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Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 1:11pm On Jun 11
My Monster

Chapter 16

I locked lips with him and everything stopped, I heard nothing else just the sound of my heart, I felt nothing else just my lips on his, at 7:00 Friday day night, I had my first kiss, with my monster. I broke off the kiss, not waiting a second I ran to the gate and went inside, he didn't call back, I must have made a fool out of myself.
I went to bed immediately, not that am tired, I just need to be alone, I touched my lips as I lay down, he tasted like vanilla, I still feel his lips, cause mine keep throbbing.
"How will I face him on Monday," I said, how frustrating, I screamed into my pillow, I feel like exploding, I remember clearly when he said he has never fallen in love.
"Am hopeless," I said, I smiled as I remembered the basketball, I went on a date with Kevin but actually had fun with Eric. When I told him Kevin called it wasn't because I needed help, I just want to keep talking to him. He really gave me a fairytale, I remembered his well-chiseled abs and my face heats up, am having a not so innocent thought, I giggled and rolled around on my bed.
"Seem from Monday I will avoid you, but for now at least let me bask in this memory," I said and touched my lips, am so not brushing till Monday.
When I woke up on Monday, I felt lazy to go school, am so embarrassed to see him, at the same time I want to see him so much like a pressed person needs the restroom.
"Are you not going to school?" my mom asked me as she saw me reluctantly walked out from my room.
"Feeling a bit under the weather," I lied, am just in a dilemma,
"If it's that bad you can stay home and I will get the doctor over," she said and that just helped me make up my mind.
"It's not that bad, I can survive," I said and went back to prepare, I hate doctors, anything related to the hospital.
"OK go dress up, I will fix breakfast," she said, over the weekend I kept creating scenarios where I meet Eric, and all the scenario I made ended up with me embarrassing myself the more
After my breakfast I left for school, I already made up my mind to avoid going to our spot, I will avoid him as much as I can, and I will make sure not to have eye contact with him. I took a deep breath and went inside the school, I made sure not to look sideways, I don't want to accidentally see him, looking at me now, am like a terminator walking to kill her target.
"Cool it girl with your robotic walk," Amina said coming beside me, so it was that noticeable.
"Sorry, was lost in thought," I said, she just shrugged.
"They're here," she said, I regretted looking cause that moment I saw Eric coming down from the bus, our eyes met and I gasped, I turn and ran, literally I ran.
Everybody kept looking my way, how embarrassing, I held myself from breathing for I fear I might cry if I breath, I rushed to the girls' room. I finally breath, what to do, I won't mind spending the rest of my day here, why didn't I hold myself, why did I kiss him. It's not my fault, he called me with that romantic voice, what did he expect.
I left the restroom cause I heard some noise outside, it was the same as the day in the canteen. I slowly came outside, the crowd has gathered, I shoved at them to see what's happening. I first saw Kevin on the ground with a bloody face, and Eric was towering over him.
"What" I screamed and Eric's snapped his neck towards me,
"He attacked him for no reason," Kelly said, am confused, what would've happened.
"Since Friday, when Eric came back he has been in a foul mood," Richie said, does he hate the fact I kissed him that much, what have I done.
"Eric" I muttered, I felt my feet moved forward, I should apologize for making him so angry. Before I could take a step closer the soldiers took down Eric, they cuffed him and dragged him away, now out of my own selfishness I became the architecture of his punishment yet again.
"Where are they taking him to?" I asked
"Camp," Richie answered sadly and walked away with Amina, I watch as they took him away, slowly the student dispersed, I stood rooted to the ground with a broken heart. I never knew I would have my first heartbreak two days after my first kiss.
Slowly the field was empty and am alone weeping, I feel so guilty, I should've thought twice before laying one on him.
I went to class and all that was taught that day was a waste cause I heard nothing, worse I really became sick.

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Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 1:12pm On Jun 11
What do you guys think made Eric Angry[color=#000099][/color]
Re: My Monster by excelmerry: 1:35pm On Jun 11
Cos kelvin hurt his sweetheart..duhh
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 1:40pm On Jun 11
My Monster

Chapter 17

"Never have you ever cried because of illness" my mom said baffled, dad is away on a business trip, I kept crying when I got home, my body so hot. She is right I've never cried because of an illness, but today I cried cause its an emotional illness.
"Don't worry the doctor is on the way" she said and left me in my room, I need to see him that's the only way I can be cured.
The doctor came and administered some drugs, my mom wanted drip, but he said not yet, that if by tomorrow that am not getting better then he will give me the drip.
I slept off since I was so tired, I woke up later at night, I brought out my phone to surf the internet but my data have exhausted, I don't know to recharge through the bank I just dropped it and put on the TV.
To my greatest surprise, they were showing barbie, fairytopia, I smiled as I watched it. I slept off again after the movie. When I woke up it already 9am. I rushed to the kitchen.
"Mom why didn't you wake me for school" I said
"I decided to leave you, besides you needed the sleep" she said cutting the carrots.
"What of school" I said, I need to go, what if he is in school.
"I already called them" she said
"But mom"
"No but, go freshen up, breakfast will soon be done" she said and shooed me away. I went to my room very angry, now I wish am a rebellious daughter.
After breakfast I went to my room with pretence of feeling sleepy, I just don't feel chatty, I got better today but hate the fact I didn't go to school.
I sent a text to Amina to call me once she get back, so I kept looking at my phone, my entire day was spent watching barbie.
After what felt like eternity I got a call, from Amina
"Hello girl" she said as I picked up
"Hi" I said
"Didn't see you in school today"
"Yea, sick day" I said
"Well unfortunately for you, cause you missed a whole lot" she said and I sat upright
"What happened" I asked with fear that Eric caused another trouble.
"The reason why Eric hit Kevin was because he heard that you were just a bet to him" she said and I was confused
"Bet to him as in who" I asked
"Bet to Kevin, he had a bet with Kelly to date you when you came newly" she said, I heard some noise, like she is bringing out something from a bag.
"So to him I was just a bet" I asked weakly.
"Yea, it was a junior student that heard it, according to the boy, he saw Kevin and Kelly talking about it in the boys rest room"
"And" am very anxious
"Basically, Eric heard it while the boy was telling his friends about it, he confronted Kevin about it" she took a breath "I don't know much about it, since it might be rumour, Kevin said its a lie, that Eric attacked him with no provocation"
"Then how come you know of this" I asked, I already know nothing goes past her.
"It Richie, he said Eric told him, and we then asked the boy, basically Eric was able to describe the boy, the boy said its true that he heard them discussing about a girl named Barbara and the bet" she said
"So Eric, wasn't in school" I asked, non of the thing she said matter but Eric.
"No, still on his punishment" she said and I felt weak, "Funny, Richie kept asking of you, even Amanda asked of you, I think you're in trouble" she said
"You think so" I said, I guess he must have told them about the kiss.
"Well get well and come to school, you're now miss popular" she said chuckling, I scoffed and we said our goodbye.
If he's mad at me why then did he hit Kevin, or is it for another reason or is the boy wrong, all this am prepared to find out, am definitely not missing school tomorrow.
All eyes was on me immediately I came down from the car, seem am miss popular truthfully, well non of it matters am just here to see my monster. I should stop referring him as mine. I just walked straight to where Amina is and we both head to class, thank God this school don't have morning assemble like my former school, they only gather for announcement.

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Re: My Monster by skyblueking(m): 3:31pm On Jun 11
Nice work from kingpaul07.. #team ghostreaders
Re: My Monster by germaphobe(m): 3:33pm On Jun 11
ride on bro ride on
Re: My Monster by excelmerry: 8:33pm On Jun 11
Mizzzz popular!!!
Re: My Monster by MrsEvakinqz(m): 8:49pm On Jun 11
this story bam die . I gum like glue
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 1:58pm On Jun 12
My Monster

Chapter 18

I watched as the bus arrived and everybody came down except Eric, so my coming was a waste, we all went to class, some of the teachers asked about my health, I was really surprised, this school is sure different.
"I don't know what you heard about me," Kevin said sitting behind me, that's Eric seat, no one has the right to sit on it, I stood up and turn to him, I want to eat him up.
"Get up from there," I said I don't care if I was a bet to him, am angry he caused trouble for Eric and here he is on his seat.
"What?" he asked not believing the intonation I used.
"I said get up from that seat" I shouted, I heard gasped from the student, Kevin looked at me in awe, he left the sit back vacant for the owner, I stood there gazing at the seat as tears flows, I started sobbing, I miss him, his smile, his dark eyes, warm hands I miss all of him. I ran from the class to the restroom, I shouldn't have come today, I was rinsing my face when Amanda entered, we both stare at each other.
"Please, how can I see Eric?" I asked in a raspy voice, she looked at me with pity, I never knew she could be this soft.
"You are in luck" we get visitors twice in a week, Wednesdays and Fridays, except it's the Friday we go home.
"Wednesday," I said, that's today'
"Yea today, so why not go home you don't look fine, then you can visit around 4 pm, I will take you to him," she said. I couldn't believe my ear, is this really Amanda being nice. I went forward and hugged her.
"Thank you," I said, I felt her shrug but didn't hug me back, it felt awkward for me
"You know I won't hug you back, so you can now unwrap your hands," she said, I freed her with a sheepish smile, I think I understand Amanda's personality, even with all her strong behavior, she's really warm and soft inside
"So go home, the school will pardon you since you don't seem fine," she said, if I go home mom will take the illness serious I won't even make it to the camp, so I rather endure it.
"Don't worry, I will manage" am already feeling better with the thought of seeing him, I left the restroom
"Do you love him?" she asked when am nearly at the door, I turned to her.
"With all my heart" I answered, she smiled and motioned me to go, I left feeling happy. Yet again all that was taught today never entered cause I was busy staring at my watch, I spent our break in our spot, to feel closer to him.
I was so happy when I heard the bell for dismissal, I rushed to Amanda to let her know am coming so she will tell Eric.
"So you're now in close relationship with Amanda," Amina asked and I just nodded "nice" one thing about Amina is she is just a beautiful happy girl.
"Did you hear what happened?" she asked
"What" nothing goes past her, that's the second thing about her
"Mr. Stephenson had a heart attack" she said, I felt bad but I don't know who he is "so they're saying his grandson will soon be back, to take over, some say he will leave it for his stepson" she said, I have no idea what she's talking about.
"Oh," I said, am waiting for my driver to come, earlier I get home earlier I can come out, I wonder why he's not yet here.
"Have you see Junior's picture before?" she asked, I shook my head, "Gabriella" Amina called and she came
"Show us Junior's pics," she said, Gabriella brought out her phone, I thought it's prohibited, I guess some people are just rebellious, she scrolled through her pictures and clicked on the pics.
She passed it to Amina who passed it over to me, I wondered why she's showing me, I took the phone and gazed at the pics, by far he is the most handsome guy I have ever seen. He was leaning on a pillar wearing a blue shirt and a white polo, he seems to be from heaven cause there is no way a mere human can be this handsome.
I stared at his eyes and it looked familiar, it gave me that warmth am so used to, it's the same eyes with the boy at Stephenson's mansion, it's also the same with Eric. I froze as the epiphany hits me, I looked at his lips it's the same, I used my finger to cover his face and it's the same.
"Its Eric" I muttered.
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 2:40pm On Jun 12
My Monster

Chapter 19

"It's Eric" I muttered
"What did you say?" Amina asked since she did not hear what I said, I looked at her, should I tell her or just keep quiet.
"Nothing," I said, it's not my position to say and I need to be sure
"Give me the phone, my driver is here," Gabriella said and left, Amina left too after her goodbyes and that's when my driver arrived, he apologized, which I didn't need, he is old enough to be my father.
I got home and took out my phone, I browsed up the pics, I typed in Mr. Stephenson's grandson and his picture appeared, there are a lot of rumours about him but I ignored them and stare only at the picture, I have a lot to uncover, I took my bath and prepared.
"You are all fine today?" my mom asked being surprised at my recovery, she has no idea how healthy I am now.
"Yea seems the medicine was magic," I said already heading outside. "Mom, I have to visit a friend, mind if I go?" I asked, she looked at me briefly
"Come back on time," she said. I hardly go out so when I do she rarely stops me, she always says I should get back on time.
"Thanks, mom," I said, I came out and gave my driver the address of where the camp is, Amanda gave me the address, all the while, my heart kept beating am so afraid of what will happen.
After a while we arrived, a lot of cars were already packed, I saw Richie with his parents, I waved at him, he waved back but I could see the confusion on his face, I searched around with my eyes and saw Amanda.
I rushed over to her, she is with her parents, they seem like a fine couple
"Mom, dad this is Barbara, my friend," she said, still not smiling
"Wow, you finally have a female friend," her father said smiling, I greeted them both
"Do take care of our daughter, don't mind her mean nature, she is actually soft on the inside," her mother said and I giggled
"I figured it out," I said looking at Amanda, who scoffed
"Come let me go show you the way," she said and we excused ourselves,
"It warms my heart that you see me as a friend," I said really happy
"Don't push your luck," she said and stopped after we reached the back of the camp, here seem quiet, just a place my monster will be
"Just keep going straight, you will see him," she said pointing at the road, I nodded and started walking down not even wasting a second, after what felt like a minute I saw a figure leaning on a tree, I smiled.
"Eric" I called and I saw him tensed up, he turned and saw me, he is wearing the same mask he wore the day he came into our school.
"You came?" he asked, he used the same voice the day I kissed him, that exhausted voice, I dashed towards him and hugged him, the motion made him drop the book he's reading and hugged me back
"You silly monster, why did you have to fight and get punished" I muttered to him.
"I couldn't stand the fact my Barbie, was a game to someone else," he said and I jerked out of the embrace.
"Your Barbie?" I asked and he scratched the back of his head, is he shy? I wish I can see his face. "I know who you are," I said and he cranes his head
"Excuse me?" he asked
"What's your father's name?" I asked, he took a breath
"Eric" he answered
"That makes you Eric junior right?" I asked and he nodded, I remember people referring to the guy in the picture as Junior. "You're Eric Stephenson," I said and he scoffed.
"The day in the cab, when we were doing questions and answer, I thought you will ask me my full name, but never did," he said, I wonder if he is mad about it.
"It was fast so it slipped my mind," I said, now that I know can't he remove the mask? I so want to see his face.
"It's funny, even my friends that I grew up with didn't recognise me but you did, how?" He asked
"I saw your birthday picture, and I recognized you from your eyes," I said, he looked down, we are still standing.
"What about my eyes?" he asked, I came closer to have a clearer view.
"Nothing draws me more than your eyes, so I can always recognize it," I said, and he chuckled,
"Now that I know you, can I see your face?" I asked and he froze.
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 3:24pm On Jun 12
My Monster

Chapter 20

He slowly removed his mask, and by God, the photo did him no justice, he is more handsome looking at him up close
"My beautiful monster" the word left my lips as I caress over his face, he leans to my touch, his perfect smooth face, his pink lips well-carved nose, all my life I've been a sucker for cute guys but the person standing before can easily be heralded as the handsomeness reincarnation. The unexpected happened, he leaned forward and place his lips on mine, suddenly a wave of emotion swept me off my feet and I had to grab on to him in other not to fall. He nibbled on my lips and I moaned he used the opportunity to deepen the kiss. I know there is no school that teaches how to kiss, but Eric is a perfect kisser like he learned it from the best school.
I held on, as the kiss made goosebumps assault me, I felt my lower stomach explode with fireworks, I squeezed him tighter, he left my lips and kissed my neck just below my ear, the feeling was just heaven. I melted to his every touch, he stopped and looked at me, am surprised, I thought kissing him made him mad.
"I thought you were mad that I kissed you?" I asked still feeling dizzy
"Where did you get that from?" he asked with confusion
"Richie said you were angry when you came home that Friday," I said looking down, he made me sat down and him beside me
"Barbie, I was angry true, but it wasn't because you kissed me, you kissing me was the consolation in my dark days," he said and my lips curled up
"So what made you angry?" I asked and his face darkened.
"The reason why I hide my face is that my life is in danger," he said and I have no idea what to think
"My father was assassinated, we left the country for security reasons, they still tracked us down, in other to save me my mom paid with her life" he said and hits his chest showing it hurts "I was barely eleven Barbie" he said looking at me, the hurt I saw in his eyes made me cry.
"My grandfather has to smuggle me back to the country, nobody knew about it, not even grandma, only my grandfather, and the army general his old friend," he said
"That means you have been here for six years?" I asked bewildered
"Yes, I told Richie that it was just 2 years, I have been here alone, away from the public just for my own safety, and none of my friends could recognize me cause I left as a kid so everything about me changed," he looked at me "but you did, my very own Barbie" he said smiling, I smiled too
"The day you had your date with Kevin," he said and I flinched
"The day you gave me a fairytale" I corrected for that's how I choose to remember that day, he chuckled
"Right, I got a call that grandfather had a heart attack, so I snuck out to go see him, but the general stopped me on the way, saying it's not safe for me yet since they haven't figure out who is trying to kill me," he said and exhaled
"I was going back home when I saw Kevin leaving the restaurant, I then remembered it's your date today, I peeked in and saw you weeping, I wanted to go beat Kevin up, but rescuing you was more important," he said and smile looking at me.
"So you enjoyed every moment with me?" I asked
"Yes, so much that I never wanted it to end," he said
"But wasn't enough to make you forget your grandfather's situation," I said, I want to make him forget all of his pain
"After you kissed me and ran" he said in a mocking tone, I shoved him "I left, the cab I took had the radio on, they were talking about the heart attack, people were calling saying how wicked I was, for I haven't even called or visited, my grandmother told them it seems I don't care, I don't blame her, she has no idea what's happening" he said.
I see that's enough to resurface his wound. "They don't get, for six years I have trained to become stronger, the general reports my activities to the grandfather I don't know why he still thinks am still weak," he said with frustration.
I understand his grandfather wants to protect him, I will do the same, but at times the best thing to do is let him spread his wings, he need to be free and face his demons.
"Then show him you're strong," I said, though I have no idea how to do that.
"You're right, he's awake, I will go visit him now," he said I gasped I never meant this early.
"Will you be by my side Barbie?" he asked, how can I refuse this offer, I nodded, he stretched out his hand and I took it, he dragged me up with him.
"Time to show the world," he said and stepped out without his mask, I hate attention but for him? I don't mind, immediately he stepped out everybody snapped their head towards us, I looked at him and he has no fear in his eyes. My monster is out of his cage.

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Re: My Monster by excelmerry: 5:42pm On Jun 12
Thanks for the update..though just can't get enough..the storyline is amazing and promising.
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 7:53pm On Jun 12
My Monster

Chapter 21

I don't have to look at peoples face to see how surprised they are, soon reporters will hear about this, I wonder what he's planning.
"Barbie, now am out to the world, how do you suppose I go visit my grandfather" he whispered to me, I smiled I felt so important for he relied on me,
"We can take my car," I said, and I saw his eyes lit up "this way," I said leading the way still holding him, am not planning on leaving this sweet sensation. We entered my car and drove off, he told the driver the address.
"Before we get there the reporters might be there so you can go after dropping me," he said, but I can feel his reluctance.
"Shhh, am in it till the end," I said and he smiled
"Would I be considered hormonal teenage boy if I kiss you," he asked whispering, I giggled, I kissed him instead, I planned to make it a quick one so my driver wouldn't see it, but he held me and deepened the kiss, and I being a wuss couldn't resist the vanilla taste.
"Naughty Monster" I said, hiding my face in his chest, I can't face my driver anymore, he chuckled
"Don't worry Barbie, I got you" he said and wrapped his arm around me. After a while we arrived, truthfully the reporters have flooded the hospital gate.
"You ready?" I asked and he nodded then opened the door, on seeing him they all rushed to us, he shields me from them, it seems impossible to leave here.
"When did you return?"
"Have been here all along?"
"Who is the girl you're with?"
They kept with their questions, damn reporters,
"Make space" I heard a muscular voice, I looked up and saw five muscular guys shoving the reporters aside.
"Let's go Barbie," Eric said and took me with him, I could see flashes of cameras, the time is around 5:30 pm, I wonder what mother will say when she hears of this.
We climbed up to the hospital, we got to the private ward, he asked the first nurse which room his grandfather was, she was too dazed to answer. Subconsciously I wrapped my hand around his arm, the nurse looked at me and I gave her the stink eyes, back off.
"He is in the 3rd room to your right" she finally said after our eyes battle, I won, she blinked first.
"Jealous much?" he asked as we walked to the room.
"Am not the typical Barbie you know," I said, he smiled, truthfully there is still no label to us but I think what we have is the perfect special kind.
He slowly opened the door, I saw a figure standing looking out the window, he is on the hospital cloth, I take it he's the grandfather, thought he had a heart attack how come he's standing.
"Grandfather," he called
"I see you disobeyed me," he said not turning back, his deep voice made me weak on the knees, I looked at Eric and he squeezed my hand.
"Am ready," Eric said.
"Is the girl beside you the reason for that?" he asked still not turning, Eric moved me behind him in a protective position, I have no problem with that.
"What does it matter to you who made me come out," Eric said and I can feel the Alpha male in him, the grandfather scoffed.
"Your action boy just put the young girl in trouble," he said, Eric looked at me, it seems like epiphany hits him
"Your life is in danger, you're like a time bomb to people around you, and you have just dragged her to your war," he said, I saw Eric's eyes turned glassy, he agreed to what this old geezer said. He might be fearful, but nothing is keeping me away from Eric not him or any war.
"We live every day having no idea which will be our last," I said already crying "everyday with you might be dangerous, I get that, but it's more dangerous being without you for I will turn suicidal." I took a deep breath to calm myself "let me have this moment with you even if tomorrow might be our last, am in it till the end, remember?" I said and he smiled.
"Son, you just found yourself the perfect woman," we heard the grandfather said, we turned to him, he's already looking at us with tears in his eyes.
"My boy," he said and Eric rushed to him and fell in his warm embrace, I watch as the man I thought hardened cry on the shoulders of his grandson.
"What took you so long," He said and I smiled, this what he had always wanted.
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 7:13am On Jun 13
My Monster

Chapter 22

"So now you out in the open are you prepared to shoulder everything?" Mr. Stephenson asked him.
"Am ready for all that" he answered looking at me, Mr. Stephenson walked towards me and held my hand
"I don't know what you did to him, but whatever it is, am eternally grateful," he said, I felt so high, Mr. Stephenson, among the top ten richest in the country, is grateful towards me
"Am honoured sir," I said and he smiled.
"Papa, from the monthly company file you sent me, I found out there is a loop in the company's account, someone is stealing from the company and he or she knows how to hide his/her track." He said I looked at him, right now he doesn't look like the same teenage boy I walked the stairs with, he is now the heir of a mobile network company.
"Oh, what to do?" papa asked, but not phased.
"Give out the call to have every member surveyed," he replied, I feel so inferior, he is in full business mode, papa walked closer to him, and handed a ring over to him.
"This is the seal of the company, whoever wears it have the company, it's yours." he said and I gasped, that just turned him to a billionaire.
"No papa, give it to me when I've found out who is loathing the company and my parents' murderer," he said with a bow
"Good one boy" papa said wearing the ring back, the door opened at that moment and an older woman walked in.
"Eric" she called, call me superstition, but my spirit gave me bad vibe about this woman.
"Granny," Eric said, she came and hugged him, no need to be afraid she is his grandmother.
They exchanged pleasantries, a lot of people came also, and to every one of them, Eric introduced me and I just have to keep a smiling face, being a public figure is a lot of work.
"Thank you for today barbie," Eric said as we drove home, we were in my car, but have four other cars with us, they're Eric security.
"That's the least I can do," I said shyly.
"You cheeks get pink, you eyelid cast down, you fiddle with your fingers, how do you expect me to think straight, when you're being so cute." he said, I raise my head to talk and he laid one on me, knocking my breath away, when he stopped I held on my head to gather myself.
"You were saying?" he asked, I have forgotten what it was I wanted to say.
"Vanilla" I muttered
"What?" he asked since he couldn't hear me and I smacked me.
"Stop stealing kisses, it makes my heart beats so fast I fear it might explode," I said, I pray the driver didn't see it.
"You started it," he said chuckling, he opened the door when we reached our house, he acted super nice and escorted me inside. It's already dark, but I still want to stay with him, I know from now he will be super busy.
"You're back" I heard my mom said, I wonder what to tell her, dad is not yet back, Eric moved towards her.
"Good evening ma'am, allow me to pay my respect to the woman that gave birth to the most beautiful girl I know," he said and bowed
"What a good boy," she said, trust my mother to always be nice to a rich person, I bet she has heard the news.
"Can you come in and have dinner with us?" she offered
"I will be honoured, but let's do it another night" he replied, and my mom smiled
"Say your goodbyes then," she said and walked back inside, Eric walked back to me and took my hands.
"You were all over me the first day you stopped me from trashing Kelly," he said and I smiled. "I apologize in advance, for I won't be coming to school for a while, I have to take care of things before this year runs out." he said, I get what he's driving at, we will be sitting our waec next year so I guess he wants no distraction then. The only thing am thinking of now, is how to help him out and it struck me
"Don't worry about your friends I will explain everything to them and make them see reasons," I said and his face lit up, it gave me great joy knowing I made him smile.
"You will do that?" he asked and I nodded, one doesn't need a prophet to know that his friends will be sad and feel betrayed, but I will make them see reasons.
"I guess its time to let you go inside," he said looking at my house door, I can feel he also doesn't want to let go of me and it's thrilling.
"Am 17 and still have a long way to go, but am sure of one thing, that is my love for you, I love you, Eric." I said and he gazed at me, was it too soon, does he not feel the same, I keep messing up.
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 10:03am On Jun 13
My Monster

Chapter 23

I looked at him, I don't know what I am expecting him to say but I know whatever he says will make a difference and it got my heart pounding.
"Barbie barbie, it's too early in the day to think of dinner," he said. We are already at night what is he talking about, it's just his way of saying he doesn't feel the same way.
"I will be going inside," I said feeling broken "I will hold my end of the bargain," I said and went inside, I listen for him to call but he didn't.
I went inside with mixed feelings, I don't know if I should be happy he's out or I should be sad I didn't get I love you too.
I went to school in the morning all eyes were on me, I have only one motive, to convince his friends the reason why he did what he did. I ignored the stare and waited for the delinquents to arrive because I know they are the ones that need the explanation.
"And just like that, you became the most popular girl," Amina said coming beside me, I smiled
"How are you?" I asked trying to ignore the popular girl talk.
"Am fine, just kept telling my parents I had no idea about Eric," she said with a sigh "how stupid we were, we never reason the fact his name is Eric and he never said his surname," she said bewildered and the delinquents arrived.
"Help me and convince the delinquents the reason why Eric did what he did" I pleaded Amina
"Truthfully, I don't know why he did it," she said. I forget she also needs convincing, I sighed, I guess she is the first, she will then help me to convince the delinquents during the break, so I started telling her the whole story
"So you mean his life might still be in danger since they haven't caught the culprit?" she asked and I nodded
"Wow, he has guts, cause I will still be hiding if am him," she said, I have told her everything, just not the personal part and the fact that I was the one that prompted him, at least now she will help me convince the delinquents.
"So help me convince the delinquents" I said and she nodded, we departed when she got to her class, I went inside mine and Amanda eyes was on me, well I will convince them during break time.

"So that's what he had to shoulder alone," Richie said feeling pity for Eric after am done telling them everything, it's break time but none have the appetite to eat.
"One question, how come you recognised him even when I couldn't?" Collins asked, he was Eric best friend before he left
"Love recognises the heart, that's how she recognised him," Amanda said, thank God she did cause I have nothing to say.
"What do you mean by that?" Richie asked
"You know for a guy with high IQ you're dumb," Amina said to the oblivious Richie, and they started their chitchat. We just smiled and started our normal chatting, am happy its all been resolved, I can't wait to tell him all about it.
"You knew its Eric Junior all along so you left me for him" I heard Kevin saying, he looks mad, I feel pity for him.
"Does it matter anything to you," Amanda said barring her fangs, she never hesitate to bare her teeth
"Leave since you are not welcome," Collins said standing up, I looked and saw Kelly and his crew advancing, I remembered how it ended the first time, since the monster is not here it might get more severe, I then decided to end it.
"Leave Kevin, I never knew he was Junior, and I was never with you," I said, he gave me a death glare and walked away, Collins and the rest only stand down when they saw Kevin and his gangs have settled down.
"I appreciate you guys standing up for me," I said gratefully.
"You're Eric's woman, that makes you the Luna of this crew since Eric is considered the Alpha." Richie said and we all laughed, I feel so honoured.
I didn't see Eric the whole day, except seeing him on the TV, he kept answering questions on where he's been, he told them everything but never mentioned me. Even when they asked her about the girl he was with, he said 'she's just my classmate' it kept ringing in my head, every other thing he said to me suddenly became a sweet word with no volume, I have been played.
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 10:14am On Jun 13
Do you guys think Barbie was played,
Re: My Monster by MrsEvakinqz(m): 11:15am On Jun 13
Do you guys think Barbie was played,
I think Eric is protecting her

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Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 2:03pm On Jun 13
My Monster

Chapter 24

Friday was worst, even Gabriella said I knew about Eric, I felt so tired worst Eric wasn't in school, even when Amanda stood up for me I still felt defeated.
Kevin made sure to plaster how Eric denied having anything special with me and no lover will ever do that. Nothing was enough to brighten my day, even the news of Eric exposing Mr. Offor for loathing the company. I was supposed to feel proud of he achieved so much in such a young age, but I still feel sad. So sad I couldn't even cry, I thought to cry is the peak of sadness, I thought wrong, the peak of sadness is total tiredness, nothing seems to stir you up, you just become a living dead, counting your step as you walk as if you're heading to your grave. The worst kind of sadness is the love kind of sadness.
I left school without waving anybody, I just want to go home and lie down, when my driver got home I climb down only to stand face to face with Eric.
"Barbie" he called, I wanted to move forward and hugged him but remembering the interview made my feet get stuck.
"Why are you here?" I asked tears already flowing, he looked surprised at my question.
"To see you," He said
"You, the heir to the biggest network company, came to see me, just a classmate," I stated as my throat tightened, I felt a bitter bile rose up from my stomach. Epiphany struck him and he tried to come closer but stopped when I stepped back.
"Barbie that was just an interview," he said
"Yea, an interview the whole world saw," I said wiping my eyes. "I should've expected it when you didn't reply when I professed to you," I said remembering that night. "You made me believe the fairytale was just a game to you, am just a game to you," I said weeping and he sighed
"Before fairytale, fun, passion, feelings, wealth power, before everything, my first duty is to protect you," he said and came a bit closer. "Barbie am like a time bomb, at a point I will explode and damage everything in my part, my life is in danger" he got close enough and held my hand "in other to protect you and keep you from harms way, I have to give them that answer" he said, I want to believe him I so want to, but my heart is too hurt to.
"You're lying," I said
"We are having a mask party today, please do come and I will prove it all to you," he said, he looks desperate, I want to refuse, I fear I will experience more heartbreak but his looks makes my heart melts.
"Please Barbie" he pleaded. I just nodded gently he visibly relaxed. "I will leave you to go prepare I already told your parent," he said and my eye widened, dad came back last night I avoided him this morning so I won't explain anything to him, now this monster has gone and broken the ice.
"No, you did not," I said with close teeth
"Yes, I did Barbie," he said and I rushed inside I heard him giggling.
Dad was in the sitting room when I entered with a newspaper on his hand
"Good afternoon dad" I greeted and he turned to me
"You're back," he said, mom came out all dressed.
"Where are you going?" I asked and she smiled
"The Stephenson's invited us to a mask party, so am going to go get some mask," she said and left, my mom is always up for a party, now am alone with dad, I rushed outside to go get Eric so he also will bear with me, imagine my disappointment when I found out he's gone, I slowly went inside.
"So, I came home only to find your face in daily sun front page," he said and I sucked up "the boy he came, talking about how special you're and how honoured he will be if we came," he said and flipped his paper. I tried to speak but no word formed
"He's courageous, not all teenage boy has the nerves to meet the girl's parents," he said and looked at me I dropped my eyes immediately "what do you think of him?" he asked.
There is no way am telling my dad that I am in love with him, no father wants to hear his teenage daughter talking about love.
"He is a good friend of mine," I said with a raspy voice.
"I hope so," he said and motioned me to leave, I left in a robotic way. When I got to my room I brought out my phone and switched it on, that's my daily routine, after booting I received a text from an unknown number
"Wear something hot Barbie"
I smiled, only one calls me Barbie, wipe the smile off your face, weren't you suppose to be angry at him, my inner voice said. True, but after his explanation and seeing how handsome he is, its sort of difficult to stay mad at him
"How did you get my number" I sent him
"Easy, your mom" he replied almost immediately. I giggled and sat down, I think I will remove my uniform later.
"Typical of her, am not coming though" I replied just to see his reaction
"Simple I will bring the party to your house then" he sent, how brutal,
"You monster" I replied
"Barbie, that's what makes me different, for am a monster among men" He replied, I giggled
"No debate, I know, so you caught the culprit," I said
"Yea, and I know he's in affiliation with the murderer too, so am hoping the murderer will make a move pretty soon"
"Then isn't it dangerous throwing a party?"
"Probably, but am done being afraid or hiding, I've got you," he said and it warmed my heart, I wish he is near so I can kiss him, I miss him
"I miss you" I sent, my eye widened as I realise it will make me feel desperate, worse he never replied. Even as night came and as I prepare for the party, my happiness suddenly went bitter, I even tried to stay home but father insisted, so I dressed up and left with them. I finally made the decision not to care too, this is the end of my first love.

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Re: My Monster by excelmerry: 5:32pm On Jun 13
Barbie is soooooooo childish..
Re: My Monster by AndreIsKing: 7:21pm On Jun 13
Barbie is soooooooo childish..
cheesy cheesy Its expected. She's still in high school, isn't she? Lol
Re: My Monster by excelmerry: 8:05pm On Jun 13

cheesy cheesy Its expected. She's still in high school, isn't she? Lol

Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 2:58pm On Jun 14
My Monster

Chapter 25

This is my second time being here, but am still left in utter awe by its splendor, they're truly rich, everybody is with a mask, luckily that way I can avoid Eric since he won't recognise me, with that I went inside. This party is truly a puzzle, you won't know your friend unless he or she tells you the mask they wear. I looked around and saw Eric, his wearing a tux, I could easily recognise him because of his mask. People keep trooping in to greet them, am glad his grandfather is fine now. I stood there just looking at him, he was looking around like he's searching for someone, my heart whispers it's me but my brain denied.
"Sorry" I heard from the guy that bumped into me
"Richie?" I said he's wearing a mask and a suit, I recognized him with his voice
"Barbara?" he called and I nodded
"Why are you in a haste?" I asked
"Amina broke up with me this morning and the only way to continue our relationship is if we find each other tonight," he said, still looking around
"She's with a mask, how possible will it be to find her," I asked,
"She said you were able to recognise Eric so we will be able to recognise each other," he said, I smiled always trust Amina to do interesting things
"Are you confident you will find her?" I asked, he then looked at me and smiled.
"If I wasn't, then I won't be looking around," he said with a confident smile, I smiled and he left, I looked and saw Eric exchanging pleasantries with the guest, after a while he whispered something to his grandfather and left, I walked to the side and took a juice from the ushers.
"When I said hot, I never meant long black gown" I heard Eric said behind me, I froze and turn. "Well its better so no man gets to look at you like a savage," he said smiling.
"You recognised me?" I asked, he smiled and got closer.
"I know you so much that I can even recognize your footprint," he said smiling and my earlier resolve not to care crumbled
"I...." I tried to form a word but couldn't
"You're sad, I didn't reply your text, angry I didn't reciprocate when you professed," he said coming closer, he stopped only a foot away.
"All this I did had a reason, I wanted to say everything at the right time, that's why I said it's too early in the day to think of dinner." he said, I know this is heading to a good place, but the constriction am feeling between my legs is making it impossible for me to concentrate, my bladder is full, I was about going to the restroom when he came.
"Can you hold that talk," I said unable to bear it any longer,
"What?" he asked, then saw how I twitched my lips and hopping from one leg to another "oh Barbie, you're excused," he said with a chuckle and I rushed to the restroom, I knew where its located I used it the last time I was here.
I had to pull up my gown so fast for its nearly coming out, nothing can dent nature, I sigh as I release everything from my bladder. The restroom is for visitors, it has five toilets each in its own cubicle, I get it, they host parties a lot. I was about to flush down when I heard someone enter, I always hate it meeting someone in the restroom I decided to keep calm and wait till she leaves.
"What's holding you" I heard her talk, is she with someone.
"Nothing on earth will stop my son from inheriting the company," she said, my eyes widened instinctively I knew she is part of the murder, I wish I can see her face.
"Good, you already monitored everyone," I think she is on call, I wish I can hear what the other person is saying.
"Yes use the girl," she said, I gasped, she stopped talking, I think she heard me, I heard her footsteps coming closer, I was petrified, after a few seconds the door swing open, lo and behold, it's Eric's grandmother.

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Re: My Monster by AndreIsKing: 3:09pm On Jun 14
Bleep :O

And the suspense begins.
Re: My Monster by AndreIsKing: 3:11pm On Jun 14
Nice update man, waiting patiently for the next.
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 4:29pm On Jun 14
My Monster

Chapter 26

"What are you doing here?" she asked, she is old so I can easily overpower her that's my only confidence.
"Listening to your plot," I said confidently
"Now you have heard it, what difference does it make," she said, isn't she suppose to be begging, perhaps I played everything wrong in my mind.
"I will go tell," I said standing from the toilet, I walked past her to go wash my hand, I need to play along too.
"Fine, go" she said coming closer "but who will believe a grandmother will plot against her son" she said, she's right, but she's forgotten one thing, we are in a global age, no matter how rich she is, she is born like 7-8 decades ago, that means she has no idea what technology can do.
I moved away from her, brought out my phone and started recording, my heart was frantically beating for I fear she might catch me, she is just behind me, yet she's oblivious.
"I've been thinking why will you want to kill you grandson?" I asked coming close to her, with my phone out of my purse, I made it look like am just waving it around.
"Cause technically, he's not my grandson," she said, I hope it's loud enough for my phone to record it, am so scared "Mr. Stephenson married me when his wife died, he already has a son, Eric senior, I never loved him, when I gave birth to Anayo my son" she said Anayo with much admiration
"I swear to make him king of Stephenson empire, I plotted with him and killed Eric and his wife, with junior escaping," she said moving away, with the fear my phone won't get what's saying I moved closer.
"So you killed your stepson and his wife because of inheritance?" I asked and she nodded
"But my son won't still have the company unless junior dies, and he's already trying to figure out all the money we loathed," she said and moved away too, I sense she's planning something like she's buying time.
"You already have everything, why dirty your hand for more?" I asked
"Cause the hunger for power is never satiated," she said and looking at her right now she looks like all these villains in Barbie.
"You won't get away with this," I said, she smiled.
"Already did" she answered, her smile gave me the creep, it confirms my suspicions, she has something up her sleeve, not waiting to find out what I ran off the bathroom, I just heard her scoff. As I ran I saved the audio, and by instinct I sent it to Eric Whatsapp without listening to it, I hope it's audible enough.
I came out to the hall and searched with my eyes for Eric, I wasted a lot of time in the bathroom, he must be worried, I looked and saw him with his mask, I rushed towards him.
"Eric something is wrong," I said, I figured he hasn't got what I sent him. He held me and shrugged, instantly I noticed it's not him, the person before me has no vanilla scent, his eyes are plain.
"Who are you?" I asked
"Your nemesis" he answered with a raspy voice, I get he's the person she called, I tried to scream but stopped when I felt something poking me, I look down to see a gun pointing at me.
"Just one sound, and I will shoot, move," he said, I know he wouldn't shoot, for the noise will attract attention, but I also don't want to risk my life so I moved. What to do.
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 4:56pm On Jun 14
My Monster

Chapter 27

(The monsters POV)
Its been long she went to the restroom, should I be worried that she left or she is staying longer in the restroom cause she is shy, I smiled at the thought of that.
I remembered when she stopped me from fighting, nothing has ever stopped me when am fighting, it takes 3 soldiers to stop me, but just by a mere look she did and from that moment I was whipped.
I kept stealing glances at her and hate it whenever she speaks with Kevin, he never deserved her, in truth I also don't cause she is clearly heavenly, am just of earth.
I look at my watch, she is clearly wasting a lot of time, I remembered her professing, I so I wanted to tell her how much I love her, but it's too early, my life is dangerous, she might withdraw what she said once she sees the danger in my life.
I looked up and saw my grandmother walking up to Papa, mom said I should be careful about her, that was actually her last word, so am always careful with her. I brought out my phone to reread my chat with Barbie, love makes you do such things. I saw a new message from her, it's an audio message, I giggled like a fool and left the party for I don't want the noise to interfere with the audio, as I was heading out I saw Collins with Amanda
"Nice party bro," Collins said, he's not with his mask neither is Amanda, they truly like to break the law.
"Thanks," I said, am not much of a talker, I don't know how my Barbie convinced them to bear with me.
"Have you seen Barbara?" Amanda asked she was the first to know I have feelings for Barbie
"She went to the restroom," I said not wanting to stay and chat, I have an audio to listen to so I excused myself and headed straight to the kitchen where I had cake with her. I brought out my phone to listen to the audio.
As I play it the smile on my face disappeared, the content of the audio had me frozen, my grandmother was the cause of all this I can easily recognise her voice, I fear for Barbie's safety so I dialed her number and it rang
"Hello Barbie," I said immediately she picked up
"Hello lover boy," someone said with a raspy voice, so all my effort to hide her and keep her safe, I failed
"Where is she?" I asked, with a hard heart
"Oh, cool your horses she's with me, well not for long," he said, my heart already beating frantically, I remembered my grandfather's warning.
"What do you want?" I asked
"Simple, your life for hers," he said
"Gladly" I replied and he hung up, what, I thought he would tell me the address. I have to figure out what to do, showing the tape to papa now might make grandmother order her killing, I have to think fast.
I went straight to the security and asked if anyone has left the mansion in a suspicious way or so, they said negative. That means the fool is still in the mansion, but where? the mansion is so big that guest gets lost always, so its difficult to find him, and being aided by the grandmother he can hide well. Having prepared for this, I have installed CCTV, nobody knew about it, it's not much I just hope the ones I did caught the culprit.
Time to go look for the computer genius, he helped me in the installation, I will confront grandmother once I have found my Barbie
"I will surely keep you safe Barbie," I said as I went in search of Richie. I saw him with Amina, he told me of their game, and I was so proud I could also recognize my Barbie even with her mask, well it was easy, for her whole being calls out to me, she is the calm to my raging storm.
Re: My Monster by Winnairaking100: 5:10pm On Jun 14
Don't come here n break my ❤️ again.u make me fall for. Thanks for de update
Re: My Monster by excelmerry: 6:25pm On Jun 14
She's the calm to his raging storm.. kiss kiss

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Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 7:56pm On Jun 14
She's the calm to his raging storm.. kiss kiss

Awesome right
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 7:57pm On Jun 14
Don't come here n break my ❤️ again.u make me fall for. Thanks for de update

Sorry, have I broken your heart before? grin
Re: My Monster by Winnairaking100: 9:04pm On Jun 14
From de beginning of de story u keep doing it
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 9:13pm On Jun 14
From de beginning of de story u keep doing it

Sorry dear, I will mend it very soon

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