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My Iron Won by emperorblog21(m): 11:45am On Jan 31

Written by: Abike
Episode one
Writer’s POV
It morning already Jamal was getting dress
up for work after he took his shower with
the help of his mind, in Jamal’s house, he
has twenty maids in his house, Four cooks,
eight cleaners for the house, four maids in
care of getting foods from Market, four
maids in care of his clothes and
shower,And his guards are fifteen in
number, four gardeners and two gatemen,
David and Daniel are his drivers and
personal guards also his PA, Jamal got
dressed by the help of his maids David and
Daniel came in,they met him staring at his
laptop,he was checking out some things
on it
Daniel:Boss, the cars are ready
David:And the boys are set sir’
Bunmi the head of maids came in she said
Bunmi:Sir your food is ready sir
David: What’s he having for breakfast?
Bunmi: Omelette and bread with coffee
Daniel: You can go
Bunmi:Yes sir ‘Bunmi left immediately
while David help Jamal to close his laptop,
he put the laptop in a bag handing it over
to Daniel
Daniel:Are you crazy or something, why
would you give me that to carry?
David:Screw you Daniel ‘Jamal muttered
and said’
Jamal:Oh God! Not again
Daniel:You suck David
David:The last time I checked I think am
still the older brother here’Jamal staring at
both of them
Daniel:You must be a fool so that one
week is freaking you right?
David: Oh! So you think it’s easy to be a
week older than you brat!
Daniel:You punk!
Jamal:Guys guys guys, Please that’s ok, I
will take my laptop by myself
Both:No you won’t Boss’Both shouted at
the same time, looking at each other
David:Don’t worry Boss I will take it
David:Brat! ‘ Jamal Escuze them and walk
out of the Room, David wanted to raise a
fist on Daniel’s face but He was stopped by
Jamal who came in again
Jamal:Are you guys coming out to eat or
you want me to eat alone? David and
Daniel forget it ok please just come out
and eat,guys come out ‘Jamal had to
dragged both of them by thier hands
outside since they kept on giving each
other dead looks
The breakfast was served for Jamal,
likewise David and Daniel, Jamal don’t eat
alone if David or Daniel are not at home, he
will rather go to work with an empty
stomach, When the two guys arrive it is
only then Jamal will take them out to eat
together with them, He believed one thing
about them,even though they fights alot he
believed that they are the only ones he
could talk to freely and share his problems
with them, he believed that he is safe with
David and Daniel
Daniel:Boss,I got an email from your
managers in Overseas, they said you are
having two months holiday for now, they
said they wants you to rest for the journey
you went through this month
David:Of course it was so exhausted, every
two days we fly out of the country for this
month alone
Daniel:I think it’s up to fifteen times, from
USA to England back to USA again to Dubai,
to Egypt,to Europe back to Nigeria in Abuja
to Dubai again, infact am lost in counting
David: Escuze me do you have to count it
Daniel:Screw you,Lazy bone, actually boss
they asked you to come and do some
signings in Dubai and Egypt but it was
fixed to the same day
Jamal:It’s ok, since you guys know how we
do it,and you have access to my signature,
one of you should go to Dubai the other
one should go to Egypt to do the signing I
will handle the businesses in Nigeria I
don’t feel like traveling also am so

David: I guess I will go to that Dubai
Daniel: Actually I will go to Egypt cause
there is a man there that his work is really
slacking so I told the managers to study
him a bit, I will like to know how he is
doing now
Jamal:Oh sounds great
David:Boss you have lunch with your friend
tomorrow at 2pm
Jamal:Oh yeah Rokanmi, is he back
David: Yeah, yesterday night
Jamal: sounds great fix that up for me,
guys let’s eat we are late for the meeting,
After the food, four cars are ready, Jamal
was escorted out by David and James,
David drive while a guard sat beside David
at the front, Jamal sat at the back while
Daniel sat with him, Two cars drove out
then Jamal’s car then a car followed while
one of the gate men close the gate while
the other gate man continue eating his
food, Bunmi instructing the girls to clear
the dinning, she was moving up and down
supervising the maids on thier work
Later in the day, Jamal was coming back
from work suddenly he sighted a lady who
gave a guy a slap on his cheek
Jamal:Oh my God, do you see that
Daniel: What boss?
Jamal:Stop the car, stop the car David
Daniel:But why boss? ‘David stop the car
while Jamal stepped out of the car, the
guards rushed out to guard him
Jamal: Guys please you can all go back
inside the car please, am fine, ‘The guards
left him with David and Daniel
Daniel:Boss, why are we stopping here?
Jamal:I also don’t know, I just feel like
watching that scene
David:You mean those that are fighting?
Jamal:Yeah! ‘David and Daniel was
surprised, After the fight has ended, the
guy pleaded to the lady beside the lady
that slapped the guy while the guy run
away, Jamal said in a confused way
Jamal:Can, c… Actually can o… Can one of
you help me to call that lady,I just wanna
have a word with her
David: Boss! ‘Daniel had no choice but to
move closer to the two ladies and said
Daniel:Hi girls, The lady who slapped the
guy ignored Daniel while the other one
reply him with a smile
Tomiwa:Am tomiwa
Daniel:And you please?’The other lady
ignored him, he felt a little bit
embarrassed, He said, ‘Actually my boss
over there will like to have a moment with
you, i mean he wants to talk to you please’
The lady make a smirk and said
Lady:Who the hell is your boss, the
president or the governor?Or the king?
Anyway tell your Boss, tell him that I Niniola
will never come to him and if he is blessed
with his two legs he should come over
here and if he is on wheelchair, push him
to come here,So now can you please f–k
off! Daniel was shock and at the same time
surprised,he muttered
What Next

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Re: My Iron Won by emperorblog21(m): 11:46am On Jan 31
Episode 2-3
Written by:Abike

Episode two and three
Writer’s POV
At Jamal’s house in his compound he and
his friend Rokanmi with David and Daniel
all were sitting round the table, there were
two bottles of wine and four cups on the
table, Jamal’s mood was not really
cheerful,he looks so bothered
Rokanmi: Ok guy, you asked Daniel to call
this girl for you, sorry if I may ask how do
you plan talking to her, which formula do
you want to use?
because I don’t get it, we all know that
your biggest fear on Earth is to approach a
lady to even sit with them is a problem to
your maids i mean your maids, you always
put your face down when your eyes meet
thier, the only two females that we know
that you talk to is your mom and Bella, And
beside you hardly talk and if is a most you
do you always make it short, you find it
difficult to talk to does females close to you

Editorial Pick : Twisted Tice, Twisted Mine.

so tell me how do you plan to talk to that
girl that slapped the face of a whole guy
and the guy was begging, Or is that not
how you explained to me David?
David: Exactly Boss
Rokanmi: Good, so let’s assume that the
girl agree to talk to you that day how will
you talk to her, making use of medicine or
Jamal: Actually I have no formula, but you
guys know that I have everything in life, I
have the money, I have the houses and
cars, but am lacking two things in my life,
which is very bad, firstly I don’t have
courage, I have no courage unless if am
my medicine, secondly I lack the care of a
woman in my life and it’s all because I lack
this courage, but the day I saw that girl, I
don’t know,I really don’t know why but I
feel like she can help me as a
is this feelings that pushed me to stopped
that day,
see let me tell you something, if u don’t
have a good woman in your life all you
have is nothing, what is the purpose of my
money when I can’t even ask a lady out,
how will I start a family without courage,
how? Well I just want something from that
girl and that’s all
Rokanmi:And what is that?
Jamal:A contract
All:A Contract? ‘All asked with surprise’
Jamal:Yeah Contract
Niniola’s House
She was coming back from an outing as
she entered into thier house she saw her
father with a bottle of trophy, she nodded
her head and said
Niniola:You didn’t sleep this house
Nini’s Dad:And when did you start
monitoring my special and classic life?
Niniola: (She smirk)indeed a classic life,
anyway I want you to know that I dropped
out from my part time school
Nini’s Dad;Oh really? That’s a great news’
She was like maybe she heard him wrong

Niniola:Dad I said I dropped out from
school, you said it’s a great news, what’s
great about the news? Nini’s Dad: Many
things are good, firstly your school will let
you focus on your food that you are
selling, secondly your school that always
decrease my money is stopped now so am
sure my money will be increase everyday
Niniola:How I wish my mom should be
Nini’s Dad: Wait are you saying I should
the one in that grave and not your mom? I
should have know that you are not my
child, ever since your mom gave birth to
you, the moment I saw that your skin is
too lighter than me, imagine look at your
hair too black and long, and I have no hair
at all, I should have know that you are not
my child, imagine you telling me that you
wish am in the grave instead of your mom
Niniola:I know that you are not the one
speaking it is what you are drinking, when
did I say such I said I wish my mom is
that’s all (She almost yell).
Nini’s Dad:Then what’s the different?
(Drinking his trophy while Niniola looks at
him in a pity way)
Niniola:I know that I never made the
mistake of coming to this world, the only
mistake I made is choosing a wrong father
Nini’s Dad:Ehn search for Dangote as your
father, stupid girl you have the full audacity
to break up with Hakeem that always give
me money for drink, imagine me looking
poor now in the presence of my friend I
can’t buy them drinks again, imagine that
Niniola:Dad please stop, not now, I don’t
want to talk about Hakeem, you know
what he did to me but you just pretend to
act like you don’t know
Nini’s Dad:So what if I know, what if I
know o, tell me what’s his offence, is it not
because he broke your virginity with force
by getting you drunk, you too look at
yourself, at the age of 24 you are still a
virgin, anyway thanks to Hakeem that
made you to know the sweetest of life,
now you can be adding that job with the
other job abi?

Niniola:What job with other job?
Nini’s Dad:You can add prostitute job with
the food you are selling what’s there that I
can say, stupid girl ‘Tears dropped down
rapidly on Niniola’s face, she couldn’t
believe her dad will utter that statement,
She grabbed her bag to run out but her
Dad stopped her and said
Nini’s Dad:You dare not leave this house
without dropping my money’Ninola
dropped a sum of one thousand naira but
her Dad grabbed her by her hand, he
threw everything in her bag on the floor,
he saw the money on the floor, he picked
two thousand naira together with the one
thousand naira she had gave him
Niniola:Dad I need that money please
Nini’s Dad:Well I need it more than you
put the money in his pocket)
he sat down to continue with his drink,
Niniola packed her things on the floor and
ran out of the house crying bitterly, Niniola
is a good lady with a great heart, a Fair
lady in complexion, no spots, no
no pimples, she had a natural long black
her with a well shaved eyebrows, a cute
lips with lovely dimples,
Niniola has been trying to survive in school
but it’s not working out for her all because
her Dad keeps on collecting her money,
Even though Niniola is as crazy as
but she has two weak points and that is
her Dad and her ex boyfriend which is her
first love Hakeem,
those two people always scared the hell
out of her, she really love Hakeem but ever
since he took her virginity with force, she
had break up with him, if she is having an
issue or shouting at anyone, anytime she
see Hakeem her bones are always
weak,and she hate herself so much for
from all human beings Hakeem and her
Dad choose to be her weak points, she
despise men and she really do a lot,she
had promised herself not to ever fall in love
with any guy again,she would rather adopt
a child or two and live happily,that’s her
thought, ever since Hakeem broke her
virginity a year ago she had changed
totally, Sometimes Hakeem will brought
different kind of ladies to Nini’s shop to
make her feel more jealous,
Niniola’s hatred for guys get more increase
day by day,She beats up guys that
her or her friend tomiwa or anyone she
know that she can help, she was on her
way to where she and her best friend
Tomiwa sells food, as she arrived at her
shop, she saw a black car at the front of
her shop,Tomiwa ran out to meet her
Niniola: What’s going on here Bestie?
Tomiwa: Babe, these guys are here for you
(Nini just noticed that Daniel and David are
sitting in her shop,The moment they saw
her they stood up,she tried to remember
David’s face but she couldn’t get his face
but the moment she saw Daniel she
remember him and said in an annoyance)
Niniola:What do you want?
David: Actually we are sorry for disturbing
your privacy please, but we came here
because of we needed something from
David: Yes you
Niniola: What do you need from me?

Daniel:You see I will go straight to the
point,we want to have a business with you
Niniola: Business,Me?
What Next?? Find out in the next episode

READ MORE HERE: https://emperorblog.com.ng/?s=my+iron+woman
Re: My Iron Won by emperorblog21(m): 11:46am On Jan 31
Re: My Iron Won by Ann2012(f): 3:36pm On Jan 31

Re: My Iron Won by emperorblog21(m): 1:31pm On Feb 05
Episode four and five
Niniola’s shop
David and Daniel sat down with Niniola
and Tomiwa to discuss on what they came
for, There are no much customers just a
guy and a lady eating,so Tomiwa alone is
attending to them and she later join Niniola
and the guys discussion
Niniola: So you want me to help him to
take away the fear of woman and phobia of
crowd in him?
Daniel: Exactly, just for two months that he
is having his holiday, Actually this is it,you
are free to go out, you are free to bring in
your female friends, no guy is allow in, if
you have a guy you want to meet, you are
free to do that outside, you will act as his
wife who got married to him in the court
and that’s because of his mum to keep her
quiet and your certificate of wedding to him
will be ready as soon as you agree to this
you will share the same room with him as a
couple, you are free to act as his wife for
just two months but I want you to know that
the purpose of everything is to help him
and that’s all
David:If you can agree to this contract,
after the contract a sum of ten million naira
is ready with any car and house of your
Tomiwasadshouted)Yeeeeeeh! Mo gbe oooo,
Nini let’s close the shop please (The guys
smile while Niniola looks at her friend like
(is she ok)
Niniola: (Speaking slowly)excuse me
please, you said I will help him with the
issue of courage, and is phobia for women,
for ten million naira with any car and house
of my choice, right?
David: Exactly
Niniola:And no sex?
David:Of course not, no way, just help him,
this is not the issue of sex, he doesn’t
need that from you, and one more thing if
he brings anyone to the house, that doesn’t
have anything to do with you, either he
brings in a lady or a guy is none of your
business, and if you can sign the paper
now,two million naira is waiting for you for
your upkeep, and you can move in next

Niniola: Actually I think i will need to think
about the whole issue fir… (she was
interrupted by Tomiwa who stood up at
once to meet the customers that are eating,
Tomiwa: Escuze ma and sir, we are no
more selling food here again, please stand
up and go
Tomiwa:It’s ok I will repeat myself, Escuze
ma and sir I say bah we no dea sale food
for here again, please stand up and go, do
you want me to say it again?
Niniola:Tommy are you ok?
Tomiwa:Ninny I should ask you that, ha
uncle, aunty I said you should start going
we are no more selling food again after all
you haven’t pay and you are almost done
with the food gan, you can have your
waters with you,please go(The customers
stood up to leave angrily while Tomiwa
said)You can help us to inform others too
that this shop is closed till further notice, Ire
ooo(They left angrily)
Niniola:Tomiwa what are you doing?
Tomiwa: Actually am trying to close the
shop because we are going for a contract
please uncles I hope you know that am
coming with her?
David:Of course no problem
Tomiwa: Please give her the paper let her
sign please(Daniel brought out the paper
and a pen for Niniola to sign but she was
just staring at Tomiwa whose two hands
are on her waste,shaking her legs)

Niniola:But why is your body hoting this
Tomiwa: Babe, it’s ten million naira hoting
me right now, abeg madam sign(She
grabbed Niniola’s hand, she gave her the
pen to sign, Niniola stare at the paper for
some minutes thinking about it if she
should sign it or not but she had no choice
because if she didn’t it’s possible tomiwa
slice her for dinner, the moment she sign
Tomiwa said
Tomiwa:Ok uncles can we give you the
account number now for the money to
upkeep our body abi?
Daniel:Of course yes(Tomiwa went in the
shop to bring the book where Niniola wrote
her account number to, she called the
number for them while they said)
David:You will see your alert right now the
account is sent to the Boss already
Tomiwa:Ok now (Niniola was just looking at
her friend, suddenly a message was sent
to Niniola’s phone, she wanted to check it
but Tomiwa grabbed it from her, she
checked the message and shouted)
Tomiwa:Yeeeeeeh, Chimo, just like that, all
because we agree, two million naira
straight away, two million, (Niniola collected
her phone angrily from her,
she checked it and said)
Niniola:Just like that two million?
David:It’s going to be just like this the
moment you finish the contract too
Tomiwa:Bros, it is done, believe me it is
done finally, Bros please tell Boss that it is
done, you will see us next week (They
dropped the description to Jamal’s house
for the girls with David’s number and they
left after when they had left)
Niniola:But Tomiwa why are you doing this,
why are you behaving like you haven’t see
money before in your life?
Tomiwa:Ok tell me have I see two million
alert before ni,tell me now,have I, or have
you yourself receive two million naira since
24 years that you have been on this Earth
Niniola:Story Story
Tomiwa: Story! Shopping here we come
(She shouted while Niniola rolled her eyes
and shake her head)
He was in the living room reading some
newspapers when Daniel came in to tell
him something
Daniel:Boss your mom is here
JamalsadConfused) What? My mum? But it’s
not yet three weeks now, I hope is not
what am thinking (Suddenly his mom came
in catwalking up and down, she sat down
looking at Jamal who was also staring at
Re: My Iron Won by emperorblog21(m): 1:32pm On Feb 05
Jamal’s mom: So you want me to come
before you send my money right?
Jamal:B…but It’s not three weeks yet Mom
Jamal’s mom:look at me Young millionaire,
listen to me very carefully,I don’t want it
every three weeks again I want it every two
weeks, is that clear or not?
Jamal:Fine it’s ok, I will send it to you
Jamal’s mom: Never! I want it this moment,
I want it now
Jamal:Ok fine,it’s ok, Daniel get me my
second phone please
Daniel: Yes Boss (Daniel went to get
Jamal’s phone while Jamal’s mom shouted
calling Bunmi)
Jamal’s mom: Bunmi! Bunmi ooo!! Bunmi!!!
Bunmi:Maaaaa(She bend down to greet
her) Am sorry ma,I was in the next flat,
that’s why ma,am so sorry ma,so sorry ma
Jamal’s mom:You must be stupid right from
your former life, are you mad or
something? So you are ignoring my
Bunmi:No ma it’s not th…
Jamal’s mom:Will you keep your mouth
shut or I do that for you?
Bunmi: Sorry ma
Jamal’s mom: Nonsense! Will you go and
tell your juniors to get me something to eat
or I should bounce on all of you now?
Bunmi:Sorry ma (She run inside while
Jamal was just looking at his mom while
she said)
Jamal’s mom: You, don’t worry I will soon
bring you a girl to get marry to, your Mates
are having thier own children already
Jamal:Mom please not now,not again,I
don’t want us to argue again, please, not
again, please!(His mum was only looking at
him as he continue with his newspaper,
Daniel arrived with Jamal’s phone, Jamal
made the transfer,he gave the phone back
to Daniel while he went inside his room to
avoid another discussion from his mum…
What next
find out in the next episode

read more episode here: https://emperorblog.com.ng/?s=my+iron+woman
Re: My Iron Won by emperorblog21(m): 5:41pm On Feb 10
Written by: Abike
Episode six

Jamal’s company
Jamal was busy in his office with Daniel
helping him out with some files, David
came in and said
David: Boss Bella is at home,she just
called me
Daniel:Huh! I thought she should be here
by tomorrow
Jamal:She already called me
Jamal: yeah, she said tomorrow is for one
senator or something and it’s important
David:Ooh, that babe get high class
Danielcheesy–n it!If you see the house she just
bought that house get class David
David:For real?(interested to hear more)
Daniel:I dey tell you oo
Jamal:I heard that she spent up to fifteen
million for that house
David:Wow! Well she dey do those
governors too Sha
Daniel:Look at you, sit down for there, she
they do them for overseas and if she wan
go like that my guy na free tickets oo,First
David:Only her and God knows how much
she will be receiving every month
Daniel:Abeg say every week, Every week
am sure she will be receiving up to 10m
Jamal:Ehmmm, David(Not really interested
in the discussion) how are those girls, are
they still coming
David:Yes Boss, in two days time
Jamal:Sounds great, Let’s round up guys
so that we can have lunch before going
home(They all continue working,
At Jamal’s house a Very sexy lady with a
figure eight shape, Chocolate in colour,She
pierced each ear in four places all together
making eight,an artificial blue eyes,With a
lovely stature and skin,came out of the
bathroom in Jamal’s room,This is Bella,she
was drying her hair, after she is done with
her hair,she went out straight to the kitchen
she met Bunmi and the maids, she said

Bella:Uhmmm, Bunmi do you have stew in
the house?
Bunmi:Of course we always do
Bella:Do you need to say that?
Bunmi:Say what please?
Bella:What is you always do, your answer
should be yes or no(Bunmi was like is this
one mad or something, while the other
maids in the kitchen are looking at her the
way she talk) Anyway get me that stew with
a clean white rice, make sure the rice is
wash very well (The maids were all
surprised like Bella must be crazy),
I need fried fish to it,I don’t want any beef
or chicken,just fried fish with a cup of
orange juice and after thirty minutes I will
need some popcorn with a full cup of Pepsi
but let th popcorn should be after thirty
minutes that am done with my food, I hope
you get that?
Bunmi:I do
Bella: So you can’t add ma?
Bunmi: Escuze me?(Bunmi was like this
girl must be a total b—h,What?Ma?For
Bella:Don’t worry, I will report you to Jamal
Bunmi:Ha, I think it’s better, please do,
Girls get her what she need, I want to
check on those girls in third flat
Maids:Yes ma! (Bunmi went out while Bella
couldn’t believe that she can have the guts
to walk out on her, some maids make jest
of her but they dare not let her see them,
Bella went out of the kitchen angrily while
the girls burst out laughing)

Niniola and Tomiwa are done getting thier
clothes,As they were buying things,they
saw Hakeem Nini’s Ex boyfriend with a
lady, Niniola’s legs got weak immediately
but she was helped by her friend Tomiwa
to stand straight,
Hakeem smile wickedly at her and went
away with the lady, Niniola gathered her
courage back and they continue getting
what they needed,as they were instructed,
Niniola got herself an expensive clothes
and shoes, latest phones and other
accessories including tomiwa,
Jamal has told his boys(David and Daniel)
to tell her to look really expensive and
elegant just because of two things, firstly
because of his mom, secondly because it’s
possible they have business meeting in his
house during her stay there and it’s
possible they see her,after they are done
buying all what they needed,They are
waiting for the cab to pick them up, Tomiwa
Tomiwa:So, Are we ready for tomorrow?
Niniola: Yes we are
What next??
Re: My Iron Won by emperorblog21(m): 5:41pm On Feb 10
Written by: Abike
Episode seven
Writer’s POV
Jamal came back from his work, David
opened the door for him to get down, Aside
from David and Daniel four other
bodyguards escort Jamal inside, As Jamal
was entering his living room his eyes met
with one of his maid’s eyes who was busy
working, the moment he saw her he put his
head down,
the maid greeted him but he only answered
her by waving his right hand to her,He
entered his room he saw Bella staring at
the TV with some popcorns in her hand
beside her was a Pepsi, he gretted her
Jamal:Hi(No response from her) B.. Bella
is everything ok? (Asking her in a gentle
way, Bella stood up to where his land
phone was, she dialed the living room
number while the lady Jamal greeted
awhile ago picked up the call, before the
lady could say Hello, Bella cut her short by
Bella:I want Bunmi in Jamal’s room right
away!(She hanged up the call, she sat
down shaking her two legs,
Jamal was only confused on what is going
on, not too long Bunmi knocked the door,
she came in when Jamal told her to come
inside, after Bunmi came in Jamal said..
Jamal:This is Bunmi, what’s going on
BunmisadWho was already filled with anger
said immediately) Sir, I think she called me
here because I refused to use the word Ma
for her
Bunmi:Oh! So you can’t use ma for me,
right? (She yelled at her while Jamal could
feel the screaming in his head, he said)
Jamal:look Bunmi,You see about that, Am
BellasadStood up) Sorry? Did you just say
sorry to her? Jamal!
Jamal:Bunmi you can go
Bunmi:Yes sir
Bella:If you step out of that pla.. (Bunmi
walked out angrily)Oh my God, did she just
walked out on me again? Jamal what’s the
meaning of all this? (Jamal removed his
jacket and tie, he removed his shoes, he
sat down and said slowly with patience

Jamal:Bella please sit down
Bella: What?
Jamal: Please Bella just sit(She sat down
angrily, Jamal said)First of all, I want you
to know that I owned this house and I am
the one paying all the 38 workers in my
house, and they have the right to follow my
orders,and one of my orders to them is
this, they can only respect just three
persons in this house and that is me, my
mom, and my Best friend unless if Maybe
my business partners came for a meeting,
of course they have the right to respect
them, and besides my business partners
hardly come here just twice in a year,
Daniel, David and Bunmi are the ones
collecting the highest salaries from me in
this house,Bella I am paying you 200
thousand naira and am paying Bunmi also
Two hundred thousand naira, Sorry what’s
the difference, you are both collecting the
same amount of money, I am not using this
as an insult, I just want you to know that,
You know where you stand in my life and
you should please try and maintain that,
and if I have hurt you with any of my words
right now, I am sincerely and deeply sorry

(Bella almost shed tears,
She went to where her clothes are to get
her clothes, she wear them with her shoes,
Jamal was only looking at her, after she is
done, Jamal said)Bella I am sorry about
that, and if you insist that you wants to go,
it’s ok, I will asked David to transfer you
150 thousand naira before you get home
(She walked out angrily, while Jamal just
put his head in his palms)
Jamal was watching the TV in his living
room when Daniel comes in and said
Daniel:Boss, She is here
Jamal:W.. who is here? (Confused)
Daniel: Niniola is here(It was like Daniel
threw him the biggest bomb, before Jamal
could call the name again, Niniola came in
with tunmise, Niniola was wearing a yellow
gown but Indian wears,A black high
heels,Her natural hair was packed up in a
ponytail, Her make up was not heavy, but
She is still the true definition of a beauty,
Jamal couldn’t help but to stare at her
because he never knew that she was that
beautiful and elegant when he saw her that
What Next??

read more here: https://emperorblog.com.ng/?s=my+iron+woman
Re: My Iron Won by emperorblog21(m): 4:28pm On Feb 14
Written by: Abike
Episode Eight & nine
Jamal’s POV
So right now am staring at her and my
heart is really racing so fast, This girl is just
too beautiful for goodness sake, I couldn’t
control myself, I could feel my chest
having some pains,
I Know it’s no other thing but my phobia
again, all thanks to David and
Bunmi,before I could break down, Daniel
ran as fast as he could to upstairs to get
my medicine, immediately Bunmi saw him
running up, she also ran inside to get me a
cup of water they both arrived at the same
I collected the medicine from Daniel and I
swallowed it with the water, David ran in
immediately also, while they both assited
me up to my room, I lay down on my bed
just to rest a bit,I couldn’t think straight but
one thing I could think about is that her
face and what I noticed from her is that
when she saw me using medicine and was
assisted to came in my room, am sure she
was just surprised about the whole thing,
after fifteen minutes, I dozed off
Niniola’s POV
Right now I can’t think straight, I mean
what just happened right now, did he really
wanted to collapse just now, what if the
medicine was not here on time, but what
could have caused that?so many thoughts
running through my head,The lady who
gave him the water walked up to I and
Tomiwa, she said with a smilling face
Bunmi: Please follow me ma(She led us
while we followed her, When we got to a
room, I mean this is not just a room when
we got to a house, because this room is as
big as just a house, a king size bed, A
Wardrobe full of female’s wears,In the
bathroom was a TV, There is also a
kitchen in it, a little living room in it, A little
space for gym, I almost fall down when the
lady threw the bomb at us that the room
was for Tomiwa, My friend almost get mad)

Tomiwa:Sister please come again
BunmisadSmile)I said this is your room
Tomiwa: Ehhh! Owo oooooo! Money
ooooo! (Bunmi couldn’t help but to laugh,
Bunmi said)
Bummi: Please Ma(To Niniola) Follow me
Did she just use ma for me, Ma? Me? Am
sure she will be older than me or we
should be age mate but why will she use
that for me, As we are going out of the
heaven’s room, I saw my friend jumping on
the bed happily, I bet it this will be the best
days of her life, As we were going from
one place to another, a guy joined us then
I realized that he was the guy that first
talked to me the day I slapped the guy who
maltreated Tomiwa,The lady said
Bunmi:Is he up?
Daniel:No he is still sleeping, Pardon me
Ma,Am Daniel and this is Bummi the head
of the maids In this house(Oh my God! Did
he also just use ma for me, Not to long we
arrived at a room at the front of the room
was two bodyguards standing, they
opened the door for three of us, I almost
fall down but I was helped by the guy who
supported me by his hands, I can’t believe
that there is a pool in this room, The living
room is as big as four bedroom flat for
poor people like us, The AC that is running
in this room could solve sixty people’s
problems at once, There is even a gym in
this room, a very low and soft music is
played, I looked at my right side it was
then I realized this over over over King’s
size bed, I swear this bed will contain six
fat people without thier body touching each
other, I saw this guy sleeping on it
peacefully, ok I just got his view clearly,
this guy is so cute and handsome, I
wonder if he was given birth or he was
dropped from the sky, He was rolling under
the big blanket just like a baby, I was told
to remain calm and silent,In this same
room,I was led into this f—–g room which
was full of clothes, Both for the male and
female, I guess they are for I and him, I
almost forget the contract that we will share
the same room, Infact I wonder if they
have ladder because if I want to start
wearing this shoes, I must start from the
top because this silver heels that is calling
me will be the first one I will wear, I can’t
believe that this guy has really prepared a
lot for my coming, but still the same I think
this guy really needs help, to be candid,
what I see in this guy is that he is a weak
person who need a supporter and
someone to motivate him, I promise to try
my best on him, I guess we start from him
waking up now and see me standing, I just
hope he won’t give up to the ghost if he
finds me standing at his front when he
wakes up
Writer’s POV
All the 35 workers are called out, Bunmi
Daniel and David are standing at thier
front, David speak, he said
David:Am sure you guys are all aware of
this August visitors that we are having,
The boss just got married and we are all
sorry that we make it as a silent wedding
but in two days time we will surely throw
the party in this house (Everyone was
So this is it, This is what the boss said,
(He read out from a letter)I gretted
everyone of you,and I want to use this
moment to thank you all for your hard
works in this house,May God be with you
all,As you all know and have seen the
woman I just got married to,The respect
that you all have for me must be giving to
her also, You must respect her just the way
you respect me, When I am away or
something happened, her words should be
the final say,
if anyone of you tries to disrespect her well
I am sorry I won’t chase you away or sack
anyone of you, I will have to put your
punishment in her hand, But I want
everyone of us to live like a family and be
happy all together,
All I hope is that you and her gets along
very well Thanks (Everyone clapped thier
hands happily, Niniola had a shower with
the help of some maids,She was dressed
in a white two quarter gown which was
showing of her back,Her laps are
revealing,her hips came out very well,her
natural hair was brushed down and was
packed to one side of her neck,
she was putting on a red dropping earing
with a red yellow fashion slippers, she
refused to wear a red heels she said she is
having some pains on her ankle from the
previous heels, David came in to the room,
he saw her sitting in the living room with
Re: My Iron Won by emperorblog21(m): 4:28pm On Feb 14
She was trying to explain some things
about the house to Niniola, David gave
Niniola a small red box, She opened it with
surprise and found two rings in it, he said
David:As I, Bunmi,daniel,Boss friend,your
friend and boss himself Knows that you are
only married for two months, Boss think of
getting you and him this,The rings are for
you and him,to show that you are married
in court and the certificate is with boss
already, Happy married life (Bunmi and
David smile while Niniola was just checking
out the golden rings,she took one of it and
put it in her finger,David said)
David:As we have told you before,he is
having a lot of fear in him,if he had know
that you are coming so early he would
have use his medicine and face you
properly but we gave him the medicine a
little bit late,but all thanks to God it was
given to him before it’s too late
Niniola: Escuze me please,what if he was
giving late or you cant find his medicine?
David: Nothing much,he will only land in
the hospital,Just please help him,I don’t
know what he saw in you but he keeps on
saying that something attracted him to you
that day he saw you,and he said you might
be of help to him, that is what he said,So
we all wants you to help him and at least
give him the care of a woman not because
of the money or contract but because he is
weak and he needs your help so badly (As
they were discussing, Jamal woke up
immediately,while David walked up to him
and said)
David:Boss,How are you feeling now,Any
pains?(Touching his head)
Jamal:Am ok,am goo..(He saw Niniola
walking up to him,She was smilling while
Jamal was just staring at her,David and
Bunmi Escuze both of them to talk )
Re: My Iron Won by emperorblog21(m): 4:30pm On Feb 14
Written by: Abike
Episode Ten
Writer’s POV
Niniola walked up to Jamal whose throat is
as dry as a clothe that was abandoned for
ten days in the sun, She sat down beside
him on the bed, He was sitting in the
middle of the bed while Niniola sat down at
the edge of the bed staring at him, he
wanted to say something but his voice
seems to be lost, Jamal managed to
talk,he said
Jamal:C.. ca.. can yo.. you please s…
Stop staring at m… Me that way, I can’t
focus and b… Breathe easily, please
(Niniola smile and said)
Niniola: imagine a whole you who controls
10 companies both in Nigeria and
overseas, a whole you who has more than
four hundred workers shaking in the
presence of the daughter of Mr nobody
Jamal:It wasn’t my fault
Niniola:I wasn’t making jest of you, I was
only trying to understand you(Suddenly
Niniola touch his head to check his
temperature, immediately Jamal could feel
his body getting sweat, even though two
Air-conditions are working but it was not
enough for him, his heart is racing so fast,
his throat is dry and his body is shaking,
Niniola noticed his reaction, she removed
her hand, she smiled and said
Niniola: Jamal, am just 24 years and am
just a lady, even though people calls me
different names like, fighter Nini, Iron lady
and so on, but I want you to know that I
have the soft side of me, am just myself am
just me, Never get scared of me please
and I promise to try my best on you,we
both have to work things out together, but
you will have to promise me two things
before that
Jamal:W.. w… What’s that please,?
Niniola: Firstly believe me in all things,
When I asked you to do something please
just do it, and secondly will you please give
me the chance to direct your life for just this
two months? (She smile while Jamal just
stare at her pretty face, he said calmly)
Jamal:Right from that day I had believed
you and to direct my life I guess that’s why
you are here, please feel free to do that
(Niniola smile and gave him the box, he
collected it from her, he opened it and put
it on his finger, Niniola said
Niniola:Will you please stand up from the
bed and let us have lunch together ?(At
first he was surprised, He could feel that
Niniola doesn’t seems to be scary or
something, he could feel himself save
beside her, he wonder if all girls out there
are just the same as Niniola, they both
stood up from the bed, Jamal opened the
door for her, the two guards that are
standing at the front of the room, greet
Jamal and Niniola, both of them walking
silently through the house, Jamal took a
glance at her two times but she caught by
him each time he took the glance at her,
the first time he took the glance at her,

immediately took of his eyes, while the
second time he looked at her, he only
stared at her for ten seconds before taking
of his eyes off her, Niniola smile while
Jamal seems happy and at the same time
a little bit scared but not as scared as
when Niniola first came to the house, At the
dinning, They were served with pounded
yam, melon soup, assorted fish and beef,
some maids and some guards are just
Happy for Jamal,Ever since Niniola came in
to the house, the atmosphere in the house
really changed a lot,They maids and
guards are happy for Jamal for he has
found a great lady to live with and she will
be the first lady that Jamal would ever eat
with, not even his mum eat with him ever
since he was giving birth, it is either his
Dad or the ones who took care of him
when he was a kid, his mother never
employed a female to took care of him but
a male took care of Jamal all through his
life till he clocked 18 years of age, If a
female had been his nanny maybe the fear
wouldn’t be much as that, Throughout the
lunch with Niniola, Jamal would never say
he didn’t have a great time with her
because she keeps on saying funny things
about her and Tomiwa’s childhood , Jamal
couldn’t help but to laugh..
Niniola was sleeping on the bed suddenly
she woke up and saw David, Daniel and
Jamal arranging some files, David and
Daniel are dressed up in a black suits while
Jamal was dressed up in a blue suit,
Niniola walked up to them and said
Niniola: Hey, what’s going on here?(Jamal
was staring at her)
David:The boss is having a meeting in the
second flat right now and they are here
Niniola:Oh I see, (Niniola saw Jamal still
staring at her, she was putting on a very
short night wear gown,pink in colour,she
puts on the jacket to cover her shoulder,her
beautiful shape was revealing and Jamal
couldn’t stop staring, she said)Hey you are
drooling, (Jamal quickly stop staring while
David and Daniel smile, they packed up
the files and went out, Jamal went to his
drawer, he brought out his medicine to use
but Niniola collected it from him immediately
She said
Niniola:You are not going to use this
JamalsadShocked)What? P…. please I can’t
do without it, am going there to face up to
thirty business partners please,just let me
use it please
Niniola:Do you believe in me or not?
Answer me please,do you?
Jamal:I… I.. Of course I do,I believe you
Niniola:Then give me this medicine
because I am going with you into that hall
and you are not going to using this
Can Jamal go for it just like that, without
using his medicine that has been helping
him for complete four years??
find out in the next episode
Please drop your comments on the story
so far

source: https://emperorblog.com.ng/?s=my+iron+woman

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