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Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 6:30am On Jan 08, 2021
Continue:____(Clara pov)___: "jess"..i screamed.. "what dear?, are you not happy to see me?".. jess smiled as she walk closer to me and i step backwards.. "how is this possible, what are you doing here?, i am so confused".. i ask in awe.. "don't think too much with that little brain of yours dear, but actually you are really good at acting".. jess said with a sudden evil smile.. "what do you mean?".. i ask confuse.. "stop this drama clara, your secret has been expose and there are guards surrounding everywhere so dear do not think of running"... jess says as suddenly another voice spoke.. "did you ever thought i believed your story"... i turn around and my eyes widen, james smiled as he knew my reaction.. "pretending to be close to me just to get valuable informations from me was'nt the best idea. what was luke thinking?, that he can easily trick me".. james shakes his head and laughs.. "but i don't understand, why is jess here?".. i asked as i look between the both of them...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 12:42pm On Jan 08, 2021
Chapter 25:____(luke pov)___: i watch secretly in shock as jess, alpha james and clara are discussing.. clara look between jess and james in both confusion and fear.. "but i don't understand, why is jess here?".. Clara ask.. "oh you mean me?".. jess says with a big smile on her face before slowly walking towards james and kissed him.. "what!!!".. i was beyond shocked from what i saw.. "baby?".. jess ask with a sexy smile on a face.. "yes dear".. james repily back.. "should i tell her or will you?"..jess said.. "but babe that will spoil my plans".. james trys to make are change her mind.. "but baby, she is gonna die anyway".. jess says.. "alright, do what you want".. james said and left while jess jumps in excitement and walk back to clara.. "so where shall i start?, oh right let me start from when i return back from the dead"..jess says but clara didn't say a word.... NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Lakesc(m): 3:42pm On Jan 08, 2021
Nice twist op, thanks for the update...
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Slimdreywhizz1(m): 12:27am On Jan 09, 2021
nice one....but the update is very slow almost fortten about the story...
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Lakesc(m): 5:39am On Jan 09, 2021
nice one....but the update is very slow almost fortten about the story...
Yeah me too. It too sometime for me to recall character like jess when i read the update.
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 11:41pm On Jan 09, 2021
nice one....but the update is very slow almost fortten about the story...
am really sorry about how slow updates are becoming. i am just always busy that sometimes i don't have time for myself, i promise to improve alot better.
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 12:19am On Jan 10, 2021
continue:____(luke pov)___: jess narrates as she had flashback of that certain event.. "remember when will went to the land of water verum to continue luke's training but we were attacked by late alpha stone's men and i was killed in the process. the truth is that the story i told luke and the others were all lies, the truth is that i was saved by alpha james, he was the one that raise me from the dead and in order to repay him back i swore to do anything he ask of me even if destroying my own home in order to make him happy.. And that's how it all started, i was given a mission to manipulate luke into loving me but it all failed because of you clara, because he stills love's you even if he pretends to act strong. Then i was given another mission to always update alpha james in the development of the land of verum and how well prepared they are for the war, which i successfuly did". Jess finally finished talking and clara was getting a little bit emotional...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 12:40am On Jan 10, 2021
Continue:____(FLASBACK OF THE DAY JESSICA WAS FROZEN TO DEATH; ( alpha James version or his own side of the story)____: i was in my office when i received a call from alpha stone.. "just calling to tell you that my men had frozen luke your brother and i have the guardian in my control now".. alpha stone is the first to speak.. "that's good new but please that bastard is not my brother".. i repily.. "oh you mean luke?".. alpha stone says with a small smile on his lip.. "anyway, i want you to come now to the land of verum where will shall meet at the the secret underground of zerus"... alpha stone says again and was about to hang up.. "wait alpha, i am just having this feeling that luke's alive".. i said quickly and there was long silence at the other side, before alpha stone spoke again.. "then i will make sure i kill him myself".. before the call was ended and alpha james begun to prepare his journey to the lands of verum....NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 12:56am On Jan 10, 2021
FLASHBACK CONTINUES:___: james and his men walk towards the underground of zerus located at the land of water verum at the east. has they continue to walk, james eyes caught something and he stoped to take a closer look at it and he suddenly realized that it a person frozen in ice. he would have ignore it and went on but those beautiful blue eyes seems to make he feel curious on who was frozen and he finally close his eyes, took a deep breath and spoke some magic spell which his father taught him backwards. hours passes and he was still casting one particular spell backwards before life was returned to the frozen soul and one of james men died instantly. the ice was melted and jessica body returns to life as she rise up from the ground.. "james what did you do?".. max, james beta asked him in shock.. "i simply exchange john life (one of james men) to hers".. james smiles as he didn't regret the action he made...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 1:16am On Jan 10, 2021
End of flashback.. CONTINUE:...(jess pov)__: i continue to narrate events that going to take place... "luke does not know what's coming, because he is surely gonna lose this war, for i say unto you that each of the werewolves both men and strong women will be given the alpha's ring of verum, which will make them much more powerful than a normal person of verum".. i smiled as i said that, while clara was completely frozen in shock.. "it's time for you to die clara, and let the truth stay hidden with you in your grave".. i said before i took out a gun and shot her but very shocking another body as fast as i can't even describe how fast the body moved to stand at clara front and the bullet entered into the body but it quickly healed and i look up to see luke smiling down at me... "thanks for the information jessica, you made things easy for me".. luke said and the next second he held clara and the both of turn into dusts..... NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 1:37am On Jan 10, 2021
Continue:_____(alpha james pov)___: "WHAT IS THIS AM HEARING!!".. I shouted as i walk towards jess... "how could you jessica, you let clara and even luke escape with such valuable information about our plans because of your big mouth".. i shouted at the top of my voice as my eyes had turn deep black.. "am sorry, i didn't mean to".. jess begun to cry and beg but my inner self does not need crocodile tears, it needs her dead in order to calm down.. "i am a demon, mercy is always far from me".. i said that with a demonic smile on my face and my fangs begun to come out.. "what can i do to make you forgive me".. jess ask in fear as her legs are shaking in fear which only made my smile widen.. "i need your blood sweetheart"..i said before slowly walking towards jessica and her been so scared made me wanting her the more and i wasted no time in holding her and bending her head down to give me access to the exposed neck and i finally harshly put my fangs deep into her neck and drink the life out of her.... NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Slimdreywhizz1(m): 6:40am On Jan 10, 2021
wow...sorry jess
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Lakesc(m): 7:25am On Jan 11, 2021
Serves her right... Next pls
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 4:53pm On Jan 11, 2021
continue;____(luke pov)___: {10 days later} i and my men walk together towards the well known underground of zerus (please note that zerus is the GOD OF WAR FOR VERUM), it's been a stressful day as every men of verum as been tranning in the underground of zerus, the reason why i choose to train them there is because zerus is known as a GOD throughout the kingdom of verum, according to the legends and guardians, zerus was a heartless god who's main purpose is to shed blood, he is known as the only one who has fought wars with other gods and always unbeatable. this god became known to the people of verum when they discover what they belief is the underground of zerus because his images were drawn all over the red wall. rotten bones, different swords, red walls which could have been the bloods of those who were killed that had became dried etc.were found there. since the underground was discover, the ancient elders choose to keep it as a secret because they don't believe in war but now alpha stone manages...NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 5:12pm On Jan 11, 2021
continue:____(luke pov)___: but now late alpha stone manages to discover the underground. All my men which i divided according to their powers water,fire and earth into three different groups and since alpha james is giving each members of his pack the alpha ring, anyone with common sense will understand that it may be impossible to beat them. So now i had ask clara the last guardian of verum to use her power to summon the god of zerus to give each and every citizens of verum more power including women,... "this is a suicide mission alpha, no one as ever summoned the god of war before".. Clara shakes in fear... "clara listen to me, if you don't call that god to help us, we don,t stand a chance against my brother pack.".i said to clara trying to calm her down... "but why me?".. She ask as her little innocent eyes staring back at me.. "because you are a guardian, in fact the only guardian of verum, the gods only listens to a guardian and not an alpha".. I explains again and again to her....NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 5:16pm On Jan 11, 2021
please bear with me the errors and uncorrect words i write. you should please ignore them or maybe point out those wrong words to me. i don't usually have enough time to edit my stories.
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 5:21pm On Jan 11, 2021
if there is any part of the story that you don't understand, please kindly let me know
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Lakesc(m): 7:11pm On Jan 11, 2021
This story is really interesting, but this short update is ruining everything. Op, try and made the next and subsequent update(s) abit lengthy pls...
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by doctorexcel(m): 10:48pm On Jan 11, 2021
You are really doing well with the flow of the story. Just try to make the update a little longer.
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Slimdreywhizz1(m): 7:06am On Jan 12, 2021
You are really doing well with the flow of the story. Just try to make the update a little longer.
...yap...i agree to that
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 5:01pm On Jan 12, 2021
okay guys, i promise to make the next update much more longer but i won't update today because i am really busy with something, the next update will be updated/posted tomorrow. Thanks for understanding
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 7:35pm On Jan 13, 2021
Continue:____(clara pov)__: "okay, i will try".. i gave luke a small smile and prepare for the ritual. the tranied men and both women were sayed to be painted in red, luke painted himself red and black and we all formed a very big circle with me at the middle. I place the book of the gods at my front and open it. I saw a lot of stories about the gods but i continue to open more pages to search for the god of war. I finally found it and saw the spell words to be cast in order to summon him and there was a warning sign written boldly at the end of the page. IT SAYS;( ONCES YOU GET INTO IT, YOU DIE IF THE GOD OF WAR IS NOT PLEASED). i was a little bit afraid but luke nod signaling me to continue. i then nod back and close my eyes before opening them back and suddenly it was completely white, the more i push my power forward the more i was been lifted above the ground level and my body shined brightly that all the men and women present fell on their faces including luke.... NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 8:37pm On Jan 13, 2021
Chapter six:____(luke pov)___: i watch as clara had been lifted up above the ground and the god of war symbol suddenly appear on her forehead as she shone brightly while she spoke some strange words and few mintues later the ground shaked with so much force it splite into two, it seperated the circle will formed, and i and half of the people was at the other side and the other half of people were at the other side. While clara was sitting on nothing as she was still at the middle... The ground shaked again and a long, unpleasent and harsly but deadly voice spoke: "WHO ARE YOU?".. The voice was deep and long as we all watch in amusement.. "the last guardian of the kingdom of verum my lord"... clara was the one that spoke this time.. "HOW MAY I HELP YOU GUARDIAN?"... The voice speaks again... "if i do find favour in your eye the god of war, please swear to me that you won't kill me if i speak and say what i need".. Clara says onces again and there was a long silence before the deadliy voice was heard again...
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 8:51pm On Jan 13, 2021
Continue:____(luke pov)___: "I DON'T DO SOMETHING FOR NOTHING".. The voice says and i could feel that clara looked troubled... "i don't understand, please make your servant understand this saying".. clara says again.. "i will swear if only one among the people gathered here will lose his/her soul as an offering".. the voice says again and this time i was angry at how heartless this god is, he is almost like the devil himself but i cool down my temper because i may get myself killed if i react.. the people begun looking at each other for they had fear in their eyes but one brave middle aged woman raise her hand and just like magic the ground swallowed her... "NOW YOU HAVE MY FULL SUPPORT".. the voice says again and clara nods... "i pray that lord show mercy and favour upon your servant for the kingdom of verum are about to war in a few days and we had seen among ourselves that we are much more weaker to stand before our eneimes and fight so we ask for more power".. Clara says... NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 9:07pm On Jan 13, 2021
my battery just went down to 15%, i will probably finish the update early morning tomorrow.
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Lakesc(m): 9:16pm On Jan 13, 2021
Ok, try and charge it to 100% so that u could give us plenty update tomorrow....
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by doctorexcel(m): 9:40pm On Jan 13, 2021
aiiiii ! Looking 4ward to 2moro's updates. Jah bless you
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 6:47am On Jan 14, 2021
Continue:____(luke pov)___: there was long silence before the voice spoke again... "VERY WELL THEN".. And at that, the ground shakes and join itself again reforming our circle. suddenly each and every of our forehead was drawn the symbol of the god of war including me, the symbol just magicaly appaer on our forehead... "AS LONG AS MY SYMBOL IS ON YOUR FOREHEAD, YOU HAVE A TASTE OF MY POWER AND FIGHT LIKE GODS".. The deep loud voice says and then a large sword of gold appear with burning fire on it... "THIS IS MY SWORD, ONLY AN ALPHA WHO IS PURE FROM HEART CAN HOLD THE SWORD AND ANYONE WHO TOUCHES IT APART FROM A PURE ALPHA DIES".. The voice says again and everyone started staring at me... "what?, please stop staring at me, i am not pure".. i said as i roll my eyes... "yes you are".. A man said.. "we believe in you alpha".. Another woman said... "fine fine fine, you guys could be so annoying sometimes".. I said as i stand up and prepare for my death trap....NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 4:46pm On Jan 14, 2021
Continue:___(luke pov)__: i held the sword and felt fire burning that same hand that i held the sword.. i burned so much that i screamed in pain and harshly smoke came out... i continue to scream as my hand continues to burn while the people gather continue to watch with hope in their eyes... has the pain continued to increase and spread, i begun to slowly give up the ghost before clara suddenly shouted... "nooo luke, you need to endure the pain. It's all a test, you need to pass the test before the sword will finally accept you".. Clara said and i gave her a nod as the fire spread and burnt half of my face before it suddenly stoped and i felt something new run through me but strange and also comforting kept surrounding me strongly and i think the people noticed as they suddenly bowed down and strangely even clara, i guess the power of the god of war is above even a guardian and i payed a very big price to borrow that power. half of my body and face are burnt....NEXT
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Slimdreywhizz1(m): 5:09pm On Jan 14, 2021
death trap ke
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 5:31pm On Jan 14, 2021
death trap ke
i don't understand, what do you mean by death trap ke
Re: Alpha Luke (werewolf stories) by Nobody: 5:57pm On Jan 14, 2021
Continue; (THE DAY OF WAR)....: luke got ready for the war as early in the morning everyone was getting prepared and the people getting prepared that were trained both men and women were counted about 800,000 of them while the children and old men and women where hidden in safe mountains in the land of fire verum and were counted about 60,000 while those who were too scared to go for war were counted about 5000 and were left behind... luke stand at the war front and was obviously the leader with his unaccepted mate at his side, yes i am talking about clara. luke wore a deep black and that just only had to how deadly he looked. he had added a few more inches to his height and his his body build as a strong rock.. luke was'nt smiling at all as he had a deep frown on his face with a no emotion golden eye which means his wolf john is in control. and according to the legends when onces wolf takes control over a body in a war it's a fight to the death...NEXT

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