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A Gangster's Sweetheart (when 2 Gangsters Kiss) by LipstickCrib(f): 11:59pm On Feb 11

Hi, I'm Ivy and I run a fakery together with my best friend Katie who also happens to be my boss' girlfriend. When I say boss, I mean Po, the leader of our gang. Yes I'm a gangster, I've been one ever since I was 16 and now I'm 23 making it 7 years and counting.

And when I say fakery, I mean a fake eatery. During opening hours, we are just regular girls serving food to our customers and after we close, it becomes our gang's secret base.

My other bestie is a guy and his name is Trevor. I've had a crush on him ever since the day I met him and that was 5 years back but he doesn't really know that because I've done a lot of work concealing those feelings. The only person I've ever told about it is Katie.

Tonight, we've closed for the day and I'm currently in the kitchen washing the dishes and trapped in my thoughts as usual.

You might be wondering why a girl like me decided to roll with gangsters. Truth is, when I was 15, I lost both parents in a car accident and got kicked out of the house by my aunt.

I lived on the streets for a whole year picking pockets, starting fights and selling bricks until I met Po who offered me a better opportunity to work for him.

 He gave me a roof over my head and a means of survival and 2 years later, Trevor joins us having lost his mum to hypertension which was caused by his drunk dad. First time we laid eyes on each other, we just kinda clicked maybe, because we both had the same sad story of losing our family.

As I was busy with the washing, Katie walks into the kitchen looking really stressed out. She has just finished cleaning.

You done? I ask absentmindedly without even looking at her direction.

Yeah and ready to head out. Don't wanna keep Po waiting for too long. She concludes with a little sigh as she drops the things she was holding back where they belonged and came over to help me out with wiping the plates and placing them in the rack.

We laughed heartily about the funny stuff that went down that day at the fakery. Katie and I were just like sisters. She was helpful, caring and supportive.

We're finally done with the cleaning and Katie and Po have just left, leaving me to lock the door and dispose of the trash.

I glanced at my wrist watch and realized it was 9:03 already and as if on cue, my phone starts vibrating in my hoodie pocket.

I bring it out and check the caller ID. It's Trevor calling. I picked up and got to where my car was parked and sat on the hood. My car is just an old chevy truck. With a very coy colour for a stupid outdated old car.

Hey squirt! What's up? I half yelled excitedly as I picked up the call.

Want me to come get you or you on your way? He asks ignoring my question. Prolly because I called him squirt- a name that pisses him off.

I'm good. On my way! I replied in a duh tone. He already knows that I can take care of myself anyway.

Drive safe Bye! He adds and quickly disconnects the call.

I'm guessing he's hungry already. I drop the phone back into my hoodie pocket and get into my car and start up the engine zooming off as fast as I can to get home in the least possible time.

I sometimes drive like a maniac maybe because I've gotten used to ditching the cops during operations and whenever I was riding dirty.

In no time, I was already pulling up in my driveway. My lights were on and I don't have to guess. Trevor is inside.

Me and Trevor live a few houses apart from each other but he mostly crashes at my place whenever we're free and tonight was one of those free nights where we are not out there risking our lives for some racks.

I locked the car and got to my front door and opened up getting inside.

Trevor was sitting on the couch watching TV in the small living room with a large bowl of popcorn on his lap. I shut the door as I got in and he turns his eyes towards my now approaching figure.

My legs were getting weaker by the minute an influence that only Trevor has on me. I love him but he doesn't know and I'm a stupid girl to think that me and him will ever be more than friends.

He looked as cute as ever. From his uncombed hair to his barefeet which were resting on the table, he was totally adorable.

He wore a black basketball jersey exposing his muscular black arms which were both covered in tattoos all the way down to his fingers.

I see him everyday but my eyes are never satisfied with staring at him and appreciating just how cute this 26 year old is. It's like he gets hotter and hotter with each passing day. Such torture!!

I knew the details behind all that ink so I don't really have any problems with it though I wouldn't have preferred for him to get so much ink on his body but I respect his choice.

As soon as he saw me, his eyes lit up and his mouth curved into a wide smile which kept getting wider as I approached the couch he was sitting on. He drops the bowl of popcorn which was earlier on his laps on the table and pats the spot where it was previously for me to sit on.

I take out my phone from the hoodie pocket and drop it on the table before sitting on his laps with my hands round his neck.

He always has this look in his eyes whenever I'm with him that I can't explain. I know it's love but just not the type that I wanted badly.

He drew me into a hug bringing our faces inches apart causing us to breathe each other's air. I gave him a sweet steamy kiss before rolling off his laps and sitting back on the couch giggling like a little girl.

(In case you're wondering why me and bestie are kissing, it's just how we greet each other after a long day. It's the type of kiss which doesn't have anything to do with romance. We never do it in public though.)

'How was your day worker bee?' he asks lovingly with his hand round my neck.

After a little giggle, I started blabbing;

Was great, you know the usual, busy and fun at the same time. Plus we made a lot as usual.... And on and on I narrated all in one breath while handling with his beards which were as soft as a baby's hair.

Lemme make us something to eat for dinner. I added and Trevor who was now focusing on the TV screen let go of me as I stretched and got up tiredly heading for my room.

I changed up into a black bralette top and blue shorts with my hair packed in a messy bun. I examined myself in the mirror one last time before walking out of the room heading straight to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

One of the good things about running the fakery with Katie is that I learned how to cook thanks to constantly watching YouTube while preparing the customer's orders.

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Re: A Gangster's Sweetheart (when 2 Gangsters Kiss) by LipstickCrib(f): 12:12am On Feb 14
Episode 2


Me and Trevor had pasta for dinner and stayed up till midnight watching TV before I fell asleep on the couch beside him. I woke up in my room the next morning. Trevor must have carried me in here.

I sit up in the bed as a wide grin creeps up on my face. This is why I'm crazily in love with him. He is very caring.

I stretched under the covers. I checked the small clock on my  bedside table. It was almost 8 in the morning. My eyes widened as I jumped out of the bed and scurried off into the bathroom. Trevor must have tampered with my alarm. He's gonna get it hot from me today.

After a few minutes, I walk back into the room and hear my phone ringing. I wonder where it was. I listened carefully and realized that the sound was coming from under the bed. How on Earth did it get under the bed?

I dropped the wet towel I was holding on the bed and dropped on my fours on the floor beside the bed and looked under it. I saw the gold plated case of the device glittering under the bed.

 There you are!

I carried the phone up which had now stopped ringing and got back up sitting on the bed. The screen had a crack on it which means that it must have fallen off the bed while I was sleeping.

 I'm going to kill Trevor. How could he keep my phone on the bed knowing that I'm a heavy sleeper who chooses the worst sleeping positions of all time.

I'll get a new one anyway. I sigh and drop the phone back on the bed as I reluctantly get up and strut to my closet to find something suitable to wear.

We'll be going for a job tonight so I need to dress like the baddie that I am.

I picked out a black long sleeved bodysuit, a pair of black cargo trousers, a pair of black Madden girls Parker ankle combat boots, a black leather jacket and a black Nike face cap.

Having fully dressed up, I looked at my self in the mirror one last time and smiled. I'm a real life baddie and for that, I ain't sorry.

I stuff my phone and leather gloves into the jacket pocket before putting my face cap on and heading out of the room humming Drake's song 'Toosie Slide'

� Black leather gloves no sequins....

I keep humming as I got into the sitting room and pick up my car keys and house keys which were both in the same bunch.

I reach for the front door and realized that it was locked. He has my key so he must've locked it from outside I mean, was I expecting him to leave my front door open?

I insert the key into the door locking from outside and jumped straight into my ugly and beat up Chevy pickup truck.

Truth is, I have a lot of money thanks to seven years of hard work and saving up but I didn't want to raise any suspicion so I live on the low, driving an ugly and old grandpa truck when I should be letting the top down on a Lamborghini. Whatever!! I'm off to work.

� Evening �

It's currently 8 in the evening and we decided to close early today so the gang could assemble. That's the norm on all days when we have to meet.

While the guys were still arriving, me and Katie were busy preparing dinner for all of us.

We prepared a tasty mouth watering dish of rice � with poached chicken � and some salad �.

I walked into the Hall with a tray full of plates to realize that Trevor hasn't arrived yet. He and Max had the habit of always being late.

As soon as I walked in, I heard wolf whistles and compliments like:
'Mighty fine Ivy' , 'Lotta Cargo in those Pants shawty, Hot lil mama'... While others just tried to touch me but I shrug their hands off playfully while bending over dramatically teasingly and on and on.

I've known these guys for so long and they are like family to me but I know they won't mind getting tight with me cos they are gangsters.Whatever!! I smile and wink at them.

I arranged the plates on the tables where some of the guys were already seated.

I pick up the remote control and switch to a music channel preferably hip hop (gangsters love hip hop you know). The sound of 'Solitaires' by Future and Travis Scott filled the room and the guys as if on cue began cheering and rapping along.

The guys really loved Future mainly because he was also from Georgia and also because his voice and his songs were just amazing. And the lyrics are always very relatable especially to us in the streets.

I smile and made to go back into the kitchen but the front door opens and Po walks in and the guys start cheering again.

Just when we're done exchanging greetings and gangsigns, Max walks in the door and the noise in the room went on and on.

I greet him with a warm hug and a kiss on his cheek.

'You keep getting finer and finer each day, wanna go on a date with me any of these days?' Max whispers in my ear as the noisy chatter in the room increased.

'Place it on hold dawg!' I reply playfully pulling his nose.

'Oops! That hurts!' He mumbles holding his nose dramatically.

I chuckled and hit him on the chest playfully as I walk back into the kitchen. I've taken enough time out here already.

Me and Katie came out of the kitchen with the food a few minutes later. By now, every member of the gang was present. Trevor had finally arrived as well. His eyes lit up as soon as he saw me but quickly took his eyes off me and continued with the discussion he was having with Po which kinda seemed serious.�

Their noisy chatter increased immediately they sighted the food we were now dishing out for them.

Katie and Po sat down together as usual on a separate table, while I sat with the others to eat. To make matters worse, I sat next to Trevor whose free hand rested on my lap gently caressing it from time to time.

The warmth of his touch made it difficult to concentrate or eat the food like I wanted to as it kept sending shivers down my spine.

I don't think he realizes what he does to me everytime he's close to me.

And to think that I was still mad at him for leaving my phone on the bed last night. Nah!

Our gang is called the Cash-House Gang and we're 19 in number having me and Katie as the only females. Yonas- the next in command is currently working undercover in another gang.

Tonight was about getting money back from Po's debtors.

Max and ten of the guys were supposed to intercept the shipment of a rival gang whose leader owes Po about 500 grand, Denny, Trevor and I will be paying a little visit to an old friend- a former gang member of ours who made away with many kilograms of brick belonging to Po.

Young blood k who was our handyman hands each of us our guns,our maps and car keys. I collect the slightly heavy metal and conceal it properly under my jacket before heading out with Trevor for our mission.

Skeezy is the guy that we're going after. A backstabbing slowpoke who needs to be taught a lesson.

We got outside the eatery and Trevor tosses the keys to Denny who is driving us. We all got into the car and Denny zoomed off immediately driving at top speed.

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Re: A Gangster's Sweetheart (when 2 Gangsters Kiss) by LipstickCrib(f): 4:51am On Feb 16
Episode 3


Taking one of the backstreets, we arrived at the location where Skeezy is hiding out.

We park the car a few blocks away and I and Trevor step out of the car and walk down to the building.

We both pull out our guns and aim it at the door preparing for the assault.

I try to open the door but it's locked. I stepped aside and Trevor kicks it open with his left foot.

'Getting strong squirt' I commend chuckling for a second.

"4 points squirrel!" He whisper yells with a smirk on his face.

"Big fat Ego." I smiled at him with a wink.

With fingers firmly on the trigger, we quietly and slowly stepped inside.

Surprising enough, there was nobody in the first room which looked like an abandoned warehouse with a huge TV screen on the wall which was currently showing the news meaning he was here somewhere. Everything in here looked dusty and old. Perfect place for a lowlife like him.

We walked past the first room and approached the second door. Luckily, this one was open. Skeezy and two other guys were on a table smoking and playing solitaire.

Immediately they heard the door squeak open, they all turned round. On sighting us with guns, they reach for their own weapons but it was too late cos we shot both of them in the legs before they could pull their trigger. Skeezy who was still sitted and raised both hands in surrender with his blunt still in his mouth.

Skeezy has always been a wuss. All he had was a peanut sized brain and a big ol mouth that talked before thinking.

We got to where the guys were lying and groaning on the floor and kicked away their weapons.

'Hey! Hey!! Skee, Long time no see! I see you've also grown a goatee.' I mock him as I take a seat opposite him on the table with Trevor standing beside me with his head low.

He took out the blunt from his mouth and shot me a foolish smile while stroking his beard.

'Well well darling, you know I've always been the GOAT.' He replied feeling himself. Such an idiot.

'And all you talk is Mehhh!' I responded imitating a bleating goat with an eye roll sticking my tongue out in a yucky expression of disgust. I could hear Trevor chuckling beside me and I joined in roaring with laughter.

I could see Skeezy's face was red with anger already at our mockery.

'And the little poodle behind the wheel ascended to being trigger finger' He fires back referring to Trevor now.

Within a split second, Trevor snatches the blunt from his hold and squashes it on his face earning a yelp of pain from Skeezy. The spot was now a big red dot.

 I started laughing again as I stood up and gave Trevor a little peck on the cheek whose jaw was clenched tight from all the anger he was holding in.

Skeezy and Trevor have never been cool with each other when he was still in the gang. They fought everytime they had a chance so tonight won't be anything different.

'Ease up Tboy' I whispered into his ear rubbing his shoulder soothingly.

'Back to you goat' I smacked referring to Skeezy who was still wheezing from the pain holding his face.

'Well some things never change huh?' Skeezy manages to say with a scoff!

'Yes Skee, but we're not here to pick a fight or play games and as you know, gangsters don't play nice, all we want is Po's wonga.' I stated rather bluntly while walking around and stalking him like he was some kind of prey.

'You came to the wrong person puppy, cuz Po's cash isn't here' he replied with a stupid laugh.

I looked at Trevor and gave him a nod. Taking the cue, he responds by immediately pushing the table aside violently, the cards and bottles clattering on the concrete floor. Holding Skeezy by the collar, he punches him repeatedly on the face.

In no time, his face became a pool of blood making Trevor's fist a bloody mess.

'Ease up Tiger' I say from behind Trevor holding him by the waist and dragging him backwards.

'Same volatile temper' Skee grunts and spits out blood now sitting on the floor. More blood was trickling down his nose as well.

'Some things never change dummy' Trevor yells angrily as he kicks the table which hits one of the guys who were still groaning in pain on the floor and he lets out a loud yell.

'Quiet you Idiot' I yell back at him as I pick the bottle of whiskey that was lying on the floor which must have fallen off from the table and opened it up.

'Care for a drink?' I ask Trevor smiling slyly as I handed him the bottle.

He took it from me and opened it drinking straight from the bottle. A hoarse grunt escaped his mouth as the drink burned down in his throat.

I walked over to where Skee was and held his dreadlocked hair from behind raising up his head while Trevor comes closer and poured the drink on his wounded face making him to scream at the top of his lungs.

'You bloody psycho' Skee yells in a voice that still sounded like a little whimper.

'Where is the money stupid?' I fired back at him.

'Roman has it' He answers immediately in a small cracked up voice.

'Say What?'

'Roman has it, I swear to you!! He took the brick on credit but never paid me. He played me!!' He yells amidst a painful sob.

Roman is one of Po's long standing rivals and Skee left our gang to join him. I think we'll be paying him a visit. This is gonna be a tough one.

'awww... Poor baby is crying' I reply in a little mock voice feigning pity.

"He played you because you are the dumbest gangster I've ever seen." Trevor whisper yells between gritted teeth. He's totally drunk with rage and this is why he's called the 'werewolf'.

I let go of him and walk out of the room with Trevor dragging him along behind me.

What an encounter that was. Now you see just how dangerous Trevor is and I still love him.

We got back to where the car was parked and found Denny busy sniffing in Coke. He was higher than the tree tops already. Such an idiot!

He manages to pop the trunk of the car where we dump Skee.

I order him to sit in the back while I sit in the front with Trevor who will be driving us instead. His hold tightened on the steering wheel and his jaw clenched repeatedly till we got to our rendezvous point.

We dragged Skee into the room full of our guys who have already returned from their assignments.

Look who I found boys. I called as soon as I walked into the room making all heads turn to our direction where skeezy was being dragged in behind me by Trevor.

They were all so annoyed on sighting Skee and within seconds, a circle had been formed round him who was lying helplessly on the floor. The room dissolved into a great commotion as some called him names while others requested to punch him.

"He's mine boys, so back off!!" I heard Po yell as he walks in and intervenes. He orders two of the guys to take him to the next room and tie him up. The guys quickly return to their former positions chatting loudly about what just happened.

We watched for a while as the guys dragged him inside before following behind Po and briefing him on all that Skee told us about the brick and the cash.

Only God knows what Po is going to do to Skeezy for betraying him and also stealing from him.


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Re: A Gangster's Sweetheart (when 2 Gangsters Kiss) by LipstickCrib(f): 2:40pm On Feb 16
Episode 4


Next morning, I wake up stretching myself on my bed as the sound of my new phone ringing jolts me out of my sweet sleep.


It's Katie calling. I pick up immediately. Turns out that she wants me to get some stuff that ran out at the eatery on my way to work.


I disconnect the call and get out of bed sluggishly. I may have had a few drinks last night and I would have loved to sleep more but, I need to get to work.


I turned on the tap and washed my hands before splashing some of the water on my face. I brushed my teeth afterwards before stepping into the shower.


I wore a pair of black ripped jeans trousers and a blue basic t-shirt which exposed the squirrel tattoo on my arm. I checked myself in the mirror repeatedly before walking out of the room. I rarely wear any makeup except when the occasion demands it.


I got to the kitchen and picked out an apple from the fridge and took a large bite. I rarely eat at home in the mornings. As I was still munching on the tasty apple, a soft knock sounded on my door. It was just 7:03 in the morning, I wonder who was at the door.


I carefully dropped my apple on the kitchen counter and quietly approached the door with the keys jangling in my hand.


I looked out the window and saw Trevor at the door. I quickly unlocked the door and stepped aside for him to get in.


"Good morning mami." He greeted in his usual enchanting and sweet sounding voice as he walks into the room and extends his arms for a hug.


"Morning sweaty." I respond with a laugh and step away from him making him to take a look at himself.


He was really sweating profusely from his morning run and I wasn't ready to get soaked in sweat by agreeing to hug him.


He smirked and walked past me straight to the kitchen. I followed him in where I saw him drinking water and holding my half-eaten apple.


I sighed taking a seat and shook my head as he took a bite from the apple and chewed hungrily.


'Anything to eat?' He asks as he threw whatever remained of the apple into the bin and also takes a seat on the remaining kitchen stool.


'Go take a bath first and I'll sort that out' I ordered with an eye roll as I stood up from the kitchen stool and grabbed an apron.


He gets up quietly with a huge smile on his face and stands behind me breathing down my neck.


'I have news for you babe' he whispers and plants a kiss on my hair before walking out of the kitchen.


My heart could have stopped any second but thankfully, it didn't. The torture is just too much for me. I need to let him know how I feel about him sooner or later or I might have a heart attack. I wonder what he wants to tell me now.



I suddenly remembered that he didn't have any extra clothes which means he is going to wear my clothes. I ran up to my bedroom and banged forcefully on the door and his voice rang faintly from inside.


I threatened to cut his fingers off if he touched my brand new Fila sweatshirt and sweatpants. I could hear him laughing so hard from inside. I hope he listens to me.


I waited for him to come out. My anger hit the roof when he walked into the  kitchen wearing the very clothes I had told him not to touch.


I picked up a knife from the rack and ran after him screaming like a mad woman while he kept laughing and dribbling me.


I suddenly slipped and fell on my butt. There was a spill on the floor and I didn't even notice.


Trevor stopped running and came back to where I was still lying on the floor groaning and holding my leg in pain. He made sure he kicked away the knife which was on the floor close to where I was before lifting me off the floor.


'Are you okay mami?' he asked in total panic.

I had a sprain on my left ankle.


No! I'm dying because I've been hit by a truck!! I yelled angrily in pain as he lifted me off the floor.


He dropped me on the kitchen island and went over to the fridge and returned in a second with an ice pack.


It's my fault! He muttered while pressing the ice on the affected spot.


"Don't blame yourself for my clumsiness T..." I retorted but he cut me off mid-sentence.


"If you weren't running after me, you wouldn't have tripped." He fired back through gritted teeth while clenching his jaw.


My phone rang and he semi ran to the living room and returned with it in a flash.


"How touching!" I thought mentally rolling my eyes.


I checked the screen and realized that it was Katie calling. I swiped and picked up immediately.


'Whats taking you forever to get here? She yelled on the other end of the phone hurting my ear drum.


'I had an accident' I managed to reply when she stopped yelling.


'OMG! OMG!! Are you okay? Where you at?' She rapped sounding really scared


"I'm okay. I'm chilling at home and it's just a sprain. I'll be there in a few." I managed to respond and I could hear her let out a sigh of relief.


"I'll be right there okay?" I said and ended the call before she could even reply.


'How do you expect to be limping around and still serving tables?' Trevor asked sounding worried while running his fingers through his uncombed hair. He still looked cute even though he was upset.


'Get me some pain meds from the bathroom Trevor. It's just a little sprain not like I got hit by the bus.' I chuckled scrunching my face up.


'Stay Put!' He ordered before walking out of the kitchen.


I took the meds and after a lot of convincing, Trevor finally agreed to drive me to work where I met a very worried looking Katie who squeezed me in a hug. I sat in the kitchen all day doing next to nothing since Katie wouldn't let me do anything.


Trevor called almost every hour or so to know how I was doing. How sweet of him though he still blamed himself. He even came over in the afternoon to check up on me.


 I feel loved but I'm still a gangster girl who has been shot at countlessly,taken bullets, jumped off high fences and buildings, got stabbed and cheated death severally and a sprain doesn't even register as something painful.


In the evening, Trevor came to pick me up from work. Just sweet. He was still wearing my brand new Fila and I know I'm never gonna get it back. He's taken so many of my clothes already and my Fila is just another one of those poor victims.


'So you had something to tell me in the morning remember?' I said after a little silence during the drive back home.


'Say what' he semi yelled as he turned down the volume of the car radio on which 'Bad and Boujee' by Migos was playing at Max volume.


'You had something you wanted to tell me in the morning' I repeated myself.


'Oh! I scored a date with a hot chick down the lane.' He said looking at me with a smirk on his ever so cute bearded face.


My eyes almost popped out of my head immediately he said this.


 'Uhm... that name... what's that name again...' He muttered trying to remember the girl's name.


I started laughing so hard as he shot me a 'This-is-not-funny' look  which only made me laugh louder.


He shook his head and whipped out his phone. With one hand on the steering wheel, he kept scrolling before finally speaking up.


'Shawty named Halle with a hour Glass shape' He said with a chuckle as he let go of the steering wheel for a second to demonstrate curves with both hands. The car swerved on the road and he quickly regained his grip on the wheel.


Usually I would have laughed at what he did and said but I didn't find it funny at all. You can say I'm getting a bit jealous. Matter of fact, I'm a whole lot jealous.


I didn't say anything else as I felt my anger rising. I turned up the volume of the radio again and this time, a pop song was playing. I hated pop music but I still didn't change the dial.


The rest of the drive was without further conversation as I kept myself busy yelling out the lyrics of Nicki Minaj's song 'Yikes' which was now playing on the radio.


He stole some glances at me every now and then but I pretended not to notice. I think he realizes that I'm not really cool with the whole date stuff. I mean, he knows me so well anyway.


Finally he pulled over in my driveway and I quickly got out limping to the front door. He walked over to where I was and opened the front door before lifting me inside. I buried my head in the crook of his neck as he took me inside and dropped me on the bed.


After taking more pain meds and a few shots of alcohol, I was tucked in by Trevor who flicked off the bedside lamp and snuggled up beside me in the bed stroking my hair gently while typing on his phone. I didn't even realize when I had dozed off in his arms until I woke up alone in the bed the day.


Then the incident from last night replayed in my mind. Trevor will be going on a date with a curvy girl who will definitely become his girlfriend and I'll still be his thugger chick on the side that he treats like a best friend and nothing more.


She got curves and I don't. I'm guessing that's his type of girls. The ones with the hour Glass shape and I'm nothing close to that, I thought and shook my head.


I picked up my phone from the night stand and powered up the screen. Wait a minute!! It's 2:05 in the afternoon!!! I'm guessing it's just the phone clock playing tricks on me. I mean outside my window was really bright but I've never slept so long.


I unlocked the screen and found multiple missed calls from Katie. They were from 5 hours ago!!

Gosh! The phone clock is okay, I'm the one who isn't.


There could only be one reasonable explanation; Trevor put something in my drink last night.


I got out of the bed hurriedly and rushed into the bathroom. The pain in my ankle was almost gone as I wasn't limping like before.


I took the quickest bath in history and ran out of the shower Stark naked while I ransacked my wardrobe for something to wear.


I found a black T-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans together with a pair of Nikes and quickly put it on before I dashed out of the room. I even forgot to brush my hair. Thank God I have a face cap in my car.


Trevor wasn't in the living room or kitchen as I had expected. I locked my door from outside and just as I was about to get into my car, I noticed that I had a flat tire.


Today of all days!


It was really sunny outside and the sun's rays hit my face mercilessly.


I got the face cap out of the car and put it on as I began jogging down the street.


Though my ankle was slightly hurting, I kept going since I've been trained to handle worse.


In a few minutes, I was at the eatery panting heavily like a dog who just returned from playing fetch.


I accessed the kitchen through the back door and took a seat.


Katie walked in a moment later looking like an angry wolf.


She stood by the door way frowning with her hands folded across her chest.


'You are six hours late you know?' she declared angrily.


'Yea I know! Trevor kinda drugged me.' I replied lazily with a shrug as I stood up and took an apron.


I could see a playful smirk appearing on her face.


'Good for you.' she said and dissolved into a little chuckle.


I rolled my eyes at her as I kept adjusting the apron.


'And what do you think you wanna do?' She queried mischievously raising her brows a bit.


"My job of course. If you're worried about my ankle, I am perfectly fine. Whatever he put in my drink works like magic." I replied all in one breath.


She simply huffed and shook her head, walking out of the room back into the main hall where the customers were seated.


I looked at myself in the small mirror on the kitchen wall and adjusted my face cap before walking back into the main hall.


I walked into the main hall and guess who I see seated comfortably?


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Re: A Gangster's Sweetheart (when 2 Gangsters Kiss) by LipstickCrib(f): 10:46am On Feb 17
Episode 5:

�Trevor's POV:

I found myself a seat at one of the tables in Ivy's eatery and Katie walked up to me.


After exchanging greetings, she wanted to know what I'd like to have.


"I'm not here to eat K, I'm here for Ivy"


"Oh you mean stubborn squirrel" she said with a laugh swaying from side to side as she clutched the menu tight with both hands.



That's when Ivy also walks in. Immediately she sights me, her face squeezes into a frown as she hurriedly approaches my table.


"I swear I'm going to kill you today Trevor" she says between gritted teeth as she gets to where I was.


Katie leaves us both to talk and returns to work.


I started laughing loudly making other customers turn towards our direction and give me looks like I was some sort of idiot.


Ivy wasn't fazed. She only tightened the frown on her face. She was really pissed off, but still very pretty.


"Why did you drug me Trevor?" She queries sternly taking a seat.


"I didn't expect you to wake up today you know?" I reply with a chuckle earning an even tighter frown from her.


She looked like an angry emoji. A very cute angry emoji.


"How are you feeling now? Is it still hurting?" I asked after a moment.


"Well yeah" she replied in a duh tone playing with her hair.


"Sorry about that Mami! Today's my date with Halle" I stated excitedly like a teenager who is going on his first date.


"Well then, good luck"She replies quickly with a scoff and sits back relaxing on the chair.


"Can I go back to work now?" She asks after a little silence.


"Yeah sure" I reply and she gets up almost immediately and walks away without even saying goodbye or looking back at me.


That's strange, she must still be mad at me for lacing her drinks or is she upset about the date.


This is my first date in ages!! I really needed her help on staying calm but with the look of things, she's not going to offer it. Guess I'm on my own in this one.




Today was half good and half bad.


Half good because Katie informed me that she is 6 weeks pregnant and half bad because Trevor is going out on a date with a beautiful curvy girl named Halle.


From her name alone, I know she's gonna be really beautiful.


I got down from the cab and walked into my driveway. I don't think I'll be fixing my tire, I'm getting me a new car, I thought as I walked past my stupid Chevy truck.


I walked pass it cussing under my breath.


I unlocked the door and switched on my lights as I got in locking the door from inside.


As exhausted as I was, I slumped down unto the sofa.


I turned the TV on and switched to a music channel. 6ix9ine's song 'Gooba' was playing. I turned up the volume and went inside to get changed.


I felt very upset and I don't really have any appetite for dinner. I mean how I'm I supposed to eat knowing that the man I love so much is out there with another woman.


What I'm I supposed to feel?

I kept turning uncomfortably in the bed until I finally fell asleep a few minutes past midnight.


�Next Evening�


It's currently a Friday night and I'm at a loud party.


It was the norm for Po to throw a party on every Friday night.

Each and every one of us have to be present just in case a fight breaks out.


In street terms, we have to 'Rep our Clique'


I sat there in a corner swaying from side to side in my seat to the sound of 'Life is Good' by Future blasting loudly in the clubhouse.


The lights in here were dim and almost everyone in the room had a lighted blunt in his or her hand.


The smoke formed a semi cloud under the ceiling. The smell of alcohol mingled with weed was in itself totally intoxicating.


Po and Katie were seated in the VIP section. You're only allowed to sit in VIP if you have achieved anything special or Po just feels like it.


The wolf (I mean Trevor) was sitting right beside me blabbing about how his date with Halle was totally awesome.


I wish it had flopped but unfortunately, it didn't. I have tried to stop myself from feeling jealous about his relationship with this girl and just focus on my own happiness.


I tried to joke and laugh with him as usual. Plus, I was also a bit tipsy thanks to a couple glasses of vodka.


Later on, Po got up and ordered for the music to be turned down.

Okay, whenever he does that, there's always an important announcement or something that calls for celebration afterwards. I'm guessing tonight he's gonna tell us about Katie's pregnancy.


He held out his hand dramatically for Katie who immediately stood up and placed her hand in his.


She wore a sexy red dress with the side split in a v shape and held together by chains drilled into the fabric. The dress did very little work in covering her cleavage.


"Ahem..." Po began to speak seeing that everyone in the room was staring too much.


"Me and sugar here are expecting a baby together y'all" he continues excitedly as everyone in the room starts to cheer and clap.


"I'm bout to be a daddy suckas" he yells before kissing Katie while rubbing her still flat tummy.


Just after we drank a toast to them, a fight broke out between two girls at the party where one of them ended up busting the other's head with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Crazy right?


Plus, Trevor and I are supposed to move some merchandise to a customer in Douglasville before 5 o'clock the next morning which means, I'll have to sleep over at his place tonight so we could leave together the next day.



�At Trevor's Place


We got inside the house giggling sheepishly at the joke I made earlier.


I quickly took off the heels i was wearing which were killing me already and threw them on the floor still laughing loudly.


I'm sure my face was redder than tomato sauce already from laughing so hard.


By now, Trevor was done with locking the door and came over to sit with me on the couch.


His house was nicer than mine even though I have more money than he does and he drives a nice drop top too.


I wonder what I am really afraid of, starting from tomorrow, I'm going to start living like I own some.


"Guess wah?" I half sang to Trevor as I finally take my eyes off the TV screen.


"Tell me already, will ya?" Trevor replied lazily as he shifted closer to me and slinging his hand round my neck.


"I've considered getting a new whip" I replied breezily.


"Finally!! You bout to start ballin for real" he exclaimed happily and cupped my cheeks.


I didn't need anyone to tell me what's going to happen next. He brought his face closer and I shut my eyes opening my mouth slightly.


Immediately I felt his soft lips on mine, I regain my senses and push him away slightly adjusting myself and regaining my composure.


I could see the shock register on his face. This has never happened before. I have never resisted him and he has never resisted me either.


But there's always a first time for everything right?


"What the heck was that for?" He asks in Surprise.


"You have a girlfriend Tre...


"And since when did it ever matter?" He fired back cutting me off.


"Since now" I replied almost in a whisper.


"Oh wow!" He exclaims with a tone that depicted derision as he stood up and paced up and down the room.


"You've been acting weird recently Ivy, I mean you're changing and it's not for the best" he yells before storming off headed for the stairs.


I let out a huge sigh of relief as I sat there watching his retreating figure ascend the stairs.


"I need to talk to him" I muttered to myself as I got up and also ran up the stairs.




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Episode 6

 � Trevor


To say that I am mad would be the biggest understatement of the year.


I stood there staring at myself in the bathroom mirror.


"Congratulations big fool! She doesn't want you" I yelled to my reflection in the mirror.


I was so pissed off that I slammed my fist into the mirror breaking it to pieces.


 Blood gushed out of my knuckles immediately. That's when I came back to my senses again.


I just hurt myself, thanks to my nasty temper.


One might wonder;

Why is he always angry?


I started having temper issues when I lost my mum. She meant the world to me but my drunk of a father took her away from me because of his excessive drinking.


She developed high blood pressure because of over thinking about him and overworking to take care of the family. She died from a bloody heart attack.


I stood there trapped in my own thoughts as my eyes started to well up.


I blinked rapidly Fighting back the tears as I kept staring at the broken mirror on the wall.


The door opened and Ivy walked in.

She looked pretty alarmed and frightened to see me in this state.


My knuckles were still bleeding making the bathroom floor red with blood.


She rushed to where I was and took hold of my hand to examine the wound.


She had an effect on me that I can't explain. Whenever she touches me, my insides melt and my anger goes away instantly.


She dragged me to the sink and turned on the faucet guiding my knuckles under the running water while gently washing off the blood.


She later cleaned up the wound and dressed it before proceeding to clean up the mess that I'd made on the floor.


We didn't say anything to each other and we didn't dare look each other in the eye.


She practically led me back to the bedroom and sat down on the bed with me still avoiding my gaze.




After a few minutes of sitting on his bed in silence, I finally mustered some courage and spoke up;


"I...uhm.. I..." I stuttered and trailed off.


"I think you need to rest up so we can get up early for our round in the morning" I managed to say.


He neither replied nor made a move.


I looked up to see him glaring at me and clenching his jaws like he was so pissed off. That was when I realized that I was still holding his hand and immediately I saw the look on his face, I let go of him.


Based on what my intuition was telling me, I hugged him tight but he didn't respond. He just sat there!


He gently pushed me away and climbed into the bed muttering a good night.


That was cold, now I understand what it feels like to be rejected. It hurts like crazy...


I stood up from the bed and walked to his closet. I picked out an 'Atlanta Hawks' jersey and walked into the bathroom with it.


☀️ Next morning


It's currently 5:27 and we're resting quietly on the hood of Trevor's car waiting for our customer(s) to show up in an out of the way location may I add.


Just after glancing at my wrist watch for the umpty-umpth time, a blue Toyota Tacoma drives in and pulls up in the distance and our 'customer' steps out.


"If it isn't Po's little dormouse and her sidekick" the man says in a high pitched voice and laughs at his own joke.


"It's squirrel and wolf for you Manny" I reply as he gets close enough for me to recognize him.


"Better not get bitten" He replies and bursts into another round of laughter.


"What wolf doesn't howl?" He continues as he observes Trevor's silence.


I simply scoffed and rolled my eyes. It's too early to argue with Manny of all people who I'm sure, hasn't brushed his teeth for today yet.


"Whatcha doin up in Dougville" I ask trying to be nice.


"Finding me some greener pastures, ATL is troubled waters" he answered in that same high pitched voice.


By now, Trevor had gotten out our merchandise from the trunk and placed it on the hood.


He opened the bag and Manny examined it's contents to confirm that everything was intact before handing us the bag he was holding and we also confirmed that our cash was complete.


"Nice doing business again with you Manny." I said shaking his hands.


"And oh.... ATL is for the big fish, if you come back, you just might get eaten" I added repeating his own joke in a different way.


He doubled in fits of high pitched laughter as he watched us get in the car and zoom off.


"You should have at least smiled at my joke Trevor" I said breaking the awkward silence in the car.


"I was one minute away from punching him in the face" he replied tightening his hold on the steering wheel and clenching his jaws.


I huffed and decided to keep quiet since I knew that the conversation wasn't going to lead anywhere.


At a few minutes past 6, he dropped me off in front of my house.


"Care for breakfast?" I asked as I got out of the car.


"I'll pass" he replied angrily and zoomed off without even looking at me. Again, Trevor never passes up on a free food offer.


"Boy needs to go for some anger management courses" I thought as I tugged my hands into the hoodie pocket (Yes, I'm presently wearing Trevor's oversized clothes) as i walked to my front door.


I got inside and let out a deep breath.


I walked into the kitchen and dropped my phone on the island getting ready to make myself some breakfast. I was starving already.



"...and he just left me standing like a fool on the sidewalk" I said concluding the narration of my story to Katie.


"It's true that Tboy took it a little too far but y'all been kissing for ages, no harm, no foul so why you wanna stop now?" She queried raising her right hand dramatically.


"Guess I was tripping" I replied also raising my hand.


"Eish! Whatever! So when you gonna get yo new car?" She asked handing me a dish for me to wipe.


"Later in the day" I replied tryna smile.


"Po says we should get some extra hands on deck" Katie continues


"Overprotective baby daddy" I said with a chuckle causing Katie to laugh and rub her tummy.


Well I couldn't agree less, we needed more people to help out here in the eatery.


"So what typa car you wanna get?" She continues.


"A drop top from Audi" I say with a shrug


Her eyes light up when I mentioned drop top as she squealed and hugged me excitedly.


� Tonight


I return home with my first brand new car. The old Chevy was a used car that I bought since the early days of my hustling.


I pull up in Trevor's driveway and get out of the car and rushed to his front door.


I knocked on the door and a tired looking Trevor opened up.


"What's up?" Trevor asks


"Meet my new baby!" I sing cheerfully pointing to the blue beauty (ie my new Audi) sitting in the driveway.


I could see his lips curving into a wide smile as he draws me in for a hug sweeping me off my feet.


He was really excited about my new car.


We jumped into the car and he revved the engine continuously before finally driving out onto the main Street at top speed.


He let the top down and the cold night breeze hit my face blowing my hair in the wind.


'Motorsport' by Migos, Cardi b and Nicki Minaj was playing.


Whooo ooooh!!!


We drove for a while before turning back home.


We got out of the car and he hugged me again lifting me off the ground and taking me inside.


We were so excited about the car that we got carried away in excitement as I kissed him tenderly wrapping my legs around him.


He dropped me on the couch and broke the kiss.


"Now, don't you ever think of pushing me away Mami, it hurt my feelings" he warns sternly and I nod smiling sheepishly.


His knuckles were no longer bandaged but his wounds were still very visible and sore.


"Yes sir" I reply and give him a mock salute making him burst into laughter.


I just got my love back.


"Now let's make some dinner" I continue as I get up and run to the kitchen yelling 'catch me if you can'


"Let's make some pasta" he suggests as he hugs me from behind placing kisses on my neck.


"Eish! Lemme concentrate will ya!" I shoo him off playfully as I poured the pasta into the pot.


We chatted and laughed so hard for a while before the doorbell rang.


"Your doorbell still works?" I ask Trevor in Surprise while still stirring the pot of tomato sauce.


"Yup! I guess" he replies with a little chuckle and a shrug as he walks off to answer the door.


I wonder who is at the door at this hour?


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Episode 7:



A minute later and I could hear Trevor laughing loudly with someone. A girl's voice was heard as well.


I pretended to be busy with the sauce as I heard their footsteps approaching the direction of the kitchen.


The door opened and they walked into the kitchen together.


I turned to face them and my eyes almost popped out of my head.


OMG!! This girl is something more than Trevor described.

I saw a taller version of Nicki Minaj standing beside him.

His hands on her sleek waist.


She wore a tight fitting Levi high jeans trousers and a strapless lace crop top which did nothing for her huge chest region.


Her red hair was tied up in a ponytail and her heavy make up shaped her face and perfected it's beauty.


She was smacking and blowing bubbles on her gum noisily.


To be honest, I'm nothing like her. She's totally a Barbie.


"Babe meet my friend Ivy" He said to her pointing at me.

Wow! 'friend' not even best friend.

"Ivy meet my new girlfriend Halle" he continues.


She eyes me up and down suspiciously like I was tryna take her man. How pathetic!!

(Well, I kinda wanna take her man somehow)


I faked a smile and extended my hand to shake hers. She slightly wrapped her long painted nails around my palm and shook it gently. She had cobwebs tatted on the back of her palm. Just great.

I was mentally rolling my eyes constantly.


I returned to the food and turned down the heat.


By now they've resumed chatting and laughing again making me wish I could just shut my ears or dig up a hole and disappear inside.


I dished out two servings of the pasta and sauce. I don't think I have the appetite for dinner tonight or tomorrow or the next. I should prolly go get wasted at home.


They sat down to eat while I left after taking a long time to convince Trevor to let me go.


I stormed out of the house immediately feeling pained as I got into my new whip and drove back to my house.


I'm certainly going to down a few bottles tonight.

�Next Morning


I woke up on the couch falling on the living room floor with a thud.



An empty bottle of Whiskey which was lying on its side rolled down from the table and hit me on the forehead. I groaned and tried sitting up straight. My head hurts and my throat feels funny.


I stand up and staggered out of the room holding anything close by for support.


I got upstairs and straight to my room. I haven't even checked the time and I don't care. It's a Sunday morning and I'm not going to work today.


I got into my bathroom and filled the tub with cold water.


I dumped my clothes in a messy pile on the floor as I stepped into the tub.


My body reacted to the coldness of the water by developing goosebumps from head to toe.


I felt a little more relaxed even though my thoughts still travelled back to last night's incident. I'm guessing she slept over at his place. But I don't care anymore.


After sitting in the tub for what seemed like hours, I got out and took a proper shower before stepping out of the bathroom.


It was already 2 in the afternoon and I've just finished cleaning up around the house.


I was still eating lunch when I got a call from Po. I was needed at the trap.


I dumped the plates in the sink and ran to the bedroom to get dressed.


A few minutes later, I was speeding to the trap with the top down playing 'Swerve' by Headie One.


�In my foreign and I swerve...


I kept singing along still driving at top speed until I got to the trap. The guys were on the streets playing basketball.


They started whistling and cheering as I got down from the car.


"Baby girl..... you balling" Max exclaimed as he squeezed me in a hug.


"Lil mama copped a nu foreign at last" Ty also commented in his usually bold and intimidating voice as they got to where the car was parked and checked it out in admiration.


I mean my little Audi isn't a big deal compared to Po's yellow stallions Ferrari or their own cool cars.


The guys kept playing as the 'Dunno' by Nasty c blasted loud on the car radio.


A few minutes later, Trevor's car pulled up behind mine and he stepped out wearing sunshades and a black knee-length leather jacket buttoned up.


He looked as cool as usual with his uncombed hair of course.�

I get lost for a second staring at him until he gets to where I was and jerks me out of my thoughts.


"Hey squirrel" he greets with a smirk

"Hey squirt" I shot back looking away from him.


"Count me in guys!" I screamed over the loud music as I took my hoodie off revealing my sports bralette which was underneath.


I jumped into the pitch and secured the ball and dribbled them all throwing the ball straight into the net.


"Drop down, gimme two points suckas" I yelled excitedly throwing my right hand in the air and sticking my tongue out like I was 'Megan thee Stallion'.


The guys doubled in fits of laughter as we did high fives. I noticed Trevor was staring hard with a smile playing on his lips. I gave him a wink and looked away.


I was still holding the ball and bouncing it around when Po's Ferrari pulled up with the top down and Katie sitting by his side.


"Kill Joy" I muttered as I tossed the ball at Denny and went back to get my hoodie from the hood of my car.


We exchanged greetings before the garage door rolled up and we all drove into the warehouse.


One thing about the trap is that, you should never leave your car unattended no matter what!


� Inside


Today, Po wants us to pay a visit to his old friend- Roman.


Yonas- one of our guys who was undercover in Roman's gang had informed us of his whereabouts and we are supposed to grab him and his stash. While the rest of the crew will go set his warehouses on fire.

Po's plan is to reduce thugging in ATL.


And by 'we' I'm referring to myself, Trevor, and Denny. It's a sort of heist.


� Currently at the Location.


Roman's location is hidden deep in the trap.


We had laid down plans already;

I'm supposed to bring Trevor in as my prisoner. I'm supposed to exchange him for some quick cash.


After downing the guards outside the door, I kick the door and barge into the building dragging Trevor with me.


As expected, all weapons in the house are pointed at the direction of the door.


"Which one of you is Roman?" I question unfazed by all the weapons pointed at me.


After a little hesitation, a familiar voice from behind speaks up. It's Yonas' voice.


"And who is asking?" He says as he steps into my view.


"The Grim Reaper" I reply sarcastically maintaining a straight face.


"You look like Karma to me. And last I heard, she's still a....


"Alright! alright!! whatever!!! Now gimme Roman will ya" I butted in before he could complete his statement.


Just as I finished talking, I heard a door creak open from behind the guys and a gruffy guy stepped forward.


Soy Roman, Quédeseas?

(I'm Roman, what do you want?)


"Oh Spanish uhn?" I replied with a giggle. I understood Spanish perfectly.

(Tengo un buen trato para ti)

I have a good deal for you.

I added


He smiled as I continued. I was trading Trevor to him for 20 grand which he agreed to since he knows that Trevor works for Po. I claimed that I have left Cash house.


I followed him into another room still dragging Trevor along and gave Yonas a knowing wink for him to play his own part.


I hope this plan doesn't backfire.


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�️ Ivy:

As soon as we got into the next room which looked like some sort of office, Roman brought out a gun and pointed it at me;

"I know you are with Cash-house" He says coldly with a devilish smirk.

"You're out manned and outgunned" I reply with a sly laugh as Trevor and I pull out our weapons and also aim at him.

As if it wasn't enough, the door opens forcefully and Yonas walks in wearing a gas mask and also points his weapon at Roman who is now beyond stunned that Yonas was with us all along.

"You traitor!" He yells and fires at Yonas who dodges immediately.

Yonas is notorious for swinging like a typical yo-yo.

Unfortunately, the bullet ricochets and lightly grazes Trevor's arm who let's out a shriek.

Yonas had by now tackled Roman and pinned him down to the floor while I checked Trevor's bleeding arm.

After emptying out Roman's safe,
Yonas secures a rope around Roman's hands and handed us the extra gas masks before we headed back out to the previous room where we found all the guards fast asleep on the floor.

A green mist was also hanging in the air. That's what sent them to sleep.

"It's so nice to have you back Yo-yo" I yell excitedly as we got outside with him dragging Roman.

Trevor's face was squeezed up as his arm was bleeding profusely.

Denny, our driver was equally happy to see Yonas after a long time undercover.

We got into the car and Trevor sits in front with Denny while I and Yonas squash Roman in the middle with the bags of cash and we drive off immediately all the way back to the trap.

� Back at the Trap

We drove into the warehouse and parked our car among the other convertibles ranging from Lamborghinis to Ferraris and Bugattis. My lil Audi was also among.

"There's my baby!" I squealed excited at Yonas as he got down from the car while still dragging Roman along.

"Oh that's hot! Remind me to swerve in that later" he replies excitedly as we laughed together.

Trevor also got down from the car wearing a big frown. I'm guessing his arm was hurting a little.

"You okay homie?" Yonas asked referring to Trevor.

"Yeah, I'm still good money" he replied indifferently.

We got down  to the holding area where Denny helped us keep Roman in place before heading into the 'office' where the others were.

The music was banging loud. "Numb" by 21 Savage was playing and the guys were screaming along.

Po had already organised a little party to welcome Yonas back.

"Typical Po" Yonas yelled over the loud music as he walks into view and everyone starts screaming and cheering. The room felt like a goal has just been scored in a world cup finals game.

Po who was playing cards with some of the guys at the table got up to welcome him home as well.

After a little speech and a toast, the music resumed and everyone hustled to talk to Yonas and fill him in on all that happened while he was away.

Trevor was no longer in the room. I'm guessing he must be cleaning up in the bathroom. I've been so occupied by laughing and drinking with the guys that I totally forgot about his injury.

I picked up a half empty bottle of Jack Daniels and left the room headed to the bathroom.

I opened and found him there just like I expected cleaning up his wound.

"Hey" I greeted as I shut the door behind me.

"Hey" he replied looking up at me for a moment before taking his gaze back to the mirror.

"Lemme help you with that" I offered as I walked up to where he was.

I poured the drink on the spot before doing the other bits involved in first aid.

"Thanks" he muttered as I finished dressing up the wound.

I nodded in response and helped him wear his jacket.

"We didn't choose this life you know? It kinda chose us" I chuckled weakly and turned to walk out of the bathroom but he grabbed my wrist and turned me to face him.

He brought his face closer to mine and I turned my face away from his, making his lips brush on my cheeks.

"You have a girlfriend Trevor and I think it's high time we stopped kissing." I muttered under my breath as I shook my wrist away from his hold and bolted out of the room angrily, leaving him standing speechless.

I walked back to the room where the guys were and put on my best 'actress' face as I sat beside Katie who was still fuming over the fact that she is no longer allowed to take any alcohol because of the pregnancy.

A little while later, Trevor walked back into the room and sat with Max. I observed him from the corner of my eye, he was also watching me, not listening to what was being said.

Unlike the last time when I felt bad about rejecting him, today was different. I felt like I was doing the right thing.

I joked and laughed with the guys all night. We played solitaire and everyone tendered their mission reports.

At the end of the night, Po gave each of us our share of the cash we'd made for the week before he went inside to have a 'Talk' with Roman.

Whatever he does to him is none of my concerns.
I said goodbye to Katie and walked out with Yonas who had asked to crash at my place for the night.

"You're driving Yo!" I yelled to Yonas as I tossed the key at him. He jumped into the ride and admired the controls for a minute before starting up the engine.

� Next Day: Monday

After dropping Yonas off at his house, I went straight to work where I found Katie conducting interviews.

Oh! She mentioned something about getting people to help us out. I'd totally forgotten.

"Good morning hunny bunny" I greeted excitedly as I kissed her left cheek.

"Morning Rodent" she replied playfully earning a little punch on the shoulder from me.

"Wanna help me out here?" She asked referring to the interview.

"Nah, you good at this stuff" I replied and walked into the kitchen area.

Only few customers were seated drinking coffee. They're all at work already.

As I stood in the kitchen washing my hands under the running water in the sink, my phone started ringing from inside my jacket pocket which was hanging on the coat rack on the wall a few feet away.

I turned off the tap and wiped my hands dry before going over to pick it up. I dug my hand into the jacket pocket and brought out the phone which was still ringing luckily.

I looked at the caller ID on the screen. It was Marco (one of my informants in the streets) calling. I'm guessing he's in trouble again.

"Hey! Squealer, what's good?" I said as soon as I picked up.

"I wanna see you Squi, it's very urgent and important." He responded rather too straight to the point.

"Money or Police trouble?" I queried.

"Nah" He replied dryly.

That's a first, Marco never wants to see me without placing money as his priority.

"You got news?" I asked curiously

"Nope, it's just a situation you'd like to address urgently" he adds.

"I'm coming over and It better be worth my time" I warned as I ended the call.

He better not be taking my head for a spin. I wore my jacket and walked out of the kitchen.

I informed Katie and walked out the door to my car. I drove straight to my house to take some money and a weapon before finally getting on the road for my long drive to the trap.

I passed Trevor's house which kinda reminded of last night's encounter. I thought about stopping by to see how he's doing but quickly shrugged it off. I'm going to call him instead. I mean, I still care about him (that's never gonna change).

Just like I was expecting, he didn't pick up. It rang till it went straight to voicemail.

Marco's domain is a very ugly one. Well, it was once my domain too.

Me and Marco both grew up in the North side of the ATL and thugging was the life.

I passed a couple of thugs on the road. Nothing much has changed since I left here. Same old, same old.

Thank God I was driving my Chevy truck else these boys woulda messed up my Audi.

I parked in front of Marco's ugly house and got down.

All the money I've been giving him is enough to get a nice house and a car, but he spends it all on gambling, partying and girls.

I knocked on the front door and one of his goons opened up. He knows me well enough and doesn't ask any questions but leads me to where Marco was behind the house with another guy playing cards with some money on the table.

"Isn't it too early to be gambling?" I say to no one in particular as I approach the table and both of them turn to look at me.

"A good morning wouldn't hurt" I say to the other guy as I snatch a card out of his hand and place it on the table before proceeding to pull his ears jokingly from behind.

Marco looks at him signalling him to leave and he bails immediately.

"You play too much Squi" he says with a chuckle.

"Uh! You know I get bored easily Marco." I replied rubbing my forehead frustratingly as I take a seat opposite him on the table.

"Porque querias verme?"
("Why did you want to see me?"wink
I asked sounding bored.

The look on his face right now I really freaking me out.

What could it be? Do we have problems in the hood again??

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Re: A Gangster's Sweetheart (when 2 Gangsters Kiss) by LipstickCrib(f): 4:54pm On Feb 27

"It's about a kid." He replied

"I knew it!" I snapped and hit the table angrily with my fist making him jump slightly in his seat.

"Have you been selling to kids again?" I yelled angrily at him

"No,no,no,no,no!" He responded trying to defend himself with his hands raised in surrender.

"Calm down Squi, you have always wanted someone to train for greatness. I think I've found you one" he explained.

"You've always your own aprendiz" he added making air quotes at 'aprendiz'

Well, he's right, I've always wanted someone to show the kinda love that Po showed me seven years ago when I was living on the streets.

I could remember fighting with the boys in the trap everyday.

We used to pick pockets, sell bags and rap at night clubs for a meal.

I had nowhere to sleep. No exact Place to call home.

We played basketball better than most NBA stars.

The day I met Po, I was fighting with one of the guys who tried to bully a little kid.

I vividly remember punching his already bloody face and the other boys cheering until someone lifted me off him from behind.

It was Yonas who held me back while I struggled. Po stood at a distance and kept applauding me. He offered me a job and I took it immediately. Then my hair was short and I was just 16.

"So where's he or she?" I asked as I managed to snap out of my thoughts.

"It's a she" he replied

"And what makes you think that I'm gonna take her?"

"Same troubled past as yours bebe, no family, born hustler, you're gonna love her" he responded and got up from the table walking back into the house apparently going to get her.

He returned a moment later with a girl of about 16. Wait a sec, I'm I seeing clearly or what? She's pregnant too! Great!!

When Po met me, I was 4 months pregnant but I still fought like a beast and I ran as fast as the squirrel tattooed on my arm.

About the baby, I lost it that same day because of the fight. I was fighting for some other person's child and lost mine in the process.

The father of the baby? Well, I didn't know honestly because I was gang raped but I remember stabbing two of them while the rest ran away.

Marco and the girl got to the table and since there was only one spare chair, Marco told her to sit while he stood beside her.

Ivy conoce a Maya y Maya conoce a Ivory, AKA Squirrel. Pero la llamo Squi.

("Ivy meet Maya and Maya meet Ivory, AKA Squirrel. But I call her Squi"wink
Marco introduced with dramatic hand gestures.

Solo llámame Ivy querida
("Just call me Ivy darling"wink
I interject forcing a smile.

"Bueno!" She mutters playing with the buttons on the oversized shirt.

¿Conoces al padre de tu bebé?
(Do you know the father of your baby?)

I asked feeling overwhelmed with sympathy

No, no lo hago.
(No I don't. )
She responded almost tearfully.

Gosh! I blinked rapidly Fighting back the tears that threatened to fall out any minute. I remember getting kicked in the stomach that day during the fight and the pain that came with losing a child that I never wanted in the first place, that was too much to bear.

My baby woulda been six any minute. But I never got that chance.

"Wanna come live with me Maya?"
I finally found the courage to ask after thinking it through for a while.

She looked at me and looked at Marco who replied with a shrug before looking back at me.

"Yeah, I think so" she replied in a light Spanish accent.

"Okay bebé" I said squeezing her palms

"A word" I said referring to Marco.
"How did you find her?" I ask after we stood a distance from Maya.

"I uhn... I may have sold to her for sometime. Marco stuttered scratching his head.

"What the... What part of 'don't sell to kids didn't you understand uhn?" I yelled angrily grabbing his shirt.

"I'm sorry Squi, she was just a retailer looking for a way to get by" he said pleadingly.

I walked away from him angrily back to Maya. "C'mon bebé, let's go home." I said to her as I got back to the table.

Maya got up and ran to Marco who hugged her tightly and patted her back.

"You're going to be okay Maya. She's got a big heart and a big safe too." He said soothingly and chuckled at the last part.

She finally let go of him and turned back to me. I brought out the bundle of cash from my jacket pocket and tossed it at Marco.

"Stay away from the kids or I'll personally have you arrested." I warned sternly as I led Maya away.

"Yes ma'am" he replied with a little laugh.

I've never been this emotional in 7 years. Its like I'm reliving my old life all over again.

I see my younger self in Maya. I've always wanted someone to show that love that Po showed me 7 years ago and I think I'm finally walking down that road.

We got out to the front door and thankfully my Chevy was still in good shape except for the spray paint on the doors and windshield.

This reminds me of when we used to spray paint people's cars and take the police for a marathon.

I simply chuckled and got into the car together with Maya.

As I drove, my entire life flashed before me like movie clips. I've come a long way for sure and I'm glad that it was all worth it.

I need to inform Po and Yonas that I've found a progeny.

As I was driving trapped in my thoughts, the car radio came alive, thanks to Maya. 'Season Ticket Holder' by Rick Ross was playing.

I started moving my head to the rhythm of the music while Maya rapped along perfectly. All I could do was smile at her.


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Re: A Gangster's Sweetheart (when 2 Gangsters Kiss) by LipstickCrib(f): 1:25pm On Feb 28




...and she agreed to come stay with me." I said as I concluded the narration of my story to Po and Yonas.


It was a bright sunny Tuesday afternoon and we were just chilling by Po's pool side having a little talk about Maya.


"I'm glad that you finally found her. It's like your dreams all came true" Po said after I finished the story


"Yeah me too" Yonas concurred

"Hey there's hair in my cup" he adds and spits out the drink in his mouth into the pool while he drops the cup on the floor.


"Shut up man" Po orders with a loud laugh and I soon join


"What did you expect?" I managed to say amidst laughter.


I was presently braiding Yo's hair. Even though he owns a classic men's salon, I've been his personal stylist ever since we met seven years ago.


"All done!" I added as I finished the last portion that I was working on.


"And you are a darling! So make a choice, Saint Laurent or Chanel? He beamed observing the hair in the small mirror in his hand.


"I'm going for Saint" I pout like a baby.

"Smarty" He high-fives me with a smile.


"Now get your spit outta my pool will ya" Po says and we burst out laughing all over.


Then we heard Bruno (Po's little poodle) barking from inside and the door leading out to pool opens, revealing boy wonder himself (I mean Trevor) holding him.


On sighting Po, he escapes from his hold and runs to him licking and wagging what remains of his cut tail.


"Get him off me" Po mutters struggling to prevent his drink from spilling only to end up spilling it on himself while I try to pull the excited little dog who had already peed on himself off his master.


This was so funny to watch. All of us burst out laughing including Po himself.



� Wednesday Night


Me and Yonas are currently sitted alone in a reserved VVIP section of a classy restaurant a long way from home.


I'm wearing the expensive Saint Laurent outfit that he bought for me yesterday as a thank you for braiding his hair.


Yonas braids his hair every week and always buys me stuff everytime. Sometimes, for no reason at all. He treats me like his little sister.


The outfit comprises of a black sequined jersey top and a pair of shiny black pants plus a pair of black stilettos and a black purse.


While waiting for the waitress to come over and take our orders, we were laughing so hard as we took turns to take pictures of each other making funny faces.


A little while later, the waitress arrived to take our orders. Yonas had taken a flower from the table and stuffed it in his mouth posing for another shot. But the sweet voice of the waitress interrupted our game.


"Good evening sir and madam, would you like to place your order now?" She said politely.


We both turned to look at her and picked up our menus. However, Yonas was occupied staring at the beauty before him.


Yeah! This waitress was really hot and mind blowing.


"I'm Yonas and this is my lil sis Ivy" He said turning fully to face the waitress while extending his hand for a shake.


She took his hand out of professional courtesy and shook softly for what seemed like forever.

This is interesting.


So they got talking and after getting her phone number, Yonas left her a 10,000 dollars tip.


Don't fall for Yonas cuz he's the biggest player I've ever met.


Yonas dropped me off at my house at about 10 in the night. I had to get home early since I now have Maya to look after.


About that, me and Maya are getting along pretty well. One of these days, I'm gonna take her to go meet Po and Yonas.



� Thursday Morning


I woke up early to prepare breakfast for me and Maya. I've not really been putting much into work at the eatery recently since Katie has hired two people to help her out. I mean, it's more of her place than mine.


"Today we have a lot to do bebé, we're going to see the doctor, go shopping and introduce you to a couple friends later on. How does that sound to you?" I asked Maya as I placed the dishes inside the sink.


"Sounds great, suena como un plan"

Sounds like a plan. She replied cheerfully.


"Perfecto!" I exclaimed excitedly as I dropped the dish and gave her a hug. I didn't think she'll easily agree to go see the doctor but she did and for that I'm just excited.


So after meeting the doctor, shopping for maternity clothes and meeting Po and Yonas who love her so much, we returned him a little exhausted in the evening to find Trevor's new car in my driveway. Speaking of the devil.


I managed to get a spot to park and got inside with Maya to meet him in the living room watching TV with a bowl of popcorn on his lap as usual.


"Look what the cat dragged in". I joked as I got inside dropping the shopping bags on the floor.


"Meow meow meow" he mimicked a little cat earning a scoff from me and a snicker from Maya. That reminds me, they haven't met before.


"Maya meet Trevor my ex best friend and Trevor meet Maya my Uhm god-daughter." I said sarcastically with a shrug.


"Ex best friend uhn?" Trevor queried raising his eyebrows a bit.


"Yeah, I mean kinda ignored me when you saw me at Po's place the other day." I fired as my face gradually turned red.


"That's a misunderstanding." He defended


"Oh wow. I misunderstanding, the kind that makes it impossible to return calls huh?" I fired on


"Or the kind that makes you suddenly stop letting me kiss you." He yelled and my eyes landed on Maya who was now sitting watching us with arms folded across her chest.


"Eso fue interesante"

(That was interesting.)

Maya comments with a chuckle and walks inside with the shopping bags.


"Is she...

"Pregnant, yes!" I cut him off before he could complete his statement.


"I wanted to say Spanish?" He defends. With this, I explained the entire story to him.


"And don't ask me if she's my long lost sister okay? I just wanted to look out for her..." I concluded my narration.


"Like Po did for you and I" he concluded.


"Yeah, like Po did." I repeat in a whisper as he draws me in for a hug.

We just sorted it out!



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Re: A Gangster's Sweetheart (when 2 Gangsters Kiss) by LipstickCrib(f): 11:11am On Mar 01


It's been a week already since I moved in with Ivy.

I never thought that I would ever feel happiness again. When I got pregnant, the goal was to deliver and give the baby up for adoption. But now, I have Ivy who loves me like family and is able to afford a great future both for me and my baby.

I stood there thinking and looking out of my window with my hands stroking my bulging stomach when I heard Ivy yell out my name asking me to open up the front door.

I hurried out of the room and got into the living room where I unlocked the door to find Yonas at the door wearing a big smile and holding a cute little puppy.

He held his arms open for a hug and I hugged him happily as he said that the puppy was for me.

I unlocked from the hug as I took the puppy from him happily and ushered him inside.

Ivy came down a little while later to find me holding the puppy and guessing up names for it.

Yonas was laughing heartily at the last name I mentioned.

"You can't name him Max because I have a friend named Max." He said amidst laughter.

"Tell me that fella is mine." Ivy said while taking a seat beside Yonas.

"Wish I could." Yonas said and we both burst out laughing all over.

"That was funny." Ivy responds sarcastically as she couldn't get why we were both laughing.

"I wanted to call him Max and Yo says y'all know a person named Max." I responded as I noticed the confused look on her face.

"Dear God!" She exclaimed and joined in laughing.

"Okay so what should we name the little guy?" Yonas asked after the laughter subsided.

"Uno... I'm gonna call him Uno" I concluded taking the dog from Ivy.

"What's that mean?" Yonas asks cluelessly

"It means one." Ivy interpreted.

"I'll get you a name tag for him then." He added with a shrug.

"Thanks again Yonas." I exclaimed excitedly before exiting the room giving them some privacy to do their talking while I walked out with my new friend.


"So how's it going with your 'aprendiz'?" Katie asks making air quotes at the word 'aprendiz'.

"Been an amazing and interesting week with her around." I responded with a smile.

"How's the baby?" I continued.

"Developing" Katie responded and stifled a laugh.

"Oh wow!" I replied and we laughed a bit.

"Here's more orders" Lily- one of our staff says as she walks into the kitchen with more orders interrupting our discussion.

Wednesday Evening�

I was about to knock on Trevor's door for the second time when it swung open revealing a handsome, smiling Trevor.

"Hey Squirt" I holler as a smile tugs on my lips.

"Yes ma'am" he replies sarcastically with a chuckle as he steps aside from the doorway to let me in.

I got into the warm living room and he drew me into a hug. I kept my face down to prevent him from trying to kiss me.

He unlocks from the hug as he leads me to take a seat in his comfortable couch.

"I was just watching some Netflix" he says as we settled down.

"Maya is crazy about this movie." I said as I stuffed a handful of popcorn in my mouth.

"That reminds me, how's she doing?" He asks sounding concerned.

"She's doing great. It's been awesome having her around." I replied with some excitement as I took the half empty bottle of Coca-Cola he was holding and drank a gulp.

"I should prolly get you a bottle." He says with a little frown earning a playful hit on the shoulder from me.

"Baby..." I hear someone call from upstairs as he attempts to stand up.

"I'm down here babe." He replies and turns to look at me with an apologetic expression.

"Why didn't you mention that you had your girlfriend over?" I ask with furrowed brows and hands folded on my chest.

"Sorry" he begs while I roll my eyes.

I could hear her every step as she descended the stairs and walked into the sitting room.

 "Watchu doing down h..." She ends mid sentence on seeing me sitting with Trevor on the couch.

"Babe, you remember Ivy right?" Trevor says trying to cut off the awkwardness.

"Oh yeah!" She replies standing akimbo.

"Lemme get you a bottle" Trevor says as he gets up from the couch and heads towards the kitchen.

"I'm seeing too much of you around my man." She blurts out rudely as she walks closer to where I was now standing.

"Don't worry hunny, if I wanted Trevor, I woulda had him 5 years ago." I reply icily as I take my eyes to Trevor who was returning to the room with a sweating bottle of Coca-Cola.

"I'm gonna go continue this movie at home where it's much less toxic" I muttered to Trevor as I collected the freezing bottle from him and head for the door with Trevor trailing behind me.

"What's up I..?" Trevor asks as we got outside sensing that something's up.

"Go spend time with your girlfriend Tboy." I replied coldly stressing the word 'girlfriend'

"Really?" He asks in a tone which indicated that I was sounded like I said something really ridiculous.

"Good night." I said instead as I shut my car door and pulled out of the driveway.

I turned up the car radio and 'Trollz' by 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj rounded up as 6LACK's 'Balenciaga challenge' took over.

That reminds me, I bought a new phone for Maya. I increased the speed of the car to get home early enough so I can get it to her before she falls asleep.

It's currently Friday night and we're at Po's clubhouse for our usual Friday night party.

I was chilling with Yonas and Max who were busy making drunk jokes over the loud music when Trevor and his girlfriend walk in the door. The audacity!! Does he trust her that much to reveal his true identity to her?

"Hey Yo Wolfie brought a shawty!" Max yells to Yonas who was talking to someone else. All eyes on Halle, she must feel on top of the world right now.

Trevor was visibly frowning once he sighted me. I haven't seen him since Wednesday night.

They came over to where we were and greeted Yonas and Max totally ignoring me and took their seats. I couldn't help but roll my eyes as I saw the innocent look on Halle's face.

Some people are worst nightmares than snakes. I shook my head as I made to stand up from where I was sitting but a drunk Max pulled me back to sit down.

I was now stuffed between Yonas who was now busy texting with his phone and a drunk Max who was higher than the tree tops.

I also whipped out my phone and kept myself busy by texting Katie who was a few feet away in the exclusive VIP with Po.

Every now and then, I stole some glances at Trevor who was now glaring at me, making me feel uncomfortable. I wonder what Halle told him.

I can't wait for this party to come to an end.

After a long night of watching dancers at the pole, listening to plenty of new hip hop music and being continuously glared at by Trevor, the party came to an end for the rest of the people who attended while we held a brief meeting where assignments were shared among us for the next day.

As usual I'm supposed to ride with Trevor to deliver some merchandise first in Edgewood, then Decatur and finally Birmingham.

It was going to be a long day at work tomorrow. I understood perfectly why he wanted the two of us to handle these was because we always deliver according to expectations.

My only problem now is the fact that me and Trevor are not even on talking terms right now, and I still wonder what his girlfriend told him that got him acting up.

I hope this doesn't interfere with our jobs.


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"So you've vowed not to talk to me right?" I asked Trevor as I dropped my phone back into my jacket pocket.

And as expected, he didn't say anything in reply so, I asked him to pull over.

I mean all through today's transactions, I was the one doing all the talking and negotiations while he only counted up the money and did the driving.

"You and I are not going anywhere unless you tell me whatever it is that's got you acting this way." I yelled angrily at Trevor grabbing his shirt.

"What did you say to Halle the other night when you suddenly decided to run back home?" He blurted out sounding very annoyed.

"What do you mean T?" I asked sounding confused. Last I checked, Halle was the one who came at me.

"I got back inside to see her crying her eyes out and she says you were behind it." He yelled almost bringing the roof down.

I cussed under my breath as I looked at him in sheer bewilderment.

Halle is a liar and a good actress and I must commend her for that.

"I don't know what you are talking about Trevor." I said in my defense.

"Fine, you wanna play that game with me? You think I'm dumb or sum? You know what, I done witchu Ivy! And from now on, you better keep your distance." He blurted out all in one breath before igniting the car and driving back to the ATL.

Having made our returns to Po and Yonas as well as grabbing our commission, Trevor informed Po that he no longer wants me to be his partner.

Thing is, when he's angry, he talks and acts without thinking. Po reluctantly assigned Ken to work with him while I was assigned to Max.

I went home angrily that afternoon after being thoroughly interrogated by Po and Yonas on the reason for the sudden split. I was as clueless as they were about the whole situation.

Yonas offered to drop me off at home where I could get my car and then head over to work.

Today is a bad day. I can't believe that 5 years of friendship could be watered down the drain by a girl who he met just weeks ago.

I got home from work that evening feeling really upset and tired.

Maya had made dinner and I'm grateful that I had her around.

¿cómo estás bebé?
(How are you baby? ) I asked as I gave her a hug.

estoy bien. ¿Cómo estuvo tu día también?
(I'm good. How was your day as well?) She asked.

"Was really bad." I responded as I took time to fill her in while over dinner before we finally retired in for the night's sleep.

� Trevor

I stared at my reflection in the mirror for the umpteenth minute. I felt like a fool.

I still find it hard to believe that Ivy actually told Halle to stay out of my life or she will force her to. Why? Because she's the right person for me? Wow!

I was once upon a time in love with Ivy but she never gave me that chance and now I finally find a girl and she wants to ruin it? No way!!

It's Sunday and I'm going to see her again. I'm going to do my best in ignoring her. That's my plan and I'm going to execute it to the best of my abilities.

I finished up in the bathroom and got dressed ready to head out.

At The Trap:

I pulled up and got down from my car ready to watch some action.

Actually, Ivy and the boys are currently playing basketball and Ivy is scoring so many times already. I must admit that she's really good at everything she ventures into.

She only looked my way once today and since then, she hasn't spared me another glance.

She really looked cute in her sports bralette and black basketball shorts and her hair tied up in a tight ponytail.

But I'm still mad at her though.


The past days, I've been doing a lot of work to avoid Trevor and I'll say it worked.

I don't even spare him any glances whenever he's close by and I don't have any time to argue with him or find out whatever was eating him up. I'm going to enjoy my new life as much as I can.

� One Month Later,

I'm currently sitting in the car with Max (my new partner) while waiting for a client.

We're currently scrolling through Google trying to decide on a great tattoo for Max.

"I still think you should go with that octopus design." I said as I was starting to get bored already.

"I liked the shark though." He said pointing the phone screen at my face.

"Oh please!" I exclaimed tiredly and rolled my eyes.

Thing is, all of us in the gang had the ritual of getting animal tattoos.

Po has a polar bear tattoo, Yonas has a scorpion tattoo, Trevor has a wolf tattoo, I have a squirrel tattoo, Katie has a peacock tattoo,etc

"And that's just a stupid dolphin you showed me there." I added with a little chuckle.

"Seriously!" He replied and took a second look at his phone.

"Fine, the octopus then. So, what plans do you have for your birthday?" Max asks jolting me out of my thoughts.

Oh, that reminds me, my birthday is coming up in a few days and I don't really feel like throwing a party or anything.

"Ion know. I mean I don't..." I was cut off in mid sentence as I saw our customer's car approaching.

"About time." I mutter somewhat annoyed as I undo my seatbelt and open the car door stepping out while Max does the same.

Manny is the customer. How sweet!

I got down from the car blowing bubbles on my gum as Manny approached our car.

"Hola Mamacita." He greets in an annoying high pitched voice as he gets closer to the car.

"You always keep me waiting Manny and you know I hate being held up." I replied coldly ignoring his greetings.

"I'm sorry Squirrel dear, can't blame this old man much." He replies with a chuckle.

"Maybe this old man needs to retire." Max says earning a high-pitched laugh from Manny and a scoff from me.

"I see you got a new side kick." He exclaims as if he was just noticing Max.

"What happened to pretty little wolf?" He adds sarcastically

"The moon ain't getting full anytime soon" Max responds and again earns another laugh from Manny while I simply rolled my eyes.

"I like this one." He says amidst choking laughter

"Let's get this done with Manny. I get bored...

"Easily, I know, I know!" He concluded cutting me off and raising his hands in surrender.

We concluded the exchange and he even left a $2,000 tip for Max. They really got along quite well I must say.

"Don't itch for a share." Max jokes waving the money at my face.

"Oh please!" I reply with a little chuckle shrugging his hands off.

The drive home was full of laughter as we got back and made our returns to Po and Yonas before Max finally dropped me off at home.

I was going to stay home today and take care of Maya. She wasn't feeling very well. The pregnancy is currently in the second week of the 8th month.

Truth is, though I'm still very much in love with Trevor, I won't waste my time thinking too much about him or getting worked up because he's on his period or whatever, I'm too tough for that y'all.


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Re: A Gangster's Sweetheart (when 2 Gangsters Kiss) by LipstickCrib(f): 6:22pm On Mar 05



It's currently my birthday. Yonas, Maya and I are in the mall doing some birthday shopping. It's all Yonas' idea anyway.


I'm already exhausted from trying on multiple clothes and shoes. As much as I try to deny it, I hate shopping.


I was in the Fendi section where Yonas was busy trying on jackets.


"Can we go home already?" I asked sounding like I was going to cry any minute.


"Just a minute, hope you've gotten everything you like?" He asked as he picked out the same jacket in different colors.


Thing is, Yonas spends recklessly on clothes like it's nothing serious. He sometimes goes as far as customizing his own outfits.


He stood in front of the full size mirror as he put his shades on and picked up the jackets he had selected and we walked out of Fendi to the payment point.


"That was very funny" I laughed so hard as I walked into the living room dropping the shopping bags on the floor.


It's 7 in the evening and we are just returning home from Po's place where a few of the guys came around to drink a toast to me. Gangsters don't cut cakes.


Maya relaxed on the couch as she was feeling some headache, back and waist pains. I'm guessing she's just stressed out.


I helped her get comfortable as I took the bags inside.


I came back into the living room to find Maya laughing with someone. It wasn't just anyone, it's Trevor. My mood changed immediately!


"Look who we have here." Maya sings as I walk into the room.


"What are you doing here Trevor?" I asked sternly with a frown on my face and my hands on my chest.


"I came to say happy birthday to you." He says getting up from his seat and walking towards me.


He hands me a Chanel shopping bag which I hesitate in collecting.


I took the bag from him and examine it's contents.


"Thanks but no thanks." I reply and roll my eyes.


"I guess... I...uhm... I'll see you around then." He stutters scratching his head.


"Goodnight Trevor." I inject icily and turn to walk out on him but he immediately grabs my arm and pulls me.


"I know I messed up and I...


"Argh!! My water!!" Maya yells cutting him off.


"Are you okay?" We both ask simultaneously as we rush to where she was now sitting up on the couch.


"No, I think the babies are coming!" Maya responds through gritted teeth huffing and puffing.


"But it's not yet time!" I shrieked in fright.


"What? Did she just say babies?" Trevor asks panting in fright.


"Yes dummy, we're expecting twins." I fired back angrily as we helped her up.


"You've missed a lot Trevor" Maya manages to say in what sounded like an angry yell as we continued supporting her out of the house.


We managed to get her out of the house and into Trevor's car. I got into the passenger side with Trevor behind the wheel. The engine roars to life as we pull out of the driveway and get on the road heading to the hospital.


We pulled up in the hospital parking lot and I rushed out of the car into the hospital to get the nurses.


I returned with the nurses who were pushing a stretcher to where Trevor had parked the car.


The nurses placed a loudly screaming Maya on the stretcher and pushed back inside with Trevor and I trailing behind.


According to the doctor, Maya's cervix was not wide enough to get the babies out. She needs to be delivered through a C-section.


I'm really scared right now. I've never been so scared in my entire life before. I don't want to lose her.


I'm currently dressed up in some funny hospital wear as I put my mask on, and follow the doctor and nurses into the surgical suite where Maya had been earlier taken to.


Trevor was pacing round in the long hallway. Our eyes met and I only nodded at him as I walked into the room with the doctor and nurses.


A minute into the surgery, I could no longer bear to watch them slice her up. I thought I was strong enough, but I wasn't.


I ran out of the room to Trevor who was now sitting on one of the waiting chairs.


"I couldn't do it." I sniffed as I buried my face in Trevor's shirt.


He held me in his arms as he stroked my back soothingly calming me down. I felt like falling asleep in his arms at that moment.


I wonder how Trevor manages to make me feel like all the problems in the world are just fantasies.


"It's gonna be okay." He says as he pulls out of the hug but still holding me close to himself.


He lifted my face up and cups my chin before caressing my face with his right thumb.


He brought his face closer to mine and I knew what was coming next.

I close my eyes and give in to the kiss. It feels like the first time we're kissing, It feels real, like we're really together. But we're not together, we'll probably never be.


As these thoughts roamed my mind, I pulled away from the kiss and looked away from him.


I was very stupid to let his sweetness fool me. I swore not to talk to him again but now, I'm kissing him in the hospital hallway of all places.


He tried to hold me again but I shrugged him off. I can't even look him in the eye right now.



"I'm sorry for turning on you like I did. It was foolish of me I'll admit it." He pleads and holds my face turning it towards him.


"I should have let you explain but I was infatuated with Halle's curves."


"Everytime I looked in the mirror, all I saw was a fool who threw away the wheat and went after the stubble." He adds with a wry laugh


"I love You Ivy." He drops the bombshell causing my eyes to widen.


"It took me so long to get that off my chest." He continues after an awkward silence before heaving a sigh of relief.


"What about Halle? Huh?" I asked instead.


"We broke up because I realized that you are the one. Others are twos and threes baby, you're the one." He replied and his voice collapsed into a whisper.


As soon as I heard that Halle was out of the picture, I felt like screaming for joy and jumping on his laps and kissing him with so much passion totally but we were in the hallway and I don't want to cause a stir.


He held me close hugging me tight before proceeding to claim my lips for another kiss.

A few people passing by looked our way but we cared less.


We only regained a little bit of sanity when Trevor's phone rang. It was Yonas calling.


"I told him earlier that we was at the spill with Maya." He said and I nodded before he picked up the call.


"Yo, where you at dawg?"


"I'm outside the hospital. Hope I ain't gonna run into any dead people?"


"Nah, ain't no corpses on here brahh. It's all clear."


"Okay, I'm coming in."


"Yo-yo and his fear of hospitals." Trevor chuckles as he drops the call while I scoffed and shook my head.



In a matter of seconds, Yonas walked into the hallway where we were nervously with a bunch of flowers earning some laughs from us.


"Shut up!" He barks as he sits beside Trevor


"Where are they?" He asks as he hands me the flowers.


"Still in surgery." I replied feeling pained.


"It's gonna be okay." He reassured me as we got talking.


About an hour or two later, the doctor walks out of the theater sweating profusely followed by a nurse. Oh God! I hope it all went well. I can't lose her.


"Shhhh..." I heard Trevor whisper to me as he held me in his arms. I guess I must have said that out loud.


Read Episode 14>>>>>>>>

Re: A Gangster's Sweetheart (when 2 Gangsters Kiss) by LipstickCrib(f): 10:22am On Mar 07


"The operation was successful. Congratulations! You have two boys. Both mother and children are stable though the babies are preterm and underweight, they're very healthy." Doctor said without a pause.

"They'll have to remain in the hospital for two weeks for proper observation and care." He continued and we all nodded.

"You can go see them now before they're taken to the nursery. And we'll need the father to sign the entry in the birth certificate." He added before finally walking off with the nurse.

I breathed a sigh of relief as Trevor, Yonas and I got up from the waiting chair and walked into the birthing room.

After taking turns to hold the tiny babies in our arms, the nurse took them away to the nursery while the other nurses tidied things up.

I placed the flowers Yonas brought on the bedside as I sat down on one of the small chairs watching the sleeping Maya.

❣️ Weeks later

We were back home from the hospital.

Trevor and Yonas had kinda divided the babies among themselves.

Miguel- the oldest is Yonas' godson and Manuel the youngest is Trevor's godson.

The amazing thing is that they are not identical.

I came in to the house with Trevor, yes, I said Trevor!
We have gotten back together and we are now in a kind of romantic this and that.

The babies' cries rang from inside the room soon as we walked in.

"Maya! Maya!" I yelled repeatedly as we got into the room dropping my bags.

"I'm in the bathroom!" I heard her voice faintly from a distance as me and Trevor got into the babies' room.

I lifted Miguel from inside the cot and as I sat down and dropped him on my laps, I realized that his diaper was already full. Maya is still new to this whole parenting thing.

"Their diapers!" I exclaimed and I could see Trevor scrunching his face in disgust. I couldn't hold the laughter.

"Yuck!" He managed to say as he also examined Manuel's diaper earning a little look of disapproval from me.

I sighed and got up from my seat taking Miguel along with me as I headed to the bathroom.

"Get me some wipes, and powder." I instructed Trevor as I dropped the babies inside the empty bathtub.

Trevor returned with the items and Maya also walked in looking really stressed out.

"madre del año."
"Mother of the year." I joked as she walked in and stood by the doorway.

Oh Please! She laughed. Less at my statement and more because of how Trevor was staring at us in confusion.

"What she said was...
"Don't!" I warned as Maya attempted to interpret and she bursted out laughing while Trevor's frown tightened.

"Hold Manny!" I told Trevor as I handed Manuel to him.

"Good boy." He teased tickling him lightly.

They have now stopped crying already. I also gave Miguel to Maya who tried patting him to sleep.

I finished up in the bathroom and we all returned to the room. After the babies had both gone to sleep, we left for the living room where we watched TV for sometime before Maya left us to feed the babies who had now woken up and started crying again.

As soon as Maya exited the room, Trevor bit his lips eyeing me up and moved closer to where I was sitting. He looked at me seductively as he cupped my cheeks and crashed his lips on mine.

These kisses only keep getting better and better as the day goes by.

I dropped the remote control on the table and sat on his legs dominating the kiss.

"Darn mami!" Trevor groaned as he unzipped my jacket and ran his hands all over my firm breasts which were hidden in the black camisole I was putting on while I bit his neck lightly.

"Lil Vampire" I whispered with a childish giggle.

"Okay, I've seen enough, you two need to get a room." Maya rapped as she sat on the armrest of the couch.

"Don't you knock?" Trevor asked sounding frustrated as I got up from his legs and back to my former position laughing naughtily.

"No doors in sight." She responded throwing her hands in the air.

I glared at her and she bursted out laughing as she turned round and ran out of the room.

"Good night." She shouted and shut her door. I could still hear her giggling though.

I sighed and looked at Trevor who looked slightly embarrassed at what just took place.

I should have been more embarrassed because my camisole was now on the floor leaving me half undressed, but I wasn't.

Maya knows these things anyway. I mean what I'm I even saying, she has kids!!

We got up and gathered the clothes.

"Lock the front door will ya?" I told Trevor as I gathered our things holding them in a balled shape against my chest.

"You mean I'm sleeping over?" Trevor asks with a smirk as he locks the door properly.

"Yes sir!" I responded with a mock salute.

"Catch me if you can!" I yelled and ran up the stairs giggling.

He ran after me and caught up with me sweeping me off my feet.

He got to my door and kicked it open before dropping me on the bed.

"Go easy!" I laughed as he returned from shutting the door to join me in bed. A smirk plastered on his ever so cute bearded face.

"I love you Squirrel" he whispered as we made love.

"I love you too Wolfie, you don't know the half of it." I responded in a reciprocated whisper.


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