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Humdrum by oluspicy: 5:25pm On Apr 02
Chapter 1

An independent lady who have lost all trust in love and men because of her first love...


A rich man who have no respect for women and has no belief in LOVE because of the way his mother treated his father. The best part is he's so handsome that one look at him a lady will lose all her senses and forget about all her principles. Who is going to be hundrumed?


The Bass Oil and Servicing Company stood like a giant on tenth avenue, Brooksville ,
overshadowing the other buildings beside it as the building boldly reflected itself on its glass walls stretching all the way to the top.

As soon as his convoy drives in, the doors are open and he swings his legs down, alighting from his car. He fixes his cuff-links to his wrists and then buttons his suit, his fine black silky hair laid lazily on his head as he ran his fingers through it, someone picks his suitcase from the car and waits for him.

“Good morning sir” Betty, his Personal Assistant says coming towards him with a smile on her
face as she takes his briefcase away from the attendant, she had an iPad in her hands and some files.

“Morning Betty, what’s my schedule like today?” he walks away from the car, the doors slides open for him to enter the building, he nods his head as people turn to greet him, the ladies
smile more, he gives them a half smile. They enter into the elevator, he is listening as she talks.

“The meeting with the Marks Industry by 10am, the conference call meeting with the president
of Tsuki Ventures has been moved for 12 noon. And oh, meetings with the staffs is by 9am, and then the new interns would be around by 1 for the briefing. Lunch for you afterwards, possible prospects for new projects with our sister company is by 3. Then you have a dinner reservation by six with Miss Veronica from the fashion industry, new suits fitting would be in an hour from now because he has to catch a flight back to get work done before weekend, and oh...“ her voice fades as the elevator door closes and they go all the way up to the last floor.

The door opens and they step out of the lift, and walk directly to a door with the name 'MR. BASS', boldly written on it in gold. He opens the door and walks in, before she walks in behind him, she turns

“Coffee please Sophie,” she tells his secretary before she enters his office. He sits down, facing her... his legs are crossed. She goes on about the rest of his schedule. Sophie knocks on the door and enters, “Just the way you like it sir” she smiles at him as she placed the coffee on his table, he thanks her and takes a sip.

“Would there be anything else you want sir?” she lingers, he smiles and tells her.

“No”, she excuses herself reluctantly, Betty rolls her eyes.

“What’s the matter Betty?” he asks, leaning back on his chair, with a finger to his temple, watching her.

“Oh nothing sir, it’s just that… can she be any less obvious?’’

“What do you mean??”

“Well… see the way she was practically gawking at you, I am sure if I had a magnifying glass I
could literally see “Take me.. here and now Mr. Bass” she purrs. He smiles.

“And how would you know that’s what she is thinking about Betty.’’

“Well because pffftt!! It’s obvious. Have you ever asked yourself why we have more women coming to apply to work here, why they come dressed with tight skirts or dresses and make it a tad too short, and why they all fight to be on this top floor and close to your office? It’s so that they get to bump into you every now and then” she says.

He smiles “Betty... if I didn’t know you better I would think you are jealous?”

“No sir I am not, I am just saying..’’

“Nothing Betty. I don’t pay you to analyze the female folks of this company and neither do I pay you to stand around and spew nonsensical’s just because I smile a little and let you be free; or is it the fact there was a thing between us... which was just that, a thing, a fleeting moment, nothing more. Doesn’t give you the right to act as if you own me. You work for me Betty, you are NOT any other thing to me. The sooner you understand that the Better, and if you feel as though I am being unfair because I
don’t care about your feelings, you can hand me you resignation letter within the hour. After all, it was a ‘Thing’ of mutual agreement and the tip you got afterwards was worthy enough so…”

“I am sorry Mr. Bass” she lowers her lashes, and here she thought since they had been together for a night, he liked her well enough to be something more. She should have known better to sleep with the Boss.

“Please forgive my forwardness.”

“Good, if the designer is here, do well to send him in, then I would follow through my schedules , if I have any change of plans I would let you know. You are dismissed.“

She nods, and then leaves. He puts on his computer and begins to do an overview of the company. Done with all that he needed to do and the meetings, he goes out to a five star restaurant, with an escort to have lunch.

It is 12:45 when his phone rings.

“Yes Betty?”

“The new interns are here sir, how would you want me to proceed?”

“Let the head of department carry on with the meeting, I would be there shortly.”

He beckons to the waitress to bring his bill. She is pretty, very pretty with fine curves, she smiles at him as she hands him his bill, he pays, leaving her a large tip. Then she leans into him, showing him more than he needed to see…

“Mr Bass, I wonder if you would like company, afterwards” she purrs.

Women, they were all the same, once they see a fine man, single or not, as long as he was rolling in box, driving a fine car and wearing expensive suits, they throw themselves at you. He was used to meeting women like this, even while he was growing up; always the richest kid on the block or school, the girls had flocked around him like bees, wanting to be friends with him or date him, fighting over themselves just to get him to carry them along.

He had long concluded that girls could never be different, they don’t love anyone other than themselves, even his mother was no different.

She had rejected his father when he came to ask for her hand, a year later when his father had hit a oil block and flew his company, and the bucks was starting to roll in, she had appeared in front of his door one day and begged him to take her back. And he did, because he had told him that he loved his mother and he was too happy to take her back.

But she had only come back for his money.

He loved his parents, but he also detested the way his mother was when it came to money, she spent a lot, she spent even more, buying things she didn’t need and getting those she needed only to toss them away for something more ludicrous.

Twenty years later as the fights became worse, she filed for divorce, asking him for half of what he owned, including his company. His father had agreed, he was a simple man, he loved peace and he would give up the world to make his mother happy. But tragedy struck, while they attended a charity concert together, on their way back, they had died in a ghastly motor accident with a few hours. They were buried, with friends and family in attendance, their only child and son ‘Jake Bass’ the only heir and the sole owner of all of Gregory’s Bass Multi-Billionaire Oil Block Servicing Company.

Jake Bass, just fresh out of college, and already taking up a huge responsibility. But his father always taught him to be prepared at all times, to be independent, to be able to shoulder responsibilities even ones he never would have been given. His father taught him to be a man, and times when he came home for summer breaks, he worked with his father while his father showed him the ropes. Jake knew that with his father gone, he had to continue from where his father stopped, which was making sure his father’s dream and his empire never runs to the ground.

He accepted all of his father’s values and teachings, he was grateful for that, but there was one thing he didn’t take from his father
and refused to learn.

Its was that his father was too soft, too gullible, when it came to a woman, his woman, Jake’s mother.

No matter how transparent the fact that his mother was only using him was, his father never cared. If she wanted money, he gave her, if she insulted him and asked for more money, he gave her. She knew just how to press him, and all the while, after she gave birth to Jake, she left him in the arms of nannies and traveled the world...

She was an high class lady, his mother. But he loved her, he just wanted her to treat her husband, his father better.

Jake had vowed to treat women the way they ought to be treated. Women to him were nothing more than things to be used and thrown
away, and go unto the next. He wasn’t exactly a womanizer or a playboy. He was simply not
interested in the female folks enough to give them his time, his attention… and God forbid his
heart. It made men stupid, they go around like dogs flabbing their tongues as they chased the women folk.

He was glad he didn’t think with his one –eyed member between his legs. He loves women, he
appreciates their body and their prowess in bed. But that is all, Entertainment.

If he wanted a woman, he had her. In fact he doesn’t need to search, they came pouring in, falling over his feet, begging to be had. All he
has to do is pick. But after the night is over, much to his disappointments, it all boils down to money. They are always after the money, the flashy car, the houses and the life of luxury. They love the money not the man. If he were poor and wretched, it doesn’t matter he had this $3xy body, much like a Greek god’s, deep blue eyes, and the most capturing smile, it doesn’t matter that he got his handsome looks from his mother and the height and perfect build from his father.

They would stare for only a minute, just a minute and they won’t give a shit about him. But he was Jake, Jake Bass, son to Gregory and Jessica Bass, owner of the Multi-billionaire Oil Company, which stood big and tall, one of the best in the country... he was 36 years old, still a bachelor and a fine one at that, he had the cars, the houses, the wealth and luxury... he had it all.

It was natural to have women fall over themselves to get into his bed. And just because they do that… he has no regard for them, and treats them as they are.

‘Things’ Entertainments!, and then tips them and forgets about them.

And if they were pretty, and a good talker, maybe they last for two days. But he gets bored and moves on.

Women meant nothing to him, treating them as he deemed fit, came naturally.

Thanks to his father and his mother’s marriage, he has no desire to be a fool for no woman,
and no woman alive can bring him to his knees.


Jake smiles “Of course, drop your address with my driver and I would have him pick you up after work.”

She was smiling broadly when he got up and left.

“Back to the office Todd” he spoke to the driver ‘’then you come back for the lady.”

Todd nods and puts the car on drive.

Samantha Brooke was ushered in together with a group of people, they were not more than 20, into the hall and they were all asked to sit.

A lady, dressed so nicely, and her deep accent is addressing them about the company, it’s goals and visions, their mission statement and all they have to know about the company. Then she places them in their departments and working through their job descriptions, their do’s and don’t in the company.

Samantha allows her eyes wonder around the people seated with her, she suddenly observes that almost all of them were women, young
girls between the ages of 22-28. And they all seemed excited.

She wasn’t, she didn’t even want to apply for this job, her friend made her do it, telling her of how it would be great for her resume and that what if after her internship she gets to be made staff, she would be rolling in bucks and who knows, she might get to meet someone nice too for a change.

Samantha didn’t want to meet someone nice, the someone nice she had meet before, succeeded in using a sledge hammer over her heart and broke it into a thousand different pieces and walked away, clearing her bank accounts with him, after she found him sleeping with his best friend’s girl.

She was done with men. They were all the same, lying , cheating, womanizing, thieves and heart breakers. Now the downside to it is that, she was broke, like shake-her-now-with-her-legs-upside-down-not-a-coin-drops broke, and she would need to pay her house rent or else she would be kicked out and be homeless. And home... was two worlds apart... okay she was being dramatic... it was a flight ticket, two train tickets, 3 cabs apart, and a whole of two days journey. She didn’t even have the money for that. And she didn’t want to go home, going home meant she would be back under her parent’s roof and being taken care off, she was an adult, a 26 year old woman... she was a big girl and should be able to take care of herself and her parents, not the other way around.

She sighs. Her friend Jamie, had told her about anbopening for interns in the company she worked for, and forced her to apply.

“You won’t take money from me , I don’t know why, I am your friend, I should help, but if you don’t want to borrow from me, at least move
into my apartment with me... yet you refuse. Okay apply for this job as an intern, the pay is good, and you get to meet people and mingle, and oh…. our Boss... like Mr. Bass Boss... is super hot and...argh $3xy. Like every girl here is literally drooling all over him and…’’

“Jamie… I really don’t care!“

“Fine, forget Boss, I was just day dreaming. But I am serious though, apply, you get in and maybe you are one step away from broke-ness and boredom and loneliness, plus it would take you out of the house and stop thinking about... Christopher, the asshole.”

“I don’t think about him.”

“Yeah right. Then why do you still have your voice and his own on your leave-a-message-back-tone after this voice...?”

“I will change that… I forgot.“

“That’s what you said a month ago. Look, I already filled in your details in the application and I just need you to sign it or else I am going to forge your signature and submit it.”

“That’s a crime you know.”

“Bite me.’’

“You are too far.”

“At least you know I love and care about you and I hate to see you in a fix and not want me to help you. Sign it and submit it… they would
call you, with others… just kick ass in the interview.”

“Thank you Jamie, I owe you one.”

“Make that a thousand and one owe-me-ones.”

They laughed.

The woman is still talking, then two men in suits open the door and someone walks in, the room
becomes a scene gotten from a movie ‘bye bye birdie”, when the cutest guy in school and a rock star ‘Conrad Birdie’, walks in and all the girls goes ballistic, literally swooning and getting wet.

Samantha rolls her eyes.

“Quiet down ladies, show some manners. I believe you all have only seen him in tabloids and on Tv or read about him off some magazine, so I know, I understand the feeling and excitement but please settle down… ladies, this is Mr. Jake Bass, President and CEO of the Bass Oil and Servicing Company, best in the country. Sir, would you like to address them

He steps forward, “Good afternoon ladies...

Samantha is frowning, a few ladies are busying whimpering beside her, gushing was the word.

She felt like telling them to shut up. They were literally smiling, wide mouth and teeth… they would strip and beg him to have them if they were given the chance.

Samantha suddenly felt disgusted.

He is talking...

Yes, she had heard about Mr. Jake Bass, original bad boy, Billionaire, ladies man, serial heart breaker, but the one that stuck... an egocentric, proud and pompous jerk. Yet the ladies loved him.

All the traits she found distasteful in a man, her father was no different. But what did she care, she was here to work and make some money so she doesn’t get kicked out of her home and remain broke, not to gawk at a man, who was just that... A man.

“Miss Samantha Brookes?”

“Yes” she frowns when they call her name, she stands up.

“You would be working alongside Betty Micheals. Your Cv shows capabilities in Management. You would be on the floor where Mr. Bass is in."

Brooke frowns.




Re: Humdrum by oluspicy: 10:17pm On Apr 03
Chapter 2

“Is there a problem Miss Samantha Brooke?” the lady asks her, everyone is looking at her, including him, someone was whispering beside her, asking if she was okay, that she gets to
work on the same floor with Mr. Bass, the actual Jake Bass, all hot, fine, $3xy and oozing of bliss and she is frowning, and everyone here would wish to be in her place.

Someone even asked what the hell she was doing here and if she knew who Mr. Jake Bass was, another was saying maybe she needs to be checked, to see if she was gay and all that crap, another manages to say… I wish I could stand up and switch places with her.

Maybe she could.

“No, there is no problem but... why me?” Samantha is curious.

“Miss Samantha, like I said, the managerial department is on the last floor, then we have the human resources, the construction and other departments below it, we have already placed everyone where they would be spending their internship for the next couple of months and there is only you who has experiences in management, according to your Cv, you have also worked in organizations as an event planner, consultant and also amongst other
things, you are good in secretarial admin as well yes?”

“Yes” Samantha replies.

“And that being the case, we have an opening in the managerial department at the top floor, where you would be assisting Betty here...when she is not on seat, you would be in charge and that means, you would be assisting Mr. Bass most times as his stand-in PA” she completes.

The girls gasps.

What the hell was wrong with these people, he was just a man. A man!!!



“So…if you think you are not competent enough for the task Miss Samantha, you can step down for someone else to fill in, I do not want someone who is slow in understanding, and looks daft to work with me. This would be
problematic for me Miss. Andres, kindly find a replacement, If not that Betty would be going on
leave in a couple of days, I won’t be looking for a stand-in, she has worked with me long enough and she seems competent enough even though poorly, at least my patience hasn’t run out on her... yet” He says.

“Yes sir” The Andres woman nods.

Samantha frowns, what the hell does he mean that she was incompetent by just looking at her, was it written on her forehead.

“Hey look!! I am stupid and I would work poorly, don’t hire me?"

She didn’t have those work experiences on her Cv for nothing, she wasn’t stupid neither was she daft… and she hates to be told she was slow, she wasn’t slow, she just didn’t like his aura as soon as he walked in and didn’t want to work with him.

Well fine “I can do it, and I rather appreciate sir you don’t assume about my capabilities by stressing it on incompetence at a first glance, I can assure you, incompetence, daft and slow isn’t the adjectives used in describing me.”

“And what adjectives would that be Miss Brookes?”

“I would live that to you...,like they say Mr. Bass, seeing is believing.“

“Miss Samantha Brooke, you would watch your language when speaking to Mr. Bass, he is your
superior and your boss, and your internship here would be based on your good conduct, based on your merit and hard work, this altitude won’t get you very far...so I advise you to apologize to Mr. Bass.”

Betty, standing close to Mr. Bass says Oh wow!! What is she now, his saviour , his Calvary? Oh wait, she was VolTron, defender of the
universe or rather, Mr. Bass’s enterprises!


Let the man speak for himself, he knows how to put people down, he should fight his battles. Well, she won’t be apologizing, she didn’t say anything wrong, she just stated what she wasn’t.

She mentally crossed her hands, puts her legs on her invisible desks and waits.

That was no crime, unless it was in his books she stares at him straight in the eye.

“There is no need, No harm done” Mr. Bass says.

“I am sure Miss Samantha would mend her ways soon enough and realize that here, we do not suffer fools. For today, I let it pass” then he turns to the interns.

“Ladies, welcome, now that you all have been fully apprised of your duties and fixed in your departments, I do hope you enjoy it here, it’s a stiff market out there and here, the competition is stiffer, we may not be able to take all of you after your internships but have no fear, we would give you good referrals, recommendations, and a worthy thank you package for being part of us because here at
Bass, we take care of our own, and the interns who do exceedingly well, you would be made staffs, until then, work hard, be beautiful and may the forces be with you.”

He smiles, they gush again, Samantha felt like puking. Was it just her or it felt as though she just walked into a class of girls not minding an orgy with Mr. Bass himself, only that they weren’t naked and all over themselves, they were doing that with their eyes and mouth, if only their eyes could do the magic. She rolls
her eyes again. She literally felt like screaming.

“You all should go get a room and beg him to join you, be less obvious” Lord!!!

He leaves, the lady, the one they call Betty walks up to her “Follow me and I would show you to your corner. I expect that you follow through instructions, know his schedules and meetings, timing and even every tiny detail even to what he eats and the colour of tie, what he likes and what floss he uses for his teeth, his meals and lunch, his different suits for different days…, dinner dates, kind of girl, loose cash for what and what, his shirts... he loves white...”

Oh really, do I have to know the colour of his boxers too and if he likes to pee sitting like a girl or standing like a man. She rolls her eyes.

What am I, his babysitter?? Jamie didn’t tell me there was a big baby running his daddy’s company.

They are walking as Betty continuous to talk “I expect that you do know and have all these
information at your finger tips and because I would be out of town for a few days and I would not want this place to be in chaos before I get back. Mr. Bass likes things to be done accordingly, he hates last minutes changes and anything unorganized and uncoordinated so you would do well to listen, be sharp, be quick and attentive, you only have a couple of days to
learn all these before I leave...so understand your duties and I also expect that you keep your attitude in check, that thing you did in there
would only reward you with a kick to the door and trust me, no one would miss you, they would forget you in a minute, and Mr. Bass’s patience is thin, so don’t be smart.”

She takes her to her desk, right after hers “This is where you would be working... and try not to
be lazy, He doesn’t like that, he likes us to be smart, punctual and know what we are doing and being paid for. Your first call of duty Is
already in that file, get to it.”

Betty leaves her to herself.

A girl smiles to her across the hall, Samantha smiles back.

For the next couple of days, Samantha does her job, and before long she was getting the hang of things, even sometimes helping Sophie with issues she is having and attending to projects Betty is too lazy about.

Then Betty goes on her leave, she would be out for two weeks, which meant that she was Mr. Bass’s PA for that duration of time and she
wonders if she could switch with the secretary.

“Hi Sophie, Good Morning” Samantha walks to her.

Sophie looks up and smiles “Oh hi Sam, how are you, how has this place being treating you?, I know we don’t talk much even despite being in the same hall and stuff, Mr. Bass keeps us on our toes… huh?”

“Oh yes he does... and I would rather you call me Samantha or Brooke, Sam makes me feel as
though I shouldn’t be having these full things on my chest” she answers, Sophie laughs.

“Ok Samantha.”

Samantha nods, “So Betty is going to be on leave for two weeks and…”

“Oh yeah and boy am I glad, she just keeps blocking my chances with the Boss, dude did you see how hot and fine he was looking,” she fans herself “I mean...wow!!”

Samantha frowns “Okay….stop. Seriously you all need to get all those vibes away from me. What
I mean is that, why don’t you PA for him while I take your spot for the rest of the week, cool?””

Her eyes sparkles “For real??;’’

“Yep, realer than Santa Claus at the moment.”

Samantha nods.

“Oh wow!!” she claps in an excited glee.

The Elevator door opens and then Sophie jumps.

“Oh my duty starts now, thanks babes, you don’t know how much this means to me” she carries the iPad, picks up the file Samantha drops on her desk as she came and rushes to meet him, Samantha walks round her table and sits.

“Oh Good morning sir” she hears Sophie greet him.

“Good morning Sophie, please coffee and where is Betty, she didn’t meet me downstairs” he says
, not seeing Samantha as he walks to his door, opening it and entering, Sophie dances behind him, Samantha shakes her head, bends and begins to type what Sophia was typing halfway, she hears Sophie reminding him about Betty’s
leave before the door shuts behind her.

The door opens up barely ten minutes later and then someone walks towards her, “Oh Sophie,
this Tsuki Ventures, isn’t it supposed to be on the construction file for Tuesday” Samantha says without looking up.

“Stand up Miss Samantha and step into my office” he orders.

Samantha’s head shots up.

“Sir? Good morning Mr. Bas-” she trails off as he turns and walks away, Sophie is behind him “I am sorry, he didn’t look happy about it.

“It’s okay” Samantha says going into the office She knocks and enters, he is backing the door, facing the window.

“You asked for me Sir.”

“I wonder if there is something wrong with you or you are simply oblivious of your duties here, or you lack basic understanding of and for simple instructions Miss Brooke.”

“I am sorry sir, I do not understand your burst of anger?’ she frowns, really she didn’t.

“You are supposed to be my Personal assistant for the duration of Betty’s leave is that not so?”

“Yes sir but...”, he cuts her off with his index finger up.

“But you choose not to shoulder your responsibilities but give it to Sophie who is nothing but my secretary, do you not have any
idea that there are pressing things that should be attended to by my personal assistant and not my secretary. You see both roles are distinctive, separate. it’s like having a labourer choose to work as a plumber even if they both work under the same roof...,the labourer wouldn’t be able to be fully carry out the duties of a plumber, so do you see how senseless your act is?”

Whoa!!! Samantha blinks.

“With all due respect sir, did Sophie do anything wrong when she attended to you just now?”

“That is irrelevant to my point of discussion” he says turning to her.

“Still because if she has worked for you for so long and at the same time been assisting Betty as well, I believe she should be well competent to stand in as your PA too sometimes, and I don’t see how a plumber and a labourer is
relevant to your point of discuss. I simply asked if she could take my place while I attend to some work, work I am simply good at...and I
believe that standing around, staring at nothing in particular, go for errands I don’t have business going for and writing shot notes isn’t exactly tasking enough. I like to be productive and spend my hours doing something worthy
of value sir.”

“So are saying that my PA does nothing meaningful other than errands, stands and stare?”

“I didn’t say...”

“Yes you did.”

“No I said amongst other things, they are asked to do errands that she shouldn’t ordinarily be asked."

He is looking at her “Miss Samantha, be specific.”

“Well erm….Having to know personal details about you that needs to be attended to.”

‘’Like what Miss Brookes” What is his problem, should she spell it out?

“Well like...erm...your schedules and meetings, which is okay...but your ties, socks, eating...that is, what you like and what you don’t, erm...even who you have dinner with after hours and who you want in your bed’’ there, she said it.

He smiles “And that bothers you?”

“It should bother any decent girl. You should handle those yourself or do you say you have your personal assistant dress you up? She isn’t your designer or your caterer, not you $3x timer...nor even your wife. I believe somethings shouldn’t be amongst a job description...sir.”

He is staring at her, then he smiles.

“Sometimes...if they want to do it.”

She blinks rapidly. Did he just let on that he sleeps with his PA, no wonder she was quick to come to his defense.

Then she frowns at men. They think because they are handsome, rich and powerful they can do and undo.

“Well Mr. Bass, your personal business is none of my business, Betty can continue being your
PA in that aspect or more...but while she is away, I won’t be whatever she was." Whatever she was…Lord!!! No wonder all the girls were drooling after him, so how many had he slept with, five, ten, all of them?? Her eyes grew big.

“Why is your eyes about to pop out Miss Samantha?”

“Oh I just remembered something disgustingly annoying my dog did” What else could she say, she didn’t have a dog.

“Which was?”

“How he was a typically dog, fraternizing with all the ladies and getting all of them pregnant.” Doesn’t that seem a lot like you Mr. Bass?

He smiles, “Miss Samantha, let me make this clear, as long as you are working here, this would be the last time you would go against
orders given to you…and if you have to pick up my suits, shop for my socks, and tie and fix my date with a woman and change the sheets on my bed before and after $3x with any lady friend I have over, you would do it, what I pay you even as an intern is enough to cater for needs of children on the streets, now, you go back there, take the files and what you gave to Sophie and resume your PA duties and if you feel I am being inconsiderate…you can drop your letter of termination of internship and leave. I would not allow insubordination or have your loud mouth spew nonsense. Women aren’t made to think, or be smart...because if they were smart you would have realized that up to a second ago you weren’t making sense other than showing me that...you seem not to like leaving your comfort zone and you hate to be told what you don’t like to do, but sadly enough that is my specialty. Starting right this minute, you would pick my lunch and bring it here, you would check in with the designer for my suit, I have a state dinner coming up, which you would be in attendance and thirdly, I have a meeting with some private investors, the file is on my desk...the blue one, you are going to go through it, the notes I have made and compile it and makes sure you have it ready by tomorrow. Mind you there are two files there...one is for the Tsuki Ventures, and the other most important one is for the Gulen Services and their oil reserve I am hoping to buy...make sure you dot every I’s and cross every T’s and prepare it for the meeting by tomorrow. lastly, you will come in here and sit across from me and stare at me while I work and not make any sound. If that is not okay with you…I will gladly accept your letter.”

Dxxk!!! Who does he think he is? Oh this is what I am going to do with your letter Mr. Bass, I am going to roll it up and shove it up your rectum... You think you can scare and bully me, me??
Hell No!!

“Never underestimate me sir, I would be back shortly, because I can do all of that without blinking, and I can juggle between Betty’s job and that of Sophie’s too and maybe some of yours.”

She excuses herself and walks away.

He is smiling. Typical, He knew her type, all mouth and no action, he was waiting for her letter. He was surprised that she was even bold to talk to him that way.

She comes back in, file and iPad in her hands, no letter “Ready to begin when you are... SIR”!!!

He was impressed, and he didn’t like it.


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front seat booked

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front seat booked

You're welcome cheesy
Re: Humdrum by oluspicy: 5:28pm On Apr 05
Chapter 3

“Samantha Penelope Brooke, are you crazy” Jamie says almost choking on her food, as Samantha relayed everything about her run in with Mr. Bass.

“Er... No Jamie I am not crazy, I mean what is wrong with the lot of you. How can I stand there and have him talk to me like that, who the hell does he think he is?’’

Samantha crosses her legs under her, and shoves food into her mouth as her friend stares at her as though she was an alien.

“DURH!!! Hello!!! He is Jake fxxking Bass, hot, rich, handsome and a frigging multi-billionaire...
I mean...are you crazyyyyyy?!!!’’ Samantha laughs.

“Oh Jamie don’t be too dramatic, okay what did I do wrong?”

“Everything with a capital E, you are lucky you are still working there, in fact how come he didn’t fire your ass, I should slap you for even talking to Mr. Bass like that…hawt hawt stuff... damn girl, something is wrong with you, I think Christopher did a number on you. You are on this hating men spree and you are all out to even hate on the innocent and dashing ones, including Mr. Bass” her friend pouts.

“No I don’t hate all men…just men who are egocentric, proud and pompous, who thinks that all women should bow and lick the ground they walk on, plus men who cheat and lie and who are serial womanizers. I like men, honest men, men who are considerate, loving and all
lovey-dovey and mushy. He isn’t classified as such a man, Christopher isn’t either... and my
dad isn’t, they are all the same... Men.”

Jamie shakes her head “Let us pray, Father please reach down and slap my friend, she sees
chocolate creamily, yummy hawt stuff and calls it plain ol’ pizza. Forgive her please, Amen.”

Samantha rolls her eyes “PS... I think he is sleeping with his PA.”

“Well I would sleep with him if he gave me the chance. Hell a thousand and one women want to sleep with him...in fact the entire world of women want to sleep with him.”

“Well I don’t."

“Yes you do...I mean let’s be honest, don’t you find him attractive and arghh just want to tear his cloths off?”

Samantha thinks for a second “I do admit he is terribly attractive, handsome, exudes class and a strong $3xual appeal, but I also see him as an annoying, condescending bastard. So... no I do not want to tear his cloths off, in fact I don’t even want him close to me. You all can have him, I am too concerned thinking about me to
think about men and he is one man who I would never fancy.” she pause.

“Can you imagine he threatened me... challenging me and he thinks I would chicken out... nooo!!! I went back into that office, got him his damn food, made sure his cloths were fitted, all of it, I even sat there and watched him until he felt uncomfortable and asked me to leave... and he was like “I need those files on my table first thing in the morning’ Argh!! I wanted to slam my heel into his face. I mean, just because he is Jake Bass, he should learn how to talk and treat women right, the way he threw off the scent of His PA , he really didn’t care about her feelings because he would have wanted to protect it, he is shameless and you all are bunch of dxxkheads for not valuing yourselves more… he is just all about his business, money, class and women...he don’t care about the lot of you.”

“Well, we don’t care, we love us some Mr. Bass, quit hating” Jamie pouts.

“Oh... your lives! Now… I have to get to those damn files. Thank you for bringing me dinner and you should stop living cash for me...”

“Hey, you are welcome. But until you get your first pay… I won’t stop. I mean Christopher cleared you to your last dime, I wonder why you never reported him to the police. Guy was a thief, simple.”

“It’s over now, doesn’t matter. I swear I would pay you back.”

“You don’t have to, you did a lot for me while we were in school...this...is little compared to all that but if you insist, you can follow me to that gig later on tonight...”

“Work remember, files...Mr. Bass.”

“Oh right, you can pay me later. But I have to go and please...don’t get into other run-ins with Mr. Bass, he barks when he gets angry, and
sometimes he bites.”

“Oh I am made of steel Jamie, sadly, I don’t scare easily.”

They hug and bade each other good night.

Mr. Bass alights from his car, the attendant carries his briefcase, then he looks up and sees her walking towards him.

Well, well, well…

Who says he didn’t know how to tame them?

“Goodmorning Mr. Bass” Samantha says, her smile stiff.

“Good morning Samantha, what’s my schedule today like?”

"Oh…I am thinking along the lines of, why don’t you find out for yourself but…I would be nice."

She begins to tell him his schedule as they walk into the building then up the elevator and out to his floor, Sophie greets him excitedly and then turns away, he stops her.

“Sophie, let Samantha do it, I think she is more than capable.”

“But sir, I always get your coffee.”

“I know Sophie but I want her to do it… you can tell her the way I like it…so she doesn’t make a mess of things.”

Sophie turns to her “Ok he likes it hot, not stingy, he likes two spoons of...’’

“Milk, one and the half spoon of sugar, and the milk he likes it on the side of the coffee so he can stirs it himself, and on Mondays he likes his coffee black, Tuesdays he likes it a little African and then on Fridays he takes it light, so it doesn’t disturb the bourbourn he drinks after work...did I get it correctly?“ Samantha stares at him.

Sophie is surprised “I didn’t tell her that sir, even I am not exactly accurate.”

“Oh I am very observant, shall I go get your coffee sir while you relax in your office?’’

He gives her a sly smile and walks away Samantha rolls her eyes.

Three hours later as the last person leaves his office, his call came through on her desk.

“Yes sir.”

“What is the time Samantha?”

“A few minutes past 12noon”

“And my lunch?”

“Would be here in 20 minutes.”

“Cancel it, I am going out to have lunch, tell Todd to be ready and you wait for me in the car.”

“Wait what?”

“Are you deaf Miss Samantha??”

“No obviously I am not deaf but I am just wondering why I have to wait for you in the car when you are going to have lunch.”

“An order is an order Samantha...And PA stand for Personal Assistant and you would be
personally assisting me all day...even while I have lunch breaks.”

He cuts the call.

The asshole.

A few minutes later she is fuming in the car, some attendant opens the door and he slides in next to her.

She doesn’t say anything.

“Todd, my usual place please.’

“Yes sir.”

So it wasn’t bad that he was arrogant and annoying during work hours, now the time she had to herself, her peace of mind is now threatened because she now has to spend it with him…right in front of him as he eats.

She hopes he chokes on his food he coughs.

Yay!! Samantha 0ne- Mr Bass -Oh wait, was this the part she has to tell him sorry?

She bites her lips instead and presses her phone.

“You could at least pretend to be caring to your boss.”

“Oh I am sorry, I didn’t realize pretence was a criteria.”

He wipes his mouth and leans back.

“What is your deal Miss Brooke, you seem uptight and rather…spiteful.”

Oh really, she was uptight? She laughs.

“Oh nothing sir, I just have a problem with pompous bastards.’’

“Excuse me??’’

“Oh I meant…men without mustache.”

He smiles.

“You don’t like me very much do you??”

Oh I don’t like you at all. Point of correction.

“You want the honest answer sir or the dishonest answer?”

“Whichever one you dim fit.”

‘’Well I think that you are..."

“Jake darling” a woman sees him and walks towards him, reaching him she leans him and kisses him full on the mouth.

“Hello Veronica, how are you?”

“Marvelous Jake, Marvelous!!!’’ she hugs him, touching his face, then she looks across at Samantha.

“You are on a date?”

He shakes his head “Don’t be ridiculous Vero, I rather spend my time doing something meaningful than go on a date with someone
who looks like that. She is nothing but my stand-in PA, very infuriating I might add, you on the other hand are pure divine, join me for lunch?”

Oh no he didn’t...

“Mr. Bass I-"

“Do be quiet Samantha, know your place. Kindly do leave your seat for Veronica and take the one
behind hers.” He says cutting her off.

Veronica is looking at her, the lady looked familiar, was she a designer form one of those fashion magazines, no...she was the model..., that face can never be missed. And she looked ready to pounce. One of his many bed
graces maybe.

“Very well sir.”

She gets up and takes a seat behind, and having to bear their presence for an hour.

“Oh Jake darling I have missed you, what plans do you have for tonight, I long to be with you, it’s been so long.”

He smiles, “Vero, you are a beautiful woman, but I told you that it wasn’t going to be serious
with us.’’


“No buts, if I need you I would call you.”

“I know that’s what you said but I miss you so much, I can love you if you let me?” she purrs leaning into him.

“I don’t doubt that Vero but… I am a man of many needs and right not you are not one of them, but I appreciate the offer darling,” he
leans in and kisses her.

“Okay, if you change your mind, you know where to find me” she gets up, touching his cheeks and leaves.

Samantha felt like going to her and giving her a slap.

Here was a man who was out rightly telling you that he just used you and you mean nothing to him and here you are begging him, telling him to call you if he changes his mind.

Wow!!! Women, who did this to us?

Okay... those women because she was definitely not on that train with them all...

Wow!!! Mr. Jake Bass, whatever jazz you are using for this women… got them bad.

Oh wait, did she just make a Rhyme?

“If you are done staring can you call the waitress and pay her so we can leave?”

Samantha blinks, and turns away.

The waitress comes, she was the same woman he had been with just two nights ago, she walks right past Samantha and goes to him, touching his shoulders.

“Hello Mr. Bass, I hope you enjoyed your meal?”

“Indeed, I did.”

“I am glad, how come you didn’t call me back, after that night?”

‘’I believe we had an understanding Donalyne is it?”


“Oh Ashley, my apologies.”

‘But it was great wasn’t it, I was great?”

“Absolutely you were, it still doesn’t mean I would call you back.’’

“I don’t understand Mr. Bass” She seemed hurt.

“We both had fun, no strings attached, you got paid, you gladly took the money, I see you got
yourself something expensive and even accepted the gold bracelet I sent over, and now, you want more, not the man but what you can get out of the man is that it?”


“No?’’ he repeats, touching her by her arm and running his hands over her arms.

“Okay, what would you say if I take you on a cruise Friday night, a night in the ocean, and do all things sweets?”

Her face breaks out in a smile.

“I would love that...”

“I thought so... sadly, I am no longer interested, try not to contact me again Miss Ashley, even I have my limits."

Then he walks away, Samantha walks up to the girl who suddenly had tears in her eyes. Giving her hanky, she touches her face.

“You are too beautiful, to allow a man treat you like that. You should learn to love and value yourself, so men like that would love you too. Stop crying, I think he is a jerk too so that makes two of us.”

She wipes her eyes “He slept with you too?”

“Oh no God forbid, that would never happen, I just feel sorry for the girls who fall for his cute face and charms. You need to begin loving yourself... then let another man treat you like that, not even him.”

Then she walks away, he was in the car, waiting.

“Another minute, you would have walked down to the office Samantha” he says.

“Oh I am sorry sir, I was just trying to mend the vase you broke in there.”

“What vase? I didn’t break any vase.’’

“Exactly!’’ she says.

It is 5:00pm, everyone is leaving, Samantha is packing up for the night when Sophie leaving his office comes to her.

“Mr. Bass needs you in his office.”

“Wait, now?”

“Yes now.”

“But...we have closed.’’

Sophie shrugs, walking away. She knocks and enters.

“Grab a sit Samantha, we are going to have a long night.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I have a meeting I need to prepare for tomorrow, but I need different approaches to garner up points, I would be meeting with different CEO’s of the oil companies tomorrow and we are to chip in possible projects that we all can partner together in. so I need you to be my point man, meeting man or whatever...”

“And we couldn’t do it during the day when you had some free time?”

“I decide how and when I choose to work Samantha so grab a pen, and a file and get to listening.”

Oh no way...

“With all due respect sir, I believe in what was stated in my acceptance file that working hours
begins from 8am to 4pm, and I even give an hour of myself more to tidy up things around the office now you are asking me to stay behind without asking me if I do have plans for the evening?”

“I do not care if you do have plans for the evening Samantha, when I give an order I expect you to shut up and nod.”

“Sir, I am not a dog, so I cannot just shut up and nod, secondly with due respect, I work for you and I believe even your workers are expected to be treated with respect, it is earned and not forced sir, and thirdly...my working hours ended an hour ago so if you need me to stay after hours for say something important you should ask me nicely… I do have and know my rights as an employee in this company, even though temporarily, and it is stated clearly that we should exercise it if we think we are being treated unfairly and right now sir, you are. I have a life outside this office sir and that life begins at 6am before 8am, and then it ends... leaving me to be your supposed slave from 8am – 4pm, and because I am generous I give you an extra hour, and then my life gets back on track from 5pm to before 8am the next day. So sir, if you need to encroach on my personal space , you would need to ask, nicely because during that period of time, I am my own Boss Mr. Bass.”

“You are not afraid that I could let you go right this minute.”

“No sir, infact I am not. I did mention I know my right…so you can either let me go, terminating
my internship here and which you have to state reason why you did it, or... you can ask me nicely if I am free to help you attend to your thingies for tonight.’’

What the hell was wrong with this man, he should learn how to talk and treat people, she wasn’t one of those girls… she was Samantha,
and no one talks to her that way, she was her own person, and leaving here wouldn’t even cause her to blink.

Okay fine, it would make her jobless and maybe without money but at least she would walk out of here with her head help up high.

“Fine Miss Samantha, I give it to you, you are not exactly stupid, but be careful, and tread lightly, it’s not everyday you think you can step on the lion’s tail and don’t expect it to bite. That being said, if you don’t have plans for tonight,
could you kindly stay back to help with my meeting for tomorrow.”

Much Better Mr. Bass, Much better.

“Fine whatever. I can spare a few hours more, but I intend to get home in due time” she says sitting.

They stayed till midnight.

“Todd, take her home, and then come back for me” he says to the driver, then turns to Samantha.

‘’We would be leaving by 10am tomorrow morning, we would be taking the second flight out, back before evening, make sure you
prepare the files, and bring it along with you.’’

Samantha is confused “Wait,where are we going tomorrow, thought the meeting is in your company?”

“Out of state. Drive Todd” he shuts the door.

Argghhh!!! He did it again, forcing his will.

How dare he?!

What's your take on this?

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Interesting story OP

Updates pls
Re: Humdrum by oluspicy: 9:59pm On Apr 06
Chapter 4

“You sound pissed Samantha” Jamie’s voice came through the phone.

“Pissed? I am beyond pissed. I am infuriated. I am angry, I want to slam my fist into his face.”

“You can’t do that though.”

“I know that’s why I am…ARGGHHHHHHH!!’’
Samantha exclaims biting her lips.

Jamie laughs “Hey calm down, look at the bright side, you get to travel with Mr. Bass, eat at a fancy restaurant,and maybe the storm will come and you guys get stuck and because you guys can’t return, he books you both into an hotel and because they have just one room left, you both get to share and maybe it’s small and no chair so you share a bed and then…who knows, thunder may strike, then lightening, you may be scared, he holds you while you both look into each other’s eyes, then there is this moment that is so electrifying, then your lips would touch and even the heavens would quake and before long there is the erm… ohhhh... uhhhh... ahhhh ahh yes yes YES! Take me to hell... or 7th heaven you $3xy beast!!!!’’

Samantha face palms... ”you are one shy away from being completely insane Jamieliah

“Oh what a nice complement Samantha Penolope Brooke.”

“It wasn’t one Jamie and stop talking nonsense, look, he thinks because he is rich and all that so whatever he says should go, it doesn’t work that way, I have a life outside the company and just to think he was listening to me in his office, he was being smart, so I can stay and do his work for him. By the way, like literally he was
pressing his phone and replying to text messages from random girls while he tells me to do research, jot, analysis and everything, and
he had the audacity to claim he is tired when it had been my fingers and head at work... then out of the blue instead of mentioning in
passing...’oh Miss Samantha, about that meeting, it’s going to be out of state so… cancel your plans for the day’. Nooooo, he throws it off his shoulders like...’Hey! I own you, you work for me so when I say jump, you should go ‘how high?? The asshole!!!!’’ she snorts

“Breath Samantha breath, when do you leave?”

“Now. I am just… grabbing the files I worked on all night, didn’t have any sleep.”

Samantha is holding the phone and putting things into her bag. She had been up all night working on the files he gave her to do, and she had wondered if he was trying to punish her for her forwardness.

“Those files on Betty’s desk, it’s for the construction company which we would be attending to next week, take them and sort through them, and the Tsuki files as well, the company overview file, the one with the financial statements, pet projects, that should be separate, for my eyes only and that of the
audit and accountant, and no one else, when you are done with the files for tomorrow’s meeting, make sure you don’t mix them up, do well to tidy the rest, I want all of them done with...” he had told her before they left the office, causing her to pile up her hands high with them... right before he spewed the nonsense in the car, he was lucky she carrying files and he wasn’t close, she would had dumped it all on his feet, given him a scrowl and left him staring after her.

Annoying man!!!!

She hears the car horn…”look Jamie, I think Todd is here, have to go.”

‘‘Okay sure… but let me know if anything juicy happens over there, after the meet—‘’

“Byeeee... I can’t hear you” Samantha cuts the call, grabbing the files, which almost slipped to
the floor, she catches them, grabbing her bag and hanging it, she makes her way downstairs to the car.

“Good morning Miss Samantha, trust you had a good night?’’

“Good morning Todd, oh I wish” she says.

Todd nods, “Are you taking those with you Ma’am?”

“Oh noo, I need to drop them at the office, Mr. Bass needs them first thing on his desk.”


They drive to the The Bass Company, once she alights, greeting people as she passed, she
goes up and reaches their floor, Sophie greets her with a smile.

“Wow!!! That’s a lot of file. You know I was wondering what happened to those, I came in this morning to find them gone, my desk and Betty’s, and I was about to put a call to the department if they cleared our desk and where
they dropped it, I was so scared, Mr. Bass would have had my head… but why do you have them?” she says helping her with some.

“Oh Mr. Bass thought it a brilliant idea to have me work on them.”

“Wait all of them… like all. Like all, why??”’ she frowns." It takes days to sort through all this, and you did all of them in one night?” she is impressed.

“Tell me, are you some sort of an alien, a genius or what some secret agent?’’

Samantha laughs walking ahead of her “No, once you know what you are looking for and how to systematically arrange things its easier, plus reading and correcting and editing is sort of what I like doing, so with the right coffee, good music, I was able to spend 12 hours going through it all... so, no I am not any of those things you mentioned, would like to be super
girl though or storm, or someone smart and $3xy like Green arrow’s $3xy nerdy secretary.”

They laugh, placing the files on the desk.

“Wow, I really don’t have much to do for the rest of the week, thank you Samantha.”

“Oh well, I didn’t have a choice so you are welcome. We need to get it to Mr. Bass’s office though and I would be out of here.”

“He made me book flights out for him for 10 this morning, he has a meeting out of state.”

“I know, I am the scape goat who has to suffer through his presence" She rolls her eyes.

Sophie looks at her.

“Like you aren’t pleased.”

“Not you too? And no I am not. Help me with the files, Todd is waiting for me downstairs."

They drop them, arranging it in his office and his shelves, tagging them, she removes the three files he needed for the meeting and places them on the table, making sure the most important one “ CEO’s /Companies project laid there amongst them.

Her phone buzzed, she steps away answering as Betty continues.

“Yes Todd?’’ she had taken his number before she left the car.

“Boss is ready, we need to go get him and head to the airport Miss.”

“Okay I would be right down” she replies, turning… grabbing her bag and putting the files from the table into her bag... she cuts the call.

“See you Sophie!”

"You too!’’

Mr. Bass walks out through his door as they drive into his estate, driving through his gates with securities to stop in front of his house took another 30 minutes. It was a vast area of land, and then gardens, and a beautiful mansion at the center of it all.

“Too much money and nothing to do with it” she rolls her eyes, Todd hides a smile.

Mr. Bass slips into the car held open by one of his attendants, Samantha mutters a good morning and then ignores him throughout the ride to the airport, while on the plane she was glad she carried her earpiece and listened to
soothing songs.

Once they landed, they had 30 minutes to spare before his meeting.

“You have poor communication skills Miss Samantha.”

“I just don’t like to talk” she replies.

“Right. I am ordering breakfast in the VIP lounge, I assume you don’t eat too. Not that I care I am just saying you can order one too, the
way your stomach is grumbling is beginning to upset me” he says.

Her stomach makes noise again.

“And I wouldn’t want my business partners to assume I do not treat my workers well” he says walking away as someone leads him to the VIP lounge.

Taking a seat, he unbuttons his suit, and stares at her from across the room.

Her stomach grumbles again, sighing she goes and sits opposite him, smiling at the cute male
attendant who takes her order.

“How would you be paying ma’am?”

“Put it on Mr Bass’s tab please, after all he does take care of his workers” she turns to him. He doesn’t say anything but nods when the attendant leaves.

“You strike me like someone who is frustrated with life.”

“Oh… no I am not sir, just with a certain presence“ she replies.

They eat silently, by 10 am, they head to the conference meeting hall, where they were ushered into the room with a couple of others.

“I thought it was a meeting with only a couple of people say 2-5, this looks like a mini conference sir.”

“That’s why I am not paying you to think. You are not expected to think Samantha, I am sure that is not your strongest points, girls like you
are only pretty on the outside but inside... its a box of cheeries and chocolate. Try not to embarrass me, and do not fraternize with
people you don’t know. This is a gathering of great minds, decisions are made here, and despite being a private venture, sometimes you
need the Government approvals on certain projects, partnerships if not... you would be alone and no man is an island. I am hoping to
win over the council of elders which they are called, once my talk and project and proof of it is given a thumbs up, I am another step high up the ladder, I have been working towards this for a year, I expect to excel greatly. So you do understand why nothing can go wrong today??’’

“I see”


Once the room was filled with people, she recognizes some faces from other leading oil and gas companies in the country, in and out. it was a meeting with people of wealth, affluence and connection. They meet once in a year to talk, take decisions, partner up to build projects for the betterment of the country, private
businesses and the likes.

As the greet, meet and introductions were made, the meeting commences… CEO after CEO, president after president showed their projects and plans for their upcoming project and what they think would be open for partners in their company.

Quite a number of people had spoken, it was now his turn, and he was introduced as one of the youngest in his field, a promising strong foundation to last a life time and a fine legacy his father had left, something Mr. Jake Bash had made even stronger over the years.

Taking the stand, with Samantha beside him, he spoke about Bass Industries home and abroad, he reviewed the company and showcased the projects pending... he spoke well, eloquently and quite a number of people nodded to him, a few smiles, more expanding the faces of the ladies as their smiles stretched across their faces.

He commanded authority, making them understand why he seemed to be the best and rising fast with his company.

“We recently had a talk with the Chinese government for the Tsuki projects, the Reservoir for the locals, the mainstream and down
streams drilling processes that is another pathway to finding more minerals and ore and then the refinery which would be located at the heart of the city, creating new jobs for citizens, and the project I and some partners would be working together as discussed is an engineering institute for oil and gas, this is the structure and location, this is what it would look like, pros and cons, and also I have it all researched, analyzed and laid out, working with experts and professionals, teams ready and trained on ground. We have put all this together, and last night we did the finishing touches to the file and paperwork, covering all corners and edges, and it is a worthy presentation to the government for approval after the council of Elders gives it’s first bill passing... and once you take a look at it and its satisfactory,we would drop it with the departments for project xyz and proceed from there.’’

Nodding in agreement, they inquire to take a look.

“Can we see it Mr. Bass?”

“Sure of course you can, Miss Samantha, please hand him the files for both the Tsuki and that
for the Gulen Services” he nods to Samantha, who has picked up her bag, pulling out the files and hands it to him.

“She seems really handy” someone commends, Samantha smiles a ‘thank you’.

As he looks through the first two files and passes it along to the others, he picks up the last goes through it, flips pages and then frowns.

“Is there a problem Mr. George?” Mr. Bass who had been talking and flipping through the monitor by pressing a key in his hands stops
and asks him.

“Yes Mr Bass, this isn’t the research files and analysis of what you just spoke to us about, this is the financial review of your company, and pet projects you intend to do in the near future,
your financial statements… which is none of our business and not for our eyes Mr. Bass, and it also includes your legal private company properties... didn’t you check the files before you brought them along??’’

Mr. Bass frowns “You must be mistaken sir, that is the file for it."

“I am wearing glasses but I am not blind Mr. Bass or maybe someone should cross check it too” he hands it to next person who flips through it and frowns, nodding.

“Indeed, this isn’t it” Samantha is confused, Mr. Bass leaves the stand, crosses to their table before Samantha could leave her spot and takes the file, his jaw flexing, the frown distorting the fine features of his face as his eyes scans through the file.

“My apologies it must have been a mistake in packaging sir."

“You do understand Mr. Bass that there are certain mistakes that shouldn’t be allowed, aside being the owner of a multi-billion company and doing well, you also do need us, as a synergy and link to the government to give you a go ahead for certain ventures you require to go into. Knowing this is an annual gathering of important industrial heads, government
parastatals and representatives, and oil and gas companies, we give companies like yours the
chance to excel and go higher, and if you have come here to wow us with talks and not have laid down structures on paper so that we can go back and analysis this ourselves before allowing people take a step, will do more harm than good. At the end of the day, it is your company’s name that would go down the drain if anything goes south because you would be the one anchoring it yourself. We are greatly
disappointed, and to think you are thorough is pitiful” the head of the council, Mr. George states.

He was known to be overbearingly strict and doesn’t back down to put one down especially when one errs.

“I am so sorry, it’s my mistake, I didn’t check the file, well I did because I was the one who
composed it down on paper as he compiled and pulled thoughts together and I took it to the office, put it on the table and then I turned to answer a call and then I put it in my bag and... oh dear... maybe I must have mixed it up and I-‘’

“Be quiet Samantha!” Jake Bass orders, anger visible as he manages to keep a straight face.

“My apologies, we can go ahead and-“ Mr. Bass began.

“No Mr. Jake Bass we cannot, not with you. Everyone other person took out time to be here and prepared, we won’t be listening to all talks without concrete show of work. Unless you can have that file here within the hour, I don’t see
how we can continue with you. Let the next person please take a stand, perhaps next year Mr. Bass’’ George says.

Jake Bass nods his thank you, goes to his seat, Samantha not knowing what to do, gathers the other files on the table and goes to her seat,
next to him as someone else begins to talk and attention was diverted from him.

“I am so sorry Mr. Bass please I-"

“You are nothing but an incompetent fool. One more word Samantha one more word and you
would regret ever stepping foot into my building. A simple task, one simple task you can’t handle, do you know what you have caused me, one whole year’s expectation gone just like that and you have the guts to speak to me… I knew it, you are nothing but a lousy excuse for a woman, all you all know is how to look pretty, dress good but all that is in your heads is makeup, money, and a life of stupidity. Lousy and incompetent, one more word Samantha and you would be sorry” he says, his eyes bloodshot, his fists clenched.

“It was a honest mistake sir… how dare you.. ?’’

He turns to her, grabbing her by her hand.

“I would slap you if I could right now. Shut up Samantha, you don’t want to test me.” he snaps.

People turn. He gives them a fixed smile letting go of her.

She is speechless and shocked at his outburst.

“And once we land, I need your resignation letter.”

She blinks.

What's your take on the recent development between Mr. Bass and Samantha?

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Re: Humdrum by xaviercasmir(m): 7:50am On Apr 07
hmm this is a tight situation for both of them. But I think that the situation will only bring them even closer.
Nice one writer

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Re: Humdrum by Ann2012(f): 3:32pm On Apr 07
He shouldn’t have spoken to her like that.... that was too harsh

Thanks for the update

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Re: Humdrum by oluspicy: 2:35am On Apr 08
Chapter 5
They leave the hall immediately after the meeting comes to an end. Jake Bass had spoken to a few people trying to salvage the mess already made but Mr. George was proving difficult. There was no use, until another year, his window for the CEO’s company project for
the Engineering Institute of oil and gas was gone.

He was furious, shaking hands and giving them a brief smile, he carried his shoulders up, and taking his leave from the rest as they too began to enter into their cars, leaving.

Samantha had been sitting in the car waiting for him.

She had spent all night working on those files, all of them...not a wink of sleep had she had, she had filed them up, arranged it and without
as much as a close of the eyes she had rushed a bath, without eating had gone to the office, and placed those files on his desk, arranged
them in his shelves and even tagged them. She remembered putting the files she needed on the
table and gathered them into her bag as she was talking to Todd on the phone. She did carry them so how come the most important file wasn’t there unless…unless she had mixed it up without knowing…Argghhh!!!

Now because of her he had lost an opportunity he had been working towards for a year, because of her he had been embarrassed by that pigged –faced Mr. George who seems to be in charge of the elders council, and because of her carelessness he had shouted… okay, not shouted, but he had rudely, and annoyingly snapped at her, and then he had told her he
was going to slap her... after she had spent her days putting up with his arrogance, his annoying and pompous self, after cancelling her plans... well she didn’t have any plans because she didn’t have a boyfriend, or a dog not even a cat
to hang out with and she had been too busy being his PA since his bedmate...erm PA Betty had been on leave...which was besides the
point, even if she didn’t have a plan or plans or a supposed social life it still didn’t mean that he had the right to infringe on her non-social life and have her non-social life be cancelled because he is Mr. Bass.

She had literally worked her ass off, and it was a mistake an honest mistake, a mistake that she wasn’t even aware off.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid” she hits her forehead with her open palm. But he didn’t have to talk to her like that, like she was not even a reasonably person. It wasn’t as though she didn’t do her job, she did. Now it would look as though she didn’t even try. But she had, she had…and she did a darn good job, even Sophie was impressed. But all that hard work gone, because she didn’t check the files, like crosscheck the files again that she had left it on the table before putting them in her bag, she couldn’t understand anything.

She was angry...he had no right. OK! Yes he was angry, yes he should be angry. It was understandable, what he had planned for months couldn’t be achieved because of her but she didn’t do it on purpose, if he wanted to get angry and scold her, she would have taken it... not well but she would have taken it. She always owned up to her faults and took responsibilities for her mistakes but, the way he spoke to her with such disdain, even she was shocked and his choice of words were uncalled for...she made a mistake but she wasn’t stupid and an unintelligent fool.

She had gone to school and did come out with distinction, she had been amongst the youths pioneering educative stances in her department, she had indulged in intelligent discuss bordering on society, the government and politics. She was far from dumb...no. She wasn’t even close to being stupid…and he said all that’s inside her head was money, fun and whatnot?

Does he have any idea what she does for fun? Solve Maths, read an Encyclopedia, put her mind to good use solving puzzles, putting down possible solutions for upcoming brands and companies, even counseling and when she isn’t
all about being serious she enjoys a time out with her best friend Jamie, and when there was a boyfriend? An occasional stroll to MacDonalds, the movies and skating ring doing the snow, karaoke bar…and no...she has never been a materialistic kind of girl, that was why her ex-boyfriend was content on living off her and not bothering to buy her something as small as a toothpick and she wonders why she ever fell in love with him in the first place.

“It was his eyes, his dreamily eyes and mac-steamy body without his shirt, his rich voice and the fact that he was a great kisser and he was such good lay and he was smart and sweet and…loving and caring and he…he understood me” she remembers telling Jamie who rolled her eyes.

“That bin there is where Boy Wonder should go in and remain” was what Jamie had told her as
she cried over him that day after catching him red handed sleeping with her friend and he had the guts to tell her what they both had was fun but he didn’t even love her and that…in fact he had been having an open relationship with her for months, and she had cried and wailed because she loved him and was been exclusive with him... the asshole shrugged, he didn’t care, leaving there she had come home to find out that her credit cards bounced when she entered
a supermarket to get somethings for the house that was long overdue.

“Boy problem?” the lady at the counter had looked at her and her wet eyes and deduced, she had cried even harder.

“Ssssh its okay, chocolates and ice-cream works magic for broken hearts, trust me I know” she had patted her hands, but when her card bounced, she had to ask her: “You don’t have any money girl?’’... it wasn’t possible, she had money, enough, not Bill Clinton stacked money in the bank but it was enough to last her for a couple of months.

She had been on a contract job and they had just recently finished a project, she was an event manager, and they only contact her for when they needed her, she did two other jobs on contracts too and the pay was good, that was
why she could afford a nice apartment and a car, which he took for his... and the house which
he practically lived in with her. And when she called the bank to demand what was up, they told her she had just withdrawn all her savings within the hour.

“I always told you not to be stupid. Your money is your money, girl and his money is for you both.”

“But he didn’t have any money, he was looking for a job” she remembered saying.

“Yeah, the pity party materializes into a $3xy man and you fell in love with him and while you
slept the pity party took away your mansion and kicked you out of your own home Samantha... didn’t I warn you?”

“But I love him” Samantha wailed, drooling into her hanky, her eyes red and puffy, she was still
wearing his shirt.

“I swear if you say that again I would literally slap you with this spatula and I mean it, then I would apologize and slap you again till you forget his name and your stupid love... he was a leach, a pest and a blood sucker."

Samantha had wailed… breaking out of her reverie she sighs as she watched as he walked towards the car. He had no right to talk to her like that, and he had no right to sack her like that without giving her a chance to explain, or to apologize or even to find a solution…. okay she couldn’t solve it but still he didn’t have to talk to her like that.

Her eyes stings with tears, she wipes it away immediately as he enters into the car, his anger could be felt and even seen as his veins were threatening to pop out.

Taking a deep breath she made to try again.

“Sir Bass, I am so sorry about what happened in there I swear it wasn’t on purpose I swear it and–"

“Shut up Samantha, you do not want me to unleash my anger on you, just shut up. You don’t realize how bad this is do you? You think your calm soothing voice can abate my anger, you think that crocodile watery eyes would save
you? And back at the office you don’t waste time to let go of the sharp retorts on your tongue always trying to prove something you are not, I left you from the beginning because you were pitiful, a girl who thinks she could
stand up to her boss and get away with it, but I knew you were nothing but a very malfunctioned girl, and I felt why not allow her
believe she has the ability to change the world but in retrospect I was taking pity on you because no one would have tolerated your
nonsense, I could have easily thrown you out of my company but I let you, hoping you would have the sense one day when you have been tamed, and now, amongst other things, you did utter rubbish , mixed up a file, common file a child would have handled, how stupid can you be Samantha? How senselessly careless... I have worked with Betty and Sophie for a long time and even they... which their IQ is low by the way... is still better than yours. You are a liability to me and my company and because I would not want this to ever repeat itself you shall
immediately tender your resignation, your working package for the month would be sent to you via the accountant; take your stupid unintelligent self away from my company. I know you also didn’t work on those files you
took home, God knows maybe you went out partying and clubbing , draped over a man’s arms all night and forgot to do something
simple as filing, editing and compiling and this morning your waltz in thinking about first class
ticket in a plane you have never been in, thinking of five star restaurants and all this with a billionaire you forgot to get your head out of your ass. I know your type Samantha, stupid, unintelligent, money conscious and a luxury magnet attaché, that is why you are totally useless to me, much like a dumb blonde, no, at
least they are sophisticated dumb, you are just pitiful, and a pitiful person with a sharp mouth is an eyesore!!!” He spat looking at her as
Samantha blinks back tears.

“I am sorry sir...but, surely it wasn’t on purpose...I am not a dog that needs to be tamed and I am a person, not perfect and we do make mistakes but I assure you that I am not stupid, and your choice of words are degrading and I refuse to be spoken to that way sir, I will not–”

He grabs her hand and pulls her.

"Shut up Samantha, just shut the hell up. In fact, pull over driver!”

“Sir?”’ the driver is confused

“I said pullover!!!’’ he snaps, as soon as the driver does, he opens the door, giving her one of his credit cards, writing out four digit
numbers on it.

“Here, take this and get out from the car, your presence is infuriating me even further!"

“You are kicking me out, in the middle of a city I have no idea about?” She was shocked, disbelieving as her mouth drops open and her eyes grew wider.

“You have my credit card Samantha, book yourself a private car to take you to the airport, book a flight, when you land, go to the office, pick up your items, drop my card with Sophie, if you try to be smart, I already know how much
an economic class ticket cost, and I would be putting a call to my accountant , there is a limit of withdrawal on the card…so what I expect you to take away is for your flight, transport fare to the airport and from the airport to the
office, anything more than the stipulated amount I would send to him, all transactions would be stopped, I know girls like you would want to steal my money seeing that is all that concerns people like you, as soon as you get to the office, I will also get Sophie to pack up your table, drop my card, your letter and leave, and
now, get out of my face!!!” H says holding out the credit card for her.

She blinks.

“I don’t need anything from you Mr. Jake Bass, I would find my way home.” She alights from the
car, carrying her bag and slams the door shut.

Angered!! How dare he?!!!

“Suit yourself” he winds down the window, turning away with his face still granite as his fine features is dampened with his frown, he tells the driver “ Drive”, the windows goes up as the car speeds off immediately.

She stood there watching the car leave... she blinks back the tears threatening to fall, until the car disappears... then she moves to the curb, she sits on the pavement and let the tear drop. She had never felt so humiliated and talked down to ever in her entire life. Never felt so horrible and angered and pissed and then sad, all the emotions put together. She messed
up the file business, Yes. But he was a bad bad person, very bad. He was arrogant, unforgiving, a proud pompous dxxk, and he feels that all should bow to him , she rather walk on the streets than take his stupid credit card.

She cleans her eyes and look at her environment. She didn’t have any idea on how she was going to get back. She brings out her phone from her bag.

“Just one last time, just one” she says as she cleans her eyes. She dials a number and then
someone picks “Hey mom!!’’

When he was angry, everything shuts down, everything , and that includes thinking straight. He knew how hard he had worked to get the
partners interested in that institute, it would have been great for the location he had in mind and he would have been the largest share
holder, but it would have been government approved, for international bodies, and the team
put down in place were professionals, the best in the country… it would have been a masterpiece. He could have done it on his own, he had the money...well technically he had, but like they say... sometimes you need to be part of something bigger than just you and this was it... this was his baby project and all gone
because of the incompetence and carelessness of that stupid Samanatha Brookes.

He is in the plane now. Maybe he shouldn’t have been so angry, at least he would have tolerated her presence till they got back into the state… then he would have kicked her out. He frowns, not wanting to think about how she was getting home, she looked all classy, surely she would have means to go home, even if she spends all that she had, at least it would be her own extra punishment.

He lost a whole year’s work because of her, a little lose of money on her part would be
punishment enough, then he would have her resignation letter.

He turns away, removing her and the incidence from his mind as they plane set for take off. It was just 1pm, he would be back within the
hour. The state dinner was this evening, by 4pm, and he was hosting it in his company.

It was 5pm when Samantha got to The Bass building, seeing lots of cars and well dressed people trouping into the hall area of the
building. She walks in and takes her left, with a fixed smile she greeted the staff she knew and
made her way upstairs. Jamie had given her a thousand calls, she didn’t have time to talk, she would call her later. And then Sophie too...Mr. Bass must have called her.

She patted the letter in her bag, she had written it on the plane. Her mother had wanted to know what she wanted to do with that huge amount of money... and she had told her... but she promised to pay her back after she gets another job.

They weren’t rich, not even close to being very comfortable, but her mother tried to gather the money for her from friends... and sent it to her.

She paid for her flight and came back to the state. And her mother had been worried, he made her worry her mother and so she was

She didn’t meet Sophie on the floor, her box was stacked already. Without another word she goes to his office and drops the letter on his table, his box of pen had poured to the ground as she hits it. Bending she picks it up and there
is was... on the floor behind the chair...The file. it must had slipped while she and Sophie arranged the files. She puts it on his table too and leaves with her box.

“Samantha... Samantha?” she turns when she hears her name.

What's your take on this?


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Re: Humdrum by xaviercasmir(m): 9:58am On Apr 08
I think Mr Bass after seeing the file will start to regret his actions

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Re: Humdrum by oluspicy: 12:03pm On Apr 08
I think Mr Bass after seeing the file will start to regret his actions

Yes, he will. But it will take him sometime for such. Remember his attitude from the onset.

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Re: Humdrum by xaviercasmir(m): 12:21pm On Apr 08

Yes, he will. But it will take him sometime for such. Remember his attitude fr the onset.
Yes his attitude is nothing to right home about. But I am beginning to sense a connection here, with his arrogant attitude matched with the girl's sassy attitude, both of them will fall for each other.
Nice update bro

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Re: Humdrum by Finnestgreat: 1:40pm On Apr 08
OP sorry for the late comment but i really love this story.Keep it up and more update pls

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Re: Humdrum by oluspicy: 8:38pm On Apr 08
OP sorry for the late comment but i really love this story.Keep it up and more update pls

No qualms bro. Welcome on board... your popcorn can't waste.

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Re: Humdrum by oluspicy: 5:59am On Apr 09
Chapter 6
“Yes?’’ Samantha says staring at the girl who walks up to her.

“I am so sorry, Mr. Bass called and asked me to do it, I couldn’t even ask him why because he
was so angry and was shouting over the phone, I had to pack up all your things. He said something about you messing up his meeting
and you know, he was angry, what happened?’’

Samantha blinks.

“The file, I didn’t take the most important one and...’’ she trails off.

“But you had worked so hard on it, them, I saw your work it was amazing and you placed some files on the table which you put in your bag, so how come?” she grabs a cup of coffee from one of the staff and hands Samantha one.

“Here, drink something, it would calm you down, your nerves is all over the place, oh poor baby.”

Samantha shifts the box to her side placing it on her hip as she takes the coffee from Sophie, glad for the warm feel of it, she takes a sip.

"Thank you Sophie. I saw it on the floor just now... but it’s too late for that. You should have seen the way he spoke to me, addressed me he was mean and he was very way out of line, he even...” she sniffs.

She wasn’t going to cry, not in front of her and not in this building. She was strong and she had survived the worst hasn’t she.

“I am so sorry, what can I do, try and talk to him maybe?” Sophia rubs her hands, placing her hands on her shoulders.

Samantha shakes her head.

“No... it’s fine. I am not needed here anyways. My letter is on his desk already, you take care of yourself Sophie."

She turns away as the doors open …Mr Bass walks in, followed by some other people into the building, he frowns seeing her standing there with Sophie. He had managed to put on a cheerful countenance for his guests, now seeing her with her box on her hands, his anger and everything returns. But people were coming in behind him, the press was here, and some media team… it wouldn’t be good for him at the moment to explode…and then he frowns even more.

If people see a girl, who looked as though she had been crying leaving his company with a box
on her hands they would begin to ask questions wanting to know why she was being sacked, and who knows if she was a drama queen. Didn’t she know he had a state dinner this evening? Why didn’t she get back earlier to take her things away…?

NO!! she picks this minute to come here... oh right okay! this was her pity party strategy right?

“To cry in front of his guests, cause a scene and he would now be forced to keep her in his company because people would ask him to give her another chance... ”

No Way!!! Satan, not today.

He beckons to one of his attendance, whispers in his ears and the person leaves, walking
directly to Samantha and Sophie.

“Miss, Mr. Bass asked that you leave your box at the service entrance, and stare clear away from the party until his guests are gone, then you can leave.”

“Wait what? No, tell Mr. Bass that he stopped being my Boss a couple of hours ago and I have made it official, So he cannot boss me
anymore” she frowns.

“It wasn’t up for discussion Miss Samantha” the man says, touching her hand to direct her away.

“Let go off me!” Samantha snaps, it wasn’t enough that he talked rudely to her after her mistake, it wasn’t enough that he left her stranded in that city not knowing if she had a means home, okay so what that she refused his card, she wasn’t going to beg him, she was
visibly shaken that he had drove off, what if her mother wasn’t able to help, what would have happened to her out there.

“Always carry money with you Sammy, wherever you go, it doesn’t matter if it’s down the road or to take a drink across, you never know what would happen and you may be in need of cash...” her mother used to say. Well, she always listened, but how do you do that when you don’t have money…?

But it was okay, it was fine. Now he had succeeded in making her mother worry and her father complain about how she is doing nothing other than been useless… it was typical of her father, she was used to him, but it upset her, all
because she had to call her mother to beg for money, something she hadn’t done for years.

So she was angry…really mad.

Now he had the guts to tell her when to leave his company, what else does he want from her... hell no!! he wants her gone, oh she was going and she was going now. She wasn’t going to spend another minute in this place.

“Samantha, okay lets go upstairs and relax and I would stay with you for a bit and then later you
can go, let’s not upset him further, there are a lot of people here” Sophie says.

“No, I am leaving” she still held the box and coffee in her hands.

“Ma’am, do not make a scene here, follow me” his voice was stern.

Oh...really? Mr. Bass didn’t want her to make a scene. He wanted to save face. Well… she would do just that, make a scene. She was
already fired, so he couldn’t fire a person who had already fired.

As the man grabs her arm she nudges him away.

“Touch me one more time and you would regret it!”

Her voice increases, people turn, Jake Bass’s frown deepens as his face becomes a darkened mask.

“Excuse me everyone.., Miss Andres can you step in here for a minute?” he beckons to the lady who comes immediately, he whispers something into her ears and steps away from her.

She brings everyone’s attention towards her and began to talk to them.

Jake walks towards them.

“Oh dear Lord, he is coming” Sophie fidgets. When he nears them he scowls at her.

“Do what the man says Samanatha Brookes” he tells her, he was toweling over her.

“Or what Mr. Bass?”

“I would drag you out of here myself, damn the consequences” he was visibly mad, his eyes drew closer together.

The man steps away as Jake Bass takes his place, Sophie is scared and worried at the same time.

“I am stepping out of here right now, whether you like it all not Mr. Bass, so if you don’t want me to make a scene you better move out off my way” she looks him straight in the eyes…

“You fool, I would teach you some manners!’’

He grabs her arms intending to turn her and walk her out back the stairs and up to his office…then he would lock her up in there till the party was over and if he was not done being angry he would leave her there till tomorrow… then he would kick her out, without paying her a single dime.

“Let go off me!” she says, but his arm tightens over her own arm, and because she was holding the box with one hand on her hip and the other one the coffee.

She does the only thing dramatic enough to cause an effect.. she tips the contents of the coffee over black tux from his face, the brown contents on the coffee made a large patch on his white shirt travelling from his neck to his tummy.

Sophie gasps, The man behind Mr. Bass is shocked… the hall suddenly went quiet… as more gasps filled the room.

Jake Bass is rooted to the spot, speechless… he lets go off her hand, raising his hands up as the hot tea stings his body slightly… then he looks at her, daggers for eyes.

“That would teach you some manners Mr. Bass, let go means to let go.”

And with that she drops the cup as it hits the floor, she re-positions her box on her hands, with her head raised up she walks through the crowd of people who had parted for her like the Red Sea staring from her to Mr. Bass and then back to her as she leaves the building.

He was speechless…then he takes a deep breath to calm himself, as the murmuring continues.

“Relax everyone, Women, PMS, you know how they can get…they like to have the last say and
apparently the last grand exit!!’’ he laughs nervously.

Miss Andres joins in, then Sophie nodding and forcing a laugh, then someone else does laugh and soon the hall vibrated with rich laughter, then someone throws in... “I know right, even the wife throws the biggest tantrum when she is on her period... “I would be clawing out anyone’s eyes when I am in the mood.”

“What was her deal, the girl?”

“Oh just an intern who isn’t happy about her... erm…” Miss Andres began.

“Her transfer,” Bass says.

“Oh the ladies love to be around you, don’t they?” someone says.

Bass manages a soft smile, Sophie had suddenly brought towels to dab him, he stops her.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, please if you would excuse me, I would be back shortly” he says as they nod, he turns around heading upstairs, his face turns to something worse than granite… as the camera clicks almost blinded him.

He would have to kill off any story the press might release. The media feasted on anything, and before long they might change the story to being: “Bad Boy Multi-Billionaire in a love anger with his worker who had found out that he was cheating, had confronted them, then he fires her and she retaliates by spilling coffee on him in front of his guests and storms out crying.”

“Or Mr. Bass and his love interests part ways as she gave him his ring and spill his coffee too.”

Or much worse “Mr. Jake Bass and the mysterious girl."

He sighs taking off his shirt as he enters his office, good thing he always insisted on extra cloths being in his wardrobe in the office for times like this. He goes into the toilet to clean up the liquid which had begun to stick to his chest, with water and a towel he wipes his chest and neck, cleans his face, then he comes back out, stripping to his briefs and changes cloths...
He reaches for his cuff-links on his table and he notices the letter, he tears if of and reads it.

She didn’t mention why she was terminating her employment , most people who have vented, knowing that it would be taken into
consideration too. But she had thanked him for the opportunity for being able to work in his prestigious firm, apologized for any trouble she must have caused and told him that she was terminating her employment because her skills were not what was needed in his company. Then she signed it.

He sits down on his desk, typing on his computer and pulled up her Cv...

It was an impressive… very impressive Cv. He logs off. Then he sees the file, frowning he opens it up and a small piece of paper falls out... “it was on the floor, it fell that was why I didn’t notice it and mixed it with the others files.
I do hope you have another opportunity… I am sorry. SAMANTHA” he reads.

He takes a minute to go through the file, indeed, it was well arranged, articulated, compiled and analysized, and she had added a few things to it, things he didn’t think off.

It takes another 10 minutes before he puts the file down, and leaves his office and back to his guest and his party.”

Samantha opens her door to find Jamie standing there “Are you okay?’’ Jamie comes in and enveloped her in a hug.

“Yes I am.”

“I am so sorry, I am sure Mr. Bass was just angry but you shouldn’t have gone that far… the whole place is buzzing , news flying, true and untrue.”

“It doesn’t matter, look let’s not talk about it anymore, I don’t want to please” she steps away from the door.

“Okay” Jamie walks in , frowning when she enters fully into the house.

“Why are you packed?"

“Because I am leaving, I can’t afford this place, I have no money and even if I did I cannot afford this place anymore, so I am moving out.”

“Okay, I can start loading your stuffs into my car and we can—" Samantha stops her.

“No, I have to do this on my own, I am not staying with you Jamie, you have done enough for me and I am grateful but… no more."

“But Samantha where are you going to go, how are you going to survive, what will you eat, are
you going back home to your mother’s...?”

“I don’t know yet but it’s okay, I will survive, junk maybe, and nooooo not mum’s, look I will be fine okay. I just need you to load it into that taxi parked out, don’t worry, been cutting through some magazine clippings for the past two hours, making calls... there is a small opening for a bar attendant, booking staff so I will start from there and see how it goes...”

“But Samantha?”

“No buts babes...”

Jamie sighs and hugs her.

“What do you mean you couldn’t reach her?”

Jake Bass asks the next day when the accountant calls him to tell him he couldn’t pay her.

“The account she had given us was closed down an hour ago, her numbers isn’t connecting and we couldn’t pay her for the month as you requested” the accountant says.

“Fine” he cuts the call, then he dails Sophie”s “Come into my office."

“I don’t know how else she can be contacted sir, Todd has just called to tell me that she is no longer in the address she listed in her Cv and there was no forwarding address and she didn’t drop a number or where she would be staying.”

“How come no one knows how she can be reached, no friends here in the company, none?’’

“Well... there was one person she hunged with when she wasn’t working..."

“Who is she?’’

‘’Jamie, Jamieliah Sawyer from the logistics department."

“Send her up.”

Jamie bites her lips as Jake Bass stares at her.

“Are you sure?”’

She didn’t know what he wanted with her and Samantha had said she didn’t want to have anything to do with the company anymore. She
didn’t even tell her exactly where she was going to, changed her number, she said she wanted to
just start afresh and she would call her when she is settled in.

“Yes sir, I am sure. I don’t know how to contact her or where she is.”

‘’it’s not possible, she couldn’t disappear into thing air.”

“Sir, why do you want to find her? if it’s her payment I can get it across to her somehow.”

“How? When you said you don’t know how to contact her. Well it doesn’t matter, good riddance to bad rubbish anyways, you can go.”
Jamie nods and leaves.

He drops her check into her letter and puts it in his drawer and closes it. He forgets about her in a week.

“Thank you so very much for gracing this Gala event with your presence, but it won’t be complete if we don’t thank the dignitaries, the sponsors for their fat checks” the man who had been speaking laughs, everyone else does too.

Jake Bass, looking dashingly handsome is standing with other guests, his glass of drink in his hands as Veronica held his other hand, she had been one of the models here.

It was a Special Gala Night, and he was given a special invite, they held it twice every year and they tend to outshine their last... and tonight, from the presentation, performances, art and speeches, even to the decorations and timing
was perfect.. whoever planned it did an excellent job.

He should ask the manager for the number, he wants to host a charity concert for next month, he needed someone who would get the job
done… as beautiful as this.

The man who was talking, finished speaking; thanking everyone, as he rounds up his speech he says “And last but not least, it wouldn’t be
complete if we don’t acknowledge the wonderfully gifted hands, mind and creative inattentiveness of our head team player, who made sure you had a good time, food on your plates, drinks, good music, all this was because she understands the intricacies of event planning… and she would give you a good run for your money and because we are proud to call her our own , please a round of applause for the delectable, beautiful Samantha Penelope Brookes, come over here and take a bow” he holds out his hands to her as a beautiful lady
who had been in the crowd walks out gracefully dressed in a black dinner gown, comes out smiling and standing on the stage, and gives her vote of thanks.

Jake Bass chokes on his drink, coughing when he sees her... he blinks a couple of times… And in that minute, both their eyes meet... then she looks away, as though she didn’t know who the hell he was.

He follows her as soon as she steps down. She frowns when she notices him follow her out of the hall to the balcony. She was answering a call.

He waits.

“Why are you following me?” She turns, done.

“Samantha Brookes...” he began.

Dear readers, am sure you've read what transpired between Samantha and Bass. I won't ask any questions to raise your curiosity.

But kindly drop your positive comments in order to unlock the next episode.


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I really like this girl, she is sassy, intelligent, resourceful and also beautiful. My kind of girlgrin grin
Thanks for the update

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Nice update op,really made my day.

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Thanks for the update

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I love Sam....

Thanks for the update

She loves you too. grin
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I like this Samantha character... when will the next update be made?

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Chapter 7

Samantha stares at him... “Can I help you?’’ she frowns.

He is taken aback, “Well it depends. The last time we saw you spilled coffee on my suit and had the tabloids gossiping for days, took a whole lot to kill the story and an awkward interview to state that… the mystery girl was non other than an intern whose stay was brief and unsettling. Good thing I kept your name out of it. It did cost a lot too, some media houses can be quite the leech and-"

“I am sorry but is there a point to this?’’ she cuts him off rather impatiently.

He smiles... “You haven’t changed much, you just added a bit of arrogance to your stance, how original.”

“Mr. Jake Bass I believe you-"

“Oh you do remember me. For a second there I thought you were a robot and –"

“Oh make no mistake Mr. Bass I do not only remember you but I do remember that I never liked you. And again, my question, why are you following me?’’

He is taken aback again...

“Well, I just wanted to make sure it was you.”

“And you have, is there anything else I could help you with?’’

“Yes… can you put your guards down, this doesn’t fit you... I mean the dress is beautiful on that body of yours and I’d say you did clean up nicely."

“Flattery Mr. Bass doesn’t work for me, and how I look shouldn’t be your concern.”

Okay now this was rather strange, he didn’t believe his eyes when he saw her. That once nerdy looking girl that had been a pain in his neck on her brief stay in the company. She had always had that sharp mouth, always trying to counter things but now, even her tone was different, she even looked different, more sophisticated oozing with class and confidence, which she had always had but now it was even
more annoying. Maybe he thought if he walked up to her, she was going to be…well, submissive seemly the fact that she made him lose an opportunity, embarrassed him in front of staff and guests. She should be apologizing about now, maybe even asking on how she could make it up to him for being… incompetent and un-mannered... but here she was... being the typical her, only this time… an extra dose of “I-still-don’t-bend-to-your-rules-Mr-Bass."

Okay maybe he should try another tactics.

“Hey relax, no need to be on a defense, I came in good faith. Okay, I looked for you when you

“Why? To fire me… oh you did that already. Why did you look for me, to get back to me for ruining your suit?"

“Oh no, actually, that file, the one you forgot to bring along…”

“Right, I apologized for that and it’s what.. over three months ago, are we still on that?’’

He smiles “I just wanted to let you know that I ran into the head of Council of leaders about a month ago after you left and I gave him the file, he was impressed… more impressed about the addition you made to the project, it was quite
revealing. I had a sit down, it took a few weeks but I finally got it, the approval, now I would have waited another year, I guess they liked it too much… I got it. Work commenced 3 weeks ago. Something that would have taken another year for a sit down, within three months, I had my baby project up, and soon… it’s going to be a great place for innovative minds and the best professional engineers in the country."

“Is this the point where I say congratulations?”

“If you will yes. But I had hoped whenever I see you again I would say thank you and apologize. Who knew I would run into you today.”

“I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. If you gave your staff half the chance at things, I am sure even your secretary would have come up with something better... I just took what you had and made it into something more… your ideas… my expertise and added knowledge, pure semantics.”

“But still... thank you. I believe I still owe you for your duration of time you spent at my company,
there was no forwarding address or account number, I actually kept it for you… well hoping to give it to you. I don’t owe people, and if you
would give me your account details I would have the accountant do justice to it” he brings out his phone, she raises an eyebrow.

“When I left and closed down my accounts it’s because I didn’t need your money, so there is no need for that now… if you would excuse me.”

She began walking away, he stops her by holding her elbow “we are having a conversation…. besides I am being polite even talking to you. I don’t even know why I am thanking you, in fact you are right, it was my ideas you just expanded. It was all mine not yours. Plus it was because of my
persistence that got me back into the good graces of the council of elders and made him push for approval. I only came here to say
hello, because when you left you left without your due pay but if you don’t want it, it is fine, but you will not walk out on me like that while I am talking Miss Samantha. She looks at Brookes.”still his hand on her hand.

“You will let go off me right this minute Mr. Bass or I will call security on you.”

He laughs “You wouldn’t dare. Do you know who I am?”

“No the question is, do you know who I am? Out there in your company you may be Mr. Bass and everyone bows and kisses your feet and throws themselves on the floor for you, but in here… I
am Boss and I can have you thrown out for disrupting my event. And before anyone could
query me for embarrassing Mr. Bash, the multi-billionaire, the big sponsor of this gig, the damage has been done. I do not work for you any more Mr. Bass and you are not the Boss of me. And if you don’t let go off me you are going to regret it, and I mean reputation-wise... I am sure you can be able to spare some loose cash to rid the tabloids of such an unfortunate incident that would happen, now I won’t be that
mysterious girl anymore, I will be the huge frown on your face… I know you don’t like to be on the other side of the divide, or the coin or when you are not the calling the orders, but at the moment I think what I want right now is way
bigger than your over sized ego... so now, let me go!!!” he lets go off her, shock on his face.

“And by the way of speaking, it was an honest mistake when I forgot that file back in the office and costed you that opportunity, but I am glad you got it back. But you Mr. Bass had left me stranded in a city with no means to come back at all. How I got home, I am sure you had no idea, and that is worthy of my anger, yes I made a mistake which was unknown and unplanned but you made a graver one by choosing to kick a girl out of your car just because, did you ever think that I might have come to harm’s way, I was your employee, you already sacked me then, I get it, my fault, I was trying to apologize but in anger I was put on the streets and literally had to make a call I had promised not to do unless it is to make the person happy..., and the coffee spill was only a light dent to your ego. Now, all that is past and over, you do not need to seek me out for talks or for us to reminisce on past times… it was a Boss and Employee relation gone bad, and severed, I left and all went well. I do not see why you are standing here and talking to me Mr. Bass, surely I believe there are more important things for you to do… like never leave your lady unattended to and talking to another, that is very ungentlemanly of you Mr. Jake Bass” she says.

“What lady?’’ he frowns.

“Typical, still very typical Mr. Bass” she replies shaking her head.

“Bass Honey I have been looking everywhere for you” Veronica purrs coming behind him and
hugging him, he tenses, then she turns to Samantha.

“Oh hi, Samantha Brookes is it?... this... the event is so beautiful, you did a great job, your boss must really be happy to have such a gifted mind and hands in his fold, everyone wants to meet you, they all seem to want to organize
something... I mean WOW!!!… but wait, have we met before today, your face looks familiar?" Oh yeah we have? About a couple of months ago when you were practically throwing yourself
on Mr. Bass despite him telling you that you were nothing but his bed mate when he feels like and on other days you mean nothing to him.

Samantha smiles “Oh, in my former life. Mr. Bass, Miss Veronica, enjoy the rest of the
evening and don’t forget to carry a souvenir home , it’s our thank-you package for being amazing sponsors” and then she walks away.

Jake Bass watches her leave, Veronica speaks “Baby, is everything okay, you look as though someone upset you?"

“I am fine” he smiles stiffly.

“And don’t call me baby please, Jake or Bass is fine. I will have Todd drive you home, have to get to the office for some urgent work.’’

She frowns “Really, you didn’t mind me calling you more than baby a few hours ago when you
were enjoying the feel of my arms and the warmth between my legs and now you want to send me home? I thought I was coming back to your place?”

“I told you Vero, no strings attached.’’ He says walking away.

He was upset, and it wasn’t Vero... it was that lady named Samantha Brookes. How dare her talk to him, him Jake Bass that way?

“Thank you everyone, have a good night” she was seeing off the few of the remaining guests.

“Samantha dear, so you would think about it and accept our offer?” the lady standing in front of her asks.

“Yes ma’am, I would run it over with Mr. Shelton, and I would get back to you.’’

The lady smiles and walks away.

“Okay Samantha, have a good night..” Mr. Shelton comes forward with a smile.

“Oh thank you Mr. Shelton."

“Should I have one of the drivers take you home?’’

“Oh that would be awesome sir I just-”

“Oh no need for that Mr. Shelton, I would take her home” they both turn to see him walking towards them.

“Mr. Bass, I thought I saw your car leave already, didn’t know you were still around” Mr. Shelton
says as Jake Bass gets close to him.

“Yes it did, went to drop a friend of mine home, but my car is here.”

“No bodyguards or security details sir, not trying to play invisible Mr. Bass are we...?’’ he laughs.

“Oh no Mr. Shelton, I just have some unfinished business with the lady.”

Shelton raises an eyebrow, Samantha was a beautiful woman, it’s understandable that any man would want to sort her out, in fact a couple of men had been staring at her and a few had made advances, but like a lady she had politely put them down.

And now, Mr. Bass was lurking around to talk to her, he smiles.

Everyone knew that women fell over themselves for him, maybe he has eyes on Samantha. But for the short period of time he had known her, She seemed not easily swayed off her feet, but was focused and determined, she had never shown him a boyfriend or excused herself to go on a date. He had even asked her once if she was into girls and she had laughed wholeheartedly and told him she liked men, but… there are men and there are men. He didn’t understand what it meant but... he let it slide.

Now Jake Bass is looking at her as though she had stolen something from him, why would anyone see a fine woman like her and frown. He shakes his head.

“Goodnight Mr. Bass and Samantha, have a good night” he says kissing her cheeks, shaking Jake Bass and leaves.

Samantha without looking back at Jake Bass made her way upstairs, she needed to pick her bag and leave, why was he still here, why didn’t he follow his lady friend and leave. She told herself that if she ever ran into him again, she was going to use her slippers and chase him, she was wearing heels… she wouldn’t want to put a hole in his head but if he as much as annoys her, she would make the hole really big.

“A lady who is so confident, do you think it’s right to be the last person here, it’s not safe” he says following behind her.

“It’s not your concern Mr. Bass, you can leave, I can take care of myself and if you are so concerned about what is safe and what isn’t… leaving me stranded in a city shouldn’t have been an option. Please stop following me” she says opening the door to her office and shutting it, she bends to pick her bag, he opens the door
and entered.

“What in the world are you doing?”

“Look Samantha, no one talks to me the way you do and it infuriates me, and you walk away when I talk to you, who the hell do you think you are, spoiling my evening, and that day? you deserved it, you were lucky I didn’t do more.”

“If that makes you sleep well at night then carry on, just please step out of my way’’ she told him frowning.

“And if I don’t?’’

“You really want to go down that road? I know you don’t like being told what to do Mr. Pompous rich and whatnot, I also don’t like to be told what to do, but in my case, it’s within my rights. Now step out of my way Mr. Bass, there is no reason why we must continue talking to each other, I need to get home and you are making my evening sourer by the minute.”

He stares at her, wondering why she was making him really upset. Maybe because other girls would have been swooning but she, she
was a thick skin. He never looked at her as anything other than his Intern and part time PA, he was terribly infuriated after that day in the city and kicked her out without thinking and he didn’t regret it, coming back to find the file and
see that she had worked hard on it, he felt a little guilty and tried to reach her, not to apologize but to make sure she got paid, that little stunt in front of his guest… was a blow, but he shook it off. Now standing here with her and all he sees is a feisty woman willing to make a point.

“I don’t bend for no one, I don’t care if you got the dough, I am my own person” which should have been commendable but it was annoying, he was used to women, his bed-interests, his workers and swooners bending over for him, even if they were just passing by or random faces… but her… this Samantha Brookes is a different specie all together… she was supposed to be part of the weaker vessel and here she was telling him to his face that he doesn’t mean shit and doesn’t flutter her feathers… not that he wants it to but… it was really upsetting not to be…erm... treated the way other women treat him, with sparks in their eyes. Or maybe she was one of those women who put up a front, maybe a little push would do, he was so going to tame her.

“Get out of my way Mr. Bass!”

“Maybe this would shut you up” he grabs her and kisses her.

Yes, she would give in now, women, they were all the same.

He felt her shock and then in another second ,he felt dazed as he held his face.

She had pushed him and slapped him, Hard on his face.

“Don’t you dare ever do that again Mr. Bass, I am not one of those girls and you think you can enforce your will on me, do you think I actually do like you and you think you can just kiss me and I will melt? Try that again and you will regret it… I am a strong independent woman and your charms, all this doesn’t work on me, don’t you ever try that ever and stay the hell away from me Mr. Bass, what the hell is wrong with you… MY GOD!!!” she spat to his face, nudges him out of the way and goes down the stairs.

He is shocked...

Ok... this was strange, this was really strange, then he became angry again and follows her down the stairs. She was gone.

“Damnit!!’’ he swore.

He didn’t like her, he was trying to shut her up… and now it only got him a slap… he touches his face.. Oh Miss Samantha, this is far from over. You would be seeing more of me.

He dial’s a number “Hello Mr. Shelton, I have a preposition for you...”

She wouldn’t know what hit her, he smiles.

With what just happened, what do you think Mr. Bass will do to Samantha?


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Sassy hmmmmmm I think that Mr Bass will try to make Samantha work for him again

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Interesting update

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Awesome update op, i think mr bass would want samantha to work with him again

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Awesome update op, i think mr bass would want samantha to work with him again

Definitely bro. Your guess is right, but it's more than that.

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Chapter 8

“Are you for real?” Jamie asks her.

“You didn’t have to come all the way here for that” Samantha opens the door wide for her friend to come in.

“Are you kidding? For this kind of juicy gist, I would cross the mountain and seven seas, tell me again what happened” Jamie enters, plops on the chair and stares at her friend.

“Well, he saw me and then followed me, went all pompous ass on me and of course, you know I never liked that and…”

“No tell me the part where he kissed you?”

Samantha thins her lips.

“Well I was telling him to get out of my way and he just grabs me and kisses me… Arghhh! I was so furious, so.. I slapped him, you should have seen the look on his face, he was shocked… I guess he never gets that reaction from his lady friends and I am not even his friend, I do not like him, in fact I find him terribly annoying and he doesn’t like me either, he is such an egocentric bastard, and what did he think, I would just swoon and kiss him back… noooo!!! not me, I slapped him and shoved him out of my way… he is crazy, what the hell was wrong with him, typical man… and I hate typical men... what was he thinking? walk up to me, draw up his chauvinist attitude and when I don’t bulge and apologize he goes… kiss her, she becomes a jelly?… oh I am glad I reset his brain.”

Jamie was looking at her.

“Okay let me get this straight, my $3xy ass rich boss grabs you and kisses you, it doesn’t matter for whatever reason he did that but he kisses you and all you could think about is not to kiss him back but to slap him, literally… I mean those lips, that face and that body pressed to you and instead for you to melt... yes I said melt, don’t look at me like you… you push him and you slap him… oh dear Lord, give me water, I want to faint… no fan please” she touches her head and then neck.

“No’’ she gets up and touches Samantha’s forehead and her neck, Samantha hits her hands away.

“Stop it Jamie, you sound like a loved sick deranged puppy.”

“No I really need to check because… wow Samantha... he kissed you… and you walked out
of there with both your legs standing straight. I would buckle, I would grow weak and I would
ask for more.”

“Good thing I wasn’t you. I still have my senses intact.”

“So you really didn’t feel anything ?” She docks as Samantha throws her a throw-pillow, she laughs.

“Don’t be silly Jamie, really? it’s been how long know, you should know I wasn’t even remotely
interested in men for a bit now and Mr. Bass is the last man on earth I would ever think off…’’

“You know he asked around for you.”

“Yeah he mentioned, and you mentioned and what did he want? to pay me for my work…. well he can shove it up his rectum.”

Jamie sighs “I miss the old you, you used to be nice, warm and sweet.”

“Yes and had people like Christopher run a mile with me no!… I know who I am and what I want, and bending to the whims and caprices of men, especially men like Mr. Bass is something I
would never do. Imagine he had a female companion for the evening and yet he comes after me to prove his point that he was angry
and needed to sort it out with me? What a laugh... he has no respect for women and I made him see that, maybe those women don’t value themselves but I do and if any man treats me anyway I don’t like, boss, friend, colleague, father, even lover, I would put them in their place, I am sure Mr. Bass got that loud and clear… he would stay clear away from me.”

“You will end up alone baby, men like to dominate and be on-top... well I like being on top too sometimes” she laughs.

Samantha shakes her head.

“Well it’s my life, and who cares if that’s how their biological makeup is, no man would be the boss of me in my personal life and space... no
way” her phone rings.

“Work?’’ Jamie asks.

She shakes her head “It’s Saturday, I don’t work on Saturdays but it’s Mr. Shelton... give me a second Jamie.”

Samantha gets up to answer the call.

“Yes Mr. Shelton, good morning , how are you.. oh I am fine. Thank you sir. Okay... wait! What did you just say? Sir, I would rather not. Mr. Shelton, okay fine I would go by and I would put one of the staff on it sir, okay... you too” she hangs up.

“What’s wrong, you look like you just had an annoying call, what happened?”

“Who do you think, Mr. Bass happened.”

Samantha frowns throwing the phone to the chair.

Jamie laughs “Blast from the past, Sam… you are definitely on Mr. Bass’s radar, good or bad I don’t know but honey, I would love to see how this ends.”

“Not funny Jamie, Mr Shelton asks me to go by the Bass industries, something about me planning his charity event, well I have told him
that I would go by but I would not be the one in charge, we have good capable hands and they can handle it. I don’t know the kind of devil juice Mr. Bass is on but I believe he is out to get me to be angry…”

“Oh girl take it easy, and try to not spill another coffee on him okay… he was spitting fire for a week.”

“Well, I have water, I would put it out and make sure he drowns in it.”

Janie is smiling... “Hmmm”

“What is that supposed to mean, hmmm?”

“Oh nothing, it’s just that I am wondering why he asked for you specifically.’’

“Maybe to show me that he can get what he wants when he wants and how, he is Mr. Bass alright, money talks , bullshit works.”

“True that.”

“Well I am Samantha Brookes, he would have to learn how to be schooled in proper mannerism, my mother didn’t groom me up to take shit from pompous assholes like that.”

“True that.”

“Whose side are you on anyways? My side or his side?”

“Oh me? I am on whoever wins side and on my side, sorry love, I would come and give you moral support but, I love my job, so I would give you a hug and a kiss to your cheeks MWUAAAAH!!!, Let me know what happens okay but for my sake and for every woman’s sake… If he kisses you again, take one for the team.and kiss him back, we that aren’t privileged to be kissed by him would tap into it through you.”

“Get out Jamie!”

“Yes I am going. I love you Sam.”

“I love you too.”

Samantha didn’t think she was coming back here ever again, but just like the devil rearing up its ugly head, Mr. Bass shows up. It was bad enough they had a disastrous working relationship... now they would cause another World War if they happen to work together again. Well she wanted her own peace of mind… so she would let him know she was going to put another person on his event.

“Good morning Miss Samantha” Todd says as she walks in.

“Good morning Todd, it’s been awhile... I am here to see Mr. Bass.”

“I know ma’am, I am here to take you to him.”

“And where is he?’

“At his residence."

“Why isn’t he here."

“I am just doing my job.”

“I was told that Mr. Bass would be at his company and that is where I am to meet him and if he isn’t here then I would leave.”

“No one works on Saturdays ma’am and besides he asked that I bring you to his residence so that you can have a meeting there.”

“Well he should have thought of that before fixing a meeting. Please kindly put a call across to Mr. Bass and let him know that I am here, and if he doesn’t come here as he had fixed I would go home’’ she tells him.

Todd is taken aback… “I Can’t do that ma’am I –”

He stares at her for a few minutes, unsure on what to do, no one had ever refused to go meet Mr. Bass, how does he tell him?

Then his phone rings… MR. BASS.

“Yes sir?’’

“Has she arrived?”

“Yes sir.”

“Are you on your way?”

“No sir.”


“She erm... she erm sir I mean” he trails off.

Samantha rolls her eyes and takes the phone away from him “Good morning Mr. Bass, Samantha Brookes here."

“Samantha Brookes, I do believe my driver told you that-"

“Mr. Bass, you had called Mr. Shelton to fix a meeting with me and it would be in your company office by 9am. On a Saturday morning, which ordinarily should have been my free day, you should know that since your company isn’t open on a weekend but you choose to disrupt mine, yet again as usual, in any case, I have agreed to meet with you and I get here, 8:45am and where are you? At home doing God knows what and then you ask your driver to take me to your residence? What am I? Your booty call? Mr. Bass, again, you forget that I will not be ordered, not by anyone or even you. That being said… please we should meet when and where you have originally stated. This is 9am already and in the next thirty minutes I would be going home and I would please ask that you do not contact my boss again, there are a few others that can do what you require, it doesn’t have to be me.”

“Miss Samantha Brookes you will not-"

She cuts the call and gave the phone to Todd.

“I am going to be here for 30 minutes, and if Mr. Bass doesn’t miraculously show up I would
leave” she says going to sit down.

Todd is staring from her to his phone and then back to her.

“Did she just cut the call on me?” Jake Bass stares at the phone, he wished he had her number to call her and shout her head off, but he didn’t. How dare she give him an order, him, Jake Bass take orders from a woman? No way.

“Hello Todd” Bass says as Todd picks “Kindly tell Miss Samantha that if she doesn’t follow you as I have ordered I will place a call across to Mr. Shelton and she may not like the outcome."

Todd is away for a few minutes.

“Hello Sir? Erm… she said you can go ahead, it wouldn’t be the first time to be fired by her boss for no just cause.”

What in the world?’ he frowns holding the phone tight.

“Tell her that she wouldn’t be able to get another recommendation to work in another place, and that I would make sure that she is miserable."

Another few minutes...

“She says you have about 25 minutes left sir.”

“WHAT NONSENSE?!!!’’ Bass shouts.

“I… I am sorry sir.”

“Tell Miss Samantha that, I will not spare her arrogance, tell her that…”

“Sir, I am sorry but she says you bark more than you bite and that you have 24 minutes left and that sir am so sorry I really don’t want to deliver the rest of her message to you sir.”

Jake Bass is fuming.

“Fine tell her I am not coming” he cuts the call.

First she undermines his authority, while they were working together, then in front of his guests and staff, and then now his driver... Ohhh Samantha Brookes, he squeezes his phone.

Well to hell with her, he wasn’t going. If she doesn’t come here as he has commanded he isn’t going. He would just get another person to run point man for his charity event. Who the hell does she think she is...? Because he kissed her? A kiss he regretted and she slapped him. Oh he was going to show her why he was called Jake Bass and no woman alive can make him bend his rules or give him orders. He wasn’t stepping a foot out of his door, it was Saturday... to hell with her. For her punishment, let her wait, get tired and leave.

“9:30 on the dot” she says getting up.

“Okay Todd, let your boss know that I have left and he should please do well to not call me again, he can call the office directly and speak to Shelly if he needs someone for his event’’ she gave him a card.

“Please call me a taxi...”

Todd nods.

He escorted her outside, flagging a taxi and she enters “Have a good day Miss.”

“And you too” she smiles turning away as the car pulls away.

Another car pulls up a second apart, Bass comes out , Todd was so surprised he does a double take “Sir ..erm Mr. Bass I thought you said, erm…”

“Where is the ingrate?”

Todd frowns, “She just left sir...”

“Where, what direction?”

“A red Taxi with a billboard sign of a cliffhanger on it, down South… about 1 minute ago.”

Bass enters back into the car and takes the same route, if he was lucky he would meet her before she disappears.

Samantha alights from the car, pays her fares and walks to her door, she opens it and gets in,
shutting it behind her. In less than a minute, she receives a knock, frowning she takes off her shoes and removes her jacket… she wonders if it was Jamie, it was only Jamie that knew where she stayed, she didn’t have much friends and she had never invited them over, or maybe it was one of the neighbors.

Knock, knock, knock!

“Be right there “ she says going to the door, if it were Jamie she would have bellowed at the top
of her voice for her… As soon as she opens the door she had shock registered on her face, then she peers outside and then back at him, then she frowns.

“Where.did you come from?”

“From my car apparently.”

“What are you doing here…and did you follow me and why?”

“That is not important...”

“Right. Mr. Bass we were supposed to meet at your office which you changed rather suddenly and I do not like last minute changes, especially when I am not pre-informed. Then you went ahead and said you were not coming but I gave you 30 more minutes by waiting. It is now few
minutes before 10, think by right, the meeting has been cancelled so… why are you here, I think it’s called a crime when you follow
someone to their residence without informing them.”

“Look Miss Samantha, I do not appreciate that you refuse orders, I mean what sort of woman are you? So what if I changed the time and meeting place it still doesn’t mean anything.”

“Oh it does Mr. Bass, in my books.”

Such feisty attitude, he shakes his head.

“Well, wouldn’t you invite me in Miss Samantha, I think it’s highly inappropriate that I am standing here and having your neighbours peep out their windows and doors. We can discuss why I wanted to have a meeting with you” he says looking around as a few heads popped out.

Samantha smiles ruefully, and here he was again, throwing orders, he doesn’t learn.

“Mr. Bass, you called for a meeting and you alone disrupted that. I dropped a card with Todd, your driver, you can call the number on it and speak with Shelly, she would attend to you.”

“I do not want to speak with Shelly or whoever she is… Mr. Shelton had told me you are top of his best team and you will be the one to be in charge of my event, Mr. Shelton and I have already agreed and I am paying him a lot of money for the organization and a tad more. So Miss Samantha, would you invite me or should I invite myself?”

She didn’t say anything, he takes a step forward and she stops him with her finger, shaking her head.

“Mr. Bass, if you want to have another meeting with me, call my office and book an appointment, I would check my schedule and I
would get back to you."

“You must be out of your mind if you think I would do that” he thunders.

She laughs “No you must be seriously insane if you think you can boss me around” she nudges
him backwards by poking her finger to his chest, as soon as he stepped back she smiles.

“Have a good weekend Mr. Bass and if you knock on my door, I will call the police and tell them I have a serial stalker at my door.”

“Miss Samantha I will not allow yo-!

She shuts the door on his face, he hears it lock twice.

He squeezes his fists in anger, ready to bang on the door, but people were staring, he puts on a fake smile, adjusted his suit, walks back to his car and drives off.

If she thinks he was going to do that, she was mistaken. Why the hell does he even have to use her for his charity. She was rude, annoying, she was very unladylike, talking to him that way, no respect... no... no.

Admit it Bass, she ruffles your feathers... Damn it!!! He hated her. DAMN IT!!! He swears again.


Now that Bass has been given such treatment by Samantha, do you think they can still work together?

Or...Do you think Samantha would regret her actions with her boss?


Re: Humdrum by Finnestgreat: 6:05pm On Apr 11
Op u too much,samantha really reminds me of someone i know

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Re: Humdrum by Ann2012(f): 9:40pm On Apr 11
Thanks for the update

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Re: Humdrum by Oluwatimi2000(m): 1:03am On Apr 12
every episode is a hit back to back

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Re: Humdrum by oluspicy: 9:12am On Apr 12
Chapter 9

Samantha arrives the Shelton’s Consultation, Business and Events Company, she alights from the taxi and goes through the reception area.

“Good morning Pierce” she greets the door man and smiles at the receptionist who was attending to a client. She takes her right, going up the stairs to her office, which was next to Mr. Shelton and his Secretary.

“Beautiful morning to you Shelly” Samantha smiles.

“Oh morning Samantha, looking beautiful as always this Monday morning.”

“Aww you look beautiful yourself” Samantha smiles heading to her office as Shelly follow her.

“Thank you, so I have the reports on the table, the accumulation of completed events for the past three months, we are starting our
publication for this month and Mr. Shelton wants you to be part of the photo shoot for that."

Samantha face palms “I wonder why?”

“He says it would look good, he would call it the face of Shelton enterprises. You know since you began working here, we have been getting good job offers, he calls you the magic touch.”

“Mr. Shelton is so dramatic.”

“And aside that, you have some few appointments today, one is from Mrs. Stevenson, she said she met you at the gala event, something about hosting the senators over at her country house?’’

“Oh yes, sweet old lady… and who else?’’

“Two meetings with the LORTS, one is for a business proposal and the other is for charitable means."

“Okay, and that is for what time?”

“By 1pm, then Mrs. Stevenson is by 3pm, and you have another by 9am.”

Samantha frowns “that’s now “I know, but the question is” with who… I mean who?’’

Samantha leans back on her chair and stares at her “I am guessing with someone who obviously
has a name?”

Shelly was trying to hide her smile which was threatening to burst her face, she was biting her lips.

“Guess, guess!!”

“I do despise the guessing games Shelly, who is my meeting with?”

“Oh… MR. JAKE BASS. He got here about fifteen minutes ago, he had been with Mr. Shelton, he said you come in by 9am. They were behind a closed door meeting and they had asked that I fix your first meeting with Mr. Bass” she purrs,
she leans on Samantha’s table and fans herself.

“He is so handsome, his rich voice, his skin, that body within those cloths” she gasps.

Samantha shakes her head, well at least he took her advice, only partially, he was supposed to call and book a meeting and she was supposed to check her schedule and get back to him… not like this. He still needs to understand permission, not enforced rights.

“Tell Mr. Bass that we can meet by 11am today, that I have some other meetings to attend to”
Samantha says.

Shelly’s mouth drops open, she blinks rapidly.

“I am sorry I didn’t get that.”

“Should I repeat it for you?”

“No, I heard it but I don’t understand it... I mean… do you know how many girls who are staff here had walked into the room he is in right now, offering him coffee, or a snack, or to pretend as though she had something to do in there? That amazing looking person is out there, waiting to have a meeting with you and you don’t want to have a meeting with him… why?”

“And I don’t have to explain myself Shelly, ordinarily, shouldn’t there have been a pre-informed meeting? The ones fixed for today
didn’t they talk to me about it first before we opened up schedules for them?’’

“Erm yes they did but… he is Jake Bass… I think he should be given an exception.”

“The more reason why he should not be treated differently.”

“But Mr Shelton...’’

“I will handle Mr. Shelton.”

“But, he is there… waiting” Shelly couldn’t believe her ears.

“Then hurry up and tell him his meeting has been moved to 11am Shelly.”

Shelly pouts, drags her feet and leaves.

“I am sorry what?’’

“Your meeting with Miss Samantha has been moved to 11am, she has other meetings to attend to. I am so sorry sir, do I offer you anything, more coffee or snack or something
else, maybe juice or...’’

“Stop talking, I was told she was free this morning, and Mr. Shelton also said so. I just came out of the meeting with him, finalizing plans and you tell me she has refused to have a sit down with me?”

He is angry. He had said he wasn’t going to do what she asked, and this morning… he had found himself telling Todd to bring him down here, sat down with Shelton, discussed and fixed a meeting with her.

This wasn’t him taking orders from a woman, oh no. This was him just making sure his event had good hands and now he was here himself and she had the audacity to re-fix what he had fixed.

He gets up… “Show me to her office, and I will not take no for an answer, this nonsense has to stop.”

Shelly nods and ushers him to follow her

“Come in” Samantha says.

“I am sorry but he didn’t take it well” Shelly says apologetically.

Jake Bass nudges her out of the way and steps in.

“Miss Samantha I think you have insulted my intelligence for far too long, how dare you-?"

“Mr. Bass if you don’t mind, I need you to keep your voice down, and then secondly, you cannot bounce into my office that way, and thirdly… did you realize you nudged the secretary aside just
to show your animal-istic behaviour? Please apologize to the lady” she says.

“Are you out of your mind?!’’ he takes a step further.

“No sir, I am serious and when you do that, can you please step out of my office, and wait for the time you have been booked for… which is 11am.”

Shelly’s mouth hits the ground a second time, the heat radiating from Bass’s body as his anger flew was enough to iron her cloths.

“Samantha, no need for that, it wasn’t a nudge… really Mr. Bass I do apologize for Miss Samantha and-’’

“Oh please do not apologize on my behalf Shelly, and it is very inappropriate for you to apologize when you are not wrong, well Mr.
Bass, what would it be?”

Jake Bass takes another step towards her… Samantha raises an eyebrow, she folds her hands and remains seated..

“You will answer to this!” he says storming out.

Shelly stares at him and then at Samantha “what have you done?”

“That would be all Shelly."

“Hello sir?” Samantha answers her phone...“Very well sir.”

She drops the call, leaving her office, she finds Shelly standing close to Mr. Shelton’s office, her eyes worried when she looks at her.

“I think he is getting you fired, oh Samantha, please apologize to him… he was so angry, you shouldn’t have talked to him that way.”

Samantha smiles, very typical of him. He runs to her boss to get her fired, she was angry now... apologize to Mr. Bass? Hell no, till hell freezes over.

She was proud but within her rights, if she was in a place that was not conducive for her she
would forget the money and leave, she had had it too rough in her life time to know that nothing else matters other than her happiness and her peace of mind. She had learnt it the hard way, constantly pleasing people, bosses, colleagues, friends, lovers etc which only caused more harm than good and she had told herself.

“Never Again!”

If she had to leave that job, she would. If she had to leave that relationship and sever that friendship, she would, If she had to start all over again from the scratch, she would. After she moved away three months ago, working in a bar as a waitress, doing cleric jobs in the library she had learnt a lot, suffered some days and had to pick herself up on others days.

Then she had ran into Mr. Shelton, she had organized a children’s birthday party for the owner of the restaurant she was working in, and
despite the little money he wanted to spend for his kid’s birthday, she had made it into something magical, and before long, friends
and family had walked up to her to ask her to plan their events, birthdays, showers, and then her big break, was a wedding ceremony. She had always thought she would end up in a business tycoon office, solving big problem and putting her brain to work. She soon found out that she loved what she was doing and Mr. Shelton had been a friend to the family, who had walked up to her after the party and given her a offer, an offer she was happy to accept.

His company which was partly an event company hasn’t been doing so good... And within three weeks, she had stepped up from being a contract staff to being a lead team member and within a month, she had gotten an office, a raised check, and she had moved back to town into a comfortable apartment and the company began to roll in bucks. She was an asset to the company now and she did make sure that whatever privilegebshe had here, she earned it, with her hard work, and when it came to the business side of the company, she was also a consultant to them and other business owners, so she still functioned with her brain here and hands.

Now because of his bruised ego, Bass goes to her boss? Well she was mad and even if her boss lets her go (which she wouldn’t blame
him), it would still be nice to tell Mr. Bass to his face what she thinks of him and one would be
that he was a complete jerk amongst other things.

He likes to give orders and then he cries wolf when someone else gives him orders. Or was he pained that it was a woman giving him orders, a woman who would ordinarily fall to his feet is rising above him? She shakes her head.

“Well Mr. Bass, I do not bend to rules, rules given by men like you so if you want my respect you would have to earn it, and doing this... all this, throwing your money around and slapping faces and screaming do you know who I am is pitifully and laughable.” Yes I known who you are… you are the man who can’t bend me… rather I would teach you how to respect others who you think are beneath you."

Samantha knocks and walks into the office, Jake Bass with legs crossed doesn’t look at her. Mr. Shelton is seated, he is worried.

“Good morning Mr. Shelton."

“Hello Samantha, please seat” she does, she doesn’t spare Bass a glance.

“Mr. Jake Bass has put me in a rather difficult situation, and I would want you to reconsider his offer, and everyone would be happy.”

“And what would that be sir?”

“He has said he would redraw being a sponsor to our Gala events and others, and he would pull out from our future activities if I don’t relief you of your duties or make you be team lead for his charity event coming up.”

Samantha smiles “And what is your decision sir?’’

He sighs “You are one of my best here Samantha and losing you would be a blow to the company, so I would love to plead to you to
reconsider” he says.

Well, as always this was it… men trying to rule the lives of another because of wealth and status.

“My mother used to tell me while growing up to never let anyone, make me feel less than I am, not to be devalued or treated as anything other than what I am and if I feel my peace of mind is being threatened and my state of affairs too, I should do what is in my best interest, and if walking away is in my interests I should do that, because no amount of money can buy happiness.”

“So what are you saying Samantha?”

Jake Bass is staring at her with a smile on his face, this was the part where she would break down in tears and then apologize to him, then he would remain angry, and say he doesn’t care about her crocodile tears and then still ask for her to be relieved and then she would beg and plead some more and because he has the power to change destinies, he would tell Mr. Shelton to give her back her job and then she would be at his mercy to do whatever he asks her to do… work long hours, on weekends and have no social live. That would teach her how not to be disrespectful to him. He was Jake Bass, money talks, bullshit work.

He smiles to himself.

“It means that… I am truly grateful for the opportunity you have given me and I do hope that you find capable hands to take over from
where I stopped. Thank you sir, it had been a privilege to work with you, I would tender my
resignation within the hour, now if you would excuse me” she says getting up.

Both Mr. Shelton and Jake Bass’s jaws drops to the floor.

“But but...Samantha." Mr. Shelton says baffled… he expected her to beg too, apologize to Mr. Jake Bass, and all would be well. He didn’t want to lose her, no, she brought life back to his company, if she leave, it’s as good as going
back to where he started…which was ground zero... No!

“Damn!!! You are a stubborn little mule Samantha Brookes” Jake says, he shakes his head rubbing his lips.

“I would rather not dignify your comment with a response MR. Jake Bass, Mr. Shelton if you would excuse me.”

“Erm...please wait Samantha” he says.

He closes his eyes and then opens it. He had two choices, let Samantha go and let his company go back to ruins or call Mr. Bass’s bluff, and loose one of his big sponsors.

With Samantha, he can always get more sponsors, might not be as rich as Bass but it would take time, they would find.

So he made his decision “I am sorry Mr. Bass, Miss Samantha, I will not collect your letter, you are a part of this company and you would remain so. Mr. Bass I thank you for your continued patronage but if you deem fit to withdraw from our partnership, we won’t stop you... sometimes assets are better than wealth” he says, he might be making the biggest mistake in life but sometimes, one has to take the risks.


He should get up, storm out of here and do just that. He should… so he opens his mouth to tell him to make all the arrangements with his

“Very Well Mr Shelton… I do understand. My apologies. I do not like your decision but I believe one should not put one’s anger in front
of delicate matters. I do very well want to continue our business relationship and I still want your best team head to handle my charity event, and if… erm... Miss Samantha is the best she should handle it, well of course it is up to
her” he says.

He doesn’t believe he was doing this… he, Jake Bass. Someone must have put juju juice in his tea this morning.

Mr. Shelton beams with smile, “Oh thank you Mr. Bass. Miss Samantha?”

She stares at him…

Not bad Mr. Bass, at least you have realized one thing; not everyone would bend to your rules... Mr. Jake Bass schooling commences, JB 101.

“If I am to be charge, I would like that I handle things my way, which means that Mr. Bass would have to try as much as possible not to infringe on my working rights and that he gives me the space I need to do an excellent job..” Samantha says.

“You would do whatever I ask you to, and when."

She smiles “No Mr. Bass, I do whatever I want to and when, and if I have to do my Job… that is my call. And if we are finished here sir, I would leave.”

“And the meeting we can have it now?”

Oh no Mr. Bass.

“11 am’’ she says walking away.

Mr. Shelton hides a smile, way to go Samntha, way to go.

Jake Bass is frowning, Mr. Shelton looks at him apologetically “I am sorry for her behaviour Mr. Bass, maybe she is on her period, Pms-ing?”

“Oh I doubt that, she just likes seeing me turn red. Well I have an hour or two before 11am. I would take my leave."

“Very well Mr. Bass.”

“Come in Shelly”

“Your 11am is here Samantha” Shelly says.

“Thank you” Samantha nods, but Shelly didn’t leave.


“Erm I don’t know what you did or how you did it but, I just had a new found respect for you Samantha Brookes...” she says with wonder in her voice, Samantha smiles.

“You have to show them that you are made of steel too right?”

Shelly returns the smile and leaves, in another minute she knocks and ushers in Jake Bass.

“I believe you will have my time now Miss Samantha Brookes?”

“Do have a seat Mr. Bass, how may I help you? Tell me what sort of charity event you desire and I would try and bring your desires to fruition” she says with a very professional and straight face.

He stares at her, seating next to her, for the first time he really looks at her and he realized
something; She made his heart skip...And he didn’t like that at all.


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