struggled to hold himself.

"I don't know what that girl has done to all of you but I'm glad that I am resistant to all her tricks, I don't even know why am here talking to you Derrick. I am living for Abuja immediately" 

He made to go out when James came into the room. 

"Big brother,  you're awake already!" He noticed the mood in his two brothers faces and concluded that an argument was going on before he arrived.

"Yes am awake but not for too long, I'm living." Jeremy replied and left.

"Dad wants to see us all'  James voice made him stand.

" See us for what ? Hasn't he caused enough troubles already?" Jeremy blasted.

"Jeremy pleases calm down. Whatever it is that father wants to say is very  important. He wouldn't be happy if you are not there" James explained.

Jeremy left the other two boys standing and staring at each other.

"Hmmm I don't know what is wrong with him" Derrick said.

"Neither do I " james replied.

Inside the big flat, all the members of the family were gathered around the table. They had just finished devouring lunch and were silently sitting for the meeting to start fully. Mr Raymond sat on his usual position at the front of the table and beside him was his wife,  while the children sat around. He cleared his throat after a long silence of staring at his family then decided to speak.

"I want to officially welcome each and everyone of you that is here and to express gratitude for honouring my call"

The whole house nodded and some adjusted their sitting positions.

"I must say that I am very proud of you all, seeing your beautiful and handsome faces reminds me of the goodness of God to me. From my wife to my children and also Benny, I want you to know that I love you all and am very proud having you around as family."

 He paused, sipped from his drink and continued.

"I just invited you all to announce some changes and switches that will occur in the roles we play in this family. Considering the fact that old age has taken its toll out of me, and also my health condition is just getting worse by the day. I have every reason to say that my time as CEO of the company is up and I need someone to succeed me. Having said this,  I have observed my staff from top offices in the company perhaps I could appoint someone to replace me as CEO but none has presented a satisfying character worthy of trusting him with the company. For this reason I have decided to step out and let my son Jeremy take that position. If at all anyone should be trusted with such responsibilities, it should be him. He is the first son of this family and I hope he will do us proud. The implication of this is that he will be home with us, so he should forget about going back."

Everyone was quiet and still, attention shifted to Jeremy when the announcement was made. He also sat still and maintained his indifferent facial expression. He wouldn't dare say a word or cut in when his father is talking so as expected he kept mute.

"And to Derrick,  you have spent three years working with me at the company as an assistant to me. I have seen your commitment and accountability and how professional you handle the business. It would be unwise to take you away from the company so you will work together with Jeremy as joint CEOs as I will call it anyway it doesn't matter how I call it but you would put hands together on the deck to make sure everything moves right." 

Derrick sat quiet too. He was quiet excited that he will continue working for the progress of the family.

Other members of the family were nervous. James and Jasmine sat quiet like goats lined up for slaughter.

Mr Raymond took another gulp of his drink, adjusted his glasses and continued his pronouncements.

"James will complete his studies and will take charge of the business Jeremy will be living in Abuja. He has always wanted something to do with cars, I hope he will utilise his chance".

" And to you Jasmine, you are still a little girl and for the meant time you should take care of daddy and mummy" He said as he smiled with little Jasmine.

Everyone was still quiet and attention moved back to Benny,  what will he say about Benny ?  Jeremy was practically shaking with anxiety. Inside his mind he hope his father was not thinking of anything stupid if not,  there will be a big problem.

After sipping the last drop of juice that remained in the glass cup,  Mr Raymond stood up and thus he said.
Re: Family Affair by Emperor380(m): 10:52am On May 29, 2019
"I invited Benny to join us today because she is facing a very difficult time in her life. I know that it will be difficult to accept her back as a member of this family again especially for Jeremy after what happened between them. But please for the sake of her present predicaments,  I want to offer her a place in the company since she is also a graduate, to serve as a source of living for her. I am made to understand that ever since she left us, she has been facing lots of trials in her life and has felt reluctant to let anyone know of her situation especially people from this family. I know that my decision to bring her in the company will hurt some of us but please lets try and get use to her presence. Perhaps one day Jeremy will forgive her and I hope he does".

Mr Raymond was still talking about Benny when Jeremy interrupted him.

" I knew it! I knew it dad! Why are you trying to do this to me ? Dad I can believe that your still pushing your son to go back to a woman who left him on his wedding day. Before taking this decision,  did you thought of how I will feel ? Does my feeling matter to you at all? "  

"Calm down.."

"Don't tell me to calm down mum" He turned on his mum who had tried calming him.

"Didn't you know about this ?  How could you even support dad on this ?  Am highly disappointed in you too" 

He stood up and made to live before his father's thunderous voice stopped him.

"Don't you dare step out of this room"

Jeremy stood for some second before turning on his father.

" And why should I not ? Dad why ? Would you kill me or disown me ? Which one will you do " he said nonchalantly without fear.

Other members of the family were shock to their marrows,  it was the first time anyone in that house was challenging Mr Raymond's decision. 

"This woman left me when I needed her most, she embarassed me in front of the world and made me look stupid. How do you expect me to get back with her ? Its even weird to think that you will let that kind of a woman pass a night in your house" 

 He screamed with tears in his eyes .

"Now let me put this clear in your heads. If you want me to work in that company, that woman will have to live this home immediately and please I don't want her anywhere close to that company. I was her victim once,  I can never let her get me again. Good day dad!"  Jeremy went straight to the door open it and away he went.

Mr Raymond tried calling him back but he was long gone and was determined not to look back.

"Dad please let him go, I will talk to him" Derrick said in consultation of his father.

Benny was already in tears she stood up and hurried toward Mr Raymon.

"Sir I appreciate everything you have done to me since from the day I set my feet in this family. You've always treated me as one of your own and I am forever indebted to you. But sir,  for the sake of peace, I will love to go away from here. I don't want to be the start of a problem in this beautiful family you have. By the way I don't deserve any favour or forgiveness from any of you because all I've ever caused to you all is pains and sorrows. Please I want to go somewhere far away maybe I can start a new life over there"

Before she could finish talking,  tears were already rolling on everybody's  eyes apart from Derrick. Their mum went to her and gave her a warm hug and assured her everything will be alright.

"Benny its OK! Just let him relax, he will learn how to live with you around. Trust me". 

Jasmine was also in tears seeing Benny cry. They have an unending bond between them that even if all members of that house were against Benny, she will stand with her.

James walk to Benny,  held her by the hand and dragged her toward the stairs, Jasmine followed them while Derrick went out through the door Jeremy had used.

Left in the living room was just Mr and Mrs Raymond.

" Honey I told you right from the begining that this idea of Jeremy and Benny working in the same company will not work. I know my son and his kind of heart. " Mrs Raymond lamented.

"I have known Jeremy to have a heart of stone among my children. But to think that after five years he will still have grudges with Benny was totally not of any concern to me" Mr Raymond said still in shock.

"Sweetheart,  something has to be done. I don't want him to be angry at us. He is already mad at me and I can't stand his silence for long. You know he is our first son".

" So what will you have me do ? Ehn ?" Mr Raymond shouted in anger.

"Should I let the helpless little girl just go like that ? No,  I won't allow Benny suffer just because someone can't bring himself together to forgive and move on"  He said in finality and headed straight to their room.

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Re: Family Affair by Emperor380(m): 10:54am On May 29, 2019
Nice one Bro.
thanks a lot bro...pls keep the comments coming and invite new people to the thread thanks once more
Re: Family Affair by Emperor380(m): 10:55am On May 29, 2019
Nice story bro... Eagerly waiting for updates
thanks for that conment...new updates available
Re: Family Affair by Emperor380(m): 10:56am On May 29, 2019
Nice one bro...
Appreciate a lot gee

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Re: Family Affair by Igwe29(m): 10:47pm On Jun 09, 2019
I just hope Jeremy would find a place in his heart to forgive Benny.

Nice one though!

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