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Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ by Mayorleo(m): 6:48am On Apr 22
Episode 1

This is temptation, and the little man down there is not in any way helping the matter . I’ll always have to imprison him within the hook of my belt Just to avoid a story that touch.
Amanda, one of our neighbors daughter caught me more than twice while trying to control Mr konji from forcing himself out of my Jean trouser.
My name is Ayo but people prefer calling me ay. Didn’t have a nickname anyway.
(that was then, now I’m oko Adesewa)
Am the first in the family of three, the two are my dad and mom, which means I’m the only child. So mostly, I do have things in my way being the only child in the family.
I will be 21 next winter. My father house is located at akure south region of ondo state being a GPS student I love maps. We have three neighbors which house are just a stone thrown from ours.
Mr igoni,Mr owoeye and Mr bamidele. These men has two daughters each except for Mr Igoni which got three.
Amanda which was his first born followed by ifeoma and chioma. Chioma which was the youngest will be around eighteen, basically speaking All of them are heavily loaded.
The front side of amanda is directly proportional to the size of a water melon and her backside is just exactly like the boot of a toyota venser car. I think they all inherit all those packages from their mom.
Mr Owoeye has two beautiful daughters , Grace and toyin. Both of them are okay just that their back side are equivalent to
****some text missing****.
Mr Bamidele has two daughters wumi and dami. they are neither beautiful nor ugly, but both Of them are beautiful enough to make you fall inside gutter if you ain’t looking where you are going. Their packages are okay. Not too big and not too small.
When we first moved in into our house , I always stay indoor minding my own business but always stealing glance from the window at any girl passing by or who came to fetch water in our house.
The window is black so they can’t see me but I can see them clearly. I do play Mr nice guy then, After a couple of months I started relating with the girls.
My first crush was on Amanda, she always drive me crazy with her melons. I started anticipating on how to get my dick inside her tonton.
Well am a handsome guy so they say. But am not always sure if am handsome or not. But I love the mentality of being handsome.
I noticed something about ifeoma (Amanda sister). she is always clutching on me whenever she sees me and I understand very clear where she is driving to.
(Congratulation you are dealing with the right guy).
But Amanda was my target and not her, but who am I to say no to an inviting pussy.
Mr Owoeye daughters are also like an angel to me, Grace whoose happens to be the oldest was a little bit older than I. And she’s known to be very pugnacious. But in several occasions, my heart always longs for her. Since she seems impossible for me to have, I advanced downward to her sister Toyin.
One thing I love about toyin, she got a very beautiful dimples and she was easily accessible in terms of friendship. But getting to Bleep her pussy was also something that drew me closer to her.
She was an university aspirant seeking for Admission, whereas her elder sister Grace was at her 400level in the institution.
Toyin got a moderately big breast, just that she got no Butt. I was a guru at math and physic, so most often, toyin do come to me to explain some math difficulty to her. I used this medium to enter her. I wasn’t good at asking a lady out, I just make use of the friendship strategy. I’ll makes friends with them for a while, and before I knew it, they will be the one falling for me.
I was solving some sums for her one evening, when I caught her staring at my face with some lusty smile.
“why are you smiling? ” I asked.
“nothing, I don’t know… I just feel like smiling ” she replied.
I hurriedly finish up the sum and returned the stare back at her. We kept looking at each other eyes for minutes without saying a word.
I knew what she want, but the Mr Nice Guy in me was still in charge. I shifted my gaze away from her eyes and began staring at her lips. This time around Mr konji was in charge.
Without any notice, I attacked her lips with a rapid hot kiss and she replied even more faster.
I was kissing her and my brain was calculating whether to touch her breast or not. But when Mr konji is in charge, everything is worth a try.
I gave it a try as I slowly fumbled her breast, she didn’t resist so I press it more harder, at the same time I was trying all my best to remove one of the breast out of the bra cap, but the bra was too tight, the only way in was through the back. Unless I unhook it, I can’t have a full access.
I put my hand around her back and slowly zip down her gown zip. I moved my hand to hook region and systematically unhook her bra, even though it gave me hard time, due to my inexperience.
After I’ve freed up her breast I disengaged my mouth from Her’s and began biting on her nipples through her clothes. I was scared of pulling down her gown, so I planned on making her wet in one way or the other. But she did me a favor by pulling down her gown to her waist region herself.
I stared at her naked breast gladly as I attacked them hungrily.
I spent more time on her breast cos going down to her pussy was like going to a lion Den. I was scared for no reason that she might resist or stop me.
After some minutes I summoned up courage and head for her pussy. A man die once but a coward die ten thousand times before his death.
Immediately my hand touched her pant, I discovered that she has been over wet due to my inconsistency. This time around, I let go of my fear as I shift her pant sideways and enter in my middle finger into her pussy.
She gear forward and lock her lips with mine. I doubled the finger, then I continue locomoting her pussy.
After a while I remove her pant and made way to go in, just as my dick was about to enter her pussy, she hold back my dick and asked me to stop
( what the Bleep….)
” use a condom ” she said.
Immediately, I dash in to get my wallet, cos I always carry condom inside it everywhere I go.
I wear on the condom then return back to my mission.
“I love your dick, it’s quite huge ” she said when she saw the full version of my dick. I didn’t respond, insted I spread her leg wide and went in directly into her wet pussy hole.
I was slow at first, but slowly I began to gain speed. She seems to enjoy my fast action on her pussy so I increased my speed more to impress her.
I looked down on my dick and I saw her pussy cream all over my dick, I noticed her hand was on her pussy tip and I wondered why she kept doing that.
( I still be small pikin for fucking then, I know nothing about how crazy the thing was)
I bleeped her repeatedly for some minutes before I release all I have out. I collapse tiredly on her. It was as if all my strength went on vacation. I was very weak to the extent that getting up back was like lifting a rock.
” you tried, you hit me well” she said and that serves as an inspiration to me. from that day On, I began masturbating to build up my bleeping potentials. I cannot have a big dick and be wasting it on thirty minutes sex. I should be going for one hour or more.
Days passed and Ifeoma refused to let me be, she kept giving me all the green light she got.
At first I thought of ignoring her, but I must be mad to say no to such an inviting pussy with big and massive back side.
Amanda was my target, but her sister came first.
I can remember crystal clear the first day I Bleep ifeoma. She came to our house has she normally does, no sooner or later she started dancing to the music being played from the home Theater.
She was twisting her waist and Mr kongi was nodding along to the signal, when I couldn’t hold it any longer I joined her in the dancing.
I started robbing my erected dick around her ass, am sure she is felt the hard on, but she pretended not to. All of a sudden she stop dancing I slowly take my lips to hers and we started kissing.
The kissing was so hot that I didn’t know when she unhook my belt. I wasted no time in removing her top and behold there sitted two grape fruits. I took my time to free them from the prison maybe its called bra sha I don’t know. I started sucking them, and ensuring an accurate time taken on her left breast cos I’m sure its very sensitive.
(Am a science student, I know what I’m saying)
she started making some sound that my brain failed to process.after some minutes of serious pressing and sucking I advance downward as I slowly pull up her mini skirt, she was wearing one kind black tight that shows her pussy shape.
I pulled it down and inserted two fingers inside her honey pot this time she was shouting and screaming well I love that, It shows that am doing a great job.
After some time she released so I removed the obstacular tight,then spread her leg wide apart, giving her the position of the missionaries.
I remove my trouser, condomized my dick and set to battle field. She was surprised by the size of my dick, using the word averagely big and long will be an understatement, I know what I have. It’s huge. Monster dick will be perfect description.
I inserted my dick deep into her honey pot and started banging her in and out in a very hard way. She was making so much noise that I have to increase the volume of the TV, i was fucking her and at the same time sucking her breast. I Bleep her this way for about 45 minutes when I realized her ass was not really much appreciated, so I change position to doggy style.
I started fucking her from behind this time and all she Could do was to yell.This go on for another 30 minutes I can see that her legs are getting weak so I ask her to ride on me which lasted for another 15 minutes before I released.
we both lied on the floor so used and exhauasted. She looked into my eyes and said
” ay you are a machine, anyway…I love you, have love you for a very long time”.
I smiled back cos I know am not in for love. I showed her the bathroom where she cleaned herself up and left for her house after some hours. I helped myself with a bottle of cold yourghut from the freezer ,Then I said to myself.
“let the fucking begins”

To be continued…

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Re: Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ by Mayorleo(m): 6:55am On Apr 22
Episode 2
On a beautiful monday morning, the weather was bright and calm with a promising atmosphere.
I was planing on how to make the day a very fascinating one when I heard a knock on the door. Well I wasn't expecting any visitor so I took some security measures before opening the door.
My dad normally hide a 2by2 plank somewhere around the living room corner, so I fetched for it and position myself for an attack or counter attack,that's if am being attack first.
" Who is that? " I asked but I got no response.
"I said who is that,?"
Same thing happened, I got no response.
Now am getting impatient. I systematically open the door but to my greatest surprise, there stood Amanda, my crush.
"Hi good morning" she said looking directly at me.
"Morning" I said with childish grin.
"can I come in or not "she asked looking directly at the plank am holding. I let her in although this is her first time coming into my house, its only ifeoma and chioma that do come visit my papa abode.
She sat on the sofa and I ask her what I to offer her, she replied saying she's okay.
"Very well then" I said then head for the freezer. I brought out an orange juice then I pour her some juice along with some biscuits. she collected it and thanked me.
(Ladies sha)
That's how the friendship between I and Amanda began. we talked for hours, sharing relationship stories and jokes, well i must admit,she is very fun to be with. I asked about her boyfriend and she said she is single
(ope ooo)
she left around 2 pm at noon, but not after I prepared a noodles and egg for her.
Around 4 o'clock in the evening I carried my football kit and head to the football field. On my way to field I met wumi, Mr Bamidele's daughter we don't normally talk, mostly all we do is greeting then I find my way.
We greeted and I went my own way, I am nearly a mile from her when I heard her shouting
"snake! snake!! ".
Immediately I heard her screaming, I threw away my football kit and raced back towards where I saw her.
On getting to her, I nearly freeze to death when I saw this deadly snake, describing it large and long would be an understatement, cos have never see such a big snake before in my life.
I looked around in search of stick but I can't find any, When wumi sighted me, she ran towards me terrified and shaking.
(Me too self dey shake but I no show am for face)
I asked her to be calm that the situation is under control. If only I knew that am dealing with not just any snake but a male cobra. I saw a big stone very close to where I stood, I took it, then i throw it at the snake. I missed and the snake advance towards me.
(lobatan, come see race)
I waited not, I ran like I have never before. After running for some minutes I look back to see if the snake is still after me or not, but I didn't see anything I began thanking my star. Not too long I saw wumi racing towards me with full speed, screaming the deadly phrase
" the snake Is coming".
Temple Run continues..
I saw the snake closing up on wumi and I knew it will attack her if I keep running for my life.
I wouldn't want to be a laughing stock when everything is over, so I summoned courage and braveness like Thor. I stopped on my track and began heading back.
I saw a big plank nearby, I took it and attack the snake with it. After a lot of seriously hitting the snake died.
Wumi hugged me tighting saying I saved her life, well actually I saved mine too. She thanked me then I took the snake back to my house. I know I have to forget about going to the football field that day.
I was in the backyard preparing the snake when I saw all the girls in my area coming to have a view of the snake. I began to receive a lot praises from different angles. I started using that opportunity to collect their mobile number. Well half of them don't have a Mobile phone, but they do have a 2go account. With ridiculous username. Well am only after their tonton and nothing else.
(On a mission to oko agbere)
So far so good everything went smoothly ifeoma keeps satisfying me with enough sex, and Toyin never get tired of bleeping me. But my eyes are now on wumi and my crush Amanda.
My semester break got encouraged by ASUU strike, Which gave me a chance of having 'Sexcapade ' with my the neighbouring daughters.
I logged in on my 2go account and began chatting with some chicks I have in my account . I messaged Amanda but I got no reply from her so I proceed downward and message Toyin, while I was still expecting her response, a message from wumi pop in.
Wumi : hello handsome
Me: hi beautiful
Wumi: you Don old for 2go ooo.
Me : lol, why Did you say that.
Wumi :cos your 2go star Don reach Expert, when I still dey for Amateur.
Me: that's because you just join 2go...what's good?
Wumi :nothing just bored and Home alone.
Me : oh really?
Wum: yea
Me : should I come pay you a visit?.
Wumi :No problem, come with something.
Me:hmmm...something like?
Wumi : anything.
Me : okay no problem.
I logged out and head to her place holding one of my favorite yourghut with me. I didn't plan for something to happen, and actually nothing happened. We just talk and gist away the time.
When a lady enters a betting shop, all the guys there must stare at her, even though she's beautiful or not. That's exactly how my case was. I was the only guy in the neighborhood the rest are girls. Should I call that being lucky or being cursed...
I took one of my dad car out one evening to get some stuff in the market when Grace stopped me for a lift. It seems she's also going to the market cos she was holding a shopping bag.
"Hi" I said just as she enter the car. She look at me then gave a loud hiss as she closed the door. I put the car on motion not minding her ridiculous hiss.
" Just because I stopped you for a lift is that why you are greeting me with a hi" she said with an angry face.
I was shocked cos I didn't see it coming. I've heard from alot of people about her being pugnacious and a brat, but that was the first time I'm experiencing her act.
" don't be silly, so you expect me to be prostrating for you while holding the wheel? " I threw back immediately.
" do you think we are mate? "she fired back.
" so fucking what? You can't be a year or two older than..."
"Can you buy those years in market!!! " she cut in with a high voice and at the same time hitting her hand very hard on the car dashboard.
" will you calm down and keep quiet before you free out the airbag with your buffalo voice " I retorted sharply.
"You are sick upstairs" she let out furiously, but I didn't reply her. Instead I plugged in a earphone and began listening to some music till I reached the market. I parked the car and we both head different ways, when I was done buying what I needed, I head back to where I parked the car and I saw Grace standing beside the car.
"so I'm taking this devil back home as well " I mumbled to myself as I unlock the car. I didn't say a word to her and neither did she.
After driving for for a while, she began humming like an advocating tadpole.
" you are driving too fast " she said. I didn't reply her, insted I reduced the car speed back to 40. After a while, she began humming again.
"you are driving too slow, is your leg even on the gas " she complained.
" oni problem ooo, if I drive fast, you will complain and if I drive slow you will still complain, what is your problem gan na? Should we switch position ? " I asked with my hand off the steering.
"Whatever " she splashed with an annoying disgust.
" you better remain quiet still we get home, if not, I will drop you somewhere around the road and you will find your way home by yourself " I said as I increase my speed.
Mama ayo was already waiting for me when I got home.
" how are you my son, did you get the tomatoes and pepper from my customers? " she asked just as I stepped out of the car.
"yes mama" I replied slowly.
"What about the onions and the meat? I hope you don't forget to buy pomo from iya Michael and crayfish from..."
" mummy I didn't forget, everything is there. I just need to rest right now " I cut in.
"okay... Is everything okay? " she asked with a concerned look.
" Yea... Next time when you are sending me to the market just don't tell iya Grace. I cannot come and shout " I said then I head inside.
On a Friday morning I payed wumi a visit she was the only one at home and her sister dami has gone out for a jamb coaching. She was having her bath when I entered. I sat in the living room watching a boring program in NTA , i wondered why everything about that channel is always boring . I would rather watch the television being off,than to watch that sleep inviting channel. After some minutes, she came out of the bathroom with only her towel on to say hi to me.
The towel was way too short and.. Mr kongi nodded to the signal. She walk briskly to the living room pretending to be looking for something. It was doing this process that her towel fell.
To be continued...

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Re: Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ by Mayorleo(m): 6:58am On Apr 22
Episode 3

“Holy cow of Togo, what is this ?”
Mr konji replied ” this is honey pot”…
I fixed my gaze on her beautiful naked body not minding what she was thinking.
She have a pointed breast that stood firm, I am very sure she won’t need a bra to hold them up. she gently pick her towel up and walk into the room.
Now she put Mr konji in trouble, he was getting impatient by every seconds that passed.
I sat there in the living room in great confusion of what to do.
‘ Should I go after her or should I stay here in the living room and continue watching the boring NTA program’ .
These were the thought that kept running through my mind . Well Mr konji has a mind of his own, he kept telling me to go after her.
“Ay you must be a fool if you miss this golden opportunity ooo, just enter the room I will do the talking for you”. Says Mr konji
( as if he get mouth, bad thinking ).
I was still deliberating in my mind whether to go in or not when I remember that I have TRAMADOL 225mg with me. And without wasting time, I swallowed it then I head for the door.
I opened the door without knocking, in this situation knocking isn’t neccesary.
I saw her applying cream nakedly on her body, ‘sharparly’ Mr konji sprang up.
” Wumi I wanted to apologize for… ”
She cut in along the way,
” its nothing “she said.
My erected d**k was now very visible, but I make no attempt in hidding it. I was about turning to leave when I heard something like lock the door.
(ope oooo)
I oblige, after the door locked I stood there and began to look at her beautiful skin
“Will u just stand there and look, common enter the battle field”
says my konji mind. . I can now feel the tramadol working perfectly on konji.
I approached her with full speed, grabbed her ass from behind and lock my lips on hers. Her response to the kiss was rapid.
I moved my hand down to her breast and began to work on it.
Her breast was very hard unlike that of ifeoma, I slowly take my mouth down to her breast and began to suck them in the very best way.
She zip down my trouser, free out out Mr konji, then she put it in her mouth.
She was so good at it that I nearly cum inside her mouth, the Mouth Action lasted for about 10 minutes before she then asked me to give her a head.
Well I have never lick a plate before in my life but there is always a first time for everything.
I moved my head down to her honey pot which was clean shaven, then I placed my tongue inbetween her p***y tips. Well the taste wasn’t bad,it tasted salty.
(if you know, you know)
I can sense that she is enjoying it so I keep the good work up. After some minutes she released. I wasted no time to uncald myself, It was after I uncald myself that I realized am not having a condom.
‘(The devil is a lier this tonton, I must bleep it)’
I asked from her if she have a condom she replied saying no.
“don’t worry, I have postinor 2 at home ” She said with a sexy wink.
Before I knew Mr konji was inside her honey pot I don’t know how it happen but I know it happened.
Her pussy was so tight, tighter than that of ifeoma and Toyin. I can feel her pussy wall clutching around Mr konji,am sure Mr konji will be gasping for breath inside there.
I increase my banging velocity and she was making some anomalous sound like…
“ouch… yes… yes.. yes… ooh.. hmmm..isss.. haaa.. harder… hmmm, oh my gosh your dick is too big!!! Ha… Ha… Ha… “.
She must be a soprano singer. After bleeping her this way for about 40 minutes we switched to missionary and the bleeping continues I was giving her a very deep penetration I can feel my d**k deeply in the honey pot. Her tonton was very sweat that I didn’t know when I cum inside her, I didn’t bother removing my dick from her tonton cus I know it will definitely come to life again. After about 5 minutes Mr konji powered up, and again… the bleeping continues.
She has released more than twice cos her pussy cream was all over my dick. I switch position to doggy style and give it to her from behind. After about 40 minutes she started begging me to stop that her tonton is getting very hot.
I pay no I attention to whatever she was saying as I keep on banging her hard. After about 30 minutes I release inside her and we both lie down on the bed so used up.
I carry her into the bathroom and we had a shower together and also have another round of sex in the bathroom. I left when dami came back from her jamb lesson.
Bleeping wumi so easily was something I never dream of. Now I have three chicks in my hand and I’m playing my package very cool.
Papa and Mama Ayo travelled to visit grandma and grandpa in the village, I ought to go with them but I Couldn’t due to the supervising job my Pman gave me. I was actually supervising some bricklayers working on the ongoing poultry house.
On the night of their departure to the village, Around 12 am in the night, I was in living room playing a video game, cos I couldn’t get a sleep.
I paused the game to have a pee when I heard some voices not too far from Mr igoni house. I listened quietly to the voice, hoping to recognize one of the speaker but I couldn’t. So I head to the kitchen to have a peep of the whoever.
I saw two men clad in back, one of them is Tall and huge While the other Is a dwarf.
I saw them moving around Mr igoni car, and before I knew it I saw them opening the car bonnet.
” what could they be doing by this time of the night, are they mechanics?” I found myself asking the question.
I looked back up again only to sas them coming towards my father house with a car battery.
” shit!!! This guys are Stealing car battery , papa car is the next” I said as I began thinking of a way to stop them.
I could have raise an alarm but the neighborhood was filled with ladies, the men won’t want to come out, for security reasons I guess . If they come out, who will protect their wives and daughters.
My dad first car was always park very close to the door, so before they got to our house, I quickly off the living room light and unlock the front door. The door remained close but not locked. I fetched for a base ball bat my dad use as a living room decoration and a 2by2 hard wood plank that is always behind the door corner.
I made an attack plan, I can easily fight the dwarf but fighting the huge one will be suicide. But if I knock the huge one down unexpectedly on the head then I will be able to fight the dwarf in a hand to hand combat.
I waited patiently them to get to the car, I can’t see them, but I was calculating their moves.
When I heard the sound of the car bonnet, then I knew their back will be turn on me. I held on the baseball bat and Leave the strong 2by2 wood somewhere close to the door.
I said some little prayer, then with a fast move, I banged out forcefully. Without thinking twice, I landed the baseball bat very hard on the man I saw at the car bonnet.
He screamed and went unconscious on the spot.
“Holy shit…” I hit the dwarf…
according to my plan I’m supposed to hit the huge one and not the dwarf.
When the huge guy saw what I did on the dwarf, he came forward at me with fury. I attacked him with the baseball bat, but the bat broke on his head and he was still standing.
“shit!!! I should have draw a plan B” I said to myself as I ran inside, he came running at me, I knew I would be dead if he get a hold of me.
I saw the 2by2 hard wood I positioned in the living, I took it and swing it back rapidly with all my strength, My action was unexpected to the man as he received the wood on his head… No man can stand that.
He dropped unconscious on the floor like a pile of wood. I threw away the wood and rested my body on the chair, trying to catch my breath cos I was breathing heavily.
I called on the neighbors and they all came out with their wives.
They were surprised by what they saw, and without wasting time, they informed the police and they came to pick up the two bastards. They opened their eyes to find themselves in a police van.
A story of my bravery was written that day, and was passed from mouth to mouth in my neighborhood. This only makes some girls go more crazy about me. And I was able to Bleep three more girls within the far away neighborhood.
All work and no play makes jake a dull boy and vise versa.
The strike has been called off and I got only fews weeks before resuming back to school and amanda honeypot is yet to be bleep, So I have to re strategies.
I started visiting her more often and often but this only make chioma their last born have an interest in me. Chioma will send love text to every blessed day. Well since she’s ripe enough to be bleep I started giving her some attentions. One beautiful afternoon I saw chioma fetching water so I mentioned her in.
She looks so innocent but am sure she is not a virgin. One thing leads to another and we started kissing each other. I was about to uncald her when I heard a knock on the door.
(Chai, I hate that thing ehhhnn)

To be continued…

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Re: Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ by McTEE10(m): 6:58am On Apr 22
Is it because of quarantine you want us to read this long epistle?

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Re: Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ by Mayorleo(m): 7:00am On Apr 22

Episode 4

” who on earth is that, why this time of all time, can’t that person come after am done dealing with this tonton”. I kept on soliloquizing….
“Ayo please open the door it’s me ifeoma”. Came the voice from the door.
” What? Ifeoma? Haaa, the enemy of my father’s has arrived ”
On hearing ifeoma voice chioma quickly put on her cloth, I ask her to hide inside the toilet. At first she didn’t want to, but later obliged after a lot of tricky stories that I don’t want ifeoma to suspect anything between us. If only she knew that am also bleeping her sister.
I opened the door for ifeoma, she entered, put her nose up and started to sniff the air like a rat. I observe her for a minute before asking her why she didn’t inform me before coming. She didn’t answer, instead she began acting like a detective.
after a lot of drama she finally speak .
“Am just checking on my honey pie, to know how he’s feeling….”
“Well as you can see am not feeling bad”
I Cut in .
We talk for some minutes then after some time she said she want to use the toilet. I show her the way to the toilet, she was almost half way to the toilet before I remember that choima is hiding in the toilet.
” No no no she must not see chioma in the toilet what can I do to stop her”
I said to myself, then I began to think of the various way to stop her.
I think of all the possible way to stop her but non came my way. She was about opening the door when I intentionally Slip myself down and started screaming in a fake pain. She ran towards me asking what the problem is, I told her that I slipped on the tile and I can’t move my leg. I ask her if they have an aboliki balm at home, she said yes and I ask her to go help me bring it pretending to be in serious pain.
That was how I escaped from hullabaloo firing squad. When she left for the balm I quickly ask chioma to go out through the back door. Ifeoma later come back with the aboliki balm and started applying it to my well healthy leg. Well I felt some peperish pain afterward.
Having sex has now become a daily manna for me that I even ran out of condom. In more than two occasions ifeoma will interrupt my honey moon with either wumi or chioma. But everything was going splendid chioma had no idea that am bleeping her sister and ifeoma never know that am bleeping chioma. Am playing my package well and am enjoying every bit of it.
Sometimes some kid are born bad, no one taught me to be a bleeper, but I trained myself to be one crazy fucker .
On a boring Tuesday afternoon, I was alone In the house with my thoughts, when toyin and the rest of the neighboring girls Came knocking at my door with swimming trunks.
” hey ladies, where are you guys going with a swimming trunks ” I asked as I systemically look at the ones with bikini.
“since you are always indoor, there’s a river somewhere down there, we can’t go alone so we said we should call you ” Amanda said with a sweet voice.
” okay, but I’m not swimming with you guys ” I said as I locked the door and follow them.
we got to the river and I was surprised on how big it is.
” so something like this exist here in this neighborhood and I did not know, Wao this is awesome!!! ”
I soliloquise loudly.
“Amanda are you sure this river is safe for a bath? ” I asked.
” yes, are you scared? Don’t be, the water is neat and good for the ladies ” she said as she jumped into the water, and the rest followed her.
I sat on a rock and began watching them as swim happily.
After about 30 minutes, I began feeling lonely cos most of them don’t swim around the shore again, they now go deeper into the river.
I was looking at them from distance when I caught sight of a moving object in the water, I took a closely look at it, and when I saw what it is, I screamed out in fear.
“crocodile!!!” I shouted with all my voice. All of them began swimming as fast as they can to the shore, but chioma was far away from them and she didn’t hear the warning I gave.
The crocodile was close to her when she saw it. Then immediately, she began swimming towards the shore. The others were already in the shore and they were screaming for chioma to hurry.
The crocodile was closing up on her and we all knew she won’t make it, the girls were already crying cos the crocodile is determined.
They all looked at me to do something, I knew if I stand and wait, chioma will be a food to the crocodile. immediately without thinking, I jumped into the water then swim a little bit away from the direction chioma is coming.
I began beating the water hard, just to distract the crocodile attention towards me. I realized I can only distract the crocodile if I’m a far away from the shore.
I swam very fast away, then I began beating the water again, this time I caught the attention of crocodile as it began heading towards me.
“holy shit!!! ” I muttered as I began swimming deep into the river, the crocodile came swimming at me with full speed. I was a very fast swimmer doing my secondary school days but I know I can’t out swim a crocodile, the only way to survive is too think smart.
I remembered a crocodile can’t stay long under water, and if I’m to get away from the crocodile, I will have to go under water and swim back to the shore.
I took in a deep breath then dive into the water, the crocodile followed me, but I knew it only a matter of time before it will go back to the surface to breath.
I swam as fast as I can under the water and when I brought my head up for a breath, I saw the crocodile far away from me, I thanked my star as I rapidly swim back to the shore.
When I got to the shore, I meant some men with local guns in their hand. And the girls were all crying, I’m sure they called the men for help thinking the crocodile as devour me.
They were all happy to see me as they all came rushing towards me as if I just returned from London.
Sometimes being the only dude in the neighborhood is a cursed….
I do have my way with all the girls in my neighborhood except for Grace, she is beautiful, just that she’s an arrogant brat.
She had a little traveling to Lagos and when she returned, she look exceptionally beautiful.
Ever since she arrived from Lagos, she has been radianting an air of disturbance to Mr konji she look more beautiful than before. The only problem with her was her arrogance .
Her pride was at 100 degree c. She will be around 24 by my calculation. I have no intention of adding her among my bleeping list but recently she has been powering Mr konji up whenever she walk pass our house. The more I try to fight the lust feeling away the harder it is for me. I started imaging myself servicing her tonton. I know it will be very difficult for me to go after grace cus of the way she do behaves sometimes. She has ignored my greetings in more than several occasions and that doesn’t goes well with me.
Mrs owoeye do sell air time so I get my air time from her whenever am short of it.
One horrendous afternoon I wanted to buy an air time from Mrs owoeye ( grace mother), but she isn’t at home and toyin was nowhere to be found. I only met grace at home. I told her that I wanted to buy a Recharge card and her response make me speechless.
“Hey don’t you know how to greet. If you can’t greet go and buy your air time somewhere else.”
(Lobatan, mo te tan)
on hearing this my head went off line.
” what happened to all the greetings have been doing all this while that got ignored by you? ” I threw back immediately at her.
“why should I answer a greeting from a fool” she retorted.
(AYE MI!!!)
“I beg your pardon who do you think you are to talk to me in such way… What can ‘fa?’ Kilo Fe fa nonsense? ”
I found myself yelling back at her. I guess she didn’t see that coming. immediately she stood up and raised her hand up to slap me. I saw it coming and I immediately block her hand. I look directly into her eye I can feel the anger burning in me but I have to control myself. I can’t hit a lady, I freed her hand and ask her to go ahead . She didn’t hesitate before landing two hot slap on my face.
“Is that the worst you can do? Or you still got something more in mind to do? ” I said then I turned to leave.
. I guess that angered her the more. I was on my way when I felt a metal hit on my head. Within a seconds everything went blank, That was all I remember, I passed out
(Who off light)

To be continued
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Is it because of quarantine you want us to read this long epistle?

Lolz�... That isn't too bad... Is it?
Re: Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ by Aboks(m): 7:02am On Apr 22

Re: Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ by Mayorleo(m): 7:05am On Apr 22
Episode 5

I found myself in a new world, a world like a child fantasy. I felt like a new born baby, born into the world he knows nothing about. I was walking freely about when I head some distant Voice’s. I began moving to the direction where the voice was coming from, all of a sudden, I found myself falling… Then everything went blank.
I woke up to see a white ceiling above me , I look around but every where seems white Like a heaven.
I tried to move but my head hurt badly.
” Where am I ? What is this place”
Were the question that came running through my mind. I can’t remember a dim about everything, even about who I am .
I tried to scream but that only makes the pain in my head unbearable.
I was about to getting up when I heard a faint voice.
“Ayo My son, you are finally up, you’ve been gone for two weeks” Came a voice from a middle age woman.
I can’t believe my ears, When I heard gone for weeks.
“I’m gone for two weeks? what is really happening and who is this woman telling me that am gone for two weeks.” I wondered slowly in my mind
I can’t remember anything, my head seems empty. I was still battling with my thought when I heard numerous foot step approaching me.
I looked at them, they were all strangers to me, I can’t recognize any of them but they where all crying except for the men among them.
“Who are this people and why are they crying? And who is ayo ” I kept on asking my mind this questions but I receive no answer.
Later a man clad in a white cloth which my brain process to be a lab cloth entered the room in With us.
I looked around again then I realized that am in the hospital. And the man clad on lab cloth would be a doctor.
I saw him writting some things down in a flat book, then he later examine my head with his hand. I felt like kicking away his hand but I was too weak to move my body, so I observed angrily as he touched my head.
He mentioned one of the men standing to see him in his office. I kept on wondering how the man looks so much like me.
After some minute the man entered back inside the room. This time he looks so sad I can see some ‘cloud of tears’ forming in his eyes. I later heard him telling the rest what the doctor told him.
” The doctor said he’s suffering from a brain tumor and a memory lost, the probability that he will regain his memory back is just not certain, but the tumor in his brain might kill him if he remember any sad event. we all need to make him happy. The doctor said he might be dumb for Some months or Forever, he will just be staring at us, he won’t be able to process a talk ” he said, but I heard him well .
I saw a woman crying uncontrollable I recognize her instantly she was the one that told me that am gone for weeks. I felt pity for her, seeing her crying like that hurt me to the bone.
The other women there try to console her but all their effort to calm her down only make her cry the more. Now am feeling the pain of the woman inside me. I slowly sit up without anyone noticing me.
” Why is this woman crying and who is she” I found myself saying those words. They where all shocked as they all turn towards me
” he can talk!!! He’s talking” I heard all of them screaming that.
“Was I dumb? Was I deaf ? Why are they screaming he can talk”
I kept asking my mind those questions.
“Am your mother and that man over there is your father,when we first brought you here the doctor said you won’t be able to talk again nor hear anyone talk, he diagnosed you today for head tumor and memory lost, they are too much for me to bear as a mother with only a child” says the woman crying uncontrollable.
I looked at the man whom she pointed to be my father, I can see him trying to hold back his tears but am not sure how long he can.
I saw some hot tears rolling down my eyes, I don’t know the reason why am crying but I found myself crying, some part of me feels pity for the woman even though she look so strange to me.
I looked at the rest of the people standing there in the room. I saw someone shedding tears and also saying something silently in her mouth. My brain process what she might be saying and I found out that she was saying something like am sorry.
“Why is she sorry? Why is she saying that? ” I wish my mind could answer all my questions.
The doctor entered the room again with some nurses, they lay my back down on the bed and examine me for some minutes. I saw them passing something that looks red through my vein.
“Why are they doing that? And what is that thing that looks like a wine or is it blood? ”
My mind won’t answer any of the question . I slowly take my left hand to my head, I felt something like a cloth being wrapped around It. I tried to remove it but one of the nurse stopped me. She injected something into me and everything went black again.
I found myself back in the same place I was, but this time around, I was alone.
The only living being around me are insect. I tried walking, but everywhere seems the same.
After a while, the insect dissappeared. And when they showed up again, they were not insect anymore, but a monster….

To be continued….
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d story make sense ooo
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Nice piece bro, keep it rolling
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Episode 6

Never blame anyone in your life, The good people give you happiness. The bad people give you experience. The worst people give you a lesson, The best people give you memories.
People in your life may not give you second chances but LIFE always does..
Even though the insects turned monsters, I wasn’t scared. I sat down alone trying to trace back my thoughts. But it seems I got no mind. Which explains one thing, I’m just a walking vessel.
There was no daylight, except for the faraway moon that stood against the darkness.
It was like a forever, but whenever I look at the moon, I knew there’s another world beyond.
While sitting alone, I felt a tap by my shoulder and immediately I turned my head backward.
I saw an old man with an ancient walking stick.
“Who are you? ” I asked just as he sat beside me.
“I’m the Guardian, that’s the question you should ask yourself ” he said.
I looked at myself, I certainly don’t know who I am.
” I don’t know ” I replied back slowly.
” did you see the moon ahead? ” he asked pointing his walking stick upward.
“Yes… I can see the moon ” I replied.
“Then you don’t belong here, I can see your people trying to bring you back, they ain’t giving up so I’m returning you to your world ” he said as the raise a rod upward.
“wait… What is this place called? ” I asked him rapidly.
” Afterlife, I’m the Guardian of life after death, I made the dead fulfill their destiny” he replied.
” so are you sending me back as a… Let me stay here with you ” I said pleadingly.
“No…it’s seems you have no memory of where you came from. I’m sending you back just the way you came. Like I said, you don’t belong here. I will be punish if I didn’t send you back. Now you may go. ” he said, then suddenly I found myself falling and slowly all the images went dim and gone.
When it came back, I saw myself surrounded by different doctors, I wondered what happened as they were all moving about in haste, some of them even look confused.
I had an oxygen pipe on, and I wondered why I’m using an oxygen to breath. My eyes was not fully opened, but I can see all the doctors with the little way it’s opened.
After a while, I saw them shaking their heads sadly, then a nurse covered me up with a white cloth.
“I’m not dead, why are they doing? ” I thought loudly .
I waited for a while, hoping one of them will observe my pulse, but insted, the exit the room and Off the light.
A minute after they were out, I heard some wailing, which seems to be feminine.
” what’s happening?” I asked myself, but non of me seems to know.
I realized that I can can move my body,So without wasting time I use my hand to remove the oxygen I was breathing then I sat up slowly.
I felt a great pain in my head, but I was too curious to know the things going on outside the door.
Every step I took made the pain in my head grew more unbearable.
I was able to get hold of the door handle, then slowly I opened the door.
I saw some people weeping, I was able to recognize some of them. I’ve seen them once before.
They were too carried away with their sorrows that they didn’t notice my presence.
“why are you people crying? ” I said slowly cos I couldn’t raise my voice high.
They all looked at me and they were all shocked, including the few doctor left with them.
“why are you people crying? ” I asked again when I realized their silent. They were all looking at me as if I’m a ghost.
“My son, my son! He’s alive!!! ” a woman screamed out happily, but her screaming affected me as I flinch unsteadily backward, she tried running towards me but two doctors hold her down, covering her mouth with their hand. then the other three approached me and held me from falling.
“sweet Jesus, he survived the surgery, I thought we’ve lost him ” one of the doctor said looking at the other with full surprise.
“I’m as surprised as you are too, let take him back inside, before his mother kill him unknowingly. A single noise can kill him right now ” one of them added and I was being taken back inside.
“I need you to close your eyes and free your mind, don’t try to think, if you do you might have an internal head bleeding, just close your eyes and let us help you ” One of the doctor said to me, as soon I was being laid on the hospital bed. I nodded slowly in reply, then I closed my eyes, and I was gone.
******* ********* ************ *********** ***********
I woke up around 12 o’clock midnight, the second day. I saw two people beside me. a woman who claims to be my mother and a beautiful young lady. They were both far asleep. I felt some pain in my stomach so I guess that should be hunger I look at the hospital cabinet beside my bed I saw some provisions there. I reach for a biscuit and I crumbled some into my mouth. I felt thirsty so I consumed the liquid substance I found on the cabinet. The taste was good so i finished it.
I was silently eating the biscuit when my brain flashes back to an image. The image look exactly like the woman sleeping Close to me . I tried to remember more of it but it slowly went blur .
The woman woke up and saw me eating biscuit, she smiles as she woke the young lady sleeping opposite to her up.
“Grace wake up, my son is up, my son he’s eating” the woman said.
” so her name is grace what a beautiful name. And that woman will definitely be my mother. ” I thought to myself.
Grace smiled at me as she drag her chair towards me.
“Ayo how are you? Grace asked .
“I am fine can you please tell me what happened, I know that woman over there is my mother but I can’t remember anything about her. What’s happening and who are you, my sister?”. I asked.
Grace couldn’t answer any of my questions, she look down slowly and tears began rolling down her eyes. The other woman who happens to be my mother then speaks .
“Grace found you in the middle of the street, she said you were attacked by some street thugs. So she was the one who brought you to the hospital, Her action save your life ”
I look at her, am totally short of words, I can’t imagine being saved by a lady . I search for words to say but I can’t find any. After a minute of silent I found myself saying…
” thank you, I owe you my life”
“Tell me what happened today” I asked my mother .
” it was yesterday my son… You had a tumor in your head that can’t be treated, but can only be operated, the Doctors said your chances of surviving the surgery isn’t 50-50 but 30-70. 30% of surviving, and 70% of the opposite, I didn’t want them to do the surgery for you, cos I don’t want to lose you, but your father let me understand that I will lose you if they didn’t do the surgery. So we all risked it.
When the doctor came out telling me you are dead… I felt like dying too, cos I have no other child… When you came back to me. It was a miracle…” she said.
I looked at her for a while, I didn’t know what to say so I lay back on the bed. After a while, sleep took the better part of me.
Days turns to weeks and I get to know the people around me. Grace was always there to help me remember the things that I have forgotten but she never help me remember the incidence that led me to the hospital, she will say its a thing of the past and I shouldn’t bother myself about it. So slowly I put my mind off it.
A girl named ifeoma claims to be my girlfriend, and another one named wumi also said the same thing to me, and other five more. I was very confuse I didn’t like any of them and they seems like total stranger me. The only person I always feel happy with was grace.
I spent a month in the hospital before being discharged. I was very happy to leave the hospital and also I’m anxious to see how home really is. To be sincere have missed the real Ayo my old self.
Through out my stay in the hospital I considered grace as my sister. I never knew we ain’t related. I only get to know when I arrived back at home. I looked at the wall frame and also the family picture album but Grace picture isn’t among . Its only my parent and I.
I felt like crying when I discovered that I have no siblings and grace whom I regarded as my sister is just our neighbor daughter.
After a week that am back home, I met a girl named amanda she is beautiful I must confess but there’s something a bit queer about her. Well she claims that we are a very good friend before incidence.
The relationship between I and grace was now getting more Intimate and closer than anyone could ever imagine, although she is a bit older than I. if I didn’t see her in a day. I will feel like running mad.
I makes plans on going back to school since school has resumed a month ago, i have missed a lot of academy works and I have lot to meet up.
I’m going to miss grace a lot and going back to school is another strange thing to me entirely cos I definitely won’t remember any of the person I knew back then in school. But I was optimistic, I will act like nothing happen and I will take my time to get use to people whose seems friendly
The next day I prepare for school, its very hard to leave grace behind I can’t really explain how I feel towards her. The feeling was just unexplainable.
The evening before my departure. Grace visited me. I can see that she has been crying from the way her eye was. Cos Its already swollen. She hug me passionately, then place a kiss on me lips. She then ran away from me before I could say a word . neither do she say a word to me before taking off .
I think deeply within my heart I have never feel like this before. I know that even in my old self .
What kind of feeling is this? Is this love? Or Am I in love? . Can I ever fall in love? Can it be am in love?
Those were the questions I couldn’t answer.

To be continued...
Re: Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ by Mayorleo(m): 6:17am On Apr 24
Episode 7

Love is the beautiful thing that ever happened to me and the most horrendous thing you could possibly desire.
***********FAST FORWARD**********
Back in school everything seems so weird, but I quickly blend up before anyone could suspect my status . but must of the time I acted silly.
Even with the long distance between grace and I. Our friendship was getting more stronger by the day. She can’t do without calling me in a day neither can I do without calling her also.
Finally I was sure of my feelings for her. Am in love with her but I don’t know how to go about it, expressing my mind to her has been a problem to me. I was dying silently.
While this go on, some situations arises. Situation that called off Mr konji indefinite strike. But this time it was with my landlady daughters at school.
I rented a self con apartment at school. My landlady has 2 adventious daughter, bimbo and ruth. I can’t remember any of my ‘SEXCAPADE’ with them in the past but with the way they lust around me, am sure I must have bleep one of them, if not the two of them. I certainly don’t have an eye on any of them, but am sure they have both eyes on me.
I tried to be the coolest guy I can be. But what will be will definitely be. Bimbo whose happens to be the prettiest among the two makes life kind of easy for me. She will prepare food for me, wash my dirty cloths and also tidy up my room.
She was doing all this to impress me but it goes the other way round. it only impress Mr konji and not me. My heart belong to someone else.
Life at school was quite difficult, I even forgot my matric number. even the newly intake were far better than me.
I began asking for directions in other not to get lost, and in more than three occasions I got myself lost in the school premises.
I tried making friends but it seems everyone got engaged. So I made lecture room friends with the little ones available but most of them are guys.
I knew I would have a girlfriend or bleeper in the school, and I know it will be a matter of time before they show up.
I tried living my new life the way it came, the lost of my memory changed some things in me, like turning me from a bad cook I was to a good one. And also, my brain got upgraded. I assimilate things easily.
Since I got no friends, all I do was read and read, till I got tired of reading.
I decided to have fun one day, so I kit up and head to a club house.
When I got there, I saw people around me drinking beers, even the ladies are. It seems kinda wired weird being the only one drinking Coca-Cola. So I ordered for a beer.
I tasted it and I almost spat all my silver out in the Spittoon.
“goddamned it, this thing is bitter ” I spat slowly away.
“you mean this is your first time having a beer? ” came a feminine voice behind me, I looked back to see a slim lady. She looks hot like a pone star.
” you wanna buy me a drink? ” she asked looking directly into my eye.
It was an awkward situation for me, but I quickly compose myself.
” sure…have a sit with me and order for what you want ” I said steadily. She sat opposite to me then she ordered for a Champaign along with some barbecue sauce.
I systematically check for my ATM card, in case of ‘incasity’
( I cannot come and wash plate)
” you don’t even ask for my name ” she said as she was eating the barbecue.
” Yea, I was planning to… So what’s your name? ” I said scratching my head absurdly.
“call me blessing and you? ” she asked pointing at me with a fork.
“I’m Ayo… Just Ayo… It’s nice meeting you ” I said bringing my hand forward for a handshake. But I got it ignored.
” you are a JJC and a little bit foolish as well, common you are in a club, you keep being formal at home, here you go nut… Now have a drink with me or you gonna die of boredom all your life ” she said as she push a full glass of champagne to me.
I couldn’t reject it, so I collected it from her and hope for the best… But the worst came.
I had barely finish the glass of champagne she gave me when I began seeing stars, people started turning to multiple in my eye.
“you wanna dance?” she asked just as I finished up the champagne.
” I don’t like noise but… Hell yeah!!! ” I said as I drag her to the dancing floor.
It was quite obvious that I was drunk cos my dancing seems to be that of sunny Ade mixed with Chris Brown break dance.
” you sure you are good? ” blessing asked me after she realized my dancing moves.
“hell yeah, should we go grab more drinks? ” I asked
” Na, that won’t be advisable, go pay the bills and let leave here ” she said.
I payed the bills using my ATM card then we both walk out of the club, but I was staggering so put she her hand across my shoulder.
“where do you live? ” she asked just as we are out.
“downtown layout, number 54” I said then she stopped a taxi.
I slept off in the taxi and by the time I woke up, I found myself in my room. I opened my eyes to see blessing naked in front of me.
“Mother of Jesus!!! ” I exclaimed as I flinched backward.
” what is it? Are you just seeing a naked woman? ” she asked judging from my reaction.
“No… No… No… Just that it’s been a while I see this… Holy shit is that a pussy? ” I said pointing downward to her pussy region.
” what the Bleep!!!… Are you a virgin? ” she asked Surprisely.
“we will find out soon ” I said, then I advance towards her.
I carried her off her feet then I throw her on the bed.
” how on earth do I forgot pussy ” I soliloquy as I buried my head down on her pussy.
Like a child hungry for food, I bite and suck on her pussy. The head was awesome as she began saying alot of rubbish my brain process to be rubbish.
Immediately without wasting time, I removed my trousers then reveal my monster cork for her to see what she’s about to take.
” oh my gosh, this is big ” she said just as she saw my dick.
” Yea… Now shall we ” I said as I spread her leg wide apart then I looked into her eye for a go ahead.
” what are you waiting for, hit me hard ” she said as she spread her leg more wider.
” with pleasure ” I replied, then I entered the battle field. When I thrust my dick into her pussy, the feeling was kind of weird. But believe me, it was great.
I didn’t last 10 minutes before I release. But when I resumed back again. My brother, my sister we die there ni ooo.
One beautiful afternoon I came back home so tired due to some activities I engaged myself in at school. I was very hungry at the same time.so I lie down on the bed thinking of what to eat cos I was so tired to cook even though I love cooking. It was during this time that bimbo enter my room.( one of my landlady daughter)
She was clad in a very tight body fitted gown that shows all her curves. The makeup on her face was extra ordinary like zee world, am sure she would have spent hours doing does things.
” Bro ay when did you come back, I know you will be very hungry by now so I prepared beans for you” she said.
On hearing this, i felt my stomach running halter skelter. Without wasting any time I ask her to bring in the beans . She brought it and I pounds on it like a hungry fowl.
The momentum in which I was devouring the beans was very high for no reterdation.
The acceleration is of the highest velocity. I noticed something like dry leafs and some tiny particles that looks like thyme,but I don’t care, whatever it is, it must be an ingredient.
All the while that am eating she was just smiling at me. Well I don’t know the reason why she’s doing that. But who cares , its her mouth not mine.
After am done eating, I was sweating profusely so I have to put off my shirt and open my window for fresh air to enter.
She packed the plate and we got talking. After about 30 minutes of insipid talks I began feeling somehow. My head began to swell, all my body system started to rise. If she crack just a joke I will laugh for about 20 minute before stopping .
Then suddenly she change the topic to some sex story.
Mr konji power up immediately she ignite the flirt chat. I tried all my best to control him but the more I try the harder and stronger he become.
Now he’s becoming very visible, I tried to cover it with a pillow but he kept on lifting the pillow, just to say how strong it was.
He has never be so strong and hard like that before. The matter got worst when bimbo sexily stand up and turned her ass towards me.
This time I lost total control of my body . I didn’t know when I grab her ass from behind and push her on the bed.
“Easy you don’t have to be aggressive am all yours” she said.
“Very well then let the party begins” I said.
I lock my lips with her and she replied with the same speed. I rapidly take my hand down to her breast region and squeezed the grape fruit with a lot of gravitational force.
She moan slightly in response. I slowly bring my hand down and pull up her gown. She was clad on a G-string pant , I patiently take my hand to her p***y region, draw the pant to one side and inserted two fingers into her honey pot, I can see that her honey pot is wide enough to accommodate more so I added one more finger.
Even with that, my hand still feel not enough, so I added one more finger making it four, as time goes on I inserted all my five finger into her honey pot. I began feeling the warmness of her pussy wall in my hand. I guess I hit the jackpot cos she began moaning more loudly and my hand was filled with her pussy cream.
I remove my hand and began to smooth my hand to and fro her pussy, In calculation of her pussy length.
I pull off her gown, remaining only bra and pant on her.
She systematic put her hand inside my trouser and bring out Mr konji. She wrapped her mouth round it as she began the Mouth Action.
I unhook her bra doing this process and began playing with her nipples. She continue sucking my dick for more than 15 minutes, before I ask her to stop. She remove her G-string and turn her ass towards me. I condomized my dick and balanced the doggy style position and then… I fire the hole.
I bleep her as if am in for a bleeping competition. She was giving me a very loud sound track which I enjoyed so much. I was bleeping her with accurate curiosity .
60 minutes after, her leg couldn’t hold her up . I can sense that are legs are tired cos she is now lying flat on her stomach.
I turned her around, spread her leg wide apart and positioned her on a missionary style. This time I was giving her a very deep pounding.
Her p***y cream is now all over my bed. I continue bleeping her this way for more than an hour. Finally she voice out, she started begging me to get off her. But this only make mr konji more stronger. When she see that her pleas means nothing to me, she push me away and made attempt to run. But I catch up with her and increase my bleeping tempo .
I spent up to 2 hours on her tonton before I finally release. I looked down at her , she look more like a dead corpse. I wasn’t that tired and I began wondering where I got all the strength from. I sat up and rested my back on the wall, but not too long… Mr konji was called to action again. He powered up.
“what did you put in the beans? ” I asked but I go no response from her.
“Haa… you Don die today “. I said as I set for another battle .
To be continued…
I’m sorry for the late post, I’m sorry if my story is short. This story was one of my first story. I typed this story then using Nokia C2 that only contains 100 text per note. I don’t want to change the storyline so I just include some little scene to make it a little long. Providing that is understood…

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Re: Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ by Mayorleo(m): 6:20am On Apr 24
Episode 8

Bimbo will always remember the day Mr konji unleashed hell on her tonton. It was ruth that came to her rescue. I was sure she learnt her lesson in a very tedious way. Next time in her life she will never put weed in any guy food ever again.
School life has always been the best, just that examination makes it a doom of hell. But That’s only for the unserious students.
Examination was fast approaching and I got a lot of academic work I’m yet to cover. I started attending night classes and also engage myself in some night Tutorials.
On a Friday morning After the test week, I was in the lecture room with some other students waiting for the lecturer to arrive.
Mrs Omolare happens to be a No-nonsense lecturer, the highest grade a student can have in her course is the grade “C”. Basically most students score bellow average mostly in her test and exams.
While waiting for her arrival, I tried to login on a social network but unfortunately, I’ve forgotten all my passwords. So I was creating another facebook and 2go account when the lecturer came in. We all went silent as we all do away with our mobile phones .
She began her teaching them after a while, she started distributing our test paper to us, which was unusual of her. She was calling our names and at the same time Calling our script scores. As usual, we always know who do have the highest score, so after his name was called the rest Of the students accepted their fate, cos they believed they can’t score above him.
After she was done calling the names, I realized my name wasn’t mentioned, so I planned on raising up my hand to give a complain.
I was about raising my hand up when I heard my name from her.
She paused for a while then stare into my face, then she returned her gaze back on my script she was holding, I couldn’t read her mind so I kept wondering what’s holding her back.
” can you defend this paper ?” she asked after some minutes of silence.
“sure…i can ” I replied slowly.
“if you are so sure, then have the marker and solve the number two of the test question ” she said as she hand over the marker to me.
The test question were just two, but non of the student got the question two correctly, Cos it involves not just pure physic calculation but critical reasoning.
I collected the marker from her and then began solving the question, I was half way finish when she stopped me.
And for the very first time, Mrs Omolare smiled. She gave me an applaud and a surprise hug.
” I’m impressed, Who taught you those Formula’s you used ?” she asked.
“No one…i derived most of them from their unit and I make use of some partially accepted hypothesis since the accepted formulas couldn’t pass equation 15, so I think otherwise. To catch a thief, we need to think as one, so I changed my reasonings from not finding the answer but how to solve the theory practically with a pen. And I think I arrived at an answer. ” I said. Just as I finished talking, I heard a clap from a student, and before I knew it, everyone was clapping including Mrs Omolare.
“you are the first student that will score a full mark in my test, I know better than anyone that you will destroy my exam as well. Let me tell you one secret ” she said as she place her hand on my shoulder, then face to addressed the students.
“this question was 5 generations old, when I was doing my PhD, A professor gave us this question, no one can solve it, I couldn’t too… Neither could the professor as well. He told me he was also given the question as well from his professor when he was still in school…since non of them couldn’t provide the calculations, they began passing it from one generation to another. The question was created by a German physicist, more than a hundred years ago. Both the calculations and answer were provided by him. After a while, his house got burnt and so was his calculations on the problem.
He tried solving the question again after the fire, but he couldn’t but he remember the answer, so he wrote the answer bellow the question…then he died, unfulfilled.
In a nut shell, my course always seems difficult to most of the students because of this question, it carries 50% of the mark, so if you don’t get the question there’s no way you can score above 60. But a record is being made today that will change my life forever, cos I’ve been searching for a student that will solve this question all my life and now I found the student. I’m keeping this script to myself, and to show all be proffesor before me that I’ve found that special student, can you please clap for him again ” An applause followed just as she finished talking.
Some lectures and proffesors entered the class doing this moment, they checked the script and they began shaking hands with me and at the same time saying congratulation. I never realized that I’ve gotten my self a global recognition and an award.
Everything happens for a reason, a brain surgery came as a blessing to me.
It was doing this period that grace came for a weekend visit. She traveled all the way from home to my school.
I was the happiest guy on earth to see grace which have missed so much.
Four days before her arrival, I began running up and down planing on how to make her stay with me the very best.
Firstly I make my room very exquisite, you will even think that am expecting the president as a guest. I did some seriously laundry which makes my fingers hurt badly. i bought a new carpet , I don’t want my angel to see my old one. I also bought some air freshener to keep my room cool.
After I have made my room the very best I can, then i work on my look. I went to the salon and have my hair cut. I also shaved Mr konji. I select the best outfit am going to wear for the three days. Then I make an event plan.
I schedule where am going to take her to doing her stay.
I planned taking her to the cinema on saturday then after that we will both go to either an amazement pack or a museum just for sight seeing . Fortunately for me my class rep will be celebrating his birthday that same day and it will be an over night party. So am going to end everything up at the birthday party.
And on sunday, after the church service, I will just take her on a walk round the school and then spend the rest of the day indoor. Maybe I will get to tell her how I feel about her doing her stay.
The D-day finally arrived, which was on friday. I woke up very early to prepare a very delicious meal, I prepared fried rice with chicken.
I call her phone to ask when she will be coming, and to my greatest surprise she said she’s already on her way. I hurriedly take my bath and prepare myself for her arrival, after about 20 minute she called.
She: hello ay
Me: hello dear
She: am at the park, come and pick me.
Me: you don’t mean it? I will be there in a jiffy.
She: alight dear.
“Yes! She’s here let me go show her some handsomeness”I said as I hurriedly arrange few things and head to the park.
Locating her was so easy, cus she’s extremely beautiful. So I put on my search on the beautiful’s so I locate her easily.
I was a little bit shy but I compose myself well enough for her not to notice.
When I saw her, I was completely floored by her beauty, it took me some minutes to regain back my normal self.
Before I say a word she ran into my arms. I guess I should have hug her before saying any word.
I carried her bag, then I stopped a bike which convey us to my abode .
When we got to my place everyone was just admiring her beautiful some were even getting jealous, people like bimbo and co.
I open the door for her and she entered inside .
I caught her admiring my room. Am sure she will compensate me for it which she later did.
I brought out the food I prepared and we both eat together in the same dish. After that I ask her to take a rest cos am sure she will be very tired.
she placed her head on my leg and I caressed her hair. We engaged in a conversation and she doze off some minute later.
She woke up around 4pm. we took some snacks I prepared then we head out.
I took her to some of my friends place, and gallivant her around as my girlfriend although I didn’t say that in her presence.
When its about 6 in the evening we head back home and prepare dinner together.
We gisted for an hour before we both doze off. I asked her to sleep on the bed. But she refused saying we are both going to sleep together on the bed. After a lot of agurement I agreed.
I cuddle myself round her and we both had a wonderful night rest . Mr konji didn’t even power up despite her ass closeness. He will probably have me to dealt with if he tried doing something crazy.
On saturday I took her to the cinema. A love movie was shown, with the title
” The sorcerer and the white snake” a movie by jet lee.
That will be the first time I will be watching a love movie by jet lee. The movie was fantastic, I felt like crying after watching the end, cos it was tragic .
We later moved to an amazement park. Right there in the park, I wanted to tell her that I love her but I failed to. I’m afraid I must confess.
And finally we headed to the birthday party around 6pm in the evening . You can imagine how happy and proud am I to be by an angel. All my departmental guys started stealing glance at her. And am giving them a face reply saying
“if you go near her, you are a dead man”
As the party go on. We get to the game section . A card was being pass round. Whomever the card ends with will be called out and ask to choose an opposite sex partner. Then they will have to do whatever the MC ask them to do. If they can’t, a sum of 2000 naira will be paid.
The card ends with a guy and he chose grace.
That moment I felt like hitting him, but the worst arrived when the MC asked him to give grace 10 minutes romance.
“10 minutes what? We will die here ni ooo!!! ”

To be continued…
Re: Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ by Mayorleo(m): 6:22am On Apr 24
Episode 9

We will die there ni ooo, a total bull shit, I can’t imagining seeing my grace being romance by a he-goat.
I can feel the anger burning inside me. I saw grace looking at me, and I know I have to do something before the riff-raff lay his leprosy hands on my grace.
I found myself standing up and shouting above the music being played.
” If you try anything funny there, I will dismantle you apart ”
Everyone turned towards me, am sure they were all shocked. Then everywhere went silent with everyone Fixing their eyes on me, but I didn’t care.
I walk towards grace then I dragged her behind me.
“If you want to touch her, then you will have to go through me first” I said with every anger in me.
I rolled up my seelve, making ready for a deadly fist then I set to launch a blow at him if he dares make a funny move.
It was doing this period that the celebrant approach me and pleaded with me to be calm.
” Ayo Abeg, no fight. Just pay the MC and everything will be fine ” he said.
I reach for my wallet, pay the MC 2000 naira, then I drag grace out of the party.
When we got outside she freed her hand from mine and look directly into
my eyes.
“ay you don’t have to do all that. You could have pay the MC silently. And everything would have been well”
She said with some demonstration.
“what are you saying? So you expect me to sit down back there and watch that lunatic of toad to…”
“that’s enough, you got yourself embarrassed for what reasons?” she cut in. I looked at her for a while, I let go of the anger as I speak to her.
“for every reason…Am sorry about what happened is just that I.. I..I…lov… .
“It’s okay, can we go home now.” she cut in.
” sure” I said then I checked the time. its almost past 11pm. Going home will be a little dangerous, but staying there in the party Is another worst thing I couldn’t risk. Who knows maybe it will be 10 minutes quickie that will be next.
I don’t even know what might happen if I see the baboon near grace, I might castrate him.
We didn’t see any bike or cab so we trekked home. On the way, she complained about being weak and tired, so I carried her at my back and She doze off Later some minutes .
We got home around 12am mid night. I laid her on the bed and watch her beautiful sleeping face. Nature came afterward.
I woke up around 8am in the morning to see grace clad in one of my polo shirt and a short . She look so beautiful I must admit even without a make up.
She was busy preparing breakfast when I woke,
” good morning beautiful” I said.
” Oh you are up, good morning handsome”
She said.
I felt like going over to her and give her a good moring kiss. But I don’t have the courage.
“Young man will you just lie there and stare at me? Are you not going to church?”. She asked with her eyes wide opened.
To be sincere I don’t feel like going to church, but it will be very nice sitting beside grace in the church. So I replied.
“Oh.. certainly, we are”.
We had our bath and we prepare for church. I did her make up for her and also help her tie her gele. That’s because am a make up artist, (real life too) when you live with ladies, you get to know all this.
At church, the service was okay. I hardly listen to the sermon, I was busy surveying the idiot dudes which were busy giving grace an absurd lusty look.
And I enjoyed giving them a deadly look in reply.
When we got to the prayer section. I prayed for the spirit of blindness to be bestow upon them.
The rest of her stay with me was eventful. She later return back on monday moring. Its so sad to see her go. I wish I can hold her a little longer but she have to go.
Exam was at my doorstep, and am ready for it, am not always afraid of exams. They looks like a challenge to me. And I love being challenged.
I did all my best in the exam. And my result was a good one. My CGPA got a boost.
I happily say goodbye to 300 level. And a welcome to my final year.
After the exam we were given 2 weeks break. Well I can’t wait to see my happy parent again

When I arrived home, grace has gone for her NYSC service . she was posted to a very far state, Kano. Its hurt not to see her. But I always call her often to know how she’s feeling.
Amanda is now very close to me due to grace absence. She can’t do without visiting me in a day. Her large breast and ass always makes Mr konji power up. But most time I do shut him down.
I pay amanda a visit one beautiful afternoon.
We talk and gisted for a while, I was so into her that all my thoughts were to bleep her right there and also due to accumulated konji.
I try to drive the temptation away so I switch on her laptop.
I sat on the sofa trying to watch a movie on her laptop while she said she was going to freshen up. While she was in the bathroom, I couldn’t concentrate on the movie. I was just imagining her naked right there in the bathroom and wished I could just rip the door open and go down on her.
Before I knew what was happening, she came out of the bathroom. She was putting on a brown bum short and a white crop top. Believe me, Her huge boobs were so visible through the top she was wearing and her pointy ni*pples pushed outward against it’s thin fabric. She definitely didn’t have a bra on under there!
She sat down next to me, and I felt the beam of her gaze wash over me. She looked so beautiful, and I sat there not knowing what to do.
I didn’t want to be too forward, so I just tried ‘forming’ conversation with her while watching the movie.
“Are you even enjoying the movie? ” She asked.
“This movie is super boring!” As I turned to respond, my eyes were drawn yet again to her incredible chest. My focus was especially drawn to the bulge at the tip of each boobs, her areolae must be incredibly puffy. I couldn’t resist anymore.
Suddenly, without warning, her head shifted, and I found my lips pressed against hers, with my tongue plunging deep into her mouth and her tongue whipping against mine to explore it. As we were kissing, I moved my hands to her large b—–s. I slowly began to massage them gently, using my experience, and instinct to guide me.
As I caressed and rubbed her large ni*pples, I heard her quiver and moan. As the passion heated up, I tried to unbutton her bumshorts, but she held my hand back and guided my face to her boobs…
I was trying to wonder what might have caused that.
**Abi na virgin she be ni**
I didn’t dwell too much on the thought. I worked my way from her neck to her boobs, removing her top. Jeez, this babe was making me hard as hell.
At this point Mr konji was almost finding it’s way out of my jean. She began stroking me through my jean and she knew she was driving me crazy. I kissed and s—-d on each of her ni*pple, taking turns while pinching the other.
I love to suck and bite on ni*pples, and judging by her moans and jerking movements so was she.
I kept working on her, kissing then licking, sucking on her boobs, nibbling a little to taste her sweetness.
I felt her unzip me while I was losing myself and burying my face in her cleavage. Before I knew what was happening, she got off me, yanked down my jean and shorts and freed Mr konji.
“Oh my God, I wasn’t expecting that”. she yelled.
“Too big? Hope you’ll be able to handle it? ”
“Of course I should”. She replied
In a swift move, she put one of my balls in her mouth. She then switched to the next one. She used her tongue to move them all around. her lips completely enveloped my entire sack, up to the root of Mr konji. She then began stroking Mr konji with her hands.
Jeez, this feeling was incredible. I was incapable of saying anything else. She finally put her lips around the whole head of Mr konji and started to gently suck me.
For several minutes she swirled her tongue wildly around the underside of the head of Mr konji, driving me mad with desire. Her pace and intensity grew with each trip up and down Mr konji and she made loud slurping and sucking sounds with her mouth.
Mr konj was rock hard and throbbing, and I was on the verge of cu*mming. I could feel it very close. Ohhhh, fuvvvvk!!! Jeez!!! Spurt after spurt of hot c-m shot up her boobs. She was able to trap most of it with her boobs, but it began dripping on the bed. She got up and went to the bathroom to clean up herself.
As she came back, she came up to the bed and began kissing me. Mr konji was called to action once again and it began responding. I tried unbuttoning her bumshorts, but she stopped me again and told me she was on her period.

To be continued…

I know some guys will still go ahead and bleep. Baby food is real......

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Re: Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ by Mayorleo(m): 6:25am On Apr 24
Episode 10

“what the Bleep? your period? ” I asked with uncertainty.
” Yea I’m sorry, my pad is even wet with blood ” she replied.
“Holy shit!! Even wet with blo…? what the hell!!! And you let me go through all this for nothing? ” I asked with a high voice.
Immediately, we heard a knock on the door.Shiiit, it’s like ifeoma is back. I quickly wore up my shorts and jean and arranged myself. She went to open the door for her.
I wasn’t happy she obstructed the mission, but either ways it wouldn’t have gone down that day.
Amanda can’t have her period on forever, so I changed my strategy. I waited for her ovulation to be over before going for another visit.
Luckily for me, I met her alone at home. She was clad in a fitted tight mini skirt that arose Mr konji with just her appearance.
Her boobs were being held together by an instrument of arousal called singlet bra. Her nipples were way too visible, and her hips were just so astonishing.
My reasoning faculty shut down immediately I saw her back side, she killed me ‘patapata’ (finish) when she walk down to the freezer to get me a soft drinks. Her butt were reverberating. Shaking from left to right with tremedious recoiling swift.
I opened my eyes widely like a night watch lamp, ensuring that my eye capture every bit of her walking scene .
She gave me the soft drinks then she sat opposite to me. I collected it from her with the opener and helped myself with it.
I was staring at her non stop like a nickelodeon Spongebob Squarepants cartoon. She noticed it and then began shifting drastically.
” you are making me feel uncomfortable ” she said as she look shyly away.
” are you doing this intentionally or it’s just you? ” I asked, still not taking my gaze off her. She looked at me with a weird expression before trowing the question.
“as in? I don’t get you? ”
“you are making me have a hard on, even this 7up I’m drinking is tasting like your pussy cream ” I said with a lustful eye.
I caught her blushing as she went silent and began staring at the floor.
” should I come to you or will you come to me ?” I asked trowing a lusty look round her sexy body.
Just as I was still planning to meet her, I saw her walking towards me with desire written clearly on her face.
” your period isn’t going to save you this time” I muttered slowly to myself as I welcomed her big ass with a drawing hand.
” ever since I saw your dick, I’ve been salivating for it deep down in my pussy ” she said.
” daughters of Habakkuk!!! Let me show you how I use it ” I said as I turned her over taking the top position.
I crashed my lips on her Left breast With my hand on the right One, squeezing and Fumbling it like a sachet water.
I pulled up her singlet, hereby revealing her big boobs nakedly out. I moved my mouth down to her nipples, sucking and biting on them hungrily like a calf sucking it moma breast.
She kept pressing my head passionately on her breast for me to suck harder, which I did like a horse responding to a whip, I sucked harder.
While still sucking on her breast, I moved my hand down to her mini skirt, then pull it up slowly. I felt the presence of a pant, so I moved it side way and then insert two finger into her honey pot.
She moan slowly as my finger go in and out of her tonton, and then all of a sudden, she turned me over and quickly free out Mr konji.

“My mom will be back anytime from now, and I want to have this dick before she come ” she said. Then slowly she position my dick on her pussy entrance, moving it down into her pussy slowy. Then after Mr konji has enter fully into her pussy, she withdraw back slowly upward then return back deeply inside.
I guessed she was trying to smooth up the way. She did this for a minute then she began attaining speed gradually. After about 2 minutes, she was at a high speed, jumping up and down on my rod with her ass making a lap sounds on mine.
As she was jumping On my dick , her breast was bouncing round the four cardinal point ,north to South , east to West , and at some point, they will collide with each other. I tried to keep them in other, but they seems to be out of control.
I positioned my hand across her big butt, as she was rocking my rod hardy like car gear.
” wont you want to see what I can do ” I whispered softly into her ears but she pretended as if she didn’t hear me.
I guessed I will have to catch her by surprise. So without warning, I tried to turn her over but her weight turned me back to my position.
” sweet Jesus!!!, you are like a sack of beans ” I muttered out.
I gathered some strength, then I turned her over. I spread her leg wide then I penetrate deeply into her wet pussy.
” have you have an anal sex before? ” I asked just as I was banging her pussy.
“No…I’ve never been bleep there before ” she replied.
“you wanna try? ” I asked.
” with this big dick? It can’t fit, just Bleep the pussy and don’t cum inside me ” she said with a pleasurable moan.
I spread her leg more widely then I hit my dick hard into her pussy like a gulf man hitting a gulf. She gave a moan as she felt the impact. Just as I was fucking her, I heard Mrs igoni voice from a distance. Immediately, I increased my fucking tempo, just as she was closing to the door, I pulled out then release on Amanda breast.
Within a blink of an eye, I dash out to the backyard door, cos that was my Only way of escaping, but I found the door locked without the key to open it.
(Aye MI)
I left Amanda in the living room, but I’m very sure that she will take care of herself.
Mrs igoni was already at the door, and she has knocked more than twice.
“fly through the window ” Amanda said silently, pointing at the kitchen window For me.
” I can’t fit, it’s too small ” I replied back with a whisper. But Amanda didn’t reply back, instead she head towards the door to open the door for her mother.
Since I got no choice, I went through the window, but my landing was so bad. Due to my Somersaulting landing, I woke up their sleeping bull dog. Unluckily for me… The dog wasn’t chained.
(come see race).
It was a sunny day and I was sitting close to a swimming pool. I was reading a book on my phone and was shocked when I saw Grace coming to the pool in her bikini. Menh.. , this babe had a body to die for. She had lovely pair of d-cup boobs and a nice rounded ass. Her legs looked like she was contesting for Miss hot legs.
She and her copper friends were playing in the pool. The sound of their squealing and laughter filled the air, which made me lose interest in the book I was reading and concentrated on them.
As they were playing, one of her friends mistakenly grabbed her bikini top and pulled it down.
“Mother Theresa of Togo!!! ” I yelled.
Staring at me was one of the most perfect boobs I have seen in a long time. The nipple was fully erect because of the cold water and was surrounded by a very nice pink areola, the size of a coin. Mr konji immediately began stirring in my shorts.
She definitely must have seen me looking at her, because before covering herself up, she looked at me and smiled. This just made Mr konji grow harder. I looked back on my phone and pretended not to have seen her, but my knickers was telling a different story.
I was trying to concentrate on the book I was reading, but the sight of her exposed boobs haunted my mind. I kept stealing glances at the pool every now and again and I found her looking at me too.
After several minutes of playing in the pool, they got out to get something to drink. I was watching them go to the bar when suddenly Grace began catwalking towards me. I couldn’t help but stare at her delicious body in the wet polka dotted pink bikini she wore. It had become semi transparent and I could clearly see the outlines of her n—–s and the surrounding darker areas.
As I looked down towards her leg, I saw what looked like the outline of her ‘cunnies’ pushing against the thin material.
Mr Konji was showing its appreciation for such sight by trying to bust through my shorts. I was still watching her when suddenly she knelt down before me, zipped down my shorts and brought out already stiff Mr konji and began sucking it.
As she did that her friends gathered around and began watching us and giggling.
” Son of Malacca!!! ”
I tapped her and pointed.
‘People are watching!!!’
She looked up at me, smiled and continued sucking. Since she didn’t seem to mind, I began to enjoy what she was doing. But after several minutes, as I raised up my head, I saw a huge guy coming with a loaded AK 47…
Before I could say a word. He fired the gun at me.
i saw all the images before me gradually disappearing.
I looked at myself and realized I am in my father house and not beside a pool.
” sweet hell!!! I’ve been dreaming”

To be continued…

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Re: Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ by KhalifaDam: 10:18pm On Apr 24
Weldone sir....

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Re: Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ by samfrancis1(m): 3:03pm On Nov 15
Person just leave this sweet stormy unfinished so ?
Re: Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ by riqmarol(m): 9:37am On Nov 16
Re: Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ by Ryhanolax(f): 3:23pm On Nov 22
weldone Sir

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