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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by adsload: 6:24pm On Jun 25, 2019

Oga no vex, which work u dey work.
I can be your new friend grin



Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by adsload: 2:42pm On Jun 25, 2019

Change your friends sir.

I m sure none of them have up to 17 thousand naira. that's why 1.7 million is demotivating you. People make that in a month. Or you think serving means you are young? people make their first million before service sef.

Better wake up

You are right bro. My friends here are drawing my spirit down...

I made my first million while in 300L.. In my final year, I bought a land and last year, built my first House ( 3 bedroom).. The zeal was high until i came here (NYSC).

I cant find anyone with similar interest here. I'm the richest corps member here, (no joke).. Most times, they come to my apartment to play PS4, even go as far as using my Laptop to watch movies...

Thanks for your input though. I will work on it...

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by adsload: 8:18pm On Jun 24, 2019
I'm a serving corps member and over the last few months, i was able to save 1.7m from freelancing. Now,The bad side is i'm super lazy to work, each time i remember i have 1.7m in my account, the spirit to work dies off.

I'd like to channel about 1.5m into TB, probably this will make me more serious.

What is the best bank for TB for 180 tenor?

What should i look out for and also what to avoid?



Car Talk / Re: Advice Me Before I Burn My Money. Benz Wahala by adsload: 5:42pm On May 05, 2019
Thanks for the feedbacks

Need more inputs
Car Talk / Advice Me Before I Burn My Money. Benz Wahala by adsload: 6:41pm On Apr 29, 2019
I'm buying my first car and have always been a lover of Benz C class. I love c300, C230, c280 and c320 (within 2008 to 2010) with a budget of (3m-3.5m)
I just love them Because of their sleek designs. I dont know much about Auto, so i decide to ask.

Please which would you recommend?. I need something that wont give me much trouble
Travel / Re: Deleted! by adsload: 10:28am On Apr 05, 2019
Find and Sleep in a nearby church (student fellowship) would be your best bet. (still safer than sleeping in a stranger's house
Celebrities / Re: Motunrayo Anikulapo Kuti Slams Man Who Said Davido Is A Better Singer Than Fela by adsload: 3:42pm On Apr 04, 2019

smh…you don't know what you're saying lipsrsealed

You are very stupid. Was there YouTube during Fela's time?

You no get brain

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Technology Market / Re: The Most Innovative Software Development Company by adsload: 11:19am On Mar 30, 2019
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Mint Canon 6D With Accessories For Sale by adsload: 11:08pm On Feb 21, 2019
USA used Mint Canon 6D for sale

---- Canon 6D Body only

---- Battery grip

---- 2 Battries

---- TakStar Microphone

Call/WhatsApp me 09072920175

Abeg, which phone you take snap this pic?

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Technology Market / Re: HP Pavilion Dm4 Beats Edition For Sale Or Swap by adsload: 9:19am On Feb 17, 2019
Will you Swap with ps3 slim?

Your location?
Phones / Re: Samsung S8 Plus For Sale by adsload: 3:25pm On Jan 31, 2019
Phones / Re: Between Ali Express And Jumia by adsload: 5:57am On Dec 29, 2018

I disagree with you on this do you mean to say locally acceptable brand don't have the impetus to compete with global brand, tell me Aliexpress capabilities that you think jumia can't met, hope you know that Jumia is not just a Nigerian brand, did I also say that is it possible for you to make your point without insulting.


Smart importers,FBA sellers and DROPSHIPPERS will laugh at your ignorance . Jumia is restricted to Africa. Aliexpress is GLOBAL.

The fact that Jumia ships items from Ali is enough. Some Items on Jumia require international shipping which are mostly coming from Ali. Aside that, you can never compare their prices. Item sold for 1k on Aliepress will be sold for 5k or more on Jumia.

Dont ever compare Alimight Ali with Jumia when you cant compare Jumia with Amazon.
Science/Technology / Re: Top 5 Awesome Tech Products That Died In 2018 by adsload: 7:24am On Dec 18, 2018

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Technology Market / Please Recommend FAST Shipping Agent To Pick Up Items From OFFERUP. by adsload: 7:44am On Dec 11, 2018
Please recommend with their threads.

I need fast delivery
Technology Market / Re: *Touchscreen 360 convertible Laptops...SOLD OUT!! by adsload: 6:22pm On Dec 07, 2018
*Hp Envy 15 x360.........................115k (Quick sales)....SOLD! SOLD!!
-Intel core i5 -4th gen
-8gb ram
-256 SSD
-TOUCH SCREEN COVERTIBLE + Backlightkeyboard
-Beats Audio

Bros, I need this. When will you have it in store?
NYSC / Re: NYSC 2018 Batch C Corps Members Thread by adsload: 5:18am On Dec 01, 2018

lmao... same platoon... platoon 10

Wow. Same platoon 10.

Belike say akwa ibom plenty for here o
NYSC / Batch C Stream 2 Call Up Letter Is Out by adsload: 7:50pm On Nov 12, 2018
Romance / Re: Please Guys I Need Advice by adsload: 2:53pm On Nov 11, 2018
When you see ladies as sexual objects, you'll never be in such situation.

-Don't monitor them, just bleep them with protection because sex is the only thing they can offer.
-If anyone tries to extort you using sex, kick her ass out and start bleeping the next person.
-Do not love because love doesn't exist.
-Don't bother them with domestic chores, make them know that sex is the only thing they are giving you.
-Keep dumping their ass like a piece of shiit which they are.
-Then when you want to marry, kindly look for a virgin-lady to marry. Virgins are precious.

And lastly, be RICH grin

You were making sense before until the BOLDED
Science/Technology / Re: China Unveils World’s First AI Robot News Presenter. (PICS And VIDEO) by adsload: 8:37am On Nov 10, 2018
I don't really believe in robots taking human jobs, it's most likely the types of jobs would change. If there would be less human presenters, then there would be more engineers, editors, writers, technicians, make up artists, fashion designers, hair stylists, etc to keep the robots running. It would basically mean changing career paths. solution? never stop learning.

I love people who reason like you.
Celebrities / Re: Seun Egbegbe Appears In Court Today After Spending 20 Month In Prison by adsload: 11:11am On Nov 05, 2018
IPhone one LEGBEGBE.

Yoruba amaka

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Phones / Gionee M5 Marathon Screen Replacement Needed by adsload: 8:24am On Oct 15, 2018
If you have for sale, please quote me.
Phones / Re: Gionee M5 Discussion Thread[HOT] by adsload: 8:21am On Oct 15, 2018
I need Gionee M5 Marathon Screen replacement. Please quote me if you have.

I need it urgently
Politics / Re: Jubilation In Anambra As Atiku Picks Obi As Running Mate by adsload: 9:10pm On Oct 12, 2018


You are senseless because Atiku's companies (PRIVATE) have the Highest employer of labour. He increased employment rate by 7%.

You will always remain senseless because Bigotry and stupidity have replaced your rationale

You will forever remain a fool because of all the companies Atiku has, you only foolishly criticize why his PRIVATE university should pay such amount for a standard education.

Your level of stupidity is amazing to me.

I could have overlooked your post, but I wont help you understand how meaningless it was if I did.
Politics / Re: Jubilation In Anambra As Atiku Picks Obi As Running Mate by adsload: 8:17pm On Oct 12, 2018

By Akin Omoz-Oarhe

Why are you always led by the nose ? Can’t you do your independent reasoning? Just imagine Atiku telling you that he is a provider of labour and services through his various investments and you are now jumping all over the place repeating same. Can’t you ask what labour he has provided and who are the beneficiaries of the services defender. Can’t you ask how the “services” he has provided over the years, improved the life of the down trodden? What a shame. Let me help you here, taking a glance at one one of his best known investments, the America University of Nigeria.

Atiku owns America University of Nigeria, Yola, Adamawa State. Adamawa is his home state. Constituting the Board are:

**1. Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Non-Nigerian
**2. Dr. John Campbell. Non-Nigerian
**3. Dr. Bamanga Tukur. Nigerian
**4. Dr. Louis Goodman. Non-Nigerian
**5. Mr. Gabriele Volpi. Non-Nigerian
**6. Alhaji Tajudeen Dantata. Nigeria
**7. H.E. Prof. Gilbert Bukenya. Non-Nigerian
**8. Prof. William Bertrand. Non-Nigerian
**9. Vice Admiral D. J. Ezeoba. Nigerian
**10.Bishop Matthew Kukah. Nigerian
**11. Dr. Anna Mokgokong. Non-Nigerian
**12. Alhaji Adamu Abubakar. Nigerian
**13. Chief (Dr.) Mike Adenuga. Nigerian
**14. Dr. Peter Lewis. Non-Nigerian
**15. Mr. Jon Freeman. Non-Nigerian
**16. Mr. Ike Chioke. Nigerian
**17. Mr. Akin Kekere-Ekun Nigerian
**18. Dr. Dawn Dekle. Non-Nigerian

Can you believe that 56% of the Board membership are non-Nigerians. Why would Atiku think that Nigerians cannot totally run his University.

Since inception of the University, there have been four Presidents which are equivalent to our Vice Chancellors. They are
**1. David Huwiler. Non-Nigerian
**2. Michael Smith. Non-Nigerian
**3. Margee Ensign. Non- Nigerian
**4. Dawn Dekle. Non-Nigerian.

Why does Atiku think that Nigerians are not good enough to Head his school? Not even one? I can only think out a reason: It is part of human behavior to see in other people what you are. If you are a fraud, you think everyone else is a fraud. To Atiku, all Nigerians are all fraud like him who should never be allowed to Head his institution lest they financially crumble the place.


For a First Degree, The fee is :
Tuition 1,590,000
Boarding 650,000
Meals. 678,300
Technology 70,000
Sports. 50,000
Student Activities 60,000
Health 20,000
e-Books 90,000

TOTAL. 3,208,300 (Three million, Two hundred and eight thousand, three hundred naira only). In addition to this, a student that decides to take an extra course in a semester beyond the 15 credit units for that semester, pays extra N53,000 per credit unit. Note also that the feeding here is for only 42 meals the college would provide. You provide the rest 1050 meals for yourself. In simple term, a student spends over N4m per annum just to be student of Atikus University.

Adamawa is not a particularly rich state. Most people are peasant farmers. A permanent secretary in Adamawa State is on annual salary of about N2m. Such a Permanent Secretary would need a two year salary to pay one year school fees of one of his four children in AUN. What could be giving Atiku the picture that his people can afford such a fee? Again we can see Atiku projecting his life style on others. As a custom officer, Atiku became a multi billionaire from stealing public fund. He expects other public officers to do same. As regards the peasant farmers, Atiku definitely believes they are simply not worthy of attending his school.
The chances are high that there may not be up to 20 Adamawa Children in AUN and definitely not a single child of the honest civil Servant or Peasant.

Think of the kid from Atiku’s University that had spent over N60,000 monthly on accommodation and had been fed 42 times at the rate 16,000 per meal. Now academically endowed, he desires to improve his fatherland by taking up an accountant in Adamawa State Ministry of Finance where his entire annual salary is less than N500,000 to cater for his accommodation, feeding, clothing, transportation and with a view to bring up his own child in colleges not worse than the one
he attended. Tell me what he would do? Sure there is only one way open to him. It is to behave like Atiku and go straight for the treasury.

Nigerian youths, please avoid Atiku like a plague

Even with your long epistle, you still fail to make any sense

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Technology Market / Re: SOLD-SOLD-16k-Used Compaq Presario CQ-61 by adsload: 9:45pm On Oct 05, 2018
10k. I'm a serious buyer. Should I call you?
Technology Market / Re: Order And Ship From 1688, Taobao, Alibaba Etc, pay Ur Chinese Seller **updated** by adsload: 8:53am On Sep 27, 2018
I cant find your rates. Could you please provide them?

Aside the shipping fee, what other fee do you charge?
Business / Re: 3 Common Mindsets That Breeds Poverty by adsload: 5:28pm On Sep 20, 2018
People with "My Religion is against it MINDSETS"

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Phones / Re: All The New Smartphones Expected In October 2018. by adsload: 7:38am On Sep 20, 2018
I am just feeling sorry for apple and thier loyal customers, they are plethora of options to choose from and it's less expensive and better. grin.

You should be sorry for your pocket. If IPhones sell for $50k, people will still queue
Education / Re: . by adsload: 11:01pm On Sep 18, 2018
In Nigeria, no 4 is the main cause

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