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Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Mummyclieva: 10:07pm On Aug 27, 2020
Next pls
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 6:12pm On Aug 28, 2020
Continue:____(Luke pov)__: jessica is dead, i can't believe.. i just can't believe.. for onces in my life, i had met people who understand me, who cares for me but they are taken away from me.. since my childhood in the werewolves pack, no one loved me. all they did is mock,insult,kill,laugh at your sorrow. but luckly for onces, my life change the day i met jessica. i felt i had a friend to talk to, i felt like i had a friend that understands me. i felt like she is like a sister to me. and then i met clara, the one who makes my heart beat faster, the one who makes me sometimes forget my past with just the look of her smile. but now the both of them are gone, jessica dead and clara taken away to god knows where.. i blame myself, i should have listen to clara warning and get ready. i could not even safe and protect jessica not just only as her friend but as her alpha.. i failed as a friend and as an alpha. i am useless, that's who i am....NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 6:31pm On Aug 28, 2020
Continue: i look at jessica lifeless body on the ground again and again.. for the first time in my life, i actually let real tears drop out of my eyes.. even some people of water verum had a face of pity but i don't need that. all i need is pay back, i will surely stab and kill whoever did this.. you know, from now on. i shall be known as the devil himself who seeks pay back and pain on whoever did this.. my name is luke and as from now on i shall be called the devil twins. me luke the son of james the former alpha of moonlight pack is now the satan himself, and i make sure jessica death must not be forgotten.. The people of water verum took jessica lifeless body away to dig her grave where she will rest in perfect peace.. i look at jessica for the last time as the people take her away before i walk away with my eyes deep red. i am about to do the unthinkable...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 6:54pm On Aug 28, 2020
Continue: After i had walk a safe distance and i had make sure no one could see me. i then opened my bag and grab the golden ring.. i know, i don't know what this ring is or why that man gave me the ring that day in the room. all i know is that it saved my life.. After i had grab the golden ring, i then put it in my finger and the next thing i felt was that the ring shine so brightly that it could blind a normal human eyes. The next is that i felt pain all over my body, the pain grew stronger and stronger and stronger and before i knew it, smokes started coming out of my mouth and nose. my eyes are turning to something that looks like yellow, wait not yellow. it looks like a golden eye.. And then suddenly the pain and smokes is gone and the golden ring in my finger stop shining and there is one amazing thing i felt.. "POWER". i felt great and strong power inside of me, it's a kind of power i have never felt before and guess what happened next?..THE BEAST INSIDE ME IS NOW AWAKEN...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 7:50pm On Aug 28, 2020
Chapter 14:_____(STONE POV)__: "my lord, luke is alive and has the alphas golden ring. infact he has put it in his finger".The last guardian, clara said and i step back in shock.. "how the hell did he survive?".i shouted at my men which made them jump and they all look down speechless.. "my lord take it easy on them, i guess the ring saved him.. master you see, the ring has the second greatest power in the whole of verum. it was pass down from alphas to the next alphas and i guess our alpha who die in the guardians war as pass the ring to luke".the witch said in fear while i stood up angry and right now, i feel like killing.. "clara, i need you to look for luke and bring the ring in every lands of verum. if you have to kill then kill".i said to clara and she nod. i then turn my face to look at the witch. "go to all lands of verum and make them slaves. make them accept me as their alpha by force".i said to the witch and she smile which made me smile as well...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 8:13pm On Aug 28, 2020
Continue:____(Luke pov)___: i fly far away, when i mean far away i mean really far away.. i am looking for a way to leave the kingdom of verum for a reason which you guys will understand soon... i then fly down to the lands of earth verum and walk towards the same place me and jessica first came... As i walk and look around the place i notice the flowers and i remember the first day me and jessica came to the land of verum and her boyfriend hugging her with his hands on her butt.... finally i stop walking and take a deep breath before lifting my hands up and the ring shine and the next thing, i am in the forest.. i look around and notice that i am not longer in the kingdom of verum and i even saw the tree, jessica said is the road or way to verum.. i smile because this is the same forest i met jessica and this is the same forest i ran to avoid mating my mate.. now my next mission is to go to my pack....NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 8:34pm On Aug 28, 2020
Continue: i can onces again smell the scent of my pack as i fly forward in the sky. i then came down from the sky and begun walking untill i reach my pack but of course some wolves tryed to stop me and i roast them with fire.. i continue walking but more people transform to wolf and tryed to attack me while i keep burning them while still walking.. i am amaze that more attacks are still coming, don't this people get the message. "if you touch me, you are dead".thats the message but this idiots don't understand and i have killed 40 werewolves.. i walk towards the pack house but many wolf tryed to kill me why i continued to roast them with fire coming out of my hands.. onces i am inside the pack house, i walk upstairs to meet my so called family.. i saw my dad,mom,and moses and roll my eyes before i walk towards their alpha which is my so called elder brother.. he continued to step back and i step forward untill his back hit against the wall and i smirk because he has no where to run..NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 8:53pm On Aug 28, 2020
Continue: i then stop inches away from my brother face as his back hit against the wall.. i had a very evil smirk on my face while my brother eyes widen like the ball of nigeria fufu.. don't mind me, i say nonsense sometimes.. "who are you?".he said pretending not to know me while my smirk grew wider.. "oh, looks like someone is pretending not to know me".i said while looking at his flat expired and ugly face.. like i said before, don't mind me, i say nonsense sometimes.. "what do you want".he said with his voice shaking.. "what do i want?,what do i want?, what do i want?, oh i want your title".i said teasing him which made his eyes grew wide and the rest of the people watching us look shocked but i laugh.. "i was only joking, you should have seen your face".i said laughing which only made him more scared.. "i want you to show me the way to the strongest witch now".i said using my alpha tone which made everyone jump in fear including my father.."HAH".it's a disgrace to werewolves..NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 9:16pm On Aug 28, 2020
Chapter 15: my brothers shake his head.. "i don't know what you are talking about".my brother said with his eyes full of fears.. "oh really?".i said crossing my arms while gving him hard glares.. "luke, you know the law of this pack. we killed all the witch".he said but i could sense his lie.. "i am not here for jokes, it's either you tell me or i will kill you and everyone in this pack".i said which made him and everyone shocked.. "okay okay, it's in the east side of the forest close to the other pack.".he finally said and i smiled.. i then look at my so called fake mother and smirk before i mind link her.. "you know mom, you said you know me. you said i am useless, not made to be an alpha but you are wrong because I WAS BORN TO BE A ALPHA".i said through the mind link and mom open her mouth in shock and then i fly away from the pack house and going to the east side of the forest...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 9:07am On Aug 29, 2020
Continue: finally, i am in the witch house. and the house looks like a very old house.. and inside the house is different types of spell books and strange smell.. "welcome alpha luke, the answer to all your questions is the ring". The witch said and i had a confuse face.. she didn't even let me say why i am here.. "what do you mean by the ring is the answer to all my questions".i said still confused.. "you are here to know who wants to kill you and you are here to know where you can find clara.. all the answers to your question is the ring.. it will show you the way".she said and i nod, then i was about to leave before she said "remember the golden book said in the future. a guardian will rise and destroy it's own people.. it's as finally come to pass, go back to the kingdom of verum because the people need you now more than ever"... after she said those word i finally work out of her house and fly back to that tree jessica said it's the way to verum...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 9:30am On Aug 29, 2020
Continue: what the witch said is surely the truth.. after by chance the ring lead me to the same tree and i finally pass the way or road to verum. i notice that those flowers i onces saw are burned and houses are also burned.. as i continued to walk in the land of earth verum, i did not see any single soul. all i saw was houses burned, rocks everywhere. and chains. it looks like there was a war here while i was gone.. suddenly the ring begun shining and pulling my body with force and i had to follow where it was leading me to... after walking for god knows how long.. , the ring stop shining and i hide myself on a huge rock as i watch that same witch that took clara, beating people with chains on their hands and leg while leading them somewhere.. i felt like helping the people but i can't, because the witch is strong and i need a perfect plan.. so i do what i do best, i covered half of my face and stood up from the huge stone so that everyone could see me and the witch will chain me..NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Mummyclieva: 1:57am On Sep 01, 2020
Waiting on.good job
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 5:13pm On Sep 01, 2020
sorry for the delay of the next chapters.. i promise to update as much as i can as long as you all support and like each chapters...Godbless and staysafe

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Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by doctorexcel(m): 5:18pm On Sep 01, 2020
sorry for the delay of the next chapters.. i promise to update as much as i can as long as you all support and like each chapters...Godbless and staysafe
No problem bros-mam. We dey with you
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 5:38pm On Sep 01, 2020
Continue: have you ever been in a moment when all you could think of is payback, that you could do anything just to get what you desire and want?.... well that's happening to me, the witch as chained me and beaten me half to death just like the rest of the people while the witch lead us to an unknown place.... as we continue walking, i notice that the place the witch is leading us is a huge house with bodyguards everywhere.. the witch then stop as we reach the front of the huge door, and the guards opened the door for the witch while the other guards force us to turn around and walk towards a huge long cage and they lock us there and left... i sat and watch the people crying and trying to break the iron but we all know it won't work, so i just shake my head and relax myself on the floor and close my eyes but suddenly i could feel someone shaking my hands and i opened my eyes to see a cute little girl crying and my eyes suddenly become soft..NEXT

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Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 5:59pm On Sep 01, 2020
Continue: This cute little girl as her eyes full of pain and i felt myself weak.. as she continue to cry, she then rested her head on my chest and i hug her.. she then suddenly lift her little head from my chest and wipe her tears.. "why are you letting them do this to us, tell me why".she shouted at me and i looked at her confused.. "what are you saying?".i ask but she just shake her head in disbelieve like she knows something that i don't.. "stop acting because i know who you are, you are luke the last and choosing alpha of verum. you need to save us, you need to save you own people".she yelled which made me shock while all the people who were before crying and trying to break the cage are now suddenly looking at me.. i was shocked because no one knew this, it was only jessica,clara and jessica boyfriend that knew that i was the choosing alpha but how did this little girl know that and she even knows my name.. i nod at her and stood up, she is right...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 6:27pm On Sep 01, 2020
Chapter 16: The people were still looking at me with shock and i close my eyes and opened it back.. "i know you all may be thinking i am a bad alpha who does not care about his own people and pretend not to know anything but i will shock you all by saying i am a half werewolves half verum. i actually cared for you all that's why i trained so hard this past few months and when i saw what had happened to you all, i wanted to fight as a brave alpha but everyone knows, no one stand a chance with the witch so sometime we always have to use our brain in a battle and thats what i did, i had a plan but there is no need for it again because i have other plans".i said and they all nod while the little girl smiled and i had a evil smirk on my face as the golden ring shine on my finger and i broke the cage locker and opened the cage before i told all the people my new plans and they all accepted. so i lead the way....NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by doctorexcel(m): 6:31pm On Sep 01, 2020
Pls more update bros-man
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 6:52pm On Sep 01, 2020
Continue: if you guys want to know what the plan is, then i will tell you.. The plan is that sinces the bodyguards has earth verum powers and i am sure, the people are to attack them in secret and in a silent way so as not to cause alarm while i target the witch.. as i said before, i can't beat the witch but there is something i could use.. all witch as a weakness and if you ask me, i think and suggest it there mouth.. because they don't cast spell without speaking or mind saying it and if they can't cast spells they are powerless.. so if i could find a way to shut her mouth and mind then she is powerless... so as i had planed, the people started killing the guards in a silent way while i opened the huge door the witch entered before and i entered slowly so i won't make a sound.. the ring shine and lead me to a room which i entered and saw spell books all over the floor and i smirk, i then opened the books but the words written inside it are strange....NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 7:12pm On Sep 01, 2020
Continue: i continued to learn spell words as i read the spell books but after a few mintues the door of the room suddenly open with force and there stood that same witch but her legs are higher up the ground and her nails her growing longer and guess what i did?, as much as i want to be brave, i also don't want to die young so i hide so she could not see but i know she could sense me.. she then fly towards my hiding place and pull me out and look me in the eye before her eyes then look at the ring in my finger... "so you are the alpha..hahaha".she said while laughing in a very evil tone while i smirk before punching her in the face and when i saw her reaction after i punch her, i begun laughing at her with an amaze tone.. her eyes turned black and suddenly a force of wind hit me and i fly before hitting my back on the wall.. i smirk while i wipe the blood that came out of my mouth and i stood up before saying "my turn". and then my eyes turn red and fire came out of my hands...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 8:08pm On Sep 01, 2020
i will continue to post more updates tomorrow but for now let's discuss.. what do you suggest about luke parents, have you notice that if luke is half verum and half werewolves, his brothers are suppose to be a half verum also but the truth is they are not which lead us to one question.. why is luke different?.. so i want you all to say what you think.
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Mummyclieva: 9:44pm On Sep 01, 2020
Maybe they are not Luke real parent
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by ashatoda: 9:54pm On Sep 01, 2020
maybe to his mother had an affair probably rape or something
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by yungbanks(m): 12:23am On Sep 02, 2020
Well talk about the hates and maltreatment he got to me maybe he was adopted or between mum and Dad one os not his which makes him different from others
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 8:25am On Sep 02, 2020
Thank you all for your comments..
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 10:52am On Sep 03, 2020
Chapter 17: This witch is really strong and guess what?, she has beaten me to a point i could fall into darkness any mintues.. blood was everywhere and now she as cast a frozen spell on me.. i can't let her win, i just can't.. The ring begun shining and suddenly the ices broke and a force of wind pull me higher and above the ground. my eyes had turn white and i felt power, the ring affected me and now the beast inside me is controling me.. "millo zehai zentos".i said and the witch suddenly scream and cover her ears with her hands.. "millo zehai zentos".i said again and this time the witch scream so loud that it could make a normal person run away.. "millo zehai zentos".i said again and the witch scream one last time before she fell on the ground dead and the ring stop shining and the beast inside me stop controling me and my eyes was back to normal before i also fell to the ground full of my blood and it became hard to keep my eyes open so i just close them and darkness took me....NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 11:14am On Sep 03, 2020
Continue:___(Little girl pov)__: Alpha luke had given us a plan and it was a success because the people had killed all the bodyguards.. i felt something bad and i knew something is happening to alpha luke.. "let help our alpha".i said to my mom who was holding my little hand.. "no, it's his battle.".my mom said half smiling and i frown.. "but mummy, he is fighting a witch".i reply trying to make her understand me.. "my sunshine, we all know. and even if we want to help, non of us people could defeat the witch..we can only hope our alpha kills the witch".my mother said in a calm voice and i nod slowly but suddenly we started hearing screams which made me more scared and unwanted tears are coming out of my eyes.. all the people opened the huge door and entered a room.. i could not see what they were looking at because the people were so tall and i beg my mom to lift me up to see what is going on but she refused and i ran past people and i saw luke and the witch on the floor both looking dead..NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 11:37am On Sep 03, 2020
Continue:____(Blessing pov)___: we heard screaming from inside the house and i hold my little girl hand who i sometimes call her sunshine.. she was crying and i try my best to comfort her as me and other people ran inside the house and entered a room. and my heart skip a beat at what i saw, i was lack of words as my girl ask me to lift her up so she can see what the people are looking at.. i refused because it's not safe for a little child to see blood and dead people.. tears was in everyone eyes as they each saw there alpha dead. i didn't know my sunshine as left myside untill i saw her run to alpha luke lifeless body and hug him, telling him to wake up.. i rush to her and tryed to remove her from him because blood from alpha luke body was now on her cloth.. she cryed hard so hard that it almost made me cry also.. we just lost another alpha and other verums we blame us the earth verum for kill our alpha but we all know alpha luke dead to protect his own people...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 12:00pm On Sep 03, 2020
Continue:____(Luke pov)__: i am in the sky as i could see clouds.. i was confused because last i remember, i was fighting a witch and i then sayed strange words that made her fell to the ground and die before i also fell to the ground and darkness took me and then i open my eyes and saw myself in the sky... "where am i?".i ask as strange voices begun speaking.. "welcome my son, you are in a place where you will rest for a while"..the voice said and i was completely confused.. "am i not suppose to be dead".i ask still confused.. "no you are not, you are not dead and also not alife".the voices said and i nod even if i don't know what the hell the voice is saying.. "you will still return back to life but for now, you are to rest. it's part on your destiny".the voice said and i just nod and close my eyes and everything became dark again before i could see a flash of what i did in the past...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 12:23pm On Sep 03, 2020
Chapter 18:____(Clara pov)___: i have been looking for alpha luke as master said i should find him and kill him and also take the alpha golden ring...it been days and now i could sense him and i fly to a one of the house were slaves are lock up and i was shocked at what i saw.. the cages as been broken and i could see all the bodyguards dead bodies and i quickly entered the house to see people crying and then i look at my right and saw alpha luke on the ground with blood all over his body and i notice he is dead.. i felt my heart skip a bit and pain growing inside but i ignore it because i don't why but i force a evil smile as i continue to stare at the dead alpha.. "now everyone, go back to your cages because you all are slaves to my master and if anyone disobey my order will be killed".i said and begun leading them to their cages and locking them up.. "my lord, the alpha luke is dead and the earth verum people are all chained and lock up".i said through mind linking my master...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 12:46pm On Sep 03, 2020
Continue: "bring them to me and also the ring".my master reply through the mind link and i smiled... i went back to the room and grab luke hands up to find the ring.. but something strange happened like i am doing the wrong thing but i just ignore it and remove the ring from his finger before droping his hand and stare at his lifeless body and i turn and also look at the dead witch before walking out of the room... my hands turn white as i point at all the cages the people were lock in and i fly away which by using my powers the cages lift from the ground and fly following me.. i then fly to my master place and put all the cages close to a huge gate.. i then entered the house and bow my head to my master who was sitting in his throne.. "well done my child, now do you have the ring?".he ask and i nod, before giving him the ring. "now sinces we have earth verum as slaves, you are to destroy the lands of water and fire verum and bring them as slaves".he said and i smirk...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Mummyclieva: 3:56pm On Sep 03, 2020
Great job

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