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In The Billionaire's Bed *written By Emelradine* / The Billionaire's Secret Heartthrob / My Billionaire Boyfriend (2) (3) (4)

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Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 3:19pm On Jul 14
(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)
Now enjoy���
���� Emily’s POV���
“Fiona is there anyone with the name Beauty Dana” I questioned Fiona with a tingling feeling of jealousy in me.
“Beauty Dana!!
“Beauty Dana is in existence…. She’s in this school” Fiona replied me and my range increased.
“I wanna see her” I mumbled wildly to Fiona.
“Check the clipboard” Fiona sip in her milkshake before taking a bite of her buger.
“Yes I did that already. There are sixty Dana’s in this school but I’m concerned about Beauty Dana” I rolled my eyeballs.
“You’re the queen so why are you concerned about her…. She’s the one that ought to be begging before she can see you” Fiona smirks and pushed some fried fries to me.
“I don’t care for the fries”
I speak proudly and pushed it away.
“You don’t care for the fries but you care for Beauty Dana then start checking the tags of each person so you can find out” Fiona shrugged.
“I better start now” I stood up and start checking the name on the tags of whosoever I come across.
“Beauty Dana you better stay away from Seven” I speak inaudibly to myself.
“Hey you, you, you, you,you, and you”
“Come over here” I voiced out to the six girls.
“Yes how can we help you” the one with spectacles speaks.
“Shut up” I lash out at her and start checking the names on their tags.
“Why must you check my tag
The girl with spectacles speaks.
“What effrontery Jariel?? I pulled her back and poured milk shake on her.
“That’s what you get her for insulting me. Next time make use of your manners because my statues is more than yours”
I emptied the content of the milkshake on her and fling the bottle away.
“What gut,did your goddam fuvkinb mother not impact knowledge into your cranky skull
“Look Emily you have no right to bully anyone here because we are all paying our enemy. No one is your maid here!!
Noe rolled her big eyeballs.
“Why are you wasting your time
“You don’t have to banter words with dim witted people like Emily.
“Girl,Emily is just a perfect description of a peacock”
“She’s so much full of herself and yet there’s nothing in her brain.
“All she know is to host parties”
“Gosh Emily you’re terrible” Jariel speaks to Neo.
“Fools I don’t have your time!!?
I fired back at them.
“So gross why won’t you have our time when all you know is just party!!!
I’m sure you’re gonna hot another party tonight.
“Keep hosting parties till you lost your memory” Neo blabbed.
“If I were asked to make a wish,I will just wish to have your hair cut” Jariel smirks at me.
Immediately,anger surpassed me and i felt like strangling Jariel.
“Do you know who you’re speaking with? I fumed in anger.
“I can speak to whosoever I want since it’s not your father nor mother that is paying my fees!!
“I can speak Emily!!!
“Your father is a billionaire,you’re a young billionaire and my own father is into politics and he’s doing pretty okay so won’t I talk to you!!!
“As if you’re God”
“You’re not God and you’re acting as if you’re equal to him”
Jariel keeps bantering words with me and me talking back to her looks stupid.
“I don’t have your time!!! I pushed her out of my way and continue looking for the so called Beauty Dana. I just wanna know who the hell she is since Shiva said Seven is falling slowly for her.
I soon stop at the hallway and I met Seven and Len fighting.
Len looked disheaved with blood dripping out of his broken nose.
Just a push from seven, he moved out of his way.
Instantly, thousands of thoughts ran start running across my mind.
Firstly, Seven doesn’t fight, he is not like that.
The only time he was like this was when I broke up with him,he start destroying anything his hand layed on.
Many glass were broken with little of his blood spilled.
Right now, he is acting like that.
Definitely,there must be something between Seven and Len.
*does it have to do about Beauty Dana?
It should never be because if I should catch that so called Beauty?
I’m gonna make it unbearable for her to strive.
“Get out!!!! Seven pushed Len out of his way.
He entered the hallway passage and I did follow him behind without him knowing. He stop halfway and turned back.
Jeeeeeezzzzzz he looked at me,
Seven looked at me!!!!
My heart leapt but I saw the hurt in his voice,the hurt in his smiles,the hurt in is jokes and the one that clung underneath his veins.
“Why is Seven Miles looking like this?
I grimaced and traced the direction of his eyes.
He was busy staring at a girl.
The girl was busy picking her notepads with pains all over her body.
Her hands were shaking, her legs ranging, even her lips were shaking.
She never reveal her face but her long curly lashes was visible.
For a second I noticed how long her hair is.
It’s more longer than mine…..
I smirks wickedly at her pinkish lips , she’s gonna go through hell if she’s Beauty Dana.
Soon, my gaze fell on seven….
He was staring really hard at her as if he has met her before and I doubt that.
I was even becoming more frustrated with the manner in which Seven looks at her.
I know what to do!!!!!
“Show your face!!! I raised my jaws and shouted with pitch of darkness in my voice.
She flinched and allowed her long hair to cover every part of her face.
I am not a fool at all…..
I know she’s playing pranks,she does not want me to see her face so she purposely allow her hair to cover her face.
“I see you’ve fallen in love already. Now tell me is she the Beauty Dana? I asked Seven with an evil smirk.
“Shut up bitch!;!! Seven silenced ms and tried peiring into the girl eyeballs but she was too smart to have her eyes shut halfly.
There is more to this and I am gonna know if she’s Beauty Dana or not!!
My eyes rolled to the back of my geaf with devish plans running allover me.
I kept quite and fixed my gaze on Seven. He’s looking at her as if he has never seen a girl before.
“Is Seven really alright?
Back to the girl…….
She shared an half eye lock with seven but her heart never stop pounding.
Even Seven, his eyes keeps moving in shades of burning meteorites.
Stop it!!!
Stop staring at yourself like fools!!!
I shouted. The moment I shouted, the poor girl legs failed her and she fell to the floor with a bleeding arm.
Getting more interesting!!!! I smirks and faced seven maybe he will speak but to my greatest surptriy he never utter a single word. He just watch the manner in which the girl flinch even when she never showed her face.
And that’s what I Will keep doing,I will keep shouting so that she will keep flinching.
I know people like her. People like her have a very elastic heart…..her cardiac layer is very thin and tender and so they don’t need more shout.
“Too much of shout will only make her faint”
Definitely,she’s one of them….
She’s not a strong one…..
She’s a very weak one…..
More shout will only make her faint.
But there’s a problem,she is not showing her face.
“Show me your face or else I will shout at you” I yelled in a tiny voice and it was more if a mere shout.
“No no no never!!!!
I won’t show you my face” she pulled her long hair as a shade to cover her face.
Bit by bit,I was getting jealous of her long hair and I just feel like cutting it.
���Beauty POV ���
That’s it,I keep getting into trouble. Its just my first dat here and I already made many enemy.
“Seven is just the cause of everything.
“Seven is the cause!!!!
“I don’t why he usually look at me like that and now,I am stucked with Emily Daniels.
I have no choice than to get out of here.
Instantly, I took my backpack and ran through the back door.
Damn it!!!!
Seven won’t stop running after me.
Open open!!!,!
Idiot open!!!!
I press the button on the elevator door repeatedly.
“Just open Seven is coming closer!!!
I cried and keep pressing the green button.
“0” it counted before it opened.
Close back please,seven is getting nearer!!!! I pressed the red button again.
“2” just before the door count 1,Seven joined me in the elevator and the door finally close back.
Gosh Seven!!!!……”
I uttered and Start shaking.
“Why didn’t you tell me that you have brown…...
Seven stared coldly and I find my self lost.
“I don’t understand what you’re saying!!! I feigned innocence and hide my face….
“You don’t understand han!!!!!
“You will understand now!!!
Seven pushed me against the elevator door and pushed all my hair backwards.
Just then,Emily appeared.
Ohhhh no!!!!
She’s gonna see my face!!!!!
I ran out of idea….and the only choice I have is to hug seven inside the glass elevator.
Since he’s taller than me,I will be able to hide my head in his chest.
“You will understand now!!!!
Seven pushed me all over his body and rubbed my brown hair…..
Right in the presence of Emily.
I just destroy all the plans.
Because Seven knows am Beauty and Emily just found out my weakness.
“I cherish you even when you lied to me….I’m sorry for what I said to you at the library”
Seven whispered into my ears and bite my earlobes.

source: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=fire+and+ice
Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 1:28pm On Jul 19
(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)


Now enjoy���
________Seven’s POV__________

I never wanted to get drunk in love and ideas,my heart keeps screaming it to me that all girls are the same and I never wanted to get close to any girl.
They only bring back bad memories and illuck to me.

“Idiot what about Beauty??
My heart shattered me and for a second I realised that I am holding her really tight in the elevator just like I won’t let go.

I know I should stay very far from her,I truee but my heart won’t let go even if I let go.
I tried silencing her thoughts and I tried escaping her sound but i am already trapped with her and her dumbness is really affecting me. It seems like my skin is meant for her touch and my lips were just meant to kiss her.

Even when she lied to me at the library about her not being Beauty Dana. She told me there at the library that she’s Eve Dana and not Beauty Dana. She keep confusing me but I find out just by a shout. I shouted at her and she end up fainting on someone arm. She fainted on Len’s arm.

Instantly, I realise that she’s Beauty Dana and not Eve Dana.

“I cherish you even when you lied to me” I uttered and bite her earlobe.

“No no no….. I don’t understand what……? She feign innocence but I am not gonna hear any of that.
“0” the elevator counts before opening to the exterior.
Emily keeps staring really hard,she’s trynna see beauty’s face but Beauty herself won’t allow her see her face.
She intentionally push her hair to the front and made it cover her face.

Even Len, his face had some cold glares and they were all over Beauty body.

“He better not try nonsense with Beauty or else he’s gonna get his ass kicked off.
“If he wanna play dirty games with me,he should better not include Beauty because she knows nothing about this.
“Beauty is so innocent, she knows nothing about this.

“Are you okay I took a glance at her bleeding wrists.
She never replied,she just made a cute sober face. I glance back at Emily whose eyes never left us.

“Left” I gave the direction to the sixth floor since Beauty is just new here.

“Just stay here while I get the first aid kit” I arched my brows and made her sit on the stair case.
She never talked,she just sat lonely on the last stair case and weave her hair into a long pigtail before rolling it into a bun.

“You see Seven,you’re just disturbing yourself. I told you already that I am not Beauty,I am Eve.
Just stay away from me!!!
She sniffed and wiped the lonely tears that fell on her cheekbone.

“You’re just wasting your time if you’re crying……
“Do you think I will stay away from you
If only you know what you’re doing to me!! I smirks and she squeazed her face. She breathe in and outvabd slowly lit up her lashes.

“I still don’t know what you’re talking about.
“Swears you’re just wasting your time if you think I am Beauty. Can’t you just see that I am Eve Dana!!!!
She brought out her tag and raised it up to me.

“You’re not Eve,you’re Beauty!! I took the tag from her tiny hand and threw it away.

“My tag!!!
“You just fling it away!!! She stood up and made an attempt to pick it up,she had barely take a step pass me and made an attempt to take the next step when her leg mistakenly curled up with nine.

“Is it a mistake or I did it intentionally?
I pushed her slightly on her waist till I made sure we both fell on the tiles with her lying on my body.
She keep saying she’s not Beauty and she keep acting like her.

“Oouch my wrist,I hurt it again!!!
She whimpered in little pain with her eyes half closed.

“Get off me” I smirks and snarled.

“Sorry” she mumbled and slowly raised her tiny body away from mine , she was almost getting off when her bones failed her,she fall heavily on me again with her moist lips clingling hardly on my soft lips..

The lips still taste the same,it still had that strawberry taste.

“What are you doing??
“Are you alright
“I said it to you that I am Eve and not Beauty but you keep kissing me like…….” She stop her statement and wriggled out off my grip.

“I keep kissing you like what??
I stand up and took off my jacket. I was now left alone in a white shirt.

“I keep kissing you like what
Tell me because I wanna hear that” I push her to the wall and loose all the hair that she spent her time weaving.

I had fallen deeply in love with her….
“I made a second mistake not knowing that I choose a brown haired again. …
And the brown haired girl keep making me going crazy…….

Can I ever be serious
After Emily smash my heart on the floor. And now, Beauty is denying me, she wants me to stay away from her.

“Fine, you can go”
“I promise I will stay away from you if that will make you happy” I removed my gaze from her..she keeps making my knuckles weak.

“You will stay away from me!!!
She smiled excitedly.

“Yes I will stay away from you if you only tell me that you’re Beauty and not Eve” I start playing pranks on her.

“Okay now I will tell you the truth without adding anything” she made a hesitating look and my heart glitters.

“I’m listening!! I seethed.

“I’m Beauty Dana the one that works in your best selling clubs…
This is my real identity,I have brown hair and not black hair” she uttered while playing with her fingers.

“Then I am not gonna stay away from you if you’re Beauty Dana” I smirks and she went wild instantly.

“What the heck are you saying
“You said it to me that you’re gonna stay away but now you’re changing everything.
“Stop it if it’s a prank!!!
Beauty rants.

“Your ranting is of no use since I know you’re Beauty.
“Its better you stop….the more you rant,the more I will keep getting close to you and I might even do the unexpected” I said and pierced into her hair.

���Beauty’s POV���

He keeps playing pranks with me,if only he knows it will be much better if I should stay away from him.

“If you don’t stay away from Seven Miles…..just consider yourself a gonner” Len’s words replayed in my memory..

Many problems gosh���
So annoying and irritating��
Seven’s ex is back with another bigger problem…. If she should find out about me then I’m just into double problem.

“What are you thinking about? Seven questioned while tying my bleeding wrist.

Just then,my eyes caught Len. Emily isn’t there it’s just Len alone.
Anger were written all over his face,His eyes moved and collided with darkness….and formed red colour,seven didn’t see him,it was only me that saw him.

Slowly, my body detoriated and I gasped for more air. The look on Len face became intense and my skin starts shrinking while I keep gasping for more air.

Venoms builds in his throats���

Seven never saw Len.

“Are you alright?
Seven came to my aid and brush his shoulders over mine.

“What are you looking at He traced my eyes..he was almost getting to Len direction before he ran away.
Len ran away!!!

“Is anything wrong
Seven became impatient with me.

“It’s just that….
“Yesss,I need to see Dyna..she’s waiting for me” I took my hand away from his own….

Can I really leave Seven also?

I avoid his gaze and carried my bag…
I can’t even move,it felt like my legs were heavy to carry…
I quickly tied my hair in another style and picked my tag.

Slowly,I start moving away from him till I got to the door.

“Can you do without me
Seven uttered and followed me briskly…

Before I knew what was happening, he bolted the door….

“No…..I ….yes I can do without you”
I replied and I saw the hurt in his eyes.

“You can go!! He opened the door.

“No… I can’t!!
I flung my arms around him….
He was almost kissing me when I held heavy footsteps….

“Someone his coming!!
I pulled way from him and ran out with my backpack.

I keep running till I reach the last floor. I met the aggressive Mitchell , I look away from her and took another direction.

“Hi,I’m Jariel Dana. Can I be your friend?? A girl with a short bulb hair wave at me. I ignored her but she won’t just stop following me.

“You really look like my sister”
Jariel smiled softly and continue following me.

“Can’t you see that we look alike??
She mumbled wildly and start fixing her headset.

“I’m not your sister and we do not look alike” I cut her short and walk away.

I turned swiftly and met Len
Even Emily was coming to my direction
Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 1:28pm On Jul 19
(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)


Now enjoy���

How can she say we are sisters??
“She’s not serious, Jariel thinks I will fall for her silly pranks.

“I’m not your sister and we do not look alike” I cut her short and increased the pace at which I walk… So as to avoid Len and Emily but Jariel won’t just stop following me

“Wait up!!
“Hey” Jariel ran after me and brush her shoulder with mine.

“What do you think you’re doing?
“I don’t know you and you keep saying it that we look alike.
“I have only one sister and her name is Dy…..” I stopped my statement because Emily is almost close to me.

“Ohhhh my goodness what am I doing I just keep breaking the rules. Just one day and I have already broken and destroy the rules beyong imagination.

“Why ain’t you talking again
“I said you look like my sister and her name is Beau…..”
Jariel also stopped her statement because Emily is already standing in our presence with six other girls including Dyna.

“Your sister name is what?? Emily questioned Jariel.

And you,you look exactly like the girl Seven was with in the elevator” Emily uttered with a smirk,a deadly one.
I opened my mouth to say something but nothing was coming out.

“Are you the one!!! Emily made a tiny shout and my pounding headache arrived.

“Queen Emily she’s not the one.
The name on her tag said it all. She’s Eve Dana and the girl with Seven is Beauty Dana. She’s not the one and moreover,can’t you see her hair is weaved but the one with Seven,her hair was not weaved” Dyna came to my rescue,slowly my pounding headache disappeared.

“Are you sure
“How sure is your fact??
“I’m not gonna accept that, can’t you see her eyelashes is the same with the other girl that was with Seven”
Emily seethed with a scorn.

“Queen Emily, I’m sure she’s not the one. I’m 100% sure” Dyna speak for me again.
What a sister

“I don’t believe that!!
“She’s the one. I know her….
“She’s that same girl that works in seven’s best selling club….
“She’s Beauty and not Eve!!
Mitchell rolled her big eyeballs and push her hair backwards.

“She’s not the one!!
Dyna argued back.

“Enough of all your arguments…”
Emily waved her fingers to showcase her diamond ring.

“How long is your hair??
Emily sneered at me….

“I don’t even know what to say, I just stare at Dyna face and I saw her raising her 8fingers.

“My hair is 8inches long”
I speak back to Emily.

“8 inches long you say!
“It’s 8inches Long and you’re still able to roll it 8times” Emily scoffed and raised her hand to loose my hair.

“Stop it!!!
“What’s your freaking business with her hair?
“You wanna touch it as if she’s your maid…. And it’s not like she’s one of them.
“Why are you always jealous??
“You’re jealous because of how she weaved it…so that you can copy her hairstyle.
“Emily what’s up with you??
“Why are you always deriving happiness in taking peoples joy??
“Emily you’re a total mess and a disgrace to womanhood.”
Jariel speak for me and took my hand in her own.

“Jariel it’s none of your business!!
“You’re always poking your stupid nose into what does not concerns you” Mitchell voiced out to Jariel.

“Fine I’m always poking my mouth into others people matter but the good thing is that I’m better than you Mitchell.

Mitchell I’m not like you that goes around fucking with dogs….
Well I’m not surprised by your character because waste products like you are just born foolish so I can see any reason why you will be sensible for once!!!!

And as for you ,
Queen Emily or Evilimy or what the hell you call yourself….
I can’t actually find fault in you because you’re mad right from birth.
The party you’re hosting has become the landlord in your brain. Your stupidity has totally blinded you” Jariel speaks for me again without leaving my hand…. She dragged me out of Emily’s sight.

“Did you actually speak to Emily like that?
I start a friendly conversation with her.

“Who cares??. She shrugged her shoulders.
Emily is always like that..
She thinks she can always get what she wants but the best player will always win.

I was once a fool to Emily but not after I stand up for myself.

My friend you have to start speaking for yourself, don’t let your emotions bring you down” Jariel blurt out.

But I must say this again,you look just exactly like my sister. The last time I saw her is when I’m three, then she was four.
Right now if I should ask my parents were Beauty is, all they do is to show me her recent picture….they will say she’s doing fine that it’s not yet time to see her….but I will keep saying you look like her” Jariel smiled and stared at my bangles.

She look away sadly and hopped into her car, her driver is waiting patiently for her.

“Should I drop you She popped her head out of the car.

“No I’m fine, I’m waiting for my sister” I blurt out and I regretted why I mentioned the word sister.

“You have a sister” Jariel smiled.

“Sister…. No….I don’t have” I rolled my eyeballs since Dyna said I shouldn’t mention her name.

“Liar,you have a sister” Jariel cut me off guarded…

“Hmmmmm just drop me” I changed the topic and entered her car.

“I know you don’t want to tell me anything but I will tell you something” Jariel won’t just stop talking.

Check this out” she handed me her classic iPod.

All about Len and Emily” she placed a price tag on their name so that I can see their data’s.

↘Emily Daniels
19years of a age…
Heir to the Daniel’s
She’s a well trained hacker and a gun shooter who never miss her targets.
Hacking into others people data is her hobby while getting what she want by a snap of her finger is her favourite..

↘Len Pablo
22years of age….
He’s a talented mind reader.

“Weird” I mumbled and returned back Jariel iPod.

“Just be careful Beauty” Jariel said and offered me some chocolates.

“I’m not Beauty, I’m Eve” I lied and get out of her car.
You don’t want my chocolate??
Jariel persisted and brought out a particular one that I can never resist.
It’s my favourite…

“I don’t want it” I prove sturboness.

Minutes later,I was home. No one was in,not even Elva.
Dyna isn’t back from school… And Elva must have probably gone to meeting or my Granny’s place.
I took key from my bag and opened the main door.

While waiting for the Dyna,I quickly freshen up and changed into a peach long gown. I styled my hair and applied olive oil.

After about 40minutes,I heard a knock on my window.

“Who’s there?? I asked, waiting for an answer but I got none.

The knock came again and it was more hard this time around.

“Just get out of here and start explaining to me what you’re doing with Seven”
“You’re like a leopard and you can not change your spot”
“Beauty just get out of here”
“Open this window or else I’m gonna break it !!!!
The ranting continued.

Fear took over me instantly and I start fidgeting.

“Open this window or else i wil break it!!!
Len speaks in range.

“Len just go away….
You banging on my door won’t change anything…. It will only disturb the neighborhood”
I replied him and start locking all the doors.
I stop immediately I heard cracking sounds…..
Len just broke into my window.

For a start,i was dumb and visionless that i never knew when tgey key to all the doors fell off my hand. It fell and dropped right in front of Len.

The bad ass was claded in black with anger burning all over his skin.
He’s checking me out����

“This colour suite you” he chuckled at my pink dress.

I flinch back in fear and looked at the key with a corner of my eyes.

“You want to get this??
“The key!!!
Len picked it up with a smirk and threw it out of the window.

He moved closer to me and pushed me with force to the floor till my hairs swept the floor.

I gasped for more air and stood up abruptly.
My lashes are starting to bring tears.

“Len stop it,you are hurting me badly”
“Just get out of my house!!
I rant to his face….

“Even that so called Seven Miles can not stop me from doing what i want to do!!!
Len yelled and made a tiny shout at me….

He wants me to faint.

“Don’t refer Severn as a so called!!!
I speak to his face and furrowed my brows at him but instead the idiot took my hands and pushed me again.

“Eat that!! He brought out some cookies and threw them on me.

“I don’t want!!
I through it back to him and pushed my hair backwards….

Then I just saw the real Len..
“You through my cookies away!!
Darkness surpassed him while venom start running in his veins…

He gave a deadly smirk and moved close to me.
I also continue moving back till my back hit the wall….
Now, I have no choice than to face the beast.

source: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=fire+and+ice

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Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 3:37pm On Jul 21
(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)


Now enjoy���
“What were you doing with Seven??
“Did I not tell you to stay away from him
“Can’t you just understand simple English??
“You even have the gut to spill my cookies!!!
“What effrontery Len made a tiny shout and I find myself squeezing my face to the wall.

Ironically, I hold on even more tight to the wall. I don’t want to stare deeply into his eyeballs… I don’t ever want to see the darkness that clung to the humor of his eyeballs, I don’t even want him coming close to me but he keep coming with a dark battle inside his heart.

His eyes fell on my wrists, just like they are counting my bangles.

“Where is your sixth bangle He questioned, still in collision with the dark and ardent anger.

“My sixth bangle!!
I uttered and check my wrist but it was nowhere to be found.

“I see you’re now getting courageous.
Seven is behind your back!!
“Why will you give that last bangle to Seven Len roared and raised his hand,the one that has a dark scar.

“No,I didn’t give Seven!! I closed my eyes and start crying.

Instead,Len grab my neck tightly and covered my mouth and nose nose with his hands,he keeps making it difficult for me to breath while his eyes continue rolling just like the storm will turn the sail.

“What can I do??
I can’t do anything because Len is a way too stronger than I do.
I’m just to weak to the general of the soil.

My own step mother never treat me like this, she won’t even allow anything happen to a strand of my hair, but here is a stranger….
A stranger who’s treating me like I worth nothing. He’s just treating me like toy that one can just play with and toss aside.

Just because I am weak does not make me a toy. I blink back tears and keep trying to gasp for air, it seems I won’t find any air because Len hold on me is very tight.
His hands are really full of dirty characters.

“Let go off me!!!!
I keep shouting, thinking my voice will come out as a yell but it only came out calmly.

Now,I have no option than to bite Len hand away from my mouth.
I didn’t think twice, I Peirce my sharp teeth into his palms till he withdrew them.

The window is not a best option of escaping because I cannot jump.
And if I should try jumping,I will end up breaking my hand or leg.

“You want to escspe!!!
“Can you not just drop sturbonness and leave Seven alone??
He made a loud shout and my pounding headache arrived. I was starting to be vision less because all I can see were just dark empty spaces.
Bit by bit,my consciousness was getting out of hold.

“Look Len, you just keep shouting it to me that I should leave Seven.
“I’m I the one going to Seven or it’s seven that will not stop coming close to me.
“Stop disturbing my life….
“I’m not the one going to seven it’s seven that is always coming to me so go and tell Seven to stay away from me also!!
I speak back to Len, still struggling weakly with the door.

�Len POV�

I acted frigid because when ever I stare at her,she won’t just look at me.
She keep doing what I hated. I like it whenever I stare at girls and they should also stare back but this idiot is not doing that and it is even making anger to set my vocal cord on fire.

“Eat those cookies now!! I ordered her,with a killer look. She sqeeze her face to the wall and pour all the cookies away,she even throw the nylon on my body.

“You can feed your bloody cookies to the dogs. It’s not worth eating!! She blurted out and keep spilling the cookies.

I ignored her ranting and focused on her high cheek bone, her full pink lips and her golden black eyeballs.
She has the face of a fucking goddess,her eyeballs are slanted like a cat’s own.

For a start, I was lost. I just keep staring like I have never seen a woman in my life and at the same time,pain keeps eating me alive just because of Seven.

Seven does not takes shits, he might look calm but he’s a…….
What should I even call him??
I ran my fingers into my hair in frustration. I raised my gaze and met Beauty who keeps struggling with the door.

She wants to run away!
No way because it’s not gonna happen.

“You’re just disturbing yourself because the door won’t open. It’s just me and you and I am not going to take long. I promise,it won’t pain you” I retorted with a grin.

Her mood change and her face looks more sober as more tears keep dropping on her dry cheek bones.

I don’t give a damn about her tears. She drop her head down like she’s saying some prayers.

“You have just 20min to compose yourself or else I’m gonna give it to you in the hard way”
I drag the helm of her gown,she jerked away and wrapped her.hand all over her body.

⬇Seven POV⬇

Gloominess keeps dripping like perspiration beads as I sat in one corner at Miles Villa(one of my best selling clubs)

No glimpse of Beauty, maybe she’s not coming today. I turned my back and met Emily,she looks frustrated and tensed like she’s looking for something. That bitch called Mitchell keeps following her.

I know they are looking for Beauty.

“Bunch of fools!!!
I said and took my already beeping iPod. I got a message from Jake.

�Sir I have checked both the nooks and cranies of the clubs, I even checked the restaurant but she’s not there. Maybe she’s not coming today.
I read Jake’s text.

“Why won’t she come?
I took my car key from Shiva and dismiss him.
I walk out of the club and move into my car. I will just go and check on her since her house is just few blocks away. I ignited the engine and start driving calmly with my feet’s pressed against the accelerator pedal.

Minutes later ,I got to their main door and rang the door bell,no response.
There should be a back door….
I made a u turn and entered through the back door.

“Gross” I rolled my eyeballs and took a left turning.

“Too bad!! I went back and took another left turning. Then I came across six doors. Five were opened while only one was locked.

“What’s going on?
She’s not at home. I turned my back at the door and fixed my ear buds.

Soon, I heard weeping sounds…
That’s exactly how Beauty cries.
She’s crying!!!

I kicked the door with my left leg,it didn’t open.
By the time I kicked it the second time, it didn’t just open,it fling away from it’s position.

Immediately the door fling open, I saw a shadow of someone flying through the window.
I didn’t get to.see the person face.

I wandered in the anger that has collided with my throats.
Beauty tried standing up but her nerves fail her. She slump backwards slowly with a shaking lips.

I was quick to have grab her tiny waist while she held my red cloth tightly.

“Just tell me what happened
I questioned softly but deep down, the pain she’s feeling makes it looks like I’m dying.

“Seven….I….I…” She stammered and shut her eyes.

She did not want to tell me what happened.. I made her stand errect and saw the blisters that formed on her wrist,her long hair was scattered..

Did Len touch you??
I shouted with furry in my humor, the dark in my eyeballs became more dark till it reached it’s peak where it is the darkest.

“Did Len touch you??
I shouted with pitch of darkness hovering in my voice…

She was saying before she fell on my body with her hairs sweeping the floor of my face.
She fainted, with her hands clutching my red cloth..

Her body and lips won’t just stop shaking even when she has fainted.
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(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)


Now enjoy��
�Len POV�

I failed Massey’s promise again,I don’t have any picture of her. I was about having a taste of her when seven Miles banged in.

When he kicked the door in the first instance,I knew it was him so I just have to scamper for safety by flying out of the window. It will be very bad if Seven should see me maltreating Beauty. Blood will be spilled,so I just have to play smart. And I keep loosing the challenges.

� Don’t forget to drop the flash drive, I really need to get some saved information↘
Massey sent me a text message.

“Over here” I beckoned on Jerry (my driver).
“Yes sir” he answered.

Listen up,you’re gonna take this flash to Massey” I said and dig my hand into my pocket in an attempt to bring out the flash drive but instead I brought out money. The flash was no where to be found.

“Get out!!!!!
I shouted at Jerry like he is the one who lost the flash. I push my hair in frustration.

“Did I also misplaced the flash
I checked my pockets, it was not there.

“Where did I ever keep the flash
Massey will be so mad at me,I just lost all the information.
This is so gross�����

What’s keeping you,Len
“Did you also lost the flash?
Massey sent me two text at the same time.

This is terrible!!!

��I am still looking for it” I text her back.

�Looking for it you’re saying. Why on earth are you so slow in action…
“You cannot find the flash!!
“You cannot just win a little challenge”
Massey texted me back.

�i am sorry ma’am,I will get the flash drive in a jiffty….but the problem is that I cannot just say this is where I kept it”
I sent back my own text.

You don’t know where you kept it!!
Len,you have just 30minutes or else
Massey sent a text.

“Where did I keep the flash for crying out loud?
This is just trouble .
Now, I was looking more tensed. Or did I left it at Beauty’s house?

No,it can’t be possible.

�You have just 60seconds.
Massey’s sent her text. I don’t know what to do. I can’t even draw the map offhand.

�Ma’am,I can’t find the flash drive!!
I text the truth to her.

�You lost it!!!!
Not again!! Massey replied my text instantly….

Gosh,what’s happening to me��������

�Seven POV�

She’s still not going to talk, she just keep staring with a shaking lips.

“All my body is hurting me,it hurts a lot Seven!! She blink back tears and clung tightly to my red cloth.

“Sorry but at least can you tell me what happened
I blurt out and scan her room,my first suspect was Len,he won’t just stop staring really hard on her whenever he sees her,he won’t just take his stupid eyes off her.

“Did Len come here??
I questioned and she gasped at the mention of Len’s name. She left my clothe and moved away from me.

“Seven just start leaving!!
“Just go away!!
“Nobody came, it was not Len. Just go away. Stay very far from me. Don’t ever come near me” she seethed and moved back.

Hot anger started burning in my ardent skin,I couldn’t take it anymore. She’s moving away from me and that’s what I hate. I tried suppressing my anger,I just wanna be lenient with her. She avoided my dark gaze and held the door that is already dangling.

“Seven leave!!!
She seetged again, with a pout.

“Len came here right!! I questioned.

“I don’t know for you, just go away” she rolled her eyeballs.

“Did Len threatened you
I asked for the up tenth time and got no reply.
“Beauty, before I count three just tell me what happened!!!!!

“Seven just leave me alone. I will stop coming to your restaurant and club, I will also stop coming to your dad’s school. In fact I am gonna tell Elva to take me very far away from here.
Just one day in Miles High school, my life suddenly became a living hell.
Let me just go because it seems ever since I met you,all my problems started.

I just wanna be alone.
You will find someone else that you can always look at….
“You will find someone else that you can always…..
“Someone that you can always….”
She stop her sentence, looking for the perfect words.

“Someone that I can always kiss her lips,just like this”
I whirled her to my face and kissed her lips. Her body became cold, she keep looking at the manner in which my hands rested on her waist.

“It’s only you because whenever I kiss your lips…..
Only your lips makes my pains fade away” I held her chin romantically while speaking.

She pushed my hands away and picked a black flash drive from the floor.

“That flash belongs to Massey” I hijack the flash from her and toss it into my pocket.

“I don’t want to see you again!!
She uttered and took her hand away from mine.

“Liar,I know you cannot do without me for just 24hours” I speak and Pierce into her slainted eyeballs because I know someone must have come to threaten her. It’s either Len,Emily or Massey herself.

“Did Len came to threaten you
I speak to her calmly.

“No….. Len didn’t come, I just want you to stay away from me…..
Just for a while. Let’s just pretend as if we do not know each other”
She made a sober face and bite her lips….

“What’s there in mentioning the name of the person that threatened you
“Who drag your hair
I snarled, waiting for an answer but Beauty won’t just talk,she just drop her head down.

Her dumbness is really making me more angry, she’s not sharp at all.
“Speak up”
I snapped my fingers at her angrily.

“It’s of no use telling you because if I should do, the person is gonna kill Elva and Dyna and I don’t wanna loose my sister.
I don’t have a mother nor father,I only have Elva and Dyna and I don’t wanna loose them.

Instsntly,I knew it was Len.
Len Pablo touched you!!!!
“Is it with his right hand or left hand;!!
I retorted with furry still burning in my ardent skin.

She cleaned her tears and jump on me,she keep clutching my red cloth. I hugged her back with waves of anger in me.

Len Pablo you’re already a dead meat!!! I gnash in between teeth and carried Beauty in a bridal style.

She’s gonna follow me to Delhi (India). It’s just a 13hours drive from here.

“I can’t wear that red Saree, it looks too expensive” she furrowed her brows.

“If you’re not gonna wear it then I’m here to help you wear it” I smiled and took the red saree.

“I can wear it by myself” she smiled and took it from me.

Minutes later,she was done changing into the cloth and she look more of an Indian bride.

“Len is gonna get his ass kicked off, he dare lay his flirty hands on Beauty”
I swallowed the lump in my throat with my hands still fixed on her pained wrist.

“Let’s go!!
She binked her lashes and brush her shoulders with mine.
Even Len can never separate us.

“Beauty, I want to tell you something?? I smiled as we stepped out her house ,we were about entering my car.

She pouted with a chuckle.

“It’s just that….” I stopped and checked how she look in the red saree, her lips and everything….

“Why are you acting silly??.
“Seven stop it” she smilled and pinched my smooth nose playfully

“No, I won’t stop” I replied and continue tickling her.

“Seven stop it….. Just stop it!!
She continue laughing and finally held my hand down..
Her hands are just soft like her.

“You won’t leave me alone right
I said…

Her face became sober again…
“Yes,I won’t try leaving you alone”
She finally smiled….
“It’s my promise” she added and shared an eye lock with me.

I was about kissing her moist lips when a mood spoiler banged in.

“Nice work,so you’re the one all this while!!!!! Emily clapped from behind and cast beauty a deadly glare.

Beauty was too slow in covering her face,Emily saw it all….
She saw how she look beautiful with a long hair.

“What do you want from me again..??
Beauty speak back to her softly,still holding my cloth tightly.
I doubt if she can do anything without me.
source: - https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/2019/07/14/fire-and-ice-part-23/
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(The Billionaires Toy✴)


Now enjoy��
�Emily POV�

Darkness, jealousy,hatred and hot temper filled my lungs and pleural cavity.
She’s the one all this while,she has been clinging with Seven and he has fallen foolishly for her fucking face.

“What’s so special about her hand that he’s holding?

Again,she keeps laughing wildly like those dumb Indian girls without brain.

“Seven stop it!!
“Just stop it!!! She keeps chuckling while Seven keeps tickling her on her waist line.
The idiot pushed his hand away.

“No,I don’t want to kiss you”
She said to Seven and covered her full lips with her palm.

Seven took her soft palms and leaned on her,he wanted to give her an unaware kiss.
I needed to stop him.

“Nice work, so you’re the one!!
I clapped and get off the hood of my car.
She shake and allowed her saree scaff slip off her hair.

“What do you want for me again??
She questioned and held Seven’s cloth for support.
I saw her long hair,the one she had been hiding from me and her fucking beautiful face.

“So you’re the one all this while!!
“You’re the one that won’t leave…..” I faced Seven, I dare not mention his name.

“Emily nothing must happen to her!!!
“If I should see her crying because of you then you’re done for.”
Seven gave me a deadly glare, glares that are deadly to the general of the dead.

His hands were still on her waist line,he will not just let her go.

Jealousy set my vocal cord on fire…
I can’t even look nor speak with Seven, if I do then I am in trouble.
Seven does not takes shits.

“Should I carry you Seven stare back at her.
“No,don’t carry me…I can walk”
She drop her head down and walk away from Seven,exactly what I want.

I want them to get separated.

“And I feel like carrying you!!
Seven whirled her to his face and lifted her in a bridal style,she slip from his hand and quickly held his cloth for support with her head buried in his chest.

I watch them till they got into the car….until their car was out of sight.

“Did you find the flash
Len text me.

“Flash, which flash?
I replied his silly message and got into my car.

‘What nonsense
After all.I did,seven still find someone else. Jealousy and hatred keep fighting with my soul,darkness won’t leave my eyes and all I want is Seven staying away from that girl.

I continue driving in full speed and drop in front of a store.
Mitchell was there.

“Have you gotten the cake
I questioned with a smirk.

“Yes ma’am, I brought it but it’s not yet poisoned.”
Mitchell replied with a bow.

“Even if it’s poisoned,who are we suppose to give??
“And who do you think is more close to Beauty?
I questioned Mitchell with millions of thoughts running through my mind.

“Bring it,I am going to poison it myself, after poisining it, I am going to deliver it to Dyna” I snarled and press a deadly injection at the center of the cake,it’s gonna spread within 30minutes.

“I will give it to Dyna at school tomorrow” I rolled my eyeballs and drop the cake at my back seat.

Soon, I was home.
I took the poisoned cake out of my car and took it to my room,I didn’t greet anybody, I just walk up to my room.

“Big sister do yo know what?
Nora stopped me and her eyes fell on the cake.

“That what? I smirks and covered the cake properly.

“Let’s have fun!!
“Sherlins mall”
“Santa’s fun house”
“Jedi’s care”
“So fun to stay”
“Parish’s home’
“Let’s get it together”

Nora keep listing different fun house. She’s a real disturbance.

“It’s okay,just get out of my way”
I pushed her out of my way before slaking the door on her face. I don’t why she’s still here…
She ought to be in Delhi!!

I dropped the cake on the table stand and look at my own reflection in the mirror.

“Is she beautiful than I do
“Why will Seven choose her over me

“But her hair is longer than your own!!
My inner mind hurts me.

“Shut up!!! I covered my ears,talking to no one in particular.
But Massey said he is gonna take you back!!

“Hahaha you’re not even beautiful again!!!
“You’re a mess!!!

“You see,pride goes before a fall….Emily you’re not Emily again but Evimily.

“Looossseeer,you will still be removed as the Queen”
My inner mind speak with my soul with venom of jealousy running through my veins and all I want now is revenge.

Revenging that foolish soul.

I unravel the poisoned cake and injected it again with six deadly injection.
She’s gonna eat it and die.
That’s what she gets for staying close to Seven.

I left the cake on the table stand and rushed into the restroom.


30minutes later, I walk back into my room and met Nora eating the cake.

“Big sister, the cake is very sweet!!
“Where did you get it from??
Nora licked her lips,she had eaten almost half of the cake.

Nora stop!!!!!
I shouted in a very high tone but it was very late because she had devoured half of the cake.

Cake is her favourite but she had just eaten the one meant for my enemy.

“Big sister why should I stop??
“can’t you hear me saying the cake is very sweet
“After this cake, we are gonna…..”
She stop her statement and held her Tommy.

I was already crying������

“You killed her!!!!
My inner mind shouted at me.

“Noraaaa!!!!! I shouted and rush to her aid.

“What’s happening to her??
Mom and dad bang into my room.

“Nothing……it’s nothing!!
I quickly lied and hide the remaining cake.

“Momma my tommy hurts a lot!!!!
My innocent sister cried,still groaning in pains.

“Emily what did you do to her!!??
Mom charged at me.

“Honey, go and get the car keys!!!
Dad shouted at mom and carried the 5year old Nora in his arms.

“Poppa my intestines hurts a lot!!!!
Nora groan in more pain while guilt tore the depth of my heart.

“Emily, I love you…..
“If I come to this world, I will like you to be my sister over and over again”
Nora spilt out blood and her blue eyes drop dead down.

I was vision less…..
Numbness over took me……
“I killed her!!!!!
“I killed Nora instead of Beauty!!!
“What type of sister am I?

My blood turned cold, my eyes darker,my nails rotten fell…..
Everything went blank and empty….

I shouted with pitch of darkness hovering and lingering in my voice…

Now, I wanna get drunk in revenge.

Seven Mile’s, this is just the beggining!!!!
I uttered and keep looking at Nora’s dead body in my dad’s hand.

“Emily what happened
“Just tell me she’s alive?
Mom.cried and held my hand.

“I don’t know!!!
I moved away from my mom and cried.
I didn’t cry tears,
I cried blood…

And that’s the way beauty will also cry blood.
Even seven,the both will cry blood and not tears

SOURCE: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=fire+and+ice

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(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)


Now enjoy����
�Seven POV�

“Why are you always scared
“You’re the one making everything difficult, you won’t just want to talk and you’re always hiding yourself from Emily”.

“Nothing,it’s just that I don’t want to get into any trouble. I’m always scared whenever I am around you….
It will be more better if I should rest my head on your chest.
Like that, I won’t get scared” Beauty said and slowly drop her head down on my chest.

“Why won’t she just explain what happened
She won’t just talk, she like keeping quite and that’s too bad….

“Jake boe many hours left!!
“Just be fast because it’s getting darker” i blurt out to Jake.

“Sir,it’s just 3hours left and we are gonna be in Delhi” Jake replied with his whole attention on the steering.

“Take a shorter route” I snarled back.

⬇2hours 30minutes later⬇

We approached Mumbai in Delhi at my father’s second house. That’s where Knight and few of my relations resides.

“Take the laugages and gifts in” I said to Jake and brought out my phone. No one knows beauty is with me and they might have been looking for her.
I don’t even know her relations,talk less of having their digits”

“Done Sir. It has been packed” Jake signalled.
They are waiting for you inside, especially Knight. He’s so much excited to see you” He added and rush to stand at the door post.

I opened the door and took the sleeping Beauty in my arms. Still in sleep,she’s clutching my red cloth like I am going to run away.
Jake rushed and opened the huge shining door…..

“Indians and their lifestyles”
“Stupid beliefs and traditions” I rolled my eyeballs and step in.

“Look at my grandson!!!
Davesena,your brother is here” my Granny smiled,bringing out a flat plate that contained some red particles,flowers and a short burning candle while Davesena was bringing out a plate of yellow oil.

“No no no, don’t step in”
“Not yet” Knight smirked just like me.

“Yes,you’re right. We need to do some prayers so as to protect you from that wicked Massey…
She killed my daughter and now she’s after my grandchildren!!
I just wish the almighty can open your father’s eyes so that he can see that his sister is evil.”
Granny blink back tears and quickly replaced it with a smile.

She rolled the chandelier 7times in my presence…and throw me some flowers.
That’s the way Indians pray.

“Can I come in now I gave a small smile.

“No,you can’t come in!! Knight winked at Beauty who was still sleeping peacefully in my arms.

“Who’s she and why is she holding your cloth like that
Davesena questioned.

“You don’t need to ask him such questions. It look foolish to me. You should see it that seven is in love” Knight pouted.

“Yes grandma. Go ahead and pour the oil” Davesena took the plate of oil and pour it carefully on the floor.

“Davesena what are you doing with the oil?? I asked.

*pour it on the floor so that you can step in” she replied.

“What’s the meaning of all this nonsense I retorted.
I chuckled at their funny tradition of pouring oil on the floor before couples can step in..

“We ain’t couple yet!!! I retorted.

“You ain’t couple and she’s sleeping and at the same time hiding her head in your chest
“She won’t even leave your clothe!!!
Davesena seethed at beauty’s childish attitude.
“You’re just jealous because she’s more beautiful than you” Knight teased Davesena.

The two are always acting silly. I left them and went to lay beauty in one of the guest room. I kissed her forehead and left her in bed.

“I see what you’re doing?
Knight banged into the guest room.
I arched my brows at him,meaning what do you want.

“Nothing……..she is so beautiful…..so beautiful like a goddess” knight commended the Sleeping Beauty with his eyes on her long lashes..

“Back off Knight, she’s my property” I speak calmly because I don’t want to be harsh with him.

“Your property!!!
She’s not an asset” he blinked his lashes, and took his eyes off Beauty who was sleeping peacefully in bed.

Anyway Seven, I miss you. I miss you so so much and I wonder how you’re coping with that aggressive Massey” Knight said while we both walked to the back of the house.
It was specially decorated with different country flowers and tiny gem stones.

“Massey is just getting worst each passing day. Even Emily and Len, they are just all over me. And the worst part is that Dad will not just believe that Massey is the beast.
Even you,she has been trying to kill you” I smirk and look into knights eyeball.
I saw myself,the real me.
Same hair,Same eyeball,same lips,same ears,everything.
The difference is just our heights.
I am a bit taller than Knight.

“Masey won’t even dare!!!
She won’t succeed” Knight made a sad face and quickly replace it with a smile.

“And that girl!!! He blurt out to my face.
“Which girl?? I smiled because I know where he’s driving at.

“That girl!! He smiled the more.
“She has the face of a fucking goddess even in sleep” Knight said,referring to Beauty.

“But do you know if Massey have actually find out about her.
She look really disturbed in her sleep like someone is after her. It’s like someone has been threatening her lately. Can’t you see the way she was holding your cloth even in sleep
Knight mumbled.

Exactly that but the problem is that she does not want to talk…
“She does not want to tell me the person that is threatening her” I voiced out to Knight,sincerely.

“She does not want to talk, then you’re gonna force her to talk. It will be very bad if she continue keeping quite….Seven just do something.
I suspect Len.
Len is a fast thinker and can actually handle girls because he can always read their mind. I’m sure he must have said something evil to her.

That’s the only reason why she can be quiet.. I’m quite sure Emily is going to be a turn in her flesh also”
Knight ruffled his hair.

“Cool” I pouted and start fixing my headset.
Knight left,leaving me to listen to my crazy music.

�Knight POV�

Seven is in love with another brown haired girl. I just hope he won’t get broken by her childish attitude.

“Where are you?
I heard a tiny shout behind me. I turned in a swift and met her, she’s awake already. She keep walking briskly around the huge house even when she doesn’t know where she’s going to.

“Just get out of here!!!.
“Where are you She turned around and push her long hair in frustration.
She speaks just like a toy�.

“Seven,get out of here” she said in a soft whisper and scan the large hallway door.

“Ohhhh goodness����
What am I doing here again??
“What has Seven done to me again??
She pouted and placed get head on the wall.

So funny to watch”���
I watch how tensed she looked.

“Please do you know where I am
“Where is Seven?
She rushed to my back and questioned me.

Why are you asking?
I turned back at her and allow her to see me clearly.

Just awesome!!!
Like a goddess.

“Seven!!!,she rant on my face…

“You’re beautiful even when you yell” I chuckle at her cute rant.

“Seven stop it and start telling me where I am!!
She speak calmly and look into my eyeballs. She think that I am Seven,not knowing that I am Knight.

I decided to use that opportunity to find out about who has been threatening her.

“Common,tell me who have been threatening you lately
I questioned her with a smirk,just exactly the way Seven does.

You’re not Severn….
You only look like him….” She caught me off guard and turned to leave.

“If you’re being quite then you’re killing yourself slowly!!
I gasped at her and it was more of a shout.

She flinched backwards with a pounding heart and leaned against the wall.

Her heart beat increased and her body slump downwards slowly.

“What’s happening here Knight
“What did you do to her
Davesena bombarded me with questions.

“Scratch that off,I didn’t touch her”
I replied Davesena who was busy checking her pulse.

Soon, Seven showed up. When he saw beauty lying on the floor with Davesena,his happy mood changed.

“What did you do to her
He questioned me.

“Buddy I didn’t touch her. I just shouted at her that she should not be quiet” I answered Seven and look at how his heart pound faster.

“You shouted at her!!!!
Seven questioned again, like he does not here what I said earlier.

“Yes,I shouted at her” I replied simply.

“You shouted at her!!
He questioned again.

“What’s happening to her?
She just fainted!!! Davesena shouted the more.

“It’s okay,don’t shout again!!!
Seven said and carried Beauty in a bridal style.

“Yuck…… Seven!!! I called his name.

Knight stay away for a while”
He uttered and went away with her to the guest room.
Again, he turned back.

“Don’t try shouting at her again!!!
He said,trying not to be harsh

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(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)


Now enjoy���

� Emily POV�

It’s either me or Seven, no one else.
I lost my sister,my own blood in the quest of fighting for a man.

Which type of sister am I

I waved Nora’s death aside and concentrated more on my scrap paper. I have been finding it really difficult to hack into Seven’s data.

It’s really difficult to tamper with.
Even Massey and Len cannot hack into it.

Okay, I can try hacking into Beauty Dana data so that I can know more about her background.

↘Beauty Dana”
I typed her name on my laptop and place a price tag on her name.
It brought out up to 200,000,000 Beauty Dana.

I continue strolling downwards till I find her.

↘Beauty Dana
19 years of age,
Works two job per day; a striper and an assistant chef.

I clicked on her privacy so that I can find more about her family.

“Not recognized”

“Who’s Beauty Dana
“Did she not have a family
I scratch my hair with my pen.

I push my computer aside and phone Mitchell maybe she might be of help.

� hey, it’s Queen Emily.
What do you know about Beauty Dana?
I questioned Mitchell rudely.

� My Queen, I know nothing about her..i just know that she’s a romance dancer….A striper”
Mitchell replied.

�No family??
I snarled rudely.

�Not really…..but she and Jariel look alike. Again anytime we are planning anything evil, Jariel is always there to spoil it”
Michelle replied.

�Are you now saying Jariel and beauty are sisters
I asked.

�Not really but they just look alike.”
Mitchel said and I quickly cut the call.

“Everything is just annoying!!!
I scoffed and erase beauty’s name. I type Jariel name.

↘ Jariel Dana
18years of age….
Daughter of the top 5 richest man….
Liam Dana↘Father….
Sindoora Dana ↘ Mother….

Jariel Dana;
Fast thinker, sharp brain and drama Queen.

“How can they be sisters?
Definitely they are not…..

�Beauty POV�

Who can be so caring as Seven??
Even at the time I acted dumb and silly,he never left me alone. My world turned blue,as blue as the sea whenever I am with him and I am scared at the same time.
I don’t ever wanna loose Elva and Dyna.

Len said he is gonna kill me,Elva and Dyna if seven should hear all what he had been doing to me and so I acted frigid. I didn’t tell Seven anything.

“Now,can you tell us who the person is
Seven questioned me again in the presence of his whole relatives. They keep looking at me,waiting for me to say something but I will not just want to talk unless I wanna see Elva and Dyna dying.

“Beauty,is it Massey because that woman is so much evil”
Davesena raised her brows .

Again,I opened my mouth to say something but nothing was coming out. All my words floated away.

I couldn’t just look at Seven because his looks alone are killing. His eyeballs are really dark like the storm will turn the sail.

Even knight,he was visibly angry with me.

“What’s there in speaking
“Seven you have to force her to talk!
Knight blurt out,exactly the way Seven usually does whenever he is angry.

“It’s okay,I understand her!!
Seven’s Granny took me to her side.

“Understand who
*you’re just seeing her for the first time and you’re saying you understand her”
“Granny you don’t just understand her!!
“She’s just so dumb and not sharp at all.

Her dumb character has taken all over me…
I’m just a fool for love”
Seven rolled his eyeballs and left angrily.
Knight and Davesena also left angrily,leaving me alone with granny.

“Come, my dear”
She said and pull me to a tight hug.
I sob quietly on her shoulders while she used her thumb in wiping them away.

“Granny am I dumb?
“Seven said I am.dumb,is it true
I cried the more and rested on the old woman shoulder.

“No, you’re not dumb. You act just like a Queen”.
She assured me and help me to the bed like a baby.
She help in pulling the duvet all over me before leaving.

Immediately she left,I pull the duvet all over my self again and drifted into a deep slumber.

“Seven I am sorry if I am truly dumb.
I am very full of imperfections….
I am not perfect like you’re”
I mumbled softly and slowly close my eyes.

Minutes later�����

“Wake up!!
“Idiot, wake up!!!
“Wake up and open the window!!!
Heavy knocks came upon the classy window.

I cracked my eyes open and look through the window…
“Open the window!!!
The voice commanded.

That voice����

Len Pablo( Seven’s rival)

I couldn’t help it,I can’t just breath it again. My lungs were filled already with Fear….

“How did he get here??
“Who gave him the directions
“How did he enter and surpass all the guards
Questions filled my head.

“Open the window!!!
He shrieked with hot venom in his veins.

“The window!!
“No,I can’t open it!!!
I replied him and jump out of my bed. I grab the wireless bed side telephone…

“Who am I gonna call??
It’s just useless because I don’t know the telegram number.

“You’re playing smart!!!
Len said in a husky tone and the phone fell off my hand.

“Go ahead and open the window”
He commanded.

“No I will not!!!
I nod my head negatively and ran out of the room. I start running through the huge house even when I don’t know where I am going.

I keep branching which so ever door I came across.

Goodness sake,what have I gotten into!!
I slam my forehead and looked sideways….

I have been trapped in this elevator.

“0” the door read by it self automatically and soon everywhere became dark.

The darkness that I hate to see lingered around.

“Where am I?
I shouted and turn around but the darkness won’t allow me see anything.

“What’s this lace for??
I questioned aloud and walk in the dark….

I bump into someone in the dark. We both fell on the floor with me falling on his body.

“Who’s this?
I squeazed my face and tried rising on my feet.

“You ain’t going anywhere!!!
He said and I fall back on him.
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(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)


Now enjoy�����

The darkness and numbness that lingered around will not let me see the person that I fell upon. My soft lips press against his rocky chest while his hands cage me tightly to himself.

“Who’s this??
I squeeze my face in the dark and tried pushing his strong arms away.

“You ain’t going anywhere!!!
He said sternly and made my gingers have their way into his new styled hair.

I whispered softly….

“Beauty” he called my name,trying not to be harsh…
I withdrew my hand from his hair and stood up. This time, he let me go.

“Beauty you’re annoying me!!
“Why can’t you just talk
Seven speak but I will not still talk. I cannot watch Elva and Dyna dying.

“Seven I want to tell.you something”
I said,just to get his attention. He turned to me instantly, thinking I will say something.

“Now speak”
He shutted.

“I will speak but before I do, turn on the light” I commanded and he did switch on the light.

I called his name again in other to quench his burning anger but the anger did not go. It was very visible in the humor of his eyeball…..
More dark to the crust of the earth.

“Start speaking!!!
He ordered with a clench of his fist.

“I should start speaking”
I said back like a fool, thinking seven will at least calm his nerves but I was wrong because the waves made by his anger keep getting big.

Instead of telling him that Len came knocking on my window, I kept quiet and stare at the humor that anger had set underneath his eyeball.

I have never seen Severn like this!!!
What am I going to do?

I moved close to him and tap his shoulder gently if that will send the battle in his heart away.

“I know you well Beauty”
“You will not talk!!!
“You cannot just talk”
Seven pushed my hand away from his shoulders harshly.

I gasped lightly and held my hand….

“Beauty get out of here this moment if you’re not gonna talk” he blurt out with a scorn.
I didn’t leave,I stood just beside him.

“Beauty get out of here,don’t let me inflict my anger on you”
He said for the second time..

He is visibly angry with me and I have no other choice than to leave.

“I will leave$ I replied calmly and run to the automatic door.
“0” it counted and slam open.
I step out and took any turning that come my way til I find myself in a huge garden.
There,I met few maids and guards.

All are running helter skelter in the huge place.

“Satish did you see the stranger that banged in?
“Yes,I saw him. He is on black”
I short guard replied the first one.

“Bahu,inform the two masters that a stranger banged in”
Satish said and continue running with weapons in his hands.

Instantly I knew who they are looking for.
The stranger here is Len.

“Ma’am you’re not safe there!!
Just move away and hide somewhere” A blonde maid tap my shoulders.

I move away from the garden into the house.
“Where will I hide
I rushed into Seven’s room,he is not there….
Even davesena was not in her room…

“Hey,where are you??
“I told you to open the window but you didn’t….
“Now,I have entered and you’re here..
“It’s just the two of us here again”

I heard Len stupid voice behind me. I turned in a swift,thinking he is behind me but the fool was not there. I use that opportunity and move away from my initial position….

Finally, I settle down beside the kitchen door.

⬇Seven POV⬇

*knight did you see beauty?
I questioned..

“N0,not at all”
“Where is she
“Hope she’s safe??
Granny panick and was about crying.

She likes her a lot.

Why did I tell her to leave
I shouldn’t have!!!!
I am very mean to her….

I step out of our hiding place and close the door back.

“I will follow you”
Knight raised his brows and open the door.

“No,don’t trespass”
I replied and shut the door…

“And I said I wanna look for beauty also”
Knight blink his lashes through the glass door…

“Seven open this door….
“I know it’s Len and he might be hurting her”
Knight showed concern and I have no other choice than to me open the door for him.

“Who knows where she is now?

Darn it!!!

“Satish do you see a girl in red sarree?
Knight questioned.

“Ummmm no sir…but I remember Diva told her to hide somewhere”,Satish replied Knight with a bow.

“Where could she be
I pouted and check the washroom and toilets.
Beauty is capable of hiding anywhere.

“She’s not there”
Knight said….

So gross” I rolled my eyeballs as we climb down the cobalt stairs that lead to the kitchen….

She was there. She’s not alone.

She was with Len….
Len my greatest enemy.
Knight and was stay behind the counter watching every move he make.

“Is that what I told you?
“I told you to stay away from Severn but you keep getting your foolish self close to him.
Len took off his black mask and drag beauty by her left hand.

He twisted it and made her groan in pain…

“You wanna see Elva and Dyna dying??
He left her arm and pull the helm of her Saree. He pull it really hard till her her head hit the strong wall.

Again,he pull her roughly and slam her against the wall.

“Is that what I told you
“Seven does not loves you. Just leave him and come to me. Let’s work together and get his property.”

Len shrieked,making beauty groan in more pain.

“Len just go away!!!
“Go away!!!
“You Smell!!!
“Your clothes really stinks of alcohol and cigarette” Beauty uttered in her faintest voice….

“Ohhhh no!!!
“Len go away” She struggled with Len who want to kiss her lips.

Len just passed his limits, he wanted to kiss Beauty…
I told him not to involve Beauty in this but he is here threatening her…

He even want to take advantage of her dumbness.

Deep anger ruminates in my ardent skin as I watch Beauty whimpering in pain. Len wants to kiss her.

I shouted his name and moved away from my hideout. He left Beauty alone and made her fall to the floor again.

“Why are you calling my name?
He raised his brows at me with boldness….

“You’re asking my brother!!!!!
Knight furrowed his brows and moved close to him.

“Knight stay away”
I speak with anger with my eyes still on Beauty. She’s crying seriously.

“You step into my house and harass my woman!!!!
I shrieked with just a drop of tear. I grab Len by his hoodie and sent just a punch into his eyes….

Blood flew away from it while his body drop down.
His nose broke with thick blood gushing out of it.

I eyed his left hand and took it…
Knight smiled because he knows what I am going to do with it.

“Break it…..let him cry blood”
Knight muttered. I squeezed his hands till I heard cracking sounds. Just like he made Beauty cried.

Beauty uttered and stood in between the two of us…..

……This is not the end…..

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My Sweet OP..... Keep It Up

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Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 10:34am On Jul 29
(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)


Now enjoy�����

“Jeba(please)” Beauty said and stand in between us.

“Seven don’t listen to her. Don’t Jeba anything at all. Beat that dumbass very well” Davesena uttered and took Beauty from our midst while the guards cleared Len away.

“Beat the hell out of him, Satish”
Knight instructed and smirk at me. I smirk back and gave him a shake.

“What’s happening here
Granny questioned.

“Len came here and was maltreating Beauty” Sena speak while I took a deep look at Beauty. She look away quickly.

“What’s wrong with her
She look away and went away.

“Are you okay
Granny followed her and took her wrist.

“I’m fine ma’am” She nodded and cried before running into her room…

“Seven what did you do to her
Granny faced me with a sad face.

“I did nothing to her” I replied her and ran after beauty.
“What has gotten into her brain?

I stop at the entrance of her room and watch her take off all her jewelries.

“Why are you taking them off
I questioned her.

“I’m doing what you asked me to do. You said I should leave and I am gonna leave first thing tomorrow morning exactly by 6:00am” Beauty blurt out and climb on the soft bed,pulling the blankets over herself slowly.

“You want to leave…..
“Leave,I won’t beg you”
“Why on earth are you just so dumb??
“All you think of is silly things”
I retorted to her sleepy face.

Like I said,I will leave at exactly 6:00 am” she replied and closed her eyes.

For a second,I regretted why I told her to leave. She is not going anywhere!!
“She’s now my property” I mumbled under my breath and left for my room.

Sleep didn’t come my way at all.
Beauty needs thorough protection but she’s just too strong headed and quite.
Talking about her family, I don’t even think she knows them.
Just Elva and Dyna.

Even her state of health is nothing to write home about.
“Why won’t she be dumb
I scoffed and tap the still life in front of me.

“Seven,dad just called. He said you should return home at exactly 8:00am. He needs to talk to you”
Knight said with sweets in his mouth.

That woman is gonna suck the hell out of my life” I seethed, bringing out my phones.

“Don’t mind her,she will soon die”
Knight smiled wildly.

“Lucky you” I replied,still thinking of the best punishment Len deserve.

*sleep tight buddy….”
Knight said and brought out packs of sweets.

“Don’t tell me you’re gonna….lick all this”

“Sure,it makes me cool”
I will surely enjoy it….” He replied.

“So silly”
I threw him a pillow and step out.

It’s already 4:00am and beauty said she’s gonna leave 6:00am.
2hours left.

She’s not gonna leave me” I peeped at her door, she’s still sleeping peacefully. I entered, making sure I don’t make any sound.

I stood still,pressing my phone while she sleeps.
I continue pressing my phone till an hour pass by,just left with 1hour.
I kept my phone on the table stand and lock the door.

10minutes passed, remaining just 50minutes. I don’t want her to go,so I slept beside her and used my hand to cage her down so that she won’t be able to stand up whenever she wakes up.

Thinking that will work,I have to be awake.
Soon, it was 6:00am.

�Beauty POV�

At least it’s better to be alone sometimes. It was not my fault that Len touched me. Not at all,I am not at fault.

Now, Severn said I should leave and that’s what I will do. I will just leave.
I opened my eyes and it’s already 6:00am. Exactly the time I said I will leave.I rubbed my sleepy face and toss to the other side of the bed.

I colided with Seven.

“Seven” I mumbled under my breath and removed his left hand from my shoulders. He said I should leave and that’s what I am gonna do.

What am I still waiting for, this is not my house.

Just then,I remembered I have not yet remove his right hand . the one that is pinning me back to the bed.

I slowly place my hand on his own so that I will raise it away from my waist.
The Saree really expose my waist line… I will not be able to stand him if I don’t detach myself from seven’s grip.

I was almost dropping his hand on the bed when he took my hand away and pinned me down more tight,making it really difficult for me to even stand up nor turn.

He is holding me really tight and I started thinking if he’s really sleeping.
I have never been so close to him like this.
I looked away and stare at his hard grip…

Gosh I have to leave…

Again, I placed my hand on his soft hand…. I was almost dropping it on the bed when it slipped off my hand.

His hand dropped across my cleavages����


I am doom�����

Okay,let me try this new method.
I moved downwards on the bed,so that I can carefully slip from the buttom.

This new method is really good ooo”

I was almost getting down when he pulled me up by my shoulders like I weigh nothing. He is sleeping but he will not just let me be. He keeps drawing me back.

I shouted loudly so that he can hear me clearly but he only smiled in sleep.

“6:20am” I yell to his face and shrug my shoulders.

I keep on ranting,still trying to push his strong hand away.

“You’re disturbing my sleep” he finally open his eyes. He shut them back, pretending to be sleeping.

“6:20am” I rant again but his hold only kept getting tighter.

“What happen to 6:20am?
He questioned, pretending to be sleeping.

“I’m leaving!!! I push his hand away and jump up.
He did the same.
“I’m also leaving” he chuckle.

“Seven you better don’t try anything funny!! I grab a pub of creamy lotion.

“Beauty you better don’t try anything funny” he repeated what I said and started moving close to me.

“Seven stop!!!
I uttered because my back had already meet with the wall.

“Beauty stop!!! He smirk at my lips and I know what he wanted.

“No no no someone will see us!!!
I rant but Seven will not just hear any of that.

“You’ve started. You want it in a hard way” he blurted out.

“Hard way!!!!
I scream aloud and open the lotion. I press a very large quantity on his face before he could kiss me.

He didn’t kiss me,he kissed the lotion.

He collected the lotion from my hand. Payback time. Now,you’re owing me three kisses” he uttered.

No no no!!
I left his presence and ran to the door.

“You won’t escape it” Seven replied and followed me. Just before he can press the lid on the lotion, I open the door and the lotion plastered on Granny’s face instead of landing on my face.

“What’s this?
“Who did this?
She yell and wipe the lotion that prevent her from seeing again..

I turned back,lopkng for Seven but he was nowhere to be found.
He escaped…..

“Who press the lid on the lotion
She questioned me.

“Its its its Sev…..
No its…..
It’s a cat” I starmmered.

“A cat!!!!!
In this big house…..

Anyway,where’s Seven?
She questioned and we heard a sneeze from the wardrope.

“Did Seven actually hide in your wardrobe She questioned again.

No ma,it’s a cat……yes its a cat that is sneezing”

“A cat” grandma moved closer to the wardrobe.

“Ma’am, Knight is calling you”
“You have a phone call” I quickly divert her attention and she quickly walk away from the wardrobe and left.

Immediately she left,I rush and opened the wardrobe for Seven.

“Gosh,this is terrible” he muttered and step out.
He gasped for more air.

“It hurts!! He said….

“Hurt,where I asked.

“My lips hurts” he groan.
Just before I could figure out his plan,he slam his lips against mine and kissed my lips and wildly.

“I am the cat!!
He held me tight.

Just then,the door open….

“Where’s the cat?
Granny bang in and caught me and Seven.
Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 10:35am On Jul 29
(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)


Now enjoy����

“Where is the cat
Granny banged in and met seven and I kissing.

Seven saw her quickly so I pull away fast.

“But you told me Seven is not here!!
Granny scolded me while Seven scoffed.

“Firstly,you said it was a cat and now both of you are here kissing”
“Has Seven start teaching you his bad attitude of lying
She faced me with a soft look.

“I’m sorry grandmother” I uttered with my hands on my ear.
“I won’t do that again” I made a sober face and look sideways,thinking Seven will apologize.

“It’s okay my dear. Don’t look at Seven. He won’t apologize”
She smiled and took me out of the room. She took me to another room,it look more bigger and it was furnished expensively.
The curtains have strand of golden bar all around them while the floor were made of marbles.

Indians home are really beautiful.

“Enter” she summoned and I did enter.

“Don’t mind Seven,he is always naughty. When you’re done with the shower,change into any of these outfits”
Granny said while Davesena opened the large wardrobe.

It was as if i am in a mall.
Choose anyone, they are all new”
Granny said and brought out both gowns and colourful Saree.

“Choose that white gown”
Davesena arched a brow.

“Sena let her choose what she likes”
Granny cautioned Sena and gave me a soft look.

“Ma’am, I will go for the red one”
I replied.

They both asked at the same time.

“It look simple and I like simple things” I nod my head and grab the red gown. It had slivery stone on it edges…

“It’s cool” Sena laughed and left with grandma.

Elva and Dyna will be very mad at me. Firstly, why did I follow Seven here?
I scratch my hair and tie it in a short ponytail.
I took the new towel and run the bath, allowing the warm water to touch my tender skin. The sponge made me feel cool. So cool as a fish. I used the towel to wipe the water that was dripping down my hair. I later drop the towel and covered my self with a golden robe there in the bath. It look so expensive and I have no other choice than to wear it. I step out of the bath and changed into my under wears and the red cloth I picked earlier.

My reflection said it all,I look exactly like a queen.
“Beauty,is this really you
I uttered and walked down the stairs to the large dining.

“Seat here,my dear. Not beside seven”
Granny winked and pull out a chair beside her.

“Thanks ma’am” I said with a bow and sat down opposite Seven.
Seven who had his eyes all over me, especially my lips.

“Can he ever be serious

“Seven, stop looking at her. Your good is getting cold” Knight smirk at seven whose eyes was still all over me. Just me,only me.

“I’m eating. Can you not see it??
Seven choked on his food.

“Water.. Water…. Water” he gasp for air.
Knight,grandma and davesena didn’t even answer him, they continue eating their food.

“Water….water….water….” He gasp again and drop his spoon….
Diamond spoon,I just saw that.

“Water….water….” He gasp again.

“Water is there in front of you, stop shouting” Davesena blurt out to Seven.

“He wants water” I push my food aside and take the slivery glass in front of him.

“Seven doesn’t want water,he is just pretending” Grandma retorted and collected the glass from me. She drop it gently on the table and ask me to sit.

“No grandma, he needs water”
I stood up again and took the water.

“Water…water… Water..” He gasp for more air again. Even his eating was sparking.

Grandma drop her spoon.
“My dear,drop the water and continue eating your food. Seven is just pretending”

“No, grandma. Seven wants water” I shake my head negatively and rush towards Seven side with a silver glass that contained water.

“You want water”.
I raised the glass and was almost pushing the glass into his small mouth. He held my hands down, looking at me and the glass.

“Is my hand dirty
I asked.

“Take the water” I retorted and force the glass into his mouth. He took some and drop the glass down.

“You’re okay” I drop my head down and returned to my seat.

Sena chuckled and gave Knight a look that I cannot just interprete.

“Knight chuckled back and stylishly told Sena to check under the table.

“What are they checking
I drop my spoon and check under the table. Seven’s leg had already been locked with mine.

I slowly untangle my leg back.

Knight gave me a~ “see what you’re doing to Seven,you better not break his heart”
Knight gave me that look.

I turn sideways and look at Sena, she was also sending me a glare.
~My brother is in love with you. Don’t leave him alone for a second~
Sena sent me that glare.

“What’s happening here?
I raised my head and look at Seven.
I don’t wanna look at him. I better look at grandma.

I faced grandma and smiled at her. She returned her smile and took off six bangles from her wrist. I collected them gladenly and add them to the five that was on my wrist. Making Eleven.plus the one with Seven,that’s twelve.

Minutes later��������
We were done eating. The maids packed the plates. I stood up and touch Granny’s feet.

“Bless you” she uttered and hug me tightly.
“You melted my grandson heart”
“My dear, you look just like an angel”
She patted my back and gave me another necklace.
“It look simple just like you”
She said and hug me again.

“Be careful with Massey and Len”
Knight smirk and gave Seven a brotherly hug.

“Bye” I said softly to Knight and Sena while Seven took my hand.
Jake rush and open the door for us. In a jift,we are in the car.

Jake faced the road,
I faced the window side while Seven was looking at me even when I face the window.

“Keep dying silently while looking at the window” I heard Seven saying. I shrugged my shoulder, still facing the window.

“Can you not hear me
He said and drag me to his side by my waist.

“I can hear you”
I replied and start playing with my fingers.

“You said what
He questioned as if he didn’t hear what I said.

“Nothing” I rolled my eyeballs at him hand on my waist. It feels so soft like a silk.

I leaned my head on his chest and my weight on his body. I like it like that.

“Sir,it seems that red Royce car is trailing us. It’s following us seriously”.
Jake interrupted our magical moment, making Seven to release his soft hand from my waist.

[Fire And Ice by Adesola Adeomowole�].

Seven blinked his lashes and look through the car side miror.
Stop the car!!!! He ordered Jake and drag me really tight to himself. It was really tight than when we were on the bed.

It got to an extent that I cannot even breath properly but the hot perspiration from Seven kept me alive.

“Sir,I think it’s Massey Miles” Jake said and Seven’s grip on me become more tight. My head was buried in his chest while his hand was deeped into my long hair.

“Massey Miles”.
Seven said to my hearing and connected my forehead with his own..

“What is she gonna do to me,Seven I am scared!!!
I said,making sure my tear drop on his cloth.

“I don’t know also. I don’t just want her to do anything bad to you because she might use you to get back at me and you know I love you more than I can show.
You’re my artistic utopia”.
Seven raised my chin there in the car.

I pouted my lips like a baby,thinking of what to say….

“I love yoo……” I was about saying when the so called Massey knock on the car window.

READ MORE HEAR: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=fire+and+ice
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Nice one op
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(The Billionaire’s Toy✴)


Now enjoy���
�Massey POV�

Darkness don’t actually live in me,I live in the dark. I am Massey miles and I can never change. I am perfect in taking other peoples properties and ruining their lives. That’s what I do and I am perfect at it.

Seven is just a little challenge for me. I killed his mother and keep deceiving his father.

His father is my brother so there is no reason why I will not have my way.
All the properties and fame will soon be mine. Seven should just watch it.

Seven and this poor thing are gonna die����

I can see it in seven that he loves her,he looks at her differently with a different eyes.
They are both getting ready to die.

I bent over the window and watch how he treated her like a queen.

“What’s Massey gonna do to me?
“Seven,I am scared!!!
She cluth his cloth tightly in fear.

“I don’t know also. I don’t just want her to do anything bad to you. She might use you to get back at me and you know I love you more than I can show.You’re my poetic utopia”
I watch how Seven raised her chin and lean to kiss her.

“Ummm I love yoo….”
Beauty was about saying when I knock on the window. I already took her pictures without Seven knowing.

“What do you want
Seven asked me harshly, hiding the so called Beauty behind his back.

“Who’s she
I asked back,pretending not to know who beauty is to him.
“You wanna know who she is so that you can use her to execute your devish plans!!!
“Massey don’t include her!!
Seven replied me with a cold look,still holding her tightly.

He doesn’t wanna see her crying and he doesn’t want the tender Beauty to escape”.

“I’m coding it” I smirk at the both and tap just two fingers on the car.

“Massey don’t try anything stupid,my guards are over there”
Seven reminded me by pointing to a black berthney car.

“Till then, we shall see!!!
I gritted in between teeth and sebty the both of them deadly glares.
Most of which are directed to beauty.
No mercy as far as she’s with Seven.

“So disgusting!!!
I rolled my eyeballs and walk into my car so that Seven guards won’t notice anything.
(Fire and Ice by Adesola Adeomowole)

. Seven’s POV✴

Sincerely speaking,I am scared. The fear of unknown is really killing me slowly.
I glance at beauty…who was visibly crying. …….

“Seven are you alright
She questioned in tears and observed me closely.

“I should ask you that.
“Are you alright??
I cleaned her tears and pull her close to my chest.

“Yes,I am scared as hell….
“I don’t want trouble”
She mumbled with a snif.

“Who are you scared of
“Is it Len, Emily or Massey
I asked her with little venom in my voice.

“They are all dangerous so don’t talk about them here”
She uttered with a shaky voice.

“And they won’t hurt you”
I assured her and kissed her forehead. In turn,she kissed my lips. She kissed it differently that I felt like an ice was drop on my body.

Her lips was only made to kiss me.
No one else, just me because whenever I kiss her,my pains fades away.

She called my name and withdrew from the kiss.

“Don’t feel bad. At least you have your dad,your granny and two loving younger ones.

“Me,I don’t have anybody. I don’t know my father nor mother.
“Elva said I have a sister but I don’t know who she is. She also said my parents are very rich but I don’t know who they are….

I never got the chance to see them.
Even if it is my mom, I should just see her….
“I don’t have anybody. Just Elva and Dyna and I am still not sad.

“Then why should you be sad?!!
Beauty made a cute baby face that made me curved out a small smile.

“Do you know who Massey is?
I faced her with a blank expression.
If only you know what it means to be in between the woods, Beauty.

“That idiot killed my mom because of material things”
I held beauty shoulders up and made her head fall on my chest,exactly where my heart is.

“Will she kill me also
She questioned again,making my heart to pound slowly.

“Kill you”
“Never, I won’t allow that….
“You mean everything to me…
“Have I ever tell you that…..”
I stop my statement and brought out my iPod.

“That what?
Beauty questioned.

I smirk, thinking of something silly.

“That you’re ugly!!
I blurt out with a laughter.

“Ugly!!! She said and pouted her lips exactly the way I wanted.

“Liar,I am not ugly.
“Elva said I look like an empress….
Your granny said I look like an angel and even you,You said I have the face of a fucking goddess.
“You said it that your body reacts to……


“Seven you’re horrible and a mad joker!!!
She muttered in a funny way…
I didn’t talk back,I just watch how she keep speaking like a toy.

*ma’am,we are here”
Jake pull the car to a halt and open the door for Beauty to Step down.

“Jake,stay very far for a while” I said and gently carry beauty in a bridal style.

“Seven, stop. Elva will see me. Dyna will talk if she see me with you”.
“Just leave,I will enter alone.”.
She struggled to get down.

I followed her till she sneak in through the back door.
“Seven bye” she waved her hand at me and quickly whirl up the window.

“Just a minute with her and I felt as if I am in Paradise.
“I don’t ever want her to be far away from me.

Just as I turn to leave,I got a text from an unknown digit.
It was coded⬇
↘Watch your back……

“Why should I watch my back
“For what?

↘ Don’t touch her,she’s mine”
I replied the text within a snap of my finger.
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(Don’t touch her,she’s mine�)


Now enjoy����

“Why should I watch my back
Len has started again. He’s such an idiot but very easy to handle.
It’s only Massey that can do and undo,and to make everything eazy,I will have to put beauty under my nose so that she will not fall into any of their traps.

“Beauty,wait” I waved my hand at her because it’s already raining.

“Seven don’t shout. I can’t come outside again or do you want Elva to see me” She replied through the window and loose her tied hair.

“I won’t take long,just come outside” I snarled, with my hands tuck into my pockets while the water from the atmosphere pour down on me and made me wet.

“No, I can’t come. If I should come, I will get wet and that’s not good for my health or else you want to see me shaking”
She replied and drop her head down.

“Just come outside, I promise the rain water won’t touch you” I smirk with a sweet look she can never deny.

“Okay,I will come out but don’t take long” She said and whirl down the window.

“Aaah,I can’t jump” she uttered,looking for a helping hand.

“Jump,I will catch you” I said and she sat properly on the window.
“Just jump” I gritted,taking off my expensive golden wrist watch.
The rain keep pouring more and more while the flood keep clapping their hands.

She closed her eyes and jump at once. I didn’t miss my target,I caught her on her waist line and make her long hair sweep my face.

Soon, all her hair and became wet.
Gloominess made the rain water drip down her forehead down to her lips,making them to shake at a continuous interval.

I stole a glance at her..
She look awesome with sticky hairs.
Her slanted eyes glittered the more while her lips become even more pink than mine…..
She just look unique with a different skin.

“Can Emily really stand her

“Scrath that off” I blink my lashes and watch how she cluth her body in the rain.

“You you you tricked me!!
“You said you’re not gonna take long but you’ve taken like forever”
She scolded me and made more water drop on her very exposed waist line.

“Why are you looking like that??
“Can you ever be serious
She snapped. I ignored her rantings and watch her fume in anger.
She just get angry at silly things.

“Strange” I rolled my eyeballs and walk to her back.

“Seven,what’s happening?
She turned around,trying to figure out what’s happening.

“Severn!!!! She called my name and widen her eyes.

“Who asked you to wear this red saree I questioned her.

“Red saree!!
“I choose it myself. Is anything wrong?? She questioned back.

“Nothing,it’s just tgat you look like a monkey” i teased her,thinking of silly pranks to play on her.

“Monkey” she said out and fume in anger. Soon,I saw water dripping from her eyes. I laugh out loud.
My pranks are really working.

“Liar,I do not look like a monkey. Your grandmother said it that I look like an Angel” She replied and move away sadly.

“You do not look like a minket….
“You look like my mother. She has that innocent look just like you” I smiled,looking at her in the rain.

She been in smile and flung her arms around me.

“Let’s stay like this for 5minutes”
I blurt out and smooth her sticky hair.

“5minutes is too much. You know my state of health” She rants in the rain.

“Okay,your 5minutes have been exhausted” she said and I left her. I help her back to the window.
She actually sneak it,smiling as she whirl up the window up with care.

I look away slowly and brought out my phone.

“Watch your back!!
I read the stupid message again. It’s either from my stupid aunt or the idiot Len.

“Watch your front also!!
I replied the text and took off my diamond ear ring.

“Sir,I bought a new towel” Jake said, waving a white silky towel with a bow.

“Never mind”. I rolled my eyeballs and sat at the back seat while he drive.

Soon,we were home.
Jake opened the door for me to step down.All the guards had their head bow down with their hands on their chest. Even Massey did that.

“Sir, you’re wet!!!
They all raise their head up and brought out new towels.
Massey also brought out a new and well wrapped towel.

Our eyes met.
“Foolish aunt” I mumbled under my breath and pierce into her stupid dark gaze.

“Sir,you’re wet” Shiva took the towel from Massey and wanted to wipe my hair.

“Nah,return the towel to Massey, she’s the one to wipe it and I want her in now…. I mean all of you”
I gritted with little anger and move to sit on a white pub in the large house.

Massey dare not disobey my orders since we are at home. She raised the towel to wipe my hair.

“I pop my head away and asked her to leave because her hands are full of dirty character.
I blasted her,disgracing her in the presence of other guards but Massey doesn’t even care.
She drop the towel and left angrily.

Instantly,I stood up and walk into my room and changed into a blue royal robe with just a tibg diamond neckkace. The necklace was from my mom. She gave it out to me when I was 8 before that idiot killed her.

“That idiot killed my mother because of material things and she will not still relent her bad ways.

“Sir, the meeting is about to start”
Shiva stood in front of my glass door and speak.

“I know and I am coming” I rolled my eyeballs at him and took another 1hour in changing my hairstyle and ear ring. They dare not start the meeting in my absence.

Soon,I was dine. The black hair fitted me and gave me a cute hot look.
I joined them in the meeting room.
Sure,Len was present with his informant (Bryce Kali) to discuss business.

“Stupid people” I seethed at Len with strand of anger in my voice.

“You’re taking my time. Do whatever you wanna do and led me get outta here” I speak harshly to Bryce.

“Will make it snappy” Bryce replied and glance back at Len and Massey.
That look only meant evil so far Massey is involved.

“Sir,having checked the reviews and in and outs of the casino’s, we found out that your restaurants and companies are taking the lead.
It’s far ahead of others by 99.99%”
Bryce speak and take another glance at Len. They are up to something evil and I know.

“Go on” my dad gesture at Bryce.

“We find out that your casino’s have great chef with perfect cooking skills and because of that, we wish you can at least let us try in some of your chefs in our restaurant so that we can stand out like you”
Bryce said,giving Len a calm down look.

“Which if my chefs do you wanna try in your casino?
I fume in anger,knowing fully well that it’s Beauty they wanna take away.

“Seven calm down. Is it because of a commoner you’re shouting like that!!!
My Dad cautioned.

“She’s not a commoner!!!!
I blurt out with a bang of my fist.

“Yes,itse beauty Dana we wanna use.And we are gonna pay her three times of what you offer. She actually have perfect cooking skills”
Len bite his lips with a smirk.

“Yes,you can use her” my dad replied Len while Massey clapped her hands.

She’s the one behind this plans.

“Dad it’s my restaurant and I can decide” I retorted, still visibly angry at Massey stupid plan of making Beauty work with the Pablo’s (my rivals) just because they are really lagging behind.

“We are gonna use her”
Massey curved out an innocent look, pretending to be a good aunt when she’s not.

“You’re gonna what!!!!
A big bang recreate in my memory and I left the meeting angrily.

She’s mine…..and no one can take her away.
source: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=fire+and+ice
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money good oh see only seven golden wristwatch and diamond earring.Nice story emperorblog, keep it coming
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Loving It
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Loving It

u are mouthed
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(Don’t touch her,she’s mine ) ADESOLA ADEOMOWOLE #Chapter~•32 . . . . . Now enjoy . . . . . . . . “You’re gonna what!!! I yelled and left their stupid meeting. “They are actually gonna take Beauty away…” I mumbled as I climb down the cobalt stairs, watching the artificial fire flame that was burning up. “No,they are not gonna take her away” I nod my head negatively and sat on the window side,thinking of what I can possibly do. beauty doesn’t work in my restaurant,she only goes there to help dyna and I am sure she’s gonna go there today. “there’s nothing you can do,you’re gonna loose her to Len again” Massey smiled wickedly as she step down the stairs to the window side that I am sitting. “why bothering yourself over that trash?? “why “you wanna be with her.Then get ready to cry blood together because I am not gonna spare any of you” Massey curved our a smile with a stern glare. I did not talk to her.Talking to her is horrible and I will rather listen to a generator noise than listening to her. “you will not talk!!! “The cat got your tongue!!! she seetged with an eyelock before walking away. I drop my head down and listen to the rhymth of my heart. I will always know what to do and that’s why my mom named me Severn. ~Massey should just get ready. even Len and Emily should get ready. Massey Miles She’s still there looking at me. I look away slowly and jump out of the window to my room. I took beauty bangle in my hand….thinking of what she said back in the car that she’s scared. the poor girl doesn’t like trouble but I keep putting her into trouble. I breathe in and drop the bangle carefully beside my phone. “What can I do “Seven what are you gonna do I shake my head vigorously,thinking of what to do. “Nothing. I said and slump back on my bed. Beauty POV Everyone has a story to tell and probably have the right to be heard. I just wish I can make Severn happy but what can a little poor girl like me offer…. I just wish I can make him happy. The cute boy has a battle in his heart.He doesn’t allow anybody close to him but here he is taking me even more close to his heart and I am allowing him do whatever he wants with me. “What a little imperfect world And I just pity Severn. I’m scared Massey might harm him.With the look she shot me in the car,I can tell it that she’s dangerous. more dangerous than the devil itself. “No,Massey is gonna hurt your Severn Reality hunted me and the spoon I was eating with tell off my hand,making all my food to spill away. “Beauty are you okay? Elva rushed to me while Dubs quickly brought out a cup of water. “Massey will harm Severn and even you!!! My subconciousness struck me and I start shaking that even my teeth start shaking. “Beauty are you alright Elva asked and check my temperature while Dyna brought out my drug box. “did you stay in the rain yesterday?? Elva asked and place her hand on my head. “mom!!! I faced elva and hug her with Dyna. “are you sure you’re fine?? “you can actually tell us what the problem is Dyna said,still battling with the drug box. “just thank you for everything” I replied then and left for Elva room. I gently laid on her bed and used her pillow to cover my face. 7:00am(next day) I am still on bed,sleeping peacefully while Dyna dress for school. “Beauty please help me at work today in the casino since youre not coming to school today” Dyna pleaded. “sure I replied her with a sultry throat. I really look sick. Dyna left me lying on Elba bed. soon,Elva came in with different drugs. “No,I don’t like those drugs.They taste bitter! I squeeze my face and covered it with my palms. “Take it my dear,it will make you feel better. just take it” Elva said and force the cup into my mouth. “ummm it taste bitter,I don’t like it at all” I tap my forehead and slump back to the bed. “Sorry” she tap my shoulders and sang sweet songs into my ears till I slept off. Beauty….. “What a beautiful name for a beautiful person “Tender like a flower “cold like an ice “soft as a cotton ” Who will not wish to have you as a daughter? “Rich girl,you lost your way and came knocking on my poor door shouting…. Mom! Mom!! Mom!! I wanna see Mom! Take me to Jariel!! I wanna see Dad!! “You keep shouting and crying till you fell asleep in my poor house….. “You slept in my house in a very expensive red Saree with just Six golden bangles and a very tiny ear ring. “I’m I not lucky to have you in my house!! “You called me mom even when I am not. “You never made me cry so why will i make you cry” “You’re a perfect description of who you’re Elva sang beautiful and sweet song till I slept. “Thank you mom” I said from sleep and rolled to the other side of the bed. 8:00pm I was already awake,dressed in a white gown that had beads all over them.Even when I am not feeling okay,I just have to help Dyna at work. I picked my bag and went through the back door. minutes later,I was there in the casino. Immediately i got there,I got a call from miss Chloe. “yes ma’am” I replied her with a slight bow. “Listen up,you have been transferred.You will no longer work here.You will be working with the Pablo and not Miles. Chloe said and adjusted her spectacles. “ma’am!!!. “I don’t want any job!! “I only came here to help Dyna.” I replied her with a bow. “Why won’t you accept the job offer she adjusted her spectacle again. “ma’am,I don’t want it!! I replied her and drop the paper she give me. “Take that paper back!!! Len showed behind miss Chloe with a smirk. “I don’t want it!!! I replied him with a little respect. he’s a billionaire and I am a commoner. “take it!! he said again. “No I shrug my shoulders and held my bag like those village indian girls. “guards get her!!! Len shrieked,making my jaws to drop down. “no,don’t touch me!! I said softly and face miss Chloe for help but none was coming. “get her!!! Len said with a smirk… “Don’t come….If you come near me,if you come,Seven will kick your add off” I cried and they stop at the mention of Seven name. . . . . TBC
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keep it up
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(Don’t touch her,she’s mine)
Now enjoy����
“Get her” Len shouted again,making my pounding headache to arrive but surprisingly, his guards never neared me.They flinch back at the mention of Seven’s name.
↘Seven is here.
↘Omg he is so cute in that white hair,just like a Greek god.
↘Seven miles is here in a white tux. I really need to see that god in human clothing”
I heard mumurs that was more of a shout.
Seven is somewhere around here and that’s why Len guards couldn’t do anything.
“Just because Seven is somewhere around here,you cannot do anything.
“Fool,do anything stupid to me and he’s gonna break your goddam hand into pieces”
I said to myself inwardly while facing Len.
“Back off” Len groan in little anger,telling Hus guards to move away.
“Do you still want the job offer
Miss Chloe asked,breaking the mention prolong silence.
“I don’t want it”
I cut in sharply and walk out on the both of them. I will rather die a poor girl than working with Len.
“You cannot just go like that!!
“What do you think of yourself?
“Who do you think you are
“You’re just a commoner and you worth nothing”
Len followed me and keep saying hurtful things to me. I ignored His words and keep walking.
“I am talking and you’re walking!!!
He rants to my face and took my hand forcefully. This time, he didn’t twist it,he held it softly like a baby.
“Let it go!!!
I whispered in my faintest voice and slip my hand away from his grip.
“Len stay away!!
“Just stay away because if Seven should catch you again, I won’t beg for your foolish self. I will only tell him to crack your bones that even the doctors will not be able to arrange it”
I rant back boldly to his face.
“You’re now getting bold!!
He shrieked with darkness hovering in his voice.
“You even have the gut to mention Severn’s name in my presence!!!
“What’s your freaking business with that??
I cut in again with the little boldness that I have mustered.
“You this dumb asshole!!
Len shrieked again and before I could figure out anything, I find him pulling my hairs. He dragged my long hair and lock me up in a secret place there in the casino.
“That’s what you get for shouting at me.Now sign this!!!
He smirked and force a small paper through the tiny hole of the door to me.
“Len open this door!!!!
“Open this door!!! I keep shouting while banging my tiny wrist on the door.
“Open this door” I screamed with my bones near breaking points.
No matter how I scream,my voice won’t be heard….its very tiny for shouting.
It’s just like an angel voice and angles do not shout.
“Len open this door!!!
I kicked the door for the last time and drop down on my kneels. I have no strength to scream again. All my nerves,bones and knuckles failed me.
“Are you done signing the papers!!!.
Len grunted with a knock on the door.
Reality struck me and I took the paper and read the content aloud.
“I beauty Dana promise to Serve you Len Pablo for the rest of my life even if it will cost my blood dropping down.
I read it over and over again before dropping it on the floor.
“Have you signed it!!
Len knock at the diir again.
“Yes,I have signed it”
I replied and stand up with the paper on my hand.
“Liar, I didn’t sign anything. Not even in my next life will I try signing an agreement with Len”.
Soon,he open the door for me.
“You signed it!!!
He arched his brows at me in a wicked way.
“I know I can always have what i want. I know you’re gonna sign it. You’re gonna do it. I mean you’re going to work for me and also be my personal maid”
Len uttered with a smile.
“Let me have the paper”
He said and I stretch the paper to him just exactly the way he gave it to me,I didn’t sign any agreement with him.
He took the paper and unwrap it.
“Where did you sign
He questioned harshly, looking for where I signed.
“Which signature are you talking about?
I asked foolishly, trying to play tricks with him.
The darkness that u hate to see surpassed him while anger moved to His veins. His eyes begin to move in balls of hotness.
“You didn’t sign anything!!!
He shouted and I became weak instantly.
“Sign what??
I replied him and tried not to loose consciousness.
“You did not sign anything!!!
“What do you take me for??
“A fool or what
Len keep shouting.
The more he shouts,the more my consciousness was getting out of hold.
“Don’t shout!!!
I speak softly and move away from the dangling door so that he will not lock me up again.
“What do you think you’re doing
“You’re gonna run away!!!
He questioned with a clench of his fists.
“What does it look like I am doing
I replied him and took my sandals in my hand.
“Don’t even try running away because all the doors are already locked!!!
Len smirk,giving me a warning look.
“Why won’t I run?!!
“All the goddam doors are locked!!
“Just stand and watch how a commoner will escape”
I replied him again and start running round the huge casino.
He didn’t relent, he keep running after me.
My legs was starting to pain me and I couldn’t run anymore. I stop to catch my breath because I am almost getting to the last stairs.
Again,I start running and was about stepping my feet on the last stairs when I slip,making more red Indians colouring particles to pour on my head.
The sticky particles really stained my white gown while some stick with my hair.
“What have i gotten into
I said and turned my back,thinking Len is still after me but he was no where to be found.
↘Look,that’s the famous seven mies they are always taking about.
↘Can you not see he looks more of a semi God….
↘Ummm,he’s actually equal to a god.
↘And I heard something!!!
↘That Seven Miles is in love.
↘There is actually someone making him happy.
↘Yes,someone better than Emily.
I continue hearing different rumors from different angles.
“Where’s Seven
I said and turned sideways, scanning the huge casino but I did not see him.
“I don’t think I am safe here. Len might still be hiding somewhere.
“Ohhhh goodness….
“I need to get out of here!!
I slam my forehead and look back. No one is there buy it looks like someone is really at my back.
“I better get out of here”
I said to myself again and put down my sandals so that I can wear them back. I was about wearing them when I saw someone I never pray to see.
Emily Daniels!!!
Our eyes met….and I can sense the hatred with which she looks at me with.
I didn’t botther wearing my sandals,I took them in my hands again and turned back,thinking Emily will stop looking at me but she never stopped.
She continue sending me look that can actually murder.
Mitchell was behind Emily while Fiona was sitting far away with her legs crossed.
She’s actually smoking wildly like a mad dog.
“Wat have I gotten into?..
I twutch my nose and watch how many people come into the casino.
“Are they hosting billionaires party here?
I questioned aloud.
Soon, many people came in. Even Jariel was among them.
She smiled and I suddenly find myself smiling instead of crying.
The blue dress she wire fitted her perfectly and the bangles on her wrist really look like mine.
“Beauty what are you talking about.
*your bangles can never be the same. Jariel bangle is pure gold while your own is not even gold at all.
“We can never be sisters
I tap my head and keep staring at another set of people.
They are all dressed richly.
I uttered and look at my own dress and hair.
Soon,everywhere became quiet. No noise at all.
“Why did they stop talking
I mumbled again and lit my eyes slowly.
Their faces are fixed on the door like they are expecting someone.
“What’s happening here
I wondered and watch how the drama unfold.
↘Seven Miles!!!
↘Is that really him!!!
↘Waoow he look good in that white hair and tux”
Slow murmuring came up and I knew what was happening.
They are hosting a party.
Party that is for the billionaire’s only.
I’m not needed here at all and I will rather move away before I get blasted or insulted.
I moved away from my mean position and went to hide in a place that I will not be noticed at all.
Seven did not even see me and that’s what I want.
“There’s actually someone making him smile”
I scratch my sticky hairs and watch him smile back at his fans.
And that Emily, she keep following him like an housefly while Len was looking around.
Soon, I heard bottles breaking,making a very loud shout. I flinch from where I hide and ran away. I glance back to check if Seven is okay but to my greatest surprise,he was fighting with Len.
Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 10:59am On Aug 05
(Don’t touch her, she’s mine✴)
Now enjoy���
↘Seven.and Len again!!!
↘What is causing their fight
↘is it money or a girl!!!
Murmurs keep getting much. I don’t really care about them,I care for my safety.
“Severn back off;;
Len shouted at Seven and in turn,Seven slap a bottle on his arms making some particles to stuck with his arm.
“Darn it, I don’t take shits!!!
Severn took another bottle and made it collided with Len right arm.
Blood were visibly dripping out of Len’s arm.
The noise was getting much and it looks like I will faint in the next moment.
“How am I gonna get out??
I struggled with the locked door.
“Where do you think you’re going to
Emikt appeared behind me with a scoff.
I ignored her scoff and drop my head down while continuing battling with the locked door.
“Are you deaf
“I said what are you doing here
“Who invited you to thud party
Emily starts asking me series of questions. I ignored her and acted as if she’s not talking to me.
“I said what are you doing here
She shouted with furry and attracted many peoples attention.
Still,I kept quiet.
“Can you not hear me
“I said what are you doing in the billionaire’s party?.
She shouted again,making my pounding headache to come back.
Everything started becoming blury and vision less to me.
“Beauty don’t faint!!!
I said to myself and hold the door knob for support,so that I will not fall to the floor.
↘Who is she
↘Who is that girl
↘its like Miles high school will have another Queen now.
↘Can you not see that her hair is long.Very long than that bitch called Emily.
↘That girl even have a perfect body with the face of a fucking goddess.
↘Miles high school get ready because here comes your Queen”
The rumors keep getting much and it was just like I will faint because they are already surrounding me.
“Sorry Miss, can I touch your hair!!
“Just a seconds I will not take long”
A young girl with a very set of beautiful eyes pouted and start pulling my hairs.
“No no no don’t touch it. It’s very dirty”
I replied her and start dusting the red particles away.
“Ummmm it’s not dirty,it makes you look like an Indian bride”
She uttered and before I could figure out anything,they are all over me.
Pulling my hairs”
Cleaning my clothes”
Touching my hands”
I was now getting scared because the look on Emily’s face was not good at all.
“Don’t get scared.she’s not gonna do anything to you”
Jariel whispered into my ears and hold my hand.
Emily’s face fell on my hand,she was busy looking at our similar bangles.
There is no difference at all. Our bangles are the same.
“Is it that I am not seeing or what??
“How can our bangles be the same??
“It can never be the same.
Jariel bangle is pure gold but my own…..
“Is it brass or gold
I uttered underneath my throat and slip my hand gently away from Jariel own.
“What are you looking for in this party
Emily scoffed.
“This is where I work”
I was about replying her when Jariel cut in.
“I invited her to this party and do you have a problem with that!!!
Jariel speak,making her short hair flow randomly.
Emily waved her hand and shun Jariel.
“It’s none of your business!!!
Emily hissed at Jariel and faced me back.
Soon, everyone became quiet, watching what Emily is gonna do to me.
“It’s my business!!
Jariel shouted at Emily,forgetting the fact that I might faint.
“It’s none of your business!!!
Mitchell lashed at Jariel from behind.
“It’s my business!!
Jariel speak back to Mitchell.
“Keep your silly mouth shut because I am not speaking to you!!!
Emily shunned Jariel again.
“Why should I keep quiet
“Who are you
“Queen or devil!!!
Jariel hissed at Emily and took my hand again.
“What have I gotten into
I mumbled shakingly,watching the fight that is about to start between Emily and Jariel.
“You’re not gonna get away with that, you this slimy crafty bitch!!!
Emily uttered and it was as if thousands of people were drumming on my head.
I slip my hand away from Jariel and hold my head.
“It’s my business”
“It’s your business”
“Its our business”
“It’s their business”
The niuse continue to replay in my head. I hold my head tightly and ran away.
I keep running around the large casino till I got to the 6th floor.
The door is locked.
The lock is up and I am not tall.
“Stupid door open!!!
“Please open I wanna get out of here”
I bang the door and start jumping up thinking that will do the magic.
Soon,heavy footsteps are trailing to my direction.
My heart jump into my mouth.
“Is it Len or Emily!!!
I don’t want trouble but I am already in trouble.
“How am I gonna open this door??
I speak to myself and scratch my neck.
I press the door button and held the knob but it was not opening.
“Door open!!!
I start crying while twisting the knob.
The heavy footstep was becoming more intense, someone is really following me from behind but I don’t know who it was.
“You wanna leave!!
The voice came up and I can not just help it,I filch back while my hand slip down the door knob,making me to fall beside the door.
“You wanna leave!
It came up.again.
“Yes,I want to escape” I replied abruptly and grab my bag.
“Where are you
The voice asked sternly.
“Me,I am here” I replied because I know that rude voice was from Seven Miles.
“Where are you
He asked again.
“I am here” I replied,still struggling with the door.
When I couldn’t open the door,I turned sideways, thinking I will see seven but he was not there.
“Where are you He asked again.
“I’m here” I replied with a shaking voice.
He asked and I heard the sounds made by cracking glass.
Severn actually break the glass door that was opposite the wooden door.
I called his name as he made his way out of the glass that had shattered into millions of pieces.
Still doubting if this is really Severn.
He raised his eyes and stared deeply with his sparking dark eyeballs.
I called his name again and watch how his tiny ear ring fit perfectly into.his ears.
He lit his eyes up again and scan me from head to toe. His eyes landed on my small mouth down to my jaws.
“I look dirty,I know” I said,really feeling embarrassed at my statement.
“I wish I can make you happy but what can a commoner like me offer.
“Just nothing,I keep getting into trouble..
“It’s only trouble I can offer”
I blink back little tears.
“I’m sorry”
I heard him saying.
“Sorry for what
I cleaned my tears and glance at his eyeballs.
I arched my brows.
“Sorry” he said again and move to my back.
Emily is behind Us and she is giving us deadly glares.
Fear overtook me and I loo just exactly like the sail we turn the sea.
“I know you’re poor!!!
Seven said and Tuck his phones inside his pockets.
“But there’s something you can offer me” Seven said,with his eyes all over me but my own eyes was on Emily.
“Offer me your lips and I will gladenly accept it” Seven jerk me back to reality with a sweet smirk.
“I should offer you my lips”
I pouted and look at Emily again.
My eyes were fixed on her that I don’t know when Seven leaned on my shoulders.
“I know she’s looking at you.
“Just look away and kiss me”
Seven said and took me in a bridal style.
“No,she’s gonna kill me!;
I nod negative at Severn lips.
Instead he pulled me back and kissed my forehead right in the presence of Emily.
This is not the end,I know.
Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by Shola2019(f): 2:40pm On Aug 06
thanks 4 d update

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Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 2:57pm On Aug 06
thanks 4 d update

Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 11:40am On Aug 07
(Don’t touch her,she’s mine✴)
Now enjoy����
�Emily POV�
The both of them, they are just like symphonies and fireworks that are exploding in the sky.
With her,Seven got hands to hold and shoulders to brush over with.
With her,he got someone to play tricks on and someone that he can kiss whenever he wants.
He’s even playing with her hairs.
I know she’s the one making Seven happy,she’s actually making him go crazy and Seven is foolishly falling and dancing to her tunes.
I know she’s capable of bringing even the strongest man to his kneels just by a snap of her silly fingers.
Beauty is an ice��
Ice that is melting and killing the fire(Seven) and they look dangerously beautiful together but what about me?
“Emily Daniels never carry last!!!
“I don’t miss my targets at all.
“I can do and undo….
Beauty can never be for Seven because he’s mine….
Seven dances to my tunes alone and I can get whatever I want.
“Baby don’t cry, you know I love you more than I can show”
Seven mutteted under his breath and I saw his sparking diamond eating when he shake his head at Beauty.
“He is even calling her baby!!!
I smirk wickedly and watch the two through the glass door.
Beauty drop her head down without saying anything.
Soon,my eyes fall on her a little bit exposed waist line and for a second i noticed that the clothe she’s putting on is very expensive with beads all around them.
“Where is she getting those clothes?
“She’s poor and cannot even afford a golden ring and yet she’s putting on a very tiny silver earrings.
Firstly,where did she get those bangles on her wrist!!!!
I speak with my soul, till watching the way she drop her head down at Seven.
“Why dropping your head down
Seven questioned her calmly and tilted her jaws slowly.
“Ummmm nothing. I just like dropping my head down because Elva said it usually makes me beautiful”
She replied Severn. I know she’s scared of me and that’s why she’s dropping her foolish head down.
� Emily have you seen them together?
Massey’s text bump into my phone.
�Yes ma’am, they are at the 6th floor” I replied Massey’s text.
� okay,I am coming. We are gonna burn them together”
Massey replied me quickly.
� it’s only beauty we are burning,we are not gonna burn Seven”
I was about replying Massey’s text when Jariel bump into me,making my phone fall heavily on the floor.
She even had the gut to step on my phone.
“I did not see you there”
She rolled her eyeballs and step on my phone again.
“Watch it!!
Mitchell speak from behind and stop her statement immediately she sighted Seven and Beauty together.
I look away from Jariel and look the direction of Seven and Beauty.
Seven kissed her forehead.
I opened my mouth to say something but nothing was coming out.
Beauty raised her head at Seven like she want to say something.
“I love yoo…….”
She was about saying when I gave her those silent look.She kept quiet and hugged him instead of saying what she was about saying.
“This is so annoying!!!
I said and push Jariel out of my way and walked to the 4th floor. That’s where Massey is.
“Are you sure your information is correct?
Massey questioned with cigarette in between her lips.
“Yes ma’am, it’s correct.
“They are together right now in the sixth floor.”
I replied get with a very sad expression.
“If that’s the case,go and tell Len to have the door of the sixth floor locked without them knowing”
Massey ordered and puffed out smoke particles from her nose and mouth.
Soon,I find Len and told him exactly what Massey said.
We both went to the 6th floor and lock the door without them knowing.
I true Massey.
This work is gonna be clean.
Just as I step my feet on the last floor, the speaker in the casino beep in red.
“Everybody leave!!!
“There’s a fire burning up from the 6th floor. Scamper for safety before it will burn to this extent”
“You have just 20sec to leave”
The speaker beeped and start counting automatically by itself.
The speaker was counting with red light while everyone rushed out of the casino.
I curved out a small smile as I watch them move disorderly.
The speaker continue counting but Dyna and Jariel are not running.
I look at them strangely.
“But Dyna is on my side. She’s working with me. So why is she with Jariel!!!
She look so worried like she’s looking for someone that is very close to her heart.
Jariel own was even worst because she was already crying.
She left Dyna and run to the 6th floor.
Exactly where Seven and beauty are.
Not minding if the flame is hot or not.
Dyna didn’t follow Jariel, she came to me and challenge me.
She even slapped me.
Dyna slapped me and cluth my expensive cloth not minding if I am fuckingly rich or not.
“What did you do to Beauty??
“If anything should happen to her,you’re done for!!!!
Dyna yelled at me and push me till I fall hardly to the floor.
She spat on my face and run after Jariel to the sixth floor.
The speaker continue counting.
I stood up and held my cheek that Dyna slapped. I rubbed it and clench my fist.
She must pay for this����
� Jariel POV�
Nothing is more worst than loosing someone that looks just exactly like my lost sister.
I can’t just watch the blazing fire hanging out it’s tongue to lick her ardent skin in furry.
Beauty is very scared of fire,she doesn’t like seeing it at all and I wonder how she will look like now.
I keep running till I got to the sixth floor,it was locked and everywhere was hot.
I turned sideways and watch through the glass side door.
Seven was holding Beauty so that the fire will not touch her while Beauty was busy looking at the hot furnance.
She coughed out admist the smoke like she’s gonna faint.
“This place is hot, please help!!!
She said and cough out the more.
Seven sniffed and push the very thick glass door.
That glass can never be broken.
The speaker continue counting while Beauty blink back tears from her cute eyes.
“Beauty I am sorry for putting you through all this”
Seven said and kicked the door.
It’s not opening and I wish I have the key to the door.
It really saddens me to see them crying.
“I’m sorry it’s my fault”
Beauty said and wipe seven little tears.
The flame was really burning up and there’s nothing I can do. I turned sideways and look at Dyna by my side.
She brought out her ID card and inserted it into the thin lining of the door, she twisted it in a smart way and make the door open.
Thank you”
Beauty smiled widely while we all rush out before the flame will cover us totally.
“Wait wait wait!!!
“My earring,it’s missing!!!!
Beauty slip her hand away from seven and run to the 6th floor again.
“I will buy another one for you,
Let’s just get out of here before it will explode!!!
Seven pulled her back.
“No,I don’t want another one.
“That earring is from my mother and my mother is my goddesss”
She slip her hand away again and went back to the 6th floor,not minding if this place will blow up very soon.
Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 11:40am On Aug 07
(I won’t touch you,baby�)
Now enjoy����
�Beauty POV�
“No,I don’t want another one”
I said and took my hand away from Seven’s own.
“I cannot just lose that earring.
That silver earring had been on my ears for good 18years so why should I loose it!!!
“I cannot just loose it like that”
I shake my head at Seven and run to the 6th floor again.
Flames had covered half of it and beside the broken glass was my earring.
Just as I bend to pick it up,seven’s aunt showed up from behind and lock the door automatically.
“Die there!!!
She said and shot me a glare.
I kept mute and stared back at her foolishly.
The fire was now blazing the more, making me to feel very uncomfortable.
“No,don’t lock me up here”
I finally find my voice.
“Don’t lock me up,
“See me as your daughter,
“If you cannot consider me,just consider my mother”
I sob gently with my face sealed on the glass door.
“Why should I open the door for you??
“I will rather watch you burn silently into ashes”
She smirked with her brows held high up.
The fire was really making me uncomfortable that my consciousness begin to get out of hold…
Massey laughed and push her fake hairs backwards.
“What type of mother are you
“Don’t you have children at all!!
“You just keep hurting people around you!!
“Even Severn,you keep hurting him even when you’re old enough to be his mother.
“Are you not ashame of your foolish self!!!
“If you don’t have children, don’t you care about other people!!
“Do you even know what it feels to have a child
“Do you know what it looks like to have children’s
“Do you know what it means to be a mother
“You don’t know it and that’s why you can never change your dirty spots!!
“You’re only after material things!!!
“You’ve never experience the joy of being a mother…
“Just hurt yourself with that fire and see how it looks like”
I cried while speaking ti Massey, thinking it will change the situation but she only got worst.
“Shut up brat!!!
“Is this what poverty has turned you into
“I am not gonna stay under this roof and watch you insult me”
She scoffed and went her way.
The fire already covered the doors just as Massey left. It was just a little place,a very small place that the fire have not covered.
She stop halfway and glance back. I even thought she’s gonna change her mind but she did the worst thing by walking more close again. She pushed the flames even more close to me so that it will burn me faster.
“Death by fire!!!
“Is that not the worst type of death
I cried with my eyes fixed on the blazing fire that is ready to burn me down in it’s furry.
“Beauty you’re gonna die!!!
My inner mind haunted me because my body was diminishing bit by bit.
Soon,someone rubbed my smooth shoulders.
I opened my eyes and looked sideways….
Seven Miles!!!
He is not looking at me,he just dip his hands into his pockets and brought out some keys.
He tested it with the lock, it was not opening.
In frustration,he threw the keys away and told me to move back a liitle bit.
Guilt tore down the depth of my heart as I moved back.
“I should have listen to him”
Soon,seven broke the door and stretch his hands to me. I took it reluctantly while he lifted my weight admist the fire.
“I’m sorry!!
“I should have listened to you….”
“I’m sorry Severn!!
I cried and cluth his white tux.
“Darn it!!!
Severn blured out and look at the fire in dismay.
“Can you pass through the fire to the other side??
He questioned harshly like he’s really angry.
“I know you’re angry with me” I replied him calmly.
He cough out because the fire was burning up.
“That’s not what I asked!!
He said,still in an harsh tone.
“I’m sorry,I can’t pass through the fire” I replied and drop my head down.
He look away.
He doesn’t want to look at me.
“Your hand!!
He said and stretch his hand forth. I slip my hand into his own and made his fingers collide with my bangles.
He look at our hand together and made an angry scoff.
“I will carry you but that doesn’t mean I have forgiven you”
He muttered and took me in a bridal style.
In fear,I drop my head on his chest and covered it with his white tux.
He let down the door down on the fire and walk on it till we got to the last floor.
Immediately we got to the last floor, he let me down and made a sad cute face before leaving me alone with Dyna.
Jariel took my hand while seven hop into his car.
“She’s fine.Let’s just get out of here”
Dyna also took my left hand while Seven looked at me from the car before driving away.
No goodbye, nothing nothing.
He just left me with Dyna and Jariel.
Jariel called my name and tap my shoulders.
I said and faced her.
She smiled and I find myself smiling even when I am hurt.
“Bye” we said together and hugged each other tightly.
Immediately she left me,I became sad again����.
“Thank you” I shake my head at her and walk into the taxi that Dyna boarded.
I sat closely to the window and watch everything.
The street lights…
Beautiful flowers and everything.
“Seven did not tell me goodbye”
I muttered and was about crying before Dyna tap my shoulders.
“Seven did what
She questioned me with an unreadable expression.
“Ummm nothing!!
I replied her and faced the window again.
Minutes later,we were home.
I went in and touch Elva’s feet before going into my room. I buried my head on the bed and sluggishly turn on the lamp.
“Seven you did not tell me goodbye”
I cried again and covered my face with a pillow.
Soon,I sat up with my legs curled up in a bell.
“He didn’t say goodbye and it pains a lot”
I bite my lower lip and loosened my already tied hair.
I was about turning off the lights when a knock came on my window.
I rush up to it and whirl it down.
I called his name slowly with a pout.
“What do you want
I questioned like a naive.
“Nothing much. I just came to say goodbye!!! He uttered and was on phone again.
“Goodbye also!!!
I blink my lashes and whirl up the window back.
I stop at the tune that came on his phone. It was actually a song that had his voice.
�Who is the one that makes me happy…??
�The one that lift the gods on her shoulders…
�Soft as a silk
�Tender as a flower
�Her lips is the gun…
�Her kisses are the bullets……”
The song was still playing on his phone before he cut it by himself.
I think he mistakenly click on it. Maybe the song was not meant for me.
“How can that song be for a stripper
“I cannot make you happy, I am so full of imperfections!!!
I lit my eyeballs and continue whirling up the window.
He made a funny pout at me and took my hand out of the window.
He didn’t say anything,he was just looking at it.
He left my hand alone and was on phone again.
“He doesn’t like me anymore”
I speak with my soul.
I brought my hand inside and continue whirling the window…
He tuck his phone into his pockets and took my hand forcefully through the small opening on the window.
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