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Ethan Hunt Nigeria / NADIA AND ETHAN (marriage Contract Gone Wrong) / THE REVELATIONS... Short Story... By Danny Walker (2) (3) (4)

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Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 2:11pm On Feb 12

Ikenna has come to whip their asses in the village. But on the other hand, he needs to be careful.
Nice write-up. Keep posting please
have You Seen Chapter 10? Bigbauer rick9 198800mam come see chapter 10
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by Recxzy019: 2:32pm On Feb 12
Ikenna is a very tactical person that has made him get overly comfortable with getting in trouble. He'll definitely know how to make his way out. But what of oluchi?? Chapter 10 abeg
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by Omoakin5(m): 4:35pm On Feb 12
op nothing most happened to ikeene oooooooo. bring it uo
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by 198800Mam(m): 5:05pm On Feb 12
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by Rick9(m): 5:09pm On Feb 12
IamPlato nice one oh
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 7:48pm On Feb 12
Oluchi woke up to find herself in a cage, she was alone in the cage, she looked out the cage to see other women in cages; everyone was silent and afraid
“get me out of here!” she yelled while the others stared at her
“Get me out of here” she yelled again
“Will you shut up” a thick voice said and there was silence
There were cages on left and right as he walked towards oluchi’s cage with three guards following behind him, he was dressed like a royal duke, he looked angry with a threatening face
“Who was that idiot shouting” he asked angrily, the other ladies pointed to Oluchi’s cage, he walked closer to her cage, she moved backwards in fear; he suddenly gave a bright smile
“This one is very beautiful, the king would like her”
“Get her out” he ordered and the guards did as they were told
“Bring her with me|” he moved and they followed
“Where are you taking me” she struggled but they were stronger...
They drove into a large compound; this compound had a large mansion and smaller beautiful buildings around its compound; the end of the compound was quite far away... he took her into the throne room where the king was having a meeting with his elders
Oluchi felt irritated by the man she saw; he was a little huge, fat and black as tar as if he were polished with Kiw shoe shiner
“My lord” the man bows to the king with the guards but Oluchi refused to bow, she looked around the place, looked at the faces of the old men seated there, some chewing something in their mouths as they stare at her
“Ozil! Rise” the king said in a deep voice
“Who is this you bring to me” he smiled as he looked at Oluchi
“My lord... I found this one amongst the captives” Ozil said; the king got up and walked closer to her, she moved backwards but one of the guards held her
“This one is very beautiful... I cannot eat this one” the king said and immediately kissed her forcefully and sucked her lip, she managed to pull herself away then raised her hand to slap him but one of the guards held her hand, she then gathered the saliva in her mouth and poured it on his face
“Abomination!” some elders said loudly, Ozil moved towards her probably to hit her but the king signalled him to stop then smiled at Oluchi
“I like them aggressive” the king said then delivered a slap to her face with the back of his hand, she fell to the floor holding her face, the guards pulled her up; she touched her mouth to see blood
“You will regret this... Ikenna will kill you” she said with anger as she struggled to get free from the guards but couldn’t
“Who is Ikenna” the king asked Ozil
“I have no idea my lord” Ozil replied, the king then smiled
“Go fetch me all the men named Ikenna” he ordered
“Yes my Lord”
“I want some entertainment.... get my new wife into the inner chambers, lock her up with the rest of my wives” the guards took her away while she blasted the king with words
“Don’t you dare touch my or I will burst your dirty ball and shove them down your throat” she yelled as they pulled her away...

“Stop! Stop!... Stop running please” one of the men said as he tried catching his breath with both hands on his knees
“We have to keep moving” Ikenna said
“Aren’t we far enough” he asked
“Listen, its not about being far enough... we have to plan an attack” Ikenna said
“Attack?!!!” both men said together
“Never mind... I forgot you were captives and you want an escape route”
“Of cause”
“Well I have a mission here... a mission to end all these... I must get to the king’s palace
“What king’s palace? These people are ritual killers, they eat people” the other said
“Look... there is no way out of here except we end all these” Ikenna said
“There is a way out” they countered; Ikenna got tired of the conversation
“You know what... you both can go... find your way out if you can... I need to get back my girl and kill some assholes” Ikenna said and ran off into the bushes as both men stood there staring at the bushes...

Ikenna came out of the bushes and into a large farm, he looked some distance away to see a man working on the soil, dressed in red wrapper and no shirt
“Please don’t tell me I went back in time” he said to himself; suddenly Ikenna noticed a large python crawling towards the farmer from behind, Ikenna quickly looked around but couldn’t find any weapon around; the snake suddenly stroke the farmer and pulled him to the ground and began tying him up as he shouted and tried to struggle. Ikenna ran closer and immediately sighted a dagger on the ground, he grabbed it and immediately stabbed the snake fatally on its body then stabbed its head fatally, blood gushes out as it loosens it hold of the farmer, Ikenna quickly pulled the farmer out of the snake; blood stain on Ikenna’s hands and blood stain on the farmer’s body an neck with an injury on his neck that appeared as a result of the snake’s bite
“Thank you so much” he thanked Ikenna as he breaths heavily
“You are welcome” Ikenna re4plied
“May the Gods reward you”
“Please come with me to my house let me appreciate you”
“No thanks no time” Ikenna said moving forward
“Please its the best I can do” he said and Ikenna stopped; he decided to go with him maybe he could have a better understanding of this place...

The compound was large and fenced with palm tree leaves, there were about 10 huts in the compound; all beautifully designed
“Ancient but beautiful... I call this Quaint” he said looking around; on the east is the entrance, the south is a part from rearing goats, hen and cows. A busy compound with children playing and women working
“Welcome to my home”
“You are wealthy” Ikenna said
“I am Uzoma the richest farmer in all the land” he smiled; the children sighted him and ran to him and hugged him in excitement, they also hugged Ikenna in excitement, the women also welcomed him
“Nna-e, what happened to you” one of the women asked on seeing blood stain; they all looked worried
“I was attacked by a snake but this young man saved my life” he said and the women thanked Ikenna
“I will go tend to my wounds... my family will care for you, I will be back” he said and walked away with one of his wives. They led Ikenna to the front of Uzoma’s personal hut and arranged a chair for him
“Nnenna” she called out
“Mama” she responded as she ran to her mother
“Please get this young man some water to wash his hands then serve him some meal” she instructed and the lady leaves
“My daughter will get you something to eat” she said
“Thank you” Ikenna said
“You are welcome” she left
Ikenna looking around, he looked in the direction of the ladies under a mango tree; two were busy losing the hair of another, they talked as they looked at Ikenna and smiled; they were beauties
“Isnt it a little unfair for one man to have four beautiful ladies in one house” he said
“It’s more of a blessing” a voiced said, he looked to see Nnenna who returned with a plate of egusi soup and pounded yam; she was indeed beautiful... she knelt down to serve him
“No! No! You don’t have to do that” he said pulling her up
“It’s culture for us... its an abomination for a lady to stand while serving a man”
“Not to me” he replied as he washed his hands and began eating
“You are one of the white men who come to our village to explore” she said and he paused and looked at her
“Do I look like a white man”
“Yes? That’s what they call people dressed like you” she said
“That is wrong... I’m a black man not a white one” he said then continued with his eating; she stared at him for a while with a little curiosity on her face
“I heard that where you come from, you ride giant birds in the sky” he looked at her with a puzzled expression on his face... obviously these people had no idea of the present world
“Yes... (he hesitates) they are called airplanes” he said
“Airplanes” she smiled... he finished eating and she cleared the place then returned but then she saw her father coming
“My father is coming I have to go” she said and left
“Young man! Hope you enjoyed the company of my daughter” Uzoma asked as he sat on his favourite wooden chair
“yes I did... thanks for the hospitality”
“The gods be thanked” he said
“Thank you for saving my life”
“You are welcome” Ikenna replied; he looked at the children playing in the distance, they numbered about 10
“You got a large family” Ikenna said
“I have 3 wives, 19 children” he said, Ikenna looked at him with surprise
“19 children? Wow” Ikenna said; Uzoma laughed lightly
“Ngozi is the eldest of the girls with Nnenna following her then Chisom and Chioma... they are my eldest girls”
“I have 5 elderly sons and they went hunting... those ones playing are the youngest”
“How do you manage the fights” Ikenna asked
“There hardly is one”
“That is good then”
“Tell me about you... what brings you here? The last time I saw people like you was at the Igwe’s palace... there he gets lots of foreign visitors” Uzoma said
“Well, I am not from the igwe’s palace” Ikenna replied
“Then where are you from” he asked; Ikenna was silent a while
“Far away from here... a land of civilization”
“That is the white man’s land” Uzoma said
“I am on a mission here”
“What kind of mission” Uzoma asked
“To take back what your king took from us” Ikenna said; Uzoma was a little lost
“I do not understand you”
“Your King did a great evil”
“How?” Uzoma gets more curious
“Tell me about your king” Ikenna requested
“Igwe Ugonna is highly powerful and is feared by all even the white men; he is a God”
“He is no God; he is just a man who has gone past his limits and death has come for him” Ikenna said
“What are you saying... be careful what you say, the walls have ears” Uzoma said
“My mission here is to kill your king” Ikenna said; Uzoma got up in shock
“How dare you?” he said out loud; the ladies quickly looked in their direction
“”Because you saved my life, I will allow you leave here alive” Uzoma said, Ikenna smiled
“I can make you the king of this land but you must help me” Ikenna said
“I do not want to be king” he said; Ikenna got up to leave
“Ok then, (gets up) your king has thousands in captivity that he kills at will for entertainment... I have seen it, I have been there and he is coming to take your daughters as his wife” Ikenna said and walked away
“What? My daughters?... wait” he said, Ikenna stopped then turned
“How true is this” Uzoma asked
“I have been a captive... he is sending his men out to the village to get all the beautiful girls... your daughters are beautiful and he is your god so you will have to obey”
“No way! I cannot have him take my daughters away?”
“Why” Ikenna asked
“I do not want him bringing his greed to my family; my daughters are for younger and handsome men, not that old fool” Uzoma said; Ikenna smiled as he knew he had made his way to Uzoma’s heart
“I can make you King and change all these” Ikenna said walking closer to him
“But... how will that be possible” he asked; Ikenna puts his hand on Uzoma’s shoulder
“The source of your king’s powers is the life of a beautiful girl he killed in my world” Ikenna said
“She was slaughtered by your king and her body taken away”
“Abomination!” Uzoma said
“I need to find her body from the palace and kill the king, if you help me, I will reward you by making you king of this land” Ikenna said; Uzoma remained quiet for a while
“I will help you” he agreed; Ikenna smiled...


Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by bigbauer(m): 8:04pm On Feb 12
have You Seen Chapter 10? Bigbauer rick9 198800mam come see chapter 10

Thanks for the heads up.
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 9:24pm On Feb 12
Chapter 11 is Here
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by Recxzy019: 9:28pm On Feb 12
Chapter 11 is Here
Where's it?
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by 198800Mam(m): 9:36pm On Feb 12
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 10:07pm On Feb 12
Where's it?
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by Rick9(m): 1:33am On Feb 13
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by Joystark(f): 1:25pm On Feb 13

Where's it?

Check your WhatsApp
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 7:24pm On Feb 13
Oluchi was taken to a room; two guards held her tightly as they approached a door, she looked at their faces
“Both of you should let go of me right now” she said with what looked like confidence; they ignored her while she proved stubborn, they pulled her along as her strength was no match for theirs. They opened the door, entered into the room full of beautiful women; large exquisite room; about 15 women in the room, 7 sitting on the large bed as they all watched as Oluchi is dragged in and thrown on the bed then they walked away, Oluchi quickly followed them but they got out and locked the door
“Let me out! Let me out!” she banged on the door for a while then gave up; resting her back on the door she slides down to the floor then looked at the other women who stared at her in silence. Slowly she got up and walked to the bed, sat down quietly; every lady looked neat and well dressed except Oluchi who appeared dirty but still very beautiful
“You can’t fight them” a lady said, one who sat beside her
“I will and if I can’t, my boyfriend will” she assured
“My boyfriend was killed” the lady countered immediately
“I’m so sorry about that”
“Most of us had love ones who were killed by these people before we were kidnapped” she said
“They killed my husband” another said
“I am so sorry about your loses but my man will save us all, just wait” Oluchi said and some laughed
“It seems you deliberately hear 1% of what we are saying” another lady said
“Who is your Boyfriend” the first asked
“His name is Ikenna... I have never seen a man like him before”
“That is if he isn’t in the king’s pot already” a lady said and they laughed... Oluchi held her faith that Ikenna would make it to her position, not knowing how but she was very certain...

“I will need to visit that palace today... and we need a plan” Ikenna said
“I am with you... Nnenna will take you anywhere you will be going but will not going into the palace with you” Uzoma said
“Thank you”
“So what do you plan on doing”
“I will find the remains of the girl he killed” he said; they heard movements of horses outside, Uzoma looked out his window
“The king’s guards!” Uzoma said and without wasting much time Ikenna tried finding a hiding spot
“Chief Uzoma” the leading guard called out
“Yes” Uzoma came out
“The king has requested that everyman named Ikenna be brought to the palace”
“I do not have Ikenna in my family... none of my sons bear Ikenna” he explained; they looked around then left on their horses. Uzoma went into the house to meet Ikenna
“The king is looking for me” Ikenna said, Uzoma was a little surprised
“You are Ikenna?” he asked
“Yes I am”
“How come you bear our name?”
“It’s a long story” Ikenna said
“What are we doing now?” Uzoma asked
“This is an opportunity... I need to reach the palace but I must do this in a smart way”...

Oluchi was slowly beginning to find comfort in the presence of the ladies when the door opened; two guards walked in and grabbed Oluchi
“Leave me alone” she struggled with them but they pulled her away; she was beginning to become a pain in the ass
She was taken into a large room; dark environment, with flame torches on the wall, a large pool at the centre, they left her there and walked away, leaving Oluchi confused and probably waiting for the worst to happen
Two maidens came out from the dark in beautiful blue silk gown touching the floor
“Welcome your highness” they both said then held Oluchi’s hands and led her into the large pool through a small flight of stair in the water; the pool felt warm on Oluchi’s skin and appeared to be flowing from a dark tunnel which held to God knows where. They took off her clothes, leaving her completely naked then bathed her with fine soap, after they were done another maiden came out with fine beautiful white gown; they pulled Oluchi out of the pool then wiped her body and hair dry then clothed her in the beautiful gown; she looked nothing more than an empress. The large door then opened, allowing light into the room; the maids all moved backwards and into the dark, then the guards led Oluchi out...


Ikenna and Nnenna rode off on horses into the market...


Another set of maidens led Oluchi into the large throne room and offered her a beautiful large throne beside the king’s throne. The king entered the throne room, dressed in royal robe, climbed a few flight of stairs then sat beside her with a smile as he stared at her but she refused to look at him. Not quite long, young men began entering the throne room; they numbered about 30 and there was still space for more.
The king smiled as they entered, Oluchi still didn’t understand the activity going on; the king had earlier instructed that all the men named Ikenna be brought to the palace; they all went on both knees and bowed before the king
“Welcome! Arise” he said and they obeyed; he looked at Oluchi then smiled mischievously before looking back at the waiting men; Oluchi suspected he was about to do something probably stupid
“This beautiful woman here said she has a man amongst you whose name is Ikenna and she wishes to marry this man... if you are such man step forward now and have her” the king said and then silence followed as every man looked at one another
“So is there no man willing to marry this beautiful woman?” the king asked and then a man stepped forward
“I will have her, my king” he said aloud; Oluchi immediately gave a funny expression like “seriously? Who is this lizard”...
“Very well then... any man willing to challenge this man for the woman” Ozil said out loud and another stepped forward and then another and another; they numbered four men all wanting to have Oluchi... who wouldn’t see something so beautiful and fight for it?
The king had excitement on his face as he instructed Ozil to hand them machetes; all Oluchi felt for them was pity because they were about to waste their lives
“Now you will fight... the only survivor will get the woman” Ozil said then shared them into two contestants; the king called one of the guards and whispered to him and he walked to the other Ikennas and led them all out of the throne room
“Are you ready?” Ozil said to the first to scape goats and they nodded together as they held tightly to the machete
“Fight!” he said and they began; Ikenna 1 stroke Ikenna 2 but he blocked the attack with his own blade then kicked Ikenna 1 backwards who staggered and fell to the ground, Ikenna 2 immediately stroke the machete on his head and blood gushed out freely; Oluchi turned her face away in disgust, even Ozil did same
“Well-done!” the king laughed cheerfully
“Step aside” Ozil said then brought forth the next two fighters
“Fight!” Ozil said; both men stood looking at each other then one suddenly dropped the machete and ran before the king and bowed his head
“My king forgive me... I do not wish to have the woman anymore” he begged and the king grew angry and looked at Ozil who immediately drew out his sword and stabbed the man from behind, the blade passed from behind and finds its way out from the stomach of the victim
“Coward” Ozil said pulling out his sword and the body dropped to the ground dead; the other man looked frightened
“Get this bastard out of here” the king ordered and the body was dragged away leaving thick blood trail
“Carry on with the fight” the king instructed...


Ikenna observed the busy street of the villagers, red mud houses of various designs, people moving about with materials and animals as they greeted each other in igbo language; Ikenna and Nnenna on horses back as the rode past the market
“Let’s move faster, our journey is still a little bit further” Nnenna said and they rode off faster towards the north west
Going through the forest, they came out at the mouth of a mountain
“That’s the King’s palace” Nnenna pointed down from the height; the land scape was beautiful... the mansion was very large, its compound was well decorated but there was a thick bush occupying the large portion of the back; looking ahead, a large building like a ware house can be seen in the distance
“What is that place” he asked
“I do not know... we are only permitted to stop here any further movement towards the king’s territory will be death, except we are invited over” she explained
“Bullshit! Your king lives in a beautiful mansion while his people live in mud houses”
“He is a god and besides we are happy people” she said
“Your people are far from happy... you are all ignorant... just like religious people... that man is not your king” Ikenna said pointing to the mansion
“Be careful he will hear you”
“I will liberate your people... I will emancipate you from mental slavery”
“How do you intend to do such?” she asked
“Do not bother about things bigger than you... go back home and tell your father to prepare his family for verily I say unto you, by this time tomorrow he will be king... spread the good news, Salvation is here” Ikenna said and rode off towards the path leading to the foot of the mountain; Nnenna watched him go out of sight...


Lt. Scott sat in his office doing some reading when his phone vibrated, he picked it up to see a message which reads “Go to Ikenna’s house, there is something at the backyard you need to see”, he checked the number but it appeared to be hidden, he quickly grabbed his desert eagle and moved out, got on his power bike and rode off.
It was about 2pm he arrived at Ikenna’s house; the environment was quiet with the sun high up in the sky, the wind blowing softly as the leaves of the mango tree rubbed on each other as well as the bushes around; Scott parked his bike under the mango tree; he moved towards the back yard as he pulled out his gun, getting to the backyard he couldn’t find anything, he looked perplexed then turned around to leave when he heard a mild vibration coming from the bush behind the house. He decided to go take a look in the forest then proceeded into the bushes; the vibration seemed to be getting louder as he entered the forest but saw no one suddenly the vibration stopped
“Thank God you came” a voice said from behind him, he quickly turned to see a beautiful young lady
“Who are you” he asked with a straight face
“You sent me that text” he said
“My friend Roland did... I’m dead” she said; that didn’t sound well with Scott as he silently clinched his gun a little positioning his finger close to the trigger, Lillian smiled as she noticed it
“Don’t worry... I am not harmful... at least not to you” she said and moved forward, Scott moved two steps backwards in reaction and she stopped
“Don’t be afraid” she said
“I fear no one” he replied; she could tell he wasn’t lying
“Ikenna is in another world but I can’t see what is going on there that’s why I called you” she said and silence followed as he stared at her without understanding what she meant
“I know it sounds crazy” she said
“Another world... like Pluto” he said, she rolled her eyes
“No... ok let me explain... Ikenna has gone to bring my body, it is the source of power for the so called gods of the land”
“Wait a minute... are you the psychic girl who was killed years ago” Scott asked
“(smiles) I guess my death earned my fame” she said
“I heard that you can see the past and future” he said
“Lieutenant Scott that is not important, what is important is that, people are going missing and they are being used for sacrifice and dinner by the king and Ikenna is there right now”
“Can you summarise all these please” he requested
“In summary, Ikenna needs your help”
“Since when has he been in the other world you talked about” Scott asked
“Two weeks now and he hasn’t returned”
“Take me to him” Scott said...

Back to the same magic channel she transported Ikenna with; the ropes still burning
“What is this place” he asked looking at the weird trees and burning rope
“This place is a dimension road to meet Ikenna” she said
“And where is this road exactly”
“Its right there... you have to go under the rope and stand in its center and put your gun on the floor so you can see it when you arrive on the other side; I should have said that top Ikenna” he walked forward
“Wait” she said and he turned
“Be careful, it could be bloody in there”
“If there is no blood then I’m not working” he said and walked forward and did as he was told, he immediately disappeared...

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Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by Chiprince007(m): 8:47pm On Feb 13
Keep up the good work Plato
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 11:10pm On Feb 13
Where's it?
check Out Chapter 12
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 11:13pm On Feb 13
Many Are Reading Without Commenting. Na Wa o. Nairaland People
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by Chiprince007(m): 11:18pm On Feb 13
Many Are Reading Without Commenting. Na Wa o. Nairaland People
Don't bother yourself OK. Just keep posting and in time it would strike a chord that would make them leave their ghost shell and comment.

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Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by Rick9(m): 2:23am On Feb 14
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by Tukson007(m): 10:48am On Feb 14
Many Are Reading Without Commenting. Na Wa o. Nairaland People
It's because of ur story i joined nairaland
More ink 2 ur pen

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Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 11:05am On Feb 14
It's because of ur story i joined nairaland More ink 2 ur pen
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by hardeybhayour(m): 6:02pm On Feb 14
But seriously man your twist and turns is greater than a danfo driver avoiding go slow
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by 198800Mam(m): 7:28pm On Feb 14
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 8:03pm On Feb 14
Ikenna observed the environment from the bushes, the gate into the compound was quite large, there were four guards outside with blades, they stood at the entrance like statues. The walls were about 12 feet high and stretched far and wide; as he observed he heard the sound of a van, he looked to the south to see a white van coming, getting close he noticed blood stains on the body of the van; the front gate was opened and the van entered .
Something just wasn’t right, he knew the blood stains were from humans killed... Ikenna thinking to himself, there is an uncivilized village on the east and to the west in front of him is a 21st century mansion in which the king dwells
“This is the highest form of corruption I have ever seen” he said to himself

After 10mins the white van came out from the compound and began going back south; Ikenna got on the horse and followed the van through the forest. After 400 meters the van gets to the end of the wall then turned right; Ikenna chased them as he comes out the bushes with the horse galloping loudly behind the van to the hearing of the driver who looked through his side mirror but saw nothing
“What is that sound” the second person in the bus asked; the bus begins to slow down; Ikenna saw the red light and knew the bus was stopping; he climbed on the horse#s back with both legs then jumped off, rolled on the ground then ran towards the bus as the horse ran passed the van
“Its a stray horse” the driver said then hit the accelerating pedal and speeds off with Ikenna underneath the van...


Oluchi was seated close to the pool she was bathed in earlier, with two ladies on her left and right; beautiful ladies filled the pool as they bathed and talked quietly. Oluchi was worried about Ikenna; she had also told the ladies what happened in the palace earlier
“I really need to find a way out of here” Oluchi said
“How do you intend doing that” a lady on her left, Silvia said
“Still thinking” she replied
“My dear I have been there too... there is nothing you can do” Hannah said from the right
“And even if I can not come up with something, my boyfriend will” Oluchi said
“I watched my husband being murdered by the king” Silvia said
“I’m really sorry about that” Oluchi said
“Two ladies had attempted to escape but didn’t make it... you should have seen the way he murdered them” Hannah said
“There is no need to escape at least he has taken us as his quuens not his dinner” Hannah said
“I’d rather die than be the queen of that beast” Oluchi said
“Some have said so and are pregnant for him today” Silvia said
“I will kill myself the day I allow that bastard between my legs and his balls will go with me” she said
“He rapes too, if you refuse” Hannah said
“That’s true” Silvia affirmed; Oluchi stared at the water flowing then she smiled
“I have a plan” Oluchi said
“What plan?”...


Ikenna didn’t know where the van headed but it was not long, the bus had stopped after entering a compound; the men in the van stepped out, all Ikenna could see was their lags walking to the back of the van, opened the doors then pulled out a bag containing a body, they dropped it on the ground like wood then dragged it away.
Ikenna came out from under the van, he saw no one then quickly he goes behind a small building, passed through the back and comes out through a small gate into a very large compound with people moving about; he hides behind some pile of blocks, 200 meters away was a large building which appeared to be like a ware house; he noticed every person was putting on blue overall and many had blood stains on them; he walked back into the corner he came out from earlier thinking of what to do
“Who are you?” a voice said behind Ikenna, he turned to see a man in blue overall holding a machete
“Well... I... ahem... I was looking for something” Ikenna said as he looked at the machete in his hand
“I said who are you” he repeated angrily as he walked closer
“Okay... I am Agent Ikenna Ceasar, top CIA and FBI elite agent” Ikenna said; the man stared at him with surprise and anger then suddenly stroke Ikenna with the machete but Ikenna moved quickly as he avoided the slash attack and manipulatively got to the back of the man then slammed his head on the wall twice and hard that blood spilled on the wall; he dropped the dead man on the floor then took off the overall from the dead body and put it on, on his suit then walked into the compound and joined the others.
There were smaller buildings in the compound, Ikenna walked towards the largest building then he had sound of serious cutting of meat like in a market, the sound was coming from one of the small buildings; he walked towards the building opened the door to see human bodies being butchered like cows; crates of human meat were being moved in and out of the room; on a table to his left he was the body of a fat man in horizontally stripped singlet, with shorts matching the singlet; the body was stained with blood and both hands had been cut off, his head had been cut off, from his knee downwards had been cut off, nthe body laid on a steel table as blood dripped from it
“This is more bleeped up than I thought” Ikenna said to himself as he looked around at the men busy cut human parts; some persons were busy removing human organs from the bodies
“Hey you” a voice said, Ikenna turned
“Where is your machete” the bearded man asked
“It’s.. inside there” he said pointing to the largest building
“I just want to stretch my legs” Ikenna said
“My friend will you get back to work!” he ordered angrily; Ikenna looked at him for some seconds then moved
“Okay sir”...

Ikenna entered the main factory; the smell of raw meat filled the place, sound of machines can be heard working at different positions, more like a processing hall; Ikenna walked past people working, he entered a door which led into a passage with people moving in and out as he walked down the passage he asked himself
“How on earth did they get so many people working here”
He was a door labelled “Can beef”
“You got to be kidding” he said with a surprise expression as he pushed the door open to see persons arranging cans of mashed beef, obviously human meats labelled as can beef; for now this was becoming more of a physical battle to Ikenna; he moved out and walked forward to see another door labelled “Barbecue”, he entered to see persons arranging raw meats in steel crates; these meats were going out to the world, Ikenna thought
“Be fast with these stuff... these crates must leave for Lagos today” a man said to the workers; so these stuff are going to be sold out as suya he thought as he walked to the end of the passage where another led to somewhere else and suddenly an alarm goes off and everyone began running towards the main factory; he walked back so as to find out what was going on
“One of our workers was found dead some minutes ago” a leader said as everyone assembled
“His working garment was taken from him... which means we have a spy in our midst” he said walking to and fro
“Everyone open your chest and show your mark of secrecy” he said loudly and they began obeying, Ikenna knew he would be busted as he noticed some persons moving about with machete to confirm and immediately Ikenna took off running
“Get him” the leaders said loudly and they armed men chased him; Ikenna ran into the passage he came out from earlier, he opened the next door that led to a left turn which he followed which led to an exit, he comes out then heads to the back yard as the men still chased, he dared not stop now, he ran towards the fence and in two steps on the wall he jumped over to the other side into a thick bush; one of the men followed foolishly and as he landed Ikenna delivered a punch to his face and the machete falls off his hand, Ikenna picked up the machete and took of his head in one strike, dropped the machete as the body fell to the ground then he continued running...


It was obvious that the captured persons were being slaughtered for food and not just for the king but for the world at large; Ikenna thought of a next plan, he knew that the news of the spy would be getting to the king soon and the security might tighten up. As he walked out of the bushes he found himself near a tarred road and the palace was 200meters away; he immediately remembered that the building he ran from was the building he saw from the mountains earlier; bushes on both sides of the tarred road, the road led from south to North, he crossed the empty road and entered into the other bush, he walked to the other end of the small bush then heard the sound of cars approaching, he stopped and hid himself; he is much more surprised now to see an Audi R8 followed by two G-Wagons and a Range Rover sport and a Rolls Royce, all cars headed North towards the palace, all cars had tinted glasses; all cars passed him then he came out from the bushes, he noticed there are no more bushes in front him to hid; he watched from afar as the cars pulled over and guards opened the doors and a man dressed in agbada came out from the car; Ikenna saw two police men with guns step out of one of the G-Wagons and opened the door of another car and a white man stepped out followed by another white man, the police men saluted as they walked in
“What the hell is going on here?” Ikenna said; he needed to get closer but couldn’t because it was still bright so knew he had to wait till night fall, he took of the overall to reveal his suit then he walked back into the bushes

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Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 8:04pm On Feb 14

Lt. Scott found himself beside a flowing river with his gun on the floor which he picked up and put back in it’s hold then walked through the foot path, he paused as he spotted a bag hanging from a tree; it was a black school bag
“Is that a bag?” he asked himself, he climbed up the tree and pulled the bag but it slipped from his hand and fell because of the weight of the bag, he got down from the tree and wondering what was in the bag, he opened it then immediately he smiled, this must belong to Ikenna he thought to himself but what happened to him, his smile disappeared as that thought came to mind. In the bag was a powerful sniper (Chey Tac Intervention), two desert eagles, set of grenades and a binocular... how on earth did Ikenna get a Tac Intervention which was a special weapon of the US army, Scott thought . he carried the bag on his back then walked on then he stopped again and looked towards the bushes
“Come out or I blow your head” Scott said
“Please don’t shoot” a man said as he raised his hand and the other with him followed
“Who are you?” Scott asked looking into their eyes
“We were kidnapped” one said; Scott looked at them, they sure looked like captives because they looked really dirty
“I am Lieutenant Scott from the Nigerian Army”
“I... I saw you appear out of nowhere” the other said
“It’s a long story... what are your names?” he asked
“I am Robert”
“I am Wale”
“I hear there is some bloody shit going down here”
“Yes sir... a lot... this people are brutally killing us for food” Robert said
“For food” Scott repeated, maybe he didn’t hear that well
“Yes sir”
“I am looking for a young man... (paused)... he is here on a mission, have you come across him” Scott asked, both men looked at each other
“We met a man who helped us escape by jumping down a mountain... he said he needed to kill the king and find his woman” Wale explained
“His woman” Scott repeated with a little surprise
“That definitely sounds like him” Scott said
“So how do I find him”
“He left us after we refused to join him, we thought we could find our way out of here but that’s quite difficult” Robert said
“Good luck finding your way out” Scott walked away
“Wait...” Scott paused
“We are ready to help... we can help you” Wale said
“Good... try to keep up” Scott threw the bag to Wale who quickly caught it and felt its weight; both men followed Scott...


It was night fall; the king had a large sitting room where all his wives relaxed and ate, they were gisting and drinking when some guards stormed into the room led by Ozil; two guards carried a box and there was silence in the room as everyone wondered what was in the box. Ozil opened the box and pulled out something that appeared to be some kind of technological collar
“What’s that?” Oluchi asked; Ozil was surprised at her boldness to ask because every other lady wouldn’t dare ask
“It’s a technological collar to keep you all in check” he said as he put the collar on the neck of one of the ladies who appeared scared but suddenly she became calm and without fear, Oluchi was surprised
“What the hell is that thing” Oluchi said
“It makes you all obedient wives to the king” he winked at her
“That thing is not going on my neck” she said
“We shall see” he continued fixing the collars on the ladies and deliberately saved Oluchi for the last and on getting close to her
“Don’t you dare touch me or I will tear your balls” she said; the look on Ozil’s face changed as something in him knew she was serious, he looked at the guards
“What are you waiting for? Hold her down” he said and they quickly grabbed her
“Leave me alone!!!” she struggled and made it impossible for them to put the collar around her neck, and she then bit one on the hand, he screamed out in pain; Ozil was frustrated
“Bring her with me” Ozil said and they pulled her away...

“My king! This particular woman has proven tough amongst others” he said and the King got up from his throne and walked close to her
“You again” he said touching her face, she moved her face away
“I like her” the king said walking back to his throne
“She is the strongest of my wives” he said as he sat
“I am not your wife” she said
“Oh really? Ok then, I will have you for dinner tonight” he said
“That’s not possible” she said
“Don’t dare me... now choose between the collar or my pot” he said and she was silent with anger on her face, King Ugonna laughed
“Put the collar on her neck” he said, Ozil put the collar and she didn’t struggle again; she suddenly became calm as tears rolled down her eyes... Ikenna where are you? She thought to herself...


It was very dark, Ikenna was as hungry as the darkness; he came out from the bushes and headed to the back of the mansion; the front of the mansion had more lights than the back, guards patrolling around the building but it didn’t take Ikenna 15 seconds to gain entry.
He entered a door and followed a flight of stairs going up, he climbed up to the first floor, seeing a passage with rooms on the left and right, he heard footsteps from down coming up, he quickly entered a room and shut the door; the room was neatly arranged with bed and chair, everything was in order, he walked to the bedside table and opened the drawer to see cash, he was a little surprised, why would they need money here? He thought to himself
“Except this whole thing is more physical than spiritual” he said then opened the next drawer and saw nothing, he closed it and walked into the bathroom, turned on the tap and drank water and washed his face, he had been really thirsty; he then looked himself in the mirror and admired his handsomeness
“Boy you are one hell of a handsome motherfucker” he said as he winked; suddenly he heard the room door open and his attention was drawn, he stood at the back of the toilet door as the handle turned open, someone entered the toilet and closed the door and before he could say Jack Ikenna grabbed him and slammed his head on the wall and puts him to the ground with both hands on his back as he bled in pain
“Who are you” he said with a pained voice
“Shut up or I kill you... where does your king keep the stolen girls” Ikenna asked
“What are you talking about?”
“Don’t make me ask twice” Ikenna said
“Maybe you should check the second floor you will find a large double door”
“Okay thanks and sorry” Ikenna said and turned him then punched him in the face and he passed out. Ikenna left the room and headed to the second floor, the second floor had a two way passage, left and right, he looked to his left and sees a large double door, he walked to it; the passage was empty and quiet, he entered the large room to see beautiful women all over with eyes on him, silence in the room as they stared at him; Oluchi was lying on the bed and didn’t care who entered the room anymore; Ikenna was dumbfounded
“So I finally made it to the heaven of beautiful virgins... so Mohammed was right” he said and the ladies laughed; Oluchi heard that voice which alerted all her senses, she jumped up and looked to see Ikenna
“Ikenna!” she ran to him and hugged him tightly like her life depended on it
“I found my angel” he said then she kissed him
“I have searched the nine planets for you”
“What took you so long?” she said and hugged him again
“Long story love... what’s this” he said referring to the collar on her neck
“The king put it there”
“Hope he didn’t touch you”
“Not at all” she said
“Now we need to get out of here” he said, Oluchi turned to the ladies
“I told you he was going to come” she said smiling
“Please can you help me find my husband” a pregnant lady said
“I will honey”
“Me too” they all started talking loudly
“Ok ladies keep it low I will help you all”
“What do we do now?” Oluchi asked
“I need to get Lillian’s body” he said and suddenly the door opened, Ozil and two guards entered the room with machetes
“Oh my God!” one of the ladies said, there was fear on their faces except for Ikenna
“Who are you and how did you get in here?” Ozil asked
“Agent Ikenna... the Ikenna you have been looking for and I am not leaving here without these ladies” he said looking into Ozil’s eyes, both men stare at each other


Nnenna and her father are seated outside with a lantern
“Father the day is gone but the young man is not yet back” she said
“I know and I am worried too... I promised to help him but now I do not know what to do” Chief Uzoma said, they suddenly heard the galloping of a horse
“Who could that be at this hour?” Nnenna said as she looked around, a young man walked in through the main gate holding a flame torch
“Who are you” Chief Uzoma said
“I am Ifeanyi, one of the king’s guards and I bring you news from the palace” he said and Uzoma remembered what Ikenna said about the king taking his daughters
“What message do you bring?”
“I bring message from Ikenna”
“Ikenna?” Chief Uzoma got up in surprise
“Yes... he wants you to be at the palace tomorrow, he is carrying out a plan”
“A plan... okay I will be there” he said
“He said you must come with your sons”
“I will” he replied and the messenger left; Chief Uzoma is happy but still confused
“He is alive, the gods be praised” Nnenna said
“Yes... but I wonder what he is planning” chief Uzoma said
“Father I want to come with you tomorrow” she said, he smiled
“Let tomorrow come my daughter, let tomorrow come”...


They stared at each other and it was obvious a fight was going to go down with blood; suddenly Ozil smiled
“Agent Chamberlin Johnson, top official of the Nigerian FBI, port Harcourt” he said then walked close to Ikenna and stretched his hand for a shake; everyone is surprised, Ikenna received the hand
“I know you are surprised... I am also here to take down the king but his source of power must be first uncovered”
“The moment I heard somebody caused a riot at the captives’ camp and someone entered the processing industry, I knew a spy was here too” Chamberlain said
“I guess we can achieve this easily now” Ikenna said
“yes we can” he said
“Who are they” Ikenna asked about the two men with him
“They are trusted” he said
“I have a plan” Ikenna said...

King Ugonna is seated on his throne and talking to his chiefs that night when Ozil entered
“My King! We have the spy” Ozil said as he entered the throne room with two guards holding Ikenna who was tied
“We caught him” Ozil said, the king watched as they brought him close to the foot of the throne stairs, he got up and walked down seven steps down to Ikenna
“So you are the spy” he said looking Ikenna in the eyes; the elders murmured
“You killed some of my men and invaded my factory”
“He will be executed in public... send message to the villagers, summon everyone in and around the palace... they must gather here at sun rise tomorrow” he said then walked back to his seat
“Take him away” he ordered and Ikenna was taken away...


Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by Rick9(m): 8:46pm On Feb 14
What a twist.
I never saw it coming.
IamPlato nice one
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 9:26pm On Feb 14
Update Don Land o my People
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by bigbauer(m): 10:24pm On Feb 14


It was very dark, Ikenna was as hungry as the darkness; he came out from the bushes and
“Take him away” he ordered and Ikenna was taken away...

More! More!! More!!! Please! I'm so loving this. Great job bro! You should consider publishing and hope you're on upwork and other freelance writing sites?
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by Ehislucky7: 11:01pm On Feb 14
more updates please ooh
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 12:15am On Feb 15

More! More!! More!!! Please! I'm so loving this. Great job bro! You should consider publishing and hope you're on upwork and other freelance writing sites?
I Am A Writer who Lacks Tools grin

I Will Try Publishing A Romantic Action Novel On Amazon Next Month.

Publishing For Me Has Been Very Difficult because Of Lack Of What I Need but Still Pushing wink

I'm Not Even The One Dropping The Updates, I Have My Girl Doing That For Me because My Phone Cant But Her Phone Is Very Capable
Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by IamPlato(m): 12:19am On Feb 15
Keep The Comments Coming!

Lalasticlala dont You Think My Little Story will Be Happy To Be On Front Page? smiley


Re: NIGERIAN Ethan Hunt... By Danny Walker by Dbeautyy(m): 11:26am On Feb 15
Ghost reading deactivated. Good job

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