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The elements : Knights and Warlords / The Gods Must Be Angry ( True Life Story) / Summary Of The Gods Are Not To Blame By Ola Rotimi (2) (3) (4)

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WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Baitullah: 4:23pm On Aug 28
Special Speech/Intro..

I welcome you all that will be participating in this ride.

I specially want to thank all of those that have followed up with the first part of this series...(The Adventures of Czar)....

specifically, My active Readers, commentators, and ghost Readers... I love you all..

I wouldn't have Come this far without your help and support s... your words were all encouraging..

Yes! like I said earlier, this is a continuation of 'The Adventures of Czar'. All characters maintained. And for those that will be joining this section, I strongly recommend that you go back and digest the first series.

Once again, I welcome you all on board...


Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by iamgprince(m): 4:29pm On Aug 28
when are you starting already i have been reloading and loading lit section looking for the story to know if you have started it already
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Baitullah: 4:44pm On Aug 28
when are you starting already i have been reloading and loading lit section looking for the story to know if you have started it already

Welcome, thanks for being the first...

I'll begin this night.
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by germaphobe(m): 5:29pm On Aug 28
abeg start already nah before my pop corn go finish. And please reduce d gate fee so as for plenty better people to come
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Baitullah: 11:24pm On Aug 28

It was night. Smokes emanating from twelve circular parts rented the peaceful atmosphere.

The lights on the candles beside the pots of burning smokes, radiated continuously on the circularly open space giving chance to view the expanse of the gap.

A figure at the end of the opening was sit, crossing his legs, reciting words in mythical accent which in a while effected in intensifying the fire of the candles.

After hours of hex, he stood up gently inching into the open space. He dipped his hand into his garb and retrieved a bottle.

Uncovering the bottle, he continuously poured down red liquid, pacing round the scene till the substance was completely spent. He pulled back his hood to reveal his face but was still illegible by the dark environment.

He lifted his hands up and started another round of chants to complete the ritual.

Few minutes after, a rather harsh gust pressurized the environment, causing the candles to go off; trees waving their branches unsteadily and the greeneries helplessly controlled to different directions by the gust.

The figure stood like nothing of the commotion had effect on him. The opening where he had earlier supplied blood on began to tremble. Rays of light gushed out of the quaked spot forming a mythical circle with carvings that looked more like a dragon curve.

As light emanated from the lines of the carvings, another figure appeared in the midst. Gradually, the lights went off living the two in the blind environment.

“Welcome to the human world” you look more of a god here than the other world. Eddilof said as he bowed in respect.

Hff” he released a sigh. ‘Let’s leave for the inner chambers’ he commanded in his thunderous voice.

Eddilof raised his head and followed behind him to the unseen building in Gwox. Only a door was situated as an entrance leading to nowhere.

After stepping in, they appeared in a well beautified domain in which glittering ornaments were announcing their presence. The walls were tall accompanied with ancient carvings and pictures.

‘A nice place you have here’ Gwakaro complemented scanning eyes on the arrangement of the ornaments.

‘Thank you’. Eddilof replied.

“You know, someone must have convinced or threatened my father to release the crown to earth.....

... I know him that he would never think of such idea as it might lead to bloodshed. (h stopped, wrapped his hands at his back and continued).

“He has vantage of wisdom over his council of elders; Whoever it was, he should be waiting to atone for my being here for thousands of years. My brother is out from his hideout. Watch him closely to know his every move".

‘Yes my Lord’ Eddilof nodded.

“And those two; get them to meet with me; they are quite stronger than their looks’ Gwakaro commanded.

‘How do you mean stronger? Eddilof asked curiously. .....

Gwakaro laughed audibly gapping his upper and lower lips which revealed his tooth.

‘Where you thinking you could kill them? .....They are immortal beings with the traits of the dark elves spirit that got me to planet earth.

..... We gods had a link one way or the other with some earthlings’ he explained.

‘That makes us equal then’ Eddilof conceded.
Perhaps they are yet to realize who they are. He added.

‘Hope you have got your soldiers ready’ Gwakaro asked.

‘Right from the day you gave the order’ he replied boastfully.

’Good; now be quick to monitor Suka before things get odd....

‘As you wish’ he said and vanished into thin air.

‘At last, after thousands of years, I can now lay hands on the crown. ..... .haaa!...How naughty father was to have disposed it from Gwanavilla. Perhaps he wanted to see who gets it first’....
. Suka, here I come.

He said and expressed amusement in audible laughter.

To be continued......

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Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by iamgprince(m): 3:33am On Aug 29
thanks for the update op, and please check thoroughly what you have typed before posting because there are some mistakes you made here
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Baitullah: 7:13am On Aug 29
thanks for the update op, and please check thoroughly what you have typed before posting because there are some mistakes you made here

Thanks for the observation.... will do just that
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Hardes(m): 8:08am On Aug 29
Am coming lemme go and read the first part.
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Baitullah: 5:39pm On Aug 29
Story continues....


“They are warming up to retrieve the crown; isn’t it time we start to act? (pauses and continued)
“Even the elders are losing their patience. I have tried to feed their undying curiosity but am afraid, it might not work further without your intervention’ a figure lamented, gazing at a dark spot.

Soon a thunderous she-voice ruminated the air.
‘It’s time. You should go and retrieve it after they find it. Make sure that they don’t come back alive. As for Cagula, he won’t make out from here; his spirit is just a minute to join his ancestors.

“but what about the council of elders? Are you sure theey will accept? Itchpin asked.

“Do you want to rule or not? She questioned.
“Yes of course”

“Then just do as I say; I shall take care of that”
’now go. A portal has been created on earth. Use it to reach them’ the voice commanded after which it began to fade.

“I shall do as you say. The figure replied and vanished.


‘What! Tell me you are joking before I unleash my wrath on your worthless soul’ Zuljaka blurted out with raging eyes threatening to pull out its balls. He starred keenly at the servant training a feeling of whether to strike him for the bad news or listen to affirm the news.

‘Sire, (mouth shaking and head bowed facing the floor) the message I bring forth is the truth. It all happened in my presence. My men’s lives were evicted by this demon. He is more perilous than a spirit my Lord. I only managed to escape a very close attack’ Gjaku concluded.

‘My moonlight, he has taken you away from me; I shall avenge you and present his carcass at your grave side’ he said, with a feeling of anger growing out of his body, his hairs erecting, body becoming stiff but with a weakness from the inside, fist tightening, No!!! Zuljaka lost control of himself, leading to emanating flames from his body. I shall reap out his miserable li…fe!! He continued to roar out his anger.

Suddenly, he felt a sharp sensation race through his heart, calming his ever-hot temperament that troubled the peace of the palace hall. He gently relaxed the speed of his heart beats and scanned his eyes on his trembling Generals not excluding Gjaku. It took him some minutes to fully regain his ego.

The voice that echoed in his head sounded familiar. He stayed tuned for a while waiting for the next action but nothing happened. In a split of second, appearing in their midst, a smoke-like being, bearing the Properties of a human.

‘I See your true anger have been lit up; it’s time’ the figure roared. All, except the king watched the strange being as he gradually manifest in the properties of a human and the smoke finding its way into the free air, wearing a garb with series of golden sports flowing down from the top.

In amusement and dread, they trembled within themselves with a mixed feeling of whom this bizarre being was and where it came from. The most startling part was why their king didn’t seem to be taken.

With red hot eyes starring keenly on the god (Sukaro) Zuljaka asked ‘where do we start’

a muttering laughter from Sukaro rented the air for some seconds before fading into restive. ‘get your soldiers ready for battle, any moment from now, the bastard who took your beloved away from you will be paying us a visit; I mean a cruel visit; make sure you head the war if you want to come out victori….

‘Of course I shall lead the war and make him suffer the same torture I shall go through in the future without her. Zuljaka cut in. Sukaro starred at him with relief as he felt the rage in the stupid fella. He continues ‘meanwhile, I shall go to summon my army before heading for the crown. I smell my brother on the run already. He conceded.

‘That is okay by me’ Katali, Saja, Gjaku, you heard him, leave immediately and start the mobilization. And, (he waited.. Then continues). ‘As for that Czar, this is just the beginning’ he said pointing out his finger to the air with a tightened face accompanied by pleats firmly plastered on his forehead.

Still in astonishment, the generals hurried out of the hall without a word to fulfill the kings bid.

‘Well said, I shall leave now’ Sukaro said and vanished into thin air. Now left alone in the hall, Zuljaka collapsed himself on the throne and sobbed inaudibly regretting his decision to have sent his wife on such dangerous task.

‘But if this scoundrel could get to his wife, he must be very careful while dealing with him in person’ he thought. ‘But who is he? His power his more than what they described him to be. Is Sukaro hiding something from him? What if he doesn’t fulfill the promise he made to him at the cave? All these thoughts rallied through his mind as he felt a raging sense hovering within him. ‘No one dares me; he muttered and disappeared.

Nalania! A rashly warm voice called out. ‘Yes ma’ she answered. This good for nothing lady always disturb her moments of stealing a rest’ she just have to look for a more not-time-demanding job elsewhere before this woman drains out her energy remains with her persistent errand running.’ She thought sharply before appearing in presence of a slim mistress who still looks like a woman in her prime.

She was very pretty with long blonde hair flowing down her nape and shoulders. But her awkward treatment didn’t make many including her employees to notice those features. She rarely tolerated flatters and wheedles from male customers which discourage many that were interest in her.

Her alehouse and brothel was unavoidably by many customers because hers was the best operating in the whole of Seawell.

‘Did you not see that the bowls are short of water? She said in her usual annoying tune.

‘I saw them but I just want to take a rest before….

‘Who employed you to come and rest here she hurled before Nalania could drop the rest. Look, you had better get serious with your duties because your days here are on the verge of a stop. Now get out and fill those bowls before need arises. Nonsense. She added.

Nalania walked out of her angrily wondering why this woman could be so mean. She has never called her to discuss anything about her life aside assigning duties that weakens her energy. Well, she was used to it and had to play along until she finds something more suitable.
lShe took a lift-able bowl and went out frowning out her poignant heart.

She watched as Nalania left the hall and recalled the words she had used. Isn’t she getting too hard on the poor girl’ she thought.

Why is she always too imposing on her? Perhaps the customers now sing their sweet talks to her instead of me.

No! That’s her business and I must protect my business. I must not give in to any man, not after what I went through with that idiot. She muttered not realizing that she has actually said something.

Immediately the thought stepped ahead, revealing the name of her long forgotten man who betrayed her by breaking up without any reason.

The man had just come by as a traveler and needed a place to crash for the night. He lodged in her brothel that night but kept himself entertained with the music and play by the ladies. As fate would have it, she walked past him, noticing how handsome and calm he was. Her heart began to skip each second until she gathered courage to walk straight to him to have a chat.

Somehow, they became friends cum lovers. They enjoyed good times with each other whenever he paid her a visit. Some of her customers who heard could hardly believe that she could really fall in love because of her ever-running mouth that could trigger a man kill her at the spot.

Just a year after, the man left a heartbreaking note in her chamber and never returned again. She felt like her world was over the moment she read the letter.

‘No man is worth to be loved’ this was her philosophy since then which prompted her to increase in her resistance to suitors. She had promised herself not to look for him nor think about him because of the vacuum he left behind in her heart. Although she tried to keep to that promise, but his thoughts sometimes surpasses other feelings.

Nalania strolled down the narrow path with her bowl well positioned on her side pelvis, supported with right hand on the edge of the bowl.

She was deeply lost in thought as her mind rewound the events she had spent with her late parents. How she lived happily until that cruel moment when the Kashibians raided their kingdom and killed them coldheartedly. That scene remained fresh in her memory as though, she was still very young then.

In a flash, she thought of her friend whom was ill from a slight fever. She would go and stay with her when she is done with the day’s activities. She could not help but let out a tooth-exposing smile when her mind recalled her friends sarcasm towards the young man Czar. How she wished both of them good life; of course, in her dreams. Though she liked him for some reasons, but he was a savior while she is just a street girl and she might never see him again. So she need not disturb herself with such feelings. That her friend must be a junk to think that way.


Six figures could be seen riding on horses in a random order. The horses weren’t too fast but not slow in their movement which means the riders are not in quickness to their destination.

‘We are almost in Seawell’ Czar echoed turning to Ell as they were being flung repeatedly by the motioning speed of the horses.

‘Yes, can we take a rest now? Shiva asked with a mixed voice as they galloped down the foot path closing to an open space which seemed more like a junction.

‘Alright’ Czar said and halted. They did the same and came down from the horses, each collapsing on the ground to get a rest after the long journey from Mik’shiba.

‘Thunder of Thor! Saja, where did you get this guy?’ Samir asked jokingly. See how he skillfully slaughtered those tens of knights without even a scratch. I like him you know’ He complemented.

Zian only smiled at his complements and lay on the carpet leveled grass.

‘He is one of my best trainees’ Saja replied painting his face with a smile. They are called ‘Jades’

what! Shiva exclaimed. You mean there is more of this slayer in Seawell? Wow, I smell victory already’ he concluded.

‘Don’t be too fast to conclude the end of the war; might be too dangerous to think of that now. Czar suggested.

‘You are right, we must put in all our best to prevent the people from been affected by the cold war between this two brothers’ ell replied.

‘What do you mean by that? I thought it was just the two brothers battling each other. Shiva asked curiously.

Ell starred at him for some seconds and whispered to Czar to continue in an eye contact.

‘hhhhm’ Czar cleared his throat and continued. ‘In the Gwakaworld, I heard Gwakaro saying that numbers of souls is needed before they could put the crown on. He said that he was able to steal the information from his brother’s accomplices who always initiates dirty ways of unveiling secrets. Their father didn’t want them to possess the crown which led him to place a course on it. Suka spent many years in his quest of breaking the course until he found out by a dark spirit that only human blood could answer that call; thousands of human will have to die by the swords that would be rubbed on the symbol of the crown. The both brothers are willing to make this sacrifice just to rule their great planet. That is the connection this whole mission has on we earthlings’ he concluded.

The ignorant four, watched in astonishment as they grasped each word that flip out of Czar’s cavity. They’ve been dwelling in the imaginary scene of his story until he concluded it.

‘Thunder of thor! Saja exclaimed. There’s a great task ahead of us; never thought it was going to be this extreme. He added.

‘That’s okay for now; Saja said. We need to rest. I want to go answer nature’s call’ he said and headed into a thick bush.

‘Right, you guys take a rest while Ell and I take the horses to the stream for a drink’ Czar said whispering to Ell to come along. He needed to rest but gave in to his little brother’s suggestion and followed immediately.

They came out of the opening with the horses and observed a steady pace walk behind the horses as they engaged in a chat.

‘I have noticed the naïve look on your face since we arrived here. Anything the matter? Czar inquired tapping his elder brother on the shoulder with a smile reading out curiosity.

‘You always know when something is wrong. Actually there is someone I miss a lot. I wonder how he is coping’ he replied back with a fair frown.

"Would you like to talk about it? Czar asked preparing to feed his ears with some explanation.

‘Not now; maybe later’ ell replied.

‘If you say so’ czar Said shaking his head in agreement. As they drew close to the stream, the horses after sighting the water increased their paces, running towards it to quench their long thirst. Czar and Ell watched as they ran to the water, with their foot oozing out dust that rented the air for some minutes. As the dust fades away gradually, they waved their hands in the dust to clear it off for good sightseeing.

‘Who is that at the other side? Ell asked pointing at a direction that claimed some meters from the horses.

She is a girl’.

‘Here she comes ell said as he saw the girl helping herself with her bowl of water.

As she drew close to them, czar had his eyes fixed on the damsel and pondered over the thought of familiarity between them, his heart raced to a stop at each pace she took towards them ‘she looks familiar; he muttered to himself.

‘What’s wrong with you? Ell asked noticing his brother’s new mood. Do you know he……wait….

She.. She is the girl I told you about’ He dropped the words after torturing his brain to give him the green light.

‘are you serious?’ ell asked starring at her to get a better look. No…I mean yes.

After few seconds Ell watched his little brother still starring at her as if she was going to attack him.

‘Common, say something’ ell commanded. These words managed to bring stupid Czar Back after he was deeply lost not realizing that the damsel was already standing in front of him.

‘Oh sorry.. Morning maam’ czar said pretending to be focused. ‘My name is Nalania, am from this kingdom which you saved months ago, she said in her sweet tender voice, sending a soft sexual sensation to his balls.

‘Well you know us already; no need for introductions, Czar braved himself..

‘I guess I will go check on the horses’ Ell said and excused himself leaving the duo to catch some fun.

I never knew I could meet you in person, she said as her heart beat skipped. They fixed eyes on each other for some seconds before she cocked her head with a little cough to break the silence.

‘Sorry I have to go now, my mistress would be waiting for me now’ she explained.

‘Okay but where can I see you again? Czar asked feeling he had gone too far to question her of such.

Why was he asking? Does he have anything to explain or he is already…. No! I don’t think so. I don’t think he has time for girls like me. All these flashed through her mind before she finally answered him. ‘Look for the best brothel in the city, I work there’.

‘Alright’ I’ll see you there. Czar conceded and waved her a goodbye.

‘But should she be giving him the address of her work place. Well, that was all she could think of on the verge of her Skipping heart beats. Oh god of odin, let what my mind is thinking be true’ she thought and smiled out her heart.

to be continued...
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Hardes(m): 6:36pm On Aug 29
Nice story here op.
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Hardes(m): 6:37pm On Aug 29
Interesting story you got here Op.
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by iamgprince(m): 7:36pm On Aug 29
thanks for the update
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by germaphobe(m): 10:12pm On Aug 29
i don pick chair, lets go there
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by dawno2008(m): 12:51am On Aug 30
Na so
Thanks and pls keep it flowing
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by enm(m): 7:54pm On Aug 31
Finally here! What an interesting story, from the adventure of czar to this, it been a hit all through.
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Tygold1(f): 10:04pm On Aug 31
Interesting story, following.
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Baitullah: 11:06pm On Aug 31
Thanks for your comments guys.
sorry for the late update. will post tomorrow.
please bear with me.
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by iamgprince(m): 12:57pm On Sep 01
Thanks for your comments guys.
sorry for the late update. will post tomorrow.
please bear with me.
alright we are waiting
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Baitullah: 9:24pm On Sep 01
Story continues...

Czar watched until she was out of sight imaging some dirty moments in his mind. This girl is way too beautiful; I think I must make her my catch. He muttered and happily turned and galloped down the stream to joint his brother.

‘How did it go? Ell asked widening his eyes in delight.

‘Not much, but I’ll have to see her again.

‘Did she give you a venue’ ell asked concentrating his eyes on his brother.

‘Yes. Remember you always told me you visited seawell often.

‘Yes, what’s wrong with that? Ell asked curiously.

‘Prepare for you will be taking me to the best Alehouse in the city’ Czar announced delightedly. He quickly noticed the look his brother gave him.

What's wrong g? He inquired.

‘What a twist of fate’ ell muttered smiling before sitting down on a carpeted greenery. Czar also followed suit.

‘What do you mean by that? He asked.

‘You know I told you earlier that I missed a friend in this city? Ell asked.

‘Yes’ Czar replied. ‘She owns that alehouse’ he dropped it and waited to see Czar Expression.

‘Ohhhh; I see, so he’s a she’ czar teased.

‘Sorry didn’t tell you earlier. The day i planned on revealing it to you was the same day we started this quest, the day you told me about the old man. I saw no point in keeping a lady waiting. I had actually gone to seawell to breakup with her because of the uncertainty of this adventure.

‘have you heard of her since then” Czar asked.

'No’ she loved me dearly but all I could do was dumping her. I regret my decision. Guess she’s grown too much anger. And the coincidence now is that…… she owns the brothel’ he concluded.

‘You know what brother, get ready for a ‘Unity Grand visit’ as I call it.

Ell laughed a bit and turned to face his brother. ‘What difference do you make with Samir? Have you forgotten we are ‘hunters and hunted?’

‘Not really, but let’s treat the past before proceeding’ czar suggested.

Okay Naughty boy’ ell teased. but you were supposed to say to her afternoon not morning.

' hoo my, I bleeped up in her presence and you are just telling me now.

‘You know you actually went dumb for seconds before saying something. She stood wondering why you didn’t reply her’ ell explained.

"You mean all these happened. ‘Thanks to you, I will have to fix it tonight. He said and they both laughed.


The three were having their siesta in the bush. They had had little jest among them before falling asleep.

Suddenly, movement of foot disturbed the atmosphere, causing leaves and grasses to murmur. This woke them up. They stood up and checked but saw no one rather; the paces of movement were increasing.

‘I think we are under attack’ Shiva said gradually unsheathing his sword. The rest did the same. They stood with full consciousness to even the wind that caressed their skin.

After some moments, figures trooped in from different directions; from trees, thick bushes and some oozed out from the ground, surrounding the three soldiers who had already unsheathed their swords waiting for their unknown attacker.

They wondered why their mates aren’t back yet. The troop bore more of assassins’ characters. A rough estimate of their number would tell they are closing to twenty. They wore dark garbs decorated with pleats that enveloped their whole human characteristics, faces hooded by black masks, swords unsheathed. Each centered on their best posture of attacking.

‘Hey guys we come in peace’ Zian echoed after recognizing their swords.

‘Identify yourself’ a thunderous voice commanded from the group.

‘ZIANIJADES’ he replied.

To their amazement, the park began to withdraw their weapons, sheathing them back before unveiling their faces.

‘What are you doing here? The leader asked.

" We are here for the same reason as you’ Zian replied.

‘Who are they and how did you know them? Samir asked still mounting his foot on the ground for any fracas.
‘They are the Jades’ he turned to the leader and continued his intro.

‘I have my park at the northern part of the city. But now, we are actually headed for Kashiba.

‘Is the grand master here with you?’ the leader asked. ‘ehh ..he ho here he comes.

They all bowed at the sight of Saja accompanied by Ell and Czar who were emerging from the opening space.

‘Rise my noble soldiers. I see you are very much watchful in the day.

‘Yes master. Forgive us we didn’t know you were with them.

‘no offence, infact, I like your dedication. But you have to go now. We don’t have much time to be spent here. Tell the deputy commander to start the mobilization and dispaty each platoon to all Kingdoms including the Jades.

‘Okay commander. He said and gestured to the rest to withdraw.

‘Common guys, we have wasted much time, let’s get going’ Czar commanded.

‘ya where have you trio been all this while’ Samir asked angrily.

‘Nowhere except the stream. Saja replied saddling his horses back.

‘Did you notice how bold the man was when he was talking to the blades. ‘Tell the deputy commander to start the mobilization’ czar flattered which angered Saja a bit.

‘At least it’s good to have some people who give you the due respect, Saja blurted and nudged his horse on the stomach which effected in the horse to move with the others in a slow pace.

Soon, they increased paces and galloped down the city.


A narrowly far distance from off the scene, a figure could be seen in colourful and beautifully ornamented gold glittering garb with hands raised to the sky, filling the air with echoes and continuously conveying a message in ancient accent.

He incanted laudably and as a result, shooing away the birdie creatures on the close by trees. This continued for almost half an hour after the fully-fledged moon exposed its mature state. This effect to his eyes bubbling like a frightened cats’, hands vibrating on the air coupled with erection of the hair on his body all occurring instantaneously.

Shortly, gust formed a circular shaped curvature forcefully inviting reachable objects from it to partake in the motioning state. Successfully, logs of woods and tree branches with other particles on the ground that could not withstand its pulling strength gave in and joined the rotation of the strong wind.

Soon, beams of light mysteriously emanated from inside the opening, plastering the face of the man who intensified his body movements and vociferation. These confirmed it to be a portal; a pretty dreadful one.

The light claimed the opening of the motioning gust. Moments after, the illumination transmogrified into conflagration, blistering the environment to its core. Not quite long after the sudden change of milieu, blazing huge beings with human shape, gushed out from the portal and filled the space between the man bearing the properties of Sukaro and the portal.

Few minutes after, they were all out. A rough count will total them in hundreds. They looked vicious and terrifying; Flames continuously burning on their figure; with attributes of a predator ready for its prey. With heavy smile plastered on his face ‘welcome to your creator’ fire Lord Sukaro echoed thunderously as he retreated his hands from the air.

‘I shall summon you shortly to render your services. Meanwhile, you shall dwell in the portal until you are summoned again’ he added. To the effect of this, they gradually retreated to the portal which shut down after the last flaming creature stepped in.

‘No one can stop the Great Sukaro from ruling, the crown is mine’ he said and let out his happy heart in a heavy laughter.


‘Now that we have the consent of the other kingdoms, we can now strategize on the next move’ Luann said folding his arms on his back spine.

‘Yes my son’ the queen replied. ‘We have prepared all that will be needed at the cave. All the villagers have been informed. And I believe they also have joined the preparation’ she added.

‘That’s good to hear. From tomorrow, I and the army shall begin the journey to the human world. A part of the division will be stationed here for safeguarding’
I must look for a man named Czar; he is the beginning of this fight.


They walked amidst the crowd to the empty seats which they sighted immediately they entered the alehouse. The whole place was busy with lads and lasses flirting one another.

Sounds of drums and music rented every part of the hall. The only place that was secluded from the running jubilee was where Czar and his colleagues occupied continually sipping their ale as they watched and enjoyed the play.

Some crack jokes amongst them to free themselves from the thought of battles ahead. Ell dulled his face, which in a while scanned the hall as if he was expecting someone.

‘Hello’ a beautiful maiden approached them smiling at Czar in particular. He instantly grasped the familiarity of the visage. It was Nalania, the girl he met at the stream; the one that had emotionally stole the key to his love house.

His heart skipped at the grasp of her tender voice. Too bad it might not last long for the future is unpredictable.

‘So you were telling the truth’ Czar flattered. The rest in shock and gaga watched him as he stood up and walked her out to a more not-noisy milieu.

‘You look beautiful’ czar complemented starring directly into her eyes.

‘Thank you’ she said. You are such a brave man; going around saving the world must have been really hard on you’ she added.

‘not really, perhaps its destiny’ he replied shunning her concerns. ‘you know what, I will make this short; I might be a warrior but with a fancy feature. He paused, training on the next words to say. I love you’ he dropped the bomb.

‘She felt a bit embarrassed but a lot delighted to hear the words flipping from his tender lips. She could not help the flabberwhelmed amusement that raided her unhappy mood.

As if her end time has come. She smiled out her happiness to catch more attention. But she is woman; she tried to be cool with th girlie thing.

‘Say something, you’ve been quiet’ Czar called. ‘Oh sorry, I just can’t bring myself to understand that the great Czar would find interest in a poor girl like me’.

‘Well, it happens like that. However, I might not be in need of your response because I will be leaving soon. Just thought that I should let you know’ Czar explained.

Now the bomb just blasted a shock in her heart. She remained mute and watched him, scrolling her eyes in disappointment.

‘Look I know this might hurt you, but am sorry. He continued… I am fully aware that you yearn for this moment right from when we met at the stream. As much as I am a warrior, I am also good at girlie things.

Forgive me for causing you this sudden trouble.

‘Hmmm’ she sighed in dismay. At least you should let me tell you how I feel about…… ‘Nalania’ a voice cut in.

‘I have to go now, my boss is calling’ she said and made to go but Czar held her by the hand and pulled her back…

‘Nalania’ the voice called again. She could not hold back the tears that foamed in her eyes. The tears freely glided down her warm cheek.

‘please let go or you’ll have me begging for food after now’ she said reluctantly. Of course, a girl hates such moment.

Czar continued to console her until Amluog appeared before them with red hot eyes.

Oh you are here! Czar echoed.

To be continued....
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Hardes(m): 10:34pm On Sep 01
Thanks for the update.
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by dawno2008(m): 11:50pm On Sep 01
Oh gwad
When do we see another update
This story is so interesting
Pls don't starve me oo cry cry cry cry
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by iamgprince(m): 5:11am On Sep 02
thanks for the update
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Baitullah: 5:48pm On Sep 02
Story continues....

"Greetings to you czar, she managed to reply after the shock. She didn’t expect to see Czar who saved their kingdom a winter ago.

Yes! And to you too” he replied.
Czar flashly thought of a way to handle the situation and suddenly got one. Yes he made it!

‘I understand that you miss someone a lot’ czar said.

“And who might that be great czar. She asked feeling she was been played. With this, Nalania seized the opportunity to leave the scene.

“You can come out now” Czar echoed.

From the dark spot behind Amloug, Ell popped out. She turned to see who Czar was talking to. To her surprise, who she saw was the least person she wanted to see. She couldn’t help the tears that glided down her chicks.

‘You, I hate you’ she said and made to go but Ell grabbed her by the hand and drew her close, uniting their body.

At this point, Czar had to leave and solve his own problem.

‘I am sorry for all I’ve caused you (he began); this is a very dangerous task we are venturing and I don’t want to get you involved in any way; not a day passes without me thinking about you; am so sorry my love’

Of course, the nature of women will remain unchanged. She tightened her hands around his waist, not wanting to let go; as if she wants to feel him forever.

‘But why didn’t you tell me before you left, I could wait for you forever’ she said.

“Am sorry; I will never break your heart again. Just give me one more chance to make things right. He placed his hands on her hair and carresed it down than placed a kiss on her forehead.

“You have no idea how much I missed you”

“its okay; at least now am here”.

They stood there pouring out their feelings for each other until Ell noticed the presence of his friends, all ready to go.

‘It’s time for me to leave’ Ell said. She gently loosed her hands from his waist and starred into his eyes.

“I guess I can’t stop you; but please promise me that you will come back’

He smiled, held her tight and gave her a soft hug; shortly, he let go and joined his group, still waving at her.


In the bush, everyone discussed their experience at the alehouse. They made jest of Ell who spent much time to renew his relationship. They also blamed him for taking such decision knowing fully well how misunderstanding women could be.

Czar on the other hand, had to take care of his. It cost him the help of his colleagues to calm down the spirit of Nalania in the hall.

“I never knew she cared that much’ he said.

“But since you knew it was going to be like this, why did you confront her in the first place? Shiva asked.

‘Well, I just had to tell her so that someone like Saja doesn’t take advantage’ he replied fixating on Saja.

‘So you were thinking that I would go for her? Common man, I noticed the look you gave her during the battle.

that time we fought there I knew you would certainly make a move’ saja replied.

"Never knew you are this jealous?" He added.

"Romeo Czar (coming from Shiva)"

"Shut your mouth" Czar blurted.
He stopped walking and tapped Saja on the shoulder; this is the most thoughtful thing you’ve done since I have known you; thank you, he commended. Others watched in amusement .

They smiled at each other. It was a monumental confession. Suddenly, Czar let out a loud yell.

He paced around uncontrollably and held his head as if it was gonna explode. What is wrong with him? Ell asked confused.

I don’t know, Saja replied. He continued yelling and fell on the ground, driving his body around the surrounding.

They held him tightly but didn’t know what to do. He continued causing commotion in the forest scaring and shooing away nearby games.

His crew was confused. They didn't know what went wrong. To make it worse, they couldn't think of a way of rescue....

In his head, a scene

……………you know who you are…. Hurry…..hurry…. you must hurry before its too late….. a figure echoed.. doom awaits planet earth… hurry; else earth will be destroy…….ed!

The figure added fading away.

But who am I?

The scene drove him to another realm………

………“Who is there? He questioned noticing a figure. You should know that I am bad enough for you to evade" he said still pacing around to find out.

Soon, fire poured out from an angle which he blocked by the fire he sent forth.

“Itchpin, he blurted. How strong are you to think you could defeat me, Czarkafa said with deep echo.

“You have been a threat to the throne of Gwanave; despite you have no legal right as confirmed by Onyish. That will seize to continue, Itchpin said and sent lightening to him in folds.

As an experienced god, he is able to retract the lightening and sent back the counterattack to Itchpin in folds but he dodged.

‘My father was robbed of his right and you know that; neither did I complain. Why are you trying to kill me?

“you will find out when you join your father’ Itchpin replied giving a dreadful smile.

Czarkafa grew annoyed and began to attack in double folds not relenting to let Itchpin gasp for breath.

Itchpin dodged, disappeared and appeared at different spots to avoid the lightening and conflagration from the furious god. He knows what to do.

As Czarkafa concentrated on his attacks, Itchpin quickly took advantage of some paces of the attack and sprinkled a powder on him.

“Haaaa! Czarkafa groaned in pain as the powder got in touch with his body. How dare you! He blurted covering his face which the substance affected most.

‘How did you come to know’

(Itchpin grinning ardently) ‘you mean how I came to know that you gods of lightening are allergic to heden flowers? It comes with great sacrifice’

“Ariline, Czarkafa muttered still in much pains. She was the only person he told this secret, nothing but for the fact that he wanted to win her heart. He has been betrayed. The effect of the powder was pretty bad on his body. Now he is weakened.

“Itchpin had no time to waste before Czarkafa’s guard noticed he was here. He quickly assembles a ball of intense fire, looked at Czarkafa keenly and fastened it towards him.…..

before the fire met with his body, he covered himself with a ball of lightening and disappeared.

Boom! he appeared in an unknown site. His body could not bear the atmosphere of this strange place.

“Earth” he muttered. He had to get somewhere safe. He wandered around for several days sourcing for a comfortable domain for his godly body.

Eventually, he was in his usual wandering when he noticed dark powers emanating from a cave. “what is going on there? He questioned.

As he made to ascend towards them cave, he saw a very strange bird ooze out from the cave; this kind is different from the rest” he said fixating on the birdie creature.

“Yes, he can stay here. His body was already transforming and might lose his godly powers forever. This is his chance. He immediately fastened speed towards it and fused with it before it buried in the ground…...

No…….! Czar screamed as he woke up.....

To be continued......
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Hardes(m): 9:45pm On Sep 02
Czar has now known who he truly his.

Hope there won't be problem.
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Hardes(m): 9:46pm On Sep 02
Nice work Op.
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Sliss: 4:14pm On Sep 06
Don't wait till your readers starts to loose interest before you give us update
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Baitullah: 7:20pm On Sep 06

My dear Active/Ghost Readers/ Observers and commentators,

I deeply and sincerely apologise for the late updates. I just wish you all are aware of my schedule.....

But to make it up to you guys, I promise to punctually give updates till the end of the tale..

Hopefully by next Monday or Tuesday latest.

please bear with me....

Yours Boy...
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Baitullah: 10:29pm On Sep 08
Hi guys! Thanks for your patience

I will start to update the story by tomorrow and I will be posting an update daily....

am deeply Sorry for the inconveniences I've caused you all..

Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Nuelt(m): 3:04pm On Sep 09
More ink to your pen bro, let the updates begin smiley smiley
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Sliss: 3:58pm On Sep 09
Okay bro we are patiently waiting
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Baitullah: 6:07pm On Sep 10
Story continues.....

“What happened? Ell asked, looking worried.

“I don’t know” he replied. What happened? He asked again.

Ooooh! I almost peed in my pants thinking he was dead. Saja muttered.

“You suddenly lost control of yourself and fell down; then you went unconsciousness and started speaking some kind of weird ancient language in a weird accent. Shiva explained.

“I…I think I know who I am. I …..I’m feeling different now.

They looked at one another with surprise and gazed at him again.

Yes of course, you are Czar, Ell’s brother and Leader of this quest. Samir added.

Immediately, he was gradually surrounded with lightening, sparkling in bits and pieces’ the rest descended backwards in fright. He looked at his hands feeling more energetic.

He stood up from the couch and starred at them. Soon, he made some moves waving his hands in the air to stop the lightening.

“Please sit. dont be frightened"

"What are you? Ell asked rhetorically as he glued his buttock on a stool.

After all these years, I can finally feel my real self” he soliloquized gazing at the opposite wall. In a split of seconds, he raised his head to face his crew who were fixating on him training on his next move.

Guys, you all know we have come too far with this quest” there’s so much hidden in the dark than I expected.” Czar said.

They all looked at themselves suspiciously. “ was he hiding something all this while? They thought.

So long you fight for what is right brother” Ell replied. we shall be in this shit together" Right guys?

Yes” they chorused.

“I’ll build my confidence in that” He stood up, walking majestically like a noble around the scope.

‘I am Czarkafa; (he began) the god of lightening; from Gwanave Planet. My father was robbed of his right from being the king. They thought I would come seeking for revenge; so they plotted to kill me. But it doesn’t feel right that way.

He stops to steal a gaze.
(Continues)………it all started ………………... (he tells the tale) ………………

“Then I saw the strange bird, I used the opportunity to fuse with it. It was a spirit secreted inside of it. He told me about his mission. his mission to stand against the evil folks We lived together for hundreds of years.

Time was running out and yet no one visited that land. he ran out of time. He had no one to fuse with as anticipated; so unfortunately, he faded away and only I remained. But he pleaded that I help him achieve his quest. When the time came, I took his place and fused with father’s semen.
He said training eyes on Ell.

It has to take many years before I really know who I was, according to the spirit. And the time has come. Now I see that the whole thing is connected.

“Thanks for the story….. that was awesome! Saja applauded. Just tell me you were joking” he added.

Is this Czar speaking or…Samir asked?

“Listen guys, I know you are confused. But now I am telling you the truth.

Thunder of Thur! he is speaking the truth. Saja exclaimed. You mean you are a god? He questioned.

“ah! Ell snorted. My brother; a god; sounds ridiculous. Now the quest is getting more and more interesting.” he added.

Czar inched to where Ell was sitted. “I know you are as confused as the rest; but you have to trust me. If I must stop this bloody gods, then I need your help’ all of you” he explained.

“Okay! But what of Gwaka and Suka? Saja asked.

“Since they think am dead, we shall continue the fight as planned. And as for itchpin, I will so deal with him; he has something in hiding.

So, what should we call you from now; Czar or Czarkafa? Ell asked curiously. Or should we act as your subjects? He added.

“Whichever one you so prefer” he said smiling heavily.

Hmm, Saja coughed. Seems you still don’t know where we are. He said. Just then, an old looking woman entered the room.

“Granny! Czar echoed.

(She let out a manageable smile) so what should I call you? Czar my Grandson or Czarkafa, god of lightening.

He inched close to her and gave her a light hug.
“thanks for everything” Czar said. “with your help, I was able to find out everything about me” he added starring at her.

“now you are ready for the real quest” she said.

“the sword, I heard it was somewhere in Kashiba”

She smiled and paced around for a moment smiling out her happiness.

“you know Czar, there’s no such thing as the sword”

What! The rest exclaimed.

“what do you mean by that? Czar asked curisously. “I mean what was that old man blabbing about?

“the sword is just a mystery; no one knows where it is”

“No something doesn’t feels right; without that sword I can’t fully regain my strength” I must find out what it is….

So he is really a descendant of Thur" Saja whispered as they watched him vanish into thin air.


Czar paced around digging dip into his thoughts in search of the answers to the questions ringing bell in his head.

He quickly rewound the event that flashed in his head. How he escaped death in Gwanavilla. And then he appeared in an unknown location; a place where he was not comfortable. And he could no longer feel his powers.

But that was the only thing he could remember. He couldn’t use his powers anymore.

But what really happened? He thought.
At the instance, a gust blew past him and vanished.

He quickly turned to face the direction. His eyes widened at the figure he saw.

“Father” he muttered.


“Greetings” two figures echoed bowing on their knees.

“So you two provided the blood of Malywon. That’s impressive.
Rise” he ordered.

You both have not discovered your true potentials I guess.

What potentials are you talking about my Lord? Genza questioned.

Haaaaa! He let out laughter. This is unbelievable; still hiding a secret from a god. Anyways, Edillof must have told you all you need to know”

Yes my Lord” he has” Genza replied.

I have a good offer for you two. He gazed at them training on his next words. "Are you ready to fight alongside with me?

They gazed at each other looking for a favourable answer.

Confused I guess” Gwakaro exclaimed pacing down the stairs. You should know how honourable it is fighting alongside a god. Not everyone gets the privilege. I shall reward you abundantly.

You are right; but we ….…..we should deliberate on this to arrive at a good response my Lord” Abram replied.

“yes! He his correct. Please give us some time to meet a conclusion” Genza added.

“I see. But know that you don’t have much of my time to waste. Come back in the next two days. He concluded.

Thank you my Lord! They chorused.

They turned and start to leave. When they got to where Edillof was standing, he gently grabbed Genza by the arm and whispered to him...

“be warned; Gwaka doesn’t like negative response”
Genza pulled his arm off, starred at him and walked away.


What do you think brother? Genza asked.

“Am not sure we are ready for this; there is so much that we don’t know”
Genza adjusted his stool to sit comfortably.

“That’s the problem with these gods; they don’t owe you any explanation rather than you doing their bids”

“But think of the benefits” our lives will be normal again”

“Don’t just think of the benefits; what about the detriments?” we will be responsible for the loss of many innocent lives. I just don’t feel good about it”.

“You are right. ……But remember what Edillof told you…….

“I do remember; which makes the issue more complicating” hmmmm! That asshole….. thinks he is smarter…..

………What did he promise to give you? A figure spoke from inside an iron cage.

“Shut your mouth” it’s non of your business old man” Abram blurted.

“Listen……….I ..... “I said keep quiet! Abram cut in. Be thankful we kept you alive otherwise you will be rotting in the forest by now.

Calm down brother; the poor man has been there for a long time without making a sound. Let’s give him the privilege to spit out the nonsense he has in stock”

Abram gave him a dangerous look and quickly retreated his eyes. “if you say so” he said reluctantly.

“go on old man; keep talking.”

(he cleared his throat making sure of no impediments) “I have something left of your father” Malywon said.

He looked tattered and unkempt. His blonde hair no longer glitters. Dirt covered his face.

……”and what might that be” Abram questioned gazing at him with disdain.

“The Staff of Seagor”

“You’re bluffing; Edillof has it” Genza replied.

“I see. So that is what he has been using against you. (hmm! He sighs).

“Old man don’t play games with us”

He continues…….“For once I thought you both were like your father. But now I see some goodness in you two. Don’t give in to their threats. I am ready to give you the staff. In addition, I will teach you how to use it” he explained.

“What do you think Genza? Abram whispered in his ear.

“he might be telling the truth. He won’t want to lie at this critical time”

“What if we find out that you are telling lies? Abram questioned.

“I don’t tell lies; it’s part of the qualities of being the ruler of Elves”. I am telling you this not because of the staff; but because the people out there seeking for your help are the real enemies. My son his on his way to join force with humans; this battle isn’t theirs alone.

They knew for sure that he was telling the truth.

“and where is the Staff? Genza asked curiously.
“in Ethylon; but only I know how to open the lock”. I know how confused you both are; but I can make you discover your true selves.

“So Edillof has been playing dirty games with us all this while” Abram thought.

Genza inched to the position of Abram and muttered in his ear “release him”……

to be continued.......
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by iamgprince(m): 7:52pm On Sep 10
Beautiful! bia op so na this small update you wan give us all this while me thinking it will be long sef

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