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My Monster / Short Story: I Am A Monster / Daddy’s Little Monster (A Short Romantic Story) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: My Monster by MrsEvakinqz(m): 10:27pm On Jun 14, 2019
ohhh ma Barbie be safe Biko... your super beautiful monster is coming to save you..
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 3:46am On Jun 15, 2019
My Monster

Chapter 28

The hoodlum had me tied to a seat, he has removed his mask, he is sure ugly, looking his mid 30, he answered my phone, it's from Eric, I wonder if he has seen the tape.
"Seems your boyfriend loves you," he said, I kept quiet I don't have to answer
"Soon Anayo will come and we will steal you away," he said
"Not possible, it will be awkward walking with you people will notice," I said and he scoffed
"We won't leave through the front door Missy, besides you will be drugged," he said and I gasped, "try to scream and I will really shoot, we are away from the party, and I will muffle the sound with these pillows.
We are in a room, a big one I thinking it's the grandmother's room, am refusing to cry, this beast won't have the pleasure, he came closer and touched my cheek.
"You're beautiful, before this ends I will have a taste of you," he said with a death smile and goosebumps washed over me, not in a loving kind of way but in creepy kind of way.
He went and sat down, he kept looking at his watch, after a while, we heard a knock at the door, he rose up
"Well seem Anayo is here with the crew," he said and walked to the door, I suddenly felt pressed, is this it? I heard I will be exchanged for Eric, I will gladly die for him but these people never keep their word. I have a feeling they will kill us both, even if Eric wants to exchange, but who on earth will literally walk into his death.
I heard the sound of a punch and the hoodlum was thrown back, I looked up and saw Eric, he is standing the tallest, I melted at his mere look, beside him is Collins.
"Take barbie away," he said and Collins came to untie me, but the hoodlum pulled his gun
"Stop or I will shoot her," he said wiping the blood off his face.
"Make a move boy and I will blast your head to Jupiter" I looked and saw Eric with a gun too, I gasped I never picture him to have a gun. "How about we settle this the old fashion way, fist for a fist," Eric said and the hoodlum laughed.
"Don't be over your head pretty boy, am a gangsta I have been in numerous fight," he said Eric smirked
"So I will be an easy win," he said, the hoodlum looked puzzled for a while but finally dropped his gun, Eric dropped his and Collins untied me.
I watched as Eric stood in a fighting position, am not scared for I know my monster will triumph, am more scared of the crew coming.
"Let's run" I whispered to Collins.
"Glady, but this guy will shoot at us, he kept his gun close to him, so he might shoot at us while we run, Eric might get shot cause he is closest" he whispered back I looked and saw the gun truly is close to the hoodlum how smart.
"Eric has a gun too," I said, Collins looked at me and smiled
"That's the gun we played with as a kid," he said and I froze, so it was just an act, Eric really is fearless.
"Other people are coming, so it's dangerous to be here," I said, he smiled
"Don't worry, Eric is always ahead of people," he said and focused on the fight. Looking at them Eric seems like his teaching the guy how to fight,
"Come on is that all you got?" Eric asked taunting the guy "all this big talk of being in numerous fight, you can't even throw a punch" he said as he punched the guy right on the stomach, making the guy crouch in pain he delivered another on his ear.
Clearly, my monster is strong, I admired him the more, who can keep me safer than him
"I trained all my life for this," he said as he delivered more blows, the hoodlum fall and he got on top him, dragged him up by the collar.
"Tell me, did you murder my parents?" he asked, the hoodlum was just wincing in pain he didn't answer
"Tell me did you kill them" he shouted punching him the more, I felt his pain I moved to stop him, I came in front of him.
"It's enough, you clearly won," I said, tears left my eyes, being kidnapped didn't make me cry, being at the risk of dying didn't, but seeing how broken Eric is made me cry.
He brought his bloody hand and caresses over my face, he smiled like am the cure to all his affliction, I smiled back, he then stood up, Collins already took the guy gun.
"I don't think he's the one that killed my parents," Eric said
"Yea you're right, I am" we heard someone said and we snapped our neck to the door, standing at the entrance is five guys, hefty if I might add, instinctively I hid behind Eric
"Anayo," Eric said with a cold voice.

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Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 3:52am On Jun 15, 2019
My Monster

Chapter 29

Looking up close, I recognised him, he was there the day at the hospital, I felt Eric vibrating he is really angry
"Why?" Eric asked raising his voice,
"Cause I want the company," he said with a smirk
"It's not your birthright," Eric said
"True, but still want it," he said Eric tried to lunge at him but the four guys behind him pulled out a gun.
"So you planned all these with your mother," Eric said
"Yes, how did you know that?" he asked a bit confused. I felt a happiness surge inside me, even in this dire moment am so happy I was of help to Eric.
"What does it matter to you," Eric said, squeezing my hand.
"Truthfully it doesn't, cause you all will die here, this wasn't our initial plan to kill you here, we wanted to steal the girl away, send you the address and kill you when you get there," he said and sigh,
"But you have just delivered yourself," he said with a wicked smile.
Eric turned to me. "Say it again," he said
"What?" I asked with confusion
"This is what my life might always be like, am in a position where I have to stand tall even as people want to bring me down, my life might constantly be in the danger. Even knowing all this, will you still repeat what you told me that night at your house" he said and I immediately know what he meant.
I caress over his cheek, look deep into his eyes,
"I told you, am in it till the end, I love you, Eric," I said and he smiled
"I love you more," he said, though this moment might be our last, it's a happy moment for having Eric say these words is euphoric, I smiled as I felt the butterflies.
"Enough of the love act, kill them all," He said. Eric hugged me as I pressed myself into him to bask in his warmth
"Move and we shoot" I heard a stern voice said, my eyes flicked open and I saw the soldier man that normally bring them to school.
He's here with 6 other soldiers, I visibly relaxed, Eric is truly ahead, the culprit surrendered.
"Officers, am also a victim here," Anayo said with puppy look, he's trying to deny everything, how bad.
"Yes you are" Richie came out from behind the bed with a camera, when did he, am confused.
"When did he?" I asked,
"The moment, I pushed this hoodlum back," Eric said pointing at the guy on the ground clearly passed out " Richie, crept in and took the position, you were clearly admiring me you failed to see him," he said with a wink and I shoved him.
"Our main plan was to get the hoodlum confessed, I never knew I will get Anayo to," he said with bitterness.
"The importance of being petite" Richie said showing he's in love with his nature.
"Come Barbie, your parents will be looking for you," he said, I took the phone where the hoodlum kept it. The girls were standing outside, Amanda and Amina,
"Come let's go," they said to me as the boys stood with the Army, I looked at Eric and he smiles
"I love you" he mouth to me
"I love you more" I mouthed back as the girls literally dragged me away.
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 3:55am On Jun 15, 2019
My Monster

Chapter 30

The girls took me straight to my parents, they are not in the party hall, they're with Eric grandfather. We passed the party hall before getting here, am surprise the party was still on and people didn't even know about what happened
"Mom, dad," I said, they turned and hugged me, mom has tears in her eyes
"Thank God you're fine," mom said sobbing, I hugged her back.
"I told you to trust my grandson," Papa said with pride, I get Eric told them everything and his plan.
"So where is grandmother?" I asked boldly, he shook his head in pain
"She's away for now," he said. My dad tabs my back and requested to speak to me alone, I then shift to the corner with him.
"Am glad you're safe?" he said
"But are you sure you can keep up with this family and their crisis, for even though the culprit was found this time around, they will always have people after them," he said, Eric said the same thing, and am not backing down.
"Dad, we always have enemies, God is the one that fights for us, so do not be afraid," I said, besides Eric hasn't proposed or anything, after that we went back to the others.
"This is a party so let's get back to the party," the grandfather said and we all laughed
"What of the culprit?" I asked
"Taken care of" I heard my Eric said, coming beside me "tomorrow we will go visit them in the station," he said, hearing his voice made me moan.
"Did my voice just made you moan?" he whispered to me, I gasped and looked around, I hope nobody noticed
"Don't worry, your secrets safe with me?" he said "excuse us," he said to everyone and took me to the party hall.
"Here's your mask," he said handing the mask over to me, I wore it and he wore his.
"Have this dance with me Barbie," he said, the music was slow and steady, people were just waltzing around
"Sure monster," I said and he growled, making me giggle
"We will make everything public tomorrow," he said as we waltz around
"Won't it attract publicity?" I asked
"My life is all about publicity, and I have to, so others will learn not to mess with me," he said, I nodded
"I know you don't like attention, so I won't involve you, the audio and video is enough evidence," he said and I smile, this moment nobody exists except Eric. I hear the music slowly play, and I dance around also listening to his heartbeat.
"Barbie" he whispered and I moan snuggling inside him the more, he kissed my forehead
"Will you marry me?" he asked and I gasped, not in a million world did I think he will propose, he pulled apart
"I know my life is a mess and will always be under the public eyes, which you hate most, not to mention the dangers ahead," he said looking so desperate
"I know we are young and still have a lot of years ahead of us to meet new people, I know all this but am here asking you to marry me," he said breathing heavily
"Eric," I said
"I know you will be conflicted, that you have hope of meeting new guys, and saying yes now will only cripple you, so how about you give me the answer, perhaps 9-10 years from now, after you have explored the whole world and meet with new people. I will still be here to hear your answer for you're the only one for me, be it now or a thousand years from now," he said, I fell deeper as I saw the sincere look on his face. My next answer will be the turning point of my life.
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 4:01am On Jun 15, 2019
My Monster

Chapter 31
"Yes," I said as tears flowed "be it now, tomorrow or a thousand years from now, my answer will be yes, because there is no one for me but you," I said and his breathing got louder.
"Yes!" He screamed getting peoples attention, did he just forget how I hate attention.
"Yes" he screamed again, I drew him down
"Scream again and my answer will change," I said and he made a motion to zip his lips, I smiled at how cute he is.
He took me straight to see my parents, I never imagine what they will think of this.
"As I promised, we won't be getting married or letting it known to the public till she finishes her education," Eric said to my dad and I gasped, he already told my parents
"What," I said
"He asked for your hand before going to rescue you, so I told him as long as you say yes, we would also accept, but before any marriage rite will be done you must be through with your education," dad said, I look to see the smile on mom's face.
"So we are now in-law," said grandfather and we all laugh "so quickly finish your education, cause I would like to see my great-grandchildren," he said and I blushed, I pictured what must transpire for me to reproduce.
"Wipe that naughty thought off your head" Eric whispered to me and I shoved him, he giggled and kissed me, just like always he knocked my breath away, now I couldn't even look at my parents, I kicked his leg and left angrily.
"My Barbie is a feisty one'' I heard him said before running after me, am so going to make him pay for this

8 years later.
The wedding day.
I met a boy 8 years ago, he changed my life, he became the best of me, and here I stand saying vows with him, we've had our obstacles, even from jealous friends that tried to break us apart, but out love prevailed in the end.
His wicked grandmother and Anayo got what they deserved, The witch got a heart attack and died when the judge passed a life sentence to Anayo. They were willing to pardon her since she was old and didn't commit any of the killings herself, but God didn't pardon her.
"Yes I do," Eric said, looking into my eyes and just like always his eyes still drew me in, I don't think my heart will ever stop leaping with joy anytime I see him.
"Yes I do" I also replied the priest, I smiled as I look at the beautiful monster in front of me.
"I now pronounced you MAN and WIFE, you may now kiss the bride," said the priest, breath prepare to be knocked away, for every time he kisses me my heart skip and my breathing hitch, he drew me closer and smile.
"Barbie, you gave me a fairytale, in this world of horror," he said, and I place my finger on his lips to keep him quiet.
"Just kiss me already," I said, and he giggled
"How feisty," he said, I tried to talk but he shut me up by sealing my lips with a kiss, it works every time, I heard the scream and howling of people. We broke apart after the kiss, I looked at my parents to see the happy look on their faces, grandfather is also happy, I wonder their happiness when I tell them about my pregnancy.
I looked at the guy before me and smile, since I met him my life has been a fairytale,
"Thank you for the fairytale," I said and he smiled
"I told you Barbie, every Barbie deserves a fairytale, especially you," he said and kissed me again.
This is how my monster became my prince charming

The end.
Written by
Okoh Udoka
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 4:03am On Jun 15, 2019
I hope I have mended the broken heart. The journey has ended I hope you all enjoy it.

To purchase any of my books or even have the pdf file of this My Monster to read at your leisure time do chat me up on WhatsApp.

08147717660. Thanks
Re: My Monster by excelmerry: 9:19am On Jun 15, 2019
Wow...thank you @ kingpaul07 for this wonderful piece..truly enjoyed reading it. I opened just to read an update only to get a full story. Sad to see it come to an end but a beautiful end nonetheless. Hoping to read more of ur stories. God bless u.
Re: My Monster by AndreIsKing: 12:19pm On Jun 15, 2019
This was an absolutely brilliant story, had me hooked from the beginning to the end smiley .

It ended perfectly. Thanks for this amazing story.

Can't wait for the next.
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 2:15pm On Jun 16, 2019
Will be uploading another story titled

The Demon Hybrid

Hope you will enjoy it, share and invites your friends also don't be a ghostreader. Drop comments and likes too


Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 10:17am On Jun 17, 2019
Demon Hybrid

Chapter 1
(Isabelle pov)
'They say never judge a book by its cover'. That's how I live my whole life so I reserve all judgment till later.
that's the third time my friend Amy has called me, we are late for school and am just deciding which lipstick to apply am not a makeup freak, once again I heard my name louder this time it shows she's getting impatience and her main reason wasn't because she's late it's cause she's seeing her mate for the first time after 2 weeks
"Isabelle, if you don't come down this instant, am coming up there and am carrying you to school whether you are ready or not" Amy screamed with much anger
"Am coming" I decided to put her out of her misery, I decided to put on red lipstick it's pretty much what I put on every day and ran downstairs
"Thank your stars you're out if not my shoulder would've been your ride" she glared at me
yes she can do it for she is a wolf and I weigh next to a feather to them they're super strong I sometimes wish to be them.
We are living in a supernatural world consisting of Vampires, Wolves, Witches and lastly humans like us that was abducted from the human world and was used as slaves until someone liberated us. I heard he was called the King of the supernatural and he also stopped the great war
"Girls you're late for school," my mom said coming down from their room still on her nightgown
"be going" she said as she literally pushed us out the door more like me because Amy was already out and heading to her car, she use the car because of me so we can drive around, my dad bought me a car but am too lazy to drive so Amy bought one so we can drive around since it will be awkward to carry me around.
"So all this, for Damian," I said as I sat on the passenger seat
" Yes I haven't seen him for 2 weeks, my wolf can't keep calm cause she knows we will be seeing him today," She said as she drove off

When we got to the school Damian is already in front of Amy's locker waiting, on seeing him she threw herself on him and they engaged in a hot kiss which I wouldn't want to hunt me in my dreams so I looked away, luckily for me I saw my ever charming cute boyfriend Silas. He is a wizard and a strong one he's from a strong generation of witches and wizards, I just smiled as he was walking towards me am never the type for PDA (public display affection) or probably am just lazy
"Hi," said Silas as he reached and kissed my forehead which I am glad that he didn't go for the lips
"Hi" I replied trying to sound cute. I don't know if it's me or that our relationship lacks this electricity and butterfly I read in novels or the one in Amy and Damian relationship, maybe they have it because they are wolves and their mate bond is strong and love is different for humans
"So how was your weekend?" he asked
"It's fine" I reply with a shrug that has always been our routine "and yours?" now that's like a ticket to Silas talk show
"It was fun, I tried developing a new spell but it didn't work, I think am missing something........" I just tuned him out, it's not my fault that his magic stuff never impressed me, maybe it's because he never used it to impress me you know like make stars fall not the real star but imaginary stars
"They stopped kissing," Silas said as he got my attention back
yes that's Amy and Damian they were kissing all these while I swear they never get tired of exchanging saliva
"Good," I said with a disgusting look
Damian greeted Silas and I so he just noticed our presence now, Amy would be all red now if she was fair but lucky her she's chocolate skin the only evidence that shows she had a fierce kiss is her swollen lips. I wanted to make fun of Amy about her lips but unfortunately the bell rang so we all left for our class luckily we have the same subject first period so we all made way to our class I was hugging my books with my both hands to my chest so Silas couldn't hold me he was just trying to make up conversation am glad he's trying but I would love the silence better
Amy and Damian were holding hands and whispering to each other's ear, am jealous of them, I have always wanted that, its even part of the reason I started dating Silas, but I can't find myself doing it with him, how will I explain it, it feels so wrong even kissing him never felt right.

"Today we will be discussing the people considered the strongest in the supernatural world," our history teacher said, she is new so I haven't gotten her name yet.
"First I will tell you about the three people that formed the Azalk group," she said
We all know about the group but its rumoured that the three that formed it are dead, though the group still terrorize some small countries and tries to break the peace, am glad am in the capital that's the most guarded region in supernatural world so they won't even think of attacking here
"They're Omeh, Adam, and Matthew. Omeh the wolf, Adam the vampire, Matthew the wizard. together they formed a group known as Azalk 400 years ago and once again they threw the supernatural world into a turmoil but luckily our unity gave us a winning edge" the teacher said
"Why didn't the Royals took care of them since no wolf or vampire defies royals," Silas asked always the curious one
"They are not your average supernatural, with Matthew being a powerful wizard he summoned a demon inside them granting them power far beyond every supernatural even Royal...." she paused and looked around before she continues, a typical method for teachers to know if everyone is paying attention "but luckily for us we had beta Jacob of Hunters pack he was strong enough to handle Omeh a fleet considered impossible so with him taking care of Omeh the royals both vampires and wolves was fighting Adam and the witches were fighting Matthew then the soldier was taking care of their minions" she breathed as if to catch her breath "beta Jacob led a great victory but he suffered a mortal wound" she walked up to her book and turned a few pages I took the time to look at the back seat and saw Jacob he is the grandson of Beta Jacob they say he looks like his grandfather I wouldn't know because my father is not even born when beta Jacob died. What I like about Jacob is, though he's Grandfather is considered stronger than royals he is not a proud type he is just your typical humble type of guy
"After the three was defeated we never knew if they survive or not but we never saw them again though their group still terrorize some cities, but not to worry they will soon be taken care of," our history teacher said with much faith
And I hope so cause the thought of them makes me afraid
"What made beta Jacob so strong to defeat them or did he have a demon soul too?" Silas asked once again
"No, he did not because summoning a demon soul is an abomination, though it will give you power it will also make you an enemy of the public and remember no matter how powerful you are you will never be stronger than the public". She said but still didn't answer why beta Jacob was stronger
"Hunter Winslor" she said with much admiration "He is considered the King of the supernatural world, he has wolf gene, vampire gene, and witch gene all in him so he's considered the hybrid, he's more powerful than all the supernatural, he is said to have control over the supernaturals" she looks at Silas "the reason why beta Jacob is stronger than a royal is because he was powered by Hunter" she said clearing Silas question
"Why didn't he fight the three if he is so strong why leave beta Jacob to do it," Amy asked, now that is a bit of a shock cause she never asked question
"Cause he left us 500years ago we never knew if he died, or left to another world in search of his mate I heard" she answered with a shrug
I felt pity that he has no mate, I can't imagine the burden of not having someone. I don't know much about mate but according to Amy, she said it's the best thing in life, that you will have unexplainable happiness once you find your mate. She kept talking about her mate when we were kids, you can't imagine her happiness when she first felt the mate-pull, it was last year when Damian the son of a very strong Alpha and will be the next Alpha came into our school, she couldn't stop herself from kissing him that instance.
"Will he be back if he finds his mate?" I asked for the first time
"I suppose, if it's really the reason he left" the teacher answered
The bell rang and we all left the class, so far this is my best lecture
"See you at lunch," Silas said to me as he waved and left I nodded and walked towards my next class like everyone else cause I wouldn't want to be late

We are now in the cafeteria eating our lunch I was sitting beside Silas Damian and Amy was sitting opposite us, am having fries for lunch
"Someone is not supposed to be that strong" Silas said, I noticed he never like someone being so powerful and strong but he won't have a problem if he is that powerful, I think he wants to be that powerful and if you ask me that's hypocrisy, but I wouldn't tell him that
"At least he did a good thing in the supernatural world," Damian said
"How so?" I asked, since being human we don't age like them so we don't know much, we age faster, we can hardly live to a 100, while they live for centuries. They stop aging at 18 until they find their mate then start aging 10 times slower than humans
"He liberated the humans, closed down the portal so that no more humans will be abducted, united the supernatural world" he took a big bite from his burger "that is a fleet considered impossible and a good fleet if I may add" he concluded.
We heard the emergency bell, the cafeteria got quiet until Leo, a royal wolf, too proud of himself if you ask me, rushed in and gave us my worse nightmare as news "The Azalk are here" he said, I went numb
"Come on!" I heard Silas screaming and dragging me out of the cafeteria, I started hearing the scream and bangs I felt so powerless most of the humans are now crying as we came out in the hallway
"Stay in the middle," Damian said, as he Silas and Amy circled me, I felt so scared and glad to have them. I heard a growl I looked and so five ugly looking wolves charging at us my friends stood in front of me, Damian and Amy transformed, Damian wolf is bigger than Amy they are both brown Silas hands went on fire, if the situation was different I will certainly be impressed.
The five wolves rushed toward us Silas started throwing the fire from his hands and luckily it burned down two but the remaining three dodged it so Damian rush one and ripped ones' throat out with his teeth as one ran pass him heading towards Amy he was fast enough to catch his hind leg and Amy used the opportunity to slit his throat, the blood will make me sick
"I got this," said Silas as he burned the last wolf "come on let's go," he said as he drags me down the hallway I looked behind and saw Amy and Damian behind us, I have to admit my friends are cool
As we stepped out the school compound I felt stuck to the ground because of the sight before me
"They have never attacked like this before," Silas said as he saw the number of Azalk attacking student
I looked around and saw Leo wolf it can easily be recognised because it's bigger than all wolf here and he's pretty much ripping theAzalks apart, his brother wasn't in school today he would have been a good help, I also saw Jacob still in human form but killing a whole lot of Azalk no wonder his pack is considered the strongest
"Run" Silas pushed me back as he engaged in the fight Amy and Damian have joined too, I couldn't move my leg was stuck as I saw the countless bodies in the ground vampires, wolves, witches, but mainly humans. I looked up and saw a big scary wolf coming towards me, I shifted back but hit the wall, I heard Silas screaming at me to run I looked at him he has his hands full fighting Azalk witches, Damian and Amy are also occupied. This is it for me, am going to die a virgin, so I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable, then I heard the earth trembling roar.

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Re: My Monster by mhizv(f): 11:37am On Jun 17, 2019
Is this your story? I've read this exact story here on nl undecided
Re: My Monster by mhizv(f): 11:44am On Jun 17, 2019
@op. Are you kingokoh ?
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 4:20pm On Jun 17, 2019
@op. Are you kingokoh ?

Yes I am, I lost that account
Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 2:04pm On Jun 18, 2019
Demon Hybrid

Chapter 2
(Isabelle pov)
The roar was loud and long, it can scare any man to death, but funny enough I felt safe for it gave me strength and courage, so I opened my eyes and the scene before me is now different, all the wolves are back in their human form and are all naked cause when they transformed their cloth got ripped, disadvantages of being a wolf. The only person still in his wolf form is Leo but he has his tail in between his legs, the vampires' fangs are gone, the witches are powered down cause I see no fire in their hands. Then the wolf that was supposed to rip my throat out is now human like others he is nothing but a scared ugly looking man, but everybody here is scared both supernaturals and humans even Damian that I often considered a daredevil. Then why am I not scared cause am easily scared, I looked around and saw Jacob with a smirk, he's not scared.
As I was still taking in the scene before me and wondering why am not scared that's when I saw him coming, a man that can only be described as Adonis, he is walking towards me, everybody he walks pass bows starting from Jacob, even Leo, he walks like he owns the world. He is wearing a black silky trouser that doesn't seem like its from this era but he looks like a model in it and a rope that is open and I can see his well-chiseled abs, he can definitely charm the pants off any woman, am already making up fantasies about him, what's wrong with me I never made up such fantasies with Silas
"Hi," he said as he approached me with his eyes closed, his chocolate voice made me light headed and am having a hard time keeping my feet up
"Hi" I manage to say above a whisper also wondering why his eye is closed, he then turn to the man that wanted to kill me, and looked at him, I can see his eyes are open from his side view that I can see, after what seemed like 3 seconds the man fell and died, the Adonis now turned back to me with his eyes closed, I wanted to see his eyes so bad.
"You're Hunter," I said being surprised for he's the only one in the supernatural world that has such powers, he's truly a king
"Yes I am, and you're?" he asked with a smile that melted my heart away
"Am Isabelle" I just realized, maybe he's back cause he has found his mate, I felt happy for him but sadder for a reason I can't explain.
He turned to the people "Go put on your clothes, the soldiers will soon be here to take care of the infidels, the witches and wizards should take care of the injured" everybody starts moving around doing what he just said, he then walked towards Jacob and Silas rushed to me
"Are you alright?" Silas asked as he examines me to know if am hurt
"Am fine" I answered nonchalantly, for my attention is focused on Hunter, I kept looking at him to know if he will turn towards me though he still has his eyes closed I will be glad to have him face my direction. I noticed the only time he had his eye open was when he killed the ugly man, maybe whoever he looks at dies and he doesn't want to kill anyone.
He is a hybrid so of course, his senses are higher than all supernatural so he doesn't need his eyes to see where he is or what and who is coming but still he can't see the beautiful part of this world, like the colour of the sky, the forest, the colour of my dress, snap out of it Isabelle he has a mate.
"Come the soldiers are here" I heard Amy said as she drags me inside the school which am sad about for I have missed the chance of having Hunter turn towards me
"Wait," I said as I notice we just pass my locker, she stopped I opened it and brought out my sunglass, the cool one I bought last year but never used
"What are you going to do with that?" Amy asked a little bit confused
"Its for hunter" I rushed outside without waiting to hear what she has to say as I stepped out I saw Silas tending to an injured wolf and Damian was speaking to his father, then the Azalks have been cuffed with silver chains that are for the vampires and wolves but witches and wizards are tied with a rope that seems like a wood it makes them powerless. I focused and looked around for Hunter, I saw him discussing with the royals both Vampire and wolf, before I could get scared and chicken out I marched towards him
"Hi," I said as he turned towards me with his eyes still closed, I had hoped it would be open
"Isabelle," he said with that same breathtaking smile, and he still remembers my name
"I came to give you this," I said as I handed him the sunglass, though he has his eyes closed am shy to look at his face now
"How thoughtful of you" he said as he took it and wore it "wow" he said I looked and saw him facing me, its hard to say what he's looking at cause I can't see his eyes but I reveled in the fact that it's me and that I was beautiful enough for him to say 'wow'
"It looks good on you," I said and it's true, he can model for whatever he wears
"Thanks," he said as he turned and started the discussion he was having with the royals
That's my cue to go. I wanted to say so much, I left sadly, I looked at Silas and notice he was staring at me with anger, that shows he saw what happened and is angry, he might think am being this nice to Hunter because he is so powerful and I want to be on his good side, I looked away from Silas, he's least of my worries. But what's happening to me, I have never felt this attracted to anyone before, he is an Adonis I get it but his every being invites me in. I wish there is a simple explanation for these emotions am getting.

It has been a week since the attack, every news is about the return of Hunter and hows he's the most eligible bachelor, the journalist keep asking him why he returned and where has he been, if he had actually found his mate, he didn't answer about his mate he just said he got tired and went into a supernatural sleep and he just woke up.
I felt so tired I haven't picked Silas calls or even Amy, my parents have been going to the Royals for meeting cause of the Azalk attack, they're after all the human leader. So all this week am always alone at home, whenever someone knocks I ignore because it's either Amy or Silas, I know they can sense me but I still don't care. I just went to the living room and turned on the TV and bang, the face that appears on the screen is my Adonis
"I will be attending the capital high school, in other to learn this era, for I am alive far beyond my time," he said.
That is my school he's going to be attending my school I got so happy and my energy returned cause that means I will be seeing him again. I never thought I would, now I can't wait for tomorrow to come cause I really want to see him I looked at him again on the tv and he is wearing the sunglass I gave him, I gasped, the joy he still had it on is unimaginable that I had to start jumping around like a kid that just received the desired present for birthday
"Not to worry again for I have marked all habited area and if any Azalk should try to infiltrate any territory I will know and I won't be merciful, the ones under our custody will soon give up and reveal their hideout" he said as he ended the interview and the newscaster started talking about what he said, I off the TV as it's now boring
"What am I going to wear?" I sighed Amy would have been of help if I haven't been such a snub, I gathered my courage and called her and she picked on the first ring
"You better have a reasonable explanation" she shouted through the phone and I flinched
"Come to my house and I will explain better" I invited her over and within few seconds she's knocking on my door I guessed she used her superspeed
"So start spilling," she said immediately I opened the door
"I just got scared and chickened out so I've been messed up and I didn't want you guys to see me like that" I lied though I was messed up it was for another reason, she looked at me and gave me a warm hug
"Am sorry you had to see that, you poor child," she said slightly above a whisper
"So, I called you to select a nice cloth for me so that I will look good tomorrow in school," I said I walked up to my room to my closet
"oh that's how you want to apologize to Silas," she said and I gave her a weak smile how could she have known it wasn't for Silas, I wonder where this fantasy will get me
After checking out some cloth I decided to wear a blue gown it looks cute I wish it will really get Hunters attention
"How do the mate bond works?" I asked because it's been on my mind since I saw Hunter
She looked at me like an alien cause I never asked but she decided to answer
"It pulls you towards each other, though you will be pulled towards each other you have to see each other's eyes to see the glow and know he or she is your mate" she answered
"Have a supernatural mated a human?" I asked I don't really know why I did
"I heard that it has happened a few times that was part of why Hunter liberated the humans so that the supernatural that mated with humans won't have to hide it" she thought for a bit "a wolf and vampire and even a witch can sense their mate from afar I don't know much about other supernatural but wolves are very possessive about their mate especially alphas" she laughed and I know she just remembered Damian "you can see the possessiveness in Damian"
"Yes, I can" I sighed. She gasped "what's wrong?" I asked
"I just thought of Hunter, if alphas and royals can be so possessive about their mate I can't imagine how possessive he will be, you know being the hybrid," she said with a look that can be interpreted as pity
"Yes cause everything about him is intensified," I said and I kept seeing him in my mind, truth be told no girl will complain if he is possessive over her
"Silas will easily forgive you if he sees you wearing this" Amy said as she looks at the gown
"I will come tomorrow morning to give you a fine make up, don't worry it's going to be light" she added as she know am not a fan of make up "I will be going I have a date with Damian, bye," she said as she ran down and out she goes I sluggishly went and locked the door and came back to my room.
I grabbed my phone send a text to Silas telling him the same lie I told Amy and I got his reply saying how sorry he is and will make it up to me in school, am not ready for any drama I hope he knows. I slowly drifted to sleep with one person on my mind and I hope we have a blast tomorrow.

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Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 11:36am On Jun 19, 2019
Chapter 3
(Hunters POV)
I just came back from the interview and am tired, though its sort of impossible, the reason am tired is because of the fact that I haven't seen that pretty face, that sweet scent. It invaded my nostril the first time I approached her it made me loss my motor sense, it's lime, I didn't see her looks when she realized who I was but I could sense her shock from her voice. I wanted nothing more than to look at her face but I can't, cause earlier before I approached her I could hear the thought of everybody except her, so I caught the thought of a guy, who I later found his name to be Silas and through his thought I found out he is her boyfriend it really broke my heart and I regret looking at everybodies thought.
"Hunter" Jacob called, he is the same with my old friend no different even in character thanks the gods for that cause I really need my friend and jacob really fill the gab
"Yes" I answered and he came inside my room
"The journalists are here" Jacob said with a bit of pity he could understand why I hate them, they're too inquisitive for their own good I think so far they're what I hate most in this era
"Would it be bad if I use my powers on them" I asked cause am so tired of them
"Yes" he answered geniunely, and thats one of the reason he remind me of my friend Jacob he is always up for a mischief and with his answer it sealed the fate of the journalists
So with that we step outside as I stepped out I saw them and they were more than 20 not that it matters anymore, they all stood and pointed out their microphone, some with camera and my ears is already flooded with thousand questions I won't dare tapping into their thought for it will be question after questions
"You all have all been curious to know how powerful I am" I ignored their questions and made my voice loud and radiates with power, I could see them all cower in fear
"well let me show you a glimpse of it" I said as I look at Jacob and he still have his famous smirk, he is so my new best friend, so I turned and looked at them with a devilish grin and used my telepathic powers to control them. Only high order of witches can do it to a limited amount of people and lucky for me my grandfather (maternal) is a high order wizard so with his gene and my other gene it amplified my powers so I can control more amount of people but still limited though
"You all should go home and give me rest, cause because of you guys I haven't rested since I woke up" just like that they all left and I smile inwardly and glad am the hybrid that holds such powers
"That's wicked" Jacob said as he high five me and I just smiled "so whats up for today" he asked. He have been with me since I woke up and we have bonded alot and I promised not to read his thought wish he was glad about
"I don't know, since I've pretty much seen everything so am not really in the mood to go out" Being a super being like me have its down sides since you're hardly surprised I see things or sense them miles away.
"Ok" he said then looked at me an continued "you have been sleeping for 500 years and you never woke until now, can I know why now?"he asked just like his grandfather ever the curious one
"Well" I decided to answer him truthfully and confide in him for his my bestfriend now "I went to sleep cause I couldn't find my mate so I grew bored being stock in 18 for many century so I decided to sleep" I chuckled as I remembered it "even your grandfather wanted to join me since he haven't found his mate" he looked surprised and I knew nobody ever told him
"So what stopped him" he asked
"the day we decide to go we were just taking care of things to leave command to Elijah, 3rd in command that same day he saw his mate, she was visiting our pack for the first time." I laughed again as I remembered the shock when he saw his mate, it was pure euphoria for him cause I could feel his overwhelming emotions
"So he now stayed back, even I stayed back for a month, for their weddings and with hope that I will be lucky like him but unfortunately I wasn't, so I went ahead with my plans and said my goodbye to Jacob" I remembered it just like yesterday I could still see the sadness on his face, I felt bad for not being there for him
"So as I sleep I could feel emotions strong ones" I looked at him "like when your grandfather died I felt it, but it wasn't strong enough to pull me out of my slumber" I can feel the guilt rise up from my stomach
"So what was strong enough to pull you out" Jacob asked, from the looks on his face, I can tell he doesn't blame me for his grandfathers death, and am glad for that
"My mate being in danger" I said as I remembered that day "I opened my eyes immediately I felt her emotions, it was fear, its the strongest thing I have felt since I went to sleep" I walked and sat on the little pavement and now we are sitting opposite eachother "so with her emotions I now felt you, its the same with your grandfather and then I felt everybodies, while everybody was fear, some afraid they will die, some afraid they can't protect their love ones. Yours is just pure anger" I looked at him and saw anger flashed before his eyes then it dawn on me that he hates them for taking his grandfather, but he was not yet born when he died what made him hate them so much
"When I got up I ran at a lightening speed as I reached I saw the wolf trying to rip her throat, so I gave the loudest roar" I finished since he knows the rest of the story
"From this story I still can't say for sure who the mate is but I have a good guess" He said and I told him to guess "Isabelle Kings" he said and I giggle
"Yes" I confirmed his guess
"So thats why you're also starting school which you don't actually need" he asked with a smug
"bingo" I said I learnt its a word in this new era
he just laugh
"Why close your eyes, cause she need to see your eyes to know you're her mate" he asked cause techinally speaking every supernatural thats their first instinct.
"Well I was reading peoples thought to know who is Azalk and who is not so I read Silas thought and knew he is her boyfriend and according to his thought they're pretty much in love" I said sadly
"Still, she is yours and nobody is allowed to touch the queen" he said angrier than me
"You really sound like him" I said with a smile and brough out the sunglass she gave me am going to be seeing her tomorrow I wonder if she would naturally be drawn to me or will she be with her boyfriend, that might set a dark cloud since it will make me jealous. Since am Alpha of Alphas the king of supernatural am expected to be possesive over my mate even more than royals, any person that touch her in a way inappropriate will be at the risk of loosing his life, thats normal, but unlike what people expect I have a high level of control and am calm by nature how funny
"Lets go race" Jacob said "I've always win every member of the pack but I suspect you will win me" he said as he stood up and ran off
I chuckle "Thats cheating" I said as I ran after him, it's only fair if he had a head start for am faster than any supernatural, in no time I caught up with him and pass him and I was not even trying
"You're faster than I thought" he said panting
"You have no idea" I said as we both head to the pack house
The Azalk that we captured I have found out their locations from their thought and I will go there with Jacob tonight, since just like his grandfather he is my partner and he is strong and uses the power he draws from me perfectly, so I don't have to worry about him, so we decided when we leave tonight we won't alert anyone.

It's midnight we're currently standing infront of a hole inside a thick forest that looks like it will lead down to underground. As we move down it sure did lead to underground with my superhearing I could hear chatters and this place smells awful
"This place smell awful" Jacob said my thought
"Yes, we are about to enter, be ready all of them are bad so no prisoner" I have already read their thought and they have no vital information they don't even know if they're the only Azalk group remaining, the one that acts like their leader thinks they are, I was glad no kid is there so I won't feel guilty. I kicked the door open, I want to have fun so I didn't roar or control them cause that would be easy kill and it will be lame to kill defendless people, so I allowed them free will, in order to put up a fight, as the door went down they all stood to attacking position and the wolves transformed and the vampires had their fangs on while the witches hands flame up
One wolf ran towards me I position with my claws out but before he reached Jacob came infront and slit his throat, he looked backed at me with a smirk, cunning bastard he got the first kill, now lets see who kills most, as if he knew what I was thinking, we attacked the same time
I was faster , I kept ripping heads, slittings throats, tearing limps I took the time to look at Jacob and he looks happy and doesn't need my help as I focused back on the fight about ten witches circled me with their hands ablaze I gave a devilish grin and did my telepathy thing and each of their heads busted like a balloon filled with excess air that got the remaining Azalk scared to their guts. Jacob came close to me with his bloody face and hands but non, his
"Looks like we should put them out of their mystery" he said and I nod as we attack to finish them all.
I kept thinking what Isabelle will think of me if she sees me like this with countless corpse surrounding me and Jacob, surely she will be afraid of me I hope she never sees me like this ever
"That will be all" Jacob said as we step outside and I magically set the hideout on fire and felt relieve that we won't be hearing of Azalk, all this I do is for my people and for her safety and no matter what I do no matter how hideous and monstrous its for the safety of my people
"Come lets go" I said and with that we went home and am glad and happy cause I will be seeing Isabelle tomorrow, my Queen, the Queen of supernatural world.

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Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 7:01pm On Jun 19, 2019
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Demon Hybrid

Chapter 5
(Isabelle pov)
Since I came home today from school I have been crying, now its just sobs since I have no more tears. As I got home I received a call from Amy, I wanted to ignore it but since I don't need her coming to my house I just told her I had a stomach ache that I will be fine after a few hour sleep and luckily she bought that. As for Silas he called and asked if am alright immediately I said yes, he told me he's traveling for a witch stuff which made me think he called not to know how I was but to tell me about the witch stuff.
I kept thinking of Hunter and how I have offended him, but I can't think of anything though I feel so weak. Why do I feel like this towards him, why does his opinion matter so much, how miserable will I be if he finds his mate.
"Isabelle am home" my mom calls
"am up in my room doing assignment" I lied cause I don't want her to see me like this, my eyes red from crying, come to think of it I never cried like this or over any emotional stuff, am a strong girl, but now am weak. I need to figure out this feeling I need to sort myself out with that I slept off.
I woke feeling so heavy, my head hurts, I just got up went downstairs and brought out cold water from the fridge and gulped down.
"Are you alright?" my mom asked and I turned, she was standing by the kitchen door wearing a nice dress which indicates she's going out
"am fine just a slight headache" I roamed my eyes all over her "where are you going?" I asked
"We're going to a ball party hosted by the royal vampire," she said, we as in her and dad
"Oh, so where is dad"
"Here I am" he came to view wearing a nice tux, he is really a fine man and I have some of his qualities like his dark brown eyes and I have my mothers curves, such a lovely family we are
"let us go honey, we don't plan to be late, remember hunter is coming," my dad said, with the name Hunter, a thousand scenarios rushed through my mind
"You mean the King of supernatural?" I asked just to be sure
"yes" my mother answered as they both went out and entered their car
"don't wait for us dear," my dad said as he drove off
Maybe I should've gone with them at least to see Hunter and know if he's angry, will he even talk to me, am so confused, I went upstairs to bath and calm myself.
I spent more than 30 minutes in the bath but I still didn't clear my head, am here killing myself over someone that is not mine, am hopeless. I went up to my room to know if I can sleep, but no I kept turning, am incurable
That's it, I have made up my mind to go to the ball and search for Hunter, so I grabbed my black hoodie already wore my black trouser and went off to the vampire town that means I have to take the car, perfect.
I opened the car and luckily the engine revved alive, good its been long I touched it so I drove out of the garage and speed off, I never like going to the vampire town its dead silent and cold but today I have to and being alone in the car is no fun so I tried putting on the radio but it didn't respond "stupid radio" I muttered and focus on the road
Am almost there, and the unexpected happened the car went off that was went I notice the fuel gauge and its empty, "no no no no, this can't be not in this spooky place" am literally scared, cause I know vampires favourite food is blood, I don't want to be anybody's food, so instead of stalling I opened the door and took off to the ball. I know it's being held at the Royal house and I know there cause I have been there more than twice
Am getting tired, am never good in sports but I still try to move fast, I noticed some movement at my back, I looked back and saw nothing, maybe am just paranoid so I just focused and kept moving. I keep getting this feeling of being watched and being followed so I started running as I run I looked back and saw a shadow moving towards me so I ran faster only to be knocked down by a wall. I felt dizzy but shook my head as I tried to fight the dizziness. Though my vision is blurry I notice I didn't hit a wall but a vampire and surrounding me was 5 vampires, it looks I will, after all, be a food
"Pretty girl, where are you going by this ungodly hour?" one of them asked
"Am going to the ball" I replied with fear visible in my voice
"you don't look like you are going to the ball," he said as he examines my cloth, he is right there. "come on let's guild you," he said as he stretches out his hand for me to take and for a moment I felt relieved
"On second thought, you smell so delicious," he said as I literally felt myself drain
"please, don't hurt me," I said with tears in my eyes
"Don't worry dear it won't hurt much," another one of them said
"I thought drinking from a human is prohibited" I tried to reason with them
"Yeah, that is why we will kill you and nobody will know" this one came from behind me I dared not to look for he sounds colder than others
"Please" I kept apologizing but it was falling on deaf ear, so I close my eyes as I welcome my death but instead of filling a pang in my neck I heard a rip, it sounded like a body part is being ripped apart. I heard woosh sound and more ripping then everything went silent, I waited for a few seconds before opening my eyes and gasped as I saw the headless body of the vampires and in the middle is standing Hunter wearing a tux with his eyes still closed I could see him well cause of the light produced by the moon and I noticed his bloody hands
"Are you alright?" he asked with that voice I have yawn so much to hear
"Yes," I said as I hugged him, call me stupid but I had no control over myself, luckily he returned the hug and am glad I breathed in his forest smell
He broke the hug "why are you here?" he asked
"I came to see you," I said truthfully "and I have questions for you" yes I do
He raised his eyebrows, which was cute but still didn't open his eye "what questions"
"Do you use magic on me?" I asked bluntly
he laughed loudly and that's the first time am hearing the sound of his laughter and it's melody "why ask such"
"cause am having all these weird feelings and attraction towards you, I have never had it before so explain why am having it with you," I said feeling a bit relieved
He just took a deep breath "maybe it's just a teenage fantasy like almost every girl have for me and besides you have a boyfriend" he said sounding a bit sad, in a way it made me sad because I never want to see him sad
"Silas is sort of an agreed relationship" and it's true we decided to date last 2 years not because the emotion was there and we know we will eventually separate, so I did the unthinkable and most cruel thing, I picked up my phone and called Silas and he picked up
"Hello Silas, I have been thinking"
"You want to break up," Silas said
"how did you know" I was surprised, is it magic
"I know, the relationship has not been working out and I have been thinking how to tell you but it appears you have more courage than I do," he said
"fine" am relieved he felt that way too, but really the relationship was destined to fail "still friends?" I asked to be sure
"Sure I won't miss that for the world" he laughed "bye I have something to do" he cuts the phone
"So now am single and it's not just a teenage fantasy" I assured him, yet he kept quiet, "say something, anything" still no word "k read my mind to see what I feel but cannot say" my tears are now pouring out
"I can't," he said barely above a whisper
"Sure you can, you the king of supernatural, the most powerful" I came closer and I am now holding on the last thread, what if he has a mate and he is just feeling pity towards me for falling for him, if he has a mate I will beg him to make me forget him, sure he can do that he has the powers
"I can't, I can read everybody's mind except yours," he said, now that's a shocker, does that means something is wrong with me
"how is that possible?" I asked
"because," he said as he slowly opened his eyes and they were black just black but then the unexpected happened it zing
"AM. YOUR. MATE" I said

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Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 3:47pm On Jun 24, 2019
Demon Hybrid

Chapter 7
(Hunters pov)
I still can't sleep, am too aware of Isabelle in my room to sleep, her lime scents fill my whole nostril I can't concentrate on anything I have stood in front of the door many times trying to enter her room and ravish her but always able to stop myself, though I don't know how long I can keep calm.
Good I just picked up Jacob scent "Come to my house" I mind linked him at least he will be able to keep me occupied
"Am here" he let himself in and it didn't take him 3 seconds to get here, he used the wolf speed
"something happened," I said as I gulped down the remaining whiskey, I have been drinking to get my mind off her but it's not working
"let me guess" he sniffed "she is here, and she already knows," he said with a sly smile
yea he can easily find out but that's not the main discussion "she was attacked" I said and the smile faded from his face
"hope she is fine," he asked and I nod
"I couldn't smell her attackers or hear their thought," I said and still wondering why
he also looked a bit shock "I think its the new spray use to cover up their smell" he said with a shrug
"something like that now exists?" I asked surprisingly
"yes, and its a secret only the Royals, the alphas and leaders know about it," he said
"why am I not aware" am angry for not knowing, seriously nobody thought it wise to tell me?
"you just got back and if you did read the minds of the Alphas you would've known"
"that's true, but still won't read people's mind, let me just allow myself to discover things my way" besides I don't like prying into peoples secret, except it's necessary.
"and why can't I hear their thought?" this is the one that bothers me
"I have no idea," he said and also went into deep thought, I guess he is thinking how it's possible because am powerful to read everybody's mind even a royal, though royals are really difficult, I have only done it once
"you can go and sleep, tomorrow is school" I can sense he is tired and need the sleep, he just nodded and left, for a second I thought he will want to hear how I told Isabelle, but he didn't which am glad for now
"you will still fill me in on her reaction the moment she found out" Jacob mind linked me, I chuckled and decided to rest a bit it's almost dawn

(Isabelle pov)

I woke up and nothing seemed familiar, on a bigger bed with a white sheet and a bigger room with white colour, my room is purple with a normal bed. Where am I? I asked as everything rushed back to me. AM HUNTERS MATE. Now am in a state of euphoria, am in Hunter room. I sniffed to know if I could smell him, but sadly can't, am a human, but I was still able to smell his scent on the bed, I stood up went to the door and that instant it opened to reveal a shirtless Adonis, am such a Hot teenager
"How was your night?" he asked with his deep morning voice, chocolate,
"Lovely" the bessssssssst "and yours?" I asked trying to keep my eyes on his face and not his abs
"same here" he passed me a cup of coffee and I took, I think it's the best coffee I have ever tasted or just happy that it's Hunter that made it.
"Soooo, when are we going to school?" I asked though I really don't want to
"No school today miss, you are staying here" I try to oppose thinking of my parents "don't worry about your parents and your friends they have all been taken care off," he said like he read my mind
"What did you tell my parents?" am curious to know
"I went to your house, told them you are with me and you are my mate" he said with much authority "your mom was so happy, I could sense her happiness, your dad was a bit shock but still told me to take care of you" he said, I know if he really said it to them, they won't oppose cause most mate will start living together especially alphas and royals
"What of my friends?" I asked I don't really care about it I just want to keep him talking now we are now in the living room and both sitting across each other
"Just told them you are with me, before I could even say the word mate, Amy said it and said she has been suspecting but Damian was surprised, so all in all they agreed to let us have today to ourselves" he finished with a smile, am surprised that Amy suspected but still relieved to spend the day with my mate

"So first I will go take a shower and come back with tons of questions," I said, he nodded and escorted me to the room, it has a bathroom, wow
"Everything you need is in there, so do come down after bathing," he said and left me. Am still in euphoria, because I can't believe he is my mate. I went inside to bath, I found the toothbrush, I literally brushed like never before cause I really want to kiss him and I don't want him to smell anything, so after that, I took my bath. I only have one underwear, the one I have been wearing, I don't wear undies twice, what am I going to do, am already panicking when I heard a knock
"It's me, am with a new pair of undies, cause I know you wouldn't want to wear your own again," Hunter said. How embarrassing "I will leave it here on the bed," he said as I heard his footsteps fade
Way to go Isabelle, I came out wrapped with a towel and saw the undies on the bed, white pant and bra, I think he likes white, I put it on and it suits perfectly so I went to his drawer and brought out a white shirt, I chose the white shirt cause I have come to the conclusion that he loves white, I hope am right
Fried egg filled my nose as I came out to see he already passed our breakfast, which is fried egg and bread with milk, nice how cute, he made me breakfast. I walked down he was standing beside the dining then I blink and he is in front of me, I gasped and he kissed me, a deep kiss full of emotions it didn't last long, how disappointing
"I couldn't control myself anymore," He said, spending few moments with Hunter made me realise he likes having control over himself and it's difficult for him to let loose, that's a different definition of what I have before, we all thought he will be on the loose side
"You don't have to control yourself with me" I assured him cause I really want him to lose control, he just nods and took me to the dining table
"Hope it's delicious?" he asked, I nodded cause I have my mouth full and it's so delicious I forgot to compliment him, he just chuckled
"How did you know am in danger the second time?" I asked, I intend to ask a lot today
"Though I can't read your mind I feel your presence the most, so I felt you when you were coming and I felt your fears too so I rushed to your rescue," he said like its nothing
"If it's not for the mate bond would I still be crazy over you?" I asked cause it would be agonizing if it's so
He smiled "actually yes, cause many girls are crazy about me," he said with a smug "but if you are not my mate, I will still wish you were, cause I have not seen any girl as beautiful as you," he said and it really made me smile
"Won't people be disappointed to hear that their queen is a weak human?" I asked sadly
He held my hands, though we are done eating we are still in the dining "They won't mind and besides, you will still get strong, stronger than a royal" he said nonchalantly
"What did you just said," I asked cause I don't see myself being strong
"Naturally, you are my mate that means my strength will gradually transfer to you, then after mating and marking you, you will be in your full strength, more than the Royals," he said
"So I will be that strong," I said above a whisper, and he nodded, that's really awesome but I still can't see myself being strong
"How powerful are you, really?" I asked, I have heard many people assume, but I want to hear from him
He scoffs "As you know, I have all the gene in me, and it's not just ordinary gene, my father, is a royal wolf that was disowned for mating a vampire princess, cause they were enemies then, even my mom was disowned too," he said
"Then how did you get the witch gene?" I asked
"Oh, then witches that sided with vampires sealed their bond with marriage so the Vampire king married the leader of the witch, they gave birth to my mom, so I got the witch gene from her. So with me having all the powerful gene together, all enhancing each other hence making me a very powerful being" he said it proudly
"The most powerful," I said and really happy he is mine, I want to know more of him
"Let's go to the river," he said, I am wearing his shirt and my legs are exposed "don't worry nobody will see you and I will make the water warm," he said and smiled. I stood up on my feet, he towered over me and I thought how to kiss him, but he beat me to it as he bent down and kissed me, more furious than the morning, I grabbed his neck and wrapped my legs around him, I swear he is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted and I will always want more. He stopped and I rested my head on his shoulder, sensing I am not planning on coming down he carried me like that to the river........


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Chapter 8
(Hunter's pov)
I carried her to the river with her arms and legs around me, I can feel her bare legs and it amazes me with its softness and smoothness. We got to the water I made it warm by just dipping my foot in it, I wouldn't like her to feel cold
"Warm," she said as I dipped her into the water
"did it for you love" love that sound cute, imagine a king being cute
She stepped down and stared at me and I got lost, that dark brown eyes are the prettiest thing to gaze upon
"You are beautiful," I said breathlessly for just with a gaze she always knocks the breath out of me "and am saying this not as your lover or mate but as a man that is not blind," I said truthfully and she giggled
"When you normally wore sunglass was I pretty?" she asked with the cutest smile
and I just nodded cause I couldn't find my voice
I kissed her, I planned on just a little kiss but got carried away I started kissing her furiously and she returned it with an equal force we were both lost till she hissed out of pain
"The water is too hot," she said
"am sorry I lost control" I lost control of my power and the water got too hot and, what, am even hard down there, thank goodness for the water so she can't see it
"don't worry about Mr. Johnson down there," she said with a wink, how naughty, I gave her a sheepish smile when I notice she caught me
"So tell me things about you, Mister hybrid," she said as she swims around.
"Well" I swim closer to her "am 18 by looks but am about a 700 years or so, I lost count and I slept for 500 years cause I couldn't find you, I planned to have the slumber with my best friend Jacob but fortunately for him he found his mate" I said "What of you?" I asked because it's only fair if she shares too
"Am 17 will be 18 in 3 months, was born on April 17th, the only child of my parents, you already know my best friends, I hate vegetables, my best food is fries with egg," she said
"Well as you know after I was born, I was most feared, I threatened the balance of the world, I was an abomination to them, so many tried to kill me but failed because the pack my father formed with mom and some loyal wolves and vampire that want peace and nothing to do with the war, they were strong, so they always protected me" I felt sad remembering it "They protected me as long as they could until the force that united was too much almost all wolves and vampire with witches wanted me dead. It was the first thing they agreed on, it even made them stop the war a bit, some wanted to have me so that I could be their winning card but as soon as my father rejected the offer they also joined the others to kill me" I felt her caress my cheek and I lean to it, she could feel my sadness
"So that night I was just 12 years old, have not gotten my powers, or more like activated it, they attacked in larger numbers, when my father noticed we couldn't win, he urged my mom to run away with me, she carried me and ran, even with her vamp speed we didn't go far when she fell and screamed in agony. I didn't understand the scream then, it was later that I realized that when your mate dies you feel such pain" I can never forget that night.
"You can stop if you want," she said with pity in her face
"Don't worry am fine" so I continued "as she fell I tried carrying her but am weak" I regret being weak "I sensed the enemy approaching, before I could react we were surrounded, my mother was too weak to put up a fight and I sense she just lost the will to live 'be strong, live and may your fathers strength fly to you' that was her last words before they killed her" I said, I didn't even know I was crying until she wiped the tears
"I felt so much anger, so much hatred, then I saw a black shadow head towards me and entered me, that was when I lost all reasoning and killed them all, they were more than hundred" I remembered the shadow that went inside me, I can still feel it inside
"So after that I ran inside the woods, always covering my tracks, the supernatural went back to war and I was forgotten, so I lived my life in the woods." I laughed as I recalled when I first met Jacob lost, a rogue "I saw Jacob in the forest, he was afraid his parents have been killed cause of the war, so we started staying together and became best friend many others joined us, vampires, wolves, witches and some humans that were able to escape their captors" Sweet memories
"Jacob suggested we become a pack and suggested I become the Alpha and he called the pack Hunters pack" I scoffed as I remembered that I may have been the Alpha but Jacob was the leader I was just the muscle, he was wiser than many teenagers
"What a weird park," Isabelle said smiling, yea she's right on that
"So we formed the pack, and I found a place in the woods and we started building our homes" I looked around and thought how this place was once a forest. Nothing is impossible, just work hard and everything will be possible. "I was away to the human realm, I escorted some of the humans, that wanted to go back and start life over again. When I got back, the pack was a mess, Jacob said that blood moon pack came and tried to bully them cause they thought we are not an official pack, so they fought back and unfortunately killed the Alpha's son." she gasped as she heard this, she knew no Alpha will take that lightly
"What did you guys do?" she asked
"I did the best thing, we held the official ceremony, and they were all initiated by drink my blood and with that, they have sown alliance to me" I saw the frightful look on her face when I said they drank my blood. It was funny "actually not my blood, but a fountain that has my blood, I spilled my blood in it, that's why even when I was gone they were able to accept new people, cause all they have to do is drink the water" she visibly relaxed
"After the ceremony, we decided to go see blood moon Alpha in the morning. When we got to their territory, I took only Jacob since I meant to have peace and not war, there was already enough war. But they took us prisoners, I pleaded to see the Alpha, but we were kept in prison for two days" I sighed
"Why didn't you fight?" She asked bewildered
"Like I said I wanted peace, so after 2 days, they took us to the Alpha, and he demanded Jacobs' head, I refused but Jacob said he is willing to, that he regrets killing the boy and I should not stop him."
"That's so brave of him" she admired Jacobs courage
"Yea but everything turned sideways when Jacob asked him if he will leave the pack alone after they kill him, the Alpha said yes but he was thinking something else, I was able to read his thought and discovered he has already sent his troops to my pack" Alphas then were really ruthless
"So I killed the Alpha instantly, killed the soldiers before they could react, I explain to Jacob, so we started fighting the pack, wasn't afraid for my pack cause I know the ceremony has made them the strongest pack in the supernatural, so to end the fight quicker I roared" she laughed as I said this I bet she just remembered what my roar can do and she is sure right
"They went back to their human form and was scared, they don't stand a chance against my might, so Jacob asked them to run to other packs and tell them the king of supernatural is here" I laughed at how Jacob knows when to seize a moment
"I hope your pack was alright when you got back?" she asked with much care. Without even knowing it she is exhibiting the character of a Luna, a Queen
"They were fine, so like that Jacob suggest we try and stop the war, so we worked towards it I called a meeting with the leaders, they came probably because they were afraid, it's funny, a teenager in control. So after the meeting, I discovered they have even forgotten why there were at war so I made each other release their prisoners and relinquish the lands they forcefully took from each other and they accepted"
"You really did good," she said with an adorable smile, and gave me a warm hug "but how did you close the portal?" she asked
"Well, I stopped vampires from forcefully feeding from humans, but some still secretly go to the human world and fist on them, so I announced that every human that wants to go back should go and ones that want to stay should stay, after that I sealed the portal" I sign damn I just narrated my life story.
I looked around, its already evening and I know she must be hungry "Lets go back inside and fix something to eat, after that I will take you home" she got sad when I said she is going home, call me a psycho am glad she is sad "come on" I carried her bridal style inside and fixed dinner after that she decided I use my speed back to her house and only stop a mile away so we can walk as normal couple
"So how old were you before you went to hypersleep?" she asked as we walked towards her home
"Well as you can see, am 18" I answered though I knew what she was asking
"I mean technically," she said with an eye roll, everything she does is cute
"I was 218, I think, like I said I don't keep count, the only reason I know am 18, its cause I know we stop aging at 18" we are already at her doorsteps, how time easily fly pass
We were both reluctant to let go each other, I lean and kissed her I stopped cause I sensed her mother and I wouldn't like her to see it yet so I let her go, I walked halfway turned and winked her before she entered inside. She has no idea what I plan tonight, I may be known as the noble king but I still have my naughty side.
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Demon Hybrid

Chapter 10
(Isabelle pov)
Hunter brought me to the lake behind his house, it's now becoming our favourite spot and I am so loving it. Now, what is the reasonable explanation of what happened in school?
"Don't be so lost love, I told you the more time you spend with me the more power you draw from me," Hunter said and his voice brought me back to the present. He definitely looks hot in his leather jacket, looking more like a model, I am drooling, snap out of it Isabelle
"So you mean I just used your magical ability?" I asked more to myself
"yeah, you just did" He answered though I didn't require it.
It's cool being powerful, I bet I will get more respect especially now everybody knows am his mate, way to go Isabelle Kings. Those stupid journalists will swap my doorsteps, that's the only thing I hate about being popular
"Don't worry about the journalists, we will take care of them," he said as if reading my thought.
I gasped "did you just read my thought" that means he must have seen all the dirty thought I have, damn
He laughed "No I can't read your thought just yet, I just guessed you were thinking about the journalists" he still giggles and shook his head
" When will you be able to read my thoughts?" I asked, I can't stop myself from the dirty imaginations, it will be embarrassing when he finally sees it
"Only when I mark you" he looks at me all over in a hungry manner "and don't worry I also have naughty thoughts" I gasped and he giggles once more, I so want to ravish him right now.
"When I mark you, you will be able to feel what I feel and I will feel you too, being a human it will be too much for you to handle, that's why am a bit hesitant to mark you," he said as he threw a stone inside the river.
"Am pretty strong you know" am just saying am weaker than most human, then why the hell am I the mate of the strongest being
"Sure you are, my love," he said as he threw the second stone.
He said I will draw his strength, will that make him weak when I use his power, "When I use your powers, does it weakens you" cause am already a weak link, I wouldn't want to be more useless
"No, though I feel you, it won't make me weak, I have even heard that mates draw strength from each other," he said. Yes that's true, but being a human how can he draw any strength from me, "Don't worry, I can already feel the strength in you" he said, he must be joking, Cause I have always been a wuse, if not for my friends Amy, Damian and Silas I would have been the kid everyone picked on
it's now evening, we have been chatting for more than two hours and am reluctant to go home because I know the journalists will be there, I wonder why they are not in Hunter's house too. "Why are the journalists not in your house?" I asked and he giggled
"I gave them quite a scare the last time they came here," he said and turned to me cause he has been backing me and throwing stones to the lake, and am not complaining cause I was enjoying the view.
"When I said you give me strength I know you doubted it," he said as he searches my eyes and I looked down embarrassed for not believing him "I will make you believe love" he smiled
"How," I asked
"Nobody has ever seen my wolf form, not even beta Jacob," He said. That's unbelievable because everybody proudly shows their wolf to everybody whenever the opportunity arises
"Why?" I asked, am now very curious to see it and also be the first to
"My wolf is a very gentle and lazy wolf and also shy so he really doesn't like coming out," he said and smile, how cute for the King wolf to be shy and cute."So, my dear Isabelle, you are going to be the first to ever see it, cause through the strength you gave me I can show it to you and not be shy" He said as he left to the bush side before he got behind the tree he turned and winked at me.
Everything went silent before I started hearing some cracks like bones shifting, I don't need anybody to tell me he is transforming, after a while it got quiet and I start hearing some footsteps. Lo and behold its a wolf, I first saw his legs before I looked up and saw it all
"Such a beautiful creature you are" I felt the words leave my lips as I stare at the big white wolf in front of me, he tilted his head to my touch as I ran my finger through his neck and I felt glad, proud and special for being the first person to see his wolf form. I have always pictured him to be a bad black wolf since he is the demon hybrid. I guess my best quote 'NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER' is very real
He gestured me to climb on his back and I did, he is really big, bigger than royals, Damian will really be dazed if he sees him, I grabbed on to his fur as he took off not in a lightning speed like always, he knows I will fall off if he did, but the speed was enough for me to feel the wind.
We ran around for a while before he brought me back to the lakeside and went to the tree he removed his cloth and transformed back to human and wore his cloth
"How did you like my wolf," he said as he stepped out
"More than you" I teased him a little and he smiled "So what's his name" yeah their wolf have names I have forgotten the name of Amy and Damian's wolf
"Wolf," he said, what, he means his name is wolf that's lame,
"Why wolf, can't you choose a better name for him," I asked am already making up names for him, Throne, Leo....
"He chose it himself, cause he believes he is the Wolf and others are just miniature of him," he said, well the name Wolf fits when he puts it like this and I now like it.
"Come on let me take you home, and no wolf ride," he said and I frowned, though he can't read my thought, then how can he always guess what am thinking.
Hunter said he is hesitant to mark me, cause he is afraid I might not take it all, but I have to also prove I can, I want to tell him to do it now but I also need to prepare myself. I will surely be marked by him tomorrow so that his scent will be all over me and mine will be on him too cause I boiled when that useless girl advanced on him
"How do you keep your cool, I hear Alphas are possessive over their mate and you are supposed to be the worse but you are not," I asked
"As you can see my wolf is gentle and am also gentle, so with that I can keep calm and not show my possessive nature," he said, I think his wolf gene is the strongest in him.
We arrived home earlier than I thought, I wanted more time, well maybe he will sneak into my room today like last night
"No I won't sneak into your room," he said and smiled, am I that predictable, how annoying "I would want to sneak in but I have things to take care of," he said and gave me a warm kiss and left.
There goes my bundle of joy, goodbye love, till I see you again, I noticed there is no reporter in my house how weird, it dawned on me that it must be Hunters handwork, what can't he do I smiled as I went into my house

(unknown pov)
I came to the hideout, my dad just recently told me about his involvement with them, I disagreed to join at first but after the powers they promised me I agreed without a second thought. So they gave me the task to report about Hunter and his mate Isabelle
"So what happened today?" Matthew asked, he is the wizard and the brain behind the Azalk and he is my role model
"Well Isabelle was able to draw Hunters strength, she magically pushed away a girl that was trying to flirt with Hunter," I said as I look at my father and he nodded showing his pride for me and I reveled on it
"We should move fast before she gains full access to his powers because then we can't capture her" Adam the vampire said, he is calm like Matthew and always give the cold aura
"Let's just attack now, they would never expect it, three of us can overpower him," Omeh said, always the hot-headed one, typical wolf, he is underestimating Hunter. I have experienced how powerful Hunter is and nobody here is near that level of power.
"Not yet, we need to stick to the plan else we fail, and we only have one shot at this" Matthew said "you are dismissed now," he said to me, I bowed and left
"Am proud of you son," My father said to me once we are outside
"Thanks," I said, am betraying my friends and everybody and I feel no remorse, am only excited about the powers they promised me, am really power craving "am going now, see you later," I said as I left.

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Chapter 11
(Hunter pov)
Gathering with all the Alpha, Royals, and Witch leader sure has some tension, I summoned them to discuss why I can't sense the vampire or hear their thought. The meeting didn't help much since none of them knew why I couldn't hear their thought but they were all aware of the scent covering perfume.
"I think I figured something out" Rolf the wizard king said, He is really a wise man, I think all wizards are, I wonder if he knew my grandfather.
"And whats that" King Herbert the vampire, I always see him as proud fellow always eager to show his authority
"Like royals, we can only read a mind of a pack member if the Alpha let us," King Rolf said
"But Hunter is different, he doesn't need permission to read anybody's mind," King of the wolf Lander said
"True that's why maybe the vampires he killed have their allegiance to a strong pack that even Hunter needed permission from their Alpha or leader to read their mind," Rolf said.
It might actually be true, that the vampires are with a powerful group that even I couldn't break their barrier but which park or group is that powerful
"The only people that powerful is the Azalk but that is if their leaders are alive, the last I check they're dead," Lander said
Maybe it's true but someone powerful is now alive, maybe more powerful than me, that's bad news if the person is bad and judging from the actions of his/her followers I can say the person is bad. We have a real situation here.
"Well let us go home and fortify ourselves probably they might be a dangerous group may be more than the Azalk or still the Azalk and their leaders has returned, let's just be ready," I said and they all agreed and left.
"All is going to be fine," Jacob said, he helped handle the reporters' situation, by promising them I will personally come for the interview
"I hope so," I said, I left the world in peace now am back for my mate and war is about to erupt, I just hope it doesn't divide the world again
"With this new group, don't you think its best you mark your mate so she will be able to use her full powers and protect herself when you are not around," Jacob said and that is really a good suggestion, but will she survive the marking
"You are right, but will she survive the marking?" I asked him, I bet am now looking like a baby that lost his toy
"Of course, if she can't survive it, she wouldn't have been your mate," Jacob said, as a matter of fact, to which I just nod
So first thing tomorrow I will tell her about it and ask her parents permission, though it's just for formality sake cause the only permission I need is my sweet Isabelle. I was lost in thought I didn't even know when Jacob left, as I look around nobody is in sight, I came outside looked at the crescent moon and it's beautiful so I decided to take a walk.

(Isabelle pov)
I tried sleeping but couldn't, I kept wishing for Hunter to be by my side after many turning I decided to open my window to feel the night breeze and voila there in the sky is the beautiful crescent moon and it mesmerized me
"Hello" I heard the voice of the most handsome man I know, Hunter, and I looked down and he was standing in all his glory
"hi" I responded with a huge grin, we kept smiling at each other, "I thought you couldn't make it tonight," I asked still with a smile
"Yea, but the meeting finished early so I decided to take a walk" he looks back the road he came from "then my legs brought me here unconsciously," he said, he doesn't know how happy he just made me
"You just made me a very happy girl" I said truthfully, and with a leap he is in my window I moved back and he entered, he parted his mouth to say something but I lost control of myself and started kissing him, he was surprised at first so it took him a few seconds for him to reciprocate, and this is what I have been missing.
After a serious make-out session, we were both lying on the bed cuddling
"Mark me," I said out of the blues, I noticed how his breath sucked, that shows he is doubting my strength
"I want to ask permission from your parents first," he said, wow that surprised me, cause seeing the king asking for permission that shows he is really a humble guy, normal supernatural being don't ask such permission, am really lucky
"sure, if you say so," I said happily. Then after a while, I fell asleep
When I woke up he is not in the bed with me so I figured his gone, then after a while, I decided to walk downstairs, on getting closer I heard voices of my parents and Hunter, that means he's not gone yet, it made me happy.
"Hello love," he said, wow I can't sneak up on him, it's not fair that he can
"Hi," I said as I came to their view and greeted my parents which they responded and looked at Hunter
"we agree," they both said, agreed to what I wondered but before I could ask what. Hunter stood up walked up to me took my hands and led me back upstairs to my room, am getting more confused,
"What's wrong?" I asked as calmly as I can
"They have agreed to let me mark you," he said calmly too, am happy they did but now am worried about the pain
"First I have to take your blood by biting your neck" he chuckled as he saw the look on my face "don't worry its not bad, when I take the blood that's like your soul coming inside me then I will be able to feel everything you feel and your thought too" he said the last part happily. I know he has always wanted to hear my thought, he never had to cause he is pretty good at guessing them.
"Then after that, I take yours right?" I asked though I know he has also explained the process to me
"right," he said, needing no more explanation I moved closer to him tilted my neck to the side to give him free access and braced myself for the pain to come.
He gently kissed my neck and I felt the pang, it was painful at first but before I could fully register the pain it turns to the highest pleasure I ever felt, he hugged me closer as I also grabbed his head, I don't want it to stop even if he sucks me dried, but to my dismay I felt him removed his fang and kissed it again.
We stared at each other eyes "sweet" he said, I moved to the mirror to see the open wound, it's not bad as I expected, I started thinking if he could bite me like that when we finally have sex, I won't complain if he does though
"Really?" he said, I turn to see him with a smirk, to which I furrowed "you seriously would like me to bite you during sex" he laughed as I gasped, he has full access to my mind. How can I block him
"You can learn how to do that after you take my blood, and you can also hear mine, and everything I feel," he said he seem sad, I thought he would be happy
"am happy just that feeling everything I feel is really not a good thing, I feel the whole supernatural I hear their thought their pain deep pain, I just block it out but when you take my blood for the first time you won't be able to do the blocking," he said, now I know
"But I will eventually be able to, I heard it not hard to learn, that you can do it once you think of it," I said to which he nodded, "am ready"
He bit open his wrist and blood sipped out, the sight of blood still sickens me but a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do, he chuckles, he heard that, am so gonna block you when I first get the powers with that I brought the wrist to my mouth and sucked it. I felt it ran down my veins and moved all my body, it gives me tingles as they move throughout my body, and as I felt it reach my heart I felt pain, heard screams, collection of thoughts I can't quite figure, but what I felt most is the pain, it was beyond anything, I screamed and saw black.
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Chapter 13
(Isabelle POV)
We are now going to the borders, we were about to do the deed when he got the sensations, trespassers, we are both going to check it out, I can feel the fear of the people at the borders, so this is what it means to be the ruler, we serve as protector.
"Don't get yourself dirty" Hunter send me a link message, he is running ahead of me and I still think it's not his best.
"By dirty you mean killing?" I asked, and he said yes, I also don't plan to, I hope there will be a more diplomatic way to handle things.
"We are here," he said and we stopped, I can already smell the blood,
"Something is wrong," he said, am just waiting on him to roar like he did the first time, but he is not, I saw, some of my classmates, it's really chaotic.
"Roar Hunter," I said in case he forgot.
"It won't affect them, they are using dark magic," he said and with that he took off, I was dumbfounded with his speed, before my eyes could catch him countless heads are already ripped.
"What monstrosity" He growled and they all charged at him giving our own people time to escape, I wonder why people are in this deserted place.
I would've moved to help him but he was handling things alright, so no need, I then decide to help the injured.
I went down to lead them out of harm's way, "all of you come this way" they all came to me, the injured was being attended to, I see to things being done right.
"Why are you guys here?" I asked Melissa, not that I wanted to speak to her but I needed the answer.
"We often come here to party, it's spacious and no disturbance," she said, and truthfully, it's all young people, nobody is older than 30 here.
"That's dangerous," I said, and she turned toward me with much hatred.
"Its fun, well that's something a weak human won't understand" she said and her words affected me "look at him" she said looking at Hunter with much admiration as he handles the rogue so well "if I was his mate, I will be there with him, but since a weak human like you is his mate, you can't" she said.
"He asked me not to get myself dirty" I was forced to defend myself and she laughed.
"That's because you are a leech, you suck power from him and gives him nothing in return, so you engaging in the battle will make him weak since you have to use his strength" she said and I feel my eyes sting with tears, she is right, I am weak, Melissa feeling it's her victory left me with a scoff. I stood as I watch hunter kill the whole rogue, leaving only one alive. He is bloodied, he is really the king of supernatural and I am nothing.
"It's not true" I heard his voice in my mind.
"What's not true?" I asked, still in agony.
"What she said," he said then turned to me, he is like 10 feet away from me, but it feels like a million miles, he is someone I can't reach. The people he saved all went to thank him, he still had his eyes on me.
"You can leave now, we will take care of the rest" I heard Jacob said behind me, I turned to him and he gave me a warm smile, I needed it, I gave him a nod and left. I took off as fast as I can, am such a failure.
"This is far enough" I heard before I could register what I just heard, I was stopped by Hunter. I looked around and we are in the woods, wow, how quickly I got here.
"Why did you run away?" He asked.
"It turns out you never needed me," I said, being angry, at who? I don't know.
"Why would you think that?" he asked "is it because of what that wench said" he said before I could answer. I just nodded.
"Am a human, I hear since you drive no strength, am now a leech, and as such making you weak," I said quietly, facing the ground. He raised my face up and believe me his touch is still heaven making me close my eyes for a bit as I took a deep breath.
"I have enough strength to power a whole nation, so powering the both of us is nothing, am a witch, a wolf, and a vampire, am the most powerful," he said and I love him for that.
"I know, but I feel so bad that I give you nothing," I said and he scoffed.
"Nothing you say" he walked like 3 feet away "you have seen my witch ability, my wolf form" he took a deep breath "but you have never seen my vampire side" he said and I felt a chill, the chill came from him, it was coldness, am feeling what he is feeling
"What you feel now, is the vampire in me, a cold-blooded killer," He said and I saw his pupil turn red, it scared me to the core.
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Demon Hybrid

Chapter 17
(Hunter's POV)
I slowly opened my eyes and took in where I am, a room, I tried to move then discovered I was tied down, I couldn't break free, am still weak, my mate, I can't feel her, is she dead. Thinking about it made tears slip away, I kept weeping till I heard the door open, I looked up and saw Silas.
"What are you doing here?" I asked, talking is even stressful, he walked closer and sat opposite me
"You know the world is changing, so I decided to change with it," He said, and it made no sense to me
"Have you heard anything from Isabelle?" I asked the most question to me, he smirked.
"Yeah, she is dead," He said it so casually like it gives him joy
"She is dead" he repeated and my world crumbled.
"How," I asked, with tears
"I have been spying on you, knowing you are invincible, we devised a plan to kill her weakening you at the process," He said, so he is a traitor.
"Why, thought you were all friends," I asked, why didn't I notice
"Actually her death saddens me, but she chose the wrong mate, and Azalk promised me power," he said with a shrug. How brutal. "You know, she never suspected anything, when she saw me, I told her that we have to go help you, she instantly believed and because you were engaged in a fight her message couldn't get through" he took a deep breath, stood up and paced the room
"As she turned her back at me, I stabbed her with what Matthew gave me, and that's when you felt it, she turned and at me, her face,.... The look was priceless when she fell" he scoffed.
"Am guessing now you feel happy," I said already feeling the darkness inside me. He gave me a smug look "how about the Royals and my people" I asked, he exhaled.
"All tied up, it was pretty easy to take them down after you fell, though it took 2 days and with Omeh weak it was hectic," he said, my eyes widened, so I was out for two days.
"What do you intend to do with the prisoners," I asked,
"What else, public execution setting example, and fear into the people," he said, they want to have a tyrannical rule. I have no strength to argue, my world is not of this world again, he left after his gloating. I wish the execution will take place immediately so I can be with her.
Not long after the door opened up again and they threw Jacob in,
"Jacob" I called, he was surprised
"You are awake," He said and came closer, "What have they done to you," he said after seeing how weak I am, I just smiled
"Am sorry," I said, I feel sorry for failing them, they had so much hope in me.
"No need Brother, you did your best," he said and slump against the wall, silence fell on us, no one knows what to say. After a while, he spoke
"Funny I didn't get my revenge" he scoffed, I looked at him, he is about to say the reason why he hates Azalk.
"What happened," I asked
"As a kid, I had a friend, she was quite the daredevil, Ivy, that was her name" he smiled "we did everything together, she was my first love, knowing that we might end up mating to another person she decided to give me her first kiss" he said and I could feel how hard it is for him.
"So one day we decided to leave the capital, and on that day the Azalk attack where we came, I lost her among the crowd, everything was a mess, even as everybody was running away, I kept looking for her, I saw her," he said and wiped his tears.
"I saw an Azalk gut her out, I was so angry I triggered my wolf and killed the guy. When I came to her side, she just smiled and said "I love you' and that was her last word" he said already sobbing, I wish I wasn't tied, I would go console him.
"I then swore to kill them all," He said.
"You already killed enough," I said and he scoffed
"I suppose so," he said, and once again we went silent. I was tied with chains, I could easily rip it off, that's if I have my strength. After a while, I fell asleep.
I jerked up when I heard a noise the door flew open and Omeh walked in, he is alright now, wearing his smirk,
"How the mighty have fallen," he said
"Have you come to gloat?" I asked still tired
"Nop, just to take you to your execution ground," He said, then his men unlocked me dragged me and Jacob with them, I could barely stand. I will soon go to meet my love.
They tied me up, both arms apart, I saw the royals and the alphas including Damien, I feel so sorry, for the frightened people that are forced to watch, I face down since I couldn't look at them.
"Here is your savior," Adam said to the people, I tuned him off and started thinking of my love, I have no idea what afterlife looks likes, but I just want to be reunited with her.
"Hunter" I heard the sweetest voice called, I raise up my head and my heart bled as I saw my mate in chains,
"You're alive," I said with hope bubbling inside me.

Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 10:29am On Jul 02, 2019
Demon Hybrid

Chapter 19
(Isabelle POV)
This can't be happening, how can they easily think of killing their savior, after his sacrifice
"Why? he has never done anything bad" I cried
"Yes, but we are in danger, he is a demon and he can't differentiate friends from foe, look at his park members," Rolf said, he is right but there must be a way, why am I so weak, is this all I am to him, the weak link.
"Stay back miss," He said, I gave him a hard look
"No," I said,
"Fine," he said and used a force field to hold me, for Hunter this can't hold him but am not as strong as him, so all I can do is sit and watch as they kill my mate.
"Attack," Rolf said and they all attack, they bind him, making him immovable, used a forcefield to hold his pack from interfering, they kept trying though.
I saw as they attack him with a series of fire, he is in agony, I kept screaming for them to stop, nobody listened.
When I thought they are winning, hunter broke his bind, and sends lightning to them, causing explosions, he just broke their formation, he looked mad now, he started walking closer, I know what is coming next, I have to stop him. So I concentrated and broke the forcefield, I rushed towards him standing between him and Rolf.
"Hunter," I said and he stopped. "You're meant to protect life not destroy it," I said quoting beta Jacob, He bared his teeth at me, but am not scared. "Hunter you're the strongest in supernatural, you're the protector of the weak, you're my king, my mate," I said taking his hands.
He first tensed up, but relaxed, with his free hand he caresses over my cheek, with my peripheral vision I saw his raging pack calm down, it's working. We stood like that looking at each others eyes, slowly the darkness started leaving him, in no time he returned to normal.
"You have the most beautiful eyes," he said, with a weak smile, I smiled back, all the pack member returned to normal, "am sorry"
"No dear, am sorry for being a weak link" I cried, he kissed him, it amazed me, I stopped crying.
"Weak you said, love you gave me the strength to resist the demon in me, that's pure strength. You see? I do gain from you" he said and I hugged him, am just glad he is back.
"Hunter" Rolf called, bringing us out from our moment
"Am sorry for the mess" Hunter apologize
"No, we are sorry for not having more faith," He said with a bow, and Hunter asked him to rise "but sire, are will still in threat of seeing the demon hybrid," Rolf asked. Hunter exhaled
"No, it was my father's soul, angry soul, but he left, I don't know why but because of Isabelle, he left," he said and Rolf gave him a nod "let's start with the cleanup," he said.
"You go home sir, we will take care of things," Rolf said, and we started heading home, the hunter packs have all gone to get a cloth.
"Jacob," Hunter said, Jacob was standing in front of us wearing only trousers
"My revenge is done," He said with a smile, Hunter smiled back "so go home I will help clean up the place," He said and left to go help out.
I looked around seeing the countless body of the Azalk members lying dead on the ground some are torn in half, among the bodies I saw Silas lying lifeless and I felt pity for him I wonder when he changed or has he always been like this. I saw the prisoners too Silas father was among them, I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
"So it was your father?" I asked turning to the man that means the world to me
"Yes, I think my mom summoned him the moment she was about to die, but he left," He said looking happy.
"Why? I know you said it was because of me, but why" I asked and he stopped then turned to me
"He knows am safe with you, finally he has seen someone strong enough to protect me," He said and it swelled my heart,
"So no monster again," I asked, just to be sure.
"I still have the vampire gene, so I will still be tasty one day, and go mad with cravings," he said with a shrug
"Don't worry, am here to give you strength and help you out," I said and he smiled, he looks so hot and I can't wait to ravage him.
"Having naughty thought are we?" he asked with a smile, I smiled and took off, he laughed and ran after me, I know our next stop is the lake and there will be paradise.
I know as long as we both live that we will have to struggle with monsters, both the ones within us, but with him I know I can do anything. I can split the heavens and break hell if it is what makes me be with him. We are in this forever.
I stopped as I reached the lake and slowly went in, so did he, he slowly touched my skin, goosebumps appear, he has control over me, he kissed my neck and I moan, it's like forever since I last felt his touch, he is magical.
He stopped and moved back, I wondered why, I need him close, he stretched out his hand to the lake, It started bubbling till something came out of the lake, its a ring, he took it and brought it closer to me.
"Will you marry me?" he asked looking nervous, am just 18 but for some reason, I feel so ready.
"Do you have to ask" I said with a smile.
"Is that a yes?" He asked
"Yes, mate" I answered and he slips the ring into my finger, wait till I tell my parents, as a Queen I can sense them, they are alive and not harmed.
"This is the start of our happily ever after," He said and I sealed it with a kiss, ladies, and gentlemen, this Hybrid is my mate and am happy.

The end.
Written by Okoh Udoka


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Accidental Brother

Accidental Brother.
Chapter 1
Here is my question. Do you believe in a soulmate? you know, someone you are created for, someone that gives you both the butterfly and electricity, that one person you can proudly call your other half. Yea, I so believe in a soulmate, I mean its the best kind of love. You can see how beautiful it is from Romeo and Juliet, forget the fact they died young, but come on it's because they know they can't go on without each other, that's the power of soulmate. So imagine how bad it is for me to have all this soulmate vibe from my brother, my step brother actually, looking at it I think it's better to fall for the enemy than family. At first it wasn't like this, at first I hate him to the bone, he is a bad bully, he should've been born a bull, but with recent event things change and I find myself irresistibly attracted to him, I just can't shake away the fact that I see him as my soulmate. Well before you call me incest, sit back and let me tell you the story, I will start from the beginning, I mean before the beginning, not before I was born but before I started falling for him. So Am going to start from 3 years ago when I first encountered him, I have known him longer than that, but it was four years ago he came into my life.
"Come on honey, we are already late" my mom called,
"Am done" I said popping out of the one room we live in, wearing the blue gown she bought me, it fits like a glove, she is also wearing a blue gown but different design
"Aww, you look good honey," she said, I smiled
"Thanks, mom, but my name is Esther." I demanded, she just smiled and wave it off
"Come let's go," she said leaving and I followed her. We are going to meet her date, she separated from my dad three years ago, and it is good, my dad is an alcoholic so the court gave me to mom, she is now dating, am going to meet the man today, I know he makes my mom happy, I may be 13 years old but am matured enough to know love.

To read the chapter to click on the link below

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Re: My Monster by Kingpaul07(m): 12:24am On Jul 12, 2019
Accidental Brother

Chapter 13
Everything in my life is splendid, the devil is no more
Am now in ss1, and yes am still crushing on Oliver
I couldn't make my move cause he dating Amina
A girl in our class, but I have hope I know things will be fine
As long as the devil is no more, our new house is splendid
Four rooms apartment, I always describe it as cute
Am also super close with dad, but I just hate it when he brings up the devil
And in dads eyes, that devil is an angel
My mom's supermarket is now on the next level, I can't wish for a better life
It's been two years mom got married and no issue
Though dad is really not concerned mom is stressed
I know things will be fine, as long as the devil is not in sight.
"So girl have you given up on him yet?" Martha asked, she knows everything
"Nope, I will wait, you know all good things come to those who wait," she said the last phrase with me
"Soon our ss1 will be over and we will be a step closer to being the school prefects," she said happily
"Yes" am happy too, cause these present prefects bully's a lot, though not close to that devil
Being the most intelligent girl in school I might get the assistant prefect
Oliver is the brightest in both boys and girls, so he is definitely going to be the senior prefect
He is also good at football, so he might be the game prefect.
But if he becomes the senior prefect and I the assistant, that means I will have more time with him
I just have to study harder so I won't miss that post
"Look" Martha tapped me, showing me Oliver with Amina,
"Isn't he perfect" I drooled
"Are not jealous? he is with another," she said
"Nop" I answered, I don't believe one has to be jealous when such things happen,
I know he will be mine one day then why get jealous
"Sometimes I wonder the type of love you have," she said and walked past me
One day when she falls for someone, she will know I thought to myself then followed her,
We are on our way home

Chapter 14
I help my mother on the weekends, today is Friday so I decided to go help her
Am not really needed much she has 3 sales girls
Just that, I am bored at home, and I get to have shortbread,
"Take this phone, the driver that will bring the goods will soon call," my mom said handing the phone to me
"Give him the direction," she said,
I now have a phone, though not an android, just normal phone for calls
Mainly my parents and Martha, people rarely call me
I wish I have an android, I would be chatting
"Hello" I picked the phone immediately it rang
"Cupcake" his deep tone came out, sending chills down me
"Why are you calling?" instantly my mood changed
"Why are you with boss lady's phone," he asked,
"Cause am waiting for someone to call," I answered
He chuckled "have you finally got a chance with Oliver"
He made me remember all the plans he ruined,
The hate I had for him resurfaced
"Why did you call," I asked
"To ask about things" he replied and I imagined him shrugging
"Things are fine, can you now hang up" my patience is now very thin
"Wait, do you know we hardly breathe with our two nostrils," he said
It surprised me, cause this is so unrelated to our discussion
But what surprised me most is that it's true,
Cause I blocked my right nose and it was difficult to breathe through the other
Showing I wasn't breathing with it earlier
"You just tried it cupcake," he said with a giggle
"No, I didn't" I don't want to give him the satisfaction
"Deny all you want the truth still remains," he said
"And you just placed your palm on your forehead"
How did he know I just did that
"How did you know?" I asked I looking around to make sure he is not back,
"Stop looking around," he said and I gasped
"I know it is what you do whenever you are frustrated, so it's easy to notice cause I frustrated you a lot"
"You devil," I said and he laughed, then I smiled, like really smiled, it lasted for a moment cause my sane part reminded me the devil he is, that moment another call came in, it must be the driver
"Bye," I said cutting him off, I never wanted to be this rude but I panicked
I panicked cause he scared me, I have never been scared of him
I just hate him, but today he scared me because he made me smile.

To read missed Episode click on the site below

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