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My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 5:02pm On May 26, 2019
Chapter 1
We all make wishes not thinking how drastically it could change our lives if it happens to comes true. For as long as I can remember I have always wished my dad to be super rich, so I can eat the food I want, wear the latest cloth and have the latest phone. Luckily my wish came true, just earlier this year the government awarded my dad a multi-billion contract, that really was a life-changing contract for us, literally. My father made sure to send my elder brother outside the country, then bought the best kind of things for me. At first, all was fine, I became the richest girl in the neighborhood. My mom kept saying we should pack out, my dad said no need since he is already building his house and we should wait till I finish my ss 2, so once we relocate I will start in a new school. I never bothered about the new school or the new environment I was too busy being the biggest girl in my poor neighborhood.
Sadly after my ss 2, we packed into our new home, and the environment was super rich. I have only seen this type of environment in magazines and TV, I never imagined I would one day live here.
"It feels so good, the air smells different... Pure" said my mom the day we packed it, I could see how happy she was when we packed in, she never loved our formal neighborhood, it's filled with gossipers and nosy neighbours so she said.
Now I have been enrolled in a prestigious school, so spacious that I don't think I will ever get to cover the whole school till I finish. Its been a week since I enrolled and I still feel poor, unlike my formal neighborhood that I became the biggest, here I feel as if am poor again.
My mom thinks attending this school gives me a better chance of being successful in life, she doesn't realize how inferior I feel. I just realize being rich doesn't only mean fat bank account, it also includes the way you carry yourself, the designers you wear, your intonation, the way you stress your consonants and vowels. Now I know am still sort of poor since am new money, the students in this school are old money, they are all born with a silver spoon, I feel like a sheep thrown to the wolves. It's been a week and I have only managed to make one friend Amina. She is dark very pretty I jealous her cute innocent face, but she talks a lot, am more of a quiet one.
"Today is going to be awesome," Amina said full of excitement, the whole students are gathered on the assembly ground.
"Why?" I asked cause I can also see the excitement in every student's face especially my classmates.
"Today, the delinquents will be joining us," she said. Delinquents? I thought to myself, if am right then it means trouble, what's there to be excited about it.
"Delinquents, that means they're technically bad," I said just to be sure.
"Yes, that makes it all the fun, its been boring since everybody here plays by the book, nobody is sure how the delinquents will act so it gets everybody excited," she said panting, stretching her neck to see the front. I love boring, boring means safe and I love safe.
"Won't they harm students, and how come the school authority allows it?" I asked
"The delinquents are all expelled from other schools, and no school wants them, so our principal believes he's giving them one more chance" she said, that's insane, I feel uneasy.
"Won't they deceive the students?" I asked
"Probably, but before they are accepted, they first off all go to the military camp for a month for discipline, and while they are here, it's the military that takes care of them, they go and come with the military," she said.
"How come you know all this" I asked, I thought this is the first time
"Think Barbara, because this isn't the first time" she took a breath and looked at me, "it happens once every 3 years."
"So the school get this excited every time?" I asked looking around
"Not nearly, there has been a rumor that principal did it cause of the money the delinquents' parents pay him, cause they are always from a rich family. So, he now decided to take in poor kids to dissolve the rumors, now since no student knows the rich from the poor we are all excited to figure it out and besides some of us don't know how poor people act" she said and returned to her exciting mode.
"I actually know" I muttered to myself.
I heard the murmur from the student as I watch a bus drove in, the bus filled with delinquents.
"Hi pretty" I heard someone call from behind me, I stiffed, the voice always does that to me.
"Hi, Kevin" I replied with a stutter.
Re: My Monster by Devilpen(m): 5:09pm On May 26, 2019
What type of genre are you writing
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 5:37pm On May 26, 2019
Chapter 2

My name is Barbara Omeh, I have always been a sucker for cute guys, now in my new school, a guy called Kevin is just a bag of cuteness, and the moment our eyes met the first day, it was magical, it's been a week and all we do is steal glances at each other. He makes our school uniform looks like designers, he is tall, has Justin Bieber kind of cuteness, I notice as girls fawn over him, but even in midst of all those girls he still looks at me and gives me a drop-dead smile.
Since a weak now all we do is steal glances at each other, but today he came right behind me and said hi, his voice sounded like peanut butter.
"What do you think of the delinquents?" He asked
"What do you think?" I asked back since am afraid my thought might be different from his and he would hate that.
"Nothing really, it happens once every 3 years, some more interesting than others," he said looking ahead as the bus came to a halt.
"Oh," I just said and started looking up front. The first person to come out is a man in his mid forty wearing an army uniform.
"Get down" he shouted and it riveted the whole school, then one by one the delinquents came down. They're just nine, I thought they will be more
"So we now have nine new students," Kevin said stressing his first word.
I just gave a nod, the man moved forward and they followed him, it felt like the delinquents are nervous, they didn't look at the student, that's what I did the first day I came in.
The soldier shook hands with the principal, then the student lined up facing us, but still didn't look at us, some focused on the sky while others in their feet. There is a really cute girl with them, I wonder what made her a delinquent.
"Now everybody is thinking, who the poor ones are," Kevin said, I tried to judge from their appearance, but that didn't give me the answer since they all wore the same uniform like us.
"Does it matter?" I asked
"Not really, but am sure the girls will avoid the person if they know," he said with a scoff.
"Introduce yourself to the students" The soldier ordered, so they passed them the mic, I never knew school uses a mic on the Assembly ground till I came here, it will also be impossible to address the whole students without a mic, cause they are many.
"My name is Richard Igwe," said the first boy, he has a petite body but he is not bad "am here cause my school expelled me, why? Cause I hacked into their server and got the exam questions before the exam, you know I just couldn't resist the temptation," he said the last part proudly and the students cheered for him.
"What a good way to make an entry," Kevin said
"Amanda Charles," the really cute girl said, "am here cause no other school could take my bitchy attitude," she said and passed the mic,
"Don't worry we can" one of our boys shouted, we all laughed.
"Caleb Okafor, I fight a lot," The third person said, he really looks macho.
"Kayode Akin" he took a deep breath "fell in with the bad crew and I got busted"
I won't lie, it's interesting am now eager to hear them all.
"Obinna Agu, it's just a huge misunderstanding, am innocent, I don't deserve to be here," he said, we all laughed cause he looks guilty of whatever charges they laid on him. He handed over the mic to the sixth guy, the guy didn't say anything but gave the mic to the seventh guy who is also identical with him,
"Twins," Amina said.
"Am Gabriel Okeke, and this is my brother Michael," he said patting his brother "he doesn't talk much, our crime is mainly of my doing, I always pick a fight then my brother always comes to help me out, so making him my partner in crime. Our parents think the military camp will discipline us since we are the heir to a construction company" he said with a shrug.
"Now that's my type of guys," Amina said smiling.
"Am Henry Anayo, am just a victim of circumstance, am so glad I have this opportunity," he said then passed the mic.
"That's a first," Kevin said
"Collins Onuh, just decided to be the scapegoat, am not regretting it," he said and looked at Amanda, awww I smell something.
"Where is he" the army man shouted, they pointed at the car and said something, but it wasn't audible enough, he then took the second mic.
"Get down here boy before I get you myself," he said looking at the bus. So there is a tenth guy now am excited that I can't keep calm. I find myself stretching my neck like Amina, am even standing on my toe.
"Cool it girl, he will get down," Kevin said with a scoff. I paid him no attention as I watch a figure gets down from the bus. Everywhere went quiet, drop a pin and the sound will be heard, that's how quiet we all got. The reason for this is because the boy that came down is wearing a mask. A mask with the design that makes it look like a skull.
He walked confidently to the podium, his face is all covered so no way telling if he is nervous or not.
He took the mic to introduce himself, I strained my ear to hear him so I won't miss anything, no one got my interest like the boy on the mask.
"Am Eric," he said and gave the mic back to Collins, he gave no other explanation or introduction, not even a surname, just Eric.
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 5:37pm On May 26, 2019
What type of genre are you writing

Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 3:44pm On May 29, 2019
My monster

Chapter 3

Everybody kept talking about the boy in the mask, they think he's too ugly that's why he wore a mask, and I believe it to be true because of what the soldier said
"Don't worry about his mask or having him disturb, he's too ashamed of himself to crave attention" that's the exact words of the soldier.
We are now in our first period which happens to be Biology, am a science student I aspire to be a doctor when I grow up. Some of the delinquents are with us.
Richard, who said we should call him Richie, Amanda, Collins, the twins then Eric.
It's annoying we can't see his face, I wonder how ugly he is. My mind was still trying to make up the monstrous face that will suit Eric when a piece of paper landed on me.
I picked it, then looked around to see who threw it, I saw Kevin smiling at me, I quickly unfolded the paper.
"Stop staring at Eric, else I will be jealous"
How cute, no need getting jealous over a monster face, haven't you heard, am a sucker for cute guys and you happen to be very cute. I smiled and looked at him, that's a nice way to start wooing a girl.
"Miss Omeh, tell me the parts involved in homeostasis" I heard our teacher called and all amusement left me, I slowly stood, didn't even look at Kevin, all eyes on me.
"Kidney, skin, liver and hormones" I answered, I never said I was a dimwit, she gave me a hard stare and continued teaching, I then looked at Kevin and he mouthed sorry, I smiled and focused on the teacher since I might not be lucky next time.
The lessons continued, Kevin occasionally throw notes my way but none of them landed us in trouble and I loved it, the moment I heard my stomach rumbled I heard the bell for lunch.
"Thank God," I said and stood up, lots of students were already bursting out, my eyes drifted to Eric, he was looking out through the window not bothered about going out.
"Come on Amanda let's go am famished," Richie said dragging Amanda with him, the twins and Collins followed they didn't bother with the Eric, I guess he is a loner.
"Stop staring" Kevin whispered as he passed me, I smiled, I never knew am staring, maybe it's because of his creepy mask. I followed Kevin. Maybe Amina will have something interesting to tell me about the delinquents in her class.
School went on normal, Eric changed his mask, now we can see his lips, really pink lips, now am doubting if he's really a monster, but I really have not seen him speak ever since his introduction. Our homeroom teacher did some changes in our sitting position and he is now sitting directly behind me and it gives me the creep.
"So disappointed," Amina said casting her shoulder down
"What's wrong?" I asked after I swallowed my food, we are in the canteen
"I thought with the delinquents coming things would be exciting," she said, she's right things are still boring
"Allow me gorgeous and I will give you the excitement you so desire," Richie said interfering, he's been on Amina since he came, it really annoys her cause she hates guys with a petite body, Richie just doesn't care, he's determined on getting her.
"Can't you just leave me alone," she said with closed teeth.
"No, can't do," he said smiling, I smiled at the poor guy's courage, it made me look around for Kevin, we have gotten really close since last week, he sometimes comes to our table to eat with us, but today he is with his popular guys. I looked at him, he is just too handsome, I exhaled. I was drawn back to reality when I heard the sound of a slap.
"Now some excitement" Amina said, I turned and saw Amanda slapping Kelly, Kelly is like the guy we all avoid in the school, if you ask me he looks more delinquent than the delinquents.
"You just didn't do that" He glared at her.
"Stop me again and I will do it again," Amanda said and walked away.
"Now that's gut," Amina said. I just nodded
"Too sad the excitement is over" she added
"Over? It's just getting started pretty" Richie said, we all gasped as Collins stormed in, everybody knew exactly with will happen.
"Kelly should know better than touch Amanda" Richie smiled, Collins went straight to Kelly and gave him a mighty punch that knocked him down, he sat on him and delivered countless punch before Kelly's crew came and dragged him up.
"Teach him a lesson," Kelly said with his bloody face
"Lock the cafeteria so no teacher disturbs," he said as his guys held down Collins, he is about to trash Collins.
"Do something?" Amina said to Richie.
"Why me, besides Gabriel will soon enter," he said and truthfully Gabriel came with a powerful punch that made the guy let go of Collins, Michael also entered. I now remembered Gabriel saying he's the one that picks a fight. At that moment, The once peaceful canteen became a ring for wrestlers, the only delinquents that didn't join the fight is Henry and Richie.
"Where is Amanda, she caused this and she is nowhere to be found," I said, I searched the cafeteria with my eyes for her instead I found Kevin's cheering on the fight, boys will be boys.
"Don't worry, she is trying to get help," Richie said,
"You mean the teachers?" I asked, Richie, smiled,
"We are delinquent, we break the rules, teachers can't stop this, we need the monster to stop it," he said and I can only think of one monster, Eric. As it dawns on me we all heard a loud bang on the canteen door, it was so loud it made the fight stop. The bang came again this time louder and I was petrified, what if its a teacher and they punish us all like they normally do in my formal school.
The door busted open on its forth bang, lo and behold the Eric, Amanda was standing behind him, he looked at the ones fighting, and walked towards them.

Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 10:23pm On May 29, 2019
My monster

Chapter 4

Everyone was anticipating what he will do, it's frustrating that I can't see his face to know his reaction, he reached out for his friends, whispered to them and help the fallen ones up. Everyone was watching his every step, he doesn't look strong to me, for the fact he always wears hood makes him look like he is sick and has never left the class. After helping his mates up, they walked away, nobody expected that and it left Kelly's lips open.
"And where do you think you're going" Kelly finally said when he got hold of himself.
"Wouldn't it be better if we all stop now before someone get hurt" Eric answered without looking back.
"Oh, someone is already hurt, my ego," Kelly said and dashed towards him. I looked at Eric to see if he will run or plead he just turn towards Kelly. Kelly was thrown back with his punch, as he fell, Eric kicked his stomach, so hard that Kelly curled up and started coughing.
"Who's next," he said looking at the petrified Kellys group, though I can't see his face I do know he is now different from the sound of his voice.
"Now the monster is out," Richie said with much excitement "and no stopping him"
Eric moved towards the crew and they all dashed at him, I thought him mad, for how can he win against 10 boys, but I was left shocked when he started crushing them.
"A punch from Eric is like a hammer, you can hardly get up", he once trashed a junior soldier, we all avoid being punched by him.
"Can't they stop him?" I asked, am already uneasy, I remember when he said to stop before someone get hurt.
"Nop, Eric is like a monster truck with no breaks, you can only get hurt if you try to stop him," Richie said, I can't stand it anymore, soon it will get out of hand. I run toward them, don't really know what made me, maybe it's because of the fact I have been staring at Eric since he came. I have no idea how to stop him or push him so I fell on top a guy he is about to trample on.
"Stop you monster," I said and looked him straight in the eyes, it was pitch black, it's as if he has stared hell straight in the eyes, like worst is the only thing he has seen and will ever see, it made my eyes sting and tears flowed. He stood there looking at me, after a moment he stretched his hands towards me, I closed my eyes and flinched he must really be a monster for him to hit a woman. I heard a punch sound, I then opened my eyes, I saw Kevin's hand balled into a fist, he punched Eric, what have I caused, now this monster will crush my sweet Kevin. I am beyond petrified, but the unexpected happened he just left, the monster left. So the saying is true, true love conquers all, I looked up and saw Kevin shining like a star before me.
He helped me up, and my admiration for him grew, I smiled at him and he returned the gesture, he then moved to help Kelly crew stood up
"Don't be too happy boy, it wasn't your punch that made him walk away," Collins said to Kevin then looked at me before walking away with Amanda and rest of the delinquents.
"Now talk about excitement!" Amina screamed and I smiled, it's what she's been waiting for, as everyone was about to get to class since it's been over 10 minutes the bell rang.
"Who is responsible for what happened here" we heard the principal voice resonates through the hall, I nearly pissed my pants.
"Eric," Kelly said with much hatred, and my heart hurts for him, but I hated myself more as my lips got sealed and I couldn't defend him, not that he didn't deserve whatever punishment, but he alone wasn't the case, actually he was the victim, a strong victim.
"Now everyone should go back to their class, fetch me Eric," he said the last part to the teacher beside him and Ieft, I can't imagine the punishment Eric will take.
It took a while before all the student cleared the canteen, I was the last with Kevin since we took our time chatting, we kept walking like lovers, though not holding hands but our hands brush occasionally and it sends jolts of electricity throughout my body.
He kept telling me sweet words and it's easy to see my blush since am fair,
"The first time you came in, I was like wow, today I've seen an angel," he said and I smiled "I know this is a lame pick up line, but did it hurt when you fell from heaven" I laughed
"Yea it's lame, but with you, it's all romantic," I said and he gave me the cutest pout. I smiled and looked up, I froze as I saw Eric walking towards us with a teacher, even with his mask I can sense his face is devoid of any emotion.
I stood still as he passed, not glancing our way like we are invisible, I don't know why that hurts.
After passing Eric at the hallway, my day got worse, and he didn't return to class, I got more pissed. I kept looking around trying to find him but didn't, I went home being sad.
Re: My Monster by Winnairaking100: 7:13am On May 30, 2019
Over nice story keep up 95/100 five Na for me.u think said u go score 100 for my course tongue tongue
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 9:32am On May 30, 2019
Over nice story keep up 95/100 five Na for me.u think said u go score 100 for my course tongue tongue

Lolz, thanks a lot
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 9:32am On May 30, 2019
My Monster

Chapter 5

I woke with a terrible headache, it's because of the scary nightmare, I dreamt of Eric with his mask, he has fangs and was sucking my blood, I was so powerless.
"You sure you don't want to stay home?" my mom asked, she noticed my sickness, that's why you hardly hide things from mothers
"Sure mom, it's just a slight headache, it will wear off" I answered, I would like to stay home, but I really want to see Eric and know what happened.
"OK, if you say so, do tell the school authority if anything happens" she said and I gave her a nod, "goodbye then" she said, I waved her and entered the car, yea I have a very cute car, venza that drives me to school, being rich have its perks.
Imagine my sadness when school dismissed but Eric didn't come, I just have to put up a fake smile for Kevin and his flattery. The second day Eric still didn't come, the worse is the delinquents were all sad even playful Richie.
"Girl Kevin is really into you," Amina said as she caught Kevin winked at me. I just dismissed her with a wave.
"Why so gloomy?" I asked Richie, Amina gave him a side glance, I guess she wants to know too but pride won't let her ask.
"It's Eric," he said barely above a whisper.
"Keep quiet Richie, it's none of their business," Amanda said with a glare before I could ask again she took Richie and walked to where others are sitting. I sense Collins and Amanda are dating, but she is always with Richie so am sort of confused.
"I wonder why she is dragging Richie wherever she goes," Amina said with a hump, is that jealousy I sense. On a normal situation, I will tease her but this is not the time
I stood up to go after them as they left the canteen, I was stopped by Kevin.
"Cool your horses pretty where you off to?" he asked
"Just the rest room, will be back in a jiffy," I said and rushed out, how did I allow Eric to mess with my head, I have not even had a conversation with him.
"Richie please stop," I said and thankfully he did but Amanda came in front of him
"The only reason I have not poked your eyes out is that he said no harm should come to you," Amanda said confusing me
"Who said," I asked
"Why bother asking, come Richie let's go," she said
"I won't stop till you tell me what's wrong," I said already feeling my throat tightening, am now breathing like I ran a hurdle
"Ok," Amanda said not in a nice way "we all messed up, Eric took the blame, and now he is serving the punishment," she said,
"I tried to stop the fight why then do you blame me," I asked, I seriously don't see why she hate me
"Cause if you did let him crush Kelly like he normally does, he won't have the lips to snitch, and if not for you your pretty boyfriend wouldn't walk free after punching him," she said.
"It's clearly not my fault if he was intimidated by my Kevin, he tried to hit me and Kevin saved me" I defended Kevin.
"Eric might be seen as a monster, but he never hits a woman," she said and walked away leaving me in utter awe. Then why did he stretch out his arms toward me, I tried to do good but someone took the punishment.
"In case you're wondering the punishment," Amanda said getting my attention, she is now few feet away from me "he has to clean the whole military camp, every day and only eat when he's done, and he always finishes by midnight, that's when he eats, he has to do that for 3 days" she said and left.
If they feel so guilty why not help him or say the truth about what happened, in truth I blame myself more than they blame me. Today is already Friday, so no seeing him till Monday. I went home with a heavy heart.
We normally travel to the village every Christmas period, so a day before we travel I will keep looking at the clock counting seconds cause I will be super excited. I never knew another thing would give me such excitement, cause I kept looking at the clock on Sunday counting seconds hoping Monday to come sooner. Funny, Monday that I always despised is now what am waiting for.
My mom was surprised when I dressed up early morning rushed my food and left, my dad will be surprised I left before him. Waiting for the delinquents to arrive was beyond words.
"Wow girl, you came early," Amina said and I smiled, if only she knew what's going on in my head.
"Just felt like," I said.
"Well you're in luck, I have something to tell you, I wanted to tell you on Friday but you left and I don't have your number," she said, I never thought of taking her number.
"What's that," I asked still looking ahead to see when they arrive.
"Kevin, he is determined to confess to you today," she said, it took a second before what she said registered.
"What!" I screamed
"You heard me girl, so better perform well," she said with a wink. "Many girls want him, so consider yourself lucky," she said, I looked up and saw Kevin coming with his friends, he stopped when he saw me and smiled. My eyes widened, I turned and walked away, very fast, he called and I quickened my pace, no guy has ever confessed to me before, now am afraid of how to behave.
I went to a place I discovered the second day I came into this school, it's quiet excluded, serene with the trees, I do come here when I want to study I love it more than the library. I have never seen anyone here since I started coming so I took it as my fortress, the only reason I don't always come here, because it's a bit far from the main building, so I only come when I have a free period.
"How am I going to answer Kevin," I said panting around, I decided to play it out in my mind, I took a princess stand and flipped my hair.
"Oh Kevin, what took you so long," I said with a dreamy voice "no that looks too desperate. I took a mean stance "I will think about it" I said then grunt what if he takes it as rejection. Besides am I even ready to date, this is frustrating, I took a stone and threw it at the tree without looking.
"Ouch, that hurt" I heard someone said, I froze, I looked up and saw a figure sitting on the tree branch.
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 2:16pm On May 30, 2019
Chapter 6

"Who's there?" I asked since the leaves hid his face, I took a step back ready to run, cause if he is a rapist or murderer he can easily do that to me and nobody will hear my scream since here is far from the school building.
"Just an idle observer," he said, I recognized the voice, my eyes widened, perhaps his here to kill me because of the incident.
"Eric, how come you're here," I said and took a step back, he then jumped down still wearing his hoodie sweater.
"By nature I grave serenity, so imagine how easy it was to find here," he said looking around, he had his hands in his pocket, I looked at him, he seems fine, maybe the punishment was a lie.
"It's impossible, you never leave the class, and I discovered it by wandering around," I said, I still feel he followed me
"Look over there" he pointed behind me, it took me a while to look, I guess I don't trust him, he might jump me as I look "that window you see at the third floor is our class," he said then it made sense. No wonder he always looks outside, so he was monitoring here.
"I kept monitoring here," he said looking around "student never come here, only one student, I don't know who, since I can't make out her face from that distance," he said, he's really observant. "But I know she only comes during break or free period," he said then looked at me and once again I saw his pitch black eyes and I felt drunk, I stepped back.
"I noticed just like me she wants to be alone, so in other not to crash, I decided to use here in the morning while she takes the afternoon" how considerate.
"But once again, my perfect day is ruin by you," he said. Not again, how can I save the situation.
"Am the girl" I said, probably to make my claim or just
"Figured," he said and I don't know his emotion cause of the mask.
"Sorry I disturbed your day" I apologized looking down "I was just frustrated," I said
"Believe me Barbie, you have no idea what's frustration is," he said and walked away.
"Barbie?!" I said and he stopped, I walked towards him and stood in front of him, just a foot away "My name is Barbara" I said, I never liked people calling me Barbie, I made sure to warn anybody that tries to.
"Don't sweat it Barbie, the lesson is about to start" he said and walked away, he left me in awe, I watched him as he walked, he is gentle in feet, like he can't hurt an ant, he is tall.
"I forgot to ask about the punishment" I said to myself and walked back to class, when I got in lesson has already started, I looked and saw him sitting down still looking out the window, I then moved my eyes to Kevin and saw the worry on his face, I felt bad for making him worry.
I apologized to the teacher and went to my sit, I kept thinking about this morning, not what Amina told me, but my conversations with Eric. I felt a rush while we talk like I don't want it to end, I willed myself not to look back.
When the bell for lunch ranged. I stood up and sluggishly arranged my book, I made sure everybody has left the class, I slowly walked to the door, making my every footstep loud, I don't know why but I was disappointed when I went out the door and he didn't call me.
I sadly went to the canteen, I saw Amina sitting beside Richie who is now back to his jovial self, Amanda is with Collins and the other delinquents.
"I thought you love being with Amanda" I heard Amina asked Richie as I got there
"Yea she's a pack of fun, but enjoy being with you more, and she always reminds me she's older than me," Richie said
"Wait you date older women," Amina asked in one breath.
"Nop, Amanda is my cousin, wait are you jealous?" Richie asked as his face lit up
"How, why should I be," she said gathering her composure.
"Wow, it feels like payday," Richie said and I smiled.
"Why did you ran off when you saw me" I heard Kevin asked, I swallowed and turned to him
"Emergency, had an upset stomach," I said, he then relaxed
"How are you now?" he asked
"Better," I said taking a sip from my juice.
"Good, I have something to tell you after dismissal," he said with his cute smile, it made me swoon
"Sure," I said like a lovestruck girl, he smiled and left.
"Kevin is really lucky," Richie said, I turned to him
"Why?" Amina asked before me
"He punched Eric, the monster and he walks free," he took a deep breath "I still don't know why" he finished
"Why call him a monster, have you seen his face?" I asked.
"Nop, he came to the camp before all of us, actually 2years before us, he had his schooling there. They just decided last minute that he attend this school with us" he said
"So even when he's with you guys he never wears it off," I asked
"Yes, though he is hardly with us, he has his own side like he really committed something worst. Some of us believe he might really go to prison once he reaches 18" he said with a shrug
"Are you guys not bothered?" I asked
"Not really, at first we did, but with time we got used to it, besides when Gabriel tried to take it off, he beat both him and Michael, with Collins" he smiled like he remembered it "that's the day we came to respect him and took him as the boss. And the mask made him a puzzle" he said.
I wanted to ask more, like his surname, is he always quiet, do people visit them, had he received any, but the bell ranged. I bolted to the class, I looked at him the moment I came in, he raised his head and looked at me. I felt happy, it's as if he sees me, it lasted for a second, he just looked away like I was nothing, just a breeze that blew past. I don't know what to expect, but this reaction pained me, it's more frustrating that I don't know why.


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My Monster

Chapter 7

I made sure to avoid Kevin after dismissal, I decided am not ready for any date yet, I just have to tell him one way or the other. The conversation with Eric kept playing in my head.
"Barbie?. Who does it think he is, that monster, I will make sure to give him a piece of my mind tomorrow" I said as I drift off to sleep.
"So tell me, how has school been," my dad asked as we eat our breakfast.
"Fine" I answered
"Good, I will give your mother money to go buy your new gown, we have a party to attend on Friday." Since my dad success we always get an invitation to parties, some he takes me and mom, others he takes only mom.
"Am grown up, soon I will 17, I can go get it myself" I looked at mom cause once she agrees dad will.
"Sure, but I will send the picture to your phone, so you will know the one to buy," she said and smiled, am already planning on how to take Amina, I always read about it in the novels, it's time to experience mine.
I came late to school today, dad kept asking me series of questions, luckily they don't flog or punish like my formal school. My dad just took the blame and everything was dropped. When I got to class, Eric was there, seeing him made me curled up my toes, I walked slowly to my chair praying I won't stumble. He is looking outside, always, I then stared at him as I walked, unfortunately, my prayer was rejected, I stumbled disrupting the peace of the class, I shoot my eyes at him, he already has his on me. How embarrassing I then hurried to my chair.
I made sure to avoid him throughout the day, I wanted to confront him about calling me barbie but because of the morning incident, I avoided him like a plague.
"You rushed home yesterday," Kevin said to me during dismissal,
"Sorry, totally forgot you asked me to wait," I said giving him a puppy smile, he smiled too how cute, his kindness is part of the reason am crushing on him, don't forget his cute face.
"Well, you're here now," he said as we walked closer to the gate, I saw the delinquents got on their bus and drove out, I didn't see him though.
"I have been meaning to ask you, wouldyoudateme" Kevin said, but the last phrase was in one breath
"What," I said not that I didn't hear him, am just giving him a chance to say it better or change his mind.
"Would you date me" I guess he said it better. I stopped walking and turned to him, I looked at him like he has the answer to the question. Could it be lovely if I date him, or is it just a crush on a cute face.
"I will think about it," I said, he smiled, he stretched out his arms to hold me but was stopped by my driver honking, he was startled, cute though I smiled.
"See you later then," he said and we parted ways. I forget to tell Amina about shopping.
School proceeded with no drama, I avoided the monster, but I now go to the place I first had a conversation with him, I know he uses it in the morning and I in the afternoon, but I still go. Whenever am there I stretch my eyes to see him in the window, I do his figure but not a clear view for his face, I still stare though. The only good thing is am going shopping on Friday, Amina asked first, she also wants to shop for the same party, it turns out a lot of my classmate are coming to the party.
"Yahoo" Richie screamed as we heard dismissal bell, he's been happy since morning.
"Why so happy?" I asked arranging my books.
"Cause am going to be spending my weekend at home, so from here am going home, not camp," he said and took his bag and ran off.
I looked at Eric he is still sitting, I wonder if he is going home too.
"Let me get that for you" Kevin offered, he's been doing that, he's now super sweet since he asked me out, I still have not given him any reply.
"No don't bother" I nicely decline like I have been doing, he now followed me out. When we got to the gate, I saw the delinquents entering inside their private cars, they're all happy,
"Wear something good Amina, cause I will introduce you to my parents" Richie screamed and Amina was frozen as Richie drove away, I smiled.
They all are super excited, my face frowns as I saw the military bus drove in, thought they have a weekend off, why then did they come. I looked back and saw Eric coming, he is alone. They say no man is an island, the person that said that has clearly not met Eric. I watched him went inside the bus alone and my heart bled for him. How painful it must be for him to spend the weekend in the camp while others went to have fun.

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My Monster

Chapter 8
The party is tonight, I bought a black gown, is either it or red, I choose black, courtesy of Eric's black hoodie. I must be stupid, thinking of someone that doesn't even care about my existence
"Come on ladies, we will be late" my dad screamed from downstairs as if they put a timer for us, I came out the same time with mom. She is wearing a red gown, thank God I chose black.
"The two most beautiful ladies in my life" dad said as his eyes shine with admiration
"Add important also" my mom always like being praised, and my dad love praising, they made a perfect match.
"Important, I just added it," dad said with a grin, he kissed her wrist and led her away like a new bride, I followed, now am invisible.
The party was already full when we got there, I found out from dad that it's a birthday party, it's being hosted by the most respected family, probably the richest.
"Barbara" I heard Amina called, I turned and waved at her, she then came to me, my parents turned at us.
"Am Amina, Barbara's friend" she introduced herself, she really is a talker, they exchange pleasantries.
"Go be with your friends dear," my mom said, way to go, she is now acting so elegant, I looked at my dad and he smiled, already knowing what I meant, I smiled back and left with Amina.
"Here, come meet my parents," she said dragging me along
"Mom, dad, here's the friend I told you about," she said as we stopped in front of two couple.
"Wow," I said as I saw her mother, she is by far the prettiest woman here
"How are you dear," she asked
"Am fine ma, Good evening" I greeted.
"Evening my dear, hope Amina is not much of a trouble," she asked and Amina grunt
"No ma'am, she is nice and I am glad she is friend," I said, I looked at her father he is talking with another man
"Dad you don't want to say hi to my friend," Amina said, getting her father's attention
"Sorry dear, what's your name again?" he said, with a nervous look, I guess he wants the best for his daughter and doesn't want to disappoint her
"Barbara sir, Barbara Omeh" I said with a bow.
"Mr. Omeh's daughter?" he asked, I nodded now feeling nervous, he turned to his wife.
"He is the engineer in charge of the shopping mall am building," he said to her, my dad now has a building construction company and business has been good. "Good man he is," he said to me and I felt proud.
"Thanks," I said.
"Go have fun," Amina's mom said, and I left with Amina.
"I guess he's not coming" Amina muttered, so she is actually waiting for Richie, today at the boutique she tried nearly all cloth, but ended up buying the blue gown, which looks good on her.
"Don't strain your eyes princess, for here I stand" we heard Richie voice and turned, his wearing a dark blue tux and damn he looked nice.
"Wow Richie, you dressed up pretty good," I said, he smiled and bow.
"I don't want to disappoint my lady," He said "come dear let the introduction commence," he said with a smile, Amina who has her lips open followed like a puppy and Richie led her away by the hand. Way to go friend, you just abandoned me.
"Now am alone with you" I heard Kevin said and I was glad, for all I see is couples drinking and talking, I turned to him with a smile.
"You look nice" he's putting on a super dope tux.
"Not nearly as you," he said roaming his eyes all over me "come on let me take you to the teen section," he said and we both walked away, he walked ahead and I followed. No holding of hands, I guess he is respecting my personal boundaries, or am just not free with him.
After a while, we got there, it's like a parlour, a big parlour, the one we left is a hall, I looked around and recognise some of the faces, but really not acquainted with them. I saw Amanda sitting on Collins laps, the delinquents are here, except Henry and Eric, we discovered Henry is the poor guy, according to him, he had a quarrel with a rich kid and he took the blame, something that is clearly not his fault, but when his mother and father started laying petition, the rich kid father decides to send him to our school as a delinquent and also making up for his son's mistake.
I sat down close to Kevin, I didn't bother greeting anybody since am not that close with them, Amanda still gives me the stink eyes.
"I thought he would be here," A girl said sadly
"It's his birthday, I thought so too" another added.
"Have you paid your respect to his grandparents?" Amanda asked Collins
"Yes, am surprised they recognized me, it's been 7 years since they last saw me," He said.
I wonder who they re talking about, it made them all seem sad, one thing I could figure from their conversation is this party is for the guy and he didn't show up. He is a slowpoke if you ask me, it's disrespectful not coming to your own party.
"He used to be happy," Kevin said
"Like you knew him?" Amanda said with disgust, and took Collins with him, why is she always the mean one. I feel so out of place here, I have nothing to say, Amina is not back, I decided to slowly slip away, thank God Kevin didn't notice.

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My Monster

Chapter 9

I started wandering the house, my God it's big, one can easily get lost, I came to a hallway and saw pictures on the wall. I saw two old couple, I recognized them, they are the ones that hosted this party, and everyone went to greet them like they do in movies.
I saw another couple's picture, they're young, the husband has a great resemblance with the old man, if not for the mole differences in the young man face, you will think he is actually the old man in his younger age. I looked at the woman, she is beautiful, more than Amina's mother.
"Wow" some people clearly are the definition of beauty, I took a sip of the juice I have then looked down and saw the boy standing beside the woman smiling. He looks like the woman in a more devilish way. I wonder when they took the picture and why I didn't see them here, well maybe they came. I looked at the boy again, he sure will be a lady killer when he grows, his eyes looked strangely familiar.
After watching a couple of other pictures, I left then came inside the kitchen, wow beautiful, I saw a cake on the counter, looks so yummy I couldn't resist the urge, I looked around and saw nobody.
"Nobody will suspect, just a small taste," I said and went towards it, I then threw away the now empty can of juice and moved to the cake. I sliced out a piece but got greedy after the first taste. It was heaven, the way it melts in your mouth, the warm taste, I closed my eyes to savour it.
"Barbie has been a bad girl" I heard someone said. I stumbled and fell, I looked and saw Eric walking out from the dark part of the kitchen where the center light hardly touch. He is holding my empty can, no wonder I never heard it hit the ground, I threw it to him and he caught it, I was too drawn by the cake to notice.
"We ought to stop meeting like this," he said and switched on the whole light. He is still with his hoodie and mask.
Now he's going to tell everyone one how I stole a cake, what an embarrassment, he walked closer to me slowly, still no emotions, I want to rip out that mask.
He stopped just a foot away and took a slice of cake, he moans as he chews slowly,
"I don't blame you barbie for wanting another, it's heaven," he said, I watched his lips move as he chews and I was dazed
"Thought, you would be at the camp," I stuttered
"I snuck out," he said and took another bite.
"Then why come here?"
"Well Barbie, I heard about a rich folks party in town, I decide to drop by and see if I can see any valuable," he said and I gasped
"You came to steal?"
"At least I wasn't caught in the act like you," he said and I looked at the cake, I hate to admit he's right. "Don't mind me, continue eating, cause I might finish it alone," he said. I looked at the cake, it's just too irresistible, I continued. We ate in silence, he was looking up front and I was looking at him.
"Haven't your mother taught you starring is wrong?" he said and I felt embarrassed
"What can I say, it's not every day you see someone wearing a mask," I said and he scoffed, I looked and saw his lips curve, did he just smile. It lasted only a second but I clearly saw it, it made my heart beat faster it was ethereal, I felt proud for making him smile.
"If I don't have the mask, I will give you a nightmare," he said, is he that ugly, from the small part am seeing he doesn't look ugly.
"Is it a scar?" I asked, above a whisper and he turned to me,
"Yes, a very deep and ugly one," he said and I felt pity for him, I wish I can tell him I don't mind, I wish, but it will mean nothing coming from someone like me. He went silent again, I want to make him smile again.
"You called me Barbie, but I guess you have no idea that I can dance ballerina like her," I said and he looked at me.
"I doubt that," he said in a bored tone
"Then prepare to be amazed, monster" did I just call him that, way to go, it will make him feel bad
"Sure barbie," he said with a smile and it was heaven, I thought the cake was heaven, I was wrong cause clearly it's Eric's smile
Now I have to figure out what to do, cause I have no idea how to dance it, I took off my sandals, I took my step, I slowly raise myself, standing on my toes, then tried to spin myself around, I failed, worse I landed on my butt, the impact was painful that I yelped.
The pain was numbed when I heard Eric's laughter, full blown out laugher, I watch as he threw his head back laughing.
"That was the poorest demonstration of a ballerina," he said as his laughter died down, he is now wearing a smile, how beautiful.
"I slipped," I said defending myself, he came and stretched out his arms to help me up
"Am sure you did" he said and I took his hands, it was warm, maybe it's because he always has it tucked inside his pocket, but how do I explain the milky taste in my mouth or the goosebumps, or why my heart is beating so loud I even fear it will fall out. How do I explain why every sound was tuned out, every image fell away, and am standing alone with him, with his eyes guiding me to his heart.
"This is my first time seeing a Barbie with Zero skills for ballerina" he whispered and his vanilla scent hits me, mixed with the cake.
"Also my first, seeing a beautiful monster" I whispered back.

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My Monster

Chapter 10

The moment was surreal, but it was abruptly crashed from the vibration of my phone. He let go of my hand and walked closer to the counter the cake is on
I checked my phone, it's a text from my mom, they're about to leave, why now I muttered.
"So, seems I will be going," I said, I don't want this moment to end, but we don't always get what we want. He just gave me a nod and turned, how sad he has returned to his normal self.
I have to make him happy at least before I leave, and I fear that when we see on Monday I won't have the opportunity, because he will be back to his monster self.
"Its remaining one piece," I said coming closer, "let's throw a lot and know who gets it," I said, he then looks at me.
"What do you suppose?" he asked, I really need to think before I say something. I looked around and saw a book and a pen on another counter, I took it, wrote out some number and tore it apart, one number in one piece, I then folded them up. I have written down numbers in them, 1,2,3,6,7 and 0, we have to take turns in picking, after picking, we then add our numbers, whoever that scores the highest wins and also the winner of the so heavenly cake.
"Not bad" he smiled good my plan worked, "ladies first," he said, I took, first then we took turns, "here are mine," he said unfolding his papers, he got 7,3,1 three lucky numbers.
I gasped, he must have a high insane amount of luck. I got 6,2,0 so clearly, he's the winner, I felt sad, I wanted the cake, it's really tasty.
"Wow, normally am an unlucky bastard," he said and I felt the surprise in his voice,
"Turns out am the unlucky one, have the cake then," I said staring sadly at the cake, he chuckled.
He picked it, and stared at it "here" he said handing it over to me, it surprised me, cause if I had won I won't think twice about eating it.
"Thanks," I said and ate it before he changes his mind, and I tell you it tasted sweeter.
"I have to go," I said sadly, he smiled, I smiled too. At least I accomplished leaving him with a smile. I waved and slowly moved to the door.
"You are now in my debt," he said and turned
"How?" I asked
"Didn't your mama ever teach, not to take something from a monster, especially sweet things" he said with a devilish grin. My eyes widened
"But you gave it willingly," I said.
"And willingly I must collect Barbie," he said "run along," he said before I could object, so I decided to leave. Now I owe the monster, that means I now have something that ties both of us, I smiled at the thought, I wonder what he will collect. Wonder why I feel I will be willing to give whatever he asked of me.
I went home feeling happy, the only sadness is Monday now seem like light years always, waiting is harsh. It was Sunday evening that I got a call from Kevin saying he took my number from Amina who got it from my mom. I spoke with Amina on Saturday, she already told me she got it from mom when she couldn't find me, but she didn't mention she gave it to Kevin. Kevin felt wronged, I left without telling him, to keep him from lamenting I promised to make it up to him.
I got to school very early and went straight to the spot, I kept muttering one thing, please be there. But unfortunately he wasn't there, what was I thinking, it's too early and just because I had a blast with him doesn't mean he takes it that way.
"Seem someone missed me" I heard him say from behind me, I smiled before turning.
"I did not" I denied, but am sure the smile plastered on my face gave me away.
"Sure, you didn't Barbie," he said and walked past me, he sat leaning on the tree and brought out a novel.
"What's the name?" I asked,
"Godfather," he said, I heard about the movie, clearly the guys in my formal neighborhood adored the godfather, I never knew it also has a novel.
"Nice," I said, came and sat beside him, I never took him for a novel type. After like 5 minutes of silent, I know cause I kept checking my time, but it felt longer, I came here by, 7:15 am now it's 7:20 am. Can't he just keep the book and notice me.
"I don't think I can read anymore," he said putting the book away, I felt alive.
"Why?" I asked, not that I care
"Cause you keep fidgeting, plus I have read it before," he said and turned his attention on me.
"Sorry about that," I said with a sheepish smile, he scoffs, "at the party, I was surprised about something," I said trying to start up a conversation, soon we will start the first lesson.
"And what's that Barbie," he asked
"I thought, the students here never knew you guys, as in the delinquents, no offense," I said
"None taken," he said with a shrug
"But at the party, they talked like they knew each other," I said, yea since they all spoke of a boy.
"The fact is some of them knew each other, but not friends, the school brought them together" he folded his arms and thought for a bit "like Richie and Amina always steal glances at each other whenever they come to a party, but never spoke till Richie came here" he said and it all made sense.
"They kept talking about a boy they all seem to know," I said remembering the party, he just nodded. Making sure no silent moment I decide to tell him about my promise to Kevin.
"Kevin called last night," I said
"Oh, your pretty boyfriend," he said nonchalantly.
"He's not my boyfriend," I said with a frown, he giggled.
"I bet he thought different when he gave me a punch," he said and I remembered the day and felt bad
"Sorry," I said since its the only thing I have to say
"Don't sweat it Barbie," he said and leaned closer "it's why I made you owe me," he said, with his close proximity, his warm breath hits my face, smells like vanilla my heart started beating louder. With the fact we're alone here far from public my mind drifted to something lovers call magical fantasy.
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My Monster

Chapter 11

Why do I have this fantasy of him, we're not even considered friend, his eyes keeps sucking me in, each time.
"So Barbie, I must collect," he said and withdrew, I touched my face, it's hot, I must be blushing like a red tomato.
"What's the call about?" he asked facing front, I hope he didn't notice the blush, I stuttered
"He's angry I sneaked away, so I promised to make it up to him," I said, honestly am more interested in talking with Eric than making it up to Kevin.
"Instead of making an assumption, ask first what he wants, it will reduce you the worry," he said,
"Yea that's true, I will ask him, let us meet during break then I will tell you his response," I said.
"Wow Barbie, what an authoritative way of asking a guy out on a date," he said
"What?" I almost yelled
"You just asked me on a date Barbie," he said with a smile, my eyes widened, I just did.
"That's...I mean..." I started stuttering. He smiled and took my hand that I was busy waving in the air like sign language.
"I wouldn't mind," he said and once again the milky taste came, the indescribable pool of emotions.
"You won't," I said, mainly as a statement to myself then I heard the bell for the first lesson.
"Time for class," I said standing up
"Run along, I will spend my first period here," he said and laid down, he covered his face with his Godfather novel. I guess he wants to be alone, I then left but occasionally looked back, I nearly went back to suggest we should both spend our first period here.
When I came inside the class it was a mess, students were sitting in circles talking, even some art students are here, that only happens when a teacher request we combine class.
I looked and saw Amina, she is sitting close to Richie, I also went to my seat which is close, looking at me you will think am among the clique.
"Did you see the picture?" Gabriella asked, she is also an art student
"Of course, if handsomeness had a face, am sure it would be him," Amina said
"Normally I will act all jealous and say am more handsome, but I rather not insult myself," Richie said giving Amina a stink eyes.
"Who are they talking about" I whispered to Amina, basically she's my only friend.
"It's junior, the grandson of Mr. Stephenson," he said "it was actually his birthday that Friday, instead of coming he posted his picture on the network's webpage," she said with a hint of sadness.
"Wait you mean Stephenson, the CEO of the largest African network company," I asked, shocked, she just nodded, I never knew it was their house on Friday, no wonder everybody was paying respect to them.
"At least the rumor is now cleared," Another girl said, I don't know her name.
"What rumor?" Richie asked.
"The company board of directors suspected he died with his mother since nobody ever saw him since then" she took a breath "even as it was reported that he's the one that gave them the social data plan and how to maximize income from it. Some believe it was Mr. Stephenson doing just to mislead the people thinking he's dead" she said and I listened, it doesn't concern me but it's intriguing, the guy must really be awesome.
"Now with his picture out, the rumor is dead, I guess all the directors with a daughter will want their daughter to be the lucky girl," she said with a wicked grin.
"I don't mind being called the lucky girl, Junior is handsome" Gabriella squealed
"You know I wanted him to come back, but seeing how handsome he is am glad he didn't show up," Obinna said, clearly he is jealous.
"Do you also want to be the lucky girl?" Richie asked Amina, she turned to him and smiled
"Am already lucky," She said, the group smiled at the lovely couple.
"Why is there no teacher in the class," I asked.
"Went for a meeting," Kevin answered me coming to my desk, he sat down on it like doctors do when talking to patients. "So what do you have for me?" he asked I know he's here cause of what I promised
"Do tell, what do you want?" I smiled and he returned the gesture, his once cute smile I considered angelic is now plain and simple to me.
"How about a date," he said,
"Kevin," I said slowly, I wonder if he thinks I will accept him. I thought he would've known by now that it was a peaceful rejection.
"It's not a date date kind of date, just two classmates, friends hanging out on a Friday evening," he said and I smiled. I guess that's good
"OK. A date it is" I said, then remembered I have a date also with Eric, I looked around and everybody is engaged with something. Kevin left to be with his friends, I then stood up to go have an early date since the teachers are in a meeting. I stopped as I stood up to leave, for my supposed date is now walking inside the class, everybody watched as he went to sit behind me. Immediately he sat down a teacher entered, I sat down too and the art students left. My back felt warm as the teaching goes on, like am standing in front of a warm sun, I relaxed and decided to bask in it.


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Please come and continue. The story is thrilling
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 8:34am On Jun 07, 2019
My Monster

Chapter 12

I was overjoyed when I heard the bell for the break, it means I get to spend time with him, he never leaves the class during the break I hope he remembers the date. I walked towards the door, on reaching I turned at him he already has his eyes on me, that made me gay, I smiled and so did he. He just gave me the answer am looking for, I went to our spot to wait for him, our spot, sounds nice.
I didn't wait long he came almost immediately, I smiled as I saw him coming, his gentle walk always amaze me, how can such monster have a gentle walk.
"Looks like somebody misses me," I said giggling like a fool, he scoffed
"Barely, I was just taught never to keep a lady waiting," he said and sat beside me, close enough that our shoulders were touching, now I hate the cloth that serves as a barrier. I need to figure out my feelings
"So what did he say?" he asked handing a juice and a mince pie, I guess I was too focused on him I didn't see the bag he carried, I took it and thanked him, he also brought out his.
"He asked me out on a date, like a friendly hangout," I said munching down my pie
"And you said you two aren't an item," he said mocking
"No, we aren't," I defended he just smile
"So when is the date?" he asked, how foolish I never asked Kevin.
"Friday," I said
"Alright, I wish you fun," he said as he took his last bite, he chews so elegantly. I feel there is more to Eric than meets the eyes.
"I love the meaning of your name," I said, I actually searched about it yesterday.
"Really?" he asked turning to me
"So what does it mean?" he asked
"Eternal ruler or everlasting ruler," I said and he nods
"Good," he looked down "was given to me by my Mom," he said with a sad smile.
"Then she chose the best," I said, I don't know why he suddenly became sad but I never want that.
"Yea, and also beautiful, for long I never knew I could ever see someone more beautiful than her," he said and crane his neck to the right.
"Wow, it's not every day a guy admits someone is more beautiful than his mom," I said, already feeling jealous of whoever he's talking about.
"Yea it was unbelievable, but the person am talking about can easily take the role of Miss world with no contest or competition. She's like the upgrade version of my mom," he said smiling.
"Wow, then she must really be beautiful," I said sadly, why do I feel hurt, I found it hard to swallow, I kept drinking the juice.
"You alright?" he asked looking concerned, I just gave him a nod.
"I guess I will find something to wear for my date and also call Amina to make me up, I have zero ideas about makeup," I said, why did I sound like am taking the date with Kevin seriously.
"That's not the only thing you have zero skills on," he said chuckling, I shoved him and he laughed, it was a melody to my whole being.
"No need putting on make up, no need going extra miles or putting on work" He caresses over my cheek and goosebumps assaulted me, "you're God perfect design for your simplicity is the sweetest" he said locking eyes with me, what's this pool of emotion I keep floating on whenever am with him, why can't I look away, am drawn to him like magnets.
I was jolted out of my trance when I heard the bell, I lost my cool and started scrapping about, I have never been like this, from the day this guy came out from the bus I knew he was different. I stood up quickly and left before I embarrass myself even more.
"Barbie" he called and I stopped "am glad am the one that had the first date," he said and my lips curled up into a warm smile
"Me too" I muttered before leaving.

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Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 5:13pm On Jun 08, 2019
My Monster

Chapter 13

I kept hanging out with Eric and we got close, he laughs more with me, Amina kept asking where I spend my break time, I gave her the excuse of reading since we will take our waec next term, it's not entirely a lie since I also Read with Eric.
"So you guys will have your date today?" he asked, if not for him occasionally reminding me, I would've forgotten it.
"Yea," I answered and am annoyed by it, he smiled
"Have fun," he said, I wanted to tear out his lips, he's not even jealous, why would he be, I am nothing to him, at most am just a friend. I looked at him, he'ss reading his chemistry, if am just a friend to him, then what is he to me? I still don't know.
After school dismissed he left, Richie was sad cause they have to spend this weekend at the camp, not just him but all the delinquent.
"Mom am heading out," I said, she just turned from the TV to look at me
"Where?" she asked,
"Meeting up with a friend to study" she took a closer look at me, am wearing a pink top and black trouser with my purse, no makeup, someone said I should keep it simple.
"Where is your book then," she asked.
"Will take from my friend," I said, she gave me a nod, normally she will question more, but she's having a visitor over, the housewives made it a habit to visit each other. Mainly to gossip and talk about cooking recipe or cloth.
"Come back on time," she said and I waved and left. Kevin already tested me the location, he wanted to come and pick me but I refused, my mother wouldn't allow that.
I didn't take my car, the driver is out for the weekend, so I took a taxi, I got there by 4 pm, I stood outside admiring the restaurant, being rich is awesome.
I walked in and smiled at the boy that opened the door for me, I heard Kevin calling me over, I smiled and walked over to him.
"Wasn't hard to find right?" he asked and I gave him a nod, should I tell him that here looks expensive.
"Fancy restaurant," I said instead and he smiled
"The best for you dear," he said and motioned me to pick the menu, as I go through the menu I discovered that I don't even know the food on this list, are they even African?.
"I will go for fried rice," I said, he nods and puts down his menu, he hits a button at the center of the table not long after, the waiter appeared and took our order.
"So how have school been to you?" he asked, only one face came to mind at the mention of school.
"Good," I said,
"You seem dull," he said, oh it's noticeable, I willed myself to be here, am dull cause I will rather be somewhere else with a particular someone.
"Maybe cause I am still weak from school," I said half the truth.
"Sorry, should've chosen another day," he said looking guilty.
"Never mind," I said, our food arrived and I was thankful, at least no more talking. He tried to bring up small talks as we eat and I always give him a straight and simple answer. Talk about boredom, I now know how awkward it is to go on date with someone you feel nothing for.
"Hope you enjoyed the food," he asked and I nodded, since I came here I don't think I have said up to 10 words.
"Barbara, I asked you out so we can talk about my proposal, lately I have no idea where you spend your time," he said, I looked down, he still has hopes.
"I admired you, truthfully I did, you are cute, but it was nothing more than a teenage crush, you know the types girls have on celebrity," I said, I compared him with celebrity, just to make him feel better
"So it means you were never in love with me?" he asked, I never meant to give him that idea.
"Nop, am sorry you misunderstood," I said sadly.
"Misunderstood?" He said quietly. "You took me for a ride bitch!" He said raising his voice, my head snapped up looking around I saw people looking our way.
"I know you are sad, but please calm down," I pleaded, I hate attention, especially one of embarrassment.
"You used me," he said, when? I asked myself, "you're dating another guy right, he is the person you spend your time with," he said and his eyes already turning red, Kevin now looks like a stranger.
"Wait till I find out who, I will make him pay and I will show you how wrong your choice was" he said and stormed out, I wish I could just disappear, should I be afraid, am just a friend to Eric, if Kevin finds out I spend time with Eric will he hurt Eric.
Slowly tears stream down my cheek, am such a wuss, as if that wasn't enough the waiter brought the bill and it's a whole lot of zeros, I gasped as I saw it, so he didn't pay, I searched my purse but couldn't find my ATM, the money am with is not even up to half, besides it's my transport fare.
What am I going to do, now the waiter will embarrass me the more, I laid my head on the table and hope the customers will stop their pitiful stare.
After a while, I heard a tap on my table, I raised up my head and saw him, sitting in front of me, not my imagination, his real, I touched his warm hands and he smiled.
"What," I said barely above a whisper, he then leaned forward.
"Every Barbie deserves a fairytale, am here to give you one," he said smiling, I smiled back. Just like that, all my affliction was wiped away, the monster became my hero.

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Re: My Monster by Elvis778(m): 10:47am On Jun 09, 2019
Wow, nice story bro, fire on please
Re: My Monster by excelmerry: 4:28pm On Jun 09, 2019
Awesome story @ kingpaul07 why did u stop?
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 8:50pm On Jun 09, 2019
My Monster

Chapter 14

We left the restaurant, he paid, everybody now turned their attention to the boy in the mask, he took me by the hand and led me away. People kept looking at him, its as if he took my embarrassment and made it his.
"So how can I pay you back?" I asked once we are outside, I don't know if he's rich like others, so I just have to pay him back.
"Don't worry, you don't have to," he said.
"I have to, I won't be at peace if I don't," I said as more tears float I wiped it with the back of my hand.
He came closer, "if you must, then how about paying with a hug," he said and wrapped his arms around me, he is warm, I hugged back, I sniffed him, he smells like vanilla, I hugged tighter, he soothes my back. I cried more, it's true what they say, a hug is the best gift for it wraps you all.
"Let it all out," he said, I cry not because Kevin disgraced me. I cry not because everyone has their eyes on us and as someone that hates attention, that is difficult to bear, I actually don't mind today. I cry because I love being here in his arms so much the feeling was overwhelming that tears flowed.
When my sobbing died down he pulled apart, and wiped my tears, "With a hug Barbie you paid your debt" he said smiling, I smiled back, it was contagious.
"Does that also include the cake debt?" I asked with a puppy look
"Don't push your luck Barbie," he said squashing my hopes, I looked at the time, it almost 5 pm
"I have to go," I said.
"Not yet you don't," he said and took me by the hand, "I promised you a fairytale," he said and I smiled.
After like 10 minutes we arrived at a basketball court, nobody is here, I looked around, he brought the ball over, its heavier than a football.
"Normally, Barbie's have other things to do than play basketball, since am not prince charming but a monster, and you're not exactly a normal Barbie, I suppose we play," he said, I have not really played basketball, am not good at any sport.
"Am not good at it," I said with a frown.
''What then are you good at Barbie, don't be a chicken and burn out some fat" he said, that's it, I threw the ball as players do, I aimed for the goal, surprisingly it entered. How hard could it be I said to myself, I went and took off my sandals, I don't want it to tear, and kept my purse. He gazed at my feet, I felt embarrassed, is it ugly, did I do something wrong.
"You know, must girls will complain, saying the ground is hard or hot, but not you Barbie, and for that, you just earned a point" what point, I pondered I just smile
He went aside and removed his hoodie, I thought he would stop at that but he removed his shirt also, I clearly saw the muscle line on his back, he is well built.
He turned to me, so this is what he's been hiding under that hoodie, my throat went dry and my face heats up, and am glad he always wears a hoodie to school for I won't stand it if girls look at him like am doing now.
"Close your lips barbie, flies might enter," he said smiling, I shook my head getting a hold of myself. "Here, be the first," he said giving me the ball.
"Game on," I said, we started playing, it's hard, way harder than I thought, I keep messing up even when he gives me a free shot. The game is now 20-0 obviously he's 20, am already panting and he has hardly broken a sweat.
"OK, last time, throw the shot and if you get it then you win," he said giving me the ball, I smiled, I took it and position, I closed my eyes, remembered how Lucas Scott (one tree hill) always makes the shot, I opened my eyes and threw, I watched as the ball soar up, at its peak it came down like a kingfisher heading to take its prey. While the kingfisher's prey is fish, mine is the net, the ball came down and hits the ground magnificently but missing its target, I slumped down and I heard him laughing his rich throaty laugh.
He came to me and bent down, you lost, he said, I looked at him, though it was exhausting playing with him, the fun was unparalleled, the 30 minutes with him is a million time better than a day with Kevin. I stared at him, he's directly in front of me, all it requires is just a little push and our lips will lock, I looked down at his lips and my heart beat increased, I felt my body propelled forward.
Re: My Monster by excelmerry: 8:56pm On Jun 09, 2019
Thought u've gone AWOL on us. Good to have u back. Following...

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Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 9:19pm On Jun 09, 2019
My Monster

Chapter 15

"It's getting late, time to leave before they noticed I snuck out," he said bringing me out of my trance, I swallowed before speaking for my throat is dry.
"Yea, my mom will soon call," I said and stood up, I went and wore my sandals slowly, he dressed up before I finished buckling my sandals
"Let's be going," he said and I followed.
"Why did you snuck out?" I asked and he shrugged.
"I had a date," he said and I gasped "not that type of date Barbie," he said, should I really be bothered, I stopped as I watched him walk ahead. I thought Bella was stupid for falling for a beast, even though the beast was prince charming, I hated Fiona for falling for Shrek, even turning to an Ogre just to be with Shrek. But right now am starting to see the reason for their action, Love is beyond human reasoning it's really blind. For here I stand falling for the boy in the mask, even when he is considered a monster by others.
"Are you not coming?" he asked turning to me, it's already getting dark, but the light from the stores illuminates his face, even with the mask, I could see his beautiful soul. No matter how much I deny it or act oblivious, the truth is, I have fallen for this monster, I fell the day he came out of that bus.
"Let's stop a cap," I said, my house is far, I don't want to walk home with him when all I want is to grab him down and kiss him.
"Alright," he said and stopped the taxi coming our way, he opened the door for me as I entered, I raise my head to say my goodbyes but he entered too.
"What kind of man would I be if I don't get you home," he said and I smiled, I gave the driver my address and he drove off, he kept looking at Eric through the rear mirror, it's normal for a masked man enters your car.
"I love the fact you're simple, it's really sweet," he said,
"I took your advice," I said, remembering how I wished for him to see me when I left the house to see how simple I was, guess my wishes came true.
"Want to play a game?" he asked, I nodded "we have to be very fast, it's a game of questions," he said "we count then ask questions, we answer fastly, and ask fastly" he explained, I understood what he meant so we started
"1 2 3, what's your father's name?" he asked fastly
"Franklin" I answered "1 2 3, ever dated before?" I asked,
"No, 1 2 3, what will you do with a million dollars?" he asked
"Be a philanthropist" I answered, the speed in which we question and answer makes it impossible to think, so we asked and answered by instinct, it was fun we kept at it as the car drives.
"Ever fallen in love?" I asked
"No" he answered
"Say the first name that comes to your mind?" he asked
"Eric" I answer, my eyes widened at the name I just called, we both stopped asking the question and we arrived in front of my house the same moment. He paid the driver, I quickly came down, he followed and drew me back.
"Why the rush?" he asked, I just keep embarrassing myself in front of him, I couldn't look at him so I kept my face down. "Wasn't the fairytale what you expected?" he asked, I looked at him and once again am drawn by his eyes.
"Everything and more" I answered and he smiled, he answered he has never fallen in love, so to him am nothing more than a classmate.
With that on my mind, I walked towards our gate and he watches me leave, tears flowed immediately as I turned, my feet getting heavier at each step. I look at my watch it's 7:00 pm, I willed myself to keep walking, my heart was heavy, I need a saviour.
"Barbie" he called, with a voice so different from before, with him calling I melted away, and every defense I had come crumbling down, my determination was resolved, I got stuck halfway to the gate, I couldn't move forward. The only thing I did was turn at him, "Barbie" he called again like a warrior that is exhausted. I bolted towards him as all human reasoning left me, I wrapped my arms around his neck and stood on my toe then locked lips with him.
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 9:30pm On Jun 09, 2019
Hope you guys are enjoying it, the next chapter will be tomorrow evening
Re: My Monster by Crystalqueen(f): 9:44pm On Jun 09, 2019
Isn't this story also on Kingsworld??
Re: My Monster by excelmerry: 1:27pm On Jun 10, 2019
Isn't this story also on Kingsworld??
@kingpaul07 ur attention is needed here.
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 8:16pm On Jun 10, 2019
Yes it's in Kingsworld, that's my site, it has many story in it.


You can go check it out

So have I answered the question
Re: My Monster by excelmerry: 9:25pm On Jun 10, 2019
Yes it's in Kingsworld, that's my site, it has many story in it.


You can go check it out

So have I answered the question
Nice.. I thought so too since both monikers are thesame but further clarification from u helps clear the air. carry on abeg nothing do u.
Re: My Monster by MrsEvakinqz(m): 9:45am On Jun 11, 2019
nice one bro.. keep the good work on..

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