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Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 11:48pm On Aug 30, 2017
Disclaimer: This story is not for everyone, only for those with an open mind and free spirit. Readers discretion is advised.

Forbidden attraction is a story of lust, sin and a forbidden relationship. Keep off if you don't like such story.

Two college guys are entangled in an attraction and romance that could be the end of them if they are caught...

WATCH OUT for this suspense filled and adrenaline pumping forbidden tale.


Re: Forbidden Attraction by princemozyk(m): 7:02am On Aug 31, 2017

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Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 8:35am On Aug 31, 2017
It started like this. It was my first year in school. I travelled from Makurdi to Lagos at night. A cold shivering night. We were twelve in the bus including the driver. I was too excited to leave Benue and become independent. In a few months, I was going to turn seventeen. My birthday present was coming early but on time. I scored high in my aptitude test at Riverdale University and my name appeared in the first admission list.

Ma was proud and elated and my shoulders were all high in the street. Father was proud too. I heard he sang praises of me at the 6:00 AM mass. Living Ma behind disturbed me but finally traveling to the state of my dreams mesmerized me.

I started a countdown. From months to weeks to days and to the final day. Terfa came around that evening. His eyes red with tears. I was going to miss him. He is by far the only true friend I have in the world ---well, except for Ma and Father.

We both served as altar boys at the parish. We shared dreams. We both wanted to be like Father. But before the priesthood dream I wanted to be a pilot and then I became obsessed with astronauts and wanted that dream. Father wanted me to study Medicine. He could go all day talking about how I will be a perfect doctor but the thing is I can't stand my blood and I'm scared of injections. How in God's name am I going to be a good doctor not to talk of perfect?

Well I settled for paediatric. But as God will have it, Riverdale university gave me admission to study computer engineering. Bingo!

Well, for Terfa, he wanted to become a historian. I can still see him in his school uniform in an empty hall with the plumpy history teacher and a massive history textbook hah!

We played chess at our living room. A game I was terrible at for no rational reason. Yes, he beat me thrice and i started a conversation: "So will you come visit me in Lagos?" "If I could..." He replied. "It's like my Mama buried my umbilical cord here in Makurdi." We both laughed dastardly. "This has been your dream Sonter," He continued. "BSU doesn't seem like a plague for me.

"We will both be big men one day," I said sheepishly to lighten his mood. He looked at me hysterically and we both bursted into an irresolute laughter. "Well, I will miss you my son..." He said sarcastically and I gave him the 'don't joke with me' look. "Torkwase will miss you too..." He added and my eyes propped out. I mean why is he bringing this up?

"Lower your voice, Ma could hear you..." I whispered. "She sends her regard," He whispered too.

"Is she back in Makurdi?" I asked.

"Yes. North bank... She wants to see you before you travel."

"I can't. It's too risky..."

"Don't be a baby. It's not like she wants to rape you..."

"That's not it. I mean Father. What if he finds out? I could lose my scholarship."

"I will cover for you..."

Torkwase is trouble, I mean for all the right reasons. Don't get me wrong, she is a sweet homely girl. She was my childhood friend. We attended same elementary school and she and her family worshipped at the parish before they migrated to Jalingo. Torkwase knew I wanted to be Catholic priest and I was been mentored by the parish priest but still she lured me into a sin that got me suspended from altar service and almost ruined my dreams.

It started as small talks, sexy eyes, face blush and love letters and my dear friend Terfa was the intermediary. It was towards the end of junior high and senior school was a priority for me. Ma had no money and Father was my angel on earth. How can I explain the whole incident of Torkwase's tongue in my mouth and her hand inside my pants, stroking my flaccid pe-nis.

Father caught us at the back of the parish, led by my adversary Aondongu. He was disappointed and flabbergasted. l cried myself to sleep all through my suspension.

But I put that behind me when I was reinstated and got a scholarship from the church to study at Riverdale great! I regained Father's trust and I wasn't going to lose it again.


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Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 7:07pm On Aug 31, 2017
I sneaked out to see Torkwase with the help of Terfa. When she saw me, she ran and embraced me. I felt the softness of her brea-st on my chest and instantaneously i started to perspire and grumble inaudibly.
"Aren't you happy to see me?" She pushed me playfully. "I am... But we are outside," I said shyly. "Oh please... I don't care. People can say whatever they want, after all we are not dating; or are we?" She said dramatically and I nodded disapprovingly.

"I wanted to bid you farewell, I..." "I know. See you, was I not the one who told Terfa to tell you that I wanted to see you?" She interrupted me. I flushed and bent my head.
"You are my friend Sonter, no matter what happened in the past..." "No... Is in the past," I interrupted her.

"So very soon you will become Lagos boy?" She asked cheerfully. For the first time I looked at her face without cowering. She did not look very different from when we were younger. Her innocent straight face remained. Except for the pancakes and colors on her face.

"Let me have your control," She said. I looked at her confusingly. "Your phone number Son..."

"OK... I don't have a phone..."
"Oh I forgot... Altar boy..."

What is that suppose to mean? But instead of blurting it out, I swallowed it. She took a pen and a paper out of her purse and wrote her number down and gave it to me. I took it and glanced at it with a smirk plastered on my face.

"Why are you smiling?" She asked.
"I am not... I said I don't have a phone."
"I bet everyone will have a phone in Riverdale. Buy one..."

l smiled broadly and put the paper in my pocket.

"Don't forget us ooh! Son," She said.
"I won't..."
"Read your books and have fun... And most importantly don't forget to tell me when you have a girlfriend."
"No..." I grimaced.
"See you. I bet you will meet fine fine girls at Riverdale that will turn your head. You will not know when you fall in love."

Girlfriend? Love? Those two words doesn't seem to correlate when it comes to me. I mean I am gunning to be a priest. But wait, is that really the truth? I don't think I am attracted to girls. I mean I could be a Eunuch. Who knows? But I usually have erection so what could be the problem?

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Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 12:53pm On Sep 15, 2017
When I opened my eyes, it was already sunlit and I was in Lagos. My heart was filled with elation, I was literally dancing in my seat. I jumped out of the bus and the morning air welcomed me warmly. I took a sniff of the dirt and gases laced air and I snorted.

I boarded a yellow painted cab to Riverdale university. The gigantic and reeling structures hurled my subconsciousness, forcing a dreamy illusion to my mind. For a second, I saw myself afloat on a big ocean of silver. The gates appeared like the gates of heaven---celestially golden, dreamily wild and infinitesimally tall.

I jumped out of the cab, my eyes still dreamily fixated on heaven's gate. I walked to the gate while I pondered about the amount of manpower that had brought this eternal spectacle to reality. "Oboy where is your ID card?" A raspy voice shuddered me back to reality. "What?" I snapped, even before seeing the stone faced security man looking at me like a predator about to disembowel his prey. "You dey deaf abi?" He snapped and in his venomous frown, his age became conspicuous. "I don't have an ID," I answered with my heart doing a back flip. "Go and come tomorrow," He said with his frown now resting as a grin. "I don't know anywhere in Lagos," I snapped with tears standing in my eyes. "Come tomorrow," He pouted, his predator frown returning to his face. "Please..." I cried. "Reverend James is expecting me," I added abruptly. "Who?" His predator frown settled on his face.
"Reverend James is a lecturer in the Religion department."
"He stays in the staff quarter."

"Is he expecting you?"

He took a beat to digest the information I just gave him and asked: "Do you have his number?" "Yes," I retorted.


Re: Forbidden Attraction by Chigold121(f): 9:01am On Sep 16, 2017
This is a very nice piece u have here, don't abandon it.


Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 2:15pm On Sep 17, 2017
This is a very nice piece u have here, don't abandon it.

Wow thanks for following. I am glad to know someone is following. This is fuel to my engine. Thank you.


Re: Forbidden Attraction by Sensitivity1254: 2:26pm On Sep 17, 2017

Wow thanks for following. I am glad to know someone is following. This is fuel to my engine. Thank you.

As your engine is been fueled, don't forget the advise. 'Dont abandon it"


Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 4:39pm On Sep 17, 2017

As your engine is been fueled, don't forget the advise. 'Dont abandon it"

I won't. Keep coming. Next update coming tonight. Thank You.

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Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 7:41pm On Sep 17, 2017

I hastily searched my school bag, pulled out my diary, scanned for Reverend James's phone number and gave it to the security man. "What is this," He blurted. "Reverend James's number," I retorted. "I didn't ask for this," He vented, his eyes rolling angrily at me. "You did..." I whimpered. "I did not tell you to give me his number, call him yourself," He threw my diary at me. "I don't have a phone," I said whilst fighting my tears from disgracing him. But to my utmost surprise rather than venting some more at me, he wore an improvised apologetic look on his face and spoke oddly calm: "You should have bought a phone boy..." He became silent for a second, probably contemplating the next word to say, then he called his colleague and they spoke in Yoruba for a minute and his colleague exited and returned with a phone.

"Here boy..." He handed me the phone. "Thank you," I smiled at him and he reciprocated it with a shrug. I dialed Reverend James's phone number three times before he answered but he ended the call after I introduced myself. He promised to return the call in thirty minutes times but I waited up to an hour before his call came. While waiting for his call, I watched students of different sizes, with different hairstyle, different kinds of clothing, different mannerism, boys, girls, in company and alone waved their ID cards at the security man and sauntered into the gate.

Reverend James's voice sounded differently when he called back. His voice was calmer and he spoke with ease. However, as we proceeded in the conversation, the excitement in me crept back to its hiding place as my stubborn tears were beginning to return. Reverend James told me that he was not in town and won't return till the next day and I impulsively asked, how I was suppose to survive the day and his reply was epic--- there are so many boys and girls of our age
in same shoe now. There are cheap hotels everywhere... Didn't you keep an extra key some where? The phone line cut and my subconscious pricked me to call him back but I refrain.

I handed the phone to the security man and walked inside...


Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 12:54am On Sep 20, 2017
I faltered into the gates and what I saw made my subconscious leap for joy. Oh my! I was practically standing at the gates of the historic Vatican city with invisible angels flying over me. My mouth were wide open as I wandered into the campus. The angelic structures stared at me fervidly and i equally grinned back. Is this me or am I dreaming? Son of a petty trader, a student of one of the best universities in Africa.

I stopped at a walkway leading a gigantic hall with an entrance door that appeared like the whole world can get in at same time. I ambled to the door, dragging my luggage behind me. I peeked into the hall as I arrived, there were so many students inside-----seated, standing, in front of their laptops, chating boisterously with friends and some feigning to be reading. For a second I became white with anxiety and a cloud of inferiority enveloped me.

I rambled in, dragging my feet beside my luggage and it seemed like every one stopped whatever they were doing and focused on me. I flushed diffidently with my head on the ground and when I attempted to look up, I was bumped to the ground with my luggage crashing to the ground with me. "Ouch sorry," A male voice accompanied the fall and the hall bursted into a deafening laughter. I looked up to see this tall bearded guy with an apologetic smirk on his face. He hold his hand out to me and I dragged myself from the ground and raised my hand towards him, only for him to pull back his hand and mockingly giggle at me. I wanted to stand up and smack him in the face but before I could gather my strength to do that, a girl with long braids and a painted face like Torkwase and in revealing blouse and ripped jeans catwalked to him and placed her hand in between his arm and both walked away from me, smiling derisively at me.

At that moment I wanted the ground to open and swallow me as I could sense the eyes of students in the hall hovering around me. "Hey, here is your luggage..." Another male voice rises in the fuss and he stretched his hand at me and I snapped: "I don't need your help..."


Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 10:24pm On Sep 20, 2017
"It's OK..." His voice sounded calm and benign. I took his hand and he raised me from the ground and the crowd sardonically cheered. "Does it hurt?" His soothing voice resonated and for the first time I looked at his face, he is bespectacled but i could see his eyes filled with a honest concern and it made me flushed. "Thank you..." I said, dusting myself up. "Come sit with me," He ushered me to his desk. I followed like I was been controlled with my luggage hanging beside me.

We sat down and i looked around to see whether the students in the hall were still gawking at me. Luckily for me, everyone was now focused on their businesses. "You are a new student?" He asked. "Yes," I replied. "Me too..."He beamed and I equally beamed: "Wow, i am glad, i am not alone."

"We are not alone. Most of them here are new."

"Most of them?" I gawked around unbelievably.

"So what's your field of study?"

"Computer engineering."

"Really? Computer engineering too."

"Oh. I am lucky..."


"I don't know anyone here..."

"Where are you from?"


"That is far..."


"Here. Lagos."

"It's my first time in Lagos."

"I know..."


"It's written all over you."

I wanted to ask 'why' again but I asked instead: "Where will you pass the night?" He looked at me awkwardly and I wished I could take it back. "Verification is tomorrow morning. I don't want to be stuck in traffic while others are doing their verification," He spoke like his life depended on the verification. I nodded like he actually answered the question I asked. "Yes I will pass the night here," He smiled and I smiled back but later regretted it.

"So what's your name?" He blurted and removed his glasses and a spectrum of light shun on his possible age. This guy is not older than eighteen, my subconscious addressed me but he looked older, I


"Sonter?" Is it English?"

"No. You? What's your name?"

"Remi, Oluremi... It's Yoruba."

Remi and I got to know ourselves better through the evening leading to the night. We took a tour to the shopping complex, the hostels and the lecture halls and back to the multipurpose hall. I missed Makurdi but I could not wait for what awaited me the next morning.


Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 8:49pm On Sep 23, 2017
Na so! He don abandon d story
Re: Forbidden Attraction by Sensitivity1254: 9:03pm On Sep 23, 2017
Na so! He don abandon d story

Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 9:05pm On Sep 23, 2017

the thing dey pain me. Na so dem dey do

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Re: Forbidden Attraction by itsandi(m): 9:19pm On Sep 23, 2017
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Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 12:21am On Sep 25, 2017
Na so! He don abandon d story

No. I didn't abandon it... This few days has just been tight. Thanks for following.
Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 12:57am On Sep 25, 2017

No. I didn't abandon it... This few days has just been tight. Thanks for following.
OK. Pls update soon

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Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 1:43am On Sep 25, 2017
At exactly 7:00 AM the following morning. The verification line had been crammed with new students. Remi and I arrived a quarter passed 8 and our jaws dropped. We hurried to the line and stood at the back of the last student on the line.

We waited till 9:00 AM before the office in charge of verification resumed work. The line was moving slowly but I did not care, I was just too elated been in the midst of fledging university undergrads like myself.

As we moved slowly towards the beginning of the line, I could not help but think about the previous day. My unending journey to the centre of excellence, my dreamy illusions, the security man, the eclectic university buildings and Remi. Remi turned a friend overnight. He became my guiding light in a strange land. He introduced me to some of his friends and we went to the school's cafeteria and took dinner.

We returned back to the multipurpose hall and he put on his PC and played a film. There was a scene in the film that the male protagonist kissed his love interest and Remi beamed at me: "When was your first kiss?" "Hmmm... I haven't kissed before," I slurred. "What?" His face carrying disbelief.

"You are lying mehn..."

"No I am not..."

"You mean your girlfriend never let you kiss her?"

"No, I mean I don't have a girlfriend."

"No way. Did you break up?"

"No. I never had a girlfriend."

"What planet are you from dude?"


Remi laughed at me that for a moment I wished I had lied instead. "Why are you laughing," I pouted. "Don't get angry. I mean I have never seen a dude your age that don't have a girlfriend," He purred.

"Premarital relations is a sin and besides I want to be a priest."

"Juju priest?"

"Catholic priest."

"Oh Father?"


"Don't worry, I give you one year in this school, if your present status doesn't change call me anything..."

"I will remain chaste to the end, I bet you..."

"But let's me frank oh. Are you really serious about been a priest?"

"Yes. After my university degree, I will be heading to the seminary."

"Well good luck with that," Remi grinned sarcastically. "It's part of my scholarship criteria even," I muttered. His eyes propped with surprise. "You're on scholarship?" His voice reverberated. "Yes..." I grinned. Remi yanked me off the bench, weltering in his diffidence.

As I was lost in my thought I did not notice a male student swindle himself in my front. I was snapped back to reality by the protesting students at my back. The student turned and smirked at me and I immediately recognized him-----it was the guy that knocked me down.

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Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 1:37am On Sep 26, 2017
( 8 )
"Tell them i was here..." He coaxed me and the disgust cascaded in my stomach moved to my chest as angst. As in I want to whack this arrogant brute on his face but the smile on his face confused me. There was something menacing about his sweetish smile that I could not fathom. It appeared sincere but there is nothing sincere about this guy that knocked me to the ground yesterday and didn't even bother to apologize and now he wants me to lie for him. I relaxed my nerves and swallowed my angst but I was still irritated by the guts of this guy. Who the hell does he think he is? He think he is smart? He can just jump into the line halfway and expects everyone to turn a blind eye to his antics and he has the impetus to smile at me like he knows me and ask for favor in the most unkind way.

As my subconscious grappled with this thought, a guy out of the blue hit me off balance, his eyes flaming with rage, "So you think you can let your friend enter the line like that," Are you referring to me, my subconscious blinked at him. "Mind your business dude," the rude guy in my front challenged the raging fellow that is about to raise hell with the fire in his eyes. "Tell them I was here..." the rude guy glowered at me, the sweetish smile on his face turned to a reddish frown. "He wasn't here," Remi's voice carried the exact words I wanted to say. "Who are you?" Mr rude guy asked Remi, his sulky brows flickered at a pursing Remi. "I know you were not here," Remi retorted, his poise unbidden.

"Ask this one here..." Mr rude guy pointed at me and my heart did a 360 swirl. "I..." I stuttered, practically because Mr rude guy's wan eyes stared at me with a sinister effect. "Sonter..." Remi searched my eyes, my fears becoming visible and Mr Rude guy's delinquent smirk returned to his face. "He is not my friend," I snapped and everyone is taken aback by my incoherent response. "What?" Mr raging fellow asked, confusion plastered on his face. "He was not here," I said and my heaved breath fell and suddenly I felt my shoulder lighter than before like a load had been pulled off my shoulder. Within a nanosecond after my revelation, Mr rude guy is hurled out of the line and everyone cheered like the devil had been the one defeated.

I smiled to myself and my subconscious gave me a part on the shoulder----- Sonter is an advocate of justice. Remi beamed at me too and I felt even better but a sudden fear gripped and it seemed like I heard it speak to me, you have made an enemy out of Mr. rude guy and subconscious presented a blanched Mr rude guy seething at me. Should I blame myself for speaking the truth and not letting cheats triumph over right? I did nothing wrong to Mr. rude guy so he has nothing against me. Father always talked about doing the right things even if it makes you lose friends and Mr rude guy is no friend of mine.

Moments later, there were only three people in my front and my heart leaped for joy, I turned to see those behind me and holy Mary I saw Mr rude guy seething as my subconscious presented, at the end of the line and my heart skipped and behind him was another guy with brown hairs and gray eyes, our eyes locked and for a nanosecond I felt relieved of the trauma I felt seeing Mr rude guy again.

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Re: Forbidden Attraction by duch12(m): 12:36pm On Sep 26, 2017
Guy,your story is dope. I am already in love with it.

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Re: Forbidden Attraction by MichaelBlake40(m): 2:18pm On Sep 26, 2017
Nice start up.thought u abandoned the story too but am glad u're back.Hopefully u'll continue at the same pace.

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Re: Forbidden Attraction by itsandi(m): 2:51pm On Sep 26, 2017
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Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 2:41am On Sep 27, 2017
Remi and I went to the school's cafeteria after we were done with our verification. I ordered for meat pie and a bottle of coke while Remi ordered for donut and yoghurt. While we waited for our orders to be served three girls sauntered into the cafeteria, dressed revealingly but quite elegantly. They occupied the table adjacent to the table Remi and I were seated and Remi's eyes bulged and his mouth formed a perfect O.

Their faces appeared fairer than their hands and legs and their lips were all in blood red but their hair styles differed---- The one to my right is on braids, reaching the end of her back and the one to Remi's left is probably on wig cause it looked like she carried mount Kilimanjaro on her head. And the one facing us directly, her hairs are curly and fluffy and very unnatural.

Remi tilted himself with his face directed at me and the smell of his breath hovering in my nostril. He blinked at me, a leery smile plastered on his fat face. "Oboy check out those babes," he whispered and the lust in his tone made me want to request for penance on his behalf. I see them, my subconscious glowered at him. "Damn they are hot..." The lust in his tone exasperated.

"Which one you like?" He asked, the lust in his voice sounding like a talking drum. I looked at them nervously, my mind not taking any notes and my eyes seemed to be pleased with the one on braids and I said immediately: "The one on braids." "Nice choice," He gave me an approving nod and licked his lip while he gawked at them like a child seeing milk for the first time in a long while. "Go talk to one," He said and my heart skipped. Our orders arrived and I sang hallelujah in my mind for the distraction. "Thank you," Remi beamed at the girl that served us our order but instead of returning a smile at him, she smiled at me and at that moment I was confused on what to return and she darted away, taking her smile with her.

"Are you going to talk to them or what?" Remi asked, his impatience with me becoming glaring. "No I will pass," I said with a chunk of pie in my mouth. "You go..."

"Ok..." Remi shrugged and stood up like he was been controlled. He ambled to their table and I must had missed the first word he spoke to them because Mr rude guy entered the cafeteria with the same delinquent smirk etched on his pimpled face and behind him was the guy with brown hairs and gray eyes and a cute smile etched on his face.

Mr rude guy gave me the you-don-fu-ck-up look as he rambled to the counter and his gray eyed bodyguard gave me a different stare, a hard to digest stare. I could describe it as impassive but it wasn't. His eyes carried same spark as Torkwase's eyes during junior school. He was giving me the impression that he liked me but I did not let it reach my chest. It could be Mr rude guy's antics to get back at me. But l was flushing and my breath was like a sandstorm and goosebumps blanketed my arms and my heartbeat was sounding like a drum, presumably because of Mr rude guy's presence but I doubted it, the myriad of emotions cascading in my stomach meant something else, meant something different, other than fear or anxiety. I could not find an actual word to pin it to before Remi clapped in my face and I was hurled back to time.

"How did it go?" I asked, feigning to be interested.

"You were not watching?" He sounded more sad than surprised.

I was watching someone else...

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Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 2:51am On Sep 27, 2017
Guy,your story is dope. I am already in love with it.

Wow. Thank you. I am pleased to know you are following.
Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 2:54am On Sep 27, 2017
Nice start up.thought u abandoned the story too but am glad u're back.Hopefully u'll continue at the same pace.

Thanks for following. I appreciate your comment. More updates coming surely. Thanks.
Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 12:21am On Oct 06, 2017
Remi clapped in my face and I'm hurled back to reality. "Guy are you lost?" He asked sarcastically and I purred: "I'm here..." Well, I was lost was the accurate response. I was lost in the eyes of the brown haired guy. I tried not to look at him at the slice of each passing second but I could not help myself. It is not normal for a guy to be lost in the eyes of a fellow guy but my subconscious kept leading me on and my lips pressed into a hard line and my mind was painting an impossible picture that the brown haired guy was staring at me too. But he wasn't staring, he was staring at the girls seated at the table close to us.

"The girl on braids likes you," Remi grinned at me and I returned it with a frown: "No she don't..." "Yes, look at her," He said and did the looking before I did. She wasn't looking at me, she was smiling at the brown haired guy and I snapped at Remi: "See she doesn't even know I exist." "Have some faith dude," He yanked me.

"Remi don't start with me. You know I am not into girls."

"What?" His eye balls bulged with surprise.

"You know I want to be priest."

"Live a little bros..." He said and my eyes flickered at the brown haired guy, who is totally unaware that I exist.

Remi's phone ringed and he answered it, speaking intently in Yoruba. He excused himself when the conversation got heated with whoever he was speaking with and I was alone with my thoughts again. l could not get myself to look at the grey haired guy this time. Him and Mr rude guy were now seated with two overly dressed girls and I recognized one as Mr rude guy's girlfriend and the girls at the table besides me where grimacing same way my subconscious was grimacing.

Moments later the two sauntered out of the cafeteria with the girls and I tried not to look, even though my subconscious was dying to look.

Remi returned with a passive look etched on his face. "I have to go..." He said. "Go where," I quipped.


"I thought you were not going till evening?"

"Change of plans, I need to go and come back early tomorrow."


I watched till the vehicle Remi boarded disappeared and my subconscious snapped at me: "Oh I forgot to use his phone to call Rev. James and how was I going to reach the reverend now?" I sat on a pavement, sulking in depression when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

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Re: Forbidden Attraction by Nobody: 1:21am On Oct 09, 2017
"Sorry I thought you're someone else," a sweet feminine voice suffused with contrite arose from behind me and I forced a smile out of my sulky face. "Are you new?" Her voice arose again, when I'd thought she'd disappeared. I nodded dismissively and hoped she disappeared this time. "You look sad, is everything ok?" Her voice carried a level of empathy that could make one forget his problem. I turned, seeing her bespectacled face for the first time. She appeared older than her voice but younger than the height of concern she had for a total stranger like me.

"I am fine..." I beamed at her with same coaxed smile. "You don't look fine to me," She said and sat with me. I shifted a bit, trying not to be too close to her.

"Believe me I am ok..."

"A problem shared, is a problem half solved..." She smiled at me and immediately I misinterpreted it for something else, what was her motive for this? My mind circulated around her possible motives. "I am Enitan, I am new too," the smile on her face became a mirror and could see my subconscious pouting at her. I lunged my skepticism to his confines and purred: "Sonter or Samuel. Samuel is my baptismal name," I said and bit my lips when it flashed to me that I'd never really told anyone my baptismal name the first time we meet. "Are you Anglican,"She asked, looking confusingly excited.

"No Catholic..."

"Ok. Nice..."

"So you're Anglican?"

"Born and bread..."

"Me too..."

"Nice. It was easy, wasn't it?"


"Our bonding," She said and for the first time I saw she'd dimples and a true smile shined out of my face and a brief throaty laughter escaped my mouth. "See you're laughing now," She said and I flushed, my cheekbones became invisibly red. "So what was making you frown?" She continued, sounding like an elder sister I never had.

"I wanted to call someone but I don't have a phone," this words eluded my mouth hesitantly. "Is that it?" She scoffed. "Yes..." I replied silently.

"That's not a problem, you can use my phone."

The smile on my face radiated as she handed me her phone and I ringed Reverend James twice before he answered. His voice sounded like I was making his life a living hell whereas it was the other way around. He scolded the tone of my voice before dropping the bombshell that he was not still in town but would return tomorrow.

I hang up the call, a pang of angst plunging my chest but Enitan's voice came with a soothing relief: "don't worry you could follow me off campus."

"No I don't want to bother you, I will stay at the auditorium."

"No, it's fine, we're friends now remember?"

"No I can't sleep in same room with you, you're a girl."

"Who said you will sleep in same room with me? You will sleep in my brother's room?"

"Your brother?"

"Yes my brother, he lives off campus."

"Will he be okay with it?"

"He will when I speak to him."

"Thank you..."

"No problem, let's just say God use people to help people. Tomorrow may be your turn to help me."

"And I will gladly do..."

"So what is your course of study?"

"Computer engineering, you?"


Enitan and I bonded at the school premises for a while, went to lecture halls, hostels, staff quarter and the cafeteria before we went off campus. I was more than grateful to our mother Mary and Jesus Christ for leading me to good people.

Enitan introduced me to her brother Bola, he seemed nice but his bearded face and black lips painted him a cultist. I wanted to decline staying but something in me kept poking me not to refuse their kind gestures. The room appeared decent -- plasma TV, artistically painted walls, bright colored curtains, thick clean rugs, reading table, 50 by 50 double bed and probably clean bathroom, hailing to the sweet smell of the moisturizer.

When Enitan left, I swear my subconscious ran with her. Bola asked few questions about me and I gave him straight answers. The room was silent for a while before I broke the silence: "Is there a Catholic church around here?" He looked at me, shocked, before he answered: "Yes..." and wore his ear plugs and ambled out of the room later.

I was alone and it was getting dark, I heard a knock on the door and I skidded to the door. I opened and who I saw made my heart skip. It was the brown haired guy and he was equally shocked to see me. "Where is Bola?" He snapped, preventing me from offering any sort of pleasantries. "He went out," I slurred. "Where?" He asked, the seriousness on his face was unnecessary I thought. "I don't know..." I replied, avoiding his gaze. "Okay..." He said and was about to walk away when I unknowingly asked: "What's your name?" He turned to me looking ridiculously at me like I must had been insane to ask him his name. "Do I know you?" He asked, I perceived anger in the statement but the tone of his voice preached the contrary. From verification line and the cafeteria remember? My subconscious flushed. "So I could tell Bola you came if he returns," I said and bit my lips. He twitched his lips into a smirk that I tried not to read meaning into and said: "Raph, Raphael and you?" "Samuel..."

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Space Booked

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Re: Forbidden Attraction by InwehAkpevwe(m): 7:02am On Oct 16, 2017
from forbiden fruit to forbiden attraction... Whats next?


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seun don wake up reach him office this morin

make we dey commetn then make him dey mak money

na waoo
this life self


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