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Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 11:31am On Sep 09, 2020
CONTINUE: he smirked and lift himself with water high up.. "good bye, alpha luke".he said as he was about to lift his hands... "STOP".a voice shout so loud that i cover my ears with my hands as stone suddenly fell to the ground and i look around to see that small sharp knife that clara wanted to use and kill me.. i quickly rush to it and pick it up before slowly walking towards alpha stone who is still on the ground.. "this is for the pain you made me feel".i said before i stab his leg and he groan in pain.. "and this is for all the pain you made the people feel".i said again before stabbing his throat as he let out one last cry before his eyes shut close and his heart beat stop.. as i slowly stand up, i heard a loud bang and i look to see the witch dead on the ground and jess looking at it before dropping the sword and running towards me before giving me a hug. i hug her back as she cry on my neck... "i miss you".she said and all i did is nod.. "i miss you more".i reply back...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by doctorexcel(m): 12:22am On Sep 10, 2020
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Mummyclieva: 3:38pm On Sep 13, 2020
We are waiting o
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by doctorexcel(m): 3:53pm On Sep 13, 2020
Aufa op? No update yet? No problem, we dey hia dey shadow update
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 4:20pm On Sep 13, 2020
am really sorry guys. i have been busy and i don't have enough time to update.. please guys give me some more time so as to prepare the next chapters.. i promise to continue to update here, please just wait a little longer grin

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Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 4:26pm On Sep 13, 2020
Aufa op? No update yet? No problem, we dey hia dey shadow update
sorry for the delay of updates. grin
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 11:03pm On Sep 14, 2020
Chapter 22:____(Clara pov)___: the lands of verum are now in peace as alpha luke take the alpha role.. no more slaves,no more war, no more pain. alpha stone the great evil that onces live on the lands of verum is now dead and his body burned.. joy and peace as onces again return to the kingdom of verum but what do i feel?. no joy in my heart as those who love me now sees me as the devils twins, luke does not even look at me and jessica?, she refuses to see me and am sure, she does not care.. it's been five fucking month since everyone left me, i was put in prison for days. stayed without food and to make it worse, the people of verum made alpha luke to make a law that states that i the guardian of verum is a slave to luke and we forever be his servant till the last day i die... so what am i doing now?, i am cleaning alpha luke room... "are you blind, can't you see".luke said as i mistakely touch his hand while cleaning the floor.. "am sorry, alpha".i said trying hard not to punch his face...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 11:24pm On Sep 14, 2020
CONTINUE:____(Clara pov)___: i lift my face up as i stare at luke cold eyes that shows no emotion... "stare at me one more time again and god so help me if i won't have your head for dinner".luke yelled and i quickly look down.. "now, i want this room to be clean in the next two mintue or else you won't like what i will do to you slave".luke said as i could feel his eyes has a bit darkness... i nod as i bow to him before he left the room and slam the golden door hard.. i continue to clean the room before jess open the door.. "when you are done with whatever nonsense you are doing, i need you to clean my room".jessica said before closing the door and i roll my eyes.. "we need to stop".Tera said in my mind and i felt a drop of tears on my left eye.. "i wish we could stop, i wish everything was back to normal but we know it can't happen.. we will always remain a slave to luke".i said as i wipe my tears away and continue cleaning luke room.... NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 6:27pm On Sep 16, 2020
CONTINUE: cleaning two rooms is easy but cleaning a palace is not... yes you heard me. luke and jess lives in a palace because luke is the alpha.. "hell..!!, don't you knock".luke shouted as he came out of his bathroom half naked.. i ignore what he said, and close the door to his room before facing him again.. "jessica sent for you".i said, trying not to look at his chest.. "and?".he said as his cross his arms.. "and she said it can't wait".i said again.. "and?"he said again enjoying how he is making me angry... "and i can't wait to kick your ass".i scream in my mind because i can't actually say it out.. he suddenly had a evil smirk and walk towards me.. "oh, i can't wait for you to do that clara"..wait what?, luke just called my name for the first time in months. not slave,servant,maid,brat,stupid slave but my name and did i said the 'i can't wait to kick your ass".out loud?.. "am so sooooorry alpha".i said with my voice shaking because it's so hot in here.. luke face is so close to mine...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 6:51pm On Sep 16, 2020
Continue: luke eyes stared at my face then to my lips and back to my face. his eyes had a mix emotions that i can't explain. it looks like he is fighting himself not to do something.. he continued to stare but suddenly opened his mouth because he was'nt suppose to hear that voice.. "luke i sent that bitch to you but it seems she didn't tell you that i sent for you and....__ OH MY GOD, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH HER HALF NAKED AND WET".jessica continued talking as she entered luke room but when she lift her eyes and saw luke really close to me as he trap me against the wall, jessica jaw dropped and eyes widen... luke quickly move away his eyes back to no emotion but i could see his red face. "can someone explain to me that what am thinking is not true".jess said breaking the silence.. "well..um..you see..i".i was shocked luke was lost of words, he used to be the cold, a man who does not have a heart,emotionless but now he looks like he is been caught doing something bad....NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 7:30pm On Sep 16, 2020
Chapter 23:___(Luke pov)__: came out of the bathroom to see clara, no i mean slave and i couldn't rip my eyes away from hers.. i don't know what's wrong with me because i was suppose to hate her but at that moment all i could see was my mate clara, i hate to admit i still have feelings for her.. the one that almost killed me, she makes me look crazy and stupid whenever i inhale her scent . i try to pretend her staying close to me does not affect me but even my wolf knows the truth.. i stared at her face then her lips and back to her face, fighting myself not to kiss her before i heard jess voice making me open my mouth maybe shocked or scared of what she may think... "luke i sent that bitch to you but it seems she didn't tell you that i sent for you and.... :' OH MY GOD, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH HER HALF NAKED AND WET".jessica shouted when she lift her eyes to see me and clara, i mean slave.. i quickly move away from stupid slave and am sure my face must be red by now...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by doctorexcel(m): 7:51pm On Sep 16, 2020
Thank you op

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Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 8:02pm On Sep 16, 2020
Continue:____(luke pov)___: what the hell?, jess question was like a bomb and right now i don't have an idea of what lie i should come up with.. "can someone explain to me that what am thinking is not true"...jessica said again as no one respond to her amazing question.. "well...um..you see..i".i said clearly amazed by my lost of words and i think clara is shocked too.. "you know what, we need to talk like we seriously need to talk".jess said as she walk towards my king size bed and sat on it with crossed legs.. "ALONE!!"..jess said looking at clara and clara bow to me and then her before leaving quickly.. "can we do this later?".i said as i also try to walk slowly towards the door... "if you love your d*ck so fucking much, you won't dare taking another step".jess said and i freeze, who gave birth to this crazy lady huh?... "do you still like her?".jess ask all of a sudden and i frown.. "what?".i ask to avoid the question.. "do you still love her?"..she ask again.. "no"..i lied....NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 8:17pm On Sep 16, 2020
Thank you op
you are welcome
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 8:53pm On Sep 16, 2020
Continue:____(luke pov)___: "are you sure?".jess said making sure i am not lying.. "luke, look me in the eye and tell me you don't love her".jess said as she stand up and walk towards me.. i nod because even if i love her, i won't allow that love grow.. "yes, i don't love her".i lied again as i stare at jess eyes.. "good, so no one come between us".with what she said, she walk out leaving me confused.. what does she mean by us, is she talking about friendship or__ "shut up luke, she has a boyfriend remember or is your brain not working anymore".my annoying wolf said and i roll my eyes, stupid.. "i heard that!!".my wolf reply.. "who cares?".i answered that.. "you're just making my day boring".my wolf said and i laugh.. "do i look like i care?".i reply.. "don't test me luke".my wolf said angry.. "don't test me john".i said back because john is what i call my wolf.. "sorry sir but why are you talking by yourself alone?".clara said .. "see what you've caused".i mind link my wolf.. "don't care".my wolf reply..NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 4:09am On Sep 17, 2020
cool cheesy wink smileyplease guys if you notice any mistake in any of the chapters please report to me.. i am too lazy to check.. just tell me any chapter that has a mistake. kiss
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Mummyclieva: 3:38pm On Sep 17, 2020
Good to go. More grace
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Lakesc(m): 6:55pm On Sep 17, 2020
Luving every bit of this story. Thanks alot Op
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 8:02am On Sep 19, 2020
Continue:____(luke pov)__: the day went by fast and now i am having a meeting with the wise men of verum at full moon in the palace.. i dress up and walk towards what people normally call the Kings room.. i sat on the throne as every wise men bow down to me which i was not used to.. "we call this meeting to discuss some issues affecting this kingdom".one of the wise men who i guess is from the fire verum said and i frown at his words.. i didn't answer but allowed him to continue.. "my lord, what i am about to tell you may shock you".wise man 2 said and wise man 4 nodded.. what?, i don't know their names and i just wanted to give them numbers just for fun.. "and what is that?".i ask.. they all look at each other, before turning their faces towards me.. wise man 3, took something from his bag and pass it to the guard and the other guard took a large table and place it in the middle of us before they put the something and opened it.. "this is a map of this kingdom".wise man 1 said...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 8:23am On Sep 19, 2020
Continue:___(luke pov)__: i stared at the map and look up at them still confused.. "at the west side of the lands of verum, we discovered that late alpha stone had a secret pass where he brings witches and also before the day he died, he had already made a plan and had a deal with an unknown force by which they agree to attack the lands of verum in an exchange of the head of our alpha luke but alpha stone failed and now the unknown force had sent men to write this message on the walls of verum.. it says "good day to you all, our plan was to destroy the kingdom of verum but it was ruined because of alpha stone death (may his soul rest in peace). but just to let you all know, the war was just the begining.".wise man 5 said as he point as each places on the map and i nod.. "we also later discover that the unknown force are the werewolves and the only way they could enter this kingdom is the secret way alpha stone used to bring witches"..wise man 4 said and i nod still deep in thought...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 8:48am On Sep 19, 2020
Continue:___(luke pov)___: This is just the begining, the war is just the begining.. This word continue to play in my mind.. "This werewolves are of different packs but they had also joined forces very well prepared for this war".wise man 1 said and wise man 3 nod.. "so can this secret pass be lock to not let them have access to this kingdom?".i said as i look at each of their faces of the wise man.. "no, it was cast with a very strong spell and it won't be easy to lock it".wise man 4 repily and the others nod their heads.. "i was raised in a werewolf pack and i know exactly their weakness.. but i also know that they don't go to a war without magics that's if they are fighting with another magic.. but for now, i will make arrangement to gather the stuff that makes them weak. you see, that's the first step will we take".i finally said and they all think for a moment before nodding.. "but alpha, you are also a werewolf. you will get weak".wise man 5 said.. "half werewolf".i corrected him...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 9:18am On Sep 19, 2020
Continue:____(luke pov)___: they all bow to me before i walk out of the room.. i walk towards my office and grab a map i used to have, it's a map of all the top werewolves pack and my ex pack is top 2... i study the map carefully and other maps. i mark each packs, each of their names.. i then draw a map of my own and when i was done. i fell alseep resting my head on the table... i was woken up by a knock on the door and i groan lifting my head up.. "good morning alpha".clara walk in with a plate and a cup of hot tea in it.. i ignore her and rest my head back on the table.. "i will be on my way alpha".she bow and walk out closing the door behind her.. i then stood up and left walking towards my room leaving the cup of tea on the table.. i bath and change my cloths to a new one before heading back to my office.. i then drink the tea before working again.. in few hours the stuff that weaks werewolves were gather in the underground as i had order them to.. i then order another meeting with the wise men...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 9:43am On Sep 19, 2020
Chapter 24:___(luke pov)__:i was still working when i heard the door open and i lift my head to see jess walking with a plate of food and a golden cup with wine in it.. i smiled at her as she also return the smile.. "you did not come for breakfast and i thought i should bring some to you".jess said as she place the plate on the table and sit on one of my chair.. "you should not have done that, the maids would have".i said but she just said it's not a big deal.. "i see you are busy".she said as i begun eating and i nod.. "so what is it this time?".jess ask as she stare at something i was doing.. "nothing to worry about".i reply faking a smile and she nod.. "okay then, if you say so".she said crossing her arms close to her chest that's when i notice what she was wearing.. "are you going out?".i ask as she smiled.. "yeah, i am going on a date".she said and i smiled at her.. "with you".she then said and i choke on my food before jess laugh out loud.. "it was just a joke, don't worry".jess said and stood up..NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 10:12am On Sep 19, 2020
Continue: jess left and i walk out of my office to the Kings room and i sat on the throne as the wise men bow down to me.. "Good morning to you all".i greeted and they all nodded.. "after the information you all told me last night, i have been busy".i said and they all carefully listen.. i rise my left hand up and one of the guards nod and place the map i have drawn last night at the middle.. "this map contains suspect of werewolf packs who may have joined force to attack us, each pack as their name written".i said as i point to the East of the map.. "my ex pack alpha knows where all the witches live which i think late alpha stone got information from them which makes them a suspect".i said and they all nod.. "my ex pack is the top 2 which means it's the second biggest pack and since i could blackmail them to join forces with us, that's the second step will we take".i said and they all look at each other confused.."what will you blackmail them with?".wise man 1 said and i smirk "leave that one to me".i said
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 10:32am On Sep 19, 2020
Hello guys.. The story will be so much fun.. you know, i said this is a love and romance story but if you notice, there have not been much romance but i know guys.. alpha luke book two is where the romance live.. now if you had notice, late alpha stone knew what he was doing and let just admit he was really smart... he had witches under his control to help the werewolves, he open a secret pass to the werewolf as an easy road to verum. he did not just stole the alpha ring to become an alpha, he stole the ring to make the witches create exactly like the alpha ring. he made so many of them as he gave it to the werewolves.. this rings only last for 2 days when used because it's fake.. alpha stone knew that even if he died, the war was just the begining.. so guys you will love the next chapters as we will watch if the kingdom of verum wins or the werewolves wins.. LET THE FUN BEGIN
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 10:51am On Sep 19, 2020
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 10:55am On Sep 19, 2020
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by doctorexcel(m): 5:15pm On Sep 19, 2020
I love the story like 'kilode'. Am with you every step of the way till the very end
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Lakesc(m): 5:23pm On Sep 19, 2020
Ride on Op....
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by damis28crown(f): 7:25pm On Sep 19, 2020
interesting this jess is something else ooo kudos author
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 9:25pm On Sep 20, 2020
Continue:___ (Alpha james, luke brother Pov)___: "well well well, speaking of the devil".i said as i smiled at jess, yes jessica.. luke trusted friend. you see guys, one thing you must always know as an alpha is to never trust anyone but my brother is too blind to see that.. "The alpha of verum and the wise men as gather the stuff that weak of all wolfwolves in the underground of the palace, and they are also planing on blackmailing this pack".jess said as she kisses my lips and i smiled.. "but it's been difficult to get luke to love me as he still has feelings for his mate".she said as i then kissed her cheek.. "don't worry babe, things are going as we had plan.".i said and smirk, if only luke knew there was a backstabber in his roof, if only he knew.. "hahahahahahahahahahaha, long live the king of darkness".jess said as she bow to me before disappearing.. "hahahahahahahahaha".i laugh out loud, and my laugh grew louder and louder.. if only luke knew...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by yungbanks(m): 11:04pm On Sep 20, 2020
This shit is about to get real

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