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Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:12pm On Aug 09
Hi everyone!
This is my very first story on this forum. I hope you remain at the edge of your seats.
Comments would be appreciated.
P. S: I will post on a daily basis till its done, Insha' Allah.


Amblessed loved the wild side of life.
“I’m in the mood for an adventure!”, Amblessed announced to her friends after their exam. The girls were obviously not in a good mood because of the paper they had just written. She, on the other hand, enjoyed writing about South African history.
Despite her truancy right from secondary school, Amblessed always ended up passing her subjects and getting promoted to the next class because she was intelligent. She did not need to study so much before understanding any topic.
Now she just finished writing her exams for the second semester of her second year in the university. She was in the department of History and International Studies. She had managed to convince her friends to apply for the same department with her just as she had convinced them in secondary school to go to arts class like her. She loved history, she did not have to stress herself to study for tests or exams.
As usual, she wrote well.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:15pm On Aug 09
“why the sad faces?”, she asked.
“are you serious? History of southern Africa sucks!”, Tiana burst out.
“who cares about the Mfecane or the Great trek?!”, Trisha asked, also angry.
“historians like us! Historians care about all these things. And why are you sulking? What were you expecting when you applied to study in this department?”, Amblessed asked.
Neither of the girls could say the truth, that they only applied because Amblessed used her persuasive powers on them. Trisha said, “we did not know it would be this hard. It’s so easy for you. It was you who took us out clubbing yesterday and yet, you wrote well. How were you able to study?”
Before Amblessed could respond, Tiana said, “by now I don’t expect you to ask AmB that kind of question, Trisha. You know how sleek she is na”
“what are you implying?”, Amblessed asked accusingly.
“no, tell me what’s on your mind!”, Amblessed shouted, not caring that the other classmates were watching.
“AmB, I said it’s nothing so let it go”
“whatever! It’s not my fault that you are not smart. I did not force any of you girls to go out with me so don’t give me that trash about me taking you out. So what if you did bad in HIS 213? Stop being such crybabies. Move on already!”
She stormed out of the class, leaving everyone bewildered and her friends, very upset.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:17pm On Aug 09
Amblessed was a drama queen afterall. Today, it was not strange that she shouted at her friends the way she did. She drove out of the school environment and sped on till she got home. She horned so loud at the gate that the gateman rushed to open it, knowing fully well the it was A blessed, the only person crazy enough to do that. Once, she had broken all the expensive glasses in the house and scattered her father’s wine bar just because he had refused to let her have a bottle of Campari.
Amblessed locked herself up in her room for hours, going through pictures of herself and her friends on her I-pad. She cried as she watched all the happy times they had shared together. She knew she had gone far again with the way she had talked to them. She looked at the time, it was past five in the evening. She decided that they would have calmed down by now so she dialed Tiana’s number. It rang several times without answer. She tried Trisha’s number too and got the same thing. She knew they were deliberately ignoring her. She decided to leave a voice message:
“I know you two are icing me out but you know I will keep calling till nine pm, then when you still refuse to pick, I will drive over to your place. We all know how thoughtless I can be and that is why I acted the way I did earlier on. I am truly sorry. Please don’t let me risk going out at night alone. Forgive this your annoying friend who loves you with all her heart, plea…se”. She sent it and waited for some minutes

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:19pm On Aug 09
Then her phone rang. She smiled as she saw who was calling.
“Tiana, hey babe”, she said innocently.
“see, it’s not like we have completely forgiven you. Where did you say we should go for the adventure?”
“errmm…those hills after Etobaba junction. They say it leads to Lamingo”
“ehn?! Who is ‘they’?”
“that is some serious hiking o”, it was Trisha. Amblessed knew she was on loudspeaker.
“I know. But come on, it will be fun. Moreover, I could use the time to convince you girls to completely forgive me”
“hmmmm”, Tiana sighed. Silence stretched for some seconds, Amblessed waited. Eventually, Tiana said, “fine. Get the edibles, we’ll get drinks and any other necessities Bring your small self here before we change our minds”
“ok! ok! ok!. coming right up. Thank you! love you girls! Kisses!”, she said excitedly and ended the call.
She rushed to the kitchen to give the Cook instructions on the food to package for the trip. Then she rushed to the bathroom, had her bath and got dressed in ten minutes. She did not apply any make-up on her face. She wore a black jean, sleeveless blue top and a black jacket. She wore her black leather boots to match. She took her bag pack and stuffed it with her I-pad, her phone, purse, a jack knife. The last item was one thing she took with her to every adventure.
“you never can tell what’s out there in the rocks and forests”, she would always say whenever she was asked why she took a knife with her.
She got the food set in a basket, wore her glasses and headed for her car. Before driving out, she told the gateman, “if my parents ask, I did not come back home after my exams, okay?”
“okay ma’am”, he replied, no questions asked.
Amblessed drove to her friends’ house. They were already waiting for her.
“Hello my lovelies!”, she greeted them.
“Hold it. We haven’t completely forgiven you remember?”, Trisha pointed her right index finger at her accusingly.
“How could I forget?”. The girls put the drinks in the car and set out for their adventure.
It was six pm. It was getting dark.
It was an adventure indeed.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:23pm On Aug 09
That is all for today.
I will post Chapter two tomorrow so watch this space.
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:25pm On Aug 10
Chapter Two

The evening had begun well. The friends talked about a lot of things and laughed all the way, forgetting about their fight from earlier on. In no time, they reached their destination. Amblessed spotted a building near the foot of the hills. She talked to the man in front of the building [he said he was the security of the building which turned out to be a small company] and kept the car in the compound of the building under the man’s care. She kept the car keys in her bag pack and together with her friends, set out for the hills.
“Seems like there is a road through the hills after all”, Trisha stated, pointing to the road that meandered up between the hills.
“Miss State-the-obvious, we can all see that”, Amblessed said, laughing at her friend. She did not notice the fleeting look of despise that passed her friend’s face. She continued, “let’s take a picture, the start of our adventure!”, dramatizing as she did.
The girls rallied round her for several shots of themselves, the looming hills standing behind them. They had to use the camera’s flash as it was getting dark already. After the pictures, they began their walk, talking loudly as they went. The hills and forests were silent except for their voices. Even the birds seemed to have perceived the presence of some rich loud girls so they just looked on in silence. After walking for some minutes, Amblessed said, “I hope we can see the river soon enough so we can rest there and have some refreshment. I'm hungry”
“How do you know there is a river here?”, Tiana asked.
“Because, these are rocks all around us babe. It is only natural for water bodies to be found around here. Didn’t you pay attention during Geography class in secondary school?”, Amblessed asked, laughing again at her friend’s ignorance

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:31pm On Aug 10
I'd really love to receive comments as you read, thank you
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:33pm On Aug 10
Silence dominated everywhere. Nobody said anything else till they upon a short bridge; there was a river on the left side whose source they could not see. Amblessed gave Tiana a look as if to say, “I told you so”. The river was crystal and beautiful, the girls had to pose in front of it and take several pictures before moving on.
“We will soon see a river with a beach we can sit on and refresh, trust me”, Amblessed said. Nobody questioned her instincts anymore.
After some minutes, Amblessed stopped and turned back.
“What is it?”, Tiana asked.
“I thought I heard something”, she replied.
“Well, I can’t see nothing. Trish, can you see anything?”
“No. Fear has started engulfing madam here”, Trisha said and together with Tiana, laughed at Amblessed who pouted her lips in feigned anger.
They continued walking for some minutes. “wait!”, Amblessed said again and stopped.
“Am-B, why are you such a scaredy-Cat?”
“I can hear something”
She craned her ears for some seconds and then screamed, “water! There is a river around! I told you!”. She broke into a run and the others ran after her till they sighted a river some distance to the left, away from the main route they were on. They ran to it and rested on its sands. Amblessed removed her shoes, exclaiming, “my feet are killing me”. The girls set up the snacks and began indulging. The Cook had put some cakes, cookies, a jar of peanut butter, apples and some bananas. The drinks included a coke for each girl and a bottle of Amarulla wine with cups.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:42pm On Aug 10
As they ate, Amblessed noticed a movement within the bushes beyond the small river. She asked her friends, “did you see that?”
“No!”, they chorused. They looked at her like she was losing her mind once again.
Trisha stood up and said, “let me take a look around”
“By yourself?”, Amblessed asked.
“Yes. Unlike you, I’m not a ‘scaredy’ cat”, she teased Amblessed and walked away. Amblessed continued eating. She poured some wine for herself and drank. She drank another cup.
“This one that you did not complain that I will finish the wine, hmm, I am surprised o”, Amblessed said to Tiana.
She turned back and saw that she was alone. Her heart skipped a beat. When did this girl leave that she did not notice? Why didn’t she say something?
“Tiana! Trisha! Where are you girls?!”, she called out.

The unexplainable fear settled in. She opened her bagpack to pick her phone and call them. She rummaged through the bag and saw nothing. She emptied the bag, still, nothing.
“Tiana! Trish! See, if you girls are playing a prank on me because of what I did earlier on, it’s not funny o”. She walked around, too afraid to leave the river side so she wouldn’t get lost. She sat back down beside the river and her heart skipped a beat again.
Her I-pad was missing!
But it was here just now. She had turned for a minute and it had disappeared. She held herself closely and prayed silently for her friends to come back.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:48pm On Aug 10
Suddenly, she felt a push from behind. She screamed as she fell into the water. She struggled to get up, thankfully, the river was not deep but the sand was sinking her feet so she moved uneasily, trying to get out of the water but turning to face the biggest man she had ever seen in her life. He smiled wickedly, sending a chill down Amblessed’s spine. His jean trousers were ripped at the knees, exposing scars that Amblessed did not wish to know where they came from. In his hand, she saw a knife, its blade shining. The moon was just at a quatre, its light only bright enough for her to see a huge chunk of a man about to attack her. The knife reminded her of her own jackknife; if only she could get it from her bagpack.

She did not have any time to think as he lurched forward to grab her. In one sleek move, she flew up the rocks and kept going up till she got to the highest point where she could run forward. She had never climbed rocks barefooted in her life but tonight, she had no choice. She could hear him charging behind her as she ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She ran helter skelter, not knowing where she was going to and not caring. She just needed to be as far away as possible from the horrible man behind her. Her eyes were getting dizzy from the wine she had drunk but the adrenaline pumping through her was fighting the dizziness. It was a struggle.

She stepped on a small rock which shifted, sending her spiraling down the hill like a rolling ball. As she tumbled down, her body hit stones and branches and all kinds of things which hurt like hell.
She closed her eyes and resigned to her fate: imminent death.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by OluwabuqqyYOLO(m): 11:30pm On Aug 10
Now, this is some truly chilling piece! I'm eager to read more.
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:15pm On Aug 11
Chapter Three

Amblessed slowly opened her eyes and saw herself on a bare ground. She was not dead afterall. She attempted to stand up but a sharp pain pierced her back, causing her to scream and fall back down. She felt for her back and realized a twig had stuck to it. She slowly removed the twig, pressing her lips together as the excruciating pain ran through her body. She could not risk shouting again; perhaps her attacker was still around. When she had succeeded in removing it, she felt blood trickling down her back. Now, she had to find her friends so they would get out of this place. She feared that the worst must have happened to them. She began to feel guilty for persuading them to come out on this risky adventure in the first place. She would not forgive herself if anything happened to them.
She walked down the road carefully, looking out for signs of the huge man. she reasoned that since they walked up while coming, this must be the way back. She could barely see; where was the full moon when one needed it?

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:18pm On Aug 11
She thought about Tiana and Trisha. They had become friends with Amblessed when she transferred to their school in SSS1. It wasn’t long before the girls became an inseparable trio. Amblessed had been the head of the group and she dictated what they did most of the times. Ofcourse she had always suggested crazy things like jumping the school fence before school was over just to go shopping in town, going out with strange boys to hang out in weird places. Amblessed was the one who introduced the other girls to alcohol and clubbing and smoking even while they were in SSS2. The girls were all from rich homes but Amblessed was richer than them both; in fact, her family was one of the richest in her school and most girls would have given their right breasts to be friends with her.
Amblessed and her friends had secured admission because she had pressured her father to use his connections to get them all the same university so they would be together. Her father had wanted her to school outside the country but she would have none of it.
“I want to school in Nigeria as a patriotic citizen. I want a federal university. I don’t care about the strikes and delays. I want to experience this life for once daddy! Everything has been given to me on a platter of gold all my life but for a change, I don’t want it that easy any more. Daddy please…” and she had made that puppy face that got her whatever she wanted form her parents. The puppy face had not disappointed her this time around.
“You are such a drama queen”, her father had said.
“You know I’m your one and only queen right?”
“Don’t let your mother hear you”, he whispered.
“I won’t”, she whispered back.


Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:25pm On Aug 11
It was settled. Calls were made, she got into the university of her choice. There was nothing patriotic about her schooling in Nigeria, she was scared of living abroad on her own or doing things for herself. Amblessed went to school from home; she drove the car her father bought her when she got admitted to the university. The school was just thirty minutes’ drive from her home so she didn’t bother getting an accommodation around school. Her main reason though was because she did not want to live alone. Her friends who rented an apartment near school had tried to convince her to come live with them but she insisted on living at home and visiting them once a while like whenever they went clubbing and got back late or just for some weekends. She was practically living with them with the way she was almost always at their place. But she insisted on living at home.

The truth no one knew was, Amblessed was dependent on her parents and as much as she did not show it, each time she was away from them she was filled with immense fear. So the girl who loved the wild side of life put up a front to hide her inner unexplainable fear.
Now, the fear almost ate her up from the inside out.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by skyblueking(m): 5:56pm On Aug 11
Well-planned trick from her friends to teach her a lesson...quite unfair...

Mr 0p, let nothing happen to my crush, AmB...
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 6:55pm On Aug 11
Well-planned trick from her friends to teach her a lesson...quite unfair...

Mr 0p, let nothing happen to my crush, AmB...
We'll just have to wait and see...
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by skyblueking(m): 7:19pm On Aug 11

We'll just have to wait and see...

You just have to add some suspense...
I can detect what would happen next...
Watch that ma'am

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 7:51pm On Aug 11

You just have to add some suspense...
I can detect what would happen next...
Watch that ma'am
Out of curiosity, What do you think would happen though?
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by skyblueking(m): 4:07pm On Aug 12

Out of curiosity, What do you think would happen though?

She would find her way home after the torments..
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by skyblueking(m): 4:10pm On Aug 12
Abeg come post update jhor before i go hungry...
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:21pm On Aug 12
Chapter four

She heard the sounds of river flowing. She looked up to the sky in thanksgiving. She ran towards the sound, hoping it was the same river she and her friends had been. All she had to do was get her bag pack and set out to find her friends or escape, she did not know which to do first. When she got to the river, she saw her bag pack lying on the floor. She heaved a sigh of relief and picked it up in a hurry. She still saw her friends bags lying down as well as the plates and cups and bottles they had eaten and drank from. She was dying to shout their names as she walked down the road but she was too afraid of even her footsteps sounding too loud. She felt like removing her shoes but at this point, her whole body ached badly from the fall.

She saw someone approaching her. She gave God thanks and ran towards him. She grabbed him and began to talk rapidly, “sir, please help me sir, there is a man after me. I don’t know where he is and I don’t know where my friends are. Please we need to find my friends so we can get out of here please…”
“Calm down, calm down. What are you doing here by this time?”, the man asked. Amblessed was about to ask him the same question. Instead she said, “We came for…it’s a long story. Right now, I just need to find my friends so we can leave this scary place!”. “The man you are talking about, is he very big?”, he asked.
“Yes, yes he is!”, she replied eagerly. Now he got her attention.
“Is he wearing ripped jeans?”
“Yes, have you seen him?”. The man said, “just come with me and we will find your friends okay?”
Amblessed did not trust this man. What was he doing here? How did he know about the man after her? Why did he not answer her question?”. She became very afraid and all she needed was to coyly get away from this man.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:29pm On Aug 12
“Sir, don’t worry”, she said, “I will just go to the junction and try to get to the nearest police station”
“What about your friends?”
“The police will come find them”.
“And what if I say you can’t go anywhere?”
“Excuse you?!”, Amblessed replied, clearly taken aback.
Her confusion ended when the man pulled out a knife similar to that of the huge man. She gasped. The man began to walk towards her and she backed away slowly, asking as she went, “who are you people? What do you want from me? what have you done to my friends?”
“Hmmm…If I must answer your questions, it would take me a long time and time is what I don’t have. I will make this painless and fast but if you try to stop me, I will make you suffer”.
Although Amblessed had an inkling as to what he meant, she still asked barely above a whisper, “what…what are you planning to do to me?”
“Kill you”, he said, as-a-matter-of-fact.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:30pm On Aug 12
Amblessed burst into tears, more out of fear at the manner in which he said it without emotion than anything else. This man meant business.
“That just irritates me!”, he exclaimed and slapped her face, making her to scream. And once she began to scream, she wouldn’t stop.
“Shut up!”, he shouted and waved the knife close to her face, slightly cutting her cheek. Amblessed felt a surge of sharp pain course through her but she covered her mouth with her palm so she wouldn’t scream and annoy him the more. She felt blood dropping from the cut but she ignored it.
“Keep walking”, he commanded her and she wished she had not started retracing her steps backward and deeper into the meandering roads between the hills. No he reduced the chances of anyone ever discovering her or her body in the hills.
She resumed walking and as she did, she put her hand in her trouser pocket and felt her jackknife. Had it been in her pocket all this time? She could not remember when she put it there. She had just had an instinct to reach for her pocket and as usual, her instinct was right. Well not ‘usual’ to be honest.
Immediately, she pulled it out and brandished it at the man. He sneered and said, “ooooo…see what our little princess has brought out to play. You are not as fragile as they say”
“Who’s ‘they’?”, Amblessed asked.
“Do you think it’s a coincidence that myself and the huge man are here? We are just doing our jobs, well, he is just doing his job”
“Who sent you?”

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:35pm On Aug 12

She would find her way home after the torments..
We'll see
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:38pm On Aug 12
“AmB!”, someone shouted her name from behind. Amblessed turned and saw her friends coming out of a bush nearby, the huge man pointing his knife behind them.
"Look who I found lurking in the bush…what a reunion of friends!", the huge man said, smirking mischievously.
“Finally, I was beginning to wonder where you disappeared to”, the other man said.
“Boss, this girl is surprisingly fast o. I couldn’t keep up with her in the hills and then the rocks, man”, huge man.
“Cole, you know this man?”, Tianna asked.
“He threatened to kill us!”, Trish exclaimed, terrified and angry at the same time.
“You know these men?!”, Amblessed asked. She was beyond shocked to think her friends knew who these men were and even more upsetting, that they had planned it all.
“We don’t know him!”, Trish replied, pointing at the huge man.
“But you know him!”, Amblessed, pointing at the man who cut her, the man called Cole.
It was at this point that Tianna and Trish seem to realize they had given away themselves in the heat of the moment; their facial expressions said it all.
Her friends had set her up.
And what was worse? They had set her up with only one man but there were two men holding up knives at them

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:43pm On Aug 12
Abeg come post update jhor before i go hungry...
I have updated, don't be hungry
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:11pm On Aug 13
Chapter five
Amblessed had always thought she finally found a group of girls who were not just friends but sisters to her. Growing up as an only child in a house with high electrified fences and gate and in a street where one never knew one’s neighbours, she had been quite lonely. Her only friends were those she made in school and she saw them just at school. That was why when she met the T and T, she found another family that wanted nothing from her but true friendship. They had made a pact to always have one another’s backs like sisters would do. Now all she could feel was sadness and disappointment that they would do this to her.
“Trisha. Tiana. Why?”, at this point, she was close to tears.
“Because you are a selfish and terrible human being”, the man called Cole replied.
Amblessed was in shock. “I did not ask you! I want them to answer me by themselves”. She looked at her so-called “friends” square in the face and dared them to reply. Moreover, what did she have to lose? She was going to die anyways so it would be preferable to die knowing why her friends detested her so much they arranged to have her killed. It was even more demanding seeing that she just announced their adventure after their exams that same day.
This could only mean they had been planning to hurt her for a while now and were just biding their time. She had given them the right opportunity! The tears began to flow freely down her cheeks and she didn’t bother to wipe her eyes to see clearly or even wipe them from her cheeks no matter how much their saltines stung the cut on the cheek.
“Answer me!”, she screamed.
“Oh please stop being a cry baby. Right from time, it has always been about you. You think we became your friends because we liked you? No! your family has connections which we could exploit not just for ourselves but for our families. But you have always been a bitch about everything. When I finally found Tunji, the love of my life, you snatched him just as you have always snatched any guy we liked”, Tiana said with so much fury.
“Not forgetting my own boyfriend whom you slept with and when I confronted you about it, you said you were only helping me know what a cheat he was”, Trisha said.
Amblessed had never felt so bad in her life.
“I only told you about having an adventure today”, she continued, “how long have you been planning this?”, she asked.
“Oh baby…for so long…”, Tianna replied.
“So you arranged to have me killed?”, Amblessed asked.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:19pm On Aug 13
Tianna again replied, “who is talking about killing here? We only planned to scare you, then we decided to kidnap you and make some money off you. In fact, the plan was for Cole to kidnap you and bring you to where we were all ‘tied up’ so it won’t be suspicious that we left our friend alone and she got kidnapped”
Trish continued, “But then, we waited in our hiding place for so long with no sign of either of you so we decided to come looking, only for Mister Big Guy here to capture us and threaten to kill us if we didn’t do as we were told. And then he works for Cole and the shock just made us spill the beans, dang!”.
“Big Guy works for me and he has his instructions. Now Big Guy, thanks for delivering”, Cole said. The other man smiled sheepishly and said, “Boss, you know I got you, as long as I get paid my cut”.
“What is going on here? That wasn’t the plan Cole”, Trish asked the question on the faces of all the girls.
“Plans change”, Cole replied and then…
Kpaaa! Kpaaa! Kpaaa!
Three shots ran through Big Guy’s head.
“AAAAAHHHHH!!!!”, all the girls screamed, Tianna and Trish hurdled together.
“What the Bleep are you doing??!! Nobody was supposed to die!”, Tianna screamed at Cole, who was still pointing the gun at the body on the ground.
Before he could say a word, Amblessed launched at him, throwing her whole body weight on him which sent both of them crashing down the hard ground.
More screams.

This sudden move surprised everyone, even Amblessed. She tried to grab the gun from his hands but he recovered from the shock soon enough to stop her from doing that. As they struggled, she heard shots been fired, obviously from the gun and she heard the girls screaming the more and saying something about someone getting shot. Right now, all she cared about was getting out of here alive.
Soon both girls joined in fighting Cole who seemed capable of handling them all. Amblessd found herself getting flung on one side of the road. She was getting used to the ground and pain at this point. She got up in seconds and began to run down the road, going as fast as her legs could carry her. She heard more shots behind her but she did not turn to see who shot who or if the guns were randomly fired into the atmosphere. It was dark but she sprinted all the same, using the little light provided by the moon crescent in the sky. As she ran, she prayed to catch sight of the building by the foot of the hill.

She hoped whoever it was didn’t not have the gun with them or even if they did, they shouldn’t have bullets in the gun. How wrong she was!

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 5:23pm On Aug 13
Kpa! Kpa! More shots! At this point, her only advantage was the darkness or rather, dimness of the moonlight. Still, she began to run in zigzags to disable the shooter from aiming at her and actually getting her.
Then she saw the building. Her momentum increased, any minute now and she would reach the gate. She was already screaming, “help! Help! Help!” even before getting there. In an instant, she felt a shot hit her leg, sending her crumbling down in spirals.
She was now numb to pain so she could care less. She landed at the gate, hitting it hard with her body as she did. The security man was already at the gate; he must have heard her scream for help. He looked lost at the sight of her and she wouldn’t blame him.
“Open! Open before they kill me! please help!”, she screamed. She was glad the shooter had stopped shooting. Maybe his bullets had finished, she hoped.
Please God let him not have more bullets to use, she prayed in her heart as she waited for the security man to open the gate.
The security man opened the gate and locked it the moment she rushed in. She dragged her leg that was shot, not feeling any pain with all the adrenaline gushing through her.
“Where is my car?”, Amblessed asked.
“What happened? I was worried about you when your friends came to take the car without you o”, the man said. He seemed more confused about what was going on.
“What?! My friends did what?!”
The man’s statement was cut short when a shot hit him on his head, he fell flat on the floor.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by skyblueking(m): 7:32pm On Aug 13
DSAlan nice 0ne...
I repeat, nothing should happen to my crush oo...

Buh recently, your updates don dey short lyk devilpen pr*ck..
*runs away*
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by Devilpen(m): 8:03pm On Aug 13
DSAlan nice 0ne...
I repeat, nothing should happen to my crush oo...

Buh recently, your updates don dey short lyk devilpen pr*ck..
*runs away*
lol...... My ribs o
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 9:22pm On Aug 13
DSAlan nice 0ne...
I repeat, nothing should happen to my crush oo...

Buh recently, your updates don dey short lyk devilpen pr*ck..
*runs away*

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