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Love Is A Game By Onyeneke Abel / Novel: Caught In The Moment (house Of Earl Fashion) Written By: Onyeneke Abel / Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel (2) (3) (4)

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Onyeneke Abel Martin Story Lounge! by Abelosas222(m): 6:47pm On Aug 18
In here we feature short stories just for your entertainment! feel free to drop yours if you have any, you can also promote your stories here alright! it's a free world remember grin

I've got a short story for you to start with!


It was few minutes past 5:00pm when Kelechi wiped the spec of dirt that had found its way to the lower part of his black jeans. He was strutting the lone road that led outside the campus on his way to see a friend he'd met just eight days back on a social platform. Her name was Pearl as she'd told him though he suspected it wasn't her popular appellation. It was the normal routine with ladies to use far more appealing names online, at least until they become familiar with their chatter. "Hey, where are you off to handsome?" He looked up to see who had cut into his thoughts and quickly put on a broad smile on realizing it was Sarah, one of his numerous crush. He remembered the short moment of pleasure they had shared back in their first year when he was sick and she had visited him. She had liked it but had feigned anger and he had apologized blaming the drugs he was on. They were now in their third year and had had other fleeting moments of fun despite her being in a serious relationship. Kelechi himself wasn't the faithful type, he hated being stuck with one person and his unending list of admirers helped his cause.
At 6'3" he looked quite the imposing figure. He was fair with broad shoulders and side beards that extended down both sides of his face to settle under his chin. His dental features were also enviable, sparkling white teeth with a little space in-between the incisors. Many times in public when he had smiled, he hadn't failed to notice the admirable glances he attracted. "I'm off to Ugbioko to see a friend. Should be back before it's dark." He replied while rubbing her palm after they had separated from their intimate hug. "Can't you see it's about to rain already? Can't you go sometime later?" She asked with sincere concern. "I'll be back before it starts," he replied as he looked up to see the hazy clouds and wondered again if it was worth taking the risk to see Pearl. He had sacrificed his last lecture scheduled for 4:00pm. He had also had to forgo his religious commitments slated for that day and now was daring a torrid evening if he eventually got beaten by the rain. Still, he shrugged his shoulders and sighed. Pearl was worth it, he reasoned.
Pearl was quite fair, tall and classy. She was his perfect type, one that ticked all the boxes. She stayed with her parents in Benin although they were of Yoruba descent. According to her, her family had to relocate to Benin from Lagos when her dad died and her mother remarried. She was the only child of her mother just like him and was very ambitious, she had even won the award for the most enterprising student in the whole of Benin. She also spoke fluent English and French, was the Deputy Commandant of the Edo Red Cross Society and was a computer geek. All these were what she had told him that had pushed him to insist on their physical meeting so he could personally appraise her and probably, explore other parts of her. Who knows he might finally have found someone who would tie him down. He smiled again, remembering how he had sent a picture of his hairy chest on her request and how she had reciprocated by calling him to talk for three straight hours. They had simply had this spontaneously enviable chemistry between them that had been missing in his other relationships and he was willing to explore this one, wherever it led him to.
He had unusually waited outside the campus gate for almost twenty minutes for a bus when he found one that had obviously seen better days. The front wore the insignia, Fear God while the sides were disproportionately arranged with scratches indiscriminately plastered all over obviously due to near crashes with other cars. As he struggled to fit his burly self into the back seat, the rain began in torrents, the initially bright atmosphere turning blustery in mere seconds. He groaned inside realizing he would after all be facing extreme difficulty getting a bus back. Thoughts of his days as a freshman in the University of Benin came rushing in. He had gotten admitted to study Law as the candidate with the second highest score and candidly he wasn't surprised when he was made aware of the feat. Throughout high school he had never missed the first or second position. He was a regular contestant at various competitions, and had won individual and collective awards both at local and national level. The most notable was the Lagos State Governor's Award for Intelligence. He had beaten 27 other contestants to emerge winner of a really tricky debate and that was why the management of his school didn't hesitate to make him senior prefect by the time he was in senior class three.

To be continued

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Re: Onyeneke Abel Martin Story Lounge! by BIGGIE121(m): 8:13pm On Aug 18
Mr Abelosas222 why did you stop updating LOVE IS A GAME?? I would advise you to complete your uncompleted stories before posting new ones . How are we sure that you are going to complete this one as well, well we will read it anyways if you do not complete it is your own cup of tea. No offence meant bro but i just had to say my mind it is really annoying to see nairaland lit sect litered with uncompleted stories,
Re: Onyeneke Abel Martin Story Lounge! by Abelosas222(m): 9:42pm On Aug 18
Mr Abelosas222 why did stop updating LOVE IS A GAME?? I would advise you to complete your uncompleted stories before posting new ones . How are we sure that you are going to complete this one, well we will read it anyways if you do not complete it is your own cup of tea. No offence oo bro but i just had to say my mind it is really annoying to see nairaland lit sect litered with uncompleted stories,

dear brother, it's for the fear of what we have been through, PLAGIARISM! of course I have all my stories completed I even have a good number for free... check the Facebook page and what's group chat
Re: Onyeneke Abel Martin Story Lounge! by Abelosas222(m): 6:41am On Aug 19

He was the only child of his parents, the Omotayos, who were not particularly rich nor poor, but they always made sure he had everything he needed at his disposal. Perhaps his intelligence was the assurance they needed to spur them on or the bitter acceptance of the grim knowledge that his mother couldn't bear another child. She had undergone an operation for fibroid and the family had duly decided she wasn’t to get pregnant again to avoid any further complications. Everything had changed though as soon as he had begun his tertiary education away from the eagle eyes of his parents; he finally had the freedom he had always craved and didn't fall to utilize it. His handsome features meant he never stopped receiving attention from members of the opposite sex and even though he didn't show commitment to anyone, they never stopped coming. In his second year in the institution, he won the award for the Most Handsome Law Student and this brought him further into the spotlight.
However Kelechi was tired of being the center of attraction. He was tired of being on the receiving end of inviting smiles and sensual gestures, he wanted more difficult adventures, ladies who would play hard and that was what had drawn him to Pearl the moment their parts crossed. Pearl had rebuffed his attempts to begin a conversation on numerous occasions. In one instance she had even vowed to trace him and do weird things to him if he didn't steer clear. But this only further fueled Kelechi's interest, he had found a worthy challenge and he didn't plan to lose, at least not yet. He kept hounding after her until she finally conceded defeat and gave him a chance. Since then he hadn't looked back and now they were as close as ever, all that was left was meeting her in person which he was going to complete soon.
In less than twenty-five minutes he was at the bus stop, finding shelter under the roof of an electronics store. The rain was still pouring and one part of him wanted it to continue that way as it would afford him the opportunity to sleep over at Pearl's home. He licked his lips at the thought of several possible scenarios, none involved him going back to campus that night. He decided to call his host then to inform her of his arrival. "Hello P. I'm at the bus stop now." He shouted into the receiver as soon as she'd picked. "Oh no! I had been trying your number to tell you not to bother coming since the weather was getting really unfriendly." He impatiently grumbled something incoherent into the receiver as she paused briefly. "I wouldn't want you being uncomfortable on our first date. Hold on though, I'll be there with an umbrella soon." She concluded, ending the connection before he even had a chance to say anything. He shivered, aware that he might be battling a cold shortly. Soon enough though, he saw a figure smiling and waving at him from across the street. He was stunned at what he was seeing but recovered in time to close his parted lips and return the smile as he ran out to meet her.

She was a total opposite of what he had envisaged, he realized, as he made silent curses on whoever had invented photo editing applications. The sexy, curvaceous Pearl he had stayed late into the night chatting with and had spent hours talking with on the phone was totally different from the gargoyle smiling at him. This one had red eyes with a short scar just close to her left ear. He gaped, shocked at the realization that It looked like something she might have gotten during a bottle fight. Her legs were very tiny while her hitherto full hips looked nonexistent, even her face that had shone so brightly in her pictures had numerous black spots and her complexion reeked of shoddy skin-lightening products; she needed to take classes on proper skin bleaching procedures, he thought. Her palms were also very strong, like someone who had been weightlifting and to crown it all, she had the tattoo of a scorpion on her left arm. He felt instantly uneasy and wished he had listened to Sarah and stayed behind.
"I'm really sorry to see you experience this. Follow me, let's get to my home, it's just at the corner," Pearl offered. But Kelechi was lost in thoughts. Why on earth hadn't he asked for her full pictures, he thought, as it dawned on him all her pictures he had seen were selfie shots. He was going to be sharing the next hours with an imp. He shook his head slightly, that noun was even less descriptive, she was as amorphous as anyone could imagine. He sighed again, not knowing which word would better qualify her, and this time his sigh was loud, he didn't bother hiding his discontent. "Oh, are you cold? Awwn! Alright come closer, let me hold you. We'll be home soon." She volunteered sincerely as she intertwined her left arm around his, wrapping them closer while using her right hand to handle the tiny umbrella.
"Never mind, I'm okay." Kelechi ruefully replied. He was going to make sure he left when the slightest opportunity presented itself, whenever that would be. What would his roommates be thinking now? Perhaps he was cuddled close to pretty Pearl, or they were both sat on her couch, legs folded, skimming through her photo album or he was probably getting himself lost in intimate sessions with her. He cursed himself again, gritting his teeth. He had definitely used every means to flaunt his latest online catch to them, and hadn't even listened when Waheed his religiously-inclined bunkmate had suggested he thread cautiously by first seeing a natural picture of her. His other roommate, Philip, was more socially active, or so he had thought, after all Philip was the most sought after in his department, The Department of Dentistry, under the School of Medicine. Philip had been the one to suggest he visited Pearl this late so that if things eventually went smoothly he could have her name written boldly in the long list of ladies he'd conquered. He wished the rain had started before he even found a bus, he wished her phone call to him had gone through and their plans had been cancelled, he wished the test which was previously scheduled to hold that evening before being moved to the next day had held, but those were just few of the many wishes he would be
They walked in silence as Pearl led the way, trying with little success to avoid the squishy parts of the narrow road. They went past a dilapidated secondary school that had the look of a cemetery before crossing over to join some school boys who were waiting their turn to use the lone bridge across a canal. The tiny wood that served as the footpath over the canal was nothing near sturdy. It was termite-ridden and perilously bent in several places and as they meticulously navigated their way past, the bridge creaked in obvious agony. Kelechi couldn't help but wonder to himself how many people would have been buried under the black unpleasant waters below, the place could metaphorically pass as a junction of death. He exhaled deeply as soon as their feet touched solid ground, using the back of his hand to wipe the beads of perspiration that had come to settle on his forehead, at that point he wasn't sure whether it was sweat or droplets of water from the rain.

Re: Onyeneke Abel Martin Story Lounge! by Abelosas222(m): 10:56am On Aug 19

A drugs law officer stopped at a farm near Odeda in Ogun state, and talked with an old farmer.

He told the farmer, "I need to inspect your farm for illegally grown drugs."

The farmer said, "Okay , but don't go in that field over there.....", as he pointed out the location.

The drugs squad officer verbally exploded saying, "Mister, I have the authority of the Government with me."

Reaching into his rear trouser pocket, he removed his official ID card and proudly displayed it to the farmer.

"See this ID card? This ID card means I am allowed to go wherever I wish. On any land !! No questions asked or answers given !! Have I made myself clear. Do you understand ?"

The old farmer nodded politely, apologized, and went about his chores.

A short time later, the old farmer heard loud screams, looked up, and saw the drugs squad officer running for his life, being surrounded by a swarm of wild bees
The officer was clearly terrified.
The old farmer threw down his tools, ran to the fence and shouted at the top of his lungs.........
Stop running & Show them your ID card...oh...!!"‎
Re: Onyeneke Abel Martin Story Lounge! by Abelosas222(m): 9:09am On Aug 22

Pearl looked back and smiled. This time her smile wasn’t as welcoming as earlier. "That place is called Ugbi's death trap . A lot of people have reportedly lost their lives there. It is even rumored anyone who attempted rebuilding or repairing the bridge didn't live to see three sunsets." She sardonically smiled again as she pulled the straps of the umbrella and closed it, by now the rain had reduced to drizzles. Kelechi quavered. What had he gotten himself into, he mused. He imagined what would be happening back on campus. Perhaps Mr. Innocent, his Business Law lecturer whom everyone disliked for his superciliousness would be rounding off his class. Twice he had been humiliated by the man in class and that was why the decision to abscond from his lecture wasn't difficult to take.
He remembered the first time vividly. It had been raining that day also. He had gone to return his matriculation gown back to the student affairs division where he loaned it from. A clear warning had been given that anyone who failed to return the gown at the slated expiration date would not only have to pay the full cost of the gown but would also serve a compulsory after-school detention for two weeks. He had waited till the last day to comply, people like him couldn't afford to struggle with other students on long queues. As soon as he walked into the class Mr Innocent had directed him to come to the front of the class. He remembered how he had walked timidly with apologetic eyes, he was still innocently green. He had explained the reason for his lateness to the lecturer but Mr. Innocent wasn't known for his magnanimity. He had stood him in front of the class throughout the duration of the lecture and even when he begged to be excused to ease himself, the slowpoke had only laughed and made mockery of his tacky, non-fitting dress combination. He had even called him a fashion misfit and the class had laughed raucously over the joke of the slowpoke, though he was palpably now the slowpoke. He chuckled slightly as he thought about the seamless reversal of roles, something he had always exceled at during his time with the drama unit back in high school. Oftentimes he was made to simultaneously perform dual roles, and he fulfilled every expectation with perfection. However this current play he found himself starring in was of a totally different kind.
His mind returned to the present. They were passing a big structure now which he recognized as a religious building. He squinted his eyes to read what was written on the sign board just outside the building. He had been taking mental notes of all the landmarks on their way to Pearl's home from the bus-stop. There was this lingering ominous air that clung tightly to him and he wanted to be readily prepared for the worst case scenario. Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses . He gaped as he thought of his bible study conductor. Her name was Miss Emily and just during the past weekend they had discussed about the ills of having a rendezvous with someone of the opposite sex without a mature chaperone around. Kelechi sighed again, the handwriting had clearly been on the wall but his refusal to read it was driving him to his doom now, well probably. He could have just been overreacting all along, he counseled himself
Then a thought occurred to him as he remembered one of the many advice his mum never failed to regal him with whenever they talked on the phone, it was even her favorite mantra. The shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself but the inexperienced keep right on going and suffers the consequences. So he decided to try and see if he could courteously avoid this danger. "Hey Pearl honey?" He called to his mental tormentor. "Yes Kel" She often called him Kel whenever she felt remorse over something she had done or said, perhaps an auspicious sign Kelechi thought. "I was just thinking. How about I go back home? I'm tired already and it's getting late. Probably we will arrange to meet another time during the we..." She didn't let him finish though as a flash of something he recognized as anger blitzed across her face before changing to concern. It was so fast that it could be missed, but Kelechi saw it; the final confirmation that he was in for a sinister evening. "Never! I've waited this long to meet you, it can't be for nothing. Don't worry we're there already, that brown building is my house." She responded, pointing to a house just a stone throw from where they stood. He only nodded, lost for the exact words to reply her with. She flung her arms around his shoulders then, making a futile attempt to remind him of the intimate moment they had shared online. But Kelechi was having none of it, he had lost every bit of interest he once had. He didn't know why he couldn't muster the courage to insist on his leaving, it seemed a spell had been cast on him. With resignation he conceded that he was no match for girls who played hard to get and that he would stick to his niche if he ever got out of his present mess unscathed.

Re: Onyeneke Abel Martin Story Lounge! by divinelypruned(f): 3:35pm On Aug 22
Mr Abel we already have a lot of your uncompleted story, please don't add more to it.

Please if possible complete the abandoned ones or cease writing, you are only increasing numbers of a abandoned stories on nairaland
Re: Onyeneke Abel Martin Story Lounge! by Abelosas222(m): 7:59pm On Aug 22

"Hey we're here!" The all too familiar voice cut into his thoughts again. He had been thinking too much that evening and feared Pearl probably might have sensed his discomfort. He chided himself, he had to act relaxed. Nobody knows what could be up the sleeves of an angry Pearl. " Wow! Nice home, I love it! Your father built this?" He asked, surprised at the brick-solid composure his voice held. "Nooo. First, he's my stepfather, a devil's reincarnate can never be my dad. Second, his father was the one who built it before passing it to him when he died. Abi shey lazy people dey get house?!" She rhetorically asked in pidgin English, the first she’d ever spoken to him, before bursting into laughter after he shot her one of his killer smiles. He wondered how she managed to laugh and effortlessly make it seem so real. "Come on, make yourself at home, I'd be back with a towel for you soon."
Kelechi subconsciously nodded as he lowered himself into the seat nearest to the door. He chided himself again. If he was to successfully play this game of pretense, then he had to up his dramatic skills as well as juggle his memory. She had never made the dislike of her stepfather secret, she’d even told him she would tell him something really nasty about the old man when they eventually met. Kelechi at the time had been pleased that he was winning her trust to the extent of her promising to tell him family secrets but now he didn't care about her old man anymore. All he wanted was to live out the remaining forty minutes left for the time to read 7pm without any significant hitch before he bade her goodbye.
Soon she returned with a towel, a shirt that two persons of his size could fit into perfectly and a hot cup of tea. "Drink this, it should reduce the cold. I'm sorry I've not mastered the art of hospitality, yet." She smiled and Kelechi returned the smile before taking the cup and settling it on the table. His body involuntarily shook. "Here, manage this. Pull off your wet shirt and put this on. By morning your shirt should definitely be dry. It was my father's, I still keep some of his personal possessions with me, they remind me of him." Kelechi didn't know which part of her statement to gawk at. The fact that she wanted him to put on the cloth that had been worn by a dead man or that she actually had thoughts of him staying overnight. He almost spat out a
tufiakwa but regained his composure quickly to fire back a deft response. "Hey Pearl. I really appreciate your hospitality but I won't be able to stay over. Your mum is just in the next room and your dad, pardon stepdad, should be home soon. I wouldn't want to look an unbefitting in-law already. He grinned wildly as he said this, noticing with outright chagrin that his smile had actually been sincere but her response was to take him unaware.
She started sobbing uncontrollably and before Kelechi knew what was happening, she had burst into a wail. She capriciously chucked the television remote controller she had been holding and flung herself to the ground, with her feet hitting the mahogany table and spilling the hot tea all over. "Oh no! You're just like them all! I thought you were different, I thought you loved me, but you only deceived me. Oh no! Oh Kelechi!! Why?!" She wailed on, swinging her hands forth and back in reckless abandon. Kelechi was stunned. In fact stunned wouldn’t effectively describe his state then, he was dumbfounded. He thought about bolting through the door and running his way to the comfort of his room but remembered that she was holding his phone. She had used the torch to search for the shirt she gave him, plus thoughts of how he was going to navigate his way past the death trap of a canal while running worried him. Did she suffer from bipolar? Was she schizophrenic? Was she battling with mental issues. These and many more plagued Kelechi's mind as he bent to console her. He was already crying himself, he wondered what his parents would be doing at this time. Probably, settled in the dining table for dinner. They always had dinner early, his father would be regaling his mum about his day's experience and an enviable hearty laughter would engulf them. Pearl's shrilling wail brought him out of his reverie.

"It's okay Pearl honey." The sound of the word honey suddenly disgusted him. "You are the only one I love and I won't ever deceive you. The one reason I have to leave is because I have a test by 7am tomorrow morning and I can't afford to miss it, but I'll make you a promise." Her countenanced changed and she stopped crying, lifting her face expectantly. Kelechi mentally scanned through several promises he had used on other of his catches but couldn't find any that would aptly suit that moment. "I would be back tomorrow morning once the test is over, I promise, trust me." He said the words with such pain and sadness that he was sure she would realize they weren't meant but she just widened her eyes. "Are you sure? If so, then it's okay. But you would still stay till nine before you leave." Kelechi nodded. At this point arguing with her could prove disastrous. She got up and handed him her dead father's shirt which he hastily took. They then settled on the couch where she brought out her phone and started showing him her chats with other guys. He opened his mouth in shock at some and for others feigned a hearty laughter. He was scared to ask her for his phone.
Suddenly she looked up. "Aren't you bored? I don't feel alright. Hold on and I'll be back." Kelechi nodded again, it had become his default response to all her statements. As soon as she left he got up to search around for his phone. He looked everywhere but couldn't find anything. He decided to climb a stool to check the top of the wardrobe but the squeaking sound of the stool attracted her. "What are you doing honey?" She rushed back into the room, but by then he was already on the couch, his buttocks just managing to touch the soft surface of the cushion as she came in. "Nothing at all, I've been here waiting for my darling." She eyed him suspiciously then smiled mildly.
By now it was already totally dark outside. She brought out a brown substance and poured it into a wrap which she rolled in two places and handed one to him with a sinister smile plastered on her face. "Have this. Let's smoke our love hotter." Kelechi was agitated. He had been experiencing mixed emotions that night but never expected to feel the way he felt then. Whether she was dumb or mentally unstable, he didn't care, he was never going to smoke tobacco to satiate her mental desires. He resolved at this point to find a way out of his mess. "Pearl, no. I don't smoke, but I'm not against you smoki..." He didn't complete the sentence, the glittering knife she sprung from behind her stopped the words in his throat. "Smoke this Kel!!" He took the wrap slowly with regrets etched all over his face and lighted it. "P, don't do thi..." "Don't force me to use this knife my friend! Smoke it!" Kelechi couldn't hold it then. He burst into tears as he lifted the round paper to puff a smoke, choking terribly as the smoke entered his lungs. "Wawuu!!! That's my man!" Pearl was jumping and clapping, definitely this was a demon who had escaped from the abyss, he reasoned. She kept jubilating though, dancing, shrieking and jumping all in one single movement and in one impetus split-second action, Kelechi pushed her and ran out.
The rain outside was blinding and he didn't even know where he was running to, all the landmarks he'd noted suddenly weren't familiar, still he ran on. He was wearing only one half of his pair of socks, his shoes scattered about in his haste to escape. He felt a sharp pain somewhere around his arm and checked to see a big knife cut, obviously he had not only left his phone behind but had also injured himself. He didn't care though, all that mattered was finding safety. He was still running at a very fast pace and there were no lights anywhere where he could seek help. Suddenly he sighted the canal, the precarious death trap. He exhaled loudly and made a sign of the cross as he realized he was close to the bus-stop. Catching himself subconsciously praying to God for survival, something he had never done except on Sundays during church worship sessions, Kelechi shook his head in obvious disappointment. He was approaching the bridge now and decided he was going to offer a thanksgiving in church if he survived this day. However, just as he got to the middle of the bridge, using the slimy rails to support himself, he heard that terribly familiar voice from behind again.
Re: Onyeneke Abel Martin Story Lounge! by MizCharm(f): 8:08pm On Aug 23
This is an interesting story,but you revealed your hand too early.
Re: Onyeneke Abel Martin Story Lounge! by Abelosas222(m): 11:52am On Aug 24

"Hahahaha, you think I would let you go easily? I will always be your nightmare, you cannot deceive me like the others and go free. None of them survived!" Kelechi swallowed hard and tried to concentrate on his footing but Pearl was coming at a blistering pace, she was already accustomed to the bridge. His cut was bleeding effusively and he felt sickly. Quickly, he tore the shirt she had given him and used it to wrap the wound. "No! You bastard!" She called out rancorously. "That was my dad's best shirt! No!!!" And with those words Pearl forgot her remaining sanity and pursued him without concern for safety. Kelechi knew he was never going to see another sun rise if she got to him and with that knowledge he left the support of the rails and quickened his pace. He was just about jumping to solid ground when he heard screaming and a loud splash and turned just in time to see Pearl hitting the bottom of the canal. "Help me! Somebody! Help please!!" He thought about going back to save her, she was a human too after all. But he was too weak, he had lost a lot of blood. He staggered on into the night, only tightening the strap around his arm, until he heard with relief the raspy shouts of a bus conductor: "Campus gate!! Campus gate!"

It was eight minutes past eleven when Kelechi alighted from the bus that had brought him back. He didn't bother collecting his change from the driver, he wasn't even sure he had paid the fare as he stumbled towards the gate, fighting terribly hard to maintain his balance. "Who be that, show yourself!" He recognized the voice as that of Mr Audu's, the school's most revered night guard. He slowly raised his left arm, trying to shield his eyes from Audu''s luminous torchlight. "Abi you deaf? Identify yourself now before I use this thing for your body!" Audu belligerently barked, brandishing a wide wooden stick. He was known as a no-nonsense person, once he had single-handedly caught three robbers who had invaded the school's bakery, but Kelechi was too weak to say anything. The stocky figure of the night guard was now within reach and Kelechi collapsed just as his hands touched Audu's trousers.
He would live, at least he believed so, but the memory of this scar would never leave; he would never be the same again.

Re: Onyeneke Abel Martin Story Lounge! by Abelosas222(m): 11:00pm On Sep 02
IRE (Short story)
AUTHOR: Fassara Zuwa Hausa

I hurriedly walked to the cooking house, not wanting mama to call me a third time.
A third time meant a knock on the head and my head was still hot from the last knock. I got to the cooking house and placed the yams beside mama’s feet and crouched next to them. Next, I picked up a knife and started to peel. As I did this, I remembered the first time mama had given me the chore of peeling and cutting up yams for porridge.
I was nine years old at the time and had just begun to help my mother with the preparation of the family meals. I had messily cut up the yams; peeling good yams away and what was supposed to be large neat cubes of yams came out in a shape even I could not describe.
“Take a look at the yams you peeled, Ire’’ mama had said slowly, very slowly, “and tell me what you think about them’’.
I didn’t need to look at the yams before I answered, but I did anyway and said the first thing that came to my mind.
“They’re ugly mama”, I whispered in a teary voice, already dreading the
punishment that was to come “I’m sorry mama”, I quickly added.
She ignored the second part of my statement and latched on the first.
“Oh so you even know that they are ugly? Do you know how much yams cost in the market? Have you ever seen me cut up yams like this?” she bombarded me
with questions.
I wanted to remind mama that we planted yams ourselves on our large farm and it was more than surplus, and also that this was my first time of cutting yams so it could not possibly be perfect; but I held my tongue and stared at my feet. Mama inevitably gave me her signature knock, telling me that the essence of yam
porridge was in the well chopped yams and properly shaped yam cubes. After that day, I noticeably improved in yam cutting and after several knocks, I became as perfect in the chore as she wanted.
I turned back to the task at hand; within minutes, I had peeled all six tubers of yams perfectly and cut them all up into large neat cubes. I cleared my throat.
“Mama I am done”, I said.
“Took you long enough. Go and fan the flames”.
I stood up and walked to where a large pot was resting on the firewood stove. I picked up the plastic hand fan and began to blow the flames. I coughed when the smoke got into my throat and my eyes began to water at the sting. Of all the household chores, I hated this the most.
Finally, after several minutes, the flames responded and caught on; rewarding my efforts with a healthy fire. I breathed a sigh of relief and stepped away from the fire, awaiting new orders from mama.
It was our turn to prepare the family lunch and mama took her time, as always, prepared to impress with her cooking. Although the other wives were superior to mama in many things, mama was very much superior when it came to cooking.

To be continued
Re: Onyeneke Abel Martin Story Lounge! by Abelosas222(m): 6:27pm On Sep 05

Everybody looked forward to when it was our turn to prepare the meals, although no one will ever admit it.
I knew this was another reason the other wives hated my mother; the first reason being that she was my father’s favorite wife.
Or used to be, until he found another favorite.
I watched as mama moved to the large pot where water was boiling and started scooping the yams into the pot; not bothered with the steam coming from the boiling pot of water. After she had poured in all the yams, she brought out the gallon of red palm oil and poured a sufficient quantity into the pot.
Next, she took the plate of already chopped onions and sprinkled them into the pots with her hands, using the long wooden spoon to turn the yams so that they spread in the large pot. She covered the pot and sat back on her chair to start peeling the many pieces of blackfish, whilst waiting on the yams to get soft. I quickly joined her in the task before she asked. I particularly loved this part of cooking, because many times mama would give me little pieces of the fish.
My mind went back to that day, six years ago; the first time I helped my mother in the kitchen, and the first time she gave me a piece of fish for my hard work.
It was also the first time it happened.
The first time I experienced torture in the hands of someone who was supposed to protect me.
On the day of the dreadful incident which was to forever alter my life, I had just come out of the bathroom and was alone in the room I shared with seven other sisters. Before I saw him, I sensed I was no longer alone in the room and I stiffened. I turned swiftly, my senses alert, ready to run from an intruder if need be.
“Oh,” I said with a breath of relief, on seeing the person ‘’I thought it was an intruder. Do you need anything?”
“Oh no, no intruder Ire, just me,” he said, “but I do need something, yes that I do”.
He took a step closer to where I was, but I just smiled, relaxing after my brief but ominous thoughts of doom.
“What do you need? I am always here to help you”.
“Are you really?” He asked with an edge to his voice and took another step
forward, eyeing me from head to toe.
At this point, I became aware of myself. I was yet to put on my clothes and still had only my wrapper on.
“Okay I will come to you immediately I am decent”.
I waited patiently for him to acknowledge what I had said and made a move to go outside.
He smiled.
By now, the puppy had begun to bark loudly and uncontrollably, which made me a
little uneasy.
“No, that won’t be necessary my child”, He smiled at me again, but that smile unnerved me more than anything he had done or said that evening.
The whole house had gone to attend one of the biggest wedding in town. It had been the talk of the town for weeks but I, unfortunately, could not go because I had suddenly started purging and mama decided it was best to stay home.
A thought suddenly crossed my mind.
“Why are you not at the wedding?” I asked suspiciously.
He chuckled but said nothing.
I suddenly realized I would need help because the man before me looked
dangerous. This man whom I have trusted and admired with all of my heart since the day I was born. Now he looked like a stranger.
And even though I was very young and innocent in the ways of the world, I knew exactly what he wanted at that time.

To be continued
Re: Onyeneke Abel Martin Story Lounge! by Abelosas222(m): 6:41pm On Sep 11
IRE continues...

Puppy was now by the door to the room and had continued her insistent barking.
Angry at the noise the dog was making, he suddenly rushed to where she stood and kicked her very hard in the stomach area, making her stumble backward and fall flat on her back. I screamed as I watched the pregnant dog begin to whimper in pain. I vividly remember the pure agony which was on her face and how I shared in the pain of the dog, forgetting my own situation at that moment.
He suddenly grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him. I fought his grip
strongly, demanding that he let me go or I would scream. All my threats fell on deaf ears as he just went on to tug the knot of my wrapper. At this point I started pleading, crying loudly and telling him I was sorry and he should forgive me for whatever I may have done to offend him.
He looked possessed as he finally got my wrapper loose and pushed me roughly on the foam. I made to run but he dragged me by the hair, slapping me so hard that I fell back on the bed with a loud thud. Slowly, he began to take off his clothes, his eyes not leaving mine all the time.
“Why are you doing this to me?’’ I cried.
His reply was to ignore me and continue the process of taking off his clothes.
“Forgive me if I have wronged you, please don’t do this to me” I cried.
Now he was completely unclad and started coming towards me where I knelt on the foam. I was quick to notice the look of sadness that briefly crossed his face before his features immediately changed to one I had come to dread. He held my face in his large hands and stroked my chin softly.
“You look so much like her”, he whispered in awe

“Like who? Who do I look like? Is this because of her? Please tell me”, I ranted amidst loud sobs.
“Oh my pretty child, I do this because I love you”.
“If you really love me, please do not do this to me”.
The foam creaked as he lay on it and pulled me close. I closed my eyes as the tears kept wracking my body and I began to struggle against him again; kicking and fighting his grip, but my tiny nine-year-old body was no match for him.
“Oh my child, do not fight me. I do love you”.
His voice was so soft and very frightening at the same time. I shuddered amidst the sobs.
He lay on top of me and held both of my hands tightly together with his own large ones, scratching me with his nails in the process.
“Scream for me” he commanded.
I had no choice.
The pain which seared my body as he forcefully entered into me was one which I was never to forget in my life.

It happened every single night after that day. He told me I looked so beautiful, like his favorite wife.
He told me that whenever he made love to me, he believed it was the same as making love to his favorite wife.
Once, I had been a normal nine-year-old girl, who was interested in the things little girls are interested in; looking good, having on beautiful hair, wearing lovely attires and so on. I had once been bursting with so much energy, ready to take on the world with my sharp mind. I loved listening to stories and playing with my friends. I used to laugh then, but now even I cannot remember how my laughter sounds.
I snapped back to reality, in time to see Mama starring to dish out the food into large bowls for each of the wives to serve her children. She carefully dished Baba’s food into his special bowl and I covered it to carry into his hut as usual. Getting to my father’s hut, I knocked and waited for his reply.
“Wole”, His voice boomed out to me.
I stepped into the room and placed the bowl of food on the table.
“Should I serve your food, Baba?” I asked in a low voice.
“After…” he answered. “Go on”.
Nodding my head, I moved to the door and locked it behind. Baba sat on his bed, a small smile playing on his lips as he watched me. Slowly, I removed my clothes until I stood Unclad in front of him. I gingerly walked closer to the bed and lay on it, immediately shutting my eyes.
Even with my eyes closed, I could feel his eyes roaming my body, purposely making me wait for his touch.
I never cried anymore.
I never screamed or made even a single sound.
I have come to enjoy his touch, more than any other thing in life.
Finally, he stood up and removed his clothes, immediately getting on top of me.
A few seconds later, he was inside me, slowly moving in and out of my body.
Soon after, I was moaning. My moans matched his groans, he moved faster, raising my legs up and pounding harder into me. In one loud groan, he emptied himself into me, leaving us both panting.
When my heart rate had settled a bit, I stood up and started wearing my clothes which lay discarded on the floor.
“Did you enjoy yourself?” he asked.
I did not answer the question immediately, as I continued wearing my clothes. I looked up at him, he was wearing a contented smile on his face and his Unclad body lay sprawled on the large bed.

I walked to the door and opened it. Turning back to look at him one last time, I finally answered his question.
“As always”.
And I felt so ashamed of myself, that it was the truth.

The end..

Fassara Zuwa Hausa


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