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The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 10:52am On Dec 20, 2017
This book has been registered with copyright.
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©onyeneke Abel .November 2017 all rights reserved.
Author: Onyeneke Abel
Email: osadebamen222@gmail.com
Contact no: 08160830305.
Chapter 1
The other side

Julie Sanders was at it again. She tapped her fingers in wrath, gesticulating at the time. The unfortunate fellow to have a taste of her wrath was her new employed pilot. She preferred to call him a driver, but her profession and courtesy demands she addressed him as a pilot.
She cupped her cheek and sighed in exasperation. His phone was off and God knows it was good news for him.
Finally, he arrived. He took a little more time to adjust his bold tie, he needed to appear well before his mistress, else he risk the chance of getting sacked.
"Madam I..."
"What is the time you peasant?"
He was taken aback and tried to steal a quick glimpse of the wall clock ticking behind him.
"Oh, I'm so sorry madam, my wristwatch is bad, I didn't notice"
She smiled, that was strange. And he knew it was trouble.
"Hand over the keys"
He handed it over and she made it official.
"Mr John or whatever you are called, you are fired!"
And there went her 24th pilot.
She took the dark limousine and drove herself to the red carpet event.
She was the star of the show so she had to appear her best.
It took her another 30minutes to reapply her make up. She had the announcement requesting her presence but who cares? They would wait. She had an award to collect, so she had to look her best.
And finally, when she was satisfied with looks, she confidently alighted from the car and got the attention of the media and the massive crowd instantly.
She was the best in her modelling career; and this was the 7th award she was taking home for the past 7years. Well of course there has been other awards, but the best model in Africa was the award she treasured most. And yes she would trample on anyone to get it back to back, every year.
"And so, this year award of miss Africa goes to Julie Sanders, again"
Julie read an abash meaning to the last words of the host. He didn't look too happy that he was handling the award to the same person he did for over 7years. But she didn't care. She deserves it. And she would have what she deserves.
She took good shots with her extravagant and susceptible gold gown.
her fame traveled far and wide. Company's and organizations pleaded to use her for an advert, media houses struggled to get an autograph and an interview.
"I am the best, I am the desire of every one...always remember that"
She shot at a model who dare stepped into her office without knocking.
Vero couldn't understand how her offense warranted Julie to remind her of her fame and achievements, but she dare not oppose.
"Am sorry madam"
"What do you need?"
Vero swallowed a lump of saliva, she contemplated on the message she was about to deliver. She was the personal assistant (PA) to Julie at Prada designers, where Julie was made head Fashion designer.
"Madam, it's Jack wilshere from Silver advertising company, he is here again"
Julie long hiss and the frown that followed made Vero retrace her steps and attempted to hurry out of the office when Julie called.
"On a second thought, send the idiot in"
Jack was one man that has constantly pester her to feature in his advert. It was a big step to get his project approved and win the contract worth millions; he just had to get her, his opponent was not one to toy with. But, he met a bulwark.
"Madam good..."
Julie right hand in the air, pointing out a stop signal made him halt.
"Jack, whatever. What's your fucking problem, I'm not your class, I certainly can't be featured by a cheap ass like you...I mean look at the way you are dressed dude"
Jack had to re check himself. He was smartly dressed on his wing tip suit with his portfolio to tag with his silver wristwatch.
"Madam, if you would just give me a chance, my mother really needs the money to have an operation"
Jack didn't care if he was too open about his real reason why he needed the money. Because, right now, there was no other option.
Julie thought she was almost caught of guard when she felt a little sympathy. But then, she concluded he wanted to take advantage of her human sympathy.
"Get out you fraud. You think you can deceive me? I can't believe you would stoop so low to have a taste of what you are not worth"
Her words sank deep into him. It replayed in a way that he couldn't bare.
He suddenly called her by name
"Soon, your throne would be taken from you. You would be in my shoes, and you would know what it means to lose someone. You would feel my pain"
Julie couldn't believe this man. She got so infuriated.
"Vero! Get me security"
She made sure Jack was locked up for his insult in a police cell for a couple of days. He missed his advert presentation and lost the contract.
Julie only released him when his sister came pleading to her office.
It was too much to bear. She had hurt too many people, although she didn't see it that way.
"Why did you lock him up? You are such a bitch"
Siera lashed at her.
Siera was her only friend who was never scared of her. And Julie loved her so much, she could sacrifice anything for siera.
"What? He insulted me"
"But you said it yourself, he had his mother in an hospital"
"Who cares Siera? Who helped me when my parents both died of internal bleeding after the accident? Who helped when my only brother died of starvation! No one, so why should I help him?"
Siera paused when Julie went in rage again and threw her glass of wine at the wall.
"Is that why you fired your new pilot?"
Another issue that made Julie scoffed.
"Siera the guy is a zombie, I can't work with him"
"Julie, that is the 24th pilot I stress my ass to get for you"
Julie attempted to defend herself again but Julie was quick to continue.
"Julie, you can let the pain of the past to affect your present, don't you see? You are hurting everyone around you because of your past, please Julie, I will continue to tell you the truth. Change your ways"
Julie was quiet as she backed Siera to face the tainted glass window from her apartment.
Siera was hoping she got to Julie this time, but as expected, Julie threw it back at her face.
"Get out"
"Get out now!..."
Although she acted like Siera words didn't get to her, she couldn't stop her words from reverberating in her mind.
And then she slept that night, totally ignorant of what had occurred in darkness. She opened her eyes the next morning and saw her body surrounded by hoodlums.
"What the hell...?"
She ran to them and screamed on top of her voice. But, they didn't hear her. Infact, they went thru her. Her eyes went wide when she realised the worst has happened.
A woman with a white cloak called from behind her.
"Julie, welcome to the other side"
©onyeneke Abel .December 2017 all rights reserved.

The other side


Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 7:02pm On Dec 20, 2017
The other side

Chapter 2

Jack read the news; he had tried to sell some of his treasured belongings to pay for his mother's leukemia chemotherapy. But he was rather too late now. She passed on and tagged him an orphan, being the only son of both his deceased parents.

Frank had persuaded him to a bar to drink his sorrows away. It was there he read the newspaper of his enemy declared missing.

His eyes was a little blur but he was certain he read well.

He chuckled, but he wasn't satisfied. He had wanted to make her pay, he had wanted to cause her so much pain. But since karma has decided to take laws into its hand, well, he couldn't help but smile at the sight of it.

"What's funny? She is a fellow human, where is your conscience?"

Frank words were full of spite.

"What? I hope she rots in hell. That bitch is the reason I lost my contract, the reason I lost my mother"
"Why? Because she refused your advert proposal? Come on Jack, you can't blame that on her...there are other models that would have made the cut"

Jack anger kindled that he rose to fling off the table that carried the bottles of beer.

An uproar arosed and  with haste the waitress and bartender approached with words welled up in their mouth.

"Hold on, I'll pay for the damages"

Frank's words were satisfactory and the waitress went on to calculate the loss.

"Frank, I begged that bitch. She even locked me up! I could not attend my presentation!"

Frank waited till he was done ranting in pain.

"Ok Jack, I get you, let's get back home"


Julie ignored the voice calling her from behind. She lingered and followed the men on mask as they threw her body into the boot of an dark SUV and drove to a ship in wait.

She couldn't believe this, they took her body to an abandoned island and threw her out like some rag.

This was well planned. Who would have done this to her?

Is she dead? Why is it impossible for them to hear her? What was really happening?

She was still trying to figure these questions.

She followed back in the ship, back to sea shore where Siera was waiting...

Wait, Siera...? What was she doing here?

"It's done madam"

One of the men in the mask said as he revealed his identity when he pulled off his mask. It was her pilot, the one she fired not up to 24hours ago.

"Good job David"

Siera commended and handed him a bundle of cash.

"Oh my God! Siera you bastard. Siera!"

Julie charged at Siera in her usual wrath but Siera simply went thru her, she was just like an air with an invisible smoke.

She fell to her knees. She tried to cry but even tears were not surfacing.

"Oh my God, I'm...I'm de...dead?"

The woman called out again.

"Julie, welcome to the other side"

Julie took a good look now. She stood up and approached the woman.

"Who are you?"

The woman had no eyes, her face was blank and it somehow scared Julie.

"I am the gate keeper, it's high time you stop your roaming about and join the others"

Julie took a few steps backwards with a shake of her head in disagreement.

"I am not dead"
"Yes you are"
"I am not!!"
"Face it Julie, you are dead"
"I order you to leave my presence!"

The gate keeper couldn't help but laugh now.

"Oh poor Julie, over here, you have no say, your fame and Authority died with you. Here you are nothing"

She took another good look at Julie and then revealed her face to frighten her even more.

"Ma please, I can't be dead, please do something"

The gate keeper showed no sign of remorse to her pleas. She was about to get at Julie and send her straight to the darkness that wield lost souls when a Savior appeared and with a quick flash, stole Julie from the gatekeeper.

"Who are you?"

Julie asked the moment she discovered she had been rescued to a safe location.

"Me? I'm Joan, a lost soul. Just like you"

Joan had a large scar on her forehead. It was obvious that she was in haste.

Julie swallowed a lump of saliva.

"What's that on your forehead, and what is the meaning of a lost soul?"

Joan touched her forehead to explain.

"This, is how I was murdered, with an axe"

Julie nodded but had not gotten the full explanation.

"We are lost cos we were killed before our appointed time"
"Ok, who was that woman? And why is she after me?"
"Simple, you were evil on earth and you hurt too many people, your punishment is darkness of torment, I saved you because we are in the same shoes, I lived the life of a cultist, I killed people, and I got killed by my best friend. The gate keeper has been after me for months now..."

Julie had to interrupt.

"Wait wait wait, I don't understand. What going on? I'm not dead. I just slept last night and...."
"Face it rookie, you are D-E-A-D...dead..."

Joan held Julie to stand on her feet.

"And now I helped you cos you still have a slim chance of going back to the world. But you must promise me one thing"

Julie became so attentive, going back was not even an option to her, it was a necessity.

Joan continued

"I can't go back, because my body has long been spotted. I would explain everything, but if you succeed. I would need you to avenge me, do we have a deal?"

Though Julie had not fully understood what she meant, but whatever it was, it was good news, one she was willing to do anything for

"Ok, deal"

She replied
The other side


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Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by OlufemiWhit(m): 8:14pm On Dec 20, 2017
This seems nice.....am with you all the way
Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Gloryejims(f): 10:55pm On Dec 20, 2017
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Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by cyber5(m): 11:02pm On Dec 20, 2017
Oya... I've found another story you guys would be interested in
I've mentioned the ones in my brain... Please help mention your people guys wink

Thanks for the mention
Lemme put my seat beside you

Onyeneke Abel can write for Africa

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Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Pearl05(f): 11:07pm On Dec 20, 2017
Oya... I've found another story you guys would be interested in
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Present dear.
Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 11:09pm On Dec 20, 2017
The other side
Chapter 3

It was still confusing; it was like a dream to Julie.
But karma constantly smirk the doom to her face. She was no longer a part of the living, she was dead.

"How did I die?"

She asked in her sober mood.

"I should ask you"

Joan threw the words back at her..
"I can't remember, all I know was, I slept and didn't wake up"

Joan only laughed and Julie found it irritating.

"Why are your laughing? What's funny?"
"Julie, you are a ghost now. The first thing you are supposed to remember is who killed you and how you died"
"Hello? I can't remember"

Julie replied in a rather calm tone. She just realised that her present state had taken her pride, her whole existence. She was nothing.

Joan could sense she had given up already.

"Hey, you are going to remember, but right now. We need to figure a way for you to go back. Your body has not been spotted yet. Once it's spotted, it's over"

Julie tried to touch a tree like Joan, but her hands simply went thru.

"I can't even touch anything"

She said.

"I've lost everything"

She continued and tried to cry, but even tears was not possible.

"Listen, you can touch objects, you just have to learn, there a lot of things you can do as a ghost"

Julie was not getting her point and she was getting fed up.

"Listen, if you are not ready to fight back then am outta here"

Julie suddenly realized the opportunity she was fumbling with and called out to Joan.

"I'm sorry, what do I do?"

Joan had to build that rage and desperation in Julie, One that would help in the risk they were about to take.

"Follow me"

Joan took her and teleported to a vendor.

"Go on, read"

Julie could see clearly on the cover page.

She had been declared missing.


They went to her mansion. It had been occupied by Siera already.

"That's my house"

She pointed out.

"Well, it's no longer yours... Infact, it belongs to the woman who murdered you"

Julie's rage was building up.

"And not only that, she has taken your position already as head Fashion designer...follow me"

They went straight to Prada designers and stopped at a spot where her personal Assistant settled with a peer group.

"I just pray she never gets found"

One of the girls in the group said in a whisper.

"That's for you. Me I pray she is even dead. Like rotten in hell!"

Vero, Her own personal assistant broke the last resort of tranquility she had.

She growled in wrath but Joan was quick to hold her down.

"Leave me alone!"

She struggled.

"What do you intend doing?"
"Kill them all!"
"Of course you can do that, but how do you get your throne back. If you kill them now, some other persons would take your position. And you remain dead"

Joan made perfect sense so she calmed down. 

"But we are not leaving these backstabber to go Scot free"

Joan chipped in and made Vero twist her ankle.

Vero screamed in pain and Julie was a little satisfied at the sight.

"Come on, let's get out of here"
Julie had to learn some new ghost tricks that would be useful to her. Although she had no idea of what was in store for her, or what prize she would have to pay. She didn't care, she was willing to do anything that would get her back to earth.

"Who are those"

She pointed out at a group of dark ghosts lurking in the dark"

Joan didn't give a satisfactory answer.

Her reply was


Before Julie's eyes, the gate keeper emerge and slew the dark ghosts, every last one of them.

"Am coming for you Julie!"

She could hear the voice in echoes as she teleported alongside Joan.

"I'm trying to have this feeling..."

Joan was quick to butt in.

"You are a ghost, you have no feelings, you are not human. Dammit Julie when will you realise that? I have no time for all this shit"
"Sorry sorry...so how do I get back?"

Julie had to ask now, she felt fully ready.

Joan paused and examined the rookie ghost that stood before her, she wondered if Julie could actually get the Job done. 

"It's simple, we would have to meet with the gate keeper"

Julie froze in fright, she had to ask again.

"You said what?"
"You heard me"
"Joan, that woman is the same voodoo that wants to throw me into the...what did you call it? The darkness of torment, right...?"

Joan sighed, she also thought the idea to be extremely risky, but it was all they had. They had to give it a short.

"Julie, the moment I joined the world, the moment I saw you. I knew it was you. You alone can achieve what thousands have tried an failed. You are not the only person the gate keeper has given another chance. But they all failed. I believe you would scape thru, cos you have got something you are fighting for, right?"

Julie got the thrill and wiped the fright out.

"Let's do this"

Joan took a deep sigh and took Julie by her hand. And the next minute they stood face to face with the gate keeper. Surprisingly the gatekeeper didn't look surprised at their arrival. She looked prepared for the encounter.

"I've been expecting you two. And I know exactly what you want. Julie's body has not been found and I can grant her permission to go back to the world"

Joan didn't know why the gatekeeper had to over emphasise on what she was capable of.

Joan was actually interested in the prize to pay.

"But are you willing to pay the prize, and are you willing to make the sacrifice?"

Though Julie could not tell what the sacrifice might be, she didn't hesitate to jump at the question.

"Yes, yes..."

She looked back to Joan to see if she spoke in tune with her. Joan gave her a nod of affirmation.

And then she turned back to the gatekeeper.

"Yes we are, we would pay the prize, whatever it is, we would pay..."

©onyeneke Abel .December 2017 all rights reserved.

The other side


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Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by cbella(f): 3:13am On Dec 21, 2017

Present dear.

lol....absent Glorejims
Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by wizsolzy(m): 4:31am On Dec 21, 2017
ok fire down
Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 11:01am On Dec 22, 2017
The other side
Chapter 4

The gatekeeper was excited to have another failure in this supposed quest. She knew the exact test to make sure Julie never gets a second chance. And she was excited to drop the bomb. But first, the sacrifice must be made.
"Joan, are you ready?"
Joan nodded and took front to meet with the gatekeeper.
"What's this...? Where are you taking her to...? Joan where are you going to na...?"
Joan hushed her and turned to the gatekeeper.
"Get on with it and stop making me nervous, and Julie don't fail me..."
The gate keeper thrilled and let down her whip. The next minute Joan was reduced to dust and left Julie speechless.
"What...what happened...? What did you do to her?"
She questioned, trying to conclude that all she just witnessed was some trick.
"To send a soul back, a soul has to be sacrificed, there has to be balance. A soul, for a soul"
The gatekeeper explained but Julie had not gotten her point yet.
"Wait, you mean Joan is...."
"Joan has been wiped off existence, even her memories with the living has been wiped out...she knew the prize she has to pay"
"So I can go back to the world now...?"
The laughter that spurned her words was one that irritated her.
"Not so fast, there is a prize to pay"
Julie didn't understand what she was getting at.
"But Joan just..."
"What Joan did, is the sacrifice, what you are going to do, is the prize"
Julie was about to probably utter an objection when the gatekeeper took her hands and appeared right in front of Jack wilshere's balcony, where he drank himself to stupor.
"You remember this man...?"
Julie hissed with disgust.
"Yeah, he is a fraud, can you imagine, he wanted to trick me to feature in a cheap advert. Just so he can earn millions and then pay me some trash, I don't do stuffs like that...I mean, I am worth much more"
The gatekeeper nodded in disgust. She could still sense Julie's pride. And she was certain it was one of the reason she would fail, and then she would eventually kill two birds with one stone. She got Joan and in 30days time, she'd get Julie.
"Yes, yes...of course. But do you know that because of your actions, he lost his mother...and his contract?"
Julie eyes went wide, so he was telling the truth, she just realised.
"Let's listen to what he has to say"
Julie had noticed he was muttering something, but he was inaudible.
They went closer and she could hear her name.
"Julie, you bitch, I should have killed you myself"
She withdrew immediately with a gasp.
"Of all the people you've hurt, Jack is the person you hurt the most. And trust me, he hates you even more than the person who murdered you"
Julie was getting an hint of what her prize might be, maybe she would apologize to him or something.
"Julie, in 30days time, your body would be found by a group of wild hunters, and once it is found, you have no business with the land of the living anymore"
Julie was getting impatient.
"Ok can we skip to the part where I pay the prize? Do I have to give my eyes out or what...?"
The gatekeeper was not surprised at her abash response.
"Simple Julie, you would have to fall in love with Jack within 30days..."
When Julie actually thought she just heard the worst, the gatekeeper had to top it up with the impossible.
"And you have to make him fall for you too"
It was like the moment stopped. And for the next 5minutes she remained quiet, searching for a possible answer. Suddenly she realised the impossibility of the supposed prize.
"Oh my God... It's impossible, the guy hates me! What kind of prize is this? Or is this another trick...?"
She laughed nervously, which didn't go well with the gatekeeper.
She noticed the stern reaction of the gatekeeper, it slowly dawned on her, she was going to fail.
"Please ma, can you rethink this? He hates me...for a normal person, it takes more than a month to even get to like a person... It rarely happens to love a person within a month. And ma this is a man that wants me dead, he hates me"
The gatekeeper simply watched as Julie ranted with her plight, pleading for another way around this prize. Of course she knew this was impossible, and it was just as she planned.
"I guess you are not ready..."
She let down her whip to reduce Julie to dust.
"Ok ok, I am...I'll give it a shot"
"Alright, go on"
"What's your name?"
It was a totally absurd question to ask, but she wanted to know.
"Hmmm, I'm Bernice... I wish you good luck"
Bernice, the gatekeeper dropped and turned to go.
"Wait! Where are you going? I would need a body to win his heart. How can I approach him as a ghost, how can he love what he can't see, it's impossible"
Bernice stopped to laugh again, Julie rolled her eyes and waited till she was done.
"So? Can I have my body back now...?"
"There is no body to take young lady. Jack wilshere must love the ghost of his worst enemy, within 30days"
©onyeneke Abel .December 2017 all rights reserved
The other side


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Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by OlufemiWhit(m): 12:37pm On Dec 22, 2017
Lmao......pexon wey imm no like real life go kan love her ghost....nice 1
Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Pinkfeet: 9:13am On Dec 23, 2017
Oya... I've found another story you guys would be interested in
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Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 6:01am On Dec 25, 2017
The other side
Chapter 5

Day 1.

Bernice didn't give Julie the chance to express herself in distress and shock. She varnished to thin air, leaving Julie so clueless as she watched Jack in his drunk state.

"Oh my God, what do I do? Where do I start from?"

She was totally confused. She approached him and picked up his drink to see what he had gulp down his throat.

He raised his head and startled Julie who still held the glass cup.

"Hmmm, my cup is flying..."

He pointed out, trying to examine the cup. 

Julie gently placed the cup back to the Table and attempted to give him space when he called out.


She froze and slowly turned.

"Julie is that you?"

Wait, he could see her? She stopped and walked up to him, waving her hands before his drunk eyes.

"Why are you waving your hands at me you bitch?"

She withdrew in shock.

"You...you can see me?"

She paused, he wasn't staring in her direction. She wondered what was wrong, it took her another 1minute to realize he wanted to throw up.

He fell to sleep immediately, after he had soiled his sitting room with beer.

She thought of the last time she had a good night rest. Now she couldn't sleep, ghost don't sleep, she'd figured out.

She could move things now, so she moved him to his bedroom. It was a two bedroom flat, a perfect fit for a bachelor.

She looked to his kitchen. It was in a mess.

Though she was classy and all that, she mustn't forget that she grew in a poor home, and there alot of stuffs she can do.

She tidied up the kitchen, his room and virtually the whole house. Next she search to see if he had foodstuffs. Gracefully, he had a few. She quickly made jollof rice. She was careful not to make much noise. Good thing is that, he was drunk. So she was certain he would not hear a thing.

The next morning Jack woke up late. She wondered if he didn't have a place to go. She thought wrong.


He sprang up and dashed into the bathroom.

He didn't notice the room she put in order at first. And she could only mutter

"Ungrateful bastard"

He was out from the bathroom when he began to take note. His pace became less, till he finally stopped to observe his room.

"Hmm, strange"

He walked to the next room, to the sitting room. Julie followed with smiles on her face.

"What's going on here? maybe she came around yesterday"

He concluded and Julie couldn't believe what she heard.

Wait, who is the "she" he referred to? His girlfriend or what? She fumed in anger again. She wouldn't let anyone ruin her mission. He didn't even notice the food she prepared for him.

"Hey Jack"

He didn't respond and she only fumed the more.


He wasn't responding. With an hiss she marched to him and attempted to smack him but her hands simply went thru him.

"Oh my God"

She gasped and tried touching something else. With ease she touched the cushion and the centre table. She was greatly relieved. And then she whisked to Jack again, but still, her hands went thru.


She realised he couldn't hear, see nor feel her. She fell to her knees. This was Bernice's doing, to make sure she failed.

He simply went thru her, out of the house to the his car he parked outside.

She ran after him. There must be something she can do to make him hear her. She couldn't understand, just yester night he could actually see her. She remembered the stories she had back when she was still human. About the drunk able to see ghosts. So it was Indeed true.

But she can't follow him around unnoticed. She moved to pick the newspaper that laid on the car rest, so he could notice her presence. But then, she thought of the accident he would encounter. And her mission would end even before it started.

His phone rang, and she couldn't clearly she who was calling. He saved it as "baby"
"Hey babe"

He called out.

"Where are you nah...?"

The female voice rang from the other side. The voice sounded familiar but she was too angry to pick the voice.

She tried to snatch the phone but her hands went thru him.

"Ahhhhh!"She exclaimed in hurt and confusion. "How can I make him love me like this? What kind of prize is this... Bernice?"

Her calls and endless pleas without a reply, showed that she was on her own on this one.

He got to Prada designers and alighted from the car. Now she was keen on knowing who he really came to see in her company. She followed, till he got to her office and slowly pushed the door. Her eyes went wide, It was Siera on her seat. Her anger was not compared to the shock she felt next, when Siera hurried and hugged Jack. She kissed him and muttered.

"Oh baby, I've missed you"

©onyeneke Abel .December 2017 all rights reserved.

The other side


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Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 5:31pm On Dec 26, 2017
The other side 
Chapter 6

Day 1

Julie blinked several times to understand the scene. Siera had her murdered, took her house and properties, took her place in the company and now she is obstructing her only chance to come back to earth...seriously, this lady planned her doom from the ancestors.
She whisked and attempted to smash Siera but simply went thru.

"Ah, seriously? Bernice!"

She lashed in frustration and caused the book shelf, holding tons of clothes design to shake.

"What's that...?"

Jack was first to notice. Siera concentrated on the pleasure she was deriving from his lips so she hardly noticed.

"Uuhhh...come on"

She brought his attention back to her lips.

"Its probably a rat or something"

She concluded.

"Chai, Siera me rat? Siera you call me rat...? God punish you... Idiot"

Julie lamented in pain.

"Rat? A rat in your office. I mean this spacious and exquisite office. A rat can find its way here?"

Jack wasn't convinced.

"Honey can we just change the topic. What about a date tonight?"

Julie watched them in hurt. She realised it was 

Impossible to fufill this mission of hers. At least she gave it a shot.

"Where are you going to?"

A ghost called from behind her.

"Who is this one now?"

She questioned, she was really tired of the recent surprises she has been experiencing.

"I have been following you around"

Julie held her waist now.

"Ahn ahn, why? Are you like guardian angel or what? Or do ghost still have guardian angels?"

Favour didn't mind her rude response.

"Joan sent me, even before she approached you. She knew you would want to give this up"

Favour explained now.

"Oh, Joan..."

Julie didn't sound so interested.

"Joan wanted you to avenge her right?"

Julie nodded and felt guilty for forgetting about Joan's request.

"Did you even ask who?"

Julie realised she didn't even ask Joan who she wanted to have vengeance on.

"No I didn't..."
"Well, it's the same woman that murdered you"

Julie gasped at Favour's reply...How has she been friends with Siera for four years without her instincts giving her an hint on how evil Siera was.

"Are you serious?"
"Yeah, the girl is a bitch...so make sure you succeed and get back at her"

Julie scoffed at that one now. She was making no progress.

"Favour right?"

Favour gave her the go ahead when she nodded in agreement.

"Jack can't see me, can't hear me, can't feel me...so there is no..."

Favour hissed at her words, cutting her shot with a questionable expression.

"Who said you can't do all that?"
"Well one thing is really certain, sister favour...I can't do it..."

Julie had to remind Favour of the issue at hand.

"Its easy, but are you sure you want him to see you?"

Favour's question made Julie laugh, although it wasn't funny.

"Yes nah, he has to see me"
"Hmmm, are you sure?"

Julie got serious now.

"Ok are you helping me or not"

She replied hoarsely.

"Hmm, am just saying oh...I will help you, let's wait till he gets home"
Jack knew Siera would finally catch up with his plans someday, but he wanted to make sure he had half of what he wants before she finds out that he is just after her money.

He took her on a date; she paid the bills and he was making plans to take her to his apartment that night to finish it up.

Nothing must stop that fact.

"Babe, it looks like this two are gonna end up on the same bed"

Julie was first shocked when Favour addressed her with the word "babe"

"Seriously, do ghosts use the word 'babe' you got swaggs here too?"

Favour scoffed at her questioned and indicated with her fingers.

"I said your guy is going to bang this night and you are talking shit"

Julie realised now.

"He is what?"
"Don't you see he trying to get her drunk?"

Favour pointed out and got Julie thinking.

"Ok what do we do?"

She asked impatiently.

"Why are looking at me?"

Favour had to ask when Julie focused on her for answers. 

"Well you are the guardian angel...You know...the follower, the experienced ghost, me I don't know anything, so what do we do?"

Favour agreed with her Julie's point.

She caused the electricity power of the fast food plaza, where they had dinner to trip off.

"Wow, you are talented girl"

Julie commented

Siera took her pause and started out of the fast food plaza, after an hour without positive headways to get power back.

"How about my place tonight?

She was going to respond when favour made her high heels wedge cut loose.

"You know what? Lets end up in your apartment next time. Today is not my lucky day"

she concluded and called for her pilot.

Jack kicked an empty tin of malt in anger.


Siera was long gone. He wanted to stop by a bar but favour caused the same electrical fault that he got frustrated and went home.

"Are you ready?"

Favour questioned now when Jack was safely home. He was taking a shower and Julie insisted she wanted him to see him when he was out of the bathroom.

"Just concentrate and feel like a human again, that's it, you can only make people see you when you feel like a human around them"

Julie got her point. She wanted to peep into the bathroom to see what Siera was going to enjoy that night, but Favour's eyes on her made her stay put.

"Can he see me?"

Julie had to ask when Jack froze the moment he was out from the bathroom.

"I dunno, I am sure he can"

Julie looked back to favour and then to Jack.

"Jack? Then why isn't he moving?"

Jack stood still for more than 15minutes before he blinked.

"Ahn ahn, why am I not waking up from this dream?"

His question made Julie realised that he was in shock.

"Jack, it's me, Julie"

He laughed, and Julie was scared for him the next minute.

"Favour is he running mad?"
"I dunno oh, it looks like it oh"
"Jack it's me, Julie"

She continued.


Julie smiled now, thank goodness, he recognized her. Or so she thought. Jack lost balance. He fainted.
©onyeneke Abel .December 2017 all rights reserved.

The other side


Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Pearl05(f): 9:26am On Dec 27, 2017
Interesting, please have you ever gone to the other side before? Must wondering how you get inspired to write metaphysical story.

Why couldn't Julie touch jack since she can move objects?
Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 8:08am On Jan 01, 2018
Interesting, please have you ever gone to the other side before? Must wondering how you get inspired to write metaphysical story.

Why couldn't Julie touch jack since she can move objects?
lol no o...I've not gone to the other side before o...it's God dat inspires
Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 8:10am On Jan 01, 2018
The other side

Chapter 7

Day 2

Jack was safely placed on bed and watched till Julie was sure he had a pulse. She sat with her face buried in her palms. Indeed making him see her so suddenly was a bad idea, she understood now, why favour questioned her plans.
"Maybe I shouldn't reveal myself to him again"

She finally blurted out, staring at his unclad body.

"You would have to, he has to believe what he saw his not some trance or dream, he has to believe it's you"

Julie sighed, she thought of what she had put him thru, and realised she had been so cruel.

"I don't even know if he would be able to forgive me for what I did to him, how can he love me then?"

Favour stood up and was going to go, but never failed to encourage her a bit.

"Don't give up before you start. There is still time, use the best of it"
"Where are you going?"

Julie had to ask. What would she do without favour?.

"Bernice is on my tail, I can't be in one place for too long, but I'll always check on you ok?"

Before Julie could raise an objection, favour was out of sight. She stared at Jack now, she couldn't believe she would someday be the guardian angel of the supposed man she saw as trash. 
Jack woke up the next morning, feeling paranoid and suspicious of his environment. He held his head to massage and tame the slight headache he felt.

"What was that...?"

He questioned, not that he was expecting an answer from anyone.

He picked himself from bed and determined to get to work. He was done being shy and scared to face his colleagues, after loosing to his rival. It's been a week since he last appeared at work. He was certainly going to come up with a convincing story, as to why he exceeded the 2weeks leave given him for the burial of his mother.

Julie thought it wise to let him be that morning, she heated the food she prepared and brought his attention to the food when she made a sound with the pot.

He stopped on his way to the dinning and took a peep. He wasn't satisfied with just sightseeing, he started into the kitchen, perceiving the aroma of the Jollof rice. He sniffed and opened the pot. He wasn't aware when the word

"Wow" escaped his mouth.

Julie smiled at first, but the moment he mentioned

"Siera, you are a blessing"

Her smiles dried up to a frown, one that she felt like slapping a tooth off his mouth.

She followed to the advert company, where he worked. She was a minute there when she had a strong urge to go back to his house and wait.

She appeared back to the house and could hear noises from his bedroom.

It was Siera! What was she doing? Perspiration stood on her face, she was in distress, looking for something.

"Where is it...? Come on where is it...? Where is your fucking thumbprint?"

It became clear, it seemed there was a document that had Jack's thumbprints. Julie's guess was she wanted it scanned or something.

Julie wasn't ready to let her find it. So she took to the main door and made a knock sound.

Siera froze in fear, and after couple of minutes to muster courage she went to the door to discover it was no one. She was about to go on with her search when the knock came again and went on for three more times, till she hurried out of the house.

"What does she need his thumbprint for? Why would she come behind his back to get it?"

She questioned, Jack was not safe with Siera. Was she planning to murder Jack too?

She followed Siera to the office. Siera had made a few changes to her office. Her flowers vase had been changed. All her pictures had being replaced.

Vero entered, she didn't act formal when she approached Siera 

"You found it?"

She questioned in a whisper. The frustrated expression Siera wore was enough to make Vero conclude in a distressed sigh.

"You didn't"

Siera nodded now, in affirmation.

"So what do we do? Jack his smart, there is no way he would thumbprint on a document that you would keep, he doesn't trust you"

Vero had to be sincere in the part where she stated that Jack never had trust for Siera.

"Oh trust me nah. I would get his thumbprint, and we would get the wealth, all of it. All his entitlement. We would be gods in this city vero, gods..."

Vero eyes glimmered for Joy but wasn't given the opportunity to thrill when a knock on the door interrupted them.

"ssshhh, go on, get back to work"

Siera instructed as vero let in the fashion designer who obstructed them.

Julie was no fool, she could read the scene. Jack had an inheritance he doesn't know of. And with their description, it was something huge.

She spent the rest of the day monitoring Siera, but she did nothing else to give her an hint on what she planned to do next.

She realized that Jack has to see her, and know she exists, else he looses everything, just like she lost hers, and she knew it would finally end up in his murder.

He was having dinner in his dinning room when she sat at the far end of the table and called out to him.


He froze, his spoon fell from his grip as he shook in fright.


"Yes it's me, and for the love of God, don't faint again"

©onyeneke Abel .January 2018 all rights reserved.

The other side


Happy new year!


Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Pearl05(f): 4:48pm On Jan 01, 2018
Happy new year Abelosas222 .

Please let the update come often and longer.

Cbella, Gloryejims, oly0511, pinkfeet, purples25, cyber5, evajael, ikombe please I need ur help to motivate Abel to post more often. Read and comment. I'm enjoying the story. Thanks.

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Happy new year Abelosas222 .

Please let the update come often and longer.

Cbella, Gloryejims, oly0511, pinkfeet, purples25, cyber5, evajael, ikombe please I need ur help to motivate Abel to post more often. Read and comment. I'm enjoying the story. Thanks.

I was here oo, glanced through the first 2 episodes..... I WILL HAVE FULL CONCENTRATION ON FRIDAY.

Abelosas222, the update should be long na, i love the cover page

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Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Gloryejims(f): 10:32am On Jan 02, 2018

I was here oo, glanced through the first 2 episodes..... I WILL HAVE FULL CONCENTRATION ON FRIDAY.

Abelosas222, the update should be long na, i love the cover page
Here too Ohhh... Even came before cbella...
Abel, elongate your write up please...
BTW, Sierra, looking for Jack's thumbprint?
Bad geh
Julie, you don't expect someone to see a ghost and be happy... Take it easy with the guy abeg

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The other side
Chapter 8

Day 2/3

Julie could see as he shook from head to his toes, to the extent the dinning table began to vibrate.
"Jack, please calm down"
"Ok, I'm down..I mean am calm now"
He muttered but his body system betrayed his lies.
"Jack you're still shaking"
She pointed out.
"Oh, Am i?"
He replied as soon as she dropped her words.
"So how did you get in here? Like how...how did you appear from nowhere?"
He asked, praying so hard that she don't respond with what the dreadful part of his mind whispered.
"Simple logic Jack. I am dead"
That was the word he feared she might say.
His system doubled the fright and he shivered even more.
"You...you are...you are dead?"
He swallowed hard and broke out in hot sweat.
"So am not dreaming, am seeing your ghost?"
She nodded to his question and stood up.
"Jack just calm down, I've been around for sometime now. Who do you think put your messy house in order? Oh and who cooked the rice you're eating now? I did dummy"
Instantly the delicious rice turned sour in his tummy. The thought of eating from a ghost made him nausea. He threw up.
"Ewww...come on Jack, put yourself together. You are a man"
She was getting tired of his timidity. Although she understood what he was going thru, she was perfectly sure that if she was in his shoes, she would not just pee on her pants, but would be thrown into comma for approximately 3years.
She paused, she felt telling him straight to his face that he has to fall in love with her in less than 30days, was way too embarrassing. She literally had that as a second thought now. Now she has to make sure he doesn't end up dead like her.
"Yea..? But Ju...Julie before you continue, I didn't kill you did i?"
"No you didn't"
"Then why did you choose to torment me"
"Jack for the love of God I am not tormenting you"
He paused when she held her head in frustration. He instantly felt he was talking too much. His next thought was she might decide to strike him with a strange disease or something.
"Jack, it's normal to talk to me"
He chuckled in fright.
"Yea...of course, talking to a ghost is completely normal"
She shot him a stern look and he quickly apologized.
"I'm sorry"
"Jack, Siera is not who you think she is...she had me murdered. And I'm pretty sure she wants to do same to you too"
He was quiet, and she couldn't tell if he believed her.
"She came around to the house, looking for a document that held your finger print"
She didn't know if going towards him was wise, but she had to check if he was still a part of the living.
"Can you give me time to process the fact that I'm not going mad?"
He requested and was careful in being polite.
She hissed and made him believe she had gone when she went invisible.
He muttered as he stood up. She attempted to help when he almost lost balance but decided and retraced her steps.
He looked to the time, it was past 8pm. Quickly he snatched his car keys and hurried to Frank's apartment.
"Frank, I'm going mad"
He blurted out the moment Frank opened up.
"Jeez bro, you are shivering"
"My brother, how I was able to drive here, is a miracle"
He took off his jacket and sat on bare tiles, panting heavily.
"Ok what's up?"
Frank questioned now, when Jack refused to share a glass of wine with him.
"I saw her..."
Frank eyes went wide, he drop his glass of strong wine and took time to adjust before he asked.
"You found her?"
Jack frowned at his question.
He replied in whisper.
"Her ghost. She is dead"
Frank paused for a minute and took another look at him before he questioned with a concerned look.
"Bro, I think you need a psychiatrist"
Frank didn't believe him and it only drove him mad.
"You think I just made this up? I saw her man! She talked to me, we talked for more than 2minutes"
He was sweating profusely, with his eyes protruding in fear.
"Ok calm down, calm down...tomorrow we would see the doctor"
Frank advised.
"What are you saying Frank!"
"I am saying ghosts don't exist brother, after death is judgement! No ghost bro, it must be malaria or something disturbing your brain. I insist we see the doctor"
Jack held his head in frustration, Frank was the only pillar he had left. Now even his safe place, wasn't safe.
"You don't believe me?"
He questioned again, hoping Frank would rethink"
"Jack just relax, we would see a doctor..."
"Don't tell me that rubbish! I am perfectly fine! and I know what I saw. You know what, forget it. I am out of here!"
Jack Interjected and started towards the door.
He paid a deaf ear, but just by the door he remembered his house was off limits. What if she appears to choke him at night. The thought sent shivers down his spine.
"You know what? I'll crash here tonight"
He turned and ignored as Frank laughed and assured him its just as a result of malaria.
The next day he was out before Frank heard the cock crew. Straight to his pastor's office.. There is nothing God can't do.
He rushed in and poured out his plight to Pastor Dayo.
"It's a familiar spirit brother Jack, kneel and let's pray"
The prayer was intense. One that prompted pastor Dayo to remove his big coat to rain the heavens down to earth.
Suddenly he got that confidence, Julie was surely finished, with this kind of prayers, he was certain she had been dissolved to dust, never to plague his life again.
With confidence he entered his apartment and to God be the glory, the first person to welcome him was Julie.
"Welcome home Jack"
He burst into tears.
"Oh my God, God why...."
©onyeneke Abel. January 2018 all rights reserved.
The other side


Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by lahrra(f): 2:32am On Jan 04, 2018
The last paragraph got me laughing hard. Thanks for the update, more mb to your phone.

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Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by wizsolzy(m): 1:11pm On Jan 04, 2018
please i like to be an oliver twist here..
d tori make sense.. abeg update

Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by divinelypruned(f): 1:44pm On Jan 04, 2018
Hmmm nice one but i hope u wont later abandon this one like JUST A TASTE
Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 12:10pm On Jan 08, 2018
The other side
Chapter 9
Day 3/4

Julie completely understood how he felt, like who wants to be tormented by a ghost? Although she wanted to help him secure his life and whatever inheritance he had in store, but for now, he doesn't understand. She watched him sit on bare tiles, questioning God."God what have I done? Why is this happening to me, ok I wished her dead but I really didn't want her dead...why is she tormenting my life now?"
He was completely ignoring her and crying to God. For a moment there she had to laugh.
"Are you serious?"
She had to question him.
He looked to her with red, tearful eyes.
He discovered she was still around. His cry went intense
"God she is still here ooo"
Julie couldn't bear, she burst into laughter.
"Jack just calm down, I am stuck with you whether you like it or not"
She allowed her words sink into his subconscious mind before she continued.
"Don't worry, it's just for a few days, I would let you be, for now, I said earlier, your life is in danger, we have to work together, unless you want to be a ghost like me"
He was quiet now, he sniffed in and started to sit on his cushion, the suddenly realise that even God had decided to let this ghost hang around him.
"So Jack, what do you say?"
He looked up to see her close to him, he was still a little shaky but he composed himself, and with a low tone he muttered.
"You are the reason my mother died, you locked me up for days,and made me lose my contract, you called me trash...now I should work with your ghost? You expect me to believe you"
She stood up and felt his words sting her. His head was still bowed, he dare not look to her face.
"Jack listen, I am sorry for all that, but..."
"Sorry? Just sorry?"
He was becoming rational.
"Listen Jack, it's in the past, Siera is out to kill you, don't you get?"
An uncomfortable silence gained access and stood in between them, and Julie was going to speak up when she perceived Siera approaching the house.
"Listen, I can permit you to tell Frank about me, but don't you dare tell Siera"
She disappeared before he understood the scene, the next minute Siera's voice rang from outside.
He rushed and opened up, hugged her tight and quickly brought her in.
"I have something important to tell you"
He froze for a minute and tried to see if Julie was anywhere visible. Well, she sat at the dinning waiting for him to try and spit it out.
"What is it? You don't look settled"
"Yes yes...it's...it's..."
"It's what?"
Jack discovered he couldn't breathe the words out. He pushed to his limits until Siera grew fed up.
"You know what? Just forget it"
"No no, hold on, it's...it's..."
Julie held his tongue from spitting the words out.
"Jack please, Just let it go, tell me about it later"
She beckoned in haste and pushed with a cover question.
"Have you eaten something?"
Before he replied she quickly chipped in with the real reason she came around.
"Emm, baby, remember that document that carried your thumbprint"
Jack grew suspicious immediately, but was smart not to show it.
"Which document? I can't really remember"
He replied her and started towards the bedroom like he wanted to help find it.
Julie was glad he didn't reveal it. She followed to the bedroom just in case he changes his mind.
"What do you want to use it for?"
He stylishly asked while he searched.
"Oh yeah, I want to open and account for you where I can chip in little packages"
She winked at him, hoping he would fall for it. He didn't, but was smart to act like he did.
"Wow, thanks baby..."
He hugged her tight and kissed her. Julie simply rolled her eyes in disgust.
"But why my thumbprint? What is my signature for?"
He chipped in a nervous laugh before he continued
"I mean, my signature is not for fancy or is it?"
She came prepared, she knew he would ask a question like that.
"Yeah I know, but I don't want a situation where I would always call you to come to sign in some confidential documents used in preparing your special account, so your thumbprint is better, it would be scanned and used on all the documents"
He wanted to remind her that a signature can be scanned and used too but he thought it wise to agree to her suggestion, so she wouldn't notice he had his suspicions.
"You know what baby, I would settle down and look for it, when I get it, I would bring it to you"
Siera knew he wasn't going to be true to that, but before she made a protest, her phone rang and demanded her presence back at work.
She ended the call and pecked him on his lips.
"Alright baby, I gotta bounce, duty calls"
He was certain she was gone before he called out.
"Julie? Julie?"
She was right behind him, and scaring the daylight out of him was her plan.
"I'm here"
She startled his skin from his muscles.
He yelled and jumped to almost touch the ceilings.
She burst out laughing.
"Oh it's funny right? Please don't ever do that again"
He beckoned amidst panting.
"So you called me"
She reminded him while she sat, crossed her leg and waited for him to state the obvious.
"Siera is up to something"
He said what she wanted, but it wasn't complete.
"And as much as this sounds, like it's abnormal, not humanly possible..."
She rolled her eyes and interrupted him.
"Jack? And?"
"Ok I believe you, she is up to something"
She smiled now.
"So we work together to discover this right? Are you in?"
She needed his consent first.
"Yeah, am in"
©onyeneke Abel .January 2018 all rights reserved.
The other side


Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by xaviercasmir(m): 2:33pm On Jan 08, 2018
I really like how you narrate your story bro. Keep it up.

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Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by rayvelez(m): 11:04am On Jan 14, 2018
bring it on, really enjoy d story.
Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 5:35pm On Jan 16, 2018
​The other side
Chapter 10
Day 5

Jack still tried to sleep and figure if all he had been through for the past 24hours was just a dream. He was sure of what he saw, but at least, there is no harm in trying.
And so he slept and woke up the next morning with his eyes still deem and weary.
He cleared his throat and called in a whisper to confirm.
She didn't hesitate to answer.
"Am here"
She appeared by the door.
"Oh great, so it's real"
"Don't worry"
He got out of bed and headed into the bathroom. He needed to be sure if he still had privacy.
She was taking an impatient stroll round the room. Time is what she does not have. And to put it to Jack was now a necessity.
"Since when did you come around?"
"Emm, for 3days now"
He was quiet and she wondered why he asked.
"You...you know I've had my bath...did you? Emm, you know what, forget it"
He was going to let it go but she helped him out
"Yes I did, like I'm doing now"
She announced her presence in the bathroom.
"What the hell! Out!"
He grabbed his towel and covered up.
"Chill Jack, what's there that I've not seen before and hurry up, we have work to do"
He wanted to explain that it was unnatural to have a ghost seeing the very important part of his human body, but he felt she might grow angry and strike him with a strange disease, he has watched lots of such happen in Nigerian movies.
"Jack, you have an inheritance, and I think it's huge"
She started as he prepared for work.
"So if you're saying I have an inheritance, you mean my parents...are not my real parents, because I was the bread winner of the house"
He pointed out and got his clothes on.
"Probably, but the thing is, Siera knows, and the only way we can get this info, is thru the same Siera"
He was in his car now, he made sure he was out of the compound before he replied.
"So how do we get the info from her, I can't just go and ask her, or linger around. The girl is a devil, she'll suspect my moves the moment I make it"
Julie was comfortably seated at the passengers.
"Don't worry, I'll take care of that part, what I need you to do is destroy that document that has your finger print"
Jack was held by a traffic light, he was unaware of the cab beside him, with the driver and passengers staring at him talking to the unforseen. Making gestures and talking signs.
"Bros, who you dey talk too?"
The driver brought down his windscreen and called out.
Jack was about to lie, but he noticed all eyes from that cab on him.
"Ok Julie, they think I'm mad"
He whispered and offered a feigned smile.
"Ignore them"
The traffic light blinked green and he was so glad for that. He zoomed and got the chance to reply.
"Julie, we have to go low on this talking thing. Please, somebody should not come and think that I'm running mad"
She scoffed at it, he was taking the issue at hand with levity, she wouldn't sway anyway. Good thing is, it was a way to trail her attempt on love, down the drain. He was never going to love her, there was no point trying. Instead of coming back, she would use him to have her revenge on Siera.
"Ok, I'll be at my office, Siera's office...and maybe I'll get a clue somehow"
She was off and it somehow pleased him.
Although the thought of the supposed inheritance never gave way for another thought to come in...
Julie met Siera in a good position to reveal just how important Jack was.
"He is proving smart"
She said to Vero, Julie just got in, and she was eager to hear more.
"We can trick him to placing his thumbprint on anything. He won't even know, that's why we we have technology Siera. All we have to do his have him touch something"
Siera's eyes brightened at the idea, she stood up and roared.
"You are the best Vero"
But the next moment she thought of something else.
"Have we ever thought if this would work? Cos I can't have Jack as my boss in this company"
Boss? Boss? That one hit Julie, was Jack somehow connected to Prada designers?
"Here is what we'll do"
Julie felt cheated when Siera whispered to Vero's ear. Why would she do that? What was so important that she had to whisper.
She drew closer and closer till Favour came from nowhere to pull her from them.
Favour didn't hesitate, she took Julie with her and appeared at some place far.
"What was that for? I was going to get an important info and you blew it!"
Favour scoffed at her words.
"Or I just saved your ghost life"
"What do you mean?"
Julie got confused. Favour took a while to get Julie curious before she asked.
"What if I tell you that Siera can see and hear you...
©onyeneke Abel .January 2018 all reserved.

The other side
What happens next??

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Continue, i am not a patient man when reading an interesting story

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​The other side
Chapter 11
Day 6/7

Julie blinked several times, trying to think if what she heard wasn't some loose figment of her imaginations.
"But I didn't show myself to her, how is that possible?"
Favour was not saying anything and it only infuriated her.
"Are you telling me or you were just pulling my legs?"
She fumed in anger...she had the urge to rend favour apart for feeding her curious mind.
"Julie, you are messing with the living, these are repercussions you should expect"
Favour didn't make perfect sense...and Julie didn't get her point.
"What do you mean I am messing with the living? What is the point of my mission in the first place? Hello? It's meant to mess with the living!"
Favour was about to say something to counter her point but she wasn't ready to hear anymore stories, what she wanted to hear was quite different.
"What or who is responsible for this, why can Siera see me?"
Favour sighed and took another minute to voice it out.
"It's Bernice, the gatekeeper"
Julie went mad in wrath...she tapped her middle finger subconsciously and requested in the most calm tone she could manage at that moment.
"Ok, take me to her"
"Julie you..."
"Take me to her!!"
Julie's wrath went Intense, she oozed of dark smoke and caused a whirlwind that blew down a tree. Favour had taken her to a beach...it didn't take minutes before people scattered around, running for their dear lives.
"Ok ok...will you calm down!"
Favour screamed and took her straight to stand before the gatekeeper... She was wise not to spend another sec, the moment she dropped Julie she took off even before Bernice let down her whip.
"Why are you messing with my mission?"
Julie's anger got her bold now, she didn't care what power Bernice had that might be of harm to her.
"Your mission, can you remind me what your mission is again...I kinda lost track of it"
Julie couldn't tell where Bernice was heading to, but she replied anyway.
"To make Jack fall in love with me..."
"Good, good...I remember, so what have you been doing?"
The line of anger imprinted on Julie's forehead disappeared. She understood what Bernice was getting at.
"I..I am trying to save is life"
Her reply changed Bernice's expression to a frightening one.
"You don't mess with the fate of humans, if he is meant to die, he will die! It's not your job to save him...that's not the reason you are there"
At first Julie was frightened, but what she heard was totally unreasonable.
"What's the use of loving me when he is going to die?"
Bernice was quick to counter her question.
"It's of no concern of yours...don't mess with his fate"
Julie's initial anger resurfaced!
"Wait! You are just going to allow that bastard that murdered me and took everything I had, you are going to just let her murder Jack too? When you can do something about it?"
Julie wasn't getting the point Bernice was trying to put to her.
"You don't get me Julie, do you? We don't mess with the Fate of humans! Are you daft or something...? Even if I have all the powers in the world, I would do nothing!"
Julie was devastated but she wasn't relenting on her will to save him still.
"Well that's your choice... I would save him, even if it means giving up my life as a ghost"
Julie was actually expecting the gatekeeper to let down her whip and probably charge at her. But Bernice simply laughed and got serious the next moment.
"I can't wipe you of existence until after 30days, because a deal has been signed with the universe on Joan's sacrifice... That doesn't mean I would allow you go on with your stubborn will...I would aid your enemies to overpower you Julie, choose wisely..."
Julie wasn't buying Bernice's threat. She turned to go but felt the need to throw the ball at Bernice's court... And so she turned and smiled to the corner of her lips, with a gesture and a proud talk.
"Alright Bernice, game on"
©onyeneke Abel .January 2018 all rights reserved.
The other side
What happens next?
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Re: The Other Side Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 7:18pm On Jan 17, 2018
​The other side
Chapter 12
Day 8

Julie was burning with wrath, she felt like strangling Siera to death, if only that were possible, Bernice would surely prevent her from doing that. At an instance she thought of what challenge Bernice might throw at her, she got a little scared, but no, she wasn't going to give this up...she won't let the fear get in the way.
"How did it go?"
Favour tagged along, taking time to survey the environs for Bernice.
"I challenged her, there is no way I would allow Siera murder Jack"
"You did what?"
Julie was ready to lash at favour when she questioned sarcastically. But Favour's reaction was one of shock, not disdain.
"Julie, no ghost on the other side, I mean no one dares The gatekeeper, are you serious? You did that?"
Julie furrowed eyes eased up now, she appeared to see Jack asleep before she replied Favour..
"Well there is always a time for everything"
She was quiet, pondering on what to do next. Siera can see her, she was sure Siera would want to double her game...or Bernice would surely provide Siera some weapon to use against her.
"What do we do now? Siera can see me"
Favour was quiet at her question, because she knew one thing for sure...Julie was going to lose this fight. There is no way one rookie ghost can achieve what even the ancient of all ancients has failed to do(challenge the gatekeeper)
"Emm, why not tell Jack about it first"
She suggested and it made sense.
"Ok, you go, I don't want him seeing you...he might freak out"
Favour bought the idea and took off.
"Jack, Jack"
He sprang up immediately, obviously startled...he hissed the next minute when he noticed it was Julie.
"Oh come on, in my bedroom too? Are you my wife or something?"
She ignored his abash words and went straight to the point.
"Jack, Siera can see me"
He paused and took a while to act pensive, before he questioned.
"Is that suppose to mean something?"
She sighed and calmed her nerves before she continued.
"Jack, it means she can somehow harm me"
Jack laughed now.
"Harm you? Julie you are a ghost...how can a human harm a ghost?"
He asked, prayerfully wishing she say the word, so he could use it to ward her off...
"I don't know ok, I am kinda new at all this, it's the gate keeper that is aiding her"
"Who is the gatekeeper?"
Julie felt she couldn't start another sermon in trying to explain...
"Don't bother, go back to sleep, I would think of something"
He gladly tucked his pillows, but just before he laid his head to sleep, Julie asked
"Can I lie on the bed too?"
She shut her eyes to take his spurned reply, but he surprised her when he said.
"Feel free, I am stuck with you anyway"
"It's today vero, he dies today"
Siera whispered to vero.
"I can't have Julie interrupting my plans"
Vero was still shivering at the voodoo storyline.
"Wait, explain how you saw her again?"
Vero requested.
"It was the old woman I saw the other day nah, I told you before... She touched my eyes and told me Julie was trying to stop my plans, at first I laughed it off because I was certain I murdered the bastard myself... But when I heard its her ghost...I became attentive...you see this whip?"
Siera brought out an horse whip.
"The woman said it can be used to ward her off"
Vero swallowed a lump of saliva.
"So we are fighting a ghost now?"
She was still in doubt.
"Vero I saw her, I saw Julie, she was eavesdropping on us...I am not crazy, I know what I am saying"
Vero nodded, she acted like she believed every word Siera said, she didn't want trouble.
"I have been patient because Jack is my cousin but I..."
"Wait, wait, hold on, you mean Jack is your cousin? And you been sleeping with him? Jesus Christ!"
Vero had to act on Siera's revelation...she couldn't believe her ears.
"What? I'm not the first person to have sex with a relative...grow up girl"
Siera wave it off and went on to reveal how she would carry out her murder scheme.
It was Saturday, a work free day, Jack watched as Julie took care of the house chores, moving objects without touching them.
"Hmm, watching you do this eh, It's giving me the chill, I wanna be a ghost too oh"
He teased and got Julie laughing.
"It's easy na, lemme just strangle you, case solved"
"Biko no oh, I was joking!"
He quickly replied when she came at him.
The next minute she frowned, his first thought was he had done something wrong..
"What? What did I do?"
He questioned with his hands to help with the demonstration...
"Nothing, it's Siera, she is coming..."
She took her steps backwards and hid behind the passage door.
"She must not know you can see me"
She instructed just before Siera entered with a bottle or Eva wine.
"Hello baby!"
She squealed and hugged him.
Flashes of light beamed on Julie's memory, instantly her subconsciousness revealed how she was killed.
She gasped...Siera had poisoned the Eva wine she drank that night. It the type of poison that shuts your system down slowly, one that you won't feel a thing till you are off the land of the living.
And she was sure this wasn't a coincidence, it was the same drink she poured out for Jack...the same drink Jack was about to gulp down his throat.
She yelled from her hiding place.
"Jack noooo!"
©onyeneke Abel .December 2018 all rights reserved.
The other side
What happens next?
Drop your comments below�

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