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Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 9:10pm On Apr 12, 2022


In a far away fantasy world of magic where humans, elves, giants, dwarfs, merimoths, fairies and oaks try to honor the "High Agreement" and live together in harmony in New Merivia.

A dark threat arises, one that plans to break the fragile peace between the lands and lay waste to them all.


Only THE HEROES OF NEW MERIVIA can put a stop to it.


GENRE : fantasy, crime,adventure,sci-fi,action, thriller


Check out this page for the world setting and episode one's title reveal


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Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 7:25am On Apr 13, 2022
World Setting Map - Depicting the lands and their Inhabitants.

Vyetial - Merimoths, Oaks, Elf, Dwarfs -

Vissouri - Giants,Oaks, fairies -

Cansius - Dwarfs, Humans, Merimoths -

Thidral - Humans, fairies, Elves

Partia - Oaks, Merimoths and Dwarfs -

Astenia - Elves, fairies, Dwarfs -

Farjen - Fairy, Elves, Merimoths -

New Merivia -Diverse

Medral aka Old Merivia - Diverse

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Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 8:02am On Apr 13, 2022
Each land is imbued with two kinds of energy called Base magic or force magic which is believed to come from a much larger source that is responsible for all lives, the WORLD MAGIC

And whilst it doesn't mean other forms of force magic don't exist in these land, it only denotes the magic naturally present and practiced by the original inhabitants of the land.

Each land has found various ways and techniques to use their base magic or force magic and apply it in various ways.

Force Magic is based on two categories.

ENFORCE - used to protect , destroy, attack and defend one's self , land or people, considered the strongest


HARNESS - used to grow, develop, heal, create, manipulate and entertain, considered weak

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Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 8:56am On Apr 13, 2022
Keep checking the page for new contents for world setting and characters
Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 12:00pm On Apr 13, 2022

Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 12:17pm On Apr 13, 2022

Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 3:10pm On Apr 13, 2022

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Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 3:56pm On Apr 13, 2022

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Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 3:30am On Apr 14, 2022

Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 3:31am On Apr 14, 2022

Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 11:34am On Apr 14, 2022

Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 11:35am On Apr 14, 2022

Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 11:51am On Apr 14, 2022

Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 12:42pm On Apr 14, 2022

Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 5:41pm On Apr 14, 2022

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Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 5:43pm On Apr 14, 2022

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Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 5:45pm On Apr 14, 2022
Keep Checking for cool facts and episode 1 title review

Thanks for a hundred Views, I am almost done with episode one draft, I only hope to deliver as expected.

I decided I was going to take my time to write a story that I can be truly proud of.


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Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 2:12am On Apr 15, 2022

Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 2:13am On Apr 15, 2022

Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 9:21am On Apr 15, 2022
Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 12:17pm On Apr 15, 2022

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Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 12:20pm On Apr 15, 2022

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Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 11:59pm On Apr 15, 2022

Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 7:02am On Apr 16, 2022

The annual gathering of the high Fathers is in threat of the unknown when a group of elf mercenaries find their way into New merivia, As the security enforcers try to get a hold of the situations, Elvirah makes a choice that will ultimately change her destiny

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Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 7:03am On Apr 16, 2022

The countdown begins finally

Thank you all for waiting

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Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 2:38am On Apr 17, 2022

Northern Border Gate II - Lowland - New Merivia

Another cold night greeted with gossip and cheap talks by the border guards and although every other time they were usually kept busy by the in flow of traders and immigrants seeking a chance to start a fresh or become a part of something big, that day had been totally different.

The night duty men numbering twelve having relieved the day watchers had had nothing better to do than slack off and try to annoy each other but what really was there to do; New merivia has been one of the most peaceful and secured places for years, whatever could go wrong?

As two guards on ground duties try to have a conversation, a cold unusual fog began to elope the scenery slowly but intently.

Guard 1 : ...(laughs) too bad for you that you weren't picked, I am up for patrol duties in the High ground, that's a real opportunity at something great, who knows I might just impress some senior guard or master or even Commissioner Merkel himself you know!

Guard 2: (scoffs) f**k off minster, you certainly lack the connection to hangout with any of the top officers especially in high grounds, I would settle for anything that gets me off this cold! (He shivers)

Guard1: (scoffs) maybe you should go to black wall (laughs) I hear they prefer the young ones more.

Guard 2: (gives him the finger) f**k you I am not so desperate for a job, the black walls isn't for no sane person.

Guard 1: (nods in agreement) yeah yeah, I still got a cousin who still screams in his sleep just three days at black walls security (farts and yawns) but who cares anyway, its not like anything ever happens here (laughs) this is New merivia we are talking about!

they sight a carriage driving towards them

Guard 1: look at that, I bet its some dwarf who wants to avoid paying for a market pass, those sleazy traders would do anything to avoid paying any sort of pass fees.

Guard 2: (tries to stare into the fog) huh damn it! I can't see shit!

A projectile is fired from the carriage so swiftly that guard 1 doesn't notice it

Guard 1: (still staring at the carriage from afar )

Hey did you hear some...

he turns to look at guard 2 but is stunned, guard 2 has an arrow in his neck, his futile attempts to stop the blood from gushing out is met with another arrow to the head, that minute of breathlessness from guard 1 also gets him two arrows, one to the heart and one to the head, they fall to the ground instantly

the fog is the work of elf mercenaries, it was the perfect cover for the six elf mercenaries, they execute all twelve guards under its cover so swift and precise, not many realized they were dead before they dropped to the ground, the mercenaries slip into the Lowlands with ease, their intentions unknown
Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 2:42am On Apr 17, 2022

Royal Palace - High Grounds - New Merivia

High Father Auren Ulysius Thargen discusses with Commissioner Selith Dhamal about the up coming Gathering; A once in a year meeting held in New merivia where the high fathers of all the lands gather to discuss about issues bordering on the security, trade and relations, however this year's meeting might be quite intense due to the broken down trade relations between Vissouri and New Merivia but there is something else

High Father Auren: (frowns dully where he seats) I don't like the feel of this

Commissioner Selith: Prince Nhargim's presence at the gathering might not be received well by the others, by law of participation, High father Naga Thesius should have notified the gathering three days earlier.

High Father Auren: (scoffs) refuse the young prince participation and risk breaking relations with the elves yet again? that can't happen.

High Father leaves his seat, his mind clouded with thoughts concerning the arrival of Prince Nhagim, the younger of the twin sons of High father Naga, The more troublesome and arrogant one whose been known to be outspoken about the elves superiority over humans

High Father Auren: (walks to the window to take a good view of the city at large, beautifully lighted up, he always enjoyed this view) The young prince has been known to incite violence and misconduct, we can not allow that to happen, even now I fear the young prince has got some laid out plans to wreck some sort of havoc, we must be prepared and vigilant.

Sares - Northern Lowland - New Merivia

The mercenaries evade the eyes of everyone, scaling buildings when they need to and using the shadows as a perfect camouflage, of course they were perfect for this tasks, spies, assassins, mercenaries, name it, they have been the superior breed of this sort of jobs at least that's what they have always thought, as they scale the buildings up above in the open streets, High guard Doiata and his men patrol the grounds, a slippery terrace from above gives one of the mercenaries away, who slips and does masterfully to land on the ground without injuries but he finds himself in front of doiata and his men, the other five drop to the ground as well

Doiata: (draws sword out as does his men, he knows these guys are bad news) identify yourselves!

One of Doiata's men is the first to get a thrown missile in the face, killing him instantly

Doiata: take them down!

Doiata charges his hands to glow brightly making him a slippery and hard target for any sort of projectile, three of his men do same as they engage the enemies whilst one tries to escape to send out a patrol warning signal

Assassin 1 : (throws a poisoned dagger at the escaping guard's spinal cord who falls flat) No one escapes! Kill them all!

Doiata manages to get the best of one of the assassins, scaling a wall above the reach of the assassin's chained dagger but high enough for his sword to do some serious damage, he goes for best, thrusting his sword into his attacker's neck and for a moment the assassins are stunned as the slayed assassin staggers furtively and slumps to the ground

Assassin 1: (angrily) you will pay for that!

Assassin 1dispalys the most unrealistic combat moves killing two of Doiata force magic users, doiata's men are reduced to just two, they are boxed in slowly

Doiata: (charges himself to illuminate so much light, the assassins are unable to attack for a while)

you can't fight what you can't see!

(turns to the other two men)

go get out of here, I will hold them off!

the two men put up their light shades; a type of shade that helps protect light users from the effects of light, and try to escape but the assassins have a trick off their sleeves, they produce small refractive mirrors and throw it at Doiata, these mirrors break off his lights just enough for assassin 1 to get a clear shot of Doiata, his light fizzles out as he bleeds from the dagger to his chest, his men are shocked they turn to stare at him

Doiata: (stares at his men) go..go..run away!

They don't get the chance, the assassins take the opportunity to take them down, they fall quickly, Doiata goes unconscious as the assassins come closer to finish him off, a patrol horn is heard so close they decide it's a risk to stick around, they disappear into the cover of the night, they arrive at a house across the street and halt for a signal, someone let's the door open soon afterwards and the assassins go in, An human greets them, the mercenaries give him a bag of gold coins after which he leads them to a secret hatchet beneath the cover of the floor carpets, they go in and the hatchet is shut behind them
Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 2:50am On Apr 17, 2022

Nareh - Northern Lowland - Merivia

Commissioner Preketh Ulsha's house is fairly no different from the others on the street although Nareh can be considered a region of the lowland for the middle class, it lacks the fittings and architectural insanity of the likes seen in highlands and whilst the commissioner of magic had had her opportunity to relocate as expected by the title she holds, yet just three months after she was elected into office, she had declined the move, Nareh was her birth place, it was home for her and her three kids, Elvirah, Elres and Evrin, the older of the trio, a low enforce master and student teacher at the New Merivia's Cathedral, Elres, a junior enforce student and Evrin, the sassy pants and self acclaimed smarts of the house, a prospect full student; once he takes his entrance examination test of course.

Inside Preketh's dojo where they all train, Elvirah and Elres are at it again; tinkering with their force magic

Elvrin : (reading a book inside unamused by his siblings) am gonna tell mom you two dumbos are tinkering with your forces again.

Elres: (at Elvrin) Professor know too much, maybe Elvirah should try her latest magic trick on you then

Elvirah: (frowns dully) come on elres, leave him alone and concentrate, I think I have figured out what went wrong with the first one.

Elres: (scoffs) you think? You almost fried my hair off my head, that would have been a death sentence for a guy like me since I still sixteen and have like twenty four years to live as the most sexy and handsome single guy in the whole of New Merivia.

Elvrin: (laughs) oh please, the last time I checked...

Elvirah: (cuts in) Elvrin you are ruining my concentration, go help mom or play with your toys for f**k sake!

Elvrin: (annoyed) fine, I will go but not because you asked to go but because I was done reading this book which by the way has more potential than your attempt to replicate the "emblem of light"

He walks out and for a Moment, elvirah thinks about her eight years old brother's words, that brat was damn right, the emblem of light was her mother's signature light force magic technique which was of course a special form of light force magic that helps to detect and influence the emotional state of the victim from happiness to sadness, Grief to Relief, Anger to laughter or vice versa, her mother had long mastered this art at Thidral as a student monk and now coming off age, she had sworn to master her mother's signature force as well but so far it had been failures toppled with failures

Elres: okay are you ready to fry my brains once more or can I go now?

Elvrin plays with his toys in the living space when a knock is heard on the door, his mother goes to answer it, Elvrin already has a hunch who is at the door

Elvrin: (calls out loud) Elvirah, your Prince charming is here to save you!

Prince Veilgah Thargen; another low enforce master, heir to the throne and Elvirah's heart throb is embarrassed at Elvrin's comment but of course its not a date, all low enforce Masters make up majority of the security personals including excluding royal guards and tonight was patrol night over the streets of Nareh, he had volunteered to go find Elvirah after which they are to rejoin the other squad members at an agreed location

Prince Veilgah: (greets commissioner preketh) Good evening commissioner!

Preketh: Good evening Prince Veilgah, she will be out in...

Elvirah: (struggles to get herself in her patrol uniform) am out already mom, see you later, got to go!

The duo lock lips once preketh locks the door behind them before they ran along the streets of Nareh like the lovers they were

they are on their way to regrouping when they see a red flare shot up into the air from a distance; red flares often denoting a serious crime that has to do with murder had been committed or was a progress, a first for two young enforcers who are shocked at the sight but prince veilgah recovers quickly, he and Elvirah quickly use a force move 'The way of light' to locate the exact place of the event

Prince Veilgah: (to Elvirah) I can use my Passage Skill to move us all there at once but its gonna drain me a bit, so be prepared!

Prince Veilgah just needs a moment of calm; his eyes turn pure light and he is able to charge the light around him to form a portal; a light force technique exclusive to the High Father's royal family, they both step into it.

Sares - Northern Lowland - New Merivia

High Enforcer Krugah Elms and his squad are already on ground when they see the light portal, a dull frown creeps in on his face as Prince Veilgah and Elvirah step out ,weapons out and guards up, unfortunately they do are surrounded by krugah's squad members who are forced to laugh at the young ones for a moment

Krugah: oh look its captain deep sh*t and his infamous side kick to the rescue!

he send his men laughing a bit more as Veilgah is annoyed by krugah who for years have been a thorn on his flesh; an old frustrated, jealous and depressed Enforcer who doesn't like him

Prince Veilgah is moved to say something back but Elvirah who understands how the duo always end their encounters steps in, brushing the issue aside

Elvirah: Sir, we saw the flare and...

Krugah notices the symbol of squad leader on Veilgah, the perfect opportunity for another attack

Krugah: and you and your squad leader decided to play hero and sidekick, whatever happened to the Code of Approach Section 1-2 of Category 5, A squad leader is not to leave or abandon his squad members at anytime under any circumstances

Prince Veilgah: But there was a red flare, Someone could have been in immediate danger...

Elvirah: (looks around and realizes the covered bodies on the floor) What did happen here?

Krugah: (scoffs) none of your business, now why don't you go prepare a better explanation for the security council why you left your members on active patrol, maybe the council will realize that security business is not for Prince charming.

krugah's men laugh their ass off while Prince Veilgah's boils, it takes a lot from Elvirah to calm him down

Krugah: watch it Prince charming, remember I am still a level high up in rank, you talk out of place or act out of place and the security council will have no other option than to see to what I have been saying, now get off my crime scene Veilgah before i add insubordination to your list of short comings!

Prince Veilgah is annoyed but understands the gravity of doing anything foolish , he walks away from the scene frustrated and unhappy, Elvirah takes a good look at the scene one more time and catches up with Veilgah.


I hope you enjoy the story arc and the character development so far, more build ups on the way as I successfully complete episode arc within the next few days, kindly ignore the typo errors for now, I have been doing a lot to reduce them drastically
Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 5:43am On Apr 18, 2022

NEXT DAY - New merivia Cathedral Academic - High grounds - Merivia

Veilgah and Elvirah are about to spar in front of the young students; hand to hand combat practice of course. Elres and his friends watch with keen intent.

Friend: The prince wins with low difficulty!

Elres: (scoffs) Three gold coins that sister can level him on the ground

Friend: (thinks about it for a while , he stares at veilgah who seemed dead serious with his double batons and nods) you are on pal!

Meanwhile Veilgah and Elvirah Size each other up with batons on their hands whilst the younger teenagers watch, Elvirah notices Veilgah is a bit off

Elvirah: hey, are you okay?

Veilgah: Its krugah, he filed me, they are taking me off patrol duties for a week!

Elvirah: am sorry

Veilgah: (scoffs) one of these days, I am going to wipe the smirk off his face! (Smiles dully)

Elvirah: (smiles) good, now show me!

The two go at each other displaying skills the kids can only marvel at

Friend: no way the prince is going to lose to a girl!

Elres: Yes that's true except the times he is fighting my sister!

just there and then Elvirah uses Veilgah to wipe the floor catching Veilgah's flying hand and using it to direct his body up above and past her head to the floor; the prince lands with a thud as the teenagers clap in sheer joy

Elres: (turns to stare at his stunned Friend) I believe the agreement was 3 gold coins, I accept coins, gadgets, fashion accessories and anything worth 3 gold coins!

High Master Baley; Elvirah's personal mentor and Combat instructor at the academy walks in, Veilgah and everyone else leaves the scenery except elvirah

Elvirah: (Greets) Master Baley!

Baley: Elvirah I see the kids have had a fill of your combat prowess, you know you should go to Tutoring, the...

Elvirah understands what this is about, its been a bone of contention for her and the old master who she understands is only carrying her mother's orders to convince her to leave active Field duties due to the fact that her father died on duty as an active enforcer, an experience they still secretly struggled with as a family

Elvirah: I can't do that, I want to be on the streets, That is where I belong, when its time for me to mentor and teach I will gladly do that but right now, I want to honor my father by finishing what he started!

she proceeds to go drop her batons and to wipe the sweat off her body

Baley: (sigh) that is while your mother is worried, your father was my friend as well, he was a good man and after all he did, what really was done for, nothing, this job, we do it...

Elvirah: I do it because I love it, I have always dreamed of wearing this uniform, fighting crimes, making New merivia a safer and better place to live in, I am not just doing this to honor dad, I am doing this because its what I want to do and I am prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice doing it.

Baley: then what about Veilgah?

Elvirah: (blushes) Veilgah, the prince? What about him?

Baley: Oh come on dear, everyone knows the rumors, you and the prince look like the perfect couple already, you know if he ascends the throne today...

Elvirah: Queens are allowed to hold active duties right? (Sigh) look I don't really know much about ruling or all that but I know right now and I know this is what I want to do.

Baley nods in approval, truly Elvirah had always shown a knack for this line of duty, she had excelled, yes, she had always excelled in classes, who knows she might one day succeed Merkel.

Baley: maybe I can find a way to convince your mother to trust your decision on this one.

he proceeds to leave but Elvirah remembers something

Elvirah: The incident down Sares, I heard we lost some good men out there, what happened?

Baley: you didn't hear this from me but right now there is a meeting going on between the commissioner Merkel and the high father, it was bad and brutal, we lost sixteen good men yesterday, words have it that, this is the work of mercenaries, They gained access through the northern border gate II, its off Merkel's opinion to put everyone on high alert and curfews in place.

Elvirah: (thinks hard for a moment) Why now, doesn't this sound strange to you , given the fact that tomorrow is The gathering of the High Fathers, something isn't right!

Baley: Merkel has asked the masters to hold off any actions until given approval by High father Auren, he is of the opinion the high father won't want to spook the citizens, so he might choose a softer approach.

Elvirah: like an investigation?

Baley: yes, like an investigation but again you didn't hear nothing from me young one but don't worry i will keep an eye for you just in case.

they said there farewells and left the scene, Elvirah seats to think about it for a while longer; a plan of action comes to mind

Nareh - Lowland - New merivia hospital - New Merivia

Senior Doctor Liken Ias and her fairy assistant is tasked with saving Doiata's life and had it been she was tasked with just a stab wound, she could have had it easy but the weapon used had a mysterious poison she hadn't worked on before, A situation that puts her in a difficult situation since doiata happens to be her husband

Fairy Assistant: (frustrated) nothing is working, its not responding to any of their cures, if we don't find a solution soon enough, he isn't going to make it

Liken: (thinks for a moment, she stares at her husband pitifully) not if I can help it, he can't die, I have to help him.

Fairy Assistant: but what can we do Mrs liken?

liken takes her leave without answering her assistant finding[b] Market - Sares - New Merivia [/b]

[i] The pirates under huge camouflage numbering five, find their way around to a famous dwarf's store; one who has been expecting him

They find their way in, and are lead to the inner section of the store where they are able to have a private discussion with the merchant

Merchant: you have my...

Assassin 1: (throws a bag of gold to the merchant, which he catches and weighs as if he is able to detect its content's accuracy) we don't have time dwarf!

Merchant: (chuckles) just checking, I have to tell you, finding your merchandise was quite difficult...

the mercenaries draw their daggers all out which startles the dwarf who had hoped to get a bit more from his unlikely buyers

...(chuckles) Just joking, It was super easy, here it is, The book of mirror, just...

Assassin 1: (collects the book and proceeds to leave) we know how it works dwarf, it was nice doing business with you!

they leave the dwarf alone who settles to unpack his bag of gold coins to count, he noticed amongst the coins their is something else, a little inflated balloon like type object, his inability to handle the object properly makes the balloon to rupture instantly letting a green like fume which quickly fills the room, the dwarf is dead within seconds

Elvirah runs past the halls hurriedly acrobatically dodging a few accidents as she runs to the meeting ground for Low masters, an emergency meeting had been called and her guts had told her what its purpose was for; her opportunity to shine. She joins one of the lines of low masters as Three senior masters address them, she peers hopefully for Veilgah but he is nowhere to be seen

Senior Master: As directed by the commissioner Merkel under the recent security threats, a few changes will be made to existing security measures but that's not why we have called for this meeting, high enforcer Krugah Elms has been charged with a very important and top secret assignment, he is to select a few low officers from the lots of you who would be working under him during this special assignment.

Elvirah had seen this a dozen of times, these so called secret missions were in fact top of the charts for any of the low officers, Spy missions, Investigations, witness Protection, name it, this was her dream mission and having been the top low master for the last three weeks due to her high duty performance, it was certain she would get picked for this one

To be continued
Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 5:51am On Apr 18, 2022

Royal palace - High grounds - New merivia

Merkel is on his way out when the commissioner of health Olgath Relf calls him aside to discuss something

Merkel : what's the situation on doiata?

Olgath : He is struggling, I give him another day or less before he is beyond help, the poison is killing him fast, liken doesn't know what to do, she has never seen something like this.

Merkel: Damn it, doiata happens to be the only witness who can tell us what we are dealing with, we need him alive, we can't afford to lose him.

Olgath: I thought as much maybe that's why I hadn't cast his wife's opinion on rescuing him there is a solution, you know that right?

Merkel thinks for a while, he grunts horribly

Merkel: we can't do that the high father would never agree to it.

Olgath: I don't know what else to tell you, He doesn't have much hours left, I don't like the solution as well, we will be risking our jobs and our heads if its ever found out but we would be saving a life and saving that of others and preventing a possible war, wouldn't we?

Merkel: (Sigh) Who is in charge this time?

Olgath: Liken, she handled it the last time didn't she?

Merkel: (scoffs) barely, she could have lost mind you know, I won't trust her to do this alone, its way too dangerous and I do t trust anyone with too much power in their hands.

Olgath: do what you have to do, She will be waiting for your response.

New Merivia Cathedral Academy - High grounds - New merivia

Elvirah walks in on Krugah and his selected team ; angry and fierce looking.

Krugah: (Grins) what do you want Missy?

Elvirah: (walks up to him) You didn't pick me, I deserved a chance on this team more than anybody in this room, I have worked my body and soul and for this, I have aced every test and exams three weeks in a row and you would deny me this chance?

Krugah: (pretends to think about it for a while and then laughs out sarcastically) what can I say, I pick whoever I choose to so if you have a problem with my selection, you can go cry to your mummy or wait... (Chuckle) to your Prince charming, his father of course can kick me out and put you in charge, am sure you would love that, wouldn't you?

elvirah is greatly overcome with anger and frustration, it's almost certain a fight is about to breakout but she diffuses her anger choosing to walk away

Krugah: yeah why don't you do that and get the hell out of here.

Elvirah moves no inch further, she turns and smirks at him

Elvirah: Right of Contest (everyone is shocked) I challenge you to a right of contest!

Krugah: (startled) what? (Chuckle) you are not serious, are you?
(He watches Elvirah take her academic top of leaving only her combat gear on)

Oh I will be dammed, the little princess wants to fight!

Elvirah: if I win, you step down and I take over this team!

Krugah: and If I win princess, you walk out of the cathedral's doors and never step a foot inside this walls again, deal?

the gravity of a loss would be too heavy to bear for elvirah, it would mean she would lost her place at the academic and would never achieve her dream of been a high master at the academy yet she was confident, she had stood up against bullies all her life and krugah was no different from any who tried to prey on her

the curious on lookers gather quickly as krugah takes his coat off as well revealing some well toned muscles he flexes for a moment to show off

Onlooker 1: (laughs) oh she is so done, krugah is going to make her tap.

they square each other for a moment, each waiting for the other to open the fight, krugah has an idea; incite her to react

Krugah: hey I heard your father died a slow and painful death on the street...

Elvirah: Don't you dare talk about my father!

she charges in as expected but krugah is better prepared, delivering two heavy punches successively to her stomach and a uppercut that throws Elvirah to the ground, letting everyone cheer for him

Krugah: (laughs) you must have been f**king crazy you little bi**h but hey am gonna enjoy sending you to the hospital and even better with no consequences whatsoever!

he charges to deliver a kick to her face where she laid but Elvirah acrobatically spirals up pushing her boots into krugah's face which pushes him backwards, she takes her chances goes on the offensive raining blows and kicks on krugah who dodges and blocks masterfully, replying with a head butt that sends Elvirah staggering back and then rushing up to grab Elvirah by the waist, lifting her over his head and dropping her to the ground with her head taking the impact, that was the deal breaker, the crowd cheers for him just as Veilgah walks in; horrified and shocked

Prince Veilgah: what the f**k!... (He rushes to go check up on Elvirah who has managed to sit upright; bloodied, bruised And broken)... Are you alright, what the hell happened?

Krugah: right of contest boy, your girlfriend thinks she could put me down but now she is the one who is done for!

Prince Veilgah: (to Elvirah who begins to sob) right of contest? Who is...what happened.. Did you?

elvirah picks herself up with tears in her eyes and walks out as krugah smiles on wickedly, Veilgah follows her out

Nareh - lowland - New merivia hospital - New Merivia

Liken discusses with Commissioner Olgath

Olgath: I can have someone else if you can't handle it.

Liken : I can handle it, I did it before didn't I?

Olgath: yes you did but Merkel isn't putting his eggs in your basket totally, he wants you watched while you do what you have to do.

Olgath had seen her facial reaction turn sour then almost immediately lit up

Liken: I don't care as long as he lives then I really don't care what commissioner Merkel thinks or says, I am willing to do and make any sacrifice to save my husband (smiles dully) thank you for helping him see reasons to using the forbidden book.

New Merivia Cathedral Academy - High grounds - New Merivia

Prince Veilgah tries to get a bit more information from an unwilling elvirah who packs her things out of the storage, as she prepares to leave

Prince Veilgah: (frantic) would you stop for a moment, you are badly hurt and bruised and I still don't know what happened out there?

Elvirah: (sobs, she stops packing for a moment) I lost veil, he had me (she slams her fist into the wall out of anguish) I was so stupid, I should have walked away, I felt so confident I could take him and then he won, Its over veil, I lost!

she is overcome with grief but Veilgah comforts her with a hug

Prince Veilgah: its okay, we will figure this out, I just need to talk to him, he can't do that, he would have to waive his conditions aside, we will figure this out (he kisses her on the head) come on we have got to get you to the clinic, you don't look so good

Elvirah: (a bit better now) Okay, just let me pack up my stuff, I will meet you outside then.

Prince Veilgah: leave it, you are going nowhere, I don't care if I have to pull some strings...

Elvirah: No, don't do that! (A bit pissed)

Prince Veilgah: (shocked) do what ?

Elvirah: don't pull any thing, don't do anything, don't you see he is only doing all this just because of you, I am getting into...

Prince Veilgah: (frustrated) hey don't put this on me, come on, you know as I damn well know that krugah is just a piece of ...

Elvirah: you know maybe we shouldn't do this, I can't have...

she dislodges from him and walks away turning her back against him as he ponders over what she had said, it almost seemed unreal but he too having been told of the elf princess admiration and his father's plans, he had thought hard about his current secret relationship with elvirah and wondered what future lied in wait for them

Prince Veilgah: (sadly) you are quitting on me?

Elvirah: (begins to sob) I don't know, I just know I need some space to think about this, everyone seems to have some idea about us, I mean I didn't...

she stops and turns around only to realize prince Veilgah has left the room, she finds a spot to sit and cries heavily; it had been on her first day at the cathedral after she aced her examinations, he had sat by her and even though she hadn't known he was princess elgrah's junior brother and heir to the throne, they had got on along pretty quick and easily and they crushed hard on one another since then now it seemed likely there wasn't going to be a future for her and him anymore, had she been too hard on the matter, she wondered

To be continued.
Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 11:02pm On Apr 18, 2022
Okay, I am done with the entire story so the updates are going to run in steady from now
Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 11:11pm On Apr 18, 2022

[]Night - Outskirts of New Merivia - New merivia[/b]

Some kilometers away from New Merivia which by the time frame of the pilot would be covered by dawn, The air ships of medral hover around the distant land scapes casting huge shadows beneath them

In High Father's ship, Princess Elgrah, sister of Prince Veilgah, princess of New Merivia and wife to Medral's heir to the throne, Prince Elais, stares over the silhouette of her home, it had been six years away from home, now an expecting mum, the cold air in the wind only brings beautiful memories to her

Prince Elais: (wraps his hands gently around her from behind)

Soon, you are almost home

Princess Elgrah: (smiles) I have been so far away from home.

Prince Elais: (kisses her head) well nothing like a gathering to unite us even if its just a bunch of old men filling their guts with all the food they can find and talks about politics.

they chuckle and cuddle

Prince Elais: what do you think, is going on right now in New Merivia

Princess Elgrah: hmmm (thinks) The cooks are probably going crazy over the menu, the security doing their rounds, the royal servants cleaning and oh the fire works, yes the fire works, they are probably preparing harder than anyone , they are the spot light of New Merivia!

they look on, each with their separate thoughts concerning New Merivia

Nares - Lowland - New Merivia

Elvirah trains on her own with a blooded face, elres and elrin are forced to watch her train, outside the dojo

Elres: She has been practicing ever since she got home, it's been 7 hours straight!

Elrin: so you haven't heard the news?...

Elres stares out of surprise and uncertainty

... For someone who is four years older than me and goes to the same school as big sister i am disappointed, Sister left the academy, she lost in a right of contest!

Elres: what! No way anyone would defeat elvie, she is a tough cookie!

Elrin: plus she also got dumped by her boyfriend!

Elres: (stunned) what? How did you know?..wait, how do you get these information when you are not a trainee yet?

Elrin: (smirk) I have my sources

Pluketh: (walks in on them, in combat gear) would you two like to join us?

The duo are no strangers to their mother's experience in combat which has left them such a sour taste in their mouth, elres having lost a tooth and elrin getting his favorite toy smashed when he tried to smuggle it into the dojo

Elres and Elrin: (nervously) oh,oh no mother, we have places to be and things to do!

they disappear from sight; anyway pluketh hadn't intended the boys to join them, she had heard about the news back at the palace, one had greatly favoured her; she had outrightly refused her daughter to take over from where her father left, she was quite aware of the dangers of his work having herself secrets that drew her into the world of spying, espionage and cover ups, but once she had her first child, elvira she had given up that life for her family. "There are other ways you can help the people it is why I became a commissioner and you can as well" she had said but elvirah had done what pleased herself but now that was all in the past, was it?

Preketh: (throws a baton to Elvirah and begins to pace around) you are angry I get it, I don't need my force to sense that (chuckles) not you or your dad, I should be happy but I am not ... (Takes a combat stance and closes her eyes)... Come at me, show me what you can really do?

Elvirah: (uncertain of what to do) I don't want to fight you mum!

Preketh: I never supported you on your career path, I hated it and I hated it that you never listened to me, I wasn't there to support you, never came to watch you train or cheer you up, of course you want to fight me, now fight me!

She needn't say any more Elvirah pours all her anger out into her strikes each with power one could admire but her mother shows restraint and great mastery, under eleven minutes, Elvirah is worn out; none of her hits even touches her mum who stops and hugs Elvirah deeply, Elvirah sobs

Preketh: I am sorry, I wasn't there, I was afraid you might end up like your father but you are stronger, you are determined and your resilience keeps you going, am so sorry!

Elvirah had never felt this light before, even though she was Still pained, this little moment had taken a burden she never realized was ever there off her back, her mother wipes her tears

Preketh: You are going to have a rematch with that son of b**ch and I am going to help you!

they separate and Preketh takes another combat stance, all you know your father thought you, its time I teach you a few tricks as well, Elvirah begins to smile, she wipes her eyes clean and takes her stance


Elvirah: ready!!

to be continued

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