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Story:lost In A Cold World(an Emotional Story) / Jos, December And Cold. / UNYIME-IVY KING – “burning Hurt” Akwa Ibom’s Bestfemale Literary Fiction Writer (2) (3) (4)

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The burning cold by Mynd44: 11:45pm On Jul 13, 2012
I walked into the hall; it was dark but lit (as usual). Just the way it is every time I went. Sometimes I wonder if my boss had to get some internal decorator to do the designs forhim. I found myself walking through the passage. For a person this old, He/It did not have any desire for painting or any form of art. The art he knew or was familiar with wassimple and that was what I was here to handle. I went to the first door and it openedby itself as though it has a special sensory capability (but I know better). Immediately I stepped in, I got the feeling. The feeling I always get when I go see the Boss. The minions all around you feeling you, touching you probing your heart, brains and mind to see if you are carrying or hiding something.
Typical you might think because all Bosses who deal in power have the thought that their staff might betray them and mine was not different. It has trust issues and I don't blame it. After all, I have done in the past 6 months; I doubt It will trust any thing again. Not even the minions, which He/It trusts.
I will explain the minions later because they on their own are a separate story all together. I continued walking, as the minionsare not the type to spare you if they suspect you are hiding the slightest thing. I went to the second door and again it opened. The way this door opens always amuse me. You walk up to it and it just vanishes into thin air, I always find it amusing but today, I was in trouble and little things like vanishing doors could not put a smile on my face.
I wanted to enter but I could not move I knew this effect was coming from me (I was scared). I looked up and there It was in his"normal" form, appearance and glory. Glory because if an artist could draw this, it will be the best picture he has ever seen. However, of course that artist will die or run mad before the pencil even touches the paper.
There it was bent down and looking into those scrolls. Those were the scrolls, which got me in this mess, and I knew It Knows. I stood there for more than five minutes just watching It. There were once rumours that the book itself emanates from Him/It or a higher authority. However, who will ask? There are worse things that death you know.
I still stood head almost bowed, legs itching, heart pounding and fear present when I heard that voice. The voice comes as always the same way. It comes at once and stops.
I look in the direction of the source and It looked up at me. There It was cladded in a garment as dark as blackness without any part of this flesh or skin (if he has any) revealed. The voice took the form of words inmy head as usual and I started making it out
"I am the end of all mortal,
The coldness that burns your heart,
The inevitability of all things,
The oldest of elements…
I am the one who calls and all mortal answers,
The one who takes and has never given,
The one who wipes a smile and compound sorrows,
I am the one who maintains the balance and who records it.
I am the REAPER. The Grim Reaper.”

With that, I fell to my kneels, all thoughts wiped out and all concerns stopped.
He continued

"I am the first punishment and the only one you can't fight. The only way you must pass and the one from which there is no escape"
"Your lord, master and owner"
"raise your eyes and see me"

I looked up into that black hood and instead of a face, I saw noting just a stare that was filled with suffering, agony and contempt, no eyes but two fiery dots in the midst of the dark. I felt It go through me and I felt Its essence run through my being. I looked again and saw the soulless daze It had on me.

Yes my name is Peter and I am standing in front of my boss the GRIM REAPER also know as DEATH.


Re: The burning cold by Gentiejag(f): 7:40am On Jul 14, 2012
Ok now...leggo dea
Re: The burning cold by cindyrella(f): 7:44am On Jul 14, 2012
Wow! Nice piece!
Re: The burning cold by Luckygurl(f): 9:56am On Jul 14, 2012
Neva knew dis guy was a writer.Well I couldn't read dis cos it was 2 lenghty and was poorly constructed.I mean d spacing and paragraphs.
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 1:53pm On Jul 14, 2012
Lucky gurl: Neva knew dis guy was a writer.Well I couldn't read dis cos it was 2 lenghty and was poorly constructed.I mean d spacing and paragraphs.
Try typing at 11:45 pm with a phone. I will try as much as possible though.
Re: The burning cold by Cuddlemii: 8:21pm On Jul 14, 2012
Hmmm......Mynd, so you write too?
Impressive! Keep it up!
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 10:51pm On Jul 14, 2012
Cuddlemii: Hmmm......Mynd, so you write too?
Impressive! Keep it up!
Waiting for 11:45 to put in the next lines
Re: The burning cold by Cuddlemii: 11:27pm On Jul 14, 2012
Waiting for 11:45 to put in the next lines

Why 11:45? Lolz!
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 11:32pm On Jul 14, 2012

Why 11:45? Lolz!
no reason
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 11:36pm On Jul 14, 2012
I had never liked the way It communicated
with me. It made me shiver, but that was how
it was with the others and we all have to live
with this or not.

The voice came again and this time it came
with the urgency and pain. Pain which I still
have not found the words to explain it with.
The meaning took form in my head
“why did you do it”?
“why did you try to break the cycle which has
been since the time of creation”?
“and why did you think I would not find you
what you did”?
I tried to open my mouth to speak in my own
defense but my mouth was dry and void of
words as I closed it back.

I started to look up
but with great difficulty and saw that It had
bent towards the scrolls once again. I
struggled to get up on my feet and after great
difficulty, I was up. My gaze fixed on the
creature bowed in front of me which had all
the power in the universe to end my life but
would not. At least not yet.

The voice came again “you have seven days to find her and bring her to the grand entrance else I will come take her by myself”

I felt my hear skip about ten beats

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Re: The burning cold by ijebabe: 6:28pm On Jul 15, 2012
I knew you cudn't resist grin
Re: The burning cold by Sapphiredamsel(f): 7:04pm On Jul 15, 2012
Too boring


Re: The burning cold by ijebabe: 8:08pm On Jul 15, 2012
Just because ppl don't give a flying fcckkk about ur shit doesn't mean you shud be hating on others.
Re: The burning cold by Goldieluks: 10:55am On Jul 16, 2012
Very intriguing in an absolute weird way.. the GOOD writer always writes about what IT feels.
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 4:47pm On Jul 16, 2012
I tried walking towards it but it was restraining me and I could feel the invisible partition.
It must have been put in place before approaching there.

Another sound came into my head but this was unlike the voices it use to communicated with me.
Suddenly, I felt myself being pulled and I was lost to darkness.
I woke up panting, sweating and scared out of my mind on the floor of my room.
How I got here, I did not know but I knew what I saw was not a dream. I just saw the Boss and
he has just given me an ultimatum. I had to find the girl who I have loved all my life and
kill her or else, he was going to send another agent to find her and kill her.

I managed to drag myself to my bed, put a pillow beneath my head and I tried to see my choices.
Re: The burning cold by Goldieluks: 4:50pm On Jul 16, 2012
is this suppose to be a story/poetry/dream or what??
Re: The burning cold by Babamide(m): 2:35pm On Jul 17, 2012
So you work for the Grim Reaper? Till 11:45pm again abi?
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 5:25am On Jul 18, 2012
Her name was not on my Boss’s list and that
could mean whatever or whoever he will be
sending after her might have some difficulty
finding her because right now, she does not
exist to them. She is an anomaly, something
like an error and she had to be removed by all

I laid down waiting for sleep to take me but I
knew sleep won’t come, not at this time. I
turned my memory to when I first saw her
and I felt a headache from a part of my brain I
did not know exist. My boss probably put that
there so anytime I thought her, I will realize
what he has sent me and the likely
consequence if I fail to bring her to him. Come
to think of it, what he asks of me is kind of

I am supposed to kill a girl I love enough to
steal her name out of the book of the living
just like that? Considering that the police have
a case of murders against and the only thing
they don’t have is the proof and now I am
supposed to give them what they want by
actually killing someone.

But really, if I had allowed nature take its
course and left her to die, I would not be in
this mess, all will still be fine with the world
and she will be where she ought to be.
My mind fell back to the first time I saw her

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Re: The burning cold by ijebabe: 7:56pm On Jul 18, 2012
I love this! Please continue!!
Re: The burning cold by avicky(f): 8:40pm On Jul 18, 2012
More power to your elbow.
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 10:43am On Jul 21, 2012
My mind fell back to the first time I saw her. I
was in secondary school then, 14 years old
and the most quite boy in the class. She was a
transfer student from another state and the
teacher brought her to sit beside me.

Immediately, I felt a stirring within me that
made me feel like our destinies were
entwined* of course then, I did not believe in
any of the stuff I am seeing now).

Her hair was black and long.
Not a characteristic of the girls I have met, she gave
me this smile (or she just smile at everyone)
that melted me when she took her seat. And
that smile has been getting me in trouble ever
since and now it will cause my life, soul and
definitely, spirit.

My class was notorious for tormenting new
students especially when that student looked
like someone they could push around and
would be affected by their insults. At the heart
of this crazy gang was john. John was a
tormentor and a good one. He always knew
what to say to get anyone worked up and he
was kinda big, not too big but he seems like
the the kind of person you would not want to

Immediately she sat down, I heard the
remarks of fresh meat and they were just
waiting for the teacher to leave the class
before they made her regret coming to this
school and curse whoever it was that
suggested that she was brought to this class.
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 10:45am On Jul 21, 2012
The teacher left and then it started.
John’s puppet Sunday walked up to her and
asked for her name, she looked up and I was
sure she though he was trying to be nice
“Chidinma” came out of those lips
“really? That’s nice where are you from”
“I was born in the east but I have lived in
around here all my live”
“so have you ever being to your town?”
Then john came in with a reply that made the
whole class burst out laughing
Why have you lived around here all your life?
Is it that your father could not afford a trip to
your village or he does not know the way
“Perhaps he is running from the witches that
is prevalent around your village”
Then they went on and on for almost an hour
non-stop with the names, laughter and
humiliation. I was so appalled, that I got up
walked to John and demanded that he
“I should stop? I have just started so just take
your seat and enjoy”
“I will not sit here and have you insult her”
He smiled and said “what are you going to
At this point, his whole crew was gathering
around me and I did the most amazing thing
of my life then, I threw a punch at him.
For a moment, I thought I struck him until my
hand brushed beside his head into the air.
He must have thought that I missed on
purpose because he stepped back and set his
fist in preparation for a beatdown
Re: The burning cold by Luckygurl(f): 12:19pm On Jul 21, 2012
Am so loving dis story.pls com and finish d gud wrk.Do am sharpaly sharpaly,no dull.
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 4:21am On Jul 23, 2012
New updates
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 4:26am On Jul 23, 2012
I almost did the same thing until I saw our
Biology teacher come into the class. And
“Settle down”
He walked past me and whispered “later
dude you and I will settle this”

How I felt from that moment could not be
described. How do you concentrate on the
human digestive system when someone just
told you he was going to beat you up and it
was just a matter of time before school closes
and you will be at the mercy of him and his
gang of miscreants?
The teacher finished at the end of school
being the last class period and my hour of
doom had arrived. My throat was dry, I was
scared and beads of wet were beginning to
break around my neck. I picked up my bag
headed for the door when my way was
“You are coming with us was the only
explanation I got”
I maintained a straight face as I was not
about to fall apart in front of the girl I was
trying to impress I was taken to the back of
the school where all the fights happened.

It was a construction site for an extension of
our school as some classes were being built
and the place was secluded from the main
school so if you scream from now until
eternity, no one would you.
Word had gotten out that a fight was about
to happen and half the school showed up
excited as though this was the real reason
they came to school that day. John was
already waiting for me and he was cursing
some words just to get the whole place
hyped up and made sure I was scared.

I could feel tears building behind my eyes but
I was not about to cry without being beaten
was I? Hell no I tightened my fist to give
myself some strength and everyone mistook it
for me getting ready to fight. john looked at
me and dropped his bag.

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Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 4:27am On Jul 23, 2012
Mine fell off my almost shaking hands and he
“you are dead”
Those words were more hurtful than a punch
because I knew where I was, no one would
stop this fight until someone was bloody and
on the floor and I knew it will be me.

He walked around a little more and said it
again. That was when I got pissed, I knew I
was going to get beaten up but I just did not
like waiting for it. I wanted it done with and I
wanted to go home and the only way for that
to happen was if I attacked him first.

I felt my anger rising and as I took a step
towards john, he knew it was time and he
wanted to take off his shirt so as not to get
my blood on his white shirt when I saw a
chance, his shirt was covering his head as he
was trying to take it off and I threw a punch
with all my strength into his midsection.

He bent over as the impact shocked him; I
threw another one but this time in any
direction because I did not really care
anymore. I continued like this for some time
and then he got away from me.
Re: The burning cold by Flashaldrin(m): 4:54am On Jul 23, 2012

Re: The burning cold by Luckygurl(f): 8:10am On Jul 23, 2012
Hmmmm dis story is getting intruiging.Waiting 4 more updates.
Re: The burning cold by breathing(f): 11:35am On Jul 25, 2012
Nice! Refreshingly different from the every day story. Though I see the initial effort dwindling. Bring it back, would like to read more!
Re: The burning cold by cindyrella(f): 7:30pm On Jul 25, 2012
Interesting, I am so falling in love with this..

Continue please!
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 3:16am On Jul 26, 2012
All this while he was still struggling with his
shirt and when he got away, he got the
chance to take off the shirt. I then saw his
face, it was bloody and he did not care, he
started running towards me and my anger
was also rising.

I looked to my side and saw a building block.
One of the blocks they were using to build
and some of the students had used as posts
during a football game and I carried it just to
make him step back scare him into at least
slowing down the speed he was coming at me

But he did not. He was blind with fury and
was charging like a wild bull.
He was a couple more feet away from me
when I brought the block down. Not that I
really had strength in my arms but gravity
became a very helpful ally. The block smashed
into his head and he fell motionless.

Dead? I did not really care; I just stepped
back, grabbed my bag and left all of them
there. The dust from the block was still on my
hands, shoes and trousers but I did not care. I
won the fight. It was obvious everyone
thought that because they did not resist my
leaving I just walked and kept walking. A part
of me was expecting John to come charging
at me from behind but I was too scared (or
was it angry?) to even care if he did or not.
Re: The burning cold by Mynd44: 4:49am On Jul 26, 2012
If I thought that day was interesting, the
night was mind blowing. All the excitement of
me thrashing John did not go away. It was
exhilarating. Felt as if I was high on some
stimulant and I felt a certain power in me

A power I was able to tap during the
fight something I did not understand and
quite frankly, I still don’t understand but all I
know was that it felt good. The next couple of
year passed on quietly.

Chidinma heard about the fight, but for some
reason, she did not ask me about it. We
became friends and we were close until an
event happened just after our final exams
that will change my life and by extension,

After our final paper, I out of joy went on
dinner with a couple to celebrate our
freedom from secondary school and we went
in pairs. Chidima was the closest thing I had
to a girlfriend and so, she was the one I took
with me and in all honesty, it felt good.

We were done and I was walking her home
and was almost at her gate when she
suddenly stopped in the middle of her street,
looked up and said
“What a beautiful night”
I did not care much about nights or stars but
when I looked up, I saw that the moon was
out and full. The light it was reflecting back to
earth was not like the sun which was orange
but white and it gave the whole surrounding
a special effect.
“not as beautiful as you I manage to say”
“nothing is as beautiful as you”
I saw her face widening up into a smile and a
little wind blew into her hair making her
more beautiful than usual
“When will you ask me”?
“ask you what I replied?
I was standing in front of her looking almost
the same color as the moon. I had no idea
what she was asking me.

I was standing in front of her looking almost
the same color as the moon. I had no idea
what she was asking me. Truth be told, I
thought she had discovered some new bad
side about me that might get her angry or

“Peter, all these years we have been friends
but don’t you think we should be honest with
one another”?
Still my mind was numb. No idea and not even
a comeback came back from it. It was as
though it was on a vacation or something.
She continued
“I have seen you look at me in a certain
manner and I know you like me”
I wanted to say something. Anything to either
dispel or admit it but all I could manage was a
“and I have to admit Peter, ever since you
stepped up to John because of me, I have
liked you but I wanted you to make a move”
I blurted a “yes”
“But since you have not done that, I feel it is
necessary for me to help us out”
“I like you peter and would like it a lot if you
will regard me as more than your friend and
as a girlfriend”

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