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Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 2:20pm On Jul 17

YEAR 3035
Evolution has gone even beyond the human capacity, their advancing technology has it has enough good coin so also the evil coin. A new technology was discovered, one that changed the human life, one that changed and also gave hope to humans.
Another world where human could live, a technological world, how it was discovered no one knows, but all the same it was better that way, as long as it means survival. But then this new world had a lot of competition. A world we call THE IRON SANCTUARY.
In this world, you could live up to a half of a thousand years, for a beginner who hasn’t leveled up. The highest live rate discovered was that of Leader of the Metal Lord Clan, who boasted of a fifteen thousand life.
At age of eighteen the system allowed you to join the IRON SANCTUARY, considered that the human body could easily adapt to change without tearing apart. Everyone had a Transfer Sanctuary Machine, that took them into the other world.
In this world you have to compete, grow, build, and if possible, you die, and never to return to this world, more benefit of this world, was you could make good money, from hunting, to being a machinery, to being a fighter, to the level up and build your machine to a greater level, for better chance of survival. Getting more Metal Point means, upping your power, Getting more Metal Scrap, means upgrading your iron metal suit, getting more Metal Geno, means having more life to live.
This sanctuary is a world with different sub world, each sub world, has a clan, and each clan, has the best among the best.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Bobosneh: 3:49pm On Jul 17
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 9:23pm On Jul 17
Chapter one.
Mide had his dagger in between his teeth and with almost all the strength in him, he pulled himself up the mountain and remained still on the ground panting heavily. He was done with eating metal ant, that only minute metal point to his iron power. But this time he was determined to go far, even though his dagger found it hard to penetrate the back of the metal ant, even eating two hundred metal ants won't add a point to his metal point, what was the point.
He really envied the likes of Dannegro, leader of the sun clan, how lucky the baatard must have been, well rumors had it Dannegro is from a rich family in the other life, so he could easily get what he wanted.
Mide gained enough strengthen and stood on his feet, all he hoped for was not to come across a metal beast that would run him down, surely he stood no chance, his dagger was almost equal to useless.
He noticed a rock moved,at first he paid no attention, looking round the vast mountain, he cursed himself within, regretting why he had wasted his time, climbing up such height. The rock made another sound, which got Mide's attention, looking closer, he noticed it was not jut any rock, it was similar to a metal ant, just that it looked different and rough, a normal metal ant was brown, while this one he saw was ash, camourflaging with the mountain color.
He held tight to his dagger and knelt down, raised his dagger up and in one swift strike, the ant was cut into two.
"Mountain Dweller killed, one metal point recieved, Santuary Machine leveled up"
Mide eyes widened on hearing those words within his mind, who would believe something so weak in strength compared to the iron ant and still had much value. He quickly brought out his bag and began slashing every mountain dweller ant he came across and filled the nag with them. He would probably sell them and get money to buy more upgrade for his suit. Since no one knew about Moutain Dweller ant and its source, he could sell one for five thousand naira in Fire Sanctuary.

Getting to Fire Sanctuary, Mide made sure no one noticed him, after all the sanctuary had more than a million people and more than 30 clans, no one would notice him. But he should have known he was wrong, he had become more popular almost more than Dannegro.
Mide opened the sewer lid and looked around making sure no one saw him, he slid himself in and continued till he came in face with a wooden door and went in. Withou thinking twice, he emptied the bag, making his hunt spill to the ground.
He smiled to himself and threw three more mountain dwellers into his mouth.
"One metal point received" the voice said within him three times and stopped counting when he threw another into his mouth.
He smiled feeling satisfied with what he has, even though the point stopped counting, at least his three months in the sanctuary had not gone in vain, he now has four metal point, altough it wouldnt save his soul from other beast, it was something, the next thing was to find a means of selling it, without people knowing he is involved.
He transformed into his metal which was badly shaped and rusty, not minding, with time he was certain, things would turn out good, if he could do what others didnt think off. He admired himself and noticed he had grown a bit stronger than the former, and packed the hunt into his bag and headed out to the Sanctuary market.
Mide found himself a spot, not to far from the entrance of the market and displayed his sales, laying the tiny rock on the floor. Hoping someone would willingly walk up to him, he felt relieved when a metal ball rolled up to him and stopped ruggedly, then transformed into a humanbot, as they were called when in their metal form.
"Hey scrapper, whats this?" The green humanbot having a squared head asked and kicked Mide on the leg.
"Mountain dwellers, they add one Metal point" Mide replied and looked away.
"Lie" the green humanbot replied and bent down, picked one and chewed it up.
His face brighthened at the voice he heard within himself.
"Only four could give you point" Mide said again and packed them into his bag.
"Hey scrapper, how much for all?" The humanbot asked with greed fully written on his face.
"Fifty thousand naira or a A level metal upgrade" Mide replied and stood up.
The humabot squeezed his face and wwondered why the boy would want to take advantage of him, after much waiting he finally gave in.
"Wire me your account" the humanbot finally said and pressed a button on his hand, showing a number button, and swiftly he typed in the amount.
Mide looked at his hand and smiled seeing the money was successfully transfered and handed over the bag to him.
"Whats your name"
Mide only grinned and shook his head in disaproval
"Okay no problem, my name is Scar, just ask around the market, let me know when you have more scared metal meat" the humanbot said and walked away and aat the same time pulled the meat bag into his robot metal bag.
Getting back to his home, Mide changed off his humanbot and entered into his TRANSFER SANCTUARY MACHINE, it was time to return to the main world and make more deal.

Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 8:43am On Jul 18
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 3:17pm On Jul 18
Immediately Mide came out of the sanctuary, he splited the money into two halves, one was going directly into his sister's education fund. Education had become so costly in this era, it was already concluded it wasn't for all, but as the only guardian he had to make sure his sister had the best.
Looking out through the kitchen window, Mide sighed on seeing the competition Autobot bill board, if only he had enough power up to go into the competition. Or if all the cash he made were not to be splited into halves.

after filling himself, Mide headed back to his room and entered into the TRANSFER SANCTUARY MACHINE and powered back into Iron Sanctuary.
Getting back Mide grabbed his dagger, he knew going places where no one looked had a better chance od getting something tangible. But first he had to upgrade himself. Getting to the main huge gate of the sanctuary, he suddenly felt a hand push him roughly and fell hard to the tiled ground.
"Scum bag"
Mide looked up and pulled himself up, and looked at the person that pushed him and quickly his anger died down, seeing who it was.
Rush, as he is popularly called, well built body frame and having different scars running through his face, grinned at him alongside his gang of seven men.
"Scum, didnt i warn to never cross part with me?" Rush said and pushed Mide on the Chest, making him stagger against the gate.

Mide had no option than to comply with how rush handled him. The first week Mide entered the sanctuary, he had made himself popular, the unfortnate event had made people avoid him like pile of dirt, his first two days during the welcome feast the of the Golden Clan, Mide while walking aimlessly had mistakenly poured a plate of hot meat on Rush head, while Rush was seated, trying to clean up his body, Mide mistakenly scracthed Rush and the shoulder, making him screan out loud, making everyone in the hall burst into laughter, which Rush had considered humiliating, since then Rush had made sure nobody had anything to do with Mide and no one dears go against the order of someone as powerful as Rush.
"Rush, let's go we still have a Dragon metal to hunt" one of Rush follower said and led the way.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 6:11pm On Jul 18
Mide straighthened his jacket and sighed in relief as he watched Rush and his men went out of the gate. He paused and smiled as the word Dragon metal rang in his head. He hurriedly made his way to the market, paid for a level one metal blade and from distance, he followed the Golde clan, all he had in mind was to hijack their hunt probably the opportunity would come through.
Stopping distance away from where the clan stood, he hid himself behind a rock and watched as Rush led his men into the mouth of the cave. He turned into his humanbot and got ready in case of necessity. He took one disgusting look and caused himself, a level one blade would barely scracth the body of a beetle mouse, but all the same.

Mide suddenly ccame back to reality, as he heard cry of agony coming out from the cave, he peeped from where he was and saw all Golden clan running out from the cave as fast as their humanbot body could carry them.
Rush humanbot came out last, having huge barrle on the hands of his humanbot and fired repeatedly at the cave, and slowly retreated.
"Fire this bitch, its almost dead" Rush shouted and turned to look at his clan men, only to see tthem running away. He felt raged and another gun barrel came out from the shoulder of his humanbot shooting furiously at the cave.
Mide eyes widened at the strong fire power, Rush possessed and at the same wwhat kind of beast could withstand such, Mide's heart gladened thinking it could be a rare one.
A metal dragon flew from the cave, roaring with rage, it used its broken wing to throw Rush out of its part, while it struggled to fly, with it broken wing, flapping it wings which made it unstable, it flew towards Mide's ddirection.
Mide eyes opened wide, seeing the creature come at him and quickly he attempted to dive into safety.
Rush geared himself up and ran up towards the creature, and one after the other his clan gathered around and followed behind.
Mide struggled up to hi feet and jumped on the back of the metal dragon and drove his blade into the soft part of the neck.
"30 metal point gained, 3 metal scrap upgrade,, 17 metal geno gained"
Mide's joy knew no bound, on hearing the voice in his head, which means his power was now upped to thirty he could upgrade his humanbot and even more strength.
Without hesitating, he found strength within himself to life the dragon on his back and began running with all his strength, before he could become weak.
Rush stopped looking confused and it dawned on him, someone had double crossed him.
"Kill that bastard, bring him down" Rush shouted and made the huge barrel on the hand of his humanbot come out and launched a shot at who ever it was.
The blast threw Mide off, but thanks to his increased strength, he quickly picked up the dragon and continued, leading the into a thick forest.
Rush screamed loudly, making the veins on the neck of his humanbot, shot out forcefully.
"Find that bastard".


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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by germaphobe(m): 7:11pm On Jul 18
ooo men, no be small something. Following closely.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 8:53pm On Jul 18
this story is gonna be an awesome one. Good work sir Devilpen
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 8:55pm On Jul 18
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 9:24pm On Jul 18
Mide made sure, everywhere was dark and silently cane out from where he his himself from Rush and his clan men, knowing fully well, the security at the Sanctuary will be doubled, he took his time to skin out the edible part of the metal dragon andkept it in his bag.
Getting to the sanctuary gate, he bent down his head and walked towards it, but got stopped by one of Rush's clown men.
"Hey, what do you have in your bag?" The scarred face man asked and tried collecting Mide's bag.
"Let Scum go, someone like him in a million years time cannot level up, let him go" another said and spanked Mide on the head.
"Sanctuary abuse, people as fragile as you are not welcomed here" the person said again and pushed mide roughly.
Mide only smiled within himself, if only these people knew what he truely was gradually becoming. Anyways, he quickly gathered himself and walked on.
Settling down, Mide threw a piece of the meat into hi mouth and was glad hearing a Desired voice.
"Three metal geno added"
Feeling good, he HAD already added about sixty more existence to his, he placed a pot on the fire and put in the spare meat he would be selling in the market and made to boil it.
Mide brought out his newly gained metal scrap and admired all three of them. And assembled them together.
"Stun arrow gained" the voice said again within him.
Although he never expected much, but a stun gun still would go a long way, in temporarily neutralising his enemy and attack quickly before it wore off, he folded up his humanbot and gently dropped the pot from fire and picked out the meat one after the other.
Mide took his former position at the market, with his rough shaped humanbot, expecting some miracle to happen, after much waiting, he decided to look for Scar for himself.
Mide gathered himself up and walked up to a fruit store.
"Am looking for Scar" Mide said and clinched tight to his bag.
"Over there, that path will lead yyou directly to his lair" the man replied and continued "What does a young lad like you want with a machinery" the man asked and stared at Mide.
Mide didn't reply and just walked on the direction the man had described. Mide followed the part and pushed the door that stood before him, and made his stun gun, come out from his hand, while holding the bag with the other, he carefully entered into the room.
When he heard Machinery he was expecting a dirty environment, bbut the setting of Scar liar was too neat, the door suddenly shut itself.
"Who are you?" A thick scary voice said from behind Mide.
"Am looking for Scar, I have a scared dragon metal meat to sell" Mide replied and turned around.
"Ohh, its you" Scar replied this time in a more cooler voice and walked past Mide, making himself comfortable on his decorated chair.
"Eighty thousand naira for these" Mide replied with greed in his eyes.
Scar kept mute for a while, looking at the fragile humanbot before him.
"I admire your courage hunting a scared metal all by yourself" Scar said and pressed some buttons on his hand and smiled at Mide.
"I added twenty extra, I know you are new, and I love your progress, tomorrow around 8am, I and my clan are going after a metal dyno horse, one of my men saw, you can join us, I will treat you well" Scar said and stretched his hand to receive the bag.
Mide said nothing and handed him the bag, and turned around to leave.
"What's your name?"
Mide turned around and shakes his head, nodding negatively and walked out.


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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by germaphobe(m): 10:13pm On Jul 18
gradually becoming the king kong, but has he no clan?
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 11:00pm On Jul 18
Mide seems like a lone ranger. Thanks for the update
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 6:37pm On Jul 19
Getting back to his room, Mide looked at the wristwatch, it was just two in the morning, as he laid on his back, he smiled at how business was good, even more happy Scar added more token for him, now that he had settled his sister school bill, next was to get himself a physical upgrade, which would enhance his body, for the future although not everyone thought of it because of the number of dedication it required.
Mide woke up exactly eight in the morning and quickly without bathing rushed down to the main gate, where he met scar and his fellow machineries.
"Scar, is it this old hagged humanbot, you made us wait for" a man asked and made an axe cane out from his hand.
Mide felt bad but had to keep it within him, he walked up to Scar and nodded at him.
"Anyone who is not contented can leave" Sky said and summoned his metal horse, st on it and helped Mide up on it too.
Mide felt a wave of jealous, he envied Scar, a water horse metal, one that could walk both on land and water and alsk with a resonable amount of speed.
"The iron bee, i dare not waste my time on such useless metal" one of Scar men said from behind.
"I hear they have a scred king" Another replied and coughed out.
"Useless, and for something as useless, they are agressive, just three stings would bring down a strong machinery" another replied.
"Well keep away from Thier territory"
All the while Mide carefully paid attention to them, listening ti any usefull iinformation, and knew he had ti give it a try.
Scar made all of then stop while they continued by feet andslowly they approached a plain green pasture.
They all spotted a metal horse about a hundred feet away, Scar smiled and looked back at his men.
" we can't outrun this, two of you should go this way, the other three should go by the rear, the newbie stays with me" Scar said
"They are short sighted" he said to Mide and transformed into his humanbot.
Mide had no idea what hunting was all about, but he was smart enough to follow closely behind Scar, who looked fearless, as they crawled their way up to their hunt.
Scar raised his head up and pointed two fingers to his eyes and then to the horse, he rolled his hand and made a fist.
All was strange to Mide, he studied all what Scar did and tried as much as possible to notice the outcome.
From the right, one of Scar men suddenly jumped out into the air and shot at the back of the metal horse as he flip in the air and swiftly rolled into the other part of the bush.
The metal horse neighed angrily, stamping its feet, as holes opened on it's body and out of it came sharp spikes, spreading in all direction.
Scar groaned with and rolled on the ground and looked at Mide.and smiled.
"The pain of being a machinery" he said and widened his eyes as he heard a hard hoof step approaching their direction.
Scar jumped to his feet and with one leap he was already distance of meter away from Mide, who was still struggling to his feet. The horse approaches furiously and threw a kick at Mide who was slow to dodge it. Mide fell hard on the ground, and screamed hard.
The horse ran up to him again, and made a long sharp horn came out from its head and pointed it at Mide.
"Get up" Scar shouted .
Mide rolled over and made his stun gun come out from his hand ans shot the metal horse. The horse, immediately at the impact of the shot, stood still like a statue in one position.
Mide sighed and looked at Scar, who smiled and quickly leaped back at him.
"Kill it" Scar said and groaned.
"Its your hunt" Mide replied, and shot the horse again.
"You deserve it, i love your trustworthy nature, Kil it and give us the meat" Scar replied.
Mide smiled within himself and brought out his blade and drove it into the metal horse chest.
"1 metal point gained, 5 metal part gained, 7 metal geno gained, A scared sword received, hard shield obtained" Mide felt really happy but only let it within himself.
"What's the gain?" Scar asked as he bent Dow to cut the horse into pieces.
"Seven metal point only" Mide replied and had a sore look on his face.
"So much for the problem, am glad I didn't waste my time killing it, maybe the meat can upgrade a bit" Scar said and threw a chunk into his mouth.
He frowned his face and looked at Mide.
"You're right, no metal point gained" Scar said and spits on the horse.
"Let's return home".
Mide felt relieved and walked behind Scar as the troop all fell into place. His next step was to go after the iron bee, all better he now has a stun gun.

Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 9:08pm On Jul 19
Mide came out of the Sanctuary and went straight to rest on his chair, he looked at the wall clock and sighed, then walked towards the kitchen, to get something to eat.
"Hey" he said and gently pushed his sister away from where she stood and bent down towards the cupboard.
"Thanks for the money you sent to my account" She said and turned off the cooker.
"Dawn, where is the remaining corn flakes" Mide asked still bending down.
Dawn slowly walked up to the door and took a step out before she spoke.
"I thought you won't be coming home again this month, so I ate it all" She said immediately took to her heels.
Mide scoffed and stoodup, walked to the pot on the cooker and opened the lid
"Beans again" he said and covered the lid.
Mide walked out of the kitchen and grabbed his black jacket from the char.
He had learned a lot from the sanctuary and was willing to learn more, his next step was to upgradehis stamina in real life, which would also reflect in the sanctuary.
Mide entered into the training hall and looked at the numerous shelves. In this century, a physical teacher was as close to waste of time, everything was made virtual, a form of hologram.
Mide walked through the shelves, carefully studying each training course and their content to know which one would benefit him most.
"Jade skin, dark war, foot work, arm strength, speed, stamina, increased sense, light fist, drunk war" Mide called out one after another as he passed through the shelves, studying the materials.
After much deliberation, he opted for the darkwar footage, he brought out his palm phone and patiently made the transaction of 78 thousand naira for the training material. He went ahead into the training section and placed the disk into a round open space on the table.
The training section had different rooms, called Traning Cell, each cell were sperated by a transparent glass, and right from about the head level, it was seperated with black steel.
Mide moved back as the hologram of a man appeared, after minutes of listening to the instruction giving, Mide began practice, following patiently and followed each move made by the man, it was then he noticed, the dark war tutorial, comprised of all other tutorial, he still could not find reason why people avoided it.
Mide finally took a break and discovered he had used a whole day in training, he was impressed by his increased stamina from the Sanctuary which reflected in this world. He concluded his training, feeling exhausted he made his way home.
Returning back to the sanctuary, Mide quickly brought out his Metal parts from his last kill and assembled them together.
"Bow of fire obtained" the voice said within him and at the same moment the metal joined together and formed a red metallic bow before him.
Mide felt heart broken at the sight of the bow, everybody avoided a bow like it was a plague, nobody really had the time to dedicate their life in drawing strings when they could get a really good sword or a huge barrel gun, which was very effective. Mide knew selling it was not an option because no one would buy, so he had to keep it and let it be.
He stood up ad drew the string of the bow, making an arrow form on it, he drew it with much ease contrary to what he heard about, the string being really hard to draw.
"Well, not so bad after all" he said and mistakenly released the arrow from the string.
In return, there was a loud explosion, which sent Mide into the air and made him crash hard on the floor.
"You are my best weapon" he said and picked himself up
Mide got his bag from where he hanged it and put it around his neck, it was time he went to hunt the Iron bee and was even hoping for a Sacred King.
Walking about three hours, Mide really envied Scar, and wished he had a metal beast to ride on, even if it was not as fast as Scar's.
Another hour passed and Mide wondered why or how he still had the stamina to continue, or why he wasn't feeling thirsty, thinking it was just luck, he continued the path, Scar men had described as the Iron Bee territory
Mide climed on the rock that lead outside the boundary of Iron Sanctuary, as he climbed he noticed strange movement distance away. He stood still and studied the situation as the figure drew closer.
"Help, help, help" the voice came and closer and closer.
Mide looked carefully and saw what he knew was the Iron Bee, in their large number flying after the man that ran as fast as his legs could carry him.
The man saw Mide above the mountain and strecthed his hands forward, as he ran. Mide quickly positioned himself and strechted his hand down to help the man and in one bound the man leaped grappling Mide's hand.
"Thank you friend, please lift me up, let's run for our dear life". The man said panting as mide held him tight.
"Two hundred thousand naira for saving your life" Mide said and smiled at the man In his humanbot form.
"I'll pay" the man shouted and effortlessly Mide pulled him up.
The swarm approached with force, Mide quickly made his stun gun come out and fired at the large swarm of bees, making them suspend in the air, he formed out his bow and pulled the string, one after the other at each bee.
The man stood with his mouth widely opened, as he saw Mide bringing down each bee with one strike of his arrow, something he never though possible"
"One metal ppoint gained, one metal point gained, one metal point gained" the voice continued to ring in Mide's head as he brought the bees down.
After an hour, all bees were dead and Mide still discovered he had the strength to continue.
"You my friend, is a legend" the man said with gladness.
Mide jumped down the mountain and began packing the bees into his bag, while the man walked up to him.
"How much for everything" The man asked and smiled "I'll pay, I have money, I am rich" the man said again.
Mide didn't reply and just continued with the packing, while the man troubled him with selling, after much silent, Mide spoke.
"A million naira and you still owe me money for saving your life" Mide replied and bent down to pick a bee.
"Deal, send me you account, I'll send the money right now".
Mide paused and knew he had blew his chance, he should have demanded for more.
"Only half is for a million" Mide said and studied the man reaction.
"That's cheating" the man replied and frowned.
"What else can you offer" Mide asked, hopefully the man would bend to his will.
"I have Metal Donkey mount, and I'll add three hundred thousand for the kill".
Mide smiled, at the mention of a mount and immediately transaction were made and completed.
"What's your name?" The man asked
Mide kept mute, he knew the consequences of telling his name, nobody in the sanctuary was to associate with him.
"Double D" Mide said, as that was the word that hevcould think of.
"Sure, I'll tell everyone one of your great deed, here, a spray metal, a red color, it'll fit your bow" he said and handed Mide a spray can.
Mide smiled and immediately applied it, the rusty part of his humanbot looked new, painted with red, it made him feel glad and nooded at the man, and both men went their seperaye way.

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 11:09pm On Jul 19
coolMide is becoming more powerful cool
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 11:33am On Jul 20
Mide stopped halfway as a thought came at him, the day was still young, what if he went in search of other metal beast, he might have a pleasant surprise he didn't know, the greed of how much he could sell a sacred meat made him ssmile the more, he summoned out the Metal Donkey Mount, he was not pleased at what he saw, the Mount look old fashioned and he thought of it not matching his personality, a donkey, he tried imagining how odd it felt, a thing of old.
He reluctantly sat on the Metal Donkey and geared it to move forward, after an hour of riding, he felt the wind change, the smell of the environment, was changee, nobody needed to tell him he was already going beyound what he could handle, but no pain no gain, he thought within himself and continued, another thirty minutes gone, he saw from distance large flock of what looked like bulls from afar.
He alighted his mount and summouned it back, he walked slowly, silently among the bush, he knew he could not handle all, so he waited patiently for anyone that would go astray or walk out of the flock.
After two hours, Mide felt annoyed, why would anyone not wander away, after much delibration he decided to take another approach. But one thing he forgot was he only had 30 metal point, which resulted in the fact the he still wasn't as close to being powerful in one on one battle, and secondly he didn't know what kind of ability his hunt possessed.
Mide summoned his Metal bow of fire and drew the string, making a white shiny arrow appear on it. He knew the arrow wouldn't go more than a forty feet, because of his limited power although his reload time was okay. He aimed steadily at the Metal Bull that was closest to him and released the string.
The arrow made its way with swiftness and on impact with the Metal bull, the arrow bounced off, leaving a white mark on its body.
Mide felt cold run down his spinal cord and regretted he had come further on this hunt. The flock scattered around, running in different direction. Mide rised up and quickly took to his heel, and immediately the bulls followed behind him in their large number.
As Mide ran, he began to feel exhausted as inch by inch the bulls got closer. Mide grinned his teeth and began meditating on the dark war lessons he had practiced, he reduced the rate at which his heart beat and tried controlling his breathing, as he did this, he felt flow of energy going straight to his leg, thus resulting to his increase in speed.
Mide knew he could not run forever, and his donkey mount was useless, slowly he began to feel drained, as he didn't have enough strength to continue the use of Dark war. Luckily he saw a mountain rock before him and with his last strength he leaped on it.
the bull flock saw this and mooed angrily, and settled beside the rock, and they made a round circle around the rock, totally camping Mide, making sure he had no way of escape.


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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by germaphobe(m): 12:48pm On Jul 20
continue bro, you're the boss
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 2:02pm On Jul 20
Back at the Sanctuary, the name Double D was now on everyone's lips, the man(Sleek) as he entered into Iron Sanctuary, right from the gate started telling everyone about his newly discovered hero, what made everyone so interested was the fact that he used a bow and arrow to do his hunting, from Iron Sanctuary right to other Sanctuaries no one has ever been found to use tthe bow and arrow, the only clan that used it were the Arrow Of God Clan, which didn't pay them and they has to resort to about 10% used of arrow mainly for very short range while the remaining 90% was the use of heavy artillery.
Queenite, the leader and founder of the Arrow of God clan found interest in this new person Sleek talked about so much and invited Sleek to their Clan base.
"Because of Double D, i am dining with top clan leaders" Sleek said silently and smiled at his luck and sat down before Queenite, who sat gorgeously on her chair, facing Sleek.
"Who is this Double D you talk about so much" She asked and passed a plate of metal meat to him.
"Before i can proceed, you will have to pay me a milliion naira" Sleek replied already vowing within himself to make up for the Double D caused him.
"Scoundrel, you think this is a business proposal" Queenite thundered and turned into her humanbot and threathened Sleek with an arrow to his throat.
Sleek smiled and stoodup and walked to the exit.
"Ill pay seven hundred" Queenite replied after thinking critically about the situation, knowing fully well it will benefit their clan.
Sleek smiled and resumed his former position after the transaction was suceesful.
"He killed the whole Iron Bee colony with just a bow, we returned back together, but he went back to look for another hunt" Sleek said and stood to his feet.
"Its that all?" Queenite frowned not feeling satisfied with the information.
"Thats all i know, he didnt reveal his face only the name" Sleek said and went out.
Queenite frowned her face and sighed theinformation was barely enough to help her in anyway, all she hoped for was pay attention ro any useful information

Mide looked down and fumed as he saw the bull still roamed about the rock, probably expecting him to descend while they serve him the justice he deserved, the heat from the sun became unbearable for him, he had to change back to his human form, while he thought of a way to escape.
Mide prayed for a solution to come fast, because he was sure he didnt have the strength to overcome these ones.
A thought came across his mind, and he smiled and turned into his red humanbot, he brought out his stun gun and laid flat on the rock, making sure the bulls were not having a view of him. He pointed his stun gun forward and aimed at the bull at the far end of the line and fired at it.
The bull made out a loud noise ans tumbled on the ground, and immeditely every other bull turned it direction and ran up to it. Mide saw his chance and leaped off the rock, and while the attention of the bull were shifted to their injured mate, he made the run for his life.


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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 4:39pm On Jul 20
The last chapter makes me laugh
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by germaphobe(m): 8:34pm On Jul 20
double d the new boss. But big boss this episode is kinda short shaa

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 8:36pm On Jul 20

Mide smiled at his stupidity as he approached the Iron Sanctuary, right from the sanctuary, he meet people standing in group, something that has never thought possible since he was here. Ignoring them, even if he want to join in their discussio , no one would allow him, since they avoided him like a plague, as Mide took the turn that led to his lair, he stopped on hearing a familiar name.
"Double D, i heard he handles the bow well, killed a bee colony, with his bow"
"He must be in a higher level, as Rush or higher"
"Let's hope he will be competing in the Iron Contest next week"
Mide stood still hearing all they said and smiled within himself, he moved his head up and saw a poster about something about the iron contest and registration closed that day.
"Where have I been all this while" Mide thought within himself, after noticing the poster had been almost three week old.
"Scum" someone called him from behind and threw a round ball at his heas, which Mide dodged moving his head sideway, without looking back.
"You got moves" the person said again l.
Mide turned around and discovered it was Rush brother Lyta. Mide stood still as Lyta approached him with a clinched fist.
"Look who is here" lyta said and pushed Mide on the chest.
"Please let me be" Mide pleaded and looked straight at Lyta's eyes.
"Or what?" He asked and threw a punch at Mide.
With quick swiftness, Mide dodged the punch and quickly he channled the little Dark war skill he could remember, the part where, you made your hand as fast and silent as possible for increased damage. His fist found a spot on Lyta's face and immediately his upper lips splited, and blood gushed out from it.
Lyta groaned in anger, not believing someone aa s fragile and small as Mide could hurr him with one strike. Everyone immediately turned thier attention towards them and marvelled at what happened.
Lyta threw another punch and with the help of darkwar, Mide grabbed Lyta by that arm, and twisted it back, and pushed him hard to the ground.
Everyone quickly paved way as Rush walked up to them and sslapped his brother hard on the face.
"You let someone like scum humiliate you, humiliate our clan" Rush shouted and signalled his injured brother should be taken away.
He looked at Mide with a deadly look in his eyes and walked off.

Mide felt like a hero who had just saved the day, and walked out of the crowd, Scum disgraced the Golden Clan, was now the new topic that grew like wildfire round the whole of Iron Sanctuary as wide as it was.

Mide hid himself where he knew no one would see him and transformed into his red humanbot, and walked down to the registration point of the Iron Contest. The lady he met looked at him with a silly look and wondered why someone as young as him would want to enrol, it would means the end of the road for him.
"Even brats who havent used up to a year, now enrols in a deadly contest" The lady said and blew he chewing gum and popped it loudly.
"Name" she said and grabbed her pen.
"Double D" Mide replied looking at the registration book.
The girl paused and looked at him and smiled
"Name" She asked again.
"Double D" Mide replied.
The girl suddenly let out a loud scream, drawing everyones attention, without permission she jumped on Mide hugging him tightly.
"Double D is finally here" She shouted and within a minute the whole place was crowded.
The message in no time got to Queenite, who abandoned all she was doing and headed down to the registration point only to be disappointed when she was told Double D did the registration and no one knew how he left the gathering.


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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 10:25pm On Jul 20
this story is AWESOME
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by enm(m): 10:41pm On Jul 20
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 10:14am On Jul 21
Mide had two option, one was to either go for hunt and maybe luck would shine on him, killing a rare metal could give him a really good upgrade ffor the competition, or going out of the sanctuary to train and improve his skills
"Damn no" Mide muttered remembering the horrible experience he had with the metal bulls.
The competition was to hold in a week time, he could learn a lot before then, and also going out of the sanctuary could cost him much loss, even while in the sanctuary he never knew a registration was going on, he couldnt think of the consequences of missing a a golden dragon sword and a rare dragon meat.
After much delibrarion within himself, Mide decided to remain in the sanctuary and use the training hall and the only way to access was if he went as Double D, the Mide part of him was to be avoided like plague.

While Double D entered into the training hall, it was empty, he took his time to know which section he would be going for, there was the Sword section, defense section, attack, the archery and lot more. None got his interest like the Swiftness of thr wind, Mide knew for someone with less strength and agility he had to strike his opponent as quick and fast as possible.
Without second thought, Double D went into the swiftness section, the machine before him in the section was strange to him, it had a large screen and a double flat green plate opposite each other, which Mide guessed to be where you would place your hand, Mide jammed his hand against the power switch on the wall, the machine revived with a loud noise, Mide looked at his hand and marveled at the amount of dust on it.
He placed his hands on both green plate and for a moment wondered what it was all about, a yellow ball suddenly popped on the screen, while a virtual hand pressed it and it bursted.
Mide quickly got the concept of the training, as fast as possible you had to pop the ball.
The first level was easy, within five minutes he was done, gradually he reached level fifteen. Mide gradually began to feel exhausted, and switched into the use of Darkwar, channeling half of the strength he used in breathing into his arms, half of the strength he used to stand into his arm, half of the strength his body heat possessed into his arm.
He smiled at how good he was becoming with the use of Dark War, the ball on the screen began to move so fast which didnt bother Mide, as the Darkwar gave him the speed he needed, he moved so swift, the movement of his hand almost became invisble.

While Mide was training, other people also began entering into the hall in twos and in ones, at first no one looked at the swiftness section, since everyone considered it a waste of time, the highest their best had gone was level five.
"Level 31" a mechnical voice said from the swiftness section, drawing everyone's attention.
"Level 33" was the next thing they heard, confused about how level 32 was skipped.
They all began walking towards the section, wanting to see, who performed such miracle.
The door slowly opened, while Double D was fully concentrated on the machine, he never knew the whole sanctuary were gathered already.
He was all about practicing darkwar, alongside the swiftness machine, which he succeded in doing well.
"Level 47"
"Level 48"
Double D slowly began to exhaust the use of darkwar and concluded his training, he removed his hand from the green plate and sighed.
"Its Double D" Sleek suddenly shouted from among the crowd and struggled his qay through.
Double D, turned around and marveled at the huge number of crowd that was already gathered behind him.
Sleek finally made his way through and faked a punch at Double D.
"Thats my man, See me personally of you want to talk to him" Sleek said and shun the crowd off.
"Hey, ill pay you to train me, anything yoi want in return" Sleek said smiling at Double D.
Queenite heard of it and once again abandoned her training and ran to the training hall, only to meet another disappointment again, Double D was gone, the same story, no one knew how or when he left.
Queenite walked into the swiftness section and went through the record to make sure, the story she heard wasnt exaggerated, only to be in shock seeing it was true, he had beat her record, while she stopped at level 5.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 11:37am On Jul 21
Nice update!!
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Mielekcezylil(m): 11:44am On Jul 21
@Devilpen you are something else, this story is interesting.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 12:57pm On Jul 21
Mide decided to take a day break out of the sanctuary and probably go for another training except Darkwar, getting to the former life, he hurriedly came out of his house and boarded a cable bus, heading to Training hall.
Mide gently made himself comfortable beside a girl, he never knew why, but he found himself staring at the girl, maybe her beauty, he tried as many times as possible, but her beauty was out of what he had ever imagined , the girl raised her head up from her phone and caught Mide staring at her.
She smirked and gave him a funny look, and concentrated back on her phone, she raised her head up again and caught Mide again

"What is wrong with you?" The girl asked feeling frustrated.
"Nothing, i was looking at the game you played" Mide replied and looked towards the window.
"Dull, every kid knows about The Reflex online PVP" the girl said and continued at her game as a message popped up into the air.
"I ggive up"
Mide read the message and smiled.
"Seems you won't stop staring" She said and had an angry look on her face.
"I am the leader of Green Shadow Group, you known I have every right to arrest you for staring, but looks like you don't know anything, I'll make a deal with you".
Mide grinned and smiled sheeply at her and slightly nodded his head for her to continue.
"I'll play against you, if I win, you'll get off the bus" She said feeling sure of herself.
"And if I win, you'll be my girlfriend" Mide replied and made a smile that irritated the girl.
"Am sure you can't win"
Mide made for his phone and while the game was still download, he quickly searched for Green Shadow, the discovery he saw made him look at the girl again.
Green shadow is an organization, that produced the best military troop for the government, he later discovered, she was the leader for the beginner batch, well she still had a long way to go, but being a leader of such clan no matter how small was an achievement.
Mide smiled and did necessary installation of the app and smiled at the girl.
"Let me practice" Mide said and went through the game only to discover it was very similar to the swiftness machine
"You are dead" Mide said within himself.
"I hosted, my username is **Aminlove**" Mide said and watched as the girl smirked at him.
"Wonuola" Mide read out and smiled "that's your name" he said and focused on his phone.

The game began, the first ball that popped out on Wonuola's territory, was what Mide went for, before her hand could move to touch it, it disappeared. The girl grumbled and thought it was beginners luck.
Another came again, before she could move her finger the bal was gone again, maybe he was lucky she thought and made to ttouch another one again, but it was gone.
Two balls popped up at the same time, before she could press one, but balls were gone

"That's impossible, I have never seen anyone pressed both balls at the same time" She said and looked at Mide with anger in her eyes.
"Please continue" The game finally came to an end.
Mide had a hundred percent ball pop and another hundred percent accuracy.
Wonuola cleared her throat, not wanting to believe what she saw.
"You cheat" She finally managed to say.
"How, we are both seated together and its an online game how will i cheat" Mide replied raising his hands up.
"Lets go again" Wonuola said with seriousness on her face.
"I have changed my username to Wonuola is my girlfriend" Mide rplied and didnt bother to look at her expression.
Mide decided to try something else. He closed his eyes and channeled his Darkwar skill into the other sense organ. Wonuola looked at him and smiled knowing she would win this round.
The game started, before she could press the ball, it had disappeared, she looked at Mide and saw he closed his eyes, before she could preaa another, the bal was gone, after the match she looked at Mide and punched him on the chest.

"You cheat" She said and alighted the cable bus.
Mide smiled and typed a message to ther PVP inbox.
"You are now my girlfriend"
Mide smiled and looked at her as she boarded another cable bus.

Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 1:21pm On Jul 21
Good to know mide now have a girlfriend
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by mondaypemisire(m): 1:27pm On Jul 21
I am in love with this story devilpen more
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 1:57pm On Jul 21
Mide entered into the Hall and began going through the shelves again, one after the other looking for the training practice that would benefit him, after about twenty minutes of going through the shelves, he decides to go for the arm stamina training, he carefully transfered the money and watched as the training manual came before him, Mide took another look at his account balance and noticed he was running out to cash, although the one he had could still sustain him.

The following day, Mide returned to Iron Sanctuary and decided to go for a hunt, seeking the meat and still level himself up. It was just five more days to the competition. As he got out to the sanctuary gate, he met people gathered together raising their heads up, looking at a huge led electronic board.
"The fixtures have been drawn, Double D is fighting against Scar" someone said audibly among the crowd.
Mide walked towards the direction and saw for himself, he needed no one to tell him, he was total trouble, he had seen what Scae can do, he had seen the heavy artilleries scar possessed.
"No way am continuing with this fight" he said within himself as sweat broke out from his forehead. He looked at other fixtures and saw, anyone that won in his own group would be going up against Dark Matter.

At first he was scared of scar, knowing he had no chance of winning, what if he won, he would be going up against Dark Matter, someone whose humanbot was three times Scars height, from the tales he heard, Dark Matter punch alone could bore a hole into the ground. Studying his group clearly, he discovered he was the weakest.

Mide found a place to hid himself and turned into Double D and walked right into Iron Sanctuary.
"Am looking for Sleek" Double D said, as all eyes fell on him.
"Hey my man" Sleek suddenly shouted out of nowhere and punched Double D on the chest.
"I told ya all he was my manny" Sleek shouted and smiled, he looked at Double D and walked him away from the crowd.
When they were out of ear shot, Double D spoke.
"How well do you trade in the black market" Double D asked
Sleek smiled and for a moment he paused.
"What do you want from the black market"
"A level ten metal blade, and a lion metal shield" Double D replied.
Sleek bursted into laughter alongside a funny body movement.
"Men, that will cost you all yoir fortune, even Scar cant buy both at the same time".
"I am not Scar" Double D replied and attempted to walk off.
"Wait man, i can ger you the level ten metal blade for free, but you will have to share you every hunt into two and i ger half part" Sleek replied.
Double D turned around and smiled. Mide knew he needed that prize from the competition, something that was only one im the entire sanctuary, he couldnt miss it.
"Meet me here tomorrow at noon" Sleek replied.
Feeling satisfied, Mide turned around the next thing was his proposed hunt, in getting to the sanctuary gate, The Arrow of God Clan suddenly surrounded him, in the hot red humanbot form, each one pointing their heavy machine at him.
"Lower your weapons, lets mot be rude to our guest".
Mide turned around and saw Queenite coming from the far end of the gate.
Double D also in defense brought out his Bow of Fire, not know how he did it, he made three arrows appear from it.
"You are really as good as they saw" Queenite said with pleasure in her voice.
"What do you want?"
"A noble invitation to join our clan" Queenite said and joined Double D in the circle.
"I work alone" Double D replied and lowered his weapon.
Heavy footstep approached from inside the hall of the Iron Sanctuary towards the gate, this time it was Rush and his clan, Rush clan also surrounded the Arrow of God clan, with their weapons boiling red.
The arrow of God clan also turned around pointing their weapons in defense.
"Double D is under our protection, he is with us" Rush said and walked into the circle.
Double D just stood in total surprise not know what went on or what was wrong.
"Double D, i offer a Metal Cloud Jumper, if you join the golden clan" Rush said and crossed his hands.
"I know you don't have a cloud jumper, I will offer you a Metal Demon Acid" Queenite said.
"A cloud jumper and seven million"
"A metal demon, a lion Mount and ten million"
Double D knew this was a art of enticing him and he raised his hands up, making total silence fall on them.
"Anyone with a lion metal cloth shield?" Double D asked.
"I don't have but I have a level eight metal shield" Rush replied hoping Double D would be impresses.
"A beetle cloth shield is available" Queenite replied.
Double D looked at her with a smile on his face, this was a better option in replacement of the lion cloth shield, which might not be available even in a year time.
Queenite smiled in return knowing Double D was enticed with the offer.
"How much will you sell it" Double D replied.
This was not the reply Queenite expected but she had to play along.
"I can give you for free" She said and made it visible, handing it over to Double D.
Slowly receiving it, Double D smiled, trying to play his game smart.
"Giving me this does not mean I join your clan, but you can let me in, if you have a hunt I will be needed" Double D replied.
"That's fair enough" Queenite replied feeling glad.
Rush muttered and pointed at Queenite, after Double D already left them.
"That gguy played smart on you and you fell for it" Rush said and turned around to leave.
"At least I have his loyalty, you dont win a champion in one day"

Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by germaphobe(m): 2:05pm On Jul 21
getting addicted
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by mondaypemisire(m): 3:10pm On Jul 21
More plz i did not have megabite am using money to read the story

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