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She's My Madam Last Episode / Continuation Of My Madam And I(from Family Group And Sexuality). / My Village Prince And I (2) (3) (4)

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by BankyGee(m): 7:02am On Jan 14

Okay,il be Mike
Chai! This guy haff taken the sweetest role. Ehn, I'll be Gabriel Smith, the guy bad too cool

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by germaphobe(m): 7:55am On Jan 14
Na so.lol

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by pu7pl3(m): 8:46am On Jan 14

Chai! This guy haff taken the sweetest role. Ehn, I'll be Gabriel Smith, the guy bad too cool

grin grin

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by extremelygolden: 11:25am On Jan 14
Ol boy, this is too much!

I mean, this is raw talent, Topher!

This Mike character has swept me off my feet.


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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Yaba4sure: 3:45pm On Jan 14

Chai! This guy haff taken the sweetest role. Ehn, I'll be Gabriel Smith, the guy bad too cool
I will like to take the role of the retiring director.

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Yaba4sure: 3:47pm On Jan 14
Well done topher u are an epic writer.��

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Niceessien(m): 4:37pm On Jan 14
Wow......... Am here

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by BankyGee(m): 6:47pm On Jan 14
I will like to take the role of the retiring director.
It's good sha, but you wee not enjoy grin

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Mantee(m): 7:09pm On Jan 14
I am too ghostly to comment. But this is good. I do not like way part 1 ended. Hope this one ends well. Kudos

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by BankyGee(m): 7:28pm On Jan 14
I am too ghostly to comment. But this is good. I do not like way part 1 ended. Hope this one ends well. Kudos
Congrats on your renounciation of ghostism... I'm so happy grin

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by frozen70(f): 8:53pm On Jan 14

My phone alarm kept ringing disturbing my deep sleep. I tried to reach for it in my subconsciousness but it was far from my grasp. I had no option but to sleepily get up. A leg crossed my face; i pushed it aside and sat up. Three naked white ladies where on the bed with me; one of them got dick. Bleep! How do I end up with transsexuals most of the time? This country is filled with them, you can hardly tell who's a real lady anymore.

I turned to the room that looked like it had just experienced world war 2 and stretched my aching body. The alarm was still beeping, I cursed it for waking me up from such a lovely rest. Then it was dawn on me! I looked at my watch, 8:30am!

I was the one who set the damn phone to wake me up by 7:30am the previous night before the club; before the pills. I hate Gabriel Smith, he got his ways of ruining my life, again he had succeeded in making me take three of that knockout pills knowing I have a presentation by 9am. I always knew he got an eye for my job.

Immediately, sprang off the bed, picked up my boxers, wore it horridly. Reached for my trouser and slide into it while fetching my sleeve top from the floor. In no time, I was in my shirt and trouser and was forcing a pair of my shoe in my foot.

" Where the hell is my stockings!" I cursed out loud.

There was no time to start searching for it, I wore the foot other foot without a stockings and rushed out with my briefcase.

The elevator was at the 77th floor, while I was on the 5th floor. "no time! no time!". I murmured and took the stairs, running like a deranged man.

I ran past the receptionist at the ground floor who called me back to check out properly. I shouted behind me. " got guest up there!".

I reached the car and discovered my car keys was not with me. " damn shit!".

Immediately, I ran back to the elevator, it just left. The second was still around the 41st floor. I had no choice but to use the stairs again, how I hate stairs! This time I was sweating profusely, skipping steps and falling at intervals.

Barged into my room breathing like one who just completed a marathon race. Scanned through the large executive suite painted in white with every furniture and sheets in white. There was no idea where to begin the search. I looked at my Rolex leather watch, it was 10 minutes to 9.

In the confusion, i rushed to the bed, turned the sheets. Then slapped the ladies in the bum. " get up! get up! Where's my damn car key!".

They seem to be too wasted to even open their eyes. I wasn't in the mood for play, so I slapped one in the face and shook her shoulders rigorously. She opened her eyes and looked at me sleepily. " where is my fucking car key?".

She pointed at the bathroom and slept off again. I shook my head and rushed to the bathroom and my searched the floor, bathtub and found it in the toilet. A flash of yesterday's event came to me when we had a party in the bathtub and I used my car as a price for who satisfies me the most. After the sex, I threw the key in the toilet when the ladies where trying to take it from me.

I wondered why I even thought of that. Then dug my hand into the wc and pulled the keys dripping with urine. Did a quick rinsing at the washing hand basin before rushing off from the room.

The elevator was just closing by the time I got to the hallway. " hold it! hold it". I yelled as I ran to it.

Just as it was about closing, I dug my hand in-between the small gap and it opened for me. I entered amidst three white men in suit, apparently going to work, two of the hotel workers and an old lady who kept stealing glances at me. I checked my time, it was five past nine. "Bleep!". The old lady looked at me surprisingly, shrugged and looked away.

I couldn't wait for the elevator to open before I jetted out and ran to my BMW convertible. Without further delay, i engaged the engine and drove off like i was being chased by assassins swerving through cars.

" Bleep! Bleep! How did I allow myself to sleep this much?"

A siren sounded behind me, I looked at the rear mirror. There it was. The delay of a life time. A cop was behind me, apparently coz I was over speeding. I wasn't ready for another waste of the time I'm fighting to regain, so I pressed harder on my throttle. The car sped up.

The car behind me was unrelenting. I kept pressing hard swerving through cars, narrowly missing scratch from adjacent cars and beating traffic lights.

There it was, my chance to get caught or die. A bus was coming from my adjacent left lane in front. I knew it would be a one out of a hundred chances of not getting crushed. But I pressed harder. This presentation was my life, I cant afford to miss these new clients.

The bus was getting closer and I was nudging towards it in full speed. There it was, my only chance. I pressed my throttle to the finish and zoomed past. It felt like the bus had already ran me over but it only brushed through my car's tail slightly. I gasp for air with my eyes opened in surprise, panting as one rescued from drowning.

Immediately I swerve through a lane at the left. That was how i beat the cop.

Now got to the office. Another skyscraper. I rushed out of the car packing wrongly. The security; a slim, tall Indian man yelled as I ran past. " sign in Mr. Mike!".

I rushed back and signed in. The man kept looking at me as though I had shit on my face. When I was done, he said. "there's a patch of saliva beside your mouth".

It was embarrassing. But i thanked him without showing how embarrassed I was and wiped it off running to the elevator.

On our way up in the elevator, i spotted a patch of what looks like dry semen on the zip side of my trouser, and the elevator opened almost immediately. I rushed to my office blocking the patch with my briefcase, ignoring greetings from my staff. my office , I moist a tissue paper with the water from an aquarium. Wiped off the dry semen but left water patch. It was better than having the previous. I quickly packed my dreadlocks backwards and knotted it with a red ribbon on my table and rushed to the conference hall.

There he was, my enemy my friend. Gabriel Smith taking my place, giving the speech that ought to be mine. An English guy in his early thirties. Blond hair, blue eyes, undoubtedly good looking and always smartly dressed. Today, he was in a gray Italian suit, pink sleeve inner and a pink tie. He looked so intelligent in his transparent glasses and speaking with such eloquence.

I badged in apologized for being late and moving towards Gabriel who had a mocking hint on his face. I ignored him and went in front where he was. That was when I discovered how horrible I looked standing before these well dressed people. I opened my briefcase to bring out my speech but almost caught a cardiac arrest when I couldn't find it.

" looking for something?". Gabriel whispered amusingly.

" no!" I said to him smiling and abruptly shut the briefcase.

I noticed Gabriel moved away when I spoke. He leaned closer and whispered to my ear. " watch the bad breath". Then moved aside for me to continue.

I took a deep breath and smiled looking confidently at the people waiting for me to make a huge flaws with my speech. Even my boss was winking me to give way for Gabriel to continue. I looked past him and began.

I finished my presentation without a projector, without my speech note and everyone and made a flop. The speech would have bought us a deal worth millions of dollars but I ruined it. I know Gabriel would be happy and pleased by now.

After the speech I ran to my office and my secretary was behind me as I went in.

Gloria Adams, a beautiful 23 years old, five foot three, dark girl with an impressive backside and admirable straight legs always shooting out from her mini office skirts.

She loves flirting with me and one day I levelled her from the back in my office after working hours; twice In the restroom, once in my car. All the time she left me wanting for more. But she wanted something I couldn't give, knowing where I live. I don't want commitment and so never took any lady home.

" you look like shit!". She said to me. " your grandma has been calling. I even called you severely you weren't picking your calls".

I sat on my chair and turned my chair to face the window. " did she leave a message?"

" she said she wanted to speak to you it's urgent".

I took up my phone and saw thirty-two missed calls, two text messages and four voice messages. I opened the missed calls, grandma called 22 times!

Grandma keeps telling me I shared a striking resemblance with my dad. Although I may look like him facially, but he was dark skinned and I'm very light in complexion with bold lips ; I'm chubbier while my dad was athletic. Aunty Ruth said I took after my mother whom my dad tragically murdered. What kind of a child's parents ends up killing each other?

" the new Director is around, and she's asking after you". Gloria's voice shook me off my monetary daydreaming with her hands on my desk looking with a cunning smile on her face.

" a she?". I asked, surprised we have a new director.

" yes. She's directors younger sister". Gloria replied standing erect with her hands folded and a warning smile on her face. " she's way off your class dude".

I suddenly realised I should have hit the bathroom immediately after the meeting. I stood up abruptly and said to Gloria hastily. " get me a toothbrush and soap!".

Gloria glared at me as though I have lost it. " where are you coming from!".

Before I could reply, a stunning, curvy lady in her late forties walked into my office in company of two of our logistic officers; Mr Howard Webb, a nerdy European and Jack Cash, a black man. She wore a black suit jacket and trouser, a blue inner shirt, black high heels shoes, her long blond hanging on her shoulders and had the exact resemblance with Shakira.

She was in front exuding confidence and charming charisma of a boss lady. These features completely entrapped me in so much admiration I remained motionless with my mouth opened.

" You're Mike?". You asked in a fluent British ascent

I nodded and shut my mouth. Gloria bowed and slowly left. The new director waited for Gloria to leave without taking her eyes off me. Like she could see with a third eye behind her head as Gloria entered her office before she continued.

" I wonder why my brother still have the likes of you working here". Then her face frowned. " why're you looking like this?".

I looked at my shirt and trouser, tried to defend myself but something about her presence paralyzed my speech.

" this company cant tolerate such rascality! What has my brother been doing!". She turned to the guys beside her and focused back on me. " I heard you're the best in the marketing team and you have been enjoying the benefits so don't say you are not properly rewarded and yet you cost us money today and last month! That's not good for our reputation!".

I noticed she wasn't putting on a wedding ring while she was scolding and wondered why.

" this is your last chance Mr Mike!". She blotted.

I looked up with my heart beating.

" i have a job for you and you must hit it before 12 noon tomorrow. I want positive answer! Will send details to your mail". She said and turned immediately to leave with the men trying to keep up.

I sat down wondering what happened to Mr. Samson, our Director. I stood up and decided to pay him a visit In his office knowing fully well he may even slap me for the lost I made.

I got to his office, but he was with some guests. I walked to the table of his secretary, a slim German girl with red hair and almost ice white skin . She hardly could look me in the face while talking. Today she was in a yellow flower gown and red lipstick. Her big transparent glasses never left her eyes for no reason.

" why is he leaving?". I asked her.

" heard he's retiring". She replied looking at her laptop screen.

" without telling us?"

" he plan on doing that today after work". She said and looked disapprovingly at me.

I caught her. " yeah. bleeped two blonds and a transsexual last night. Over slept". I said with a nonchalant smile.

She flinched in disgust and focused on her laptop. I grinned and walked back to my office.

The next morning I was at the reception of the company my new director wanted me to visit. The secretary sat with a magazine covering her face chewing and pulping gum.

I have been waiting since 9am and it's almost eleven. I called the lady; a black girl in pink chiffon sleeve top with a white butterfly collar seated. Her hair was cut low and her blue lipstick sold her off as slutty.

" please. Can you remind him I'm here waiting?".

She eyed me and pulped a bigger gum that covered her lips, then continued her chewing and reading.

I knew I had to flirt my way through, from the look of things she may be a strong headed individual. So I stood up, beaming my charming smile.

" what's that you're reading... Fashion!".

She eyed me and continued.

I pulled down the magazine down a little with a finger so I can see her face. " no wonder!". I said beaming my charming smile at her.

" no wonder what!". She barked.

I ignored the tone in her voice and continued. " no wonder you are such a good dresser".

I noticed she fought back a smile and continued her chewing. I then suspected she may like me but wanted to act uninterested. So I pushed harder.

" I wish I could see you stand. I love black girls!".

She smiled briefly and switch over to her self.

" what's the name of the perfume you're wearing?".

She looked at me sternly and dropped the magazine. " why are you disturbing me Mr.? Please go back to your seat, my boss wouldn't like seeing you standing this close to me!".

I felt like my pride was hit by a truck. But I didn't let it show. I just smiled and said. " it's okay, just trying to complement you. Coz you're really beautiful".

" thank you! Please go back to your seat!". She said stiffly.

I slowly returned to my seat wondering what her problem was.

In less than a minute after I sat, she stood up and went into her boss' office. Came out and said to me. " you can go in!". Then walked to her seat and continued with her magazine.

I sat in front of the fifty something years old man after introducing myself, my company and stated my reason for coming. He remained motionless looking at me for a long period of time until I became uncomfortable.

" sir. Are you with me?". I said to call his attention.

He suddenly smiled flirtatiously and asked. " you're Mike?".

" yes sir!". I answered, wondering why he was weird.

To my surprise he hit his fist on the table and bellowed. " I hate Mikes! I hate the name Mike!".

I was confused. So I asked . " what has Mike done sir?".

" You are Mike right?".

" Yes sir!"

" then get out of my office!". He barked standing up and pointing the door to me.

" sir. I'm a different Mike I...".

He cut me off and screamed. " stop calling that name! Will you get out this instant!"

This was the craziest thing ever. I slowly stood up and walked out of his office. He called his secretary as I was about leaving the reception. I turned and saw how the girl nervously ran into his office and his voice roared, cursing and telling her he never wants to set his eyes on me ever again.

I decided to wait for the secretary to return. I cant afford to go out of job, my lifestyle cant cope with brokenness.

The secretary returned and was shocked to see me. " what are you still doing here? Leave before he sees you!". She whispered pushing me out hastily.

I held her hand and said. " I won't leave until you tell me why he hates mikes".

She paused and looked shockingly at me. " he said that?".

" yes!".

She smiled and whispered. " he just broke up with his black boyfriend".

I didn't quite get her. " what does that have to do with mike?"

" his name is Mike". She said and pushed me out before shutting the door.

I went to my car wondering how I was going to get across to the man. I I'm too straight to be gay. I needed to land this job by all means possible. I looked up at the skyscraper and was about entering my car when I saw a white teenage boy snatching a Pilipino lady's bag and ran off. Something in my prompted me to run after him and so I did without thinking.

The boy was so fast, he crossed the road without watching, I made to follow but was hit by a car; I found myself flying in the air and landed my back on the windscreen of another car. I was unconscious for awhile when a bird pooped into my eyes and mouth, I immediately gained consciousness and fell to the ground, spitting off the poo and whipping my eyes.

In few seconds some persons crowded me. I slowly stood up and was hearing voices.

" is he okay?" How did he survive it?"
" Damn! He must have a broken bone!"
"What was he doing running into the road like that? Some persons are just careless! He should have died what's my business!".

The last statement made me look up to see who said it but saw five persons asking questions like. " are okay?", " are you hurt?".

I looked at their faces and then the voices came again.

" he's acting like he has lost his mind".
" oh, poor boy".
" nice watch! I wish I got to him in time to snatch that!"

I looked for the person who spoke the last words about my watch and caught only caring eyes beaming at me.

" what did you say?". I asked a black man whom I suspected made the last statement.

He looked at me and asked with concern. " are you okay?".

I think i could hear their thoughts. It felt like I was going Insane. I immediately left their midst and went to my car, ignoring their calls.

" he may be loosing it". An European lady said without moving her lips walking pass with her eyes on me as though I would attack her.

I got scared, rushed into my car and zoomed off.

Mike, you again ❓

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Nicklaus619(m): 9:35pm On Jan 14

Mike, you again ❓

I use God beg you no quote the whole episode next time Biko
I was even thinking that topher don update new episode

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Victorbojan7(m): 9:51pm On Jan 14
[quote author=topher052 post=85764584]EPISODE THREE
ffice to see us and once we've left, we can never reach you again".

I saw the shock on madam Tasha's face. For the first time since we came she was serious.

My first comment, I never thought I’d beg for updates till today ��, I started this story December 2019, reading from 2018 I use to see how people beg for updates, I just laugh and scroll down to read at least five a day till part 1 finish 2days ago, I had to create an account here to see if I can see any new story to ready because my madam and I was my second story here but there’s non like it, I was happy to see part two, since two days ago I finish reading the third episode now I want more ���� topher052 please come update oo, I don know as e dey be now

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by BankyGee(m): 10:09pm On Jan 14

I use God beg you no quote the whole episode next time Biko
I was even thinking that topher don update new episode
Bro no vex cool na my sister be that o. Na slip of the fingers grin

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by BankyGee(m): 10:12pm On Jan 14
You are welcome to the thread bro cool

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Nicklaus619(m): 10:19pm On Jan 14

Bro no vex cool na my sister be that o. Na slip of the fingers grin

Lol slip of finger grin, funny guy
I dey always read ya jokes and riddles cool

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 10:32pm On Jan 14

Gloria refused to speak to me throughout the rest of the day, i overheard her thought telling herself to avoid me so as to teach me a lesson, but it only made me laugh. If only she knew.

After the close of work, I was about getting into my car when Gabriel appeared from nowhere behind me; like he was a ghost snooping behind somebody and startled the breath out of me.

" Hey! Mike! Where are you running to? Told you we have somewhere to be tonight". Gabriel said with a hand pressed against my door.

I was still stylishly catching my breath, wouldn't want him to know how much he scared me.

" I can't bro, I'm sorry, very tired!". I said and tried to move his hand from the door but he moved In front of me and rest on it.

" If only you know why I want you there". He stressed.

If only I knew. Now I wished I could read his thought!

Gabriel continued more passionately, holding my arms. " This is one frat meeting you will ever be grateful I invited you to. Please don't decline it". He left my arms and stood erect. " look, I promise you this. Once it's 11pm, I, personally will literally chase you home!". Then he stood pouting.

I looked at him for awhile and then checked my watch, it was 7:15pm. I heaved a sigh. What I wanted was to go home, eat, have my bath, take a few drags and hit the bed! But damn! I have a weakness declining a plea, Gabriel knows that and always ensures he exploits it.

Okay, I gave In eventually. He hugged me, kissed my cheeks playfully and said. "lets go to my hotel room, from there we can leave in my car".

" No. I want to go home and change into something else".

" you're coming with me Mike. You know the moment I blink I wont see you again. I need to keep an eye on you. Don't worry about what to wear, I'll buy you some clothes on our way out. And as for your suit, the hotel laundry will take care of it before morning".

I stood wondering why going through these stress just for me to attend his frats party. I wished I could read his thought to know what's brewing.

Anyways, like a humble lamb, I was led to his hotel driving behind him.

We got some new clothes shoes and underpants which he personally selected for me.

We arrived his hotel, ate at the restaurant, took a bottle of bear and went to his room. I showered and changed into the new clothes before drove to the venue in his car.

We got to the place a few minutes past 9. It was a glass house with a swimming pool in front. So many guys were already there, smoking, drinking, laughing with a loud music blasting.

Gabriel turned to me excitedly smiling as he killed the engine. " you won't regret this Mike".

We got out of the car and everyone seem to know Gabriel. They all hailed him like a kind of celebrity. He forgot about me shaking hands and hugging so many good looking guys who obviously were successful. I strolled behind him nodding at everyone he was done with.

After going through the pool side, we entered the house; a big duplex with nine different coloured couches, a TV on the wall and small framed paintings on every sides of the wall; a huge chandelier hanging on the roof in the middle of the sitting room and flowers beside every door.

The place was filled up with guys. As soon as they saw Gabriel, there was a roar as they were hailing him. I began suspecting Gabriel may be the idea behind the party.

While I was still trying to look around for a familiar face, Gabriel dragged me forward and screamed on top of his voice amidst the loud music. " meet Mike! My blood in a black skin! Today we drink and fvck and become brothers!"

The crowd went wild and they began shaking hands with me, welcoming me heartily. The music made me not to hear their thoughts clearly but I overheard one saying: Is this the new guy?

What new guy was he talking about? I was looking out for the chicks but found only guys. I couldn't reach Gabriel anymore, he was everywhere at a time. So I stood drinking the third bottle since the evening.

Some girls appeared upstairs and began walking down the stairs completely nude With perfect bodies. They were all putting on masks carrying something in a bowl serving the guys. I looked at them with keen Interest wondering what these guys had in mind.

A brown skin, curvy girl came to me and smiled with a bowl in front of me. In it were some things wrapped in paper, wraps of smoke; apparently dope and different colours of pills.

I dipped into the bowl and took a wrap of dope, at least I hope it was something I know. She smiled and said. " take a pill sir. You will need it ".

The girl: Mike. At last.

I looked at her smiling face wondering if I knew her as i took one pill.

She said again. " two will be better".

I nodded and smiled. " one is okay".

The girl: I hope he's not a waste. Two would have taking you to cloud 9.

Then she smiled and moved to the next guy.

I turned to a black guy beside me and collected his lighter, lit the dope and wanted to return the lighter when i saw the guy picking four pink pills. He threw them in his mouth, chewed and turned to me. " it's gonna get crazy tonight".

The black guy: When are they getting started? I can't wait! Demn! These chicks are fvcking sexy!

I smiled nervously and handed him his lighter.

The pill in my hand was blue. It was big and squared. I sniffed it, put the tip of my tongue on it to have a taste of what it taste like and a hand slapped me on the back.

" it's tasteless dude!". I turned and the guy walked passed.

I threw it in my mouth and chewed the tasteless tablet looking around for Gabriel.

Gabriel appeared upstairs and shouted. " the party is about to begin. Everyone in your uniforms!"

The crowd went wild and everyone started walking towards a door at a corner. I waited for instructions from Gabriel before making any move.

" hey come on!". A well fed Chinese guy said and pulled me along with his hands around my neck. I could hear him saying.

The Chinese guy: hope he becomes one of us after entertaining him. He must be a cool guy to have put G through all these stress.

I began wondering what he meant as we strolled into the room that they were all walking into. It wasn't really a room, it looked more like a hall with about 40 men already standing in an arc form facing the door with some yellow, red and white candle lights arranged in circle and a big red candle in the middle in front of them.

The guy with me moved to where the men were and stood beside a huge Arabian man. I heard one of the men saying: this man looks scared. He thinks we're into voodoo hahahaha! That's how I felt when Steve first introduced me.

I was the only one away from the crowd. I Scanned through the men looking me for Gabriel.

Another man standing some distance beside me said: Is he looking for Gabriel? I'll love to see the look on his face when we start stripping.

Stripping? What does he mean by stripping? I suddenly became scared. Could this be a gay club or something? I was about making up my mind to walk out when Gabriel came in completely naked. He looked at me with a wide grin on his face and said. " put on your nice underpants".

" underpants?". I tried to understand what he meant, while trying to make sense of the reason he's completely nude.

The men began taking off their clothes, and in few minutes, a bunch of adult men stood in an arc around the candles naked with different sizes of penis standing erected.

What is going on here? Gabriel was looking at me amusingly when I turned to him.

" I told you this was an orgy, but I didn't tell you it was your orgy party". Gabriel said.

I could make a little sense in what he called my party, but what I couldn't understand was what I was doing in front of naked men.

" mike!". Gabriel said in a comforting tone. " I have always admired you and envious of you. I love how you give in your best and succeed most times. Your zeal and passion inspires me I must confess". He screened my face thoughtfully and continued. " that is why I have decided to make you a member of this frat".

I was shocked. And wanted to object but he continued. " look! I have all the connections, I know people. But you still beat me at work. We need need guys like you. People with future! These guys naked before you are CEO's, multimillionaires, men with substance, yet they're naked before you. Man! It humbles me". His voice sounding pitiful. " I love you Mike! You know i do! Be part of us!".

I could feel the drug kicking in. I was now feeling happy and excited. I looked at the men and then at Gabriel, then nodded. The crowd went wild with happiness.

Then Gabriel asked me to move in front of the candles and recite their frat's creed after him which I did. And then stood looking at the smiling men.

Gabriel came close to me. I slowly moved away conscious of his rod. " take off your clothes except your boxers, some ladies are waiting for you".

I looked at him. He smiled and nodded. I felt slightly relieved he mentioned chicks.

The drug was getting to me. I was feeling some strange changes in my mood. My whole body felt sexy like i should begin touching myself; this was an odd feeling. I immediately shook my head and said to myself, no! Get a grip on yourself!

" we are waiting for you! You have until these candles go off before these men can come out. Chose as many ladies as you want. It's your orgy. Get off your clothes and be in your boxers the candles are burning out". Gabriel said In his usual friendly tone.

I took off my clothes and my rod was as stiff as a stick and erect from my boxers. I was surprised. The guys exploded in a wild laughter i stupidly joined them. I was high.

Gabriel led me out and shut the door leaving me standing in the sitting room that was once crowded with guys now filled with different kinds of masked ladies; fat, slim, tall, short, black, white, red, yellow... What was I seeing?

The chicks where doing some lesbian stuff, others were solo pleasuring themselves.

They saw me and four very voluptuous girls; a white and three black skin came walking towards me. I felt like jumping on them and fvcking the four same time. My body was shaking. It felt like I was no longer on earth, like the girls were some kind of angels in a spirit realm.

They came to me and started kissing me all over. One on my lips, one sucking my nipples, one at my back kissing my neck, back waist and ass, and the last knelt in front of me, pulled down my boxers sucking my dick.

One of the girls: Damn! He is sexy!

Another girl: Mmmm...ooohhh...nice...

I closed my eyes receiving it. It felt fifty times sweeter than I had ever felt.

Soon one of the chicks pulled me by my hand to the middle of the floor. I couldn't tell how many girls mounted my body kissing and licking everything on me while i stood with my hands and legs apart. Wow! This was something out of this world. I was only hearing them thinking: Oh...yeah..hmmm...mmmm...

Nothing else!

A very chubby dark chick led me to a couch where some girls in different shapes and sizes knelt in a doggy position. Beside it some laid on their with their legs open stroking their clits moaning. I looked at them and went for a black ass. Before i mounted her, one of the girls wore me a condom. I thrust Into her pounding, It felt like i was cumming at each thrust, it was the sweetest sex I had ever had. I was moaning aloud, shedding tears and crying profusely, shouting out of ecstasy with hands, tongue and lips of the chicks all over my body.

Something hit me on my face, I opened my eyes and saw fat white laps spread apart, she was seated on top of the couch exposing a pinkish pussy. I didn't waste any time to put my tongue inside it, licking like I would die if I don't.

There was moaning everywhere. A hand pulled me away from the girl I was fvcking and leg me to another couch where a chubby Italian girl laid. I jumped on her, she clapped her legs around me, kissing me as I pounded like I was breathing through each thrust.

I felt hands and lips touching me all over. I and only hearing them thinking: Ahhh...mmm....ooohhh...haaa...oh gosh! Sweeet!.

The sounds of their thoughts drove me nuts. I think I blanked out and saw myself floating in the air cumming continuously and screaming as though I would die.

A hand pulled me off the Italian and shook me back to reality. I turned and saw a smallish black girl with a small butt. I jumped on her , pushed her on the wall and plugged into her from behind. She bent, curved her waist for me to smash. I pounded as if I would collapse if I don't. Each thrust was as sweet as cumming. I was crying, my chest filled with tears and was speaking gibberish.

Another hand grabbed me to herself and began kissing me. I didn't even bother to look who she was before I returned the kiss. And she pulled me to a couch, sat on it and pulled me close. I opened my eyes and saw a white skin girl with a very pinkish pussy. I made to plug and discovered my condom was full and sperm was leaking out of the opening. I was still looking, she grabbed me to herself and i began again. I cant tell for how long i was on her before a stronger hand pulled me off, I turned and saw a white guy in mask ; that was when I noticed the real orgy had begun. The place was filled with guys now on mask and girls banging on different positions, the sound of cry and moaning filled the air.

I was looking at the craziest orgy of a life time when a familiar mask came to me and pulled me away. She led me upstairs into an empty room. She was the girl who served me dope and pills earlier.

The girl: I have always wanted to do this to you mike. You seem far away, now I got you.

I tried to see if I could recognize her but couldn't. She pushed me to the bed and said in her thought: This is you and I.

I tried to change the condom, she removed my hand and used her mouth to remove a condom filled with cum and sucked me. She raised her head and showed me her mouth with cum inside. Then she swallowed it all and showed me an empty mouth smiling.

I loved what she did and watched as she moved up to my lips and we began kissing passionately. Something entered my mouth. I tried to remove it but she placed a finger on my lips. I noticed a butterfly tattoo under her wrist.

Girl: Come on! You will love it!

I looked into her deep blue eyes and swallowed whatsoever it was. Then we began kissing.

We must have kissed for hours who knows, before i started seeing flashes of me fucking missionary, doggie, cowgirl, faceoff, wheelbarrow, cowboy, spooning, standing doggie. It was all flashes. And I blanked out.

The next thing was a blinding light on my face, I shielded my eyes and slowly opened my eyes and to full bright day. I immediately awaken completely, jumped off the bed and checked my wrist watch, it was 10:55am! Damn! I turned to the bed and noticed that the girl was gone.

" Gabriel! You have ruined me again!". I screamed

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 10:33pm On Jan 14
Watch out for my book on sex and relationship! Will be out soon on soft copy. Some of its features are: pre-intimacy, sex positions, seduction, effective kissing, natural sex boosters, how to last longer, relationship tips, understanding your partner etc.

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by jenifer007: 10:50pm On Jan 14

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by BankyGee(m): 12:19am On Jan 15

Lol slip of finger grin, funny guy
I dey always read ya jokes and riddles cool
You're the man, I believe you pass Mike seff grin
Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Nelsonmealo(m): 2:39am On Jan 15
Watch out for my book on sex and relationship! Will be out soon on soft copy. Some of its features are: pre-intimacy, sex positions, seduction, effective kissing, natural sex boosters, how to last longer, relationship tips, understanding your partner etc.
cant wait To have a view of it...

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by Nelsonmealo(m): 3:04am On Jan 15

Something hit me on my face, I opened my eyes and saw a fat white laps spread apart, she was seated on top of the couch exposing a pinkish pussy. I didn't waste any time to put my tongue inside it, licking like I would if I don't.

Licking Like I would die if I don't... I believe that's what you meant to say here...

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by frozen70(f): 6:11am On Jan 15

I use God beg you no quote the whole episode next time Biko
I was even thinking that topher don update new episode


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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by frozen70(f): 6:57am On Jan 15

Bro no vex cool na my sister be that o. Na slip of the fingers grin

Thanks for the rescue, honestly if not you how would I have known that Mike has started again,

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by frozen70(f): 7:23am On Jan 15
This Mike escapedes no be here ohhh

He has the ability to read people's thought

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by BankyGee(m): 8:16am On Jan 15

Thanks for the rescue, honestly if not you how would I have known that Mike has started again,
You're welcome
Actually, this is Mike Jnr, Frozen's son grin

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by frozen70(f): 8:48am On Jan 15

You're welcome
Actually, this is Mike Jnr, Frozen's son grin

Yes he is, he will be worst than his dad

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by greatme2good(f): 11:32am On Jan 15
I don't think this is Mike Jr, I think it's Mike himself. Help came after him and Amaka shot themselves. It's just a thought incase I am wrong.

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by pu7pl3(m): 11:54am On Jan 15
I don't think this is Mike Jr, I think it's Mike himself. Help came after him and Amaka shot themselves. It's just a thought incase I am wrong.

It's not the same Mike,this one went to college

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by BankyGee(m): 12:12pm On Jan 15

Yes he is, he will be worst than his dad

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Re: My Madam And I (part Two) by topher052: 1:07pm On Jan 15

I took a cab from the glass house to Gabriel's hotel room, my clothes were already on the bed dry-cleaned. I quickly picked it up and got into it swiftly, rushed to my car, got in and drove off.

I was in Anthony Tree's office thirty minutes later. The secretary wasn't so pleased to see me. She immediately buried her head in her computer pretending to be busy.

Secretary: Oooh no! Not again! Well, I know what to do! He's going to regret ever coming here today. I have all the time to frustrate him.

I greeted her and she pretended not to hear me.

Secretary: When you're tired of waiting you can leave!

She looked past me to the door and said snobbishly. " shut that door properly!"

I turned to the door that was probably shut and smiled.

" is he in?". I asked.

She ignored me pretending to be engrossed in her job. I smiled and turned to a seat. " can I?".

Secretary: Who are you asking? You better leave before I make you!(eyed me and returned to her computer).

I shrugged and sat. Then decided to focus on her thought to see if I would catch something of benefit.

Secretary: YSL got something nice this week. Wow! Look how it so fit this model. How I wish I was a model...nah..too much ass. Wooo! I love this! I love this! How much? 5k? Too expensive for a handbag. But I love it...( she pouted). If I was younger I would have been a model, I love these girls.

I smiled at her fantasy, and an idea hit me. Immediately, i picked up my phone and began making a fake call. She eyed me.

Secretary: Please bring down your voice! ( eyeing me maliciously ).

" hello... Okay... I know...when? Okay? You need a model?... Urgently? I can get you one...okay... How old?"

I noticed she left what she was doing and was looking keenly at me.

" Alright, I'll get in touch... How much is involved? 3k? For each photo shoot? Alright. I'll call you". Then I hung up and caught her eyes on me. She immediately looked away focusing on her laptop.

Secretary: Oh! Fvck! How do I tell him I'm interested? But...( she frowned ). I'm not up to those pretty girls.

I turned to her and asked. " have you ever considered modelling as a part-time Job?"

I could see the surprise on her face. For the first time I saw her smiled heartily. " yes, but I'm too busy". She said and bit her lower lips regretfully.

Secretary: I'm not that busy, I'm not that skinny, too much ass! Not good for modelling.

I quickly chipped in. " that's not an issue, we can create time. You are exceptionally beautiful to grace a magazine's front page".

She blushed." You think?".

Secretary: He's flattering me.

" I know you may think I'm flattering you, I'm damn serious. You got a good sense of style. If you don't mind I was considering giving you a part-time job. The pay is good, you can go for shoots at your leisure".

She beamed a wide grin and flushed.

Secretary: Oh! Is he for real? All the while I was being a bitch, how was i to know he was my saviour. Oh my god! I'm so happy!

" what do you say? Coz I got some people under consideration".

She was about answering, then I stopped her with a finger in the air and answered a fake call. " hello...yes...Yes! YSL bag! She refused it? Damn! I don't have anyone else to give it to! Okay. Thank you. Send it to my office". I hung up and turned to her. She was looking at me completely overwhelmed.

Secretary: Please give it to me if you don't have who else to give it to! How i wish I was friends with him. Who's that ungrateful bitch that would reject such a precious gift?!

" was that your girlfriend? The secretary asked smiling.

" no". I said pretending to be adjusting from the disappointment. " she's a girl I'm wooing. I got that bag for 5g's".

Secretary: What! Could it be the bag I was eyeing this morning?! Please woo me! I never knew he was my kind of guy! Oh, how do I get his attention?

She smiled at me and said. " I'm sorry. Some ladies don't know what love means. If I had a guy like you, I would be the happiest lady on earth".

" really?". I asked.

" yes!". She said assuredly.

" so why were you treating me badly if I was your kind of man?". I asked teasingly.

Secretary: Damn! Why didn't I prepare an answer for this one?!

" well". She hesitated, thinking of what to say.

Secretary: Constance think of something! Think fast!

She smiled and continued. " well, i was just being a lady".

I smiled back and stood up. " that's okay. I have to go now. I have an appointment to catch at about this hour. I guess your boss wouldn't like to see me here. I understand, you're acting on instruction".

She stood up abruptly. " No! No! Please seat. I have something to tell you".

I was indeed surprised, so I gently sat. She smiled, stood up and and moved out of her seat. Turned to her table pretending to be checking and pressing something on her laptop.

Secretary: Hope you can see that ass? Thank god I wore this today.

Today she was in leggings and sleeve top, I couldn't help but look at her fat butt!

She turned around after she had finished playing her pranks and began walking towards me while innocently smiling like she didn't know what she did and sat beside me.

" Mike right?". She asked.

I nodded. Then she continued.

" my boss is a difficult guy. Once he says no to something, it is so difficult to change his mind. This is what you will do".

" is he in?". I asked cutting her short, looking at the boss' door.

" no! He went for a board meeting across town. But he'll be back tomorrow". She said horridly like what she wanted to tell me was more important.

I told Daniella two days. Tomorrow is too late! But I listened to her anyways.

" all you need to do is get him back with Mike. I mean his ex. I can give you every detail on how to contact Mike. Once you can do that, anything Mike tells him to do he will do".

I was so glad to hear what she was telling me.

" please!". I said hastily. " can I have his info?"

She smiled and nodded. Stood up and walked to her table with her butt shaking like something with water in it. She got a pen and a sheet of paper. Returned sitting beside me. I watched her pen down a phone number she retrieved from her phone and address, then handed sheet to me.

" this is how to get across to him. I don't know how you are going to go about it, that's all the help I can give".

Secretary: Please give me that YSL bag.

I looked at her, she smiled flirtatiously at me.

" I'm very grateful for this. I owe you alot. I'll send the YSL bag to you once I get it". I said.

She was overwhelmed with joy that she hugged me. When she broke the hug I could see she was slightly embraced. I moved in speedily.

" can I buy you dinner to thank you for this?". looking into her eyes.

Secretary: Constance get a grip on yourself! You're behaving too cheaply.

" don't worry". She said smiling and nodded. " the bag is enough".

I stood up and was about to leave. She stood up with me smiling and moving her body uneasily.

Secretary: Ask him about the modelling job. Ask him!

I turned to her, she beamed a nervous smile.

" send your nice pictures to my mail. I'll send it to the company". I said and handed her my complimentary card.

She took the card from me looked at it and stood hesitantly while smiling nervously.

Secretary: What about the dinner. Please ask me again! Please....

I smiled at her and walked out.

In my car I browsed on YSL design of the month. Saw different outfits. I checked on bags under 5k and found a few. One caught my attention, I ordered for it in the name " Anthony Tree's Secretary" with their address and paid.

I took out the sheet of paper and dialed the number. While the phone was ringing, I realised I didn't get any information about Mike. I wanted to drop but a baritone echoed in my ear.

" hello! Mike on the line, who am I speaking with?"

Before I could sort out words to use I found myself saying. " hello, My name is Gabriel. We met last month. Can't you remember giving me your number?.

There was a slight pause and he said. " Gabriel? Where did we meet exactly?".

My brain popped out and poured back in. I searched for something while i filled the gap with " you know....that....em..
Spot! What's the name again?".

" which spot?". His voice sounded impatient.

" you're Mike right?". I asked trying to buy time.

" who the hell are you?". He bellowed. " and how in the fvck sake did you get my number?".

This wasn't going on well. I found myself saying. " I met you and Anthony at the club house".

Their was a pause. I prayed I hasn't spoilt everything . My palms were sweaty as i waited for his reply.

" did you say Anthony?". Mike asked.

" Yes, Anthony Tree". I said.

" was it at the dome club house?". Mike asked.

"I really don't know what's called. Came with a friend". I didn't agree so I wouldn't fall victim if he was playing on my intelligence.

There was another pause. And then he said. " what can I do for you?".

I didn't plan what to say but I just went on. " I need to see you please. There's something I need to talk about with you. It's about life and death".

" life and death?". He asked.

" yes. I need to meet with you".

" please Mr. I don't know you! You cant expect me to come and meet you up!". Mike's voice sounded already irritated.

" it's about Anthony!". I found myself saying as my last bait.

" Anthony? Is he okay". He sounded suddenly interested.

" he's fine! He mustn't know I called you please. But he won't be for long!". I said.

" what's going on"

" I need to see you in person". I tried sounding urgent.

" okay. Meet me at the golden park by 4pm". Mike said.

" alright. 4pm.". I repeated and hung up.

Then it occurred to me that I don't know what Mike looks like.

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