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ÈSO - A Book Series (Fiction. Suspense. Drama) by CMDAUITH: 1:33pm On Jun 01
The Story below is a copyrighted work of the Apocalyptic Touch, Drama Department, CMDA UITH NS.

No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the author except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

This story is a work of fiction. A pure result of imaginations. All incidents and people in this story are fictional and any resemblance to any persons (living or dead), situations or locale is absolutely coincidental.

Re: ÈSO - A Book Series (Fiction. Suspense. Drama) by CMDAUITH: 1:36pm On Jun 01
A Book Series

(Fruits of the Spirit)

An Anthology of Dramatic Stories from College

ACT 1.
The blind figure

She is a 21 year old 400L BNSc student. A well reserved young lady who plays volleyball, loves to listen to music and also watch movies. The general impression Aderonke’s classmates have is that she's a proud brat. However, Aderonke is a typical example of "dey your dey, make I dey my dey."

This young lady is a 300L MB; BS student. Zoe is your role model 18 year old. She loves her fun, but doesn't joke with her academics. She is a Christian who is intentional about her walk with God.

A 19 year old 400L BSc student. Pretty is exactly that, She's pretty. She's your life of the party, she doesn't miss a good opportunity to flex. She's beauty and brains in one package, but nobody messes with Pretty. Her tongue has venom.

Lois is an 18 year old 200L BSc student. Lois knows everybody, like literally knows everybody. She is outspoken, loves to make friends and always has a good laugh. Lois loves to be heard, and thinks nothing should be taken so seriously in life. However, some people think she's obnoxious.

*Act 1 Scene 1*

(Lois is seen coming into the hostel with a box in one hand and her hostel allocation form in the other. She looks a little bit lost.)

*Lois*: _(muttering to herself)_ which of these blocks is block A now ehn?

_(Her classmate, Bambo can be seen walking in her direction)_

*Lois*: Bambo! Bambo! _(She calls out)_
*Bambo*: Ahn ahn. Lois Lois! How are you?
*Lois*: Baby girl I'm doing good o.
*Bambo*: Awwwn, is that a hostel form I see in your hand? You finally got a hostel allocation. I’m so happy for you.
Lois: Yes O! Turns out my mum knows one Dr. Like this... Errrrmmm... _(Scratching her head)_ Dr. what's that his name again sef? Anyway, he was the one...

_(Bambo looking at her watch hurriedly, interrupts)_

*Bambo*: See, I'll come back for the full gist later. Someone is waiting for me at Chaow.
*Lois*: Alright. Errmm, please where is block A room 1?
*Bambo*: _(Points at A block)_ that block over there, the first room to your right, that’s the one.
*Lois*: Alright, thank you. See you later.
*Bambo*: Bye!

_(Bambo leaves and Lois proceeds towards her block. Just in front of the block she meets another friend)_

*Simi*: Lois! How far now
*Lois*: Hey! I'm doing okay o
*Simi*: You now stay in the hostel?
*Lois*: Yeah I got allocated to room A1. That's where I'm going now sef.
Simi: Oh really! Alright. I'll come to your room later.
*Lois:* Okay.

_(Lois heads on to her room)_

*Lois*: hello. Peace be unto this room and the inhabitants therein. My name is Lois, and I'm your new roommate.

_(Aderonke who is plugged in, removes one of her ear plugs to listen to Lois who just walked in and inserts it back immediately she finished talking)_

*Zoe*: Hello. You're welcome.
*Pretty*: _(offhandedly)_ yeah, you're welcome.
*Lois*: Thank you. _(To Aderonke)_ Hello, good afternoon.
*Aderonke*: Good afternoon.
*Lois*: _(Turning to face Pretty)_ you look familiar. Did you ever come to the Permanent Site to talk to us freshers?
*Pretty*: Uhm yeah...about once or twice. I came with BAMSA.
*Lois*: Ehn ehn! I thought so too. I know I've seen you somewhere.
*Zoe*: Are those all your things?
*Lois*: No o. There's still a travelling box and one Ghana-must-go outside.
Pretty: Okay. When you're ready to carry it, tell us so we can help you.
*Lois*: Alright thank you. Uhm Sorry, I actually don't know your names.
*Zoe*: Oh well, my name is Zoe.
*Pretty*: I'm pretty. _(Using her mouth to point at Aderonke)_ And she's Aderonke and never make the mistake of calling her Ronke.
*Lois*: Torh. Thank you.

_(Zoe, pointing at Lois’ shoes)_

*Zoe*: And next time, please remove your shoes at the door. We don't wear shoes inside the room.
*Lois*: Oh wow. I'll try. But I really prefer wearing my slippers inside.
*Pretty*: _(muttering beneath her breathe)_ Rules are rules.
*Lois*: I guess I'm Ronke’s, sorry Aderonke's bunkmate. Yeah?
*Zoe*: Yep
*Pretty*: Good luck with that.
*Lois*: Hahaha. Please I want to get my box. I'll need your help.
*Pretty*: yeah, right.

_(All three ladies exit the room. Aderonke's alarm goes off. It's time for volleyball practice. She gets dressed and leaves the room too)_

*Act 1 Scene 2*
_(It’s a hot Friday afternoon in the hostel, Zoe is at the table in the room reading and Lois is in her bed playing music out loud and singing along.)_

*Lois*: “oh and I feel like I’m glowing, and I like where I’m going, tonight I’m showing up to shine” _(she shouts out the chorus)_
*Zoe*: _(visibly irritated)_ Hello! Hello!! LOIS!!! I believe you can see that I’m trying to study here, so please can you turn it down?
*Lois*: Sorry o, I didn’t know I was shouting I usually get carried away when I’m singing I’ll use ear plugs.
*Zoe*: Thank you.
_(Minutes later, Lois begins to sing out loud again with ears plugged)_
*Zoe*: _(having had enough Shouts)_ Oh God!!! You are loud again. LOIS! LOIS!!

_(Lois, completely lost in the music continues to bop her head to the beat and sing along with a horrible voice)_

*Zoe*: _(having had enough storms out of the room angrily)_ Aaaarrrrrrggggghhhh!!!!

*Act 1 Scene 3*
_(Pretty is getting dressed, ready to go out and is almost done with her make up when Lois comes into the room with her friend Bambo)_

*Lois*: So that was how I found out we also had item 7 in college and to think I was already planning on going to PS everyday just to get my daily #550 package.
*Bambo*: _(throwing her hands in the air)_ Spending!!! Before you na you, after you na still you o. All the way from college to PS just to eat rice. Twale mama!!

_(They both start laughing, then notice pretty getting ready to go out)_

*Lois*: oh, good day pretty. I didn’t see you when we entered.
*Bambo*: Hi, you look beautiful as always.
*Pretty*: _(making faces at the mirror)_ I know right. It’s not easy to look this flawless, only someone like me can pull this look off.
*Bambo*: _(nodding her head)_ I agree.
*Pretty*: Ehn ehn before I forget, Lois I’m looking for my makeup brush I can’t seem to find it anywhere.
*Lois*: _(looks at bamboo with eyes wide open and scratches her head)_ Ermmm I took it. I lost mine and I needed a brush so I borrowed yours, sorry I didn’t tell you
*Pretty*: Well please don’t do that again. One thing that is totally off limits to everyone in this room is my makeup stuffs. Now, where is the brush then?
*Lois*: Uhm, that’s the problem. I took it to Simbi's room and it got lost. I'm really sorry.
*Pretty*: Wow! Can you imagine? You took my brush without permission, then went ahead to lose it and you still did not think it necessary to tell me until I asked. You are a very irresponsible person. I'm sure you don't know but that brush cost more than you can imagine. Because unlike you I use original products.

_(Bambo, who has been listening to them both cuts in)_

*Bambo*: Haba! Pretty, That’s too much na. It wasn’t like she intentionally lost it. It was a mistake.

_(Pretty, very infuriated, descends on Bambo)_

*Pretty*: Oh really? And who called you into this matter? What’s your own? See the way you look hungry I'm sure you can’t relate. Mtcheeeww. _(Facing Lois)_ better get me a proper replacement before I get back, otherwise, this room won’t contain both of us.

_(pretty picks up her bag and walk out.)_
*Bambo*: Nawa o. Because of ordinary makeup brush.
*Lois*: Don’t mind her jare that’s how her mood changes all the time and the way she talks ehnn, if not that she is fine I’m sure she won’t have many friends.

_(They both continue talking.)_

*Act 1 Scene 4*
_(Aderonke is laying in her bed while Pretty paints her nails. Zoe walks in)_

*Zoe*: Eww what’s with the smell? Is it the toilet again? Are the windows open _(sniffs around for the source of the smell)_
*Aderonke*: Well maybe you should ask the newbie because I’m sure it has something to do with her. It always does
*Pretty*: Exactly! I second that. Ever since that girl came into this room it’s been from one thing to the other. I don’t know how you guys keep up with her especially you Zoe. Trust me whenever she steps on my toes I will march on both her feet ni o. Everything will turn to gbas gbos in two seconds. I don’t have time for nonsense.

_(Zoe finds a pot under the bunk, opens it and immediately shuts the lid back)_

*Zoe*: _(In disgust)_ Oh God! How long has this been here? Why would anyone soak a pot for four days?! This is so wrong on all levels. We have to sit this girl down and talk to her because she is acting immature and I don’t know how long I can take this without exploding.

_(Zoe takes the pot outside)_

*Aderonke*: _(laughing hysterically)_ hahaha so Iya Jesu gets angry too. I thought you were ready to accommodate all her shortcomings.
*Pretty*: Don’t start Aderonke. Everyone has limits.
*Zoe*: _(sits on her bed facing her roommates)_ When she gets back let’s say our minds please. I don’t want us to talk behind her back. Its better she is here when we say our minds.
*Aderonke*: Well I have a party this evening so she better get back early if not you guys are on your own.

_(Aderonke puts on her ear plugs and pretty continues with her nails, leaving Zoe to stare into oblivion)_



Re: ÈSO - A Book Series (Fiction. Suspense. Drama) by hizeeksheun(m): 7:51pm On Jun 02
Ride on OP!

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Re: ÈSO - A Book Series (Fiction. Suspense. Drama) by CMDAUITH: 7:53pm On Jun 15
The Blind Figure


Act 1 Scene 5

(Lois is school ready, eating quickly so she doesn’t go late to her class. She hears a knock on the door.)

Simbi: Hurry up girl, if we are more than 5 mins late he is going to lock us outside.
Lois: (putting the last spoon of food in her mouth, mumbles) I’m coming.
(She quickly takes a sip her pure water and leaves the rest on the table)
Simbi: if u don’t come out right now I’m leaving you behind.
Lois: (opens the door) Geez! I’m ready! Let’s go.

(Few hours later, Zoe comes into the room after a very hectic lecture filled day only to meet her books soaked and water dripping from her reading table)

Zoe: (Screams) Oh my God! Who did this?!! This is not funny at all now, of all things it just had to be my books, everyone knows that no one is allowed to eat or drink close to my books.
(She starts crying because she is frustrated, then Pretty comes in)
Zoe: Yeah thank God you are back. Are u responsible for this? (She points to her books)
Pretty: (In shock) Of course not and don’t think its Aderonke either because she is yet to come back from her friends place so that leaves us with…
(They both echo)
Zoe and Pretty: LOIS!!
Pretty: I’m so sorry about this. We all know how much you cherish your books. Let me help you dry them outside.
(Pretty takes the books and walks out)
Zoe: (looks up) God I don’t think I can take this anymore. I just can’t, I feel like I’m going to blow up soon.

(Zoe picks herself up and heads for Zion hoping to seek answers from God on how to approach this issue with Lois).

Act 1 Scene 6

(Zoe returns to the room from Zion and meets Lois lying in her bed, she calls out calmly)
Zoe: hello Lois, are you the one who drank water and left the rest on the table?
(Lois listening to music with ear buds on, continues to mime)
Zoe: Lois!!! I’m talking to you!
(Lois takes off ear buds, takes a look at Zoe)
Lois: yeah? You called my name. What is it? (Puts ear buds back on)
(Zoe now obviously irritated goes berserk, takes the ear buds off and shouts at Lois)
Zoe: what exactly is your problem?! Ever Since you came into this room, we have been tolerating you, I have been tolerating you. It’s almost as if you make it a point of duty to be annoying.
Are you the first person that will live with people?! You keep making everyone complain, if you don’t leave food in the pot for days, you’ll take my things and not return them, if you don’t use my water, you’ll ensure my books get wet.
Were you sent to me?! Even if they sent you, with all the problems you’ve been causing ever since you came in here is it not enough? Ehn? Tell me Lois is it not enough?
Pretty will complain I will complain, even Aderonke who doesn’t talk much has issues with you…What is wrong with you?!

(Zoe storms out of the room, leaving Lois quite distraught. Awkward silence ensues.)

Act 1 Scene 7

(Zoe returns to the room shortly, perambulates for a while then climbs her bed)

Zoe: (soliloquizing) what just happened? Why did I lose my cool? That was not me right (she retorted). I vented so badly that my fingers were quivering. Holy Spirit!

(Lost in thought, and with tears almost finding its path down her cheeks she hears an echo of her voice)

Voice: But wait Zoe, what if the scenario had played out differently?
Zoe: How?

(Her mind returned to the point where she just came in back from Zion where she had earlier gone to ask that God helped her to handle the matter)

Scene 6 replays

Lois: Yeah? You called my name. What is it? (Puts ear buds back on)
Zoe: She probably was not aware that her water spilled on my books. (Taps her again)
Lois: Yes?
Zoe: Did you know the water you left on the table drenched my books and you know how much those books mean to me
Lois: ooh! I didn’t know, I’m so sorry. Please forgive me

Voice: That would have ended differently. Remember love beareth all things
Zoe: hmmn 1Corinthians 13:7
Voice: Yeah true. Or what if?

Scene 6 replays

Lois: Yeah? You called my name. What is it? (Puts ear buds back on)

Zoe: (taps her again) hey
Lois: What?! Why are you disturbing me na?
Zoe: (thinking) she is probably not in a good mood. (Speaks up) is it a good time to talk?
Lois: (snubs) No!
Zoe: Ok (goes to bed)

(Later that evening)
Lois: Zoe can I use your gas cylinder please? Vkeyboy has not brought mine
Zoe: oh yeah sure. But don’t cook beans o (smiles)
Lois: funny, I am making spag actually. I know you don’t really like spag, or would you have some?
Zoe: oh no thanks. Had some snacks not long ago
Lois: (heads on to light the gas cylinder)
Zoe: Lois, is it a good time to talk?
Lois: Yeah sure (she enters the room). What’s up?
Zoe: I felt the other time was not a good time. Your left-over water spilled and drenched my books
Lois: (cuts in) Haa!!! I’m so sorry. I was in such a hurry with Simbi this morning. Please forgive my clumsiness.
Zoe: It hurt me but you know I love our relationship and wouldn’t want that little offences like this affect it. I felt bad actually but I am sure you probably didn’t mean to hurt me even when you snubbed me (pokes her nose)
Lois: I’m so sorry

Voice: It would have ended differently you know. You know congenial conversations is always a pleasure, and the right word at the right time is beautiful.
Zoe: Hmmn, I think I have read something like that before in the bible
Voice: Yeah, Proverbs 15:23
Zoe: (exclaiming) yeah yeah!!
Voice: You know a good word is also like a honeycomb

Zoe: (smiling) I know that one. Sweet to the soul abi? Proverbs 16:24. Wait! So Holy spirit it’s you. You actually came to comfort and correct me.
I’m so sorry for my actions. I could have handled it differently. (Feeling at ease.)
Voice: one more thing Zoe. Hear yourself again

Scene 6 replays

Zoe: You keep making everyone complain, if you don’t leave food in the pots for days…
Voice: What if you had forgiven all her previous offences and not kept records?

Lois: Yeah? You called my name. What is it? (Puts ear buds back on)
Zoe: (taps her again) Hey dear, you know you have not offended me and I didn’t mean to offend you also. The left-over water actually spilled and drenched my books very badly. I was hurt.
Lois: (Smiling) eeh Iya Jesu indeed. I am so sorry. I know that would have hurt you but it was not intentional, please forgive me. I expected you to have been mad at me sef.
Zoe: (Speaking quickly before the voice) it would have ended differently if I didn’t keep a score of her offences. That made me flare-up actually. I was frustrated.
Voice: Love does not keep record of wrong doings you know? And there is a season for every speech
Zoe: yeah, 1Cor 13:5
Voice: Correct dear. So there is a need to forgive her before anything else. You don’t need her consent to forgive her.
Zoe: I forgive her. Help me not to be mad at her anymore.

(Zoe wakes up smiling only to see Lois standing close to her bunk facing her bed)

Zoe: (thinking) should I tell her? Do I have to do it right now? I can apologize later right?
(Lois turns towards Zoe)
Zoe: (quickly turns in bed wrapping her blanket around her pretending to be asleep)
Voice: Really?
Zoe: It is funny I know. But ok I will hmm (unwraps herself)
(Lois was standing and looking straight at her wishing to say something)
Zoe: I’m sorry.
Lois: what! For what? I have been waiting for you to wake up so I can apologize for my reaction the other time.
(Zoe could feel her heart rate return to normal)
Lois: (continues) Pretty told me how badly drenched your books were. I did not mean to hurt you. You have been really nice to me. I am very sorry it won’t happen again.
Zoe: I am sorry for my hurtful approach and the words I said too. I was convinced on other ways I could have handled the matter without hurting you. I hope you forgive me and always know I love you ehn (smirks)
Lois: (reaches out to hug Zoe on her bed) thank you so much. I wish to be like you when I grow up
(They both hugged)
(Aderonke enters the room)
Aderonke: Hmm. Whose food is burning outside the room ooo? Is it Carbon you want to eat? (She asked sternly)
Lois: (releasing Zoe from the hug quickly) Yeeeh!!
(Zoe laughs)

The End

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Re: ÈSO - A Book Series (Fiction. Suspense. Drama) by hizeeksheun(m): 10:47pm On Jun 15
I can soooo relate!!!

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Re: ÈSO - A Book Series (Fiction. Suspense. Drama) by CMDAUITH: 4:27pm On Jul 02
Apocalyptic Touch
Drama department CMDA-NS UITH

A book series

(Fruits of the Spirit)

An Anthology of Dramatic Stories from College

ACT 2.
New Leaf

Act 2 Scene 1
(Lois and Pretty are chatting excitedly as Lois munches on plantain chips in bed while Pretty packs her boxes. Aderonke can be seen with headphones on watching a movie in bed.)

Pretty: Oh gosh! I can’t wait to see my baby sister again.
Lois: Erhm Come o, Aderonke, are you not traveling? Aderonke! Aderonke!!
Aderonke: (taking her headphones off) yes please?!
Lois: Aren’t you traveling?
Aderonke: (shrugs) No I’m not.
Lois: Ah! Why now? See everybody is traveling, shey you want to be the only one in the hostel ni? Shey you’re not missing home?
Aderonke: See, I don’t have your time please.
Lois: Torh, sorry oh

(Aderonke’s Phone rings)

Aderonke: Daddy! Good evening Dad. How are you?... I’m fine…Yeah, I’m done with my exams … They were fine, thank you …Actually, I’m not coming home … Is she still at home? …You know I can’t come home with her there… I’ve told you Dad, I cannot!… I’m an adult, and you cannot force me to come home if I don’t want to… Look dad I’ll talk to you later, bye dad.

(Aderonke ends the call and storms out of the room angrily. Outside, Aderonke meets two of her classmates, Tolu and Joyce)

Tolu: Hello Ronke.

(Aderonke, absent minded, walks past them without acknowledging the greeting.)

Joyce: (Laughing) I don’t know why you refuse to respect yourself. That girl snubs virtually the whole world.
Tolu: I was only trying to be nice.
Joyce: Abegi! Nice my foot.

(They both walk away)

Act 2 Scene 2

(Aderonke is on her way to the Volleyball court for practice. As she approaches the portals at the main hostel entrance…)

Iya Ebira: (speaking in her strong Ebira accent) Oluwaseun! Aderonke have you come to renew your hostel form?
Aderonke: (visibly irritated) No ma.
Iya Fati: ‘Awon student yi o kin gboran se. O ti to one month ti mo tin…’|These students are very disobedient sha. It's up to a month now since I've been|

(Aderonke cuts her short)

Aderonke: ‘Maa wa register ti mo ba ti de’ |I'll register when I'm back|
(As she walks out on them).
Iya Ebira: ‘Emi kuku ti so temi, maa lo cease mattress omo yen ni’. |I've kuku said my own, I'll just cease her mattress|
Iya Fati: ‘Emi gan busy ni shop ni,min ba ti lol gbe tipe. Wan ku ma pemi o gbadun. Rada Rada!’
|It's just cos I've been busy at the buttery. Even the students know I'm very crazy. Nonsense!|

(Aderonke continues towards the court as she plugs in her earpiece.)

Coach Fatai: (Shouting from the court) Ronke! ‘Just start to begin jog from that place like that o.’

(Aderonke Looks away, takes her phone from her pocket and starts to scroll through her contact list as she walks to the volleyball court.)

Coach Fatai: Ronke why you come late again today?
Aderonke: (looking at him sternly) Nothing.
Coach Fatai: (pointing at her) make your egungun dey careful o.
Bernard: Hehehe, Na express you dey go o.

(Aderonke Looks at Bernard angrily and hisses).

Coach Fatai: Time in! Five serving eleven. (Blows the service whistle and Aderonke's opponents serves).

(Mary receives the ball by volleying it to Aderonke. Aderonke is distracted by her earpiece and didn't hear Mary shout "Ronke your ball!"wink.

Mary: Ahn ahn Ronke concentrate! That was your ball.
Aderonke: (Already heating up) that was not my ball!
Coach Fatai: Then it was whose ball? My ball abi? ‘I don tell you say make you no dey carry earpiece or phone enter this court, na only you get iPhone?’
Bernard: The matter tire me o
Ella: (singing) E don happen, I don tell am, E don happen, I don tell am...
Bernard: (drumming and dancing along) E don happen, I don tell am.
Aderonke: (Ignores them and faces Mary) Mary I don't like this type of thing o! You knew I was busy and you still set ball for me.
Mary: But you didn't say ‘time out’ now.
Aderonke: So I should be shouting ‘time out’ just to adjust my earpiece abi?
Mary: Babe calm down na, it's not... (Aderonke cuts her short).
Aderonke: Abeg! Abeg! Shebi you all have succeeded in pissing me off, I've had it with you all and I’m out!
Coach Fatai: Oya na, good night. (Looks at Ella and shouts) Roll dead ball. Six serving eleven!
(Their voices fade as Aderonke walks away to her hostel)
Aderonke: (grumbling to herself) Mtcheeew somebody will jam those annoying portals again. Everybody just tire me for this school.

Act 2 Scene 3
Aderonke is seated in her room listening to "How could you leave us" by NF through her headphones. Her sad and depressing moment is interrupted by the call of her name.)
Step Mum: Aderonke dear, come and get your food.
Aderonke: (Removes the headphones while muttering to herself) who is she calling dear? (She says and rolls her eyes). Even if GOD should appear to me like He did to Paul, this woman can never be dear to me. I don't even blame her, if not that my Mum... (She's interrupted by another call of her name)
Step Mum: Aderonke! Please come quickly.

(Aderonke stands up from the bed and heads to the kitchen)

Aderonke: (With disdain) you called me?
Step Mum: Yes dear, I prepared a special dish for you, I know just how much you have missed home cooked meals. (Smiling at her)
Aderonke: (disgusted) I'm not hungry.
Step Mum: But, Aderonke dear, you've not eaten since you came back from school yesterday. Even if you're fasting it's already past time you broke the fast.
Aderonke: I never said I was fasting.
Step Mum: Then why won't you eat my dear?
Aderonke: (screaming) I said I'm not hungry.
Step Mum: But my dear, if you don't eat... (Aderonke cuts in)
Aderonke: If I don't eat what would happen? And why do you care? See, Modupe or whatever you call yourself, you're not my Mom, do you hear me. You're not my mom and you can never be.
Step Mum: I'm only just trying to be... (Aderonke cut in again)
Aderonke: Trying to do what? You think you can just come in and replace my mom like that? You may have fooled my dad, but you are not going to fool me.

Step Mum: Aderonke dear, I'm not trying to fool anyone. I love your dad and I love you just as much.

Aderonke: Spare me please. Also, don't ever call me ‘dear’ again. You know what? I don't blame you... (crying) I blame her for leaving us, for leaving me.

(Ronke runs out of the kitchen in tears, leaving her step mother dumb founded.)

Re: ÈSO - A Book Series (Fiction. Suspense. Drama) by Ismaxx: 7:05pm On Jul 02
Hmmn..nice story...the item7 in this story reminds me of unilorin nd how we were always chased out in hostel after exams

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Re: ÈSO - A Book Series (Fiction. Suspense. Drama) by CMDAUITH: 7:15pm On Jul 02
Hmmn..nice story...the item7 in this story reminds me of unilorin nd how we were always chased out in hostel after exams
Yess, Thank youu
Re: ÈSO - A Book Series (Fiction. Suspense. Drama) by hizeeksheun(m): 7:18pm On Jul 02
Following jejely

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Re: ÈSO - A Book Series (Fiction. Suspense. Drama) by CMDAUITH: 6:50pm On Jul 16
Apocalyptic Touch
Drama department CMDA-NS UITH

A book series

(Fruits of the Spirit)

An Anthology of Dramatic Stories from College

ACT 2.
New Leaf

Act 2 Scene 4
(Aderonke and her Dad are sitted in the living room.)
Dad: (reading a newspaper, springs up remembering something) that reminds me, we were invited to the annual family get together at the OLAKUNLE’S Residence.

(Aderonke’s stepmom comes out of the kitchen and settles in her sofa.)

Morenikeji: (visibly excited) Oh that would be great! I would get to familiarize myself with the neighbourhood and meet a lot of your friend. Aderonke can also use the opportunity to catch up with her old friends now that everyone is back home.
Dad: Great! It is also our turn to sing the annual theme song for this year. You would absolutely enjoy listening Aderonke sing, she is a very good singer.
Morenikeji: (Surprised) I had no clue Aderonke could sing. (facing Aderonke) you never told me you could sing so well.
(Aderonke has her headphones plugged in and completely unaware that her parents were talking to her. Her dad throws a pillow at her.)
Aderonkesadlooking up at her dad) What?
Dad: Your mum is talking to you.
Morenikeji: Your dad said you sing so well and that you will be performing at the annual family get together.
Aderonke: I am not interested. (Goes back to her phone)
Dad: (Angrily) what is your problem? You are not interested in this, you are not interested in that, what exactly are you interested in? Look if you are still gloomy about your stepmum, you better get over it because she is not going anywhere.
Aderonke: (gets up angrily) She is not my mum! She will never be my mum! (Storms out of the living room)

Dad: (goes to sit next to Morenikeji) my dear, don’t mind her. She is just being childish, she will get over it soon.

(Morenikeji with watery eyes, nods in affirmation)

Act 2 Scene 5

It is a sunny Saturday; the neighborhood is bustling already at 9.00am. You could easily appreciate the aroma of the special family dishes being made in different houses in the estate. The atmosphere reminded one that it was weekend, and good food matters after settling their chores. The collision of aroma would also be felt by passersby whose salivating mouths would not taste of any of the meals. Despite the hustle and bustle, Aderonke remained on her bed. Her bed is covered with a fanciful pink bedsheet and teddy bear. She lay down with her earplugs enjoying a radio program that livened up the Saturday morning for lagosians with top rated songs.
(There is a knock on her door, loud enough to force its way beyond the volume of the Adekunle Gold’s song titled ‘Shade’)
(Aderonke rises up grudgingly to open the door, there stood Morenikeji her step mom and Itunu, her homie)
Morenikeji: (smiling) good morning dear. I wanted to check up on you and inform you that Itunu your friend is here.
Itunu: (hugging her excitedly) Aderonke! (She walks in still talking) how are you babe? I’m so sorry for just coming to see you since Thursday that you came around.
Aderonke: (to Morenikeji) what else?
Morenikeji: And I’m sorry for what happened between you and your dad yesterday. I didn’t mean to upset you.
Aderonke: Not now please! (Slams the door)
Itunu: (lightly holding her handbag which hung there unintendedly as she watched the scenario that just played out before her) hmmm.
Aderonke: (coldly) babe, I’m sorry for that cold welcome jare. That woman disgusts me.
Itunu: (seated on the bed) that was something o. but babe, you have changed o. I have never seen that part of you before. Do you want to talk about it?
Aderonke: (placing her earplugs on the table as she faces the mirror) No. Not again. That woman is turning my dad against me. I can’t wait to run back to school. School has been my hide out, My safe haven.
Itunu: But you know…
(Aderonke cuts her short)
Aderonke: No Itunu. I was enjoying a good mood before she came in. It is too early for this matter.
Itunu: (succumbs) how was school then? The last time we talked you said you were on the volleyball court. Didn’t know your college has a court sef.
Aderonke: (Excitedly sits beside her) Yes o. it is a nice sport. Except for some annoying moments. It was a set that built the complex jare, not school o.
Itunu: What about your ‘crusher’ now
Aderonke: Shey Buks? Lol. Don’t mind him jare. Baba don move again
(they both laugh as their chatting continued)
Itunu: By the way, what of that your new roomie now
Aderonke: Lois?
Itunu: (sarcastically) Yes o, lol. The funniest of them all. Your loving friend.
Aderonke: My dear, that girl is a case, both funny and annoying. Did I tell you about her clash with mama Jesu (referring to Zoe)?
Itunu: Yes o. I’m really impressed by how you said Zoe managed the situation. She has a large heart.
Aderonke: yeah me too. They are now good friends, I even see them share the same pictures on their WhatsApp statuses. Lois is also fast turning into Mama Jesu.
Itunu: wow. That’s good.
(Itunu brings out a box of peanut that she had in her bag. She had forgotten she brought them due to the scenario that played out upon her arrival, Aderonke hurriedly opened the box to munch on some.)
Itunu: (Stands up to stretch when her gaze caught a photo album that laid close to the foot of the bed) that is your photo album she said as she picked it up.
Aderonke: Do you know it’s been long since I checked that album (she drew closer to Itunu who was already smiling as she turned the pages)
(They burst out laughing hysterically as Itunu turned to a photo showing Aderonke in her Nurse costume for a career day at school)
Aderonke: I’m sha a real nurse now (laughing). Can you imagine it was biscuits and sweets I had inside my first aid box (now laughing with tears rolling down her cheeks).
Itunu: lollll are you serious? With your cape that looked like that of a priest (laughs).
(They keep turning the pages, smiling as they do, and munching the peanut audibly and playfully)
Aderonke: today is so funny. I have not laughed this hard in a long while
Itunu: you are welcome (proudly swinging her braids to the back with her right hand)
Aderonke: Durrh (making a sad face)
(They both laughed)
Itunu: (turns to a picture showing Itunu with her dad, mom and dog at the beach) she placed her hand on Aderonke’s face in the picture (Aderonke was so happy as she blew off the candles on her cake)
Aderonke: (sadly) that was my last birthday before my mom’s death. It was the happiest day of my life. The best moment of my life really.
Itunu: You were so happy. (Looking at Aderonke) But what happened? (speaking softly.)
(Aderonke’s eyes now filled with tears)
Itunu: Do you think this is what your mom wants for you? She wants you joyful forever, regardless of whether she's present or absent.
Aderonke: I wish she was here (now in tears). No one will understand how much I miss her. This feeling…I just want to be happy again. (bursting out in tears).
Itunu: (cutting in with her voice trembling) Really Aderonke?! That's the problem Ronke, that's the very problem. A lot of people are searching and settling for happiness which in itself is not bad but happiness is temporary, it's a function of happenings around you. Your happiness is tweaked by your circumstances, but God will have us go deeper in search of joy! Baby girl joy is a result of our relationship with God, it buds from the Holy Spirit inside of us, natural and independent of what we are going through or whatever the circumstances around us may seem like. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength dear, just as I did and I never regretted it up till this very moment.
(The atmosphere now heavy and filled with deep emotions).
Aderonke: How do you mean? (With her eyes wide open staring curiously at Itunu).
Itunu: Have you ever wondered or asked who the woman I live with is?
Aderonke: (now surprised) your mom?
Itunu: Yes, my mom (she said silently). That woman who is now my mom was the very person my dad cheated with just before my mom was rushed to the hospital due to a terminal illness. I caught them but couldn’t tell my mom.
Aderonke: (shocked) oh Jeez!
Itunu: I lost my mom to that terminal illness about a month after. I was only sixteen. And, my mom’s last words melted me. I hated death for taking her so quickly, and hated my dad for having such affair knowing fully well that my mom was dying.
Aderonke: I’m so sorry (tears flowing freely)
Itunu: My mom’s words held me up and redefined me even after her death. As she gasped her last, she said;
‘Not even I can give you the joy you deserve
Nor can I take any of your sorrows away
Learn to live by the Holy spirit
His joy will fill you, give you peace
And always bring us closer even when I’m gone’
Aderonke: (Crying out loud) oh God!
Itunu: I cautioned her to stop. rebuking death even as she gave up the ghost. (eyes now red and face wet)
(The atmosphere in the room has suddenly changed, it is so cold and quiet, you could hear a pin drop. So quiet that you could easily hear the song silently playing from a house nearby. It was ‘Goodness of God’ by Bethel music)
I love you lord
For your mercy never failed me
All my days, I’ve been held in your hands
From the moment that I wake up, until… (song continues)
Itunu: (breaking the silence as she enjoyed a refreshing moment from the song that permeated the east-side window) wow! Yeah, he’s been faithful she continued the song)
I’ve known you as a father
I’ve known you as a friend…
Aderonke: (cuts in) how did you come to accept this. Your relationship is so cordial and endearing, one could not have known.
Itunu: I followed my mom’s advice. I poured out my heart to God, told him how much I hated him for taking my mom and for allowing my dad take his new wife. I told him I was following my mom’s instruction never to leave the Holy Spirit and always seek his help for comfort. I told him I needed his help.
Aderonke: (Now in tears) I wish I did this. I hate my new way of life. Everyone seems to dislike me and daily it is as if I keep sliding away from understanding how to relate with people. My hatred for my stepmom is having the better of me. This is not me. (Faces the wall as she cries.)
Itunu: My stepmom came into my room one day to apologize for seeing my dad at all while he was still married to my mom. She shared her regrets and reasons. I forgave her.
Aderonke: (surprised) Just like that?
Itunu: Yeah! Just like that. As days passed by, my hatred withered. And my dad helped the situation. He gave us enough family time to understand each other. We took the opportunity to get to know each other and indeed she is a sweet lady. We have more in common than I’d ever thought.
Every moment with her showed me how much the Holy Spirit was with me and could fill me with joy even at odd moments.
Aderonke: (breaking down in tears) Help me Holy spirit.
Itunu: (holding her hand) Lord help us.
Aderonke: Take my hatred away lord, Aunty Morenikeji does not deserve this hatred that I have for her.
(There is a knock on the door, it is Morenikeji, her stepmom. She opened the door slowly bearing a tray with plates of food and jug of water with two cups)
Morenikeji: I brought you two food, it’s been over three hours and you have not had breakfast.
As she turned to look at them, she stood stunned. She could not fathom what had taken place in the room. The atmosphere was tense, filled with deep emotions and their faces wet. She stood still also as silence grew in a split of a second. The silence was permeated by the same song that was wrapping up;
With every breathe that I am able
I’m gonna sing of the goodness of God (song ends).

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Apocalyptic Touch
Drama department CMDA-NS UITH

A Book Series

(Fruits of the Spirit)

An Anthology of Dramatic Stories from College

ACT 3.
In this Storm

Scene 1

(Aderonke opens the room door as she drags her feet looking very tired )

Ronke: Hey girl

Zoe: (Signals to Ronke that she is on the phone) Give me a minute please.

Ronke: (Mumbles) Oh sorry (Sits on her bed and brings out a pack of food to eat)

Zoe: (Still on a call)

Zoes friend: Babe, I am coming to spend the weekend in your hostel after class tomorrow o

Zoe: (Surprised) Oh really,I thought you said you hated school hostel

Zoefriend: Yes I said so.. And I stand by my words I thank God I'm staying off k..I just need a change of environment and besides I really miss your company.

Zoe: (Blushing) Babe,just say you miss me.

Zoes friend:Na you sabi ooooo.

Zoe:Anyways,Just bring something for me o..You know I have missed your cooking,I still don't get the way you fry that your chicken so you will teach me again when you come.

Zoes friend: (Laughs) Alright, no problem.

Zoe:Ore mi olowoshibi.

Zoes friendsadlaughing) Okay now babe,see you tomorrow.

Zoe: Alright,bye(drops her phone).

Zoe: (Looking at Ronke) You did not even wait for me to come and join you,you no try ooo.

Ronke: Sorry jare, I am very hungry,that lecturer didnt give us our break, I havent eaten at all today.

Zoe: Ohhh pele,you must be very tired.

Ronke: You dont know about it.

Zoe: (Moves to sit on Zoe bed) Guess what happened today. Just guess...

Ronke: (Drops her food and moves closer) I'm all ears. Spit it out.

Zoe: Well Iya Fati almost caught me cooking in the room today.

Ronke: (shocked) What? Why? How?

Zoe: Calm down jor I was smart enough to know when she was coming because I didn't fully lock the door. Immediately I heard her voice I Switched off the stove and quickly use air freshner to get rid of the smoke (laughs and shakes her head).

Ronke: I have told you to stop doing that that.. Remains this close (Uses her finger to describe it) you would have been caught today and asked to pay the fine.

Zoe: Yeah Yeah. I won't do it again. Pinky promise (Winks at her).

Ronke: Pinky ko,twinky ni.So you have said for the tenth time (rolls her eyes).

Zoe: (Laughs and starts arranging her bag).

Aderounke: Gotta go now. I don't want to be late for choir practice
Zoe: Oh that's true o.. I almost forgot about household prayers (checks her watch).God give me strength.

AderounkesadShakes her head as she goes away) You this girl better change maybe you need alarm to remind you of your meetings.. Well, I'll see u later... Bye bye

Zoe:As in.Yeah bye dear. (Waves and hurriedly finished the rest of her meal).

Scene 2

The sun is down and the noise from the Football field could be heard from the court.Aderounke had played two consecutive volleyball games and was on the third when Coach Fatai blew the whistle that ended that training sessions.

Coach Fatai: (Blows whistle) Gather around everyone! (Clapping his hands to draw attention).
Ronke walks towards the coach with a blue nylon in her hand and Tee J beside her.

Tee J:Rounke baby,how are you now?

Aderounke: I'm good Tee,how are you?

Tee J:Babe I just dey o.You heard what happened to me now.

Rounke:Hmm I did o.

Tee J:Yeah,so I just came to clear my head on court cos mehn that thing is really frustrating.

Rounke:I know right! I felt so bad for you when I heard really. I'm sorry I haven't reached out to you, had my own stuff to put together too.I'm so sorry really.

Tee J: Thanks jare. I just pray God intervenes cos I was really misunderstood,I wouldn't do such a thing!

Aderounke: I know guy.Just cheer up ehn,I will join you in prayers,God will vindicate the righteous.
Tee J: Wow! Amen o. Rounke never knew you can be this deep o,I really appreciate cos I need all the prayers I can get now.

Aderounke: (Laughs) See this one,sha just cheer up and keep trusting God for a miracle. It will come out fine ehn, pele.

Tee J: Rounke thanks a lot, like it really means a lot knowing you even believe me. I never knew I could feel relieved talking to you,like see Rounke being all sweet o (gives a laugh of mockery).

Aderounke: Abegi,na u Sabi.

Tee J: (Smiles) I really appreciate though. You should show this part of you more often.

Aderounke: Well, I'm working on it.

Tee J: Nice one.

(Coach Fatai is done searching his phone for the NIMSA 2020 flyer. He raises his head to address the team.

Coach Fatai: Ehen my fifle, as you all know, the flyer for NIMSA games is out and we have to double up because it just means the D-Day is drawing closer. We no dey go all the way to Jos to go help them spectate o,omo no reason am say we just wan go write ILUMSA was here o. We dey carry medals come back house Ni,shey you dey feel me?

Bernard: Hallelujah somebody!

Mary:Amen! Glory!

(Everybody bursts into laughter)

Coach Fatai:Una go dey laugh now,okay.I don talk my own.Who's with my ball?
(Collects the ball).Ehen muna wait fes,Tee J!

Tee J: Coachie (struggling to have his way to the front).

Coach Fatai: How much do we have in our contribution now?E don do to buy net?

Tee J: Ah Aderounke don buy standard net for us na.

Coachie: Aderounke! Buy net for us? Guy you funny.
Tee J: Coachie I no dey whine you o (Stretches his hand to collect the net from Aderounke).

Coach Fatai:Na em be that?

Tee J:Yes na

Coach Fatai: Hehehe,so you think say you go buy net use shut our mouth abi, you no even fit give me, na Tee J be your spokesperson abi? You're doing well.

Mary: Coachie but this net make sense na.

Coach Fatai:You wey dey talk,she don come meet you apologise to you?

Mary: Coachie forget that side first na.

Coach Fatai:You see your life?We sha no dey collect if you no apologise.You gas change your ways for good. Fine girl like you suppose dey calm down o.

(Aderounke collects the net and leaves the court sadly, trying not to show any emotions and without a word.)

Tee J: Coach that was too harsh na.

Coach Fatai:Come e be like say you don dey trip for that girl ba (Smiling and winking at Tee J).

Tee J: Takes a turn and jogs to meet up with Aderounke.

Scene 3

(Aderoke trudges down her room, on her way back from the Volleyball court with her mood plummeting, her throat thickened with sobs with a line etched between her eye brows as she yanked the door open. Noticing nobody to be inside, she plodded into her bed as she crushed down crying)

Ronke: (Amidst sobs) No one loves me, at least I tried to make peace ooh

(While she cried and sobbed, Zoe, opens the door, while she strolled into the room without her noticing, and settles to sit on her bed as she scrolls through her phone while she reads her unread WhatsApp messages, then she suddenly raised her head and noticed Ronke crying)

Zoe: (In voice leaden with affection) Ronke, what is the matter? Why are you crying?

Ronke: (In falseful cheerfulness as she tries to wipe off her tears) I'm fine, don't worry about me.

Zoe: Are you sure? But you are crying now.

Ronke: (Soon burst into tears, as she cries even louder) Zoe, my life is in a mess right now.
Ever since my mum died, I have not being in good terms with everyone. I'm always angry with everyone especially my Dadyyy for marrying another woman who is wanting to take over the house (She cries even louder as Zoe pats her to calm down.)

(She continues)

Even school sef, I even wanted to make peace with them at the volley ball court today ooh
Come and see how they were doing any how after I bought them the net we all have been contributing for.

Zoe: (Patting her back) Sorry you would be fine, but did you apologize to them before you bought them the net?

Ronke: No I didn't, hum, I should have done that abi?

Zoe: Yes, sometimes as Christians we have to apologize even when it is not our fault. You know the bible say you should follow peace with all men?

Ronke: Humm, yess.Thank you.

Zoe: Dont worry you would be fine lemme pray for you.

(They pray together with their mouths moving. Then she leaves her after praying to see a friend in the next room while Ronke sits on her bed ponders for few minutes then it soon strucks her mind to speak with Aunty Morenikeji)

Ronke: Yess, lemme even speak with Aunty Morenikeji (She says to herself)

(She then dials her Dads phone as she held the phone to her ears)

Ronke: Hello Daddy

Daddy: How are you my dear?

Ronke: I am fine ooh, Daddy I want to speak with Aunty Morenikeji.

Daddy: (Surprised) Why? I hope there's no problem

Ronke: (In a friendly fashion) There's no problem Daddy, I just want to say hello to her.

Daddy: Owk ooh (He hands the phone to Aunty Morenikeji)

Ronke: (Cheerfully) Hello Aunty Morenikeji

Morenikeji: (Surprised) How are you? How are you doing?

Ronke: I am fine ooh.

Morenikeji: Are you coming this weekend?

Ronke: Yesss

Morenikeji: Awww, I can't wait too see you

Ronke: (In a level tone) Hun hun, take care of daddy ooh

Scene 4

Aderounke is on her way back from the buttery. Its a hot Saturday,the hostel is calm and the serenity in her block is sedating. She's seen walking towards her room as she gulps the chilled Fanta she just got when someone called out.

Shalewa: Rounke!

Aderounke: (Turns around to see who called out, swallowing the drink that puffed her cheek).

Shalewa: Wait up please.(Hurries to catch up with Aderounke).Babes what's up? Please what did Prof take yesterday?I couldn't make it to his class.

Aderounke: Oh, sorry about that.He took functions of PGs and NSAIDS.He didn't release his slides though.After writing like ten pages of notes and about four extra of bullet points,baba said he just came to introduce us to the topic and we should read it up in our textbooks as his questions can come from anywhere.

Shalewa: You don mean it(laughs). Orishirishi,this man is just a joker.Thank God you told me on time sef, I'll just borrow your note later and photocopy it at medimart ni,I cannot coman die.I hope you don't mind.

Aderounke: (Laughs)Abi now.Well not really,but please handle it with care to avoid stories that touch o.

Shalewa: Sure thing babe.Shanu aye mi (pity my life).
Aderounke: (Looks towards her room) So I didn't put this stew on fire.Shalewa take care jare let me quickly warm my stew before hunger deals with me.

Shalewa: Okay dear.(Enters into her room).

(Aderounke squats to light her gas beside her room.She hears voices from her room, Zoe's and another which was definitely not her roommate's voice.She couldn't really say whose it was,but she unintentionally followed the conversation as she put her stew on fire).

Strange voice: Zoe,Zoay! I can't remember when last I entered this your hostel and you cannot even se mi l'alejo,to ye ko ma pamper mi.Wa tun pe mi ma worry.(And you can't even treat me like a guest,you ought to pamper mi.You'll invite me again don't worry).

Zoe: See me see wahala o, were you not the one that called me?
(Both laughs)

Zoe: I don't even have your time.

Strange voice: You are just proud,you don't have your visitor's time abi?

Zoe: Yen yen yen.
(Both laughs)

Zoe: I've sha missed you around sha.

Strange voice: Finally! Somebody humbly confessed.

Zoe: Whatever helps you sleep at night.(Smiles)

Strange voice: That reminds me,do you know I've been trying to log in my portal for days now,network is really poor off k.Let me try again maybe I'll be able to access my portal in the hostel.How far,have you been able to pay yours?

Zoe: Hmm babe.Ko le ye e.(You won't understand).

Strange voice: Try me.

Zoe:You remember I told you my dad got into a ghastly motor accident during the break yeah?

Strange voice: (Nods)Uhmm.

Zoe: It really damaged his car and he's been trying to fix one thing or the other,plus his drugs and therapy cost a lot too.My dear funds has been really low at home and my fee is not close to being available as we speak.I'm in a dilemma right now o,o su mi (I'm tired).
Strange voice:Hmm,I remember o,wow! I'm even speechless right now.I could feel the sadness in your voice.Ma worry ehn,iyanu ma shele(don't worry ehn,God will do a miracle),just have faith and keep praying.We still have about four days,God will provide ore mi(my friend),I have never seen the righteous forsaken,he will do it and I believe he will.Pele dear.

Zoe: Oshey my dear,God no go shame us.
Strange voicesadLaughs out loud) Abi o.

Aderounke feeling sad for Zoe but not showing as they didn't notice she was outside the room and won't want it to look like she was eavesdropping,enters the room few seconds after the conversation was over with her gas cylinder on one hand and her pot of stew on the other.

Dami: Hi Aderounke.(With a grin)

Aderounke:Hi Dammy.You just came in right?

Dami:Yeah, not too long.I asked of you,Zoe said you stepped out.

Aderounke:Yeah I went to get something.

Dami: Ah this your stew is ta san San o(has a nice aroma o),what are we eating na?

Zoe: Dami! FFO(For food only)...Be disgracing me up and down o.

Dami: Problem tiye niyen(that's your problem).If you like don't hurry up so we can go for rehearsal.

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Nice one
Well done Apocalyptic Touch

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Relatable! 100%

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Drama department CMDA-NS UITH

A Book Series

(Fruits of the Spirit)

An Anthology of Dramatic Stories from College

ACT 3.
In this Storm


Scene 5

A gentle breeze blew to cool the morning. You could hear the movements of Muslim students returning from fajr (dawn) prayer. The sun was also taking its time to break through the darkest hour of the Thursday morning. These though, occupants of room A3 had taken different postures in what could be termed their morning rituals except for Zoe who was sleeping. She had returned late from her rehearsals, and night prayer meeting.
Pretty, the lover bird was covered in her blanket. Fully awake, she could be heard softly speaking on the phone. Careful enough not to disturb her roommates though. She was enjoying the usual morning tease from Dr Tolu who has now ‘come to stay’, he seems to have won pretty Pretty’s pretty heart. Pretty wouldn’t trade talking to Dr Tolu every morning for anything else. It always vitalized her day. I bet you want to see her pumpkin face glow with every smile.
Aderounke on the other hand had taken her position at the reading table. She had her earplug tightly fixed to her ears to avoid any noise from her surroundings. Morning readings culminated her secret recipe to high performance. Her concentration and alertness were highest at that period. She had read somewhere that Dopamine and Serotonin level were also high at that morning hour to facilitate her learning and understanding.
About Lois, she had recently jumped out of the bed to rush to the toilet. She had sustained a ritual of using the toilet every morning. But, this morning’s ritual came really early. Toilet time was also a free time for her to engage whoever she met in the bathroom. Morning gist you know.
(The moments had continued peacefully when of a sudden Pretty laughed out hard)

Pretty: hahahhaahaahhaah (she laughed riotously). Really, you don’t mean that (still on the call)

Zoe: (disturbed by the burst, turns sleepily towards her) Pretty please keep it low

Pretty: yeah I’m sorry

Dr Tolu: What’s that?

Pretty: oh no, that was not for you. You made me wake my poor roomie with my laughter.

Zoe: You are still disturbing, don’t bother apologizing, just keep it low ehn (she turns to face the wall)

Pretty: (covers herself fully with the blanket and continued to murmur)

Zoe: I really hope this sleep comes back please. What says the time sef? (she thought as she picked her phone)

(Just a moment after picking her phone)

Zoe: (bursts out in tears) oh God! Lord…

Pretty and Aderounke: (jolted) rushed to Zoe

Pretty: Zoe, what happened? are you alright?

Aderounke: (draws close to Zoe who was now sitting on her bed) why are you crying now?

Zoe: (tears rolled down freely) Lord, why is this happening at this time. I have always believed that it will all be well. But this again? (she sobs)

Pretty: (unrelaxed and confused) you are scaring me Zoe. What happened now?

Aderounke: Please talk to us. What happened?

Zoe: (speaking painfully) I’ve been going
through some stuff lately. My dad was involved in a ghastly accident (she opened up to the now expectant audience). He has been in the hospital for treatment and therapy. And that has left my family bankrupt.

Aderounke: (almost in tears too) whoa, I’m so sorry. You did not tell us any of these, I’m so sorry.

Pretty: (surprised) oops. I’m sorry

Zoe: My school fees had been on hold because of that. My aunty promised to send the money few days ago.

Pretty: Thank God. But why are you now crying?

Zoe: I just saw my brother’s message now (she whimpers)

Aderounke: What did it say? (she picked up the phone to read the exhaustive message that reads)
Zoe, Aunty Banke called momsy yesterday to inform her that her shop
was robbed overnight. She had lost all her savings and some goods.
She felt really sorry that she wouldn’t be able to help with the
school fees as earlier promised. Mommy wants to know if anything
could still be done about the closing date so that she can look for
ways to borrow. I’m so sorry sis, this will all pass.

Zoe: (wailed) Why at this time now ehn? What do I do now? Payment closes tomorrow.

Pretty and Aderounke: (consoled her) it’s okay dear.

Lois: (making a grand entrance, shocked at the sight) Haa what happened? Why is Zoe crying?

Pretty: (explained everything to Lois) that is it Lois

Lois: (now hugging Zoe who has become a spiritual mentor to her) I’m sure God’s still got you Zoe. You have always taught me to trust in him. It was dark when I left the room, but it is all dawn now. I trust the day to break in this situation too. Sorry ehn

Pretty and Aderounke: (made their ways to the bathroom. It was now past 7am)

Zoe: thanks Lois. I’ll be fine. Let me pray and head for class so I don’t go late.
(Lois heads to her bed, her first class is by 11am)

Zoe: (goes on her knees and prayed silently) Lord, you promised me to keep my peace. I trust you. I do not have explanation for this but I’m sure you have it all planned.
The song playing from Zoe’s phone was ‘New wine’ by Hillsong Worship. The line of the lyrics that caught Zoe’s attention was: ‘So I yield to you and to your careful hand
When I trust you I don’t need to understand’

(opens her bible) she flashed through the pages of the scripture as her eyes caught the lines she needed at that time…
‘thou wilt keep in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusts in thee’ – Isa 26:3
That line brought an unexplained calmness to her mind.
(She hurriedly made for the bathroom).


Zoe sings into the room.

Zoe: Though the storms may come and the winds may blow, I’ll remain steadfast, and let my heart learn, when You speak a word it will come to pass. Great is Your faithfulness to me.
(Zoe sings on with emotion, and her face is lifted upward

Zoe: Great is Your faithfulness to me, Great is Your faithfulness to me.
From the rising sun to the setting same, I will praise Your name
Great is Your faithfulness to me. When the seasons change, You remain the same.
(Aderounke walks into the room and Zoe immediately runs to embrace her.)

Zoe: Oh Aderounke, God bless you. God bless you a million times over. You will never know lack all the days of your life. Oh God, I don’t even have enough words to express myself. Just know that I’m grateful, and my heart prays for you.

Aderounke: Oh dear, it’s nothing at all. I just couldn’t bear to not do anything. Besides, I watched the way your faith stood strong. I mean, after that morning that you prayed, you went around like your life was as perfect as ever. I decided to pray for you, and God just put it in my heart to tell my dad about it. He and Aunty Morenikeji agreed to send the money, and the rest they say, is history.
Zoe tears up again, and Aderounke lets her cry against her shoulder.

Zoe: Oh thank You God for being so faithful. Your Word never fails, oh thank You God.
Lois walks in on them.

Lois: Woah! Warrapun? What's going on here?

Zoe: (laughing and cleaning her eyes) Let's just say God still answers prayers. I've been able to pay my school fees.

Lois: Wow! Thank God. That's good news, and this calls for chaow's risky burger.
They laugh and leave the room.

Scene 7:

The scene opens to the hostel room. Lois, Zoe and Aderonke are busy readying items for baking.

(Lois looks into one of the cupboards in search of an item)

Loissadsays excitedly) So Zoe! Which one of them do I bring?
(Zoe is seen standing by the kitchen slab mixing flour,)
You know you're the chief baker, as in, our chef. (She flatters). And me, I want my cake to be big oo... You know nah

Aderonke: (interrupts) Lois! Ah ahn.

(They all laugh)

Zoe: (trying to stifle her laughter) No problem. Bring the biggest one there.

Lois: (smiling victoriously) Thank you jor. Let me quickly go and wash this thing.

(Lois leaves the room hastily while Aderonke and Zoe are left staring at each other as though they've seen a ghost)

Aderonke: (in shock) Eh! Lois wants to wash plate?

Zoe: (Laughing softly) I'm just as shocked as you are my dear.

Aderonke: It's like she should be doing birthday everyday because...

(Their little chat is interrupted by Lois resurfacing presence)

Lois: (excitedly) Here Zoe, the pan is ready, should I put it in the oven now?

(Lois hands the baking pan to Zoe and walks straight to the oven)

Zoe: Calm down dear. (Zoe and Aderonke laugh) It's not time yet. I'm not even done mixing the flour yet...

Lois: (interrupts) I know but...

Zoe: (interrupts) Just chill my dear. Besides there is not even gas to even bake the cake, you don't want it going off while the cake is in there, do you?

Lois: (nods her head in acceptance) Oh yeah. That's true. I just want everything to be perfect, you know. At least, it's not something elaborate but it should be perfect.

Zoe: I agree. You've been going on and on about your birthday for days. Just relax, okay. The cake would be great. (Smiles)

Aderonke: Lois, trust our baker now. Zoe wouldn't let you down, you should know that by now.
(Lois finally gives in to their pleas and rests against the door)
Why not use that excess adrenaline to go get some gas in the cylinder?

Lois: (smiling again) Yes, that's a great idea. I'll get on it now. Bye guys.

Aderonke and Zoe: Bye!!!

(Lois picks up an empty gas cylinder and exits the room hurriedly while Zoe and Aderonke are left laughing happily)

Aderonke: (turning to Zoe and smiling) She is just too hyped for this her birthday (laughs)

Zoe: (with a smile) I know right. I'd love to see her like that all the time though.

Aderonke: I wonder what's so special about "19 years" anyways.

Zoe: (Laughs) You know it may not be the age you know, just the celebration of life, you know, thanking GOD for yet another year.

Aderonke: You may be right.

Zoe: Speaking of thanksgiving, Aderonke, I just wanted to say thank you again. I mean thank you for allowing GOD to use you. Thank you for being there when GOD needed a vessel to bring HIS will to pass in my life. I'm really grateful. I don't want to imagine what would have happened if you hadn't yielded yourself to be used by GOD... I... I (almost sobbing)

Aderonke: Zoe, It's okay. I have told you time and again. It is fine really. Do you want to use your "thank you" to kill me. (She giggles and Zoe lets out a smile). To be honest, I was really moved by how you handled the whole situation. You were just so calm, so relaxed, still cheerful, in fact, so peaceful. If I didn't know better, I'd have said you were lying. I mean, how can someone bring through that kind of storm and be sleeping still the way you were? Sincerely, I was motivated. I knew you were going through a lot but yet the aura of peace around you was even more real than the problem. After that morning that you prayed about the issue, there was not a hint that you had any problem at all.

Zoe: (laughs) Truth be told, my peace only came after that prayer. I heard a word from GOD. HE told me to be calm and to speak peace to all the issues confronting me and that I should act it. And that's exactly what I did. And to be honest, I didn't know how my answer was going to come, little did I know the answer was right in my front. In all I learnt that it's not by carrying your problems on your head ooo. Infact, this peace indeed passes human understanding.

Aderonke: True o. I believe you. Infact, this may sound funny but since I heard about it, there was this burden in my heart. Somehow, I knew I just had to do something, yes, somehow, I knew I had to convince my dad and I didn't have peace until I did.

Zoe: I guess that's the HOLY SPIRIT at work. Hmmm...

Aderonke: (cuts in) Oh Zoe, did I tell you I called Morenikeji?

Zoe: (shouts) Woah! That's great

Aderonke: Yeah, we talked. You know? She isn't as bad as I thought. (Smiling). I think it's safe to say we're on good terms now.

Zoe: Wow. I'm so happy to hear that.

Aderonke: Thank you. That's not all. The people I had issues with on the court, well, I met with them and apologized and the forgave me... eventually. The accepted the net. Zoe, I don't know ever since then, there's been this calm. I'm so happy. My life is coming back together and it's just so amazing.

Zoe: I really am happy for you. Infact, I too can testify that you have been getting better...

(Pretty's phone begins to ring from the room at about the same time Lois returns with the cylinder)

Lois: Ah ahn, Pretty's phone is ringing again. Hmmm. Every time call.

(As Zoe and Aderonke return to the room, a yell is heard from outside the room)

Voice: Don't answer it ooo

(The voice keeps yelling "I'm coming" as the phone keeps ring. The shout appears to be getting closer. Just then, Pretty appears covered by the long towel wrapped around her)

Pretty: I'm here.

Zoe: Ah ahn, Pretty! Is it that serious that you can't even wait till you're done bathing?

Pretty: Some calls are more important than others. Some, even worth dying for. (She smiles)

Zoe: (Smirks) Okay ooo

(Pretty answers the phone)

Lois: Hmmm. You don't know what is going on. That's how she has been getting calls oo and she's always saying "don't answer it o" (mimicking Pretty).
Abi am I the only that noticed. And everything I'll be hearing is hmmm... Lovey lovey

Aderonke: Wow, tell me something.

(Pretty waves them off and raises her hand to her lips trying to get them quiet)

Pretty: (to the phone) Hello love (Smiling sheepishly)...

Zoe, Lois and Aderonke: (mockingly) Eh eh ooo...

(Lights out)
Re: ÈSO - A Book Series (Fiction. Suspense. Drama) by CMDAUITH: 3:00pm On Sep 03
Apocalyptic Touch
Drama department CMDA-NS UITH

A Book Series

(Fruits of the Spirit)

An Anthology of Dramatic Stories from College

In Time

Scene 1

Pretty enters the room almost bursting at her seams.

Pretty: Hey girls!
Lois and Aderounke exchange glances while Zoe looks up from her book, curious.

Lois: Okaaay, spill it.

Pretty: You know me too well! (Laughs giddily). Okay I'll tell you! Dr. Tolu asked me out on a dinner date! (Lets out a squeal).
(Aderounke, Lois and Zoe start talking at the same time)

Aderounke: (Raises her hands) Woah, woah

Lois: Whaaaa?

Zoe: Ehn?

Pretty: I know right! I...
(Aderounke cuts in)

Aderounke: Back up girl. Give us the background gist, we're lost abeg.

Pretty: (Rolls her eyes) Okay, okay. You guys know the doctor I'm always talking about, right? The one I was at Domino's with when I saw Oga?

Lois: Yes, yes?

Pretty: And you know ARD dinner is around the corner right?

Zoe: So he asked you to go with him to the dinner?

Pretty: (Squeals) Yes!!!

Lois: Oh my! He wants to show you off to his colleagues. Eh baby!!

Zoe: Aren't you guys reading too much into this? I mean, this is escalating pretty quickly.

Pretty: (Getting defensive) I don't get. What is escalating? Someone likes me and wants to take me to dinner. Is that so bad? Ehn, Iya Jesu?

Zoe: I... I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by it, I was just trying to look out for you.

Pretty: Abeg, Abeg.

Aderounke: Cheer up babes, we have a dinner to plan!
(The tension in the room dissipates as they all song and dance, "we have a dinner to plan"wink.

Scene 3

Aderounke: Pretty o! You'll be late the way you're going fa.

Pretty: Oh dear! My gown is rumpled again! After spending so much time ironing it. This is exactly what I was trying to avoid! Oh dear!

Lois: Mama, calm down! Bring it, I'll iron it for you. Focus on your make up.

Pretty: (Hands the gown over). Roomie of life!

Zoe: Where's your brush set?.... Okay.... Wait o, one brush is missing o.

Pretty: Missing ke? Oh! The one Lois misplaced when she first came... Ah, it's Joy's own I used throughout last session o... And she's no longer in the hostel now. See your head Lois.
(Everyone laughs)

Zoe: I'll get from Bisoye. Calm down.

Lois: Pretty, you know that why I specially love you. (Laughs). I can't believe it's a year already.

Zoe leaves the room to get the brush, and meets her welfare partner on the corridor.

Zoe: Tope! Na your face be this! So you're still in this country like this.

Tope: (Smiles sheepishly) It's not like that o. I've been telling myself that I'll come to see you, but I keep forgetting. You'll not vex abeg, it's just that I have a lot on my plate.

Zoe: Hope no problem?

Tope: No... Not really o. Just a few things.

Zoe: You know what, I'm kind of in a hurry right now. When will you be able to come to my room?

Tope: Hmmmm. How about Sunday after service?

Zoe: Okay. That's fine, I'll be expecting you. Take care of yourself ehn.
(Back in the room)

Pretty: She's back o, after ages.

Lois: They are already done with the dinner sef.

Zoe: Yen yen yen. Drop your face let me finish my work abeg. We can see your hair is fine.

Pretty: Of course. It's in Aderounke's touch.
(They all laugh).

Scene 3

The door opens, waking the inhabitants of the room.

Pretty: Guess who's back?!

Lois: (Groggily) Since! Mama na you o.

Pretty: See this one oh. The dinner finished around 11, but I know this hostel and gist, so I told him to drop me off at Shalewa's place. Besides, I wanted to discuss some things with her.

Zoe: Welcome. How was the dinner?

Pretty: It was amazinggggg! I wish you guys were there! The best dinner I've ever been to. And Tee was just soooo amazing. Hon...

Aderounke: So he's Tee now?

Pretty: Of course! Anyway, back to my gist, I felt like a Queen.
Zoe snuggles back under her duvet to catch some more sleep, while Pretty carried on with her gist, totally oblivious.

Pretty: And guess the icing on the cake!!! We're officially a couple now!! He asked me out!
This news jolts the roommates to complete wakefulness.

Aderounke: Ma?

Zoe: Oh oh.

Lois: You say?

Aderounke: Pretty, I really think you should be careful o. Something doesn't sound right here.

Pretty: What is it sef? Can't you guys just be happy for me in peace?

Zoe: We are. Really, we want your happiness. That's why we're so concerned.

Lois: Hmmm me I'm even speechless and still wondering why. But congrats babe,it's not even easy.
(They laugh as the tension lifts, and they all congratulate Pretty)

Scene 4

Aderounke: Pretty! Pretty! Stand up na. You'll be late for service o!

Pretty: (sleepily) Hmmm? I'm not going to church today, thank you.

Aderounke: Ahn why?

Pretty: Because I have a date this evening, and I have a lot of school work to catch up on this week, so I'm resting in advance.

Aderounke: Oh. I see. Bye bye o, I'm already going.

Pretty: Alright bye.
Later that afternoon.

Tope: Hi Zoe. Well done

Zoe: (Looks up) Oh, hi Tope. How are you? And how was service?

Tope: Good, good.

Zoe: See, just take this rag and use it to walk to that chair so you don't stain the floor. This part is still wet.

Tope: Okay.

Zoe: So how far you now?

Tope: I'm just here o, in God's Hands.

Zoe: How is stuff?

Tope: Going well, thank God. I'm revising my GIT/UGS. I hope to finish before COBES Sha.

Zoe: That's next week ba?

Tope: Yes o

Zoe: That's good. How about your walk with God?

Tope: Hmm. My sister, I just have one prayer point o

Zoe: And what's that?

Tope: That my twin sister should get admission o. Three years now, nothing. And first list is already out.

Zoe: Wow... Wow... I'll join you in prayers ehn. In fact, let's pray now sef.
They pray together.
Tope: Thank you so much. I'm really grateful.

Zoe: My pleasure dear. I want to cook rice. Should I add your own?

Tope: Yes o. Welfare!!

Re: ÈSO - A Book Series (Fiction. Suspense. Drama) by Prayze01: 4:01pm On Sep 03
This is beautiful.. I was connected

The work of the Holy Spirit is indeed unquantifiable..

I last read Act 2.. Couldn't stop reading till I was done with the entire thing

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Re: ÈSO - A Book Series (Fiction. Suspense. Drama) by CMDAUITH: 9:40pm On Sep 05
This is beautiful.. I was connected

The work of the Holy Spirit is indeed unquantifiable..

I last read Act 2.. Couldn't stop reading till I was done with the entire thing
Thank you for reading, We're indeed honoured! *Hugs*
Re: ÈSO - A Book Series (Fiction. Suspense. Drama) by CMDAUITH: 8:56am On Sep 18
Apocalyptic Touch
Drama department CMDA-NS UITH

A Book Series

(Fruits of the Spirit)

An Anthology of Dramatic Stories from College

In Time

*Scene 6*

Aderounke, Pretty and Lois are on transit in a tricycle coming from Zango market. Aderounke decides to spill out all she’s been bottling up in her mind as concerns the sudden turn out of events between Pretty and Dr. Tee. It seemed like a good time to talk.

*Aderounke:* Ehen Pretty, about you and Dr. Tee ,I really feel you both should slow things down a bit and give yourselves time to pray and re-think the whole thing.All this one wey una dey do na initial gra gra,butterflies don’t last forever,but what keeps you forever are the reasons you said yes to each other and the foundation on which the relationship was built in the first place.

Pretty :Initial gra gra ke?Babe you were there when my mom called me to ask if I’m in another relationship yet or I’ve decided I want to be a nun .Like I’m in 400level o babe.God now has blessed me with this handsome, sweet, TDH guy who's also got the bag secured and you’re asking me to rethink. See I’ve think all the think finish o .This is it biko.

*Aderounke:* Ehen?You’re in 400level and so what? You’re just giving yourself unnecessary tension really.

*Lois:*Hmm,sorry to cut in o.There was this CMDA conference Zoe invited me to some months back and I’m really glad I didn’t miss it.Pretty mabinu pe I’m talking but I just want to share a few things Iwas able to take out from the session.
Dr.Mrs.Ogunmodede took the session that day and amongst some other things,she emphasized the importance of doing a quality background check on a person before going into a relationship with them.From all you mentioned,he truly checks a lot of boxes, but I didn't hear God fearing.


Lois:Okay,I was made to understand that as Christians,there are certain types of partners for us and a God fearing partner who has a working relationship with God was prioritised.It is very important.So that day I got thinking and realised that settling for a God fearing partner is one of the best decisions you can make in life truly.Many people be saying men are scum but then what kind of men do we say yes to in the first place?A man who has not known love which is God,cannot love rightly.

Aderounke: Exactly.

Lois:We say men beat women,but if they read and obeyed God's word, they'll understand God commanded them to love their wives.We say men allow their mothers make the rules and decisions in their home rather than their wives,but if they had an understanding of God's word they'll have understood that for this cause a man leaves his mother and father and clings to his wife.And the two shall become one.We complain men cheat,but if we went for a man that fears God, he'll know that it is forbidden by God for him to commit adultery and that his body is the temple of the Most High and should not be defiled...Our choices today matters a lot.Have you even taken time to pray about the proposal?Have you both talked about where this leads?You just said you're a couple.

Pretty:Ha! All these questions.You people should calm down abeg.Did I say I was going to marry him yet?I just want to see how things go you know.Besides,I think he's a spiritual person.(Trying to be defensive about it as usual).

Aderounke:You think?Baby girl be sure pls.

Pretty:Yes,Dr.Mrs.Ogunmodede also spoke about dating someone without marriage in view.She said if you can't marry them then why go into a relationship in the first place?As Christians we shouldn't be in a relationship for the fun of it or just because we're lonely and stuff.Just saying sha.

Pretty:Dr.Ogumodede this,Dr.Ogunmodede that.Aunty Lois, I've heard you ma(sarcastically).Okay but really,I appreciate you.Oya we're at complex,won't you alight here before the Keke takes you to the hostel with us?

Lois: That's true o...I still want to get something at complex.E joh,o wa o!
(The driver parks for Lois to alight)

Lois:Later jare.
(Lois is walking towards the school complex building as she sights the doctor who paid her transport fare some days back

Lois:Hi,good afternoon sir.

DoctorsadTurns around to see who's talking).Oh Hello,good morning Princess.How are you doing?

Lois: I'm fine thank you.Just wanted to thank you for your kind gesture the other day sir.

Doctor:Oh stop it.Come on that's nothing.The name is Tejumola by the way,so the whole sir thing can stop.

Lois:Okay sir...sorry,Dr.Tejumola.

Doctor:You know I had been hoping I'll see you again.I've been thinking about you all day and all night.You're so Pretty.

LoissadBecoming uncomfortable but tries to fake a smile).Thank you.

Doctor:Can we see later? I'm not on call today so I should be free.

Lois:Sorry,see for?

Doctor:Come on stop acting naive.I want to get to know you and you know we could see if we can work something out from there.

Lois:Oka...y.Well, I'll be a bit busy so I'm not sure.I have to go now too.

Doctor:Calm down.Alright,can I get your contact to call you later at least.


*Scene 7*

Aderounke is seated at her reading table, enjoying the cool evening breeze that rushed intermittently into her room as she tries to revise for her test the next day.Zoe is seated on her bed, she got back from class not too long and has been complaining nonstop of a single acne breakout she recently had.
Lois is also busy trying to fix herself noodles

Zoe: Fa……..ther; not again!

Aderounke: what happened?

Zoe: Lois has started with this her supreme noodles again!

Aderounke: hahaha, biko where’s my nose cover

Zoe: Lois!!!!!
(Lois rushes in from the corridor)

Zoe: Lois how far na, I’ve told you to sell this noodles and get a better one. The pungent smell can give someone brain block
(looks at aderounke) Abi am I lying?

Aderounke: Hehehe, say na brain block

Lois: (laughs),Zoe calm down na, ah , which one is brain block again?

Zoe: Ehen na

Lois: Oya sorry ehn, it will be done in less than 5 minutes

Zoe: 5 minutes?? That’s enough time to go into depression state o, because this breakout on my face is already frustrating

Lois : Ehen, that’s what you should have said na, not that you’ll be blaming my noodles for your frustration

Aderounke : (laughs) you two ehn

Lois: I tire o

Aderounke: that reminds me, I think I saw one short clip someone posted on a natural clear skin formula, maybe u can try it

Zoe: But I do have a clear skin already, that’s why this one is strange to me. It wants to spoil my fine girl career. The devil is a liar!

LoissadLaughs out loud) Devil bawo??

Zoe : Ehen na (gives a reassuring look)
Aderounke picks up her phone to search for the video on whatsapp when she noticed pretty’s status update.

Aderounke: Guys come o,is this not the guy Pretty has been talking about?
(Lois and Zoe rush towards Aderounke’s reading table to view the picture)

Aderounke: Hmmm the guy is fine sha o!

Zoe: yeah he’s really handsome, no wonder she’s been head over heels about him

Lois: (After racking her brain for a minute) Wait o! wait o! wait o! come, come, come.

Zoe: What is it?

Lois: Ewo

Aderounke: (Rolls her eyes) Aunty what is it this time??

Lois: This is the guy I told you guys about the other day that paid my transport fare and we just exchanged numbers not too long.

Aderounke: Ehen? And so? How does that call for all this drama?

Lois: That not the main problem o

Zoe: Then what is?

Lois: He just asked me out like two days ago

Aderounke: Really?? Wow! Men are what?

Lois: Scum!! This is what they mean by that.

Zoe: Not all men though, but wait this is a serious issue o.

Lois: Chai! Thank God I did not fall for all those scopes o, that’s how they would have played with my destiny.

Aderounke: ha ha ha ha ha, Destiny how? This girl, I’m tired of you

Zoe: (With a serious look) Guys I know this is funny but its also serious. How do we tell pretty?

Lois; Hmmm…..poor girl

Aderounke: I know right

Zoe: Guys don’t worry, when she’s back, we’ll find a way
(picks her call). Hello!

Tope: Hello Zoe, second list is out o

Zoe: Really? That’s great. So what’s up?

Tope: Hmmm...Her name was not enlisted o! plus she did not receive any congratulatory message from Unilorin.

Zoe: wow!

Tope: The worst part is that man that said he’ll work it for us duped us. After paying that huge sum of money, we got there only to find out he’s a mere security guard at COMSIT who did not have all the ranks he claimed. We couldn’t even shout or lay complains because we couldn’t explain that we gave him money to help us work out an admission as it sounds embarrassing.

Zoe: Hmm, I totally understand dear. Calm down eh. I’m so sorry all this had to happen really. But in every situation, you find yourself, endeavor to learn the lessons God is pointing out. If God said He’ll do something, He’ll do it. He’ll also make necessary provisions for the promises too. You don t have to manipulate His paths against His will. Once its out of His will, its no more His plan. I remember you told me that He gave you a word concerning this situation. He said though it may tarry, wait for it. He was asking you to patiently wait for Him in full faith. Your faith wavered, you judged by sight instead of by faith. Even when things don’t look it, if God has said He’ll do it, then He’ll do it

Tope: Sobbing on the phone

Zoe: It’s okay, don’t worry, God is a loving Father. Go to Him and ask Him for mercy on behalf of all your family. Also encourage your sister to wait on God. His word is Yea and Amen. It’s okay dear. I’ll come to your room shortly, okay? don’t worry it is well
Zoe dropped the call and went totally silent as Lois and Aderounke kept ranting about Dr.Tee and how appalling what he did is.

*Scene 8*

Shortly after that, pretty walked into the room with her photocopied materials which she went to print out at medimart and a nylon of fresh fruits she got from the school market.

Pretty: Peace be unto this room and the inhabitants there in(chuckles) Who remembers the first day Lois got into this room? That was the first statement she made (laughs out loud)
(pretty notices everyone is quiet and nobody is in the mood to joke as they kept exchanging glances and winks at each other)

Pretty: ahn ahn! Wah happin? Why is everyone quiet?

Lois: ha!

Pretty: what is Ha?

Aderounke: Pretty welcome! We actually have somethingto discuss with you.

Pretty: you guys are scaring me already please spill ( takes a good sitting position besides Aderounke)

Aderounke: The person you posted on your WhatsApp status recently, he’s the doctor you went to dinner with yeah?

Pretty: Yes, why? (looking very impatient)

Aderounke: Lois said he’s the same doctor that paid her transport fare. She still met him two days ago at complex and he tried to woo her but she wasn’t responding well so they just exchanged contacts and now he has shown interest in her and asks if they could be more than just friends

Pretty: (still in denial) No dear, there must be a mix up somewhere (laughs out loud). You guys are funny sha, it can’t be him. I know him so well

Zoe: (ln a subtle voice) For how long?...How well? What do you even know about him

Pretty: Two weeks now babe, we talk on the phone everyday.

Zoe: Hmmm I don’t want to say I told you but that is not enough conviction to jump into a relationship with someone Pretty.

Pretty: I said it’s not him se!

Lois: Pretty sorry o, but he is. You know what. I’ll call his number for you then you dial it on your phone and see if its any of his numbers

Pretty: oka...y.
(Lois calls out the number)

Pretty: My God! It’s a lie! This cant be! Ah! Lord why me?? No no no
(adjusts herself to sit on the floor and places her hands on her head, totally dumbfounded and lost in thought)
Aderounke then breaks the silence

Aderounke: I know I’m not a relationship expert o,but I could tell you guys moved too fast. Two weeks and he’s already asking you out?

Zoe: see this relationship thing is no joke. Nothing should be handled physically. I know you people will say Iya jesu has come again but it’s the truth.
(Lois and Aderounke giggles)
But really, relationship is a lot. It goes a long way beyond the name. Its something you must be ready for, prayerful about, patient, patient and patient about. Give it time, let God lead. There’s no rush in it at all and that everyone is in a relationship doesn’t mean its time for you to be in one. When you are impatient about it, you find yourself settling for people and counting a lot of fruitless relationships that end nowhere. Let God lead, let God direct you. God will give you signs, a word, anything to hint you on whether to go on or not but you have to be sensitive in the spirit. Pray!

Zoe:God just came through for you and Lois to expose this “Dr Tee”. Instead of sobbing, you should be thankful. What if you had been in a relationship with him for a month only to find he is a cheat and a liar. That would have been more heart breaking. Just be grateful to God and pray ahead even before you meet your partner. This should be a lesson for us all. Be patient with God, he makes everything beautiful in His time!

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Re: ÈSO - A Book Series (Fiction. Suspense. Drama) by CMDAUITH: 8:15pm On Oct 02
Apocalyptic Touch
Drama department CMDA-NS UITH

A Book Series

(Fruits of the Spirit)

An Anthology of Dramatic Stories from College

Wear Their Shoes

Scene 1
(Aderonke & Pretty pricing food items at the market)

Pretty: (points at one bowl of tomatoes) Madam how much is this?

Trader: (lifts the bowl up) 1 for #100

Pretty: Ha! These small tomatoes ,can you imagine?
(Ronke busy pricing fish from another trader turns and replies Pretty)

Ronke: I know right.. I came last week and it was bigger than that for #50. Food is so expensive these days God help us

Pretty: Amen o my sister

Pretty: (picks one bowl up) Oyah madam pack this one and add jara o plus #50 atarodo

Trader: (smiles) You be my customer na, I no fit cheat u
(As pretty and Ronke are waiting by the road side for their tomato another trader grabs pretty wrist to get her attention)

Pretty: (irritated).. Would u get your hands off me. What is the meaning of this, is it by force to buy from your stall (rolls eyes and hisses) Don't you ever touch me again only God knows what you have touched or done with those hands.

Ronke: (pulls pretty hand) It's okay pretty.. no need to be harsh

Pretty: (shouts) Noooo... There is need please some of these people should be put in their place. It's not right to touch people without permission just because you want to make sales. I hate it soo much and to top it all I left my sanitizer in the hostel.

Ronke: I get you but you could have relayed your message in a better way

Trader: Madam here you go abi make I grind am?

Pretty: (angrily collects the goods and walks away)

Ronke: (looks apologetic) Sorry we are not grinding it today.. later ma
(Ronke walks briskly to join Pretty who is waiting for a cab back to school as they are both waiting Ronke sights a beggar asking for alms)

Ronke: (walks over to the beggar and gives him #50)

Pretty: we could have used that money for transport back o abi do yiu have change for the taxi?

Ronke: I don't but we would tell the driver before we enter so as to avoid wahala

Pretty: (shakes her head)... And yet you gave out change to that begger. Mama Theresa I hail o

Ronke: (laughs) you this girl ehnn... It never hurts to give whether you have excess or not. The Bible also says give and it shall be given unto you

Prettysad waves her hand towards a taxi)yeah yeah I know that verse well.. Abegi
(As they both enter into the taxi)

Ronke: Well if you know it try to apply it.. Let's go!

Zoesadcomes back from CMDA conference and sees her roomates laying lazily on their beds)Guys,I didnt see you at the conference,what happened?

Prettysadsighs)The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak,I had a really stressful day and I just needed to rest

Zoe:okay but just try to fix the conference in your schedule,it really helps build your spirit and knowledge of Christ

Pretty:I promise to attend next week

Zoesadturns her head to Aderonke and Lois)What of you guys?

Aderonke:I am not making any promises but I will try

Lois:God will help me jareeeee

Zoe:Anyways today was really awesome, Prof Moks came to deliver one of those his powerful sermons,I was really blessed,you know it is funny how you think you have a deep understanding of somethings and someone just comes to unravel new things to you..The bible really contains a lot of unfathomable mysteries

Pretty:Prok Moks is just so knowledgeable about the things of God,that man ehn

Zoe:That reminds me,Aderonke,those your jeans you always complain of,I have good news ooooo,missions is starting very soon and we have been asked to start donating items we can offer

Aderonke:which jeans are you talking about?hope it is not the ones I bought two months ago

Zoe:ahn ahn,but they dont fit you anymore na

Aderonke:leave it like that.i will take it to the tailors shop to adjust them. Dont worry I have some of my old worn out clothes and shoes at home,I will call my mum to send them

Zoe:Ronke,these guys are human beings as well na,you should be able to give them fine clothes too,because they are less priviledged doesnt mean they should be our dumping ground

Aderonke:Okay,I have heard you

Zoe:Lois,what about you?(receives no reply)Lois,Lois,Lois ooooo

Pretty:Stop shouting,cant you see that she is asleep already

Zoe:ah okay oo,olorun iya
Ehn you too,sha come and donate something

Prettysadeyes her and continue pressing her phone)

Zoesadsmiling)Pretty Pretty,what did you cook na,I am starving

Pretty;I dont have anything o,I want to donate my remaining foodstuffs for mission

Zoe:Pretty na,why are you like this?

Pretty:just go and take your food in the kitchen,I reserved some rice and stew for you

Zoe:That is why I like you,you always have food.Thanks,I love you(runs off to the kitchen)

Zoesadcomes back with a plate of food)Babe,I took two pieces of meat oo

Pretty:Enjoy na,shey you will still cook your own soup?

Zoesadeats the food happily)


Aderonkesadpaces back and forth in the room angrily)

Zoe:Ronke,what is wrong with you?,you have been acting fidgeting for a while now,what is the problem?

Aderonke:it is that good for nothing Roland ooo,I have been trying to call him for sometime now and he is not picking my call, our project is due tomorrow and we havent finalized it we agreed to meet by 4pm to do that and I have been calling him ever since.

Zoe:ohhhhhh..have you checked his hostel?

Aderonke:I have been there twice,his roomates cant find him also

Zoe:just take it easy

Aderonke:easy ke,you know how bad I performed in my practicals,now that I have a chance at redemption,this guy is making things harderwho does he think he is self,because he had very high marks in the praticals,he now parades himself around like some sort of Aristotle

Zoe:ahn ahn,it has not gotten to that na,you dont even know if he is in some sort of crisis

Aderonke:which crisis can be worse than getting in the bad books of that lecturerchai, and I was skeptical about this guy being my partner ooooo

Loissadcomes into the room)Aderonke what is wrong with you,I have been hearing your voice 3 rooms away

Aderonkesadignores Lois and continue pacing about)

Zoe:She has been trying to get in touch with her project partner o and she cant seem to reach him,what is that boys name again sef?

Lois:wait o,is it not Roland?,I think I saw him at the front of the hospital when I was coming back from church,I dont know if he was waiting for someone or he has a sick relative in the hospitalhe looked kind of disturbed though

Aderonkesadangrily)it is that disturbance that will kill him

Zoe: Haba Ronke, you should not say such things

Aderonke:Abeg abeg,so he could not even send a text or at least pick my call,knowing fully well that tomorrow is the deadline for submission of our project. Okay now no problem I will do what I can but he should just be ready to face me when we meet (storms out of the room angrily).

Scene 4

(Aderonke waiting for Roland at the laboratory)

Aderonke: (paces back and forth looking at her watch, she sits for a while, stands up again and hisses)

Aderonke: Just let me catch him... Oh God let me sight him. Let me just handle him, infact let me just smell him I wld give him a piece of my mind. He is not ready (laughs angrily) he is soooo not ready for me this afternoon.

(As she keeps pacing she sights Roland from afar pleading to someone in an apologetic way and also seems to be wiping his eyes )

Aderonkesadsquints) is that Roland I'm seeing abi I'm not seeing properly because I didn't come with my glasses... (Squints again) I think it's him o whats happening?

Aderonke: (shouts from afar) Roland... Roland!

Roland: (hears his name from a distance and turns to see Aderonke shouting from under the tree beside the lab)

Rolandsadsighs) Yes sir I'm sorry for being such a burden... just please help with whatever u can I'm sure God would do the rest. Thank u sir. God bless u I'm really grateful. See u later sir.

(Roland meets Aderonke at the lab)

Roland: (looking apologetic) Oh God Ronke I am so sor....

Aderonke: Oh please save it. Just shut it infact tell me Roland what is it with u. Re u normal, are u okay, I hope a screw is not loose in that head of yours because if u were okay and that's just me being hypothetical here u won't leave waiting for hours and I mean hours at the lab for nothing.

Roland: (sighs) Yes I'm srry I wanted to...

Aderonke: wanted to what ehnn.. Cldnt u send a text message even if u were not able to call what type of partner are u for God's sake I actually thought u were serious but it seems I'm the only serious one amongst us.

Aderonke: (points at him) if u want an extra year in school for urself fine by me but don't drag me with you. I plan to finish in 4 years and so shall it be no principality or power even in human form can stop me o.. so please be serious if not I will hve to take drastic measures and report u to the supervisor.

(Aderonke keeps talking and talking interrupting Roland at every turn until)

Roland: (shouts) Oh please allow me to talk for once Ronke!

Roland: ure just attacking me without even asking why I did whatever I did.

Aderonkesadpicks up her bag from the floor) Just be available when needed so we can get this done and go our separate ways because if not for this project I won't even be talking to u. Goodbye and come early next time. (Ronke hisses and leaves)

Roland: (feeling sad and dejected) Oh lord just help me because everything is crumbling around me..


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Re: ÈSO - A Book Series (Fiction. Suspense. Drama) by CMDAUITH: 10:45pm On Oct 16
Apocalyptic Touch
Drama department CMDA-NS UITH

A Book Series

(Fruits of the Spirit)

An Anthology of Dramatic Stories from College

Wear Their Shoes


Scene 5

(Preety is doing her makeup preparing for a party, Ronke walks in to the room with Zoe gisting)

Zoe: Yes o my dear that's how he caught me sleeping in the class

Ronke: (still laughing ) So what happened?

Zoe: what do u think (laughs) He asked me what the last thing he said was and I can't remember sir

Ronke: You get mind o babe.. If I were in ur shoes I would be shaking

Zoe: Abegi jare.. That man lectures like a snail and talks so quietly u hve to strain ur ears to hear what he has to say.. surviving that class is torture in itself

Ronke: (laughs and sits on her bed ) Is it not you, you can sleep even in water

Zoe: laugh o because it wasn't u standing at the back of the class for one whole hour. Anyways I'm hungry o what can we cook tonight?

Ronke: I don't know o. Pretty did u cook anything?

Pretty: (applies lipgloss and smacks lips together) Nope but ask Lois I met her in the room when I entered seems she is sleeping now though

Zoe: (stands to check if Lois is asleep but she finds Lois drenched in sweat shaking vigorously on the bed) lois! Lois are u okay

Lois: (Stires on the bed and doesn't respond )

Zoe: Oh my! it seems Lois is not feeling well, (touches her forehead) she is running a temperature too. It is well with u Lois the Balm of Gilead will heal u from every sickness

Ronke: I said it when she won't use her net to sleep, mosquitoes wld surely feast on her at night.
Oh well let me make rice, Pretty please buy antimalarial on ur way back I'll give her paracetamol now to relive the fever before u get back.

Prettysadpicks her purse) I won't be back early o Ronke should go to the pharmacy instead and that reminds me I think lois has a test she was preparing for tomorrow maybe I should call her friend to tell the class rep. I'll see u guys later

Zoe: I'm supposed to go for a meeting at Zion but don't wrry I'll stay with her please help get the drug Ronke..

(Ronke dresses up and goes to buy the medicine while Zoe stays back to care for her).

(Some days laterLois is in class crying, the course rep notices her and walks up to her)

Class Rep:Good morning Lois,whats wrong with you?,you have been crying for a while now (gets no reply)

Loissadstill crying,oblivious of the presence of the class rep)

Class RepsadTouches Lois shoulder)

Loissadlooks at the class rep with tears in her eyes)

Class Rep:I have been calling your name,what is wrong?

Lois:Sorry I have a lot on my mind

Class Rep:it is okay,tell me what happened

Lois:I missed Prof. Akin test last week because I was sick, I went to him to plead for a make up test but he refused without even listening to the reason I was not in class

Class Rep: Is that why ure crying and looking so lost. Dont worry,I will go and see him on your behalf

Lois: (wipes her tears) no no,its okay,I will just sit tight for my exams.Thanks for offering to help

Class Rep:no,it is not okay..i am going there right away,I cant just leave you like this,you have been nothing but kind to me ever since I knew you, you even helped me out when I had a case with the school authorities, as if that werent enough, you helped pay for my practical manual when I was stranded and didn't have money. I cant leave you alone when I am in a position to help.. I won't leave u

Lois: that's so nice of u but I didn't do all those things for a reward later but I really appreciate that u are willing to speak to him on my behalf. Thank u very much.

Class Repsadbeckons on some other coursemates and they go with Lois to the lecturers office)

Few minutes later...

Loissadcomes out smiling with the course rep and other course mates as the lecturer has agreed for her to have a make up test)
Lois: Thanks a lot,this would not have been possible without you,thanks guys..i am so grateful.God bless you all

Class Rep;you dont need to thank me,I should be the one thanking you,this is nothing compared to the kindness you have shown to mecome on,we will talk later,dont let me take anymore of your time,you have a test to prepare for

Loissadsmiles happily) okay bye,I will see you later.

(Zoe and Ronke in the room studying)

Zoe: errrmm babe,It just occurred to me now.... from what you told me yesterday, I dont think the way you treated your partner was right oooo,you could have handled the situation better

Aderonke;Ah what,shey it because I only shouted at him, it is not the first time he is doing such a thing Zoe (palms her face)

Zoe:you are not listening to me,didnt you see the look on his face and he has been in the hospital for quite some time..dont you even care to know what is wrong with him?

Aderonke:ah that is true oo,I was only thinking about myself at that time

Zoe:The bible admonishes us in Ephesians 4:32 to be kind and helpful to one another, tender-hearted [compassionate, understanding], forgiving one another [readily and freely], just as God in Christ also forgave you.

Aderonke: Hmmmmm.. to be honest I've been a little disturbed in my spirit since that day and I had an urge to pray for him

Zoe: That is the Spirit of God in you. His word in 1 Peter 4:9 says we should be hospitable to one another without complaint and similarly Titus 3:2 says to slander or abuse no one, to be kind and conciliatory and gentle, showing unqualified consideration and courtesy toward everyone.

Zoe: let us pray for him then call him for a meeting so u can discuss and actually know what's going on on his life. A wise man once said be kind to everyone u meet for everyone is facing a hard battle. May the lord help us to be doers of his word.

Aderonke: Thank u so much, having a roomie like u is a blessing. I'll call him right now (picks up the phone and calls Roland)

(Zoe and Ronke join hands to pray and few minutes after that Aderonke leaves to meet Roland)

Scene 8
(Aderonke meets Roland I'm front of his hostel and they both go to Zion to talk)

Roland: Aderonke,hope no problem...I was not expecting your call considering the way things were the last time we met

Aderonke:I just wanted to apologize for the way I treated you, I am so sorry. That's was very inconsiderate of me I should have handled the situation better. Please let's bury the hatchet.

Roland: It is okay, I understand how you felt,I was actually trying to explain myself the other day and you did not let me

Aderonke: I am sorry, I was really angry and wasn't thinking properly then but I'm ready to hear what u wanted to say please feel free with me.

Roland: Hmmmm it's a long story but to cut it short my mom is actually sick with Diabetes and currently on admission awaiting surgery. We have literally sold all we can but it's still not enough for the surgical fees. I was late the other day because the hospital threatened to chase us if we didn't complete the down payment that's why I had to call a distant relative who has helped us in the past to assist us any way he can. That's when u saw me and I had forgotten I had an appointment with u at the lab until I heard ur voice.

Roland: I'm really sorry it's just taking a toll on me I don't even knw what to do. I still hve to complete my school fees and project fees( bows his head and sighs) I just pray God has mercy on me because this burden is too much to bear alone...

Aderonke: (Pats his back) You are not alone Roland. God is with you and He has surrounded you with awesome people in the fellowship who can carry this burden with you. I won't say I understand how you feel but I'll try to do all I can to help. With your permission I would like to involve the department fellowship to see how we can raise money to help you. It is well with you and your family and I'm certain your mum would be fine.

Aderonke: Once again I apologize for my behaviour. I hope we can be better friends. Let's pray together.

(Aderonke joins hands with Roland and they pray together at Zion)

Roland: Thank you so much, it feels as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. God bless you


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