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Business / Re: US Dollar to Nigerian Naira Speculators Are Getting Hurt by adekolaelect(m): 8:35pm On Apr 13
People who met it at N700 opened a thread to jubilate that they have successfully taken it to N1,000 undecided

Only on nairaland cry
But you were celebrating when it was high?

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Politics / Re: Rufai Oseni, How Far With Your Doom Predictions About Dollar? by adekolaelect(m): 8:19am On Apr 13
This guy dey every thread. As in no job, no wife, no gf, no hobbies, no business. Even seun is not on Nairaland 24/7
Who is this?? Are you too not there before you know he is in every thread ?? Oga better thing no dey sweet your mind. You are saying celebration of success should be limited but promotion of bad news is of no boundaries to satisfy your Evil minded spirit?


Politics / Re: Someone borrowed N18,000,000 from a Lender to buy $10,000 at N1,800 to $1 in Feb by adekolaelect(m): 9:11pm On Apr 12
Propaganda, we want to see that someone. The someone has no location, no name nothing, the someone is a ghost shame on this government of propaganda
Your comments look childish . Was naira nt 1800 to Dollar before? is naira not 1100 to a dollar now? Then are Nigerians not trading ,buy and hurding Dollars before ? What is now your point?

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Politics / Re: Usd Is Fallen Yet Our Greediness Is Killing The Economy by adekolaelect(m): 7:52pm On Apr 10
The government is the problem.
1. Dollar will rise again. All these “wayo” fall in dollar is a lie. Nobody believes it.

2. It would take Atleast 2months before this so-called fall in dollar will start reflecting in the economy. But the sad part is before the we get to the 2months, dollar will fly back to 2k..

3. The damage has been done already. Tinubu is clueless and Nigeria is already too damaged cos of useless policies that were not properly thought out.
God pass you. You can't believe in positive things untill 2 months but you will believe in any negative things in a seconds. It shall be with you as you wish for Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokiri Praises Peter Obi For Providing Water For Muslim Faithfuls. by adekolaelect(m): 7:42pm On Apr 10
All of una don runaway abi?

I wonder how you're insulting a man for Providing water for the poor masses a feat your government has not achieve since 1960.
Obi did good as per humanity but in politics many obidoot was castigating Tinubu for donation in the northern state then before election. Obi has good mind but his supporters are the major Obstacle he may have if they continue how they are.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Report Ministers To Tinubu After Launch Of Citizens’ Delivery Tracker by adekolaelect(m): 2:34pm On Apr 10
I will take them serious, when they also launch app that will support the masses that want to JAPA!!!
Your likes are in the Libia join them.

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Politics / Re: Oluchi Blasts Obidients For Mocking Peter Obi’s Borehole by adekolaelect(m): 2:20pm On Apr 10

Common sense from agbadorians is equivalent to kolos sense.
As your lordship obidient "know it than everyone" !!!
Politics / Re: Oluchi Blasts Obidients For Mocking Peter Obi’s Borehole by adekolaelect(m): 9:38am On Apr 10
Agbadorians are the once attacking the
water projects not obidients. That reverse psychology on this thread has backfired already.

Thief'nubu is a criminal by nature. grin grin
Oga Agbadorians are not the attackers of that project but common sense.

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Politics / Re: Borehole Completed By LG Chairman In Ketu Vs Borehole By Former Governor by adekolaelect(m): 9:34am On Apr 10

Is this the plans tinubu have for you, to be eating his arse all day long while hunger finish you....
Mr ebipawa use ya head oo
You will still have something to say even when the whole world seen you reasoning upside down.

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Romance / Re: Man Laments As Fiancée Breaks Up With Him For Not Getting Her Father An Iphone by adekolaelect(m): 9:32am On Apr 10
Are you Sad for that? If so go and ask for advice from your Byilogical father . He will need to speak to your head on who you are.
Politics / Re: Borehole Completed By LG Chairman In Ketu Vs Borehole By Former Governor by adekolaelect(m): 9:17am On Apr 10

How many of it did he build and in how many locations?

I ask because if Obi puts together all the money he spent on all the boreholes he built, he would build 3 of this.

Again, your LG chairman could build a borehole with overhead tank because there’s light in Ketu. Is there light in interior villages of Sokoto?

I like the fact Peter Obi is giving you people headache and causing you sleepless night.
Oga stop Foaming from Mouth. Na shame . Do you know that you project can not last than 6 months. It is a shame below standard . Is this his plans for Nigeria?

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Politics / Re: Boreholes: A Corps Member Vs Peter Obi by adekolaelect(m): 9:00am On Apr 10

I am sure your community need something like this but has nobody to help them.
You said "Community" then you have proved my point.
Travel / Re: Devilish Conspiracy, Air Peace Boss Onyema Slams Foreign Airlines Over Price Cut by adekolaelect(m): 8:58am On Apr 10
The conspiracy might even be from within Nigeria. Anything to bring down an Igbo man is what gives them joy.
Stop Ethnicity theory !! Tell him to cut his own down too. That is the beuity competitive in business at least it is a blessing for those concerned.


Politics / Re: Boreholes: A Corps Member Vs Peter Obi by adekolaelect(m): 8:53am On Apr 10
What this tribalism and negative comparison will do to Nigeria and Nigerians in the long run will be beyond redemption.
Notes to takes
1. HE Peter Obi gave the funds for that project.
2. HE Peter Obi didn't erect that thing by himself
3. The contractor didn't do that thing without the support of people from the village.

So for those of you who dislike HE Peter Obi, have it at the back of your mind myopic mind that that village has an area council, local govt, and state governor who couldn't provide that for them.

He gave them what they needed and the contractor did what the people wanted.

If you want to drag HE Peter Obi do it with sense.
Must you defend and make everything that come from Obi as the best? What is the durability of that projects . No one will abuse him for doing good but what he did is below standard of his assumed political status you poeple out him . If you continue like this that upstair will remain dormant forever.
Politics / Re: Boreholes: A Corps Member Vs Peter Obi by adekolaelect(m): 8:36am On Apr 10
Is there pumping machine = yes
Is there a reservoir/tank = yes
Does it supply water = yes
Are people happy grin = yes

They both serve the same purpose. No argument here.
obidient will use common sense to defend their own but irrational to criticize others. Oga that category of project embark by your pay master is meant for councillors' not for someone who is contesting for national votes . Why you no get shame Na bcs you believed that anything that comes from your camp is the best. No settle political party , No reasonable Youths or Old empowerment , No any poverty alliviation program than one Storex Borehole . Na only noise making on the Media's. Which has failed you many times.

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Politics / Re: Wike Destroyed PDP Now Scheming Out How Destroy APC For His Selfish Ambition by adekolaelect(m): 9:46pm On Apr 08
Can you tell us what lead to the contractual revocation? Your statement doesn't have reasonable point to work on. You need to Salaye well for us . This time is not about politics but governance . There were never any reasonable Minister's of fct that were not criticised.

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Politics / Re: Sowore Slams Peter Obi On Taxing The Rich And Borehole Digging by adekolaelect(m): 8:16pm On Apr 08
Sowore knocked them off.

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: Emefiele Arrives Lagos Court Over Fresh $370 Million Fraud [PHOTO] by adekolaelect(m): 1:03pm On Apr 08
Nothing, totally WATERY charges. Allocation of foreeign exchange done by CBN now a crime.

The funniest charge I see is bribery. On this, the EFCC will be disgraced on the fact that it assumes Osazuwa to Omole to Emefiele is true. The same EFCC who cannot arraign Ganduje that was seen on video pocketing $440,000 in his babariga is now out to prove four-people connected bribery

The case is just another charade to distract Nigerians from Tribulation induced by Alh. Bola Tinubu.
Who is this Bualabluack ?? Oga you need to engage in something else doing
Politics / Re: LP Kicks As NLC Announces Stakeholder’s Meeting by adekolaelect(m): 10:55am On Apr 08

Same way Tinubu settled lagos and is currently settling Nigeria
Oga You should be on peace keeping journey of labourer party not here . At least labour party was in peace before you join it . We no go gree you must leave it in peace not in pieces.

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Politics / Re: Gov Yusuf To Ganduje: Gandollar Video Caused Us Global Embarrassment by adekolaelect(m): 8:51pm On Apr 07
We have heard you all . Pls face governance than this Bubu did more than this with no productivity. All of you are the same Ganduje no get shame as you said but all of you are the same.
Business / Re: Dollar Now Sells @ N907 In Polaris Bank As Hoarders Count Their Losses by adekolaelect(m): 9:50pm On Mar 30
Stop being foolish.

When it was #200 why did you protest at OJOTA?

Why did you gather foolishly to protest and unseat a Government with bad Propaganda evil manipulations

Why do you want people to support the foolish actions of your master TINUBU?

Who raised it to #1900 before it came back to #907?

Nonsense and shallow reasoning is the bedrock of APC Supporters.. grin

Stop crying 200/$ was the highest then as 1900 was the highest now . If they reduce it Jonathan reduced it from 200 to lowest then we will apriciate it. But we can't see you protesting for 1900 nor celebrating 907 .where do you belong to or you just decide to leive yester life by comparing 2024 to 2012? Oga call your sense back to oder for better reasoning . I hope your life is not backwards the way you reason and comparing 2012 economy with 2024 ??

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Business / Re: Dollar Now Sells @ N907 In Polaris Bank As Hoarders Count Their Losses by adekolaelect(m): 9:08pm On Mar 30
APC raised it to 1,500 and it reduced to #907.

But same APC met it at #200 and gathered you losers at OJOTA, to protest.

Even as the rate is $907, you are still crying

e bi pa waa grin

Shameless losers grin

you were happy when it got to 1900/$ but crying when get back to 907/$ this so your level of bitterness. What you want is not good governance but manifestation and satisfactions of your emotional feelings .


Politics / Re: Labour Party Crisis: Obi Hints At Dumping Party by adekolaelect(m): 9:02pm On Mar 30

En say na cruise and frustration.😂 Agbadorians sef. Na you rush Obi post with shit in your yansh to comment.

My kind advice.

Do not develop bp onto obi and Obidients for this 2024.

Because na pepper obi go dey dish for una this year and beyond.
I beg stop pretending lick your wound and sleep. Na you the bitterness of election defeat dey masturbating your head . If you like don't stop crying till 2027 when another election defeat awaiting you.

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Business / Re: Dollar Now Sells @ N907 In Polaris Bank As Hoarders Count Their Losses by adekolaelect(m): 8:55pm On Mar 30
You gathered yourselves at OJOTA when the the $$ was sold at #200.

Now you are celebrating #907?

What do you guys smoke in that APC WhatsApp group? grin
Stop crying . Is their propaganda is not about good of the country? Why are you crying over positivity but laughing over negativity ? Why do you represent Devil 😈😈😈?


Politics / Re: Labour Party Crisis: Obi Hints At Dumping Party by adekolaelect(m): 8:19pm On Mar 30

Lmao. You can see how stewpïd your comment sounds.

Keep crying. Wailing Wailer 😂.

Before 2024 ends, with the way you are going, na high bp ontop Obi matter.
we just dey take you obidient to catch Cruise at will bcs na you carry political mater for head like say na him be your last hope for success in life. The way you show Hatred and bitterness towards other political choice supporters defined your level of Frustration in life.

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Politics / Re: Daniel Bwala Shares Video Of Peter Obi Vowing Never To Leave APGA by adekolaelect(m): 8:14pm On Mar 30
Peter obi matter will give soo many pple HBP B4 2027. Even if he moves to dvd party am with him bcs i no his potentials
Talking as if he and his likes has voting values.

Politics / Re: Labour Party Crisis: Obi Hints At Dumping Party by adekolaelect(m): 8:09pm On Mar 30

You're the slowpoke

Una don rush go pay propaganda machines to twist the chat which we all listened to.

Here is the actual link.


who asked you what you are posting . Oga Eelu p 77 has diminished to >0. If you like cry blood!!!!

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Is Political 'olosho' Who Betr@yed Ojukwu, Atiku –bwala by adekolaelect(m): 8:05pm On Mar 30
But we can all agree he isn't part or the criminals that destroyed Nigeria.
And you all agreed Anambra He governed is not part of Nigeria?

Politics / Re: African Bank Afdb Boss, Adesina Proposes ‘united States Of Nigeria’ To Achieve R by adekolaelect(m): 7:50pm On Mar 30
If you like, you change the name to the United Heavens of Nigeria, nothing will change!

You can take a man out of street, but you cannot take the street out of a man!

Corrupt politicians and their senseless followers destroyed this country.
hopeless commenter !!!! Take it easy. There is nothing that can not change . Your opinions or choices may never be the way for the success of Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: LP Crisis: I Didn’t Promise To Build New Party – Peter Obi On Convention by adekolaelect(m): 3:05pm On Mar 30
The Brown roofarian moozlems always hear or listen to back of television and they read newspapers upside down.

Typical sophistication generals
If you get sense you will know there is no sense in what your pay master said. How can you build a whole country if you can't build only a political party? Charity they says it start from home !!!!


Politics / Re: If I Say What I'm Going Through In The Hands Of Govt- Obi by adekolaelect(m): 5:16am On Mar 30
This is sensational statement from Gbajue leader


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