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KINGS 2(battleground) / Last Gang Standing 2: Killers and Fallen Kings.(Crime). / Kings (where Evil Men Dwells, Bad Things Follow) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by showgoeson: 8:35pm On Mar 19
Liam my guy, another version of Ted, I love this guy
Maria reminds me so much of Rose, bold and straightforward

Someone will die in this place o

Thanks for the update

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by egwolopretty: 10:46am On Mar 20
Thanks for the update

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Debbylicious(f): 11:56am On Mar 20
I can't keep kwayet anymore This is one of the best, if not the best story i've read in this forum so far
Silver1996 More inspiration i pray you You're going places...

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 6:25pm On Mar 20


The bullets rent the still challina house air, The noise reverberated in the ears and rang out far over the hills, the gunshots came thick.... The tin projectiles cutting through the frozen air, oblivious to their purpose. Each one rips into something, be it inanimate or living, breaking blocks and spilling blood with equal unfeeling....

"Shoot everything that moves..."Liam shouted as more security men ran out from hiding.., he open fire with unblinking and merciless eyes.., gradually his sanity was racing to the verge of extinction..

As more bullets flies around, Men screamed in pain clutching their grievous wounds while others just fall and die...

"Kill them all..."Liam screamed as he fired torrents of bullets into the almost finished security guards, The sun beat down on them furiously as the heat wave continued unaffected at such chaos...

The bullets lay over the ground as cold as the nails of a coffin maker..., Liam walked over them and his agitated and soulless men walk after him, all trudging towards the house....

Liam laid eyes on one of the security men, down, severely injured yet still alive...., with a mirthless smile.., Liam furiously kick his bullet wound and the security man screamed in pains..

"Where is the vault....?"Liam queried..

The man groaned and pointed a direction...

"There..?"Liam asked in affirmation..

Blood gush out from the man's mouth before he manage to say..."Yes."

Liam scoff and quickly shot the man, when the man dropped dead, he move towards the direction he has pointed...

Liam halted before a door, he glance at one of his men who quickly kick the door open, and they all pointed their guns at the man they saw inside....

Liam eyes scanned the man's dressings....."Are you the manager....?"

The man's breathe stuttered in his lungs but he manage to nod his head...

"Is that the vault..."Liam asked pointing at a room with a computerised door....

"Yes.."The man said..."Please don't kill me..."

"Of course not..."Liam said, he smile before he recoiled his fingers around the trigger and poof...., he pulled it, the fierce bullet went for the man's head..

When the manager dropped dead, Liam moved over to his body, he took out gloves from his pocket and wore it in both his hands.., he lifted the manager dead body up and his gloved hands pressed the dead manager's hand to the scanner and the eyeball up for the biometrics and the computer voice welcomed Mr. Hakkin to the golden room....

When the door open, Liam let go of the body and it collapsed back on the floor..., with a big smile, Liam walked into the vault and that was when he heard a beep.., he raised his eyes to the roof and shock raced through him when he saw a countdown almost getting to 0....

"Run..."He shouted running outside...."It's a bomb..."

It didn't take long before the vault exploded spreading it's fire force to everyone around it...., what followed was smoke and the walls of the house crumbling....

Slowly, a policeman opened the truck door, the DPO drew closer to take a closer look...

"Wow..."He slack-jawed...."Nice work officer Dorathy...."

Dorathy bit at her lower lip and walk up to him...."Thank you sir..."

"Continue like this and you might just have that promotion you seek..."

She wanted to smile but she couldn't knowing it shouldn't be her who deserve a congratulatory remarks...

"So what are you going to do with them sir..?"She ask curiously looking forward to do as Kess has instructed, be there when he destroys them...

"I intend taking them to the GP.., he ought to know what we are fighting here..."

"GP.."Dorathy reiterated..."That's hours drive from here sir..., if these people notice their stash was taken by us, they'll retaliate and taking them to the GP is simply a pass of taking their drugs back..."

"So what do you suggest we do...?"

"Destroy them sir..."


"Let's burn them..."

The DPO chuckle..."Seriously, you burn powder...."

"If fire is applied to these drugs, it can't be used..., that's our measure for destroying them...."

"Fine..."The DPO said..."Take them somewhere and burn them..."

"Yes sir..."

"And Dorathy..."

She raise her gaze to him..

"Nice job..."He said..."I really wish your partner could do the same instead of accusing me of working with those men.., he should be ashamed of himself...."

Dorathy swallowed, she turn to face some policemen, when she return her gaze to the DPO, she saw him about to walk away..

"Sir..."She announce crisply..

He stopped in his tracks and face her..."Yes.."

Dorathy sneak in a deep breathe wondering how she was going to say it.., taking praises for someone's works is certainly not her style..

"Do you have something else to say..?"The DPO chimes in..

She exhale and regain her composure...."Sir...., the info wasn't from me.."

"What do you mean...?"

"It was Kess...., he's the one who stopped the shipment, he informed us about it.., I'm sorry I lied to you..."

The DPO grunt, look away and turn to face her back....

"I think you should lift the suspension and call him back sir..."She added

"Are you vouching for him..?"

"He's a good officer sir, one who takes his job seriously, he loves his job more than he does himself...."

"Do you remember he pointed a gun at me.., at my face..."

"I understand he lost his place sir, but he apologise and he stopped the shipment, isn't that enough reason for him to come back..."

"Fine..."He riposte..."Tell him I want to see him in my office before the end of today..."

"Yes sir.."Dorathy said before the DPO walked away..

Like a canon, Liam's chest pushes out smoke in rapid desperate burst as he try to stand up.., he saw smoke, grey in colour drifting out of the roof...., he grimace, cough and staggered to an open space....

Infuriated, he kicked a dead body and yelled furiously before taking out his phone to call his father..
He sniffle with flaring nose as he waited impatiently for his father to answer the damn call....

"Pops..."He blare out when the call connected...

"Do you have the money..?"Chief Borgias voice rumbled low from the other end...

Liam frown at the question...."There was no money in the vault Pops, it was a bomb, a fùcking bomb..., we were led into a trap..."

"Come home son..."Chief Borgias said..

Liam narrowed his eyes and quickly put the call to an end before turning to face his surviving men...

Eyes seething with rage, Queen Tiger gulp down the glass of alcohol before turning around to face the intruder when she heard footsteps....

"Queen Tiger..."Sulieman said as he drew closer to her..

Tiger exhale and poured herself another glass of the alcohol..

"I don't understand..."Sulieman said stepping in front of her...."If you knew there was no money inside the vault, then why did you ask me to go there..."

"You should be lucky I called you out of there at the right time...."She said before raising her face to him...

"I'm grateful you stopped me from stepping into the trap but that doesn't answer my question....."

"Didn't you say Liam was there..."She said grabbing the glass again..

Sulieman placed his hands behind him...."Yes.., I don't know how they got the information but somehow they did..."

"That's exactly the point of this stunt I pulled..., this has confirmed my suspicion that there is a spy among us and this spy is feeding information to the enemies...."

"I was also of that thought..., it could be one of the guards or the maids..."

"Whoever it is Sulieman.., when I find him, he'll wish he's never been born.."

"The bomb blast killed many of Liam's men.., how did you manage to put the bomb there...?"

She smile...."The manager did that.., I told him to detonate it if something happens..."

"The manager died and so did all the security men..."

She huffs..."That my dear is what we call casualties of war..., may their soul rest in perfect peace...."

"Dont tell me you let those men die just because you wanted to be sure there's a mole in the palace..."

"And I'll let many more die.."She retorted standing up..."If it means finding the men that are after my son...., you may not understand this Sulieman, but my son is the only thing that matters to me now and I'll sacrifice anyone to keep him safe..."

Sulieman sigh..."I was just...

"Don't.."She scowled before sitting down back..."What news does Samie have of my son....?"

"He said he saw him but he ran from them..."

Tiger's heart sanked..."Call him, tell him to keep searching and he should make sure he brings my son home..."

Aaron wipe sweat from his brows as he dialled the number again but yet again, it wasn't reachable..., he quickly turn around when he heard footsteps...

"What do you want..?"He asked immediately when he realised it was a maid..

The maid, Tamara drew closer to him...."Are you guilty..?"She asked

Shock raced across Aaron's face......"Guilty of what..?"

"You sound like a guilty person.."She said..."You're so restless..."

"What do you want....?"He queried changing the subject...

"The princess wants to see you..."

"Okay.."He said turning away from her..

"Have you seen Joshua around...?"

He quickly turn back to face her..., his insides racing with added adrenaline....."No"

"He's missing..."Tamara said...."At first I thought he went home but then his brother came looking for him.., he's not in the palace.."

"How is this suppose to be my business...?"He queried, his mind brooding over the blood he saw in Maria's room..

"He's your friend.."

"He was never my friend.."


"Well if you think that's not the right word, fill your own word in it..."

"I want to report his disappearance to the queen.."She said

Aaron frown.."Look, do whatever you want, stop telling me..."


"I'm not in the mood.."He cut her short before walking away...

Heart throbbing, he created a distance between him and her before making way to Maria's room....
Without knocking he went into her room and saw her standing....

"You should stop sending people to call me, they'll start suspecting..."He said to her.., shock struck him, his heart almost ripping out of his chest as Maria turn to face him with a pistol....

He flinch and his body hit the door, fear threatening to choke him to dead....

"Wh..what..."He stammered..."What are you doing...?"

"Who are you..?"Maria asked firmly pointing the gun at him..

Aaron swallowed forcefully...."I..I.. I don't understand...."

Maria walk closer to him, the gun in her hand..."I told you about the challina town house, where my father secretly hid his money.., well it turns out another team was there to retrieve the money and only four of us knew about this mission.., my mother, Sulieman, I and you..., if my mother, Sulieman and I didn't tell anyone.., then the fourth person did...., you have ten seconds to talk...who did you tell...?"

Hot fluid dribbled down Aaron's legs as his whole body got wrapped in primal torture......

"It wasn't me..."He cried out as his body slowly drift to the ground..."I swear it wasn't me......, I.. I'll never do that to you or..or..or the queen...."

She grit and drop the gun to her side.....

"It wasn't me, I swear..."He said and hot urine rolled down his trouser..

"Did you piss yourself....?"Maria ask ....

"I..."He swallowed forcefully...."I'm sorry..,I was scared...."

"You need to understand something Aaron..., if I find out you're a spy, I'll kill you myself...."

He nodded.....

Maria took a glance at his wet trouser.."Even if my mother and I don't get along.., when it comes to my brother, my mother and I are on the same page, do you understand that....?"

His head spin with fear and he quickly nodded without words....

A smile surround Maria's lips and she lean closer and press a kiss on his lips....
"I love you..."She mutter...

Lawrence heart lit with joy as they made way to the road....
"At last..."Lawrence mutter breathing in the fresh air of town.....

He look at Miranda who wasn't saying anything to him...

"So what way now...?"He asked breaking the silence between them...

She didn't reply him, instead she started walking away.., Lawrence quickly ran after her..

"Hey..."He said grabbing her shoulder

She quickly pushed him and in that split second, a bullet raced through the space between them....
Shock engulfed their two and they quickly looked up, when another bullet came dropping a step before them, they ran back to the bush to hide themselves......

"They're here too..."Miranda said with heavy breathe..

Lawrence couldn't believe it, if she hasn't pushed him, he would have been hit..., he poke his head out and another bullet dropped almost reaching him

"Our shooter is on the roof of that uncompleted building..."He said

She took a moment to drag in a deep breathe....."Exactly who is after you...?"

"I told you I don't know..."

Miranda shut her eyes, when she reopen them, she mutter..."Shit.."

"What..?"..Lawrence ask curiously

"It's the Godfather...."

"Who's the Godfather..?"He asked

"If I'm right, you're a dead man, The Godfather has a community of gunmen and this is exactly how he operates..., if you're marked, his men will follow you to the end of the world just to kill you..."

"Okay..., I'm going to go out there.."

"You can't go, you'll die.."

Lawrence swallowed..."He's using a bolt action rifle, he works on the bolt for three seconds after each shot...., he won't be able to shoot at us if we can make it to the entrance of that building within three seconds..."

"Three seconds.., that's suicide..."

"It's our only way out of there, except you prefer us going back into the bush..., we have to take this nigga out.."

"He already bolt the gun, how do you intend we walk pass the bullet and run for the building..."

"Zigzag..."He said..."We'll have to run zigzag, that way he'll get confused on where to aim..."

"What if he shoots me..?"

He swallowed..."I'm the target.., you'll just distract him till we get to that building....., are you ready..?"

She took a deep breathe....."Okay..."

He inhale before standing up, when he came out of the bush and glance up to face the shooter, he realised his plan won't be easy..., he watch, calculated as his shooter ring his fingers around the trigger, Lawrence quickly jumped from where he was standing and the bullet hit the ground...

"Run..."He shouted and Miranda quickly run after him..., just like the plan..a fast zigzag race...

The shooter aim Lawrence movement, when he shoot again he missed but before he could work on the bolt again, they were already in the building...

"Shit.."The shooter sneer packing the gun from the rooftop..

Carefully, Lawrence climb the staircase, Miranda behind him.., he knew his plan was stupid..., how could he think of fighting someone with a gun....
His body peering the walls of the stairs.., he trot forward and gently poke his head out when he got to the roof....., shock swept across his face and he quickly turn to face Miranda..

"What..?"Miranda asked with throbbing heart..

Lawrence didn't answer, instead he went into the roof..

"What are you doing..?"Miranda ask shapily following him..

Lawrence eyes widened with shock as he saw their shooter in a pool of blood....

"Who killed him..?"Miranda asked....

Lawrence shook his head and look around for the man's gun, when he couldn't find it, he turn around only to see other people with guns coming from another staircase.....

"On your knees..."One of the men ordered....

Fear stricken, Lawrence went down on his knees as his eyes gazed at the multiple guns pointing at him.....

"Miranda..."Lawrence mutter wondering why she was still standing....

"Lady Mira...."One of the men said..

Lawrence eyes widened with surprise on how the intruders knew her..

"Zach..."Miranda called back and lean in for a hug...

"Miranda what's going on.."Lawrence ask curiously..."Who are they...?"

"Quiet..."One of the men yelled at Lawrence..

"Let him be.."Miranda said..."He's with me..."

Zack grit before speaking..."The queen received info that the Godfather has spies here, so we were patrolling and that was when we saw this one..., I killed him on sight...."

Miranda huff and glance at the dead body....

"Who is he..?"Zach ask pointing at Lawrence...

"He's the bait...."Miranda said....."but for now.., black him out..."

Shocked, Lawrence stood to his feet...."I'm a bait.., Miranda, who exactly are you...?"

Before he got an answer, one of the men hit his head with the edge of a gun, Lawrence head spin, he fell to his knees, eyes opening and closing, he dive into an oblivion of unconsciousness...





Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Ibroslank(m): 6:42pm On Mar 20
I think rose is coming down to suruza after killing maia. That is if the story is a playback


Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 7:02pm On Mar 20
I can't keep kwayet anymore
This is one of the best, if not the best story i've read in this forum so far

Silver1996 More inspiration i pray you
You're going places...
Thanks dear
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 7:06pm On Mar 20
I think rose is coming down to suruza after killing maia. That is if the story is a playback
The story is not a playback and Maia is different from Maria


Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by hidhrhis(m): 7:13pm On Mar 20
Silver u are the best i swear

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Ibroslank(m): 8:56pm On Mar 20
I did not say she is maria

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by purity23(f): 9:54pm On Mar 20
Na wa o, who really is Miranda, I'm scared for Lawrence o, bad people everywhere

Thanks for the update dear


Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by showgoeson: 10:21pm On Mar 20
I was thinking Liam and his father has gotten the king's money, who could have known it was actually a bomb that was in the vault, I'm just imagining Liam's face when he saw the bomb grin

Miranda said "Bait", bait to catch what or who?


Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by showgoeson: 10:22pm On Mar 20
Na wa o, who really is Miranda, I'm scared for Lawrence o, bad people everywhere

Thanks for the update dear
As in the bad people plenty, I don't who to trust anymore

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Debbylicious(f): 10:57pm On Mar 20
sad Lawrence just dey jump from frying pan to fire.. I don't even know who to trust in this story sef Silver thanks for the update jare

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Thebigdream: 11:13pm On Mar 20
Lawrence don enta express.

Let me be sincere, queen Tiger is evil, killed all those people just to prove a point, she's even more heartless than I thought

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by 2skay: 8:09am On Mar 21
Oh! My this shit is getting hot ......Nice story u have got here manh. More ink to ur pen, well done sir

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by sly12345: 8:22am On Mar 21
Who else has noticed the prince hasn't eating since the previous day, he go die o
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Ibroslank(m): 8:37am On Mar 21
He eat from the hunters hut
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by purity23(f): 10:17am On Mar 21
Who else has noticed the prince hasn't eating since the previous day, he go die o
He go chop when he reach huz smiley

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Debbylicious(f): 10:23am On Mar 21
He go chop when he reach huz smiley
The way wey the story dey be, the prince go ever reach house?


Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Mavikolo2020: 10:29am On Mar 21
Where dem dey carry Lawrence go again na, this is getting serious.

Aaron, I can't believe he urinate on himself, so this guy nor get mind and he dey spy.

Meanwhile I don't support what Tiger did, she should find other means to confirm her suspicion

Thanks for the update

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Mavikolo2020: 10:31am On Mar 21

The way wey the story dey be, the prince go ever reach house?
Good question
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Mavikolo2020: 11:22am On Mar 21
He eat from the hunters hut
when was that
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by JerryOJerry6429: 12:00am On Mar 22
They called Miranda lady Mira, that means she's an important person, I thought she was just a hunter's daughter

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Cass01(m): 6:30pm On Mar 22
They called Miranda lady Mira, that means she's an important person, I thought she was just a hunter's daughter

Seems there's more to it
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Cass01(m): 6:34pm On Mar 22
I was thinking Liam and his father has gotten the king's money, who could have known it was actually a bomb that was in the vault, I'm just imagining Liam's face when he saw the bomb grin

Miranda said "Bait", bait to catch what or who?
Maybe she's working for the godfather....who knows

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Hollysaint: 7:36pm On Mar 22
Thanks boss Silver

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Thebigdream: 11:16pm On Mar 22

Maybe she's working for the godfather....who knows
I'm not too sure about that
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 9:43pm On Mar 23
EPISODE TITLE- Lesson No. 1: Mind your business and you'll live long

Chief Borgias eyes shifted to his dead wife body again and became glazed with a glassy layer of tears. As he blinked, they dripped from his eyelids and slid down his cheek. he bit her lip tightly in attempt to hide any sound that wanted to escape from his mouth, his heart sank with terror and anger....

"Pops...."Liam chime in from the door as he trot towards him oblivious of exactly what was going on.., on his way in, he saw the thugs faces.., they all wore woeful faces like something bad has happened.., he didn't want to believe it but seeing his father standing there beside a body he hasn't seen yet already made his heart jump with trepidation....

He walked closer..., his eyes widened as he saw his mother body, dead, cold, drenched in her own cozy blood....

He dropped to his knees as the magnitude of his loss swept over him....., his lips quivered as he tried to talk yet what came out was engulfed in tremors.....

Chief Borgias held his shoulder and just then the reality of what was in front of him hit him....and he quickly cried out...

"Thank you..."Kess said as he handed the guns over to chief Dario...

A crooked dry laughter leap out of Dario's mouth as he drop the bag of guns on the ground....

"Everything complete.."Dario asked settling himself on a chair..

Kess inhale the damp air of the house as his eyes wandered around before he refocused them on him....

"You know..."Kess stated sitting across him and cran his fingers through a layer of dust on the chair....."You haven't still tell me how you got these guns..."

Dario scoff..."I helped you didn't I...?"

Kess bit his lower lip already knowing where the conversation was going to....NOWHERE

"You did.."He replied crisply..."But I still need answers..., how come you have many ammunition in your possession, who are you...?"

"Every chief in this town have ammunition in their store room..."

"I don't know of every chief.., I know of you...., why do you have them..., are you trying to create a cartel...?"

"Cartel..."He draw between his lips before chuckling....."I don't need a cartel inspector..."

"Then explain the guns..."

"Inspector, if I'm going to help you in the future, you need to stop asking many questions...., rule No. 1 inspector.., if you want to live long, mind your own business..."

"I'm an officer of the law.., minding my business is certainly not part of my jurisdiction...."

"Are you saying I'm a criminal just because I have ammunition in my possession..."

Kess grit...."No, I'm not calling you a criminal.."

"Then you must see me as a petty thief.."

"Neither..."Kess riposte...."Look.., I'm just concern, and I'm wondering why you showed them to me despite knowing who I am..."

"You asked for my help inspector, and I provided a way out.., you should be grateful am the reason you got successful in ceasing that shipment..."

Kess sigh when he realise the chief was trying every effort to put out the subject at hand....

"I actually thought we could be partners.."Dario added

"Partners...., partners in what..., crime.?"

"Partners in bringing these scumbags down.."Dario said leaning his face forward..

Kess raise his brow...

"I could be of use to you inspector..., so what do you say...?"

Kess sigh, more of relief that the dampened air he was breathing in......"Not until you tell me how you got those guns and what you keeping them for..?"

Liam flare his nose amidst tears and anger as he watch the ambulance took Antonia body to the morgue...., his fist clenched and quickly he walked back into the house....

"Who did this....?"He queried, a touch of anger in his voice...

Chief Borgias just sat on the chair, dominated by a profound sadness and anger...

"Pops..."Liam growled..."Who shot my mother....?"

"Son.."Chief Borgias mutter raising his face to him...."Sit down.."

"Pops..., that was mum whose body was just taken away like some rug rat, and you asking me to sit down...., I'm not going to sit down.., I'm going to find those bastards that did this to her....."

"Son..."Chief Borgias called out crisply before standing up to meet him...., he held Liam's head and who quickly lean in his shoulder letting his angry tears rolled into his father's shoulder...

"They killed mum...."He cried into chief Borgias shoulder

"I know son..."Chief Borgias replied tapping softly on his back..."But know this son.., I promise you, whoever killed your mother, he'll pay in every costly way..., that bastard will pay, I swear on your mother's corpse, they will pay...."

"Boss..."One of the thugs said from the door before entering the house...

"Boss..."He said again when chief gave no reply..

"What...?"Chief Borgias retorted..

"What do you want huh.."Liam growled walking towards the thug..."Can't you see we are in mourning..."

"I have more bad news sir..."The thug said...

"What is it..?"Chief Borgias ask

"The shipment..."

"What about the shipment..?"Liam balled in anxiously

"It was impound...."

"Impound...!"Chief Borgias reiterated..."By who..?"

"Our men ran into the police.."

"And they couldn't put them down..."Liam sneer..."Those imbeciles, how many where they.., the damn policemen, how many where they...?"

"Well the info I got states only the new guy was there..."

"What new guy..?"Liam asked

"That mòron..."Chief Borgias retorted..."That inspector..."

"Wait, hold up..., who we talking about here..,same inspector that was here yesterday...?"

"He's the one Liam..."Borgias said..."That damn fool has cross the limits this time.... "

"I'm going to handle that bastard now Pops...., I swear to God, I'll blow his stupid brains out..."

"Not now son...."Borgias cut in..."Let's keep this day holy for your mother..., the inspector will get what's coming for him tomorrow...."

"Pops, that fool should be getting a bullet for dinner...."

"Tomorrow Liam..."Borgias groaned before facing the thug..."And Taka...?"

The thug exhale..."He was arrested...."

"You think he'll snitch..?"Liam ask

Borgias slightly bit his lower lip...."I don't think so..., Taka is not a rat but keep a look out..., if you suspect he snitch...., send someone to that damn cell to pay him a visit without mistakes..."

"Yes boss..."

Taka glare at the policeman as he pushed him into the interrogation room and handcuffed his hand to the rod on the wall.....

"I don't like to be treated like an animal...."Taka scowled at the officer who stood beside Dorathy...

Dorathy exhale and brush her eyes with the back of her palm before fusing her full attention on Taka...

"You should have thought about that before dealing illegal drugs..."Dorathy said back..

A mirthless smile surround Taka's lips..."Come on, don't claim innocent.., you must have done something illegal once in your life...."

"Look..., I'm going to make this simple and I pray you make it simple too...."Dorathy said...."Where were you taking the shipment...?"

Taka suck his teeth..."You know, you look pretty when you make a serious face...."

Dorathy smile but it quickly disappeared as it came...."Where were you taking the drugs...?"

"Did you brush your teeth today..?"Taka asked

Irritation swept across Dorathy but she kept her cool....

"Because..."Taka continue...."I'll love to kiss you.."

"You think this is a joke..."The officer beside Dorathy yelled slamming the table with his broad hand

Taka flinch at the sudden move...."Wooo, relax officer black, I'm just trying to have a meaningful and romantic conversation with the young lady....., what's your problem man.."

"Patrick..."Dorathy cut in when the officer rushed at Taka nearly strangling his neck....."Relax..."

Face stoned, officer Patrick withdrew his attack and once again stand beside Dorathy....

Dorathy took a moment to look at Taka before she finally spoke up...."I need a name..., who were you taking the drugs to...?"

"You asked where the first time.."Taka said..."And now who..., seems to me you're getting confused here beautiful..."

"I'm not playing with you..."Dorathy growled

"Well I'm playing..."Taka replied...."And if you want me to talk, you have to step into my game...."

"And what is your game...?"She asked awkwardly

Taka drew his lips between his teeth before his eyes settled on officer Patrick..."Well you'll have to tell this angry lunatic to leave here first..."

Officer Patrick charged at him, this time he almost punched Taka if Dorathy hasn't intervene...

"Let me deal with this guy..."Officer Patrick snarled with furious eyes...

"I know..."Dorathy said before turning to face Taka..."Look boy, I'm going to ask you for the very last time and if you don't tell me what I want, I will do this the hard way...., where and who were you taking the drugs to....., I need a name and a location now..."

Taka tauntful smile slipped but he didn't say anything.....

"Oh...., so that's how you want it.."Dorathy said..."Fine, I'll give it to you the hard way...."

"I'm hungry..."Taka said..."Bring me food and maybe, I might consider talking..."

"You aren't getting anything..."Officer Patrick retorted..

"Get him food..."Dorathy said...

"What..?"Officer Patrick chime in..."You really listening to him.."

"Just go get him food okay..."

Officer Patrick hesitated, glare at Taka before he left.....

Kess heaved a deep breathe before he raise his hand to knock on the DPOS door, when he got a reply to go in..., he sigh, turn down the knob and step into the office.., he saluted immediately....

"You sent for me sir.."Kess said

"Yes, I did.."The DPO replied dropping his glasses on the table...."I was told the info about the shipment came from you..., may I asked where you heard it from or better still, who told you...?"

Kess swallowed.., he'd expected the question still he prepared no answer for it...
"An anonymous person sir..."He said

The DPO raise his brow and Kess quickly realise he didn't buy it..

"An anonymous person..!"The DPO reiterated.."Is that a joke or what...?"

"It isn't a joke sir..., an anonymous person called me..."

"And you believed...?"

"That's the major reason I went alone sir...."

"No..."The DPO said reclining his back on the chair..."You went alone because you wanted the glory..., the respect to the man who stopped a drug shipment...."

Kess sigh more of irritation...."Isn't it our job to stop such illegal activities..."

"You were suspended..."The DPO riposte..."Which means you have no right, no obligation to do anything of such..."

"If I hadn't stopped that shipment..."Kess retorted leaning his head forward..."People will be dying on the street now...."

"When you're suspended, it means you're suspended...., and I heard you carried a gun, do you mind explaining who gave you a gun...?"

Kess swallowed trying hard to hold his anger.., the more the DPO talks, the more it beats down on him he's been right all the way....The DPO is a fucķing mole...

"Like I said.., the info came from an anonymous person.."

"I didn't ask you about the info, I asked about the gun..., where did you get a gun..?"

Kess grit, anger seething his insides...

"You can't talk...."The DPO cut in..."Are you harbouring illegal weapons...?"

Kess groaned and he was ready to latched out when the door open...., He quickly turn his attention to Dorathy who was standing dumbfounded on the door post...

"Dorathy eyes rolled from the DPO to Kess before she let the words out...."He's dead..."Dorathy said with pants breathe

"Who's dead...?"Kess asked anxiously drawing close to her...

Dorathy eyes wobbled....."The boy, the boy we arrested ....., he's dead..."

"Taka.."Kess mutter and quickly dashed out of the office and head for the cells......
His eyes widened with shock as he saw two policemen carrying Taka's body out....

"What the hell happened..?"The DPO queried..

"We think he was poisoned..."A policeman said...

"Poisoned....!"The DPO reiterated..."How...?"

"I got him food..."Officer Patrick chimes in..."But I swear, I didn't poison the food, I have no idea how he died..."

Eyes sparkling anger, Kess walked past them and Dorathy quickly ran after him..

"Kess..."She shouted after him..

"What...?"Kess yelled...

Fear creep from the pit of her stomach at the harshness of Kess voice...

"You had a little task Dorathy..."Kess snarled..."Make sure he doesn't die but you couldn't even do it..."

"Kess, I'm sorry, I...

Kess didn't bother listening, he left her to enter his car and drove off, leaving her standing as her head webbed with regrets and grief...

Grief stricken, Dorathy trot towards the cell Taka was kept.., her eyes almost flood with tears as she stare at the empty cell...

"You know I didn't do it right....."Officer Patrick said from behind her..

Dorathy slowly turn to face him...

"The DPO said I'm to stay here until it's confirmed he didn't die of poison...."Officer Patrick added

"Someone killed him.."Dorathy said

Officer Patrick bit his lower lip.."It wasn't me, you know me Dorathy, I'll never do that.."

Dorathy shut her eyes, when she reopen them, she reverts her gaze back to the empty cell and that was when she saw something..., she blinked again making sure it isn't her imagination playing silly games on her... but what she saw was still there..

"Do you have the key to this cell..?"She asked immediately

"Yes..."Officer Patrick replied handling her the keys..."What is it...?"

Dorathy didn't bother reply, instead she unlock the gate and rushed in, she lour down to pick a small sachet, then she sniffed it.....

"Oh my God...."She exclaimed shocked

"What is it..?"Officer Patrick asked curiously

"Do you remember this...?"Dorathy asked handling him the sachet..

Officer Patrick took it from her, when he smelled it, shock swept across his face...
"It's that same stash..."He said

"This means..."Dorathy said with panting breathes...

"He's not dead..."Officer Patrick added

They glance at each other before they quickly rushed out of the cell..

"Somebody call the morgue..."Dorathy said heading outside..."The boy is not dead..."

As the police car swung into the highway, Dorathy took out her phone to call Kess.., at first he didn't answer then she called again..
When he answer, he didn't speak up and it occured to Dorathy he was still angry..

"He's not dead..."Dorathy said sharpily..

"What..?"Kess surprise voice came into light..."What do you mean he's not dead.."

"He took some stash.."Dorathy said..."It slowed down one's breathing for sometimes before your full breathe repercurate...."

"Wait.., I don't understand....

"Just come to the morgue, we are on way there.., if he pulled this stunt.., it means he wants to escape..."

"On my way.."Kess said immediately and the call ended..

It wasn't long before they got to the morgue..., Dorathy and officer Patrick accompanied by other policemen quickly jumped out from the vechicle..., their guns in their hand, they tiptoe inside each ready for any shootout..., when they drew closer, they saw a trial of blood, they followed it, each carefully observant of the environment.....

"Oh God....."Dorathy mutter with down witted heart as she stare at the pile of dead bodies..., when her phone rang, she quickly answered the call..

"Dorathy, what's the situation..., do you have him now..?"Kess asked

Dorathy swallowed forcefully and shook her head..."We are too late..., he killed everybody, he escaped...."

When they removed the blindfold from Taka's face, he stare at the man in front of him, then a smile quickly creep into his face.....
"Godfather..."He said

"Son.."The Godfather replied...."I'm glad you're save..."

With a big smile, Taka ran towards him and hugged him.....

"I missed you son.."The Godfather said

"I missed you too....Dad"




Sorry for the late update

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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Debbylicious(f): 10:01pm On Mar 23
Thanks for the update Sir...

Taka and the Godfather, what's the relationship between them?
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 10:10pm On Mar 23
Silver u are the best i swear
Tnks man
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 10:15pm On Mar 23
Oh! My this shit is getting hot ......Nice story u have got here manh. More ink to ur pen, well done sir
Tnks man
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 10:15pm On Mar 23
Thanks for the update Sir...

Taka and the Godfather, what's the relationship between them?
You'll soon find out

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