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Re: Lost In Lust by BigBasher: 10:42am On Sep 24
Re: Lost In Lust by FrankAkowe: 10:02pm On Sep 26
Not long after I got home, Madam Aleshi sent for me.

‘Good evening, mummy,’ I greeted her.

‘Good evening, Ola. I want to let you know that I’ll be traveling tomorrow.’

‘Oh, that’s good, ma.’

‘Remember, you’re like the care taker of the house, now.’

‘Yes, ma. I won’t forget that.’

‘Above all, remember to treat Naomi well. You may not realize it, but she’s a big asset.’

‘I’ve realized that, ma,’ I replied.

‘Good. Let me have you number, so that I can be calling you from time to time.’

‘That will be no problem, ma.’ I gave her my number.

‘I wish you a safe trip, ma.’

‘Thank you.’

I went back to my apartment. The stew Naomi brought still remained. I warmed it and decided to cook white rice. There were only two pieces of meat left, but they were okay for me.

On Tuesday morning, I called Naomi around nine.

‘What d’you say to my coming over to your place and sleeping overnight?’

‘That will be wonderful,’ she replied. ‘I’ll be expecting you.’

As soon as I closed from work, I took a bike home. I packed a cotton shirt, a pair of black trousers, my brush and toothpaste inside my
hunchback bag and locked the gate. Madam Aleshi had traveled, while the house girl had left. The whole house would be deserted that
night. I realized that I would be the sole occupant of the whole compound henceforth. I shrugged. There was no problem with that.

I drove out of the compound and padlocked the big gates. I then drove to Surulere. I got to Naomi’s flat few minutes to seven o’clock. As
usual, Ella came to give me a hug, while her mother gave me a peck.

‘Good to have you around,’ Naomi said.

‘Yes, good to be here,’ I said.

‘Madam Aleshi called to inform me that she would be traveling today,’ she continued.

‘Yes, she told me the same yesterday. She must have traveled already as the house was deserted when I got home after closing from work

‘How was work?’ she asked.

‘Fine. What about yours?’

‘All went well.’

I turned to Ella. ‘Hey, Ella, how was school today?’

She brightened up. ‘School was fine.’

‘I’ve always wanted to ask, but keep forgetting. What class are you?’

‘JSS 2,’ she replied.

‘That’s good.’

We sat in the sitting-room and watched Nigerian movie on one of the cable stations. Later, Naomi prepared food and we all ate. By ten
p.m., we retired to the bedroom, while Ella went to her room.

‘I’ve made photocopies of your credentials and have given some to my contacts at some oil marketing companies including Eaglets oil,’
Naomi informed me.

‘You’re wonderful, Naomi darling.’

‘I know the woman that owns Eaglets Oil.’

‘Oh, that’s good of you. Thanks for your efforts.’

‘I hope one of them will become a reality.’

‘I hope so too,’ I said.

She changed to a night dress while I stripped to my boxer short.

‘Everything seems to fit you perfectly,’ I said. ‘Even the night dress seems to be tailor-made for you.’

She smiled. ‘Ola, the toaster, you’ve come again.’

‘Oh, so you think I’m toasting you, right?’

‘Yes. What else are you doing?’

‘No, I’m not toasting you. I’m only telling you exactly how things are.’

‘Okay, o. Thanks.’

‘You’re welcome. What stain is that?’


I pointed at her chest. She looked at the place quickly.

‘I can’t see any stain.’

I touched her right tit. ‘Oh, sorry, I thought it was a stain.’

She smiled and jokingly punched me. ‘Oh, you’re such a naughty boy.’

‘Those things look like a school girl’s own. A young school girl.’

‘What things?’

I gently rubbed her breasts.

‘You don’t like them?’

‘The truth is I love them as they are.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Let me show you how sure I am’.

I completely drew her to myself. It was another moment to go on a trip to erotic land.

For full reading: https://m.okadabooks.com/book/about/lost_in_lust/24333
Re: Lost In Lust by tonysunkan(m): 12:04pm On Sep 27
Thanks for the update.

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Re: Lost In Lust by BigBasher: 6:01am On Sep 28
Nice story
Re: Lost In Lust by FrankAkowe: 3:54am On Oct 04
The following morning, we all left the house by seven a.m. since I was driving against the traffic, I was able to get to work few minutes before eight.

‘You’re looking very fine now, bro Ola,’ Sarah, one of our health officers was quick to observe.

‘Thank you, Sarah,’ I replied. ‘It’s the work of God.’

I went to work and was immersed in it. By noon, I had an unexpected visitor. I was surprised when one of the security guys came to
inform me that Bisola wanted to see me. She was waiting for me at the cubicle which served as my office. I went to see her there.

‘What a surprise to see you here, Bisola. Long time no see.’

She tried to smile. ‘Hello, Ola.’

‘How’re you?’

‘Well, so so.’ She shrugged.

I sat down and motioned her to a seat.

‘I’ve come to see you,’ she said.

Well, that was obvious, wasn’t it?

I nodded.

‘Ola, I’ve come to realize that I’ve gravely wronged you. I shouldn’t have made the accusation of not caring I made against you. I’m sorry,
please forgive me.’

I mused briefly over what she said. ‘It’s alright,’ I finally said. ‘To err is human, to forgive, divine. I’ve forgiven you.’

Her face lit up in excitement. ‘Oh, thank you so much. Yes, I know you’ll definitely take me back.’

I looked at her curiously. ‘Saying I’ve forgiven you is not the same as saying we’re back together as before,’ I pointed out.

The excitement disappeared from her face. ‘What d’you mean? Are you saying you’re not taking me back?’

‘I’m sorry I’m in a new relationship now.’

She shook her head vigorously. ‘No, Ola. You don’t mean it.’

‘I mean it, Bisola. I’ve met another lady and we’re seriously in love. We can’t go back to how things were.’

‘But you can’t do that to me,’ she blurted out. ‘That’s not fair.’

‘It’s not my fault,’ I reminded her. ‘In the first place, you’re the one that quit the relationship. In the second place, I made some efforts
towards reconciliation but you made me understand that there was no going back. This time now that you’re coming is late.’

‘I can’t believe you’re saying this to me. You should be glad to have me back!’

I smiled. ‘Things have changed Bisola. Sorry, but we can only remain ordinary friends.’

She shook her head again. ‘Who is she? Is she more beautiful than I am? Is she better than me?’

‘It’s not about beauty,’ I said. ‘I love her and she loves me. That is what is important.’

‘So, you never loved me.’

‘You know that’s not true. I’ve always loved you, but you gave me the red card. In between, I met another lady and the vacuum you
created was filled up. That’s what’s happening now.’

‘But, Ola, I still love you.’

I shook my head. ‘There’s nothing I can do about it.’

‘Of course, there’s something you can do about it. Tell her to go away; that your real love has returned.’



I chuckled. ‘You know that will not be possible. I can’t do that. That will not be fair.’

‘But it’s not fair the way you treated me too.’

‘You’re the cause, Bisola.’ I stood up. ‘Sorry, but it’s all over between us. Look at you, you’re very pretty. Don’t worry, you’ll soon get any guy, greater than Ola. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll have to go back to work.’

She still looked ruffled but stood up. I left here there and returned to work. Now, that wasn’t my fault, was it? I had pleaded with her, but she was recalcitrant. Now, it was late for any reconciliation.

For full reading: https://m.okadabooks.com/book/about/lost_in_lust/24333
Re: Lost In Lust by kweensheba(f): 3:54pm On Oct 04
Nice update.
Re: Lost In Lust by FairCritic(m): 11:04pm On Oct 05
Re: Lost In Lust by FairCritic(m): 3:52am On Oct 08
Waiting for more
Re: Lost In Lust by BigBasher: 6:11am On Oct 09
Waiting for more
Re: Lost In Lust by Awesome05: 10:45pm On Oct 09
Waiting for more

Re: Lost In Lust by FrankAkowe: 9:51am On Oct 10
On Saturday, I was in Naomi’s place as early as eight-thirty in the morning. I had a breakfast of boiled yams and fried eggs there. By eleven, the three of course left for Naomi’s auntie’s house. Auntie Mary was very jovial and warm. She was one of the junior sisters of Naomi’s mother, and the closest relative Naomi had in Lagos. She had married long ago and already had grown up children.

I noted the way she referred to me as ‘our –in-law.’ She obviously was pleased that Naomi had brought a man for future plans.

‘Have you told your mother about him?’ Auntie Mary asked.

Naomi smiled knowingly. ‘Yes, I have.’

‘There’s no room for eternal courtship o,’ Mary said. ‘I think you should seriously start making plans right away.’

We nodded. We were there till she made lunch for us. By two thirty, we rose to go.

‘I’ll keep you posted about developments,’ Naomi told her aunt.

‘Sure, you must,’ she replied.

Ella whispered something into her mother’s ears. I could see Naomi glancing at me and smiling. We left the place. I was the one behind
the steering wheel of the Lexus jeep. The plan was I would pick the Honda car when I returned Naomi to her residence on Sunday.

‘Ella said she would like to follow us to your place,’ Naomi said as soon as I hit the road.

I smiled. ‘That’s very good. We can all go together.’

I drove on the Ikorodu road and several minutes later, we were at the front of my residence. I got down from the car to unlock and open
the gate. Then, I drove in.

‘It’s a big place,’ Ella exclaimed.

‘But I only occupied the part at the back’, I said. ‘Come, let’s go.’

Naomi offloaded two bags from the boot and we went to my apartment.

Naomi showed Ella the second bed-room. ‘That will be your room,’ she told her.

We played the ludo game Naomi had brought until it was time for Naomi to prepare dinner. Mother and daughter went to the kitchen while
I watched the news channel. While Naomi was still in the kitchen, Ella came to meet me.

‘Is it true you’re going to marry mummy?’ she asked.

I smiled. ‘Yes, we’re planning towards it.’

She beamed in smiles. ‘That means you’re going to be my daddy?’

I nodded. ‘Yes, that means I’m going to be your daddy.’

In a show of emotion, she came to hug me. I was moved by her action. A couple of hours later, Naomi and I were in my bedroom.

‘Don’t you think we’ve been missing something?’ she asked.

I raised my brow. ‘What’s that?’

‘You’ve not been using condoms and I’m not on pills. What if I get pregnant?’

‘That will be wonderful, won’t it?’

She smiled. ‘You really want me to get pregnant for you?’

‘Well, that will hasten our plans, won’t it? It will be a welcome thing.’

For full reading, visit: https://m.okadabooks.com/book/about/lost_in_lust/24333
Re: Lost In Lust by BigBasher: 3:42pm On Oct 10
Re: Lost In Lust by tonysunkan(m): 3:04pm On Oct 11
Nice one.
Re: Lost In Lust by Horlekanmi(m): 1:56pm On Oct 12
Re: Lost In Lust by FrankAkowe: 9:57am On Oct 17
She smiled. ‘You really want me to get pregnant for you?’

‘Well, that will hasten our plans, won’t it? It will be a welcome thing.’

On Sunday morning, we all went to church together. On coming back to the house, once again, we took pictures. I took pictures of Ella and
Naomi individually and together. I also took pictures with Ella separately and selfies with the three of us together. In the evening, we piled
into the car and returned them to Surulere. I kissed Naomi good bye, took the Honda Accord car and returned to my residence.

On Monday morning, some few minutes to ten I received a call from an unknown number.

‘Is that Mr. Ola Babajide?’

‘Yes, please.’

‘I’m Tinu, secretary to the CEO Eaglets Oil and Gas. Can you make it to our office by ten tomorrow morning? You’re invited for an interview.’

‘Oh, that’s great. Of course, I’ll make it to the place. Please, what’s your address?’

She told me the place. It was at Lekki. It meant I would have to set out on time from my place if I should meet up the apartment. I called
Naomi to inform her of the development.

‘Ah, I trust Big Mummy,’ she said. ‘The moment I discussed your matter with her and she said no problem, I knew she would be of help.’

‘I must really thank you my dear Naomi for all you’ve been doing. I won’t forget all this favor.’

‘Let’s just hope everything will turn out well.’

I nodded. ‘I have no doubt that things will turn out well.’

On Tuesday morning, I carefully picked the white shirt, the tie and the black two-piece suit I wore. I must really look good and must create
good impression.

I called the supervisor to explain that I would be coming late to work and would explain details to him later. I took the BRT bus to CMS.
From there, I took a smaller bus to Lekki. By few minutes to ten, I was at the reception of the company. I was immediately asked to go to
the first floor where the secretary to the CEO attended to me.

‘Please, sit down,’ she offered.

‘You must be Tinu,’ I said.

She nodded. I sat and waited to be called. I thought I would see some other applicants who had come for the interview, but saw none. I
waited for almost thirty minutes before Tinu informed me that the CEO was ready to see me. I was directed to her office.

‘Good morning, madam,’ I curtsied.

A woman in skirt suit probably in her fifties looked up from where she was writing behind her desk to appraise me.

‘Good morning,’ she replied and motioned me to a seat.

‘Thank you, madam.’

I took the seat she had offered me while Tinu retreated from the large office.

‘Yes, you are Ola from Naomi?’ she asked.

‘Yes, ma’am.’

She nodded. ‘Naomi is a good lady. Having somebody recommended by her means that person must be good. I believe in her judgment.’

I kept quiet. She had my c.v in her hands and she looked at it. ‘You’re currently working in a bakery as assistant production supervisor,

‘Yes, madam.’

‘If we want to offer you this job, when are you ready to start?’

I thought briefly. It was already middle of July. Starting in August would not be bad. Before I could answer, the woman interjected.

‘Actually, you need to start soonest. Can you start next week Monday?’

That would be the last week of July. I nodded. ‘Yes, I can.’

You’re going to be working as Assistant General Manager.’ She called Tinu on the intercom. ‘Tell the GM to see me.’

A man in his forties soon came into the office.

‘Yes, madam.’

She looked up at the man. ‘Yes, Mr. Ette, here is Ola. He will be working with you as your assistant. Put him through and assign some tasks
to him. He read mechanic engineering and he has been recommended by a very reliable source.’

For full readin, vist https://m.okadabooks.com/book/about/lost_in_lust/24333
Re: Lost In Lust by FairCritic(m): 6:55am On Oct 18
Cool update.
Re: Lost In Lust by crusufixo(m): 8:43am On Oct 18
Just started reading this and I must say, this is quite interesting. So much suspence.you are really good. I usually don't read novels, but this caught my attention.keep it up bro.
Re: Lost In Lust by WuraSerano(f): 1:40pm On Oct 18
Just started reading this and I must say, this is quite interesting. So much suspence.you are really good. I usually don't read novels, but this caught my attention.keep it up bro.

On point.
Re: Lost In Lust by LightOnScams: 2:52pm On Oct 18
Keep it up OP
Re: Lost In Lust by ALLFATHER14: 4:29pm On Oct 18
It's a veery good book you've got there. I'm in a self induced suspense, like I can't just help but wonder where it will all go wrong!!

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