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Dark In The Woods - By Prince Kabal by Inteltower: 6:43pm On Oct 11
Hello again, take a walk with me through a tragic and horrifying adventure of six kids who found themselves in a forbidden forest facing uncertainties and worst nightmares as there weren't guarantees for them to making it out alive or will any of them do ?

also if this story is too petrifying for you, you might as well would take interest in reading another novel of mine am also dropping in this forum titled:
Superman & Cinderella

All rights reserved abeg
suing is allowed anyway lol

it will be also much appreciated if interested readers indicated they are following this ooo to know my audience

happy reading

Re: Dark In The Woods - By Prince Kabal by uchedora(f): 8:29pm On Oct 11

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Re: Dark In The Woods - By Prince Kabal by Benteazaa(m): 8:45pm On Oct 11
My kind of story
But Guy nawa for you, you just did introduction and vanished

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Re: Dark In The Woods - By Prince Kabal by Inteltower: 10:15pm On Oct 11
My kind of story But Guy nawa for you, you just did introduction and vanished
I will be updating the chapter/scenes daily. be patient
And thanks for showing interest
Re: Dark In The Woods - By Prince Kabal by iamgprince(m): 1:22am On Oct 12
seated with my popcorn

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Re: Dark In The Woods - By Prince Kabal by Inteltower: 4:12pm On Oct 12
Chapter 1

Its was a playful atmosphere in Umueli towns' village square as children engaged in different varieties of local games; mainly the boys played soccer and some of the girls played oga, while a few were busy chasing one another. After having had her turn playing oga Amara took a distant break and came over to watch the boys play ball, she was 12 and had piercing black eyes with a slim body added with a fair tone of complexion, suddenly a boy ran towards where she was and laid down on the grass, it was one of her best friend's; by name Uche, breathing fiercely and appearing worn out, she chuckled a bit, joining them were Emeka and Ikenna; their set have just been sacked by the opposing team remaining on the small carved field who were to soon face another set to play them.

"Hey Amara" Emeka greeted, now taking a sit down on the bare ground close to uche to catch his breath.
"Hi Emeka, this people have sacked your team, you people were not playing very well"
"See who is talking" Uche replied, adjusting himself where he laid
"Is it not Emeka's fault, you can't pass the ball, always playing shot, na igbafu ball all the time " Ikenna pointed out, and looking at them angrily.
"You nko!, that likes to dribble, why should I pass the ball to you, when at the end they will take it from you" Emeka responded with a little anger looking straight at him.
"Bia ! If u don't want to play in my set, go and find another set, and you Amara shut up"
"Hey! Ikenna, it is my set ok, you two weren't playing very well, and left only me to be defending, (sighs)" Uche preached but not really caring much about their performance, he simply just enjoyed the game.
"Don't try to insult Amara again" Emeka warned
"Your head there, what will you do" Ikenna countered in a daring voice, gesticulating in a negative manner towards Emeka
"I have finished telling you" Emeka looked away, not wanting to continue in the quarrel
"You people should just stop your arguing" Amara blasted
"Ehe!, Amara will you be coming to my place tomorrow for the story time with my grand papa ?" Uche inquired
"Ehe! now..., I will come with my sister"
"My aunt will come and take her..we will all go together and I will bring my brother too" Emeka informed them
"Ha! I can't wait for it, day before tomorrow will be new yam festival, and many people will come to you peoples' place to prepare the food that will be served on that day" Emeka added.
"I heard Kenechukwu will come back to tomorrow from the city with with his dad" Ikenna chipped in while being focused on the football play on the field
"That's true ooo!, I can't wait to see him, its been long " Uche responded, followed by Amara with a nod of the head
"Leave that one, he only likes to think to big of himself, n'eko ka bingo.. always boasting anytime he comes home for Christmas"
"No ooo! Emeka, that's just how he is " Amara replied
"Ikenna you will come now ?" Uche asked
"Why won't I come, many food will be prepared there, I will come to help them eat it"

They all laughed, their attention were slowly now drawn to the others playing ball, Ikenna was anxious and a bit irritated that it was taking too long for one set to be sacked, and was shouting making himself heard for someone to score, Uche tagged along on the protest, even though it still won't be them next if any set was to be sacked. Emeka and Amara didn't say much but just watched the game.

To be continued.....

by Prince Kabal

Re: Dark In The Woods - By Prince Kabal by Inteltower: 4:37pm On Oct 12
New Updates!!!


It was sunset, things looked humid and calm in Maazi Chika's compound, the owner himself was just returning to his house after a hard days' work on the the farm, he carried along with him his cutlass & hoe as he made way into the compound.

(Clears throat)
"Ugodia !, Ugodia !" He summoned slowly
"Yes nna anyi, am coming" Ugodia replied loudly from the house
"Biko hurry up and come please"
he makes his way to a long bench that is right in front of the house, he drops his tools on one side, and gradually takes a sit. Ugodia quickly comes out to welcome his husband
"Nna anyi you are back, nno !" she greeted with a humble gesture
"My dear, please take these tools inside, and quickly get me my food, agu ji'm here now"
"Ok nna anyi" she quickly picks up the tools
"How was work on the farm ?"
"It was ok, although the sun was very terrible on me and ifeanyi"
" O! Ifeanyi volunteered to help you ?"
"Yes yes, he did"
"Eeyah! He tried"
"He did well, I like how selfless he his, anyway it is well"
"That's good, let me go and get the food, I prepared your favourite" she announced with a smile going to the backyard of the house.
"You mean Egwusi soup and akpu, Ugom' you have done well, hurry and bring it" he laughs and gestures with excitement.

Not too long Ugodia brings his food and drinking water on a tray, Maazi Chika had already brought a stool and placed it in front of where he sat. After laying his meal before him, both exchanged pleasantries, Ugodia rushed to get a bowl of water for his husband to wash his hands. Maazi Chika was really excited about his food, the soup was sumptuously garnished with pieces of goat meat. His wife brought a bowl of water which the husband collected from her, she sat beside him and watched him wash his hands, after he was done, she took the bowl from him and kept it on the ground, Maazi Chika quickly began to eat his meal.

"Ugom you can join me"
"Thank you nna anyi" she washes her hand and joins his husband in the meal
"Ugom!, this meal wonderful" both of them laugh
"You deserve the best dear" she replied

After some minutes they had finished eating the food, Ugodia had gone and brought a clean bowl of water for his husband to wash his hands having poured away the earlier one. He continued to shower more praise to her. Ugodia arranges the plates on the tray so to take them to the kitchen.

"Ehe! wait Ugom" he holds her on one hand pausing her from what she was doing
"Where is my Amara and Chioma ?, I haven't seen them"
"O! They both went out to play with their friends at the village square"
"But why did you allow them to go, have they done their chores and done their homework ?"
"Don't worry nna anyi they have done all of it before they left"
"Are you sure ?, you know I don't like them going far from the house, these days bad things are happening"
"Stop worrying nna anyi, I made sure they didn't go alone, they followed their friends, besides nna anyi am aware of what you said, but only God protects his own, and besides they are kids they need to have fun once in a while with their friends"
"O! Well if you say so, we just have to be careful that's what am saying"
"Nna anyi you are right, they will be coming back soon, I gave them a specific time to come back"

Walking swiftly through the compound gates were their daughters Amara and Chioma they were talking about, the noise made from the gate they opened drew the attention of their parents.

"They are already back nna anyi" Ugodia announced and quickly carries the tray towards the backyard.
"Daddy good afternoon"
"Daddy good afternoon" both girls greeted
"Ehe! How are my daughters doing ?, come and sit with me"
"Daddy we are fine" Amara replied

The girls happily sat beside their father, one on the right, the other on the left

"So you two went to play at the village square with your friends ?"
"Yes daddy, I played oga and I win sometimes" Chioma answered in a meek way
"Even me self, then I later watched the boys play football" Amara noted
"Wow!, is that so, you two really enjoyed yourselves"
"Yes!" They replied, their father laughed and smiled in content
"Daddy one day I will learn to play ball, I like it" Amara declared
Maazi Chika laughs again, he crosses his hands over the shoulders of his daughters in warm closure and embrace.

"It is well, but as long you take your studies seriously, it is very important"
"Yes daddy we promise to take it seriously" Amara replied
"Yes daddy, we will be taking first in class everytime"
Their father laughs agian and nodded with satisfaction on what he heard from the two
"That's good to hear from both of you"
"What are you people talking about ?" Ugodia inquired from behind with a smile as she came and join them on the bench.

The family engaged in a wonderful conservation and were enjoying the natural serene as they normally did, Ugodia later took the children inside so that they would take their bath and later have their evening meal. Maazi Chika insisted on still staying outside and was now comfortably sitting on chair his wife had brought for him as he requested. He remained their just to think and enjoy the cool breeze that had suddenly flooded their compound. He was relaxed and happy, enjoying the serene around him.

To be continued....

by Prince Kabal
Re: Dark In The Woods - By Prince Kabal by Inteltower: 5:01pm On Oct 12
NB: Please as you read this novel am soliciting for financial help (Crowd funding) to help me buy a laptop to enable me to be more effective in my writing career and other online endeavors.

So if interested in helping me out, you can email me or reply at quote to give you my account details. Any amount from you will do and be very much appreciated.

also don't forget to like each scene/chapter to help me know those following the story.
Re: Dark In The Woods - By Prince Kabal by Inteltower: 5:57pm On Oct 14
New Update!!!!


The following day, Aunt Ngozi arrives at the compound of Maazi Chika, Emeka and his younger brother Ebube was with her as well. They had come to take Amara along with them to Maazi Eloka's compound for the moonlight story tales occasionally held at his place in which many children of the village attended. Emeka's aunt would also be assisting in the food preparations done at the compound for the following day's new yam festival. Maaazi Chika and Mma Amara along with their two daughters; Amara and ifunanya came out of the house and welcomed them, the adults exchanged pleasantries, Emeka and quickly greeted Amara's parents who with smiles greeted back. Having discussed a little while Amara's parents allowed Emeka's Aunt to take their daughters with them to said place, there were farewell waving of hands exchanged in the process as the Aunt and children left the compound.

It was late in the evening at Maazi Eloka's compound; at a very tall tree there were gathered some children that were sitting on the ground, their eyes were fixed at an old man sitting on chair close to the tree as he told them a tale although there was one or two distractions going on amongst the children, his name was Maazi Eloka, a retired chief priest of the community, he had growned white beards, a weak colored brown eyes and bare hair. The children suddenly started clapping as he had now ended a story tale.

"Children do you want to hear one last story tale before you go and eat ?"
"Yes Maazi Eloka !!!" Many of the children shouted
"Good" He responded smiling at them.

Papa Uche the eldest son of old man who was also now the chief priest of the land walked up to him and both engaged in a conversation but in a lower tone.

"I can smell the jolliof rice" Uche alerts his friends lined up sitting beside him, he continues to inhale the smell weirdly that amused Amara.
"I hope I will get the chicken laps" Ikenna expressed
"Me too" Emeka agreeing with him
"They will only put for us beef, the adults will eat the chicken" Uche countered to inform them before hand being that his the son of the chief priest and knows some of things that goes on in their compound.
"I have finished drinking my own bottle of coke" Ifunaya tells her sister
"My own remains small" Amara replies her

Uche spots Charles arriving at the scene having been dropped off and handed over to Uche parents by his father by name Maazi Badmus. He is their long time friend that had earlier moved to the city to study but now back for holidays and for the coming new yam celebration. Uche beckon on him to join them where they were sitting which he obliged, they were happy to see him, especially Amara and Uche. They were asking him a lot of questions while they waited for the old man to resume the story telling. Charles was a smart boy, cunning, proud and can be rude. It didn't take much time before he started expressing those traits when answering few of their questions which annoyed Emeka and Ikenna a bit but restrained themselves.

"Charles what are you doing" Amara asks
"Am just checking my phone"
"Wow you have a phone"
"Wow" Uche joined in and drew closer to where Charles sat to see the phone.
"My father bought it for me, it has a torch light"
"You are lucky" Uche squealed in excitement
"Its small but my father said he will buy a bigger one for me during christmas but he will give it to me when I enter boarding school next year"
"That's nice" Amara responded
Emeka just watched without saying anything while ikenna having made some glances towards the phone Charles was advertising he showed no excitement but was earnestly waiting for the next story.
"Maybe my own papa will buy one for me" Uche indicated
"Stop dreaming, its only city boys that have rich parents like mine can buy phones"
"Look at what this one is saying" Emeka countered
"You people are still village ooo!!!, you can't understand or use it"
"But you can't you teach us ?" Ikenna inquired
"Please that will be next year, and I will start with Amara when next I visit"
"Ewu!, who cares that you have a phone" Ikenna replied with resentment
"Boaster" Emeka added
"You people are just jealous"
"Stop it naaa!!!" Amara pleaded
"I love that story of the proud lion" Uche interferes bring up the topic to calm the nerves amongst his friends
"Yes its a shame how the hunters killed him and used him for food" Amara followed up
"That's what happen to people that think too big of themselves" Emeka notes
"Bia Emeka what are you implying and why are you looking at me when saying that ?"
"Am just saying, did I call your name"
"Better mind your what you say to me Emeka"
"And what will you do eh Charles ?"
"You are just trying me, jealousy"
"Proud lion, try any nonsense and you and I will fight here now"
"Biko biko two of you don't come and spoil this story telling my grandpa wants to tell us with your fight, please ooo am begging"
"No leave them to fight" Ikenna without a care replies
"Please don't fight" Amara pleads again

Maazi Eloka was free now after his son left and got ready to tell them another story, he smiled as he screened through the faces of the children sitted close before him earnestly waiting for another tale.

"Story Story"
"Story!!!!!" The children shouted
"Once upon a time"
"Time time"
"Now the story I am about to tell you was a real life scary story that happened in our village community"
"Tell us the story" many of them shouted in reply, there was little ongoing murmuring amongst the children, some were excited and some others scared in hearing a scary story.
"The story is about a young boy called Udoka who was the only son of his widowed mother. To cater for their needs the mother sometimes goes to the farm to plant and harvest some crops which she will then go to the market to sell in order to make money while her son carries Barrow to the isuofia market to make money by carrying the items people bought from the market to whatever motor that they will put it in"

"Poor people" Charles hints
Few of his friends including Emeka momentarily looks at him surprised at his utterance, even he wasn't all that paying attention to the story as he was meddling with his phone.

"This was how they catered for themselves in their home and they seem contented with it. One day as Udoka was about leaving for the market his mother stopped him, insisting that he should follow her to the farm to help her in planting some seeds and ridging, but Udoka refused as he was focused and enthusiastic in going to the market to work today, his mother pleaded with him severally to come and help her at the farm because she just couldn't do it all by herself but Udoka was still adamant that he instead wanted to go and work, promising her that next time he would gladly join her at the farm. His mother was quite disappointed and sighed, she allowed him go and without hesitation he left with his barrow.
During the afternoon period, the isuofia market was not all that quite busy with trade activities as there were low turnout of customers during that time. a gathered group of barrow pushers were sitting at a location, some were resting while a few were busy scouting for potential clients that may want their service. There were spontaneous conversations and arguments going on amongst them in the process, Udoka was more busy glancing the market scene, an average adult man was suddenly approaching their location, he was wearing a blue jean and black polo and was putting on a dark shade eye glasses.

To be Continued....

Daily updates at 6pm

By Prince Kabal.
Re: Dark In The Woods - By Prince Kabal by Inteltower: 4:28pm On Oct 23

Udoka took the opportunity from the bickering amongst his fellow barrow pusher to secure the client that came requesting for their service. The young boy followed the man to a shop where some certain goods were bought already with another man standing guard over it. After negotiating a price with the two men at the spot, Udoka hurried and put the food items plus some other materials into his barrow and carried it following them, making their way out of the market.

Down along a road that seemed somewhat lonely, a car was parked and both men Udoka followed went towards it, one of them approached a third man that sat at the driver's seat while the other was standing right next to the car boot. Udoka was felt uneasy and pondered as to why their car was parked far off from the market place, yet he remained calm but observant onwards. The boot of opened the car was triggered opened by the driver whom Udoka still hadn't made a clear description of, the man standing near the car boot opened it and Udoka quickly started to trans load what was his barrow into the boot, as he did this his eyes monitored the man behind him, the strange man from the drivers' seat alighted, he was rough looking, muscular and tall, carrying a bottle of drink and was smoking a cigarette, he went and sat at the front bonnet of the car while talking with the other man in whispering tone, Udoka was now done trans loading and started to demand his money from the man that has been standing behind him, whom in reply instructed him to go and see their oga over at the front, Udoka approached the man, having greeted him requested that he be paid for his services, the man seemed dazed and mean looking towards Udoka, he started saying unnecessary things, even made advances to lure the boy to smoke or drink but Udoka refused, the man drops the bottle on the ground and brought out some money from his back pocket to pay him but that wasn't his intention, as soon as he was sorting the money to pay the young boy, the other man that was with him mischievously walked slowly beside Udoka with his two arms behind his back, while the other that was at the car boot also was coming to his direction, Udoka was suspicious on what was quickly happening around him that he started to withdraw back, behind him was a thick forest, the oga inquired why he was walking back and that he should come close to take the money he was now offering him, these men slowly surrounding him were kidnappers, and what seemed to be their oga's plan is to catch Udoka once he tries collecting money from his hand and knock him out unconscious, Udoka wanted to collect the money but with the way the other two were closing in around him triggered an anxiety and fear in him to suddenly run away from them, dashing into the forest, this spurred the two men to chase after him, their oga shouted furiously commanding that they get the boy, he reaches into his driver's seat and brings out a pistol, he quickly smokes off the tiny cigarette left in his hand and runs forward towards the direction his men followed in chasing the boy

To be Continued...

by Prince Kabal
Re: Dark In The Woods - By Prince Kabal by Inteltower: 4:22pm On Oct 28

"Now Children as these kidnappers chased him Udoka was getting tired, he hid behind a tree, one of the men that came to that scene was looking about to find him, The young boy peeps behind the tree and sees him, the man although unaware then decided to approach the direction of the tree where the boy was, udoka bending quickly gathered sand with one hand and waited for the man to come closer to where he is, as soon as the man drew nearer Udoka quickly threw the sand directly at his eyes momentarily blinding him and now screaming and cursing, he struggles to remove the sand particles from his eyes, meanwhile Udoka seized the opportunity and took to his heels. Another of his fellow man came to the scene and saw what happened inquirying from him which direction the boy ran away to but couldn't get an accurate answer as the one struggling with the sand in his eyes was unsure and angry. The other quickly left running towards another direction he randomly chose, while the other was busy clearing his eyes of the sand.
Their oga was slowly walking around the bush holding his pistol and busy looking around to see if he could find the boy. Out of nowhere a stone was thrown at him that hit him on the head causing him to scream in pain and bleed on the forehead, this made lower his guard and places his hand on his forehead, he felt that someone ran past him and he started shooting at the direction, he was furious and started cursing, although in pain he never mind and pursued the young boy.
Udoka kept running as bullets were fired at him, in wanting to manoeuvre and follow another part a bullet hit him on the right leg which made him to fall down crying uncontrollablly holding the area of his leg where the bullet penetrated. The oga of the kidnappers that was shooting at him caught up to his location.

"So inechem anya ma my okwute, me bu don...
I ma mmadu o ne m'gbugo, this boy" he glared at him with a full blown red eyes while beating his chest.

Udoka was crying and pleading that the man should him mercy and let him go.

"Today your own don cast"

One of his men arrived the scene, in seeing the condition of the boy he was greatly disappointed

"Oga you don spoil market, why now..., you know the babalawo said the product mustn't be harmed in any way and we must deliver it today"
"Shut up my friend, see my forehead, this rat lying here threw a stone at me, don, a whole don like me, on top of that blood comot my body chai!!!"
"But why ?, Don why ?, our efforts now are wasted"
",Taaa!!!! Gerra out of here, Wetin be that, we go find another one replace am"
"Oga I no like this one bit"
"My friend go to the car make I finish business" he pushes him
"Find your guy and you two should wait for me at the car" the guy murmurs and leaves

It was only Udoka and the Don that were at the scene now, the young boy was still weeping, as his was losing lots of blood. He kept pleading with the man who couldn't care less of his predicament.

"Boy! Your life don cast final, in short take am"
He quickly points his pistol straight at Udoka and shoots a bullet at at his stomach region, Udoka was coughing blood, struggling to stay to alive as his body was reacting in a spontaneous way. The man not wasting time came closer to where Udoka lied and momentarily watches him about to die, he notices that the boy's head was resting in an awkward position at the edge of a mound, without wanting to wait for him to die and relishing further punishment he wanted to do to the boy he quickly and ferociously stumps on the head of the boy breaking it his neck sending a momentarily vibration over his body and then dying on the spot. He curses and spits on the boy before walking away from the scene"

"Eeeeyah!!!!" Many of the children responded, some horrified.

"Now children the following day Udoka's mother, relatives and concerned persons went out to search for him all over the village, some youths were mobilized by the igwe to assist in the search. Udoka's mother was very worried and sorrowful as her only son she was raising all alone was missing, the search continued till dusk, it took two more days before the lifeless body of Udoka was found, on seeing the corpse of her son brought right before her in her compound, she cried bitterly unrestrained by the people present at scene, right there she suddenly suffers a stroke and collapsed on the ground, an elder who checked on her pronounced her dead this sent shivering remorse and weeping amongst them there, the bad news went around the village and people were sad, angry and cautioned their children of the dangers of kidnappers.
The igwe was furious and sent his council elders to the chief priest which was me at that time, some youths followed them carrying along the corpses of the mother and son on rafia palm raft, they came to inquire who were the perpetrators of Udoka's death and demanded justice from gods to avenge them, they also inquired on what to do with the corpses; especially that of Udoka because of the way he was killed. I instructed them to throw the dead boy's body at the evil forest because it will be a taboo by the gods to bury him at their compound, however the boy's mother was to be buried rightly at their home compound. As for those that killed the boy they were cursed by the gods to die"

"How Old man ?" many of the children asked because they were captivated, sad and angry
"In the middle of the night, down a lonely dark and quiet road, there was a car packed at the side, it was the notorious kidnappers that killed Udoka; they were busy smoking, drinking and chatting amongst themselves. one of them went across the road to urinate, he was drunk and his eyes were weary, while urinating he saw a dark human like figure run across the bush, he was curious and thought he was he was seeing things, the shadow figure came running towards his direction swiftly and momentarily pausing to hide behind the trees. The drunken man stood still trying to clear his eyes and be sure what he saw was real, but it was to late as the creature came face to face with him and took him away, he screamed out loud and it alerted the others who called out after him, The oga decided to approach the location he believed he last saw him instructing the other one to wait at the car, he turns on his torch light, and having gotten there he only saw his friend's cap on the ground and some blood, this got him scared as his eyes roamed around surveying the bush but could see anything. Then came a sudden loud scream over the scenery that puzzled the men and sweated the fear out of them because this agonizing scream that echoed was so strange and horrifying. Immediately the oga hastily walks back towards his car signalling to the other the man to also do the same but in trying to do that he was suddenly grabbed on his two legs and pulled down underneath the car, he screams in pain having been dragged inside and some form of violent and flesh ripping struggle ensued, this quickly paused the oga on the spot as he couldn't approach any further to the car, he points his torch trying to see what was happening underneath the car but again could hardly make of anything, he could only hear screams; his other friend calling out to help him, blood running out on the ground and there was creature's roar that emanated, all this prompted him to take to his heels down the road. No sooner a decapitated head rolls out from underneath the car, his friend had been ripped ripped into pieces by the unknown monster.
The oga ran and kept running as he could, he also felt that something was chasing him, he screamed as ran, sometimes falling and getting back up to run. Running in the middle of a lonely dark narrow road, the wind blew violently making him pause to try to see where he his going because dusts were impesimg on his vision, all of a sudden the scenery was calm, this caught the man's attention and he quickly surveyed the scene with his torch, a sound started emanating, he was unsure where it was coming, the sound was increasing and drawing nearer, he looks behind and forward on the road part but couldn't see anything, he was beginning to recognize the sound as that which a moving barrow makes, fear held him down at the spot, the thing that came was so close to him but he just couldn't see anything, he was forced to turn to different directions while pinned at the spot, he felt his soul trying to leave him, his heart was pounding faster, sweat profusely escaping his body and now his torch started to flicker; he tries in a hurry to fix it by giving it couple of hits on his palms but it didn't work, his body shivered; he was helplessly pointing the torch to whatever direction he felt the sound was quickly approaching from but the torch kept flickering, in that process the torch light captured a figure carrying a barrow and reaching close to him but as it flickered off and back off the figure vanished, he heard the incoming barrow coming again but behind him he points his torch light and witnessed the same thing again but this time he made a clear view of the person carrying the barrow, what he had briefly seen was someone with a dangling head on his back while carrying a barrow rushing violently to his direction, he also heard the gripping horrifying scream echoeing again over him, his torch light turned off right there at that moment, his mind couldn't fantom what was happening and he slowly begins to cry not knowing what to do sensing that the evil thing was already closing in on him, he tries again to get his torch working, while doing that the dangling head barrow boy appeared right from behind him running in full force with his barrow, the man was helpless and couldn't react quickly having turned to see what came at his back, he was knocked into the barrow, his torch fell on the ground, the man agonizingly screamed and appealed he be forgiven, he couldn't even come out of the shallow barrow as he felt paralysed already inside it. The dangling head barrow carries him off into the dark road and right there disappeared. The torch light on the ground then came back on not flickering but was the only thing that gave light on that like lonely dark road. The end" he pauses to see the expression & reaction on the children. Some were captivated, others really scared, everyone really paid attention to his story about Udoka.

"Now children was that a scary story ?"
"Yes Sir..!!!!" They all screamed in reply
"Before you go to bed, what did you learn from the story ?....yes you" he points to a girl that quickly raised her hand
"I learnt that bad people will always be punished for their bad deeds"
"Good, a round of applause for her"
The children obeyed and loudly clapped once
"Any other person.....ok you?" He points to another girl
"That we should not follow strangers to far and lonely place"
"Very very good, give her a around of applause as well"
They all clapped, the old man was smiling being impressed that the children were learning something valuable from a scary story
"Now any questions you would like to ask children ?.....alright you ?" He points to a fat boy
"Old man, does it mean that Udoka's ghost was the one carrying the barrow ?"
"Yes, it was " he points to another boy that quickly raised his hand
"How do you know all this old man ?"
"Like I said the gods showed it all to me at my shrine"
"Old man is Udoka's ghost still moving about with his barrow ?" The same boy asked again
"Yes children, it is said by many people that they hear a barrow sound moving about at our market, a few also had said they saw a dark figure pushing the barrow at night at a road close to the market, but off all even I have seen him run past my shrine, yes I saw the dangling head barrow boy"

Many hands were raised to asked him more questions, it suprises the old man yet he tries taking his time to answer them all.

To be continued....

By Prince Kabal.

Re: Dark In The Woods - By Prince Kabal by Inteltower: 6:20pm On Nov 01
Chapter 2

The next day, things were gradually coming alive in the village as there were activities organized here and there at various family homes and public places because it was the new yam festivals, masquerades can be seen wandering from different places accompanied by young men or children, big cars and buses were arriving into the village, loud bangs of fire knockout can also be heard spontaneously from diverse quotas, the market place wasn't excluded as many people both buyers and sellers were engaged, being a festive period the retailers were making wholesome profits from their sales especially those selling yams.

Emeka, Charles, Amara, Ikenna, Ebube and Uche were walking together as a group through the market place, Uche was sent on an errand from home to bring a bag containing some money for her aunt who has a retail shop in market. Also Charles had decided on that day to treat his friends by buying some goodies at the market because his father and other adults dashed him some money because of the festival.
Uche and his friends reaches his aunt's shop and greeted her, he delivers the bag, and his aunt thanked him for it, he told the children to collect ten peeled oranges from the tray outside as a benevolent gesture, the children were happy and thanked her a lot, she advises them to do quickly whatever else they might have come to the market and go straight back to their homes being that is was afternoon and the evening would soon come upon them.

They left her place, and roamed through the open market, Charles decided to buy suya, he bought a two hundred naira suya which he and Amara would only share and bought another one of hundred naira for the others to share amongst themselves. It really didn't go down well with Ikenna and Emeka, Emeka refused to eat with them but allowed his younger brother to get a share from it. After that Charles bought bons, meat pie and two can coco-cola that he shared only with Amara this time around having felt that he wasn't appreciated for the suya he previously bought for the other boys, Amara didn't like what he did; taking pity on her other friends, she asks him to buy for Emeka and co. but Charles declined explaining that he didn't have much money to buy more for them, Ikenna whispers to Emeka's ear telling him that it was a lie that he saw a one thousand naira note when Charles brought out some money from his money to pay the person they bought the food and drinks. Uche begs Charles for one bons which he gladly gave him to the dismay of Ikenna and Emeka.
In a short while, They begin to make their way out of the market. A certain Lady was standing right outside the edge of the market, she displayed some wonderful looking mangoes on the tray that was on the ground, she was calling out to buyers to come buy her fruits, the children were walking across her, Charles attention was drawn to the lady marketing her mangoes, his eyes got attracted to it and immediately tells his friends that he wants to buy mangoes. ikenna countered by exposing his previoua lie that he had less money to buy foods and drinks for them, Emeka joined in to criticize him, Charles started to insult both of them pointing out that was he the only one that must buy something for all them, calling them selfish and greedy, Uche was perplexed and tries to calm the argument that ensued, the seller that was a distant off from them was looking at them in a mischievous way. Amara got disappointed, she confronted Charles insisting that if he was to buy the mangoes that he must buy for everyone and not only for himself and her.

"Oh!...I will only because you asked Amara, not because of these ugly monkeys"
"Your father there is the one ugly" Emeka replied

Charles was furious and tries to walk up to punch him but Uche intervened and ikenna came to Emeka's defense warning him to touch Emeka

"In fact I will buy for me, my brother and Ikenna, keep your money that you are using to do guy for us"

Emeka goes to buy some mangoes, Charles follows from behind, they individually priced, chose and bought the quantity of mangoes they wanted and shared with the rest; Charles sharing his mangoes to only Amara and Uche while Emeka shared his with his younger brother and Emeka.
As they ate it the mangoes there was this enchanting sweetness that got them hungry for more. The taste entered their heads; Charles opted to buy more but could only buy the remain few.

"If you want these type of sweet mangoes I can tell you where to get them"
"Really Ma ?" Charles replies with
"Yes! There are plenty of them at the tree I got the ones you ate"
"Wow, that means we can go and get them without spending more money" Charles turns and tells his friends
"Don't go and buy other mangoes in the market, they won't taste like this one because they don't get the fruits where I get mine" The seller advises them

In that moment a popular drunkard by name Okoro staggeringly walks past them trying to make his way into the market, the lean and unkept fellow carried a half bottle of beer in his right arm. His presence attracted the seller's attention who felt agitated, the drunkard walks a distance off from them but felt like turning to see what was happening between the seller and children.

"Where is the tree ma ?" Drawing back her attention
"It is at the Aro end road"
"But isn't that near the evil forest ma ?" Emeka inquired with a serious look on his face
"Yes, but you won't reach there because the evil forest is after the end of the road, The mangoe tree is not near it, it is the only mango tree there so you will be able to identify it"
"But I heard that place is lonely" Uche points out
"It is still afternoon, so you can go there if you want, that is where I went to get my mangoes"
"Friends let's go get some before evening comes"
"Are you sure ?" Amara replied with a nestling fear
"Don't worry, the tree isn't close to the evil forest"
"Let us go" Ikenna supported
"I would like to get this sweet mangoes for my parents and grand pa" Uche echoed with a brass smile
"Thank you ma" Charles gestured with appreciation towards the seller
"Ok, dalu ooonu"

The children slowly leaves the scene still contemplating whether or not to go, Emeka the most skeptical, majority seemed to be in support of it.

"Remember the tree is big" The sellers echoed to them as they left

The seller's attention was now drawn back to the drunkard that was still watching her a distance off, there seemed to be a familiarity and curiousity between them, but then the drunkard continued on his way into the market. The seller turns back her focus at the children that were now some distance off from her location. she believes that they will go to place she had directed them, immediately a sinister smile grew on her cheeks and suddenly a cold strange negative expression showered all over her face, what followed was an emanating red glow from her eyes towards the children it was watching.

To be continued.....

By Prince Kabal

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Re: Dark In The Woods - By Prince Kabal by OluwabuqqyYOLO(m): 12:50pm On Nov 02
Wow. Wonderful story!
Re: Dark In The Woods - By Prince Kabal by Inteltower: 3:18pm On Nov 07

The children were already at the place having collectively agreed to go except for Emeka,they were now busy throwing stones and other objects towards the tree to pluck down the various ripe mangoes that the tree displayed. Emeka joined in, the boys were the ones mainly doing throwing, Amara and Emeka's younger brother Ebube were the ones assigned to pick the mangoes that fell. Amara in an occasion paused and looked down the end of the road that lead to evil forest, at first it was curiousity that got her attracted to that direction but then she started having this drawing feeling towards it as if something was speaking to her, she was to an enchantment by the uncanny attraction, Emeka calls out to her but she didn't hear it, Emeka tries calling after again and this time with added volume that finally got her attention back to him. He curiously ask her what was wrong but she said nothing, in wanting to ask another question, Charles interrupts instructing to go pick some mangoes over a spot under the tree before they could continue in their throwing, without hesitation she and Ebube went to do just that. Emeka kept wearing that worried expression on his face and momentarily looks down the end road where the evil forest. His attention was brought back by Uche who had climbed the tree; he was busy shouting and exchanging words with ikenna from where he was for having thrown a few stones that nearly hit him; he had climbed up tree to get a few mangoes that were off sight and very well hidden.

It was five pm and sun was setting, they were done plucking the mangoes and were now under the mango tree sitting on the leafy ground and enjoying the fruits they had laboured to get, they also successfully gathered two bagco bags of mangoes that were full. Emeka while enjoying his beckoned on them to hurry up so that they will leave the place and get back to their homes in time. An argument broke out amongst on how they would share the mango, Charles was opting to share one bag with only Amara while the others share the other bag, but this didn't go down well with Ikenna who countered him with an continuous insult, the two nearly fought but Emeka, Amara and Uche do the needful to separate them from fighting, the argument continued, Emeka suggested that three persons will get one bag while the other three get the other bag but Charles disagreed claiming in his defense that he plucked the most mangoes so why share the sharing pattern suggested by Emeka, he concluded that the mangoes be shared according to the number of mangoes each plucked, Emeka disagreed because while they were plucking down the mangoes no one was keeping count on the mangoes they individually plucked from the tree before gathered and put into the bags, the bickering continued while they kept eating their mangoes.

After a couple of minutes a certain coolness filled the scenery, the bickering had gradually died down, each of the children were feeling sleepy, Ebube was the first to sleep, the sudden sleepiness was uncanny, they all were feeling weak and as the fresh air filtered the scene one by one they each slept off on the ground at various spots underneath the mango tree. Time was leaving them and they kept sleeping as if drugged, few didn't even finish the mangoes that were on their hands eaten half way. Right there in that moment an average dark sized hole suddenly opens up from the tree, the wind swiftly fills into it making an a hollowing echo sound, emerging out of this strange dark hole were two walking skeletons, a horrible screeling scream emerges out from the dark hole. With their hollow dark eyes they paused in their steps and surveyed the scene, they saw where the children individually laid down sleeping and then separated themselves; walking forward towards the children that were closer in distance. One skeleton reaches and grabs one of Uche's legs and drags him across the ground making it's way back to the dark hole, the skeleton leaves him right it front of the hole entry and in a blink of an eye there was this sudden pulling of Uche's body into it, the skeleton goes back to get another one, the other Skeleton was already making his way back to the tree dragging Amara across the ground and doing the same thing as the previous one did, and in a flash Amara was dragged in by a mysterious force inside the tree. This the both of them did to every single one of them in a slow and gradual manner, Emeka was the second to last to be dragged across the ground being taking to the tree, there was movements from his eyes, a bit of waking consciousness was setting in, he could feel being pulled on the leg by someone, he was still sleepy though and his eyes were blurry, he couldn't quite make out the figure that was dragging him but in a split moment did see it resembled a skeleton, but no sooner his heavy eyes closed and he passed out, only to be left in front of the hole entrance and then mysteriously dragged away into it.

To be continued....

By Prince Kabal
Re: Dark In The Woods - By Prince Kabal by Inteltower: 6:29pm On Nov 08

Emeka was being woken up by Amara, he was still drowsy but springed up from where he laid with an appearance of someone painted with dusts at several places. Charles, Ikenna and Ebube were already awake and up, Amara goes to wake up Uche as well. They were all right next to a dwarf tree with thick leaves. There was confusion and creeping fear that came upon them because they couldn't recognize the scenery at all; they were surrounded by thick forest and bushes.

"Where are we ?" Uche inquired while looking and walking around, scratching one of his arms
"Chai !!!, where are we naw...?" Amara wanted to cry while lamenting subtly
"And the bag of mangoes are not here too" Ikenna informs them
"This is not the mango tree we were plucking from" Charles who was busy looking at the tree voiced out to them
"Hmmm, can someone tell me where we are, I don't like this, if its a joke let the person stop" Amara added
"How can this be a joke, who took us here, and look its getting late, I don't like this" Emeka joined in
"Let me go and climb to the top of this tree to see where we are" Uche proposed and marched towards the tree
"Yes !...also check which side we should follow to leave from here" Charles instructs him

Uche makes his way towards the tree and started climbing it.

"Eeehh !!!! I said this thing, we shouldn't go, we shouldn't go see now where we are" Emeka murmured loudly to them
"My father will flog me if I come home late" Amara voiced out again while crying where she stood
"Let us calm down, we will find our way out, let Uche first find a path we will take, Amara please stop crying" Charles tells her
"How can we be here ?" Ikenna said out of confusion while going around the tree momentarily looking up at it as Uche was climbing and then scattering his eyes towards scenery around them.
"Uche could you see the path we should take ?" Emeka asked
"Wait first let me climb up more"
"Hurry naw....its getting late" Amara added

Uche had climbed high up the tree, he was on a particular branch that stretched out from the tree, he sticks his head out and surveys round the scenery from where they were, all he could see was a stretch of many trees and bushes miles away without any familiarity that would help them navigate their way out of the forest.

"Hmm, I can't see our way back home ooo !" He informs them that were on ground

The children each looking at themselves wore a more worrying expression written all over their face.

"No way at all Uche ?" Charles inquired again
"Yes, we are surrounded by a lot of trees and bushes, seriously how were we brought here ?"
"Jamb question, abeg come down" Ikenna highlighted

Uche on his accord begins to make his way down the tree.

"What are we going to do, it is getting late, Amara you stop crying" Charles tells her
"You see now we are lost" she cried out with tears running down her cheeks
"I told you people we shouldn't come here, are you sure we aren't in the evil forest ?"
"Shut up Emeka, didn't you follow and pluck mango, didn't you eat mango, stop this your whinnying here" Charles warns him with a pointed finger and a glare
"Look we must leave here and get out of this forest before its dark" Charles suggested
"You are right let's get out of here" Uche supported having jumped down from the tree
"Okay everyone lets go" Ikenna beckoned
"Which way should we follow ?" Uche throws an open question to them
"Let us go this way" Charles immediately tells them
"Why not we follow this way" Emeka opinionated having felt that Charles was becoming bossy of the situation
"See if you want to go your way you can do that with younger brother, everybody let us follow this way" Charles pointed out with a narrowed gaze towards him and the rest

He was indirectly asserting himself as their leader and other kids had no choice but followed him, Emeka was hesitant while holding hands with his brother Ebube but seeing that the rest chose to follow path Charles was leading them and with this now sudden feeling of loneliness creeping in he then followed suit taking along his brother with him. The Children hastened their steps as they left the scenery following Charles to the unknown way out they all hoped they will find to get back to their homes.
After a couple of minutes; still at the scenery they had left something started creeping silently and was descending down from that same dwarf tree the kids had earlier found themselves underneath in when they woke up. It was huge and and it slithered; it was a large black mamber python, it made its way down and had an enormous long length never seen before, it raised it's upper body part focusing now it's eyes towards the surrounding area; it sticks out its tongues hissing at split intervals and then laid on the ground and begins to crawl off leaving the scene in the process.

By Prince Kabal

NB: please am appealing to my readers for financial support to raise money for a laptop, any amount will do. Do contact me if you want to help. God bless.
Re: Dark In The Woods - By Prince Kabal by Inteltower: 5:25pm On Nov 16

The dark night crept in casting aching shadows over the forest, the children anxiously marched in a narrow line being hastenly lead by unseen fears and boiling worries. Uncertainty woke up by a now flustered reality, fear sang dreadful tales at every turn inside their heads and tears were protesting to escape the very eyes of a few kids.
Blaming flew by over them momentarily, regret an unwanted toddler crying repetitively and cautiousness shaping their every steps. they collectively agreed to pause and rest at a nearby tree having been drained of hope and energy to continue. They took positions while the sat underneath the tree.

"Am hungry...." Emeka's younger brother squealed beside him
"My brother is hungry and there is no food"
"Me self, it getting dark already" Uche pointed out
"Yes, Its almost dark we need to stay under this tree for the night" Charles suggested
"Yes, let us stay here, tomorrow we will see well in finding our way out of here" said Uche agreeing with Charles
"Hmm...I am afraid, there could be wild animals in this forest" Amara declared
"Our parents will now be looking for us, they will punish us" she further added
"Let us first get out of this forest before worryiny about that" Ikenna daringly replied back to her
"OOO!!! Am hungry" Uche squeals
"Keep your voice down so that we won't attract the attention of wild animals, some of them roam at night" Charles warned as he was knowledgeable about such occurrence
"We won't be here if you people had listened to me, now we don't know where we are" Emeka justifies himself pointing it out to them
"My grandpa & my parents will be worried" Uche added in the wake of what Emeka said

Amara was busy looking around the scene from where she sat being festered by fears

"Maybe they will look for us" said Emeka which resurrected a little hope that had previously died amongst them
"That's true, I know my father will send people to look for us, Amara !!!"
He calls back her attention
"Stop worrying, nothing bad will happen"

In another scene, the wind was blowing mightly; playing a familiar tune the trees danced swiftly to, suddenly horrible screams began to emanate and circulate on air, the woman that had previously directed the now lost kids to a mango tree came out of nowhere, as she gradually walked she began to transform and shortly her real appearance was that of an old looking witch at her mid 50s with a savage looking face and all black rag torn apparel. She stops and shortly observes the open scene from the plain low grass area she stood. There was a full moon above illuminating brightly yet tragically barren with no fruitfulness of stars, the wind continued to blow strongly and the nightmare screams increased louder, she quickly raises up her hands to the sky and was muttering some incantations, she loudly laughs and then throws herself down kneeling, gathering the dust on the ground while still loudly voicing her incarnations.

"Finally, it is time, it is time O! gods of old to have the sacrifice you rightly deserve....., Akajiosu they have forgotten about you, they refuse to keep the covenant of sacrifice to you, their have forgotten you and followed other gods but your loyal servant is here, and tonight Akajiosu you will feast on the blood of their children from this land" (she laughs)

She gradually let the dust in her hands to escape to the ground as she returned to her incantations and her eyes began glowing red.

"Now I summon you Akajiosu and all the old gods to come have a feast, rise you spirits of the evil forest there is supper for you all, they are here and all yours, accept my sacrifice, accept my sacrifice"

She repetitively kept saying while attaching few incantations to it. This caused the wind blowing to suddenly calm down, the little winds were separately gathering the dusts she had let go and was moulding some unknown figures, there was this surge of paranormal activities happening all around her, something dark like a shadow quickly got into her; throwing her to ground, she wriggled and moaned in pain. Two giant sized bats flew into the scene and circling themselves above around where the woman laid and sreeching in what seemed to be a transformation, her finger nails turned into monstrous claws momentarily and went back to its normal state, her eyes kept glowing red as she was being fully possessed by the demon she he had summoned. The dusts being moulded by winds around her were shaping now into masquerades of various kinds; they were dancing and prancing about with tree cains making strange loud noises at each other.

The witch gets half up on her back, the possession was complete and that was what she wanted. She then gets up fully in an overwhelming stance and calmness of authority, the masquerades and the hovering bats seemed to be waiting for her orders, the horrible screams echoed once again from several directions and the the wind came alive in full force accompanied with a loud thunder making the scene electrifying. There seemed to be other creatures and foul looking spirits lurking around the dark woods as if all were summoned to witness what was taking place at the open plain space but they remained in the dark shadows and rattling the bushes and trees.

"Come my friends, our meal awaits us, and while at it let us have fun" speaking now in a deep base voice that was horrifying, she smiles and begins to laugh out wickedly.

She stretched forward her arm pointing her finger to a particular direction, this action made the masquerades to quickly leave the scene running off towards the direction pointed at them. The bats that flew around her also flew away from the scene.

To be continued....
Re: Dark In The Woods - By Prince Kabal by Inteltower: 5:34pm On Dec 06

The children sat in wait isolated by the dark that had prevented them from moving anywhere, they casually chatted amongst themselves unaware of the imminent danger coming their way, there was a cool mellow breeze that filtered the scene, Ebube was being pampered to sleep by it as he was lying on his brother's laps. A loud horrifying scream echoed around, it spooked them up from where they individually sat, curiously looking around to know where it came from, the scream continued louder which triggered an anticipation in wanting to run. From nowhere masquerades appeared chasing after them this created a chaos amongst the children who took to their heels running away from different direction engulfed in heart pounding fear. They got separated from each; few tagged along with one another, the vicious masquerades also separated themselves while chasing the children wielding their canes.
At Maazi Chika's compound, a Mercedes car was just arriving and parking at the front gate. Maazi Chika and his wife Ugodia were already making their way out of their compound with a worrying expression written all over their face, they were about to go out that night to look for their daughter Amara who hadn't returned home, their intention was to go to their neighbors houses in hope to find her. Maazi Chika was holding a torch light which he flashes to see who was stepping out of the Mercedes car. Actually it was Chief Badmus the owner of the car and father of Charles along with the parents of Emeka and Ebube and then ikenna's father who was alighting from the front passenger side. They met and were extremely worried about their children that were missing, the mother of Emeka and Ebube was in all tears and lamenting loudly in that dark night, her husband on occasion would angrily caution to keep quiet but she was adamant as many fears tormented her mind. The same was with Amara's mother but she had calmed down. The men decided right there to go to Maazi Eloka's house to consult him on the whereabouts of their children being that Uche's father is a chief priest, Chief Badmus however tells them that he will drop them there while him will go to the police to report the missing of his son. They now made their way back to car, Maazi Chika followed them but tells his wife to stay behind to look after their second daughter Chioma since where they will be going is a bit far from their house. She agreed and stood watching them all enter the car and were driven off to their intended destination.

Back at the evil forest, the children were still wide awake being on the look out around the scenery they had all settle down for the night. Mosquitoes were biting, silent walks of the wind passing by, random yawning like a communication amongst themselves indicating hunger, added with heavy sleepy eyes setting in upon a few of them as if being dazed with sweet lullaby by the cool breeze.

To be continued......

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