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My Personal Demon 18+ / INSATIABLE ~ Story Of A Quiet Yoruba Demon / Memoirs Of A Yoruba Demon (2) (3) (4)

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Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 9:21am On Apr 08
Great update Sir...
Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 8:57am On Apr 09
Chapter 33

Lord Supreme watched the sky from the wide window space in his office, straining his eyes to have a view of the demon eye in the sky,million thought running through his mind.

"Is the eye becoming visible? " Kareem asked, walking in with Dan.

"Rarely visible, another attack in three months or less " Lord Supreme replied and turned around to face them.

"We can't sit around and wait for them to attack again, we barely survived and it took two of us to take down the beta demon, even when using twenty five percent of our strength" Dan chipped in.

"That is why I summouned you" Lord Supreme replied.

"Seems like you're about bossing me around, tch" Kareem replied and scoffed.

"Yes, I thought you and Joy could infiltrate their base, send them q lovely message" Lord Supreme replied and sat down. "Since after the first invsiom, they've been lesser sighting and demon attack all over, seems they are recruiting and having larger army"

"If it happens to be so, then its game over for us, but hoe are they surviving for long if they don't feast on human? Isn't that a concern? " Kareem replied.

"Hmm, now that you have talked on that, I'll ask Julius to carry out investigation on that, but it might take time sending the message across to him"

"That old hag still refuses to base in the village" Kareem said and titled his head to the left.

Lord Supreme grabbed a scroll from the table drawer and passed it to Dan.

"Pass this message to them" he said "Alright, go and dont die on me, or else I visit you in hell and kill you again"


Jemima waved her hands till Kareem and Joy disappeared into the distance off to carry out their mission. Maze sighed and turned around to take his leave and saw Amen walking up to him smiling mischievously

"Why does the adult keep having all the fun? " Amen asked and sighed, then folded his hands.

"Its not fun, they are capable of handling the situation " Jrkika replied and kicked Amen on the leg.

"Hey, and we are not? "

"We still have a one year and three month hunter ban on us, don't suggest anything stupid" Maze replied and walked passed him.

"Not anything stupid, we can just tag along, and prove our worth, don't you think we need to take that ban off us as soon as possible, if we don't act other hunters on our level will see us as nothing" Amen said calmly

"Hmm, persistent goat, common, Jemima you stay behind" Maze said.

"And I'll let Michell know" Jemima threatened.

"Know about what? " Muchell said and appeared before them.


Kareem tossed a dried meat over to Joy as they ascended the hill before them, Kareem moving steadily like he was on plain ground, while Joy struggled with placing her feet right.

"We should be getting close, eat up, you need strength, especially going against your people"

"I was first a human" Joy replied and grunted.

"I know "

Getting to the top of the hill, Kareem smiled, seeing the huge cave like castle for afar.

"You can't see it yet, but its one mighty cave, you are only going because you know them, you can sit out the fight " Kareem said and put on his hood.

"Every demon regrets being one, we are with enough cure, if Kird Supreme gave me a chance, I'm also willing to give others "

"Put on your hood, the road ahead is dusty and we will be having extra hand, the kids are tagging along, such adventurous spirit in them" Kareem said and pulled up a piece of cloth to cover hid node downward.


Layla sneaked through the walks that led to Lord Supreme's office, getting closer to the door, she leaned on the wall, and from her right hand dropped to the ground a scorpion which crawled into the office through the opening beneath the door.

"Arghh" Lord Supreme grunted from inside and next cane crashing if table.

"Got him" she said and smiled wickedly to herself and quickly moved out.


Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 6:00pm On Apr 09
Thanks for the update.. Pls correct d spellings of the characters names

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Re: My Demon Sister by yvonncute(f): 10:36am On Apr 11
Please when are we getting an update.
Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 2:25pm On Apr 11
Chapter 34

Layla ran out from the village, advancing deep into the woods, her bow on her right hand, while she forged forward, running as fast as her legs could carry her.

She suddenly halted, seeing Lord Supreme walk out behind a tree before her, blank expression written all over her face.

"It takes more than a Will Scorpion to take me out" Lord Supreme said and threw the lifeless scorpion to the ground "During the fight I got a glimpse of you and told Dan to get along, you see we've learnt and now always a step ahead, WHO ARE YOU? "

Layla gulped and stretched out her bow, pulled the string and slowly an arrow appeared on it.

"Seriously? " Lord Supreme said and slammed his hands together.

The bow flew of Layla's grip and floated towards Lord Supreme who caught it in the air and ran his eyes through it.

"This should only he wield by who it chooses, right? Now tell me who you are" Lord Supreme said and bit his lower lips as he pulled the string, making three arrows appear on it.

Layla moved back on fright, sweat already breaking through her fave pores.

"Three, at a time, he is over powered than what I was told, why does nature keeps cheating the weak, him, Kareem, Dan, Julius, Joy, the kids, all strong entity only in one village" Layla thought within herself, visibly shaking.


Kareem walked into the cave and pulled down his nose cover and yawned loudly, his voice echoing in return.

"Who is home, I come in peace! " Kareem shouted as he and Joy advanced deeper into the cave.

Kareem continued with a mischievous smile on his face, catching the glimpse of lower demons blending with the darker part of the cave, scared of his presence.

"To what do we owe this pleasant arrival of yours " A voice said from above.

Kareem raised his head up and saw an entrance above the cave.

"Give me your hands" he ordered Joy who didn't hesitate.

He elevated steadily into the air, holding firm to Joy, getting to the other section, Kareem let go off her hand and came to a running landing.

Before him were the three top tier demons standing before the huge round stone table.

"A standing ovation, I come in peace and with a benefitting proposal" Kareem said and walked forward, continued passed them and sat on one of the stone chairs.

"Come on take your seat let's have a heartful discussion and I want all demons gathered in this hall" Kareem said and placed his legs on the table, while Joy stood beside him.


Every demon gathered in the cave hall filling it completely to the brim, while the top demons had their place on the stone chairs.

"Question one, what would you depends on, when you finally destroy humans, doesn't that mark the beginning of your extinction? " Kareem asked srcathing his head.

"I guess I would never understand, since I am never a demon" Kareem said and stood up "here with me is a cure to your demonic status, I believe you all were once human, and still have that human consciousness, its a chance to Starr afresh"

Loud murmurs suddenly erupted, the discomfort plainly written on the faces of the top demons.

"You can just come in here and talk trash" North demon shouted and flarred up, taking up her transformation.

"I didn't ask you to talk" Kareem barked at her and pointed to her seat.

"Such audacity he commands" East demon said within himself and scoffed "Even I the strongest can't stand toe to toe with this man or rather a god"

"Who needs the cure, move behind me" Kareem said "Its not must, you'll only give my students the chance to use you as a real time training"

Muffled voices came from the very back and slowly a path was made, revealing Amen and the others bounded and tied.

"We have your children, even better, we needed the girl, her blood is all we needed" East demon said and stood up "the tide has turned" he said and chuckled.

"No one wants your cure, we never asked for it, demons!! We have our answers, her blood will grant us infinite powers, longetivity.... "

"Tch, howany more dull heads are in here? " Kareem said and sat down.

"She is my daughter and you know what I am capable of" Kareem said and stretched his hand forward.

He appeared on the table with his sword on his left hand, walked closer to East demon and suddenly slashed his head off his body. East demon's head fell on the table, Kareem placed his let on it and smashed it.

"Who else wishes to use my family as a leverage? " Kareem asked fuming with anger.

"I want the cure" a demon said from the crowd.

"Me too"
"I want"
"I wish to see my family as human again"


Lord Supreme stretched his hands and waited patiently till Layla grabbed it and stood her to her feet, handed her bow over to her and smiled.

"The demon threat has ended, everyone is safe, you should have come plain, we are always ready to help" he said and smiled again

"How sure are you that demons are ended? "

"Its Kareem on the mission, but I fear something thoughts is coming so fast" Lord Supreme said and turned around "I have to return back to the village, I can't be gone for long" He said and disappeared.

"Something tougher "


Kareem yawned loudly as the cured demons slowly walked out from the hall, he turned to the top demons and smiled.

"You refused the cure, well you're alone, but let me say this, if I hear rumors of a new demon, I'll come for both of you at ones"


Re: My Demon Sister by Lakesc(m): 6:41pm On Apr 12
Thanks for the update, just can't hav enough of it...
Re: My Demon Sister by germaphobe(m): 8:59pm On Apr 12
Wait just like that east demon is...

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Re: My Demon Sister by Elcapitan0: 9:20am On Apr 13
Wait just like that east demon is...
This is Kareem we are talkingabout grin grin grin

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Re: My Demon Sister by Devilpen(m): 1:53pm On Apr 13
Chapter 35

Amen ran as fast as his legs could carry him, dodging the metal bullets that came at him, he slide on the ground and splitter himself into two.

"Tch, I will die at this rate" he muttered as his clone got hit by the metal bullet and dispersed into the air.

"Air void" he said as he ran forward.

He leaped into the dark portal that came open before him and disappeared.

"Where is he? " Dan muttered from where hr stood at the top floor of the training ground.

Maze gasped at the skill, but at the same time, he knew something was off.

"I have never seen him use that skill except if he is using it as a defense to draw in attack" Michell said.

"And he is taking longer to return " Jemima chipped in.

Dan leaped down from the top floor and landed softly before the man dressed in red overall cloth, his nose downward also covered.

"Your student, did he just forfiet? " the man asked.

"No, Gera, he has never used that skill, I think your student went al out on him" Dan replied and looked at the boy standing afar.

"I thought your students were strong"

"If Amen went all out, it would be the end of your student career, Captain Gera, but something isn't right" Dan said and looked towards the upper floor at his students

"Report to Kareem and Lord Supreme"


Amen found himself floating freely in total darkness, his heartbeat xouoe be heard clearly, he grunted as he tried to get a trip of himself and noticed a white light above him.

He strained as he tried floating towards the light, he stretched his hands forward towards the light and suddenly found himself standing in a room filled with fresh skulls and afar was a lady seated on a bone throne.

"Finally a visitor " the lady said and stood up, descended the throne and slowly began to approach Amen.

"So you are the one who controls the void! " the lady asked as she walked forward.

"Who are you and please where am I? " Amen asked calmly.

"You don't know, this is a world you alone can come into to find solace, like your ancestors before you, I am the void spirit, more like your companion " the lady said and stood inches before Amen and gave him a stern look.

"The skulls, you're more of a demon"

"This" she said and pointed at the skulls "are the enemies your ancestors sent into this void, enemies they could not defeat, we sent here, or those who they wish to break their spirit" she said and suddenly was sitting on the throne.

"Huhn, its a sham, how do I return? "

"Whenever you wish little one " she replied and giggled. "We will be meeting soon for our bounding rituals, by the way my name is Lilith"


"Weird powers you all keep displaying " Maze said and sighed as they walked down the village street

"Says a demi god" Michell replied and spanked Maze on the head.

"Guys I won't be able to go along with you guys, I have something to take care of" Amen said and stop his movement.

"Does thus have to do with the void thing? " Jemima asked.

"No, hey! You don't have the right to talk to me" Amen replied and smirked at Jemima.

"Do you want to rumble? " Jemima said and made a fist.

"Enough, she a a kid Amen, we will be leaving then, what about the mixer, the girls we would be meeting? " Maze asked disappointed.

"It can wait" Amen replied and disappeared.

"Hmm, I wonder if I'm not attractive enough, Amen can go to all mixers all he likes but Maze, I don't just get " Michelle thought within herself and heaved.


Amen walked into the village library and moved through the array of scroll shelves, looking for what suited the best.

*Master Amen, hoe can I help you? " an aged man asked behind him.

"I'm looking for anything related to air void powers and someone called Lilith"

The m gasped stood motionless and finally found his voice

"Lilith, mother of the forbidden void, dark witch" the man said and hurried his steps closer at Amen. "You shouldn't dive deep, ni matter how important it is to you*


Lord Supreme received a scroll from Kareem and opened it, after going through the content, he smiled and stacked the scroll.

"Taking care of one threat another one arises, who knows if another is lurking around? " Lord Supreme said and took his seat.

"According to Julius, they are after a divine thing, probably embedded in a human child" Kareem said "I have a really bad feeling about this, we need to find whatever it is, but where do we start looking from! "


Re: My Demon Sister by germaphobe(m): 2:15pm On Apr 13
i think something more than the demons is about to...

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