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Re: Daily Christian Nuggets For A Pleasant Walk With God by KBARBIE(f): 9:52am On Jan 07

According to Act 8:3-4, Saul went about persecuting the church which made them scatter, while in their separate locations, they began to preach the good news.

We can be just like these early Christians! We can share the good news of what Jesus has done in our lives. Most people don't come to Jesus through a professional preacher or an evangelist; they come to Jesus through people just like us. Make it a duty today, to tell someone who will also tell someone about how wonderful JESUS is. Shalom.
Re: Daily Christian Nuggets For A Pleasant Walk With God by KBARBIE(f): 10:07am On Jan 09

In the kingdom, there is no disparity, no clean and unclean, no common and uncommon. In Act 10: 11 - 16. God showed Peter in a trance, different clean and unclean animals and told Peter to rise and eat. Peter being a Jew, refused the food according to law and God was not pleased with him saying " What God has cleansed (declared clean)you must not call common (impure, unholy, unacceptable to God)."

Alas, God was only trying to pass a message to Peter about Cornelius who was a gentile, to go preach the word to him which is to confirm Jesus saying in mark 10:16 "Go into the world and preach the good news" and to confirm that God is no respecter of persons.

As children of God, we should treat everyone we come across the way, whatever measure you serve the rich same goes to the poor. Jesus never discriminated in his days infact, he dined with sinners the most.

We have the mandate to preach the same word every where we go. There's no Bible verse for a caliber of people. Peter went into the house of Cornelius and preached the good news also baptising them in the name of the Lord just like Jesus would do.

Won't you rather do what JESUS would do? Tell someone who will tell someone about JESUS TODAY! SHALOM.
Re: Daily Christian Nuggets For A Pleasant Walk With God by KBARBIE(f): 12:09pm On Jan 10
Many Christians erroneously think praying with the Bible is holding the book and shouting i bind and i cast like they see in movies, no, there is more to it. Demons are not scared of the Bible as a book and their human agents even read it and can quote the verses very well. What scares the devil is your knowledge of the authority of Jesus Christ and how you can use it as revealed in the Bible.

Our God is the King of all kings, when you come before him in prayers, don't come before him nagging, come in a similar way you would approach an earthly king for a request.

How to pray with the Scriptures
Praying with the Bible involves praying with faith on the revelation of the scriptures.

You can follow these steps:
1. Have faith that all scriptures are inspired by God. (2 Tim 3:16).

2. Believe without doubt that heaven and earth will pass but the Word of God will never pass away (Matt 24:35).

3. Praise and thank him. (Phil 4:6-7)

4 Pray for his Kingdom to come and for his will to be done. (Matt 6:10)

5. Then present your petitions with his own Words and promises in the scripture. E.g in the court of law you will say in section 2 of subsection 1 of the constitution, the law says etc. So should you say, Father, you said in Matt 18:18, whatever i bound on earth is bound in heaven, hence i ask of thee...

6. Isaiah 41:21 says, present your case,” says the LORD. “Bring forth your strong reasons,” says the King of Jacob.

When you go before God in prayers, don't go whining and grumbling rather present your case before God and show him strong reasons in the scriptures, why it should be answered.

Examples of Cases and Strong reasons.

A. If you are newly married and you're having difficulties in financies pray this way,
Father, please grant me favour in my finances( case) remember your Word in Prov 18:22, He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD.(strong reason)

B. If you are having miscarriages, rebellious children, spousal issues pray this way,
Father, please turn around my situation to be a blessing to me (case) for your Words say in Prov 10: 22: The blessing of the LORD, makes me rich and prosperous, and he adds no sorrow with it. (Strong reason). This marriage/child/pregnancy you have given me will make me prosper and i will never sorrow over it (case) because your Words are Yes and Amen -2 Cor 1:10 (strong reason)

C. If you are a tither and you notice the activity of a devorer in your financies, you can pray, thus:
Father, please rebuke the devourer sitting on my finances (case) for you the Lord of hosts have promised me centuries ago in Mal 3:11, that you will rebuke the devourer for my sake, So that he will not destroy the fruit of my ground, Nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for me in the field.(Strong reason). And I believe you because you are my God and you do not change-Mal 3:16 ( strong reason).

D. If you're seeking the gift/infilling/touch of the Holy Spirit you can say, Father, i seek earnestly for your free gift of the Holy Spirit(case) for you have told me in Luke 11:23,
If we then, though we are evil, know how to give good gifts to our children, how much more will my Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!"(Strong reason).

E. In times of pandemic like Covid-19, you can say, Father, please protect I and my family from this disease (case) for your Words say in Psalm 91: 5-6, I will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday.(Strong reason).

F. For general requests.
Father please grant me this request (case) for your words say in John 15:7,
That if I abide in You, and Your words abide in me, I should ask whatever i wish, and it will be done for me.(Strong reason).

Good examples of people who used this method include Hezekiah who was saved from death when he presented his strong reason(2 Kings 20), Hannah used the let Your Kingdom come and let Your Will done scriptures even centuries before Jesus made in public as her strong reason( 1 Sam 1), The widow of Zarephath who lost her only son, got him back alive through the blessings of the Lord makes me prosper and adds no sorrow as her strong reason(1 Kings 17:17-24). Dorcas was raised back to life on the account of her generosity and alms giving as a strong reason( Acts 9:36-43).

P.s Praying with the scriptures works best for those who have given their life to Christ and by his Grace have died to the power of sin. If you're yet to be born again, please do so with utmost effect and enjoy the blessings in praying with the scriptures.
Re: Daily Christian Nuggets For A Pleasant Walk With God by KBARBIE(f): 11:40pm On Jan 15
When God prospers you, he prospers your soul and pocket. When the devil prospers you, he prospers your pocket and not your soul. God says " I wish above all things, that you prosper even as your soul prospereth". In other words, The more I know God, the more he prospers me, the more the money means nothing to me cos it does not have the ability to take the place of God in my life. Do you desire prosperity? Know your God and you will do exploit. In your blessings, do not forget GOD.

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Re: Daily Christian Nuggets For A Pleasant Walk With God by KBARBIE(f): 5:20am On Jan 18
Behold the word of the Lord unto us today, "I have set thee to be a light of the Gentiles ( Sinners), that thou shouldest be for salvation unto the ends of the earth. In other words, LET OTHERS SEE JESUS IN YOU TODAY. SHALOM.
Re: Daily Christian Nuggets For A Pleasant Walk With God by KBARBIE(f): 11:02am On Jan 20
Romans 9:15, "I will show mercy on whom I will show mercy and compassion on whom I will have compassion". God freely shows us mercy, we should also gear our heart to show mercy to whosoever needs our mercy.Sow a seed of mercy, always be glad to be a blessing to people around you. You never can tell who you may help! SHALOM.
Re: Daily Christian Nuggets For A Pleasant Walk With God by KBARBIE(f): 11:00am On Jan 23

There is something both the aged and the infant do not know anything about. 

The church also has closed her eyes on this particular issue. Nobody wants to talk about it but it is very real.

In case you are not aware my brethren, I want to tell you that: SEXUAL IMMORALITY is the last bullet the kingdom of darkness has thrown against the church of God, and the church is wounded very sore that there seems to be no cure or remedy.

I want to make it so clear and not in jargons or vocabularies that, you cannot count the number of people who go to church and proclaim the name of God, that are still living in immorality. They may either be suffering from *lust, masturbation, pornography, adultery, incest, homosexual, lesbianism, sodomy, bestiality and many more* which time will fail me to mention.

Hardly will you come across a young lady who has not been misused by 'so called boyfriends'. And every guy is now dating because of sex.

 God is watching all those that are having sex with people they haven't married.

It's a headache for God seeing his own created people perishing in a sin called sexual immorality. How many young men today in the church can you count and point fingers at that fornication has not pulled down?

A pastor slept with his junior pastor's wife, impregnated her, and used the name of God to defend himself that it was God who instructed him to do so.

 Sex that is supposed to be between husband and wife only, is now between father and daughter in the church, do I need to tell you there is fire on the mountain?

If sex that is only legalized between a man and his wife, is now between a guy and his girlfriend or between a man and his fiancee, do you need angels to come and sound the warning against sexual immorality?

If sex that is a sacred thing in marriage has become a desecrated thing in dating, what else do you want before you prepare the way of the Lord?


Cry aloud, spare not. And tell the house of Jacob their sins, and Israel their transgressions. Pastor why are you not crying aloud? Why are you so mute like ELI? Heaven is shedding tears over the perishing souls every day and you are there raising funds every Sunday to build bigger Auditorium.

You call your members for anointing services and prayer meetings without urging sin out of them.

Some are living together with men that did not pay any dowry on them.

 Some commit abortion and cover it up. Some are lesbians and homosexuals. What are you doing about that?

Where has the word of God that says *"flee fornication"* gone to in your Bible? From henceforth, if you don't take this warning and start declaring war against this strange spirit that has taken over the church, you'll have questions to answer.

And those who claim they love holiness messages with negligence to this particular truth about sex have actually missed the mark.


To be active in church and still be committing immorality, God is watching you.

To be a child of God and still having a boyfriend or girlfriend, God is watching you.

To be a choir member or youth leader and still be doing what the married are doing, if you like continue.

All you need is genuine repentance.



God Said : There will come a time when mankind will love five things and forget five things.*

1. They will love the enjoyment of this world and forget the day of judgement.

2. They will love money and forget the day of accountability of how they acquired and spend the money.

3. They will fear things that are created and forget the creator.

4. They will love beautiful mansions and forget their grave.

5. They will love sins and forget to seek for God's forgiveness.

Oh God, bless those who spread this message.

Come to think of this?.......

1. Eternal life = free

2. Church entrance = free

3. Christ's salvation = free

4. God's love = free

5. Breath of life = free

A. Cigarette = pay

B. Prostitution = pay

C. Alcohol =pay

D. Nightclub entrance fee= pay

E. Powers to rule the world = pay

Then why are people paying for hell while PARADISE is free?

Think twice

Believe in Christ and you shall be saved..      

 We always think of 

Valentine's day 

Birth day

Father's day

Mother's day

Children's day

Our day,

Farmer's day

Teacher's day

Christmas day

Independence day

Boxing day,

This day,

That day,

Day in Day out.

Have you ever thought of Judgement Day, is it going to be a day of celebration or condemnation for you ?

If you’re safe, what about your friends & loved ones. Show them love by telling them about the Judgement Day. Please pass this to any group and let heaven be happy for you today. Please don't say later, do it now because tomorrow may be too late.��✝✝��

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Re: Daily Christian Nuggets For A Pleasant Walk With God by KBARBIE(f): 3:49pm On Jan 26
Love is a command, association is not. Take note of who you associate with. You never can tell the aura they carry.
Re: Daily Christian Nuggets For A Pleasant Walk With God by KBARBIE(f): 2:53am On Jan 29
#Word for today
Heb 13:2; Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. I say to you, Watch and guide your thoughts, tongue and actions towards anybody you encounter. Be good to all men. Anyone can be your angel. SHALOM.

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Re: Daily Christian Nuggets For A Pleasant Walk With God by KBARBIE(f): 10:12pm On Jan 31
Mal.3 : 6 says, "For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed". Surely, as the Lord lives and never changes. The ancient of days, the beginning and the end, in this month of FEBRUARY we shall not be consumed. Our destiny angels shall be activated to work in their full capacity for our sakes. SHALOM.

Re: Daily Christian Nuggets For A Pleasant Walk With God by KBARBIE(f): 8:06am On Feb 02
Today let's make it a point of duty to be BLAMELESS and SINLESS to be able to harness the power in the blood of Jesus.

Re: Daily Christian Nuggets For A Pleasant Walk With God by KBARBIE(f): 10:08am On Feb 05
What value do we give to our heavenly Investments as one made in likeness of God. We focus more on earthly Investments which yields earthly treasures and is prone to corruption. Kingdom Investments is the best decision we can ever make as it yields both earthly and heavenly rewards. Make a wise decision today to not only invest in the treasures on earth but also to be more involved in KINGDOM INVESTMENTS. NO ONE INVESTS IN GOD AND MAKE LOSSES. Matt. 13:44. SHALOM.
Re: Daily Christian Nuggets For A Pleasant Walk With God by KBARBIE(f): 9:29am On Feb 18
Do you know that they is a relationship between vision and speed? What you see, compels the speed at which you receive it. He says" I will hasten my word to perform it", this is but on the clarity of your vision. He said to Abraham " As far as your eyes can see, will I give this land to thee", that is, as far as your VISION can take you. WHAT SEETH THOU? MOTION IS A FUNCTION OF VISION. SHALOM.
Re: Daily Christian Nuggets For A Pleasant Walk With God by KBARBIE(f): 8:43am On Feb 20
I have come to you this morning just to acknowledge to you that God works mysteriously. When you are all sold out to Jesus, expect him to have your back. Quit doubting your God, quit grumbling and quit leaning on your own understanding. OUN GBOGBO LOLESE. SHALOM.
Re: Daily Christian Nuggets For A Pleasant Walk With God by KBARBIE(f): 12:17pm On Feb 21
��� ����� ���������

"My friend was called upon for interview for the role of a Bursar in a big private school;
He has been there for a written and oral interview and he was one of the three best candidates.

So, he was called again to come around for further instructions and he left home quickly, well dressed and prepared to do face the music of the day.

As he sat at the reception, one of the top officials stepped in and said, “Hello Mr. Can you drive?

He answered and said “Yes sir”

I have known my friend to be a good driver.

“Can you please help get some fuel at the filling station in town?”

Well, as someone looking for a job, he stood up quickly and agreed.

He was to buy fuel into the school bus and a plastic keg.

Getting to the fuel station, he bought the fuel, but a lower price to what he is supposed to buy as offered by the attendant.

The attendant had told him that it was the normal thing that most drivers do, they buy for a lower quantity but get a receipt of the normal quantity and price.
My friend felt that it was an opportunity for him to get a little change for himself out of the money given to him.

The rest is a sad story because the attendant is actually an official of the school and a spy to test my friend’s integrity.

He never knew that it was his final interview!

My friend was the best and the most qualified candidate out of all fourteen that began the recruitment process, but he has issues with money management.

He has trust issues, I could remember that he has borrowed money from me severally and have refused to ask about it or pay back.

He’s so ambitious and wanted to get things at all cost.

That’s how he lost the lifetime opportunity to be the Bursar of such a big school!

Watch it when you have issues with being faithful…

Your faithfulness will surely be tested!

��� ���’� ���� ��� ���� �� ��� �� �������� ���� ����� ��� ��� �� ������� ���� ��������� ���� � ����."


Integrity is not a cloth we put on at some times and put off at other times. Honesty and integrity are virtues we build. They set us apart.

Tell the truth at all times. Deal with Greed. Don't let that cancer grow inside you. Deal with it. Uproot it. It's not part of you. It is a seed of lucifer planted in the wrong soil. It is weed to your soul. Cut it off and don't let it grow.

Imbibe honesty.
Imbibe accountability.
Imbibe integrity.
Let your yes, be your yes.
Let your no, be your no.
It costs nothing to be honest.
Re: Daily Christian Nuggets For A Pleasant Walk With God by KBARBIE(f): 1:12pm On Feb 23

*ONE DAY,* you will lock your door, but you will not be the one to open it.

*ONE DAY,* you will wash that best clothes of yours and you will not be able to wear it.

*ONE DAY,* your favorite food will be prepared and you will not be there to eat it anymore.

*ONE DAY,* you will eat and drink what you will never excrete.

*ONE DAY,* your curriculum vitae and all your years of experience will not matter to anyone anymore.

*ONE DAY,* the person that seems to love you most will never dare to move closer to you.

*ONE DAY,* you will think of what you can never accomplish.

*ONE DAY,* you will be regarded as "a corpse"

*ONE DAY,* you will be isolated in a place called "grave"

*ONE DAY,* those things and people you love most will come your way but you will not be able to give any attention to it/them.

*ONE DAY,* you will hold your breath and never be able to release it.

*ONE DAY,* you will become a defendant before The Chief Judge (GOD).

*ONE DAY,* housefly/ termites will come your way and you will be unable to chase them.

*ONE DAY,* you will receive a call that you can never decline.

*ONE DAY,* your name will be called, but no one will answer.

*ONE DAY,* the assets you cherished most will be taken by another person.

*ONE DAY,* your deed on Earth will be presented to you like a CD.

*ONE DAY,* a title will be added to your name "Late"

*ONE DAY,* The Great Allocator will allocate you to an appropriate place.

*ONE DAY,* that your beautiful skin will turn to its original nature-sand/dust.

*ONE DAY,* your entire body will cease operation. The verb will change from he is a good man to he was a good man.

*ONE DAY,* you will be given an eternal apartment, either Paradise or hell.

*ONE DAY,* you will not be able to hold nor type anything on this phone anymore.

*In Summary, take LIFE easy, DO GOOD, and run from EVIL. Be at peace with everyone, love your neighbour as yourself and remember that "that ONE DAY will surely come when this write up shall be fulfilled in your Life."*

*N/B:::::Please inform your Loved ones and people you wish to save from hell, to remind THEM about that 'ONE DAY'.* Jesus Is Lord!
Re: Daily Christian Nuggets For A Pleasant Walk With God by KBARBIE(f): 4:02am On Feb 25
"A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men" Prov. 18:16.
How far can your gift take you? How many doors can you present level of gift open for you? Nobody will keep clapping for you indefinitely. You must have something of substance that gives you space in destiny. You have to serve kings to receive the reward of kings. Shake away mediocrity. When people are clapping for the gift of God in your life now, do not be overwhelmed, only be satisfied when kings begin to give you accolades.
Rise to the level where you will be valued enough to be sought for. It's the gift and value an herbalist have, that makes even a polictician sought after him. Refine the gift of God in your life to possess the real value people will pay through their nose for. Stop being a mediocre in the field of life. Rise to a point whereby competition is never a possibility. Remember, there's no traffic in the air, therefore, aim to be among the stars. SHALOM.

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