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THE CHOSEN ALPHA 2: DOMINIC'S BANE / THE CHOSEN ALPHA / Billionaire Romance And Werewolf Stories Needed For Publication. (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by doctorexcel(m): 11:12pm On Sep 20, 2020
Updates are becoming a bit slow like the Aso rock landlord
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 12:20pm On Sep 21, 2020
Continue:____(luke pov)__: "i called you here for only one thing. i still don't trust you but as the law says, you are my servant and you are to obey my order without questions.. i will like for you to come with me to my ex pack".i said as i stare at clara while she totally had a confuse face.. "but..b.u.t_".she said shaking and i growl, i don't have time for this.. "and i want you to take me to my brother as a prisoner and you are to gain his trust and find out what his plan is".. i said as i stood up and walk towards the door.."and oh, we are leaving today".i said before leaving my office.. i had discuss taking clara with me with the wise men and they all agree, i have my reasons.. i went to my room, took an old worn out cloth and silver chains and secretly left the palace. i need to know if my ex pack are one of the joined forces. but by doing that, i have to take risks.. i wanted to tell jess about the plan but i could not have found her as she went missing...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 12:34pm On Sep 21, 2020
Continue:__(luke pov)___: i waited some few mintues for clara before she also secretly came out.. "now, when we get there. i need you to get close to my brother and find out any information you can get.. The future of this kingdom lies in your hands. make it right".i said and gave clara the chains to lock me.. she was still confused but nod anyway.. she chained me with silver, werewolves weakness and i felt half of me weak.. "ahhhh".i growl in pain but still remain strong.. "alpha, no no".clara said in panic but i told her to shut up.. "now lead me out of this kingdom to my pack".i said but she didn't say anything.. she may think i am crazy or something but i know exactly what i am doing.. "remember, i am watching you!!!".i said as i look deep into her eyes before she nod and hold me using her power to lift me up as she flys away from the lands of verum...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 12:52pm On Sep 21, 2020
Continue:___(Clara pov)__: luke ask me something that i could not believe he will ever ask me.. first, he ask me to take him as a prisoner to his pack. second, he ask me to be pretend and make his brother james trust me. third, he ask me to secretly find any information about the pack.. all this things leads me to many question.. why is he doing this?, does he know what he is doing?.. "we are here alpha".i said as i could see his pack, he only nod as a reply and close his eyes before opening it back.. "wait, i think you need to know.. i took you with me because you are part of my plan in blackmailing my ex pack.. i guess that answered your question. now let go".he said as he tryed to avoid eye contact.. i smiled a little before i finally grab him and pull him with force to his pack.. i notice some wolves stare at me and then at luke while some people had a shocking face.. i walk towards The pack house and i could see a tall strong man and another one beside him standing at the door...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 1:19pm On Sep 21, 2020
Continue:___(Clara pov)___: "well well well, who do we have here?".a man with very strong body said as his smirk grew wide and the other guy standing beside him laugh.. "who would have thought that my little cute brother, will be chained by a.. a.. girl?".the guy beside the other guy said and i noted him as james.. "hello sexy, my name is max the beta of this pack but you can call me "the player" and oh this is james my alpha,".max said as he hit james and james just stared at him.. i roll my eyes before stepping inside the pack house.. "how rude of me, please come in"..max said as james told the guards to take luke and lock him up with no food or water... "you know, you have not told me your name"..max said as he smiled, his handsome i won't lie but if he thinks by his sweet mouth and sexy smile he could make me fall for him. then he must be stupid.. "the name clara".i said as i stop walking and fake a smile.. "such a sweet name for a sweet girl"..max said as he lick his lips...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 1:56pm On Sep 21, 2020
Continue: "but seriously, it a surprise to see such a hot girl, capture luke of all people".max said as he wink at me.. "yeah i know, now please stop talking".i said with a fake voice full of anger... "well, have you met james other brothers. trust me, you'll fall in love with them at first sight"..max said while james continue to eat his food has he felt amazed by watching how max is talking so fucking much. james offered me dinner with his family as he was shocked that i was able to capture luke aka the one and only enemy so that's how i am trap here listening to max while james parent continue to make out as in kiss in front of me..seriously?.. "they do that, all the time, you will get used to it".james said as he point at his parent with a small smile and i nod.. "so where are your other brothers".i ask james as i completely ignore max annoying talk... "on a mission".james answer.. "ah stop stealing my girl, i was talking to her".max said as he stare at james with a annoy face and james only smirk....NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Lakesc(m): 2:56pm On Sep 21, 2020
Thanks for the update but its short though....
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 3:41pm On Sep 21, 2020
Continue:____(Clara pov)___: "admit it babe, you like my hair".matt said as he runs his hands in his hair..i roll my eyes for the 3rd time he keep on asking that question.. "no i don't".i said but he only wink in return.. "playing hard to get"... "i was not even yours".i answered.. "you sure?".max ask.. "shut up". i said as i tryed to look for james.. yes, we finished dinner and i ask this pain in the ass of a guy to show me my room but he just reply 'why don't you sleep in my room, i don't bite'. that's was max reply.. "please, like you don't like my lips moving"..max said and i groan, can't he just shut up.. "get your ass out of here".i shouted but he only laugh.. "you mean sexy ass".he answered and i groan.. "you are so annoying".i said as i could see james with some few men from afar.. "only for you, love".he said as he put his hands on his chest.. "stoping calling me that".i said.. "why not?".he said.. "because i will never be".i answered.. "hmm,my heart just broke".he said as he faked tears....NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 3:48pm On Sep 21, 2020
Continue:____(Clara pov)__: i walk towards james with max beside me... james smiled as soon as he saw me and max frown,.."hey max and oh clara has max done something wrong because you look like you can kill someone right this mintue".james said and laugh hard at the way max and my face looks like.. "he refuse to show me my room".i said as i point at max and he roll his eyes.. "and she has been playing hide and seek".max said.. "who?, me?".i said as i look back to see if he was talking to some one else.. "and you call me annoying when you are more annoying than my dog".max fire back... "do you even have a dog".i ask as i cross my arms.. "yeah, it's in the middle of my pant".max said as he point at the middle of his pant and james laugh out loud as i blush in embrassment.. "stupid".i said but max only smirk.. "i know, right?".max said as he directly mock me and rise his middle finger up and whisper 'Bleep you'.."guys stop, you really should stop fighting".james said as he had a serious face before laughing again
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Lakesc(m): 12:03pm On Sep 22, 2020
Op, u repeated the posts
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 9:00pm On Sep 22, 2020
Op, u repeated the posts
sorry,it was a mistake
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 9:43pm On Sep 22, 2020
Op, u repeated the posts
i have just modify them
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Lakesc(m): 7:10am On Sep 23, 2020
Thanks Op. Max should free clara joor, no be by force o...
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Mummyclieva: 9:53am On Sep 29, 2020
Op where are thou?.
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 7:18pm On Sep 29, 2020
Op where are thou?.
writting exams
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Lakesc(m): 7:38pm On Sep 29, 2020
writting exams
Wishing you success in ur exams..

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Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Mummyclieva: 11:34am On Sep 30, 2020
writting exams
Success in Jesus name amen

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Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 12:43pm On Oct 03, 2020
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 1:03pm On Oct 03, 2020
Updates are becoming a bit slow like the Aso rock landlord
it is not easy to write a story
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 1:06pm On Oct 03, 2020
Updates are becoming a bit slow like the Aso rock landlord
And who is Aso rock landlord? cool hahaha
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 2:16pm On Oct 03, 2020
CONTINUE:___(LUKE POV)___: i smirk as i am now outside the pit... if you want to know what happened few hours ago, then let's begin: my brother ordered two guards to put me in a pit with no food or water and i roll my eyes smiling mentally. The guards took me to a very far and dark place and as they begun opening the pit to push me in, Even if the silver chains are weaking half of me, i still have verum power. my eye colour change as they lift me up to then throw me inside the pit and before they could push me, i had use Earth power to break the chains on both my hands and legs and the two guards stood with a shock on each of their faces and before they could blink, i push them with great force into the pit and lock them up and here i am smirking as i walk my way back to the pack house and the more i step closer and closer to the pack house, the more clara scent and the beta of this pack scent i smell and each time i inhale the scent the more i get angry...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 2:46pm On Oct 03, 2020
CONTINUE: while close to the pack house, i knew if any of the guards see me, they will rise an alarm and if i get too close to the pack house, they might smell my scent and rise an alarm.. so i did what came into my mind, my eye changed red and then to black and then brown before i finally turned to dust/sand. Note: that turning to sand/dust is part of my earth verum power.. i move in the direction of the wind and since i am a dust, no guards notice me or could know that it's me, am sure they will be thinking it's just a dust not knowing it's a living thing as i entered the pack house i transform back to myself and hide as i could smell my mate scent coming closer.. "wow, i really like this place".clara said as she and matt walk to the direction i am hiding.. "i know babe, and i also have a big strong king size bed for us to have fun without it getting destroyed by my pounding babe". max said and my blood is boiling, i try to control my breath as my eyes turned deep red from serious anger ,....NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by doctorexcel(m): 4:50pm On Oct 03, 2020
it is not easy to write a story

i understand bro, your work is much appreciated. To the other question, the answer is what you are thinking

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Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 12:29pm On Oct 28, 2020
Continue:____(JAMES POV)__: The demon continues to Rise, it's forms in the darkest pit. magic take over it's heart and no feeling's exist in it's heart. red blood mix with red magic ran in it's veins. yes you heard me, i am a vampire. ooh you thought luke was the only one who has supernatural gifts?, well well am sorry to break your heart as i am also Half werewof, Half vampire. my fangs are invisable in the human eyes but any luna could see my fangs. i have been misleading clara that i like and trust her but you never know what the demon as in heart. From the first day clara captured luke and give him to me, i knew it was all fake. they think they were playing me but they don't know i was playing them..TO BE CONTINUED


Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Slimdreywhizz1(m): 4:02pm On Oct 28, 2020
nice one...still waiting...but who is talking here?
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 8:53pm On Nov 28, 2020
Aww, I love a good werewolf story.
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by hings: 1:07pm On Dec 13, 2020
well done please another update ✔
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 8:19am On Dec 26, 2020
well done please another update ✔
more update are coming soon but meanwhile happy christmas and a happy new year to all my wonderful fans and supporters.
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 5:50pm On Jan 06, 2021
Continue; (luke pov)__; breath in, breath out.. those two words continues to repeat in my head while i watch clara and that dickhead guy making a U-turn to the other hall. "forcus luke, you need to be in check".. i tell my self as i tried to relax and not be carried away by anger.. i then carefully followed the scent of clara to see where the both of them had gone... "Babe i can even die for you" max says to clara as i onces again saw them.. "stop this nonsense and let me have some peaceful time alone".. clara reply back.. "what!!!.. no, a guy is never suppose to leave a girl alone".. max says as he cross his legs.. "even when she needs space?".. clara ask.. "babe stop being so dramatic and say you love me and i am so sure that right now your pussy is wet and it needs a dick"..max smiles as he says that.. "you know you had just disrespected me by saying that in my face".. clara ask in disbelieve.. "lets not get into who needs respect or not or who needs space blah blah blah, babe." max says... NEXT..
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Lakesc(m): 9:30pm On Jan 06, 2021
Welcome back op, and happy new year

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Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 1:21pm On Jan 07, 2021
Continue;_____(Clara pov)__; "let this be the last time you ever in your life talk to me like that".. i screamed because i've had enough in putting up with max nonsense.. "but babe.."..max tries to say but i stop him.. "no but... please max i need some space, so can you kindly leave?".. i said as max finally gave up and left... Finally, peace of mind at last. But i worry about alpha luke, i have not heard about him since i last saw him taken away to prison..is he alive?, is he eating well?, are the guards maltreating him?.. i shake my head as i imagine what they may be doing to him..."clara".. i turn my head to the direction of the voice but i saw nothing.. "clara".. i turn again to see nobody.."clara".. again my name was called and this time i was prepared for anything.."is anyone there?"..i ask but i was repily back with silence. "max is that you?"..i ask again.."if this is a joke max you better stop it"..i roll my eyes and turn around to see what i thought i won't ever see again.... NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by doctorexcel(m): 4:13pm On Jan 07, 2021
Welcome back op and thanks for the update

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