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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Debbylicious(f): 1:26pm On Aug 18
Thank God for your life We Look forward to updates
Thanks..I'm feeling better now
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by OPC90(m): 5:33pm On Aug 18
Anyways Samuel will still land him self in trouble
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Thebigdream: 7:28pm On Aug 18
God will punish this Samuel o, anyway I know the police man will deal with him
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Khriztarl(f): 10:33pm On Aug 18
Owk. Silver1996 tell samuel to get rid of the sergent. Mbok

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by enirock(m): 11:13pm On Aug 18
It's good to have you back @Silver. Please kindly take good care of yourself and not overstress yourself with work. Hope that doctor would be saved o. As for Success, she deserves all that will come to her. She chose to lay with the devil.
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by eROCK247(m): 9:37am On Aug 19
Oga Silver, how's your health now? Hope you're better.

Kindly drop a long update o! I've been refreshing non-stop without results. Do you have a posting schedule? If yes, I'd love to know it. If no, kindly prepare one so we can know when to be expecting updates.

More ink to your pen and money to your account.
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Adekunlated: 8:12pm On Aug 19
Tnks for the update
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 11:49pm On Aug 20

Susan lean her body on the chair of the tricycle, her eyes shifted to the road again and became glazed with a glassy layer of tears. As she blinked, they dripped from her eyelids and slid down her cheeks. She bit her lip tightly in attempt to hide any sound that wanted to escape from her mouth, her heart sank as she remembered how Anita was taken right in front of her....., her lower lips quivered as words slowly made way out of her mouth....

"I'll stop here.."She said, her words coming in stutters..

The keke driver quickly stopped.., Susan alighted and paid him before she spun around to face the hospital..., she took her phone, search for any missed calls, when she saw none, she kept it back in he pocket, took a sigh before walking into the hospital...

She watched her feet take steps on the hospital ground, she kept her steps at a sedate pace but quickly remenber how important it is to see the doctor, she increase her steps walking as fast as her legs can carry her and finally stopped when she got to the hospital walkway.., she look around, her eyes peering widely at the people passing and sitting.., she quickly ran to a nurse when she saw one..

"Excuse me.."She said walking up to the nurse....

"Hello.."The nurse replied turning to face her..

"Please I need to see the doctor, it's important I see him..."Susan stated with pants breathe

The nurse sigh and drop the book she was holding with her right hand on her left hand..."You see these people.."She said pointing her fingers around..

Susan's eyes followed the direction of her finger but she didn't say anything..., but she quickly guessed how the statement was going to end..

"They're all waiting for the doctor.. "The nurse added

Susan looked at the people sitting and the ones standing all in a queue to see the doctor.., it quickly occur to her waiting for the doctor to show up will be a total waste of time and time is something she don't have...., the thoughts of Anita and what could be happening to her that very moment really bothers her, deep instincts tells her Anita is terribly suffering Wherever she is and for a thing she blames herself for everything that had happened to her.., maybe, just maybe, if she hadn't told her to make that video, non of everything would have befall her...

"We've tried calling him., his number is not connecting..."The nurse added chiming into Susan's thoughts..

Susan took a breather before she hurriedly muff out the words.."Thank you.."

She let her eyes move around a bit before she turned around and began exiting the hospital walkway.., she took her phone out when she got outside and quickly dial Henry's number..., she needed the doctor to accompany her to the psychiatric hospital but since he isn't around.., she just had to go there with Henry alone..

"I'm almost there.."Henry said from the other end when the call connected..

"Please be fast, we need to go to that psychiatric hospital.."Susan said in a rush..

There was a slight pause before Henry's voice came again.."Okay, but you haven't tell me what's going on.."

Susan gawked as her head brood over how Anita was taken away..."Just get here fast.., I'll fill you in on our way there.."

"Cheers..."Samuel said raising his glass of wine for a toast

"To victory."Festus said raising his...

"And more money.."Samuel added holding the wine glass in his over-moisturised fingers, his nails forming wall without mortar, Success watched his face as he drank, contorted as if the expectation he might gain enjoyment from it was an imposition too far....

"This isn't something to celebrate about.."Success said pushing aside the glass of wine Festus was offering her...."I won't bash over someone's insanity.."

"Do you know.."Samuel said dropping the glass on the table.., he lick his lips to savour the fine taste of the wine..."You're the reason she's mad.."

Success eye-beared him, her forehead encroaching into small frowns..."I didn't ask you to make her mad.."

"You did told us where she lives.."Samuel said before picking up the glass again.."So stop acting like a saint just to get on my nerves.."

"You're in this as much as we are.."Festus chime in..

Success batted her long lashes before she knit her brows at the bitter truth...."You went too far.., getting her arrested was something but making her go insane..., that's way too extreme.."

"I'm going to ask you this one last time.."Samuel said dropping the glass to pour in more wine..."Are you with us or against us..?"

She turn away, she couldn't say no, even if she knows it's against her conscience, she couldn't, it's too late to back off now.....

"That's what I thought.."Samuel said when she gave no reply...

"You look pretty when you frown.."Festus said before he giggled.

Success didn't find it funny so she continued with her stony look..

"Cheer up.."Festus said..."You should be glad you're here with us.., so many girls are seeking for the opportunity to spend a night with us yet they've been declined..., forget about that mad girl and enjoy the luxuries of life with us.., we're going to spoil you rotten.., isn't it Samuel..?"

Samuel raise his brow at him but just when he was about opening his mouth, the intercom in the sitting room rang..

"God what does this mòron have to say now.."Samuel said before taking another gulp down of the wine...

Festus stood up when no one else bothered to get up to get the call.., staggering, he dragged his feet to where the intercom is, hesitated a bit before answering the call...
"What is it..?"He mutter before he sniff..

"Someone is here to see you sir.."The gateman voice sounded from the other end.

"Who..?"Festus ask with a cringe at Samuel..

"She said she's a nurse.., nurse Titi..."

"Nurse Titi.."Festus mouthed at Samuel..

"Send her in.."Festus added when Samuel motioned him with a nod before he dropped the intercom and walk back to his chair playfully touching Success breast in the process..

Success flinched and sat up before she stared at Festus..

"What..!"Festus ask with a shrug....

Success didn't reply, instead she stood up and walked back to her room, what came after was the loud bang of her door...

"I'm going to fùck her tonight.."Samuel said pouring more wine on the glass...

"We're going to fùck her tonight.."Festus said..

Samuel threw him a lopsided grin before he raised his focus to the door.., he watch as the door creak then it opened and Nurse Titi came into sight....

"Come and join us, let's merry..."Samuel said, a joyful smile playing on his lips...

"If only I have time for that.."Nurse Titi replied, her facial expression boldly showing she wasn't interested in anything celebration...

"God you're so bitter.."Samuel said dropping the glass to pour more wine in...

"Tell us.."Festus said.."How did you do it..?"

"I won't want to bore you with the details..."Nurse Titi said..."I've done what you both wanted.., now it's time to delete those videos and pictures of my nudes.."

"Mmm.."Samuel mutter.."We still curious though..., how did you do it at such a perfect time..., the timing was splendidly perfect.."

"Save the accolades for who needs them.."Nurse Titi said, her voice carrying a thread of anger that burned beyond everything she had felt before..."Delete all the videos and pictures you have of me.."

"Fine.."Samuel said reclining his back on the chair.., then he turned to Festus who quickly pick up his phone, scroll to the pictures and videos, he marked multiple and quickly show the phone to her...

"Deleting them..."Festus said before he touch the Deleting option...

Nurse Titi took a deep breathe but she wasn't yet convinced..."How do I know you don't have other videos of me..?"

"Well you just have to trust us.."Samuel said

Nurse Titi scoffs almost immediately the words fell out from Samuels mouth....."Trust you.."She said..."I trusted you and you blackmailed me.., I need a clean slate just to be sure you don't have other videos and pictures of me..."

"Did you really send much to the man you thought you were chatting with..?"Samuel quizzed

"And that has taught me so much lesson.., one I'll never forget in a hurry..."

"You mean like this one.."Festus chime in showing her another of her nude picture in his phone..

Her heart sanked.., she hated herself and she fear she might never forgive herself for such terrible mistake..."I was right.., you still have others."

"Yes I do.."Festus said.."I looked at them all night and you know what I've been thinking...?"He ask rhetorically with a cringe at Samuel..."When the hell am i going to see the real thing..."

Nurse Titi scoff realising where Festus is heading...."You want me to strip so you can see the real thing..?"

A sly smile circle Festus lips.."That will be nice..."

Anger thrummed through her veins but she kept her cool, loosing it won't bring her any success...., she wore a smile that disappeared as it came.."That is never happening.."

Festus suck his teeth and glance at Samuel before reverting his gaze to Nurse Titi...."Are you sure about that.., I still have your nude pics.."

Nurse Titi quickly frown at the statement, her resentment festered in her before she blare out.."This wasn't the agreement.."

"The agreement is what we say..."Samuel chime in dropping the wine glass down to pour himself more of the wine...."Come on.., is not like we haven't seen everything on pictures before.., what's there to hide.."

Slowly, engulfed with great anger, she began to clenched her right hand fist.., she was suffocating on her rage and she fear she might lose it...."So you won't delete the video until I strip..?"

"Think of it this way.."Festus said standing up with the intentions of walking to her but instead he remained where he is..."If you don't strip.., we'll upload the videos and pictures we have of you..., wonder the thousand and millions of views you'll get....."He pause waiting for her reaction but all he got was her eyes glaring at him.., too bad he didn't care..."You have a choice here.., either you let only my buddy and I see what you have underneath those clothes or millions of people see it..., your choice.."

A vortex of anger swirled inside her, she hated them and most importantly, she hated herself for getting involve with them...."How do I know you won't still post those pictures online even after I do as you say..?"

A smile circled Francis lips..."You have my word.."

"Like I had your word when you told me you will delete them after I make that girl mad.."She retorted, her words marinating in resentment

"Trust us on this one.."Samuel said emptying the bottle of wine on his glass..

She curl her lips before she managed to unfold her fist..."Let me guess.., after I strip.., the next thing you'll be asking me to do is lay with you two"

Festus shrugged and glance at Samuel.."Well that's a good thought.."He said to her before looking back at Samuel.."What do you think about a hot afternoon threesòme buddy...?"

Samuel scoff and reclined his back on the soft couch..."Strip.."He said to her..."Now.."

She glare at them, a momentary flare of anger flashing in her eyes, there was a breaking point to her patience and everything she can tolerate.., they've crossed the line this time.., she set a foot forward and strongly clenched her fist by her side, she wanted to reach out, to punch their faces, to let them feel the burning ferocity that is lingering inside of her....

"I shouldn't have trust you two.."She said, her voice carrying a thread of anger that went beyond her need to save her dignity..."I'm not going to degrade and embarrass myself in front of you two.., so you know what, keep the videos, the pictures, the chats and whatever the hell you want but know one thing..., you two are going to regret this.."

"Are you threatening us..?"Samuel queried immediately

She raised her brows before a taunting smirk creep into her face..."Are you feeling scared...?"She ask, her rage springing back to life..."I'm done pleading.., I'm done talking to you and I'm done with this whole bullshit, so if you want to leak the videos and pictures online.., you're welcome to go ahead..."

"So you preferred be ruined.."Festus said with clenched teeth.."Think about it.., once your nudes suffice online, your career, your life.., I can't even begin to think what will happen to you.., it'll be disastrous.."

She stepped closer to him, fires of fury and hatred smouldering in her eyes..."What will be disastrous is the comeback..., try me and see.."She said, revert her furious gaze at Samuel before she turned around and walked out of the house not bothering to look back at them, what followed was the loud bang of the door...

"I cannot believe this.."Samuel said chuckling..."Did she just threatened us...?"

"She absolutely did.."Festus said sitting back down...."So what are we going to do about her nudes..?"He ask taking back his wine glass.

"Post them online.."

"What..?, are you serious about that, I was just bluffing.., moreover she's the reason that stupid girl is mad.."

"Didn't you hear what she said.."Samuel said.."She dare to threaten me.., I want her nudes online, let's see if she can act on her threat.., I want to see what she's capable of..."

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 11:50pm On Aug 20


Andrew watch his feet as he takes step across the tiles, He was walking like his shoes were too tight, making short little strutting steps like a clockwork soldier, he stopped to look at an old woman rocking back and forth on her chair, in her hand was an old furniture her husband has managed to got passed hospital security five years ago..., Andrew ignored her and walk on until he got to a door.., he look around, wear a smile on his face when he saw one of the nurses.., he watch until she disappeared out of sight, satisfy noone was looking his way, he opened the door and walked in...

"Knocking seems to elude you these days.."Doctor Charana said taking her eyes from the artwork on the wall and focusing them on him...

"Should I go back and knock..?"Andrew ask jokingly..

Doctor Charana scoffs, drag her chair from under the table and sat on it...."Has she woken up..?"

"No.."Andrew replied folding his hand..

"She has slept for too long.., we need to wake her up and start work on her..."

"Work..!"Andrew reiterated getting keen in the conversation..."Is there something you aren't telling me.."

A sly smile surround Doctor Charana's lips before she pick up a drug from the table drawer and showed it to him...."You will give her this when she wakes up"

"But this will only make her worst.."Andrew said collecting the drug.

"Exactly the point..."Doctor Charana said..."A million naira has been deposited to work on her...., we need to get her totally insane.., the kind of insanity she won't be able to come out from till the awful day of her demise.."

"How much are we talking about here..?"Andrew ask sitting across her..

"Well alot of money is involve.."Doctor Charana said...."I'll be getting the full pay when our client gets satisfactory result"

"Who is this girl..?"Andrew ask but before he could get his reply, a light knock came on the door...

"Who's there..?"Charana ask tilting her head forward..

The Door creak, when it fully opened, another nurse entered.."Doctor.., there are some people here to see you..."

"Who..?"She ask

"They didn't mention their names but they did say they're here to see the crazy girl that was brought in minutes ago..."

"Where are they..?"She ask picking up her medicated glasses

"At the lobby.."

"I'll be right there..."She said..

"Yes doctor.."The girl replied and left immediately

"Well I just hope it isn't her family that is here to interfere.."Andrew said

"Families always interfere.."Charana said standing up..."I'll be right back.."She added and left the office..

Shoulders up, she walked majestically to the lobby, she stood when she saw Susan and Henry, realising her position will attract suspicion, she move her legs wearing a fake smile as she trot towards them....

"It's you again.."She said maintaining the smile

Susan glare at her, she can see through her fake facade..."Yes it's me again.."She sneer standing up to meet her level..."You drove off leaving me there.."

"That wasn't intentional..."Charana said pocketing her hands on her trouser pocket...."I'm sorry about that.."

"I'm here to see my friend.."Susan said immediately..."Where is she..?"

"Safe and harmless for now.."Charana said

"What do you mean by safe and harmless.."Henry interjects as his head brood over what Susan told him on their way to the metal asylum...

"She's asleep.."Charana said

"Can we see her..?"Susan ask suppressing the anger threatening to engulf her.

"Well I'm sorry but you can't see her now.."

"And why is that..?"Susan queried

"We don't know how she'll react to that, we sedated her earlier and that put her to sleep, if you wake up, she might become more violent and violent people are prone to do awful things.."

"I want to see her.."Susan insisted

Charana smile.."I understand your concern for your friend.., but we have protocols we follow.."

"You didn't have any right to take her.."Henry said

"We're under obligation to pick any mad person we see on the street, this help us in stopping the violence they bring to our society and helping them as welk.."

"My friend is not mad.."

"You can't deny what you saw.."Charana said..."You saw how violent she was out there, if we hadn't arrived when we came.., she would have created much havoc.."

"Are you saying we can't see her..?"Henry ask

"I'm not saying that.."Charana replied.."I'm only saying you can't see her today"

"Why can't we see her..?"Susan ask

"Because she's not yet stable in her head.."

"Are you working for Samuel..?"Susan ask before realising the words came out too fast but she didn't care, instincts tells her she's working for him...

"Who's Samuel..?"Charana ask

"Don't pretend like you don't know.."Susan said.."I can see beyond your words..."

"I sincerely don't know what you're talking about..."Charana said

"Alright fine.."Susan fling back tossing her hair backward.."Pretend all you want.., I'm taking my friend out of here right now..."

"Well I'm sorry but you can't do that.."

"And why is that..?"Henry chime in quizzically

"Like I said earlier.., we're obligated to protect the society from any danger these mad people might pose to it.."

"And we are obligated to give our friend the best treatment.."Susan fling back angrily..."And now, we're are taking our friend out of here.."

"Then I'll have to call security.."

"Call whoever you want to call, I'm taking my friend out of here.."

"I'll not let you do that.."Charana said stepping in front of her..

A look of bitterness swept across Susan's face, she glare at her, every fibre of muscle in her arouses her anger, her rage building like deep water currents but she holds still, glaring at Charana, eyes locked right on her. There is a wrinkle in her nose that has nothing to do with a coming sneeze, muscles tight, jaw clenched. When she took a step, it's like an epic series of movie-stills, fists moving as her face contorts into an expression she's never worn before....., waves of fury rolled off her before she finally opened her mouth to talk..."Try and stop me.."



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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ann2012(f): 12:51am On Aug 21
I just love Susan......
Waiting for the downfall of Samuel soooo bad!!!

Thanks for the update


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by purity23(f): 7:30am On Aug 21
The nurse or the police should get a gun and shoot Samuel please, he's getting more unbearable.

I wonder why Henry is just standing while Susan is doing all the actions, Henry please act like a man and get Anita out of there

Thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Christipsy(m): 8:39am On Aug 21
What am I to say BT thank u soooo much silver1996
Bt as for Samuel n ko.......

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by OPC90(m): 12:43pm On Aug 21
When some literature looks like a real life experience, one ought to be thankful to God for his grace... People are suffering and dying daily for me.

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by enirock(m): 1:09pm On Aug 21
E just dey tortori me as Samuel dey make enemies left, right and center,I trust karma to do the rest. Thanks Sirver for the updates. Success just carry herself by herself go give devil. Make Susan get in touch with Anita family members make them move her before Charana or yamayama make her condition permanent.

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Khriztarl(f): 1:29pm On Aug 21
Hmm, this is bad o. Susan you're loved.

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Adeola25(f): 2:26pm On Aug 21
A friend in need, is a friend indeed. Susan is really a good friend. Samuel and his cohorts would soon meet their waterloo. Thanks for the update Op

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Puvo: 2:36pm On Aug 21
Mehn Susan dey gimme mad vibes grin

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ibroslank(m): 5:08pm On Aug 21
nice one silver more greese to ur bone

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Thebigdream: 7:22pm On Aug 21
Susan is the real MVP, Samuel should continue making enemies, he will soon regret his actions

Thanks silver

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by kelvyncruz: 9:56pm On Aug 21
Chai, Samuel is such a bastard.

Susan is just too good, thanks silver

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by skubido(m): 9:57am On Aug 22
You too much OP

Dey gbaduu susan,

Mr Samuel your cup go soon full, continue ooooo, no matter where lie run go, one day truth go meet ham, im go overtake self

Tanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Jesubaby(f): 7:13pm On Aug 22
Oga Silver, Thanks for adding me in ur roll-call. Just been arrived

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by egwolopretty: 9:19pm On Aug 22
I simply love you Susan, please save Anita and handle Samuel for me

Thanks for the update
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by JerryOJerry6429: 6:23pm On Aug 23
Samuel will soon meet his doom
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 11:16pm On Aug 23
EPISODE TITLE- Oh sweet heaven...

Anger welled up in Charana's chest but she kept it cool.., she won't let the rat in front of her get under her...."I said no.."She said and she meant every bit of it

Susan's lips quivered, her resentment growing inside like a tumour..., she was about exploding when Henry held her shoulder..

"Let's just go Susan.."Henry said from behind her..

Susan quickly turn to face him with the alertness of the words..

"If I were you I'll listen to him.."Charana dare to say

"We leaving doesn't mean we won't come back.."Henry said, his voice raising a bit higher..."Refusing us permission to see and take away our friend is absolutely wrong and I promise you that when we come back, our conversation will strictly be on legal terms..."

Charana scoff and took off her glasses again, all her life she's been threatened with both the law and violence but she have triumphed in all....."I absolutely have no problem with that..."

Susan hands clenched, her face intoxicated with emotion she had no intention of ever feeling, the acidity of it was residing in her stomach waiting to be spat out of her mouth in foul and vulgar words.., her angry eyes glared at her and the fact that Charana wasn't moved annoyed her more.., it trigger every fibre of anger she was feeling and that was when she pushed Charana aside and was about running past her when Henry hold her back...

"Leave me alone..."Susan blare out struggling against Henry's hold..

"Be still Susan.."Henry said.."This isn't the way to go about it.."

Charana threw a stony look at her before she revert her gaze to her left and quickly shouted...."Security.."

"What have you done to my friend.."Susan hollered struggling to free herself from Henry's grasp

"Get her out of here.."Charana shouted before she called on security again..

"Leave me alone.."Susan screamed at Henry finally wringing herself free from Henry's grasp..., anger coating every part of her body, she drew nearer to Charana but quickly turn to face the men on security uniform that were running towards them.., she ignored them and locked her eyes on Charana....

"If anything happens to my friend.."Susan sneer, her rage holding the power of a wildfire...."I swear by all creature, I'll bring you the kind of fight you've never seen before..., we'll probably end in the gates of hell..."

"Get her out of here.."Charana told the security men who quickly approach Susan..

"There is no need to hold her.."Henry chime in holding Susan.."We're leaving already.."

"Get her out.."Charana said taking her gaze from Susan's angry eyes..

"We're coming back tomorrow.."Henry said back immediately...

Charana grunt but she didn't give a reply..

"Let's go Susan.."Henry said

Susan hesitated, her unmoving gaze was accompanied by deliberate slow breathing, like she was fighting something back and loosing....

"Susan.."Henry called softly

Susan sniffle, stole one last glare from Charana before she turned around to follow Henry...

"You may go now.."Charana said to the security men who were still standing watching Henry and Susan leave...

The security men nodded and quickly took their leave.., Charana sigh imagining the kind of problem Susan and Henry can bring her..

"Where they bothering you Doc..?"Littlefinger, one of her patient and associate ask from behind her

Charana turn to face him and quickly turn back again, realising Susan and Henry were still in sight, she turn back to face Littlefinger....

"Littlefinger.."She said looking back again to be sure Henry and Susan were still in sight..

"Yes Doc.."Littlefinger replied crunching his face..

"Did you take notice of that girl's face..?"Charana ask looking back at Henry and Susan's direction..

"I had a clear view of her face Doc.."

"From this point on, I want you to follow her, I want you to give me full details of whatever she does, who she meets, where she goes, I want to know everything...."

"Just like old times boss.."

"Yes.., just like old times.., now get going.."

Littlefinger threw a clumsy salute before he began to take the direction Henry and Susan took...

"Do you know any of her siblings..?"Henry ask when they walk past the hospital gate..

Susan stopped to look at his face.., her insides were seething with suppressed rage and deep down she wasn't comfortable with the fact that she's leaving Anita in the hands of Charana, something wasn't right, deep instincts tells her leaving Anita alone is putting her in more danger...

"I'm going back in.."She finally say after a long pause..

Henry exhale, take a glance at where they came from before looking back at her..."Not today.."

"What do you mean not today...?"Susan queried, her voice coming in a high pitch..."She's not safe there.."

"Look we will go back tomorrow okay but first we have to get in touch with any of her family members.., they only can take her out of here..."

"Her family don't stay here.."

"I know, but they should be inform about the current status of Anita.., they need to come down here so we can get her out of here.. "

Susan sigh trying to calm the rage inside her.."I don't have any of their numbers.."

"What about Anita's phone, where is it..?"

"She dropped it at home the day she was arrested..."

"Do you know what she saved any of her family members number with..?"

"Yeah I do.."She said dragging in breathe.."I know of her brother.."

"Better.., when we get home, we'll check and call her brother..

Sergeant Owen relished the roaring winds that twirled in his ears before he pick his phone up, he search his phone for missed calls, he smile when he noticed he missed the call of his girlfriend, he remenber the last time she visited him in his house, she did him good, more than any woman has done him.., she's one person he'll never forget ...
He slow down the car when he saw a girl standing alone on the road side, she stood with a hip jutted to one side, her right arm draped across her slender body, clasping the elbow opposite...., she was young, black and beautiful just as he likes them, he took his time to drool his eyes on her before he stopped in front of her and wind down his screen shade....

"Hi beautiful.."Sergeant Owen said, a smile playing in his lips..

She looked his way, feeling proud and confident, then she threw him a billion dollar smile which was almost blinding, Her tousled hair curls frolicked as she opened her mouth to talk..."Hi.."

Sergeant Owen settled a smile in his face ready to indulge himself in a conversation he hopes leads to a hotel room...."Where are you heading..?"

Maintaining her smile, she involuntarily rub her finger on her forehead before she replied.."Upper estate."

"Well lucky you.."Sergeant Owen said.."I'm going to that same direction...., why don't you hop in and I'll give you a lift.."

A smile crept in her face and the air grew thick with a tenderness that couldn’t help but make Sergeant Owen breathe slower, deeper......

"Thank you.."She said, her voice trailing slowly..

"I can't leave a beauty like you standing here all by herself..."

She chuckle shyly but didn't say a word...

"Come on.., please honour this humble man request.."Sergeant Owen said

"I don't know you.."She said tilting her head forward..."You might be a kidnapper..."

"Kidnapper..!"He reiterated then he scoff before he pick his ID card from the chair beside him....."I'm a policeman.., I arrest kidnappers not do their job.."

"Mmm.."She mutter, her lips slightly parting ..

"So you want to come in..?"He ask with a smile..

"If you still insist.."She said

"I do.."He replied..

"Okay.."She said before she walk round and open the front seat door....

"You're beautiful.."Sergeant Owen said when she closed the door

"Thank you.."She mutter barely looking his way then all of a sudden, in one fluid moment she look at him, her dress riding up her thighs ever so slightly. Their gaze lasted a full second, enough for each to take in the face of the other, they both gazed in each others eyes longingly, not a word spoken by either of them until Sergeant Owen broke the silence...

"Why don't you be with me tonight.."He said reaching for her laps.., surprisingly she didn't object, didn't flinch when his fingers grazed her soft laps..

Seduction was what he does best, moving into her personal space with just the right look of heat in his eyes..

She smile back giving him the right signal he wanted..."How much are you willing to pay..?"

Burning rage hissed through Susan's body as she look around for Anita's phone..

"I've found it.."Henry said taking it out under the storage..."Do you know her password..?"He added handling the phone to her..

Susan collected the phone but pause to look at Anita's lock screen wallpaper.., Anita smiling face in the picture reminded her of how sad she must be feeling.. and she hated the fact that the perpetrator of her their current situation is somewhere lavishing in stolen wealth...

"Susan the password.."Henry said snapping her from her thoughts..

She sigh in attempt to tame down the burning rage inside her but she quickly realise how futile it was when she had fo frown her face to vent the anger out...., she type in Anita's password and quickly scroll to her contacts.., she search for Anita's brother contact, when she found it, she stretched her hand out to him..

"That's her brother's number..?"She said handling him the phone.

"Matthew.."Henry mentioned the contacts name aloud.

"Yeah, that's her elder brother's number.."

Henry took his phone from his pocket and type the number on his phone before placing a call to it..., he sigh when the call connected after the second ring..

"Hello..."Matthew's deep toned voice sounded from the other end...

Henry inhale deeply, he glance at Susan who was still smouldering in her angry look before he responded to the call..."Hello this is Henry.."He said, he glance at Susan again before he continued..."I'm Anita's friend.."

"Is she there..?"Matthew ask immediately.."I've been trying to reach her since yesterday, she's not taking her calls.., is she okay..?"

Henry sigh and face Susan again..."She's not really okay.."He said, his voice rumbling low...

"What happened..?"Matthew ask, the anxiety in his voice sounding so bleak......"Is she sick..?"

Henry glance at Susan thinking on how to put the words, how could he possibly tell him his sister is mad..."Can you come here, I really can't explain on the phone.."

"I can but I need to know what's going on.., is my sister okay..?"

Henry took a pause to take a breather before he replied..."To be sincere.., she's not okay.."

"Is she sick..?"Matthew ask immediately..."What's going on..?"

"Like I said, I'll explain better when you come, all I can tell you now is, Anita is in a bad shape and she Seriously needs the support of her family to get her from where she is.."

"You're scaring me.."Matthew said.."What happened to my sister., please tell me."

"Please when can you make it here..?"Henry ask ignoring the question.

"If what you're saying is serious.., I'll come tomorrow"

"Is serious.."Henry said..."Please come early.."

"I need to know what's wrong with my sister.., what happened to her..?"Matthew ask again

Henry scratch his head and move from where he stood to another edge of the room..."When you come, you'll know everything..."

"Can't you tell me over the phone.?"Matthew ask

"I can.."Henry replied..."But it's good you see for yourself.., at a time like this, she really needs her brother..."

Slowly, she pull out the white duvet from her body and climbed down from the bed, she quickly reach for her handbag, unzip it and took her phone out, she look his way, his snore annoys her but it's a proof that he was fast asleep..., knowing that, she carefully pull the white duvet from his body making visible his naķed body since he didn't bother wearing anything after a hot sex with her...
She scroll to her phone camera and set it on Sergeant Owen's body and took a full picture of his whole body including his face...

Satisfied, she walk back to the bed after taking multiple pictures of Sergeant Owen naķed body.., she dropped the phone on her bag again and climbed back into the bed beside him..., she dragged the duvet to herself and allowed the AC draw her into a sweet sleep....




Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 11:21pm On Aug 23
I just love Susan......
Waiting for the downfall of Samuel soooo bad!!!

Thanks for the update
You welcome
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 11:22pm On Aug 23
The nurse or the police should get a gun and shoot Samuel please, he's getting more unbearable.

I wonder why Henry is just standing while Susan is doing all the actions, Henry please act like a man and get Anita out of there

Thanks for the update
Easy dear
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 11:23pm On Aug 23
Oga Silver, Thanks for adding me in ur roll-call. Just been arrived
You're welcome
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ann2012(f): 11:54pm On Aug 23
Sergeant Owen is about to get blackmailed..... Matthew to the rescue

Thanks for the update OP
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by JerryOJerry6429: 12:18am On Aug 24
I see Samuel is planning to blackmail the police man the way he blackmailed the nurse.

I doubt it if Matthew alone will be able to save Anita from that place, they need the likes of Taka in this story
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by egwolopretty: 7:24am On Aug 24
Thanks for the update
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Christipsy(m): 1:22pm On Aug 24
Oga silver1996 well done o o o
Thanks for the update.....

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