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The Devil's Love (a Tale Of A Rapist) By John Mfon / A Walk With The Devil (Vol. 1) By Devilpen / The Work Of The Devil? A Short Story By Avatarmode (2) (3) (4)

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A Walk With The Devil 2 by Devilpen(m): 10:36pm On Aug 09, 2020
Written by: Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach
From: The Prime Insane Universe

A Walk With The Devil

Jonathan alighted the delivery van and walked towards the back, ever since his redemption he had decided to keep a low profile and let no one knew about his powers, he had shut put anything that had to deal with love out from his life.

His thousands years alive had thought him never to do anything love, the pain of watching his children die right before his eyes, his wives dying right before his very eyes and him never ageing or even wrinkling, his life was not worth it.

He opened the doors of the van and pulled the first box towards him with ease, the job was to deliver the boxes to the clients mini ware house.

He closed his eyes as he felt a strange presence behind him, that which was not of human and spoke.

"Will you stop coming to me in that cat form, or one day I'll have to strangle you off all your nine lives " Jonathan said and turned around, his hands tucked in the pocket of his leather jacket.

Before him was a huge black cat, with glittering eyes. The cat stood on all fours and purred at Jonathan before turning into a human form.

"Better, talk to me angel to man "

The cat fully transformed into a thirteen feet tall human, dressed in ancient war armors, girded around the waist, with two two swords on both sides of his waist.

"Jophiel" Jonathan said and looked up at him "What message do you bring? "

"Nothing, I chased a twelve soul demon down here, so I decided to pay you a visit" Jophiel said with a wide smile.

"Thanks "

Jophiel bowed his head, with a longing look on his face.

"Is something wrong? "

"No, hopefully it doesn't escalate down to earth, farewell human" Jophiel said and suddenly bright light filled the entire place and when it died down he was gone.

Jonathan sighed and turned back to lift the box.


Jonathan parked the car before a brown two storey building with an inscription of HONOR DELIVERY on the roof top. He pushed the heavy glass door open and walked in, he walked towards the lady on the reception desk and heaved before speaking.

"You're back, early as usual, the boss asked you to see him in his office " The lady said and gave a bright smile before resuming work back on the computer.

Jonathan ran up the stairs and walked through the corridor of the upper floor and knocked on the third door on his left and went in after hearing the order to.

"Tina said you ask of me" Jonathan said looking straight into the eyes of the pot bellied man sitting comfortably on the leather office chair, his legs on the table.

"Yes, I really admire how diligent you are with this job, can you make a final delivery for today, a new store opened around Alagbaka axis, and we would be supplying them with canned foods, the truck is already loaded, since you dont like having partners, you'll see the address on the dashboard of van 205"

Jonathan nodded his head and immediately took his leave without uttering any word.


Jonathan drove the red van into the premises of the super mart, and parking the van in a much more suitable position that'll allow him ease of off loading the goods. The mart sure still had some finishing touches to be made on it, the security doors were still on progress, the halogen bill board was also still on going, the floor were still rough looking.

"Good evening" Jonathan greeted the working men and opened the back door of the van.

"I'm asking of Miss. Helen" Ko than said calmly hoping one of them would reply, since he didn't directed the words to anyone specifically.

"Who's asking?" a well toned, dark skinned lady asked, as she walked out of the mart, smartly dressed in a yellow gown that brought out all of her curves.

"I came for delivery, so I'll be needing her to sign the papers" Jonathan replied, with no expression on his face.

"Alright, where do I sign?"

The weather suddenly changed from a cool day to a complete opposite, the clouds turned dark, while the sun changed completely to a red fury one, thunder and lightning followed next, with loud rumbles filling the entire earth

Two figures could be seen in the sky, fighting against each other and within a flash, both were gone.

Lightning struck, directly at Helen, who was carried away with the strange occurrence. Sensing this, Jonathan dived before her, intercepted the thunder bolt which struck him hard.

Helen let out a loud scream as Jonathan crashed into her, yet even at the force at which the thunder bolt struck him, he was still holding firm to Helen, using his entire body to shield her.

His entire cloth shredded, leavingbhis upper body bare with no sign of bruises no matter how little. His eyes met with Helen's who was in total shock at the quick event that unfolded, dumbfounded, words failed her at this point.

"Are you okay? " Jonathan asked as he carefully pulled her up, this time the weather already got back to normal.

"You.... just.. " Helen stammered pointing to the sky.


Jonathan finally offloaded the last of the goods into the mart, and locked up the doors of the van, just then Helen walked out.

"Hey, Jonathan right? " She asked and continued "Thanks for today and here" She said and handed over a blue nylon to him which contained a black shirt.

Jonathan only nodded and wore the shirt on himself.

"Thanks for risking your life to save mine, but something still baffles me, no single trace of burnt, even though I saw it clearly that it struck you"

Jonathan gave a blank look and walked into the van, without looking back at her, he drove off.


Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Nobody: 10:47pm On Aug 09, 2020
nice, can be re-hashed to convey mood much better
Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Tominix(m): 10:57pm On Aug 09, 2020
Devilpen double twale sire, nice wan
Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Devilpen(m): 10:59pm On Aug 09, 2020
nice, can be re-hashed to convey mood much better
I'll try and pay attention to that in coming updates... thanks a lot

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Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Devilpen(m): 11:00pm On Aug 09, 2020
Devilpen double twale sire, nice wan
Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Devilpen(m): 11:02pm On Aug 09, 2020
Jonathan in his Cherub form
Art by Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach
Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Devilpen(m): 11:02pm On Aug 09, 2020
Jonathan in his Cherub form

Art by Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach

Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Tominix(m): 11:03pm On Aug 09, 2020
Ha boss man, i am even reading vol 1 over again e sweet me eh
Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Tominix(m): 11:03pm On Aug 09, 2020
Jonathan in his Cherub form
Art by Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach
Wey the pinshur
Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Devilpen(m): 11:16pm On Aug 09, 2020
Wey the pinshur
already added
Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Devilpen(m): 12:28am On Aug 10, 2020
Jonathan stood before the wall mirror in his washroom, he scooped a reasonable amount of water into his palms and washed his face with it, let out a loud sigh and grabbed the face towel which was neatly hanged beside the mirror.

He towelled his face and walked out into his room only to find a huge black cat seated on the three sitter lathered chair in his room.

"Even God does not invade ones privacy like you do" Jonathan said and threw the towel on the cat.

"You saw what happened yesterday? " the cat replied as it transformed into Jophiel.

Jonathan kept mute, he knew something was up in the other realm, and one way or the other he was going to be pulled into their mess, so he had to try as much as possible to avoid whatever it was.

"No, what happened?" he replied as he walked towards his wardrobe and scanned through the numerous clothes in it.

"Impossible, if you didn't witness it, you should have heard of it" Jophiel replied.

Jonathan made an unpleasant face and turned around to face Jophiel.

"What do you want with me, this visit is becoming annoying"

"Hopefully, the host don't resort to you, I chased down another twelve tailed demon"

Jonathan sighed and pulled out a grey shirt from the wardrobe.

"Last time was the same thing, I don't care whatever you chase, I don't want you visiting again, you lots should just let me be" Jonathan said.

"Your hairs, the due is going off, why can't you let the white hairs be, father gave you that as a promise of redemption and yet you keep turning it black, you can't hide that forever" Jophiel said and disappeared.

"ARRRGHHH! Annoying set of angel" Jonathan said in frustration and walked back into the washroom, scrutinized his hairs and immediately began to prepare black dye he would use on it.


Jonathan resumed work about fifteen minutes past eight, after penning down his resumption time in the time book, he walked to the boss office.

"Good morning sir" Jonathan greeted his boss who smiled broadly at him, something that had never happened.

"Johnny, your last delivery yesterday, you'll be making another delivery there this morning, the lady specifically want you to deliver it, she gee extra tip to give you, here" the boss said and slipped an envelop over to Jonathan.

Reluctantly and without taking his eyes off the boss, Jonathan picked up the envelop, without bothering to check the amount in it, he dipped it into his pocket and picked up the key on the table.

"I'll be leaving sir"

The boss only muttered and signalled Jonathan to leave.


Jonathan pulled up the truck before an orphanage and alighted, walked towards the donation box and opened the envelop, brought out the money and began to slot them into the box through the tiny opening in it, it was then he realised the cash totalled fifteen thousand naira.

"That man, always shows up on 28th of every month, to make donation of fifty thousand naira and today he shows up at the middle of the month" A man dressed in white robe, with yellow gird around his waist said from the upper floor of the inner building and watched as Jonathan walked back into the van and drove off.


Jonathan drove in into the premises of the super mart and noticed some things were changed, the unfinished works yesterday were completed and it had already began full functionality. He opened the metallic door of the mart and walked in, headed towards the cashier's table and spoke to the young lady at the counter.

"I'm asking of Miss Helen, I need her to sign the delivery papers" Jonathan said, and breathed in the chill air from the air conditioner in the mart.

"Oh, you must be Mr. Jonathan right? "


"Well, she is unavailable Now, she asked you to either give her a call or wait, she won't be long" the lady said trying to be as customer friendly as possible.

"Give her a call, I'll wait outside" Jonathan replied and walked out.

He immediately began to offload the boxes, taking them right into the store building, which was on the left side of the compound.

Jonathan offloaded the final box, locked the doors of the store and just then a Lexus Jeep drove in and parked beside him.

The door opened and Helen alighted, with a broad smile on her face, her perfume smelt nice which made Jonathan a little bit relaxed.

"I'm sorry I came late, Gladys called me, although I was expecting you to place the call" Helen said, giggled between her words so as not to sound too pushy.

"I don't have a phone" Jonathan replied and walked pass her towards the van and closed the doors.

"That's new" Helen said under her breath and walked up to Jonathan who was already stretching the form towards her.

After appending her signature, she reached for her pocket and brought out a purple card.

"Here, I hope you'll make it, it's a little way of saying thank you for saving my life, that's a special invite to a party at Ijoka" she said, trying to avoid eye contact with Jonathan.

Jonathan sighed, without saying a word turned around, entered into his van, threw the card on the dashboard and drove off.


Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by michael123pelemo(m): 9:41am On Aug 10, 2020
Going great, waiting on an update
Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Gheeohh: 9:00pm On Aug 10, 2020
Nice story
Keep it coming
Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Hardes(m): 9:22pm On Aug 10, 2020
Finally Joi the party. Ride on boss.
Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Devilpen(m): 10:50pm On Aug 10, 2020
Jonathan opened the door of his house, walked in, and switched the lights on. His house was a room and parlour self contain, located at the very end of compound, among seven other stand alone buildings in the compound. He had made a reputation of a line wolf in his community, he had no one he talked with, no one even talked to him, if he had resumed work in the morning, he would resume back home late at night, thus he had no one talking with.

Jonathan slumped himself on the three sitter and looked towards the table only to see invitation card he had threw immediately he drove out of the mart he had gone to deliver goods.

He slowly stood up and picked up the card, paid close attention to it and noticed it was the same card, nothing changed.

Without thinking further he roughed the card and walked towards his window, opened the frames and threw the card off.

He turned around and was speechless, seeing the same card on the table, the same position it was earlier.

"Jophiel" Jonathan called out, standing rooted to the ground.

A black cat walked out from the back of the chair, staring at Jonathan who was fuming with anger.

"You should try mingling with people, especially someone as beautiful as this girl" the cat said and jumped on the table, placed it paw on the card and said it a little bit forward.

"Have you been stalking me? "

"Not really, some twelve tail spirit still roam, it's my job to eradicate them, and you know I am a good friend of yours "

Jonathan raised up his right hand and stalked out the finger between the thumb and the middle finger, moved it about and spoke.

""First, you don't get to stalk me, second I am not your friend, third, I can't risk loving again, it's not meant for me, she'll die earlier than her time"

Jophiel took his angelic form and walked closer to Jonathan

"She is different, you'll find out once you get closer to her"

Jonathan heaved and turned towards the window.

"Why are you really on earth? "

Jophiel muttered some inaudible words and took few steps backward, with his head kept low.

"The Holy Grails went missing from the White Wing, the Seraphs that guarded it were ambushed by Demonic angles that transformed to angels of light" Jophiel said and continued "I and Zadakiel were tasked to return it, but Zadakiel was killed, I lost a reasonable amount of my powers, I can't return to heaven and I'm stuck here on earth" Jophiel finally concluded.

"What does that mean?"

"When the moon and sun align, an evil force will be unleashed through the Grails and the evil things you experience here on earth will only grow worse, the Seven deadly sins will be fully powered and have total domination even over the strongest of all faiths " Jophiel replied and let out a loud sigh.


"Come on, she'll be waiting for you, take the card and go " Jophiel said with a broad smile and stretched his hand at Jonathan who grabbed it firmly and returned the gesture of the smile.


Jonathan came to a running landing at a very dark discreet area, dressed in black suit, which fitted him perfectly, he withdrew his wings into himself and took a brief look at his wristwatch, the time was fifteen minutes after eleven at night.

The card tucked into his breast pocket, Jonathan retrieved it as he approached the bouncers, who stepped aside, allowing him entry as he tendered the pass.

The party was one with class, not for common men, Jonathan looked around, if he had not run something better than this before his redemption, he would have been taken by awe. But this was class but no where near the seven star mega club he had when he was the devil himself.

"I believe you are bothering what belongs to me" Jonathan said and tapped the man who was pestering Helen who tried as much to ignore the persistent man.

The man turned around, with a wide grin on his face.

Jonathan had seen this at all time, men trying to prove their the alpha males in situations like this, but it always ended in tears, but tonight he wasn't ready for such.

"I'm sorry, but huhhm, you'll have to excuse her, she's with me" Jonathan said with a smile, both hands tucked in his pockets.

The man scoffed at walked out, brushing Jonathan on the shoulder as he walked passed.
Helen stood up, revealing her full glory, dressed in red glittering gown, she adjusted Jonathan's suit, with a broad smile on her face and offered him the seat before her, a round table separating them both.

"You look different, more handsome and official " Helen said, unsure about the right words to use in complimenting Jonathan.

"Thanks, you're... Permit me to say hot" Jonathan said, which threw them both into loud laughter.

"Thanks for making it dear" Helen said and starred deep into his eyes.

They both stood speechless for a long while until they got interrupted by the waiter who came for their order. Throughout the eating, they both kept mute and Jonathan tried to avoid eye contact with her.

"Sorry about the awkward silence, I'm not just good at things like this" Jonathan said and gently laid his spoon.

"It's no problem, I actually needed to say thank you, and probably become good friends" she said and signalled to the waiter.

"The total bill is two hundred thousand " the waiter said, and checked some boxes on the paper with him.

"Alright" Helen said and moved her hand to where she kept her bag only to discover it was missing.

She tried composing herself, but it was almost impossible as Jonathan noticed it.

"I hope this pays for it" Jonathan said and revealed a gold coin on his palm.


Helen sighed as they both walked towards her car, her purse missing was not something she thought would happen. She opened the driver's door and was shocked to see her purse laying on the dashboard.

A huge black cat meowed from a dark corner which caught both her and Jonathan's attention.

"You won't believe, I left the purse here, come on, we can pay in cash and get back your gold, that's too precious to loss" She said and grabbed Jonathan firmly by the hands.

"It's of no use" Jonathan replied with a broad smile.

Sound of breaking bottles came from the dark path where the black car was earlier, and from the alley, two husky looking men came out with bottle on their hands and from the exit door of the club, the man who was pestering Helen showed up, with a cigarette in his mouth.

"I saw you give that waiter gold, almost a million naira, just like that, and I am sure there is more from where that came from, and this lady could be a plus, she's damn hot" the man said wickedly and let out a horrible laughter.

"See, we don't want trouble, just let us go" Helen said and walked towards the man.

The man smirked and next landed a heavy slap on Helen's face, which sent her straight to the ground. Seeing this Jonathan lost his temper, brewing with anger, he could feel his wings threatening to burst out from his back.

Helen pulled herself up, already with swollen lips, she looked at Jonathan, like she expected him to fight back on her behalf.

"Gold or I'll hit her the second time"

"That's if you have the hands to do so" Jonathan said and next a heavy wind picked the man up off his feet and slammed him against the metal waste bin.

Fear ran through Helen's spine. Jonathan turned to face the two other men and elevated into the air, his white huge wings flapping through the air.

Same thing that happened to the first man, repeated itself on the others, sending them all unconscious.

Jonathan turned to Helen still in mid air, and looked on with blank expression on his face. Helen stood still in shock, her legs failed her, practically she was not functioning.

Jonathan in one flap of the wings, went into the sky, almost as fast as a rocket.



Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by xaviercasmir(m): 11:29pm On Aug 10, 2020
Wow another breathtaking update. Thanks bro
Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by nastynic(m): 11:38pm On Aug 10, 2020

I miss this
Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Devilpen(m): 9:06pm On Aug 11, 2020

Jonathan threw the glass cup with him at Jophiel which passed swiftly inches away from Jophiel's face and smashed against the wall.

"You caused this all, now what, things didn't go well" Jonathan shouted in annoyance, his eyes glowing fury red.

"Seems I still don't understand the way of humans, I think love isn't the way we define it " Jophiel said with remorse.

"Get out and never return" Jonathan said lowly, with his head down.

"What about you? "

"I've lived alone all this while, now.... Get... Out " Jonathan said and pointed at the door.

Jophiel sighed and transformed into a black cat, leaped on the window from, took a last look at Jonathan and jumped out.


Helen walked into Jonathan's boss office and made herself comfortable on the visitors chair. It had been two weeks already without setting her eyes on Jonathan, the delivery was done by another new person, even after placing a special order, requesting Jonathan should be the one delivering.

The boss walked in, made himself comfortable on his chair and arranged some few papers before setting his eyes on Helen.

"Customer, we really appreciate your patronage, one of these days we will surely surprise you, your package will be mind blowing " The man said, expressing the broad smile on his chubby face.

"I actually really love your service" Helen said and adjusted herself on the chair.

"Haaaa, my pleasure "

"But I'm asking of Jonathan, he isn't the one doing my deliveries again, what's wrong? " Helen asked with a puzzled look.

"Huhhm... Madam, Jonathan quit about two weeks ago, it's also a grate loss and word has it he relocated out of the town, although I'm not sure, cause no one knows where he lives" The boss said and let out a loud sigh, expressing his displeasure.

"I really need to see him, do you have any idea where I can find him? "

"I'm sorry, I don't know a bit about him, just that he is a good person"

After Helen had took her leave, the boss slammed his hands on his table and shut his eyes tight, he needed no one to tell him Helen was done with his service, the earlier week, he had lost four important customers all because Jonathan quitted.

"This is bad for business"


What looked like meteorite hurled down from above, with fire trailing behind as it approached with a speed almost thirty times the speed of light at broad day light. It descended down, getting closer, it turned out to be something entirely different.

The object finally touched ground, right in the centre of the city, the loud bang created more than twenty feet deep crater, the shock wave it emitted, spread through the entire city, laying everything within twenty mile radius into ruins, it brought down mighty building, even those made of steels, it crumbled cars, sending them into bad which was impossible to repair.

In less than twenty minutes, military men flocked the area, placing boundary tapes around the area, and medics taking in all injured and dead victims, broadcasters also were not left out.

Inside the crater laid a dead rogue looking monster, which had a huge tail, rough set of eyes and Sabre tooth, the body looked sleek and slimy.

Somewhere in the woods, was another huge crater, with Jophiel laying dead in it, a glowing scroll on his right hand. His rib cage let out flow of golden liquid which poured out in large quantity.


Helen saw the news on television and immediately dashed out of her mart, entered into her car and quickly drove off, somehow she felt the incident was connected to Jonathan, weird things would attract weird things, she thought as she drove through the highway.

Three hours drive, Helen finally got to her destination, acting on instinct, even though she didn't know we're to begin from, finding Jonathan in a huge city as Owo, was like looking for pin among the sands of the shores.

Helen from where she stood could see the crater, and how the inhabitants were struggling to get back on their feet, putting things back in order. On her left she saw a little girl crawl out from under a fallen building and ran up to her, All her shout for help proved futile as everyone was concerned with their own family, nobody mattered to another at this time.

Helen walked further away from her car, walking through the horrible state of city, she looked around in dismay and saw the other side of life.

She had lived the perfect life right from her childhood, she failed to see the suffering the good side held.

The partially collapsed buildings which bent to the side behind her finally lost grip, the roof slide off and hurled at her, the loud scream of people close got her attention, but it was already too late, running or attempting to was of no use.

The building crumbled down roughly on Helen, raising dust and sand particles into the air.

Beneath the collapsed building, Helen felt a body above her, but it was too dark to see what or who it was, and even the position at which she was covered would not allow her movement. She felt a hand curl around her waist, and slowly lifted her.

The collapsed roof and bricks moved apart, and a man walked out, holding Helen tight to himself, which got everyone surprised.

"What brings you here?"

Helen opened her eyes wide and realised the voice sounded like that of Jonathan.

Still curled up on the person's arm, she moved her head and looked up at the person, only to discover it was Jonathan, but this time he looked different, his black hairs were gone, replaced by pure white ones that looked like wool.


In the forest where Jophiel's dead body laid, two demons descended from the sky, each landing by his side. The one on the right bent down and retrieved the scroll, threw it at the other and made a trident appear on its hand and struck Jophiel with it on the chest.

The opening on Jophiel's chest let out bright illumination, which slowly spread through his body and slowly he faded off.

After this, both demons flew into the air and somehow disappeared through a portal that appeared above them.


Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by nastynic(m): 12:43am On Aug 12, 2020

Shii is about to get real!
Thanks for the update
Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Devilpen(m): 9:49pm On Aug 12, 2020

Jonathan alighted the car, Helen did same and waited for Jonathan to lead the way. They both walked down the quiet street, since it didn't allow vehicle movement, throughout the walk, they both kept mute, while different thought ran through Helen's mind.

Jonathan took a left turn, finally they began to approach a storey building.

"Welcome to my abode" Jonathan sad calmly as he unlocked the door.

"Do you come from here to Akure everyday? " Helen asked puzzled, holding tight to her purse.

"No, I own this and various others" Jonathan said and walked in

The living room was something to describe as cozy and simple, a plasma television, black leather cushion chairs, and a neatly tiled floor, a water dispenser on right end of the room.

"I love the simplicity, that picture framework, it look ancient " Helen said with her eyes fixed on the Oil painting on the wall

"One of the few things that reminds me of my past, that's about a hundred years old " Jonathan said and ushered Helen the seat.

"Why are you here? "

Helen gulped hard, the question had come at the very wrong hour, all plans she had had been turned around by this simple yet though to answer question.

"I have family here, I saw the incident and came to check on them "

"Lie, you think different, you came looking for something or someone, are you scared of losing someone? "

Helen sighed, closed her eyes and looked up, kept mute for a long while and spoke.

"Do you read minds? "

"No, I have lived for decades to know when people lie" Jonathan replied and walked into the kitchen, leaving Helen to think about whatever her answer to the question he asked would be.

Jonathan returned with a wine glass and a filled wine bottle on both hands and gently laid them on the table.

"This is all I have, we can go out after you've told me what brought you here"

"I came looking for you" Helen said with her eyes closed, it had took her more than enough courage to blurt out those words.

Jonathan scoffed as he opened the cork and poured the content into the cup.

"You came looking for an ordinary delivery guy? "

"I.. " Helen said and stood up, trying to force the words out of her mouth "I... got fond of you and after what happened, I felt I should make it up,i know I sound weird, and I should be scared of you, I mean you're immortal and powerful" Helen said and let out a soft giggle, more of praising herself for voicing out.

"Alright, we're a cool, you'll have to leave" Jonathan said, his last words with a gruesome tone.

"Whaat? " Helen asked

"I said LEAVE" Jonathan shouted.

His voice echoed through the entire living room, the vibration moving the table hard against the floor, Helen could feel her body vibrate. Jonathan's eye glowed brightly, wS the weather in the room began to grow odd and tensed.

"I shut that love door a long while ago, probably before you were born, everyone I love gets hurt, it hurts me more, I will never die, I am immortal, do you know the lain of watching all your generations die right before your own eyes" Jonathan barked, with each words he spoke, the walls of the living room let out cracks on them.

With instinct, Helen ran up to Jonathan and hugged him tightly, pulling him very close to herself. With her body close up with Jonathan's, she could feel his blood pumping.

She patted him on the back softly and whispered some inaudible words into his ears.

Jonathan felt instant ease within him, a soothing spirit he had felt in a very long while fell on him.

"What's this for? " Jonathan asked softly.

"I know what pain is, I've lost loved ones, even though I haven't lived as long as you, but love is what makes the world balanced" Helen replied.


A city made of gold, walls made of unnamed precious stones, gems seemed to be the norms. An angel landed softly before a huge white glowing gate which instantly came open.
"I need to speak with father" the angel said as he walked up what seemed to be an endless golden stairways.

"He needs no one, he sees you and knows your thought, he is supreme, the Holy Grails should be returned before His rebel child aligns it with the heavenly bodies" a loud reechoing voice said and in an instant the angel was standing right at the entrance of the city.


Jonathan flapped his left wings and rested it in midair, his face laid down on the bed, while Helen wrapped herself under his bright white wings. Helen reached back for the wings and pulled it down, feeling every single comfort it gave.

"How many of you are there?" Helen asked and faced Jonathan, looking straight into his eyes.

"I sold the family idol, that's thousands of years past, I got cursed, and got redeemed in a painful way" Jonathan replied.

Helen sighed and rolled out of bed, wore Jonathan's hood and walked out to the kitchen.

Immediately she left, the room illuminated and from the source of light by the window an angel walked out and looked towards the door and spoke.

"Jophiel is dead " the angel said to Jonathan.

In disbelief, Jonathan crawled out of bed, Jophiel had been an annoying friend to him, even though angles placed themselves on some kind of hierarchy, Jophiel was one of the few that tried relating with humans.

"Your race needs you now, you have to return the Holy Grails back to where it belongs "

With this statement, Jonathan got angry and spoke.

"You talk like I stole whatever it is, or I know about it, devil stole from God, how is that my business, what happens in heaven stays in heaven" Jonathan shouted at the top of his voice.

"No, heaven won't be harmed, humans will be, extinct, you know the power of the seven deadly sins, Greed, Lust, Anger and his brothers, imagine if they finally unleash their true form, trust me, your new love, although with pure heart will crush your soul, if you're ready, you know how to find me" the angel said and disappeared.


Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by iamgprince: 4:37am On Aug 13, 2020
nice one sir
Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Tominix(m): 10:00pm On Aug 15, 2020
wow devilpen wow
Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Devilpen(m): 12:37pm On Aug 23, 2020

The seven deadly sins
Source: Wikipedia

Γαστριμαργία ( gastrimargia)

2. Πορνεία ( porneia ) prostitution ,

3. Φιλαργυρία ( philargyria ) avarice (greed)

4. Λύπη (lypē ) sadness – in the
Philokalia, this term is rendered as envy, sadness at another's good fortune

5. Ὀργή (orgē ) wrath

6. Ἀκηδία (akēdia ) acedia – in the
Philokalia, this term is rendered as dejection

7. Κενοδοξία ( kenodoxia) boasting


Jonathan stood at the edge of the crater in which Jophiel's body was in, and sighed at the gruesome sight of his already decaying body.

Jophiel had been castes out of his abode until his mission was fulfilled, his body had stayed too long on earth, hence the reason why he didn't transform into glory immediately after his death.

Jonathan stuck a cross above the grave which he buried Jophiel in, he noticed swift movement behind him and enhanced all his abilities, from the sonic hearing to reflexes with calmness he breathed in.

Suddenly a beast flew out from the thick woods behind him, sharp talons hurling at Jonathan, not knowing what it was, Jonathan spread out his wings and with great force flew into the air.

The talons narrowly missing him, the beast rolled hard on the ground. It was a half human and serpent, about fourteen feet long.

Jonathan sustained himself in mid air, the sun shining brightly above his head, which castes shadows beneath his face.

"You have the mark" the serpent said and opened its mouth wide to reveal multiple tongues.

"What mark?" Jonathan asked and made fire burn around his arms.

"The seven deadly sins can't be stopped, arch angels couldn't stop us from getting the Greedy Scroll, and the Dust of Lust, and The Holy placed a mark on you to stop us" the serpent said and curled around furiously.

Jonathan gasped in surprise, that explained a lot, the disaster in the city, the Lust he saw in Helen's eyes.

"You'll tell me all I need to know" Jonathan said and made a sword appear out from his right hand, which also burned with flames.

"If you don't die early"

Jonathan, with almost the speed of a bullet, dashed at the serpent, with calculated moves, the serpent slammed Jonathan with its tail, so hard it sent Jonathan deep into the woods, crashing down huge trees as he collided against them.

The serpent moved it's slithery body perfectly around the woods, hurling at Jonathan who was just recovering from the hit, with force it jammed it's head against Jonathan, ramming him to the floor, raised Jonathan up with its scaly hands and used it's sleek body to curl Jonathan, tightened it's body around Jonathan, so as to suffocated him.

Jonathan gasped for breath as the grip tightened the more.

"Is this all you have, what makes you worthy? " the serpent shouted in mockery.

Jonathan went up in flames, let out a loud scream which followed by thunder claps and lightning, turning the cloud dark author seconds.

The serpent looked up in awe and freed it's grip around Jonathan, moved to a safer distance and watched as Jonathan transformed into his angelic form.

"The Morning Flame" the serpent said in fear and curled backward a bit.

"You'll tell me what I need to know and burn yourself " Jonathan said with glowing eyes, his hair already grew in length, pure white, interlocked into seven parts that reach to the back of his shoulders.

"Where are the remains scrolls and how do I get back that two in your possession?"

The serpent without hesitation began to speak.

"We know not of others, but Scroll of Wrath is assumed to be somewhere at the black waters of this city, the other two scrolls are in Judecca, placed on the alter of Esulalu " the serpent said and let out a loud screech.

From within the serpent came larva which burnt it down completely.

Jonathan heaved and transformed back into his human self, while the cloud began to transform into its former self.


Jonathan stood on the cliff that covered the Black Water, which served as drinking source to the local, it got the name because of the black fishes that comes out during the end of the year.

Jonathan watched as beautiful maidens fetched from it with their buckets, taking turns and chatting happily.

After they were all gone, Jonathan leaped from the cliff down into the water, and dived deep into it.

Swimming for about twenty minutes deep into the river, Jonathan saw a bright shinning scroll laid on an alter, to his surprise it was dry, a wall of water surrounding it.

Getting closer to it, he stretched out his right hand to grab the scroll when a strong force hit him


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Jonathan shielded the incoming wave of water, shaped like ball, with his hand. The force that had hit him was from no one other than the third rebellious child of Yemoja.

He knew her too well, her thirst for infinite powers and to make the undersea world over take earth walkers, sent her down her rightful entitlement. Castes into exile out from the city below, to roam the water surface.

"You" Jonathan said and watched as she used her fins to maintain a stable stance.

From here, he had to proceed with caution, Oshuun from the history and encounter he had had with her always had a backup plan as nothing seems to get her unaware.

"I have something to offer you, to free you from this eternal torment and bondage of yours" She said, holding tight to the metal staff on her right hand, which had a blue shining orb on it.

"Is this one of your many tricks "

Oshuun laughed, and calmed herself, her long dark hair floating gracefully, her large eyes perfectly carved on the face, and dark like they were almost lost in one skull.

She stretched her hand forward and instantly a state appeared on it.

Jonathan gasped and swam forward a bit, looking with surprise. A solution he had long looked for to end his eternal torment of immortality. The statue of LASAGBA, the one he sold to the white man for just fifteen thousand naira, the family statue he sold that had caused the death of his entire family.

"Where did you get that from? "

"From the Sea Treasurer, he keeps everything of treasure that he finds in the sea, he gave me this as a gift " Oshuun said and made the statue float towards Jonathan.

"Take the statue and I'll take with me the Scroll of Wrath, this world is not meant for you, you save them secretly, this time you can have what you've always wanted, to end your life"

The options before Jonathan were tough, he had lived a thousand years of torments and torture, with this he could end all.

But yet, the world was at stake, if all scrolls were to be unleashed.

"You can have scroll" Jonathan said and grabbed the statue.


Helen sighed and threw her phone on the receptionist counter, leaned on it and let out a loud hiss. This would make the twentieth time she's be trying to get across to Jonathan yet his number wasn't going through.


Large ripples formed continually out from the surface of the river which got everyone's attention. Suddenly a grudge burst happened, the shock wave sent everyone off their feet.

Jonathan busted out, his wings flapping as fast as it could, next also was Oshuun, who threw fireballs out from her hands as she flew into the air after Jonathan.

Jonathan twisted his body around, the fireballs narrowly missing him. Oshuun, screamed loudly, her eyes shone brightly as water from the river, followed behind her.

She stretched her hands forward at Jonathan, with maximum swiftness, almost with the speed of a bullet, the water shot at Jonathan, made his wings wet, which made flight hard for him.

Easily catching up with him in the sky, Oshuun made water armor around her right arm and pulled Jonathan's wing, flipped him around and threw him off balance, before Jonathan could gain balance, she smacked him hard on the stomach, held him by his hair and headbutt him.

"Give me the idol and the scroll, thief" She shouted and used her staff to smack Jonathan down at the earth.

Jonathan almost touching ground, gained balance, the fist that Oshuun made at him, he narrowly dodged by moving his head aside, grabbed her by the attacking arm and slammed her to the floor, then forcefully pulled out her arm.

Arggghhhh!!! Oshuun screamed as she managed to get to a safe distance, writhing in pain.

"Thank you for the offer" Jonathan said and continued "I won't kill you, you've helped me one of these days I might repay your kind deeds"

Oshuun spat to the ground and hissed before speaking.

"I'll make your head roll" she said and jumped into the river.


Re: A Walk With The Devil 2 by Devilpen(m): 11:21am On Sep 07, 2020
Jonathan gave a short sigh as light rays penetrated through the window right towards his eyes. Turning his body around, his hands fell on Helen's face.

"You returned late, didn't know how I got here" Helen said softly, with a radiant smile on her face.

"Hmm hmm, I had things to take care of" Jonathan said and rise from the bed, stretched his body to the right, which in return let out loud cracking noise.

"Care to tell me about it? "

Jonathan kept mute, walked towards the reading table and tapped his fingers on it, while looking at his reflection through the mirror.

"It's best you don't know about it, it keeps you safe" Jonathan replied.

The silence on Helen's part told everything, about her reaction, they were loud enough for Jonathan to know she felt bad about the reply, but it was best for her.

Jonathan turned to look at her and immediately avoided his gaze.

"I'm sorry, but this union, what ever it is you want, I'm afraid you won't find"

Helen sniffed and looked at Jonathan with eyes already filled with tears.

"It's love I feel, how bad can it get? For once I found someone to truly love"

"No, Jt was the Scroll of Lust that was unleashed, you are not thinking right……… I'll leave " Jonathan said and picked up his shirt which laid on the ground, wore his shoes and walked out, without giving any lady look at Helen.


Slow sorrowful rhythm played softly from the speakers of the car Jonathan drove, a classic ride, something simple that made him remembered his demonic life he had lived and since he found redemption had forgotten about it.

He only decided to live a poor life after that, hoping to fill the void, but it just didn't work. Maybe returning to the beast he was would do, redemption of no redemption, he only had to set limits.

The roofless car sped through the lonely highway, through the night, cold night breeze blowing his white braided hair, which made him look more of his angelic nature.

Jonathan sniffed as he drove, tapping the steering softly, eternity was a cause to him. The burden was just too much, and now everytime he finds love, all he did was run, go off the hook and lead another life, where no one knows him.


Jonathan parked his car at the parking space of the city's museum and alighted. He looked up at the night moon and heaved, the next school was here, Scroll of Gluttony.

"I see you now take responsibilities seriously " a familiar voice said behind him.

Slowly Jonathan turned around and saw Jophiel standing before him with a stunning smile.

"You are supposed to be dead"

Jophiel laughed and hugged Jonathan, then spoke.

"I have the soul of a cat, although, I have just three left" Jophiel said and adjusted his back suit.

"I see, why are you here? " Jonathan asked with his eyes wide open.

"All scrolls are gone, including the one here, the scroll with you, is already in the sliver city " Jophiel said and kept mute.

"The Holy Grails, is the key to fully unlock all scrolls, somehow Jackiel and Micheal retrieved it" Jophiel said convincingly, well he never lied.
"Guess I'm done then"

Jophiel sighed and placed his hands on Jonathan's shoulder

"I went into the future for some minutes, a war is coming Jonathan, something you can stop, it'll be your duty to gather all strength you can, breed them, train then and help them prepare for the worse yet to come"

"I don't understand "

"Powerful humans are rushing Jonny, gather as much as you can" Jophiel said and spread out his wings.

"Wait, I still dont get"

"See you brethren, he will find you" Jophiel said and shot into the sky.

Jonathan sighed and returned to his car, just the his phone vibrated and saw the caller was Helen.

He sighed and hanged up the call, walked forward a bit and threw the phone off, deep into clouds.

He is never meant to love, if he truly loved them.



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