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Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 8:16am On Jan 06
Would be posting an update later today or early tomorrow.

Been sick since the first day of the year and still struggling to recover, would go back to my laptop today when there is light to complete the next chapter and end this story as quickly as I can.


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Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 8:17am On Jan 06
This is the height of it all...

The girl in black is in trouble... Zeke and others are also in trouble..

The piece is truly increasing my blood pressure and making me yearn for more grin grin

Enjoying ur masterpiece #Frankline461

Welcome back man. Thanks
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 8:17am On Jan 06
baba u too much, more ink to ya pen

Thanks man
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 8:18am On Jan 06
Zion is a master strategist i must say. Hope the girl in black survives the blast... Thanks for the update.

Thanks for following man
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 8:18am On Jan 06
Why is my mind telling me that for every move Zion makes, there is always a loophole grin grin

smiley smiley
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by strongpoison: 10:28am On Jan 07
Nice and lovely. good storyline. I couldn't help but long for more. you are really good at this. I have been reading your every chapter without commenting and am sure there are lots of my kind reading too. keep it up. I am compelled to comment just to wish you total recovery. A rib cracking hug for you. kiss
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 1:58pm On Jan 07



“Stay with me.”




“Don’t shut your eyes, just keep breathing.”

The girl in black hit her hand gently against the ocean wave trying to make her way to the dry land that was beginning to appear in front of them, and subsequently trying her best not attract any attention to themselves even though she didn’t know where she was. She grunted as she pulled the weight she had been dragging slowly to avoid making loud ripples, with her left arm, keeping her gaze on the dry bank. She fell to the ground as soon as they were some metres away from the throdding wave edge, panting heavily and looking up to the sky. Her whole body felt sore, but the main discomfort was coming from her abdomen which was struggling to keep up with the quick short rhythm of her breath, as with every breath she took in, it bled profusely into her left arm.

She cried out softly as she rolled over gently, her left arm still gripping the long metal that was stuck in her lower abdomen as she tried to prevent it from shifting and doing more damage than it had already done. It had made one clean penetration into her, going in through the front and protruding from the back and she knew it must have damaged an organ due to the way she was bleeding; she should have just pulled off the bracelet that made her impactable by matter on the planet when the explosion had gone off, it would have saved her the pain she was going through at that moment. She crawled slowly towards Hermione, shifting her whole weight with her right arm over the sand, and held her head steadily, hoping it would stop her continuous wheezing and gasping for breath. Although in pain of her own, she still felt every impulse going through Hermione’s brain as she stared past her into the sky and to nothing in particular; she was there, but then she wasn’t.

The girl in black shut her eyes and tired tears flowed from it, there was nothing she could do for Hermione any longer, their last resort had just been taken from them and it wasn’t even one that was a hundred percent sure in the first place. It tore her heart into pieces as she watched Hermione take her series of last dying breaths, slowly and slowly fading.

“It’s not your fault.” Hermione spoke in more of whispers as she swallowed. “You’ve tried your best but the one that watches must have other plans. In this world, the wicked thrives effortlessly and it takes a lot of lives of good people to put a stop to them and mine is just one of the lives it would take to stop Zion.” She coughed and spat out some blood.

The girl in black rubbed off the tears on her face with the back of her arm, smiling weakly. Hermione still thought they had a chance even on her dying bed, she still worried for the fate of the world even when she was no longer going to be playing any further part in it and as much as it sent a sweet felling through her, she couldn’t help the sad feeling that was lingering in her.

“At the end of today, Zion would be back in Orca, I know it, I feel it.” Hermione continued.

“So being near death has suddenly given you some kind of telepathic powers that makes you able to see the future?” The girl in black replied smiling sadly and Hermione laughed, coughing as she tried to breathe.

There was a short silence as Hermione kept her gaze on the sky.

“We are a long way from home.” She spoke, her gaze looking deep into the sky. “I have come a very long way to die.” She smiled. “Dying in a planet I didn’t even know existed until a few months ago. What better story could be written?”

The sun was already beginning to rise in the sky far in front of them, its pure orange colour setting the sky into rays of radiating beauty. From the mental note she had made from her endless diving and pulling, she knew that she had been swimming and trying to get on to dry land for over four hours and she hadn’t even paused for any minute to take a rest. She stared over the horizon and couldn’t find a single movement, not even dead bodies or rubbles, the whole area was also silent and this made her wonder where the wave had taken her. None of the others would have been that persistent to swim for such long period of time in the dark and with their wounds just to get to safety, and even with the training she had been accustomed with, her entire body felt numb and was without strength.

She dragged herself up using every little strength she could muster, one hand still supporting the metal and tried to help Hermione to sit and watch the rising sun. If that was going to be her last moment, she had to make sure it was a memorable one; the perfect scenery. As she made to stand, the girl in black discovered that her left leg from her knee below was unresponsive. She stared at it and realized that it had been badly burnt the material of the strap she had been wearing had burnt into her leg and she hadn’t even realized it up till that moment. It didn’t hurt, nothing did, not even her abdomen that was pierced by a metal the size of fist, she only felt a little discomfort from it. She wondered how she had been able to swim through such large body of water with just one and a half functioning limb.

She didn’t have the strength to fight any longer, the most awaited and anticipated day of alignment was finally upon them and she was tired; tired of fighting endlessly, tired of losing friends and partners to a mission that was looking like a lost cause and not being able to do anything to the one that was responsible. It was over for her at that point, she had conceded defeat and was going to remain wherever she was, waiting for her own fate to befall her; if that was going to be the last day for the world as she knew it, she didn’t want to die fighting through her last day, she only wanted was to sit at that spot with Hermione and watch the sun rise from the other side of Telus.

She finally helped Hermione to sit and fell beside her as they both kept their gaze on the sky. As they watched on, the girl in black wondered what the fate of the rest of members of the team that were not on the ship, she wondered if they had met a similar fate as the rest, she hoped she would be joining them soon and they can live peacefully in the world beyond. She slowly turned to Hermione when she heard a long sigh, and then nothing. She had her eyes wide open, Hermione, her gaze not dwindling, she was no longer breathing, she just stared on into the sunlight, her pupils dilated, she was dead.

The girl in black fell on her back, staring up above her as she lost more blood too, her head felt dizzy and she was slowly losing consciousness, but she didn’t care. She heard a rustle in the tress behind her but felt little concern, she had figured that she most have swam to one of the islands on the east china seas and there was no way anybody could find her now. The rustle grew louder and then she heard some murmur. She tried to lift her head to turn back but couldn’t, she was too tired and went unconscious.


Seth hurried past the soldiers that were standing in the corridor, his walking stick making loud strokes with each stride he made in anticipation of what waited. One of the men hurried before him and pulled the door open for him to walk through, shutting it as soon as he stepped into the room. Zion stopped short at the door as he stared at the figures in the room. They turned to look at him as soon as he walked in and his quick long strides slowly rescinded as he walked past them to have his sit. He cleared his throat looking at them.

“It must have been a very long day for you too.” He spoke referring to two of the people in the room. He turned to the male. “You have proven yourself once again to be one of the best decisions I have made in making today a reality and you will be rewarded so bountifully like I have promised. You deserve anything for finally bringing me the box that has troubled me and also bringing her back to me.” He turned to look the Rachel.

Rachel remained silent, staring at her foot. She was finally in front of him and all the resolve that she had gathered had suddenly evaporated into thin air. She felt hatred and anger towards him, but in front of him, her emotions were concealed, it felt like none of it even mattered.
Seth cleared his throat and placed his walking stick on the desk. He turned to his head of security. “I think you have something that belongs to me.”
His head of security walked slowly towards him and handed a wrapped substance to him. Seth ripped the cover and exposed the box; he gave a loud sigh of relief as he ran his gaze on the box, staring in awe.

“The Box of Yerevan.” He muttered, not believing his eyes. “I finally have my hands on you and I am never letting you see the light of day anymore.” He turned to the rest of the people in the room. “You can leave now and get ready for the big day. In approximately five hours, the world as you know it will seize to exist and from its ashes, a new world will emerge. One that would be govern by me, a world where every single creature will sing my name and pray for my grace and blessings for their livestock and harvests. Parents will teach their children about this feat and historians will cave it into the walls of every cave in the entire universe.” He gave a wide grin, his face still on the box. He signalled to his head of security and he motioned some of the soldiers towards Rachel.

Rachel struggled to free herself and got hurt with every struggle as they ran a metal chain across her arm. She turned angrily towards Zion who didn’t seem interested in what they were doing. “What’s this?” She requested.

Seth smiled and finally raised his head to look at them. “You have always been a special piece for our plans to be successful. It’s a shame that I had gotten so attached to you, you have become one of the best gifted I have trained and you’re a natural but it’s a pity that you have fallen into the wrong family line. You see, for the Vynet to be activated to its truest potential, it has to be unlocked by the bloodline that shut it down when the first takeover was attempted; the gifted that did it back then belonged to your family line. Not even a higher fallen has a say in things like this, they are laws that have been laid even before we were carved from the light above. So you see, I have nothing against you, but you hold the key to the success of my lifelong plan in your bloodstream.” He signalled to the men and they made to take her out of the room.

“Wait.” Xiu quickly inputted. “If you need her blood, can’t we just draw some and use it? We don’t need to hurt anymore person, enough people have lost their lives to get to the point we are and i think the bloodshed is enough.”

Zion chuckled loudly as if Xiu had made one of the most ridiculous ideas he had ever heard. “You don’t know what it takes to actually maintain balance. A life was sacrificed back them to prevent my first takeover plan from being a success, and right now, a life also has to be sacrificed to make it a success. It is an eye for an eye, that’s the foundation our entire universe was created on.”

Zion smiled at Xiu and turned towards Rachel, staring into her eyes as he walked towards her. “For this to work, you have to have a free mind, one free from any kind of manipulation, so I’m going to be freeing you from you allegiance to me.”

Hermione’s eyes lit up to this, she was at least going to be having a fighting chance finally. She was going to show him what she was truly capable of.

Zion chuckled again, like he had read whatever she had been plotting off her mind. “But I must announce to you that as soon as the sun goes up, you will become a mere human. The day of alignment is a very sacred day that drains off all the power from every supernatural being, it is the day the universe seizes for itself, a day of reconciliation. It is also the day it is at its weakest and its most vulnerable, that is why it is the only day this can be done.” He smiled Rachel. “Right about now, you should be without powers, so I will advice you not to try anything, you will only harm yourself” He placed both hands over her eyes and muttered something. He let her go and signalled to the men to carry on. “The veil should fall in a little while, you will be put in a dungeon far from anybody till the time you are needed, it would give you enough space and time to prepare to go over to the other side.” He smiled and the men began to nudge her out of the room.

“That’s why she left and ran away from you.” Rachel screamed as she was being led out. “You are a monster and she knew it, she could not be with a monster.” She paused and chuckled. “She could not even imagine you fathering her child and also took him away from you.”

Zion signalled to the men and they stopped. He walked slowly towards Rachel wondering what she was on about. He had a hint, but remained adamant. “What are you on about?’ He asked, staring at her to read her expression.

“Your ex.” Rachel spoke bluntly, laughing scarstically. “She has been alive all this time and even has a child, your child, but she kept you in the dark about it. Damn, you couldn’t even recognize her when she stood right in front of you.”

Zion gripped Rachel’s mouth and squeezed hardly, Rachel did not grunt, she was not going to give him that satisfaction.

“She left you and is now with your brother.” Rachel continued in a muffled sound. “Guess he has always been better at everything than you were, he even succeeded in taking the love of your life away from you.”

Zion sent a smack across Rachel’s face. “Not another word from you. If Vera was alive, I would have found her. I would recognize her even with my eyes close.”

Rachel scoffed. “Not with another body you won’t.”

Zion’s stared at Rachel confused, he was adamant but from her expression, he was sure that there was something about what she was saying. “Another body?”

“Yes, you heard right, she switched body and is not even what you think she is. She is a guardian and left you when she saw what you were becoming, she even took your son with her, no one would leave their child with a monster like you.” She scoffed and spat to the floor.

Zion shook his head. “You are muttering nonsense and I understand, anyone who hears that they would be killed in a few moment would. Take her away.” He ordered.

“She is Dan’s wife Alicia, she was your ex and she even told me about your life together, but you ordered her execution. You’re the biggest monster and do not deserve to rot in the same place as regular bad people, you are worse.” She screamed as the door shut.

Zion turned to Xiu, his heart racing. If what Rachel had said had even a hint of truth in it, he needed to find out. Vera was alive? And what was that about a child that she was on about?

“The rest of them, what did you do to them?” He asked, staring at him.

Xiu cleared his throat staring at Zion. “What you ordered, they are all dead.”
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 1:59pm On Jan 07



Dan grunted in anger hitting Xiu on his face with all he had and leaving him to fall to the ground. “We are leaving now.” He said to us, holding Alicia’s hand.

Xiu got on his feet chuckling as he wiped the blood off his face. “I don’t think that is wise, you are already surrounded.”

I quickly walked towards the window and saw them, thousands of fallen, as far as my gaze could go, standing around of the building silent and not moving. I turned to the others, who had their expectant gaze on me and nodded in disappointment.

“We are finished.” Justin spoke pacing around the room. He stopped and turned to Dan. “What do we do now?”

“It’s simple now...” Xiu cut in before Dan could say anything. “...your life for the box.”

Dan laughed and walked towards Xiu, staring at his face angrily. “You think we are just going to hand over humanity’s last hope over to the one who wants to ruin it?”

Xiu smiled, staring at Dan. “Yes I do, and I know you Dan, you will do anything to protect your family, they are the only thing that matters to you.”

Dan was quiet as he turned to look at his wife, and then his child. His gaze then slowly crept to the rest of us and i knew such an expression, he was considering it.

“You don’t mean that.” Alicia quickly added. Her gaze fixed stauntly on Dan. “You are willing to give away the last thing that could stop Zion’s menace just because you want us to live?” She questioned. “You would really want your son to grow up on a planet that is controlled by unclean souls that escaped Orca, with Zion the one true lord over the entire universe? I can’t believe you would even consider it.”

“I understand your concern, but I am trying to be rational here.” Dan started.

Alicia scoffed mockingly.

“If we don’t give them the box, there is no way we are leaving alive. We stand no chance against the million fallen outside, and they would still end up with the box either way and the only way we can end up with our lives is with a bargain and that is something i think we can all work with. ” Dan spoke.

“And how are we sure that they would let us walk if we hand the box over?” I asked. Dan’s idea looked like the best in the situation we were in, we didn’t have much of a choice at that point and had to make the most of the one we had. I knew that there was no way in a thousand years that we could get a mile away from the building without losing half of our numbers and another half before another mile.

“Well Zion’s plan was that you all were all eliminated and silenced once and for all, and rightly so, you all have been a pain in his ass. But i am different and willing to give you a second chance if you agree to stay away from Zion’s plan, at least till he achieves his aim.”

“That makes sense.” Justin inputted. “Without the box now, there is nothing much we could do in the first place, so it would be wise to admit defeat and stay away. We get to live to fight another day and we do not get to die tonight.” He turned to the rest of us in the room. “We are taking this option right?”

Alicia scoffed, she was still having a hard time conceding and I wondered why she held this so personal; it was the most sensible thing to do.

“Well, since we all agree, then hand the box over and i will create a distraction for you to escape.” Xiu stretched his arm.

“A distraction?” Justin questioned. “You said you will let us go.”

“Well I don’t actually control Zion’s army, they receive their orders directly from him, all I can do is buy you all some time to get away to safety.” Xiu replied

“Fair enough.” Dan replied, grabbing his son off the arm of his wife. We brought a car that can fit us; all we need is a path out of here.” He stretched the box towards Xiu who received it.

“I will do just that. You see the northeast corner, just beside where we drove in, drive past there in about a minute, you should have a clear route.” Xiu replied. He turned to Rachel. “I’m sorry, but you are coming with me.”

I reflexly stepped in between them -Rachel and Xiu. “No she’s not.” I replied and all eyes went to me.

Xiu stared at me suspiciously and then at Rachel and smiled. “Well, I hate to put off whatever is going on between you two to a pause, but she is also one of the reasons I’m here and I need to leave with her too.”

Rachel placed her arm on my shoulder and stepped in front of me. “It’s okay, i will be fine.” She said trying to force a smile. I knew she was not going to be fine from her expression, but she placed a finger over my mouth before i could say a word. She leaned in and whispered into my ears. “You will always know where i am and when i need your help, i would call out for you.” She planted a kiss on my neck. “See you soon.” She muttered before slowly walking towards Xiu.

“So it’s settled then, in exactly one minute, be at that spot.” Xiu spoke, walking out of the apartment with Rachel.


The girl in black opened her eyes and found that she was being moved by some set of people. The sun had finally risen and she knew that it was just becoming dawn, probably a few hours now before the moment of alignment and her heart ached. They all looked weird, the people that were moving her, but she was not alarmed at all, they had scared inscriptions all over their bodies, their faces inclusive. She turned and tried to sit on stretcher of leaves she was being whisked on and found that the metal that had gone through her abdomen had been pulled out, and the scar covered with some herbal extract. She watched as the men and women led her through a very large gate into a mini city where the likes of them were already waiting. As soon as they got into the city, a much elderly man and woman walked out of the crowd and stood in front of her as the men lowered her to the ground. They both walked towards her and placed something on her forehead, falling to the ground as soon as they were done, the others in the city all followed suit, also falling to their knees and keeping their head down.

The girl in black did not understand what it was all about, at least not until the elderly woman spoke.

”Seu knath teram la du.”

She recognized the language, it was the language that was spoken on the first planet and she grew further confused.

“How?” She asked.

The elderly man and woman got to their feet and the rest followed suit.

“We have been waiting for you.” The man spoke in the language of the first world. “The one who will lead the resistance against the new world. Come, I will show you everything.” He spoke, walking away with the elderly woman. The girl in black got to her feet and followed them into one of the large caves in the area, not knowing if what she was witnessing was real, or just a vision.


“This is as far as i will go.” I announced to Dan and he turned to look at me.

“You’re going back for her.” He replied rhetorically.

I shook my head and turned to where the car had been parked, Justin, Alicia and her kid who was no awake muttering something to themselves and laughing. We had gone some metres away to discuss, we had gone as far as we could go and had no one on our trail but i couldn’t continue without Rachel by my side, I could not deal with the guilt of abandoning her when I felt so much for her. It had been very hard to love again and now that i finally did, it drove every nerve in me wild.

“I understand what you feel.” Dan replied turning to look at his family. “She would probably hate me for a while, but she would understand as time goes by.”

I smiled. “Yeah.” There was a short silence and I broke it after a while. “I am also going to be trying again.”

Dan stared at my face. “What?”

“I am going to be going head to head with Zion on last time.”

“That’s not wise, doing that alone.” Dan responded.

“Yeah, I know, but nothing is anymore. I don’t care if it costs my life, I just want to know that i gave it everything.”

Dan sighed. “I would have loved to come with you, but..”

“Don’t worry, i understand and I know you have to be there for your family against the world that is emerging. I won’t hold you for that reason.” I smiled at Dan. “It was nice getting to meet you. I have some questions of my own for you, but that would be if we get the opportunity to meet again in the future.”

Dan smiled. “I would be counting on that.” He responded.

Dan pulled me in and we had a hug, he let go and tapped lightly on my shoulders. “Good luck.” He spoke, walking back to the car. I watched him say something to the rest and they turned to my direction, looking shocked and sad. I smiled and headed in their direction, i needed to tell them goodbye too.


Zion stood over the cliff and stared at the large body of water in front of him, for a last time, he stared at the box before tying a piece of stone to it and letting it fall into the sea, slowly sinking to its bottom. Along with it went all the questions he would not get an answer to and although it felt like a load in his chest, he consoled himself with the fact of all he would be getting. He walked away from the cliff and his head of security met him half way.

“All the centres are ready.”

Zion sighed. “Tell them to start up the process, it is finally time.”

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Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 5:08pm On Jan 07
Nice and lovely. good storyline. I couldn't help but long for more. you are really good at this. I have been reading your every chapter without commenting and am sure there are lots of my kind reading too. keep it up. I am compelled to comment just to wish you total recovery. A rib cracking hug for you. kiss

Thanks a lot for the wish, I'd be on my feet in a little time. Thanks for following too, I really do appreciate it
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by purpinkx(m): 6:08am On Jan 09
Also, ghostreaders, don't ya'll think it's time to say something?

Well done, still on page 5 (6?) And, I'm intrigued.

Keep up the good work, you never know who is reading
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by dankorode(m): 10:02am On Jan 09
one of the best.
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by BOMA2912(m): 6:08pm On Jan 09
After a year away from Nairaland, a perfect story to welcome me back.
Great storyline boss
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by maxlev1: 2:35pm On Jan 11
This is one of the best stories I have read in a very long while. It is so captivating. I disactivate my ghost mode with immediate effect. From now henchforth, I will be an active commenter as far as the story goes on. Kudos to u frankline461.
Keep up the good work sir.
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 10:20pm On Jan 12
one of the best.
Thanks for following man
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 10:20pm On Jan 12
After a year away from Nairaland, a perfect story to welcome me back.
Great storyline boss

Thanks man
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 10:22pm On Jan 12
This is one of the best stories I have read in a very long while. It is so captivating. I disactivate my ghost mode with immediate effect. From now henchforth, I will be an active commenter as far as the story goes on. Kudos to u frankline461.
Keep up the good work sir.

Nice that you decided to drop a comment. Thanks for following too, I appreciate the gesture

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Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 10:23pm On Jan 12
The next chapter is on the way, possibly later tomorrow. Thank you all for following, the ride is almost complete
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by Haryomhide1(m): 7:29am On Jan 13
Happy New Year Boss cheesy
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 12:07am On Jan 15

“Everything that is happening now has already been prophesied and written in the sands of time in every single planet in the universe.” The elderly man started as soon as they were in the cave. He and the elderly woman moving further into the cave as the girl in black followed closely.

The girl in black looked around the large cave, it was very peculiar and was lined with wooden torches that burned and lightened the concealed space, there were a lot of inscriptions on the walls of the cave and they were written in the language of the first world alongside some drawings too.

“It is inevitable, the transcension of power to a mere mortal.” The elderly woman picked up from where the man had stopped. “Mortals have been after it since the beginning of time, and the one who watches has decided to stand on the sideline this time and hand over what we have always craved for; the power of the universe to a non deserving human.”

The girl in black removed her gaze from the walls and to the couple that stood behind her. “Why? Why would he decide to give such amount of power to a mortal, doesn’t he care if the power is abused and used in all kinds of selfish ways?”

The couple smiled, stopping and turning to look at the girl in black. “He will be going away for a long time and would be leaving us mortals and his other creations to fend for ourselves.”

“When he created the universe...” The elderly man continued. “...he made it whole and without blemish, but the problem aroused when he decided to create higher beings in his own image. It was only a matter of time before we wanted to be him and wanted everything that he was. We have fought and killed one another just to achieve that goal and if something is not done about it, there will be more bloodsheds and death.”

The girl in black scoffed, turning away from the couple and towards the wall of the cave again. “But he sat and watched all these happen, why didn’t he do anything to stop it?” She was not having any of it.

“There is only much he can do to influence the happenings of the universe, he had created us to live independent of his influence and has given us the one true power over every little things when he decided to give us the gift of freewill.”

“With the gift of freewill came the freedom to do whatever we wanted without him being able to influence our decisions or the consequences, and now, he is going to be giving one of us the ultimate power we have killed for, for decades and centuries.”

The girl in black scoffed again and took steps away from the couple towards the walls of the cave, trying to read some of the inscriptions on the wall. “Well, I’m sure whenever he decides to come out of his sabbatical leave, he would be met with nothing to rule over.” She stated, reading some of the inscriptions on the wall.

“That’s why you have been chosen.” The elderly man replied her.

The girl in black turned back to look at him, wondering what he was talking about. “Chosen, for what?”

The elderly woman smiled and walked in her direction, walking past her and facing the wall of the cave. The girl in black followed her gaze and found a drawing on the wall of the cave. It was one of a lady, holding a staff while thousands of other creatures stood behind her, the arm with the staff was stretched and the light in the staff shone brightly, preventing beasts and someone who sat on a throne from being able to get past her to the ones who were behind her. One thing was odd about the drawing though, the one who sat on the throne did not look like a man but a woman, and unless Zion had the gone to carry out a sex switch, she didn’t see how possible that image would be fulfilled. Maybe there had been a mistake in the drawing.

“There is never a mistake in this. The drawings are not made by the hands of mere mortals, they appear from time to time to reveal what the immediate future will look like, and they change with every little change in decisions we make. They never lie.”

The girl in black gave a loud sigh; she had been startled by the voice of the elderly man who was now standing beside her. She took a deep breath trying to control her racing heart as she turned back to the inscriptions.

“Why is there a woman on the throne?” She asked. “From what I know, Zion is a man and unless he has undergone a transplant, I don’t see how this inscription would probably come true.”

“Things are not always the way you see it, this paintings are new and they appeared this morning. It means something big is about to happen and as it stands, a lady would be ascending that throne instead of a man.” The elderly man sighed and continued. “You have been charged to put whoever ascends that position in place and prevent them from destroying what would be left of the world while the one who watches goes away and you are also to figure out a way to hand power back to him when he reappears.”

The girl in black gave a hysterical laugh. “So if I am getting this right, I have been charged to go against the new ‘God’ and prevent him, her, or whatever ascends that throne from trying to spread their wings and take over the remaining part of the universe.” She burst into laughter again. “I don’t know what you all or whoever placed this drawing here in the first place are thinking, but I can assure you that I would not be going up against anyone. I would be leaving to find the others as soon as I heal and would also try to figure out a way to get back to the first planet as soon as I can. I am done here.” She stated, turning to leave the cave.

“You might be done, but the one who watches is not done with you.” The elderly man spoke in a voice void of countenance and emotions.

The girl in black turned to look at him, her emotions beginning to get erratic. “If the one who watches wants to give me a mission, he should come over here and tell me himself, that’s if he even exists in the first place.” She spoke angrily and turned to leave again when the cave went dark.

All the burning woods in the cave went off one after the other and the whole cave became quiet and dark and she couldn’t find her way out. She quickly picked up her torch and turned it on, turning it in the direction that the elderly man and woman had been standing, but they were no longer there.

“I know you have a lot of questions and you’re right to not want anything to do with another mission after everyone you have lost in this first one, but you’re the only deserving one still alive, you’re the only one that has a chance against the uprising foe and you’re the only one capable enough to stop hand over power back to the one who watches.” A voice spoke through the darkness and she recognized it, it was the voice of the elderly man.

“You..you...you’re..” The girl in black stuttered.

“He is just a mere vessel, we all are.” The elderly woman’s voice came through the darkness too.

Slowly the burning flame came on again, one after the other. The cave became lit again and the couple were standing right in their position, like they never left.

“He has made some provisions for you. You are not going to be at a disadvantage this time. He is also going to be giving you an almost equal share of his powers, you will be using this to protect yourself, the ones you love and the rest of the universe, and as long as the light from the staff burns in the middle of this cave, your powers will continue to flourish endlessly.”

“And what happens when that light goes off?” The girl in black asked curiously, but still tried to sound disinterested.

“That should never happen; it would mean that the one who watches has abandoned us and would spell the end of the world.” The woman replied.

The girl in black ran her hand over her face trying to figure out what this whole development meant for her, she didn’t want to have anything more to do with trying to save the world anymore, not after all she had gone through, all she wanted was to live the rest of her life peacefully somewhere quiet that was beginning to look very unlikely.


I slowly dragged the boat I had ridden in out of the water, dragging it across the rocky bank and trying my best not to be seen by the fallen that were now canvassing the area in their numbers. I didn’t want to draw attention to myself and the boat, at least not until I was able to figure out where Rachel was and how to get her out of the city unarmed; the boat was the only way. I placed the boat in between some large rocks and placed a large fabric over it to prevent anyone from noticing it on first glance, and then began to tiptoe by the side of the rocky wall towards the entrance of the city. I quickly placed my hood over my head as I slipped into the city; it was best if the fallen thought I was a regular human and came after me with that knowledge instead of seeing my face and discovering who I was. By the position of the sunlight, I knew it was almost noon and that I had about an hour to rescue Rachel and prevent Zion one last time from activating the Vynet. It was easier locating the tower which stood tall amongst the other buildings in the city, but it was going to be harder identifying where Rachel had been kept in the large building.

I shut my eyes and tried to concentrate.

‘Rachel’ I muttered, but I got nothing.

I sighed and started towards the tower, she had to be in there somewhere and the faster I found her, the more time I had to devise one final attack on Zion. As I made it out of the building I had been hiding, a loud humming sound went off and its loud noise filled the entire city. I watched as fallen and soldiers stood still, and a familiar large blue ray progressed from the tower into the middle of the sky. Subsequently, several other rays from beyond the horizon intersected it and they all progressed out through the cloud. In a brief moment, the shining sky began to become dim and the whole area began to darken; it felt like a eclipse of some kind as heavy wind began to blow all through the city. I sighed, my gaze on the now darkening sky, trying to prevent them from activating the Vynet was now out of the equation, I now had to prevent Zion from walking into the light, as Nikita had explained that it was what he needed to do to gain the power he sought.

‘When the moment of alignment arrived and the Vynets are all activated across the globe, the light from the centre of the Vynets rises to the sky and the light from the deep skies shines back to the earth’

All he needed to do was to walk into the light as soon as it shone back to the earth and all the powers he sought after would be his. He would be walking out of it a new man, one that the entire universe would be bowing to. I had to make sure that never happened; even the thought of it gave me the chills.

I headed towards the tower and it became much more easier trying to manipulate my way in the dark, I was finally on the outside of the large tower and it was crawling with more fallen and human soldiers, it had been made more secured than it was before. I hid behind a pillar on the fence as two human soldiers walked by, muttering something to each other, I finally sighed as soon as they were out of sight, here was no way I was walking in through the front gate without being noticed. I groaned in frustration, it would have been easier if I knew the exact position I was headed. I shut my eyes again and called out her name, but still received nothing. I sighed for the umpteenth time and turned to the gates that led into the tower, I needed a form of distraction or an entry point that was less guarded. I turned to look around the fence and scanning it and looking out for a fault in its structure, an entry point. I finally found it, an open and less guarded point, just at the corner. I hurried across the road and slipped through the open point into the compound, landing on my feet and turning to look around; no one had noticed. I ran across the compound and into a building, quickly hiding behind a pile of dirt as soon as I heard grunts in the building I had ran into. I shifted my head and peeped slowly, I had heard right, I was not alone. There were a couple of fallen and human soldiers in the room, their attention was fixed on what they were trying to lift out of a truck and they had not noticed me walk into the building. I heaved in relief; it was still too early to raise their alarm.

I needed to find Rachel’s position and I didn’t think trying to get that answer off a fallen would be wise, I wasn’t even sure I would be able to understand them; a human soldier was my best bet. I quickly retreated and hid behind a pile of garbage as the fallen dragged whatever it was out of the building and were soon followed by the armed human soldier. As soon as they stepped out, I slowly crept out of my position, walking further into the building. I brought out the map of the tower from the pocket of my jacket and ran my gaze through it, trying to figure out the best place that she could have been locked up, but the whole building looked like a big maze and there wasn’t enough time. I followed the map and walked into through a door that led to the main part of the tower, finally, I saw some human soldiers walking into one of the rooms in the tower and I quickly followed them, locking the door behind me.

I walked out of the room a few minutes later, staring at the map in my hands. She was somewhere in the underground building, the last room on the last floor where they usually kept captured people. From the map, I needed to go down through the elevator, or take the staircase which was sure to take a very long time because I had to walk down sixteen floors. There was an elevator just a few metres away and I walked towards it, clicking on a button and putting the map back into my back pocket as I waited for it. The floor I was in was clear and the soldiers I had interrogated earlier had clarified that most of the others had gone up to the last floor where they were to guard Zion till he walked into the light which was due to descend in a few minutes. They had not been expecting any occurrence because Xiu had reported to Zion that the last of the resistance was dead. My mind felt a little at rest, I finally had the element of surprise. The elevator pinged and luckily, there was no one in it. I quickly stepped into it and clicked on the button, down and the sixteenth floor. The elevator shut and I felt it start to move.

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Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 12:08am On Jan 15


Dan and the others stared at the sky above them from the boat as it slowly sailed away, the cloud from afar was beginning to darken and they could see the rays that went into the clouds, causing some sort of disturbance that made the cloud look like it was being drained. The darkness was beginning to spread slowly in the cloud, approaching their position and they were starting to feel a little of the wind it carried as the ocean wave began to rise steadily. He knew what it meant, Dan, Zion had finally launched the Vynet and finally, the day and moment they had all dreaded was before them. He picked up the boat’s paddle and resumed paddling, this time with more effort. They had to be out of the ocean when the moment finally arrived, the boat was not strong enough to withstand the tide that was soon to occur. He and his family had to get to the island that many had spoken about. He knew that the forest of Alashkert must have been compromised and the island was their only hope, it was the only place that was going to be safe from Zion and his newly found power, it was the perfect place to regroup and figure out the next step.

“It really is the end of the world.” Justin spoke subconsciously, his gaze fixed on the sky as he shook his head. “It’s the end of the world and it is beautiful.” He concluded.

“Even terrible things look beautiful at first.” Dan replied him as he paddled; his gaze back on the cloud.


The elevator dinged and I walked out of it as quickly as I could, I was met by two fallen who approached me as soon as I stepped out. I pulled off my hood off of my head and pulled out my wings, stretching it and sighing, finally they were free. I sent the edges of the wings into the chest of the two fallen that was approaching me before they could figure out what was happening, ripping them apart. I quickly placed one of my wings across my body as a human soldier appeared and grabbed a gun, shooting continuously in my direction. I smiled at him as soon as he stopped to reload, swiftly moving in his direction and driving my arm straight through his chest, pulling out his heart. I noticed that the floor was not also guarded as it should be as I made it for the last room on the floor. I stood in front of the metal door and pulled it open, but it was empty. Another soldier quickly made it to me from nowhere, I blocked his initial attack with my right arm but was not swift enough to deflect the kick he sent into my abdomen.

I grunted and took a few steps back, staring at him, he quickly reached for his waist and tried to pull out a weapon but he was too slow. I walked towards him hitting the weapon off his hand and raised him by his neck.

“The girl that was in there, where is she?” I asked squeezing tighter.

He cried out as he struggled to breathe. “They took her.” He spoke grunting.

“Who, and where did they take her to?” I asked immediately.

“A few minutes ago, they took her to the top of the building.” He spoke, almost out of breath.

I turned towards the entrance I walked in and found another elevator lined up just beside the one I had come in through. I slapped my inner head, I should have noticed it immediately I had stepped. I let the man down and he rolled away from me, holding his neck as he tried to catch his breath. I walked away from him, through the corridor and towards the elevator, I clicked on it and walked into it as soon as it opened. The last floor was about thirty six floors away from my current position and every second from that moment counted. As the elevator shut and started moving up, I didn’t know what to expect when I finally got to the top of the building, but one thing was sure, it was going to be a shit show, my final shit show.


Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 12:09am On Jan 15
Happy New Year Boss cheesy

Happy new year to you too
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by Lakesc(m): 3:34am On Jan 15
This book is really becoming more and more interesting. My guess is that the girl seated on the throne is rechal. Thanks 4 d update.....
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by frankline461: 4:39pm On Jan 18
The Final Chapter of The Girl In Black would be posted this week and I want to thank everyone that has been with us from the beginning of this book in July to this point.

Thanks for your words of encouragement, your compliments and also your correction. This ride has been great and I am also happy that I am able to complete my second book here on this platform.

Thank you all for your time, I hope we get to do more in the future


Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by jupitre(m): 11:43am On Jan 19
The Final Chapter of The Girl In Black would be posted this week and I want to thank everyone that has been with us from the beginning of this book in July to this point.

Thanks for your words of encouragement, your compliments and also your correction. This ride has been great and I am also happy that I am able to complete my second book here on this platform.

Thank you all for your time, I hope we get to do more in the future
Sure bro..Sure..Thanks for sharing this with us too..You're mouthed
Re: The Girl In Black By SAMUEL Franklin (Psy-FY, Action and Thriller) by PenHub: 10:38am On Jan 20
More wisdom frankline461. Its really been great. More wisdom to u

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