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Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 11:17pm On Apr 18

Nareh - Lowland - New Merivia hospital - New Merivia

Liken waits impatiently under the full moon just outside the hospital, she sights a lone man riding on horse back towards her, its her cue. The High master has a package with him, kept inside a locked metal box

High Master: I was given strict orders, you are not to leave my sight with it, if you do, I have been given a direct order to use any necessary means I can to get the contents of that box back!

Liken: (scoffs) sure, do as you please, I think we can go now!

they walk inside unknown that somewhere from the distant, five figures had been observing them

NEXT DAY - Royal Palace - High grounds - New Merivia

The atmosphere around the palace rose to what could be considered the grandest events in all the lands, it was the one time, traders and entertainers of all sorts from all the lands were given a free pass into the High grounds for tourism sake, high father Thrale Vedhi and his senior disciple jen ka-ari were the first to arrive with their entourages from Thidral, Head Mother Dharis of Partia, High father lord Vanaus huvos and high mother Quasi of Vyetial and then Cassius, asteria, vissouri and medral' air ships which finally came up the air space of the Royal palace

Not Many of the high fathers got to see eye to eye on a daily base but the gathering made sure everyone was quite acquainted with the happenings of the others and as such, the pleasantries and mild chatters between high fathers, mothers , fellow commissioners and other important personnel from various lands usually took up the entirety of the first day,thankfully the gathering was usually a three day event,for today they laughed and made friendly remarks, tomorrow could be different [i]

Royal Banquet Hall - Royal Palace - High ground - New Merivia

[i] Beautiful music lingers and sweet wine linger in the air as everyone finds a small group of like minded individuals to discuss a topic or two, all except two who prefer to sit alone, watching the crowd with wide eyes, Prince Nhargim and Princess Naremah of the Elf lands of Asteria [/b]

[b] Prince Veilgah had been having a hard time concentrating with Elvira still lingering in his mind yet having a greater sense to duty, he had decided to put up an appearance, if he was to remember princess Naremah had an eye for him

Prince Nhargim: (sees Veilgah walking up to them) here comes prince charming, it seems he wants a dance with you!

Prince Veilgah: (arrives at their table just as the music changes course; perfect for two on the dance floor, he is actually quite impressed with Naremah's beauty) Prince Nhargim (greets, prince Nhargim stands to greet him with a calm collected expression on his face)

Prince Nhargim: Prince Veilgah.

Princess Naremah: (stands up and tugs Veilgah to follow her) now come Prince Veilgah, I have heard quite a lot about your dance moves

Prince Nhargim: ( in elf language) be careful now princess, remember all we talked about , won't we?

Princess Naremah: (in elf language) yes brother, I will.

Prince Veilgah and Prince Nhargim stare at one another for a few seconds before Naremah tugged Veilgah to the dance floor, prince Nhargim walked to one of the windows through there, he could see beautiful fire works, he grins

Sares - Lowland - New Merivia

Krugah and his men work their best on their crime scene it wasn't his best or preferred option, normally he would be in the high grounds having fun

Krugah: (frustrated) this is just sh*t to me, should ha e refused this damn job, now look at me, in the lowland, doing sh*t while everyone else is having good fun in the high grounds.

his boys like minded as well, had already come up with a solution

BOY 1: Boss, why don't we go to the high grounds then!

Krugah: are you dumb or what, the crimes happened here, this goes on paper, we have to be here or I would have my superiors on my back

BOY1: yeah boss we thought about that but assuming that doiata is under intensive care at high grounds, I think its a good enough excuse to go to the high grounds I mean no one would fault anyone on that, don't you think?

Krugah thinks about it for a while, he grins dully

Krugah: (smiles) you sly devil, now that's how to think fast, we go to see doiata, register our presence there and go to Indy's bar where we can have our own gathering with enough booze and girls to last the night!

THE BOYS: (together they cheer) yeah!!

To be Continued
Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 7:47am On Apr 19

Sares - Lowland - New Merivia Hospital - New Merivia

[Elvirah alongside Elres had gone to the hospital, Preketh had advised her to go get herself checked due to the bruises she had picked up and even though she would have preferred to master the skills her mother had thought her, she had obeyed and elres was way too much in on the idea of the trip uptown [/i]

Fairy1: (heals Elvirah's open wound on her face) that is just perfect, good as new!

Elvirah: (proceeds to check her face on the mirror, she nods ) thanks!

Fairy1: (flies over to her) nothing to it, commissioner Preketh is a big role model to some of us down here, it's an honor meeting her daughter in fact!

[Another fairy flies in]

Fairy 2: Doctor Liken wants you immediately, you should go to her now!

Fairy 1: Arrgh! what is it now, I swear she wants to work me to death on this beautiful day!

Elvirah: doctor liken?

the two fairies almost in a world of their own as they talk, stop to stare at her

Fairy 2: you know her?

Elvirah: oh no, I thought it was someone I knew, I think I should be going now!

the lie didn't need to be perfect, baley had come around to check up on her and had given her the rundown of krugah's special mission, liken had been mentioned as the one in charge of the only survivor of the bloody encounter who happened to be her husband, she had hoped to see her once she could resolve the issue of Krugah, but why not now, she hadn't just come all the way to nareh just to get patched up, did she?[i]

Elres: (on seeing his sister's face as she walks out) oh wow this guys clearly know what they are doing, I thought I would have to be the only cute one in the family, come on let's go now, am hungry already!

Elvirah: (waits for the fairies to fly past them) we are going to wait a little longer, there is something I need to do, just a few minutes and we are done.

[i]Elvirah left her brother who would have preferred to protest the outcome of her decision but hadn't been given a chance

Elres: (to himself) oh great, now she wants to starve me to death for coming with her to the hospital!

Royal Palace - High grounds - New Merivia

Prince Nhargim returns to his private chambers, he opens his window and a messenger fairy flies in to deliver a message

Prince Nhargim: (smiles) excellent, tell them to begin immediately!

the fairy flew away as quickly as it came

Nareh - Lowland - New Merivia hospital - New Merivia

A half drunken Krugah finds his way to the Hospital, contrary to what he had said he had decided to go get drunk before going to see doiata after which he planned to return to the bar; none of his men had bothered going with him because they were much too drunk to oblige him

Air ship - Royal Palace - High grounds - New Merivia

Princess Elgrah and Prince Elais were giving her father a tour up their personal air ship; her father had always been an admiral of these beautiful airships and had recently ordered for a fleet for new Merivia's Air force and of course his personal ship[/i]

High Father Auren: (impressed)amazing, this is just beautiful, I think I would ask for one just as good as this one!

Prince Elais: (smiles) That will be no problem, I made the design for this one, It was a gift for your daughter, my wife

they smile at one another as the king turned around to stare at them; he had been right to match make the pair, it had worked like a charm, princess Elgrah had hated the idea initially but soon embraced it once she met Elais in person, hopefully Veilgah her younger brother was making much success with the elf princess, he imagined

Royal Palace - High grounds - New Merivia

Someone had decided to take a quick pee in the rest room but he must have been disappointed when he realized the room had been locked from the inside[/b]

Inside the rest room, prince Veilgah and Princess Naremah were making out

Nareh - Lowland - New Merivia hospital - New Merivia

Liken had walked out of her office, coming face to face to Elvirah, she had been told the one in charge of the investigation was around to question her a bit, she would have hoped to avoid any further delays having prepared herself for what she was to do next but a minor interfered could be taken care of quickly and discreetly

Liken: Look, I would like to answer your many questions but I have a lot to do at the moment , can we skip...

Elvirah: it will only be for a moment, just minute and I am done.

Liken: (thinks about it and then sigh) okay, but we talk on our way to see my husband but don't get your hopes high, he is not to see anyone and is still in coma, you would need a pass from commissioner Olgath to see him!

Elvirah could pick up her tensed reply, she had been trained to pick on such emotions and know their true intentions, something seemed fishy but what?

Elres was talking to one of the guard giants when a drunken Krugah walked past them, somehow elres knew this could be trouble

Elres: (to giant) okay pal, I am going to be back but I think I should go inside now if I am to prevent a war!

Elres rushes in but isn't certain where to go, realizing he had lost sight of Krugah

Elres: oh shit! Why did I had to go on this trip, its the worst already!

he chooses a random direction and runs down the passage hysterically

Elvirah and Liken stop just outside the doiata's room, inside a high master waits patiently for her with the box, outside she talks with elvirah

Elvirah: listen all I need to know was your personal opinion, you have treated such before what's with his?

Liken: well normally its either a weapon based injury or a poison, its both for doiata, the poison is rare, unlike any I have ever seen, its not killing him exactly but like a vampire, slowly sapping his life force away, why would you use both a weapon and a poison when just even any of them could do the job?

Elvirah thought hard about it, there was no reason to give too much thought about it but it was safe to say this person(s) seemed to be professionals who know what they are doing!

Krugah: (from behind) Oh,oh,oh, What do I have here, you sniveling little b**ch!

[i]They both turn around to see Krugah staring drunkenly yet menacingly at Elvirah just as elres rushes into it

Elres: (to himself) too late! (He tip toes out of the scene)

Liken: (all of a sudden) wait, what is happening here?

Krugah: (approaching them) I think we should be asking her, what the hell are you doing here princess, trying to solve my case huh?

Elvirah: (tries to calm herself) Sir I can explain,I was only trying to...

(She stops all of a sudden, her inert light force had suddenly gone up a notch, it behaved weird inside her, almost a feeling of imminent danger)

...wait, I can feel...

Outside the hospital, a bright strange flare soars the night sky and begins to suddenly hurl itself towards the hospital, the guarding giants is left to admire the imminent rocket fired at the hospital

Air space - Royal Palace - High grounds - New Merivia

[i]Princess Elgrah, her father and prince Elais see the explosion from where they are, they are appalled by it but its only seconds before another explosion takes their attention, aimed at their ship which sends them off course and hurling them towards the palace towers

to be continued
Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 8:04am On Apr 19

Air space - Royal Palace - High grounds - New Merivia

Prince Veilgah helps the last remaining of the survivors on the ship just before he is suddenly disturbed by a second explosion; the ship which his dad and prince Elais are on oh no, no!

he teleports to the second ship only to find his father unconscious under a heavy log and prince Elais unconscious and hurt

the ship begins to hurl faster down to the hall, he tried to lift the log but its way too heavy and the surrounding less stable

Prince Veilgah: (calls out to him) dad..dad...dad, wake up!

Auren opens his eyes slowly, it's not just the heavy wood holding him down, he had a been bleeding severely due to use of his light, there was no use saving him now

High Father Auren: (weakened)son, listen to me now, you have to save prince Elais now, I won't make it!, save the prince, do it now, leave me!

Prince Veilgah: (sobs) I can't Father, don't worry I am going to keep trying!

High Father Auren: (shouts and spews blood out of his mouth) listen to me, been a high father is all about taking the necessary decision and its never going to be the right one all the time, save him!

prince Veilgah leaves his father in tears as he goes to help Elais, he tries to open a portal but its unstable

High father Auren: go through, I will hold it as much as I can for you two, you are my son and you are going to be a far better ruler than I was..I love you and your sister!

he joins his son to stabilize the portal using what is left of his force to hold it down for them to get through

Prince Veilgah: I will come back for you, I promise!

they get through just as the ship crashes into already evacuated hall and blows up, Prince Veilgah and elais are pushed out of the portal into the palace garden, he sees the explosion and realizes he wouldn't be able to keep his promise, he slumps to the ground

Prince Veilgah: dad!

Nareh - Lowland - New Merivia hospital - New Merivia

and liken rejoins Krugah and Elres who are trying to catch their breath after finishing off the last of the mercenaries

Krugah: (laughs) well I will be dammed, you did get them both!

in her hand is the box as well, she had managed to defeat and retrieve both of them

Elres: that's my sister right there! I told you she was good!

Krugah: you did kid, you both are alright (he proceeds to walk up to Elvirah) am sorry I gave you such a hard time, I will revoke the right of contest and see to it you are recommended for a promotion, you have what it takes to lead Elvirah and thank you for saving my job!

Elvirah: (thinks about it for a moment then head butts him so he crashes to the ground) I don't want your f**king apology, I want a rematch!

elvirah smiles as Krugah is stunned but she is able to notice something in the air; an explosion at the Royal palace

Royal Palace - High grounds - New Merivia

Prince Nhargim smiles sinisterly from his window as he watches the fiery heat rise up from the halls, far away from his quarters

Prince Nhargim: I think this is even better! (Laughs)

Re: Heroes of New Merivia S1 - THE GATHERING complete by WriterX(m): 8:08am On Apr 19
From the author

Thanks for reading whilst I prepare episode II, I would like to know your comments, I will also be using the first episode to analyze my viewer ship for the series since I have got tons of other beautiful stories.

What are your opinions on episode I so far,kindly drop your comments, thanks.

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