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Three Days Of Watching My Wife Fu¢k: Am So Helpless / KINGS 3(7 Days Of Chaos) / Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story (2) (3) (4)

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The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Therock5555(m): 2:37pm On Jun 04, 2022
Hi guys. I don show again.

According to the title, it is what it is, don't read too much meanings.

I just wanna let y'all know that this is gonna be a crazy ride.

Actually this is a re-write, I have written this story approximately four years ago and then used my own hand to remove it, only to lose my own story again.

Turn out, I still had a legion of folks that keep asking me for the book, even me sef still wan read the story. It was a majestic masterpiece.

So as it is now, I don't know if this story would be as good as the former one, but then I've advanced literally more than four years ago, just that the passion don dey fade . But not withstanding, you won't regret following this story.

Eh lemme sound warning one more time, this story contains multiple graphic sexual intones, so if you have a problem with that, please just quickly unfollow now to save me the preaching, trust me, I could return your fire in equal proportions.

This story is Non-fiction. And it happened more than five years ago, so don't worry about me, it's not in your position to counsel me, I have counseled myself.

Finally, I hope to complete this story within two weeks. But posting it here would be throughout the month of June. So if you think you can't wait, you fit buy your own copy when it's ready. Gracias....

Hope y'all Enjoy.....

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Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Therock5555(m): 3:21pm On Jun 04, 2022


Okay lets go back alittle bit to the previous day…….

I was in church as usual for the cross over service with three empty chairs around me, I left that space specially for my goons, two bad niggers that have their own churches but like attending cross over service in my church due to the large influx of babes and availability of hot tea and since the church is close to the road, they could branch from there direct to a party zone with any catch they manage to lay their hands on.
The first one came not to long after, alone and bubbling, he directed my hand to his trouser pocket and I could feel the shape of two bottles, hahaha this nigger won’t kill me ooo, somebody brought codeine to church. He even asked when tea would be shared so he could mix the syrup in his, I gave him a discreet fucck you sign and continued worshipping God but kept my eyes open for the other dude, few minutes later he walked in, he immediately sighted me and smiled before pointing somebody to my direction. I smiled too, not at him though but the girl he was with, for five long years since we’ve been friends, the dude always brings a different girl whenever he comes for cross over service, he loves entering a new year with a new chick.

“Blessing, meet my useless friend Peter whom I’ve told you about, Peter meet my best friend sister Blessing”, Zion introduced.

I smiled and shook her soft hands, squeezing it a little and winking at her, she smiled too, exposing her solid chalk white dentition and was in no hurry to take away her hands away until Zion dragged it away, thankfully I was at the back seat so not many people noticed the mild drama, I gave her a seat next to mine but Zion took that instead and sat her to his right.

“Dude wetin I do you? No be your friend sister? Why you wan come dey chance me?” I whispered harshly.

“So na my friend sister you wan start new year with abi? Continue, as far as I can’t get her, you won’t” he replied.

I shook my head and smiled, service continued, he always intercepted all our discussions by bringing up numerous talks about my girlfriends and how many chicks he had caught me with throughout the year, instead of making the girl lose interest in me, she was even motivated to hear more tales from my side, I asked for her number but he kept distracting her so I gave up and started cooking up a plan.

When the clock struck midnight and the screams, songs and dances began everything was let loosed as chairs were thrown backwards to create space for dancing, Zion went out to dance so I had a clear view of Blessing as she gyrated about, I kept observing her middle size ass that she was shaking like she wanna seduce the pastor, her boobs were also my type_volumptous.

“Babe please can I text someone with your phone?” I shouted above the noise to her. Without thinking she handed it over and continued dancing as the singer changed to another melodious song. Quickly I dialled my number in her phone, then saved the number in her phone, deleted the number from call log and handed the phone over. Took out my phone and saved hers with just the first letter of her name.

When Zion came back he was looking at me suspiciously but I ignored him till the service was over, my other niqqa began vibrating when it was tea time, I was sure he was already bloody high because that guy is always a son of the most high if you know what I mean. He went with Zion and came back with two cups of tea while Zion brought same and handed one to Blessing, I dug into bag and brought out a large loaf of bread, some other pals of mine crowded me and in no time my bread was exhausted.

When service dismissed we all walked to the roadside my two guys were going to two different directions, Faith the codeine lord wanted to crash in my house while Zion and Blessing wanted to go to their area, I told them to wait for me so I could walk Faith a little, after giving him my house key, I rushed back to meet up with the other duo.

When I came back, Zion and Blessing were nowhere in sight, they've left without me, I hissed and put a stick in my mouth, blazing as I walked to the direction they must have passed through, I sighted them a long way off so I called Zion so they could halt for me but the dickhead refused picking my call, I promised myself I was gonna get that girl he was trying to shade me from and I would show him I have and would always remain his boss in pussy management.

I hurried and caught up with them after some brisk walking, first thing Zion said when he saw me was,

"Peter why you too like smoke?"

"It's none of your business man." I told him, Blessing looked at me disapprovingly but said nothing, I didn’t say anything again as I tag behind them, I was more interested in observing those girls that can’t come out on normal days but used the new year morning to flex as much as they could. Girls were shaking their asses recklessly, enough to granulate my eyes to satisfaction. The guys were not left out as the gyrated on the talmac, causing a nuisance for any driver that was plying the road at that hour.

Finally we got to Blessing’s house, she fully embraced Zion but was kind of reluctant to embrace me so I spared her blushes and shook her hand instead before we walked off, Zion was elated, he kept boasting that for the first time he had stopped me from not getting a lady’s number, I ignored him and took out my phone, texted her that she had my number already so I’ll call her when she’s through with the new year celebrations. She texted me back that I was a clever mad man with moral, I smiled and deleted the text.

After dropping off Zion i began to call my homies, wishing as much folks I could think of splendid new year wishes, I called most of my girls but none picked up neither did most of my niqqas I wanted us to ball together, finally one called back and I told him where to meet me before I left to go withdraw money from an ATM nearby.

“Peter my Love” somebody screamed and jumped on my back, I was caught unaware and went crashing down with her, turned and started smiling as we embraced ourselves. She was with three guys with just camouflage trousers, they must have been all these new recruits that won’t hesitate to start a war if provoked so I was kind of wary if it was not a ploy to deal with me especially when I recognised one of them.

“Naomi how are you? It’s been a while” I said to the girl that hug me, she was my ss3 sweetheart and was among my elder sister’s bridal train. The last time I heard from her she was dating a custom officer.

“I’m fine, so you’re still in this town and you haven’t come visiting, evil boy”

“babe no vex, I’ve been busy with work” I replied as I shook hands with the guys, when I got to the last guy I instantly recognised him, he recognized me too and grabbed my hand in a vice like mode, squeezed tightly, I winced and grimaced shyly, Naomi noticed and went to his side.

“Meet my boyfriend, you sure remember him right?”

“How can I forget, he was my junior in Secondary school then, dammit” I painfully replied as he laughed and let go.

Renji and I were actually classmates in primary school but I wrote common entrance exams a class earlier than him, so when we met in secondary school he was now my junior but we always had mutual respect for each other even if we were not that close again, I was happy for him that he was now a military man because that had always been his childhood dream. I wanted to ask Naomi about her custom boyfriend but common sense told me to respect my young age before I’ll know the difference between twelve and thirteen. We exchanged numbers before they left.

I took my guy out when he arrived, we shared something in common, we were both girlfriendless.

His situation was because his girl was in Abuja while I was just trying to break out from a toxic term relationship that had shorten my life span by ten years. We just sat in a bar drinking and smoking while observing girls with their guys celebrating the new year. Any girl I called would not agree to come join us cause they were already occupied with their own dates, it was just like the whole world had moved and left us behind in it’s shadow.

Konji would not stop my friend from disturbing me about his girl, wishing she was there with us, he kept bugging her line and I think they had a mini quarrel or maybe my highness was making me to misinterpret things, we got bored and and left there, he kept stopping to toast random girls on the streets hoping to get a quick lay but that day seemed like we were walking with billboards around our necks stating that we were jackasses and no girl should come near us. Finally he got frustrated and went home, leaving me midway alone to my own destination.

I passed from one party grooves to another, watching as guys were rocking their girls and wincing at my own situation, I wished a girl would just walk up to me, instead it was random boys that would come asking for a stick of cigrate or lighter which I rarely oblique cause they weren’t girls.

In front of my church a huge party was bubbling, see yansh everywhere, I wasn’t gonna dull this time so I started looking if I would see any lonely chick around because I wasn’t gonna start my new year with a broken head because of babe.
Then I sighted one, ohhh yeah, one short but large ass girl standing alone, her white crazy jean trousers made her ass shoot out like the statue of liberty, she wore a huge jacket untop a white top so I could ascertain her boobs specialty, I quickly took out my small spray and bath myself before changing my walking steps as I walked up to her.

“Helloo miss, Happy New Year”

“Please don’t disturb me” she retorted and turned the other way like she was looking for somebody.
Chai my moral weak pass person wey dey suffer from premature ejaculation, I heaved and stood by her side like a fallen mango.

“You mustn’t always be rude to strangers, it’s not like I was gonna bite you, just wanted to know your name” I said calmly even though in my mind I was already soccer punching her repeatedly for her gross misconduct and rudeness.

“Didn’t I tell you to leave me alone!!!" she shouted back and walked away from me.

I took my ‘L’ like a man and walked off, few minutes later I saw one small boy that would call me uncle, he came and embraced her, kissed her away and went off with her arm in arm. I smiled sadly as I remembered my own failed relationship, e pain me ehhhh.

Slowly I rescinded to my fate and walked home, two houses before mine I noticed two people standing at the middle of the road, one was kneeling while the other was standing with bent head, in my own dirty mind I was saying ‘see this bad guy dey receive New Year BJ from his girl’, but when I got closer, the reverse was the case, a boy not more than fifteen was kneeling in front of his girl of equal age or there about, he was sobbing, holding her hand and apologising, the girl was just saying ‘I won’t agree’, I passed them and smiled as they barely cared about my presence as I walked by.

I remembered my own childhood love stunts and how it turned out, then it stuck me, I was like this homie when I was his age, begging and kneeling cause of love, making stupid promises I couldn’t fufil and got my heart broken like glass plate, I put myself in his shoes and knew instantly he was gonna make the same mistake as I did so I back slid like Michael Jackson to their side, they girl had raised him up and embraced him, small kisses followed, they shockingly stopped when they noticed me.

“Dude I came to slap you for kneeling down for whatever reason in public because of a girl but luckily you’re up already, anyway please don’t try this kind of stunt again cause you are busy begging another man’s future wife for nothing, focus first on your education and your future and then women would instead kneel to beg you. I’m not saying you should never kneel for a woman but let it be for a suitable cause, not for childish inhibitions” I stopped talking abruptly and walked away, I didn’t know what gave me the inspiration for that speech, weed, cigar or alcohol, I couldn’t tell. I never bothered turning back to gauge their reactions.

When I got home the door was locked, I banged it loudly but no reply, when I opened window, my friend Faith was snoring loudly on my couch, I screamed his name but it seemed like I was singing lullaby for him, I gave up, removed my suit, use it as bed spread and slept in front of the door.

My New Year had begun on a sour note……. Or so I thought……..

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Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by younglleo: 3:40pm On Jun 04, 2022
Bahd guy! Following
Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Silentgroper(m): 3:48pm On Jun 04, 2022
i think i've read this piece before but keep going man. I'm enjoying it ..

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Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Therock5555(m): 4:02pm On Jun 04, 2022
i think i've read this piece before but keep going man. I'm enjoying it ..

Yeah you might have, shebi I state am for my first post, this story is a re-write.

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Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Therock5555(m): 4:03pm On Jun 04, 2022
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Welcome bro...
Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Fairview1: 4:07pm On Jun 04, 2022
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The Rock, roll it out. Let's ride together
Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Therock5555(m): 4:49pm On Jun 04, 2022
Make I CC some of my folks wey say make I remind them if I start new story....


CarterJ (this boss man no allow me rest, him wan use disturb finish me. I come dey fear to reply him messages make him no come remind me say I promise to rewrite the story)



Kingphilip (this boss man dey always comment after most of my first chapters like say him dey put tracker for my yansh. Hope you're good Sir?"

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Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Therock5555(m): 4:50pm On Jun 04, 2022
We land here! Where are others...?

Taking seat at the front roll...

The Rock, roll it out. Let's ride together

Tag your folks biko, no be only you suppose like better thing...
Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Nobody: 5:21pm On Jun 04, 2022
Make I CC some of my folks wey say make I remind them if I start new story....

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Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Candidlady: 5:22pm On Jun 04, 2022
Lemme sit with CL and gin here

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Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Therock5555(m): 7:20pm On Jun 04, 2022
Lemme sit with CL and gin here

Eh eh, easy with the gin oh, remember you're not fat sef....

Ride on ma'am....

We sef dey my third wrap of sk now, my head is going all tingly...

BTW you'll enjoy this story most. This story happened when I was at the peak of my cruise lifestyle. So enough of those scenes dey.

Now I don repent Sha... Or so I'm thinking

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Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Carterj007(m): 8:43pm On Jun 04, 2022
I'm here finally.
Thanks for this beautiful piece..
My Gee, ride on.
Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Slynation(m): 8:59pm On Jun 04, 2022
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Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Typicool8(m): 12:47am On Jun 05, 2022
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Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Johnny234(m): 7:13am On Jun 05, 2022
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Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Kroos205: 12:05pm On Jun 05, 2022
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Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Therock5555(m): 10:44pm On Jun 06, 2022
Another banger to gbemi trabaye

Welcome bruh...

Keep it coming op
New Post don drop boss

Make I grab popcorn

Hailings bruh

My popcorn don land.... Following!!

Welcome bro

I'm here finally.
Thanks for this beautiful piece..
My Gee, ride on.

My Gee. Welcome Boss.

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Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Therock5555(m): 10:46pm On Jun 06, 2022
Hi y'all. Happy new week.

Thanks for the comments.

Enjoy the next chapter.

Stay Safe...
Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Therock5555(m): 10:46pm On Jun 06, 2022


Faith woke up around 5am to do morning Glory. Imagine the werey snoring away despite how loudly I called his name. But him no dey forget wake up to catch cruise.

Well before I could begin to para for him, he passed me half bottle of CSP (then that shit was still pretty cheap but illegal as usual.)

I went mute immediately and walked to my room as Faith light up a joint, puffing behind me. I gulped down the syrup at once and jumped on my bed, you might be wondering why I dey waste cruise.

Well, you dunno, you dunno!!!

I woke up around Noon feeling like I was carrying half of the world on my big head. It took me thirty minutes to finally get up and brush. Faith had already gone to his house.

I was walking majestically in my cruise, cause guess what? Sleeping with unbursted cruise would just be prosponing the inevitable, cause the cruise must burst and in double measures.

After my normal ritual, I slumped on the longest sofa with a stick of cigar and began calling my folks, from my parents to my siblings. No thanks to being a working class child, I rarely travel for holidays with the rest of the family.

Actually that was a subtle excuse to being alone. I cherish my freedom die. So I was practically home alone, as the sole owner/security of the house, and I was gonna wield my powers with all sincerity.

While dialing a number, I walked to my fridge with two glass plates on a tray and unlocked it. As I opened it, my smile brightened.

The sight of all those goodies was enough reason to make a married man go crazy. I had enough food and drinks to host four mini Owambes. But I'm a responsible son, so it won't get to that point, Right?

The best part, na people nai donate am to me, perks of being the only one at home, all the church members just dey invite me to their house because they felt I'll be foodless. So every single cooler in my house were filled with food. Different types of meet and of course your customary chin chin.

Let's talk about that, I had over half a basin worth of chin chin, no thanks to my collection from different parties. Anytime I enter house, a plate of meat, chin chin and soft drink would accompany me.

The freezer was a No-Go area for my niqqas, as the dictator of the house, na only me get access to the freezer's key and it's content. So if any body wants something, they must come ask me first.

Where was I again? Ah, Yes. I sat down back with my goodies as I finally saw the number I wanted to call.

Christy picked the call like she was waiting for me to call her first.

"Babe what's up? Happy New year."

"Happy New Year, Dear." She replied.

"I no too get airtime again. I just wanted to find out if you're still coming."

"Why not. I've arranged food for you, I was just waiting for your call."

"Better pikin, that's why I like you nearly reach my Mama. I dey house. Show yourself."

While waiting for her, I quickly took one of the food flask from the freezer to the kitchen to help myself. There's no telling what that girl would bring for me or when she'll finally come. Make hunger no come kill person in the name of waiting.

Talking about Christy, a bursty plump dark chick that always gave me church vibes. I couldn't even hold her hands when we were walking, waist line was a no go area. Every touch between us was like electricity Sparks, she would jerk like I was penetrating her.

The day I kissed her na story for another day. Babe was just vibrating like a vibrator was plugged into her neither regions. The kiss was weird, I had to free person daughter before she piss on herself.

Ever since, she had avoided our mouths from coming close, but I usually drop subtle hints with her about shifting her pants whenever she comes visiting.

Today was gonna be the day, or so I thought.

Christy came not too long after I finished my plate of rice, crushed bones choke everywhere, so when she knocked, I quickly ran to the kitchen before returning back, looking like an innocent puppy.

"Welcome baby girl." I said as she walked into my arms.

Full embrace. That's a new one, No, an upgrade actually. It was always side hugs mixed with deeper life vibes.

"Come in, you're looking good." Na there gbese burst.

Christy was massively blushing, her voice grew even thinner as she replied with a shy smile. A girl that is almost twice my size, just dey blush like two year old child.

Christy made sure she sat on the chair closest to the door as I went to the kitchen to investigate what was in her food flask and also fix her a snack.

"Where did you get chin chin from?" She asked as I served her.

"Plenty sources. Long story." I said and sat down.

"Are you not going to eat?"

"Actually I just finished eating, make my belly reduce, I'll be back for it."

I was sitting almost opposite Christy as she pretended to watch television, one eye was always on me, if I shift, she'll look at me.

I knew her defences were water tight that moment, so the best play was to maintain patience till she becomes comfortable.

I walked towards her after about fifteen minutes of gisting then pretended to help myself to one of her meats before sitting down next to her.

The reaction from Christy was almost instantaneous, she stood up immediately and switched seats to the other end. I laughed and stood up too, went back to my former sofa, she still added more meters between us.

My body weak!!!

"Babe why are you running from me like I'm a stranger?"

"Nothing, I just like the movie that is playing now." She replied without even looking at my direction.

No lele, my book of tactics still dey updated. I waited until she became engrossed in the movie then started inching closer to her.

Before you'll say Jack Daniels balls. I was by her side, my hand swung around but not really touching her. We sat like that for some minutes before I finally summoned courage and wrap my hands around her.

Christy responded like thunder as she dashed off direct to the door, like say scorpion show her dormot.

"Babe what's the meaning of this?" I queried, no joy on my stoned face.

"Nothing, I'm just scared." She replied.

"So why did you come visiting alone, you'll have brought a third party so that you'll feel more safer."

"Why would I bring some body along when I want to spend time with you?"

"Spend time running around abi? Does my house look like kindergarten class?"

"Stop saying that, oya go and bring food let's eat." Christy said and sat down back.

This is not how I envisioned my new year progressing. I choose her food and served us with more drinks. Christy immediately carried the two spoons and placed next to herself. I just dey look the girl dey wonder what's going on.

Few moments later, I got my answer.

One. Christy had no plans to eat.

Two. She wanted to feed me, hence the reason for mortgaging the two spoons.

Worst of all, I had to bear the burden of being fed like a six year old child, despite all my complains, she forced me to finish the whole food, thanks to my three chambered stomach, I chest am like a GEE....

Atleast my stomach was full right, well, so were my balls, they needed emptying.

All my latest efforts were repelled deligently. Till I surrendered and let her be.

In her mind, she was winning the battle but I already had plans B.

Back to my contacts again until I sighted another number that would give me joy, pure joy.

"Peter, nah today you feel like calling me abi?" The female voice barked into my ears.

"Ahhh girl, don't be so mad. I was out of town all this while, long story. How far, I fit see you?"

Christy was looking at me like she wanted to grab my neck and squeeze it to death. But then you can't be suffering me and still expect me to be staring at you like a loose end.

"Maybe, but I'm busy now, maybe in the next one hour." The female receiver said.

I round up talk and cut the call.

"Peter, who did you just call?" Christy fired at me.

"Oh, you get liver dey question me when you can't even sit with me for more than five seconds without fleeing. Girl this is childish, I don't have the strength to do this Indian drama with you. Abeg come dey go house. Time don dey go."

I stopped talking when I noticed her staring at me like she wanted to burst into tears.

Like a corrupt cop, I quickly changed narrative.
"Haba babe, na so you like me reach, see the way your face changed. I did not call anybody though, I just wanted to test your reaction.

Oya come and kiss me to prove your love for me."

Christy might have been pissed off and heartbroken after hearing me make that call, she might also be perplexed by my explanation, but the moment I talked about Kiss, she darted up and ran to the door.

Even though I was seething in rage, my face was calm as I stood up and walked passed her to the kitchen, I packaged back her empty food flask and walked back to the sitting room. She was seated calmly, watching TV.

"Babe come stand up dey go house." I said with my calmest voice.

"This movie is interesting, I'll like to finish it first." She said without looking at me.

"Which part of dey go your house did you not understand?" I raised my tone alittle higher.

She was startled and turned to look at me. "So it's true, another girl is coming over?" The tears in her eyes had returned.

"Yes My Lady. So please can you leave now, thanks for the food and drinks."

Christy couldn't believe me as she stood up, trying to blink her tears back.
"Peter what's wrong with you?"

"Konji oh, babe, Konji has formatted my brain, I can't think well when I'm Hot and obviously you ain't up for it, so it's better I do something else."

"Peter, even if you wanted to call another person, why didn't you wait till I leave?"

"Babe, that's enough, this is not Who wants to be A Millionaire show. Don't start asking me multiple questions, I'm not in the mood for that. Please step out let me walk you to the road." I barked, my patience was at it's thinnest limit.

Christy had never seen me pissed before so she used her head and grabbed her things as I locked the door behind us.

She walked infront of me till I reach her side, and quickly darted my arms around her shoulders before she'll react, I could feel her literally melting under my touch but I held her tight.

"Babe enjoy a close walk with me nah, I can't have sex with you on the road. And this is not your area, nobody would recognize you, so please relax.
By the way, I actually meant what I said earlier, it was a fake call I made. Nobody is coming over, I didn't sleep much last night, I really need to sleep. Don't you see how red my eyes are, I'm sorry for cutting your movie short though. Don't worry I'll gist you how it ended."

I could literally feel her realise a deep sigh of supposed relieve.

"Are you sure you're telling me the truth? Dude, I have never seen you angry before. I was beginning to feel guilty that I pushed you away too much."

"Don't say that Dear, I'm not in a hurry to have sex with you, I'm patiently waiting till you're ready. Take your time. Don't worry, I'll help myself if the konji becomes too much."

"How? Don't go and masturbate oh, you know that's a si........"

"Bike, Bike. Come and carry this girl. Oya get on the bike and go home before they'll report you missing." I cut her off.

As I embraced her, I pressed some change into her hand as she mounted the bike. I rushed and planted a quick kiss on her cheek.

I was sure she'll remain purple blushed till she gets home.

A big smile wrapped my face as my phone began ringing.

Great timing. Then the smile disappeared as soon as I saw the caller's ID.

"Guy how far?" No joy in my voice.

"I'm fine bro, Happy New year. Where are you, cause I'm in front of your house and you ain't at home but it seems like you are not far away."

"Yes, I escorted one babe. Hope say you bring goodies for me?" I replied as I slowly walked back home.

"Chai, this guy, you never change. This is New Year oh. Do come, I'm waiting." He said and cut the call.

Few minutes later, he came into view as I neared home. I noticed he was empty handed, my frown increased.

"So you get liver come my house empty handed. What happened to all the cow and goat una slaughter?" I questioned my pal as we shook hands.

"Na your own I wan flex, cause I sure say that babe wey you escort bring better come give you."

I unlocked the door and went direct to my freezer, got a soft drink and took out one flask to the kitchen. I fixed him a massive amount of fried rice. Remember food no be problem.

But I made sure that I put only one piece of meat, the long neck of a local fowl. The meat was looking like Question Mark (?) In the food.

I couldn't remember who exactly gave me that meat, neither did I care. After wards, I counted exactly twenty pieces of chin-chin. Yes I'm very wicked.

When I served my pal the food he turned and looked at me with a big smile on his face.

"Guy why this meat dey ask me questions? And this Chin-chin small oh. Guy why?" He said jokingly.

"You no thank God say I fetch plenty food for you. My meat and chin chin dey under restrictions, I no dey use am play. So better chop that food before I change my mind and take it back oh. And by the way, I dey expect babe, so chop quick and moveeeeee." I barked back.

"Chai, bad guy, one girl dey go, another one dey come. If I say make you find babe for me, you'll say you don't have" he countered.

"Oga Si, nobody find babe for me, I carry my leg Waka go meet them, so don't stress my life abeg." I dismissed the talk and grabbed the remote as I source for WWE Network.

My guy waited till we heard a knock on the door. Already I had peeped through the window when I heard the sound of bike dropping someone.

Bike men, saving boys lives since 1683....

I was licking my lips as I noticed the lady in red walking to my door, she was really wrapped to be devoured. Already I don clean and rearrange my room.

No be because of her oh, na because of New Year, I had to sweep the old year out completely, or how I thought.

"Guy go open door make you see my New Year package." I commanded my guy.

I needn't repeat myself cause he was already walking to the door.

"OBOI YEEEE, Peter you have a visitor. Welcome babe." Si said as he allowed the girl walk in.

I was smiling where I sat, both at the girl and Si who was devouring the sight of her big Yansh as she walked pass him.


"Shezi my one and only Love. Happy New Year." I screamed as I stood up and embraced her. I pressed the yansh to show Si say na me be board man.

"That's how you use to say, if I leave today, you won't call me for two weeks." Shezi replied as we detached ourselves.

"Uhhhhh, haba babe, it's not like that nah. Any way, make yourself comfortable, here's my freezer key, help yourself to what ever you like, lemme escort my Friend, I'll be right back."

I said and handed the key to her as I dragged my guy out, he was trying to ask Shezi if she has a friend to give to him, but I bundled him outside like bag of Garri.

"Guy you dey fuvk up, as na woman, you gave her your freezer key." Si said as we walked to the road.

"When you grow big Yansh like that, come back and ask me that question again. Infact I no escort you again. Enjoy your New Year bro." I said and turned back home.

Call me a SIMP. Yes, I'm a Simp for big Yansh.....

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Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Jojodjo: 1:08am On Jun 07, 2022
baba o


Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Carterj007(m): 2:42am On Jun 07, 2022
Thanks man.
Keep it coming.
Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Therock5555(m): 3:59pm On Jun 07, 2022
baba o
hailings bruh
Thanks man.
Keep it coming.

Update go drop later sir..

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Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Candidlady: 4:46pm On Jun 07, 2022
Will be back to read at night

Nice job rock TR5555
Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Silver1996(m): 7:43pm On Jun 07, 2022

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Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by oluwadabira111(m): 7:59pm On Jun 07, 2022
Boss cheesy cool cool
Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Carterj007(m): 6:48am On Jun 08, 2022
Senior man.
Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Therock5555(m): 11:45am On Jun 08, 2022
Omor make una push this thread go second page nah, the next update get sex scenes

E get why.. grin

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Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by ShadowWalker00(m): 12:16pm On Jun 08, 2022
Omo I dey gbadun the tale. cheesy
Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by cfree14(m): 1:37pm On Jun 08, 2022
Oya 2nd page here we come grin
Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Therock5555(m): 3:11pm On Jun 08, 2022
Will be back to read at night

Nice job rock TR5555

Sorry, I couldn't post again last night, my brain was baked, hahaha. Anyway update don show.
Re: The Twelve Fuvk-filled Days Of New Year!!! by Therock5555(m): 3:12pm On Jun 08, 2022

Welcome sire

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