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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by purity23(f): 8:01am On Mar 25
Wow, I was actually thinking about this betrayal, it's as if silver was reading my mind, what a twist.

Amilo oo., I am scared for him

Thanks for the update
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by egwolopretty: 7:11pm On Mar 25
God what a twist, I never expected this, pls save Amilo, thanks for the update
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ibroslank(m): 8:04pm On Mar 25
WHAT OF ANITA BRO(thought her brother was still alive) silver said she is the only surviving member of her family. am confuse
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Thebigdream: 8:39pm On Mar 25
Festus betrayed Samuel, Amilo fall into Mojo's trap, Anita is back with a vengeful heart and ancestral sword.

Can't wait for the finale bro.
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Thebigdream: 8:40pm On Mar 25
The last scene was about Anita na
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ann2012(f): 9:15pm On Mar 25
Thanks for the update boss

Too bad Success had to die like that, can Carlos’s boys just come for Samuel
Pls Amilo shouldn’t die!!!
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Holywizard(m): 9:34pm On Mar 25
Carlos too like BJ grin
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Kawo9ze(m): 10:14pm On Mar 25
Silver you no do well o
Thought the story na just few episodes like 13 n done
But you sha add new characters n longed it.....still now!
No kill Samuel o,make him suffer sotey to dey beg 4 death make e no see am!
Make death blike favor in e eye!
I no like festus jare, kill am
N those officers that wantu go to Sam house nko, but were giving anoda file of nurse titi, what's their own??
That smith sef jail am


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Kawo9ze(m): 10:19pm On Mar 25
The last scene was about Anita na
I think he's asking abt Matthew Anita's brother
.....That guy sef wan kill SAM
Sam enemies plenty o
How can someone like him survive now
Carlos, amilo, anita, Matthew, Susan n others!


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Jesubaby(f): 9:56am On Mar 26
Success is gone. Who is next? Amilo's reign will end soon. Anita's turn to reign.

Thanks for the update
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by petersononome: 7:32pm On Mar 26
I love the twist, thanks for the update
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Risingstar2020(f): 9:32am On Mar 27
Thanks for the update, more grace silver1996
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by purity23(f): 7:21pm On Mar 27
WHAT OF ANITA BRO(thought her brother was still alive) silver said she is the only surviving member of her family. am confuse
The last time we read about Matthew, someone hit him from behind and he fell unconscious, it could be he was abducted and Anita felt he's dead, my thoughts anyway.
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by sly12345: 9:33pm On Mar 27
I don't even like people call Festus, they always betray their friends.,Samuel should shoot him self
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Mavikolo2020: 7:38pm On Apr 02
I love every bit of this
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 12:13am On Apr 03
EPISODE TITLE- The way to the end

"Amilooo..."Mojo dragged aloud between his teeth as he walk over the dead bodies..."Amilo.."He called out again and stood to face the entrance of the door.. "I'm going to say this for the last time..., come out now Amilo....while I'm still in a good mood...."

Daniel scoffs and walk closer to Mojo..."The famous Amilo is scared...."

Mojo took a deep breathe, infuriated he look back to face the rest of his men and signal them to go into the house.....

The moment they took a step, a ringing filled the air, they all came to a stop, glancing around them and looking from where it's coming from..., The oh-so familiar shot of a gun...., Another one pierces through their heavy breathing, This time, closer. Mojo's eyes widen, and that was when he yell....."The police, the police..."

A wide range of shots followed surrounding their group, Mojo whip out his gun, and so do the rest of his men, without further command, they open fire on the incoming threat....

Utter chaos took over as both team began to fire bullets....., when Mojo realise his men were falling massively, he manage to sneak out with Daniel and hid behind a small compartment of the building....

"How did they know we are here...?"Mojo ask amidst pants breathes...., he poke his head out only to see two of the special agents tiptoeing towards his direction.., he withdrew his head.., took a deep breathe before he poke out his head again.., he didn't give the special agents the chance to fire before he angrily shot different rounds from his gun....., the bullets hit one of the special agent's stomach, shattering his spine on the way out...., other bullets hit the other agent and they both fell and die even before the rest of them could notice...

"We need to get out of here...."Mojo said after he fired one more shot at the special agents....."Someone must have tipped us off..."

Daniel sniffled and lean his back on the wall of the compartment.....

"Let's get out of here.."Mojo shouted as he noticed more of the special agents were heading his way...., but the moment he turn to move..., the felt the muzzle of a gun against the soft hair of his neck.....

"Drop the gun.."Daniel ordered from behind him......

Cold chills rain down Mojo spines..., shocked he spun around to face him....

"Don't move..."Daniel ordered pointing the gun fiercely at his face...

Before Mojo could react or woke up from his shock, other special agents surrounded him...

"Drop you gun.."Agent George shouted...

Mojo grunted before he rumbled a low laughter.., he finally understood what's going on...he's been set up...

"Are you a fùcking mole..?"Mojo queried..

"An undercover agent..."Daniel replied....

"Where is Amilo..?"Theresa asked immediately..

"Still in the house..."Daniel replied.

Theresa didn't wait for any further instructions before she rushed to the entrance of the house with other agents..., the remaining agents quickly handcuffed Mojo and dragged him to their car...

With the last attempt..., the iron door creak before Amilo pushed it open...

"Let's go man.."Amilo shouted as he took the backyard route and made way for the bush ahead with Cadex running behind him.....

"Amilo..."Theresa shouted from behind..

Her loud voice stopped Amilo, when he spun around to look back.., he slid his index finger off of the trigger guard and onto the trigger. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up before he pulled the trigger....

Theresa was able to jump out of the way before the bullet hit a bucket just a hand streched from her.....

Theresa's eyes widened.., a second passes before George open fire...., he stopped firing and ran towards Theresa when Amilo and Cadex took heels into the bush....

"Are you okay....?"George ask Theresa as he help her up.....

"I'm fine.."Theresa said.....

Seconds passed before they proceed into the bush in search of Amilo...

Exasperated, both boys glare at each other with their guns at each other's face, Samuel knew Festus wouldn't look at him so much as through him, like his head was transparent and he was fascinated by an object two inches behind his skull...., Festus eyes turned his stomach every bit as badly as meeting a stranger after dark. The long looks was how he told him of his bitterness, how he hated him for letting their friendship die, and that forgiveness was not his strong suit, he guess these were their final days together, though he can say without a doubt, nothing ended the way he thought it would.....

"Why are you doing this..?"Samuel ask but his eyes remain locked on Festus..

Festus scoffs..."It's funny you're asking me that..."

"Have you forgotten all the things I did for you..?"Samuel stated harshly..."If I had not Behind you up, you would still have remain the pauper that you were..."

"You only used me.."Festus retorted...."I was your only friend...., back in the days no one wanted to befriend you because you have a bad attitude and manage to pursue everyone that comes near you...."

Samuel glare at him but didn't say a word.......

"You want to kill me huh..?"Festus retorts..."Just like you killed everyone else....."

Samuel swallowed hard as he saw the truth in Festus statement..., Festus has been his only friend for as long as he can remember and if he's going to be honest with himself..he doesn't want to be alone...., he took a deep breathe before he lowered the gun and dropped it to his side.....

Festus breathe fell and rise shallowly.., wondering what Samuel is planning, he continued pointing the gun at Samuel incase of any surprises.....

"Let's not do this.."Samuel stated...."We've been together for as long as i can remember..."

"Well I'm not the one trying to tear us apart..."

"I'm not tearing us apart..., you're the one who's been greedy...."

"Wow.., look at the pot calling the kettle black.."

Samuel exhale...., his eyes sparked with indignation when Festus round his fingers around the trigger.., but Festus eyes wasn't on him.., it was as if he was looking at something behind him...a threat perhaps.....

Festus heart pounded as he saw men running from behind Samuel with guns...., cold chills rain down her spines and before he could realise, his fist clenched hard against the plastic foregrip as he brought his pistol to bear, he could feel the sweat beading in his fingers, he took a shallow breath in, holding it as he squeezed the trigger. As two 5.56mm rounds took flight, the stock of his gun was pushed into his shoulder, the force pushed him backwards almost making him fall....

Samuel watch with open mouth as the two rounds Festus fired moved past him in a twinkle of an eye and connected with one of Carlos men.....

One of the bullet entered the man's shoulder, jarring his body as chunks of flesh and blood flew out behind him. One entered through his stomach, The last round severed his carotid artery, spewing blood out the side of his neck with each of the man’s final heartbeats, his rifle fell from his hands, kicking up a puff of dust as it hit the ground while he fell in a heap against the reddened sand.......

"Get the money....."Samuel shouted at the top of his voice as he raced towards Festus...

Festus rose above his shock and quickly grab the box of money before Jadan and the rest of Carlos men opened fire....

Both boys shade themselves with bricks build halfway...., heart renting, Samuel shot a bullet back before they both race into the bush and began to make way for the road.....
Adrenaline sucking every breathe from them, both boys raced speedily looking back every chance they get....., they manage to see the road.., Samuel looked back first, realising their pursurers were gaining on them, they added pace and ran into the road..., Samuel pull out his gun at the sight of the first vehicle he saw driving towards them....., irrationally he ran into the road...., when the car driver stopped, Samuel turn the gun towards him...

"Get out of the car...."Samuel yelled walking to the side of the front door.., angrily Samuel opened the car front seat door..., anger took the better of him when the man tried to prove stubborn....exasperated, he shot the man's chest..., the man breathe his last before he fell into the cold hands of death...., Samuel dragged the man out and entered the driver's seat....

Frown lines encroached around Jadan's face as he sighted Samuel and Festus...., his face moulded into an evil smirk and before he took another step.., he aim his rifle on Festus as he tried to jump into the backseat of the car...., he fired, the bullet slice through the air until it meet his mark.....

All sound faded around Festus as the bullets pierced into him from behind..., everything goes on a pause and in that slight moment between life and death...his life flashed before his eyes before blood pooped out from his mouth..., shocked, he tried to make a turn and that was when another bullet hit his stomach..., pain enacted from contact and more blood gush out from his stomach.....

Samuel mouth open and close like a goldfish as he watch Festus fall to the ground but before he landed on the floor.., another bullet from Jadan's gun hit the box of money.., the box torn open and the money fell out......, the moment Festus landed with a thud on the ground.., Samuel jolted back to reality and quickly kicked on the accelerator.., he drove a bit forward before a bullet hit the back seat windscreen shattering the glass into pieces.......

Jadan and the rest of Carlos men continue shooting at the car until it drove out of sight...

Blood flow freely from Festus body.., his breathe became ragged as his head revisit the good memories.., little by little, the bullets sucked out every breathe he have left in him until it was no more.....right there, the pains and wounds swept him into a bitter death.....

Wind rustled and blew the money, scattering it all around his Festus body........., the one who had forseen all was right.. vanity upon vanity.....all is truly vanity...

Panting and sweating, Amilo and Cadex run as fast as their legs could carry them..., non was stopping for anything, neither were they retreating, behind, they could hear footsteps speedily running after them......

As they run, Amilo formulated a good plan in his head.., they needed to hide..., they were two and their pursuers are many and he could see no way out of the bush....so unlike a man who had stayed in the forest half of his life...

His head was too occupy with quandered thoughts of escaping that he didn't know there were people ahead..., he stopped and snapped back to reality when a multiple gunshots sounded and Cadex heaved a loud cry and fell down from multiple bullets wounds..., only them did Amilo realise the special agents had laid an ambushed in wait for him..., angrily he brought his rife to a bear and shifted his fingers from the trigger guard into the trigger and just when he was about to fire..., a bullet hit his hand.., the force of the bullet against his hand pushed the gun from his hand and fell on the grass...., Amilo wasn't willing to give up..., he reach behind him and took a pistol out.., he fired two shots blindly, before he could fire the third, another bullet came for him.., the bullet rip through his rib..., Amilo groaned in pains and grumbled in the horrific terror unravelling before him...., once again he tried to fire more shots but it was too late.., the special agents surrounded him and one kicked the gun from his hand....

"It's over Amilo..."Theresa said stepping in front of him with a gun....."Your legacy ends here..."

A tear fell from Samuel's eyes as he turn the car tyres into the express roads..., once again he re-dial Mr Smith number on his phone...., as it rings, his head brood over Festus last moment.., the painful thought force more tears from his eyes...., when Mr Smith didn't answer.., he groaned and kicked on the car brakes not minding if he stopped in the middle of the road.....

Anger tinge with pain swept across him.., furious, he hit the car steering and give in to an onslaught of tears....

"Festus..."He shouted crisply as more tears rain down his eyes....

His attention quickly diverted to the phone as it began ringing.., he thought it could be Mr Smith calling.., he's the only one that can help him out of his situation.., without looking at the caller.., he answered the call..

"Mr Smith.., I need your help.., Mojo hasn't been answering, I think he's dead.., I need your help..."

There was a slight pause before a voice replied from the other end...
"This isn't Smith you murderer....."

Shocked, Samuel took the phone from his ears and look at the caller.., there he realise it was an unknown number....

"Who is this..?"He asked angrily the moment he took the phone back to his ears..

"Who do you think...."The voice replied..."This is the one you stole her story and made her life a living hell.."

Samuel's eyes widened with extreme surprise.., he didn't believe it, it couldn't be her.., as her name bounce around in his head, so his anger......

"Anita.."He said crisply.

There was silence before Anita's voice came again..

"You wanted me dead right.."Anita said from the other end...."I'm giving you an opportunity.., meet me at eve's cave..., just you and I...let's end this once and for all..."

Samuel heart pulsated as if someone was ripping it right out his chest..., he stayed on the call for few more seconds..., resentment creep in and that was when he ended the call..., everything started with Anita.., she's the reason he killed all the people he had killed.., she's the reason Success died, the reason Festus died and the reason why he's in this mess..., with unknown gun men after him....he could only channel his anger towards the one person that had messed up his life...., ...., the one person he has always thought of destroying..........ANITA..

He pick up his gun, check for bullets before he dropped it on the passenger's seat..., when a car hum loudly from behind him...., he restart the car and drove speedily away with one mind of enacting revenge.., one mind of destruction.....everything is falling apart....and somehow he felt killing the one who he blames for everything will bring some comfort to him.....no matter what happens....Anita must die..., that will be his ultimate revenge..


With two more episodes to the finale, anything and everything is bound to happen......

PLAGIARIZED.... Not your usual fairytale story...


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by collinometricx: 12:41am On Apr 03
Please keep Anita safe..

She has suffered too much

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Mavikolo2020: 1:44am On Apr 03
Everyone is dying and one small boy has refused to die, haha. undecided

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by petersononome: 12:24pm On Apr 03
Anticipating for the end.., well done my favorite writer


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Thebigdream: 3:03pm On Apr 03
I was expecting a much more cruel dead for Festus, hope won't die so easy like this..., he should be castrated

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by 1Teethosin(m): 3:56pm On Apr 03
So the great Amilo fell... what a thud
Good one silver!

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Meyshia: 4:46pm On Apr 03
Not the usual fairytale story.

Well done Silver1996

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ann2012(f): 8:49pm On Apr 03
Anita must not be killed oooo

Thanks for the update boss
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Jesubaby(f): 11:00am On Apr 07
Anita shouldn't die o. Where is Matthew na? The great Amino is gone. What will become of Susan now? Thanks a lot for the update.

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Adeola25(f): 1:26pm On Apr 07
Thanks for the update,

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by izaray(f): 1:46pm On Apr 07
Please protect Anita

Thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Debbylicious(f): 10:31pm On Apr 08
Wow Silver you're doing well

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 9:27pm On Apr 11
EPISODE TITLE- The voice of the dead

Sweat trickled from Lorenzo's forehead as he redial the number with the hopes of a positive result..., when it didn't connect, he ran his free hand through his hair and made two steps forward...

"He's still not answering, is he..?"Susan ask from behind him...

He swallowed dryly and spun around to look at her...

"I told him it was a trap..."Susan said as she stood rigid with terror, her body too overwhelmed to move....

Lorenzo remenber Amilo words to him before he left.., it was as if he knew he wasn't going to make it back and was saying goodbye...., he grew unnaturally still as he tried to form words to say to Susan...

Susan's jaw trembled with fear as she waits for Lorenzo to say something..., when nothing came out from his mouth, she read the meanings in his silence.., her brother is probably dead..once again Samuel has won....

Terrified, she spun the wheelchair around..

"We don't know anything yet..."Lorenzo said as she made a move to roll the wheelchair from his sight..

Susan really wants to believe her brother is alive but with all the tension in the air....she just can't.., she sniffled and a tear roll down from her eyes before she hurriedly roll the wheelchair from his sight...

Lorenzo's expression stretched into a mask of terror as he reverted his gaze to the window..

"Where the hell are you Amilo...?"..He mumbled with pants breathe....

"Eve's cave.."Samuel reiterates as he drove the car to a stop.., Eve's cave is an abandoned tourist centre..., the owners had to close down after running into problems with the real owners of the land.., the case was battled in the court for years.., realising the verdict wasn't on their side..., they had to vacate the land..., others that have tried to purchase the land had complained of seeing an alleged ghost that comes in the early hours of the day..., the hunted land, people had named it and up till date no one has man up the courage to kick off the ghost story and buy the land....

From the car, he looked at the gigantic building..., a tourist building once full with life now rumbles with extreme silence...., he look around him, there was no one in sight.., when the ghost story circulated around town, it chase fear into the minds of people and since then people had stopped coming to the area.....

He lean his back on the chair wondering if he made the right decision coming down here..., his eyes lowered to the little drop of blood on his hand, it's Festus blood..., the thought of Festus been dead made him angry and with that, he pick up the gun from the passenger's seat, open the car door and stepped out from the car....

Where is Carlos hiding....?"Major Lafera ask as he fold his hand across his chest..

As if made of the darkness itself, a cat appears, breaking the monotony of the tense weather, Major Lafera sees Amilo flick his eyes toward it and gives him a barely perceptible shake of his head..., his eyes followed the cat as one of the agents picked it up.., he nearly scoffs when the cat claws pick at the fabric of the agent vest...

"Nice pet.."Amilo said wiggling his fingers around the edges of the cuffs.....

He waited for an answer to his flimsy statement, but what he got was an uncharacteristic grin mounted across Major Lafera's stuble...., he hated interrogation, he love his drugs and he can give up any sugar to get it in trade, it would just cost too damn much loosing out on the only thing he knows how to do, never had he imagined he'll be sitting across the table with one of the special rats...Now it’s his turn to be the dumb one freezing in the dark while he watch the major ask him about the connect....

"Get that thing out of here..."Major Lafera said taking his gaze towards the agent holding the cat..., his brows furrowed before he revert his eyes to Amilo......"We know you've been working with Carlos..., where is he..?"

Amilo scoffs...."Your idea of interrogation is so stupid, If you talk to me as if I matter, as if you regard me as equally intelligent and sentient, you'd have both your answers and an ally, as it is, you have neither and I have an entirely better grasp on what and who you are...?"

"And who am I..?"Major Lafera queried.., when he got no reply, he took a step backwards....."Are you going to be silent about this..?"

Amilo reclined his back in the chair and flex his fingers...."Bringing me here is a total waste of time..., you of all people should know I won't tell you a damn thing...., so why don't you start the process of taking me behind bars..., that's your fùcking job.."

"Would you say the same for your sister....?"

Cold chills rain down Amilo's spines...., he hid the identity of his sister very well....., this is what he's been avoiding all his life, people using his sister against him.....

"You must be fùcking delusional to think I've a sister..."He said getting back his composure..

Major Lafera scoffs..."You did a good job hiding her all this years by staying away..., we know where she is and as I speak now, special force are already on their way to get her..."

Annoyed.., Amilo clenched his fist..."You're bluffing..."

"Am I....., need i refresh your memory...., you remember Success, the girl working with Samuel.., you took her to your hiding place.., we had an undercover agent among Mojo's boys.., he put a tracker on the collar of her shirt.., same shirt she wore when your boys apprehended her and took her to your hideout...., we have the location and in few minutes we'll be getting your sister and don't even think for a second your dogs are going to stop us..., she's not slipping through our fingers this time.."

"Leave my sister out of this..."Amilo growled almost getting up to meet him....

"That decision is in your hands...."Major Lafera retorted.."What would it be.., your sister will be charged as an accomplice to a criminal syndicate who specialises on dealing illegal drugs..., guess how many years she'll be doing in prison after she's been tied to the drug kingpin and proven guilty in court....., her life will literally be over when she finally gets out of prison and she will.....

"Stop...."Amilo yelled...

Major Lafera took a pause before he let out the final words...."She'll never forgive you for ruining her life....."

Stuck between going back and forging forward.., Samuel took a deep breathe and took a step forward, The paint over the door is deep.... The flakes peel at random depths showing different sun-baked hues underneath, The door, once cherry red, is just the same, though the peelings are all shades of a pink that surrendered to the high August sun year after year, It moves on its hinges still, but with the tense muscles of his hands, It creaks, the moan echoing to the rafters that still fight the sagging roof above... The windows no longer beckon light inside, no longer lift the gloom that the walls impose. Instead they add to the growing sense of damp and dark and permit the chill wind to penetrate.....

Something rustled above him, he flinched with fear and quickly took out his gun..., he insufflated to calm his panic upon realising it was just a bird trying to flee from his presence....

"I was thinking you wouldn't come..."

A voice that isn't his echoed in the quiet solitude of the building..., but how can him forget such a voice.., it's been the voice in his head, propelling him to take irrational decisions.., the voice that has been driving him mad since he came in contact with it..same voice that had led him to this place......, the voice roused his anger and quickly without a thought to it, he looked her way..., he saw her standing a stone throw from where she is.., all dressed in black, sunlight beams from the tiny holes in the window into her face..., for a moment he stood and watch her.., everything he had done because of her came crashing on his head..., his anger accelerated and all he could think of in that moment was to kill her.......

"I see you're dressed for your funeral..."Samuel stated, his voice moulded with extreme resentment

Anger thrummed through Anita's vein as he close the distance between them..., everything he had done to her came like flashes that ignite the fire of fury in her eyes......

"Who put you through this..?"Samuel asked stopping a few steps from her..., in a minute, he look around, there was no one in sight and that scared him a bit...., though he knew the full repercussions of what he was walking into the moment he agreed to meet with her in a secluded area.., with the rage in his eyes, declining her fine request will be a win to her and a slap in his face.., once again he's going to show her she's the peasant he stole her story, threw in a mental asylum, killed everyone close to her and she couldn't do anything....

Anita swallowed dryly at the sight of the gun in Samuel's hand, the old her would have probably flinched and shivered at the sight of it...., but this is the devil and she had taken the decision to slain him and she isn't backing out now....., is he or her.....

"You must have lost it..."Samuel stated, hitting a taunt in the deepest part of her soul...."Did the dead of your father and siblings propelled you to do this.."

Anita's temper sparked forcing her to take a step towards him..."You killed them, didn't you..?"

Samuel chuckle...."I wanted you to suffer...."

"What did I ever do to you..?"Anita yelled..

"Everything.."He yelled back, his rage springing back to life...."You made me a public disgrace..., you're the reason I made all the terrible decisions I've made in my life..., you should have stayed in whatever hell hole you were living..., but no, you chose to come out and made that ridiculous video, telling the whole world i stole your story.."

Anita's breathe rise and fell shallowly as anger began to take over her..."It was my story, my sweat..."

"It was useless in nairaland..., you should be glad I turned it into something good...., your ungrateful ass gave you the wrong ideas...., and that's why I arrested you and made you mad...., then your friend came along.., that annoying friend of yours, she really got on my nerves..., and that's why I crippled her.."

Anita flinched..., she had always thought Susan was safe...., ever since she got out from the mental asylum.., she hadn't had the time to find her..., she thought when everything is over., she'll go back to her friend.....

"Oh...."Samuel dragged between his teeth..."You didn't know..., she must have abandoned you, afterall, you're the reason she's in that predicament...a fùcking vegetable..."

A tear rolled down Anita's eyes, rage quickened her blood and that was when she pulled a gun from behind her and face him......, in that split second of deciding whether to shoot him or not.., Samuel face her with his own gun.., extreme eagerness to kill bleak in his eyes.......

Their eyes glared at each other.., they let the bitterness, the anger swallowed them up and all they could think of was who is going to die first...

"I knew you were going to do this...."Samuel said letting his resentment grow inside him like a tumor..."You're so predictable Anita.., just as you've always been.."

Another tear sheen down Anita's cheeks, she ignored it and chose to talk instead..."My family did nothing to you...., why did you kill them..?"

"Because I knew one of them was going to come after my wealth just as you did...., well with the help of Doctor Charana...., I knew where they were hiding and that was how I killed them..., it's a shame Doctor Charana failed in making you ultimately insane....."

"I hate you..."Anita growled

"I hate you more.."He retorted...."I lost a friend today because of you, so nothing will give me more joy than seeing you dead...."

When another drop of tear rolled down Anita's eyes, she sniffle and drop the gun to her side....."You're pathetic...."

"Pathetic..!"He reiterates, the word digging into his spines....."You think I'm pathetic....., you think i wanted to be like this..., condition pushed me into this, I thought I've made it when the mako company rewarded me for the story, then you came along and things changed....., you ruined me.."

"Amd you've ruined yourself even more.."Anita said and quickly took out a recorder from her back pocket...., she swallowed her rage before she replayed their conversation.....

"You recorded me..?"Samuel queried, shock hovering over him..

"Your confession was all I needed..., I wanted you dead.., i wanted to kill you myself but unlike you, I'm human..., I wouldn't stoop low to your level....., there's no punishment as seeing you rot in jail for the rest of your miserable life...."

Infuriated with her guts, Samuel coiled his fingers around the condenser...., his head spin with prostration when he heard footsteps echoing above him..., he looked up only to see other men pointing guns at him....

"It's over Samuel..."..Anita said

Samuel look around him, one of the men was approaching him now.., there he saw the jacket the man was wearing...., his head buzzed with the painful realisation that the men around him were police..., he return his gaze back to Anita..., and that was when a silent voice whispered to him...he isn't gping to let her win, if he's going down, she's going down with him.., with his fingers around the trigger, he squeezed his fingers , a bullet fire right out the gun.., the bullet speedily flew right the chamber and the gun muzzle, in a twinkle of an eye, it hit Anita right in the chest...., the firece force of the bullet threw Anita on the floor and the recorder fell out from her hand and clatter on the ground..., Samuel was about to shoot again and that was when a bullet hit him from agent Ron's gun......

Samuel froze to the spot as the bullet connected with his body..., blood pooled from his mouth and he was still standing and giving up was an option he isn't willing to take.., once again he tried to shoot Anita but he was a second too late.., bullets from every corners of the building penetrated into his body, some leaving with chunks of flesh, other taking refuge in his body..., blood spill from different areas of his body....., when the gunshots stopped....., his mouth dropped, blood gushed out in full speed, his gun fell from his hand into the ground and had a stain of his own blood..., his weary eyes lowered down to Anita.., he tried to mutter words but the bullets wounds didn't give him a chance.., starved for breathe..., he manage to raise a finger and that was when his final breathe seize....., lifeless, his body fell with a thud to the ground and his blood formed a pool around him.......

Agent Tex quickly ran to Anita's side....., Anita groaned in pains as agent Tex helped her up....., Anita grimace before she manage to pulled off her shirt and peered her eyes at the bullet vest she wore.....

Breathing heavily, she look at Samuel's dead body on the floor..., she quickly brood over when she came to town and had to go to the police station.., she told them about Samuel and everything he had done to her and her family..., they didn't take her case serious except for one of them who gave her a contact of agent Mammoth.., he told her the only people that could help her were the special agents.., two days ago she had put a call through to the agent, they arranged a meeting, there she told them about Samuel and lucky for her, her story overlaps with their plans...., one of the agents undercover had giving them Samuel's number and they gave it to her...., when she called Samuel, she never thought he was going to show up but she waited for him anyway..., the special agent had given her a bullet vest like they forseen Samuel was going to shoot her..., at the last moment she didn't want Samuel dead but punished for everything he had done to her...

"You did well..."Agent Ron said lowering to pick up the recorder...."Let's make this record public..."


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 9:33pm On Apr 11

"Lorenzo..."One of Amilo's men shouted before he opened the door.....

Lorenzo turn from Susan's side and face him...

"We have to leave man...."The man said..."Our man from the rooftop just confirm a convoy is heading this way...., it's special rats man, they found us again..."

"What..!"Lorenzo exclaimed...."How did they find us..?"

"I suggest we move first before we start finding answers to that.., they're almost here Lorenzo and with Amilo out, we don't have the guns nor the men to engage in a shootout with them..."

Lorenzo swallowed dryly and turn to face Susan......"We need to leave now.."

"No Lorenzo..."Susan stated...

"What are you saying...."Lorenzo replied immediately..."We need to leave now.."

"You'll have to leave without me...

"No Susan don't start..."Lorenzo cut back.."Help her outside.."

"Lorenzo you're not listening to me.."

"I don't want to listen to you.., I promise Amilo I'm going to protect you if anything happens to you...."

"Lorenzo.."Another man shouted from the door....."The fùcking rats are back again..., they aren't far from here anymore..., if we are moving, we need to make a move now.."

"Lorenzo you need to go now.."Susan said.. "Please go without me, I'll only slow you down.."

"No way on earth I'm leaving you here, quit saying nonsense.."

"I'm the reason you guys came back.., my brother is already missing, probably dead.., I won't put any of you in danger anymore...., if anything happens to any of you again, I won't be able to get it out of my conscience, so please go Lorenzo, I beg you.."

"Lorenzo, we need to move now.."The second man shouted again as he look outside..

Lorenzo swallowed hard, he remenber his promise to Amilo.., what would Amilo think of him if he leaves his sister..

"Lorenzo please.."Susan said..."If you really love me, you need to go..I can take care of myself..."

"I'll come for you..."Lorenzo said after so much quandary....."Did you memorise the number I gave you...."

Susan nodded..

"And the paper..?"

"Thrash, torn to pieces..."

"Lorenzo we need to leave now..."

Breathing heavily.., Lorenzo gave Susan a kiss on the cheek..."Be strong.."

"Be safe.."

After a last glance at her.., Lorenzo pick up his gun and ran outside.., he took one last glance at Susan before he entered the car, the other men did and together they drove out of the compound....

Susan watched until they disappeared out of sight...., she stood and dwell on thoughts of her brother.., it wasn't long before the police vans drove in and the special agents came jumping down with guns on their hands.....

"Put your hands above your head.."One of the special agents shouted at her...

Cold chills rain down down Susan spines and quickly she raise her hands...., she felt a bit shaky when they rounded her, force her hands behind her and handcuffed her.....

With shaky hands, Doctor Charana packed the remaining of her clothes into the bag and zipped it.., she grabs a tin of milk from the table not minding the other things that fell down from the table in the process..., she pick up her phone to look at the time.., she took a deep breathe a second after to calm her panic...., noticing time isn't on her side, she grab her suitcase and a smaller bag..,then she grab her car keys from the chair and began to rush to the door..., she turn down the door knob and pull it open.., shock hold her to the spot when she saw two men and a woman in police uniform....

"Heading somewhere.."Officer Thomas ask

"You're under arrest Doctor Charana.."Officer Hannah added....

Dr Charana's eyes enlarged with stupefaction...."For what..?"

"For many things...."Officer Marcus chime in.."Most especially using your mental asylum to deprave people of their sanity..."

"What..., where did you hear that..?"

"Anita told us everything and Samuel, your boss already confess...."Officer Hannah said before she walk behind her to handcuff her..

"I'll not take this.., I'm calling my lawyers..."

"Save your breathe Doctor..."Officer Thomas said.."No lawyer will save you from this one.., you can kiss your career goodbye..."

They ignore her shouting and drag her to the car......

"Boss..."Jadan said as he open the door to walk in..

Carlos drop the bundle of money he's holding and raise his head towards Jadan...

"Our informant from the precinct has just comfirm some disturbing news..."Jadan said

"What is it..?"Carlos ask

"Amilo has been arrested.., he's been held by the special agents..., and they're using her sister against him..., they're asking him your location..., Amilo knows you're here.., he knows many of our locations, he knows where we keep the merchandise and most of our suppliers..., if he talks.., it could be bad for us.."

Carlos stood up and grab his phone....."He hasn't said anything...?"

"If he has.., those rats will be heading here now.."

"So there's still time..."Carlos said...."Tell the boys to start moving the merchandise...., We need to take Amilo out..."



Final episode dropping soon....

Not your usual fairytale story...


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ann2012(f): 9:52pm On Apr 11
Death was an easy route for Samuel... I would have loved to see him suffer and dealt with in jail.

Thanks for the update boss
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 9:55pm On Apr 11
Everyone is dying and one small boy has refused to die, haha. undecided
E shock u abi
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 9:58pm On Apr 11
So the great Amilo fell... what a thud

Good one silver!
Thanks man

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