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The Dog Attendant (T. D. A) [COUNTLESS Part 2]. A story By Darousmart Emmanuel. / Story, Love Happens By Laura / Short Story: "LOVE'S GRIEF" - Written By Oyekunle Lizzy Oyebola (2) (3) (4)

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TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by hizeeksheun(m): 7:24pm On Apr 22
The Story below is a copyrighted work of Hizeeksheun (Blalock).
No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

This story is a work of fiction. A pure result of my imagination. All incidents and people in this story are fictional and any resemblance to any persons (living or dead), situations or locale is absolutely coincidental.


“Singlets. Singlets for your husband, boyfriend and daddy at shikini price.” The igbo guy was dressed in faded jeans and brown t-shirt a size too small. Drops of sweat had gathered upon his forehead from the dog-heat of an african afternoon. It dripped even now as he strutted in tandem withg thye already moving bus and pushed an unwanted packet of singlets at Tolani. “Buy for your boyfriend na”.

Soon they pulled out of the traffic. The vehicle gave a shudder, a pause and the zoom of an old engine thrown open. It would go through the streets of Ikeja and on to Mile 12, giving a periodic fit at every junction and an upset to her delicate stomach. But it was worth it. Mile 12 held Chinyere's apartment; and Chinyere, God bless her sweet self, had held her heart for a decade now. A friend for any weather, a best friend forever, was worth the convulsions of danfo.

“Owa Oooo” Tolani cried out.

“Owaaaaaaa” other passengers cried out in unison. Riding a bus in Lagos, like everything else, was a community affair.

“Here abi?” The driver brought the car to a screeching halt in front of Chinyere's junction. The occupants lurched forward and Tolani, already on her feet, sprawled over the passenger ahead of her.

“Do fast fast” The driver said.

He was a middle-aged man with scanty goaty and a face rumpled by brawls on the streets. A veritable murderer, she thought to herself. But she bit back a retort and hurried down. The conductor was already screaming Oshodi at the top of his lungs and mildly harassing passers-by. He could jump in the next moment and offer no apology when they drop her ten miles off her destination.

She took a deep breathe when she got down from the bus, crossed the road in the regular daredevilry of lagosians and hailed a bike.

The bikeman turned sharply, and came to a halt by her feet. Why was everyone tryinjg to kill her? Or did he call that “impressive”?

“Where you dey go?” His accent was hausa and warm.

“Behind MY FATHER AND I ARE ONE GOSPEL MINISTRIES” She would have rolled her eyes if she wasn't tired and famished.

“Owk, near Madam's Shukura house, ko?” He was smiling.

“Yes, yes”she was not smiling as she climbed the backseat.

“Öwk, na 250 o!”

Tolani sighed. Why did they always wait until one was seated and reluctant to come down? “Han han, 250 bawo? Na 150 I get abeg”

“Owk na. Why you con dey form before?” He was chiding her but his eyes were a parody of seduction. Hian! She had gist for Chinyere today.

And what would Chinyere be up to? She let her mind wander as the air held her weave in a wave behind her. Would bestie be asleep? No. No, probably on her weekend pastime, the umpteenth rewatch of Beauty and the Beast. It was for kids for Chinyere could be stubborn: “Yea? I'll watch it with my kids when I get married to Shola, so?”

Always there would be the faint pout and raised eyebrows and the twinkle in her eye as though she knew just how illogical she was at the moment and loved it. Ah, how she missed that imp.

“Here ko?” The bike man asked, bringing her out of her reverie.

“Yes! Thank you”Her voice had the purr of anticipation.

She paid and made her way to the self-contained apartment behind the church.

Knock Knock. Her knuckles on mahogany made a pleasant, if hurtful, sound. "Who is there?" screamed a female voice from within. The typical Nigerian response wnould be a "It's me" which rendered such a mundane act an article of faith.

"Human being. Abeg con open gate"Tolani hollered.

"Fish. Hian, what took you so long?" The voice betrayed an intense excitement.

"Is this not Lagos? The lagos you talked me into coming to vist and now, hen!, I have come to stay o. Three hellish hours on the road and such a short distance." She could hear the key twisted in the lock "Girl, I'm tired of your Lagos honestly...the holdups, the razz razz lifestyle everywhwere gets me crazy honestly."

Chinyere opened the gate with a " Omo yi, chill jare, just calm down. Is it not the lagos where I have lived? You will adapt abeg, don't worry" She was patting Tolani on the back in a maternal gesture of reassurance. They had known, eight years ago, who the mom in their relationship was.

" I have heard ooo. All this mother-daughter scenes you keep posing with me ehn. Hmm, please ooh" It was feeble resistance. She smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear even as she said it.

"So how are you now? How is your new job too"Chinyere asked playfully

"Oh it's lovely. Except for the guys who stare. You know na, pretty girl problems"

"Kayode still there"

"Yes and more persistent than ever. I feel his eyes burning a hole in my face whenever I walk past"

"Osheey, somebody is crushing on my baby girl. Plenty gist for me today o."


Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by hizeeksheun(m): 9:32pm On Apr 22
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Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by hizeeksheun(m): 3:54pm On Apr 23
They climbed the three stairs and entered into the apartment. Tolani gave a squeal almost immediately. "Wow, you just got this frame of Kenny Rogers? Awwwwn. This is beautiful" Her face was transformed with awe as she exclaimed.

"Yeah, actually Ngozi, that my cousin resident in the states, sent them down"

"Wow, that's so nice of her. She must know that you are still razz about this country music. Jeez! Since secondary school days o"

Chinyere adopted the posture of the connosieur "You really cannot understand the beauty of country music. It's hard to appreciate the nuances when it comes to something so sublime. Oh, country"

"Country kor, nation ni" Tolani responded with a laugh

"Na you know o. Let me get you water?"

"Ah, yes please. But Chi Chi, you are enjoying o"

"You dey whine me?"

"Show me the way now" There was a pause as she drank down the cold water. The dust and heat of Lagos roads went with it. "Ehen, how is Femi na?"

"Oh the love of my life?" Chinyere pressed her hand against her cheeks in disney-esque swoon.

"Wareva, how is he?"Tolani snickered.

"Femi is fine. He called me not too long before you came in" Her voice was a purr, loaded with affection. "That guy is god-damn caring. I haven't dated any one with such a loving nature. Ever! Dude calls me freaking three times a day. "

"Hmm, Chi you've caught the love bug. You know every guy does that to enter a lady's heart. And when they do? Boom. Shit begins. Your three calls become one and before you know it, he's barely got time to cha..." She was cut short by a whatsapp call on Chinyere's phone.

"Oh it's Ngozi." She said and gestured to the Kenny Rogers frame. Into the phone, she said "Hello cousin. How are you?"

"I'm doing great. How is Nigeria"

"Nigeria is fine o... 

"Eheen, Eheen, Sis, I have finally made up my mind ooh, I am coming back to Nigeria to stay" Ngozi said in burgeoning excitement, her voice rising.

"Really? why would you want to do that? How the heck would you cope? With this new found Americanness I can sense over the phone? Don't even tryyy!

The poor transport system, poor economy, everything? Ngozi, you know I love you. Please..." Chinyere said as she tucked a lock of hair under her ear.

"Aunty Chinyere, I have already made up my mind, I think it could be really good for me, you know...
Perhaps, Who knows.. I could come and do something great, have a good impact in Nigeria."
Her voice seared in desperation as she spoke. There really was no going back.

"Owk, if you really do want to come, but be sure you really want to and keep me updated." Chinyere said.

"Or are you hiding something from me?" Ngozi quizzed.

'Hiding what? Nwa Ngozii?' Chinyere, laughed as she smoothed her skirt with her polished nail. 'Ehen, so what would you be doing when you come to Nigeria?'

'Would venture into Journalism, I guess.'

"Niceee, you majored in History right?"

"Sure! You forgot?" Hmmn. Ehen, she continued, in a more serious tone "Aunty Chinyere, my boyfriend wants to speak with you."

"Ooh, The Kendrick guy??!" Chinyere inquired, as Tolani kept making signals with her hands telling Chinyere to round up the call.

"I am coming," Chinyere whispered to Tolani, raising a finger indicating 'a minute please..'

"You say?" Ngozi asked, not sure of what she'd just heard.

"Ooh, it's Tolani, my longtime best friend since Secondary School, I told you about her last time you called. She's here with me and would be spending the weekend." She said in a voice soft with affection.

"Awwnnn, you guys are still in contact. Really amazing!
Please do help me say hello.
Now, are you gonna speak with Kendrick?"

"Huh...Yeah, sure!" Chinyere giggled.

"Hii" A thick masculine voice sounded over the phone in a black American accent.


"Ngoozii told me about you, you must be Chinyeeray" he talked slowly, trying really hard to pronounce Chinyere and Ngozi correctly.

"Hun hun, it's pronounced Chinyere, she told me about you too. So, I guess you would be coming with her to Nigeria.' She chuckled as she toyed with a lock of hair.

"Yeah, I would love to. I have really longed to visit Nigeria since high school. I'd read about the Olumo Rock, Yeah, read about Lagos too, learnt it's some big city like New York. Ngo-Ozi told me you stay in Lagos, that's pretty niceee"

"Yeah, you have learnt so much about Nigeria, that's cool." Chinyere replied unenthusiastically, trying her best American impression but it came off heavily British. She did all she could to avoid bursting into a mirthless laughter.

"I really can't wait to come to Nigeria, would come after Ngozi comes anyways." He sounded serious.

"Yeah, can't wait to see you Ken." Her disinterest was obvious now.

'Can't wait to see you toooo.'

'Bye, please give the phone back to Ngozi' Chinyere said as she ended their conversation.

'Ngozi, please be careful ooh, don't get into a wrong relationship, i really want you to be sure you want to be with this Mister Kendrick.'

'Yeah, sure, I am. I love him and he does love me too.'

"Pele ooh, Lover Lover.' Chinyere giggled as she wiggled her hips playfully.

'Byeee, I have gotta go now. See yaa' Ngozi said in cheerfully.


'Tolani, please tell me you are not cross.' Chinyere pleaded, as she played with her hair.

'Who you dey form English for? Cross kor' Tolani said in pidgin English.
'So, what's up?' She inquired.

'Yeah, that was my Coz, born in the United States, studied History at the University Of Michigan, now my baby girl wants to come back to be journalist, for naija... Who the heck does that?'

"Ooh, she was born in the states..." Tolani said in a level tone. "Little wonder" she added as she picked a slice of pineapple Chinyere had dropped on the table on the tray alongside the bottle of water.

'Is that all you would say?'

'Yeah, sure. Definitely no Nigerian born immigrant would want to do that, she was born in the States, so, perhaps she has read about Nigeria in her History Books, loved Nigeria, read about the Nigerian Culture, now she thinks Nigeria is some sorta ghetto-ish resort to visit and live the life' Tolani said as she suddenly bursted into a disturbing laughter.

'Abeg, what is this one saying? Eyin writers yi sha' Chinyere chuckled.

"What am I saying? What are you saying?" Tolani grinned.

"Hen, hen, have you read the latest episode of 'Who I Used To Be?' on my Blog?" She added.

"Yeah, sure, girl the way you use those words really amazes me.'' Chinyere yawped out as she drummed her fingers on the table playfully.

"Hun hun, Really?" Tolani blushed as she pressed her hand to her heart.

"Yessss, I really can't wait for the next episode!
I have always known Kunle to be the bad guy in the story, I really hopes he gets dealt with. Really!!!"

'Just calm down, it's just next tomorrow.' Tolani said with a little air of pride.

'So, Tolani, tell me about the Kayode guy now' Chinyere chided as her eyes widened while she placed her palms on her cheeks.

"Ooh, Kayode..." She hissed then gave a lopsided grin.

"Oshey, you are crushing back baa" She smirked.

"Crushing back kor, who get that kind time abeg?!
Free me joor" She now had on her guarded look.

"Talk joor, has he asked you out?" Chinyere's eyes widened as she stretched out her legs in front of her. She was in for hot gist this evening.

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Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by hizeeksheun(m): 2:52pm On Apr 24
"Asked me out?" She said as she let out an hysterical laughter. "You went really far, somebody that doesn't even have the mind to look at me in the face" She continued as she grinned widely.

"Ehen ehen..." Chinyere's tone grew curious as she placed her palms on her cheeks.

"Ooh, he told me yesterday that he follows my book series and complemented me. Said, I write pretty well and would want to work with me on editing someday. You know he's the developmental editor at the publishing house where I work." She revealed.

"He he, and what did you tell him?" Chinyere quizzed.

"What do you want me to tell him now? I don't have time for those shits ooh! Las las, na for us to be doing boyfriend-girlfriend all around Lagos that will finally end in tears."

"You don hit me be that ooh! You better calm down and allow the guy into your miserable single life!"

"Me? Miserable. Single. Life." Tolani said as she squeezed her eyes shut!

"Ooh God, Tolani dearrr, I'm sorryyy, I didn't mean to now... Chinyere said in a rush, placing her palms together and making a funny face with her lips pushed forward.

"Nooh, leave me alone. I am going home" Tolani said with a determined frown waving her hand mockingly in dismissal.

'Pleeaaase noW' Chinyere made another silly face as one corner of her mouth quirked up leaving Tolani bursting into laughter as she slapped her knee slightly.

"I have heard yo-o-uu" Tolani said admist giggles.

'Tolly babyy, Kayode's Wifee' She teased her as she uncrossed her ankles, then stood up. "I'm coming let me bring your food, or are you not eating yet?'' She said as she dragged her feet out of the sitting room into the dining room, raising the curtain that separated both rooms and then made her way into the kitchen, it's door making a creak.

"Owk ooh, Big head."Tolani said as smiles danced across her lips and slowly she ran into her thoughts, 'Ooh goodness, Chi Chi really hadn't changed a bit, she never stopped teasing her about getting a boyfriend long since their University days, while they were roommates at the University Of Ibadan,

'You will just die single' She always said jokingly.

They had been together since the 90s while they both lived in Ring Road with their parents, she would never stop sneaking from home to go to Chinyere's house which was a stone throw from her parent's bungalowed house.

"Omotolani, how many times have i told you to stop leaving the house when I go out?" Her mum would scold usually followed by pulling her ears, leaving them throbbing in pain. But that never stopped her.

"Tolani ooh, here's your food" She was suddenly brought out of her reverie as Chinyere called her while she carefully placed two plates of well spiced party jollof rice garnished with sallad and cream with about 7 slices of plantain placed around it and beef on the table. They smelled really niceee.

'Chi Chi, Wawu! All for me? Tell me you cooked this!' Tolani's face transformed in awe as she held her hands close to her heart.

"Forget am ooh! Me self don upgrade. I cook anything now" Chinyere boasted as she tossed her hair.

"Hen, you learnt from me now, I taught you well" Tolani chuckled as she sat down at the dining table

'Tolani, would you take 5-Alive?' Chinyere said as she opened the fridge, and bringing out the 4 litresized canned fruit juice.

'Su-re, anything goes, thank you!' Tolani mumbled as she shovelled a spoonful into her mouth.

"Ow-k now" She said as she carried two cans of 5-ALIVE on both hands, one for herself and the other for Tolani and closed the fridge with her leg and joined her friend.

Just then a call came in for Chinyere, as Tolani reached to pass her the phone she saw the caller ID and chuckled.

"Femi Looove" is calling oo come and pick your call, she said, laughing as Chinyere made to grab the phone.

"Hellooooo" Chinyere said girlishly.


Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by hizeeksheun(m): 11:28pm On Apr 26
"Babe, What's up now?" Femi asked, his voice dragging, laden with fatigue.

"I am fine, but hey you sound really tired."

"Yeah, just a bit tired and huuungry" Femi revealed as he stroked his beard.

He worked as a Civil Engineer in one of the Construction companies in town.

"Ehyaah, and I just finished cooking ooh, will you come and eat?" She said playfully, teasing.

"Hen hen, you want to test me abi? I will come ooh"

"This night? Are you sure?"

"Yes, so are you eating already?"

"About to"

As they continued to make small talk,

Tolani who was now halfway through her meal, was scrolling through her phone, checking email notifications from her blog,

A particular comment arrested her attention and the corners of her mouth curved into a smile. It read:

"Hey Tolani, I have been following your blog for a long time now, I have read three of your short stories on Naira-Books and the way you tell your stories constantly amaze me and inspire my writings.
So this email is my humble request to you, please can I intern with you or something? Would you be my mentor?"

Thinking of how to reply, Tolani was jolted from her thoughts by Chinyere's tapping on her shoulder.

"Femi wants to speak with you"

"Oh okay"

'Hi' Tolani started

"Hello Tolani"
Nice to finally talk, I've heard so much about you.

"Haa..What did Chi-Chi say about me ooh?

To which Femi responded with a chuckle, and added "Well you know, just normal stuffs" and quickly added "so how is Lagos treating you?"

"Hunn...Lagos is fine except you people's notorious traffic"

To which he laughed and said "Welcome to Eko"

They chatted over the phone for a bit, he wasn't terrible at conversation, Tolani decided.

They said byes and she handed the phone to Chinyere and returned to her food and phone.


"Chi Chi, see what someone commented on the last episode of my story ooh"

She pushed her phone across to Chinyere to show her the comment she was reading earlier

"Awnnn, my baby girl is somebody's writing inspiration, Mad oh!"

To which Tolani giggled.

"Reply the person now" Chinyere said, back to toying with a lock of hair.

I am still thinking of how to reply.." She said then started to type:

Hey, thank you for reaching out! Means a lot
I would be glad to help your writing journey in the ways I can. Send me a mail at TolaniWrites@gmail.com.

Best Wishes.

She hit send.

Chinyere looked over from her phone to Tolani and said

"Soo..trust you have heard from home? How's your Dad?."

"Abeg, don't talk to me about that idiot"

To which Chinyere said nothing further.


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Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by Silver1996(m): 12:43am On Apr 27
Hope it isn't Femi that comment on the post o

Nice story, (In John snow voice) Please continue
Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by hizeeksheun(m): 9:47pm On Apr 27
Hope it isn't Femi that comment on the post o

Nice story, (In John snow voice) Please continue
He he, Femi? But why would he?
Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by hizeeksheun(m): 11:52pm On Apr 28

Minutes soon rolled into hours, till it was Monday.
They had the weekend filled with so much glamour as Chi Chi took her all around Lagos on Saturday. Tolani glowed inside as she felt deep nostalgia from memories of her family and Chi's going on vacations in the 90s.

They toured the 80 hectare-ed, well proportioned carpet grassed Lekki Conservation Center, to the Lekki Leisure lake. It was such razzle-dazzle and ball rolling.
Then they ended their outing by wheting their appetites at Hills and friends, a glass built 5 star restaurant owned by one of the former governors of Lagos State.

The most dazing experience of the weekend was Tolani realising that Chinyere attends The Angels Spritual Church, an assembly of which her members are characterized by their dazzling white gowns and candles.
After much persuasion, she decided to follow her to the church on Sunday which turned turned out to be the most horrible experience she's ever had; from the prophet claiming that the husband made for her is dead, and she killed him, to saying her womb was tied. All sorts !
In deep fury as her blood boiled, she rose to her feet and marched out of the church, while Chinyere ran, trying to catch up with her and calm her nerves.

"Ownnnn" Tolani yawned as she rubbed off sleep from her eyes. It was definitely a weekend to be remembered.
She took a quick glance at the large star-shaped wall-clock placed beside the Chimamanda Adichie's portrait hung opposite her bed. It was 4:30am and she needed to be ready for work by 6:00am to beat the early morning traffic on the Lagos roads.

In a flash, Tolani mumbled few words of prayer, then picked up her phone, switched on her data as a mail notification popped up almost immediately. She opened the mail and placed her left palm on her left cheek as she read:
I am Jimi Solade, I received your reply containing your email address on your blog to my request on you being my writing mentor.
Thank you for your willingness to help, I am grateful.
When do I send in some of my write ups for checks?


"Hmmm" She smiled as she finished reading, "I would reply later in the day during work" She thought to her self as she flipped her phone across the bed, then stood up to get ready for work.


With her black leather bag swung on her left arm, Tolani walked hurriedly, as she made her way out of her bungalow, jamming the big aluminium door behind her.

"Junctionnn" She shouted, as she waved down a tricycle with three passengers seated at the back so her only option was to sit in front beside the tricycle rider on the same bench he sat. But, who cares? She can't afford to be late to work, else her salary gets deducted by every 5 minutes she gets late.

Supporting her self with the upper edge of the tricycle as she sat beside the tricycle rider, a Yoruba looking dark skinned bald man in his mid 20s, she was soon lost in thoughts as the tricycle zoomed up the street to the estate's junction, as she thought of her mum in Ibadan, her dad had left them for Aunty Toke, a then ND holder of the Ibadan Polytechnic, when she was 16.
Her mum saw hell! From him hitting her to burning her clothes when he gets angry to her questioning his coming home late. "I am your husband, and you should obey me" Her dad rants as he lands her heavy slaps while she screams, 'Ni emi naa, Baba Tolani??!' while Tolani runs from her room to separate them with a teary face, "Stop fighting Daddyy".

"Will you go back to you room? What do you know?" Her Dad would bark at her while she would hop back to bed with sorrow shredding her inside, and her pillow gripped firmly for comfort. It was hell!


Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by Silver1996(m): 1:08am On Apr 29
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Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by hizeeksheun(m): 2:24am On Apr 29
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And don't forget to call others to read too ooh. *Winks*
Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by hizeeksheun(m): 11:16pm On Apr 30
"Aunty, oyaa ooh" She was soon snapped out of her reverie as the tricycle rider bellowed, beckoning on her to come down and pay his money.
After ransacking her bag, she handed over to him an old 50 naira note after which she soon made her way to the park to board a danfo bus to Ikeja, which held her office at the Body, Soul and Spirit Publishing House, where she worked as a Sales Representative.

"Ikeja, ONE!" The bus conductor roared. The bus was almost full, they needed just a passenger to fill up then, zoom! They were out of Agege to Ikeja.
Quickly, Tolani ran to join the bus.

A shudder, a pause and a zooom. The driver turned the key in full ignition as the engine roared to life. They were out of the park en route Ikeja.
Soon, within 20 minutes, after a little hold on traffic for 10 minutes, they were in Ikeja as the Bus Driver parked in the Bus Stop for them to alight. They all had paid the bus conductor, just before getting to Ikeja.

Tolani, quickly alighting, walked briskly as she checked the time on her watch, it was 7:42am already. Jesus CHRIST!! How the heck did that happen?

"Tolaniii!!" She heard a deep masculine voice bellow in burgeoning excitement, as she turned her neck to see who it was only to behold the old unchanging broad forehead face with sprouting goatee. Full of excitement as she got a warm fuzzy feeling, she ran, hugging him tight, blurted out, "Musaaaa!!"

"Longesttt time ooh" Musa shouted animatedly, as they separated from the hug while he held her hands playfully.
Musa had always been her very good friend after Chinyere, they read together in school and competed for the best in Mathematics which was much unusual for a Commercial student to contend. Science guys always topped.
Musa was first most times, but she sure gave him a tough time and finally clinching best at the final mock examinations which determined the best in Mathematics at their Graduation ceremony.

"What are you doing here?" Tolani quizzed, as her face glowed. She felt really drunk with happiness. Oh man! The good old times.

"Yeah, I came to pick up a parcel at the post office" Musa said as he pointed to the building beside the duplex built publishing house where Tolani works.

"What about you?" Musa asked as he jammed his left hand into his pocket.

"Ooh, I work here"

"Really? With Spirit, Soul and Body? Wow! Respects." Musa hollered as he pointed to the bill board tagged "Spirit, Soul and Body" hanged at the top of the publishing house.
"I learnt you guys are the best in town." He added.

"Yeah, I'd just started working with them anyways, I work as the Sale Representative"

"Wow. That's nice, I work in LUTH as a Medical Doctor too." Musa said with a little air of pride.

"Wawuu, Our Doctor, free Consulting for me in Lagos niyen ooh. Osheyyy!" She yawped out.

"Abii ooh, I think I should get going ooh, I am late already, it's really nice seeing you again, please can I have your WhatsApp contact?" One could easily sense his fondness for her.

"Yeah, sure!" She said, as Musa handed over his phone to her, then she dialed, "08145659042"


As this went on, Kayode was watching from his office window, growling as he drew a knuckle hitting the window pane lightly.

"Wow, an old flame?" Random thoughts ran through his mind, his hopes plummeting, as he pulled out his chair to sit. He really had his heart beating for Tolani, but would he have a relationship crash to build his?


Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by hizeeksheun(m): 1:05pm On May 03
Happy Sunday People! *Winks*
Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by hizeeksheun(m): 1:05pm On May 03
"Coffee sire?!" Kayode, was suddenly brought out of dreaminess as he responded with a stutter, 'Ye-e-s please" as the coffee-lady placed a tray with two cups of coffee on his table.

"Thanks!" Kayode said with so much unenthusiasm, as she left.

"Kpom, kpom" A knock went on the big mahogany door that led to his well furnished office. He had two pots of plastic flowers placed beside his table, and a set of cushion chairs arranged round the room painted yellow, with a shaded framed portrait of him hanged on the wall.

"You can come in" He said as he took a sip of coffee, as a lady in her mid twenties, in a Bob Marley styled hair walked in. She is Lois, an editor in the publishing house under Kayode.

"Yesss?" His usual cheerful countenance was lost as his forehead furrowed.

"The Director calls for a board meeting now sire!" She said in a level way realising he wasn't in for the usual ball rolling with smiles dancing across his lips.

"Okay , I will be there"


Seated round the brown polished mahogany table were:
The bald, square jaw faced, quiet Director, Mr Babatunde who always spoke in low tones as he kept a straight face while giving orders, "Tolani, you should know all your duties by now. 2 weeks of work? With these nonsense I see?" He had queried her the last Friday on the low proceedings she was getting as the Sales Representative but the ever smiling Production Manager, Mr Abdulsalam Olaode (who sat beside Mr Babatunde) interfered, helping to solicit on her behalf. "She would learn with time" He had said.

Then the eagle-eyed Copyright Editor, Mrs Olamide Owolabi who was rumoured of being in an unethical relationship with Mr Babatunde.
Just last week Lois, the light skinned Igbo tribed Editorial Assistant entered the office Tolani shared with Ms Abdullahi - the Art Director, with her eyes bugging and a devilish smile dancing across her lips was gesticulating widely as she revealed of how she saw Mrs Olamide smoothening her skirt, and buttoning the first two buttons of her blouse as she left the Director's office in a hurry.

Tolani, who was still not used to the Publishing House sat down grinning wondering what sort of lady Lois was. People don't care to mind their businesses?
Lois sat across Ms Abdullahi, who also happened to be Tolani's new found bestie in the publishing house. Tolani had screamed, hugging Ms Abdullahi tight in full embrace when she discovered she had lived on the same street as she did in Ibadan. "Do you know Chinyereeee?!" She had asked in burgeoning excitement as she held her hand playfully. It was the start of a long-short termed friendship. Would it last? No one knows!

The never smiling lawyer in charge of Contracts, Mrs Adeolu who always gaited and waggled on her heels as she walked, sat just opposite Tolani, the Sales Representative who had an empty seat by her right.

Then we have Kayode, walking up to take a sit beside Tolani, pulling a straight face as he sat down.

"Good morning!" Mr Babatunde bellowed, as he opened a large book in front of him.

"Good morning sir" They all chorused in unison with faces puzzled. They all were wondering what could be the reason for the impromptu meeting.

"Ms. Lois, could you help with the minutes of the last meeting please?" He said. Lois had been saddled with the responsibility of a secretary during board meetings.

Her beautiful feminine voice filled the air as she read the minutes, from a foolscap sheet she held to her face.

"Thank you Lois!" Mr Babatunde thanked her as she ended it by reading out the scheduled plan of setting up an "online literary magazine" which was discussed in the last meeting.


"Yes, so Ms Abdullahi, is the cover for the online literary magazine ready?" Mr Babatunde asked, facing her.

"It's almost ready sir" She said as her jaw clenched.

"Almost?! It's over a week since our last meeting and you don't have it ready?
I'm really done with you all taking your jobs with such nonchalant attitude." He snarled.


Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by Silver1996(m): 6:22pm On May 03
Ride on sir
Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by hizeeksheun(m): 1:46am On May 04
Ride on sir
Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by hizeeksheun(m): 9:52am On May 05
@cassidypat @EvaJael @honourable356 @oyinella @EkopSparoAyara @Electricboy @Adejunwonlo94 @ruboy @centmanuel @dammyd46 @Humbleness @EvaJael
and other literature Nairalanders,
Come and read ooh. *Winks*

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Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by Electricboy(m): 10:15am On May 05
thanks for the mention..
Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by EkopSparoAyara(m): 12:52pm On May 05
@cassidypat @EvaJael @honourable356 @oyinella @EkopSparoAyara @Electricboy @Adejunwonlo94 @ruboy @centmanuel @dammyd46 @Humbleness @EvaJael
and other literature Nairalanders,
Come and read ooh. *Winks*


Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by EvaJael(f): 1:29pm On May 05
Thanks for the mention. I'm here. I hope Lois Is a good woman o. That's the name of someone dear to my heart grin
Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by Humbleness: 4:19pm On May 05
Thanks for the mention,l got your back.
Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by ruboy(m): 6:04pm On May 05
Thanks for d mention..
Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by Vickyace(f): 6:26pm On May 05
Seems interesting, I'll sit with my popcorn and coke.

You can check out more romance stories here - www.youngicee.com/romance-stories
Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by hizeeksheun(m): 10:22pm On May 05
thanks for the mention..
You are welcome! *Broad smiles*
Re: TOLANI - A STORY (Love. Mystery. Suspense.) by hizeeksheun(m): 10:22pm On May 05

Ann2012 Queenitee Adesina12 Solobenzo Phoenixcap Quinyoudee
Welcome ooh. *Winks*

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