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The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by Jayslyder: 4:20pm On Nov 20, 2019
This would be my first time attempting a story,so forgive its imperfections and enjoy. Constructive criticism is allowed so far it helps improve the story..
PS:This is purely fictional and remains the property of"'JAYSLYDER". .
lastly i use anything u dey serve take beg u... Seek the consent of the author before posting on any platform..

The Okafor's were known to be a military family as the head of the house Mr. Okafor serves in the military as a General.
Hi,i am Jeremy or Jay as u would get to know,this is my story and the events thus far are what made me the man (guy) I am today.Growing up in a military family for me wasn't all that fun as the continuous posting of 'The General' to different regions of the nation equates to the continuous relocation of our family.Mom had once complained about it but The General being who he is ended the discussion with his infamous saying "a man's family should be where he is".I was barely 14 and I was already well travelled within the country,well it wasn't all that bad as one of the perks to me was the experience. I got to experience different cultures, environment, and people. Okay okay hol'Up, let me paint a clearer picture of my family ,You all know The General already,a very strong-headed and single-minded man, once he sets his heart to something there's no stopping him. Now mom on the other hand was the level headed one but that doesn't necessarily mean she wouldn't switch from the gentle easy going woman she is to an aggressive predator in milliseconds on issues relating to her children.I still remember a time she single-handedly caused what we Nigerians know as "hold up" cause a commercial bus driver nearly and recklessly mauled her kid,if not for the timely intervention of other commuters I'm sure she would have committed murder .. . The first of we the children is my elder sister Juliet,my favourite,always dotting on me,then comes me and my overbearing twin sister Jessica..yikes!! Apart from coming to the world the same day (she's a few minutes older and she reminds me at any little altercation)and from the same womb I honestly cannot say we had something else in common, even our looks weren't that of twins, while she takes after dad's appearance my mother's genes were predominantly the victor in my case,lastly we have my baby sister Lillian, she came way after us the twins,thus I can't help but wonder atimes if at all her birth was planned....

Dad was again posted to another state and this time it was Lagos, "the city of hustlers ".I was all but excited about the imminent relocation of our family yet again for the umpteenth time,as this would mean starting afresh, new friends(not that I had any close one), new school, new environment, new house,as this was the norm everytime we moved. Well on the up side I looked forward to having first hand experience of the "Lagos life "..I was always psyched about new experiences,i was wired in such a way that I easily get bored of things and even people after a while,so seeking new adventures was always on my to do list. .
Preparations were underway,"heartfelt" goodbyes had been said to friends and neighbors we'd be leaving behind,on my part there was nothing like an heartfelt goodbye,just simply goodbye owing to the fact that I didn't really commit to any relationship.Why?well after I became aware of ties and relationships alike,relocating to another place to start afresh,breaking every commitment or relationship didn't bode well with me even with the promise of always keeping in touch but that only lasts after the first few weeks as I've come to know. So why bother putting yourself out there in the first place? This was my reason for keeping everyone and everything at arm's length, but this didn't stop Jessica from making new friends everytime we moved, how she easily relate with people was truly a gift on her part. With all said and done and mum making sure we weren't forgetting anything, we were finally prepared for the move, all that was left to do was to wait for the break of dawn
Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by Jayslyder: 6:32pm On Nov 20, 2019

The journey from Delta to Lagos went as expected , we spent most of the day on the road with only a few stops to either eat, relief ourselves or courtesy of the ever present traffic on most of federal roads.
We finally got to what would be our new home(probably not the last) and I was a bit impressed by the sight before me, as opposed to our last home this was definitely an upgrade. Apart from the fact that it was situated in an estate(GRA) and a two storey building, our new home boasts of modern day modifications as it housed a swimming pool ,a common room, a miniature gym etc. This is way too much for one family to live in I thought,and true to my suspicion we were to occupy the top floor while others were already occupied by two other families, the BQ(boys quarters) served as the abode to low ranking military personnel that safeguard the property .
We got into the house and the first thing I did was to pick a room for myself,and as predicted Juliet and Jenny would be sharing a room, Lillian on the other hand would stay with mum.
You take this to the kitchen, then return immediately for the rest!! That was mom giving orders.. Where's Jerry she asked no one in particular ? (Jerry was the name I was fondly called within the family.. They just had to make the twins name rhyme. Jessy was my twin's) ..I hurriedly came downstairs to see why my attention was needed only to meet unfamiliar faces in the living room.. Jerry these kind men offered to help us move in, go out with them and bring everything from the truck mom said, and like a soldier that I wasn't I carried out her order with the kind men I would come to know as Chucks and Ben who were part of the squadron posted to safeguard the house.
After a week in our new home we got acquainted with the other families, the first family "the Ajuwas" were a family of four, the man of the house Mr. Ajuwa was a military contractor ,the wife Mrs. Ajuwa a plump and exuberant woman who has a way of rubbing of her cheerful nature on others and their kids Alex and Kelsy both within the teenage peer group.The second family "The Lawals " had just a daughter Lima,her father being a Major in the army.

It was Sunday,the day before we resumed our new school, after an uneventful Sunday service at our new church, I and my siblings decided to go for a swim ,on getting to the pool area we met the other kids in the building already in the pool..
Jessy being who she is wasted no time in making friends out of Kelsy and Lima, while I just sat at the edge with my legs in the pool.. It didn't take long before Alex walked up to me saying Hi, I acknowledged his presence with a Nod and he was like bro your sister is one fine damsel. I was about to get pissed as I didn't understand why he was telling me this, I wasn't Jessy and this was literally our first conversation (who does that).. Well I wasn't about to let him have this one as I replied him saying yours isn't bad either.Truth be told my sisters were beauty queens in their own right, they get unnecessary attention and stares everytime they make an entrance, Kelsy was another sight to behold, her face was surreal in the sense that it looked like every outline on it had no blemish, and her smile tells a story everytime, Lima wasn't left out as her beauty would anyway hold a torch to the girls,she doesn't need to try to look pretty ,her face her dimples and even the birth mark above her chin were work of art. In no time Alex drew in me into a conversation
Alex:Bro it's like I would try my shot o
Jay :Ehn it's a trade my barter something.. Your sister for my sister
Alex : I don't mind even adding my mother to the bargain

What bargain?? Kelsy interrupted us with her question
Alex:Girl mind your business
Kelsy :so far you involved our mother in anything, it's already my business
Alex:and I'm telling u,this one doesn't concern you

I sensed an argument was about to start, so I left the siblings and walked towards were lima was. Hello,i said..
I wasn't expecting what came next
Lima :what do you want?
Jay :nothing I just thought to say hello
Lima :well I'm not interested in what ever you're going to say so leave me the hell alone

At this point she raises her voice a bit attracting the attention of others.I couldn't figure out what I did that got on her nerves but at that moment,i decided I didn't like this saucy girl.I walked out on her to avoid making a scene, then Alex walked up to me for the second time that afternoon
Alex:bro leave that chick..Just cos she use style fine na why she dey yarn anyhow
Jay:it was my mistake to approach her in the first place
Alex :Leave English one side follow me yarn better.. Which school una dey go tomorrow ?
Jay:Royal prestige college
Alex :ehen we dey go the same school be that. Even your new wife Lima

At the mention of her name I couldn't help get angry so I just went straight to my room.. Tomorrow school starts and that witch Lima goes there too!!


Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by Jayslyder: 6:53pm On Nov 20, 2019
Please your comments would be appreciated.. as it would determine if I'd kill or continue with the story
Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by quadri956(m): 2:16pm On Nov 21, 2019
Following... Nice story
Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by Jayslyder: 12:12am On Nov 22, 2019
Following... Nice story

Thanks man would drop an update later today
Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by Jayslyder: 4:46pm On Dec 02, 2019

Monday morning 7:25 am,after a light breakfast of bread and tea which I didn't partake in cos I didn't like that particular brand of bread , I and Jessy were already prepared to leave for school, and at the sound of every passing vehicle Jessy Jumps excitedly expecting it to be the school bus,the previous night she had already filled me in on her plan to make new friends and become the center of attention as usual,so I had no choice but to understand her excitement.. I on the other hand was indifferent about going to school(my reaction to almost everything), around 7:40 the school bus drove into the estate and I could swear most kids living here were students of Royal prestige college,we all trooped into the bus taking our various seats.. The ride from the estate to the school was about 15minutes,so we got to school few minutes to 8,few minutes later the bell was rung and while others made their way to the assembly ground,i and my twin sis made our way the principal's office..
After a few minutes of brief discussion with the principal,we were handed over to one of the prefects who led the way to our class..since no one was in yet,I chose to sit at the extreme end of the class while Jessy chose the front, it didn't take long for students to fill the class..After the famous "good morning sir we are happy to see you, God bless you '" the teacher took to advising we the "new seniors ",about how we are entering the senior secondary school and how we are fast becoming adults.. Bla bla bla (I zoned out)...

Hey you!!! What's your name... Hey!!hey!!... That was the teacher trying to get my divided attention.. It wasn't until someone nudged me back to reality Before I knew what was going on,and it was no other person than alex ,apparently my seat mate!!!

I said what's your name?? The teacher yelled, obviously pissed ..Jeremy Okafor sir...when you are in my class you pay attention to me and nothing else... I could only but nod. Then he went on with his lecture.....
After series of classes that morning, the bell notified us to go on break, I was really hungry so I had plans on getting something to eat,Alex led the way to the cafeteria making light conversations I had little or no interest in,my primary objective at that moment was to eat!!!

We finally got to the cafeteria and the queue was no joke.. I guess i wasn't the only hungry student,i had no choice but to join the long line of hungry students... After what seemed like ages and my stomach rumbling,making solemn sounds at intervals reminding me of the need to eat,it was finally my turn to get served ...the meal for Mondays was Jollof rice, plantain and two pieces of meat ..I got served a steaming plate and was making my was to a table to munch on it when someone ran into me,making me land on my ass and my food all over the place ..
If I was angry initially when I landed on the floor,my anger doubled when I looked up to see my tormentor,it was no other person than her royal sauciness Lima, and that anger tripled when instead of apologizing she said "see what you've done to my uniform "!!..I've never pictured myself hitting a lady but at that moment I was tempted to, and the stares and laughter from other students didn't help the situation.. I was boiling with rage and was about to give her a piece of my mind when the bell signalled the end of break..
I made my way back to the class the same way I left it "HUNGRY "..the next class was maths, my least favourite subject ,coupled with this hunger there was no chance in hell I was gonna comprehend what was being taught but I couldn't do anything other than to bear this torture of a lecture ..
Finally it ended, but just then it hit me "2 more lectures to go "...i had to spend another two hours before our siesta period.I really need to get something in my tummy cause its inhabitants escalated issues from a protest to a full blown war..At this point I blamed myself for not eating breakfast, no I blamed the she devil Lima, she caused all this... How am I supposed to go another minute without food?? It's like I was gonna visit the school clinic on my first day,at least they would feed me there,these were the thoughts only head,Just then Kelsy made her way to I and Alex's desk to start a conversation I had to entertain to keep my mind off the fact of how hungry I was

Kelsy :Where's my money?? Mom said she gave it to you
Alex :so I am now your personal bank abi? What are u even doing in my class
Kelsy :I came to look for husband na.. Give me my money jor
Alex :I don't have change,wait till I do
Kelsy :bring it i have change
Alex :when did u turn to aboki that change money?
Kelsy :after my money went to voice mail a million times in your hands, I learnt to be always prepared... I told mom to give us allowance separately but she won't listen
Alex :so now I'm not trustworthy abi
Kelsy :i didn't say that oo.. All I'm saying is I cannot leave my one naira with u
Alex :infact take your money and go
Kelsy :so you had it all along... 419

Just as she was about to leave she turned to me ,placed something on my desk, then left our class without saying a word to me...
They say the way to a man's heart is through is stomach and at that moment,seeing the foodpack she placed on my desk, I absolutely agreed ..With this act I had an instant crush on Kelsy!!


Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by Jayslyder: 4:56pm On Dec 02, 2019
should I continue this story on this platform or kill it??

please let me know if people are actually reading this.. your comments are welcomed and if you can help create attention by inviting people

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Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by Jackfeeshar(m): 12:58am On Dec 03, 2019
Bro continue nothing do you
I dey read am

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Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by quadri956(m): 12:44pm On Dec 03, 2019
Continue bro

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Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by Jayslyder: 4:09pm On Dec 03, 2019
Would drop an update soon
Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by Nuel45(m): 10:22pm On Dec 03, 2019
ride on bruh
Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by Jayslyder: 7:09pm On Dec 05, 2019
Jackfeeshar quadri956 Nuel45

guys please help me invite people
Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by Jayslyder: 3:41pm On Dec 06, 2019
I wasn't new to this unusual feeling,over the course of time and my numerous travels I had taken to liking a number of girls, but for one reason or another I kept them to myself and only admired them from afar.
After her last encounter with me, Kelsy seemed to be avoiding and I could only but wonder if I did or said something I shouldn't have ,well I wasn't about to tell her I had feelings for her anyway so I wasn't bothered about it (a lie I had to settle for),I figured the feeling like every other one I've had would eventually pass..
It was Saturday, as usual i didn't have any plans till Alex came to our flat to ask if I would accompany him to a party.. It was more of a demand than a request as he left me with no room to protest

Alex :Guy go dress we dey comot

Jay:where are we going to?

Alex:hin been get one party I go like make u follow me go

Jay:sorry bro, that isn't my kind of scene

Alex :that one no for your pocket o. Your kind of scene dey boring na why u never notice all the green light babes dey give u for school.. Guy I won go prepare before I come back make u don ready..

Few minutes later he was back and I was still not ready, it wasn't the fact that I was reluctant about going to the party that made it so, it was because I had no idea what to wear,i mean i never really attended parties safe from the occasional church and wedding events our parents dragged us to. Alex went to my wardrobe to pick out my outfit for the day and I must say I was really impressed with how I looked, the next stop was the party I never planned on...
The party was already underway by the time we got there, as I expected most people in attendance were either from school or lived within the estate. It didn't take long for Alex to entertain himself with something else other than me, leaving me alone to figure things out.
We were being hosted by one of the prefects in school,I took things in sitting in a corner of the room, most people in this party had a red cup in hand(what was in it?i could only imagine), boys were trying to get the attention of girls with dance moves, teenage swag, or trying hard to be excessively funny,the girls on their part enjoyed the attention they were getting as they giggled at the slightest provocation. It was obvious these people weren't new to scene like I was,making me feel like the odd one out.
Someone tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around to meet the smiling face of Kelsy.Hi,she said.... I really didn't know how to react or feel at that moment ,I was glad she was talking to me now at the same time pissed she ignored me for almost a week.. Well I was gonna play it cool and hold my head high... Hey,i said trying so hard not to sound excited so she wouldn't know she had the upper hand..she then surprised me for the second time that day by saying

"uhmmm see I know I've been acting up these past few days and I'm sorry about that,
the thing i was trying to get you to make a move..Jay I really like you and I've tried to ignore this feelings but they just won't go away.. I know it's not proper for a girl to do this but I've come to the realization that if I don't u won't either ".

Here was a girl telling me things I should be telling her and all I could do was stand there and stare like a slowpoke.. I was unprepared for this, I never expected it,i wanted to tell her I felt the same way towards her but my lips just went numb ..She then again came to my rescue by saying

"you don't have to say anything now Jay, think about it and give me your reply at the end of the party ".

These were my words as a guy but all did again was stare as she left me dumbfounded to join the party.
As more people came in,the party became wild. Music was in full blast, boys were going in and out of a particular room with a girl tagging along (what they did with the girls in there? I don't know).The novice of an MC announced It was time for games, urging everyone to gather at the center of the room, just then my twin sister and the she-devil Lima made an entrance turning all heads.. Yes including mine ,they were both looking gorgeous and even with my hostility towards Lima I just had to acknowledge what a beauty queen she is..

The MC introduced the game to us and stated the rules
The game is known as TWO(S) ,it has to do with pairing up two people of the opposite sex by them picking a piece of paper with a number inscribed on it..The guys picked from a basket reserved for them while the girls picked from their own reserved basket as well,if a guy's number corresponds with that of a girl they become a pair (i.e if a guy picks the number 6 and a girl picks 6 too they are paired together).After the pairing the next stage was to choose a number from 1 to 100 and each number had a specific task attached to it that a pair is expected to fulfill, the punishment for failing to fulfill your task was drinking from the red cup .
Alex again tried convincing me to join saying it will be fun and I could do with some fun for a change,i wasn't about to budge, I was only here to observe not participate,then Lima called me a coward on her way to pick her number, I was gonna prove her wrong (so I thought)... I also picked a number,the number 3..i had a feeling today was going to test the very essence of me..

Number 3 for the guys the MC called,Number 3 he repeated, I came out holding my paper high in the air, number 3 for the ladies( silently I prayed Kelsy participated in the game and I hoped she picked number 3,but what were the odds?)he called again number 3 for the ladies and right there my test for the day began.. For me the party just took a sour turn, of all the girls in here it had to be Lima who picked number 3..As annoying as my twin was I'd prefer her right now to be my pair,well I was gonna show Lima who is boss!!!
The first pair picked their number,the girl was asked to give the guy a lap dance for 2minutes which she did excitedly and professionally as she twerked on his laps with so much expertise one would mistake her for a stripper and not a secondary school student ,the second pair chose their number the guy was asked to handle the girl's breast for 2minutes ,the girl didn't agree to this, she was asked to drink from the red cup and the look on her face wasn't a happy one as she drank..it was our turn and I chose the number, we were asked to make out for two minutes.(why does everything have to do with 2minutes sef? Is this why it's called twos)..
You see I was green when it comes to anything sexual, yes I've seen porn videos and my love for Hollywood films pretty much showed me the ropes but I was still a virgin so was my lips.Time and time again I've fantasised about my first kiss,my first sex and like every other virgin out there I hoped it was something magical, something worth remembering,but these people expected me to kiss this she-devil, HELL NO!!
I took the red cup was about to take drink from it when Lima said "Jay you're really gonna choose alcohol over kissing me"?..Just then it dawned on me that the content in the red cups was alcohol, another thing I was yet to partake in, today was surely created to test me!!
There I was being the center of attention (something I hated), contemplating to Kiss a girl or have my first sip of alcohol, I was really having an hard time with this dilemma only to look towards the crowd to meet the pleading eyes of Kelsy,she didn't say anything but I knew she didn't want me to kiss Lima, so in one gulp I downed the content from the red cup ..
I kept on drinking when it got to our just to avoid doing anything with Lima.I couldn't help but notice the dissapointed look on her face (well it's a win on my part).. I knew to the guys there I was a fool cos any of them would kill to take my place ,but they weren't in my place. It got to a point I was so drunk Jessy my twin sister had to step in to stop me from participating in the game, she took the cup from me just as I was about to drink again,the next words out of her mouth made me wanna kill her,"If you had your first kiss with her would you die Jeremy?? But u want to kill yourself with drink, even the drinking you haven't done before "!!...she said this for everyone I'm attendance to hear, and every where erupted with laughter but I was too drunk to care (the alcohol effect) ..

I somehow located a chair and drowned myself in it, just before I dozed off,kelsy walked up to me saying "find me when you get home "..Alex woke me up, it was time to go home, I noticed the room was almost empty, a boy along side a girl came out from the same room I noticed earlier (what happened in there?sure u can figure it out) ,by the time we got outside some people still hung around ,Alex had to go in back to retrieve his wallet,i was standing outside waiting for him when Lima walked up to me ...
I was expecting her usual dose of sauciness, but what happened next I wasn't prepared for ,she dragged me by my collar, kissed me full on the lips.. At first I tried to resist, but the softness of her lips made me rethink,in no time I was kissing her back and I did it like veteran that I wasn't (my Hollywood movies paid off after all, I made the demon proud at that moment ) ,by the time we pulled apart, people around were cheering and clapping and the demon in me gave me a pat on my back..Before she left she said "now I'm your first kiss "(this I was gonna remember)

In this semi drunken state of mine and the cheers I received earlier,my morale was sky diving, I made a decision to tell me Kelsy about my feelings,i was gonna make her my first girlfriend ..
On our way back Alex filled me in on the activities that happened in the room people frequently went to during the party and how he partook in said activities ..
We got home and I asked to hang out it him (something I've never done) ,he was surprised at my request but if he was suspicious he didn't show ,I didn't care though I was here for Kelsy, hell she was expecting me to find her,and I as gonna do just that..
Alex asked that I gave him sometime before it he joined me, he wanted to wash away all his numerous sins at the party in the shower ,I took the time to locate Kelsy's room,knocked on the door and went it...
For the umpteenth time that day I was caught unprepared..Just as I was about to give my well rehearsed speech Kelsy almost screamed the roof down saying
"Jay how could you, after I told you about my feelings, you went ahead and kissed her... I guess I'm a fool ...you hurt me Jay!!! Go away"

At least her parents weren't home, if not how would I explain what I was doing in a girl's room?how would I explain the tears in her eyes??
I left their flat with more questions than answers
I guess i was at fault..i didn't mean to hurt her...If only she didn't ignore me the whole week perhaps we'd be dating already... I It was my fault ,but I was kinda drunk..NO!! it was Lima's fault, that she-devil,if only she kept her distance... But I did kiss her back and even hope to do it again ...There goes my first victim and we weren't even dating

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Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by Omittesb(m): 8:08pm On Dec 06, 2019
omo this story make sense o
more update oooo
Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by Ochesy: 7:26pm On Jan 05
Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by Moura7(m): 2:06pm On Jan 06
Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by Jayslyder: 6:19pm On Jan 08
Hey guys sorry for the long break.. I hope to continue this within the week...your help in publicizing this would be appreciated..... Happy New Year
Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by Legitdimple(f): 1:15am On Feb 14
Following oh,keep updating please.
Re: The Making Of An Heart Breaker!! (jay's Chronicles) by oluwatosin070(m): 2:42am On Feb 14
Nice story.. Update needed ASAP

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