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My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by yazga: 5:44pm On Feb 24, 2021
Good evening!

Welcome to the thread that you would learn the ABC of investing in US stock market.

Firstly, we have the following app used in investing in US Stocks

* Choicetrade
* Passfolio
* Bamboo
* Chaka
* Etoro
* Fidelity
* Trove
* Trading212

Choice Trade is good too. But you start with $100 minimum. No commission on Trade. $10 Monthly maintenance fee.

Trading 212 is quite easy to open if you’re based in Nigeria. The tax number is not necessary (Nigerians). They just want to verify your name & address.

In terms of commission, they don’t charge anything at all. Compared to bamboo & the rest, you will be saving a lot of money on commission charges which is top notch, their interface is very understandable and updates real time.

In terms of deposit, unfortunately only gpay works for Nigerians. So you have to sign up google pay on your desktop (can’t download it in Nigerian Apple store). Then you set up your card etc. The gmail account must match the one you used for registration on 212. Deposit is cleared almost immediately. Another good thing with gpay is that you’re using your naira card to pay for dollars. You get charged at bank rate. In additon WalletAfrica comes in handy too

You can use the bank statement from your mobile app provided your house address is stated on it and it matches the one you registered on Trading 212 (Many have used it and was accepted).

PS: Fund your Trading 212 account with your Zenith Bank's card via Google pay. I believe they give the best rate compared to other banks.

And go get a $ dom account for withdrawal (not that you can't withdraw to a naira account, it best to have your money in $$$ and it's good for savings too), preferably a Zenith bank's dom account and it's zero minimum opening balance, (not trying to promote Zenith Bank, it's just that I opened a dom account with them last week and I wasn't required to deposit a minimum amount and I've had a savings account with them since 2019 and it's been a positive experience all through).

PS: On trading 212, only a passport is accepted as id document for residents of countries that aren’t part of the EEA (European Economic Area)

In terms of withdrawal, the money will be sent back to the card that you used on gpay. The withdrawal is done immediately but it can take some days to show in your account, depending on the bank you use. The dollars will be sent based on the bank exchange rate on that day to naira.

Flutterwave and the rest doesn’t work with 212 unfortunately. Only gpay. You can do a bank transfer from your Dom account but that can take days to clear.
Finally, Trading 212, is currently not on boarding any new customers because they are try to build their capacity to accommodate more customers

I use bamboo for now because there’s is more easier for a Nigerian based person. But if you have enough patience, you can try with 212
Trove and Bamboo use Drivewealth while trove is attached to ARM securities in Nigeria which allows for trading in Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) thereby eliminating the issues arising from sending trading request to BUY, SELL or STOP LOSS manually to brokers. It is also to note that upon registration & verification process the bank statement MUST match with the address you used for registration.e.g if your bank statement address states 1, Seun Osewa Str, Nairaland, when registering on the app it MUST be the same as your bank statement address. Choice Trade is good too.
Bamboo and trove have the following features
No minimum start up.
Yes!commission on Trade.
No Monthly maintenance fee.

The US stock market is open Monday - Friday, almost every week of the year. But what are the best times to trade stocks each day? ⏰

We thought we’d pull together this helpful grid, to show based on your country/time zone, what hours are typically the best to trade. Many people don’t realise you can actually trade in the pre-market (depending on the app you using?, which occurs for a few hours before the normal market open.

➡️ The first few minutes, even around 15 minutes at the open are usually volatile, so tread carefully here. Then 2 or 3 hours after the open, is when ‘lunch hours’ occur which is usually a time of lower volume and less squeezes happening. Things normally heat up in the final 2 hours approaching market close. ⁠

➡️ This is why during lunch hours, our trading group chat often goes quiet. If you’ve made a profit in the pre-market or at the open, you should protect those profits at all costs, and not over trade in the slower hours.


We have two methods of setting Stop Loss - [Automatic & Manual method]

What is Stop Loss?

-Stop loss is a trading tool designed to minimize the loss one can suffer in a trade by automatically liquidating assets [Close a trade or sell off], once the market reaches a particularly price.

-One can choose to go for the automatic method or use the manual method of stopping losses (I prefer the manual method)

So FOR EXAMPLE we traded $EXPR as stated in this signal above

That is we bought at 0.00000144 or at current market price and went for sell price 1 or 2 •••

And our stop loss is 0.00000137

••• Then after buying, you notice $EXPR is taking too long to hit sell price or the price keeps going down instead of going up, you're adviced to remain patient but if it goes down and goes below 0.00000137, you're advised to sell it off and move to another new stock

And also, you can still remain patient and continue observing because in stock trading here, no matter how low a trade goes, it will always come back up depending on a number of variables.

The only thing is it will take time..


So deciding how long you can wait for is up to you, like I'll always tell my students:- "make your own trading decisions and stick with it".

••• But that doesn't mean you should make canceling trades your hobby•••
You need to make sure the buy order has been successfully executed first

STEP 1:- You click on "Limit Order" under the sell column to reveal a dropdown of other options. - If your app uses it (mine doesn't)

STEP 2:- Then select

STEP 3:- Then you proceed to clear any price you may meet in the part, so you can input a new price.

STEP 4:- Then in the space for "Stop", you need to input a price that is a little above the actual Stop Loss price and that will serve as a price alert/trigger.

i.e for $EXPR, you can fill in 0.00000140 for "Stop(B)" and 0.00000137 for the "Limit(B)". This simply means you've instructed to App to trigger the Stop Loss if the price drops to 0.00000140 and that it should not allow the price go below 0.00000137 before selling it off.

0.00000137 is the actual Stop Loss Attached To the signal, 0.00000140 is what I used as a trigger alert.

STEP 5:- After step 4, you proceed to tap on 100% and then you click sell. Trading is not a get rich quick investment

I hope this helps, thank you for your time.

Finally, Join #Trove and we'll both get 500 shares of either Dangote Sugar or GT Bank FOR FREE. Sign up with my link on my signature. wink

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Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by yazga: 5:49pm On Feb 24, 2021
Morning Communiqué:

I have heard it said, and it is true, “Trading the stock market is the HARDEST easy job you will ever do.” It is true!
Anyone else worn out from these past few days? We have had some awesome weeks and month and as hard as it has been, this pullback is needed.

As much as possible, it is advisable to keep at least 25% of your capital in cash….right now, maybe more.
I can see the market going 1 of 2 ways right now. We may get a little bit of a rebound today and then a little deeper correction on Thursday and Friday (Like what happened at the end of January and beginning of February) before we could start trending back up and possibly break the 400 mark, or we can just go straight to 400 from today.

The important thing, above all, is to know what you own. Only hold stocks that you have confidence in. If your stock is strong on the fundamentals, then it will weather a correction. But at the same time, you do not have to hold the stock, you may choose to sell it with the hopes to buy in lower if it dips more. It is never an easy choice.
I am working to update our long term investment plays as well and they should be ready for the beginning of March. With this correction, now might be a good time to revisit the plays.

Keep your heads up! This is part of the game. You have all been awesome warriors in this fight!

Guys, Have an awesome day and Safe Trading!
Your Friend and Fellow Trader,

The Market:
Futures are down as of now - S&P down 0.33%, dow down 0.25%, and nasdaq down 0.65%. Futures opened green initially and i wouldn’t be surprised to see them turn green by open, but right now is looking like we could see either a pullback on indexes to next support after bounce today, or could see continuation of downtrend if that next support breaks and we see a lower low than today had. Watching support on SPY 385.5, next support at 383, and final support is at 380 where there would be more downside below. Right now is super smart to buy the big drops on mid/long term positions that you’re confident in. Also lots of bounce/reversals to play off of short term but always be risk managed.

Swing Plays for Today:
*Reminder: my buy/sell alerts is just what I’m doing and should just be used for ideas. Not every entry/exit will be perfect timing.

$SUNW: watching as a heavily oversold play and held support at 300 MA on 4 hr chart. Depends on how solar sector is looking overall, but already seeing a bounce in some stocks in the sector such as $SPWR.
$TRIT: love this entry in the low $7s as long as support at $7 holds. short/mid term swing looking for $10+.
$XL: heavily oversold, looking at $14 to hold as support level. Love the value at this price for mid/long swing
$LMT: breaking out of inverse head & shoulders today, overall target is still $150-160 range
$QCOM: interested in an entry for quick bounce if it gets to $132 as first support level. Has gap to fill towards 132 if it can’t get back over 144 short term
$HYLN: held support at $16.5 on selloff yesterday, I’d be interested in an entry if it either gets back down to mid 16s or breaks above 18 and holds for breakout
$WMT: watching for potential entry for a quick swing here. $135 support level, earnings overreaction, and up to a 26% short float. If it can hold and bounce off 135 could see quick move back to 140+
$FUBO: needs to get back over $40 for reversal strength. Next support is at $35 and then $30.
$DM: watching for this to bottom out and show reversal strength before adding, but love the value in the low 20s and would be looking to swing a couple weeks or so for bounce back to 28.5
$PLTR: I’m watching to add more either on a trend down back to $25 support or on a breakout and hold above $30
$BTC plays likely to have a big gap up todayvsince btc was received nicely after hours.


Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by klabi(m): 12:46am On Feb 25, 2021
Good evening!

Welcome to the thread that would yeah you the ABC of investing in US stock market

Firstly, register with the link on my signature.

Thank you for using the link
Registered and following this thread religiously


Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by yazga: 2:39am On Feb 25, 2021
Registered and following this thread religiously
Good morning! Welcome on board. Where? @ the bolded
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by yazga: 3:21am On Feb 25, 2021
I want to say this one more time.

NEVER let other people’s gains keep you awake at night or stress you out. Stop seeing screenshots of other people’s $10,000 days and stressing that you’re not making that right now; focus on your NEXT STEP towards making it ONE DAY.


Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by yazga: 10:01am On Feb 25, 2021
Foxconn Technology Group will develop an electric vehicle with Fisker Inc., part of the manufacturer’s efforts to boost its automotive capabilities at a time when technology companies including its main customer, Apple Inc., are looking to expand in vehicles.

The car will be built by Foxconn, targeted at multiple markets including North America, Europe, China and India, and sold under the Fisker brand, according to a joint statement from the companies Wednesday. Production is set to start in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Fisker is looking to break new ground with its second planned model. The startup plans to make a vehicle that doesn’t fit into an existing segment, like a sedan or SUV. Its partnership with Foxconn, a Taiwanese smartphone maker which is new to the auto business, is pinned on hopes that the collaboration will bring innovative manufacturing.
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by yazga: 10:01am On Feb 25, 2021
An option is a contract that allows (but doesn't require) an investor to buy or sell an underlying instrument like a stock, ETF or even index at a predetermined price over a certain period of time.

Buying and selling options are done on the options market, which trades contracts based on securities. Buying an option that allows you to buy shares at a later time is called a "call option," whereas buying an option that allows you to sell shares at a later time is called a "put option."

Do you trade options? What strategies do you use?

DISCLAIMER: Futures, stocks and options trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for every investor. This is educational material ONLY and not advice.


Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by yazga: 10:04am On Feb 25, 2021
ETFs are basically a basket of stocks. Instead of buying one, you can buy an entire basket. You can buy or sell within the same trading day the same way you do stocks. And the price fluctuates the same as stocks as the ETF is bought and sold. There are no minimums – you can buy 1 share, 1000 shares or fractional shares. ETFs come in various securities, including stocks, commodities, and bonds. You can buy a large cap etf, small cap, an entire sector, or even specific index, among others.

When buying ETFs, rule of thumb is that you go for a low cost ETF less than around .15%. Although there are many great growth ETFs that go for .50-.75% like the Ark Funds or Global X ETFs.
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by yazga: 10:04am On Feb 25, 2021
House Democrats plan to pass their $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill on Friday as lawmakers try to prevent unemployment lifelines from expiring next month.

The package includes $1,400 direct payments to most Americans, a $400 per week jobless benefit supplement and an extension of programs making millions more Americans eligible for unemployment insurance. It also puts $20 billion into Covid-19 vaccinations, $50 billion into testing, and $350 billion into state, local and tribal government relief.

The plan as of now would hike the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025. The provision may not survive in the final bill.
Democrats have moved to pass the legislation on their own through budget reconciliation, which requires a simple majority in a Senate divided 50-50 by party. They have argued they cannot wait to ease economic pain while they try to strike a deal with the GOP.

Republicans have questioned the need for nearly $2 trillion more in spending as they point to vaccinations putting the country on a path to a broader reopening.

Reported by CNBC
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by yazga: 10:06am On Feb 25, 2021
Earlier this year, GameStop stock had an epic short squeeze, orchestrated by a group on Reddit called Wallstreetbets. This group noticed that short interest for GameStop stock was over 100%. With a clever combination of buying common shares and call options (called a gamma squeeze), the group was able to cause the price per share to go up, forcing many short-sellers to close their positions for massive losses.

When the dust from the short squeeze settled, short interest for GameStop stock plummeted. Only about 40% of the float was shorted as of Jan. 29. More recent data isn't available yet to know what it is exactly today. But the decline in short interest appeared to mark the end of the GameStop saga. The stock fell roughly 90% from peak highs.

Except, apparently, everyone simply regrouped for round two.

Traders were out in full force late this afternoon, bidding GameStop stock back up. To be clear, 40% short interest is still significant enough to spark a mini short squeeze. However, it's possible shorts decided to short GameStop again, thinking it was all over. After all, the stock was still trading more than 10 times where it traded before all of this began. If short interest has increased any since Jan. 29, then this could be a wild ride yet again.
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by yazga: 10:10am On Feb 25, 2021
It will always lead to unhappiness. Comparison is the thief of happiness. Find what works for you. Stay patient. Start small. And stay consistent!
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by yazga: 10:10am On Feb 25, 2021
While we've been long Snapchat (SNAP) for some time now, we wanted to use their recent earnings announcement to revisit our thesis to see if it still held true. After learning from SNAP's management team that they project 50%+ YoY revenue growth for the next several years, we have incorporated this into our model in order to see how this affects their underlying business and our price target. After 200% returns on our recommendation last year, as of writing this, we are happy to announce that not only are we still long on SNAP but we are increasing our price target!

● Reiterating the above, SNAP is projecting 50% YoY (year over year) growth into the foreseeable future. For a company of their size ($2.5B in annual revenue) that growth is not only extremely strong but frankly it is unheard of. So why does SNAP project that this growth will not only be substantial but also prolonged? And why do we fully agree with their outlook? It is for several reasons:

● SNAP's core platform has and will continue to command more advertising spend through enhanced retargeting, optimization and attribution. SNAP has used the last year to reinvest in their core technology driving more ROI for advertisers, thus driving more revenue for these companies. We see this enhanced technology as a way for them to finally compete with the Facebook's of the world, who have such robust data on their users.

● While the technology has improved, it is moot unless they can drive more active users. Looking at their recent report, not only are they growing internationally to more countries, but they are getting more active users within the countries they already have a large presence in! This is extremely promising, as they are fighting to get screen time market share with the TikTok's and Instagrams of the world.
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by NgHotGirls: 10:22am On Feb 25, 2021
SPACs have been going crazy recently with many coming out every day. It can be hard to analyze all the options and determine good opportunities. We have identified three SPACs that have tremendous future potential and excellant management teams. Which is your favorite?

-� ACIC will be merging with Archer Aviation, a company developing an "air taxi" network. Their model is incredibly energy efficient and cost effective in regards to cost per customer mile. Archer is expected to start mass production in 2024 and already has hundreds of millions in contracts as well as support from various companies like United Airlines.
-� GHVI will be merging with Matterport, my favorite of the three. Matterport uses high quality cameras combined with a proprietary software to accurately take and analyze 3D room scans. It has the ability to stich many 3D scans together for a comprehensive house tour and is already widely used in Redfin, AirBnB and Zillow. They sell the camera equipment, but their explosive growth will come from their SaaS model to use and store the 3D scans on a server.
-� HOL will be merging with Astra, a commercial satellite launch company. They are creating a network of mobile launch sites that can cheaply and quickly put small satellites into orbit. The number of satellite launches is going to exponentially increase over the next 10 years, and Astra has found a way to launch more per month at a lower cost per launch than the competition. This SPAC may be an excellant target for the ARKX ETF that will be coming out in the next couple months.
-� We are not financial advisors, and this should not be considered financial advice. PLEASE always do your own research in the market.
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by DaBogu: 12:25pm On Feb 25, 2021
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by Hamachi(f): 8:20pm On Feb 25, 2021
Nice one but drop your stock picks
cc: aigjoey
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by elmas(m): 9:43am On Feb 26, 2021


Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by Hamachi(f): 10:26am On Feb 26, 2021
How to pick a good paying dividend stocks
Here’s a ball-park criteria for identifying a good dividend stock. There are great dividend stocks that don’t follow this criteria too, and there is also many other things you can look at to determine whether a dividend stock is a good buy or not.

1. Is the payment ratio less than 60%
2. is the dividend increasing every year?
3. Is the company consistently profitable?
4. Is the debt to equity ratio less than 1.50?

Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions!

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Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by Hamachi(f): 10:29am On Feb 26, 2021
Marijuana stocks have been making headlines as the industry shakes up with companies merging such as Aphria with Tilray, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals purchasing GW Pharmaceuticals.

It’s likely that we will see more regulatory approval of marijuana with this new office, and it’ll be interesting to see how these companies evolve over the next few years.

Marijuana stock to watch out for
Innovation industrial
Green thumb
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by Hamachi(f): 11:00am On Feb 26, 2021
Investing is not a joke. Losing your money and livelihood is not a joke. When you’re investing in great companies, you will have very little to worry about. When you’re gambling and investing based on speculation, you’ll have a lot to worry about.

How you handle market corrections and crashes is everything. One issue is that many novice investors don’t understand how to handle volatility. Losses primarily come from timing the markets, panic selling, taking profits too soon, and buying bad companies. If you’re buying solid assets, you should have the confidence to hang on to them and watch them turn into winners.
Patience is Profits! But having the right strategy with that is a must.

How are you playing turbulence in the markets?
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by Hamachi(f): 11:29am On Feb 26, 2021
Here another business Idea

As more phones get wireless charging capabilities the demand is rising
You can buy chargers in Bulk and ship from china on Alibaba
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by Hamachi(f): 11:33am On Feb 26, 2021
When you see? invite them
Have a question? ask
Do not like something ? say it
Want it? Go get it
Love a soul? Tell them
Stop over complicating things, the best way to get what you want is getting straight to the point
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by Hamachi(f): 11:45am On Feb 26, 2021
Trading itself is a harmless activity. It is as harmless as eating an ice cream. But yes, you all know what happens when you eat 6 ice creams in a day. You will obviously catch cold. It can be as pleasant as creating something new. Because when you trade well, you make money. At times, lots of it.

What makes trading dangerous is the trader himself. And yes, it can be awful. It can be destructive and humiliating. A series of bad trades can shatter the trader's belief in himself. This is how trading is dangerous:

1. Trading losses can wipe off one's capital and drive one away from the market. At times, forever.
2. Intraday trading is a roller coaster ride. It can subject one to extreme emotions of invincibility and defeat within a short period of time.
3. It can make one believe that everyone else is stupid. “Why are these people working 80 hrs a week when they can earn a month's salary in a day?” There is no shortcut to success.
4. It can make one think one is a loser even if one is not. Many traders cannot help but regret those trades where they would have earned much more had they not exited early or the trades where they would have not lost much had they made an early exit. One often fails to understand that one 'wins' when one is on the right side of the trend. Wins or loses in the market should not be taken personally.

One must remember that although markets are getting increasingly dominated by high frequency trading systems, it is humans like you and me who design these systems. These systems can act only in the way they are programmed. These systems cannot ever be a replacement for the human mind. These systems will try to fit new occurances in their own scheme of things. These systems obviously lack the human quality of curiosity. They will fail in case of a black swan event. But a few humans will smartly make money from the same event.

Stock market becomes a casino when you trade every time you sit in front of your trading terminal. It will not be so if you decide to take only those trades where the rewards far outweigh the risks. The secret of success in trading lies in knowing when not to trade. The lesser one trades, the better are the trades one selects.

Having said all the above I must confess that I am still learning how to be a good trader.

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Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by Hamachi(f): 11:52am On Feb 26, 2021
What are 3 most important financial ratios we should study before investing in stocks?
What are the best ratios to look for when buying a stock?
I found an interesting article by John Dobosz (forbes stuff) which will give the answer to your question! Here are ten financial ratios that can tell you most of what you need to know when you’re scouring the market for good stocks to buy.

1. Price-Earnings Ratio (P/E): This number tells you how many years worth of profits you’re paying for a stock and you calculate it by dividing the stock price by earnings per share. All things equal, the lower the P/E the better. The most frequently used earnings number in the calculation is the total earnings per share over the past four reported quarters. You could also use “forward” earnings, which is the average of Wall Street’s forecasts for the current fiscal year.

2. Price/Earnings Growth (PEG) Ratio: The PEG ratio is another Benjamin Graham invention which attempts to measure the degree of a discount or premium you’re paying for growth. The calculation is to divide the P/E ratio by the long-term annualized percentage growth rate of earnings, ideally the next five years’ worth. A result of less than 1.0 implies that the market is not fully valuing the prospects for future growth.

3. Price-to-Sales (P/S): Similar to the P/E ratio, the price-sales ratio divides that market capitalization of a stock by total sales over the past 12 months, instead of earnings. Popularized by investment manager and longtime Forbes columnist, Ken Fisher, the price-sales ratio tells you how much you are paying for every dollar in annual sales.

4. Price/Cash Flow (P/CF): This useful measure of value is obtained by dividing the market value by operating cash flow over the prior 12 months. It strips out items like amortization and depreciation from earnings and focuses on cash generated by the business. This provides a better way than P/E for comparing valuations of companies from different countries that have different depreciation rules that can affect earnings.

5. Price-To-Book Value (P/BV): This ratio tells you how much you’re paying for every dollar of assets owned by the company, and you calculate it by dividing the market capitalization by the difference between total assets and total liabilities. The idea is to approximate how much money you could put your hands on if you shut down the business and sold off everything. As with most price multiple metrics, price-to-book is best used by comparing present multiples to historical averages.

6. Debt-to-Equity Ratio: The fundamental accounting equation tells you that assets equal liabilities plus equity. The debt-equity ratio is a measure of financial leverage telling you the percentage of a company’s assets financed by debt. The formula is to divide total debt (or just long-term debt) by shareholder’s equity, two items both found on the balance sheet. Off-balance sheet items like pension obligations should also be treated as debt.

7. Return On Equity: ROE measures a company’s efficiency at generating profits from money invested in the company, and it is derived by dividing by net income by shareholder’s equity. It’s a very handy measure of management’s effectiveness but it’s not useful for ascertaining value of early-stage companies that do not produce profits. For example, Tesla Motors (TSLA) has a -115% return on equity.

8. Return On Assets: Similar to return on equity, return on assets is a measure of management effectiveness obtained by dividing net income by total assets. A company with a higher ROA is usually preferable to one with a lower ROA, since it shows the ability to grow profits more efficiently from a given base of assets.

9. Profit Margin: Rising sales are great but they’re not so wonderful if they come at the expense of profit. Profit margin shows how much a company earns from each dollar of sales and is arrived at by dividing profit by sales. The number you get depends on the kind of profit you choose. Gross profit, which is sales minus cost of sales, is the simplest measure. Operating profit is gross profit less overhead items, and net profit (income) is what’s left after paying taxes.

10. Dividend Payout Ratio: If you are looking for yield from your equities, a fat dividend yield can appear quite enticing, especially in a low interest rate environment. The danger of a high yield is that it can be unsustainable, and when it’s eventually cut, you not only lose out on the income but the share price will often take a hit.

Good luck!

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Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by Hamachi(f): 11:54am On Feb 26, 2021
The investor’s chief problem, and even his worst enemy, is likely to be himself — Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett’s mentor.

In 2020, it seemed like stocks/cry.pto only went up…

You could buy almost any growth stock and you’d be up at least double what the S&P 500 is up.

My individual stocks are up 220% in the last year.

I say this not to flex but to highlight that despite not being a master stock picker, I have greatly outperformed the market.

This is NOT sustainable, yet a lot of new investors think it is. When I explain that returns of 7-10% are more realistic long-term, they laugh.

Control your ego, for if you don’t, you’ll eventually be punished by the market.

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Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by klabi(m): 12:49pm On Feb 26, 2021
Good morning! Welcome on board. Where? @ the bolded
trove , I trade with bamboo currently though having issues verifying my bvn on trove


Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by Hamachi(f): 12:55pm On Feb 26, 2021
Dear Klabi,
The reason for this is because of the date of birth (DOB) provided on the app is different from the one on your BVN or vice versa.
trove , I trade with bamboo currently though having issues verifying my bvn on trove
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by dollydolly(f): 1:12pm On Feb 26, 2021
Dear Klabi, do you have an email? so I can drop a contact detail of a customer care you can speak to on your current issue

I also have issues verifing my BVN on trove. I get notifications that it has been used on another account


Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by Hamachi(f): 1:17pm On Feb 26, 2021
Dear dollydolly,
It is either you have used the BVN to open an another account before, is actually not from their end. Please, kindly check and revert. Thank you

I also have issues verifing my BVN on trove. I get notifications that it has been used on another account
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by Hamachi(f): 4:07pm On Feb 26, 2021
Added this dip
Original Alert from 11 went 24 as Cathy woods bought back in.
Went 24
Long term thesis still same as i shared
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by klabi(m): 8:01am On Feb 27, 2021
Dear Klabi,
The reason for this is because of the date of birth (DOB) provided on the app is different from the one on your BVN or vice versa.
yeah but I used the same one
Re: My Stock Plays in US Stocks Market by IyaTola: 9:40am On Feb 27, 2021
Ifesinachi22 try this thread

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Unsecured Loans In Nigeria: Share Your Experience / Fashola Wants Nigerian Stock Exchange Renamed After Lagos / How To Open An Online Stock Brokerage Account To Trade The American Markets

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