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Politics / Re: Go Stage Rally For Anambra First Not Lagos, Man Dare Peter Obi And Obidients by adekolaelect(m): 12:14pm

Quote the electoral law that specified the sequence of locations a candidate seeking political office should adopt for campaign.

You can as well tell Atiku not to contest because he is Fulani, going by the menace of the herdsmen, bandits and terrorists. wink
I know you will find ways to defend your abnormality .. who bourn you are Obi to stage any maeningful political campaign in the East and see what IPOB Terrorists will take your eye do .But we told you when you were sponsoring and hailing IPOB when they started their Terrorists activities then but you no listen in the name of hatred and lack of forsites.

Politics / Re: Biafra:ipob Members Not Terrorists, I Live With Them- Peter Obi by adekolaelect(m): 12:06pm

Tinubu once said...

"I don't believe in Nigeria".

Why all of you urchins are keeping mum to this particular issue that a non believer in Nigeria wants to rule Nigeria still baffles me
The question for the IPOB

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Politics / Re: Biafra:ipob Members Not Terrorists, I Live With Them- Peter Obi by adekolaelect(m): 7:37am
Obi and IPOB Terrorists are 5&6.

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Bought Meat Pie For His Obidient Dog. Pictures. by adekolaelect(m): 7:31am
Was he not the same person who said he would stop insulting others?

Reno Omokri can never stop insulting people.

When they come for him, he will start wailing!
I feel wailing in your comments !!!! A simple question need a simple answer.

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Politics / Re: Go Stage Rally For Anambra First Not Lagos, Man Dare Peter Obi And Obidients by adekolaelect(m): 7:25am
Peter Obi is not the governor of the state presently

Under Peter Obi watch as governor of Anambra state, there was no UGM neither was there "Sit at home" on Mondays .

Go and verify
They said charity begins at home .Tell Obi to start his campaign from his home land state .simple as ABC your home can not be in the hand of Terrorists and claiming you want to govern Nigerians out of Terrorists.


Politics / Re: Ndigbo APC Town Hall Meeting Holds For Tinubu, Sanwo-olu by adekolaelect(m): 9:14pm On Oct 04
Rented people everywhere. No normal human being should talk about any 'old creature' as president of the nation after the deadly political mistake of 2015. Nigeria at this critical time needs a sound, intelligent, healthy, business oriented leader that will stirr up the economy from the evil party...
stop crying can you tell me what Kanu that was healthy offered Igbos than calamity and destruction?

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Politics / Re: PDP Last-minute Deal; Cede Senate Presidency To Southwest, Southeast For SGF by adekolaelect(m): 9:07pm On Oct 04
PDP should stop wasting their time and chasing shadow! How would Atiku even convince the south to vote for him after eight years of Buhari? Obi remains the undisputed choice of Nigerians.
sorry na Tinubu . Obi only belong to the s e politics alone .
Politics / Re: Breaking: Mbaka Prophesies The Death of A Sick Presidential Aspirant by adekolaelect(m): 7:32pm On Oct 04
This man just dey shame us for yoruba land
Your stupidity can only shame you not we Yorubas

Politics / Re: More Photos As Bola Tinubu Supporters Shut Down Ibadan by adekolaelect(m): 7:29pm On Oct 04
Rented crowds
A comment with rented Sense!!!!!

Politics / Re: The Crowd At Ibadan For Tinubu Calls For A Cessation Of Solidarity Walks by adekolaelect(m): 7:26pm On Oct 04
Lol.... What an uninspiring & paid rally. Imagine what urchins r labelling a monstrous crowd despite the fact the rally took place in the SW.
It reminds me of their failed Abuja 1-million man march which later turned to a mini- carnival due to low turnout.
Amoda the drug baron can't rule this country.
Nigerians detest him. Only urchins & crooked politicians follow him so they can grab a share of his loot.
You never start crying ....

Politics / Re: Go Back To His States And Campaign - Lagos Deputy Governor (video) by adekolaelect(m): 7:22pm On Oct 04
A church Rat deputy governor.. Tribalism have eaten very deep in their blood...

True yorubas should try to disassociate themselves from such babaric mentality....

This is the one Nigeria people like this stone age savage uses to preside over Lagos state and you wonder why their are agberos all over Lagos...

shut up face the reality .Tell obi to start his presidency campaign from his state. When it favoured your hatred ego you will not cry of Tribal but when it doesn't favour your Egos you start crying of Tribal as if any tribe practice Tribal than Igbos.

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Politics / Re: Ongoing Walk For Bola Tinubu In Ibadan (Pictures) by adekolaelect(m): 3:35pm On Oct 04
Meanwhile in some other country this is how organized a street/street rally should look like...
mumu will always be mumu... Like leader like followers .So we most be like other countries before we can achieve on our own? Oga you need a product from obi to make you reasion as obidient

Politics / Re: TINUBU: It’s Massive, Ongoing Tinubu-shettima Rally In Ibadan (PICS ATTACHED) by adekolaelect(m): 12:54pm On Oct 04
Obidient supporters will later enter comma if they don't limit their hatred for Tinubu.

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Politics / Re: Pdp Collapses In Gombe As Chieftains Join Apc by adekolaelect(m): 12:49pm On Oct 04
Why is no party collasping its structure for Labour party??

I havent heard any bigwig defected to Labour party?

Does that means Labour party is just a joke, a charade, a mere pretence to deceive gullible flat-heads that they have hope to rule the country they called zoo? grin
they will cry and insult you but you asked a conclusive question that may hanger those frustrated Hulligant.

Politics / Re: Peter Obi Will Be Disgrace At The 2023 Polls - Father Mbaka by adekolaelect(m): 10:13pm On Oct 03
Fake news. No video to back it up. Please ignore
Na you know fake or real but many Nigerians knew what the pastor said.

Politics / Re: Only Dead Brains Are Against Peter Obi by adekolaelect(m): 10:10pm On Oct 03
Your level of stupidity was even more than this when you are promoting Kanu ways to destruction. It is not new to us .Your level of insanity determined what you say.
Politics / Re: Tinubu's Mandate Rally In River's State.... Magnus Abe Grassroots campaigns by adekolaelect(m): 9:59pm On Oct 03
We are not moved by crowds without valid PVC....
you never start crying.......
Politics / Re: FR MBAKA Prophesies: Peter Obi Will Lose by adekolaelect(m): 9:51pm On Oct 03
Pastor tell us something else this one doesn't need prophecy for any reasonable person to know. Those that believed Buhari was cloned are those that believed obi rigiornal politician will become president in the name of media propagandas.

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Politics / Re: Joke Silva At APC Women Rally For BAT2023 (Photos) by adekolaelect(m): 9:46pm On Oct 03
5k each.
Politics / Re: Igbo Women Traders Join Tinubu Lagos Rally. by adekolaelect(m): 2:58pm On Oct 03

Fake Igbo's as usual. Fake bishop, fake followers.

Tinubu agberos forcing and beating market women to march for Tinubu.

Your mumu never do untill you said chief justice of federation was force to swear in Tinubu as president coming 2023 .

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Politics / Re: I Am Strong And Healthy Says Tinubu As He Rides Stationary Bicycle by adekolaelect(m): 9:25pm On Oct 02

Irrelevant talk.

At least many of you will get back to your Terrorists leader in kuje prison.

Politics / Re: Asiwaju Jagaban Drops New Video For Nigerians to show his health status by adekolaelect(m): 9:18pm On Oct 02
This papa wey no wan rest sha...
kill yourself for another man's ambitions. But Tinubu dey press button menu of his haters well we'll no be small.

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Politics / Re: 4 Categories Of People Against Asiwaju 2023 by adekolaelect(m): 9:10pm On Oct 02
Trashy post
only your opinion......

Politics / Re: Obi's Village Has Been In Darkness For 5 Months Now - Where Is The Obi's Dubai? by adekolaelect(m): 7:14pm On Oct 02
You see, in an attempt to paint Obi black, you justify why no one should give APC one vote.

So, who is supposed to give Agulu people light, is it Obi? That they don't have light in this age and time, does that not say it all, that we should erase anything APC fr the ballot and from our minds.

Some bums were saying that Obi,'s investment for Anambra State worths less than what it was at invest, who do you blame. APC government strangled our economy to the point that investments made in Naira back then are struggling today, and you have the guts to blame Obi.

Even the devil has rejected APC, the only purpose it will serve now is that God wants to use the party to punish the people that brought that calamity to us. They will waste all their money in this election and end with heart attack.
Oga stop embarrassing yourself with unreasonable claims .we all know in Nigeria that Governors and political offices holders are the one facilitating a table electricity supply for their poeple Through supply of Transformers ,cable ,poles and rural electrification project .pls speak sense .....

Politics / Re: 2023: Matawalle Support Group Chairman, Waziri, Others Defect From PDP To APC by adekolaelect(m): 7:07pm On Oct 02
All politicians are cursed
But they are not cursed if they supported Obie? Yeye dey smell emotional feelings no dey win elections.


Politics / Re: No Deal Until Ayu Resigns, Wike Tells Atiku, PDP Plans Intervention by adekolaelect(m): 7:04pm On Oct 02
Unfortunately Igbos have gone for obi who will only win regional votes coming 2023 while Yorubas have gone for Tinubu that also has political stake holders in Ahusas land .
Politics / Re: I Will Not Dialogue With Bandits; I Can Only Dialogue With Agitators–Peter Obi by adekolaelect(m): 6:36pm On Oct 02

Yes .... Theirs a point there

YURBA MAN I we recruit 40 million youth into the military
What I we do ... ....

ATIKU am the man for the JOB
What job? .. , .

That there 1ST AGENDA .. if I become president ...

What a shame to APC and PDP

There mumu never dooooo

There different between CRIMINALS and COMPLAIN


My friend vote labour party

what do I have to do with all these? Though many of you are paid to post. Nigerians have desided who they are voting for.mind you !!!! Majority of Nigerians vote for who they know Through the representative of a contestant not by medias or hateful post you can send on media . A regional politician like obi can only win governorship,Senate and Rep in Nigeria not presidency .

Politics / Re: 2023 Election: Nigerian Youths Declare Their Support For Tinubu by adekolaelect(m): 6:25pm On Oct 02
When will these supporters of Regional politician will quit insult and badmouthing who their pay master can never look up to meet his life achievement?? Your eyes will open with due time and It will become a crime for you to get back to your usual Terrorist activities we know you for in the sulffer East ....

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Politics / Re: Hundreds Of Pdp Members Decamp To Apc In Edo by adekolaelect(m): 4:33pm On Oct 02
Dividends like

Oshimonkey and his stealing
Kabaka and his Mc Oluomo type of toutism??

EDO REJECTED APC ..but zombies like you keep denying reality. That is why, you are called zombies.

Shameless "VOTE BEGGERS"...Spits

Emotional Typewriter Calmdown you can only wail and Bragg but can never become the final decision . Oga manage your emotional politic before it gives you uncontrollable health condition when your wishes later becomes " future impossible Tense.

Politics / Re: Joke Silva, Mercy Johnson, Rahama Sadau, Other Celebs In Tinubu's Women Campaign by adekolaelect(m): 4:21pm On Oct 02
Lost my respect and admiration for all of them.. I've unfollowed them on social media. I hope the money there have collected will feed them for life.
cry little ... They don't know your existence .Are you the one feeding them before ?? You better follow majority before it is too late . Your emotional feeling can never make your choice the reality but to Chang your wailing to the high Gear .

Politics / Re: Photos: Kogi Central March For Bola Tinubu by adekolaelect(m): 4:13pm On Oct 02
Una snap people wey dey pass on their own as march, with The Apc banner on the side of the road.. grin

How come dey March for tilumbu and nobody knows about it, abi obidient movement dwarf amgrin
You never start full wailing na only rehearsal dey your body now. Little little you will cry Rigging and marginalization when the reality set in.

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Politics / Re: Registration of millions in Tinubu/Shettima-NAIRAXI Transit Card now ongoing by adekolaelect(m): 8:48pm On Oct 01
Jagaban is coming in full force with meaningful ideas !!!! Not blaming ,Insult or any abusive languages but meaningful ideas that will benefit many Nigerians including his haters .this made me remembered how Igbos Insulted Bubu on Npower initiative yet they were the major beneficiary of the program then .The same thing will happen on thistoo

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