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GOOD GUY AT 23 by TheBizarreWrite(m): 5:47pm On Mar 27, 2020
This story is a work of fiction, sort of. It is loosely based on my life, so don't even think of plagiarizing this; that'll suck.

Episodes shall be released randomly, but at least twice a week. This is a story I want to tell; it's one I feel somewhat connected to--it's always been up there in my head.

Read, enjoy and comment. It'll be fun to read your comments and know what you think of my story.

That said, let's get down to the story. ☺


© TheBizarreWriter, 2020. COVID-19 A.D

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by TheBizarreWrite(m): 5:52pm On Mar 27, 2020
EP. ONE: At 23

I always sat outside every evening, listening and watching them talk. I’d just moved into a new apartment in school—a bed-sitter with a room, a kitchen and a bathroom—much better than the school hostel I’d lived in the past three years.

No more cramped hallways littered with garbage and dirty clothes, and soggy rags and filth; no more creaking, dirty old beds, so hard on could effectively use them as an ironing board, or a boat! maybe.

This was the first phase of my final two years in school, at least that was how I saw it. I was no longer the naïve eighteen-year-old who’d lived in the school hostel and basically did nothing but learn, and I wasn’t even that good at the learning part. I hated the course I was studying, and I hated every single minute I spent in school.

I'm twenty-two now, moving on to a new age in two months, and I wanted to experience school for what it had. I wanted to be wild—I am wild, I think, but in a mild, innate sort of way; I can always imagine doing crazy stuff, but I’ve never actually had the guts to try them, at least not opening. Maybe I'm not so wild after all.

The evenings were almost always hot, so sitting outside the compound was something of a necessity.
Most of the guys outside were bare chested, their shirts slung over their shoulders, or swinging in their hands. I always kept my shirts on.
There were females around, and besides I was very self-conscious about my scrawny build, even though I always took solace in the fact that I was handsome to look at, and my cute ‘baby face’—according to my ex-girlfriend—was enough to distract from my lesser manly features.

My arms were long and slim, my legs straight and not at all beefy at the calves like most of those guys. I love my body; I love staring at my arms, the smooth light complexion, and then there was the beard and moustache combo I had going on right up there on my face.

Sitting outside every evening, I knew, would be my fastest chance of making new friends. I needed those if I wanted to have a balling final two years. I’d spent the first two weeks inside my apartment, listening to music, gaming, sleeping, and reading novels. That was basically my routine, but I needed more. There could be more, and I could feel it.

There were three guys outside, my neighbors, talking and laughing. Their words were crude and free, and I loved it. Why can’t I be that free with my words without having to over-think everything?

Two of those guys had smokes with them, while the third did the rolling, sticking out his tongue and slowly running it over the transparent piece of paper I'd seen him place the bits of weed into. I watched them because it intrigued me.

Personally, I wasn't interested in smoking but there was something about the way the guys talked and smoked, and laughed that intrigued me.

One of the guys, the tallest of them with a long, sharp goatee, almost as lanky as I was, held his half burnt smoke between his lips, his eyes dull, and puffed out thick white smoke. He paused and observed the third guy sitting on a faded yellow, 50-litres paint bucket.

'Sammy sabi roll die,' he mused, chuckling dryly.
The one called Sammy seemed pleased by this compliment. He started nodding his head slowly and rhythmically, and it was at moment I noticed the music playing from a speaker sitting on a cement block. Hard music. Uncensored rap.

The stuff I listened to was more softcore: foreign hit music, weird indie rock songs I'd never really heard anyone else play, and the occasional Nigerian music.

I was pleased with my selections, but I didn't think these guys would. I made a mental note, and also an actual note on my phone, to download those kind of songs. I have no idea why I did that; I love my songs. I didn't care if these guys liked it or not, but somewhere in my head I knew a time would come when they'd cross my path, and I felt like I wanted to be able to causally play one of those 'highness music' as they called it.

Sammy was dark and short, but not too short; I guess average. Height perspectives are always weird for me, maybe because I have a thing about my height--I'm average, by the way. He had spikey black hair, and he didn't have the smoker look.

The tall guy, I heard them call him Jide, definitely looked like a smoker. I recall the first time I met him. I'd just come out my sanctuary sometime around noon, the sun blazing and the air freaking hot.
I wanted to quickly buy fuel and use my generator, at least get some much needed breeze and also listen to Kenny G or something soft, and then I saw him.
He sat over a pavement outside one of the apartment doors, shirtless and looking dazed. I remember saying to myself, this guy is high. And true, Jide looked high all the time.

'Abeg, Sammy, change that music jor,' the other guy said and hissed, dropping his finished smoke on the ground and doing some weird shuffle around it, as if worshipping it for the pleasures it'd sacrificed itself to give.
Now this guy was different. He looked like me. Not in resemblance; he had that 'responsible guy, Christian upbringing' look, and I immediately wondered if his parents knew he smoked.

His name was Chidi, but I always hear everyone call him pastor. He did have that soft, kind look. A clean lowcut on his head, slim and tall, but not as tall as Jide. He was light-skinned like me, with a soft face.
The only ofd thing about him was the cigarette he was sticking between his lips now. He looked at me and our eyes met. Shit! I held my breath. I couldn't look away immediately, that would be weird so I held his gaze.

'Hey bro,' he said to me, moving closer. The others looked in my direction.

'Do you have a lighter?' He pointed at the cigarette on his lips.

His English sounded weird--not in a bad way, but weird since all they'd been speaking was pidgin.
I sat upright and searched the pockets of my combat shorts.

I guess I, even as much as they, was surprised when I felt something in my right pocket, pulled it out, and saw it was a lighter.
The truth is, I'd already played out this scenario in my head. I told myself I wasn't trying to get with this guys, or squeeze into their clique; I loved being alone most times, I just needed a little recognition, I wanted to make it clear that I was there, not like before. I was ready to live, and live wild.

'Nice lighter,' Chidi remarked, turning over the shiny metal-cased lighter, with a tiger head on it. I'd told myself, the day I spent a thousand naira on it, that I'd be impressed with that lighter, assuming I actually smoked.

'Thanks,' I said, and wanted to add a little story of how I bought the lighter, but I let it die. I heard the click, and watched the red sparks light up the end of his cigarette, and watched the glow increase as he took in several puffs.

The others were still observing me, perhaps expecting me to say something. I didn't. That's the thing about me: I don't do things exactly when I should; I take my time. And so it happened that I didn't break the ice with those three that night.
That would happen a little later. I never did get my lighter back, even though I would have loved to have it back. It did cost me a thousand naira.

To be continued...

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by TheBizarreWrite(m): 6:52pm On Mar 27, 2020
EP. 2

As far as I'm concerned, things had gotten off to the right start. Those three--Jide, Sammy, and Chidi--would be my ticket to the wild side of life I sought, and yet I felt like I was forcing myself to become what I wasn't.

What if they asked me to smoke? Would I do it?

I didn't kid myself about this; I knew why I was asking myself that question, even though it really doesn't matter to me: I was basically trying to get in touch with the 'good boy' part of me, but who cares?

So, if they offered me a smoke my answer would be no. Not because it's bad, but because I don't fancy smoking.

Alcohol? That was my thing.

One of the good things about being a shy loner is, you get to be very observant, and you learn a lot of things; you get to even be strong, deep inside, but wrapped in a weak shell.
I didn't want to be that cliché shy boy, so I took up alcohol.
That was three years ago. It's very much part of me, and that proved to be a good thing.

The new apartment I moved into--a building split into two corridors, each with rooms lined on either side like regular hostels, except this one's better--turned out to be a very noisy one.

I'd sit outside with everyone, basically making no contributions since I didn't technically have any friends yet, and I'd listen to their chatter and would laugh when everyone was laughing. Not fake laughter, no; the shit they did was too damn funny not to laugh.

One night, under the light of a lone street lamp shining over the apartment building, Chidi--one of the craziest, foul-mouthed guys in that compound--grabbed one of the girls, I think her name was Lissa.

Here's the thing about Lissa: she's sexy as hell. Dark-skinned and slim, always wearing short shorts which clasped tight to her body, making the lines of her ass very visible. I had an erection the first time I saw her.

I watched as Chidi grabbed her and bent her over, his crotch pressed against her ass. Now I was beginning to get nervous, looking around to make sure everyone had their eyes on those two in case they decided to start fucking right in the open.
But everyone was cheering and clapping, phones out as they made videos and took photos.
It was some kind of crude joke.

'Na so Lissa guy dey Bleep her,' Chidi said, holding her hands behind her back. He started a series of thrusts, back and forth

'How you take know?' Someone asked. I didn't get the chance to see the person, as I had my eyes fixed on those two.

'Okay na,' Chidi said, hitting her ass with his crotch. My eyes moved to Lissa who laughed playfully and then started to moan out loud. My heart skipped a beat at this point, but I'd soon learn that this simulated moans was something of a regular sound in that apartment building; girls would be in regular conversations and then start moaning and laughing. Of course, regular conversations meant talks about sex, and fucking. Those two are different, trust me.

I thought about what Chidi had done with Lissa, that wild play and how easy it'd been for him to do it. I'd stared at his crotch after he'd pulled away, and concluded that he'd been doing this a long time. Either that, or he wasn't aroused by Lissa. He didn't even have to adjust his shorts, or stick his hand into his pocket and stylishly adjust his junk. That would have been my story, blushing and fighting an erection. Then again, I didn't think I could do that with a girl out in the open.

The girls all seemed to be as foul-mouthed as the guys, and this amazed me. I was the only quiet one, and I could notice them noticing me. It was just a matter of time before something weird happened, and I was right.

It was a weird Friday evening alright, one of those bad days you just wanted to end as quickly as possible. Lectures had been stupid boring, and I'd had to trek under the sun so many times because I'd lost the 500 naira note I'd stashed in my pocket for shuttle fares. I'd burnt the noodles I was cooking, simply because I'd gotten lost in the cool shower I was taking and had somehow misjudged the time it took for the pasta to boil.

I mean, who burns noodles? I really wanted the day to end, and I needed a drink. So I bought a can of beer and settled down to watch a movie.

It was while I watched the movie and sipped the beer, the fan blowing cool air against my aching body, that I heard the knock.

'Yeah?' I called out and paused the movie, waiting for a second knock. It came, and this time I stood up and walked to the door. I opened the door and the first thing I caught was her perfume. I had no idea who she was.

'Good evening,' she said to me, looking into my room.

'Hi. Can I..can I help you?'

She was tall, this girl. Wide hips and a pretty face. She looked twenty-five.

'I'm sorry, but my friend used to live here.'

I had the door open halfway, standing in between. I looked back into my room, as if to check if that friend of hers was there, and then my eyes went back to her.

'I just moved here.'

'Oh, you're new here?'


She frowned and puffed her cheeks. 'I thought he was still staying here.' She looked into my room again, then at the corridor and then at me.
I had to say something. 'Didn't you call him first before coming?'

'No. I lost his number. I just came into town to do my clearance. I was supposed to go back today, but the whole thing was just stressful so I decided I'd just spend the night at his place.'

I straightened up, my heart beating fast now.

'I'm sorry. This place was vacant when I moved in.'

Shit! Of course it was vacant before I moved in, stupid.

The girl looked confused and disappointed, and she seemed to hesitate. The light in the corridor lit up our faces, and I could see her regarding me intently. She sighed, her lips twitching, and I knew she'd made up her mind about me.

'Can I come in?' She asked, and at that moment I remembered my parents words about girls and temptation, and the devil and his cunning ways.

This girl was damn pretty, and she was asking if she could come into my room? We just met like three minutes ago.

I said yes.


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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by Ayomideen(m): 9:32pm On Mar 27, 2020
Nice story man

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by TheBizarreWrite(m): 9:36pm On Mar 27, 2020
Nice story man

Thanks ☺

There'll be more updates soon!

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by oluwatosin070: 10:05pm On Mar 27, 2020
I'm so loving your story... Update ASAP

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by TheBizarreWrite(m): 10:06am On Mar 28, 2020
Hi bizarre readers!

Expect an update today!

Please remember to invite others to read and follow this amazing story, and also comment!

----The BizarreWriter
Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by Basics007: 11:52am On Mar 28, 2020
This looks promising. Great job

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by TheBizarreWrite(m): 11:55am On Mar 28, 2020
EP 3

The scent of my room automatically changed as soon as she stepped in. I stood by the door and fumbled with the lock while she went straight to the bed and sat on it.

I also switched on the light, took in a deep breath and sat myself on the chair behind my work desk.

'Sorry if I'm intruding,' she said sweetly and smiled, looking straight at me.

I smiled back, my gaze giving way. 'It's fine.'
'I like your room, it's really fine.'

The walls were painted white, with blue intricate patterns drawn into it. I was into art, and I'd done it myself. Time to show off.

'Yeah? I painted it myself.'

She looked impressed and stood up to take a closer look at the walls.

'You're really good.' She ran her fingers over the designs, nodding slowly. I looked at her--well, I looked at her ass, squeezed tight in her blue jeans trouser--and started to feel hot, even though my fan was whirling crazily.

Each time she moved left or right, awing at the designs, her ass would sway in the same manner, the curved lines like stretching and clenching. From where I sat I could already feel my body reacting to the sight of this girl, who was now checking out the portraits on the wall.

'Did you also paint these?' Her voice echoed in my head, but I continued staring at her ass, beads of sweat forming on my head.
She turned around and asked again, and I sat up straight, reset the worried expression on my face, and nodded.

'You're really good.'

She's wearing waist beads? I thought, when she bent over to look at one of the paintings resting against the wall, her ass now in the alluring shape of a heart.

I find waist beads sexy and extremely sensual, and seeing hers wrapped around her waist made me gulp and my fingers twitched, almost ready to reach out and grab.
She sat back on the bed and looked around my room, eyeing every inch of the place. Then her eyes went to my beer and she said, 'you're enjoying o.'

'Uh, enjoyment? No na,' I responded. This is lonely enjoyment, but that one remained inside my head.

'Your girlfriend must really enjoy coming here,' she mused, stretching back and resting on the bed, her boobs like two hills and her abdomen a slopping valley.

I scoffed and snickered. 'I don't have a girlfriend.'
She sat up and looked at me in disbelief. 'It's a lie.'

'I'm serious.'

'Wow. And you're so cute.'

My cheeks burned now, and I smiled sheepishly.
'Eh, but at least you have a Bleep-mate abi?' She added.

I chuckled, but said nothing.

'Yes na, that's very necessary. Especially for a fine guy like you.'

I was about to say something when her phone rang.

'Please excuse me,' she said and took the call. I sat there, doing nothing and trying not to eavesdrop, then I took a pen and started drawing on the book on my desk.

In just a few seconds I found myself sketching two round boobs. I quickly dropped the pen and closed the book.
'Oh thank God, you're around? Okay, I'll just sleep over at your place then.'

Is she talking to a guy?

'I was wondering where I'll sleep before o,' she said and laughed, listening to the voice on the other end. She smiled, showing her teeth. 'Waka waka girl, ashawo,' she teased and then ended the girl.
Looking up at me she said, 'one of my girlfriends is around. I'll just spend the night at her place.'

'Oh, that's good.' I may have said that to her, but I think it was more like 'oh that's good, that it was a girl you we're talking to and not a guy'.

She tried to stand up, then she stretched out her hand to me. It took me a few seconds to understand, but then I rushed to her, took her hand and pulled her up. Soft hands.

'You know, I wanted to sleep here before that call came.'

We were standing just an inch apart, her eyes on mine. I let go of her hand and shifted back, before the guy down there would betray me.
'Well, you're always welcome.'

'Aww, that's sweet.'

She hesitated, then asked, 'can I...have your number?'

'Huh?' I asked stupidly.

'Your phone number, in case I want you to paint me.'

'Oh sure, of course.' I called out my number--note, I called it out; I could have just taken her phone and typed it in, just like a site had advised me to: take charge and give her your number, let her know you're confident, the site had said. Well I wasn't confident, and she would have noticed my hand shaking.

She smiled and said, 'oh, my bad. I didn't even ask for your name.'

I chuckled and gulped, 'me neither. I'm Dickson.'
She laughed and her eyes sparkled, her boobs bouncing as her chest heaved from the laughter. She winked at me and started typing in my name, 'D-I-C-K,' she said out loud.
Only those letters. My body was on fire by now, and I knew in my head I wasn't doing something right.

'I'm Sonia.'

'Sonia, wow,' I gave her my sexiest smile--sexy in my head though, wasn't sure how sexy it looked in real life. She seemed to like it.
'You're the first girl I'm meeting whose name is Sonia.'

'And you're the first guy I'm meeting with a dick- in his name.'

I chuckled and nodded. Heard that before.
She made to leave, pausing halfway out of my room, and then looked at me, tapping her phone on her lips.
'So, maybe I'll see you again Dickson. I hope you can paint nude pictures.'

Okay, if she's gonna flirt with me, then I will.
'Of course. You'll just have to take off all your clothes and pose whichever way you want, and I'll paint you. I won't miss any detail.'

She bit her lower lip--this alone made me shiver and have goosebumps--and smiled again.

'Sounds...good, like sexy good. Too bad it's nighttime already.'

My throat became clogged. I wanted to tell her I didn't give a damn about night time, and that my bulb was working great and even if my bulb failed, I had a super-powerful torchlight, but I didn't say that. I just laughed.

'Okay then, see you sometime, DICKson.' She emphasized on the D-I-C-K part once, and then left. After I closed the door and rested my back on it, playing out everything and also still smelling her perfume, I knew deep inside me that I'd just bleeped up one of those crazy, wild pop-up moments life gave you.

I could have pulled her back in and said something crazy like that Chidi guy, or did something crazy. Shit! She gave me all the signs, and I'd done nothing. I shifted over to my bed and took a swig from the beer can, wincing as I gulped down the liquid, and suddenly felt refreshed and confident.

Grabbing a shirt--because, why the hell would I go outside with just my bare chest and boxer--I rushed out of my room. I stopped and came back to lock the door, just in case, and went out the main gate.
The street went both ways--straight back to a busy hotel, and the opposite way to the main road. The lone street lamp lit up the area. I stood in the middle of the street and looked for her. Nothing. She was gone.

'This is stupid.' I sighed and walked back into my room, tracking mud everywhere since I'd forgotten to wear my slippers.
I didn't even get her number. Maybe she was a spirit or a destiny-killer, as my over-religious father would say, but she was damn sexy, and she'd been coming on to me.

I entered the bathroom and washed my legs, thinking about the whole thing, and fell on my bed, staring at the paused movie. I didn't even bother to clean the mud tracks on the floor.

Abeg, I'll do that in the morning.

I just wanted to get high and sleep. Just as I settled down, a new can of beer in my hand, I heard some loud voices outside, and the unmistakable wincing sound of a DJ's mixer, and loud music being tuned.

What the hell?

As I stood up and headed for my window to have a look, another knock came on my door. I paused and stared at the door, my heart thumping.
The knock came again, and I took in a deep breath. I wasn't going to mess this one up.

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by adamsygee: 12:56pm On Mar 28, 2020
Nyc one OP.. The story is getting interesting.

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by TheBizarreWrite(m): 1:11pm On Mar 28, 2020
Nyc one OP.. The story is getting interesting.

Thanks. Please tag others to come read. I need more readers.

More episodes will be coming soon!


Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by bikassava: 8:34pm On Mar 28, 2020

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grin grin grin

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by samtoolz(m): 3:26pm On Mar 29, 2020
You've got me intrgued already.

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by TheBizarreWrite(m): 9:15pm On Mar 29, 2020

Life has a sick sense of humor, I always say. And for fucking good reason.

I opened my room door a bit too eagerly and I saw Jide and Sammy standing outside my room. Jide looked dazed and high as usual, while Sammy had a wrap of smoke stuck on his left ear. It was obviously his pride.

I wondered for a moment where Chidi--the third of their trio--was, but I soon spotted him running down the other corridor, literally chasing a piece of ass, if that was an expression--his tongue was out, and his hands stretched froward as he ran after one of the girls, his eyes fixed on her ass.
I focused back on the two in front of me.

'Abeg, you get lighter?' Sammy asked and I blinked my eyes. Lighter? Really? I still hadn't gotten back my fancy lighter from them.

'No,' I said, and they shrugged and turned to leave.
Jide had already walked off when Sammy looked at me and said in English, 'we have a party here till dawn. Come out of your room o. There'll be babes.'

I smiled. 'Okay, I will.'

He nodded and touched the wrap on his ear, and joined the others. Looking to the side, I could see the DJ setting up his equipment, and I could also see that the laundry lines which ran across the middle of the compound, had been cut to give space for, I suspected, what would be a makeshift dance floor.

Crates of drinks were lodged by the wall, red plastic cups placed on them. My neighbors were all chattering and moving about. Smoke puffed out from a certain section, and I suspected Jide and his guys to be there.

Yeah, a party was brewing alright.

I went back into my sanctuary and dropped on the bed, closing my eyes and breathing slowly, and then drifted off into a deep sleep.

I saw her again, that girl Sonia. She stood outside the compound, her bone illuminated by the rays of light from the street lamp.
I was in my room, so I had no idea how I saw her. She waved at me, and I waved back. Oddly enough, the waist beads she wore seemed to glow--green and blue, and pink and gold--and it formed some kind of dazzling glow around her body, like a super-sized glistening bubble. I stood there watching her.

'Come na,' she said impatiently and I felt my body literally drawn to her. One moment I was in my room, the other I was right outside, standing before her.
Her face looked even more beautiful up close, and she whispered to me.

'Should I take off my clothes now?'

I nodded.

'You'll paint me, won't you?'

I gulped. I will.

She slowly reached her hand to her chest, cupping each breasts, and I noticed for the first time that she was completely naked, her body covered only by that glow. I drew closer to her, not sure where my tools were.
She wanted me to come closer, I know; I could feel it just my looking into her eyes.

Just as I got really close to her, knowing that just a little push and our lips would meet, something odd happened.

She suddenly frowned and stretched out her hands before me. In one hand was a gong, and in the other was a thin rod.

What? I wondered, and then she started banging the rod against the gong. The sound echoed deep inside me head and made me scream and stagger backwards, my hands on my ears.

The sound went on, louder and louder, and then I felt myself pulled away from her, stretching into a darkness. A moment later, I gasped and opened my eyes. My room was dark, save for the light coming from the TV.

How long have I been asleep?

I groaned and rolled on my bed, my eyes heavy. My jaw ached as I yawned and reached for my phone.

'11:23? Seriously?' I let the phone drop and yawned again, and then that freaking banging sound came again. I became alert and turned around. Someone's at the door.

I rolled again and grunted as I hit the cold floor. In my lazy position I watched a dark silhouette move to my window, looking in.

'This guy dey so?' A voice said, one I recognized as Chidi's soft voice.

'Yes na. Knock again.' That was Sammy, for sure.
While I waited for the knock to come again I tried to get myself off the floor. It was a struggle, shifting my body to the side and willing my muscles to do their jobs. I managed to get on all fours and started a crawl towards the door when the knock came again.

I answered this time, pushing the door open and resting my weight on it.

Opening that door felt like opening a portal to another world; albeit a very noisy one. As soon as I opened it the noise became obvious--loud music and screams, and those stupid DJ beeps and sound effects, and the occasional bottle smash.
I hadn't realized how loud the party was, perhaps because I was in an alcohol--and disappointment--induced sleep.

'Were you sleeping?' Chidi asked and I nodded, shifting my gaze between him and Sammy. The night was very cold, but the compound was alive with this party.

'You no dey come outside sef?' Sammy hissed and I squinted my eyes at him. I'd said nothing since they came, and I wasn't sure they knew I wasn't fully awake yet.

They were both holding red cups, both smoking.
'What do you do in here all on your own?' Chidi asked and pushed his way into my room.

'Place dark anyhow, abi babe dey inside?' Sammy added, also entering my room. I turned around, animated in my motions, and watched this two breech my personal space.

I wasn't sure if I should walk in and close the door behind me. That would have been weird, right? So instead I decided to speak.

'I was resting before, I'll be out in a minute.'
Sammy chuckled. 'Oyibo. See English.'

Chidi gave him a sharp look and elbowed his ribs. 'Shut up. Is it your business if he speaks better English than you?'

I think this was the single act that made me like Chidi. Sammy shrugged and said whatever, then he left the room, leaving a trail of weed smoke in my room.

Chidi looked at me. 'The party's till dawn. Are you coming?'

I nodded. 'Yeah. I just need to pour cold water on my body.'

He nodded and regarded me closely, as if thinking of what to say.

'If you want I can get you one of those girls. They like you.' He started walking away, paused and added, 'but you're too quiet.'

He left me alone and I stood there, his words echoing in my head.

Wait, they like me?

I rushed into the bathroom and turned on the shower. No water. I cursed and grabbed a bucket. No water, no freaking problem.

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by TheBizarreWrite(m): 9:17pm On Mar 29, 2020
Episode 4 updated!

I'm already writing the 5th episode, and I have to say I'm enjoying this so far. Thanks for your comments. More to come.
Please share and get more people to read.



Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by oluwatosin070: 9:37pm On Mar 29, 2020
I'm enjoying this story... Kudos to the author

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by TheBizarreWrite(m): 9:38pm On Mar 29, 2020
I'm enjoying this story... Kudos to the author

Hey thanks! Please share. Let's get more readers on this. Updates will be regular.

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by cassbeat(m): 10:04pm On Mar 29, 2020
[color=#990000][/color]Yo u have a follower in me... Continue

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by freshyoladipupo(m): 10:31pm On Mar 29, 2020
this is a nice piece I must commend.....following the story already.

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by elmogaji(m): 10:48pm On Mar 29, 2020
Oya ooo ... update biko

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by TheBizarreWrite(m): 11:01pm On Mar 29, 2020
Oya ooo ... update biko

I'll be updating tomorrow, no worries. And I'll try to make it daily.
Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by adamsygee: 11:38pm On Mar 29, 2020
Nyc one Op.. we are patiently waiting for the next episode.

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by TheBizarreWrite(m): 1:27am On Mar 30, 2020
Nyc one Op.. we are patiently waiting for the next episode.

You'll get more, don't worry. ☺

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by germaphobe(m): 8:33am On Mar 30, 2020
you are trying bro, but no keep us in suspense ABEG OO

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by TheBizarreWrite(m): 9:02am On Mar 30, 2020
you are trying bro, but no keep us in suspense ABEG OO

�� Thanks. Suspense is the right tool, trust me.
I'll be updating DAILY.

Much love

-----The BizarreWriter

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Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by TheBizarreWrite(m): 8:20pm On Mar 30, 2020
Ep. 5

I wore my favorite hoodie, my hands stuck inside the pockets, and stepped out of my room. The atmosphere was loud and hot, bodies grinding and dancing all over the place.

I walked around slowly, doing what I did best: observing. I also stylishly tried to seek out Chidi, his words still in my head. It turned out that I didn't have to, because as soon as I bent around one corridor a girl came walking up to me.

I knew her; I'd seen her before. A week ago I'd gone out to buy food--being too lazy to cook and all--and I'd spotted her coming in my direction.

Oh God why did I pass here right now?

That was my general reaction whenever I see a neighbor on the same path I was, knowing I'd have to pass and greet them.
She was a dark girl, small with a duck-like waddle ( guess that's what happens when someone tells you something like 'you can be a model').

She was one of those girls who didn't exactly look beautiful, but on closer look you'd find one or two beautiful things about them, mostly their bodies. In her case, it was her sexual energy--the way she pursed her lips and batted her eyes, and exaggerated the movement of her hips, and almost always seemed to somehow draw your attention to her breasts, which were a nice pair, by the way.

She came to me now, the party raging on. She laughed wildly and grabbed my hand, pressing her body into mine. Now I wasn't high just yet, so all this was happening very acutely and I was well aware of every touch and sensation.

'Let's dance.'

I couldn't pull away from her because she held me. I struggled. Believe me, I tried.

'I can't dance,' I said, my voice drowned by the music. She laughed and pulled me anyway, dragging me onto the makeshift dancefloor.

There were other people dancing close to us, so thank God. Also, no one seemed to care what anyone was doing; you were either drinking, smoking, or in the arms of someone. Or in my case, getting forced to dance in public.

'I can't dan..' I was saying when she suddenly turned away from me and backed up her ass into my groin. She took my hands and placed them on her hips, and started what would be the first of many 'rockings' I'd receive.

It was like a magic spell. Her ass was soft, and the way she moved it made me gulp and look around, hoping no one was watching. Too bad, the Dj spotted us and somehow amped up the music, playing some 'twerk-able' song I'd heard of somewhere.

She bent down low and pushed her ass up, shaking it fast to the beat of the music and there I was, my hands on her hips, doing nothing but hoping my body wouldn't betray me.

She was aggressive in the way she rocked her body against mine, and soon she turned around and wrapped one hand around my neck, her body glistening with sweat, and pulled me closer. I felt her breasts squashed against my body. It was all happening so fast and I wasn't sure if I was in control or not--actually, to be honest, I couldn't have been in control, not with her she moved around and made me hold her.

Like I said, it was like some magic spell.

'Dance na,' she urged me, still grinding against me.

Dance? How?

I did nothing at first, but then I heard a voice in my head reminding that this just might be another one of life's pop-up moments. That was all it took.

Dance, Dickson, fucking dance. I urged myself, and then held her waist and slipped my other hand down her back, just inches away from her ass. My heart thumped fast, my blood hot and my head swirling with excitement.

The music banged on, and people continued screaming and dancing. I wasn't the only one 'sort-of' holding a girl's ass; the other guys seemed to be owning it, grabbing all they could and doing so without thinking about it.

I thought to myself, why not?

And so I grabbed her ass and somehow things just went crazy from there.

Two years ago, on my twenty-first birthday, I got drunk. Not the regular drunk, but really drunk; shit-faced, throw-up-everything-you-ate drunk.

'Twenty-one!' I'd screamed a lot that day, drinking beers and vodka, and whiskey, and even water (for good measure, I guess).

I'd been so drunk that I couldn't stand up properly, and my head ached terribly and my head felt ten times bigger than it was, and yet I'd been so happy that I did something stupid. I danced.
I thought about that moment now, my hand on a girl's ass and my body pressed into hers, loud music blaring around us, and I wondered if I looked stupid.

There'd been video evidence of that night two years ago. I still had the video in my laptop, and once in a while I'd watch it and cringe, closing the laptop almost immediately and cursing myself. But somehow, at this moment, I didn't care if I looked stupid or not; I was freaking dancing with a girl, and people were starting to gather.

My mind clicked. Wait a minute, people are watching us now!

It was then I heard the Dj's voice echoing through a microphone as he asked everyone to focus on 'these two banging it'. His own words.

I couldn't back away now because, (a) she had her arms tight around me in such a way that any small movement meant that I still felt our bodies gliding together, and (b) I had an erection. Thank God it was dark, and the lights around us wasn't exactly concentrated.

'Bad boy,' she held me and whispered into my ear, smiling sensually. I shivered and felt hot. She knew.

'Well done bro,' someone said and my eyes caught Chidi giving me a thumbs up with one hand, while recording us with the phone in his other hand.

The lights. The music. The noise. It was all too much, but there was no way I could pull myself away without everyone knowing that I was hard down there, so I danced, and I danced like I'd never done before. And by dance, I mean thrusting back and forth and standing still as she twerked and shook her ass into my groin.

It lasted maybe ten minutes--could have been more, or maybe less than that--but I was soon able to sneak away and head back to my room, but not before grabbing a bottle of Heineken--and then coming back, on second thought, to grab a second bottle.

Safe in my room, and sweating profusely, I opened the beer with my teeth and took a long gulp. I sighed, satisfied, and then the images came back. I'd just done something wild, something I hadn't done before.

I smiled, and then I laughed. I took another gulp from the beer, a few drops spilling from the side of my mouth, and burped loud.

'Welcome to the new life,' I said out loud and heard a sound behind me. I turned around sharply and saw her, the girl I'd just danced with.

How long had she been there?

She closed the door behind her and bolted it, her eyes on me. She wore a very short skirt, her legs visible up to her thighs.
My eyes moved up to her chest and I could see her nipples poking against the light pink top she wore.

'I hate dancing in public,' she said and moved into the room. 'Maybe we should continue in here.'

I gulped and dropped the bottle in my hand.


Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by oluwatosin070: 10:01pm On Mar 30, 2020
Thanks for taking away the stress of this lockdown.. I'm enjoying the story... 2morow own make e long o... Gbayi
Re: GOOD GUY AT 23 by TheBizarreWrite(m): 10:03pm On Mar 30, 2020
Thanks for taking away the stress of this lockdown.. I'm enjoying the story... 2morow own make e long o... Gbayi

Alright. I'll try and make a really long episode soon.

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