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Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 5:05pm On Oct 30
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 5:06pm On Oct 30
If i read correctly. Justin didn't go to the 'new fallen world' with dan and ann and the guardians. Right?
Alicia, the kid, justin and some guardians are at the cabin.
zion just got to the cabin, and zeke is on an escape tour. Wow, i hope he gets to the cabin in time. I hope nothing happens to justin.
Zeke didn't insert into racheal right? So no possibilities of having a baby. Racheal sha be acting like she's not too bad anyway.
what's the box that's in the river? What's contained in it?
thanks frank. More grace

Thanks maam, i really appreciate it
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by Gaiusc: 5:33pm On Oct 30
This Last update's got me thirsty, wanting for more....welldone frankline461,you're just too good.

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Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by Haryomhide1(m): 6:11pm On Oct 30
Franklin, you are doing great
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by PenHub: 8:06am On Oct 31
Great one frank. Thanks.
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 6:14pm On Oct 31
There has not been power supply for two days and this has prevented me from working on the next chapter as much as I would want to in order to drop an update tomorrow.

I hope this will change soon and I would enable to drop an update tomorrow, even if it's late before we move on to another hectic week. If it doesn't, then I would drop it on one of the week days (Monday or Tuesday) but hopefully this will not be the case.

Your comments are highly appreciated as usual and I really appreciate your patience too.

To all that have reached out to ask for a purchase of the complete book, I also really appreciate it too, it shows that I am doing something right. The book is still in progress and we have reached the peak and are steadily moving towards an end.

I hope we will all be here once if ends and we complete what we have started.

Thank ya'll


Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 11:54pm On Nov 01

Rachel opened her eyes slowly, trying to raise her head to look at her surroundings, her head felt very heavy and ached and she could hear a sharp tingling sound in her ears. Her head resisted the effort she made to raise it, but she persisted as her last memories began to hit her. She finally raised her head and could see someone standing some metres away from her, with their back to her. The person was wearing a white coat and had a tray in front of them. From the look of the other things in the room, she figured that she must be in a health facility. She wondered how she had gotten there, the last thing she remembered was walking towards the tower in china, ready to finally take out her anger on Nikita, barring her importance to Zion or whatever consequence that her actions would incur. She was done being a puppet and wanted to do what she wanted for a change. Zion had gotten to her since she was two and had made her his ever since then. She had been trained as a weapon and had carried out several dirty jobs for him without hesitating, because his wish had been her command. She was still under his allegiance spell and knew what it took to break it, although Zion had promised her freedom when it was all over.

She could finally remember almost being at the entrance when Nikita walked out of the building, and from the expression her face, she could tell that she was mad at something; her rage was palpating. She had stopped and decided that it was the right time to access her mind to know what really happened before she decided on what route to take through, but when she finally got into her head, she remembered how dark it was. That was a first for her, being in such a messed up mind, during the few seconds she had spent there, she was able to catch glimpses of her life and the horrible things she had gone through. It was so overwhelming that she had to grip herself in order not to get lost in it. Before it all went dark, she had caught an image of little Nikita, sitting out in the cold calling out for her father; it was a lonely and cold heart.

The man in the room turned around and stared at her, this made her alarmed as she struggled to get up on her feet, but she had been restricted. She quickly stared at him intensely, trying to manipulate his mind at least to get out the details of why she was there but the pain in her head exploded as soon as she started. She gave a loud shout and fell back to the bed. The man walked towards her, raised her arm up, and injected something into the cannula that went into her veins. He placed her hands back slowly and turned to look at the drip bag that was hanging just above her; he squeezed it with both arms as more of its content poured down the line that went into her vein.

“You have to rest; I give you fluid to help replace lost ones.” He spoke in an obvious Chinese accent and although his English was broken, Rachel could perfectly understand it.

She sighed as the pain receded and griped his coat as soon as he made to leave.

“Who are you and where am I?” She asked, each word sending overwhelming impulse to her head.

“This is the Peking Shin Hui Union Medical College Hospital China, I am Doctor Liu Fei. The government van bring you in, say you important asset, must not die. That’s why me treat you and say rest, van pick you up in two hours.” He replied smiling, packing up some of the tools he had used to work and walking out of the room.

Rachel sighed again, as she shut her eyes, trying to get a hold of the ache in her head. She wondered what was happening and why the Chinese government had brought her in for treatment instead of taking her to a dark site for interrogations. If what the doctor had said was true, that meant Zion’s plan to take over China had failed and they were still standing. She knew that it was all up to Nikita blowing up the tower as she already found out about her last call to her father. She scoffed in irritation; she considered the life of somebody close to her that important but would not flinch when it came to taking someone else’s life. As the effect of the sedative the doctor had administered began to take over, she wondered where Nikita was and what fate had befell her, she had caught an image of her handing over something to a China official when she was in her head, but she didn’t have enough time to know what it meant. She concluded that she might have also been picked up by the Chinese government and was maybe in another room in the hospital. Her rage slowly began to build again, but she was helpless, she couldn’t fight the chemical that was flowing in her vein. Two hours was all she had to wait for, its effect was going to wear off in two hours and then she could return to hunting for her.


Zion walked through the hall way, ignoring the hundreds of heads that bowed in greeting as he passed. His head of security and head of army walked behind him too as they made their way into the large conference room at the end of the corridor. As soon as he walked in, everyone in the room got to their feet, they were delegates from major countries. He walked past them and took his seat at the centre of the table, his head of Security and head of Army followed suit, also taking their sits at the edge of the large round table before the rest of the delegates sat.

“What is the update from China?” He asked, getting straight to business.

One of his men got to his feet and walked to the front of the room, plugging in a device. He clicked into it and started.

“We’ve lost the tower in China and most of our ground men there, from what we gathered, this was due to lack of leadership as the men waited for instructions to proceed, but none came. The rest of the ground troops had to retreat far out of their land into the East China Sea where some of our warships are stationed.” He clicked on the remote and some images popped up. “These are the images of the tower that were taken by our drones before and after the explosion.” He stopped at an image and zoomed in on it.

It was an image of Nikita outside the building, holding her hands up. He used his pointer and pointed to what she was holding.

“We were able to figure out that Nikita was the one responsible for blowing up the tower, the object in her hand has been confirmed to be the detonator she used to blow up the tower.” There was a slight murmur amongst the different country representatives in the room, but it died down as soon as the man continued. “Before our drones were shot down, it captured a few moments after the explosion.” He clicked on the remote control and switched the image.

Another image popped up and he zoomed in on it. It was an image of Nikita; she was standing some metres away from the exploded tower. She was covered in dust and stood close to a Chinese van that was parked a few metres from the debris of the building as they lifted Rachel into their van. A Chinese Army hand his hand stretched out in her direction and she also stretched her hands to receive the handshake. This sparked further outrage among the delegates and a lot of them voiced out their dissatisfactions. One of them stood up and cleared his throat.

“I am Hassan, a delegate from Turkey. From the information that we have received, it looks like you have failed to take over China even though you had promised that it wouldn’t stand a chance against your new Army.”

“Please note that the new Army were not used in carrying out this counter attack.” Zion’s head of Army interrupted.

“That doesn’t matter.” He stated, turning to Zion. “The reason why a lot of us joined in on this was because you sold us vision that was flawless and promised us a high spot in the new world you were building, but how can we trust that to be possible when you can’t even handle a wench in your team?”

A lot of other delegates groaned in affirmation, all shifting their heads to look away. Zion scorned and gave a smile turning to look at the delegate that had spoken, his hands crossed.

“What country did you say you were from again?” He asked. His gaze placed sternly on his face.

“Turkey.” The man replied.

“Turkey.” Zion repeated. “Turkey. You know, when I decided to come to you all for your help to take control of your countries, I didn’t do it because I lacked the resources or the capabilities to take it singlehandedly.” He rose to his feet, not taking his eyes off the man. “The reason I did was because I thought that it wasn’t wise to change the hierarchy of power here when I was finally ready to leave to conquer the Universe. I did it because I didn’t deem it wise to place a Fallen over cities and countries they knew nothing or too little about, but you are making have a rethink. You have just proven that you are not fit for the position I was about to bestow on you and do not even deserve a seat on this table.” Zion kept his eyes on him, the color of his eyes suddenly deepening. He squeezed his hands which was placed on the table slowly.

The man suddenly began to tremble, his body going into a series of tremor and then a spastic attack. He struggled to get a grip of himself, but he couldn’t, he gave a loud scream before his head imploded, scattering brain particles all over the room.

Zion sighed and turned to the other delegates. “Who else wants to question my authority?” He asked.

There was dead silence in the room, as some of delegates stared at the body of the Turkish delegate and his brain that was scattered around the room. Zion sighed and took his seat. “This meeting is over. If there is more you should know, you will all be contacted.”

The delegates all stood and walked out of the room hurriedly, some almost tripping as they walked past the body on the floor. The last one walked out and shut the door behind him. Zion sighed and turned to the Head of his Army.

“Get somebody to clean that.” His Head of Army nodded and walked out of the room.

His head of security walked to him and placed a file in front of him. Zion picked it up and started to pull out its content.

“What is this?”

“These are some of the files we were able to recover from the flash drive we found in Mr Molotov’s safe house. It turns out that Nikita had been planning this for a long time as a sort of backup plan in case things went haywire. We found out that the reason she was hell bent on managing the tower in Russia was because she had placed highly skilled gunmen as part of the protecting military there. She had planned to use them to take over the building if the need be. But she didn’t stop there; she also struck deal with the Chinese that could be activated when she wanted. From the info on the drive, it turns out that Nikita didn’t just know about the high level weapons China possesses, but she was also responsible for building and supplying them with it.”

Zion picked out the document, it was a detailed explanation of the weapon, and how it worked. It was a very sophisticated weapon and from what he could see, the content it was made from had almost a eighty percent fatality rate to any fallen on contact. Zion scoffed as a smile formed on his face. He had underestimated her for sure and she had taken full advantage of it. He threw the files to the desk and turned to his Head of security as the Head of Army walked back in.

“I want every fighter ship we can gather in a day on the East China Sea. The day of alignment is very close and I do not have time for this Child’s play. China must fall.” He turned to the Head of Army. Long “Gather a hundred thousand fallen armies and take them to the East China Sea. It’s time to know how long their sophisticated weapons will last for.”

His head of security cleared his throat and took a step closer. “According to the data from the monitoring site, they calculated that we could still successfully activate the Vynet on the day of alignment with just four towers. We have four now and it would take more than a week to build the one that was destroyed in China. Don’t you think it would be wiser to channel our energy to protecting the remaining towers instead of going after a lost course?”

Zion turned to look at his Head of security. “You are right, this is not about taking over China to build another tower, this is about teaching Nikita a lesson that no one corners me and tries to destroy my plans and gets away with it. We also need to recover the girl; you know how important she is to this mission. Strap your gears, we are going to the East China Sea for battle.”


Hermione placed the shovel straight into the pile of sand and walked over to the wrapped body, dragging it and placing it into the dug pit. She wiped off her face and started covering it with sand. As soon as she was done, she knelt in front of it and picked up a blood stained necklace from her pocket, shutting her eyes to say the parting ritual prayers for guardians. She opened her eyes when she heard a tweak in the woods.

“What are you doing here?” She asked, not turning back.

The girl in black came out and walked towards her, staring at the grave.

“I know it must be hard to deal with, but you did the right thing as the head of this operation.”

Hermione scoffed. “I’m sure you didn’t come out here to tell me that, I know that my pain is your joy.”

The girl in black turned to look at her. “When are you going to stop this nonsense, why do you always think that all everyone wants is to see you suffer?”

Hermione got to her feet and placed the necklace on the grave. She picked up the shovel and turned to the girl in black. “Why are you here?”

“Dan asked me to get you; Justin found a lead on Nikita.”

Hermione sighed and turned to look at the grave one more time before walking past the girl in black and into the woods.


Rachel opened her eyes and this time she felt much better. She turned to look around and discovered that she was no longer at the hospital and had been taken somewhere else. She shut her eyes in frustration realizing that she might have slept longer than necessary; she raised her head and felt something on it. It was some kind of metal that had a funny looking antenna on it, without giving two thoughts about it; she turned to study her new environment. Her new room was dim and was nothing like the health facility, she could barely see a thing apart from the large light bulb that hung just over her head. She tried to move her hands, but they were tied behind the chair she was sitting on and from what she could gather, she was sitting somewhere at the centre of the room.

A loud metal noise soon filled the room as the large metal door gave way, she squinted to try to figure out where the noise was coming from, but the light above her prevented her from seeing anything outside the circle. She didn’t need to wait for much longer though as the figure stepped into the light making her pulse spiral off chart. She wiggled on the chair, struggling to get free but she remained stuck to the chair.

Nikita slowly walked her, stopping as soon as she was arm’s length away. She watched her struggle to get free for a while before she disappeared into the darkness of the room again. Rachel squinted again to figure out what she was up to, but was unsuccessful again. There was a loud click and the room lit up.

The sudden intensity of the light made Rachel shut her eyes for a while as it adjusted to the new surroundings. She could finally see the room she had been placed in and Nikita’s face clearly. To the side of the room, there was a table where some tools were lined up, from the little she knew, she knew what the tools were going to be for. She struggled again to get free and when she realized that she couldn’t, she turned to look at Nikita who had been staring at her and watching her like she was a lost puppy, trying to manipulate her mind, but nothing was happening.

Nikita scoffed and gave a weak smile. “You think you have it all because of your gifts right? But what you fail to realize is that for every ability nature gives, science has a way of countering it.” She took slow strides in the room. “I’m sure that by now you’ve figured out that you are wearing a special hat; it is one of my new inventions. It is a wave blocker that prevents any wave from travelling in and out of it and in your case; it prevents you from using your abilities as long as you have it on. Isn’t that impressive?” She chuckled.

Rachel grunted, struggling to get out of the chair. She turned to Nikita rage filling her up. “Even if it’s the last thing I do, I will make sure that I take you down.”

Nikita scoffed, returning to the table and taking a look at some of the tools on it. “You think I don’t want this to end as much as you do? There is nothing I would love more than to put you out of your misery and end this stupid game we are playing, but you know, you are very important to Zion if he wants to complete this mission; you are like the final icing on the cake. If you think I am a bitch for lying to you and trying to use you to achieve my aim, then you indeed are naive and clueless.”

Rachel swallowed hard, wondering what Nikita was suddenly talking about. “If this is one of your games, them I’m sorry to disappoint you, I won’t be falling for it.”

Nikita scoffed. ?”I’m sure he had promised to let you and your friends go as this is all over, but what he failed to tell you is that none of you freaks would even be alive when this was all over.”

Rachel shook her head trying to get her head to think straight. She knew Nikita and how capable she was at mind manipulation even without the gift, but her curiosity was stronger than her resolve. “What do you mean?” She finally asked.

Nikita dropped the tools he was handling and turned to face her, smiling. “I think you should hear it from him instead, it’s a pity I won’t be there to see your face when he tells you the truth about why he needs you or the other freaks to be by his side when it’s finally time to activate the Vynet. In fact this is the only reason I have kept you alive. Zion is holding my father captive and I plan on striking a deal with him using you.”

Rachel scoffed. “And you think he will strike a deal with you?”

Nikita gave a short chuckle. “You don’t know how much you mean to him then, but you’d find out soon enough.”


“So from the image I got, and from what I also got from a drone I was able to hack in the area, I can now confirm that Nikita is in China, and not just that, she has gone rogue.” He clicked into the PC and some images popped up. “She singlehandedly blew up the tower in China.” Justin paused to look at the shock on everyone’s face. He smiled in satisfaction; he lived for moments like that.

Dan stared into space for a while as he tried to think. If what Justin had said, then this was the opportunity they had been looking for. Nikita was one of Zion’s right hand men and if she had gone rogue, the information she had was going to really help them in their course to stop Zion. He turned to Justin. “Do you know the exact location in china she is in?”

Justin clicked into his PC. “From what i have in the coordinate, she is in a small town in Beijing, Fengtai. But the issue is since the inception of all these, china has closed their borders and are not letting anyone in or out of the country.”

“Don’t worry, I have just the man to smuggle us in.” He turned to the rest of us. “Pack your bags tonight, we meet up with the others at first light, we are going to China.


Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 10:30am On Nov 02
Sorry it came so late last night.
Your comments are highly appreciated!
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 9:47am On Nov 06
An update would be dropping later today!
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by purity247(m): 9:53am On Nov 06
An update would be dropping later today!
ok we will be expecting it
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by PenHub: 11:47am On Nov 06
Thank you Franklin
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by jupitre(m): 12:26pm On Nov 06
Thanks man..
We're almost getting to the show
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 2:48pm On Nov 06

Dan stretched his hand out to help Alicia to the ship as the others also came aboard and were led in and taken into rooms in the ship to get settled, I sighed and turned around as soon as I got on the ship, there were some foreign faces also on the ship and from what the girl in black had said, they were men that had volunteered to help us stop Zion, apparently they were also fallen, but the good ones. One of them walked up to me and his sudden movement shook me. He came up to face level and stared at me for a while, I could see his dark eyes even more clearly. He finally backed up and walked away, moving on to the others that were climbing into the both.

“Weird isn’t it?” A voice asked.

I turned and found Hermione standing on the edge of the deck, her legs on one of the racks.

“Don’t tell me that I am the only one that finds this guardians, fallen and hunters collaboration weird, especially the fallen part.” She sighed and turned to look t the horizon from the edge of the deck.

The early morning son was just rising and from what Dan had told us, we had to live early in order to get to China before night fall. We were then going to sneak in unnoticed and find in Nikita, get her back to the ship which will be waiting for us somewhere in the sea and find a way to get the information from her. and this fallen that would swear allegiance to him as she held on to her child, she turned to face Zion. His plan was not a bad one, at least if the said person was not a psychopathic murderer, but the Nikita I knew was never in a hundred years going to do anything that didn’t benefit her. While they made other plans on at to do next, I also made plans on how to carry out my revenge when it was all over, I knew I would get my chance when Nikita remained adamant and chooses not to say a word.

Another fallen walked toward me, and this time it as a lady,. She also gave me a similar stare and finally spoke.

“This way, I will show you our room on the ship.


Dan walked into the ship with Alicia and his kid, as the walked through the corridor, he searched for the man back in the city but he was no where to be found. They were shown their room and he led his family in.

“You guys get settled, I need to find Seth.”

He walked out of his room and back into the corridor. He caught one of the fallen. “Have you seen Seth?” He asked.

“I saw him a while ago, going to the lower deck.” The fallen replied and went on his way.

Dan hurried down the staircase and through the corridor in the lower deck, after searching for a while he finally found him in the engine room.

“Seth.” He shouted, trying to sound louder than the creaking engines.

Seth turned in his direction and gave one final instruction to the man there before joining him.

“It’s good that you are finally here.” Seth said as they walked away from the engine room.

“The box, were you able to get it?” Dan asked.

Seth stopped in the middle of the corridor and turned to look around. “Yes, i was able to retrieve it, but I must ask you to rethink on using it, a lot of innocent people are also going to get hurt.”

Dan moved closer to Seth. “Yes I know, but you also know that this is the only way if we can’t stop Zion. We do not belong here in the first place, and we’ve brought mostly harm to the habitants here. It is only the right thing to do.”

Seth sighed. “But you have to promise me that you wil only use it as a last resort.” He spoke, this time in more of a whisper.

Dan nodded. “You have my word.


Zion walked past men in uniform that lined up the road to the ship, he was met in front of the ship by his Head of security who led him on-board the ship.

“What the latest?” He asked as he climbed up the stairs that led to the ship.

“We have just gotten report that the fallen soldiers have been assembled, ninety thousand of them and would be in the East China Sea by nightfall. We will also be joining them around that time. We should be able to strategize and launch the attack my noon tomorrow.”

There was a short silence as Zion walked into the control room of the ship. “And the girl?” He asked. “Do we have on her location yet?”

“Well, that is a bit hard now, Nikita knows that we have a tracker implanted on every one of them and the first thing she did was take out her tracker. Our sources tell us that she might be willing to use her in negotiations to get her father back.”

Zion scorned. “The audacity, she still thinks she can negotiate with me after what she did? Tell the men on ground to look harder and recover the girl before we get there and also get Xiu on the next ship there, I have an assignment for him. Let’s get the ship moving.”

The head of security nodded and walked out of the control room. He motioned to the men and they started preparing to depart.


Nikita led Rachel into a room and shut the door behind her. Rachel walked into the large room, looking around and wondering what she was doing there. Nikita grabbed her cuffed hand and led her further in. She let finally let her go and turned to face her.

“This room is made up of the same substance that the hat you were wearing was made from. It means that you shouldn’t bother trying your stupid mind tricks as they will not work here.”

She reached for her pocket and brought out a key, she grabbed Rachel’s hand and unlocked the handcuff. Rachel stared at her wondering if she had gone out of her mind, she saw it as an opportunity and was about to strike her when Nikita’s voice came.

“I don’t think you want to do that.” She raised her head and Rachel followed her gaze. The room was lined with cameras in every angle. “The wrong move and this room will be swarmed with armed men. I don’t think there will be much you can do without the use of our powers. I am being lenient with you for old time’s sake and nothing more. If there is something I have learnt in these past few days, it is that there is more to life than just trying to feed your greedy yearnings, they are insatiable and a lot of people will get hurt on the way.”

Rachel scorned. “Too bad you are finally realizing this late. If you are still standing when this is all over, I promise you with everything I have; I will come after you and make you pay for what you did to Shelby.”

Nikita let out a sad smile. “You know, during my walk with Zion and my quest to attain the immortality he had promised, I have made a lot of enemies. I didn’t care because they were just mere mortals and would soon become fragments of my memories when I finally attained what I had set out for, but I have come to realize that living for eternity is nothing if you have no one to spend it with. If every enemy I have made on the way decided to come for me, I think I deserve it, but before then, I will try my best to undo all my mistakes. The day of alignment is in five days, and Zion still has four towers standing, that is all he needs to make this a success and from what I hear, he has also stationed ships on the China Sea and has declared war on China.”

“You said he has four towers standing and that is all he needs, why would he still decide to wage war on China if he has all he needs for the day of alignment?”

Nikita walked slowly to Rachel “Like I said you also have a part to play in all these, you will find out how soon enough. He is also here for me. You know, over the past years, I have learnt that Zion never forgives anyone that betrays him, he always makes sure he made them pay for it.”

Rachel scoffed and took a step into the room. “Guess Karma isn’t far away from you then.” She spoke running her gaze around the room, walking into it slowly as she admired the architecture of the room.

“Maybe, but China has made it clear that they will not be going down without a fight and I plan on helping them defeat his army of fallen, and if we can’t I plan on impacting as much damage as I can while I am still standing.” Nikita replied and stared at Rachel for one last time. “I hope you enjoy the room.” She turned and walked out of the room.


I rolled over on the bed I had been laying on, sighing and staring at nothing in particular, since I had entered into the room, I had not gone out and had already lost track of time. From the look outside the cabin, the sun was already going down and it meant that we were close to China. I turned over on the bed again and buried my head in the bed sheet. My mind drifted to how it all started, I could remember it all like it was yesterday. The day I had first seen her in her black gown and the intentions I had then, I wouldn’t have guessed in a thousand years that my seemingly wild chase would have brought me the point I was. The faces of my family flashed through my mind and I smiled picturing the time we had spent together. It was always an eventful time whenever we were on the dining table; it was one of the best times we had spent together as a family and even though I was later told that I was not a biological member of the family, they were the only family I knew and the only one that mattered.

There was a sudden alarm on the ship and all the lights went off. A backup red light kicked in and I could hear footstep running through the corridor outside alongside some noisy chatters. I rolled off the bed and pulled the door open, walking out of the room. One of the men running through the corridor hurried to me.

“You are needed in the control room.” He spoke hurriedly before running back in the direction he had come from.

I hurriedly made my way to the control room and met everyone already there. They had worried look on their faces and were staring at a map on the table. I sneaked and walked towards the girl in black.

“What is happening?” I whispered and she turned to look at me.

“The radar detected multiple warships on the East China sea. We cannot go any further than this and have to think up a way to sneak past them unnoticed.”

“I say we use the small boats and paddle. They’re without engines and cannot send any signal to the ships” Seth spoke.

Dan continued staring at the map; he finally raised his head and turned to us. “Seth is right, it is the only way we are going past those ships undetected. We will be going in three batches and would be sailing through the night until we get to land. We will also leave some men here to guard this ship till we get back. Gather everything you will be needing; we leave in ten minutes.”

I saw him turn to Seth and whispered something, but I could hear it clearly.

“The box, bring it with you.”


The head of security walked towards Zion. “We have been notified. We will be joining the other warships in thirty minutes and all coms will be active for you to address them.

Zion nodded, not turning his to look at him. He stared at the final sun of the day, his gaze suspicious. He felt it, he always did. There was something lurking behind the shadow, something that was dangerous to the mission they were about to achieve and it was lurking somewhere behind the horizon, but he didn’t know what it was. He griped the platform he was standing on tightly, his gaze still on the sun. Whatever it was, he was sure to find out sooner, till then; he had to maintain the same path.

“As soon as Xiu arrives, bring him to this ship. I will address him first before I address the men.”


We finally got to land few hours later and immediately got off the boats and made it inland. Justin used his tablet to lead us in, we were heading for a building about twenty miles away and we hurried through the empty streets, trying our best to walk in the dark as much as we could and avoid the patrolling soldiers. We were about five miles to the building when a van pulled up on us and almost simultaneously, a large bright light shone on our position. This was immediately followed by a parole of soldiers who walked to our position and turned their guns to us. A chopper also appeared out of nowhere, hovering up above our heads, its flashlight also pointed in our direction.

I sighed as we all clogged together, the others bringing out their weapons, our plan to approach Nikita without raising any alarms had failed woefully and it felt like we had just walked into a trap. The soldiers suddenly stood back and someone walked through them towards us, I strained my eyes and there she was, the devil herself; Nikita. She walked towards us with a smile on her face.

“What a pleasant surprise we have here.” She stated smiling.


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This Nikita and her problem sef. Thanks buh i like the way the author is using her. We move. Hope Dan and nikita can reach a resolution

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“As much as I hate to say this, I think you and the circus will come in handy in helping us hold off Zion and prevent him from taking over the last standing country.”

Nikita turned to look around the room, at the faces of everyone in it. Her gaze stopped on Zeke’s and there it was again, the look. It was very similar to the look that had been on Rachel’s face when they had met outside the tower, only that his had more intensity, bitterness and anger. Even if she had not done it herself, she had ordered the death of his entire family and now she realized how he must have felt when she had decided to take away his essence of living from him. She knew she deserved whatever it was that he was plotting in his mind at that moment and would gladly receive her punishment when the time came.

Dan sighed and got to his feet, turning around, his gaze stopping on the face of the President of China. “We will only be helping you stop Zion from bringing your countries to its knees on one condition. After this is all over, you will give us some men to take down another one of Zion’s tower.”

The President cleared his throat and nodded. “If you stop him from making China a graveyard and taking over it, I will give you as many men as you want to put an end to this menace once and for all.”

Dan shook his head and bent to whisper something to Seth, he whispered something back and Dan turned back to the rest.


“When do you project that he would be launching his attack?” Seth asked in his deep baritone voice.

One of the Soldiers got up, holding a rod-like material. “From our projections, his ships are just pulling up at the edge of the East China Sea and taking formation around a ship that just arrived a while back. I think he is on the ship that just arrived and if he is, it would take time for him to get his men in position and dispatch the necessary strategy they would be imploring. I say latest by noon tomorrow.” He concluded.

There was a low murmur among some members of the room as panic began to spread.

“Well, that does not give us much time to prepare. You know, when we walked in, I could not help but noticed some of the sophisticated weapons your soldiers were wielding. I must say they are really advanced, but they will not be very effecting against hoards of fallen armies with wings. Fine, it might be able to take one or two down with multiple shots, but what happens when they all come at you in the hundreds?”

“We have enough data that suggests that the weapons have at least a seventy percent chance of killing a fallen on contact.” One of the Generals in the room inputted.

“No one is disputing that fact.” Dan spoke. “Seth has been our weapons man since we came into your planet and has made tremendous progress since then.”

“What are you suggesting then?” The president asked curiously.

Seth reached for his pocket and pulled out a filled syringe, placing it on the table. “This.” He said.

One of the soldiers walked over to his side and picked up the syringe, walking towards the president to hand it over to him.

“What is this?” The president asked.

“Even in our rather peaceful community, we still had fallen who decided to go rogue once in a while. We had to come up with an effective way of ending them and purging them out of the vessels they had possessed without causing harm to the vessels. We had adopted the use of brutal force for years and most of the vessels did not survive this method, until we came across this wonderful plant. It proved very effective in purging out fallen from the vessels they possessed so easily and brought the vessels back to their normal self.”

Nikita turned her gaze to the syringe in the president’s hand and helped herself to it. She had done extensive research on fallens and their being and never came across the said plant.

“What’s the name of the plant?” She asked caressing the syringe

“Well, I love to call it the expeller. It sounds very unique, and makes anyone that wants to go rogue have a rethink. I have some of it here; you can take it to your lab and find out what you human call it. But you have to hurry because we will be needing a lot of it.”

One of the men stepped up and retrieved it from him, walking out of the room to immediately to action. Dan sighed.

“Now that that is out of the way..” He turned to Nikita. “I want to know everything about this mission and the towers.”


“All soldiers are in position.” The Head of Army announced to Zion.

Zion had his gaze on the map of the area, although he had given the instructions out to the soldiers, he still felt uneasy in his head. He turned to his head of his Army.

“I hear that China had some pleasant visitors last night.”

His Head of Army nodded. “We have confirmed that they have a ship dead in the waters, miles to the west of this sea and had used small paddling boats to get past us without raising any alarm.”

Zion sighed, he had thought that his warning was enough to get them to stay off this, but it was obvious that Dan was still as adamant as ever. His head of Army walked past him and placed a picture on his desk.

“About the other thing you asked, most of the others with him are also fallens, it is unclear at this point how they had eluded us and remained off grid, but we have got men looking into it as we speak and will find the others if there is.”

Zion picked up the picture and stared at it, the picture contained the faces of Dan and the others, along with some other men he didn’t know about. He ran his gaze on the picture again and saw him, Seth. At first, he thought he was mistaken and that it might have just been a look alike or a camera effect that made someone else look like him, but after taking a closer look, he became convinced that it was Seth. How had he stayed on this same planet for years without him knowing? He understood that Dan was a professional and was trained in the act, but Seth? He was certain that he would have slipped up at some point. He knew something was fishy about most of their sudden appearance and knew that he needed to get to the bottom of it.

“Get Xiu, tell him he would be going in before the war starts.” He spoke, staring at the picture suspiciously.

One of the soldiers hurried into the room. “Sir, I think you need to see this.” He announced.

Zion and his head of Army stepped out of the control room and stared at it. It was a kind of green fog that was beginning to fill the air at the bank of the sea.

“What is that?” The head of Army asked.

Zion kept his gaze on the fog trying to figure out what was happening. He knew Dan was a man of war, but he had spent years on Earth learning its way and mastering its act. He could not lose on his own turf.

“I don’t know what it is.” He spoke, walking back into the control room. “But whatever it is, it is not good news. Get the men, we attack at once and bring China to its knee.”


“Make sure you survive and come back to us.” Alicia spoke, helping Dan with his armour.

Dan strapped it on and smile, running his fingers over his child’s head. “You take care of your mom while I’m gone.” He turned to Alicia and ran her hands on her face. “The Chinese president has promised to take care of you.” He reached for something wrapped with a sheet and placed it in her hands. “Take this, if anything happens to me, or I disappear, you must make sure that you open it on the day of alignment.” He placed it in her hands.

Alicia stared at it. “What does it do” She asked.

Dan pulled her in, a smile on his face. “You don’t need to know the details. You must protect it as much as you can; it’s the only alternative if we fail to defeat Zion.” He replied, kissing her on her forehead. “The soldiers will take you back to the safe house. I will be back.” He spoke, walking away from them and moving towards the van waiting for him on the road.


“Every man has to dip whatever weapon they are using in this.” Seth announced to some of the men. “It would save a lot of stress of having to hit multiple times. As soon as this gets into their blood stream, they fall.”

Another man approached Seth.” We have dispersed it in the air and have confirmed movement on the sea, they are now moving in on us now.”

Seth sighed and picked up his bow. “I guess it is finally time, the one who watches protects us all.”


I sat at a corner of the field as men roamed about, hurrying to their post. I could hear an alarm blow off and everyone increased their pace running around and grabbing a weapon as they hurried away. I could see the girl in black and the others on the other side of the field, they all had a straight look on their faces and all looked ready to get to business. I was supposed to also be in the same mood, but for some reasons, I was not. Maybe it stemmed from the fact that I was going to be fighting on the same side as the person I had already dedicated my whole life to destroy and as much as I tried to make myself understand that it was not about her this time, I was sure that if I came face to face with her on the battle front, I would go after her with everything I had.

“Are you okay?” A voice brought me back to reality.

The girl in black was standing above me, her weapons tightly strapped around her. She looked as stunning as she had looked the day I had first seen her, a lot of things had happened between then and now and even after all the hardship, she still didn’t change. I smiled weakly and she stared at me confused.

“Why are you smiling all of a sudden?” She asked, her gaze searching.

“It’s nothing.” I replied, taking my eyes off her face.

This time, she was the one doing the smiling and I must say it had been a while I had seen her smile.

“So why are you smiling?” I asked, trying to use her words as a joke and she crackled.

“You know, you are one of the strongest people I’ve met. When I was recruiting you to join me save the universe, I had done so because the mural had chosen you. I didn’t actually see the reason why I had to join forces with a mere mortal. Time passed and with every passing day, I realized why you had been chosen by the mural. Even with everything that had happened in your life, the death of your parents and siblings which I feel partly responsible for, the discovery of your abilities and the rough part you have had to trail in, here you are, still standing and daring to go again. To be sincere, not a lot of people can do that, and I am grateful that I had the chance to meet somebody like you and come to the realization that no one is superior, regardless their position. No one also deserves to be looked down on and you taught me this, I just hope that when this is over, you find it possible to carry on with your life, not forgetting everything that has happen and the part you had to play in it, but keeping it all at heart and using it as a stepping stone to move forward.”

I stared at the girl in black as she spoke, she had a very serious aura around her, and if I was more sceptical, I would have thought she was giving me a farewell speech. Nevertheless, her words seemed to work wonders as I suddenly became reinvigorated. I smiled at her again and nodded.

“Thank you. You are also the most beautiful soul I know, and if things were different, I would have definitely tried to get you to be mine.”

She laughed at this and I also burst into laughter realizing how I had sounded.

“Definitely.” She spoke amidst the laughter. “I would have definitely given it a try.”

One of the guardians waved over in our direction.

“Opps, I guess this is where we say our temporary goodbye and wish each other luck. See you soon.” She spoke, giving me one last smile before walking away.

I got to my feet and sighed, turning around to look at my possible choice of weapon. After a while of going through the sets, I decided not to use any. My mind and wings were enough. I walked in the same direction as the others sighing as adrenaline slowly flowed in my veins. This was it, a chance to send a message to Zion that he didn’t own us and that we were as much advanced as he claimed he was. I stretched my wings and the pains in it had receded. I smiled and stretched to it full length as some of the men around watched in awe, I began to race slowly towards the bank of the sea and immediately took my flight into the air.


Dan stood in front of the battle field gripping his weapon tightly. He turned to the rest of the fallen soldiers.

“Remember, this battle is about the lives of your children, and whatever we do, we are not going to lose.”

The girl in black raised her head and could see thousands of fallens fly past the fog they had created and flew in their direction.

“The fog will make them weak; you only need to hit the target and that is all.”Seth spoke and turned to the Chinese Army general, the Chinese Army general also turned in his direction. “The one that watches protects us all.” He spoke raising his weapon and pointing it in their direction.

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Zion has no clue as to the weapon(plant) the 'humans' possess, but he knows Dan is a formidable foe. I believe Zion has his ace up his sleeve too(likely the boy). Now the battle for China begins.
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Here comes the first battle we've been anticipating......
Surprise is crucial in war..
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Ghen Ghen! Here Comes The Main Action.Welldone Frank,this Suspense No Be Here O.
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Thanks for the updates, I still thirst for more updates though.

A quick one, do you know that we've come to a point in life where you either kill or get Killed? check this thread out

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Finally, battle one begins. I believe Zion has his assets too. But i cant still trust nikita.
Thank u Franklin
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Few minutes ago

“I don’t think it would be a smart thing to do, letting the men fly through an unknown fog in all their numbers?” The Head of Army pointed out.

Zion turned to look at him, he had also been thinking in that same line. “The fog might be a distraction, a tactic to put us off, but again, it might be more than that.” He walked towards the desk that stood in the room and poured himself some rum. He gulped down its content and its resulting effect sent warmth and burning sensation down his throat, he placed the cup back on the desk, his mind lingering.

“Send in five thousand men first, in this case it would be better to play safe. If it is strategy, delaying our attack would be the best decision while we monitor its effect. If it turns out to be nothing more than a distraction, send the others in. I want to be out of here by dusk.”

The Head of security nodded. “The boy is already on the land, we have a fishing boat lurking around the bank to receive him and the package.”

Zion nodded and the head of Security walked out of the room to carry out the instruction Zion had given him.


“Archers.” Seth screamed as soon as some of the fallen flew past the fog and headed towards their direction.

Some men and women that had been standing among the other soldiers stepped out with their bows and arrows dipping the arrows into the greenish liquid substance in front of them and all fell to their knees, pulling back their arrow and taking their aim into the sky.


Seth watched the fallen get closer, but something was out of place, the numbers were far too inferior to the projected numbers


This would mean that his calculations were about to take a dwindling turn and a lot of arrows were about to go to waste. The numbers of ground soldiers they had were very minute when compared to the number of soldiers Zion had and the arrows were supposed to reduce their deficit by about five percent.


With what he saw, it meant that Zion had not fully taken the bait and had implored the ‘water testing’ tactic. If they took down the soldiers in one full lunge, it would become clear to Zion what the fog was and they would have to make a quick recalculation in a very short period of time. They had no options though; they had to take the first batch down.

“Steady.” He screamed again as the Fallens flew into the calculated point of contact.

‘The one who watches protect us all’ He muttered under his voice.


They all let their arrows fly, hitting the fallens mid air. A lot of them fell out of the sky with one strike and crashed into the sea while some of them were able to keep on flying until they crashed on the land; ground soldiers quickly hurried in their directions and finished them off as they wiggled on the floor. The archers all took step backwards in a coordinated manner to reload their bows and were immediately replaced by new sets who repeated their actions and let their arrows fly too, finishing the others that were still flying towards them.

“There.” One of the Archers screamed, pointing her arrow in the direction of a fallen who was still flying towards them.

It was the last one standing and had dodged every arrow that had flown in its direction. She drew back her arrow and let it fly but the fallen dodged it easily as it headed in their direction in full speed. Dan immediately stepped up, collecting a bow from an archer; he picked up an arrow, dipped it into the greenish substance and dragged it back on the bow. He took his aim at the fallen, taking a deep breath as he watched him fly. He was getting closer and some of the men started murmuring as they wondered why Dan was taking all his time. Dan ignored them, releasing his arrow and immediately picking another and also firing it in its direction. The fallen was able to dodge the first arrow, but not the second, it pierced through its chest, making a clean cut in and out of it. It flew past some of the soldiers who made way for it and crashed into a cannon, dead. There was a loud cheer from the men immediately, a lot of them raising their weapons up above their heads in jollification. The girl in black and Hermione turned to Dan nodding. It was a very good shot nd not everyone owned the skills to carry it out.


Zion watched the event unfold through his binoculars; he smiled as he watched Dan take down the last of the fallen he had sent. What an aim, he complemented in his head. He now realized what the fog had done, he had watched most of his fallen lose flight as soon as they went through it, unable to dodge the arrows that flew towards them and a lot of them went down on the first impact of the arrows. He knew the fog somehow made them weak, but it still didn’t explain why they were able to go down on just one hit. He scoffed, Dan had proven to be more prepared than he had expected and he needed to step up his game. It was an all out war against an enemy and he never lost a war. He turned his binoculars up towards the sky and scoffed, his lips widening into a wicked smile. That was it, all he needed. He picked up his walkie-talkie and spoke into it.

“Get the remaining men prepared, they move in now.” He smiled again as he turned away towards the direction Dan and the others were. It was time he made Dan realize that he was no longer the inferior being he knew.


Rachel grunted again, jumping out of the bed, she walked towards the camera in the room and stared up at him.

“Who is there? I’m starving.” She screamed. She took a few steps away from it and noticed that the camera remained static in its position.

Earlier, it had been following every single step she made and didn’t let her out of its sight, but she had noticed that it had stopped a few moments ago. Had the person put to monitor her fallen asleep? Whatever it was, this was her opportunity to find an escape route out. She quickly reached for the door and bent beside it, running her fingers over the lock. It was one she was familiar with. She quickly reached for her hair and pulled out her hair pin and inserted it into the lock. It would only take a few seconds for her to pick and she prayed that whatever the person that was put to monitor her was doing, he or she did it for a few more seconds.


Dan watched as the last fallen crashed into the Cannon, triggering an explosion. As the soldiers all jeered, he took a few steps towards the bank. The sea had grown unusually lent for one that had thousands of men on it and was in the middle of war. Something was not right; the numbers that had come through were far more inferior to what they had expected. He knew that Zion must have sent them in to figure out what the fog did and now that he had figured it out, he would either decide to retreat or find a way to manoeuvre the fog. The Zion he knew would always choose the later.

Seth took a step towards Dan; his gaze also fixed n the horizon beyond the fog.

“We are missing something here.” He spoke.

“Uh, don’t be pessimistic.” The head of Chinese Army shouted out. “You might have overestimated the capacity of his army and made us waste resources. From what I hear, there are no longer men on the sea. I say we mount our ships and go after them before they retreat.”

Nikita scoffed. “Seth is right, something is not right.” She also took a few steps forwards, staring into the large body of water that held no activity.

Dan kept his gaze in the same direction. He knew Zion so much and knew that retreating was something he would never consider. He would be thinking of a way to manoeuvre the fog, but what was it? He raised his head to the sky and then back to the fog. That was it, they had wings and the cloud was there. From what he could see, the fog didn’t go far above the clouds and it was the perfect way to launch an unexpected attack on them. Zion must have also figured that out, hence the silence. They were not flying at them directly, but into the clouds.

“The clouds.” He said.

“What?” Seth asked.

Dan hurried towards the bank of the sea and shut his eyes tightly, trying to listen past the land and into the waters. He could hear sounds of wings flutter up above and then suddenly disappear. He opened his eyes and raced towards Seth.

“Tell the Archers to get ready to aim up above us, the fog cannot penetrate into the clouds, it is the perfect disguise.” He turned to the rest of the soldiers.

“Get Zeke to confirm this up above.” He stated and the girl in black nodded, speaking into the device strapped on her shoulders.

“Zeke, come in.”


I flew up above in the air as the arrows flew in the direction of the fallen that were flying towards the bank; I watched as they fell into the sea and some on land as some men hurried towards them and shot them. The numbers soon reduced and I wondered where the thousands of soldiers that Dan had projected were. I was in charge of the situation monitoring due to my position in the air and slowly I flew past the fog towards the enemy territory. I could see the ships that were situated in the sea and the armies that flew off it. Something felt weird about it, instead of flying straight at us; they were flying into the cloud. The device on my shoulder creaked and a voice came through.

“Zeke come in.” It was the girl in black, I could recognize her voice.

“Zeke here.” I replied, my gaze still on the fallen that were flying into the cloud.

“We need you to confirm if the fallens are making their way into the cloud.”

I paused wondering how they had known and what it meant.”Yes.” I replied and there was a short silence from the other side. “Why are they doing that?” I asked.

It took a few seconds before the girl in black replied.

“They are doing it to avoid the fog.” She replied and it dawned on me.


The girl in black nodded to the rest and the Chinese General turned his gaze up above, worry becoming evident on his face.

“Why can’t we just spread the fog in the air around us? That way, once they come towards us, it affects them and we can take them out easily”

“You forget that we are also fallen too.” Seth replied. He turned to the Archers. “Arrows up!”

“The fog has outlived its usefulness.” Dan pointed. “The armies are in the cloud and would be attacking us from above, everyone in position. Ready the cannons. You fire as soon as you have visuals.” He screamed.


Zion stared through his binoculars at something in the air, from what he could see, it was not one of his soldiers. He adjusted his binoculars to get a better view and that was when he saw the boy. He scoffed as he watched him whisper something into his shoulders and realized that he was communicating with the others. His head of army walked towards him.

“Should we shoot him out of the air?” He asked.

“No.” Zion replied as he watched him go out of the sight and through the fog. “Activate the jammer and kill all their communication. Launch a missile in the position they are. Let’s see how they would be able to attack two foes in different directions in such a small time frame.


I flew into the cloud and saw them, in their numbers flying towards the direction of land. The number was unbelievable and I didn’t think we would be able to stand it with our numbers. I quickly flew in the direction the others were; I needed to be there too if we wanted to have a chance at this. As I flew towards them, I saw their gaze up to the sky. I heard multiple blasts and turned towards the direction they had come from. They were from some of Zion’s ships. Missiles!

I quickly turned to the direction of the others, some had also turned in the direction of the blast, but they couldn’t tell what it was because of the fog that stood between them and the ships. I quickly tapped the device on my shoulder and spoke into it.

“Three missiles Incoming.” I screamed but there was no response of reaction from land, it was as if they couldn’t hear me.

The fallen had started to descend now and the soldiers directed their attention back to them. Firing cannons and arrows at them, but their numbers were overwhelming and it was only a matter of them before they were on land, engaging the armies. But that was not the problem, there were three missiles coming towards them and they didn’t know. I turned in the direction of the missiles, but I was too far away. I spoke into the device again but still received no response. It must have been a bad idea to have left Justin back out the mansion. He would have really come in handy in situations like this. I watched helplessly as the missiles hit ground, throwing tens of soldiers’ away, killing some others in the process. It became too dusty and I couldn’t make out the ones that had been hit, I could only pray that none of the people I was familiar with were part of the casualties as I flew towards them as fast as I could watching as the fallen overwhelmed them.


The door clicked and Rachel walked slowly out of the room into the corridor. She turned to look around but found nobody in the corridor. She sighed; she was finally out of the room and could use her abilities again. As she hurried through the corridor, she heard a loud explosion and held on to the side of the passage as an earthquake shook through the building. Two soldiers suddenly appeared down the corridor and pointed their weapons at her, she smiled and quickly manipulated their minds, making them point the gun at each other, blowing their heads off. She walked through the direction they had showed up from and found a lift there. She quickly got in and clicked on the down button.

‘Ground floor’

As the elevator opened on the ground floor, she could hear some voices and footsteps hurrying; she quickly hid and saw three soldiers leading a woman and a kid out of the building. She walked behind them, wondering what was going on, she could hear shots from afar and this further prompted her curiosity. As the men and the woman stepped out of the building, she heard shots being fired and tiptoed in their direction. She saw the men being ripped apart by fallens and watched as they turned to the woman and the child who she quickly figured was the woman’s. As they made to attack her, Rachel stepped out of her hiding and stretched her hands towards them, stopping them mid air, she waved away, and they flew, smashing against the wall and going unconscious.

Alicia stared frightened as the creatures that almost attacked her crashed against the wall and went unconscious. She turned and found a girl standing behind her, her hands outstretched. She immediately picked up her son and placed him behind her.

“Who are you?” She asked, almost out of breath.

Rachel stared at the frightened unknown woman and turned away to look at the sky far beyond. She could see multiple fallen in the air and multiple gunshot going off. Zion. Some more fallen were heading towards them.

“If you want to live.” She spoke. “Stay close.” Rachel walked past the woman, hiding behind the truck before popping into it and starting the vehicle.

Alicia watched her indecisively, she turned to the direction the war was going on and prayed that Dan was okay. He had told her to protect their son and the box, and that was what she was going to do. The horn of the truck went off and she could see that the girl was getting impatient. She grabbed her son and made it for the truck, getting into it as Rachel drove away.


Seth raised his head and found some of the fallen making it for the mansion. He tuned and searched for Dan in the midst of the chaos. He finally found him after a while of searching and made it towards him, cutting through fallen that came at him while he did. He tapped Dan on his shoulder and Dan almost reflexly cut through him, but stopped as soon as he saw his face.

“What the hell are you doing? I could have killed you.”

Seth ignored his statement. “The mansion.” He spoke.

Dan raised his head and found that some fallen had gone in that direction. He turned to look at the warfront. They were doing a good job holding on and could do without him for a few more minutes. He picked up a bow and an arrow and headed in the direction of the mansion. He found the girl in black and told her what was happening.

“Cover for me.” He said as he made it out of the sea bank into the road.

“I’m coming with you.” Seth screamed after him.

They both made it through the street and Dan searched for a vehicle. Seth was attacked by a fallen who drove him into a glass building, he shattered the glass and went into the building. Dan quickly turned in the direction of the building, holding his weapon tightly.

“Seth?” He called out.

The whole area was quiet and he could not hear a sound. He walked slowly again towards the building, there was a loud clatter and he stopped, gripping his word more tightly as he anticipated the unknown. Seth walked out of the building wiping of his clothes of dust particles and Dan sighed.

“I thought I had lost you there.” He spoke. “Here, I found a vehicle.” Dan said and they both raced towards it.


Zion walked into the room and pulled the blindfold over the man that had been tied up in it. He smiled when he saw his face. Seth grunted and opened his eyes, looking around. His expression grew colder when he saw Zion.

“It’s nice to finally meet you again Seth.” Zion started.

“What have you done to Dan?” Seth asked angrily.

Zion smiled. “Don’t worry about him, Xiu is very good at face stealing, he would never be able to tell that he is not you.” He replied, grabbing a chair and sitting in front of him. “I have a whole lot of questions for you and it would be in your best interest to make sure you answer accordingly.”

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Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 8:32pm On Nov 14
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by Lakesc(m): 9:52pm On Nov 14
Great update
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by ijawcitizen(m): 10:03pm On Nov 14
How writers come up with such thrilling and entertaining imaginations beat my imagination....kudos Frankline461
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 9:47am On Nov 15
Great update

Thanks man
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 9:48am On Nov 15
How writers come up with such thrilling and entertaining imaginations beat my imagination....kudos Frankline461

Thanks for the comment man

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