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Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Lostchild(m): 3:00am On Nov 08, 2023

My fellow Nigerians
This entire write up is not about me. It is about a mysterious manipulation and attacks from the kingdoms of darkness that is unknown to men. This is one among many different vicious tricks the devils uses against good men. It is about how demons use evil humans to create an openings, and later project animals spirit πŸ•πŸΊ into their target person.

I recently discovered that, mysterious entities are currently living inside my heart. It took me a short while to clarify about the animal spirits that entered my heart. But how the spirits of animals will enter a person and be living inside them is not what the natural man can comprehend.

The Questions
What are the works of these animals spirit?
How did this animal demons πŸ•πŸπŸπŸ΄πŸ“πŸΊπŸ† put themselves inside my heart?

From my experience, the human body is like a mansion 🏀 with different spiritual doorways which evil spirits can use to enter a person. For example; the eyes, nose, heart, mouth-throat, ears, penis/vagina and the anus are spiritual doorways of your person. Evil spirit will pass into a person once it is spiritually open. This is why demons will use evil humans beings to violate you just to open any of the doorways of your body.

From the link aboveπŸ‘† titled, "The Spell Of Sexual Lust". I narrate how demons always target my heart and Penis.

Two Years Earlier
I became homeless for the second time when a woman falsely accused and arrested me with police. I forgive this woman and moved on to another town where I still suffered another terrible evil from a man who is a human agent of demons.

I wept and told God, I have patiently waited on you to restore and lift me up again. I have prayed and wage spiritual war with demons for nine years, and yet you have not change my life.

God. If you don't change my life, I can't continue to pray like this. I am not a robot. I am a bleeding soul.

For the time being that I stopped prayer, I was receiving warnings from God to come back to my prayer life. After two years of my silence, I finally heed to the call for battle. πŸ—‘

After I went back to prayer unto God and spiritual war against the kingdom's of darkness, a severe battles erupt between principalities and powers. But there are two things I noticed

1. The First Thing I Noticed. My spiritual power was not as violent or powerful as it was in past before I stopped and put prayer on hold. (solved)

2. The Second Thing I noticed. The rulers and kingdoms of darkness began to send dogs - wolves with many different animals that come with the highest level demonic attack. The devils will summoned my spirit with their demonic powers, then use different πŸ•πŸΊπŸ“πŸ animals spirit to shoot - themselves into my heart.

At first, I didn't know my heart was the main target until God synchronize my spirit and physical body to received the evil attacks. I instantly felt the physical burning pain in my heart. God wanted me to know that the attack was solely a target on my heart

When the rulers of darkness project these animals spirit into my heart, I will feel as if something very hot pierce my heart like a burning arrow. πŸ’˜

When the animals spirit has successfully entered my heart, the Marine kingdom's will use their satellite to release many sexual data into the animals spirits in my heart. When the multiples sexual data and spell has completely entered into the animals in my heart, my physical experience is as follow

The Animals Spirits Inside My Heart

β€’ When it enters me, it will spoil the taste of my tongue.

β€’ My Saliva becomes very bitter.

β€’ It enables all the Marine kingdom's to have direct technical access to my body.

β€’ When I see any animal, especially dogs πŸ•, the demon will get excited inside my heart. Because the attack is made and carried out through dogs and other spiritual animals.

β€’ The animal spirit is intend to fill me with sexual lust. It gives me unnecessary erection that is not mine. It makes my entire body to protrude severe heat and electric sexual aura (horrnyness).

β€’ The animal spirits is intend to fill me with sexual thought. I can hear any name the demons project. My original thought is completely different from the sexual thought the demon project.

β€’ The animal spirit intercept every of my thought and sight. Even if I see a harmless photo, the demons will use that photo to project and use the same thought they project to work on my body as If I have sex.

β€’ The animal demons in my heart is intend to manipulate my body just to make me have (wet dreams)

β€’ The animals demons constantly send heavy magnetic sleep wave to me. For example; If I sit down anywhere, the animal spirits will detect and be forcing - dragging my body to lay down. It will send heavy sleep wave upon waves so that it can gives me live sex visions. Even if I open my eyes physically, the animal demons in my heart will force open visions into my physical eyes.

The animal spirits will try to show me the vagina of any woman I know.
The animal demons will show me the vagina of pregnant dog.
The animal demons will show me the vagina of a cow.
The animal demons will show me a man and a woman standing and fvcking.
The animal demon even show me my male and female neighbour having sex. (fake)
β€’ The animal spirits will show me human hands that was cut by demons.
β€’ The river gods show me his burnt face through the animal spirits in my heart. His hairs has many snakes like Medusa.

β€’ The animal spirits constantly drains out all the water inside my body through unlimited urine and sweet - The animal demons make water not to stay in my body.

β€’The animal spirits will make any person to loss weight

When the animal demons give me any of the evil open vision I mention, it will sexualize my entire body and start draining all my energy away as if I was having sex.

When I sleep, the animal demons πŸ•πŸΊπŸ΄πŸ†πŸ“πŸπŸ browse and connect my my body to the Marine Kingdom. My entire being will be vibrating like a computer that is connected to the Internet.

The sole purpose of these animal demons in my heart is to sexualize my body as if I was constantly having sex multiple times or 20 times on daily basis. This evil manipulation will drain all my spiritual powers and quench my fireπŸ”₯. This brings instant hunger and body weakness. No matter the food I eat, the demon will drain my stomach in an instant.

All the above I mentioned is meant to drain my powers, quench my fireπŸ”₯ and grieve the Spirit of God out of my body. Because of the constant evil vision the animal demons was giving me, the Spirit of God constantly intercept and don't allow me to sleep.

The lack of sleep began to affect my body, and yet I was still praying and fighting hard. I was allowed to sleep after I pleaded with God to help and allow me to sleep. In answer to my prayer, God granted me to sleep for just 150 minutes at night. Because the constant lack of sleep was affecting my sanity. I then said to myself, I must use force to sleep today.

During the morning, all the animal demons started giving me heavy sleep wave. As I lay in my bed, I was dozing off when the Spirit of God boot me out. It is like when you are logging in and a bolt log you out automatically.

I tried dozing off again, the Spirit of God boot me out.
I tried dozing off again, the Spirit of God boot me out.

I said to myself, I must sleep this time.

I tried dozing off again, this time, the Holy Spirit gave my body en electric shock.

I get up and realize that, something was wrong.

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Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Lostchild(m): 3:00am On Nov 08, 2023
My Mysterious Discovery

I began to wonder how come, despite my high level of prayer and spiritual fortifications, yet the Marine powers still keep on successfully transferring so many things into my body.


When I became fully aware that somethings are currently living inside my heart, I began to use the power of my spoken word in Jesus name to remove the animal πŸ•πŸπŸΊπŸ“ demons out of my body.

Sometimes, I use the blood and the power of Jesus blood to paralyze the lust Demons out from my body.

Most times, my prayer and the blaze fire πŸ”₯ in me and around me will burn the demons out of my heart. When the fire of my prayer hits these animal spirits inside me, I will hear whistle screaming voices like a roaring waterfall. This constantly cast them out πŸ’―%

When the Marine kingdom's tried to reload and transfer more of their evil data into animal demons in my heart, they will realize I have cast and removed animal spirits from my body.

The rulers of darkness will then summoned my Spirit again and use different tricks and project these animals πŸ•πŸΊπŸ spirit into my heart. The more demons I removed, the more they project new ones into my heart.

I wrote it hereπŸ‘‡

I Began To Asked Myself Questions

Demons has sent animals to me in 2015, and it didn't work. They recently tried to sent demons into my body via sexual sin, it didn't work either. How come the Devils are now succeeding in projecting these animals demons and spell into my heart.?

What is making it possible for the Marine powers to release iniquity into my heart?

I began to wonder, what type of demonic attacks is this?

I knew something was wrong.
I knew something is not right.

I need to find out.

I need to speak and ask God.

I was sure, God will tell me what to do.
Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Lostchild(m): 3:00am On Nov 08, 2023
My Communication With God

I then began to speak to God. I pray unto God and asked God to forgive me in whatever area of sin in my life that is preventing me from obtaining from Him full potentials

I asked God for the mercy of His cross to be forgiven from every sins that is hindering me. I prayed and fasted for 18 hours for God to revive my spirit and power.

Papa God. I made a mistake when I stopped seeking you. I made a mistake when I removed my eyes from you.

God Jesus. I made a mistake when I stopped looking unto you

God. Help me I told Him.

The Great King answered my request. He began to show me the root causes of why animal spirits enters my heart. He then use my current compound as an example. He began to show me my relationship with each of all my neighbors.

1. Neighbour One. The Spirit of God revealed to me that, this person was an evil human. He was an agent of Lucifer brought forth to live near me, so that he will carry out Satan plans. He even took my name to different shrines. God later use the landlord to evict and boot him out very fast.

2. Neighbour Two. The spirit of God show me that, my light threatens him. Because of that, I have avoided and see this man as an adversary.

3. Neighbour Three. She lives like a non existing person. She cannot be easily used by demons against me. I was kind to her at first, but I stopped relating with her because she lived in her own world.

4. New Tenant. He is a humble man. God brought him very fast to replace the apartment of the evil man that was evicted. The Devils cannot easily use him against me. We live in brotherly kindness.

5. Neighbour Five. The Lord then show me her face. God said to me, take a look at the face of this woman. I did and saw she was smiling endlessly with joy.

God show me myself, talking with her. You see how you using love to put that broad smile of joy on her face?. smiley

God said to me. At first, you show this woman so much love and care. And now, you refused to forgive her.

How are you currently living with her?

God said to me. If you refuse to forgive and show love, then I will not forgive you.

Go back to the way you once were and show love. If not you will miss your πŸ“¦ blessings.

The Lord God then made known to me that, the reason the devils focused all their attention and target on my heart is because of the open wounds (Unforgiveness) in my heart. They are succeeding because, the only part of my entire body that is not protected is my chest and heart.

This opening in my chest comes as a result of heavy wounds from the constant stabbing of betrayals, intimidations, hurts, pains, financial losses and many years of heavy persecution and long-suffering.

The demons now have full access to my heart as a result of the open wounds that result unforgivingness.

That is why the Word Himself (Matthew 5:44) warn us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us.

And Jesus (Mathew 18:35) concluded, "that is how my father in heaven will treat everyone of you unless you forgive your brother from your heart.

As (Matthew 18:21-22) debited, Peter went to Jesus and asked. Lord, if my brother keep on sinning against me, how many times do I have to forgive him? Seven times?

No, not seven times, " Jesus answered, but seventeen times seven.

Paul in (Ephesians 6:11:17) estorted us to put on all the armor that God gives you, so that you will be able to stand up against the Devil's evil tricks.

ΒΉΒ² For we are not fighting against human beings but against the wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world, the rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers of this dark age.

ΒΉΒ³ So put on God's armor now! Then when the evil days comes, you will be able to resist the enemy's attacks; and after fighting to the end, you will still hold your ground.

¹⁴ So stand ready, with truth as a belt tight around your waist, with righteousness as your breastplate, ₁₅ and as your shoes of the Good News of peace.

₁₆ At all times carry faith as a shield; for with it you will be able to put out all the burning arrows shot by the Evil One.

₁₇ And accept salvation as a helmet, and the word of God as the sword which the Spirit gives you
Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Littlechild(m): 3:00am On Nov 08, 2023
Genuine Humility

After God spoked to me, I became more humble. I went to my female neighbour to speak with her about forgiveness. This boost her ego and enhance her ignorance. She began to bite me behind her back. She took advantage of my coming to her. She thought I wanted her friendship.

She even attack me more behind my back and label me as a demonic possessed or agent of darkness that was now coming on assignment to hurt her.

I felt bad for myself, with lot of regrets for going to her. She didn't know I was only following God directive.

I felt more pain in my heart and took a vow, never to be friends or allow any Nigeria woman into my life. We became more of an enemy instead of forgiven one another.

This attack I got from this woman gave more hedge and strong hold of the enemy towards me. In fact, I can never prosper with such vow of never ever be friends with any woman in life.

The more I use my power to cast and removed all the animal demons from my heart, the more the Marine kingdom's shoot more animals πŸ•πŸΊπŸ΄ spirits into my heart.

I have powers that can quake any kingdom's of darkness. Even my spoken word can cripple the commander's of darkness, but there is only one thing I need to do in order to gain complete victory over all the enemies. And that which I need to do is love and genuine forgiveness.

I then sat on my bed. I lifted my hands up unto God in prayer and I spoked out.

Almighty God, forgive me. Delivered me from that poison 🐏 called unforgivingness.

Papa God. I have genuinely forgive everyone, including those whom Satan used to bring tears to my eyes. I forgive them all.

I truly mean it.

As I ushered this genuine words in prayer to God, the evil demon 🐏 of unforgivennes inside my heart instantly seized my heart and almost choked me to death.

I couldn't speak as I grasp for breathe.

The poisonous animal 🐏 spirit of unforgiveness inside my heart got angry and almost stopped my breath.

Then I knew the evil entity in my heart has loss every grip and now in pains.

God then told me again. Go and speak in good terms with your female neighbours.

Then I knew I really need to genuinely humble myself and wore back my breastplate of forgiveness and love as the scripture (Ephesians 6:14) says.

I need to genuinely forgive everyone.
I need to forgive my ex friends who wounds me.
I need to forgive my past and current neighbors.
l need to forgive all my offenders.
I need to forgive and pray my blood sisters who betrayed me.
I need to forgive and pray for even those who persecuted me.

Even Jesus looked down from the cross (John 19:30) at His persecutors without anger or retaliation, but with love and mercy.

Jesus knew his persecutors live in darkness and did not understand what they were doing. He prayed, Father forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.. See (Luke 23:34).
Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Littlechild(m): 3:00am On Nov 08, 2023
My Reconciliation With My Neighbours

After I prayed and told God I have forgiven everyone. The Lord told me to meet and speak with my female neighbour.

1. Neighbour One
I went to her place, greeted her and sat down. I told her the Lord sent me to speak with you. She didn't even hear when I mention the Lord.

She is not a spiritual person, but the religious quiet type of person. She is the type that doesn't see the need for spiritual reality. She believe in the non conflict and prosperity coat and tie Christianity

She didn't reply me in a cheerful manner, but in a way that convey to me I am not important.

I told her, come, I don't listen to men. I listen to what God says. She said everyone listen to God. I told her, no, I am following divine directive.

I reminded her how she behave the last time I came to pass a divine message from God to her. She denied my claims, but deep in her words, she indirectly told me she doesn't need my attention or friendship.

I replied her, I am not looking for your friendship. I just want to be in good terms with you. Free your heart and accept my greetings. I then left her place.

After I got home, I felt a bit of guilt, why I even went to her again. To be honest, I am not really interested in any relations or daily communication with her. But I just need to genuinely do what God told me to do without forcing her. She has no idea of the spiritual battles that were being wages on my behalf, and how her attitude is affecting me spiritually

This time, I decide to humble myself more and went to her again. I petted her this time, she knew I am genuinely sorry of how I hurts her heart. I told her to soften her heart towards me. She gently respond and spoke calmly to me this time. I observe her body language and knew she has forgiven me. I told her to come to me any time she need any help. She agreed and I left.

The most important thing is my genuine forgiveness which is the process for my freedom and healing. I am doing it for my destiny and for my spiritual well-being.

I saw her the next morning, greeted her on my way home.

2. Neighbour Two
This one is a prayerful lady. Among all my neighbors, she was the only person the Devils couldn't manipulate and use against me.

I was very kind and helpful to her at first, but I later walked away from her. We later avoided each other like enemies.

When her son told her I was outside her gate waiting for her, she was surprised and burst into laughter. She came out to see me and we greeted like folks who miss talking to each other.

Her body language instantly encouraged me. For the last few months, she has been seeing me from a different spiritual perspective. I am not what she thought I was. To curb her ago, I told her what God told me and why I came. She instantly paid more attention to me than she first did when she heard that the message is from God. She knew God truly sent me.

She was humble and listen attentively to what I say. I told her to come to me anytime she need my help. We also spoked in spiritual terms because she is a spiritual person. We reconcile in friendliness and love as it should be.

3. Neighbour Three
This man was heavily influence by the enemies against me. I have genuinely forgiven him and no longer hold grudges against him. I wish him and his children farewell in life.

4. Neighbour Four
Was a very evil man. He was brought forth to do the will of Satan, although, he no longer lives around me. But I have genuinely forgiven him and loose him from my heart.

5. Neighbour Five
He is a humble man. This gives me the privileged to service him with love and brotherly kindness. We never had issues and we will not have issues as long as I continue in my ways of humility and love.

Lesson Learn
One greatest thing I learnt from the experience is that, love and forgiveness is the only thing that will protect us from all the powers and attacks of the devils.

We should always be kind in words and deed to everyone, including the good and bad alike

Be helpful and be kind to all men not because they deserve it, but because love does not require appreciation. Love simply does what it can to help others.
Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Littlechild(m): 3:01am On Nov 08, 2023
Forgiveness Gave Me Deliverance

After my conversation with two of my female neighbours, I sat myself down the next day evening to pray. I then lifted my hands up in prayer unto God, asking Him to completely liberated me from the poison spirit 🐏 of unforgivennes.

Lord Almighty.
I am calling unto you God. Remove from my life, whatever you did not plant into my life.

Almighty God. I lift my voice unto you in prayer, asking you to remove whatever you did not sow into my body. All of a sudden, I felt a movement in my heart going up to my throat. It was as if something big wanted to come out from my throats.

Despite the unnatural movement in my heart and throat, I tried and made sure I finished my petition prayer unto God to deliver me. I then walk outside and began to vomit / spit out bitter Saliva for hours.

The food I ate, almost came out from my throat.

It was then I realize that the rulers and kingdom's of darkness has drop too many 🐏 and poisoned into my tender heart.

When animal Spirit enters people, they will feed through the person and defecate inside the person. This brings poison good heart of good men.

During the night, I tried to swallow rice, but the meal couldn't pass my throats without me receiving heavy pains in my throat. It was as if something very big walk out from my throat immediately I ushered the words of liberation prayers unto God

These animal Demons enters me through my heart and came out of me through my throat.

My heart became very light the next day. The pain I felt in my heart and throat, with the bitter Saliva I vomit and spit out conveys to me the Devils truly has deposited so much poison/iniquity's into my tender heart.

My New Vows
1. I then took a vow never to be offended by anybody actions, and be more tolerant to people like before. I will offer communication and dialogue in exchange for endurance and bitterness.

2. I have genuinely forgiven all Nigeria women. I no longer see them as my trials, but as a blessing and gain $ to my life.

3. I fully accepted my all my financial losses as potential gains. It is the gain of me having Jesus who is more than all the wealth of the world. Having Jesus means having all things.

5. Before when I look at children, the thought of the past accusations and persecution reflect into my mind. But right now, I look at children with great joy.

Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Lostchild(m): 3:01am On Nov 08, 2023
The New Attacks Of Unclean Spirits

Each unclean animals πŸ•πŸˆπŸ±πŸ€πŸ’πŸ°πŸ“πŸ΄πŸ†πŸ§ spirit represent certain evil personality. These animal spirit work different evil characters and spiritual state of a person being.

Each time they project these animals πŸ•πŸΊπŸ΄πŸ“ spirits into my heart, the animal demons will do so many things to my body just to drains my spiritual powers. If I am not the strong type, they will completely drain my anointing and quench my spiritual fire πŸ”₯

During the draining process, my whole entire body will vibrate with heat like a computer that is connected to the internet. The taste of my tongue will become very bitter.

The rulers of darkness then summoned my spirit again and I saw myself standing in fronts of a sheep that has three children 🐏🐏🐏 🐏. They wanted to re-project that same spirit of unforgiveness into my heart again. They wanted to make sure I refuse to forgive my offenders and persecutors.

I didn't pay attention to the four sheep 🐏 they sent to re - possessed my heart again. They re sent the sheep to my gate but the Spirit of God cut me off. The Devils failed in this their attack because I have applied genuine forgiveness to protect my heart by forgiven everyone.

They summoned my spirit again and I saw myself standing in from of three little dog puppies 🐩🐩🐩. For them to make me pay attention to the animals, they released evil spell of love for me to pay attention to the puppies. This subjugated my spirit to pay attention to the point of petting the little puppies. They instantly project the dogs puppies into my heart.

I remember when God told me concerning this attacks. He said I should forgive everyone and show constant love to all men. This forgiveness and constant unconditional love is the breastplates of righteousness that will shield my chest and heart from the burning arrows and evil attacks from demons. See (Ephesians 6:14)

I have knew this secret in spiritual warfare before, but experiencing it is more of a better teacher. Right now I have applied genuine forgiveness, but now is the time for me to show love to those I have forgiven. I am ready to even show love to my enemies and not take offense anymore in life.

That is why He said in (Matthew 5:44) love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.
Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Littlechild(m): 6:23am On Dec 03, 2023
What These Animal Spirits Represent

The Marine Kingdom's project too many animal Spirit into my heart. When I intensify my attacks on them, they will increase the animal spirit possession through the open wounds in my heart (breastplates of righteousness)

The Devils knows that I am not the easy kind of guy to manipulate spiritually. They project so many animals spirit into me like

β€’ Many dogsπŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•πŸ• works severe sexual lust.
β€’ Wolf 🐺 represent more sexual lust
β€’ Three dog puppies 🐩🐩🐩 to intensify the sexual lust.
β€’ Many sheeps 🐏🐏🐏🐏 represent Unforgiveness.
β€’ One goat 🐐 does the work to harden my soft heart.
β€’ One cockerel πŸ“
β€’ One turkey 🐦
β€’ One horse 🐴
β€’ Two frogs 🐸🐸 of anti progress spirit.
β€’ One polar bear 🐻 works aggression and anger
β€’ One leopard πŸ† represent spirit of anger
β€’ Three evil birds 🐧
β€’ One snail 🐌 represent spirit of limitations

There are more but I note the list I could remember. My spiritual powers and fire is so violent that, the rulers of darkness needed all these many different animal spirit to weaken me and quench my fire.

My entire body began to vibate and over heart like a PC that is connected to the Internet. This animals will drain all the food on my stomach in an instant, just to weaken my entire Spirit and body.

I then stopped using my commanding powers to intensify my attacks against them. I had to change my strategy of warfare and use my highest form of attacks (Isaiah 42:13)(Deu 9:3)(Isaiah 66:15) just to deal with them and destroy more of the kingdom's of darkness.

I also wanted to teach the kingdoms of darkness an unforgettable lesson. The Devils truly mess with the wrong guy.

The more I attack, the more they defend themselves by possessing my heart with more animal Demons. The devils know it won't be easy for demonic manipulation to suppressed, drain and quench me.

The good thing is that I was fully aware of all their tricks and strategic form of defensive attacks. Having high spiritual knowledge protect me against succumbing to their evil tricks and craft.

Knowledge is your power
Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Littlechild(m): 6:23am On Dec 03, 2023
Trusting In Wisdom

Despite all that the Devils did, I never succumb to their sexual craft and manipulation. I kept on praying one hour in morning and one hour evening on daily basis.

I kept using the Lord (Isaiah 42:13)(Deu 9:3)(Isaiah 66:15) to invade and wage more war on the rulers of darkness. I tried to use the power and fire of my spoken word to try to cast out all the animals Demons of lust that was residing in my heart. The more I pray, the more they stay to sexualize my body. They wanted to quench my fire.

When I saw that these demonic animal refuse to live my body, I had to use Wisdom.

In the celestial realm of light, the Lord is namely known as Wisdom. He is the commander in Chief of the Armies of Heaven and Earth, so I kept my eyes fix on the Lord. I knew that my victory is only from Him and through Him alone.

Despite my war with the kingdom's of darkness, I kept on praying and petitioning God to liberate me from that which are living on my heart.

I told God to occupy my heart by vandalizing all the animal spirit out of my my heart. I knew deep withing me that, the Lord wanted to teach me an unforgettable lesson. A lesson that will help my future.

Keeping my lessons in awareness prevents the attack from happening.

Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Littlechild(m): 6:24am On Dec 03, 2023
Deliverance From The Spirit Of Dogs

By this time, the Devils has intensify their spiritual attacks on me. These attacks from the Devils is so intense that it seldom manifest physically.

Satan greatest powers is to used humans against humans, and now he has been using animals against human. He lures this animals to believe that mankind are their enemies.

During the night 11am, I woke up to see that all the food I ate has been drain out by the animal spirits living inside my heart.

I went to my kitchen and ate more food at 1:00am during the sleeping hour. The animals spirits knew I had eaten something new, and they intend to drain my stomach again.

They instantly projects sexual thought into my mind, and start using that same sexual thought that is not from me to afflict and sexualize my body. My entire body was now on severe heats as if I was having sex.

One of my experience from this animals demons was that, their attacks on my body constantly prevent me from sleeping. This was also meant to weaken my body.

Note. In the spiritual realm of light and darkness, our Bible is a flaming πŸ”₯ sword.

The animals demonic sexual spirits in my heart started giving me heavy sleep waves. As I was about to sleep, the Spirit of God suggested for me to use my Bible as a pillow case.

I have two Bible that I normally used. I use the smaller one for prayer, while the medium size Bible for study. I did as the Spirit of God suggested and put the Bible as a pillow and lay my head on top of it.

Immediately I did that, I head voices that look like a roaring waterfalls. All the animals Demons all screamed and fled out of my body. The blazing fireπŸ”₯ and power of the πŸ—‘ of the Spirit (Holy Bible) burnt and casted out all the many animals spirit of lust that were projected into my heart.

I repeat; all the animal spirits were chain and casted out of me. They entered my body through the doorway of my heart, but they use a different doorway (my throat) to come out.

That was how the Lord deliver and set me free from the animal spirit of sexual lust.

He allowed this to happen so that it would never happen again!
Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Littlechild(m): 6:28am On Dec 03, 2023
My Victory Is Inevitable

After all the other animals spirit were gone, I took the other Bible and kept it on top of my heart while I sleep. My head was on top of one Bible, while the other Bible was on top of my heart. The Lord has restore my forgiveness, and I will keep fighting until the Lord will restore the love in my heart which is the breastplates of righteousness (Ephesians 6:14)

The rulers and kingdoms of darkness knew that all the other animal spirits which is their forms of defense has been casted out of my body. They then summoned my spirit again with a different tricks via their human agent.

I saw an 11 years of girl dancing in front of me. When I look at this girl, she was shirtless but has a very long female breast. They did this just to capture my attention, that enabled them to project another animal spirit of lust into my heart.

As I walk pass this little girl, I began to wonder how and why a girl this little will have such long female breast. They did this just to see if my heart was still open to receive demon of sexual lust of which it was. They then project more spirit of sexual lust into my heart. When I regained my physical consciousness, I knew I must do love as the Lord told me.

The Lord has told me to humbly show love to even those people who will keep on resisting my effort. It is not about them, it is about me. I am the main target of Demons. The evil spirit inside them will manipulate and use them as an astra right to lay ambush at me.

When Demons possessed people, they will begin to defecate on the humans. This is like a disease that marr the good soul and bring about the changes of the human character from good to bad. Even when the Lord cast them out, their slime and defecation (poo) will still be in the victim's body for a while. My body has adjusted a bit to their attacks, slime and will reset itself back again in due time.

Defecating (Poo) Dream
I then hard a dream where I was defecating. I know all the deadly diseases and evil deposit from all the animal spirit is being removed from my body.

Now is the time for me to completely deal with the spirit of lust by applying love.

Lesson Learned

One of my highest lesson learned is not to ever deviate from love, gentleness and forgiveness. God reminded me that constant love and forgiveness is the only thing that will protect my entire heart and chest from demonic attack.

The Holy Spirit was dwelling inside my entire body, except my heart. This was as a result of the open wounds of unforgivennes, anger caused by persecutors. I am patiently praying and asking God to restore and take full possessions on my heart

Our body is like a mansion that has many various doorways and rooms. When demon possessed a person, they dwell in certain part of the person. They feed through the person soul and defecate inside the person spirit. These animals Demons do this just to change good heart to bad heart.

I repeat; never deviate from love, gentleness and forgiveness.
Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Littlechild(m): 12:24pm On Dec 10, 2023
My Total Freedom From Animal Spirit Of Sexual Lust

As long as the door of my heart is open, any unclean animal spirit can pass into it. The Lord had previously told me to constantly show love and kindness to everyone. This Godly love will loose the stronghold of all the animalπŸ•πŸΊπŸ“πŸ©πŸΆ spirit of lust in my heart, but I was still battling to do it.

When the kingdoms of darkness release more spirit of sexual lust into my heart, then I knew I must humble myself more and show love on daily basis which I did.

I then summoned God by 11:00am πŸ•™ to move on the earth like a raging fire (Isaiah 42:13)(Deu 9:3)(Isaiah 66:15) burn all the Marine Kingdom's of the river and oceans with fireπŸ”₯. The Lord did as I asked Him.

Two hours later during the afternoon, the sirens/ mermaids came to me for an attack. One of the female Mermaid was just staring at me. She was seeing the person is destroying their kingdom for the first. But before their attack, the Lord instantly cut me off from their presence.

The Marine powers then released heavy data's of Iniquity's into the animal spirits of dogs/wolves inside me. I went into prayer and retaliated with a destructive attack, and perpetually cast out all the spirits of lust out of my heart.

By 7-8:00pm, I began to vomit out all the poison the animal spirit have deposited in my body. I couldn't even stand up after they left. Because for months, these animal lust demons has been living inside my heart and have carried out a lot of attack against my body.

I began to feels in my heart's and my left lungs after the Evil spirits of lust left my body. I vomited out of me a lot of poisonous Saliva for an hour after the dogs/wolf Spirit were casted out by the Lord through my prayer.

I am now battling with the last animal- spirit Of anger/aggression
Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Littlechild(m): 7:29pm On Dec 10, 2023
I used to be a person that will forgive and endure the evil and wrongs a person does to me for many years. The Devils knows me as Mr forgiver.

I stopped going to church because, I cannot keep on going to church while forces and powers of darkness keep killing me slowly. I had to learn to fight until I became very strong. My spirit and body became so full of power with physical stamina to pray and fight for hours.

The lowest time I spent in my warfare prayer is 60 minutes, which I do morning and evening with 30 minutes petition prayer backed up. Total prayer time = 2h/30 minutes daily prayers.

God then gifted me with so much powers that, all the rulers and kingdom's of darkness became so afraid of my spoken words.

In Year 2014
The Marine kingdom summoned my spirit and sent two dogs to come and be having sex in my presence. They wanted to put something into my body. They sent the dogs several times, but they stopped the attack because it didn't work on any part of my body. My entire body was armoured (Ephesians 6:17) sealed.

The best way for all the devils to penetrate me is to use every humans beings available to wage war against me. They need to make an openings in my body. This is why and where they started manipulating and use every Nigeria women available to wage war and attack me.

Women in general are very easy for demons to manipulate just like when you blink of an eye. When I moved to any town, the Devils will quickly manipulate and use the women around me to wage war against me.

Nigeria women wage war against me to the point where I began to bleed heavily. I was so badly wounded to the point where I no longer feel emotional pain in life. I had to open my heart and silently allowed and watched all of them women persecute and crucify me.

My only response was to forgive them, and moved on.
Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Littlechild(m): 12:24pm On Dec 11, 2023
Year 2017, I had an heated phone fight with my middle brother. He said to me that, you will die in struggle.

I ask my brother, are you sure?
He said, Yes.
OK. Let us see, I hand up the phone. πŸ“ž

During the night, when I wanted to pray as usual, the Lord said to me, before you petition me, remove your bother from your heart. The Lord then also warn me never to get anger again.

Right now, I see the reasons why the Lord warn me not to get angry
Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Angrigowt: 3:08pm On Dec 11, 2023
Take your drugs

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Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Littlechild(m): 6:07pm On Dec 12, 2023
What God Want From Me

During year 2015, a married lady heavily offended me by constantly violating my peace. I should be angry with her, but no. I went to her and apologize to her. I told her to forgive me even though she was the one who did me wrong.

She became very calm, and marvel in heart about my person.

Two hours later, I saw her walking towards me and I held her to myself like a husband would do to his belove wife. I began to pet her with excessive love and care. That was the day I realize that women in general are like little children who generally crave love and affection.

At that time, the rulers and kingdom's of darkness could not penetrate me despite their human attack. Why? Because my whole entire life and character was all saturated with God's unconditional love.

When I look back now I can see the huge changes in me. When the attack persist from that period to 2023, I felt God wanted me to have sense by force and make amendment on my ways of love filled life. I thought God wanted me to harden up in my person and character. I never knew the demons wanted to change my character from tender love to hard hearteddness

From what God was telling me now, I should go back to the love I was before.

β€’ I must never resist anyone or pays heed to the craft and persuasions of the enemy

β€’ I must not allow the enemy to hinder my desire for showing love (doing good)

β€’ I must not find fault with anyone. I should constantly show love, give love and forgive all who violate my love.

β€’ I must never yield to provocation in any given circumstances. Love is gentle and tender.

Everyone who lives on this earth has set goals and objectives. Some people goals and life principles are on pleasure. Others set it on wealth or fame. But God sent me to earth and set my life goals on love and help.
Re: Spirit Of Animals - My Experience by Sojotus(m): 2:56pm On Dec 17, 2023
I'm glad about the new Insights and trainings you received from God. I use to read your posts and fro. Your discussions, i always sense so much anger and hatred most especially to women. I asked how someone could claim to have an intimate relationship with God yet so much bitterness and hate utterances.

Well with this new post, it's evident that God has worked and invested greatly in your vessel. He has critically pruned and rid you of self. I'm glad for the developments and new changes. May the Lord be praised in your life.

I have always look forward to your post. I have learnt greatly from your experiences and i pray God will also open my eyes to my secret faults and hidden foxes that has kept me bound.

God bless you. Go forth and share your experiences so people can learn from them.

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