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Re: My Demon Sister by elpochas: 6:44am On Apr 26
Nice update Devilpen,We Humans always seek for help from various places,once troubles come knocking.
Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 9:03am On Apr 26
Thanks for the update.
A quick (funny/irrelevant) question @devilpen,

how does one pronounce the "Tch" sound the characters make? Is it similar to the hiss some people make before they talk? grin
More like CHI or more of reluctance to talk or answer a question


Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 7:27pm On Apr 27
Chapter 46

Kareem suddenly woke up from his sleep, quickly, he picked himself up and smacked his head against the roof of the Hut, he was in. He muttered inaudible words, as he lowered his back and walked outside.

The horrible vibration that shook the entire dwarf village, repeated constantly.

"I think there are here for the girl" Majid said, as he ran closer to Kareem

"Amen, can you transport me outside of here?, we can't bring the fight here " Kareem said and stared at Amen.

"Sure" Amen said and locked his palms together taking the front lead.

"After this, take Majid and his fighters back to Pearl, Jemima stays here with Michell, you and Maze should go along to Pearl" Kareem said as Amen began to move his hands in circular oath, creating a black hole before Kareem.

"I'll see you guys" Kareem said and ran into the portal.

"Alright, everyone you heard the man, let's move it " Maid shouted and banged his axes together.


Kareem stepped out of the portal, which immediately closed up behind him, his sword on his right hand, Kareem smiled and pointed the sword at the man with the red gem on his head standing afar of.

"Do you really want to do this?" Kareem asked and slashed the sword, immediately changing his face expression.

"A lowlife God like you wouldn't understand what hierarchy of power truly means, to be above the chain " Otto said and pulled out the gem on his forehead and swallowed it.

"I won't take the risk of underestimating you, this is the last remnant of the divine tree in me, kept only for this purpose " Otto said as pink wavy lines began to emit out from his body.

"Like a beast was asleep within him all these while, tch " Kareem said beneath his breathe.

Otto suddenly appeared before Kareem and sent a upper cut, straight at Kareem's jaw, the blow graced Kareem's jaw, and sent him into the air, before Kareem could react to the first punch, another one graced his stomach.

While Kareem was still in mid air, Otto grabbed his by the neck and smacked him deep into the ground. Kareem groaned in pain as blood flew out from his mouth. Otto grabbed Kareem's sword and threw it distance away.

"Weakling" Otto said as he raised Kareem up by the neck.

"You cheated " Kareem said and smiled, exposing his blood filled mouth.

"Says who? We are gods, and that is a source of our power, unlike your own creature of gods whose power is determined by white hairs and how pure it is" Otto said and moved his free hand backward in mid air, made a fist and suddenly, with preciseness and accuracy rammed it into Kareem's chest.

CRACCKKK!!! kareemKareem could hear his bones crack.

Kareem rolled roughly continuously on the ground, smashing from one rock to another, with each hit, peeling off a reasonable amount of his flesh.

"Huhhnn" Kareem muttered and coughed out blood in large amount, his face battered and filled with blood and bruises.


Otto walked through the dark endless hall way and halted, he raised his head up and chuckled.

"Good job Otto, your efficiency has never being doubted, your brother will be so proud of you" a voice said from nowhere in particular.

"We have the girl, we don't need any interference, project the ship to the outworld, till the tree has been cultivated and my brother, the Grand God shall return"


Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 3:31pm On Apr 28
This guy(god) is way above kareem. Thanks for the update....
Re: My Demon Sister by Bobosneh: 10:59pm On Apr 28
ajeh Otto na wicked soul
Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 9:46am On Apr 29
Chapter 47

Dan walked in Lord Supreme who was deep in thought, sitting next to Kareem's bed where he laid unconscious, wraps of white cloth wrapped all over his body, covering his face completely.

"Brother" Dan said and patted Lord Supreme on the shoulder.

Lord Supreme slowly raised his head and sighed.

"You're lost in thought again"

"Yeah, I am, even before the fight Kareem was engaged in, he told me he was scares, I have never heard him say so or lack confidence, first time Kareem lost confidence, Kareem is bolder than any one of us look at his current state, what do you think will happen to any one of us" Lord Supreme said with tears alley dripping down his face.

Dan gulped loudly, it was at that moment he knew the mess they were all in

"Jemima is gone, we are surely on the loosing end, the ship is gone, Emmy, what do we do? " Dan asked and starred at unconscious Kareem

"Right now we are depending on Jin and Amen, if they don't find a way, then it's all lost"


North Demon laughed out loudly, her voice echoed through the huge cave, she finally settled and slurped before talking.

"So Kareem couldn't out up a decent fight after all " She said and began pacing around from one end to another.

"It is glaring whose side we should be on already" South Demon replied and let out a bright smile.

"Can you get us access to the outworld, that is the only place they could be, to keep everything on track " North demon said, stopped pacing and looked at South Demon

"Ehehe, let's move out, but we don't have a price to present, they are gods and they really don't need our assistance, we might end up becoming their errand slaves" North demon said in low voice.

"No, they are the last of the second tier god, they have billion of armies, and they surely need more experienced hands to give out the orders, at this point, Lord Supreme and Kareem are just pawns"


Maze dashed through the woods, running as fast as hid legs could carry him, on his right hand, an arrow end with ancient writing on it, he knew what he was holding, an ancient relic, which had come from nowhere to hit him on the head.

"Slow down you bloody elf, I knew you weren't extinct, you're too smart to be" Maze shouted as he dashed through the woods, chasing the white figure that disappeared and appeared in the distance.

Maze locked his palms together as he dashed forward

"From my calculations, it keeps disappearing and appearing third seconds into the distance from the previous point, I'm three minutes behind, if I could just double up my speed, one minute further, my ice sealing technique should be able to catch up" Maze said.

Maze leaped on the tree before him, leaping from it to another and slowly covering the distance since he moved faster on trees than he did on ground.

"There you are, Water Scynth 14th form, ice sealing technique "

Maze shot out water from thumbs, which we locked together, pointing forward.

Before the white blur could disappear, the ice box caught up with it, quickly sealed around it and dropped to the ground.

"Easy, you all keep showing faces, keeping track of what is going on here, but never offer help" Maze said aa he ran towards the ice seal.

Getting closer, Maze gasped at the sight before him, inside the ice was a white skin human, with white long hairs and pointed ears.

"Release" Maze said and instantly the ice melted "Do you wish to talk, or I should help you do that"

"You people never cease to amaze us" the elf said as it stood up, standing at almost same height as Maze.

"You're a lady, no wonder I caught you easily " Maze said and pointed his water sword at her neck.

"Maybe, I heard Kareem got defeated and I heard to come see for myself, we depend on him" the elf said and turned around.

Maze made his sword disperse and tagged behind her

"You elves have always been on hiding, the dwarves only heaven knows who others are hiding from humans" Maze said.

"We never hid, we were to powerful for humans to cope with so we had to move into another dimension, even though we walked the earth first" the elf replied Maze and titled her head backward to look at him.

"But you still depend on Kareem"

"Your father is a god not human, if he dies or becomes useless, we will be forced to fight against the threat, demons also moved to another dimension, having their own civilization, their currency, and use humans as animals"

"Well, nothing surprises me anymore " Maze replied

"But your demon sister has to die, if we need to win, the second tier gods aren't the main problem here, but your sister, her kidnapping will bring out her full potential, her powers will drive her mad and she'll become the demon we never wanted, your demon sister has to die "

Maze grabbed the elf girl by the neck and raised her up in the air, brewing with anger, he made a spear forge out from his left hand and pointed it at the girl's neck.

"Where did those trash come out from? " Maze asked

The girl suddenly was out of Maze grip, standing on the brand of the tree before Maze.

"You caught me because I wanted you to, your sister will bring back the demon order, if you don't believe me, ask Amen, he knows, ask the witch, she knows, those two can tap into the future and see what happens, the demon threat we've once experienced is just a tip of an iceberg, Jemima will return the greatest demon order of all, alright take care, I hope you find the strength to kill her, or else I will do that for you" the elf girl said and vanished into thine air.

Maze at this point became confuse, brewing with anger, he turned towards Peale Village and dashed off.


Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 1:47pm On Apr 29
Chapter 48

Otto walked into the room, where Jemima was kept, hypnotised and barely conscious. Jemima floated in mid air, Otto grabbed her by the leg and pulled her along as he walked out of the room. Outside the ship, in the out world, which was vast and with red sun barely illuminating the entire planet.

A dead tree stood distance away from the ship, barely standing upright. Otto pulled Jemima along as he walked out of the ship, descended to the ground, still pulling Jemima along by the leg in mid air.

"Finally what we lost will be brought back, the power we sought will be ours" Otto said as he walked closer to the tree.


Maze suddenly crashed into the training hall, sighting Amen first, he dashed at him, with full rage, he sent a resounding punch at Amen, the punch graced Amen's face.

CRACCCCKKK!! the blow crushed Amen's jaw and sent him flying off.

"Hey, Maze " Michell shouted in surprise.

Maze turned to face her and picked up speed, dashing at her. Knowing it was trouble, Michell placed her hand on the ground and turned into Lord Supreme

"Trust me that trick won't save you from tasting the fury in me" Maze shouted as he leaped into the air.

Michell in Lord Supreme's form, stretched out her hands
"Perfect illusion" she said hoping the technique would get hold of Maze.

"All I see are the things I wished for, a perfect family, but that illusion trick won't work on me" Maze shouted and grabbed Michell by the neck, flipped her backward and smashed her head straight into the ground.

Maze screamed out loudly, growling hard and painfully.

"Tell me why you kept it from me, you knew about Jemima and you kept it from me!! " Maze shouted dashed at Amen, scrapped him off his feet and rammed a punch through his stomach in mid air.

"Speakkkkk!! " Maze shouted and dashed at Michell. He appeared before her, disappeared and appeared at her back, held her by the air and smacked her back into the ground.

"ENOOUUUGHHH" lord Supreme shouted "Paralysis technique " Lord Supreme said, making Maze immediately go numb, paralyzed all over


"How did he expect us to say such, hey Maze your sister will be the demon we would be killing next, we couldn't tell anyone" Michell said, her left eye swollen and almost closed up, with bruises all over her face.

"This is a situation we should tackle together and you kept it from everyone, both of you? " Lord Supreme shouted in annoyance.

"Hey, Old man, we need to confirm things first, don't act all righteous, first you crushed our confidence, took us off the tournament and banned us for two years and you expect us to confide in you, when you couldn't even trust us when we said our part of what happened, you degraded us to please a total stranger " Amen shouted in annoyance and flared up.

"You don't speak to me in such manner!! " Lord Supreme shouted and suddenly appeared before Amen.

"Or what, you're going to crush me? Go ahead" Amen shouted.

"Hey, Amen, follow me" Jin said from where he stood next to the door.

Amen starred at his father angrily before turning around to leave with Jin.

"And you two " Jin said to Michell and Maze.


Otto placed Jemima in between the tree and split his right palm, he folded his palm as blood dripped down his palm, he made the blood drip on Jemima's mouth and slowly the tree began to come alive, vines began to grow out and slowly began to wrap around Jemima, sucking out the life form in her and gradually began to grow pale and thin.


Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 9:03pm On Apr 29
Wow! Beautiful update Op... I do hope kareem recovers soon, Otto, really dealt with him black and blue o. If the tree is using jemima as energy source to replenish it self, would it end up kill her?

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Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 9:25am On May 01
Chapter 49

Jin walked into the training hall and stopped right at the middle, he turned around and faced the children and folded his arms into each other.

"The first person to hit me" he said calmly with his head bowed "Let it all out, your angers, your fear, the hatred and pains, let it all out on me and don't hold back"

Maze sniffed and without thinking twice dashed forward, attacking in a frenzy, throwing punches at Jin who skillfully dodged the blows, moving back swiftly while Maze continued his attack, giving no breathing space.

Michell joined in the rush, yelling as she threw her punches alongside Maze at Jin. Jin moved around dodging the punches, passing in between them skillfully, like he knew their movement even before they made it.

Amen also dashed forward, and joined the punch barrage, each trying to land a hit at Jin, with anger burning in them.

After hours of throwing punches, and meeting with the air, Maze fell to the ground, drops of sweat rushing down bus face to the ground, his body fully soaked.

Michell followed suit, willingly allowing herself to collapse to the ground. Amen bent down, panting loudly.

"After an hour, none of you could successfully make a hit" Jin said and walked out.

The three all kept mute, with various thoughts running through their minds, it was Amen who spoke first.

"I am sorry" Amen said in remorse and fell to his knees.

Jin smiled from where he hid himself and listened as the children made resolve among themselves.

"It worked, Dan has some strange method of pulling people get along'

"We should have let you know, you had every right to know, but what now, we don't have enough energy house to move to the outer realm and Lilith is saying she can go there but it's beyond her since she only operates in this realm and hell" Amen said calmly.

"It might be tougher than we thought " Michell chipped in

"I believe in you both" Maze said and where he laid and sighed.

"Argh, alright witch let's go this and rupture that space dimension" Amen said, grunting as he stood to his feet.


Lord Supreme stood at the peak of the mountain in the village, a spot he always visited whenever he was troubled, he looked at the entire landscape of Pearl Village from where he stood and sighed, trying to imagine how horrible it would become if nothing was done to curb the threat that was greater than them.

"How would Kareem handle the thought of his daughter bring killed, everything just keeps getting messier " He thought within himself and rubbed his palms together, moved them towards his mouth and breathed into it.

"You and Kareem are still attached to this spot? " Julius asked from behind and got closer to Lord Supreme.

"The options laid down before us are tough ones, the top grade hunters are all dead, except you and Jin, the junior hunters lack experience, except for Dan's team" Lord Supreme said calmly.

They both looked up at same time and turned to look at themselves

"Do you also feel that? " Julius asked

"Yes, the children opened it" Lord Supreme said and leaped down the mountain.


Amen grinned, trying to get a hold of himself, the portal right before them was barely wide enough to let a grown adult into it, Michell on the other hand, held tight to Amen's right hand, while she also stretched out her free hand forward, trying to sustain the portal.

"Almost there, try making it bigger " Lord Supreme said hoping to dash right into it immediately there was enough space.

Seeing this, Maze looked around, sure no one was paying attention to him, he dashed forward and dived into the portal.

"Mazeee!! " Jin shouted and dived in after him, folding his body so he could get into the portal unhurt.

Bith Amen and Michell suddenly collapsed to the ground, exhausted and out of energy house.


Maze fell hard to the ground, from above, the next seconds Jin also landed on his feet and pulled Maze up

"What we're you thinking? " Jin asked.

"There, that's the tree" Maze pointed forward, brewing with anger "And that's Maze in it" he grunted and was about dashing forward, immediately Jin pulled him back.

"There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity, since both of us are the only one here, initially you've disrupted the initial plan, and we have to restrategize, that guy did a major blow on your father, he is not to be taking lightly " Jin said and let go off Maze cloth.

"So, what now? "


Re: My Demon Sister by Bobosneh: 8:38pm On May 01
nice one Op I havethi feeling that maze will turn a God while fighting Otto become more powerful than his father.
Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 11:24am On May 02
Chapter 50

Lord Supreme sat on the bare floor of the training hall, disappointed by all what happened, he smacked his fist on the ground, leaving a hole on the ground. He stood up and walked closer to Amen and grabbed him by the shirt.

"Are you listening, or you're in there, hiding like the manipulative trickster you are " Lord Supreme said annoyingly.

He let go off Amen and next was Lilith standing in between Lord Supreme and Amen.

"Is this her, Lilith? " Julius muttered lowly and gulped, seeing how huge and tall she was.

"First I know you don't do things without cause, what deal did you make with him?" Lord Supreme asked, easing up his head to stare into her eyes.

"It's between the master and I, why do you summon me, I only answered because of Fanada, now don't misuse that chance " Lilith said and knelt down, even at that she still stood taller than everyone in the hall.

"Even without Fanada, you must answer to a higher authority, I am higher than Fanada, now we need you to make a dimension to the out world "

Lilith countenance dropped in disappointment, her pupils dilated and her jaws dropped.

"There is very little I can do, going such long distance without a blood contract could be risky" Lilith replied like a scolded child.

"Wait! " Julius cut in and stepped forward "Did he Mame a blood contract with you before opening the previous portal? " He asked.

"No, he wasn't even the one who opened it, he was only a supporter, the witch opened it" Lilith replied.

Amen gulped and looked briefly at Michell, and walked closer to her.

"What about the blood contract, how does it happen? " Lord Supreme ask "I'm here, I will sign any contract"

"Not you, him, I can only make a contract with him" Lilith said and pointed at Amen

"What do you want? "


Jin went down forcefully on his left knee, with his hand above his head, intercepting Otto's blow that came at Maze, he made his hands glow yellow and with sharp spikes from each of his knuckles and smashed Otto on the jaw, sending him into mid air.

Maze grabbed his sword and smashed Otto on the stomach with the butt of the sword, crashing him hard to the ground.

"Don't forget you're just a decoy, I'm the one smashing the blows, don't get ahead, he is strong, but he can't keep up with two attackers at a time" Jin said and spat out blood from his mouth.

"Use you Power house to read his movement, your power house has so many hidden tactics, people don't know, channeling your power house to your eyes and heart, or gives you ability to detect moves, your training begins here" Jin said and watched as Otto stood up.

"I see you both have a compatible sync movement, good" Otto said and folded his palms.

"Something isn't right, he is leaving Jemima wide open for us to get access, he isn't bothered about it" Jin muttered and began to pick up pace.


"His right eye is what I want, it's the only way I can get a feel of the outside world willingly" Lilith said

"I know your plans, you want freedom and bring back your chaos, weren't you imprisoned by a spatial user to be released when your heart reconciles? " Julius asked calmly.

"Yes, and the time is now " Lilith replied

"And you still need a blood contract? " Michell asked

"I will free you, only if you become ally with Pearl Village, it's a deal we can both agree on, for your freedom" Amen said

Lilith suddenly raised her head up, feeling strange and spoke out.

"The outworld, it's a deal, but something bad is about to happen, if the girl is pulled out of the Divine tree without complete transformation, she becomes the demon we don't want, even I won't be able to stop her" Lilith said and disappeared.

Amen clapped his hands together and immediately a stable portal opened right before them.


Maze slashed the vines of the tree that had around covered Jemima fully, slashing them off, he grabbed Jemima by the hand and began to pull her out.

Jin held Otto by the head and smashed his head into the ground.

"I thought you're a god, how did you manage to defeat Kareem? " Jin shouted.

Lord Supreme dashed out of the portal, fillers by Julius, Michell and Amen.

"Everything is going according to plan" Otto replied and began to laugh hysterically.

"Mazeeeeee, don't pull her oooouuuuttt!!!!!! " Lord Supreme shouted as he began to dash forward

Maze screamed with all his might and pulled out Jemima out from the tree, both of them falling hard to the ground.

"And now it is complete" Otto said and smiled.

He suddenly appeared behind Maze and grabbed him by the shirt, threw him off at Jin and carried Jemima in his hands.

"You only made my mission easier, the tree is about 80% done, which is enough for us, the girl has become the grand tier demon, taking our sides, the time has come" Otto said and disappeared with Jemima.

"What have we done? " Lord Supreme muttered and fell to his knees.


Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 4:49pm On May 02
Why do these people always gets into trouble each time they want to solve any issue. Thanks for the update...
Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 11:09am On May 04
Chapter 52

Maze sat by his father's sick bed and sighed with tears rolling down his cheeks, he gulped down and but his lower lips, with his voice breaking.

"I dddiii....dd very stupid dad" Maze said stuttering "And now it's beyond any of us" Maze said and sniffed as he cried out.

He held his fathers right hand and squeezed it softly as he lowered his head crying.


Amen rested his back on Lilith's huge legs, while she sat behind him, her back resting on the wall of the training hall. While Michell sat in front of them, all in their own thought.

"We lost on all sides" Amen said and laughed widely.

"Not yet, things are not just going well for us, maybe we can peep into the future" Michell suggested

"No, there is something about seeing the future, after you get a glimpse of the future, everything you do to stop it will only work towards fulfilling that future, it's better to work in dark and blind of the future than to see it and work towards stopping the evil in it " Lilith said calmly and blinked her eyes repeatedly.

"I'm sorry" Maze said standing at the entrance of the training hall.

An unseen force suddenly smashed Maze from the back, sending him forward and crashing to the ground.

"I told you to kill her" The elf girl shouted in annoyance, standing at the entrance of the hall.

"Elf, who is she? " Michell asked and turned herself into Lilith, with a huge icy sword on both of her hands.

"I meet her three days ago" Maze said.

Lilith looked at her clone, which Michell turned into and a little bit of fright was registered on her face.

"I warned you, all you had to do was strike that sword right into her heart and the trouble to come would have been averted, one life would have just saved everyone that would die in future time" The elf girl shouted.

"Hey hey hey, why didn't you do it for yourself, since you knew the future" Amen asked and locked his palms together.

"Normally we shouldn't be seen"

The elf girl suddenly went numb and fell to the ground, and next was Lord Supreme and Jin standing behind her, at the entrance.

"Who knew they really existed " Jin muttered and picked her body up "Who is the real Lilith? "


Otto walked into the endless looking hall, holding Jemima by the left hand.

"Welcome Otto" the voice said to him calmly.

"Open the door, where Lord Noir is asleep, it is time for him to wake up from his slumbers " Otto said.

"Are you sire it it right to wake up Lord Noir, he is young and doesn't even know how to rule"

"Do I need to remind you of your place in this hierarchy, you survived only because Noir infused your consciousness into this ship, this shop still functions perfectly without you Gera " Otto said sternly.

A door slowly cane open before them, on the inside were sin red lights and shined lowly.

Otto walked in with Jemima tagging behind. The room was a rather small one, on the end was a young boy, looking as young as Jemima infused in a tube filled with slimy green liquid.

Otto made a glass appear in his hand, and inside was the divine tree, reduced greatly in size to fit into the glass, right on Otto's palm.

"It is time " Otto said and walked to the right end of the room and placed the tree on the ground, which instantly began to increase in size. He plucked a divine fruit and dipped his teeth into it.

"Hmm, take one and taste what power feels like" Otto said to Jemima, his eyes closed and feeling the power juice that flowed through him.

Otto opened his eyes and saw Jemima on the third divine fruit and smiled "Take as much as you want"

He walked to the tube and placed the finger before his thumb on it, pressing his finger against the tube, it shattered into pieces and he caught the boy, smiled as he dipped a divine fruit into his mouth.

The whole of the ship began to illuminate, revealing the master piece it was, perfect symmetric paintings on the wall, the entire lower deck of the ship filled with demon armies uncountable in their millions.

The boy's feet touched ground and he let out a bright smile and looked at Otto.

"Otto" he said and hugged him tightly "You finally did it"

"Yes my Lord" Otto replied.

Jemima watched as the boy came closer to her, getting closer, she suddenly drive her hand into his chest, and pulled his heart out at the back.

Jemima smiled wickedly as the boy gasped for breath

"Two Lords can't rule a kingdom, she said into the ears of the dying Lord and pulled out his heart.

The boy fell to the ground and Jemima looked at Otto who didn't look surprised. She smiled and brought the heart closer to her mouth and dipped it into her mouth.

She slurped abd licked the blood on her hands off and smiled at Otto.

"A new order begins"


Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 3:41pm On May 04
Thanks for the update...
Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 9:25pm On May 04
Chapter 53

3 Years Later

Majid slashed his axe right on Lord Supreme's table, breaking it into two halves, his beards touching bare floor as he paced around angrily.

He mumbled inaudible words, starred at Lord Supreme who sat on his seat, and next to Jin and the elf man standing by the door.

"Short men and their anger" the elf man said and chuckled.

"Max, be careful of the next word that comes out of your mouth, it is run my axe through you" Major shouted in anger and suddenly his sword caught fire.

"Jemima now controls more than half of the territory, wiped out every village completely without taking any hostage, and all we can do is argue among ourselves " Lord Supreme said and stood up.

"And there Kareem can't be brought back to his sanity, always brooding and getting himself drunk and Maze, the kid isn't himself also, and Jemima, she isn't stopping, she is saving us for last" Max said and sighed.

"Jin did you get the Intel needed?" Julius asked as he walked in on them.

"Yes, the divine tree isn't any important, just adding to their powers one seed charges them for ten years without diminishing, the truth is, there is no weakness to them, we can only win this, by just brute strength and strategy and I'm not sure we can win with this our present state, Kareem and Maze are our top backup, and Lilith and Fanada tagging behind " Jim said and lowered his head "All she ask for is for us to surrender our territory to her rule"

"Jemima never negotiate, we know this, for her to bring this up, there is something she is probably scared of about Pearl Village" Julius replied.

"And what could that be? " Major asked raising his head up at Julius.

"I don't know, we just have to find out"


Maze screamed as he sent out water synch out from his hands slashing down tree that it came across.

"How long would it take Maze to get a hold of himself?" Michell asked from the distance her and Amen sat from, watching as trees fell to the ground.

"He is holding tight, I would have gone worse, it's being three good years" Amen said and scratched his beards.

"He won't let us help him either"

Lilith came out of Amen and sat next to him, she looked at the distance and spoke.

"He wants Otto, I peeped into the future it's a good one, give him Otto" Lilith said calmly.

"I appreciate your gesture Lilith, but it's a bad one" Amen said

"Not entirely, it might be all we need after all, him killing Otto might be the chance, and we know how strong he has become, his hairs has gone purely white, whiter than Kareem's, who knows what might happen if he kills Otto" Michell said and stood up "The adults are not doing things right, they are out of option, let's try ours, after all, if we sit around for long, death will find us, either ways we die "


Jemima stood up from her golden throne, looking much more matured, with a calm dense look on her face, that said a complete opposite of her demon and powerful personality.

Otto standing by her right hand side, his menacing look still as deadly as ever. North and South demon opened the door that led into the hall and bowed their heads both going down on a knee.

"Highness, it is done, the northern province is already ours, captured and all humans eradicated, we are setting up our new civilization and deploying citizens to occupy, the economy is looking good, the human flesh are in massive order" South demon reported

"What about the central province? " Otto asked

"They sent resistance, we don't have enough troop to take over, if only we could get fruits from the tree" North demon answered

Otto descended down the stairs, his hands folded behind his back, he got closer to North Demon and walked behind her, pacing around.

"It's a direct order, no one touches the tree, leave the central province, I'll take my team and bring them down, focus on building the new villages" Otto said and suddenly was appearing beside Jemima.

"Yes My Lord" both demons answered in unison

"Get out and send a messenger to Pearl" Jemima added and signalled them to leave.


Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 10:36am On May 06
Chapter 54

Kareem sat on the bare floor of his living room, his hairs looking dirty and unkempt, his clothes were already old and torn, it had not come off him in three years, his white hairs tightly locked into one another, his moustache rough and dirty, his nails were long and so dark.

Lord Supreme placed the food he brought for him on the ground before Kareem and sat down on the floor in front of him.

"I know how painful it is to loose a child, I also lost my first kid days after birth, you were there to pull me out of my trouble, we need you Kareem, we need you " Lord Supreme said amidst tears.

"There is a problem" Dan said as he dashed into the living room, panting softly.


Lord Supreme walked out of the village boundary, along with Julius, standing few distance away from the messenger Jemima had sent to Pearl. Chirping of birds constantly filled the silent environment, the sun completely covered by the white cloud that hovered in the sky.

"I believe you have a message" Lord Supreme said.

"Yes, we have this" the messenger replied let out a loud scream "Attackkkkk!!!! "

Lord Supreme gasped, confused at the whole turn out. Julius grabbed Lord Supreme by the shirt and pulled him back, instantly from the previous position Lord Supreme was, the ground shot out spikes.

"She's trying to take us both out, that way it would be easier to end Pearl, we should be able to take them head on" Julius said and took a deep breathe in.

"Nobody cones out" Lord Supreme shouted the orders to the hunters behind the veil that protected Pearl.


Maze stood on the mountain, that acted as the boundary line of the central province and grinned, his heart filled with hatred and revenge. From where he stood, he could see the Central Village, which consisted of five villages going up in flames, loud screams of agony.

"Where are you? " Maze mumbled searching for Otto.

He moved his eyes from one end to another, until his eyes finally got what he wanted

"There" Maze muttered and disappeared.


Blood splattered on Lord Supreme's face as he tore a demon apart, he threw the half part on his right hand towards an approaching demon and let go off the other.


Julius smashed his feet on the ground raising huge stones into the air from the ground, moving his hands in circular motion, the stones formed a circular motion, moving around Julius so fast it smashed the demons that tried getting closer.

"Sand storm, dancing pyramid" Julius muttered.

The ground suddenly splutter before Julius and next was a huge pyramids sprouting out from the ground, trapping demons within them and smashing hard agony themselves.

"They keep coming out, Jin was right, they have been recruiting themselves right pm our borders " Lord Supreme muttered

"Julius, get behind me, I'll like to finish this once and for all, Fanada, I hope you're not asleep" Lord Supreme shouted and moved his left leg backward, his hands stretched forward, with his fingers all stretched out.

Two of the circle tattoos on Lord Supreme's hand suddenly faded off.

"Heaven roar, barrel hatting technique!!" Lord Supreme shouted.

Flames suddenly gutted his arms, and quickly ran through his hands, getting larger in size, on reaching his finger tips, the fire solidified, and began shooting out as bullets with the speed of light.


The fire bullet fired out, one bullet dropping down about five demons that were on its path of motion. Lord Supreme fired rapidly, slowly his shirt sleeves began to tear off.

"Pheeewww" Lord Supreme sighed exhausted, all demons already dead in that instance "It took a great deal of my power "

"It's worth it" Julius replied and looked at the pile if seas demons, enough to fence the while of Pearl thrice.

A black huge ball, suddenly raised into the sky, completely covering the entire Pearl Village and beyond.

"Fanada what's that? " Lord Supreme asked, noticing Fanada was scared with him.

"I though he was dead, Rising Dark Demon, my brother, banished into hell for treason, he was suppose to die in hell" Fanada said and gulped.

"He will fall on Pearl and nothing will remain they only waited for us to use a great deal of our power, Emmy, we can't stop that thing, no matter how we try, it's the end for us" Fanada added.

"Tch, to think Jemima was this evil"


Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 1:41pm On May 06
Chapter 55

Otto acted on instinct and did a back flip, giving enough distance as Maze tried to flash him with his sword. Maze hair danced to the rhythm of the wind, breathing hard,axe slashed his sword in the air and stood upright.

"You should know already, I'm not leaving here without your head " Maze said and scoffed.

"His hairs are white already, I'll just get away with this quickly, he might be her brother, but killing him will only be part of progress" Otto thought within himself and smiled.

"I'll make this quick and give you a bdffiting death because of who you are" Otto said and smiled, he reached for the red gem on his forehead, pulled it out and swallowed it.

Otto suddenly appeared before Maze, raising dust up in the air, he thrust his right hand forward at Maze, with a wicked grin on his face.

"Hunhnn" Otto said and instantly the expression on his face changed.

"Is that the fastest you can go" Maze shouted behind Otto and slammed his feet on Otto's face, sending Otto crashing to the ground and blanking out for a few seconds.

"How is that even possible? " Otto muttered as blood dripped down his mouth.

"I guess you haven't fought with someone so keen with revenge and at the same time trying to catch fun" Maze asked and lied with evil intentions.

"The things I'll do to you, you won't comprehend" Maze said.

Otto went into the sky, thrown by a water scynth.

"When did he do that? Did he just appear in split seconds and execute his water scynth, is this the power of arcane gods? " Otto asked himself as he went into the sky "I can't go down without putting up a fight"

Otto titled his body around, narrowly dodging Maze's punch, that came at him in the sky. Maze sent another hit at his face, which Otto dodged again.

Maze doubled the speed of his attack, going into a punch frenzy, which Otto was unable to keep up with. As each point graced Otto's face, he let out painful mourns, his face splitting at each punch.

"WHY CANT YOU KEEP UP?!!!" Maze shouted as he continued his punch barrage "THIS IS MY RAGE OF THREE YEARS IM LEASING OUT ON YOU!!!! FIGHT BACK FIGHT BAAAAACCCCCKKKKKKK" Maze shouted as he gave the last punch which sent Otto straight down with speed of light, releasing a sonic boom as he crashed to the ground.

Maze came to a running landing, and made an ice sword to on his left hand, and his empyrean steel on his right. He stood before Otto and placed his leg on Otto's chest.

Otto gasped for breath, his face completely disfigured, filled with blood.

"To think you even used that seed when you fought with my father still baffles me, you are weak, is this how the second tier gods are? " Maze asked and pressed down his feet on Otto's chest.

"You have a troublesome burden before you boy" Otto said weakly and spat out blood "Anyone who defeats a God becomes powerful and saddened with a troubled future "

"Keep that to yourself" Maze said and slashed off Otto's head.

Maze noticed his left hand began to feel weird and next was a black line forming around it, till it formed a dragon tattoo on his left arm right to the chest.

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Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 2:39pm On May 06
Chapter 56

Fanada came out of Lord Supreme, both starring at the huge black ball, grew bigger and larger. People in the city ran into their houses taking shelter and hoping someiracle would happen.

"It's that time when we begin to say all we wish we could have done but couldn't do" Dan said and squeezed Layla's hands softly and heaved.

Majid placed his axe on his chest as tears rolled down his cheeks.

"Well, I'm convinced this ain't the end, I saw my future I had kids" Jin said and sniffed "No, I can't die now" he cried out and began to sob uncontrollably.

Kareem raised his head up and stood up, he walked towards the wide window frame of his house and looked outside from it.

"Otto is dead, Maze did it" Kareem muttered and fell to his knees.


"Fanada, I know we can't stop this, but can we keep it at minimal?"

"Assuming Kareem was available, we could stop it entirely" Fanada replied and transformed into his true form.

A wold standing about half the distance from the sky to the earth, complete blue furs, a horn at the center if his head.

Amen and Michell gasped from where they stood, watching SD everything unfold

"That is what father has been keeping within him, such tremendous powers, that is Fanada " Amen gasped.

"That is Fanada's brother, They can't stop that, it's a suicide mission, your father knows he would die and yet he is still protecting the village by minimizing the damage" Lilith said with her eye wide open.

Hearing this, Amen attempted to run out, but was held back by Lilith

"I can't let you do that, he is making a huge sacrifice, be wise enough to carry on his legacy, as Maze has carried on his father's legacy by killing Otto" Lilith added.

"Maze killed Otto? " Michell asked lowly.

Fanada gave a loud howl and widely opened his mouth, from it came a large blue fury ball, same as the black one. The blue ball began to grow larger.

Lord Supreme locked his palms together and breathed in.

"Divine shield, complete transformation " he muttered and instantly a white line shout out from his hand and collided with the huge ball Fanada made

The collision resulted in bringing out a white sparkling light that illuminated the entire village, when it died down the entire village and greatly sway from the boundaries were covered with a blue transparent shield.

"And here it comes"

The black ball suddenly collided with the shield, the boom sound, furiously shaking the entire land mass of Pearl Village and beyond, fee houses bulding up cracks on the walls.

The ball continued rolling furiously as it slowly penetrated through the shield. Lord Supreme held out his hands above his head, breathing heavily as he tried holding the shield, also Fanada gritting his teeth.

"I can't hold longer, I don't think the demon ball is reducing its fierceness " Lord Supreme said within himself.

"Just keep holding " Fanada replied.

Lord Supreme's leg cracked the ground open and his leg went in, also same as Fanada.

The demon ball, continued crashing through the shield and next was another demon ball building up behind the one trying to crash through.

"We are doomed" Julius muttered as he watched another ball build up.

The second ball also crashed against the shield completely shattering it.

"This is the end" Fanada muttered as he watched the balls descended on them.

Something with the speed of light suddenly shot into the sky and ranks through the balls at the same time, completely shattering the demon balls into pieces.

"What just happened " Lord Supreme muttered as he started at the sky to see the miracle that happened in split seconds when all hope was lost.

"Kareem" Julius muttered as he strained his eyes looking up at the sky "ITS KAREEM!! " Julius shouted with joy as tears dropped down his face.

"Kareem" Lord Supreme said lowly.

Kareem suspended in the air, his hairs illuminating so brightly like the sun.

Kareem swooshed off out of Pearl region, right to the demon that created the balls.

One more chapter to go


Re: My Demon Sister by lammy197(m): 3:19pm On May 06
Keep it coming bro
Re: My Demon Sister by Asiseeit: 3:25pm On May 06
Thanks so much!
Re: My Demon Sister by Bobosneh: 5:10pm On May 06
This update is so freaking hot damn! a very nice update op
Re: My Demon Sister by AceRoyal: 5:30pm On May 06
Devilpen you're absolutely the best right now on Nairaland!
Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 8:07pm On May 06
Chapter 57
MDS Finale
Us United

The head of a wolf, fell before Lord Supreme and next Kareem landed to the ground, making cracks on the ground and sending stones into the air.

"I believe that's your brother " Kareem said with his head up at Fanada

Fanada snorted and changed back to his human form and smiled

"There is something I need to take care of" Fanada said

"What? " Lord Supreme asked calmly

"You'll see " Fanada replied and stretched his body before elevating into the sky "I'll be back" he said and swooshed into the sky.

"It's now or never, gather everyone, every hunter, every dwarf, every elf, we take the fight to her" Kareem said, his eyes glowing white.

"We have the force to stop her" Kareem added and patted Lord Supreme on the shoulder "I know what's on your mind and I'm not bothered "

"Come on, we have to plan it"


Jemima grabbed North demon by the neck and threw her against the wall

"How dare you report such news to me" she barked and puffed out.

"Gather everyone, every demons, every beast, every monsters, it's time"

The ship splutter into three parts and slowly their lids came apart, hissing loudly as it moved apart and releasing out white fumes.

On the first part of the ship were demons of high ranks, on the swings part were dark elves and the third mobsters from the pit of hell, each in their thousands.

"Keep the reserve tank, we use them as backup, distribute the divine seed, spread it in abundance, this is a way we must win"


Dwarves trooped out in their thousands, their small stature making then look like grains on the beach from where Kareem stood watching as everyone rallied their kinds into Pearl Village.

"It's time" Jin said behind Kareem.


Lord Supreme spread the scroll with him on the bare floor and took a glance at the broken table and back at Majid before speaking.

"We have the dwarves, and elves, gods and hunters, Jin came with report, every demon city are emptied, they're are rallying together and that means battle" Lord Supreme said, he could hear everyone's heart beat as the thud except for Kareem.

"The dwarves are taking the front line with the hunters, Elves are better from a far range, they'll cover with the arrows, Jin and the kids would go directly for the base, taking another route other than the war front, I and Kareem will take out their strong holds, Julius, Dan and Layla are attacking from the left flank, remember, LEAVE NO MAM BEHIND, my wife and the security team will be on standby to treat the injured" Lord Supreme concluded and sighed

"It's going to be a long day, everyone move out"


Lord Supreme caught up with Kareem as they all trooped out and smiled at him.

"Are you okay? " He asked calmly.

"She choose her path already, there is no use crying over spilled milk" Kareem replied and walked on.


Jin dashed through the woods, as fast as his legs could carry him, each step he took was propelled forward by shooting flames beneath his leg.

"No wonder he is best for a spy job " Maze thought as he tried to keep up.

Gradually leaving green pastures and approaching a mountain, Jin leaped into the air and got shot into the sky by the flames that came out from his leg.

Maze, Amen and Michell all came to a stop, looking up at Jin who was standing on the mountain.

"Keep up" Jin said and dashed off.


Lord Supreme and Kareem took the front line as they all matched out in their thousands towards the battle ground, the dwarves chanting war songs and smashing the bass drum on them.

"Is that even necessary? " Lord Supreme asked, stabling his horse.

"It's been our culture and part of us, it gingers us" Majid replied from his warthog which he sat on.

Getting to the battle ground, silence fell on everyone as what they saw before them was unimaginable. Jemima had am army four times as larger than theirs, huge monsters as tall as Lilith scattered all over and above all their power chart was of grid.

"Kareem do you also sense that power chart it's above normal " Lord Supreme said

"Aye boy, their strong not smart" Majid replied and raised his sword up "For honor, FOR HONOOOOOORRRRRR!!! " majid shouted and was taken up by the dwarves, each screaming their veins out.

They all ran as fast as their feet could carry them, screaming to increase their morale.

Lord Supreme elevated into the air, along with Kareem.

"Smash through the big ones" Kareem said and flew into the sky.


Getting to the demon base, Jin sighed as he scout the area, fully guarded by demons, he squinted his eyes and saw Maze had already ran down the cliff

Maze slashed the first monster by the waist, and grabbed the upper body on his left hand as he walked further.

"He never sticks to plan" Jin muttered and also ran down the cliff, followed the Amen and Jemima.

Amen summoned out Lilith who took the lead, smashing through demons with her huge feet.

"They keep coming out, you and Amen should go, I and Michell will shake these ones off " Jin said and locked his palms together and made them flame up.


Arrows went up in the sky, completely covering the sun, as the came below it, moving with swiftness and magic, it rained down heavily on the demons taking them out in large numbers.

Kareem rammed his body in the air, through the huge monster, slashing odd their head with his hands and moving to the next one.

Lord Supreme due to his inability to stay long in the air, would leaped into the air, use his heaven gattling to bore huge bullet holes into the huge demons.

Maid grunted as he dived under the legs of the demons and slashed them off, moving swiftly for someone his size and weight, he grunted as he took each swing of his axe.

"Come-on, their strong not wise" Majid shouted as he advanced further.

North and South demon joined the battle, grabbing Majid by the beards, she threw him off into the distance, channeling their power house into their legs, the smashes the dwarves, breaking their bones completely and their legs stained with blood.

North demon screamed as she kicked off a dwarf head.

"I haven't had this much fun" South demon shouted with her mouth filled with blood, she dropped the lifeless dwarf to the ground and growled.

"The unending strength "

Majid grunted as he hit ground and looked at his axe already broken, from where he laid, he watched as his men were being smashed, their guts and brains flying out like they were nothing, while the top demons feasted on them.

Another set of arrows went up into the sky and suddenly they all ceased in the air, flip backward facing the elves and hurled at them

"No no" Lord Supreme muttered as he watched the arrows pierce through the body of the elves, dropping them in their large numbers.

"Kareem, what's wrong?"

"There is an invert magic user" Kareem replied.

"I'll find it" Lord Supreme said and fell to the ground.


Julius grabbed a demon and threw it at Dan who grabbed it by the neck and snapped it, each fighting fervently, Layla pulling out her arrows, She drew out the last three arrows from the quiver and laid them on her bow and released the string.

"Spirit arrow, final form" she said and pulled the string of her bow, the head of the arrow grew in size, getting her desired size, she let go of the string.

The arrow moved swiftly, clearing everything on it's path, tearing demons apart for more than a mile.

"Easy" Layla said and sniffed.

"Why is it coming back? " Julius asked surprised.

"It shouldn't, it ought to have died down" Layla replied.

"Which means you can't control it" Dan added.

The arrow hurled swiftly at them, before they could react it collided with them. It dispersed, while the three were laying down unconscious

The tide suddenly turned around, as the demons began to overpower the hunters, killing them in large numbers.

"Retreeeeettttt!! " the shout came from all over as the hunters scrambled off.


Maze stood inside the wide hall, me beside him and Jemima seated on her throne, not bothered by their presence

"Jem!!" Maze shouted at the top of his voice

"I commend your effort on killing Otto you did well" Jemima said and stood up "Do you have the resolve to kill me? " Jemima asked as she began to descend the stairs.

"There is only one way to find out" Maze said and drew out hid sword.


Lord Supreme got intercepted by both North and South demon, distance away was his target, covered in black overall torn rag, manipulating the outcome.

"A mistake to have kept you both alive" Lord Supreme said with regret

"Yes, a grave one"

North demon dashed forward, she transformed her left hand into a sword as she got closer, she suddenly disappeared and appeared behind Lots Supreme, South demon suddenly appeared before him and smashed his chest with her leg, while North demon slashed his from behind.

"You can't keep up? "

"If I don't do away with that invert user, I won't last long" Lord Supreme thought within himself and disappeared, he appeared before the invert user and was about grabbing him when North demon intercepted and headbutt Lord Supreme, South demon scrapped Lord Supreme off his feet and before he could touch ground smashed his head in mid air to the ground.

"Hear the cry of your people, you can't save them, this world is ours to claim" Birth demon shouted as she circled Lord Supreme.

Lord Supreme picked himself up and grinned "That invert user is becoming a pain"

The sky suddenly went dark, followed next by howling of wolves, howling of more than three wolf packs.

"Fanada? " Lord Supreme asked himself unsure.

Something dropped to the ground that raided huge dust into the air, which quickly spread all over, as the dust settled it revealed wolves in the multitudes each taller than Fanada.

A kick suddenly landed on the neck of the invert user, cracking his neck bones and instantly went dead.

"Sorry I came late, had a tough time convincing my brothers" Fanada said from behind the top tier demons in his human form.


Maze kicked Jemima on the stomach and smashed the butt of his sword on her head repeatedly

"If you're in there, I need you to come out"

Jemima grabbed his hands and smiled "No one is in there, just me"

She slapped Maze on the cheeks which resulted in a splutter lips, with blood gushing out from his mouth.

She threw him off against the wall and grabbed him by the neck, choking him.

Amen opened his eyes from where he laid and managed to pick himself up

"Lilith " he muttered and at that moment she came forth.

Lilith dashed at Jemima, grabbed her by the waist and smashed her down, attempting another punch, Jemima grabbed her wrist and as huge as she was, Jemima pulled her down effortlessly and punched her on the face.

Maze dived at Jemima, grabbing her by the waist he raised her up and Gabe her a backward slam.

Maze stood up and pulled his sword out from the ground, Jemima gritted her teeth and stretched her hands forward

"Blending fist!!"

Maze blocked the incoming attack from his right side with his sword, whichoved him aside a little, he blocked the next on, which resulted in a spark on his sword. Acting on reading the floe of power house he was able to evade all invisible attack Jemima castes at him.

"Is that all, Demon Sister? " Maze asked and drove his sword to the ground.

He looked at the tattoo on his hand and ripped off his shirt.

"To think I know how to use this power after getting it today is overwhelming " Maze said and stretched his hand forward.

"I don't have the mind to kill you, but I can cast you to the very depth of Judecca" Maze said "Dragon Flame, overturn the law of the outworld, obey my command.... "

Jemima moved back in fright, scared by what was about to happen next, she dropped down to her knees and began sobbing.

Maze stopped what he was uttering and watched as the dragon coming out from his hand return to being a tattoo. He felt remorse and walked closer to Jemima.

As he got closer, Jemima drove her hand right into his stomach and screamed with ecstasy as he hand went through, coming out on the other side.

Her countenance changed as what she thought to be Maze transformed into dust.

"Replacement technique complete" Jin muttered and he and Michell appeared at the entrance of the hall.

"...cast and bind, to the very depth of hell" Maze said behind Jemima

The black dragon came out of Maze hand and gripped Jemima within its mouth, raised her up into the air and dived back to the ground, and suddenly disappeared as it hit ground.

The dragon tattoo slowly faded off Maze hand

"I guess it's a one time use " Maze said and scoffed "Did we win"

Kareem watched as all demons began to fall to their feet, turning into dust and fading off

"We really did win"

Dan slowly opened his eyes, titled his head to the left and saw Layla and Julius already on their feet, helping the injured.

"I really did pass out" he said and stood up "We won"


"You all did well, fought and conquered, together we were strong, to the dwarves, thank you, elves you were exceptional, and to the gods, we truly thank you. Although our loss can't be counted. I really appreciate the kids of ten seven, without them the storybooks be different.... "

"Tch, old man" Amen muttered.

"...this is inform team 7 that they are now reinstalled to their ranks and moved upward to being a red velvet, with Julius being their new team captain"

Maze fell to the ground on hearing the statement

"....Layla, this is for you from Dan, hey Dan come here, you should be the one telling her this, not me"

"And I believe we can peacefully Co exist together, humans, and elves, probably with gods"

Za End


Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 8:10pm On May 06
Please kindly help me rate on a scale of 1 - 10.

Kindly tell me where I got it wrong and how I could have got it better.

Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 8:44pm On May 06
9/10... Perfect ending.
Re: My Demon Sister by Colynx(m): 8:55pm On May 06
Re: My Demon Sister by hidhrhis(m): 9:29pm On May 06
10 bro
u are good
Re: My Demon Sister by Calenikan(m): 10:06pm On May 06
Kudos bro
Re: My Demon Sister by banky3w(m): 10:43pm On May 06
Solid 10
Re: My Demon Sister by AceRoyal: 9:19am On May 07

From start to finish, the story was amazing!

Best writer on Nairaland this year(so far). wink

Ps- kindly go through and edit typographical errors.
Re: My Demon Sister by collinometricx: 11:32am On May 07
11 of 10 bro

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