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Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 12:29pm On Mar 15
Chapter 14

Lord Supreme opened the scroll Dan handed over to him and took a lasting look at Dan and spoke.

"You look exhausted Dan" Lord Supreme said and looked at the content on the scroll.

"Do you place burden on yourself not being able to lay a single hit on South Demon when she invaded? " Lord Supreme asked.

Dan grinned lowly, an aura of rejection emitting out from his body, he looked out to the sky through window behind Lord Supreme and sighed.

"It's nothing" Dan replied.

"Huhn, neighboring villages wants their junior students to join our exams tomorrow" Lord Supreme said and folded the scroll.

"It came rather late" Dan replied.

"No, I had lot on my plate I forgot to share more info sooner, they had requested from the start and this is a reminder letter" Lord Supreme replied and stretched his body.

"How are your students, prepared? " Lord Supreme asked.

"Only tomorrow would tell, I hope there are much more stronger students from other villages" Dan said coldly.

"ah ah, the younger generations are usually much more evolved" Lord Supreme said and stood up "I'll go see how things are going, there after we would go to the village border to receive our visitors" Lord Supreme asked.

"More like going to inspect those coming in yourself" Dan replied.

Lord Supreme let out a wide grin and chuckled.

"You never fail to miss tiny details" he said and walked out waving his hands at Dan.


Amen,Maze, Jemima and Michell all sat at the highest building in the village, where Joy always took her position OT guard the village from intruding demons.

"What's tomorrow going to be like? " Michell asked feeling nervous as they all stared at the bright clouds that covered the sunlight.

"Not much to be expected, tomorrow we would be fighting against our friends and others from neighboring villages" Amen replied and sighed.

"Other villages? " Michell asked.

"Yeah, and we don't know what to be expected" Amen replied.

"I see you four are having a nice time" Joy said behind them.

Turning around, Joy grinned wickedly and pushed Jemima with her leg, making her fall from the top of the building.

Shock went through the body of the children, without thinking, Maze dived after Jemima, barely catching up to her as she fell freely.

Amen and Michell watched closely with their hearts in the mouth. Before Jemima could touch ground, Maze grabbrdnher by the arm, curled his body around her and quickly changed position, tilting Jemima above himself and fell hard to the ground.

"Fool, he should have just let her fall, she's a demon and that mere fall won't kill her" Joy said and shook her head.

"What do you think you just did? " Amen asked angrily.

Michell placed her hand on Amen's shoulder and spoke.

"We have to go help him" She said and stared at Joy


"Seems you won't be recovering anytime soon, your legs are broken and with enough energy distribution you should recover in three days time" the village magic doctor said as he placed his hands on Maze legs.

Maze looked at his team members and tears dropped from his eyes.

"Now we are one man down, what was Joy thinking?" Dan asked calmly and grinned.

Jemima walked up and stood before Dan and stared deep at him.

"I think she wants to stand in for Maze" Amen said and smiled.

"It's not like it will be declined a member of the Platoon Demon hunter attacked a Beginner, it's a win win for us" Michell said and took a step closer to Dan

"She's in, after this, Joy will be summoned " Dan said and walked out.


Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 2:19pm On Mar 15
Kindly remember to Drop a comment, and criticism, it helps me get better and if possible help me point out the loop holes in the story.

Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 2:20pm On Mar 15
Chapter 15

Night before the Exam

The door that led to the office of Lord Supreme came open and a young looking man dressed in purple overall walked in and took a bow.

"Clint" Dan said and stepped aside allowing the boy move closer.

"It's unusual you're here, being Chief for Demon Sensing" Lord Supreme said and smiled.

"It's a rather urgent matter" he said and continued

"I know who the spy among us is, here" the boy said and brought out a scroll from his inner pocket and spread it out.

"Two months ago when you told all sectors to look into their departments, I began noticing some odd things, every evening by 5PM the sensing around the viallge becomes dense but not completely down" he said pointing to his jotted observations on the scroll.

"Which means there is more than one spy, two actually, Maverick from my department and..... "

The door suddenly came open with force and Joy dashed in.

"Lord Supreme your attention is needed, Clare suddenly slumped and is unconscious" Joy said panting.


"It's just a fever" Lord Supreme said and he moved his hands around his daughter's body and sighed relief and turned to look at his wife.

"Joy insisted we got you here, she came visiting while touring the village" his wife said and smiled.

"Dan let's get back to Clint, Joy thanks for your concern, I'm glad I have someone like you" Lord Supreme said, and instantly both he and Dan disappeared.


"Impossible" both Dan and Lord Supreme chorused seeing Clint's lifeless body on the floor, his upper body disjointed from his lower body with his guts spilling out.

"There's a demon among us, even close to me and yet we don't know who it is, our only lead is dead" Lord Supreme said brewing with anger.

"What about Maverick?" Dan asked and they both disappeared again.

On getting to the Demon Sensing department, they met a crowd gathered around something with low murmurs following, getting closer they saw Maverick laid also in his own pool of blood, same way Clint was killed.


Re: My Demon Sister by Asiseeit: 5:21pm On Mar 15
So joy nah the traitor. Nice update
Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 7:46pm On Mar 15
Thanks for the update...
Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 2:46pm On Mar 17
Chapter 16

Amen grabbed the wheelchair handle and positioned it well, while Jemima and Michell gently helped Maze sit down.

"Alright, everyone is arriving" Amen said and pushed the wheelchair roughly forward, ignoring the loud screams Maze made and even more pushed it forward with more energy.

Lord Supreme mounted the highest peak of the fight arena, which followed by loud cheers, from every single villagers and outsiders who attended the tournament.

From the far right of the podium were the highest ranking demon slayers from the four villages that surrounded Pearl Village.

"Welcome everyone and most especially our neighbors who seemed it fit to consider our tournament worthy of attendance, this shows the bond we crave for has grown so strong" Lord Supreme said and paused, he let the loud cheer die down and continued "In earnest let the tournament begin" he shouted.

All participants began to troop in into the arena, in group of threes, some looking fragile and weak, others huge and brutal, some brewing with confidence, others with fear.

"And so it begins" Amen sighed and pushed Maze into the arena alongside the others.

"I wish I was strong enough to do this" Maze said and sighed.

"We know how good you are, so don't stretch it" Michell said and spanked him on the head.

"Attention! " Dan shouted from the podium and immediately silence fell on everyone.

"We have twenty four teams in total and I hope all of you get eliminated in this first round, so you all come back next year if you're not worth it" Dan said coldly.

"What's it with that old man? " Amen muttered.

"Ever since the fight with South Demon, he has been like that no doubt" Michell replied.

"The first round of the tournament, is a yes or no question, a question will be asked and if you decide your answer, troop to the the respective places" Dan said

From the entrance to the arena, a huge board was wheeled in by four men and positioned in front of the contestants, a huge writing of Yes on the right part and No on the left part.

"Anyone who turns smoke is disqualified" Dan said and cleared his throat.

"This is weird, a question, all we ever did was fight and train for six months" Amen said.

"Maybe it's from our preliminary days, I'm off" Maze said and wheeled himself out of the arena.

"There are four cardinal demons, Yes or No, kindly move to your respective answers" Dan said.

Murmurs followed next from everyone not sure how such question could be asked, simple but tricky.

"That question is weird, we know there are four cardinal demons, South Demon and Mother of North, King of West and Lord of the East, such simple question cannot be asked without consequences,lets go for No, it's too simple to take Yes" Michell said and sighed.

Along with few others, Amen and his team trooped to the No section while majority trooped towards the Yes.

Once everyone had taken their sides, a metal door descended out from the ground, steadily going up, from the half of the arena.

"Something is wrong" Amen said and turned around facing the board and noticed white substances popping out "Anyone who turns smoke is disqualified" He muttered.

"Run!! " he shouted and dashed forward.

"What are you up to?" Michell asked confused.

Amen halted and ran back

"The question is not about yes or no, just run, climb over the iron gate" he said and immediately they all went for the run including Jemima.

Some few other members who overheard Amen also followed suit, running as fast as their legs could carry them.

"Amen army" Amen shouted and cloned himself into three right before him.

The first clone locked his palms together and swiftly Amen leaped on the palms and was thrusted forward towards the other clone that appeared above.

Jemima held Michell by the right hand and with enough force swing her into the air, towards the iron gate that still steadily went up and also leaped into the air while Amen ran up on his clones to cross over.

Fall hard on their backs on the other side alongside few others, a white dust suddenly went up in the air from the other side.

"You have quite a smart child" the elder seated next to Lord Supreme said and smiled and continued "My son also made it, but I sense a demon among them, although unusual type" The man said.

"Kareem's daughter" Lord Supreme replied.

"If you turned smoke, you're disqualified, leaving just six teams proceeding to the next round, which holds tomorrow. Thank you all for your attendance" Dan said and bowed his head which followed by loud cheers.

"You couldn't lend a hand" Michell said as she approached Amen.

"Impossible not to, I was going to reach for the top and get you up also" Amen said and scoffed.

"I see you're as smart as they say" a boy almost same height as Amen said, accompanied with his team.

"Huh, that's odd" Amen replied.

"I'll assume since you're the Supreme's son you happen to know about the tournament that's why you were quick to respond, cheating won't help" the boy said coldly

"And who are you again? " Amen asked angrily

"Watch your back, I bite " the boy said and walked off with his team.

"That's cold" Michell said, come-on Maze awaits us.


Dan leaped from on tree too to another, moving as quite as possible, the person he traced moving swiftly also from tree top to another, till it finally landed to the ground, where two other people were awaiting it.

"No one suspects I took her form" the person said and chuckled.

"You've done a good job, Mother of the North is pleased with you, did you get the compound? " the huge figure asked.

"Yes, they finally found a way to suppress demon powers, but just adding a higher demon blood changes the entire compound granting super abilities" the figure said and chuckled.

"Impossible" Dan said and disappeared.


The door to Joy's home suddenly crashed down, and Dan dashed in, he hurried his way to her room and found Joy's body rotten and decayed to skeleton

"We've been fooled, eight months and counting" he said and dropped weakly to the ground. "We're doomed"


Re: My Demon Sister by Asiseeit: 5:51pm On Mar 17
Jesus! Abi nah "Demon!"( I suppose shout sef). Dem don off original Joy o.
Thanks for the update man! More keystrokes to your keyboard.
Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 6:47pm On Mar 19
Chapter 17
"We have to keep this as low as possible" Lord Supreme said while he placed the white blanket over Joy's lifeless body and stood up.

"Are you okay? " Lord Supreme asked noticing Dan's moody countenance.

"I'm not sure, I mean right under our nose and worst they have samples of the compound already, we are fighting a war we've lost already" Dan said.

Lord Supreme sighed and walked closer to Dan and placed his hands on his shoulders.

"Remember when we were little and you would always defend me, giving that you are much more powerful and stronger than I am" Lord Supreme said, smiled and continued "I might be older than you, but you're the reason I decided to become stronger and even at that I couldn't defeat you at the Supreme game, seeing my fighting spirit, you purposely gave up, the truth is, I still look up to you, and this is not the time to give up" Lord Supreme said and walked pass Dan towards the exit

"Emmy" Dan said and lowered his head "Thank you"

"More like it brother, let's stick to the plan and get the demon of a thousand father" Lord Supreme said and walked out.


Amen pulled Maze up by the shoulder and while Michell held him on the other hand and carefully moved him around.

"You're channelling more power energy into your legs and they're healing pretty well" Michell said.

"Unfortunately, Jemima sleep cycle begins tomorrow and ends two days after, and since our tag match is till tomorrow, I have to heal as soon as possible or you guys will be one man down" Maze said and strained as he tried moving his legs.

"Don't stress it, there is nothing we can't handle with a one man down" Amen replied as they helped Maze move around, before finally settling down under a huge tree to take shelter.

"The boy from yesterday, happens to be the son of an elder from the neighboring village and is the vice head of their hunting council" Amen said and heaved.

"And where is someone of such high rank competing?" Michell asked curiously.

"Probably to humiliate our fighters, and we happen to go up against him tomorrow, I saw the draw" Amen said.

"Then I need to heal faster, I'm almost there, matter of hours" Maze replied.

From the distance unfamiliar figures began to approach them and as they got closer it happened to be who they were discussing about.

"Talk of the devil" Amen said and pretended not to see them.

"So this is where you all come camping, your village has such beautiful landscape beffitibg losers" the boy said and instantly his members went into hilarious laughter.

Amen grinned looking down.

"Don't forget to come with your demon Tomorrow" he said.

A strange force suddenly hit the boy and threw him off, with skills he did a flip and staggered a little before finally maintaining his balance.

"One more word and I'll make sure you're bedridden" Maze said, elevating in the air, a strong aura flowing around him, his sword glittering.

"We should have warned him not to talk about Jem" Michell muttered and let out a smile at the corner of her lips.

The boy smiled and suddenly his arms turned into flames.

"The more the wind, the more power I can store up" He said and dashed forward at Maze.

Throwing a Punch, Maze intercepted the punch, holding firm to the fist, he slowly brought it down and effortlessly snapped the wrist, dislocating the joint off completely.


"Do you understand the punishment that comes with your reckless attitude?" Lord Supreme said calmly, leading the seven man panel that was set up.

"They have nothing to do with it, it was I who lost control and I should take responsibility" Maze said calmly.

"It's a responsibility your team bears, all members get punished for the doings of a member" Dan replied coldly.

Michell sighed, her hands behind her back.

"Your attitude threatens the peace we try to establish, breaking the arm of a visitor and beating him into half coma, it's irresponsible " a woman said and sighed.

"I thought he claimed to the strongest from where he comes and at that he started the fight first, he only got what he deserved" Amen replied.

"Enough, you're hereby disqualified from the competition and a two year ban has been placed on you all, you're hereby renounced as demon hunters" an elderly man said

Shock went through their body, shocked at the harsh judgement.

"Dad, old man Dan" Amen called out before breaking down in tears.


Maze locked his luggage and took his time to clear the entire building.

"I heard you're leaving Pearl Village" Amen said standing at the entrance.

"It's visible no one cares about I and my sister here, I'd just leave and move on to somewhere very far from here" Maze replied and helped Jemima up.

"Are you serious? " Michell asked walking in, in tears.

"It's best for us" Maze said and walked passed them holding firm to Jemima.

"I assume Lord Supreme knows about this also, cause there is no way you get to know without me telling you" Maze said and walked off.


Re: My Demon Sister by germaphobe(m): 10:54pm On Mar 19
few hours without updates feels like thousand days. thanks for this

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Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 5:22pm On Mar 20
Thanks for the update...
Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 9:37pm On Mar 22
Chapter 18
Dan walked into Lord Supreme's office and met his standing facing the window that displayed the entire landscape before him.

"Maze is leaving" Dan said loudly and stretched his hands forward

Lord Supreme slowly turned around and placed his hands on the chair and sighed before speaking.

"It is the best thing for our village and honestly I hope the teams could go with him" Lord Supreme said and sighed.

"You can't be serious"

"I am Dan, I am, take a closer look at the sky, daily it changes, something is coming out from there, the wind suddenly moves in irregular pattern when it hits that part, I don't believe it but I think it's a portal, hoards of demon portal" Lord Supreme said and turned around and pointed to a certain part to Dan.

"We can't hold this threat for long, sooner it's an inevitable attack, and I'm sure it will come constantly, if we need hope, we have to let these children leave this village for good and hopefully they return when stronger" Lord Supreme said and continued "Why are you here?"

"You already talked about it, the demon portal, and from the tab I kept on Demon Joy, all Leading demons have form an alliance against us" Dan said and rested his hands on the table.

"We have to evacuate the villagers" Dan said.

"It's impossible, we can't..... "

A loud boom suddenly came from somewhere around the viallge, cutting short Lord Supreme's word.

"Come on" Dan said and disappeared.

A huge stone hurled into the air and landed furiously in the viallge crashing multiple houses, before the chaos of the lrevious stone settled, another came rolling in the air.

Dan appeared in the air before the stone and smashed it into piece with a single blow, he appeared before the next one and smashed it into pieces again, letting out thick dust in the air.

Lord Supreme appeared before Dan and clapped his hands together, letting out a sonic boom that shook the entire village, his eyes suddenly went white.

"It's a higher demon, right outside" Lord Supreme said and channeled his energy towards his legs, propelling him forward in the air.


Lord Supreme came to a running landing in the woods and looked up into the air. The ground suddenly came open beneath him, like he was expecting it, Lord Supreme elevated into the air. Suddenly from behind a rock body demon burst out from the ground and threw a punch at Lord Supreme.

With swift reflex, Lord Supreme turned around and smacked the demon on the neck with his right leg, sending it furiously and bouncing repeatedly on the ground, till it finally crashed against a tree.

The demon stood up swiftly like nothing had happened and stretched out its hands, the rocks on the ground all raised into the air and transformed into spikes. The demon screamed and shot the spikes at Lord Supreme. About twenty inches away, the spikes suddenly turned into dust and next was Lord Supreme standing before the demon.

"I need you alive" Lord Supreme said and smacked the demon on the neck instantly sending it unconscious.


Maze swayed his sword around, in the midst kf three demons, he took his defense stance, Jemima asleep before him, he gritted his teeth seeing the disadvantage he was at.

"Let go off the sword and we promise not to hurt you" A demon said sarcastically.

"Who do you think trained me, even when I'm dead, this sword goes down with me" Maze said and slashed the sword in the air.

A hard kick suddenly landed on the neck of a demon from the back, forcing his knees to go down, a hand grabbed it by the neck and slammed it to the ground.

Seeing his opportunity, Maze dashed at a distracted demon.

"Water Syncth, heaven slash" he said and slashed the demon with his sword, dividing it into two equal halves.

The last demon suddenly tore up from within, it's guts flying all over the air.

"Like we would let you journey alone" Michell said and appeared before Maze.

"He's a joker" Amen replied and alleared in thine air and landed softly

"Guys" Maze said calmly "New powers I see"

"I was hoping to her it as a secret weapon" Michell replied.

"Thanks" Maze said "But I don't need your help, return to Pearl"

"Then you'll have to kill us to journey alone" Amen replied and smiled.


Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 9:44pm On Mar 22
Thanks for the update, can't help but ask for more...


Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 6:50am On Mar 24
Chapter 19

Maze grunted as he carried Jemima on his back, descending down the cliff, he managed to wipe off the bead of sweat on his face. Already exhausted, he found a cool spot beneath a tree and gently laid Jemima, resting her back on the tree.

"You guys should really return home" Maze said and turned around to face Michell and Amen who also were exhausted.

Amen chuckled and dipped his hand inside his pocket and brought out a bottle filed with pink liquid and raised it up.

"Dan gave me this, to give you, what you've always wanted" Amen said and returned the bottle back into his pocket.

Maze gulped down saliva and looked at Jemima and back at Amen, he took a step forward closer to Amen and stared deeply at him.

"Is that really a cure? " Maze asked curiously, a mixed feeling of joy and and reluctance.

"It's not really a cure, it only suppress the demon gene by 95 percent" Amen replied and looked up at sky.

"Give it to me" Maze said authoritatively and stretched out his hand.

"I don't think so"


Joy walked into Lord Supreme's office, and lowered her head slightly before speaking, she raised her head and stared at Dan and smiled sheepishly at him, Dan scoffed and took a quick glance at Lord Supreme.

"The demon is ready for questioning" She said and turned to take her leave.

"Wait, I want you to be present at the questioning" Lord Supreme said and stood up "That attack wasn't just any kind of attack, I know that demon is a scout and has an alliance among us. In other words, that was to see how strong our defense was" Lord Supreme said and stood up from his seat, folded the scrolls before him neatly and smiled at Dan.

"Could you help me make the announcement about the tournament? It has been postponed till every threat has been dealt with" Lord Supreme said and walked closer to Joy, placed his hands on her shoulder and walked pass her.


The demon was suspended in mid air, chained from above by the hands and let to dwindle about in mid air. On both sides of the demon were people dressed in an overall black cloth.

Lord Supreme and Joy walked into room and the door went shut for itself.

"You can begin" Lord Supreme.

The men dressed in black all moved closer to the demon and stretched their hands forward, seconds later,their hand slowly began to glow and gradually it began to brighten up.

"He is ready for interrogation" one of the men dressed in black said.

Lord Supreme took closer steps and smiled at Joy before beginning his words.

"When is the attack on Pearl happening?"

The demon grunted trying to fight the urge to answer the questions out of his own will, after much pains it could not endure and spoke.

"I don't know but soon" it said and let out a loud breath and groans.

"The opening portal in the sky, what about it and how can it be stopped? "

The demon groaned and even tried more to resist, although it was useless.

"It is called the Demon eye, created by South Demon...... Errr... When fully matured, it opens every three months and drop demons created by the South Demon"

"So we kill South Demon and it's gone? "

"Yes, but she now seeks refuge with the rest, they're now together, you can't stop them"

"Lord Supreme, he is reaching his limit, he might die if any other questions is asked" a man dressed in black said.

"One more, who is the spy among the hunters?"

Joy gritted her teeth and stared at the Demon who also stared back at her, Lord Supreme noticed the starring and walked closer to the demon.

"Who? " he asked and moved towards the demon's ear "It's her isn't it, don't worry we will manipulate her and she'll be your doom" Lord Supreme said and snapped the neck of the demon.

"We are done here"


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Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 10:01am On Mar 24
Thanks for the update... More inspiration Op.

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Re: My Demon Sister by AceRoyal: 1:22pm On Mar 25

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Re: My Demon Sister by BelovedSaint: 3:21pm On Mar 25
Title: My Love For Sin

Read this poetry write up that open my eyes and sharpen my understanding and thank me later.

Please, don't forget to like and comment.

Re: My Demon Sister by AceRoyal: 5:18pm On Mar 25
Title: My Love For Sin

Read this poetry write up that open my eyes and sharpen my understanding and thank me later.

Please, don't forget to like and comment.


If your work is that good, why don't you go create your own thread instead of leeching off someone else's work?! angry

This is wrong, annoying and stupid! angry angry


Re: My Demon Sister by BelovedSaint: 6:39pm On Mar 25

If your work is that good, why don't you go create your own thread instead of leeching off someone else's work?! angry

This is wrong, annoying and stupid! angry angry

Let me become more annoying and stupid only to you.

Title: My Love For Sin

Read this poetry write up that open my eyes and sharpen my understanding and thank me later.
Don't forget to like and comment.

Re: My Demon Sister by AceRoyal: 6:54pm On Mar 25

Let me become more annoying and stupid only to you.

Keep on with your foolishness, with this your shitty attitude, no one will wanna read or follow your story.
If you're that good you won't be leeching off others trying to promote yourself.
This is absolutely the last time I'll reply you, I won't be a party towards destroying this beautiful thread and story by engaging you in your stupidity.
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BelovedSaint that's senseless..... tongue

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Re: My Demon Sister by BelovedSaint: 6:57pm On Mar 25

Keep on with your foolishness, with this your shitty attitude, no one will wanna read or follow your story.
If you're that good you won't be leeching off others trying to promote yourself.
This is absolutely the last time I'll reply you, I won't be a party towards destroying this beautiful thread and story by engaging you in your stupidity.
If you like spam the whole thread, it won't make anyone read your shitty story or visit your site. You'll only make the thread more popular.

BelovedSaint that's senseless..... tongue

Let me also make it more popular wink

Title: My Love For Sin

Read this poetry write up that open my eyes and sharpen my understanding and thank me later.
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Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 7:03am On Mar 26
Chapter 20

Maze fell hard to the ground, driving his sword into the ground to gain balance, he shook his head lightly and titled his head towards the right where Michell stood with his sister.

"Dan specifically told me to only give this to you when you prove you can protect Jemima if she becomes normal" Amen said and ran his left thumb over his lips.

"You really on her in her demon form, when she becomes human, and is weak, how will you protect her" Amen said and pointed towards Jemima.

"You're holding back and so am I, you really want to protect your sister then fight me like your life depends on it, brother to a slutty demon sister" Amen shouted.

Maze grunted and stood up, his head lowered, his mind-set shattered and broken. He looked at Amen and grittwd his teeth with an evil look on his face.

"That hold man really wants to send me to my early grave, I didn't sign for this, Maze is much stronger than me on a wide scale I can't cover up, if he is fighting with his full strength, he might snap my neck before I even make a move" Amen thought within himself as he watched Maze took an attack stance.

Maze dashed at Amen, his sword drawn behind him, within the blink of an eye, he already covered the distance between he and Amen, thrusting his palm forward at Amen's stomach.

Amen managed to grab Maze wrist and diverted the open palm towards the left. Making contact with the tree towards the path, Maze stuck his fingers into it and tore it easily apart as he pulled them out and swiftly made another attack at Amen.

The blow flew swiftly at Amen who also increased the speed of his movement, tilting his head left and right, dodging the attacking palms that came at his face.

Seeing an opening, he moved his entire body away from the palm attack, dashed forward at Maze and struck a blow at his jaw, sending him off balance.

"Your attacks are blinded by rage, it's an offensive weapon but you won't last long enough to see your sister enjoy the life you want her to, sometimes you have to pause and think with your brains" Amen said.

"Says someone who is reckless, I've heard enough of your lecturing, give me the compound or I rip it off your dead body" Maze said in annoyance.

"You are not worth it, if you cam defeat someone weaker than you, even of you're holding back, twenty seconds, if you don't bring me down, I'll dispose the compound " Amen said and dashed at Maze, making clones of himself as he prepared to attack.


Lord Supreme stood before the window in his office, watching the wide view it offered and turned around as the door opened.

"You called for me" Joy said as she walked in.

"Yes Joy, have a seat" Lord Supreme said smiling.

"It's a task I can only entrust to you, since I trust you more" Lord Supreme said and brought out a scroll.

"there is high level demon threat at Coal Village on the south and they are short of hunters, I would like you and your team to see to it" Lord Supreme said and passed the scroll to her.

"Fire manipulation are it's main attribute and since it's your field, please handle it" Lord Supreme said.

Joy stood up and bowed her head as she turned around to leave

"Do you think demons have a heart deciding good from bad? " Lord Supreme asked.

Joy paused, mute for a while before speaking.

"Demons were once humans of unfortunate circumstance, they have a heart buried deep within crying to be helped, but the human will is only a percent compared to the total of a demon" Joy replied, titled her head backward and smiled before taking her leave.


Maze slashed his sword at Amen who ran up the tree before him and did a backward flip, dodging the slash that effortlessly split the tree into two halves.

"Water Syncth heaven slash" Maze shouted panting heavily, beads of sweat all over his face.

From his sword, a large blade in form of water came forth, hurling at Amen.

"Ancestral Void" Amen mumbled and locked his palms together.

The water blade that hurled at Amen suddenly disappeared.

"One trick I thought I'll keep for later" Amen said and smile "It sends all attack into void, disrupting the law of space, creating a space in little time fragment"

"He keeps showing new trick, first a disappearing trick and now this, how strong is he anyway" Michell thought within herself.

"Time up" Amen said "Your anger exhaust you more than your attack" Amen said and dropped the healing portion to the ground.

Maze gasped as the bottle shattered into pieces, splashing the only cure to the ground.

"NO!! no nnnno..... Nnn" Maze stuttered and staggered forward, knelt before the broken piece and let out a loud cry.

"What is Amen thinking? " Michell mumbled and held tight to Jemima


Re: My Demon Sister by banky3w(m): 11:16am On Mar 26
As you dey make time update this thread, may God almighty make time attend to your matter. Amen


Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 3:13pm On Mar 26
Maze is emotionally un stable when it comes to his sister, and personally, it's better if jemima remain as she it, just incase trouble comes knocking. Thanks for the update...


Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 7:09pm On Mar 26
Chapter 21

Lord Supreme took a quick glance at Dan who walked into his office and made himself comfortable on the available seat. Going through the scrolls before him and sorting the finished ones aside.

"Is that Joy's mission report?" Dan asked pointing to the scroll with Lord Supreme.


Dan reached out and received the scroll and took a careful look at it and let out a smirk.

"Anything wrong?"

"She went into the village alone and got the job of ten people done all by herself" he said and threw the scroll on the table.

"Her head should be rolling on the floor, you think I believe you are using her to get to the Higher demons, we have all the lead we want,she should be dead" Dan said

Lord Supreme took the scroll and kept it aside, kept mute for some seconds and spoke.

"She deserves a second chance"

Dan scoffed and bang his palms on the table.

"Hear yourself,demons, a second chance, do you know hownmany people she killed already?"

"Then why did we go through the stress of finding a cure, even you did more job in making this cure a reality, demons were once human and they once had a conscience like you and I " Lord Supreme said and just at that moment Joy walked in.

"You called for me" Joy said.

Lord Supreme looked at Dan and cleared his throat and stood up.

"Do you want a second chance at becoming human?"


Amen took a squat before Maze and landed a slap on his right cheek, leaving Michell amazed at the sudden action.

He pulled Maze's head up and gave him another slap on the left cheek.

"Hey hey look at me" Amen shouted and slapped both cheeks at the same time.

"This is no time for regret or thinking hard, you can't be a good brother if you can't protect what matters to you most,look around, come on, you're strong but don't let your emotion get the better of you, I heard tales of how the blood and strength of past warriors who held that sword flows through the viens of its current wielder, seems you are not worthy after all " Amen said and moved his hand towards his back and retrieved a bottle of the cure and placed it before Maze.

"Use that if you can protect her" he said and stood up and walked towards Michell.

"Its worth it, I can't be so stupid to throw away something he sold his mentality for" Amen said and scratch his head.

"Thank you" Maze mumbled and tears began to roll down his face.

He stood up weakly grabbing bottle and walked towards them and stood inches away.

"How dare you threat me in such silly way!!!" Maze shouted and went into an uproar of laughter with the others.

"Come on, we need to use or on her" Michell said and looked at Jemima who was fast asleep.

"Wait" Amen said and looked at Maze.

"You've failed as a man if any harm should come to her after she becomes human" Amen said and placed his right hand on Maze's chest and sighed.


Joy gasped and let her sword go off her grip and took few steps backward, starring at Lord Supreme and next to Dan.

"We know what you are, left to me your head should be rolling" Dan said and continued "Blood sucker, I can sense your power house and can tell how many you've killed,a hundred and twenty" Dan said and spit out.

"You said demons were once human deserving a second chance, and its here coming to you, your living should be enough punishment, to make you feel regret of the souls you've killed and its also a chance to make things right" Lord Supreme said and walked forward.

"Its your choice to decide"

"I want" Joy said lowly, avoiding eye contact.


Demon of the East walked into the large cave hall, at the middle wad a huge round table made of stone and seat carved out from stone, occupied by all higher demons.

"I just got words, Kareem's children are out of Pearl Village, I will have our strongest demon retrieve them both" he said and smiled wickedly


Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 8:47pm On Mar 27
Thanks for the update..

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Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 12:37pm On Mar 28
Chapter 22

Amen and Michelle stood watching Maze as he flipped the bottle open and used his right hand to open Jemima's lips. He let out a soft sigh as he shook the content.

Rustling of dried leaves suddenly became audible, followed by swift footsteps that ran from one tree branch to another.

"Demons" Michell said as she sniffed the air and ran up to Maze.

Few meters away from them a human looking demon dropped down the the tree and flexed its muscles and grinned widely at them.

"Just one, but his power house is off chart" Amen said and walked closer to Maze.

Maze returned the bottle lid and placed the portion inside his cloth and stretched out his sword, kneeling before Jemima.

"We don't need you, just those two" the demon spoke and pointed to Maze.

Two other demons dropped down from the tree and smacked their fist together and walked closer to the first demon.

"We can't take them all" Michell mumbled.

"Their powers are off chart, just how many humans have they devoure? " Maze said lowly with gritted teeth.

"I count five hundred some figures slightly lower than the first " Amen replied.

"What do we do? " Michell asked curiously.

"Run, we run, I'll carry Jem" Amen said and carried Jem on his hands and looked at Maze "Give us an opening" he mumbled.

Amen stood up and took the front line, and pointed his sword forward.

"Just as predicted, you're foolish enough to take on three of us" the leading demon said and chuckled, ran its palm around his mouth and slowly began to transform into a huge figure. Its flesh reversed in and let out its skeleton as its main body, the back shoulder blades extended up taking the shape of a sword, and slowly with blood dripping from its body it reached out for the blades and drew them out.

"I can't help but follow the scent of innocent bloods, a source of pure strength, I should enjoy you both" he said and chuckled.

"Smoke screen, basic disguise" Maze said calmly and drove his sword into the ground.

A loud bang followed next, shaking the entire perimeter, and followed next by thick fumes which quickly spread all over.

"Do you think a childish trick like this will save you? " one of the demons asked annoying and grab Anne by the neck within the fumes.

Amen smiled and turned into dust.

"Its a clone, they're getting away, this is to buy themselves time" the leading demon shouted as he snapped the neck of another Amen clone.


Running so fast it seemed impossible for the ordinary eye to keep up with, dashing through the woods and leaping from one tree to another, running through fallen trees.

Michell took the defense position, using her curse powers to split the trees behind her into twos and shattering them, so as to buy them time from their pursuers.

Amen took the lead running swiftly with Jemima on his hands.

"How long can you keep up with this? " the leading demon shouted as he did a flip in mid air and used his left left to shatter the tree Michell splitted into more pieces.

"You only make this much more interesting" he shouted as he drove a fist into the next tree that came at him, excitement written all over its skeletal face.

Maze grabbed an branch with his hands and swinged himself backward, switching positions with Michell taking the defense.

"Water Syncth third form" Maze shouted and slashed his sword into the air, while he also was in mid air.

Sharp blades of water came out from his sword, furiously hurling towards the chasing demons.

"So fast" the leading demon mumbled and tilted his body towards the right, the attack narrowly missing him.

The demon following behind, before he could decide got struck by the attack on the right shoulder, throwing it off balance from the tree it was about leaping from.

"So precise the attack wasn't meant for me" the leading demon said and chuckled "I can feel that tingling sensation, its the fun"

Amen grunted as he leaped from trees to trees, his stamina was steadily getting loosed, and exhaustation setting in, he gritted his teeth as he tried to focus. Leaping to the next tree branch, he landed on it and suddenly the branch broke beneath his feet, sending him crashing hard to the ground at the same time curling his body over Jemima, as he rolled furiously on the ground.

Both Maze and Michell dropped to the ground and hurried towards Amen.

"Hey are you good? " Michell asked while helping him and Jemima up.

"You three give me joy" the leading demon said smiling.

The demon that got hit by Made attack landed behind the others and grinned wickedly.

Maze dashed at the demons and sent an attack, like silk before fire, Maze attack was gotten rid of.

"You attack only work if we can't see it coming" it said and walked forward and grabbed Maze by the neck.

"We really don't need you, its that cursed sword we need, but we need a bearer, demons can't touch it" the demon said and smacked Maze wrist, which sent the sword off his grip to the ground.

"Kill the others".

The other demons dashed at both Amen and Michell, closing in really fast. Suddenly both demons got splitted into two halves. Their bones immediately dried off even before they could touch ground.

"Huhhn" the demon holding Maze by the neck said in uncertainty.

The demon's hand which held Maze by the neck suddenly cake off.

"Huhhmnm, whats this? " he muttered in disbelief.

A man dressed in black overall flowing dress and complete grey hairs suddenly appeared behind the demon and grabbed it by the extruded shoulder blades and snapped it off, which sent the demon into agony.

"Arrghhhhh" the demon cried out.

The man swiftly drove the blades into the ribs of the demon and forcefully pulled its body apart and immediately it went into dust.

The man looked at the sword on the ground and made for it and swiftly Maze dived forward, grabbed the sword and rolled off towards the others and stood defense.

"That sword belongs to me" the man mumbled the words which we inaudible to the kids.

"You must be tired, you can test in my home" the man said and let out a bright smile, this time his face was seem clearly, a wide scar ruining from his left eye down to the right cheek.

"What is this feeling of familiarity I sense" the man thought within himself and looked at Maze and smiled.

"This way"

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Re: My Demon Sister by Asiseeit: 2:11pm On Mar 28
Kareem is alive! Wow!
Thanks for the update and for consistently doing so. @devilpen, you're currently the only one among the great NL writers I'm following their stories that consistently updates. I appreciate it!

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Re: My Demon Sister by AceRoyal: 2:37pm On Mar 28
Oh Damn.... Man you're the best!

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Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 4:00pm On Mar 28
Chaptet 23

Maze gulped down his entire bowl filled with steaming soup and wiped off his mouth, he reached for another and blew at it.

They all sat in a circular path, round the low table in the large living room, bright oil lamps hanging loosely from the wooden wall.

"Thanks for the food" Michell said to the man who was seated at the a little away from them.

"Thank you" both Maze and Amen chorused.

"Its little I can do, now lets hear why you have such strong demons chasing after you, its unusual to find strong demons like that lurking aimlessly around" the man said and stirred his soup.


"It makes sense now" the man replied and stood up, looked back at the sword next to Maze and pointed at it.

"Can I have a feel of that? " he asked calmly.

Maze looked at the others and picked the sword, stood up and handed it over.

The man held it and let out a soft sigh, swayed it skillfully around and smiled before returning the sword back to Maze.

"Its a good and swift one, more practice and it becomes one with you" he said and went out.

Michell noticed the edge of the sword let out a quick blue spark and next was water dripping down from the tip to the ground.

"I'll go have fresh air outside and clear my head make sure you give the portion to Jemima" she said and walked out.

Maze reached for the potion and retrieved it, looked at Amen and gave a slight nod.

Michell walked out into the dark and sniffed into the air. She heaved and looked towards the left and saw the man picking up dried sticks and moved closer to him.

"You never told us your name" she said as she bent down to also pick dry sticks.

"Its of no essence and clearly I don't even know what my name is" the man replied without turning to look at her.

"The sword, looks like you have something in common with it".

The man paused and turned around to look at her and chuckled.

"I own that sword" he replied and smiled "At least that's what I think, I just don't understand anything" he said and moved deeper into the woods.

"Your fight form is water"


"Same with Maze, he uses the water Syncth " Michell replied.

"So?" The man asked still not getting the link.

"Don't worry, I might be over thinking things" she said and sighed "I'll return this and come back, my hands are filled already " she said and turn around to leave.

Maze watched as Jemima gulped down the portion, expecting something weird to happen. Jemima turned her body around still deep asleep.

"It seems it has no effect " Maze said and stood up, looked at Amen with disappointment and walked out.

The veins around Jemima's neck popped out barely noticeable, turned green and slowly settled back in


15 Years Ago

Kareem dashed through the woods, as fast as his legs could carry him, distance before him was Pearl Village burning to ash, the heat from the village could he felt on his skin even from the distance he was, even though he moved so swift it seems lime it would take forever to get there.

Fireballs shot into the air, hurling straight at Pearl Village. Getting to the cillviallge entrance, Kareem stood still, a moment of uncertainty, as people collided with each other, everyone running for safety.

"BINNTTTAAAAAA!!! " He screamed as he got closer to his burning home.

"Water Syncth Nineth form" he screamed and from above heavy down pour of water fell on the burning building and instantly the fire died down.

He kicked the already burnt door to the ground, ignoring the fumes, he went direct to the living room.

"Binta! " he called out again.

"We are here, we are safe" she replied.

He dashed towards where her voice had come from and effortlessly pulled the bunker they had kept themselves in apart, shredding the doors.

"You have to get out of Pearl, run towards the South, I'll catch up, Pearl is in ruins" he said as he escorted them out of the village.

As soon as she had ran off, Binta and her protruding stomach, Emmy and Dan ran up to him, they clothes burnt around the chest.

"You're here, we evacuated the people, bad news, but the Lord Supreme is dead, he attacked the higher demons last week without telling us, killed majority of their population, including South Mother, so this is a revenge" Emmy said panting heavily.

"We have to take them out" Kareem said.

"we can't, they base on both long range and shirt range attack, instantly anyone moving on ground is prone to faster death" Dan replied and gritted his teeth.

"Binta" Kareem muttered and ran off.

"Come on, I'm sure he knows what he is doing, we have to find a way to stop this fire, I'll gather other water users" Dan said and also dashed off into the village.

Kareem gritted his teeth as he ran as fast as he could, his sword trailing behind him.

"There " he said as he saw Binta in the distance catching up closer to her.

"Get your hands off wife " he screamed as he leaped into the air and slashed the demon that dived at Binta from the left wing of the woods.

Kareem slashed the demon and instantly it went into ash, he slashed his sword in the air ad more demons began to advance out from the woods.

"Hold my hands" he said to Binta and held her firm.

"Water Syncth, divine route!! " he screamed loudly.

Beneath him and his wife, a portal came open in form of water, forcefully he pushed Binta down and slashed a demon that leaped at them.

While attempting to dive down into the portal, a strong force collided with him and threw him off, smashing him hard against a tree

A demon grabbed him by the neck and snarled at him as he slowly went unconscious, with the last strength in him, Kareem held tight to his sword and slashed the demon that grabbed him.

Supporting himself with his sword he summoned another portal and sank himself in, leaving his swore behind.

A demon walked closer and held the sword by the blade and instantly turned into dust.

"Fools, that sword is made of last empyrean ateel, do not touch it " one of the demon said from the top of a tree.


Dan picked up the sword and handed it over to Emmy who now stood in as an acting Lord Supreme. Emmy received it and drove it into its sheath.

"This is what remains of the Kareem family, its unbelievable someone with such powers died, his dream of becoming a Lord Supreme" Emmy said and squatted.

"The demons, they all retreated of sudden"

"They took it personal, a grieve to honor their fallen brethren, a mistake of one man, I wished he was alive to see the damage he caused us" Emmy said and placed his right palm on the bare ground.

"I want you to see to the village redevelopment" Emmy said and stood up "We all have to get stronger"


Kareem slowly opened his eyes and groaned as he stood up, feeling pains all over his body, a large cut on his face, running from his face down to the cheeks.

"Where am I? " he asked himself as all he could see was vast green pasture "How did I get here, I am blank, nothing is coming through" he said he staggered, moving forward.


Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 9:26pm On Mar 28
Thanks for the update. Kareem is back, wishing him quick recovery


Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 9:32pm On Mar 28
Chapter 24

Julius fell hard to the ground and chuckled as he pulled himself up, he felt dizzy for a brief moment as the footstep of his opponent approached him.

He wiped off the blood oozing from his nose and stretched out his sword.

"You finally resort to cheap method taking us out one after the other, and how long will that continue? " Julius asked.

The lanky man smiled sheepishly as he approached Julius cautiously and at the same time majestically. He folded his arms together and halted.

"You see, you all are only strong together and it will be such dishonor to send a boy to do a man's job" the man said and chuckled.

"I assume you're the East Demon, you look lanky for such reputation you hold" Julius said and heaved.

"I can't defeat him, I can't keep up with this amount of energy, he even willingly suppresses the energy in him" Julius thought within himself and grit his teeth.

"You're assumption is right, Julius, you're also tiny for someone with such powers, only a little amount I use in surpassing you" East Demon said and smiled.

"Says someone who willingly suppresses his power house" Julius replied

"So you figured that out, seems I've underestimated you as well"

Julius took his time to study the demon and gather every little details he needed.

"Let's play a game" the demon said and sat down on the bare ground and signaled to Julius to seat also.

"I'll play along" Julius muttered and sat down.

"Here is it, Tic tac toe" the demon said and grabbed a stick and drew out the game in between him and Julius.

"You win and I promise to spare you, you lose and I'll kill you right on this spot" East Demon said and closed his eye lids half way.

East Demon used the stick with him to draw a X on the last row to the left and waited for Julius to take his turn.

Julius stared at the demon as he drew an O at the top row in the middle. East Demon took his turn and drew at top left while Julius intercepted at the left middle row.


"Its becoming boring" Julius said and stood up and wiped off the game with his feet.

"Impatient human, its just the nineth game, I'll just have to kill you" East Demon said as he stood up.

He dashed at Julius and struck him on the rib cage before Julius could even set himself properly. He threw his hand forward, and sent Julius off.

Julius rolled off and finally got his stance staggering.

"Impressive, you survived that, huhnn I see, you couldn't dodge the attack instead you moved along with the hit, taking no damage, you're fascinating " East Demon said and smiled and suddenly dashed at Julius again.

Julius swayed his sword around, blocking off the many punches that came at him, each punch he intercepted pulled him about two inches backward. East Demon grabbed Julius by the head and smacked his face with his left knee.

Julius took the hit and as he flew off, he managed to land a kick on the jaws of the demon.

"Perfect" East Demon shouted and locked his palms together.

"Metal wolf" he said calmly and before him appeared a huge black wolf made of metal.

Julius moved his left leg backward and squatted on the right leg, moved his hands forward, his palms wide open.

The metal wolf howled and ran forward at Julius, moving with swiftness and precise flexibility. It leaped into the air as it got closer, its mouth wide open.

"Manipulation last form" Julius said calmly and from his palm a green light came forth, illuminating the entire area.

It slowly dispersed revealing the metal wolf standing next to Julius.

"Huhnn... You use a forbidden power house and I thought demons were the tricky ones" East Demon said.

Julius dashed forward, aura of power flowing all over him while the wolf followed behind.

"My turn" Julius mumbled and suddenly appeared before East Demon and drove his sword into its stomach, holding firm to it, he leaped up towards the demon's head level and headbutt it, sending it off furiously while the wolf leaped after East Demon, grabbed it between its jaws and bite it hard.

Julius followed suit, letting out a loud scream he punched the demon hard on the forehead. The force of the blow sent the demon distance away crashing into tree after tree.

East Demon collided against a rock which stopped the momentum but completely shattering into pieces.

"You hurt my pride " East Demon said and stood up.

"Its releasing its full powers, guess this is the end " Julius said and gritted.

"DIEEEEEE!!! " East Demon shouted and with speed of light it ran into Julius, completely dissecting every single part of Julius into pieces.

"You hurt my pride so much" East Demon said and stuck out it long tongue and licked off the blood around his face and slurped them in.

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Re: My Demon Sister by AceRoyal: 12:33am On Mar 29
Thanks for the rapid updates, keeps the story steaming hot.... smiley


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